Newspaper of Evening Star, November 28, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 28, 1860 Page 1
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9 % . v ? "oir ?iia xt r ".1 v* .?i * *r . <??*?.?- iv y T <(Eknitig |?i? * " ' ..ill V^. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 28. I860. N?. 2.428. . - . ' ' ri 1 !. THE DAILY EVENING STAR It PUBLISHED EVER Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTF.D.) AT THE STAR ROILDIMM, Cornir #/ Pennsylvania ovtnu* and lltA St., ' IT W. D. WALLACH. P*>?r? aenred in paokM** by arrtm M |4 I year, or T ?nU yer month. To maii wlwlbw the yrio# u |UD a year, to adranct; #3 for aix month*; 91 for three month*; an-1 for laaa than tsreo m<>Dth? at tue r?w of IS cent* a week. JMnjle eopie*, oNscswr.ia vrapjwr*, two cmh. |[7ADrnTiiriimt*M>li b?i?tUtk??lo? Mora 18 o'?<ook a , other vim they may not m^U aatll next day Latr freua Syria. Tbe following letter bu jn?t been received In thi? city: Awlo-Axiiica5 Ruin Covwmi. i. Beirut, Syria, October !I5, 19t0 ) Dr L D Johnson, $,t. of tkt VTaskimgtm Syrian Reluf Committer. Sik: It will be Trapoeaible for <: to cob try an adequate Idea of tbe |jxeat (l*?Mtutjon and tuiaery exiaUui; ainoar the unLappy >ufl< rera, but ifTrat aa it 1?, wp believe it to be rapidly iacreeeiag. Tbe enclosed report will indicate tUe nature of oar prm-nt operation, but the extent ?.f onr rroeDectlve i*ecunUry requirements nay bt learned from the fact tliat ibe multitudes now tared for by our committe? will continue to I* dep-ndent upon charity at Wit until the next harvest, six months bene*; and in all probability f.,r a mn-h longer period, nnless the refugees art m enabled to return to their homes In safety and cultivate their lands To do thia, they rnust be supplied with seed, plows and cattle, and their safety guaranteed To supply these would exhaust the resources of our committee at once, and the whole subject h'.s be?n laid before l.ord Dtiff'rrln, with of Inducing the ijoverument to grunt the requisite supplies and protect them in their ?illa/"* froii. other outrages. in order to continue mtr p-r?mt operations for si I months theauui of CjO UHJat ie^at will be renuirMt. and If. a* we eiun t, several thousand of I--- ' noverty stricken Maronllesfrom the K< jruuan will be added to our list, a lirjjr r suit: will be ntoiMrv l>uring the wink r months warm clothing will be required in lar"ecju?ntlti**,and although several thousand l?eds hive been recovered from the D< use*, and restored to the Christians by the Gonvaomt. the dei:iand Is far greater than the supply. And hospitals having i?eeii established at Melrut. Daniamus. and I'yre.a HntHrimtsuin must i* laid aside f<?r the mipport of these establishments, sav for six mouths. From tbe&e facts it will appear that a continued effort on the part ?>f the humane a:.d benevolent of Kurope and America is necessary. In order to enable us t? save the destitute thousands of Syrian su3-rers from death by starvation. exposure ana neglect, during the approach ug winter. Other coramittee? are co?jperatlng with us in relief.n? the w^U of the people. The French committee haa^rceriiiy commenced its lat>ors with more than a million of francs, a nil tbe rtusaian committee, with X.i.UO and more, is endeavoring t* do its pert of this great work White it baa been deemed Inexpedient to unite all these (committees lu one. they do not conflict with each other, and <-??operate as fr as possible. It is now understood that the French committee will turn I its attention to the rebuilding tbe houses of the rained villages, aud we have learued with much pleasure that the Lebanon has been divided into eight districts, which h ire been assigned to as iruny commissioners. for the purpose of restoring the houses as quirkly as possible to a habitable ?t ,te J. Aror?Tr? Johxrox, For Noil Temflk Moobf, R. Gilbhtsox, Corresponding Secretaries The report mentioned In the above letter shows that d :rl?g the week erdins* O -tuber 21,1960, the committee distributed ?30,Co4 plasters In monev; 171 garments; material* for clothing amounting to 176 30 plasters; 87 coverlets; 1,610 rations from th? soup kitchen; that the number of patient* on the 1! * of the hospital and soupjcltchen at Tyre was itts. at Dimax-ui 1.010; that the expense of the huiDlul and soud kitchen for tfa& week (Including medicine* ?.-nt to SMdoa and Tvre) wai .*>,006.30 plaster*; and that th? balance in tbe Treasurer's bands on the 14th of O~tob?r was 773 ?52 15 piasters. or about X6.H'J Receipt* during tbe week, .?U4, paym?* its during theueek. ??S3 Balance on band, jE6.03<> Amount of contributions advised, but not yet received, about ?7,500. * (ram Af.'lrm t Corrtspomlentt ?/ TV Stnr. Trms, (Ariia,) Oct 14, I960, k flis Highnfss, the Bey. went to Algiers to meet \ tUe fcmperor Napoleon on the occasion of His Majesty's late visit to the French colonies la Africa The Emperor received His Highness with frest courfesv and respect, and conferred upon lm thegrard cross of the I^egionof Honor Several thousand mounted Arabs, in their costumes and equipments, went over to the Ai^erine terrl, tories to assist at the military review which took place darn."' the F.mperor's visit. Ahout ?U,0*4J Aljjerlne Arab horse.n?n were also present, and It is sild that never Ixrfore was witnessed a more ^ gorgeous display of Arabian magnificence, as regards costumvs. horsss and horsemanship. The u<?y i w.itf wen\ mr r.:n^ror a ruiary cuuipuscu * of pearls and diamonds of imiuenset .ze, and worth over 2&> UW? This rotary has besn for nearly a reutury a much valued heirloom iu the reigning family of this regeucy. It wai oncc the sacred relic of a Catholic convent on tbe coast of Sicily, and was carried off from thence by a renowned Uarbarv corsair at tbe pillage of the convent during the time of Hatnuda Basha, whose reign Is looked back upon by the natives as the golden sge of this country This ayrnbol of Christianity I came into tb** potMsioa of Hatnuda Bashs. and baa ever, until lately, been tbe property of his royal descendants It is now again restored to Christian keeping in the person of the Empress r.ugene i Be ?ey wue wrou: a. ic?:r w tut Empress, aud entreated the latter to remember In Iter prayer* tier slater. IT^Tbe Memphis (Tenn ) Enquirer says that "ifaeceM^un i? to be a -free tying' a pi?we may be found for three Republics with as much propriety aa for two. If the North divide* from ua on tbe boundary of tbe Potomac and Ohio river*, and the South on the southern boundary of North Carolina. Tennessee, and Arkansas, our central and I third republic might contain the Intervening ' States or Virjriula, North Carolina, Kentucky, 4 Tennessee, and Arkansas, thus being very re / ?p*L table in poluU of ter ltory and certainly in population aud wealis. We in the centre might d' ff-r with botb sides on the Urilf and some otter I points. sodieiently At least to make a show of an 'trreprtMlbi*,' and thereupon declare that we rould net live aud Nourish together. Moreover, we have a spleuded list of talented gentleman within our borders who might be Induced to serve us in the way of ('resident, Central United Senators, Cabinet oflloers, Ac , and the dignity ?# -?- ? ? ? ?s#ahI/I nnt nndtr thii nrmnirm. v* uui na?ivuai>?7 " * B~ meut, have to be frittered away among to man) Incumbent*, and It vroold therefore be more distinctive *:id gratify!ng." Tin Hialth or Fauci -Tbe aiaita-y stab ft the cltle* of France Is being made tbe subjec af the most errlou* investigation Tbe rumor oi <b? stow approach of cholera, which I* wending It* way wea'-ward from tbe KunUa Aatatlc pro viae**, ha* determined the legislature to make al the pre;?ratloaa In Its power to repel tbe Invasion A Mai tar/ congre** i* about to l>e held at Lyon* wherein th? t"reat cities of the Mediterranean wll be represented bv one of their chief magistrates -a - * Li. It* j?rt? llkpwlin Invltwi tn bki put In the meeting Some of the northern town UT? already dispatched their delegate* to Mar aeilles la order to confer wltSj She South M to thi beat method of carrying out the m<UUM about t< be propoaed at the con^rrsj. f?7~Senator U u^lu. In a recent apeecii madi by Liu* at Vlckaburg, (Miss) declared that hi *N" was In favor ot the maintenance of the L'aloi (uidw the Conatltutlon, and aald the admln'.stra tion of Lincoln wsi powerleaa, aa both Hooaea o Coojfrea* were opposed to hla policy, and If tb ' ? ^nr*o?k?u.?? In tKAi? a^uta h<* Utahl< I SOUUt BCp% UCI iir tn w ? * mm [ tor unable to carry put a single muturr of Re psUlcaaUm He was repeatedly cheered by th ftowA. aol the Senator remarked that be con ? It a good omen tbat.l'nioa sentlmen' i atitl t^p/eclilej at tbe moat 1 in portent poto in Mu^^'PP*TamT x lanre tardirare bou?e in this city r? eelv^d ye^eruV ? tn^ice from a manafsctnrini Mttianwat at. North, to which were add* ibe foUawing wo-dk' "Abe Lincoln la our Prefl u> hunt be wtC P?ease you as w?ll as b dots M " Tb? invoice V'M returned wim ioi reply "NnKhor yonr Pr?td.**?* ?*?r yonr rood phut? us. They will be reshlp^ om their si flvsO. in I La. fnr The Ho* He sefcet V. Johnson, lata# CM didste for Vice President on tho Don?l*s tlrkv* bM written s latter to the people of Georgia, taktn snitch the t;ruvind that Mr Stephens has, deprt c*t1mg sec -ssion uioveuteui* in sdvaaci' s/ sg/rei tUu under Mr Lincoln's sdnttslsWation, sn< ?voe*finfr the policy of standing upon Ih ?. -T.?f.,rm at IS30. * IIET ) Mid that th-r aounda. inlets, Ways an, river* of V.%HriB North Carolina are alive wit doefca, g?ese tad $w*m, particularly the gan mad awta ft > UMfted br lb?H who bt? nurd their lives among tk? wild fowl banters i JSuftb Carolina, that ao ajaajr ivjfii were u?vi een la one season before. cccrrrso a* own ow Asststan?b vfk MasbvlUe (Tenn.) inlaw has seen a letter ?ro< V Un Otst, of tw?lh Carolina, accepting the ae j vln> of a rrttt?ati of that elty, who offered i - >., raise a cor pa wf ?olunu*rs la caae they abould I i Wdd br 3txMfc Carol! o? !b 4#fcna# of bar rigb / had honor ? Tn CimuQtrr ExtrDirro*.?A gentleman c??nected with the Chirlaui Exploring Exped t on, whose statement may be implicitly relied opoa, wrlt?a a? follow*: I "You may aet it down as certain that the attempt to And a practical route for a railroad across the Isthmus between Chiriqui and the Gulf of Dolce baa proved aa entire failure Lletrt. Morton left his parly at a point wbicb he took to be the summit, and then sUrttd off to iiod some other route, traversing a large tract of country cut up by many streaane, but which from the length of the route would not be feasible for a read. In the meantime it waa ascertained that Morton's sum* mit was not less than 2,9U0 feet below the real one?and when be returned, unwilling to give It up aa a complete failure, he was at or near that puint at the last news from him, hoping to still And a lower pass, but without the remotest probilhllltv rtf a11< s*uaa )t ..J .. y GkmraL Lan? Speak* ?General Lane has written a letter glvtng bis view* on the secession question as follows: *'No one, in my opinion, who Is at all informed as to the framework of our government, can conclude that the federal government has tbe constitutional power to iwa for re against a SUte for resuming the powers which it delegated to the jreneml yovernnicut, when Its rights have beeu infringed or ^quality refused; or, if the government Lad the power, tuat it would be wise or prudent to use It The 1'nion was not formed by force, nor ran It be maintained by force. It was a voluntary Union of sovereign States, and whenever the rights of anv of them sLall be Infringed, or equalitv refused, and they find It necessary and shall desire to part, there Is no power that can keep them together, or that should attempt It "I am gentlemen, with much respect, vour obedient servant, Joseph Lam." Rlood Spilt for 9km?i?n.?The Cad eta of the Georgia Military Institute, whiUt tiring a mlute at Montgomery, Alabama, participating In the secemiou fxritement, Ui<l two petmature exliloalm;* of a cannon, wbtlit in the act of londing I , ?V,A N?? 1 ? " " xi? ?i? mat cApiuviuii taaei u f\ . LOVC, 01 Uainpbell county, carried off his little tinker, and drove a portion of the wadding entirely through bis fjrearm, lit twt?-n the bones, and another portion into the fleshy part above the elbow. Some half hour afterward*, the Cadets returned to their exercise, and In tiring the same gun an exactly aimtlar explosion occursrd, by which Cadet Henry G Osborn, of Richmond county, a grandson of Mr* Dunning, of Savannah, bad the flesh and tendons on the inside of his forearm dreadfully liberated Thk South Carolina Ckx?v* Return* ? It having been telegraphed from this city to the 'sensation" pa peri or the North, as an Interesting fact, that r?nmi return* of South Carolina "have | all been withheld," we are nnthorired to state, for tue public Information, that there 1* no truth in the representation. The Marshal of South Carolina, who In connection with this service, has Jirovfd himself a most efficient officer, has inormed the DroDer Dcnartmrnt nnrfcf <l?t? nf >>? 20th Inst nit, that all tke return! of the State would be transmitted "in a day or two." The delay has arisen from causes beyond the control of tbe Marthai, and haa no connection with political affaln in South Carolina Dkath tho* Srcuso a Pes ?Mr. Francli Bellrlnger, who for toii.e time paat has been an assistant In the establisLinent of Mr Hanir.ngton Brighton. hud an unfortunate habit of sucking tU pen with which he had been writing, and this, 11 it almost certain, was the cause of his life beinj so suddenly ana unexpectedly brought to I close A few day* since, while using the toothbrush, b? inflirtrd a slight wound on nls lower lip. Or Hiturday morning, the ISth ult , symptoms o erysipelas manifested themselves. He died or Fr day afternoon, his fital malady having beei Induced by the poisonous Ink which he surkec from the pen penetrating the slight abrasion 01 his lip ?English Journal. Mm Liscou.?Will it not seem strange to ou readers, sa\s the Charlottesville (Virginia. Re view, to bear that Mrs Lincoln la a pro-slaver] woman' Yet w? were recently Informed by i gentleman, who is a near relative of her*, an< who is himself from a slave State, that such is th< fact "He knew her in Kentucky, where they botl formerly lived, and on seeing her some two week since, he aiked her if she had mod'tlr-d the opin ions she formerly entertained In favor t>f the insti tutlon * She replied she bad not, that, on th contrary, her convictions in favor of It ha< strengthened since her residence In Illinois. JET The young ladies in Mount ilolyoke Fe male Seminary, at South Hadley, Mass , exten; p rized a Wide Awake dlsnlav on hearing of Mi Lincoln' election. Two hundred and fifty of then provided themselves with lumps and march* through the entire building, from the basemer to the fourth story. About thirty, who were au( porter* of Mr. Douglas, did all they could to bl n out the lamps, but without etIVct. Next day th?i disappointed ones appeared at the table drvssed t deep mourning, to signify their grief at the Littl Giant's defeat. Death from as Ovkkmj*e of Tincture o Colcuic cm ?Mrs Henry Miller, residing on mile north of Middl<?burg, near the Hennsylvant line, took one day last w?-ek, through mistake, a overdoae of tincture rotrhlcum. supposing It t % li ?i - - - * ue nil)' outers. ?oe was so >u afterwards seize with alarming colljp#e, violent action of th stoinach and lnnba, when the services of aeven physicians were called la, but all to no purpo* the fatal drug had done Its work, and the hid expired &firr the moat Intense suffering.?htagtr town Torchlight. JC7"The Georgia girls are appearing In hoini spun. At the recent State Fair, not ttie least a tractive feature of the day was the appe'iranre c the grounds of thlrty-s?*ven ladies, teachers an PUDllS of "Sarlni? Hill School." attired in a ml stantial rher'k homespun dress, made foshlonabl full and flowing. Thirty-seven blooming, brigb j eyed Southern utsea, in cloth of Southern mam facture, of which the ataple wu peculiar to the home*, wait, says a local paper, a tight worth se ing on a Southern fair ground. r !T7~ A Boston dispatch aay? "No serious r suits have yet attended the financial pressure, at remittances from the hottest part of the Son , continue to come in as usual. The statements , repudiation by Southern creditors are untrue 1 fmr mm fhla /*<? ? la *U_ W *? ? - ?? v? ?j ** vvwvri H*ru. UUUUiU mr cull , Kpncy require it, the directors of all the Bost< \ bank* propose to discount to tbe amount of U J million*, which will tpeedily make money ea in this city." Extxxsivk Votiikj ? In looking over retur of the election in Iowa we notice that thr ' counties gave twelve votr* Bioux county i corded nine votes tor Douglas, two for Lfncoj and one for Bell. Cherokee county gave Llnctj ~ nine and Douglas three Buena V lata gave Dou laa tlx and Lincoln six. In eight counties t whole vote amounttd to 210. |?7" It appears that almost every horse s Charleston is fed on northern bay. A writer e th<* Mercury suggests that tbls branch of trade _? ? -?!_? ? ?? * n sioppra lunneoiawriy. rone sure, "li t&e sup; were cut c?," be says, "we will ferl the want i f v<?rely;" but better starve tbe horse* than ke e tbem alive on anything but rice-straw, which i tbe substitute suggested |p" A bill requiring every aUorney-at-l&w, e the request of hi* client, to give bit opinion writing upon the points bearing directly in * given case, and holding him responsible whi 1 through Inconpetsney, neglect, of mismanai ment on his part, tbe client suffers damage, 1 passed tbe House in tbe Vermont Legislature. Climin tbkia Chcbcm ?From the Loulsvl K Guardian we learn that tbe Independent Metl dist Congregation attached to 8ebon Chapel, Ix ' isvilie, Ky , has, almost la a body, gone over * the Methodist Protectant Church, twenty-two r tbe twenty-si x officers, or stockholders of t I# _w a ~ J j? _ ^ tnapw, uayiug iur me irauiier. SlibUSo l/nst* rgt Clothu.?There la r< on to believe that not a few of the apparently o I. accountable raaee of acrofula among children p, , cord from tbe habit of aieeping with the ht> * -i?der the bed clotbea, and ao inhaling air aire* 5 bree^r^-WWch ia further contaminated l?v est y LUtona from the ? Fltrtnc* Nigktingmlt. Tus "Gkiat Bna" ix thi Akcksdast ?'T ? New York Time* aaya: " Mr. Jacob Little ? readmitted to tbe Stock Exchange on Saturdi J and appeared la hi* old Beat at tbe Afternc J Board, bnrtag been abaaat, beeauae of hta etnb m rjMiMil lait tummer, about four montba." ft PlAXTBB UpaptJIED BT Bit SLAVE ?Mr Ro X Wllliania. th# veailtbiaat planter la Yallaboi er county, Mlaa., waa murdered fair one q! hi* |U on tbe IS lb lastaat, while vlaitlng ul* planta)!' .. near Grenada. Me attempted tocbaatta* tbe ^ jfo.wlio theraupoa killed him with aa ax. r- Bak^ Spafaaaiosa i* Pirrtatnto.?Tbe Rai lo aftkJi et'y, exeept p>e old Bank of Pittaburg. i ?e ponded apeele pjynirau on Friday. Tbe B<< m vt Pitutmr^ payi specie ? all Ita llibilltlea, a ^>d la 1*<57. MISCELLANEOUS., NOW OPEN THE i ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK STORE, AT 4TS PENNSYLVANIA A VENT'B, Next door to Clay't (fate U. S.) Hotel, between Third and 4i streets. O. G. EVANS, in order to aocommodat* hi* iHWMofoiitonun throughout the United StMNi has loe&ted A BRANCH STORE of his widely celebrated GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISE in Washington City, at .476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, whore can always be foond a oomplete stook of the STANDARD AND MODERN WORKS of the UNITED STATES AND EUROPE. Every book la Mid at tho PUBLISHERS REGULAR RATES, and A GIFT worth from Fifty Cents to ONE HUNDRED DOL LARS is presented to EVERY PURCHASER at tbe tuns of the sale. Being extensively cagaced ourseWea in the PUBLICATION OF BOOKS, and from our large sales euablod to purchase entire editions from other publishers, we oan offer INDUCEMENTS to our patrons not elsewhere to be obtained. OUR GIFTS ARK ORNAMENTAL, USEFUL, AND VALUABLE, Cotnpnsmg a Thousand Varieties ; Among which we name? 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HUTCHINSON 4; Ml'NRO, 310 I'a av.. no 21-d3w Aeo2 w Between 9th and Oth ats. GaN Fixture*!, n THE BE9T ASSORTMENT EVER OFFERED j IN THIS CITY. TKaiJI wVm /1aeir? a baIa/i* fritin tiaw nottarna Q. ? """V w 1IU UWDK V I 1 I VIII IIV W |rnbl.wi III) with the advantage of a red notion in prioes, wil J' call early and examine. |V" . We would also call the attention of psisons ahou' J- introducing ga* their dwelling* to our in ir or?a*e'l faoilitiea, and oonaequent low puces, foi e- thin braneh of our trade. In*itini all who desire their work done promptly aud free from ras 1 akages, to cad at dt>9 Fa. ave nue, between loth and 11th at#., south aide, e- n<?81-tjant J. W. THOMPSON k. CO. It Furs ! Furs ! of AT SEYMOUR'S IN GEORGETOWN, to I have with striot care ?er?onaljy attande?l t ... the manufacturing and teleotion of the following t* o _ _ .4. i \ j r iL^ i*.. run. mt ion* pr*ou'?i muwrnujo m iuo ru " Huainea* enable* iue with certainty t<> invite th ve 'adie* to goods made from fine and frealio&ugh y akin*. Suoli aa Canada Mink Sable, Sttama Fitcti, iberian Squirrel, " Wtte' Mink, Fronoh bable. re* Children*' Par* in great variety. >n, Fur trimming* of al) colors. >ln Price* very moderate. u. W. F. SEYMOUR, he no 19 'm Georgetown. IfOSE NEW DRESS GOODS OPENE1 In i"l THIS DAY. , ORE AT BAROAlNS. ' We are lliuf in handsome Dre** Goods jui V4 reo*ivtd, to wtroh we deaire the special attentio ?y of ail puroh&aera before making their eeleotion we- elsewhere. J. W. COLLEV & CO., ?p no 17-2w 533 Seventh at., above Pa. ay. ? f TAKE NOTICE! 1. WILL Take ail kind* of Virginia money form on book debts and for Boot*, Shoes, and Trance. A . persons indebted to me will please oa:l and settl ln up, or I sJia'l be oomp?lled to give their acoouat 1 a iuto the h*uda of a oolleotor :n, S P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, je- no 21 Pa ay., between <Kh and 10th eta. *7? U K 8! r FURS!! Tt\y Mgg00S&& wmm^ ea- \ * \?- \ CO- BiJiL.nlA.% s<4UiHKbi ad and *any other m??M. ^ PUR of all kind a for,Trimmin|, be 1 folioit a oa, 1 from tha ladioa, and ovary etfoi r?s will ho mada to alaaao. 'T, .All F>r, .old tha.r raal nam*., and ^ranta ?? ""?'D "?u T^S VSo. A WM. T. DOVE A CO. , .. 52 *" JJJ PLUMBING, GAB OB HTEAM PITTING ?1) IE^ Store on ?th ?tr??t,? few door* north of Pi a 111 Cy Advioe to lb* poor without ohtrge from t 10 o eloek ?v?i7 morning, so U-tW ' " WOOD AND COAL. . TO (HE PUBLIC I

GO WH^RE YOU~CAN* GET VOVI MONEY'S WORTHi ?TRY IT! PROVE"IT! KNOW IT!^ TR T ~WKA T ? ID- Try the PIONEER MILLS, *nU boy yow a ? it wvju mere. PROVEWBAT? ID* Prove tha*. you mii get your WOOD then o" paper than ei?ewh?r* in th<*city ; and then yoi KNOW WHAT' lt^ Know that tom got GOOD MEASURE* the very beat of WOOD for leea money, Ctrr Split, and Delivbiku Frxkov Chargk. Call at tub PI nn EE K MILL*! SIUS OF THE BLL'E FLAG-STAFF. South west Corner Sivbnth St. and Canal (South of ti;e Bridge.) no 19 GKOKtiK PAflK, Aotyr. LLP JJ Union Fire-Wood mills. PINE, OAK and HICKORY WOOD 9%w?< and Spin at an? l?n*th u' *110 required. and deiiv rnd t-> any pirt of tn? Citr at r* .y low r>ric??. lL/~ VVe call th-? particular attention "of our cu? t> > . .J ?L . ...kl< . il_ a 1 _ J . luiutr" anu in* puujiu Krurriuiy to our tpienu c WToCK OF COAL.whioh we can say, withou fear of 001 tradietion, is ruual to any in the City We uuaranto.i to give satisfaction to a!l who ma) purefasw of us. iCTOor SAWED and SPLIT WOOD is kep under cover, perfectly dry, and COAL on plan I floor*, cltan and in tood order. Large uIm a?( ma!) profits. iry()Mtr> solicited at UNION FIREWOOD MILLS Cor. Sev?nth at and ('anal, McKNEW A MARLOW, Proprietor*. no ? tr Kindling *nd stove wood Manufactured auv length, and delivered to any p*rtof the eity at the shortest notioe, and at the lowest possible rates, bv sheriff 4; dawson. li_/~ Offioe sonth aide fa. avenue, between 3d an< sts.; wharf and mill west side 4S street an< Canal. no 1-lm TV) THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON.-; I. have just reoeived a"d will coinmenoe unload inc to-morrow a cargo of the very best Red Asl CO A L I ogic and sto-e sizes) ever' brought to thu market, whioh I oa i send direct from the vesael i your orders are leA immediately. R. W. BATE#. Wood and Coal Dealer, vu oa wruci v> ouu mu ?v . nr?r V/?i)5'? o o i> AND COAL Delivered to all pa.rU o(the oity, at the love* possible rUec. T. J. * W. M. GALT, Offina QHa Pit *?.. Utvun 11th a.rui 19th ata ma 17-ff north ?de. FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT?A fire-atory HOUSK, C"n?unin 12 rooms, adjoining the ooruer of Fourth and ] ata . near the City Ha;I. Apply to JOSEPH FU OITT. no7-?otf FOR RENT?The lour-story BRICK HOUSI on T hird atreet, between 1? and E *treeta, (Nf 3*1) adjoining the residence of W A. Maury, Es< Poasension given immediate!r. Also, the thir torv of the B'Own Stone Building No. 403 on Pi avenue,i south aide* between 4>? and 6th ata. Fc term*, Ac .apply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, At trtrnpf.Rt.l.Rv. \n 4ft f .HHvpnn*. no TO MBMBER4 OF CONORE89 AN OTH KRSi?For rent, suits of T&'lors and se\ era! Chambers, handsomely furnished, m then'' dwelling house 391 K street north, b^tw^n 9t and H*h sts. Apply on the premises, no 13 e?2?' T^O RENT-That pleasant COTTAGE RESI DE.N?'E, containing 7 rooms. with front be. oony, large yards in (ront and rear, fronting .I nl in Printing Olfine Squire, between North Capit and t-trot sts. Kent .9240 per annum. Address, t letter or in person, \\ M. STICKNEY. no 6 tf FOR SALE?A r.ew two-storv brick HOUSE c Fourth street, tielow New V01 k avenue. Ti house is 31 feet front and 43 feet deep ; has ? fo< pas?a*p, parloi, dining-room, kitchen, and foe chambers, with stairways in passage and kitcbei witli good cellar under the whole h juse For terir inquire at 499 Seventh street, opposite Odd Fe lows' Hall. no 1-tf JAS. S. TOPHAM. JfOR REN T-The fine BRICK HOUSE N< r 100 W?*tiLt Georgetown, at present ocot p:ed by the aul<Mnber. it has 12 rooms, with g? and water throughout, a fine ya'd, stable ftc , ar is in a cood neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A. (iRUDKR. 00 26 tf fi^OR RENT?Two new three-story BRIC1 HOUSES with tiack buildings, each hoot oor.taini[>g 8 rooms, with gas, pleasantly situate on kth street north, between M and N streets; rei Iniodnratri. Applv to E. LAZKNBY. opposite, < to JOHNT. LENmAN, Oluo avenue, botwee 12th and 13th streets. ooJHf 1/OR KKNT?PoKKftbriiun on tho lit of Ootobe r The DWLLLIN'U HOUbK No. 439 D tstroe at present uouupieJ by tho Rov. Dr. IJaUer, &i naxtiloor to the residence oi the advertiser. J. M. CARLISLE, i N. K.?It will cot be let for a boarding house, j ?e 18 tf L^OR RENT?The FIRST FLOttR ofthebuili r inr immediately opposite the west wine of tl City Ilah.reoently occupied by Chas. S. Vvai!a< as an offioe. Also the front room in the seooi story and the third floor of the same bnildinr. F< terms apply to RICHARD W ALL AC H, No. Louisiana arenuo. ja 13 tl kduoationalT T female education. HOSE Parent? wlio wish their daughters to r 1 oeive a thorough and a>stemi.Uo education, whe . their phjrwcai t.-aining will receive daily and speci attention, ui\der the moat approved syatem of Call " tuenio* and Gymnastic*, are respeotfulty invited ' visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fou teenth at. and Now York av. MR. fc MRS. Z. RICHARDS, au 30-tf Principals, L^EMALK BOARDING AND DAY SCHOO * T ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mra. 8. J. MoCORMICK, Principal. The thirteenth annual aeaaion of thia Inatitutu D will ooin.meuoe on Tueaday, September 18th, in tl g hou?e r?o?ntly ocoupied by Sylveater Soott, Km r No. 180 King street. e The oourao of atudy pureued will comprise I t the branohea requisite to a thorough Engliah Ed cation, and Muaio, French, Latin and Drawing, deal red. In addition to day scholars. Mra. MoCormick prepared to receive I limited number of pupila Itoardera, who. constituting a part of her own fai ily. will be under her immediate care and auperi ion. She ?ill endeavor, ax lar as possible to ku round them with the ooinfortsand kindly influena of Home. Rtfertne**.?Rev. Go?. H. Norton, Rer. Dr. Ell Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprigg, William H. Fowl ~ Esq., Edgar gnowdon, Em., Edmuud FWitm< L* Et<|., Henry Marburjr, Esq., L.awm McKenz Esq., Robert H. Hnnton, Em) , Vv. D. Wallac Editor Evening SKar.Bcnjanan Waters, Esq.Ji it Entwisle, Jr.. F.?q.,Col. John W.Minor. Loudov u Messrs. liiaokiook A, Marshall, Messrs Cot ' Brothers. TltMS. Board, with Tuition in all the English Branohi #300 for the annual session?pa> able semi-annual . in advanoe. fi Mu*ic and Languages at ProCeeaors'prioes. , tO- No extra ohargea. , m K-t a SCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS, ? No. 9TT I St?*it, Fust WaU. Miu ANNIE E, PEC&, Teacher. Number of popila limited U> twnty. oe K eot A ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS NY One desiring Freight?renohor littl?? Bt r rels. Ba ?, Uoxm, Bandies, or, io fact, any thii d aafely trail* ported and deJirernd between VVa?lJic e ton, Georgetown, and Alexandria, mar rely ii U plicit'j upon the EXPRESS WAGONS of t underaicnad.'Arhioh run regularly every day bet we thoeecities. Orders entered npon the slatee of 1 express at the Star Oflbe, at Bacon's Orooery 8to or at E W haeler'a Hardware Store, will be promj I, . to.u.1 ?T.r, u no 14-1m (Lite Q?born'? Express pAMlLlES WANT a kUALTbV MINK they want it temperate rt COLIN KAIT8 TABLE BEER IS THB THIN 4 It ia lata mtoxiaating than eidar, and ia flax m palatabl* and atraafthaaiag. - Foraala by all Grooara, 3 oanta a glaaa?i*X oai ^ a q part. aoa-ii f 2REAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS.-OM v< w Clrrfd Puuio Korea?* hannj N*n in dm *?ho-t tint only, %. orn IMT1DC thg city, for ul? for #*? mTT a ys.;ra.v2%^^ksrM?','!i ftofe Aianoy of ftteiavay 4 Sod*' Orer?tr? Piaaoa. no : ffi/magmsugi DENTISTRY. M. LOOMIS. M,^^/th<HDV*tit?r aad p?t?r.te* I . ofthe MINERAL l^LATK TB?*H. K tends persontiljr ?t hit offio* in tM? city mmmf Mtar person* cam war U?m u*tk ??cvu*w. . eunot *?r ottmrs, *mL ao person oca mr ottaa I who cannot wear the' e. Perioui oailu.x at ray offltre can be aooommo<'?ted with any style and price of Teeth they inay Jeaire; but to tboee who are particular ami wi?h the parent, ' cleanest, etroii*e*L, and stoat perfect dentnre that art can ftrodaee. the MINERAL PLATK will be more fully warranted. Room* in thia oily?No. 33? Pa.av?nne.hetweea ? 9th and loth ?ta. Alao, 907 Arch ?treei. Phi lad el i phia. op 15-tf D DENTAL CARD. R. MVNSON Has returned and returned hi? 1 profesainn. 1'fTi rm il Imini II I IT P nl _ third door eaat of Sixth. In addition t< every other approved styla, IH. M. haa eets*J r " teeth on vulcanite liase for the .aat thrM year* and, from experience, kn- wait exce.a all others, tml ii nnA (Mm !? in than emH U ,.li ? v?'v ? * f < ivv tiiau p,viui Hin Ui?| patrons of Wafhinctun, Alexandria, and George town are respectfully so lotted t? call, in 25 eoiy |\ DENTISTRY. MR. HILLS, after apractica: test of two years feels that he can witn eonftdenoe reoom Imer.d the Cheopiaatio Frooees (orineertincnUQnBf artificial toelh. It Kan t:ie advactajres ' T? strength, t>eaoty, eteaiuicem, and cheapness. Fal pper s.h? inserted for $U. FarUa. id preaortic a. Oaoe 306 Fa. arenas. ae 7 i ' CARRIAGE FACTORIES. vvashington carriage factory^ 1 ' ? I) Strut, hitt+ten 9tk and Struts. We hare just finished a numuer of first class ' CARRIAGES, such as Lutkt Fancy* aw%?, Wagtns, Park Pktatons. Vnmily Car-)gtgmk ' ru?i, Eur kus, wkioa we will aell at" wK [ a ver? email profit. > r.eiiic practical mechanics tn different b rare he* of the linginesa, we flatter '-oraelvee that we knn? the etyiea and quality of work that will five ut>i faction, combining Ugktneea, oomfort and dnrabill ty. Ro?a:rini prompt, y and carefully attended to the ahorteet n< tine and moat reasonable oharcee. WALTER. K ARM ANN k. BOPT, Coaohmakera, successors to Wm. T. Hook, ar 87-dly T carriage?. HE Sabecnber tarit* mad* additions to kl j taotory. making it cow one of the largeetjiAHAM, 1 tntLe D; at riot, where his fiiciiit'.ee ferMHiSj 1 manutaoturing CAR RI AGE & WAGONS of ail kinds oannot be surpassed, an4 [ fro 14 his lom experience in la* baaineea, he Dopes te iiTfl c?nertl satisfaction. , A.i kinds of Carriages and Llgkt Wacom kept ev J aaiid. \ A], D VDI V?aaaa*?UWM. + I _ tttil V11NI f rf?p? l^sxaa >??& * * 1 *m?r mt 1?lh K lit. Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S t STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AXD BLOOD PLRIFIKK. THE GREATEST REMEDY tn tkt WORLD, fud the moat Dkucioc* AXD DELIGHTFUL j, tiA a cnuniii. D iCK itrietlj ? ?o- it X*j6| |f ?nli?c ard Ttftu, HWVd bit ConipoBnd, proSuGMr cor?d by tha diaulla| tion of rfto:?, h?rU, t- , Black Rv". 3ara.ipa- * ; it jnvM Bark, atid Dandelion t *Btlr( >R(a ,u com- K| '- JC rtmadul principle ^ * of?*ek iuf radiant ? h Before ^.^After t?king. ~ diaullinr, prodacinf a dai.ciooa, aihiUratio* epirtt, and ih? moot infallible remedy for renovating tfe* diaeteed eyelets, I* ?J r.. ? ,,.m tick, mfirut. u.d i>t,h,.ud i.>,iu baalth ud ?lrtaglhMe LEAN'S STRE KG THENi SG CORDIAL '' Will ? Jaetaally cara Lirar Complmi, lWtpapaia, Jaandica, Cbroaic or Nirimi Dability, Diaa?aaa'of iba Kidnaya, _ and *11 diaai>a?a ariau-g from a diaordarad Li?ar or Stomach, _ l>?tpapan, Haartbar , inward Pilta, a-i<3ht or Sieki.taa of 0 tht, Pnlln cm of Btood to tba Haad, Dali Pain or . Swimuuuf in tta* litad, Palpitation of tha !(t\ri, Fcllnaia or Wlitht in tha Mtomaeh, Bntr Eracutivaa, Choking or 'r Snffoeanr./f Faaiinp whao !*?': ? down, Drj- tu or YalloWB' naaa of tba Skin aud Kyaa, \:yht Sweata, Inward Pt?>T?, '* Pain in tha Hnaall of lha Back, Cbaat, or Side, Hod Jar Flaabaa of Haat, Dapraaaioo of 8ptrita, Fripbt'al Liraan.a, Lupor, Dup?ail<iic; or uj i<at>oaa diaaaaa, Snraa or Hlrtij*K?a am (hi Akin. H&d FlVir &lid l.,r I 't.illa a.ui % ' OVER A MILLION BOTTLES :.1 h*Tg b?*n aold daring tha la?t (is*, and in ca Ienuci !'* it faiiad iu *1 ciitirc tiafaetioe. Who. than, will aaffar from Waaknaat or Debility whin M< LIlANI _ CTRENOTHttNINU CORDIAL will care yoa 1 K Me li',[?i[i can oonvey au rdoqaate id?a of the irome&iau and alrooet i-iirteaiuae chunfe piodcecd I y uk.uf 0>u j Coff.ial iii the dieeaaed, debilitated, and ehatiered nervaae *1 eyeietn, wtie-.her broken down by ricrae, weak by iiatare, tt impaired by aickueaa, Ci* related aiiJ luitiUif arfaiti>r now II ree'ored to lie priatii.e health and liror n MAURI EI) PERSONS ? ox aihere, eonerioai of inability from whatever cacee, v.11 T lod MiLKAN't STRiCHUTHENlNO CORDIAL a Ua>t, roaf!i rtpmratorol tbe eyeteia; and all who mar ban ia id )ir*d ilcujoivm uy iiiaiifucN vtu tua ;n ti.u (Jcrdiki a c?ii*iu *ud ?p??aT rtiatdr. TO THE LADIES. McLEAN'S UTllENGTHENtNU CORDIAL U ? ?c?.r ifi md ipiid; cur* for incipitut Couaaiuftiui, Wlntcs, . Outtrscud or Diilcwlt ManaunatMw, lttcauuntncc ut Uru? * or InrolaiiUry Dutharr t tbcrtof, Pilun^ of tli* ^ amt, ? Siddiotu, Fuming, indall d:i<mit il-.iiiintio Fiiumii, $ THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Ssfftr no lt>u(?r. T*k? it iceordiiif to dirtcuuiia. It *,|| g ttimalttt, (trCDfthtn, and iu?iforat? ??i trl c&Mt tfat tloora of htalifa to mount jaor ch??t Enrj Uouit virum< u fi?? MtiafuCliun. " FOR CHILDREN If y?or children ar* aickly, pur. j or adlieitd, McLKA S'3 CORDIAL vill ntki Itiiu hitlUf,hi, tad itHit. DtUy not a mointut; irj it, ml Jv* wui l>* cearwctd. li it <itUciMU t*Uk?, - CA UT10N. r* Btrari of <irg.'?uti or dtaltrt who m?y try it palru ?;.oa al yon torn* bitur or Tur.nllt traah, which the; can but " chatp, by tayinr it it )iut at rood Atoid toeh man A at to for McLEAN>8 STRENGTHENING CuRLMAL, i>i>d !* ? r- nodiiat tit*. It >t iba only rtintdy ib*t will purify i>.t Blood uturoiifblT ?nd at tht tan* tinit ttrtLfiiitu Hit tyitem. Oot uupootnl taktn ??r> taort.tng bitinf it a ctruin prt?tuti?t lor Cnoltra, Cbillt aad P?*?r, Vallov PtTtr, or T~ in; prtraltnt dittatt It It pal up la Urrt bottltt hrict It only ?1 ptr b*ult, or tboultt for $S f. H Met.KAN, Sol* proprutor of thia Cordial; alao, McLtati't Voleti.ic Oil Ltaimaiil. Prioeipai Utpol ou ih* cwiih ut Tkiiii uJ in Piut tUttlt, it. Lout, Mo. 16 ?? > McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, kU (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD.) II Th? only taft and ctrtain cart fur Caaetra, Pilet, To ij mort, Bwtlhnft and Urotichil* or Coitrt, Poralvui, N?uralfta, Waakntttof tha Mntelta, Chro:.ic cr Inflammatory Rhtun?auto>, #ufo?tt oMht JoioM,Contracted Moacltt or . _ Lifaiaanta, Etnrln orT ??, Orlne?, Bfrv.u. rraai, ~~ Cbu, Wound;, Vlcsra, Ka*ar 8cr?a, CakcJ Bre^at, Sort Mipplta, bana, Seal.!., Uort Throat, or aay inla?imattou or paiu, mo difarauca bow ????r. or lor.r tt? diaraic ina* ir' hart .11.i.d, McLEANt CiXKB&ATJKD LIKIMKN'T U * a carta la raioadr. TVovaaad. of iimu t/.inj. ba.? ba.n aarad a Ufa of dia M crapiiada and miaary by tha oaa of ti.ia iatainabla rtu.adj f ' M?LEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will r?li??. pais almost, and it will clean, \ pcnfj and h,aa; Ua foala.I kkii ui an facradibla abort lid*. nl VOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS IB. McLKANV CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia tha ocly aafa >M and r*iiabl* remedy for Ue ear* of Spavin, Kmrbom, Windfall*, Splint*. Unnaturai Lampe, Kcdee or Swelling* It ne?er fiilid to care Big Iliad, Pol.eul, Piemia, Old Racnin'r turn, or Iviim. if properly applied For Sprain*, Brauee, Scraiebee, Cracked Heeie, Ckafte, Saddle >'1 or Cellar Oalle, Cnu, Sore*, or Wooade, it ia an infallible remedy. Apply it aa directed and a car* ia certain ia every , tnetaace. L_ Theu trile a* lourer with the many worth!** LUimente offered to yo? Obtain a eopply at D^. McUUNt CELEBRATE Snmr. ^ _ Corner Third aad Piae eta., (t. Leeii, Me. m CHARLM ITOTT, Ml Pa. a?^ eel* ajeot la Waetiiar ? lew; a, a. T.CIMKL.aeorfetowa. teM-MWIy *r- CCHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS, Foutfu' and f** Se*??l mnd *a flmlu anu viuisi uj inmiio ineir lit ohiSteoa?3ve-d? with School sedCollefeOeiilu r?, for the oominc aeaaon, are invited to examine oar pt- areaent loree and extenatre aaaortraect BOYS' CLOTHINO, where thay aaa it out their children r es-^aKSRT. co. ^ an 30-ti 388 Pana. itwm. ?. W GAS FIXTURES. >* and Finiah, auperior in atria to anything MrMoftr* offered in trua market. We lavfteeiUsanerenem! W to aall and examine oar a took of 6aa and Water its Fixture*, feeling qoafcdent that W hara tha but . selected tuxsk in Waahinxtoa. ? All Work ) tha ahora line intrvat>d to oar oara j! >r0,b myub * mo?han. Sp We t msmmrmm j's vau8is8, carv kt bags, satcflf.l8, a*-. ? SJg>- f T. THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Tku exoellwit Fmbi t U4 Nava J?I IW micict a trmtrn r*ri*tj of itwrw>m laitin thM oam b* fo?ad II UT #U?r-n r?t>Uafc?4 ? Fndaj noruinf. T**Mt?C**A, mm Binfiaoopr. Hr >!) < ??#1 K:ve oopiaa .?? ?? ? ? TS T?B MfiM . . IN Twatty fire oopiaa ? ? It itnnik.; omIum Ui? "Wiiii(M Tim" that hu mat TV DmUy Ermmt Stmt oirM<?i? ao rwwmll? throat hoit th? *>aatry. IL/~Sia<laeopiee(hk wr*p?are eu b* ^MW*f at u>a ooanUr, Immadiatalr aftar t*a laaaaof U# paper. Prioa?THREE CENTSHISCBLLAKBOU& THE OILY PE.EPAJLATIOH VOITIT OF UNI VERBAL. CONFIDENCE * PATRON A? FOk STATESUR/i, JUDGES, CLKHtiYMEH, LADIES, a?4 UEHTLMMEH prof .CT/wfeSs MSWtffctawi. anJcentlemenof thi? Kr?a?rt aaammpaa ia ita praiaa. A law taatiraomalai onljrt* h?ra ?.? ? Lm> ir-T rr?.r.. -r,'1 it ari.l t,? , > oh to doubt. 47 WA.LI SlllIT, Ntw VoRt. D*>C. 20,1MB. GmtUm-m \our nolo of tbo 15th instant ha? been riwired, *> ir.f tnat to* had IwtH that I hvl lx*on [>?* ??liUxl by tM mm of Wood's Bail K? ?l>ir*tiv?,in' rr^unttiu; inj certificate of the faot if I had nuobj?otkia to tire it. 1 award it tojrou cheerfully, became I think it ?'q?>. .My ate i? aN>ut fin years ; the ocior of ay ha-r anbaru, and luo'm^d to earl. ?oms ire or ix years since it l*can U> turn tray, and the soap on tli?c*<-wr of my head to lose iU aeneibi'ity and darw1?-nff to form upon it Kaek of thflMdiMfrr* abrutier inr-??a?<-d witti lime, and ab?ut 4 mut.ths siroe a fourth *?< adoed t i them. by hair fa. ant off the top of my head and threatening to make ms ball. In this unp' predicament I vu indeoed to try \\ ood's Ha" KestoraUve, mainly to arrest tie lallinc nil of iiii hair, for I had realij no expecta cray heir c>uid ever he restored to its oriel'.*! color e-r?pt from dres. I van. hoSfrer, &rwttiy surprised to find. after the use of tro bat es only, ifiat notcniy van tue fallitig oil arrested, tiu'. the C"lor was < to the tra* hairs and sensibility to the noVp an : dandruff fiK-l to form on my h*?i,v?.7 iwuch to the (reubeatiou of ray Wife, a! wh??e solic tition I w?? indued to try it. For this, among the many oMifttiuni f nvt to her sax, I strong iy recommend all naahanda who va up tlid aduiirati c of their wirtx to profit by itit example, and it if growiuc fray or cettint ha d. Very resentfully, Hx*. A. Lavxkdkx. To (). J. \Voc?d i Co.. *44 Broadway. N. Y. My family ar? ?b*ent from the city, and I am no langer at No. 11 Carrol P ace. -av-t" i.n.v. ju.t?',hw. To Paor. O J.Wood: Drar Sir?Your "Hair Restorative" haa done my hair ao much rood aino* I ooinmeuodd the ua*of it, that I ?iah to mtka known to ihfc public of ita efleota onthe hur, whioa a re great. A man nr woman ma* t?e nearly dep f v -<i of hair, and by a reaort to your "Hair Keatorati*#" the hair will return more beMtifu> than ever; at least thia ia ir.y exper lenoe. Believe it all Youra truly, Wi.H.KtHiDT, P. S.?You can pnb'iah th? above if you like Br pubtiahing in far Southern paper* you will cat m ire patronage ?outh. I aee aeveral of roar aarUhoatea in the Mobile Meroury, a atronajboutaera paper. W. H.Kmsi. WOOD? HAIR RE^TORATIT^. r?o7.u.j. wood: utar aw: Htnoi DM IM misfortnne to low the best portion of my na?r, from the effects of the yel.ow ferer, in New Orleans ia 1k51, 1 *m indtioed to make a trial of yomr yniwtion. and found it to answer as toe rary thing n?v?1?d. My hair ia now thick and (lowy. an* no worda oan expreaa my obligations to yoa in gmng t) the aiflioted suoii a treasure Fislbt Johneon. The K estorati ve ia tat up in bottles of three aim. vis: large, medium and small; the smai! hold half a pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the medfum holde at least 2f? per oent. more in proportion than the amall, retaila for two dollars per bottle | the large holds a auart, ?0 per oent.more inpropnr tion, and retails for #3. O. J. WdOD ft CO.. Pronriatnn. Ill Rmai. way, New York, and 114 Market street. St. Lou* So d in thia e tj by C. STOTT, 37 5 Pa. arenae. au 7! eoly,a:w T* PROCLAMATION! O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, to. Whereas, _ At the present seaeoc o the rear CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, DYSENTERY, 'HOL1C, DYSPEPSIA. DEBILITY.**,**., >revan to an a arming extent : And tchtrear. It mntt he of the pip^T to every xaui.iy to kaov of A REMEDY at one? Sp^tiif. ukJ EjfcAcioui, DR. MONTAKDL, or Pun, offers bin MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER as th? mo?t CERTAIN AN!) EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS la order to mtinfr THE PUBLIC that no imposition is uit?nt!*d in iHe mJ? of Uua <> rent Metiioir.e. THE MONEY.WILL Hfc REFUNDED ?? an catis whon the medicine in.Is to give entire aatitfaotio Atk, then at acy Drur Store for l)R M<INTAHDKM? MIR \C\ I.Ol S PAIS Kit LF.R, take a* directed, and 11 mot perl?oiiy aauabeJ Retain to our D. U. CLARK. ESg.. 4X Street and Peau?y Ivacia Arjcue, who will r*fuid jour money. Pnoe?"i4 acd .'?u Casta ptr Dottle. For sale at all Dru* More# everywhere J AS. McDONMLLLt General Agar jyll-eotr 15* ln"r**_ LBKATU A KXOWLKS, IFfc. FIRK, AND MARINE INSURANCE AOENTS. io**i?T* n ? * w U7 - ??? ? V/I ra Wk ?? m AIH1HUTUS. Ti/? CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. Or h ar*fo>i?. conk. PURELY MUTUAL! Divid*nd? Mule ami Paid Annnalljr. L?.\f Diriimd Fi/I? Ptr Cent. . firf. department. .vcsKJvrJ compa yy OF !HR 1 the I*s%2jTK OF ? intilSfA. ** or ricmkohp. CASH CAPITAL?? ?300.000. a 2S I rir.c *aj liability. >baTH t INOWl-F?^ _ .-pr n?nk of WuhiKton. E?I Otto*, Room t6.o*cr u*? ?W I trance on C ??S5l? ?? F^^S^88k"",?" Ann wholesale u?a,rrg in MILL hhEO, COhy MSAL. *r., #*? Corner of Uta and li atresia, Waahiuctun oity. Caah pm?1 for nil fcmds of Grain. au 8ft 6m OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE BURN8IDB*S MONONGAHELA IIYE WHISKEY. Conacientioualy diatil:*d by Mr Jainra Hurcaide, of Albany County, Penua., lu the old-faahionml honeat way, fm*> tha cboir>aet and moat oareraHy aau<ctwl Rye, and in no caae ev?r oifored lor eale until F.uapt d to wholesome use by aj* It u at od?<> tne moat palatable, aa it ia empirically one of the pureat beverage in the roacli of the eablie. To the invalid aa woil a* to thoae in oommenda itself for its unrivalled {uaMtiea aa a r'unu'apt of the afloat aarfat, and moat beaoioerf .ieaariptiou, a?4 uiany of the moat diatincniabe4 pbyaioiana are nun* it in their practice with the happiest reap'.ta CL.KKY * HTOCKDALK, Proprwtora^ 338 TVamnt Hreet. Hbiia< ?i?Va. WM. <;. CONofErf, Agent for the Proprietor?, 'J'>ft tt . e 24-ftm oy?o?w* Wiil?r?i' Hwaj ACARD-UftricfiitM informed t-y Mvtrt Map?otaLi!? eitisena that 01 ?l?r haw /^v ken, mHihk from bncketa on tHeffga la J atrt-eu, r*ve wpr??*nl>dtMwwim MlUr.g for me, and that not a few perM?n8 har?io thia way had impuMd npon UiAm impure u)atari,ami complaint h?v made to me to tLia effect, 1 have to say '.oat I bare no hawkera selling for me from bock*' ? ?n(i <i0 allow U'< ba awn to be earned on ironi m. Mtat> liihmrnt.u 1 do not daal in or?tar. -I Neither have I any branch o[J.y efctabYi.hmeat in HT part of ta? city. No oyaUrn are neat br me to faimliee exoept on ord?r? received ?t >} oaij Depct, No. 8M C ttraet, between intti aadll fc. oc?-l? T. M. HARVKY. i2,ooo Ue attention of the r?t>Uo to oai ow*e aad wj*Um ii.d on rMMuili tarrni fn order to inaAe r> Ma for our tfriir tfoel. ^ *>l No.ITttS ?C. B.BALL ISRAtrpKMlNG. SkiF^iikffip rssrosssi???