Newspaper of Evening Star, November 28, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 28, 1860 Page 2
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??????mm THE EVENING STAtt f WASHINGTON CITY: ? WKOKBSOAV NmaWr 2S. 1??0. o Thask#givi5t Day ?To-morrow (Thuraday) having been net apart for ThankaglTing, no paper r will be litufd from thla offlce. o J Spirit ( the Mornln* Prsss. Tbe Jnt*liig<*c<T, under tbe bead of "Voices from tL?? People." gives numerous expreaalons of J popular sentiment Against secession, which have J rwched It from various parts of the South. , The /mW.'niwr, in response, we suppose, to an article in the Cauititution yesterday, recom- { mnndiu^ tLe former journal as a candidate for ! tbe crgaashlp of Lincoln, on account of loyal | 4? Mm ? it iIImm in the late J ? 5 i f i*.B *** ? J w ?w ?? v ^ VW J ? ?? - v JJ, csrrpatyn and since. say? : " Wf thlak it due to our courteous neighbor! o? the ' Constitution' to say that, although we may j have but s-idoiu nckimrMH oar obiifwtiaas to , them, we Imre nntbwra unobservant of the kind , attentlona they so often beatow on the ' National lattlbgcncar.' or loMaatblet* the aplrit of candor with which they conatrc* oar editorial courae ] Such amenities in jaoraaltam, and *> conacientioaa a regard for truth and propriety, becoma the . elevated position enjoyed by the 4 Constitution,' j aad lend a ?raee to a print which speaks by autbority of the Government" ( The review* at length the " Edinburgh Review" on the Lnited States and Mr. Buchanan's Administration, defending toe rresident a^ilutcrlticlMii of the " Review.'' The PrM^eet. I'p to to-day we have seen nothing to indnce us to believe that there is now in all the Southern States a single public man of any party not in favor of tbe adoption of some measures that shall end either in secession, or in inducing the North to change the policy of its majority witn reference to slavery. If there be any soch, except, perhaps, Mr. John Minor Botts and Mr Henry Winter Davis, the manifestations of public opinion upon the subject have been such as to close their months effectually; for not a (ingle mm at the South hat spoken or written a line since the result of the Presidential election was known, in advocacy of the policy cf having the slaveholding States remain passive under what Is conceived to be the tendency of that event, so far as the future of American slavery is concerned. While tbis fact is significant beyond expression of the determination of tbe South to bring the current slavery controversy to an end as soon as possible, we are glad to perceive that within the last week tbe demonstrations in favor of a con servative cours* to bring about that result have been overwhelming In every State except South Carolina. True, in every other tlaveholding State dlaunionists per ** are endeavoring to atir up tbe popular mind to tbe purpose of placing the future of the whole South in the keeping of South Carolina as a self-created dictator; but the weight of southern popular demonstrations is already heavily against any such policy. Thus w : see daylight breaking in the fkvor with which tbe policy of a general Southern convention or consultation has been received throughout tbe Soutb, as explained above. A great va rlety of schemes to be carried out by such a convention are being urged, all of which look to the main point of the settlement of tbe controversy between the two section* of the Confederacy without a resort to the final expedient of secession, for which the South is utterly unprepared Industrially; and for which she can only be so prepared if come It must, by and through carrying out measure* to nuke herself in her Industrial necessities in a great measure Independent of dependence -upon tbe States from which she may be called on to separate, ere that separation may be forced upon her; as she will doubtless be if, having ceased for a single y? ar tc buy three-fourths of what she now buy* fror.i tbe No th; and if. also, having created in the meanwhile other modes for the transportation of her products and imports coastwise and across the ocean. In that year of preparation tbe owner(h:p of million* worth of tonage may be transferred from tbe North to the South, as well as many millions of capital now invested in manufactures, by her (tbe South s) approaching policy of eschewing trade with any State denying what the holes to be ber rights under the Constitution. jt* Eyrscr *" Far.?We take the following brief synopais of the effect of the current attitude of the South with reference to the continuance of the Union upon the business of New York city, from the H-.rald of yesterday : " It will be ieen that since the 6th of November the** b^s been an alarming falling off in the sale and manufacture of articles depeudent to any great extent upon southern trade, and that not less than 15.UU0 operatives have already been discharged, and are out of employment at this critical time, just when winter is setting in with all its severity " Not only have orders ceased to come from the 9outh. but many orders on the books of our manufacturers, varying in amount from *5 OUO to $?S.UUi. have been recently countermanded. The branch** of tr::<!? which have aiitfcr?d most are tbe carriage and harness businesses, clothing, boots and shoes, hats and caps, groceries, and wines and brandies. In all these the sales have declined to such an extent as to render It necessary to discharge the workmen in various proportions, onie houies throwing out three-fourths of their . bands and some dismissing the whole. Any comment upon such a state of afTtirs is wholly unnecessary; the farts speak stronger than words " But the knife is cutting eauallv both wavi. ? * / ~ / The inter-State trade in negroes, out of which tbe people of Virginia make millions annually, has alto entirely ceased, and tbe value of tbe produce of every description in tbe bands of tbe farmers of that State has already depreciated quite thirty per centum The stat* of affairs in Culpeper county tells tbe tale forcibly. That county alone exports annually about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars' worth of slaves?the surplus of Its slave population. Not a single negro has been old from it in tbe last three weeks, we apprehend. becauae prices' have gone down fifty per centuu. Nor can its farmers find a market for the large quantity of wheat they continue to hold, except by taking one dollar per bushel for such as they were getting a dollar and forty cents fur month ago. Simator Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi. a a ?? ?-i -a a-_s ? ? ? Teamed ? asuingion yeiieraay morning irorn nis home ? M :??;*?ippi. H's many friend* In this section will be glad to learn that his health appears to have been much restored since be was last among us. The information he brings from the South is such as to make It plain that the only hope of the continuance of the existing Confederacy Ilea In prompt action on the part of the notslave holding States that hold positions upon the slavery quehtionjwhich the South regards as at 'war with her constitutional rights, through which they will acccrd guarantees that hereafter she shall have no just cauae of complaint on such ac count JET" The ne<n from Europe is to the 14th init. Garibaldi baa been appointed tieneral-la-Chief of the Neapolitan army. The Orange demonstration la Canada on the oecaaion of the Prince of Waler vialt wi> to be b-oagbt before Parliament. The apecie drain opoa tbe Bank of France continued, ad a farther ad' aare of the rate of diacount by the Baak of England waa looked for. Tbe London Times ezpreaaea a belief that the Allien had occupied Pekin, China, and would hold po?ea ?lon of Itnatii spring HIT Congrew mreta on Monday neit. Then are tewer 01 me members now in Waihingtoi than we ever before kaew, In the middle of tb< week preceding the opening of a session, thougt s large number will probably come among us bj the conveyances to reach here this afternoon. Cy The Board of Aldermen in New York ad joarned on Monday night anttl Wednesday December 5th, ths day succeeding the chart* election, for the avowed pnrposo of allowing A1 dermen who are candidate* for re-clection "ti travel round the wards " DvnanraiT* Cloud To-mokbow.?To-mor row bolaf Thaakrjiving day, wo le*ra that according to enatoai, all the public olBcee will b cloood . JCT Tlx Ho?. Mr. Corry, of Alabama, la i private letter givea a Hat contradiction to the re port that he ia a?-?li*t leceMlon t DEPARTMENT IUWS. Piomotios.?W. F.Clayton, temporary clerk i the office of the Secretary of the Treasury. ha* een promoted to a flrat-claaa clerkahlp In the olfl-e f the First Auditor of the Treaaury, Tlce J Wll- I lama to a aecond-claaa clerkahlp ? liiDiapoaiTtOM or SscRBTAar Coaa ?The Sec- ' rtary of the Treaaary la (till detalaed from the 1 mre by lndtipoeltion. He ho pea to be aJMr w. raanne the duties of his official position w|tWn a lay or two. t ' Tax Wiatb??The Allowlaf repoH Ot reather for the morning ft made from the Amef caa Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smlthonlan Institution. The time of obaerratioa la ibout 7 o'clock. Netuiui 2b. 18t0. Sew York, N. T cloudy, cool. Philadelphia, Pa cloudy, cool. VVashlagtoa, D. C........ cloudy, wind Richmond, V&. ..raining, 49?. ."lain*. Wilmington, N . C cloudy. Columbl Sly 8. Oo* ? ? ? .eUudy, 63? I Augusta, Ga ......alondy. 3?v*nuata, Oa............. cloudy, 60f. ttacoa. Ga. .....cloudy. ^olumoos, Ga..... raining. Mo^fWDWT. Ala.........raining. Mobile, Ala ......rainy, *T?. ?/>*? a>u* rtrwnw m ?w? * " F"rcjfirlck, Md*? ?? Aloud^ wiru. Hagentown, Md cloudy, warm. Cumberland, Md cloudy, warm. liraftoo, Va cloudy, warm. Wheeling, Va cloudy, warm. Parkeriburg Va cloudy, warm. Cincinnati, O cloudy, warm. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected fer temperature,) 30,046: at noon, 30,054. " V ' I -H. JO?. mt * n D I BWIMWMIWT t m. IU.| iw I UWU| ? > Maximum during 21 hour*, ending 9 a. m. today, 5<>X?: minimum 39a'. Rain of laat night, fifteen hundredth*af an inch CD" The Associated Press Agent telegraphs from Washington a* follows: The Census Bureau is in receipt of returns from all the States, South Carolina Included. In a few scattered districts, however, some are withheld for correction. The returns of the Territory of New Mexico are now on the way to Washington, and those of Utahsnd Kansas have only In part come to hand. In all casi, one excepted, law* hare heretofore been pasted >oextendthe time for taking the census. As to the present one, the return* have been rendered within a shorter period than ever before, but not In time to enable the Secretary to communicate to Congress, it the commencement of tbe session, the enumeration of tbe inhabitants and the n?w representative apportionment. The steamship Brooklyn is daily expected at Norfolk, with the Chiriqui commission. Among tbe latest arrivals hereof members of Congress is Senator Davis, of Mississippi. Secretary Cobb was absent from the Cabinet today. on account of sickness. The President's annual message has been placed In the printer's hands. Personal. Hon J. B Clark, of Mo , is at Browns'. Col. Andrews. J. 8. Tardv. ir.. U S. A : Wm Bankhead, U. 8. N.; Hon G W Palmer and family, of N. V., are at Wlllarda'. Mario, who waa reported killed in the engagement near laernia, ia. as an Engllah paper learna from a recent letter, safe. ' { Intelligence baa been received in thia city? subsequent to the date of tbe paper which an" nounced tbe death of Judge Larralx.e, M Cfrom Wisconsin, from Mr. L himself. Tb? report of bia death waa, therefore, incorrect. (Y"5f"UNITARIAN CHURCH-To-morrow fceL -c mg IhanksciviuK Day, tins church will be opea at theuaual hour.ii o'c ook a. m .foTflligioua tervicea. It* rra?A8 USUAL, THK SUBSCRIBER WILL > I 9 aKow ?An maili/Mt of t k A pAfitnra lAn f f I a >. 1 uuoj III? lo^uiaiiivii VI IJIO v>v/i j?ui t?.<uu. nit Bar-room will ba oiosed on Thursday, 29th mat _U J. BUULANQER. Y5?8T. MATTHEW'S CHURCH -There will LJf be a service ia this church on Thanksgiving Day, the 29th mat., at 11 o'clock. no /7 2t Y5?THK ANNIVKRSARV OF ST. A\11 " drew'a Day will be celebrated by the ST. ANDREWS SOCIETY of Washington City,at tiautier'a, on FRIDAY EVENINO, ?*h innt. tapper on the table preoiaely at 8 o'clock. Members and friends of the Society who have not as yet received ticket* of admisaion can be eupplled by applying to Mr. W. Dickson, at thaatoreof Sibley & Guy. "But ye whom aocial pleasure charms. Whose hearts the tide of kindness warm., Who hold vour being on the terms, Eaoh aid the others ; Coma to my bowl, come to my arms, My friends, my biothera . nose 5t G. CAMERON, Prea. -ys^philadelphia confectionery. L3 Ice Cretin. Water Ices, Wedding Cake*, pound Cakes, .Mince Pies,Pastry, Crunt* f?r Oyster > itv, Jellies, and a general assortment or nice thing* in the Confectionery line, at FlISSEl.l'd, corn, r Twelfth and K at*. no 24 lm* -T5"?T. MATTHEW'S FREE SCHOOLS.? _L3 a Sale for the bencbt o| the Free Schools attached to St M&tihcw's ChU'ch, will lie opened at Wil'ards* Halt on MONDAY EVENING, the 4>th lnst .and will l?e continued during the week. The ladmii in charge respectfully invite tbe attention of thepublio to this undertaking, the object of whioh is ofsuoh vital importance to thi* oommuni>f. no20,? .244(1 taoth ^^INTERESTING TO BANK NOTE x5 HOl.liEKS.?VirgiDia note* taken at par ~<>t Clothing at the People*' Clotiung Store, fro. 460 Seventh ?treeL N B ? I have on hand a very large and superior took of Men*' and Boy*' Clothiuf- Furui?hjog uuous, nau ana capa, at priocn to auit the timet. J H. HM1TH, Clothier, no 24 1m No. 460 7th at ,oppo. Po?t Office. r-g^UN'ON PRAYER MEETING vUl be U holden every day tun week in the New York avenue Churoh,(Rev. Dr. Gurtey'a) to oomraence at a quarter past 4 o'clock, to be oontinUed one hour. no 6 Yy?l)EMP8EY & O'TOOLE, _L3 WEDDING AND VISITING CARD ENURA VERS. Importer* of fine WEDDING bTATlONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful atylea. 320 Pa. 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M.?This city has presented n an usually bwy appearance to-day, for the mem >?; , and other persons I ate rested In tbetr deltbratlons, have been arrivtn? to be present at the >penin? of the'LattialataN to-night That body la low in seaaioa lta deliberation* wlU be prlncl jaliy confined to the crdtnary bua'neea of the State,and no diraci action can betaken rejj?fd>rig tbeMcesaioB movement, for tbe l.e^lalntur* b? ilroMly aPo0 to tbe <jtent of its jurisdicftan la battac; iaaned 11?'?if ?m I Convention. J- Hi ft?LegiaMl^. lowev^ has ju.t read* frrlfe* B'ittime. a blllToV" * ? State, and V rmMe |4t?o.uU) for that purpose. ^ Out of tbe one hundred and sixty-seven methben there la not a single man wbo la known to be i co-operaUoniit?every one la in favor of unconditional Mrceaton It is believed tbat If a single member avowed bis sentiment* to be otherwise, be would be summarily tfoplt with* TUrre i? little saJd her?. beWver.\ifmn the grfcaf question kViI aVi ii ntar aiilKtae Mia i> o tnn 'I'Via (\aam>> Katfe I viuii/u IIWW mg uiuuu. A uv yw Mm repoeed Into q?!etu8*. tout It Is ffce repose or settled conviction and c?lm, d?liU<;nU?determination lUvw TLr (Mate i? mekni^ active prepare tt-mn t*rreaist anv demonstrations ?n tW^art of the federal government. Tender* of aid from. other states continue to eome to the Oovernor,.?nd Ho Strong and so universal la tbe feeling ttrat the moment the command shail have been given seventy thousand sohUerir within her own boundaries, from the mountains to the sea, will come forward to tbe defence of South Carolina, and they all would aooner die. or aee the State a subjugated province, than passively submit to a continuance of North* em encroachments on her rights. Mkss&gk or Got Gist, of South Cabolina.. Columbia, Nov. 9?.?Gov. Gist, In hi* Message to the Legislature, devotes many pages to the con* ideratlon of local State affairs. He says, in view of secession. It becomes doubly important to have a direct trade with Kurope. and advises the State to foster enterprises for such purposes by giving guarantees of five per cent upon Investments Referring to nnital (natters he uvi hp Is anttmrlTpd by tbe I*o?tmaster of Charleston to say that so soon as tbe State secede* he will sever his connection with the General Government and obey the call of the State, and make his offer of services This, together with tbe resignations of the Postmasters generally, will enable the State to be unembarrassed in establishing for herself postal arrangements He suggests as a temporary expedient the use of Adiims' Express. He also further suggests as probable that arrangements could be made between South Carolina end the Federal authorities ior n )(i?rn nmr, nnin otner r?iaies sereae ana o Southern Confederacy shall have been formed If tbe Federal Covernment Insists on considering South Carolina in tbe Utiion after tbe ordlnance of secession shall bave been adopted, tbe present postal arrangements must cease, and another, under State authority, be substituted The Gi'Yernor next advises the prohibition of the introduction of slaves from those States not members of the Southern Confederacy, and particularly tbe border States lie says let them ke?p their slave property in their own borders, and that the only alternative left them will be emancipation by their own actor tbe action of their confederates. The Governor hopes, however, that all tbe slave States will unite in a Southern Confederacy. He advls?s the passage of the moat ample and stringent laws against abolition Incendiaries to supersede lynching, deter violations and make the enforcements of the laws reliable and severe. The Governor refers to th?*action of SouthCarollna In sending Mr. Memininger to Virginia, ar.d his failure to obtain co-operation In a Southern Conference, except in Mississippi and Alabama. He says all hope of concerted action among the Southern States is lost, and there is but one con me left to South Carolina, consistent with her hcnor. interest and safety; and thit is to look neither to the right nor to the left, but to go straight forward to thr consummation of her purposes. It is too late now to receive propositions for conference, and South Carolina would be wanting In selfrespect to entertain a proposition looking to the continuance of the present Union The Governor entertains no reasonable doubt that Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Texas and Arkaiftas would immediately follow South Carolina, and that tbe other Southern States will eventually complete the galaxy. He aayi It la gratifying to know that if a reaort to arms Lou Id be neceaaary, we have a tender of voluijteera f om all the Southern States and aome of tbe Northern Statea, to repair promptly to tbe standard of South Carolina and share her fortunes He conclude* bl? meaaage thur: "I cannot permit myaelf to believe that in the madireaa of paaaion an attempt will be made by the preaent 01 tbe next Federal Admlniatratlon to coerce Soutb Carolina after her aeceaaion by refualng to atirrender the harbor defencea, or interfering with Imports or exports; bat. If mistaken, we mutt accent ihe issue. and meet (lu bKome m*n and fretmen, who infinitely prefer annihilation to disgrace !" Pboc?kdisg? or South Carolina Lkqiklatuki Columbia, Not. 27.?Inconsequence of a iium ber of cases of smali-pox having occurred In thli city the Legislature will probably adjourn U Charleaton. A resolution waa offered to-day In the Leglslature inquiring into the expediency of providing i coaat police for the 9tat?A report was presented on raising supplies, re coinmendiag negotiating a loan instead of taxing and the Issuing of bonds for small amounts, rely upon tbe patriotism of citizens to take tbem up The Comptroller-General's report is interesting giving the details of a system of land tax. Hi says tbat over 10,000,WO of acres have been re turned, valued at 20 cents per acre, agreeably t< tbe law of 1& 15, when several of these million were wortb immensely more. He advises ai alteration or the law to Increase tbe revenue. Tbi report objects to the intern of banking prevailing In tbe Slate, but considers the Institutions of tbi State as solvent as northern banks. He sdvlses Incidentally, the grant of the State House at Co lumbiaasthe Cipftol of tbe Southern Confederacy The public debt in stocks and bonds Is *4,4oG, (MM). '1 he aggregate receipts from taxes is nea $tiuu,0u0 per annum Tiic average tax on land 1 a fraction less than five cents per acre. The Military Committee m>de a report recora mending that in case of coercion, or au art indi eating preparation to coerce, that the Governo call out tbe State forces to resist, and invite ?ii"l aid as may be necessary from other States. Th committee also ndviie the establishment of Hoard of Ordnance, and the adoptiou of all othe means deemed necessary. 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RILEY 4 BRO., No. 3b "Central Storea," Between 7th and 8th *t* , no 28 3w Oppoiitw Center Market T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HK Nnt Hr?in. th? n ?1 I - tery, oocductad by Swvnuh Govornnaat, onJi tko jperTiuon of the Cr.?t&m ttaner&l of Cm In will UK* ?<m? ?t Htnu on SATURDAY. Dicixin tt, 18W BOKTKO NUMERO 647 OROiNARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE #100,600. ' l?rlMof ?#IOW#01 WpnamoC_ 91,0 i ft ? SS fi ~ 5 1 do *),ooo aoapprox. ,.,... M 1 do lo.oonl IN ALL SW PRIZES. Whol? Tv?k?ta. 90-fU.VM, # 10-<Jt??it?r?, r rises cmiiou ai sign* at ft per ?nl UibooudL i Billa on all solvent Buki taken at par. A drawin* W? fonranied ae won aa ttie ran j goa-tr Care at Citv Poat. Ch?ri?e>rm. 8. C. ! Dlrcct Importation from Par i BT M. WILLIAM, ? 3d Mmrktt Spate, Wa$ki*ttm, D. C.t nd T C Trnttu, Paris. Mf itock of FINE PARISIAN FANCY GOO I . ia moatoomplet-now in every braaoft.and Lad. will do wall to lnaoect m* ? - rtwW where M, to oonTico* IhemeeuYe ii p^iWK".r,rs?'K,aB ? them the most failuooable produoet tmm Pur a ret acd Cloth Cloak*, elegant in atvla a Iffifti'ife' JtSKtf WgSP'fc'Si,.0^ vein's w? ??. >.iv uiwai, Mtt wresi fortnmmlng thedress; m-rmlioenr forty tr-e.s* aad wreath* to match; Wreath* f ir the Hai<-, {W style and aaa lty; ?'e?ar,t Velvet and 6< ? Ornament.*d Head loesses: a great variety m Si - for the ham Fan?; Silk and ace Cuff?; VelUt a Lam Bow*; Chenille Scarfs: h ami one emhroi ered Zoaeyss and Zonave Shirts; a fine assort me if &?? Trunmuifs; Trimmings for Party D e?at Gilt Be ts, Braids, Buckles and Buttons, of the b? n Lyons Gold: Zooave Suit* for boys, Ae. 1 will sell the handsomest an J iae.t goods at r? lof erieee, having a very large slock on bat ?swtei PRESIDENTIAL EIc?CTIOPI?OFFICIAL I NEW YORK The official footlaRi on Klrctor*, aa far a* heard t from, xaaumlng Oraiijje and Hulllran counties as , I heretofore reported, are as follows: J XJ^cola Klectct#. ?...3Gi,(V4? | r*So* Bfecton Malcr<tv far f.lnrrJn Ml I9R Tlwicaeia?e?>rs ne*he>ln3fccelwl returstfrom 1 Orilp aMt Silllivaa count!*. '? plrUrf tk#ran- i . vail WitfeMt tUHf *ot^. iM ndteurord ? H-' t Lincoln 231.610 , Douglas 1K.83D h Bell 12,197 Breckinridge 11,405 p &mlth 110 PENNSYLVANIA. i<f ncolo. .. f.?. MS .418 ' B*#ekinr1dg* 175,8? - DtbAAVAlE. : ./ j Breckinridge '71. ..r... 7^7 1 DniKrln 1 fWl I 4?mt' Bell 27,?fl? DougUl.. t f* f w? 13,646 MARYLAND. 1 Breckinridge 42,511 * Bell 41,7*5 1 Douglak 5.953 i Lincoln 2,890 AM U oKM-ftr* To. yy ashington theater! brilliantTdeliohted. ARD FASHIONABl.K AUDIENCES NIGHTLY GREfT PROFESSOR ANDERSON, PROFESSOR ANDERSON, PROFESSOR ANDfcRSON. PSYCH OilANTED M MAGNIFICE XT'EXCHA A'A/ KNT. To-n'*ht will bo produ"?Hl the MOST SUPERB PROGRAMME and th? hpt n nij c r\rr*2 err v 17 Ever Preaente<1 br Professor Axdrrson. NEW TRICKS without number*. Remodeled Modifications of t<?" Whve. MISS \NUKR-???N MNEMOSYNE, MISS ELIZA ANDMISS FLORA .\NDERSON EVERY EVENING. Tne EntertAininnnt at the THEATER will be INSTRUCTIVE AMD ENTERTAINING. START).ING AND ASTOUNDING, WONDERFULAND WMRD. GRAND PERFORMANCE on thanksgiving day. Doors rpsn atc', to coinmenoe at <>? o clock. AdiaiMn.n to a!l psrtu of ths hous? only 50 cents; Children and Servants ha f price. A Grand Performance will he riven on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, no 28 tf SECOND CONCERT AND EXHIBITION op the Children of St. Aloyiius Son. School, AasmTKD BY a FCLL OrCHESTIK, Will tak* place THURSDA Y, (Thankmiving Day.t November 29. in the Basement of the Church, on I and North Capito, street*. Past First. 1. Star Spangled Banner. Chorus wi'h Orohester. O ITnit W m Wto nrl Hi Wf ^tll DA/llimi. Ul * WU ?? v *UU f ? ' W * ? ?" ^wv?w??? t on. S. The Sweet Birds are Winging. ?olo and Cboras 4. The Child of tko Regiment. Solo by Waiter W. Kanda.l. 5. Instrumental. 8. Strike the Cymbal. Solo and Chorus. Pakt Secosd. 7. Hail Columbia, i chorus and Orcheater. 8 Laughing Trio Chorus. _ 9. The Wandering Boy. Solo by Master E. White. 10. Berrardodel Campo. Declamation by Master J. Conner. 11. Hurrati for the White, Red, and Blue. Solo ard Cho'us. _ 12. I Would not Die in Spring Time. Solo by Master Win. Randall. 13. Solo by Mi?h M. KatcIifT. > 14. Money is a Hard Thing to Borrow. Sclo and nhorua Tickets ?5 o*nt?. Children 10 centa. Doors oprn at half pnst 6 o'clock. Exerc.fs to oommsoce at half-past 7 o'clock. no 27-td FURS i ^ furs: F U R 8 ! Onaof the largest and huest stocks ever offered i in^ W^^ ^ ^ ^ - Alsoja^estock CARRIAGE ROBES. Fur. Repaired and Altered at short notice, by an old, experienced hand, all ch^ap. As mr stock is very large, all! ask is a call. All Furs sold at ray establishment warranted as represented. HOPKINS'. Cornar of Sixth st. and Pa. av. IT7~ Sign Whitk Bkar. no 27-2w Slnier'8 Sewing Machine*. 388 PENN. AVENUE. NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. w e uivne inejpuD ic attention to our new FAMILV SKW1NG MACHINE. Thia Maor.ine ia unaurpaaaed in the hooaeho'd. It mm nooth * awift; setts, kerns, Jrlls antl gathers, will aew r the tin at awira or cloth tan ayera thick, and an? h thing between the two extreme*, ic a t eautiful ar.d e aubatantiai manner Maohiaea in niahoiany, waia nut and ro?owood caae? from ptO to $1(1. Our . large vibrating prustr machine ^ for coach trimmers ar.d eaddlera, ia without a rival. Silk, Twist, Thread, Needlea. Bobbma, Oil, <kc., alwaya on i- hand at New York prioe*. it Send for a copy of I. M Singer A Co.'a GaI, xette. CHARLES A. SPONSLKR, e no 27 6m Ageut. MAGNIFICENT 1T1 JAPANESE GOODS. ^ Now on exhilrttioa anil for aa> at No 206 Penn2 ayiraniaavenue.(Willarda' Hotel. " B EA UTIFVL HOL1 DA Y ?1FTS. rs no 27 Iw ri COLT'S PISTOLS. K VrUR Aasortineot of repeating "FIRE ARMS" ' ia complete of nearly all kind* made; and. buying ' exoluai vely for the oa'h, we offer thein at the low<1 eat prioea, at STEVENS' *ale? Room, no27- t Brown'a Hotel. - DAFFLKEVKKY IMIUHT? A nne'oioixiRJlI KEYS, and all kinds of other Fowl, always on hand, to lie rafli?d every night at my Restaurant, No. !?88 Seventh sU, mjagMk above H st. no27-lm JOS. ROSKNBEKHV. ?s*4< SPECIAL NOTICE TO EVERYliODY.-Go to FRENCH * RICHSTEIN'f.No. JT8 Pa. avenne, and get yonr oard enrravinr done. Examine their si-np ei and von will not fail to be satisfied with prioes and styles D< n't forget the place, af FRENCH * R1CHBTEIN, no 27 No. 278 Pa avenue, Washington. 1 OCA BUSHELS MAINE I,?*JU POTATOES. B.Omo lbs. Bav of Fundv CODFISH. _ ' 60 bbia. No. 2 and 3 M VCKERKL, 75 i;bls. Baldwin APPLES, t. (The cargo of the sohooaer Georgia Deenng.) ? For sai? by ,, no27 3t? J. R BARR A CO. pOR THANKSGIVING DAY! miXCK MEAT?MINCE MEAT! u We shall hare a >ap?ly of oxoel'ent Minoe Meat prepared in tine for Tkankuciviog D*t. g noM RING A BUECHBLL. 00 7VT EW8 PROM HOME.?Strangers visiting Washington viil find at our store Daily Papers from all parts of the oountry, Out for next week? f. Mercury, l.edger and other Weeklies. By last stealer we have a lajte supply of KnrlishAlmanaos. FRENCH A RICHSI'ElN, 37S Ha. arellt nue, role agents for the Charleston Daily Mercury. no 27 " - IVIOTES ON ANY GOOD SOUTHERN 1^1 Banks taken at par for BOOKS, S TATION? ERY, Ac.,at FRENCH A KlCflfeTEIN'8, |i No. 8T9 Pa. avenue, Washiagton, D. C. N- B.?Books sold at our nsaal low prioes. nol? MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY!!! iit Notea of all bank?taken at p*r for Gooda, and a ooaplete aujphr of Fall and Winter Wear on hand for oaah. WALL, STEPHENS * CO39 ? ' Clothiera. eg no 22-3w Pa. avenge, h*t. 9th and lo?h >ta M?NEA MONEY! MONEY! ,ii Waakin???n and Virginia Bank Notea taken at par lor HATS and CAP*, at , eLADMON'S Hat Store. ? No, 866 Pa. areaue.near E eventh ?C, W1 no ?-at Opposite *tar Oftoa. nd gANEIMO HOUSE * SWEENY, RITTENHOIT8E, FANTftCO. n: Will open for enatomera, apeoie, currency, and Virginia rnoney account*., " Buy and aell eoiaa^d exohance at the moit favorftfl a 1.1 ^ - fc _ _ "i ftuit r?io?. Q? t*wmj aadVlmam mo?r wanted, no mm ;,d A SKLENT ?CHO&L?oTaWtfrSPiih ha opanac d- oa tkr first Mowl?r in Daoambar naxt, at Um ooriul nar of K ud Sarautaanth aU., Firat Ward. Air m; Uchad to lha houM m ft l&r fa f ardaa in whioh tb? ui ohi dr#a may anifig? in opaa air axavaiaa*. A* Mm uambar of aakoiar* will ba limit*d, application lot r* Mmi*aion ahould ba mad a lnxaadiMaly. Full in AUCTION SALES. Br A. ORKR.N. A??U?BM?. * 1 JVl'llSlCLP FritNITl'FE. HORHK. L*. v??* Cao'i. Gn??. xi?D *?> ?\ Vaii, it Annm - On ^*ll'Ku*v >>? ?% NO.tlis let Car of itoawnt*. I ?ha 1 te!i ?t 10 i 'c oft st nuj A?ri <>a Sfc<re, at tfce coro??r of 7th I nri.P ?u o.Jjgfi. yj?- r (akManr t.aad Tabl*?. ?>c MarUi> t. p Wat!nUuiii, , U 5ka.UoGa<?-. Hit Kaok j VTF*xs?- K-*nrTw vjB?d?t?a4a, i hboc \ ) r?p M*?k.n( viruui, \ MHr ?a*tlm VHhkJ*iil<->wa?ana Bolstera. Hir. CottonTOftAMShuck Maltreat**, < 'ana ai.d Wood ittl Chairs eu<J Rock art, .i'noe a, Ingrain, asd other <'arprt?. iookint Air-Tight, and otherHtovea, ;:ni.a. Glaat and l*r< okery War*, tMl many other articiaa, toe ivm*roia to tee ? ?%te. Wil t>? add?d to the aaie? Joe superior Family Carriaie. Tenua oa*ti. no? d A. GREEN, A act. Br A. GREEN, Auctioneer. i LI ALE OK KXCKi.Li-'.MT AND KEARLY I VfcW fluesrUuLB AMD KlTCHCI* yvt.tu.tkxz at ivrcrt05?ObM?>>L>aY, theS-i car of Daoe-bor, J I thai Hl.u 1? o'clock L m .at Mhaf hotwa ' )i Tenth ?;reet. Uivmd L an<3 M itFMfe, t? tkt <iortWrn Libernes, vis : ' Dm Waiaat Sail. ooaaiatiag ! Sofaa, Am ?a* Waleut Mart'Ic* toy Cantor Table, po Whatnctj. Reception Chain, and Vaaaa, l>o Writer Daek and R?n??i?* Chair*. Munnir Mvk>Uf Draeataf Birttianl Waabatand, K fin* lot of Kncravinca and Ornaaeuta. Walnut Tabie*, can* aaat and other Chain, One fine Cottage Set of KuraUura, One fine R feet Kxten?ionTaMe.(waln?t.) Ruble and Smile Cottage lie intod Orsssio* Bureaus and Washttsnds, Brass*!*, In* rain. Venetian and other C4ryki, Stair R -d?, Ku<it OnoitKb, Mats and ?ucm. Danism aud other Curtains, Knives. Forks, Tea a?>d Table Spoons, Chu.a. Glaus and Crocker* War*. Two very fin* Parlor Radiators,< uearly nivj Cook, Air-tight and other Stoves, Hair, Cotton top and other Mattresses. Feather Beds, tallows and Ho stirt, Blankets, Coiaforts, Sheet* and Caeos, And a fine lot of Kitohen Requisites, And many other articles too numerous to enaoier at* Terms: All rumi of and under $f> e??h : ortr #25 a credit of 6" and 9j days, for approved enuor??1 notes, lit^riDj lutereat. nn tH-d t In'.ACor..) A GRKFN.Auo', lis CLEAR V A GRKKN. AuofaiMa 406 Xmtk ttrett. H0R9K?. COWS. MULES. CARR 1AGKS. Wai?OXi?. KAhX.NO hifUillMJ, V'SuSTlblik. Ar , ii Arcri'is.-On ?n<i>DA V m>X'f tn# 3?ilay of 1) icemht*r,( 1 fair, if no* t'ie r.ext lair day,) wf ahail anil, at 10 o'clock a. m . at tb? real. enoo of Thomas O M??rn >r Kaq , Motropoia Vi?w (the 'at > residence ot" Washington U?rrj, cw?Md,i all 0 hia Farming Kliects, consisting in part? 4 fine young Work Horat>a. 1 pair of Mu'aa. 5 yara old. 2 Moraa Colts, 3 year* old, 4 exof f ent Milch Cow*. 3 Hrood Sows, 4 Heltfo'S. 2 t?-a a u il, 1 Hell, 2 com! Fatni y Carriages foi I an J 2 t ornes, Market Wa?oiir, Farming Carta, Rockaway anl Buggy in good order. Ton be and single ? arria^e and Waton U*r:.eaa, P.nwi, H*rrowa. Cultratna Cnt'iag Box sa, Mnm PftlrAi %rt! h*?. Ar r Out and Wheat St ram-. Fodder Suuokt. 6,u?> Head of fine Cabbage, Large lot of Turnips, Together with many other artiolei whiob we deem not neOEiari to enummato. Term* of sale: All lumi under 920 oaah ; orer 820 a credit ot 4 ana 6 monrti* for Bote* t&usiaotonty endorsed, bearing interest. no 27 d OI.EARY ft GREEN. AuoU By J. C. McGUIRE ft CO.. Aactionaer* TRUSTEE'S SALE off TWO-STORY BbicK Hoc?r. and Lot oh thb Ulasd?On r-H lDAY AFTKRNOoN, November at 4 o'o.'k, on the preinuee. by virtue of a deed < f tru*t dated October 6f.h, IPoT, and duly recorded in Mher J. A S., No. 146. folio* 28J, at teq.oaeof the land reomd? for Waaking'on coun'y. D. C.. I aha'l *eil Lot No. 21, in Square No. 267, a* ihe same it aid down on the ground plat or o' r*id eity, together with the improvement*, consisting of a two story Brick Dwelling Uouae. Term* oaah. P. 5*. MYERS*, Truatee. J. C. MoCilIHE k. CO , aocu. oe 31.Nov 2 3t UPRIGHT OR BOIJDOIR PIANO!*.?A mac nifioent article joat reoeived of th<_ celebrated Chickfrmt A ?ona' make; foilBBEl sale low. Ca.l a:.d ?? .t at the enenor. MiwiT JOHN F. ELLIS. 30G Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th eta. Old Pianoaat great bargain*. _ no 24 pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS. J. W. THOMPSON k. CO. WouKI ca I the altertion ol water taWor* to their iuil a>aortm*>rit of Fixture* nece?*ar? to iu introduce m,aa follower? KiTCH K.N RA Ntifcs,BATH TLBS. WATER OL"SETS. HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINK?, PUMPS, Cast Ir?>n. Wroutht Iror, I^ad and Galvanised W ATER PIPES, HYDRANT* and PaVE WASHEMS. RUBBER HOSE.Ice Having n.p*rior advanta?ee, with praotical k owledg^, we are prepared to in trod do# Water into dwolhnca with all the lateat in p-ovetr enta, promptly, and at prioea that cannot fail to aatiafjr. OKQ W... ?o24 dtMarl bet.<>th and ii'th ?ts .south si<te. LAKE HuI'SK, by Kauuy Lawaid, translated from the German by Nathaniel Gr??u?. 1 vol.; 75 cents. Recreations of a Country Parson, 1 vol.; prioe #1^1. (iueasea at Truth, by Two Brothers, i vol.; prioe $1 SO. BLANCHARO A MOBl'N, no 24 earner llth ?t. and Penn.av. J| A T 8 AND CAPS! The latest New York style of GENTS' DRESS HAT?, now on hand. [1| Bm The AMAZON HAT, New Style, just opened. _ _ Misses' JOCKEY HATS, in Felt|HM and beaver. At Riduced Pkicks. B. il. bTlNKMETZ. 230 Pa. ar? Bo 24 pear oorner Thiruwnth si root. It UK KIIMu UMIKUb. N Addition to h?r other regular landings, the Steainar ST. NICHOLAS*, Captain -.a ? ^ Gct, will hereafter ca'l t--laud ar.d^^jW^aij tako off pa'aengerx at Ciiatt^itou*-"1''1 1 "'* <Tuylwe'si Landing, thus ajordi. g ilie citixens of King George additional conveniences Tor reaching DBltumore. Washington and Alexandria, a* the toe* to Baltimore *ver? BA'iTR D * V, and Washington and Alexandria every THURSDAY, noajw O seasonable clothing. UR Stuck of INow and E e<ar.t FALL and WINTER CLOTHING is mostc^mpli't?,preventing a full assortment ol Overcoats. Cape I Overcoats and Repellant Overcoats; Black Cloth F.-ock Coats; Frenoli Cas-une e and Beaver Frock and H>ok?'oata; Black Fane* and solid colored t'assimere l'auts; Velvet. Merino, Cassimere and Si'k Vests, Ac.; gotten up at onr own manufactory in tne latest and most approved styles, aad under such advantages as will enable us to meet the views of the most eoonomioal purahasnrs. NOAH VVAI.KKR k CO. Marble Ha!l Clothing Emporium, no 21 6t 36* Per.n svenue. ?<>n x* i u ii j r. i vibcivii r?i iituu ..r l.. Ki mi i i viiv'i uu, v? kiic ?WU liestniakek, 4-4 Heavy Twilled Flannels, 5 4 Lins?ys of the best kind, Hlue, brown, gray, and white Blankets. Woolen Yarn. Cvtton OaraburKS, 1'iaid Cottons, 5,000 yard* Calicoes, of all style*. We have a full stock of goods in every department, all of whioh we will <>!fer at the very lowest market prioes We invite all in want of Dry Goods to give Hsaoall. WM. R. RILEY * BRO., No. 30 Central Stores. w?*t Building, Boiw. 7th and 8th str ets, no 21 gw Oppo. Center .Market NNO SECESSION ! OW IS THE TIME Foil UARGAINS!Breat inducements are now offered to all persons in of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS. H aTs and CaPS, at the People's C othing *tore. No. 460 Seventh it. Come oce, cone all. and buy your Clothing at greatly redcoed pnoes. at no 17-lm J. H. SMITH'S. 400. Anew books, T FRENCH ft MICH STEIN'S. STS Pa., a v. Attntt f?r the v>koU Werld. Folks Soma, elegantly bound, punted on toned I nor f.i) T iiil'd* I ' t nri/t > ft Ll if ssat k? mall pavri , a uiict ui v iw ^ ?' ? uj inwi i Th* History of Woman, from the Franch of Rrneat Legore, tranaiated by J. W. Palmer; M. 1); ?rioe #1 b? mail. Ail ot Marion Har and'* Hooka, Nemeaia. Mom Side, Hidden Path ao4 Alona; price aaoh ft 1.36 by ail do H HOUSE K KKPER't* ENCYCLOPEDIA ot Uaefal Information to the Ho??eke?per in Cookery and Doiu;j:io Economy, 1 vol.; pnoa f 1.25. Wood a and Water* or th? Saraoaoe and Racket, by Alfrad B. street. 1 vol ; 91-25* Hrnrv on ftoeial VVelfiareaad Human frofrw, 1 vol.; 81 l$kjg.kxc<p!k tzsvasf , &;,&?.k, kwjijsaj.i'gaslin. no 24 ortraer of P?ou. ?v. ?nJ lllk ?t. IG. O. DCJCTH ft CO., MPOSTKKS And WlioUnlt and Retail Deal' araia HAVANA. CIGAR?. FORKIGX WtMES, eUULNmfs, QINS. nn. ?0 North oiiirlii strsbt, Five door* abort Li-t ing:on H , nott-ly Baltimore. Minima rubber goods. Y Arranir?menU thi< fail will enable ma to aal RUHBKK GOODS,ooiiMtlia* ofLadiet',Children?and M im^MNDALS.IBI OVKRt?HOfcH ami BOOTS. f 1 ' Bo,.'<?VER>*riOEsand 8\NDAL8, * WL Men'* K'p or Fishirjj BOOTS, Do Kaee or Hunti?ig_ do . uo unUAIiBUdllYKKBHUKS. > At 10 Mr o?at. below the uiul r icm of tku y?*f f" "*r *"o to KHWo. do 1S-8t\w3y Horanth ?t.. Uhmd. I' ftTEi N WAY A BOMS', abb *AV*N. BACON . 1 W k. Co '? lirar>tr?a? Piiaoc ?f? the b?mt bob 1 BUBafhctorcd. BoUacont, ??T_?_ W 0.METZKROTL oraor Pa. ? . im Alaraatk aC Pianoa for agt bo M tfftKNCH FLOWKRSOF THK VK*Y Jtl?l I km m.bOT.Sk^mSP AUCTION HMjKA. i rHIS A fTJiKJifHJA * rp ??i|r. / r C wiiAR V A OKRkM. AutUottMn \ ior. * FI*RN1ITRK.CH'NA.?I A-S akt^RO"* ??v Win at - r rij: - u lll< K i av 40nM.\0,?v h> .Urn. ?r f a ' k .1 i? of tir iittoi H-i hi , at *0?'?Nuk irwirtlu:tni?nt o(_H; u.xUt KfseU, taoL m tlui caiir nulti.nM'b < r a- not, l?o M-t kd'.Chiit, Ix'lM. IVu4P>bN.Willi(iMi. Dim.i* 'filhVr ^rt*'m"*1 Stftiu* i h?:r?, f ? wmc. >ir^u. Mirron. Kitchen faruUre. Wtr3 C?>ARY k ORKkK. Atcu FUTURE DAYH. Br * c. Mcttl UK 4c CO., AfiouotwrA S'XOKl.l.KN I FlRNin HK AM) H?#VhR. I Krr?TT? AT PCBLIC ^.LL-On I RT L> iOKM.M. \ oirn J vVd U th* iM 3'Dc? if & n i.t>n la flej !tr| I, a? ( < >&( N 461 h tiwl. I tt coi !i( t, and !?l*th trwu, I'l l Mil ??> ?i t:r* t trt. tc? * rf-ou. rwnr 'ft:: i? supmiur Rotewoud M??a ocitr; P.Aoof, iu. by *. mcirrjar, i?it* o| Bmowm Wui Mt Cria.*mi FIuInt r?d f'Vtor F**U'u-w. compiic of ImTiU a t*U> S. f??, two Aim a- 4 f ur Parlor Cha re. Foar Hard* n; Fn c? Chai??.\\ hvnct, P omv? 4 M*rbl? ?o> 1 aM???. V? > *?. Dr >?> Veaetia-i. a?.4 'if-ain 6im Hat fpe, * l??>r ui c ?U, Supenor solid Wall ?t l> "iwf, la-je ail , Waliai fc.xieu*iwa Tet> o, Mi>b. arw, Oak French I imtif*. I o*,rce. Ceo* acu Wood ?t-at rhMri an.: Ki-ckera, t. Window C"rt?'n? and S.'.adet, Bold bard French Cm a Dinner, Oeaeort, and i ?a 1 Ware. , Tak e Cetlerj, Caetore, ( u??ar>, I Ref'H?aU>rj VVelar euo er, Waiters, | Si? <v??uyi ?viiii> ?uu %?iii? p ui'tPftig, larble top D.e??iiij at.d Main Bureaus, WuhrtiV.T' !* W. Clock, Fnantri ?hJ C,?tta?e Ha?k an? Mom Matt'esaee. *>ol?'ers ud Pillows, Child's B*d?tead.( nb.tid Bedding, Cooking and <>t).?r Ptovaa. Toaethar with a ten era. assortment i.f kitchen Requisites. Terms: fW ar.d order, ea?k; ever that sum a ered.t ofeixt* a d ninetr dva, fur latnlaotcnty endorsed notes, lieMict irWf. t. jo?l_ J. C. MHillKK A CO . A acta fX)N9TAI?LK'8sALKO-V AI.UABI.EKaaL V> Estatb.?B? virtue of S a writs of axecnt.<>n issa-d by Jot. N. Fear<on, a JmtiM of tha P?*ee in and for the Count; of A ?ikiii|[U>n ani Distnot of Co'amUa. on the Uth da* of >ov-m'.er, A. ?. ISfet, ib favor of John J. R.><ue Muu*t ih? aod chattels, laetlsani tenement .rights and end ita of Beraani at. 1 one otnor writ o{?mmtion laaued br Kot>ert \Vi?iu\ a Ju?tioe if *Ua Pea^e in acd fir aaid count*, on th?> '? > t f NovenlSer current, IB favor of the aaid John J. a!ao acaiaat the *oois, A?.. of a.\> ' t:?. uard Ma j tee. 1 ha*e levied a i tne iu i Uerrmrd Va gae's tereat in arid to thar pi*?* ami uaroal o( ground known a? t:iai part of ot t-aui ??r>?d one ('' in ?| unr? win ?i a^usr" n"iiiu-oii mil wnj t 1 (routine tw^r.tjr fcvt> (2%? ft -t on .**h *tr?*t au<t rvun'y (W) f**t on K?' B. tr? tiid enali jpronaad tj *li the aame to ati'fr Mid nx writ* iifeicutiot it putt 10 ?aie to the bi|o?.t l>Ud??r for carh.ue tit# ub FX IDA\ , ihs >>U i!if ?f >ior*ak*r <MiT?at. at 4 o clock p m. The prermeae will be aold cn'>j<vt to an ??mnbrano* of paysbl* with i'.|gtr?i on the isth rt?jr of Oetobar, A. it. '84'. W do if-td \VM T.CaAie.CoE?tal.i?. Hi A. GRKKN. Anotionw Admin istrators^alf. by or dk* or the OarMA**' i octi. or Hor**imLt> ajo Kitcmkm F' -KtTcaa, Watch**. *< . ti Acctio*. On KK)DAY.30th mat. at luo'olccka m., I ?hvi Bali, act ha late iwatdanoe of G*u J<hn?on. d?x'd, all the Pars?.ua' Ktfectt uf th?d?c. aaeU. at tSaeoru-r of Marr'aod avat:ue anj Sixth ?t . leaiid. vu: Ma*>ocaar Sofa?, Ctaira. Ta!> e* ?nd H:-ao?, Walnut Can? e?at and other Chair* and ov*Bb??u?, r rmn?T .utur^e^baa r>*uair?ft Wardrobe*, Looking G aare , Pictuea and Curtaina, Carpeta, OiloU tha, Matticc and Rage, Cttaa. Glaas and Crockery Warn, One Gold and one Silver Watch, and on* Goil Cham. Coot idc and other Stove*. with a good lot of Kitchen Requisite*. And mac? other article* whish we doem naneMi ary to enumerate. Terms of eale: All umi of and nnier )yi ?a?h ; over *30 a oredit of 2 and S month*, tor not as eat lafaoloriy audora^d bearing interest. GEORGE W. JOHNSON, A d miMitnler. no1* 8t A. GWKEN, Acct. By BARNAKl) A BUCKKY. Auctioneer*, Viort*tcim, D. C. TRUSTEE'S SALE ?Hy nrtua of a Je*d of tmt. duly reoorded in Liber J.A.S.. 1? at page* 183. Ao , of the lend records of tii* District f Columbia, I ?hai. tell.nt puhnc auction, on WED N tSUA\ , Nov. 14th, 136 , at 4 o'clock p m , a part of Lot 179, in Baa'ty and Hawkins* aJdlioi to* inniug lor the ?ante at the *oath?a*t of Market and t <mrth eta , and ruun bi? i h with Market at Si fe t 6 icohea, mo e o ea*. to H. Jrunnrl'a lot; thence with hia lot eastward j ~0 et. more or jesa ; thence northwardly 32 feet 6 inotoea to Fourth at; and westward y 7" feet to 'he beginning Term*: One third et?x; rem?icder in no'et at 6, k 12 ar.d 18 month*, ?eour??J by a deed of tru.t Ot. tne mm?* ... .... J If tha Urmi or m:? n# not eonip i?d wita in Sva * daya from tine of aa:e,p-op??rtr *i., S? mo d at tha riak ofdaiaaitics purchaser. a'l col\ ejauon.t at o j*t ot rare ha*ar CHARLK* M. MATT!IFW*.Tto?IM>. H*RN \RD ft ulc'KLY, AicU. no6-T,Th,S MtTSt letthk purchaser having failed to comply yiu tiia teriua of a?la. <h properf* ?i I b < reaoid at hi* ri?k ou FK.DAY, Nov. SJ L, .96 J. at 4 o'clock p. m f CHARLES M. MATTHEWS Trurtee B" 86 4t BARN AK O ? HC< KEt. A acta. B? A. GRKEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S* *Al.E OF VAI.LABLE PERioral PROl-ebtt. FCBWITCRl a>p Fixrrmit?, Ac . at Acctiok ?rurauaiit to tlie prow ltiwna of a Coed of traat. executed to tt?? go* <1, aa Tru?teo. dated lat '"ay of int>er i.*o. ard >)u<j rwiuvu, j lutii tu oi iur ?&iv. uii lue pmiMara now ucoupiKl bi Phi if Dicker, koowu No. 63'J, ?orner ofsth an* L ktreeU, Nivt >ard, WuliinitOR.OD FRIDAY. 9th November. in?tar,t. at 10 o'ojock, a. in., at! tr? property ?onveyed to mid deed, oonuntinx of th? Hoas'hak! ?n1 KiUh?n Furiiture; whi^b co.cpna?a th* tuua. v? ie:?. CoBtialiLf of Cbaira. l&l.n lUda riid i?e.Jdu.(, Carpets, China ard Cucktrj Were, Ar . Ac. Also tu? eu ire of the Oonf o lonary Store and Bakery c?v . cetpit-o I % >a a Decker, ooneiatinc of t'audiec.Ctkri, Kmo A'tie ee Jan. Oven*, Para. Ac.. An , aud ote excellent Drau<ai Horse and Gar: iae<J. A w. a <"arrva I ai.d Parsesa. Ac., Ac. The terms of 8a e wnl t>- cash. If the day ahouid prove iuo!emerit. the tame will take plaoe the nest fair day thereafter. CHRISTIAN F. tCh MiDT. Traetee. eo 23 eoAda A. GR KKN. Auot. By CLEAR V A GK KEN. Auotionaera, 606 A'uuA Hrtl. PISIT1 Vfc *?ALK UK MAMWIMh fAKL.UK AM1J UOCCBHOLI) KCKMTtM. OAkPKT*. 4c.- I On bATL'RUA > M"R>IN8, th? lat of l>eoem her MZt, we *11*11 a?l .at our A action Ko>m?. No. i 396 N ictii at'??( beriming At 1* o'clock, a large j and handaome a*a?rtmf nl of Furn.ture. Carpet*, Ac., o. oaiatinc of? Roeevood Parlor Buita, oovered in rich Brooat La Silk. Ro ewood Marine top Bureaus, Walnat Sofa*. Tate a l>t? a:.d Castor Chun, Walnut and Mahogany Wardrobe*. Do do Marbie-toe feidelioe'da. Hand a me Roaevood and other Paiior aud Farcy Chlin, Hacdaoia* Jenny Lind Cottage Bedataada, Roaavuod and Walnut Mar b e-top TaMee, Walnat and M ah of el < Marble-top Waai.emka and HtAD<2 *. Hactlnome Gilt (decorated frame) Mirrors, Roaewood and Wa But KlegereA, Wri let 8t?i)0s and Whatnot*, Feath'er B*da. Pi'!ovca:.d Bolsters, Fine Hair Mattreaae*. Bnaek and Cotton do. Taeeatry. Three ely and li.rrA. i. Cin>ti. Tocetkar vitk a ?mtmtmt ot u*nwli?.d Faraitara. Ttrmi: All aunn ?n?l*r #30 eaak; out that Mm a oraott ?!?>, tn auJ 93 Jajt wii! La jiran. lor aaUa I faotonly andoraed notes, Imuu tnter*?L pom CLK.AWV A GR KEN. Aaeta. iij CLEARY A. G ft KEN, Auetionaera. 506 A'iari *tre?i. Fibi1ne wines. BKaNdIK*. WHIfKrVGuta Ciota*. Ao , at Arena* ? Oa Tt'1 day MORNING, the 4U at Deocmbor re* . kail aall at our Aaot on Mora. No. 606 treat, u I*o'oiock a m . to elo?e oouiui; , a larte a??ortm*nt of ftaa Liquor , Cicara comprising In part? 2S *u*rt and eichtoaaks fine Brandy. Wolfe a Imported brand*, 5 io do do Pherry Wim,' 6 do d > do . Port Wim, J V * do do Sohoidam SohLap*. 5 co Imperial, , 8 do i>n Cutwh* Wine, I 6 do la Perl* Wis*. v ?m?: Allaum under SO oaab; orer #30 a c rod it w and 90 tiara. for bomb aa.i.?faotonly oodorBod, internet. 4 notl CLEARV ft GREEN, Auata. ' Br WALL 4 BARNARD. Auctioneers. Center .VuU tt. amA foutk $%d? Po or. . Vi*Y VALUALE PROPERTY NORTH OP WAtinnOTON. 05 TU ForiTUNTB ITIin ' o? Pinbt Branch Ro*?, and m>i Conmu Arcrio;, ? ob WKONKSltaY aP TKK>OON. 5ih 'Joootohor 4 o'olook, W ' will Mll.ilUi Auction Room*, tnatva!aabletra* of land ob '.ne Fourteenth street rood, aid J??* aorth of Ilia city, near < olanbtaa Co. loco, m< nova 01 tH y*ioin*?iniwa mim-hoimi" aatata. recorded in the CWrfc'i c &o* M Lot 3. aoaI talaiax ? MM * ?*rtih? of boMttAticroTMaf foraat t'M?. loag known u the hrenU raaort tor Staysi raw: > niMt ud aoooaaibl* from th* ?it* try on at tba bM< roada la tkii riotoity. Divided itvaaU taft* r t4wi aMa betiding uIm, Uie traol ealaedtes irrattr portion on tSa FoartaaaU rtrtd roaa. , and oa th* aortb on a 21 faat roao, a tart of aaM . traat. It it water *c by riaay Branah, which ran* mil it. aad u?*roa? anifi. A't >fatbar this iaoaeofihe moat daair .. w? oi tand oa ta* bo*?dar??* of tS? Metro**' .. athaawaar who rend uuNo UOaraar*>u^tr>ry orJera to aall. It wrl offer * _ -?? Jfty to ataora U* aaaa* at probat> y a treat aa*n 1 1 ' ft B AKMAKP. ft,.* % | jSUgJtKMO^P ti !^1 WE^w

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