Newspaper of Evening Star, November 28, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 28, 1860 Page 3
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I '.or A I. NEWS. |IJ- Tt.ou?;f! Thi Htak Is prJntui on the fastest press in ck loutii ai Baltimore, ItefdiUca Is sc isrve as to require It to be put to press at hu early hour; Advertisements, therefore, should be sent In btlwe iJ o'clock n? , otherwise they may not appeir until the nfit dsy. IS'oTX* ? Ditto let at Colombia Advertisements to be inserted In the Kaltimuuk Sdn are received at and forwarded from Thx Star Office. Ta* lUsm 1a waica Oairowtio* \Vo?u i* Done bt Contract.?It Is a study for any man dtsirouaof posting himself upon the subject of partizm favoritism. to observe the manner In vcblcb the work of tbla Corporation is performed Ik coatrect under tbApreanat municipal rwrtiae I ne TacuiTuing anion 01 inr v?i?y i/vuncn, >? lately exhibited 111 reference to the paaaatje of the am-Tided w-?t.-r Mil ref-Wt-d ?nm+ vreeka&go by Ald?rman F:3ber. hi* bi^d the effect of bringing to ti^lit in an official r.rptrl aucta Intelligence concerning the unfa thfulner*. reekleaaneia, and utter d:ir?y *rd of ?hr W<u? uf U* agrrtmmt trntgr-d Into S^tTi# contractors wifh (be Mayor; auct? un rrtipi.'loin vlolati in of the ordinane'ea governing the execution of this work, as throw* completely into tbe bjck ground all that baa been alleged in tbe current ruinor of tbe day. _?? La at Mon.lav nijjht. tn the Board ftf AMerflnen, the tptvltl o dT of tbe evening waa tbe conaiamtluo cf A!derm<-u't amended water bill, and wWa the call of the coinmitteea waa concluded a motion was made to adjourn. Mr lv*bcr ridled attention to tb* special order for tbe eTriiiny. and stated that it seemed to he tbe sj'e- ial order <>f th? hoard to have nothing wLau-vrr to do with tbe hill Aa far at be wc* com *rind, be had Ijgen fighting aj>autt tbe loote lvaiMier in which tbe provlalona of the pretent enactment tr.d he,-n eiecoted for the last year, in hit capacity 11 chairman of tb?* committee on tbe distribution of the PoWnnc water fie bad uttd i? t-i' nntt w fo lirinu the mbiect. ami the '.eiTUi'.y fur action by the Council*, before the boa-d and be wsi now done with It. The amet d? d bill wu tn tbe band* of tbe board. He bid expended much labor upon it, in order to bring about a change for the better, in a system where there 1* a t.?tal di*rej?;;rd t * the authority if the otfl -era rtarred with th? proper execution of tbe work Asa last re*crt. he bad appealed t3 the Vay r i?tiil tbe money of tbe OorjK'ration is being expended?wasted, rather?to i>o earthly ve that of putting it iuto the pocket* of tbo?- who giwe tb? Corporation no sort of equivalent Cj: it. The very U it mechanic* la the city. practK al men, who are thoroughly acquainted with the siiMeet i f water distribution. s?v that toey neser dig down to the mania but they find tLem oat i-f ?rder: they Invariably find the joints 1 waking, and in nunsr rut:* instances the mains laid a foot atHn-efhe print rtr?!?nsted in the law The law }>o?itiveiy enjoins tbnt at least an inch and tbfrM)'Uft?ri of l?id shall be driven into the joint* uud yet. in minv mm whef^ examination UM U-'-n made, it ia discovered 'hat there hss been no inore tuan tUree.<| iiarter* i>f an inch of !"*d ux^l, aud the speaker had it from tbe best authority, that three-quarters of an ineb of lead it entirely inadequate 10 eltse the properly; and that not out cf those now laid in tbtfctty under the receat contract by tb's Corporation,will stand the pressure of rbe Potom.ic water when turned on Tbi-y will burst in all direction*; aud even now.with thel'nilted supply of water in the mains, t .ey are eontinnally leaking, bursting,and ' ??* ?? ?? ? <laliiiiimi 4Kn ml (h V f?j r li'K " ? f-? ** ?**-? un u^ui^ lut >! ' v m <h ? w >v la addition tawh.t Mr Ffsberstated, we ojight to say ihat he has frequently called tbe attention of the board to the Inadequate manner in vrbich the ex< avatioos have been filled up The law ord-.-rs that in fiiliu^ up tbe excavations the earth uiil be pudtitd aud nuiined; a?>d yet those in cibarge of rhisp-irtuf the work generally merely throw in the loose earth, and heap it up, sometime* as high as three feet above the regular tjrade of tb?? street, and thus le-ive it. He has often called attention to the want of care for the preservation of the Corporation property, apparent everywhere, where Corporatiou mains have b*< n laid. "*- ? .. . ?> 1-A * ???!* V. ma 1 .au11 I Ur u<ai us ini u?ci . <> iv i a tuuuaot um ?/*.*. > tjreeuted ('), are left wher--?->ever dropped, no one seaming to baYe tbe a!igb*.e?t responilblllty regard.them; and thoa thousands of dollars worth of mat-rial that has be*n p?id for out of the water lead i f the Corporation are now scattered all oyer tbe city, from Georgetown to the NavyYard, aubject to mutila'ion a ud theft. Still ano'her inexcusable neglect ia apparent. a? testided to by a.niojt every plumber who haa bad occasion to dig dev. i ft?r the parprse of attaching the lateral pip*-* to tbe mains for the supply of bouse* On one aide of each length f waW inain there are bosses rai^d for tUc purpose of alloidin* suffileut ihicki.eM of iron to ht.ld the thread cf the In tarninj It ia np^^t^rv tliat the lR:_ini shiui l-e laiti with tue ix*s?s upright In order that tbe>' may be properly tapped, but no more regard U paid to tbis provision than to any other; and when the pl tnibers have occasion to tap a main, ttirv are compelled to bore through tbe surface where it is s>. fragile as to render tbe making of a strong ioint impossible. Mow, tbere is no manner of doubt but that the present law is too undefined in its provisions governing tbe officers ic charge. We say nothing about tlie qualification) of the present ofli ers for their several places, bi.l there ought tu be a chief officer fur the water de paruil f"U V ? HU (iiiQrrstAini'* *iiui ui> uio UM?>-? and t.*? whom nil ?(her officers of tbe departmeti ?Lo ..J lx- ?u!ije<t, and hiiuaelf directly resa-u to the City Council! fw bis official conduct and until toiae fjcb le^UUUoi Uaa been ttlV. tec tL?reuil?Lt a* well be no water department f.> tkrcllt vi W ?s U i n j> to n Aa it ia now constituted the ioi -rto?olfirera acknowledge no reaponaiiiilit to the uperIor ones, and superior o Ulcers are pow erleai to enforce ILwir authority la any direction PsoFEaaGB AjIDKRSO:* A\D TBI LaDIES ?Th performances of tbe greatest of llvint wizards, who la now at oar Tteator, seem t appeal more eejiecieliy ?o the aympathira of th fairest portion off oor population. Chilly, damp and dismal rs evening was, the Theater w: comparatively well at', aded ami. a trance to say tnof tbsfl Of ri me ana.encr were tauni The Professor is evidently a favorite with tbein and his perfurmartt? it of ttot peculiarly ele^ar Character wb'cb appall lucre specially to the! Uitrt so reliat.l Las fii-tuic oeconie, after haviu passed through the alembic of Prcfeigor Anderson tb>t it is r?-8?lv mg'ftni for ladies to lend tti charm of their presence. Mr Anderses perform to-uigbt, sad to-n.orrow (being Tbanks^ivin day) tLwe are to be tw j per'orn.iiucea?one in tb afternoon it three o'clock, ?sj>eciaiUy for tbe cot ventrace of ladies, families, and children; an another at the usual Lour in tbe evening. To tl nlternoon exhibition w? notice that there Is to I a rntlKtlM 11 rne pricn, toe wuor ui lur uu iu being Mrty cent* adiiuawou, and children i twenty-ftve c?iU. lUilly, ev?r/ father in Wsil in^ton who ha* the felicity of hi* ow virtue* reflected ;;i the face of htaoifrpiing.ahou] be eareful to send that on?pring to < Profcsaor Andcraon to-morrow. The viw?.ix!a A.xsvtl co^rtunci m Ale ASDRl* ?Fislk day. Twffai/?The ieaslon w uoatly occupied in ti^wUitioDi of character at rMt'iKhmiMMof n? central tntere?t Amoi tw nimlnatlMM of cbinclif, Rev. B. F. Woo ward vru reported to be in ill-health; waa a mc heavenly tuiadcd aud excellent minister, ai puaed TCP OIVUUp WO? IVwOJ i UU <??? kut* V * u?* >( to mv that ministers frequently Injured tb< health by excessive efforts io revivals, trust! sometimes to ajere huuiaa efforts, whan it w< better to trust to God's gracious i ninnies. Before the rio?e of the session. .Mr. Smiths addressed the Confrrew"# in aid of the book a engraving enterprise for the erection of a Meti Church South, at WasL:nntoa. Labcent.?l-*?t ulit, information was giv to Allen A. Co , detectives, that a pocket-bo containing a small sum of money had been itol ?*;-ftoaith? dw?Ula4 *X Mr. Freeman, oa 8-jvet ^u't~ street, and a person \**;o had been there a sh < ? time l>elufe, itO (>retcnc? WI o^uuuk >um n '*? , Freeman, ?u suspected Officers Harrow a Husber Immediately went ia search of the pent and arreted hfm He wa? taken before Jus: lohna-m, where Le jr*ve his name as J as Boy ind denied the charge. The money was ! found upjn him; but la view of the circu stances, tte Just'.re tbouKbt tbeevidence sufflci to retain kin-., and be wis committed to jail f A lady coaaKSFoxDKST In Georgetown wr us thai?>40aa vf tbe meat pleasant laeidcnti the past wee* was tne concert by .Mr. Whi singing class for tbe benetft of tbe I'nion Hen olent Society, beld at Forreat Hali, which tbe | prletor kiswsiy apeuad free of cbarga. Tbe was furnished also free. Tbe spirit wh pcawpted Uw effort Is highly' commands ote to innnv man. u well as to h!s aMlsUoU of t , sesesTaad ttic performance wm very credltabl tUe teacher U well -? tLe ?iiiolar? " T?? A*aro?H* (4?- oner) ltft tbt Navy \ T?t rd'ir. at 12^ o'clock p m? having on b? the made at the Navy Yard for the L frigate*Pe:isico!:i, now at Norfolk. The Pei cola will receive her propeller on board at I folk, when she will be towed up to Washing wi.rre her en*>ocs and machinery will be pu oa Lvard The great engine* made ?t the W . lngtuii Navy Yard for this frigate are moat a (table te lb* skill of our mechanics l.i?D \V*an?M.-YnWiy, at 3 o1?] p m , the prices of Uod warrant*, as boaght ?? ? hil.*.. IGO. o a or ? warrants imyln? at G-j cent*, aelltoi/at TO- 1 ... 5?'.r^ t-nczKtt3't!ir:h %? - : .5fc.sK. .-pas* &*& .#* *' " *lo%r.- H - Stmut Curra nt ? I jwt niyb?, John 91 r % ?i w*rt* V?*T fjtnlllar to the rffl , I ^ .y'Vfclr.t !* ***?? toU*. could " Sly 4*(h(. wu arrritrd by County co Th?co3?w?!fr?c * m wu ' KiilHU't PoLtci Matties?Btfort Justit* Met*** ? Polly Oarner being dmnk and disorder''. Insisted ?ipon elevating her crinolin? In street. If hiving been lowered by Unio?' efforts of two policemen and four boys, ibr brought before th? Justice, who?ent her m rusticate at Queen's farm for 90 dsfs. a pbliantbropie eentleman Laving with the Justice on the atverltv of the sentence, the Jutlice ask**d him if w 1j ^in t ks aba no urkaikor ka ?r\ Iff wguitt r? J ?U? unv, *? ucmc i uc wnuiu w company fc*r md comfort her daring her durance vifc ??e' belnjj refused, the philanthropist vru inarmed that If he did not fcarp mum he would he placed lathe guardhouse for Interfering with the aue course of law. Sam Doraey, a genti?9*n of color, not having the fear of the law hctor* hla eyes, and having Imbibed too freoly of !tfoe rain, was moved by the apMt to preaah the word to his aable brethren, and to enforce the same by the aid of his mighty arm He thereby managed tn commit an assault and battery oo one of fcto aged brethren. Aa the Injured venerable age was unwilling to appear before hla honor, i ..J ? n * i i i i J I? * j 'iuhc i^iawnnu, a^aiiuc wuuiu-uo prrai nor, the Jnitice made a Cor par alien caaa out of It, and firi^d the ' geaiman" S5 04. Leslie Ha van. one of Uncle Bam'a marl n?, thought proper to indulge In profane aw?arirvg In cbureh, thereby disturbiag ?be congregation After receiving a very severe lecture from the J uittce, who aaid that owlnj to his' yooth aud the coaUitien he had sio AD, he would only impose the loweet penalty toe law allows, he wm fined SS M; and the divan "closed. It'fort Justice Thompson ?Yesterday, sn other outhresk occurred is that portion of the fifth district known by the Inappropriate designation of '1't.rnno'in^a X ll?,. U \.ar hloV. (. i ' lii pr m- v aim . am t< uivu itreic is iuvairu uuc shop, besides various other buildings and tenements, where temperance ia almost, If not altogether, uokuowR. Mrs Abby Dnvls, one of the party complained of and arrested by Officer Ross, was fined by J ustlce Thompson for using profane and Indecent language In the course of the row. Albert Drboras, arrcstrd yesterday by night policeman Reynolds as a vagrant, found begging in the streets of the fifth district, was committed to the workhouse for sixty d.iys for want of the required security. A MvsTtfciots Affair?The Late William IngU ?It will be remembered that William Ingle, n former well known resident of thia city, disappeared very suddenly year#ago. and that the s'rictestsearch afforaed uo clue to ajow whether Le bad been fouly dealt with or whether be hid absented himself voluntarily from bis old haunts. A day or two aince a singular discovery was made by some fisbtrmen at tue mouth of Accokeek creek, near Fredericksburg, Va , and in the Immediate neighborhood of a farm owned by Mr Ingle, which nroinlaes to throw B3me light upon the cause of hi* disappearance. A strong wind had laid the Hats bare, and the fishermen saw projecting from the mud, the upper portion of a wooden box, some six feet in length. On opening It the remain* of a man of short stature were found enclosed, and from all the circumstance* it was iupposea mat they inignt be those or Mr. ingle An inquest was h^ld yesterday, but the retualns were so far fcone >n decomposition that the Jurv ronld arrive at 110conclusion beyond the fact that they Were those of a man. The Indications Were that the pe.son thus disposed of had been niurdered and buried at low-water to some depth In the muii. and that kith" course of time the box hid worked up to the surface. Accident at thi Capitol.? One of th? Large Pictures Damaged.?The workmen at the Capitol for a few days past have been engaged In the construction of a temporary covering over the Rotunda, several feet above the old rooting, which Is to be removed as soon as th*-other is completed. (,)n Saturday l->st, while hoisting one of the main Joiifi. lust as it bad been elevated a few feet beyond the lower roof, It (lipped fr?m its fastenings and fell in a perpendicular direction, until it reached the lowrr r*of. pissing through which it slid off i bl'.queiy, str'klng the lower corner of the beautiful picture of the "Embirkation of the Pilgrims." aamaging the nme considerably We are happy, however, to be able to state that a son of Mr Weir, the artist, has vialted Washington, and says he Las no doubt but that his father can repair the injury, and so as not to make it at all perceptible In "consequence of this accident a substantial piank covering baa been placed around each of the pictures suspended upon the walla of the Rotunda fur their protection. Thi Rhjectkd Bake Notes ?It may be proper In order to prevent misapprehension, to state tbat the mere fact that the notes of the Wheeling,Valley. Monticello, Fir.castle, or any of the Virginia Hank, art rejected by the old banks at Richmond, Is net became these banks are not as sound as any In the State, but simply because their notes are _ a, J l 1 ? a r a 1 m a nut icvcvmauie si i\ icuhkmiu . i ue?f noies rrjt-ctrd a' Richmond are a. go~d ai any bank notes In tae State, and are takrn us freely?the only difi ficulty at present beln^ to get thedi?AUx. Gax. ! Alt.-D*v I'baveh .Mketixo To-moehuw ?\Ve understand that on to-morrow, that day having been set spirt by the authorities as a day of Thanksgiving and Pnyer. the service of the Union Prayer Meeting will l>r commenced at an early | boar in the New York avenu? Presbyterian Church, and continue throughout the day. Thi Lecture of Dr. E. Yeatea Refse, at the . ' Fmi thsoulan. last night, on th^sabje^t of *4 Whtt'i the us? of Ports'" was a characteristic eff?rt of thai talented gentleman, and, it Is hardly necessary to iiir u*.ia rnniit h^Hrtilv vniM'?.l Itv t*,*? irnnrl ai-rc^ J and intelligent audience present. Mr F.DiTna :?Will you please to mention ir ; your Star tue state of Nl street, between Twtnty i fourth strict iind Bridge street bridge. It is in i r very dangerous condition, and needs Imiri'diaU ? attention fr?m the Mayor or other "divert havlnj IT charge of such matters. Nov. 25,18CU. Ckstkal Gvaxdboc?i Cakei.?The only cas docketed for trial was J:n. Hunley, charged wit! ? fighting bis wife. TLls moritlnj; no one appenret j against hltn and he was dismissed. But a sii>gl o lodger was r-jristered * .4 /> * < - i # - r ? ? m T'v.i-4--. I. akkiviu ji *_arvtr s wuan, (niui ui i uinern s and a half stre>t.) schooner Colorado, Sbepard Philadelphia, with 152 toni of coal for .Messra i tJokueiiiuii it Bra. A |t A Gi*xu Complimentary Bail is to be give la Lnnor >f the Putnam Phalanx, on the sixth c December, at the Assembly Rooms For partic uUra see advertisement in another column. l? Trx City Market*, it sliould be borne i mind, will all be opeu ttiis afternoon and evening j* but none of them to-morrow. Thanksgiving da) '* City W akxrt ? Jait received, ei?ht barrel* < d ricvi Ureii?6d I'ouUr* : SO dozen fresh K?/? ; 6* >e* of prune Hull Butter; lw barrels of rtak ,e vi i A pple* ; which w?? will sol', witn oth?*r a ticl* I,. usually found ia a lir?t c'hsC'ut Msrket Store, I ,t the lovest maiket pric** uio w. stewart ft aoiT-2i* Co. per Twelltu anil 11 its. [d W'ixriii. ? 310.00.) Vi-Rinia, Corporation, < .g WMt.Mjton money wai:rod, in ezjiiinga for a kinds of Dry Goods, at Matthews * ioro'?,3 V venth street, between 1 anil K, east lide. tf *- Hovtrti *'* Stomach Bittib* ?The open as tion of this p\JatibU remedy upon the stomac id liver a .J excrrtory organs is singularly soottur ? and conservative, |t ru<u.ates, reeruits and pur j"' fees thein. Dyspepsia in all its forms > ields to i co dial and invigorating properties, and it u ra : cuiioauded to itiotnerH rufeebled by the duties ai Ml cares of uia'ernity, ai the ssfe?t and b**t tonio th< can poasibfy u*e. In all the ciiaes or fdjiule ilo on wi I be found eminently useful,and ag'*<l persei ,|r Will derive much morn benefit from it* u*e tnan o nv dinary stimulants. Huch has lieen the poonlaw ? of this icimitahle p *paratiou that a host of tinit re tore aad counterfeit rs have sprung up in var 01 parts of tb<* count y, in the hop' \j profit by ii on posing upon the pubMo. ttjaioat whioh we cautii nd *11 to see that evory bottle they buy has the t ro- niii.e oft e proprietors' written signature on t lal>?l, and th* words, "Or. J Hostatte-i's Stoma Bitters," blown m the gitsa and stamped in Mi** o covering the oork. Also notioe our note of ha *n on the bottom of the engraved label. All the ok n-.arka we give to secure purchasers against imp len sition. ith no 98 eo3t Hostkttx* k Smith j'1 Uollowaj's Pill? a*d Ointment. t Falling of the 1 Vtmb ?During the early stages 0<1 getUttinu, many young marriel fema e< are subji jo, to a sinking of the womb, whisk causes them oc ice siderah * trepidation and uneasiness. The Oil i. n.. nt vi 11 he found iavaln?hle in these emergene not ?* '* entirely dupe' ?< ? with tho nonentity for p m- **rl ''/m-chamcalaceneiea. The Piila wili bn eut th? ?trenrtheu the nyttem i ecarethe invalid fiooi a future relapse. Th< me-lioiue. are valuablein all eomp ainta tnoiden to tl^ fem? it mi. Sold by all Orut^iiti at 25c? i Jtee an J ?| per bo* or put no a?l' te'i a 11 ? Homeopathic Riidiii er- m,?lL?C i> Humphrey! * Co.'e ipecifio I ~7 ????athic Rera'dio* put up expreitiy for fair ?ro- >?e, laooxee, at 25 and so cent* each. AI (U m eaaee. containing 30 vial*. from <4 to jfch ?S?k?2' direetione. For cala the *? I'll man. 360 Fa. avenee. vlioloule i Ktth A. Fitxgeraftl. 343 north F ?tr, . J- ..ff . J, j d. Winter, cor^r of MMUchu?*tte a ?traf. AieVPeiU'* Extract V IT, ?f??Wor extendi liiammatiom *11 kind*. So?il mm &bove. ma 9 -J >ar(i Readxk, hJLve you m?i? Prof. Wood't adr?rt Jr Ktentinottr ?M?. Road it; it will intore?t you aa?-ooly n?a- ? r. . , . i ?^or" / MAKK1K1). On tho 17th of B?H?mti?r ImI. br th? R?v si J"-.!-., mm.-?-M- ?A? ^4. MDAi/O, WMI V* Mi IS Vlt;, j ^vaAwstv" a-n?? Ml'- Elii tAlfaifv. BlS,eLH,|l,'o('thu"i?'l'* V!r- Ob Dm Sfctt instant, fct St. Matthew* Chorch unt Ray. Fraaoit k. 8, CALVKET FO Jr., to M'ta ANNA C.t cldMt dieiht?r of Ann* Lo Co nipt* ynn, (Phil* t NofTolk, and N Orlwm* papor.. copj n?ia- On W?liMd?y B.jriiu, tha KtJi tn atari t, Fli re of O & ALIGHT-in tbaTOtli year of ht?a?? rred Bia fuftirtlwiil Ukt plaoa 01 Thura-Uv, 2$ti t ft a 'U.i t? ** Jir A J ' < BALLS, PARTIES, kc. ? 1 R AND COMPLIMKNTA R V BALL, in honor VJ of tHe PUTNAM PHALANX. byttaa g% WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY fit ( BATTALION, at the Aiiinut Rooms,/VR Louisiana avenue, UlHI DKCEMBF.R fl. 1360. Ticket* TWO DOLLARS. to be p ocured from aoy meiubM of the Coamittaoe. , Exeeutivt Committee. Major James Y. Davis, CaptainToweri, Captain Dubant. and Captaiu Steven*. vmmatt* of ArranK'tnmti. C.E OrMn, Jimes A Kmj, I J. E Hoover, Henry Worbut--, i H.I) Morgan. R.W.6o(|in,TrMi. no28 w.y.TP.Tg UlRRAH: FOR THK HIAWATHA BOYS Xl ARE IN THK FIELD AGAIN ' _ 1 Tb?r to (itr? tliMr FIFTH ORA^H I BALL. b? a reqaeat oftheir amny friemli, at (A I Th?k* Hall, on 7th st, WKDNESLaV, j9 tteiSth of November. /? Bt order of the UB no 24 4t* COMMIT ? EE UREAT ANNUAL BALI. ASSOCIATED BAKhVtt"* D1ST. COLUMBIA . The AuooiaUd Baker* oS the District of ColamMa have the hoanr U> inform thair friaoai and tha paL'uc that the* will ?ire tbeirfoartJh JS Anauil Rail at Urn Attsmblt Room*, on^l \VEDNKS0AV EVENING. No*emt>er tt.UA I insuasgivin* e va.) 1WM I arrangement* are < made to ttoeir friend*. BoJimeder'* br?nud i atring band will be in atteadaaoe. Tneaup|>?r tab!* will be well suppl ed. Tickets 41. for a rentleman < and Indiea ; to be hail at the door on the event ug of the Ball, and ef the mtmber* no 24 THE COMMITTER. T'HF. SECOND GRAND COTU LON PARTY I ofth- FRANKi IN A< T1VE ASSO- ** CIATI'iN will take place WRUNKSDAY JH EVENING. Nov. 28. *t Franklin Hall, D *t. JlA near 12th. Tha object of tbi* party is to raiteiflB the necesa&rr fui>d* to furnish th-ir sitting-room. Tioket* 90 cents, admitting a gentle r an ana Indie*. Best coti Ion music engaged No hat* or oar* allowed in the room. By order Committee of Arrangement*. no 22-6t i PERSONAL. [Y| R. KDITOR I find in the proceedinrs as l~l ported in tou' issue <-f ytsterday. as a'?otliat of th? Nauonal ? epuM caa pape-of ihi* citv.that 1 a s -ctiment as offered by myself at the German Reputtlician and Wid* Awake lestivitr ?f Monday night Mb?, ami whicb wac rexpoii -ed to with hearty 1 applause, nss bv accident been left rut or wtlfjl.y suppressed, ?r d a< I am w iling to assume th* responsibility of all <?>? acts an I dome* i would have you publish the sentiment as drawn by ma a d. , ha dfd to tho reporter, as I wuli the North as well as tii? South to understand that the Wide Awakes of Washington city, as I understand them, have n >aimpatiiv with practical nbolitioHit's nor rfisu?i?st <li, whether they l>e politicians by trade or go ptl ministers by p'ofession. Hut rather?the Union, tha Constitution, and tiie Kriforceme t of fr, A f A Ml M Am ? a I A n/4 ,, n i Ml .? I, ft ? . * A I 1 A ft?A i l .w liawa, njuai bum juii iikiiii bu ?u, auu iavviou p:ivil -jes to rone The sentiment wan as follows : IiisunioH S*rman*?lly whatever minister of the e ?p-l pr nohed, are H-nt^liot Arnolds in heart. Judas lsca-iot* l>y profei-ipn, wolves in sheers' 0 othiiiK, w- arin< the !ivt*ry ol H aven ?o serve the devil in Mav John B own's hemp be th*ir winding sheet and thu Rogue's March ihsir funeral di tee. If JOHN P. HILTON. 1 NOTICE. 1 HKRRRY Forewarn all oaraoni from trustinc any person or persons on m? account, a* I will pay no debts contracted by any other person than myself. no ?7 3i? J"HN W. RffHARDSON. ASTROLOGI3T. MADAM I. DEVISE. Do not fail to visit this lady before she leaves the city. All who are m trouble of any kind, go at onoeto h*r. Madame will bring anyone to yi'u and causa them to love y< u ; will make speedy marriag-s and g-?at rood luck ; will advise in regard to Lawsuits, Travels, Losses. Numbers. tee. Office and Reception Rooms at Riohmond Hous?. oorner Eighth and D sts.; private en'rance on i> st. Gentlemen also call. no 2S-6t* 1H0LD A DKED OF TRUST ON THE FROPerty tor *aleio the advertisement of Win. T. Craig, Cona'able, dated Nov. lath inatant. for the sale of Bernard Mage's i&teraat in Lot No. 1 in Square west of Square No 14 on 26th street and fa. ave uue. which sa a d<?ed was executed to iri?in good filth. at.d for a valuable consideration. I do, therefore, protect agamat the aaid sale. a> ben s u it out authority of law. and caution a; 1 percona against bidding at the pretended rate no 2 '-7t* JOHN MAGKE. Madame mokrice,th? ukkat astroloai*t and Doctp.k?*. from Europe.?This hull't gifted and intelligent inly can he con?ulted bn the past. proeent and future kvents. call at no, 405 ki?hth ?t., betwoeu g and h, washington. no3-lw* ? the weekly star. have vol' sl'bscribed for the weekly star ? to be sent to your friend by mail. if not, do so immediately. it is only a dollar a year for the best dollar weekly in i the world: , CALL AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT AT ONCE! I no ARKAD!?READ! L L WHO WANT ANY KIND Ol* OS Y UOODS CHKAP. , Morrimaolr Calioncs at 10 cents Beat Canton FianneU at lUj cents 4 4 Shirtt ik Cottons at 10 wortu 12>i cents { K"> oent Shirtine Cottons at 12>% cenu AH Wool Whit-t Flannels at 25 worth 35 oents All Wool White Flannels at 31, 37,5J oents e fb&ke'Flannel at50 worth 75 cents j Red Flannels very aheap Mou'?c:au) De'ains a* 20 worth 25 oeuU Mousselains at 10 cants worth 12 oent* e F??nah Mrr-niiflu wurlli H7 nenid Boj? VV ear a.!I Wool at 62 w..rth 87 oenta 4-4 Heavy Brown 8h**ti[ig t'ot'on ai9o?nti i- 8 4 10 4 12 4 Hfiavy ''ottor> Sheeting, | Ch?*p Kninnant* of Dr*nii Wood &t haM price, Gents' Kid G ove* at *? eonts worth $1 l.alies' Baiou" Kid Glove* at 75 c*ut? With a! ?.ther Uo'm]? equally Cht*8P. Bi'ls of all Banks iafc??n at par " CLA'j.'iTT A. M\Yf _ in 24 6t 3'24 Penn a>. I IMCUKREMMoMfcV WANTKI)?Vi gima, v' South Carolina, and all Southern bank note*, taken at pak io exchange f >r good*. n JOHN K. KI.VAN3 A CO., r, 309 Pa. av., between 9th and loth st?., ? ? <? - ? i i n 1< f , Ullil iw I n 1*1*. '"*? ' . rmr-1. tnK i?7U, Xl, r /Smammoth oysters^ >-v i" HARVEY'S. wry 'flinonasrsiRned luia ja?t xSIHp received a larxettupp'y or the finest OVs* J'KRSof the sea* n, and ha*. l<?ave to call the attention of his friends and the public to the fact that he has enlarged lug Saloon, and it now able to aupp y ail who may favor him a jr call with ROaHIKD or tf(MI.Kl) OYSTERS at ,11 tho ahorteat notic*. T M. HARVKY, U No. Wil C at., between Mth and 11th, no 30 Opposite Theater. . ( 1REAT BARGAINS IN fj U DRY GOODS. We have marked down our entire stock of hand ._ a me Dry (iooda, with oar iar<e aa ortment o .. first clam S'udIo Goods articles, and will com . monce this (iaj'S'lhng off at croa'ly reduced pricei ,j for oash. to reduce our large stoak Uy the Ut of Jan ?_ uary. We invite all in wanteof Dry Good* to ex f, amino ojr stock before purchasing elsewhere. J \V. COLLEY k. CO., - no 24 ?w 323 S?vonth ?t . ahove Pa. av. IV ATlOiS AL GALLERY OF EMINKN1 ?: AMERICANS. I* This beautiful an ENGRAVING, ao ' Pab!ish*d by ch a ir , ? G.EVANS, Ami for aale at his GIFT BOOK 8T0RE, se 4TO Pennsylvania Avknux, contains 51 PORTRAITS of most eminent Amen onus, arranged in ova! form, makinc a very desiri bU ornament for the parlor or drawing room. With e&eh Picture at time of sale is presented i of ? '__f r' Now is the time to speou'ate. ' ?'aland examine this work of art, for, withoi additional consideration in Gifts, it is the oheapei Engraving ever offered to tke public. REMEMBER, for $1 can be had Life-Like Personations of Em *%l nent Men, who figured la times that So. "T*IKT> MINS' SOULS,'1 w as well as those who are now prominent acto upon life's stage. All Uw New Rooks as soon as published are f lo- sale at ulj O. O. EVANS'S O/FT BOOK STORE. by Pmw. Aviirr*, At regular publishers' prio?. nojSt/ 200 YARN I? BI?*. o7i ,,?\ a>i J 5^P'te wd random oo ori. i of Woolen and Cotton Ho?iory and Gloves, ly Gentlemen's Ribbed Wool Shirts and travel Tht-Kt jfooclii aro extra euaiity. lie. I*ilk Shirts and Drawers. Merino Shirts and Drawers of all grades We would eali pa^ttcular attention to oar w< ~ assorted stock of a I kind of Dry Goods, suitat for all c asses of persons, all of whuh will be sc at the lowest market pnoes. Mr. WM. R RILEY & BRO., * ?*, . Central Stores, bet 7th and tth st Of. guarawlm opposite Ceut'e Market THE NOTES OK ALL SOLVENT BANI 1 NORTH AND SOUTH TAKEN AT PAR. ? CLAOETT * MAY ?an, Are ?ellin< Oat their Siook of EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN ! L _ _ , DRY GOODS - Ia? ahfr K? tW* lat , by uuinmuN Mu.iBvo " ... Mra' Fine Good* of erwrr deioriptior at about half oc Mrinc along your Virginia and other t*a< k no! r.) and |?t tn exchange Seasonable l>ry Gooda aboet half the nanal price*. 0"T?rma positively oaah. no* 6t 3'i4 Penn av.ASt^h'a^d^ofii^ I in- A SMALL EXPMK'B WAGOM FOR 8A1 bo- t\. oiiaap.? App * to J. WluKY'S Drug tU oi'*, *ear the oorn?r of Tkird atre?t and Pa. avenue. .at ?-il 7 ? f .fV J -3^ 1' *??< WANTS. AGENTS WANTED?' ^im *nd gentlemen witli ? oftpiUJ of from 91 to ? j, t* eell mv kcd lifht Patent Article. A?eut? make fro? 61 to S* per day. Addreea (inoioeing ?UUBp> H. R. HiLL. $)% North ?t, Ba'';mcre, SlJ. uoI.-i-at* \lrANTED? A eolored WOMAN ?? relare preferred)to oo?k, wieh, and iron for \ mall family. Good waces girea. Noae need kpply un'eea well reeommetdod. Apply at If o. >67 lith >t. betweeu t. and ,M. no ? 3t WANTED?SECOND H*ND FURNITURE. ?? I #r?oD? deounin* kK>u*e keeping, or kaviac i iurj> u? of Formturo on hand, cm oUtu tbecaeh iM finr prioes by applying at SMSnrenth ?t. 99 IT BONTZ fc GRIFFITH. WANTKO IMMKDIATEL Y?From f5 to J W *i<uw wort* ol HP.CONO-HAND FHRNI Tl RE of ail kinds, lor which 1 will guaranty to par Utehiihe.t prices, and, as atual, at the shortest uolim. R. BLCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Store i, A o.. oa $ 40* 7tk tt, bet. G an<1 H. east side. LOST AND FOUND. i: EEWAftI)?. ?n Sraiw lul. O'J a yount while buffalo COW. ? rf iJj in the bvatt. ami bim? nnt from trm MhtKIr ?ar. f m alK?T?' reward will be paid??ii atu ruing it to MICH A RL RAGEN, No. 104 Sd ^ et^ twe?n G end H ?t?. it* ? | A REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE rjHU return to th* Star Oflioe (and to quet'ioas *?ked) of a email doub'ecase dctaohei lever GOLD WATCH, made by Cooper, of Lirerpool,)3 jewels, number not reonlleoted > hea> ing an ineoriptioa, aa a prevent from the Washington CluV no g7-2t? V'M. M. MIRBAV. FORTALE AND rent. [rtr otkrr "?r Salt <md Amt" Utmiimmi, til fint pag* ] ~ R RENT-A mall HOUSE, standing baok in a yard ; a pump of food water at the door ; L>*tr?et, between 14th ft'd 15th eta Rent $7 per mouth. Inquire up the alley. It* I^OR RKNT?A deeirable and well located firstclass RESIDENCE, No. 469 on Sixth atroet. between D and E st?. The house is fir maheri with ill the modern improvements. Apply to THOM As* PARKER. no?-eotf TO MEMBERS OF CONGRESP.-Fnr rePtf lmnrl?nmftl* and nem-lv fnmnfirtH suitsnf PlU LOK3 a- d CHAM HKRS, No. 391 K street nortb, between 9th m.U liitb ata. Apply on the preitiiaw. n<> 28 3i* I?URNI8HKD ROOMS FOR RKNT, or the ha I of a Furnished Hnose. with a lamilj where there are no children. Apply at No. 26* Vermont Kvei.ue, between U and 1 ata. Reference* *iveu an<l required. r o ilMt* Ffor SALK or rKNT-A thr^e aUry-andbasement BRICK HOUSE, with back-buildinc. on fc atreet, between 2d and Sd street*, north aide For further particular* inquire at the housef irniahing atore of MoUK KGOK 4 CO., No. .'>30 Seventh at , opposite Suter, Lea 4 Co.'a Hanking iiouae no 28 lw I^OR RKNT?Three bsnutiful PARI.ORs7io the hous? 252 (j street, corner Filteenth at., occupied last aegsior uf Congreas by lion. Mr. Hunipt.rey, are now for rent. Al?o, the 1 arlora now (.ccnpied b* F. de Haas Janvier, , in the aamn houre. Ther* are ago several fine Rooms auitahle for sin?td gentleman or small f*imliea,with or without hoarH. It* CpOR P K.NT?Handsomely furnished suits of " ROOMS. t? Board, if required. No. 500 Els* pntli street, between Pa avenue and E st. 110 2:-St _ |?OR REN T?A three itor\-and basement r BRICK HOUSE, aituatH <>n Tenth street, between N ari-1 ? streets. Rrnt $13 per moutii. Apply to D. HAUPTMAN. No. 512 Eleventh ?t, near Pa. avenue. no 27-3t* tpOR RENT?Afoor-?tory brown-front DWEL LING, situate on Thirteenth st., between L and Ma>sachu*otts av^, one of the most desirable locations in the city. Th? house is furnished with martle mantles ; also, gas and water fixtures, with bath-room- Inquire at VV.\1. P. SHEDD'S Fancy Store, No. MtUlti it oo27 3lt* Ij'OK KI'.NT-A trick 1> WEL.LING-HOLSE, No. '2T?0 Sixth street veit, between M and N north, containing H roon* and a Kitchen. Trim mode rate A pply next door north. i.o 21 Iw* I/OR RENT.-A th-ea-atorr BRICK HWELLl I\G HIRJ8E, with baok building, on 12th at. No. 470, between P and G Rtre?-t?. foaseaaion iivb on the 5th of Deoambar next. Apply to J. KlRKWtiOD. 476 Twa ftli at. no 19 dtf FOR RKNT-Two ROOMsTnlthird^to't, adjoining, with water and gaa, ?rahne I'AKI.OR. li^httd with gai, in seoocd story, in a pleanant part of the city. Terina low. Apply on the premises, No. 4*6 Maaa. avenue, between 4th and 5th st*., north Bide no 16-tf fpoR RENT?A three atory brick HOUSE,containing 8 rootna. in good order, with gas fixtnrea complete, on II at-eet. between 4th and 5th. Alan a twn itnrr brick COTTAGK. with ia.rk-ii yard attaohod, corner of P street north an ' 14th st. easf. To punctual and reliable tenants the terms wi l bo moderat*. Apply at 44t> Twelfth street, between f? a id H. no 13-tf FOR SALE?A small FARM ofSOaoroa, situate* r.t the Little Falls, having aoomfortal>ledwelling-house, corn-house, stables, &o ; well-fenced and watered ; within four miles of \Va?hington ; IS aores in cultivation, the balanoe in handsome woodland. It la peculiarly desirable as a oountry real deuoo, being perfectly healthy and most romantically situated : excellent fishing and hunting. Inquire of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper, Chain Bridge, Little Fails. de7-?awtf N* ?ml H K ULN OF I hava this day received, per Kxpr???, the*t i?ly of OKNT8* FASHION A BI.V, DRKSS H ATS: a!si>. a larva and fall supply of FRKNCfi SOFT HATS, of all styles, for Men sod Boy*. As my assortment of th<so goods is larga, I shall sell at *xo?>eding y tow prides. A call vhere y>u can get exaotly what you want is solioited. HOPKINS,^ Cornor 01 Mjm i". rs. kv BO rr-1 w Sign r.ftkt White Bear. MONEY i MONEY l MONEY WANTED WANTED WANTED AT WIF.SENFELP'S ODEON HALL,^T W1EIKNFILB',8 ODEON HALL. f ODEON HALL, cohni* FotK iSD-a iult St. ? CoMNBR KOPK asd &-h4lf ?T. CoaxKK Foua anu a half St. Awd Fismnvisu Avkxtti A*d Hkkhstlvania Avrkci And Puskatlvaxia Avkmi fashionable clothier, r fashionable ci.olhiett. fashionable clothier. hih'2 ?2 solvent bank hii i o SOLVENT BANK BILLS ON SOLVENT BANK TAKEN AT FAR TAKEN AT PAR TAKEN AT PAR AT THE ODEON. AT TrtK Oil BON. I- no a 6t AT THE ODEON. CO ALTS' ITY STEAM FIRK-WOOD M1LL8 k . AND COAL DfPOT. Foot of Stvtn'.centk strut, btlow War Dp art men it WOOD prepared, any ienfth and aixa, toiu it the wante of e*ch purohaeer COA' -KISPT IN COAL HOUSES,prota-te from the weather?delivered fr*e fr ro slate, du and other impurities. 2,240 lbs. to the ton i. T.J.t W.M.WLT, no M-tf 389 Pa. av.. betv. Uth and 12tli ua. r, ( SNYDKK. 1. PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, or Hat removed to tne oorow of Twelfth and F el He ia prepared to introduce Water and Oaa am the mofavorable terms, and guarantiee enti eati amotion. ? . . He has on hand a lot of COOKING acd oth STOVK8, which he will eell Use then [ wiww w ft ?m m inniu ? ?* ? ?. PAWN OFFICE to 351 C etreet, l>etw?en4K and ?th street*. iram diateljr la the rear of tba Nation*! Hotel, wki the buusMi vilt b? ooatmuod aa heretofore at t ?U old itaad. [nol5-6ai) ISAAC HERZBERC :!S I ADIES* AND MISSES' L? FURS. lfA . LADIES' AND MISSES' runs. * ' Freeh Arrival from New York! tdmmmmS? ? Freeh Arrival frum New York ! B 18 stssxssfijsf TlfFI FUR TRIMM1NG8 25and3Soonta per jrard. B. H. 8TINEMETZ, 8*6 Pa ?T.. no2< near corner Thirtee ?U 1 VA CARD. 1R61NLA AND MUTH CAROLINA MONE^ >?L AND OF ALL OTHER STATES, tM , _ , nilSAT , . at aad Good* add at the loweit market pnoo tor ea A tuperior atook of CLOTHING now on ha and hanojt to omplor c?? out hundred and I l. baud*. whiaU we wteh to keop in oinploTment d ? ing thia panto, vo will offer extra tadttooioo'i "* 't ???>???? GEORGETOWN. Corrnfond*ne4 / The Star. 6ioi9iTow?, November ifcs. WHO A colored nun. name net known, who represented blnuelf * a sailor belonging to a northern vessel la our port, was attacked night before last o? Water street, near the cotton factor v. by three white men. wU *'garroted" hiss and robbed bl? of hi* hat. a eold watob, and a considerable sum of moner- No cine to the perpetrators of this ouiint-r Lias oeen nonilM,INUfy W1J probably go unvThipprd of Jmtlce. Art Georgetown republicans lea zealous than their Washington brethren' have jrou mortoflrrseekers there than here' are they resting here after the arduous labors of tbe campaign' or what Is the reason that yon report Is ycntr ettv aoeh linjje meetings, great eathualiMti. spirited address, k<: , while in our s a corporal's guard cannot be mustered since tbe atactica* After great etertloaa to cet the association together la*t Dlght, onlr nine tea or twelve iwinbM tft the*lgwam at the usual hour of meeting, aud without ti*e transaction of mr business the* adiourned to Fri day evening ?exV On accout of the ?< aoa-paa ai ? of the banka or tbe 1 n-c.lem-eo-cy of the w<mther. ' (ire qwot* Manager Glenn.) the theatrical MitHWumrnt at Forrest Hall waa poorly attended twt nljfbt. The audience waa amall but aalect, with the eX&fU'.cn of a few apectmen* of tbe raeuMt and noat contemptible of all '4 roughs" known to elUxena or atrangera aa Georgetown rowdlea We apeak tUua. plainly, because the rulfSrtty at d Insolence or mow uiiseraoie creatures is Insupportable, and greatly annoyed tbe actors as well as toe rospect? ble portion of the audience last evening, wbo bad all a right to expect better order, as six or seven poliremea were prrsent. If It Is the case again we tbsll obtain tbe names of tbe offenders against decency and publish tbem Tbe "{Serious Family'' waswell performed considering the vtrr limited stage accommodations, Mr (ileun as Amtnidsb Sleek being well suitained; and In tbe musical burlesque of " Jenny Llnd," M1m Mary Bhaw sang very sweetly when she succeeded In getting tbe orcnester right. As tLe company Is a very good one, and as an excellent bill will be presented on Thanksgiving n'ght. srd It ! prom Ised that order mutt and shall be preserved, we hope to see a crowded bouse L*dies will b?s safe f om annoyance and mad*- comfortable, and when that is tLe case they will no longer have to go to Washington for an evening'! amusement Tbe Mcnticello arrived here on Monday, with a full cargo of merchandize for our two cities She did not (top In Washington to take ott any portion of her freight, but came directly to her wharf here, and ' ? ereby bangs a tale ' Sim? tweuty or thirty of tbe Washington stevedcrts, all white men. who have bad a monopoly of the business of discharging the cargo on former occasions on their side of Rock Creek, and did not wauta Georgetown man to come across tbe line ana kelp them II tbe rate was ever, to urgent. It is aid these Seetionalists came over here In a body, expecting to be employed, but were Informed that a colored man named Henry Day had been encaged a* " Bom Stevedore." with authority to hire bis own ruen, and that the change bad t>een made bv order, to try whether tbe work could not be done cheaper here than in Washington To besupplauted by Georgetown men wai bad. and by Georgetown darklts was worae than bt?d, tb?*y thought; and they expressed their displeasure ratber noisily, threatening tbe darkies with vengeance dire if they dar?-d to go to work, and so serious an aspect did tbe affair atsume, that tbe police force bad to be aent for and kept on baud to prevent a riot. Coercion, however, waa not necessary, and with the exception of one of the Washington delegation being put inthe^uardbouae to cool off, uo damage resulted A mort itidvious and high-handed robbery wa? coiurniti?-d h^re last evening, between 1 and 9 o'clock Some bold thief entered the residence of Mr. Wm. 8. Nichols,on tb> Heights, and stole tberefrora over one buudrcd dollars in cash and some articles of jewelry, belonging to Mias Ken- | aaell, a niece of Mrs Nichols, lie was evidently acquainted with tbe premise*. as he wrnt up tbe back way, locking the doors behind hiin .The ladies hearing a noise, supposed it to b?- tue iiish servant boy, but when tbe boy made bis appearance the alarm was raiatd. and the burglar made kl. - II- ~ Jk U ?tit- *L- -li I Ui> I?< aj>c lie |W? IU>- UUI Willi III' ?'.ivrr ill It on hi* rout*, but missed tt Some of the member* of the P<toma<; Light Infantry bear lug of the affair at tU<ir armory. pro<eed*d to the s|?ot, but too late to be of tervice. There waa a 8-J!i gold piece inarki i, a >.Hj uot? on the bank of Pliillipt. a:id three other S"*i' Virginia note* among the money ctvlen. Suspicion strongly attache* to a resident here, and be is under surveillance Pork from wagon* is selling this morning at about ?7 per I'MI lb* The Young Guard*, Capt Rodier, t?i the number of 25 or 30, were out drilling last night, and paid a visit to the armory of the .Potomac Li^ht Infantry. Wit?u their scarlet paata, blue jickets, gray csps, and short guns, tbey present a unique IMWHBI, maa in toe accuracy and celerity of their movements attonUh the seniora. Tbey improve wonderfully for juvenilia We M ere shown by Mr. Vmiderwerken, one <Jf tbe proprietor* of tbe L'nion line of omnlbuaea, a counterfeit (jold dollar, taken by one of hi* drivers yesterday. which U well calculated to even good judge*. It I* one of the l>e*t counterfeit* we ever *aw. It I* ofra bright color, a little larger than the genuine, and ha* not the ring of tbe true metal. Your reader* will do well to be on their gu&rd. A very Interesting terie* of evening meeting* will be held in the Markvt Street Chapel thll week, and sacb eminent divln-a as Rev L>r* Gurley. Sunderland, and Bocock are ci pec tea Wj preach. To-morrow being Thanksgiving day by proclamation of tbe Mayor, ore learn that there will b< no market on tbe morning of that day. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTri (y^?mayok's office, LkJ? Gbohubtow.i, D.C., Nov aoth, 1860. 25. it know* that in conformity w:th man> yt-ars' u?tg?, 1 n?reby respfteifully rec.-mim ud U> t!?e citi ions of thi? town to abstain from tccular employments, as well an fiivolous an useuients, on THt HSUA Y.the 29th instant, and to oi>?. rvo t)i< tarn > ? a special season for thn off-irir.K up appro priate thanksgiving to God for lone oontuued mau ifes'.aton* of mercy aad goodness in inaint&iuinj in our land the influences of Christianity ami th< bleu sings of CoiiKtitntioual Government; for deliv orsaca lrom National soourre*; for pretervation o life and hralih, and Mtsonable supplies uffood ai.i raiment; and, aUn e a!!, ;or the con* jIihk P' ojiii -.<?i and sur? hopes o{ a mo.e Meseil inhe :tauc?s in tii life whioli is to come. HIiNKY AUD1SON, no 2>-2aw^w Ma?o . IV] EW books1 ^ Nemesis, Rutledce. Jteulah, Mr?. Gilbert's t aroer, I The Nobleman's Daughter, The Minister's Wooing. n;.?u I.... . _r i ** i?5?u1 uii'jui *?i juvcuud uv\iko bi i G*ra??? for tho Holiday.. At no 2G-St MISS THQMAS'!?,GfO-getjwr. /"?OR HO RATION OF GEGRGETOWN. I IS V/ Tsticr. AUKVLAMI, aud .'IRfilNl; ? BANK NOTKS ?t par for Grco riet, aid thrc i dollars in specie (iveit in change wrf%n two dollar , wo;th is bought at T>nn?y'?, e >rnor Hiirh aa Krid|?itf?eti, Georgetown. L) C. The aaheoriber will continue tw sell at the sam ?'in?" u ttefore thj suscerslon His ctoes is lari ami we! 1 assorted, comprising almoit "very articl usually found la a hrst oIms Grocery 8u>ra. Alio now ou band and constantly receiving di . riac the season larcA auppliea ol freah alaugbierc . Hoc*, suitable lor Fanulv uae. no W. H. TENNKV J MUST RECEIVED? Id hhda. prime Porto Rieo SUGARS, lit l>t>U.?>id Rye WUlr-KY, a SWbbla. HERRING and ALEW1VES, u fio bbla. Crushed and Refined ^UGARs, a an baga Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhda.(low priced) MOLASSES. For aala by JOHN J. BOOt'E. aeJO J mm 100 BBL8. OF FRIME CIDF.rt, UST Airived and for aa:e ohe*p tor eaah. no 13 ARNV A SHINN - (VfASSEY, COLLINS 4 CO.'S PHI LADE J ITI PH1A DRAUGHT ALE.?We are oonttanl receiving fre*h supplies of the above delightful be araee, and invito all peraona who watt a pure a adulterated Ale, to five it a trial. akpii 5ninn,A|ir.ii, f* IT 8r*ftn it.. 6?nrr*towa I BOARDING. M , BOARDING?A fam'lf, or two or threwert! men, can b? ?cc lmm^etsd with "oera&tN 443 Ninth street, on? door sooth of F at T?n ~ moderate One of the larceat end moat d??im; Rooms in the fcooae, fnrniahed with waur and d ' ii now unoccupied. Tebie hoarders eocomrr >n <i**ed- It' " IJUAKUiniU.?uuoa ni'wnn. ouuuuncuiiT at D mah?d, on be obtained at 273 F atraet, t * tTMD 13th and 14th, on madara:? terma, villi without Board. Location convenient and v? L pleaaant. n*77 2 \ DOARD AND ROOMS-A fine Front^Cha A H> ber, and other Rooms, with Uotrd, may be h at No. 4ft*? Twelfth at., aaat side, between G a H. Table Boarderaalao aocommoda'ed. ?- no ? 41* ha I30ARDING.?Turee or four kin#le genileis 13 can be accommodated with Board by applyi ? at No. 913 Maryland avenue, between ?H and i ata , 1 aland. Mechanic* preferred. no la-t ft. I\R. SCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP, a IJ Bo. BEA WKRD TONIC. k For .Jk ?. B. I atrvet and Loaisi*i?*aviti>u*. K Prio? ofgyrut, fl MrbottU. * Pri#? cfS'-a Waed Tone ft I ;?r Lotte. Pno? of Mamirik# Pl l?,? o? nti ?, r bo* L V.0"* of U? Lo?f?, Li ? or f lomioh. aooor Miwd witn mim iu ihoK* Hreut or ?ida, kfaov:?l try i)r. Hoben'-k'f M< ctnaa. and arc raf rrod to th? A-iiowin? earn5or sr sasawa&r *? . ? Ni ?* w??t nrih *tr?f t. * __ _ WA"Wii,?r?II. a 0.. Nar. Vit IS'O Dm. Bcjftyct?b ar 8iri 1 ?!(? atf .-uoV A. aovarm.1 BMMit ! WlU I ,i fr ooaia "let. 1 ^J2!\ ? m - t - v - . ? THE LATEST NEWS I TELEGRAPHIC. THRfcK DAV* LATKK FROM El ROPK. Ikunx.No* - l b?rtisniilip \nbii, fwn 1.1 v?rnn..l ?n th* ITIh ?rrt??-a h? ? Prince of Walm ha.i arrtfed nfHw U F.n*la?4 .Mr .Dnlla?, the Amfffta Mtnl*?rr, ?u on Uit to Qieen V'ic'mU. w tndnac Tbr F.?nr Euqmria bnd nrrWed at l^ondon and will proceed to SroUaad (or tL* benefit of ter health The Bank (of Fmace) hnd rnltrf Ik discount to tf per rent ' t.arta w?i attU Hrertrd. Weuh CoxMiirui. Riroir. j &al<irday morning ?CoK?n -!*alr? oftu'-we-k 44.IMI bait*. Including W*UOto?pe<-nUtor* jnO TUfV to rxporter* The n?nrkMep?r.ed l.rtn. but dowdflitia r4MiMqurare ot lh?ad?i?fe In tb? b: Ilk futt* I'&ir ijualitiM Wrf* alivbUv inrer; nrddiiog* li*4 declined Vi *i*d i??*rer irtsdft had H?. ' i ?- ? . ? L n -* - - OUBIUCM wit altrost entlrHr ?ua|fcrded SWoek In port 5MJ.WW llwJod'n/'41-OCtf of 4u?erlcan Rr.-^d-: T?-ru.urduilfcf-S?i3ta ftd H*Urat doll and t?sd. lovrcr. Com Brre tnd uarbangad. PrcfU!?>n?.?U??rf dull. Foik quirt. Cwru no AttXTloiin Id mirkK. Lttd lis, aoa? i) market. General Prodiif*.?Sugar dull ColT.* quUt k?re ouM llo?i? dull, at ! >$ on tUe ?po*. *nd i?? in *r?4v? Tiirn?B?n? <l?ll I.mtdom M*'Ltt ? Breads to ff. quirt >'?Kar qnlet. Coffc* quiet, and aligblir l?*-?r Tl'c* '* wit!) a large business early tn the wrek t>a partially lower. Financial ?On the 15tb,tbe Bank lta fit?*s Si P*r cent. Bullion bad d*-creaae.l ?5*2,000. Consols 93^*93^ LtVK?pooL, Saturday Evening?K?tirr^U-d sales of cotton to-day 5,000 bales, including 3.?0t? for speculation ana'export The market eloard dull Other articles wer* uncbanred The pressure for money bad '.l^btly related. Consols 93',a?0\ imp Kim*i Trdbln. Xrw Yost. Not J6.?A special dispatch to ttm Times from l.eavenwcrth den in nil the * ori?a about the outran said to have perrctrated by Montgomery'a men The diapatch *!? > aava thai they have not been given any of the recent contributions of money and arm* from the East (Special to the New York Courier ] I.1WHMI, (K. T.) Nov. 2C ? The whole country Is t<njv>s<-.l upou by the late reports of tbo Kansas dlfirtiltlea. I conjure :.M to await tbe facta before judging J udge Williams, who has a" deceived the public. Is frightened, and tin wnrtliP of rrMwnrp HI? onue* fc ? ^ lasted: Fort Se.oit La* not been attarkr-d, Paris or ^ any other pla-e Las not been sacked. Mont,>oqorry's party ha* not entered M Mouri, and oarer intended to: not one cent has been given him or hi* men from Hasten contributions; uo arma or munitions hare been %, n! them, a* reported All tLeir arms Lad l?ee? In Territory for ve*?a, and I challenge r.ontra^t>roof Ail surh stalenienU as tLe Judge l.ayptade are vile fabrication* tUktare doing our p^Ee intlinite wron^ l,et the public eith-r charWitto his malice or Ignorance It is admitted, however, that eiclting events are upon us W*. Hvtcmimsoh I.EAVRxwoitTH, Nov Sti ?Private letter* from I. iwrence irivr aiiotuer account of an trte'VieAV of S-rr^u^ Bwiif with Montgomery Tbewrlers ay that Beeb*> found Montgomery trying a msn nnit?i M Donald fo* an alleged offense in favoring thf execution of tbe fugitive slave liw At tbe solicitation of Mr Beebe be was set free. On bHng expostulated with, Montgomery is reported a* hav'ng <!< tied tbe power of the Territorial sail Federal governments. lien Harney and l>ov Medary arrived at tbo I'ort tliis morning. and u ;.l leave for Southern Kansas to-morrow, witb one hundred dragoons and two pieces of artillery Capt Bain. In r> rr.niand of a body of troops, S'artnl frotr Fort Hlley fortl;e same destination to r? nde/vous at Mound City, sixteen in ilea from the Missoiui SU.te line. S*ocresv is preserved by the oth'-lals in regard to their flan of operations Montgomery, it is said, ackno .vledges the ronmission of the late murders, and stated tbat no a la - ?? -I- ? -? a_ ? ? ? - ' Hiy?M??. ??rmim D? Uirn NCI U> NlHOUri, and Kmsas and Tun If U>* troop* came In large l>odWs be would dodge, but would whip smalf parties 8t Locis, Not. is ?The Mlaonri troop* und?r Gen . Frost have encamped it Smithvil'e to await further Information fr*>m Fort Scott They will prolMtbly be ord^fd back, as Gen. Harney Las orders to arrest Montgomery The Feelta^ in Vlrgmisi Richmond, Nov. ?Hon Kdmund fitifflo, of Virginia, arrived here to-day from So-.ith Carolina, having failed ao fir to hitch Virgin!* to South Carolina .Mr Kuilln is an honest diaun'onlst He admitted this evening, in the preaeuce of nev< ral gentlemen, that be waa for disunion, no matter who Led been elected. A i;rand n-aas neeting of all those who are In ftvwr of lh?" I'nion will be Leld at Fincaatlr on tlir let and Monday i? UfUinlwr. A committee of conference of tbed'.fl'rrent banks in the city agreed to-day to receiye on d?-po?,t tlje ijotps of all the banks in tbf SUt?, tlm Wh^liD? l?nk? and the Valley Bank branches at Staunton and Charlottesville exrepteU The Treasurer of the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad gives notice to-day that from and after tl?i* fixt? hf* U ill la* ? "mK 4 * __ - ? ? ? ? X -?*. |???. f' ?w ? U ?UV |HK~I * O? coupons of tUe tirst and second mortgages of the company, due in New York on the Brst of Jsnuuary. isil. without discwmt for prepayment at Ltiiivillc. Ixiuitvn.LK, No*. 27 ?The oltiaeas of L?oulavllir, of ail parties, held a large meeting here I last iiitfht, end passed resolutions, rrport?-d by a minority of a committee on resolutions, d- plorin^ tbe election of a President of tbe United States upon sectional dwlsrlng that Kentucky ' bus a ronimon inte-est with all slaveboldinj; - xtate*; that she don't despair of justice within tba i 'nion, as botb hous?s of Confess are opposed to J the newly elected Kxerutira; that Kenturk* will i' uj'ub iu?- irjrai ui iuc .^oriarrn nuiuvi nuilifting the Fugitive H*ive law; appealing to tb* Southern State* not to d -sert the roiuioou cause of the South within the I'uion and resolving that Kentucky will stind by tbelnion till a+ttireasloaa on her constitutional rights become mote lntolarablethau revolution i ron* Mexico otiiixs Nov. 48 ?The kcl.oor*e aiplionsine from Tampico on the 16ih reports that in thu cunduta seizire caae the Courta had derided upon a pro rata distribution of the money recovered among the several claimants Everybody was preparing for a change of Gov i eminent M'.ramon ia reported to have declared his Inability to defend toe capttol, which created considerable exeii.inent there The last accouata state that the Constitutionalists had captured L Tacubaya and Gud:jara, and It was believed that e the capilal would tiirrender without % struggle. * Slave * xtradttiea Case in < anada. Tokoxto,C. W., Nov 26.?The Extradition * case of a fugitive slave named Jackson, from Mta* aouri. now lit custody in Brantford, charged with 18 murder, and escaping from slavery, waa urged at I length here on Saturday before the Court of d Queen* Bench. The decision whether he be given up to the United 3 la lea authorities will bo _ rendered on Thursday. Attempt ta Burn the Alabama State Capitol Mostuomeby. Nov. J7.?An attempt was made thia morning ta burn the Alabama State Capitol by setting Are to tbe doora in the tbird atory A negro a-rvant made tbe discovery and exti nguished | the flames. Bank $???< listens ia Geergia Mirox. Nov 'Ai?The Marmfartnr?* Rank nf Macon suapended this morning. BuiIdch la r~ prostrate everywhere It Is whispered that there T. will be many heavy failure* la MtranuL UiU t- week. * Balttatn narktu. BiLftiiaii, Not.'??Flour is dull; Ohio and. Howard ft 23; City Mill*84 75. Wheatladall; ? red SI OSaf 1.16: white #1 ttati 46 Cora la lower; new white and yellow 57aSac. Prnvtaloaa dull; new tne? pork fll&; old Sltt. Whisky dull Raw Yerk Markets. r,a Niv Yobi Not 2** ?Flour dull, ahade easier. >la Wheat dull and a trifle lower. Cora a shade m, easier. Provision* dull. WUteky quiet at 19)fc. >g- ^ ? Financial. ir- Naw Yoke. Not. *8 ?\looev ia ewier *? on call T per ct.; prime commercial paper double I natnee, 9..1J per cool Blocks are dull a ad lower: \n Obi^o and Rack laland 53*; Illinois Central ? ibuM 3I|(! do beads J*#? Michigan Southern - guaranteed 30: New York Central 75; Va. ?' 7W: .J} Wo U.a-5'MofiWf 9j)|. ' ^ AT PAH! A T PAR 2 AT PA R'.?. 1*1 N?tPl on all a Ieent b*nk? in Virgioia, North Sl of ??<* , Noah walkkr a cb. ? ? _ 3t>? Pennsylvania avenue. ?? ** Btown'i Hotel Building. # ^ktat bard'ainm in n*y goods! atk I. i .k.? SELLING Off TO MOTM. At I ?h?ll mora to my m?w itaildinc, No. UlK 51" t ?*?r 1 ooenwwe ttii* ff to^llog M Kimfy rodoood prio## my ?atir* JJt ?ck of DRY (iOODB No. 481 7m itrMt ? m5,msjswuja* *&'% ssesj $ *" *"' ukivvjin.^ aoll-ml mmamw tomU. \lo*.b n kw?qqg? it cattoyp d ae-^ i rteaa s? l3S3S?w^-" *?*

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