Newspaper of Evening Star, November 27, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 27, 1860 Page 3
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M>t:AL _??W 8. J, TUoii^U 'f hi Mik ta printed on the iaate* wtr*TTi pr?-*s tr w acirth of Bataanve, tta >tw?r la in? large aa u> require it to be pot to p* iwa nt an early Lear; Adverliaeinenta, therefore, should be fat .? i*tore Li o'clock 014 othetwlM they may DU a; jiear nntll the n?ort Aaf. Notice.?U!?trlrt of Ceiumbta Adrertlaementa to be ' naerted in the BaLT1*o*k are received at anl forwardM from Tmi #tab OBce. t Oitt OoT*c!t?. NoYember JJ Alder. > nim.?A commaalcatlon ?i* received from tbe 1 Haver. ?ia>onnr(tVi( hi* approval of certain arte A Mo. one (not F J Steer. K#q.. la rtlatioa lo ' ?tr !ntrrjart1?n of winr machine* Into Um> < public schools; referred to the committee ?n jmfcl*c acfcoola. Tl* petition of T. B. O'Brien, for the remiwlon of a tine, vraa referred to the claim* committee. COMMITTI* RKtoST* . Bill of the lower Bo?rd.kwl*t? a ?ot?tilu*e by I wny of amendment, entitled a mil lor ttie hfWr protection of property ?old for taxes by virtue of I juit tow of the Corporation; ordered to be pub- < Hshed with tb* proeeedlnpi of the Board, fcird made the special order for next Monday n'iftit Tbe bill is aa follows : />' i* en or ted. <$-c . That ft abatl be the duty of < the Register of the rltr, at leeat thirty day* and I not more than forty days prior to th* time tixf d by Inw for issuing a fee simple deed by the Cor- ' i?>r tlion for any lot or lota, or pari* thereof, sold for arrearage of taxes, to cause a publication to be ' made twire each week for a period of four weeks In the newspaper in which for the time bHng the law* and official noti<*et of the Corporation are ! printed, setting forth. In snbstanee. tbe number of the square, the number of the lot or lots, or ' mrtm thereof and the name of the owner or DartV to whom snrMfd. and tb?t, unless said lot or lols, ( or porta thereof, be by tbe owner, a d: ed in fee simple will be issued to the purchase* 1 at the tax sale uu a day to be therein specified ! The coat of s?i< b publication (which shall not ex- " t-eed for anv lot or part of a lot tbe sum of one 1 dollar, twentv-tlve r/nU of which ia to be allowed 1 to th* Register of the city tor the preparation of the advertisement,) to be charged as a part of "tbe i xpense of ale''' to the property thus advertised, in ?rb ca?e respectively. See 4. That annually hereafter, immediately upon receiving the new tax books from the Tax Clerk, it shall be the duty of tbe Collector of the f'itv to r AH4P tn h#> rnt^rwi th?r#iii Annncita* tbf? name of the party assessed as the owner. such memorandum, aign, or mark aa will indicate that the property ?o marked bad been sold for the taxes 1 of the preTfons year, *14! thai it shall be the duty I ?< said Collector, in making oat his tax bills, to write with Ink on the face of said bills, opposite any property so sold, the words "sold for taics," so lb it tiie atteatiou of the owoer may be Invited 1 W? iL.ii fact before Ibe expiration of toe psriod for rtrietnption. Bill authorizing tbe construction of a sewer and ess pool to remedy the dsfetrtive drainage In square 3U"?; passed. Dill making appropriations lor certain expenses incurred in the distribution of Potomac water: passed Bill of the lower board to abate a nuisance In tbe First Ward; rejected <m tbe third reading. Bill to abate a nuisance In tb?* JvxiL Ward, |Wd bill for tbe improvement of tbeweateru bnrial ground; passed Bill for the benefit of James Rhodes; passed. Bill authorixtbe opening of new alleys In square 513; na??d Bi!l for relief of property-owners on the north frost if square 289; passed. Bill fur tbe liquidation of certain claims against tbe Fraaklin fire company; passed Bill for relief of James $ Holland, passed. Mr. Fisher, from tbe committee to which was referred the subject of the annexation of Georgetown to Washington, gave notice that on n?xt Monday beshould introduces bill for submitting the qnfwtlon of said annexation to tbe people at the next municipal siection. From what could hv ?fii s-rta ftr iimiorltir r>f tKA nt\nr*mittc* both hoards were ia favor of the ineasureT^'^P Adjourned. Common C+umcil.?Mr. Powell offered a resolution instructing the committee of ways and mean* to lcqvire into tbe expediency of erecting street 1 mb i? oa all tbe streets of tbe city where tras mains are laid, and the cost of lighting each lamp from dark to daylight the year round, (385 nights;) the number of lamp* renuired; whether the expense should be paid out ot the general fui.d or the respective ward funds where tbe lamps are to be erected, and what effect it would hare on tbe present police expenditure, and to report by bill or otherwise; adopted Mr. Van Reswlck from committee on improvemeaU, reported a bill to pave footway and Set curbstone on south (rout of square "JtSJ, passed. Mr from tbe committee on police, reported back a bill from the upper Board, for the benefit of tbe volunteer military companies of the city of Washington, recommending tbat it do not J***" , Mr Borrow* hoped that the recommendation of the '.ouiraittee adverse to the bill, would be r?"cons.dered. and tbat some fosterini; rare would be extended to the properly organized military * otn panics of the city. Mr. Powell also advorated the claims of the military upon the liberality of the Corporation. U. H ? 1 ? i ...? ?k..? 1 Will J 1 mi pamuc cAi'iauicu vuai. ilc vui as uy the upper Board only benefited two companies He was opposed to partiality in the matter Mr Morgan said he was a friend of the military and h .d carried the musket himself, but he was opposed to this way of doing things. He did not believe in S'jch appropriations. He Was r? dy to contribute Mmself what he could atl'ord fo. Cie support of the military, but he was opposed to taxing the people for tne purpose. Mr. Kaaby was alan opposed to such appropriations lie did not caamder tbem authorised by the city charter. Besides, the peculiar glory of th>? American iiiiliL-.rv umm that 1h?? tinrx.ptnl theruflvei, and this wo* what made them tnily ladepaodnt Mr Given, notwithstanding what had been a il by the veteran* of musketry wto had prereded him. could not tee any impropriety in pnaaing a bill for the benefit of the military of tec city lie spoke of the service they had rendered and tbe privations tLey bad endured for tbe safety aud honor of the city, ia the Jobn Brown raid, and on other occasions Mr Lammond apprehended no early need of the military t,. defend the city from the invasions of black republicans, as bad been intimated, or from any other republicans. He thought the ^ir<iica? ua.l^ci VI n u I II V ui UU WOO IfUlll t'UlUC* aeekera He was opposed to appropriating mojiey for ueb purpose* if tbe military ibot-hl be called out they would probably be paid for all ae vices rendered. If tbey were In a:iy prwent teed of funtls for company purpose* tbey could raise tbeua in some aucb way aa giviug public bails, which tbe citizens generally would uo doubt be gl:>d to patroniz*. The committee was discharged from tbe further consideration of the bill?yea* II, nays 9. The bill from tht upper Ward in reiation to tbe new central guardhouse, making arrangements for the holding of the police courta by tbe magistrates of be Third, Fifth and iVventh districts <iur:ng aiwrnsie weeas, in ice iore'oxng ora**r, wu taken up <tad unanimously pawed. Sundry Uilis, 3cc , from the B'ard of Aldermen vrere<;)|>ro;iiiilrly referred. Adjourned. C*?T!K? A SarTIO.I Of THE STATC* Of F?tl i?>m ?Ob Wednesday last & number of ladles and yrntlemrn uarmbted in tbe foundry of Cl.irk Mills, tbe American aculptor, to witness tbe east r<; In bronze of a part of Crawford* colossal ?titue of the G< ddeaa of Freedom, Intended for the dome of tbe Capitol. Tbe section was that part of the body of tbe figure comprising tbe ahonidr-ra ?nd breast, and tbe arms down to tbe elbows. Four thousand pounds of metal, composed of on* minr# r. f Klnr V tin an/1 half an an no? a t mS a every pound of copper, were put into the furnace, nod *ut? melted, caught in two Urge iron kettle* which were carried by crane* over the mould. The latter bad been previously sunk in a pit pro pared for the purpose, In order to bring It to a level with the eartbrn floor of the building. Ata given stgndi the liquid metal was forced out. and fell into tte gates of the mould, while the jets of gas issuing from the vents in a body of blue fame, roared furiously around the sputtering streams of molten bronze, atid revealed lit ttie darkness, the dtisky forms of the workmen, calling to mind the fabled scenes in Vulcan's momitiln forge, and altogether rombiulng to produce an effect patriotic and Inspiring in its associations. Kor now, when opposite factions are In flert e va rlance. and threaten In tbeir roadneaa tj rend aiuiHler Hub onr union of SUIrf, here a (rral mouuiuent la bring reared to tbe <rnt <Ju4dcu of Freedom, who watched over oar confederacy tn it* infancy, and has led ua by the hand up to our prime And o?*y we nvt hope that all difference* uf opinion way quickly beaettled. that all ill will may be huri> d deep, aud that one day the dome of tbe Capitol ir.ay be * ircnounted by tbie great ?tatue of tbe <>odde*? of Liberty, which ?hall lo"k down aaUie careful guardian of our interest* The arction of the statue cut at tbia tin.e wjs i?<e largest rempli(mteii pieee ever broil" bt out by Mr >1 Ilia, and it proved an entire aueceaa Th? work npou the whole figure la rapidly approaching towards completion, and the atatur will uroitfK W'.eri 1" idMk rwvimil Ctmt Makkit'The opening of the market wit rather dull this morning. The dealers were num*ro'ii, and promptly la their place#; and the uppUca were ample and of superior quality, but the deaaand was light, and gave the appearand of inactivity to the whole market. The threatentig appea-anre of the flood*, and the damp, un ? plrtaaut eood'Mon of the averts, no doubt pre vented many persona from attending the market and ao the gangways were at no time crowded The hay market waa occupied by a few auiall l ads for whleh there aDIx-ared to be no nrrsntnu demand Tbe Kale* at tLe clerk'a office' waa no in u couatant uae 11 of late with tbe weighing o: country pork, of watch the quantity offered wa. mall, at price* ranging from *? 46 to 97.30 pe ^ M 10a A met of tbe metnbera of tbe Vlr fclala Conference, now In araaion In Alexandria a. com pen led by their ladle", Tinted tbe Smith f aooiaa luaiUate yaeterday. ' 4 . v .t .'litf.K J ' 1 ? * ti l> i 3*-T <. ihI J*S JO , tl- t I jn lii of thi Wide A*?m asd Giixai j Rrrm.!f a* Associate*? fpntkea?OttTttien? i Toa?l*. ft ? Laat ni?,ht *?i quite a jubilant limp with Um? H Ide Awakes mid their friend*, | .lit- Itrrmin republican! The ?K-?*al<H? wm ; the presentation bf the latter organisation to I the \\ ide Awake* of a roetly " ?t*nd of col- i nt " At aa eorlr hour the wigwam presented < llaahf niwilitin VVkan wtm PMrkiwt Um hall I the \V(d? Avnkn, to th? number of mnr one * trondfed and sixty, were going through a drew irlll with military precision. There wsi a large number cf spectator* preient A few minutes < ifter eight the (vermin Association. numbering ibout seventy, preceded by a band of ioutic, ?r- ' rived, and were escorted Into t&e bill by a com- 1 mlttee of the WW* Awakes Tbe two or?sniza- | Liona wen; theu ranged in line facing each other. Aft>r a national air from tbe band, the President > of Ik* (Jermah Aasoclation, Ms. Krzrzanowskl, 1 *ppro?chetl Mr. Clepbane, the President of the i Wide Awakes, and addreaatd him ss follows : MS. IKZVZAilUU'Sirt Si-KKCU. Geattemaa: It ia not la iny power to deacrlbe those feeling* wbich were concealed iu my heart wben my eye tbe flrat time beheld the American Bag. Tba flrat thought waa, theae are tbe colora < beneath whoae folds the Father* of tbta country gained the liberty which we now enjoy, and < :ovetert their namea with immortal joy. [At>plauae } Ob, how proud ?very American ongnt to be of tbeae ' Star and Str'pea." and be ready to sacrifice everything which la dear to him in * Irfenre of the wallon's bonor?the National Flag. [Applause ] Oh bow different is the adrancra 1 I'.HL century from those dark periods of the 19th le&tury la those day* they fought for liberty and principles; now in the enlightened day of the liHh rentury, there are some men who are rilling to fght for a slave dogma; and are willing to exchange these national colors for those fains which they obtain by negroes toil. [Applause ] But. thank God, tberie are enough patriots left who are ready to defend tke National Flag, the prccluus inheritance of their fathers, i Applause j Gentlemen of the Wide Awakes, I believe that ?_ _ i i ? a. a a 4L. ~ 1 a. r a yuur mi iuu is 10 praveci idc naiiunai u?i^ l Ar" plauae ] By your prompt organization of a WMe Awake company hrre under the despotic gvrav of ? democracy, you bare achieved for yourselves i the respect of every true patriot. [Applause ] You did not listen to thoae threat* of the more numerous opposite party in thia city, but bra public demonstration you announced to them that you suppcrt the republican party. [Applause 1 That demonstration was a glorious victory, ana you proved that you are worthy to be the bearer of the American flag [Applause ] Because of this fact, the Herman Republican Association of this city are here now to preaent to yon the "Stars and Stripes ? Let this lie the nnlty between you and the adopted citiaens of this rreat republic. rt "1 ka... 4* [uuuu auu I.UUUUUUUB apuiauer j may i\ rfcr remind you that adopted citizen* are always ready to stand by you to support their noble, your noble, Constitution and the national flag. It ha* been aid that we unfortunate adopted citizens are liable to be the cause of the downfall of this Union. Let me tell our accusers that we support the party which supports the Constitution, and not the party which threatens to withdraw from the Union bccause they are not gratified in their peculiar views [Applause ] We have taken oatU to support the Constitution, and we intend to remain faithful to tbe solemn obligation under which we have thus placed ourselves, and never consent to disgrace ourselves as individuals, or as a nation, by consenting to disregard those pledges for pelf, as has already 1>een proposed to some of us We will light for liberty; bnt never for pay. fCries of -'Good." and applause 1 It Is rather difficult to ascertain upon what ground tbe opposite party seeks to arraign the repubiicau as a sectional organization 1 should impose a sectional party to be one which, when submitted to the will of the people, is lost in its minority. The last election has proved conclu ively that we have the majority. Is not then the party which charges us as being sectional, sectional itself. The census of 1-oU shows that there were 320,000 slaveholders in the Southern States, of wLom 40,too were planters, the rulers of modern democracy These 40,0)10 planter* desire that cf Independent people of this Republic should submit to their rale, and these despots desires the democratic party aupport. 1 suppose these rulers assume their power by the same doctrine as tb crownad heads of Kurope. They are toe rulers by the grace of (iod: but this 1* doctrine whirh the people of the l?th century will never submit to In the name of the German Republican Association of Washington I now present this flag to you. gentlemen or the Wide Awakes, and 1 am confident that you never will submit that the number of its stars shall be diminished. If there are stars whose light shines feeble for this Union, I hope we will be able to strengthen toelf light; if not tbdt, that we will gain brighter stars in the West for our glorious Confederacy. In conclusion, permit me to say : " The star spangled banner, Long may it wave, O'er the land of the free. And the bome of the brave " Thebnnner wu then presented to Mr. L. Clephaiie. president of the Wide Awake*, when the i>and performed a national air; after whlrh, pineing the flsg in charge of Mr G. A. Hall.iecretary of tbe organization. Mr Clepbane respond'd to the remarks of Mr. Kryzyanowskt In the following language: SPEECH OP MR CLirHAS* Pir: In the nr>me, and on behalf of the WideAwak-i of the District of Columbia, I accept this beautiful token of the esteem .and friendship of our Gsrnian republican co-laborer*. In their nante I return you our roost hearty thank* for this gift and for 'he appropriate and eloquent manner in which it has been presented [Applause J You could not have selected a present more acceptable, more appropriate, and one more dear to the heart of every American citizen than this, our national tl . [applause;] which is as sacred to the hearts of every true and loyal republican throughout this l*l|d as hi* own hearthstone; and whose honor every republican would defend as he would the t honor of hi* own household [Applause.] We never look upon that Hag wiihou: feelings of pride and gratitude. The sight of it ever Involuntarily carries us in memory back to the which tried men's souls.?when the blood of our patriot fathers was freelv shed to secure to us the blessings, the privileges, and the liberties we now enjoy; and by tbe shedding of whose blood the bona of the I nion and the States was sealed furever. [Applause] tVe love that (lag ?not because of its beauty, not because of any intrinsic worth, but because under it our fathers achieved the liberties of this country, [applause;] because that flag haa ever floatea over us as a people and a I nation. In adversity and prosperity; and God jirraot that no other flag, save tbe J*t?r Spangled Banner, shall ever float over Americans upon American soil. [Applause] Mir, there is a significance, a deep significance, in that flag which you have so kindly presented to ua to night. We behold upon It a constellation rr 3.J stars, emblematical or the Lnion ox the 33 states The field of blue, from wbieb tboae stars thine forth, represents an idea taken from the banner borne by the Scottish Covenanters, around which was a border of blue, significant of a league and covenant of th? Lulled Colonies against oppression?incidentally involving the idea of vigllame, perseverence, and justice The 13 stripes show, with the'stars, the number of the United Colonies, and signify the subordination of the States to the Union, and the equality of each. 1'be red color, also, in Human days, was a signal of defiance, and denoted daring; while the white represented purity. There is, indeed, an eloquence In the stars and stri|>*s, when their full significance is known and sppreciated. A new constellation?Union, perpetuity, a covenant against oppression, justice, equality, subordination. courage, and parity Where is that flag not known' Tropbied with victories In war. doubly tropbied wltb victories In peace, it r ommiadi the respect of the world u the flag of the free. [Applause.] Success to tbe flag of our nation, May its folds all around us be spread ; It is blazoned with deeds of tbe valiant, And sacred with names of tbe dead ! The stars are the symbol of Union, May they ever in uuity wave; Tbe white Is the emblem of honor, The red Is the blood of tbe brave! Sucre* to the flag of oar nation, it sweep over the land and tbe sea, .May tt kindle new hope where It glitters, In the bosoms that long to be free Let ua keep 1U young glory unsullied, Sustain it on ocean and shore; R ear it hl^b, a brond beacon of freedom To the world, till Time la no mora. My fellow German republicans, we who have been born on this soil feel proud to know that tills flag which we love la no lrsa dear to out foreign-born citizens; [applause J Itecause It proteru alike their rlgbta nnd privileges And, my friends, we love oor fellow Germans because they do honor and respect our lawa. Gentlemen thia flag protects alike your rights as it does thost of the American citizen; [Applause,] but let mi > a<Mure you my German-friends that tbe protection ivl.iiK aiis I k.J tl.U * k ?? "" ? wu v>vMmiiN\iu mu iuit uai; VUIUWI i around von ia no privilege lieatewed. it is youi right demanded alike by honor and justice [Applause] IJUtory bis recorded the fact tha la our revolutionary struggles was to be fount fighting side by side the for3lffa*bor? and Ameri can citizen. iAppl&uaeJ. And who among you fellow republicans and fhilow Americans, cat J ever ceaaa to cherish tbe memory of Bteoben Koscluftko, I.afcyett?, and a ho?t ofother patriots foreigners, who stand by yatir patriotic fctbers li scbteving the gloriooa vietory of Independence [ Applause. V \>j Bat. my nlenda, I will not detain you. This, > to me, la a scene of peculiar Interest?when w ITUOIU our mruKu-vwii UIM1.CH*, wuuiu vui vuu 1 stitutioa rcroznitea as citizens, coming forth aa i ; were to abow their fealty anew to ottr lnstltutloni \ our Constitution, end this flag, and than on th other hand, wlloew the sorry spectacle of nativ ' bom citiirua who are aeektog to bring that ver flag into disgrace. May we all hope that ttiia 1 but a momentary outburst of avtl puss ion, whir stiali soon paas away, ana that the cloud whic , now lowers o'er our political horizon with such tfcreataaisf as pert, ahall to a abort while dlaap pear, and that Umm ilais miV abtoe forth moi *'i RvK ?1 T* .... . ' La* not I - J- - ? H'.u I C X * ' gloriously than ever for having been thus tempoTlrTXy aiHimOT. Fellow Oerman republicans, that flag will be glared in the ranks of the Wide Awakes, and be iMured It will be our proud privilege to protect lUat tUg, and that which It represent*, wader all circumstancea; [applause,) for that Mag la sot Intended alone for the protection of Anwtlcan*; bat the Constttatlon of the Union, of which that is a* rmblem. recognises also the foreli(7t-brra aa citizens We shall erer stand by the rights of the ] roreigo-Dorn eiiizen ?? earnestly M wo will or those of the native-bora. Nc>w.nentleraett? in the name nt the Wide Avnkn of the District of Columbia. I again return \ou our slnc?re thi-nks Ibr this valued testimonial of joar esteem. [Applause] At the conclusion nf UU> ceremonv, three cheer ?nd a tiger were given by the Wide Awakes for the German Republican Association, which was responded to In a like manher on the part of the The crowd thea repaired to the street below, where they were formed In Une. the Wide Awakes acting as an escort. Accompanied bv the hand, the procession moved up Indlanaaveaue to Fourand-a-half street to C, and thence to Seventh street, and up Seventh to Thorn's building, where a collation had been prepared under the direction or me wiae Awakes Arriving at the hall, the order was given to " fall to,"' which was readily obeyed and in good earnest, the German* occupying the oue aide of the tablet and th? W ide Awake* the other. The German portlaa of the gathering toon became quite hilmiona ap they began to partake freely of the " laqer beer" which flowed In such abundance The wants of the Inner man having been attended to, the body waa called to order by the president of the Wide Awakes, when? aa_ i_i n iiiu -i*? a * * _ ? ?? Aa rar. juuu r. nuwn onerea me iouowing Knnment: "Oar German Republican Wide Awakes, their liberty is our liberty; their rights are our rights; and republicanism opens its arms to all mankind who prefer freedom to vassalage " This toast was received with great applause. Mr. Krzyzanowski, President ef the German Association, responded by an appropriate sentl lent, and accompanied the same with a few spirited remarks The remark* of Mr. K called out Mr. Clephane. President of the W Ids Awakes, who proposed IK a Imr II1V. &v'ii v ww i if t " To the memory of our patriotic foreign friends whose remains repose on American soil." Thia being drunk, the baud atruck up the ' Marseille* Hymn." Tbe following toaata were then preaented and drunk in order: Offered by Mr. Hilton?"Our'old original Jacobs' in the republican cauae. Well done, good and faithful aervanta; you have been faithful over a few things, may you remain rulera over many thinga after the 4tu of March next." Mr. J.J. Coomba being called upon toreapond, said : Gentlemen, I have been called npon to respond to thia aenttment under the suppoeition, I preaume, that I belong to the ancient order of "original Jaroba." 1 regret to aay, however, that 1 am unable to account (or the reason wbv urn peculiar term has been applied to us. 1 am not aware of its origin. If It is taken from an incident It sacred history, It seems to me it is not well chosen. According U my recollection of sacred history. It wm in one person claiming the birthright of another, and receiving the blessings which was due to auother by putting on faise livery, and passing bim ott under deceptive circumstances. Now, that has not been the ease with us who are '-original Jacobs." We have always served under the same livery; we have never assumed the liver}' of another man, or set of men, iu order that we might receiye our birthright or receive a blessing. We have received a blessing?there is no doubt about that, but we nlttnin it linrirr nri?(pf.t^i na #11A Jacob of old. My fellow-citlzei'.a. we have practised no fraud In obtaiuiug the bleating which we are now rrjolciug over; and therefore, It does not seem to me that tbla term, '-original Jacobs." is altogether applicable. I fear, fellow-citizens, that some of its will And after the 1th of March that we are occupying a position similar to that occupied by Lsau, that somebody else has put an our skin, and obtaiued tue birthright which we have always been after. But, fellow-citizens, we again submit, and we do not intend to grumMe. We are satisfied of one thing, if we do not receive the otfloes and the spoils of victory, there Is no one that can rob us of the honor of having been the first and foremost in this great struggle that is goin" on. [Applause] Now. fellow-citTzens, for one, 1 feci no jealousy In regard to the eleventn-bour men who have come in at a late day. God knows we needed thvin A f#?w Invi nun uv nt-pdrd a <rr? rtt m:mu of tUl* clan* of n>ea to enable us to secure the victory we Lave. If it had not be?n for those who came in at a late hour, where would we "original Jacobs'' bav# been' We thank God that the seed which we have been sowing has fell upon good ground and brought forth fruit [Applause ] Mr. J no H. Wise offered the following: ' The present Government oliicebolders, who are ?n the stool of repentance: May mercy, tempered with justice, be administered to them after the 4th of March next." Offered by Mr. Hilton?The Hon W. H Seward The talent and devotion to republican principle displayed by blm In the U ? Senate chamber, his sublime dignity at reverse of fortune at Chicago, and his patriotic self-denial and disinterested ties* deserve. as they command, tbe blghest tribute of admiration, and will be properly appreciated hereafter by the American people. By Mr. Geo. W. Harkucss?The presidency of the United Stab-s The must exalted station in the universe; tbe highest honor in the gift of a great and free people; tbegreafA reward to r.>li|. leal honeftty, talent and lntegmy?justly a..u deservedly has it been bestowed upon Abraham Lincoln. Received with loud applause. Near midnight the two associations again formed In line and marched back to the wigwam, where mutual addresses were made. Seventh Ajisca-L Report or the gtr^kru^ Society. roE the Yeae Kndino Nov. 1, i860.? From this report we gather that there Lave been received within the year (Wlo applications for aid; and It is regarded a? a gratifying evidefice of tti* efficiency of the careful and thorough system ol enuuiry adopted by the society that liut?&a ol ttnding. a* in tome former years, three-fourths of tbe applicants undeserving, and only tbe worst fo?wbat they obtained by begging, full three fourth* are doing as well as they can In such un favorable circumstances Many who are unwilling to beg are found to be deserving sympathy anC aid. and we know by their neighbors to be In i uttering condition. Employment has been found for nineteen men and twenty-seven women, and good homes tor twenty?tkree destitute children The expenditures for tbe year, Including cash food, clothing, fuel, rent, stoves, materials for re pairs and other improvements, labor, l>ooks, uis|? reports of kindrea Institutions, pamphlets, 'ract* n.i nti..n _ ...? t.. A I ICO UC pupvit, L/iuiwiug aim pvawi^Cj suiumii iuf 0.1 A widuwi and orphan*' hoist; has i<ren esUb lisbed. instead of a widows' home only, as for merly. It Is alto a temporary residence for female seeking employment, if well tecommended, anc for destitute children till permanent home* li gorxl families can be found for them. The do ciety will feel thankful for contribution* toward liui*hirig their building. Mr Edward Owei generously gives the uic of It two years requlrint only the payment of the taxes and insurance, an< will sell at a fair price, taking no advantage o the improvements Although part of It has beei made moch more comfortable than the forme homes of the inmates, yet it is very desirable t< make still further Improvements as soou as pos Ible Were the other part finished, as intended It would be more convenient, as well as nior <*Amf.>rl!tKU ? '? Kai?i nriri Hiu nirt h/tur >1 WUIJ1/I ?U U0 ?* WVM1V) IMIV4 ??"- I "*1 ? "" T? WVl U pled would answer (the building being large) foi a bon* of refuge till a more suitable piace can b? obtained. Fifteen widows have been admitted but only seven of tbem, with their children, hav become Inmates of the home, the rest being un willing to come in whilst some very objectiotabl women remain in the locality, who, thinking "their craft is in danger of being set at naught, are hostile to the institution, and are encourage* and aided in their opposition by some vile oiks But for this, others also would have applied fc admission. It has been said by men of whor better things out'ht to have been expected, I position is any criterion, that women nave ke| such hocses there sixteen years, and that we mui have known it, bat have gone and squatted dow by the side of them, and now complain; as if bad come to this, that auch women may plac themselves aa nuisances in any part of the cit] and thereby debar othera fmra doing anything t that locality whtcb may have a counteracts tendency The directors say: "We took the plaoe becara we could get it on very reasonable terms; a coi si deration not to be overlooked in such har times that it is extremely difficult to keep ev< tbe deserving poor from suffering; and becauae is near tbe wealthy part of the city, and ia ther fore the more convenient for innidtes wishing obtain work. We believe thai all ri^ht-miuat persons will bold that tbe longer such nuissnc Dave existed, aad the more they have " iacreasi the transgressors among men,'' and spread bo moral and physical contagion, dealu, and destra linn all apnurid thpm f h? mnra rwainn hauo thi I and their associates la crime to expect that God

hli providence will, In tome way. cb?ck ai restrain tbem; especially wben they have beeon J m emboldened and presumptuous as to exbll their vile selfishness la attempts to drive aw ty, 1 . the aid of had men, a charitable institution whii , le aiding and encouraging the poor In bom ' Industry" Thi Odd Pillows' Lkvkk laat night wai grand affair, largely attended and abundant e joyous. The music was moel thoroughly toe-1 ' spuing, 8c hofll eld's confectionery refreshing, ei 1 KIonian's supper so capital a one as to drser '? special mention. The merry party did not sepi e ate till near daylight this morning. We sfcoti e like to enlarge considerably upon this plensa y affair, but haven't room today. h tj?? noTirn, In another column, of a fsilr fer 1 h benefit of the free schools attached to St AI a thew s church, which opened at Wlllards' U >- last evening. The object of the fair certali e commends it to the patronage of the pnbllc. '"Kilt A "* 41 *' V A I The visamia Asscal Cosp?*mci at Alixhimh-K/M <fejr. ?Tb* ONkmm took up tbe resolutions relative to the Washluj;t?n city cbnreta Rev Mr. Wbeelrlght ttai noi opposed to the eoftrprlaeat Walking ton. and wcwiU cheerfully aid to I'll tbe work*, and wben abl<- to buy tu"ui. .Rev l? W l,angbt>rii<- elowd an Interesting *peoeh by declaring that the first resolution was ample enough to fulfil all the Coofereare obligation* m ,\Ir armitbaon. Rrr Dr. Kdwarda thought that tbe ehuroh U Washington wa? a uliwl -? d work of the Confrr ! rfire, and fea^d Ibrft th? expression of entlmwit h?-re, w ould Injure the cause of the \Ya?felngUm city fcuurch In the South He thought the expressions dropped in the Conference, especially here, wlitre the opposition had teen strong, were most lnc^uUoos and tended to unsettle the public Confidence in the work throughout the whole church. [A voice?Fact ] He thought that the Virginia Conference should build this ehurch aioae Brother Smithson bad been praised for star*, the enterprise, and yet been told by others it could not be seen how he could drive the pt?'w through the furrow he had opened, lie would, Indeed, have much difficulty if be m^t the opposition of such men as Brothers Wheelright and I*angborne. He did not, however, agree In the doctrine which had been advanced ou this floor?that a majority of the Conference had a right to bind the coiitclence of brethren In conventional matter*. Mr. BMftcht of Petersburg. a lay delegate, said be Wt prond to stand amid Ike Conference, a layman, and addreaa hlmaelf toa aubject of interest to the laity When the laity had assumed their full away, tbe church would have reached the full point of prosperity. He advocated tbe cauae of the chnrcb in Washington Hr thought, however, that the Trustees should take care of the exCoditurts, for It might not be long before Wasbgton might cease to be the seat of government. He was in favor of striking out the word south. He wanted a church In Boston to preach Christ and H1 tn rrtirlflwl to the abolition tnrvnilliiriM He wanted the cbarch to be the Metbodiit Episcopal Church of North American. (Amen from many quarters ) A substitute for the third and fourth resolntions was proposed and adopt a. The substitute strikes out all In relation to a speciflc sum to be coilected by each preacher and provides that tb?-y shall remit the sum at their convenience, instead of the tst of Jnne, ls#l. Rev. Dr. Sehon then addressed the Conference, urging upon them the claims of the vsrious Publishing, Missionary, and otter operations of ttie church The address was most effective. The Conference then adjourned. PaormoK Aicdmsoh's Kxtkao*di*art P?rFORMAxrii ?Mr. Anderson aiiDeared at the Theater last even ins;, and gave tbe first of tbe aeries of magical representation* he i?t? give In thia city. Tbe entertainment waa one of tbe best we have ever been treated to in Washington, and its excellence was duly appreciated by a discriminating and applausive audience Conjuring ceases to be conjuring in the hands of this distinguished artist, and aa,umes a higher grade of art: becoming, In fact, an entertalnmentof the highest Intellectual order. Nor Is it Mr. Awderson only who forms the attraction of the evening. He has three charming daughters, who lend their presence to brlghteu and better the scene. One of them?the tiniest of the three?1> a very wondrous little songstress; the second in slse (s a mesmeric uatlent, who develop* some of the most singular pnenomenaor magical catalepsy; xne eiaest 01 cl<* trio otficistes In the dual capacities of pianist and clairvoyant All previous illustrations of magical second sight sink Into insiguitieanc in comparU son with those afforded by Miss Anderson. The performance is quite unlike the second-sight trick of other magicians, and very much more astonish* ing Professor Andersw is destined tj make a sensation during his stay in Washington, which will mi the Thfator for many nights to come; and as tha performance Is of that nature to require yon to be near the sta^e to see It well. It Is advisable, we think, to book seats during the day. Shocking Accidbnt 15 Alkxa.xi?bia.?TbeUatette of this morning says:?"An accident occurred at the tannery of Messrs 0. C. Smoot A Sons yesterday morning, by which Mr. A. Rlston lost his right arm, and was otherwise seriously Injured. Mr. R. was attending the running of the engln?, in the absence of the regular engineer, and while oiling some part of the machinery, his rrMt tir I rminht rrtnrwl * aK?ft ?rt si Kta a r rr VV?> na? WUKM* Bl VUllVt U niiut ItllU U1B U Hi drawn In between two cog-wheels, and so shockingly mangled that it wu only held by a few of the leac'-'R and some slight threads of skin He was also severely cut about tbe h?"ad and face, and complained of Internal pain, from which It is feared that he has been otherwise injured. Mr R is tun was in the engine-room alone at the t>. me cf tbe accident, bnt the engine was stopped in a very short time, and medical aid at once secured ?>r Fairfax took the arm off near the shoulder joint, and rendered tbe requisite surgical assistance Mr. H. was taken to the residence of his brother-in-law, Mr. James Spink*, where he lies in a precarious condition." Polic* Mattehs.?Before Justice Barnaclo ? Some four or flwt parties were arrested on Ji./a. tor non payment of old judgments due, an<f committed to the workhouse Jis. Clagett was accused of disorderly behavior in the public streetn. and on suiU ient proof was fined * i 91. Richard Bradford was arrested for being drunk and dis orderly in the streets of the Northern liberties I '.ice District; he was sent to the workhouae for 0U days, in default of security and costs A little ( colored girl, named Mary Jane Hill, without parents and In indigent circumstances, was brought before the magistrate and bound out to service in tb?famllyof acitlien. John Counelland F.dward Leiden set their dog on the unoflending pit; of Mr. John Alworth. Theowner. desirous o{ saving bis bacon, assaulted the dog, aud Connell and SeFden In turn assaulted Alworth, who was so badly beaten as to justify n warrant against tbe assailants for assault and battery with intent to kill. Tbev were arrested, tnd after examination sent to jail for their appearance before thecrimlnnl court. "Fioimsa Allxy Crowd "?Now and then the police pick up one and another of the little fellow* who were mentioned by the youthful ' members cf the "Fighting Ailey crowd " recently ' arrested by Detectives Allen h. Co., as being associated with them. The best that can be done 1 with them, under existing circumstances, is to - send them to the workhouse and employ them on the city farm Two little fellows, Ben Bronsel! and Hat Calden. were arrested last night under > suspicious circumstances, and docketed for theft, 1 but were tried for vagrancy aud sent down for 90 | da>? i Tar Fkasslih Active Association give their second grand counon p*riy ax meir uaii, on U street, to B orrow (Wednesday) eveulug, tbe proceeds to be devoted to furnishing their sittinjjroom The Krenklln boys always have line timet at their parties, and of course this will not beau exception to the general rule. The object of this party |Mrticularly commends It to the patronage of their friends and the public. Bee their advers ti semen l In another column for particulars. ! Central (xuakdhoosb Cases ?Ben Branaell, . theft and vagrant; Bat. Cslden, do ; each to the g worktouse for 90 days Lewis &olomans. drunk i and disorderly; line and costs, #1.15. Ma^ruder / Water*, do ; do. S3 15. A Ifred Dot son, carryiug i ft pIsUl. do. 921.15. Charles Ellis, throwing { atones; do. S6 11 Feter Johnson, (col ,) drunk j and disorderly; do 94.15. Robert Snyder, (rol ,) r do.; do 93 15. Susanna Halliday, do ; do. f3 15. j Two lodgers were accommodated. The Hiawatha Clxb It should be born* in p mind, give their llftb annual ball at Thorn's Hall, [. Seventh street, on to-morrow (Wednesday)night, r and not on Thursday night as has been heretofore . stated. The reputation of the Club in matters of this kind, is a sufficient guaranty that they will e have a pleasant time on this occasion. Read their advertisement in another column, engage a parte ner, and give them a call. You can hardly spend ? au evening more agreeably. n 1 j Dk.Rkesx's Lkctlbk?Bv an advertlsemen! )* In another column. It will be seen that the prom' lted lecture of tbe Rev Dr. E Yeateo Reeae la U be delivered at tbe Smithsonian to night. Tb< { popularity of the lecturer ia alone sufficient to at)t tracts large audience of tbe Intellectual public Abbivxd at Carter'a wharf, (foot of Thirteen " and a-half street.) acbooner Kill* Pbaro, Crnn 1 nrier, Philadelphia, with 169 tool of coal foi * Mtwri. Caatlenian A Bro. f, n City Mikit ? Juat roooivod, eight horn's o g nico dressed Poultry: ?? dozen freah E<ks; 61 pounds of prime Roll Butter; 1UB harrels ol riald i* wii Apples; which wo will aoli, wita oth?r o ticl usually found in r. first ulaosCitj Market Store, a j trie 1'jwost market pnea G*o. W. Stiwart & So*. !? no S7-2t* Corner Twelfth and H ?ta. e. \Va-1T*o. ? ?10,00) Virginia, Corporation, o t WmIiiiigton mon?y wancni, in exohsnge lor a ~ ktoda of Dry Good*, at Matthews * 'a Soventh street, between I &n<4 K, east aide. tf in ? - ? rd IIollowat'S Pill* asn OIMTMBXT. th Fiuhnt ike Womb ? Dunn* the eaily atagej < gestation, many young rnarrie i are tin jm to a sinking of tk? womb, whick causae them coi J sideratxe trepidation and uueaaiea*. The Oia *5 moot will he foaad mvalnabte in these etnergeuoi< id as it entirely disperses with the neeeeaity/or pt tic or meehanieal ageuoies. The Piila wi! brai >|t the enfeebled organs, strengthen the system ar k. s?xmre the invalid from a ftture relapse. The A mediolnea are raluabla in all oonipiatnU incident to the female aex. 8oTd by all Druggieta at 2Sa,? "l anl 9* per box or pot. no%lw I ft / u i r 17, lly In Georgetown, D. C? on the ?7tii inatftnt, Mr J?- MAKV GODE\ , in th? tS3li? ye?r of 1i. r ft*.-, ud Tuo frieud* *nd ftoauftinUtuOAa of the f*util|r ft Te invited to attend her Tuuer?l, to morrow | W?dr-? day afternoon, ftl 3 o'clock, from the reaideuoe ,1 her *ou. W. H. GoJey, corner of Beftll and Co n? *reaa eta , Georgetown. MO N E Y! MONEY ! _ MONEY!!! ... Note* of ftll bftnk* tftken ftt Mr Cor Goods, ftnd ... complete auepiir of Fftll ftnd Winter Wurou ftft for o&ah. WALti, aTEPitENS^^O.,^ no S-t* Pft. ftvenue, bet. 9th ftnd 19th ?te N *' '''in -? ?4 WWri y * 4*7'. ".*^31 I *? ?- . i* - cw? 'j* a A BALLS, PARTIES, 4c. J^OOK OLT FOR THE MONUMENTAL*' EIGHTH GRAND COTILLON PARTV of >ke MONtME.\ +AL CeL'B. ?t Tmii'i M Hall, on. MONDAY. D ceinbf r Ifl. For partieutara futur* s<trertisete?^^ By ord. r <H < oomittae. n * ?o* Hurrah: fo* the hiawatba bo*s a re i N th e fl eld agm*' ihfr iut-wi to ?iv* th-ir fifth (if and r all. bi request of their man; fiendt, at % Thohs'a h all or Tth ?t , wednesday, jfll tuf <3lh t/novein'.*r. #b ' By order of thf UB bot* it" commit* fft (jREAT ANNUAL BALL OF TBI associated bakbks of dlt=t. coll Mill a The AuncikM Baker* of lk? District of cuirnnI ia have the h?>n<>r to inform their friend* p% Mul the pubiio thatlixv will give UMirluunh JCL Annual Rail at the A*?emblt koumt, ouMTM WEDNESDAY. EVENING. No vender n.Ul \ l lit' vins r V"J 1 nf" l)C' \ airirj^finruiB ?ir made to satisfy tlieir friend*. Sch eeder's brassnnd striae band will l*? in attendanoe. Tns surp-r t%h.s will ne well snppl-ed. Ticket* f 1, for a ? en tie man and ladies ; to he had at the door on the evening o| tno Ball, and ef the m*ml>ers no24 4t* THRCOM.M 1TTBK. THE SECOND GR AND COTH-LON PARTY of th* FRANK*IN ACTIVE ASSO- m% C1ATION will take place W EON KSDAV Jf EVENING, Nov. J*, at Fraeklm Ball. D tt.M near 12ik. Th* object of Uiis part) is to raiseHA the neceestrv fund* to furnish th^lr sitting-room. Ti/*lr*tu nnntm ounfUii Rn And lftiiini De*t ooti JoQ music erua*e*d N<> ha's or cap* allowed in tho room. By order Committee of Arrangements. noJ2-?t IWANTKD-A SITl'ATIO.NMW?il?f?r it v?' ard, by an eiperMnoAri man that has the tw?i of r?f?r*no<M. Any commands left at Mr. Gautier's. No. ttS2 Pa. arenue, for "8. T." will t* attended to. lt? WANTKD-A middie-aved eoU.rel WOMAN (*rave preferred > to oook, wa?h, and iron for a small lanuly Good waxes iiven. nom neo.1 apply nn em veil rCsommeutfed. Apply at No. 367 latn *t , between l?and M. no ? 3t V17ANTKI*? By two respectable yonn* women. SITUATIONS, one a? cook, the other at chamberinaie, can give ickkI reference*. Pleats call for three (lays at No 445 Tenth ?t,,l>etween F and G ?tH. __ n? M-ii' nlTinfmvu vviMTL'n k. i... a t>a a ?* nti a c<e/| u/ ?w n?f?v *?"i" *irls, who have lived seven years in their iast plaoe; olc toc io* *nd ass: t in washing ?n4 ironing. and the 0t*v to do ohamberwork and plain ?ewm? or aacist in'washin* nod lr?nin<. Apply at No. '3-i$ C street, between 13th aad 13^ sts. noiffi-2t* WANTED-!*EGOXL? HAND FURNITURE. ' ? Pernors d?o mine housekeeping. or h%?in< a buncos of Furniture on hand,can obtain ttieoash and fair prices br appljinr at St>9 Seventh ?t. n.. 17 BOXTZ A WRIKFtTI? WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From $S to AlO.nw worth ol SECOND-HAND FIIRNI Tl'fi K nfa.ll krmHa <..r it h.nh I will r nA.rA.ntr f/? th.? Lighett puoe?, and, aa usual, at tlie khorteat initio*. R. BUCULY. Dealer in Furniture, Stove*, Ac., oo9 40? 7ih Kt., bet. G Mui H.aut iid?. LOST AND FOUND. I09T-A gold b?nd BR AOELET, with a d*t? j enijrav.^d in<ide. A suitable reward wi'l be given, iflof'at thi? office. It* in reward will be PAID for tub vl" r?turn to th* Star Office i and ! ? quenwon* a*ke>) >of a tiual doub eca?e detached levnr GOT.I) WATCH. maJe hr trooper, of I ivcrpro!,13jewe;?. (number not r?o<>!l"ct?xi i l?-aur c an inscription, a* a present from the Washington CluW no 'it-it* AVAl fc. MURK AY. IOST?On Sucdav evening. Novrmber 25th. from J a carriage, Ivtween ?'h %n<l 23d a black SCAHF, with gold "olored border. The finder will be mitably rewarded by leaving it at the Star Or fico. no ii6 ?t fAME TOTHE SUBSCRIBER,r?n theadin*C. Vv FIVE COWS?two buffalo and thrrr horned cow? ; two of them fall red atid tho uiiici B ftm OIIU w 111 ww. t iin uwiiui vi ww u-mmmmmmmm er? will come forward, prove property, par ohargea and take tliem aw&y. J. B. HAW, no34 3t* Boundary at IOST?On the morning of the 231 ica'avt, b?j tween the Pot< mac brnit and the Baltimore depot, two negotiable NOTES*. one for ?500 ainl onafor .?K>S. payable to my order at Rio?mond Va. Thxy are of no value to any one bat myaelf, The finder wi-l confer a fovor by them t^ me, at Kmhiuond, Va., and be rewarded, if d>*air*d no34 3t* CHAS. U'AiSDEX. PERSONAL. I NOTICE. HF.RKDY Forewarn all from trnntioi ant person or person* on mt account, a< I will pav no debts oontractod by any other person than myaelf. no ?7 3'? J<>HN W. RICHARDSON. ASTROLOO 1ST, MADAM I. DEVISE. Do not fail to visit this kk>o\v.nkd lady befor* ?li? leaves the city. All who are in trouble of an? kmJ, go at once to her Madame will bring anyone to you nnd cause tlieni to lore you ; will mak< *[>*ed? marring?* and iceat good luck ; will advict m regard to lawsuits. Travel*, Loss**, Number* Ac. Office and Recoption Rooms at R:chmon< House, corner Eighth aiid I) *ts.; private en'ranci on D st. Gentleman also call. no23 6t* 1HOLD A DEED OF TRUST ON THE FROP erty offered l"or *a!e in thendvertisemenf of W m T. Crair, Cons'able. dat?4 N-^v. 19th inrtant. f<> *be ?&.o of Bernard Mage*'* interest in Lot No. in Square west of Square No 14 on 26th street am i*a. ate nue. which sad used wa* execut'd to ip< in go< d f itb.and for a valuable consideration, do, arainst the said sale, as bei'i ?r ?!...>.* .itK.intD . > f lev anH nantinn All aArtn ni w Ill'VUb nu Ul v? . | T ? ! I* W < Hll-4 MVU ?>i f "V HI ac&irst bidding at the pretended ta'e. nog" Tt* JOHN M AG KB. |\I ADAME MORRICE, THE Gkxat AST*OLO I" oisT jlxv DocTR*s*,from Europe.?This biflil Kkfte?l and lutelligeut 'vly can l?e oonau ted m tli-' Pant, Present and Future Events. Call at Nc 405 Eighth at., betwera b and II, Washington. no 3-1 m* BOARDING. ~~ BOARDING.?Good Roonia, oomfortabW tut ni?h?<!, ean !>e obtained at '21A P street, l>e tw^en 15th aDtl Hth, on in?eera'.e term*, with o without Hoard. Location convenient and ver plcah&at. ____ no2X2w"_ BOARDING.?A famly. or two r three je-t!* in?n,'-fcu h* aoc uninodated with ' oarii N< 4.13 Ninth street, one door south of F at. T?rm ^ > i I A I \ n A . .f # It a I* ?..?! I !./( in . . ? f <4a*lfah1 IIIU irino v/uo U1 wur i?l(C?ti f?uu w??i f?> I Rooms in the houae. fiirnnhed with water at.d f a< m now unoocupied. 'lati.e Hoarders aoctTimc d ated. If Board and rooms-a feno Front Chara l> ?r, and other Koumi, with Board, mat t>e ha at No. 4ft* Twelfth st., oast side, between G an H. Table Boardersalso accommodated. no >6 4t* BOARDING.?Three or lour vincl* tantieme can accommodated with Board ht apply in at No. 513 Mar> and avenue, tietwean 4)6 and 8* ta , Island. Mechanios preferred. no lu-tf GEO R GETOW JTAD V E RT'M T !\jew books? I ? ? ? w? .1- J x i nuuiage, Kul&h. Mr?. Gilbert's Career, Th? NoWflmm'* Daughter. The Minister'* Wooing. With a large a-<a?rtmeut of Jnvemie Book* ar Game* for the Holidays. At - _no? 3t MISS THOMAS'S. Georgete we. Forrest hall, GEORGKTOWS. the entire company WASHING -i W THEATER Will appear at the above-named Hall oil THlJEttDAY, Nov.27, ' THANKSGIVING DAY, Aitd > SATURDAY, December 1. Oa TITESDAYTNov^mliermli, . W ill h'? IPrfnrmfwi in 8 Mil. ftfl i'fd ' r MiRiOUlS PAtiilY. A minadab Sjeck Mr. S. W. Glei " Mra. Del main Mi*s A. P Mai To oonclnde with tn? musical faroe of r JENNY L1ND. Jenny Lind(vrh ?un<> NinM. 8ha Giinny Gu - >lr. J.T. Raymoi 0 Door* open at a quarter to 7; oomtnenoe at hal pa?t 7. . Admission only 5f> ctnti; ehildron ha f prio X oolored people ?5 aeuts. ioU a Cb forrokatiorToFukgrobtown. rn TlllCT. M^KUANl), and /IR61NI BANK Nl?TKS at par for (inwrm, aid tar ir dollars in apeoie siwfii in ohange wnen two do ii !l wu tn ia b?n?tit at Tenney'a. corner Mull a i8 Hrirtge Btr^ct", Georgetown. D C. TliluAMnfttr will ooaticua U- sol! at the aai pnees aa before U? auapei.aiou Hia atooi lalar and well aaanrted, oompr laii.c a'nioat 'very artji jf aattally f.>n?il iu a brat olaaa Grooery t?t'<re. st AIao now on i and and conslautly reoeirim c i- ri?c the season lar?e supplies ul fVeah slaa?liiei t- Uogf, mi table lor iamily uae. m nSst-tt W. B. TRNNEV L |UMT RECEIVKD? 5 J K> ftti?i?, prune Porto Rioo t*UGARl*, ? 190bbia. t'tii Ry? WHISKY, .1 t>b!?. HERRING and ALKWIVES, l. bt bbia. t'ruahed Mid R?fin?d -UGARb, a* 90 bagiiRioaod Java COFFEE. _ to hhd?.< low prnx>.t) MOLAmES. - For ?*iabr JOHN J. BOGUS. *0 THE UNi'KKBIttNBD CAKHE.M f EK A ' BUILDER off*r? hi? nerv.oeB to th? poUic Georgetown, Waakiagton, and Yioioity, k? I i ro contract fo* or pert'-tend the omet'io* lb? *7 puhlio and private lraiid:-:ga. Plana and ?pM nl will be farai?be<l at sliurt nntloe tt" an l?ii.?p on Oonereaa rt., UeortaUvt. iMMtt - '^#??*r**t0*?HKN?V WINfiATj r TliE LATEST ftilVV g> TIL BQBAPH10. rr?u ?Mik iartiiM. CoLmBiA,9 C.,iN?? '*?TU LtfliUUrf o( 9on!h Carolina MMiiblrd hri* 'o-Aajr la regular raaion Tb?- Goraraor* mwasgr w?a toltvered Not murli rlM4oae All la ijut?t IWowloti la tlir ibtutblnir tor?le. Mr Huge?, (Mtmulor at CberW*. haa an ured tiovernor (JUt that b? will reafl^n hh on tb? aame day that South CjMim arredaa frt>a? tb? Uaiou. Nurafiti ?( Mr LJartla. Cnir*<M?. Nov M ?Mr Llaeol* Ml hot* for Sprinvfl' id tbla morning Mr Hamlin Ml for U? East laat evening, accompanied bt Vwtw Wilkinson, of Mi nneaota. Yesterday Mr Lincoln and Mr. Hamiattended the tM Jamra Lplaorpal church. with I Mac N Arnold. B'nlirr of ConK1** elect.and afterwardsdined with J Y Scam uiun, neaiborelect to the 9late Le^uiaturt H?Hlntt*ai ta the Ooorgln ( mtmHIm Ararat*., No* S* ?Ron. A R Itrphaai aid Dr Perklna have been unanimously mlaatod hJ rrlamatl n for member* of the Mate Caavta ttoi to represent Talllaferro county Mr Mepb?ia ma-lea characteristic conservative apeeeb Thr Ranka lo dar Uraiwi Ike naaaa Mmm York tght draft* to % per cent premium The KautiOitrair. WiFitw, Missouri.Nov M ?A detachment of Montgomery's band visited Fort Scott aft r the oHirers of the Court had dispersed but did not molest the town or dtisena. Thar* baa been no incursion into Mlenour.. The party aeen near'a Mills were Government tooopa Miaataatppl Lrfialatar*. l.r>.A. Ula V r... oc Tk*lotdih)M*M * ? i'J | ^ ' * ww? merelj ?rgnnlied to-dar The ?\ee WW dfllTffrd. Ita tone la unrompreoalalnf The member* are -inanimoua for aocoMon Dlx-taal SMalhtra Baaka. rHU.AMt.raiA, Nov 26 Thompson a Bank Note ReiM*ter qiiotea aa uncurrent fundaall baaka aoutii?f \VsaU?n<U>u, Id per ceut dlacount, Maryiaud funds 3 to 5 per ctut. Bask la>peaii?aa. Na'Hvillk, Nov. W> ? The " PUatera . " 'Union.and '-stale Bank,*' of fenn , have auapeoded specie payment, at the request of the comma utty KihIuUii for Mtrw. BmtoI, N*t 28?e S Toby ha* rvaiv*4 the nomi- ai'tin for Mayor of button by the Parker House Cor.reuUoa. Anew *ei.ect school SELEC I SCHOOl. for children vi!l be opened oKth-lir.t M' nilnv m PfemSw next at the oorner of E and Seventeenth ?tt., FI rat Ward. Attachml to the house i* a iiwrge $ariteu in whieb tha oln 'ir?-n may eiuac* in open air exareiaea. Aa IM --^"1- ?- 1 ' - iI ? m ,4 mkkI i?a(i/>?l f/>p uuibiwi ui Wilt uv liuiltvu, ?w. *<n.i eioa k.iould be trade immediately Full information aa to term*, tie , n.?r be obtained of the Principal, at Mra. LE Wlb?S. Ko. ?TJStreeteentn treet. no 2?-n* ' NOW OPEN THE ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK STORE, AT 476 FL>>SVLVA.MA AVEMCI, Next tiovr to Claff'a {late U. S.) Houl, be(trt?u Third and 4i struts G. G. EVAN}*, in order to accommodate hie legione of cnatsiner* throughout the I n-ted Stat*, hat located A BRANCH STORE of kit wniely oeletuated GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISE in Washington City, at 4*6 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. where can always be found a complete stock of the STANDARD AND MODERN WORK? of the UNITED STATES AND EUROPE. Every hook is eo!d at the PLULlSilEK'8 REGULAR RATES. and A GIFT worth from F;!ty Cento to ONE HUNDRED DOL LaR8 is preernted to EVERY I'lKCHASbK , at the time of Uie sate. Being extensively encased ooreelree id the PUBLICATION OF BOOKS. . and from oar large eaies enabled to parahaae entire editions from other publishers, we can offer INDICEMENTS r to oar patrons m>t elsewhere to be ebtained. | OL' R~~CJIFTS ? ARE ORNAMENTAL^jfcEFUL, AND VALL A Hft. Compnsiu* a Thousand VarieOee ; Among which we name? - Bold and Silver Watches, Gold Cbains, Ladies' sp endid B .ack and Plaid 8nk Drees Pat I terns, 1 P&rhor Time Pieoes, Silver Plated Wan. J Costly Seta of Caaieos, Mohm, FloraeUm, Coral. | Garnet, f urqa<>,? ?od Lavs Jewe.ry, i Sold I?ocketa, Pencil* and Pens, Ladie*' Neck, sod Chatelaine Chains. . Oerta' Boeom Stud* snJ S'eev* Button*, Pocket Knive*. Port Monnaiee, Ac., to. a The ciMron* of the Dietriet and vioimty are re ' *pectfulijr invited to examine our stock of Books and Gift*, whether de?irou* of purchasing or not and by so doing will be enabled to judge of the advantage* t > be derived from our popular *ystsm of eonducUcg Book sales. JI7"Call for our new olaaaifisd Catalogue,wherein our method of doing hoti nee* will be found fully detailed. J _ (T7"PeTinr? aendiDK for book* from a dittaoee will receive Mine attention m thoach at oar store, , the gift*,in all oates, aoconpaajuiK the parchate. ?. 6. EVANS'S ?- GIFT BOOK EMPORIUM, 476 Pbksa. Avaaca* 'i aoio-tf Washiaaton, D. C. 4 p GAI.T*' V^ITY STEAM FIRE WOOD MILLS _ a a\: n 'COAL " D'POT. | Foot q1 Stvtnumik strut, below Wmr D frtnnf. wOnD prepared, ui lea-th tai etxe, to suit the ?uu of etch pu'obutr COA'.-KfcPT n i;uai. holies, prote-t-d ji from the weatler?deli>?r?d fr*e fr m elate, dirt, and other impur.tiee. be. to the ton rTi. * w. m halt, no 10-tf a^'i Pa **.. inh ?w<1 'yh ?'?. fS> N Vi?t K PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER. Has r?mov?) to trie oo'ner of Tweif'h and F ?U. id He i* sreparetl t? in'rodnoe Water and (t?i npon the mo?t favoraOie terms, and guaraatiee eutie ea*i 'hitin - He has on hand a lot of COOKING at4 other 9TOVKt*. whioh he will Ml; iesatfe.n ooet. ae he v<eh?i lu ge: rid of them. ?o 1? /0\ ~ notice^ /ov JC**\ removal. AX V# y I hare removed bj 6 0 PAWN OFFICE to Ml C str??t, betvMD 4)(udltli *mte. iminedmtrt? m the r?r of Mm MiHiwI Mow. where th** l>ii*iue >? will bo continued** heritor >rn ?t the old.Und. (nolS-6m] l?\AO MERZBKRG. J ^A DIES' AND MISSF.S' ?n LADIES' AND MISSEI*^*^ JS$U*lk*L "? FURS. ^^25cwFresh Arrival from Nov York ! t'roah A tit* I from Nov York! . z Cheaperthnn Krer' 1(1 Cheapor than Ever! FUR TRIMMINGS, .Tgg#C fo-i. '?1 ) km Mi ia ? ? '* . * . sh .? a.i* <*> imN UM*V?#(4MAirtiiy.i< a and ss cent* iw tvs. ,. M. H. STINKMETZ, 9*6 P? ?T., t' no 24 M?r?oiMrTkirtMattit i ?' svFcK'$xmm I-or anle by *. D. W AITB. Oornor of Snvmth "7 atrett and l.<>uisini>n?T?Lu?. Fn?? offrrqn, E?r Prioet jlWft ^Toato ?1 porbottie 2e ? Pnne or *M<) ra*e P(T?,? o-ata n'r bj? -! TJjoii nfliam *iU duMM uftfetLHuiim or Moinncn. mu? pniued with pmni in & B?ok. I Hr??at or Wide, shot, d try jti.eoNn r? Medi. j ctnea. nnd nre referred u> th? r?Ilowin? *orUSo%t*. vunof Uemtay tnetiAOunin pf *Mn#:eie nrw in Dr. SekeneTa ^o>mm on. ? __ IfoTVr Went Fifth -tree*. ii . Wtflywron. D. C-. Ny.ttit m*m Dl. ?cii*ict-p nr Sir: I niok lor eerem! moutni with Li<ro? eo?n? unt, I ?m h> ided fry n friend to U7 ' ? P?Wu?? t-*'n?. and Mnadmke ?MI?. T am now 4 ait* well. mnA be! if re yowr mMUmu * ? tJu m*ia> mf r?*ien?? M*mmPS&2K* limn in ? - - m . ? - if-* * ? ? u* it to tM rmbkie. M. B. B ^ # ?!? iTt' V A CARD. A ' 1R?IN,A ^iuth Carolina MONEY. ^ AMD OF ALL OTHER STATES. um at ra, m< C?< ?M ?' O* low?t larfci y>m (w wtlL ? Altywwr Mo?k?( CLOT BINS ?o? 0? h??d, iAj- kod |?ni i to ?nploy mow om h?iw?4 mmd Ift? ? Et6^"^Mri5.!SeM:?