Newspaper of Evening Star, November 28, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 28, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. _ THE WAY TO JEAFINIS'B HEART. f Where'* the way to Jeamie'a house' Ant ehild will mire you ; Or ve m*? fiu*i tlio rou yoarMl*. The rtver run* beside you. Whero't the way to Jeannie'* heart? Q That 1 canna answ*r ; Hereabout or thereabout, T< 7m l it if if011 ctn. sft, 14 la this the wa? to Jeannie's noise' Aa straight as you oan go, sir ; Down tbe % alley, through the wood. And by the brook below, sir. Whit's the way to Jeuaie'i heart ' Tn%t I cannasaT.air; A laag way sp, a woe way down. Id troth, an unco' way, sir. Pom" on horse, and some on foot, Come hither many a score, air; Wha finds the war Jeannie's heart, Z Nun b?Bf aooach and foar, ?ir. | Sai* or F*?* N*6*om m South Caiolixa ? The Charleston Mercury publishes a bill which la . to be brought before tb* Legislature of South V Carolina, proclaiming all free negroes to be slaves ? on and after the lat of January, to be sold at public n auction, and the proceedatobe applied to tb? t tax funds of the various counties The Mercury, however, accompanies Its publication with th? 1 following remarks: We regard it as a measure barsh in its policy, and wholly unrequired by the public exigencies, while it Is mischievous In its effects, and remarkably ill timed in its promulgation The Legislature has aomething else to do besides the discus- , sion of noh topics as this, and we sincerely trust t that, upon reflection, it will by tacit content oe \ consigned to the tomb of tbe Capulets. Tbe 1 measure must fall still born upon that body. ' r~7"* The annual repo-t of the Secretary of the J Missionary Society of the Virginia Conference, now in session in Alexandria, exhibits the operations of tbe Society to have been conducted on an extensive scale, comprehending the support of faithful and energetic missionaries among the negroes; and. also, in the sparsely settled districts t ,h? mountains and other waste oiaces within tbe bounds of tbe Conference. Tbe missionary enterprises of the Southern Cburcb, said the rejiort, bad brought into the christian cburcb more heathens than all the other m sslonary operations of the world The report concludcd by a demonstration of tbe superiority of the civilization which grew out of tbe application of Bible truths than to any otter. ITT J=mes McColloch, a prominent citizen of Petersburg, Va . was married on Thursday ev?*nlnjr. in that city, at 4 o'clock. Theconple came over to Richmond the same evening to spend the honeymoon, and he was taken sick suddenly at the supper table at the Spottswood House, and , died at 11* o'clock the sjuie night. Tbe papers th?t annouore his marriaze announce Lis death alio. Coincxeeicr ?Last Saturday afternoon. Mri. Coilins, an ol^ady residing at Brooklyn, N. V., whllat emptyA; a pail of water from a third story window, losL|gr balance and fell to the ground, receiving, supposed. fatal injuries Her husband wi^^illed about three yean ago by a fail froin thp nine window, while emptying a pail of water from It. Matkixoiial?The Louisville Journal says: " The announcement yesterday that a young lady of wealth, family, and personal beauty, down town, had eloptd with an Irish laborer, set all the goaaipera ago*. |?7"It 1b bel'eved that thebanka of South Carolina that Lave not already auapended will continue pecle payment*, and dealgn doing ao until actual colllaion with the Federal Government. grdd** Death.?Jud^e E F.Hill, while making a aeceaaion apeecli at La Grange, Ga , fell in an apoplectic fit. and aoon after died. One of the State Sena'.ora appeared in the North Carolina Leglalature on Tueaday, wearing the blue cockade. mr The London Daily New* catiimte* that in one week the army of the King of Naplea waa rfdnced 30.UU0 men. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. BROWN'S HOTEL ?J Townshend. J Johnton. J Ford, E L Brown. M J Kelley.Md; E Harris and fam. Miss A Thomas, R B Nuicalfe, O: T Wilson. A S Hawkins and ly, Miss Phillips, NY; C Schere, Paris; M J Tassier, Bordeaux; Hon J B Clark, Mo; B McLun, B S Meeley, SC; H Tburroann. Germany; A Saunders, CR; 11 Henderson, Kt; W C Klbb, Cal. WILLARD'S HOTEL.?W Bankhead, I'SN; J S Fardv. USA: C J*Dfi!ijr. NY: Col Andrews. USA;PG Washington, DC; R F F*t, Man; J ,M Ball and lady, NY; G Northup, Fa; B Halstead and lady, XV; Mlssas HaUtead, do; Master Hais'.ead. do; B W Wooley. Ky; Hon G W Palmer and family, N V; B B Alston and lady, Mass. NATIONAL HOTEL ?H Gelstod, Md; John Gibson. Fa; H Swavston, Va; L Woodruff, Pol; l? U Knowles, W .Morris Orum, Md; F Dalnese, DC; \lraS R Wilson, Md; B Cluff. NY; J Dove George Domuth, W T Murdock. A W Tyson, C tiilmor, Md; W'G Hhoades, Md. KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?9 W PatWsnn and fam. Miss Maddox. Misi Turner, Mo; B Killum, NY; J t'abar, Va; W W McCrery, ISA. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS ffccx tsk Uhitbb States. Stutirrrs. I.tavt. For. Diyt. Canada Liverpool Nov 2H T-utou.a . N-w York. ..Hamburg Deo 1 Africa ~ New York...Liverpool....Deo 5 Araco ~ New Y ork-.Havre Dec 8 A?:a New York-. Liverpool... Deo 12 J una Bell ...New York. ..Glasgow Dec 24 j>aon Europe C. MancWeater .'.Liverpool ....New York.. Nov 14 Arabia Liverpool Boston Nov 17 e?a*oma.S->uin>tc?u...New York?.Nov 18 l>einsw?r? ? u. ?ton Nov 20 t?l?- Liverpool ?8WYurk Nov 24 ai'd Kingdom Oiiseo* New York . ,r?v? 94 N?w York ^outn'pton ..New York...Nov 23 K<*lar Livers >0! New York...Nov 27 Borus?i&. rtnutb pton...New York. Dej 4 Jura Liverpool New York...Deo 11 Fa.fc>o .South pton.?Nevr York Deo 12 Palestine '...Liverpool New York...Deo The California in&u teamera leave on the atfc, 18th, and 29tn of every month. A. GREEN'S f?\ ea. reiveive wg| srflKa Farniture Emporium. T1 My friends and tne public in ge-.eral are respectfully informed tuat the subscriber has oomp eted his lit <ck o* MAHOGAN V and WALNUT r UKNITLKK a- HOISKFURXISH1 NO GOOD: ? f every des ription, ubich he win sell at the v?*rj Ivweet pnet*. He etuineratfcs in part? Rv*ry deeoriptioa of Mahogany an<l Walnut Par lor and Chamber Furniture, F iae Painted C>ttaze Chamber Sets, Csrpeta, Kuss, Blankets, Comforts, Feather &e>U, Hair and Shuck .Mattresses, China, Glass and ?;roclr?rT Ware, Knives and Forks and Table Castors, iluckets, Tubs, W'aihb &rds, Sifters, and ever] oth*?r netor.ption of Wood and Hardware. . AOo. M?, oorner of ^venth and U streets, a m> D i ?.? JF.JIII IS rnapeclIUlly inVltAt to ottil And examine lor thomaelvea. A. GREEN, no 80-eo4w Auot. And Coiaminion Merohant. C~ CHILHRKV* BtKIKX, ko., Ac. JO To FRENCH A KlCHSTEiN'H No. OJ( Penn tv?nae. ud eitirm* their extremely l*rc< and beautifu asaortinent of ('hiWlr^n'e Hooka <,biros, 4c.. li)? lineal aaeortment ever cflared be in tiue ff't?. Go earl?, before the rnah, an< make yocr * eotiwr.a. Ai?o, a large anil varu< aaaortmentof Diarlee fpr 1861. Will be received b; .iMindr ? romfliMlik Uinrtm?n* nf V llal AlHl&nMi. ' W>2I_ tr"LOLR, BUCKWHKAT, POTATOES, AP 1 PLES.Ac. ion bb!>. eetr Richmond Family and Extra Hoar 5,<vo !ba. Fresh O round Busk wheat Meal, **> bushels White Mercer Potatoea, luu do. Klue do. do. 5 do. Chestnut*. Received to-day and for tale tow in lota to suit b' 1). L MORRISON A CU,, no 5 Corner of TwaUth ai d Bits. T" O GROCERY. C "INFECTION" ER8.Sfc.GAF DhAl.hH?* and RK?TaL'KA1T?. PAPER BA<iS tAPKH BAOS, PAPER BAdS t?ix*e ranging from half pound to twentv pounds i>i different out liiee of papar. for ?* < S* FRENCH 4 KiCHSTEIN, UTH Pa a*. N. B.?A iot ?-f o.d Newspapers, anitable fo wrapping paper, for sale. bo 17 k. J. BOVKE DU1T3 IMPERIAM WINE BITTERS, _ Are sow a^'nt csed from Maine to the Great 8*1 LAk?. in 1 Mia unvirfAi vmrriint r%t all ?ka anrf pr^snt v *a for wla U> tae public. Forth* ;SM' Wi^&stsss4fiCi?.n-^& puunu. and a.i ?.?? f^unnj ?toaic,tb?7 ara b? yond doabt a o o?t iaw-iabla rtniwr, Ailde uon thatr oKidiei&a ?ro?*iu<* they u? a par*, whol* od:? and tie .*.i-t/?i producing aJJUM iMuaa. oxh ">nr.( tjjou of Hrardy or WiM v-ituo it thmr laJta-> reaaltt. Let all friend* oj namai- t *sd al! adtrccat"? of tmtpsrauoa &m!?1 ia in ?umi tJ'"z thJaa rai-jai.ia V^csUbn liitten i r to* ?%****! * ?- ?*" awl md*ii*xuj Ltqmarj with whic/i >he ocuntrj la floodaa, and tharaby mfaor _. v!y aid m baa. r Air f i)i??a?e and Oranke&MM "~%.lgBP"* ..-Pfr-t BQTKP DOW. _ IiiPfHIAL Uin HJTTMMS. Pm HiMwn of t.'i? Ridnwa, Bladder Md Vntmn Orc&iia, ud wr IeuuUe Obatniotwia B?rer falftu c?r?, tod are vtrruUd to |i*? mUu""^HAKLE* WID DIFIBL#* COF,?,ZE. jeriyv A?w>t. WfLinxton.X)7C. WDIAR1K8, DlARIEfc! K Have &eorn^ieUuauri.oeat ot DIARIES - MOBDN. AO 30 (I&Ut ); m4 Eleventh it. ??^?? .MISCELLANEOUS. 1 jMREMEN'S Isstl LANCE COMPANY I i o1} I WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. -? w Capital...... ?200,000. P** corn r C strt't and Louutanm ?r., ?tht B*mk {* of Vf<x*ki*tt?*. 2 Dixxcroa*. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, >amuel Cropiey. Wi!liimWii?on, I R.chard Jones, John D. BaroUy, I Jacob Oideoi, Andrew Roth wall, fa Thos. Parlrer, Rishard Barry, I B. B. French. w fio cbftrge for ?*?j ADAMS, Pre?id?at. I AilL G. Davis, Secretary. oe 10-eo6?i fa ?URE OLD WHW^T FOR MEDIPrU* #3 ftr g*U?m or SO ctntt per bet tit. Th* raft home and foreim demand w hafor his article snfBeienUy attests its parity, and exoel- ?noe. Moreover it may be mentioned In this 0o?- ( una tb?t man invalids of delieateorraniution. k oAble to oh wkiaky of other branda, hAve found tie ?bov? noit e&oAoioea And tiAppy is its efeoU. A iib^ral dleooont on tae Above prhoee mad* to n he trade, . Epw ARD ttALL, o Dealer in fine Winea And Laiiiors, fa FAxnilv Grooerisa. ftc.,"pp. Center Market. t oe?-*o?t between7th And 8th atreete. t \TOTICE TO JOURNEYMEN TAILORS. .^1 AT HOME AND ABROAD. , The following la a coriect liat of the employer* . rho pav the bill prtoea of, and are reoogniEed by, t he Society, to wit: .V. H, Stanford, Matlook A Griffith, aval! A Bro., Matlock A Herbert, 5Vm. Tneker, Jaroea Laokey, , i. \V. Hintm 4 Co., J. 1. Alolntosft, _oudon * Co., Thos. K. Gray, ? ?. W. Drew Var dorsn. n?Tl wfSrn agSKB N O T I C E! \^S. ! t9SBm I wi?h Ml gentlemen RHI to tx*ir in mind that tti? plan whieh I :opted, six r?ars ago, of Belling UWhaTS and BOOTS* at grvatly re ducted prica for CMh is in uceeaBful operation. Just received a full nupply oi the latest New Yorlt style* or UKKSS HA IS. The very Suest Hat #3 50; a first rate Hat 93: and very (cod, fashio-ahle Hat 92 50. All of the latest stj la* jf soft HATS and CAl'S,at the very lowest prioes. I ain oonstantly supplied with a very large stock of . those fine DRriSS BOOTS at 93.75?which 1 have 1 been selling lor many years?as -woll as the very best of Patent I,either G AITKRS at 9350. Fine French Calfskin Oaiters from 92 to 92 5". Term* cash; no extra charge in order to offset bad debts A1VTH()>^ , Agent for the Manufacturers, Seventh stroot, second hat store from the oorner, opposite Avenue House, No. 540. se 14- 3m /^-NUNIONRKSTAURANT,^. ff 1 I*. I i kit 1> '!* ?( ( # 1 I BjJ Jn; "D i\ i r r iji, n aw NfrJriifiy Corner ofl ?th and II ?U., tV>w doors nouth of l'a. av., Favier'a old stand. First Ward, Washington. His Mar is constantly supplied with tho choicest Liquors and Cigars. The Went Fn??i Oysters in Washington can h?obtained at his place. Families supplied with Oysters in ever> style, and at raftaouabla prices. se 2b-e?*3m ? CENTS' Fin? Calfskin fflwod Boots, ?3.75 VI (ients* Double-sola and D.iub e-upper mfb-a Boots, 35; Gents' line French CalfskinKHI Gaiters and Boots; B->ys'ana Youths' longV HI Boots; Ladies' Kid, M?roooo aud Goatskin* Rnlt.inrd Hoots: l.astin* Laoad. Hatioiied. (Jon greas, and Malakoff B?ot?. Alio, MR other style oi todies'. mis?e?' and ohildren'a Root* and Shoe, at J. ROSENTHAL'S, Pa. ar., between 8th ana 9th sts. oo 17-eotr Sash. bliSJJ moulding No. #G? Sktixth 9t*kkt, opposite Center Market N . O. CORNING, Srcc?s?o* to h. w. Hamilton a co. I take this opportunity of callintc the attention of Carpenters and Builders to the htock of 9ASH. DOORS, BUNDS, MOlLDINOS. Ao., Ao.. now in store and daily reoetvin* from the man ufsotory. It hu become a well Known Kot. that tn? materials furnished from thia ea:at>lianment are seoond to non?. Our atoolc w* warrant manufactured from well seasoned amber, and finished by experienced workmen. We do not hesitate to aey that we now have in store the moat complete a took of the above-mentioned articles ever bofore offered in thia vicinity, to whioh we respectfully invite the attention of the poblio. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, by purcha?inic your Building Materials at the Old Establishment, No. 562 Seventh *t eet, where you will get a good artio e at a fair prioe. OUR DOOR DEPARTMENT ia weatooked with a No 1 artioie of all the various size*, styles, and thicknesses. A small lot of Premium Faaoy Front Doora, wnioh are worthy the attention of those about buildinc?having drawn the first premium at the Pennsylvania State Fair, and manufaetured at the Empire Milla of Measra. Potter A Co. OUR SASH AND BLIND DEPARTMENT liaiso complete with all sue* and 'tries, to whioh weoall particular attention. Glazed >**ih oonsiant!? oi hand. Hot Bed Sash, Inside Shutters, Ao.. furnished at short notioe. OUR MOULD1 NO~DEPARTMENT is also comp ete with *11 the stjies cow io general use. We are also pr*pa'od tor-ninth Mon'.dings of any desired pattern. AN", all kinds of Turued Work, Sorofl Sawing, Newell Posts, BVo'ters, Door Frames,and Window Framos.of all kinds. Also on hanj.a general a-s^rtraertoi Glass, Putty, Ao . whicli *e are offering at low rates. H7-Aoaii is solicited and satisfaction given or no sate. N. B.?A liberal disoount Tor cash. N. G. CORNING. Proprietor of the Empire Sa?h. Blind and Moulding Kstablialiment, no 2-tf No: fitili Seventh atreet. Look to your interest, purchas* ERS OF CABINET FUKNITURE. We h&vo now in atore and daily to- mm oeiving the largest, handsomest, and cheapeat lot of Cabinet Furniture ever H offer ', to the citizens of Waahingtou.^^M^M tteorfetown and Alexandria, whioo oordial y invite a!, who desire furmsbiKg to call and examine for themselves. Our stuck emb'aoes every conceivable artiolo neoes*ary to furnish a parlor, hail,dining room, chamber, and kitohen. Our ex tensive st<>ck ta too numerous to partiouiariz& ' We only nano a few of the leading article*. auch aa, ViK: Koaewood, Walnot and Mahogany Parlor Suit*. upholstered in a superior man nor in Brooalelle Slik t*lu?h, Luting and Hair Cloth, Gilt frame Mantel. Pier and other Glasses, 8,It Base Tables, Gilt Brackets and Marble Slabs, Gothn and other handsome Reoeption Chai's, m Brocateie, Plush. t< ush and C?ne Seats, ttteceres, witJi Marble-tops and Mirror Baoks, Do. Parlor De*ka and Whatnots, I Rmovood, Walnut and Mahogany Bureaus. Waahstanda, Bedateada and Wardrobes, very ) handaome and cheat, r Cottage Chamber Furniture, in Oak. Imitation Oak. Maple and Painted, wiU? or without Mar bU Tops, Marb'e-top Hatraekc, in Oak and Walnut, Iron Hatraoks, Mall Stand*, iUoretaries, Bookcases, Sharing Standa, Marble top Center Tables, Hair and Mhuafc Mattresses, Feather Bolsters and Pillows, r Blanket*. Comforts, Quilts, Towels, to. In addition to our >toek of Furniture oar Oral t floor oonta>ns a large and well seieoied stock ol 1 China, Glaas and Crockery, Plated Goods, Japanese Ware, Table Cutlery, Britannia Ware, Blocktin Goods, Baskets, Brushes, A.C., altogether farming a oomplete variety of ever* thine neaeaaarr to - rurniah a hou?# in alt its apartments C. W. BMTE1.KH A SONS, k In?p Hall, No. Penn. avenue, a me 17-M AThtl UtWMp <nh and 10th eta. '? GENTLEMEN'S 4 ll RE %PV-MADE CLOTHING. Our present asaortim?nt of GENTLEMEN'S , R K A D k - MA DK CLOTHING enure to oitizeui ' and etrangera wiahiag an immedi ate oat fit eupenor inducement*, embracing, at thia tim?, al atf lea and qualities of I)reaa ani Baatneaa Garment* and Overooata in all varieties. Fine Bhirti and Under-clothing of all kioda. Kid and othei , li'ovee of beat quality. Scarfs, Ties, Cravats Sto?ks, Hosiery, Ac.. Ac. All of whioh we ar? offering at r>nr uaual low prioea. irT" Clothing nnid*t> order in tho moataaperioi manner. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. j no 16-tf 3 P*- avenue. DUKh OLD RYU W HISKY -On hand seven - K brand? of Pure OLi Rye Wliuky, Copper Dia . ? - * ?* l uutKi, ntfcio uj me nou rouabie Uiatillera in Pennaylvaiua, Maryland aod Virginia, warrant?*! pare, Aito, Imported liraodiea, Henneaay, Otard. Dnpuj A Co., Juiee Robica, &e. Alao, Poaoh and Apel< Branay, pur* Holland 81n, old Jamaica andSt Croix Rnm, and Wine* of every variety, all ol etandard orauda. A ckoioe lot of Cicara and Tor bacoo YOUNG A KEPtiARY, Awnto. ap U-lr 81"* Pa ay., botw. fttn and 10th ate. WGALTS' OOD A N 1) COAL , OFFICE, Pa. A*., Brrw. lira am> lira 9n? North aide. Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth eC, J ma 11 A W*lnw War pwftwwii | rj W. HAMILTON 1 tl. PAINTER, and DEALER IN PAINTS, I No. *83 7th Strut, ntar 0<ld F$lla%0f> HmtL i an t-tr PUTTV~7s DOWN. I rp" CEMETERY NOTICE. I 1 HE9nbeortb?rofl>reforaaleDi8BtockofMARBl.K MONUMKNTS. TOMBS, GRAVE STONES and MARBLE MANTELS at reduced arlcee for oaah or app'ored notoa. An early oa 11 la , Solicited. \VM. RUTHERFORD. Marble Worka, 35U E at. nortn, MlT%i Ji. w pnu I*m fuu l*fl? I ROUGHS, coLDSyHuAESKNKBS, *O. COMPOUND SYML PHof OUM ARABICThie piMMit and popular Conch KeiMd/ hM bMnao lone koowi. and A^ntiveiy that most P?wni havo become familiar with iU Mtraordina' rj??out. ltoaa b?had atall the ?rino ?al dmc ?lor? mdtoo?wU>bofaU. d*m**o4m? NkW tfii'SSffgi. 0*881Bia Avenue, have juet r*o*iv*d a Wrce variety of B?w Fall Good?, to which the* invito the attoatioi ottumr frieadaaad CBitomn. m sa-tf 1 N'i&?MmMMriC?aU&* aoJ loui .u, nil 'BUNKS, BOOTS ?ND SHOES. JOOTB AND TO 8UIT THJ5 We are now mannUctn-ing all ktndi of BOOTS td HHOhS, and eoprtuitfr receiving cpply of eastern made work of everyde-SHM jnption, mad* expreielj to order, and willy Vv ? eold at a moon lower arioa than ka* keen' lib retofore charged ia thia oitj for rtoeh inferior pareoaa in want of Boota and Shoaa of carters or Itr "ad* work, will alwaya find a good au JrUnea 'Cfftpfcvax7 M*-r 114 FeaaaylTaaia aveou*. GMVlj Hunuuv I*A V ;4*mhm and PaokfnjTnuika. Ov trunk* " alaa room exhibit* at thia tun* tha n?tMt variety I travoiia* raajuaitaa. at moderate pnoaa, to do mod thi? ?id? of Nov York. Also, varr daaana{alickE' ID* Old Trunk* nyaind or taken in exohnnia it now obm. WALLf STEPHENS * CO? Trunk S&laa Boom, iw ll-tf SM PL avenue. 301TTMKKN TRUNK MANUPACTOKT, Li. ovtizZVSafft^m. V. c TnrMra will study their interest* by txaninm ay TRUN 18, VAUCfcS 4o , before nr ?y ItMnf el?ewere Ai I use none bot theBBMI oat maianal the market affor?la and Araalo*^^0*' ho Mat workman, I qan confidently reoon.mend my rark to ba superior in Strength and Dvubility to *L.? ? I- -ri. : ..J ..U V, ... .?-zissa^'" <??"' ?*?"t o?^*i???av*iio??,? ?^?>"*Md FAI*U 8*?"1NB "MM" TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. g?i.ip?^w.i,jpwy CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November 2Sth, lfW0,the trama wilt run aa follow* : LEAVE WASHINGTON First tr?in at ?.2U a. m. Second Train at 7.?> a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. id., Expresa. Fourth train at 6p m LEAVK BALTIMORE: First tram at 4.15 a. in., Expreea. Second train at 8.35 a. m. Third at 3.10 d. rri. Fourth at 4 'H p. in., F.xpres*. The first, second and third train* from Washington oonneot through to Philadelphia and New York. The ceoond and third connect at Washington Junction with trains fur the West, South, and Nortnweet; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napolie. For Norfolk take the '40 a.m. trai . for tin accommodation *wl the war travel between Washington and Laurel, a patsenger oar will t>e attached to the tonuig* train which leaves at S.4'1 p. m. In Saturday the 3.10 p m. train goes to Philadel phi* only. no 26 d T. 11. PAR8QN8, Agont. NEW ORLEANS ZDJ TBRBB SATS WITH TH> CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. Efrms-mRmmmm ALL RAIL ROUTE. Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNOHUUR?: Virginia and Tennessee. East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Ckattanoota Mempkie and Charleston, Muritstjpri Central, New Orleans and Jaekton TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTSROUTE: Memphis by Rail,tu?nce br First olass Pickets t New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thence to Mobile by Pint o.ass Packets, Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Stoamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?S?I?DAT3 IrfCLVsn Leave Washlttften a: 8 a m und 6 p. m. s no mo?ner vcvikwir raub iwtn ner vu; foot of Seventh ttreet at 6M a. m. and Stf p. m. an oonneou tt Alexandria with the Orange and Alej tndria Trains for the BoDthweat. Ottoe? Feun*y lvaaia avenae, corner of Sixth it UMisi cnciu THBooaa to law oiuuii Lynohbarf? ?lfc) Memphis f" 1 Bnatol II oo Atlanta . M Rnoxnlle __ . .WOO Maooa s Chattanooga .MOO Cclnmbua II Dei ton ?|?. M 00 Montfomerr Hunt*villa? .TT 00 I vlaMemphiMS Brand Junction??*> Oft N.O.J via 9. June..?J i NMQTfllO U HI > Tl* Mobile. TI1IB ROUTE 13 ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is *00 MILES SHORTLR.and 44 UOUK.3 LE? IN TIME than any other Lie*?tl.e Lynchburg E*t?n?i< being now completed, aa alao the Misaiaaippi Central, n&king it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROV7 FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with Firat-claaa Bleeping Cart: ( To New Orleana, 78 Bow TIME | ' li ^ ( Rasimile -J _ !46 do RT'Ths U. 8. MAJL~apd ADAMS' EXPREI are takon overthis New Line. Tiokets oan be obtained at the South Waat? Office, oorner of Sixti. ntreet ?nil Pennsylvania 4 ec uo, to the follow mi points: Lynchburg, Brutal, KnoxviUe, At! in Cbattanooca. linnUTiile. Brand Jonotion Macon, Nashville, Dal ton, Colanibi Alontcomerj^ w , t*a f't;^jVtemyhis, and ITT THROUGH TICKETS TO THB f RTOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. ICTOmnibuses and Baccate Wacom leave 1 offloe at 8 a. m. and p. p. JAMES A- EVANS, Ticket A rent, man tr Corner Sixth *t. and l'a. ai THE STEAMER JAB. SUV Will resume 1 1 tnp. on TUESDAY, nut of J* Pobru&rv, I860. WiH leave WASH INOTON every TUESDAY FRIDAY, ate oVloo* a. in..and ALEX AN Pit at half-Mate o'olook, for CUURIOMAN *ud < intermediate lAiidinra. On her return trj/g,' will leave CUBRIOMAN every WE^tSDi aad SATURDAY, at 6 o'clock %. nu _ LUCiAN ?. p *<*E, Proprietoi NATH'L BOUSH. Ag't .ifacandria. fa a for 8tamp1no ' r^lr a packet of papf.j i ] and envelopes no to match, IrMARcr MinilVhl A1 KrKOfUL.1T A N I B90KST0RE. I PHI LP & SOLOMONS, irmti for Laurenti't itUbrmtid Ltn'n farm I "Mtlroroittan Milis," r ?e 24 lr 333 !'? ?v . bat. 9th and l^th it I fLOAKH! CLOAK CLOAK 8!!! . The Camilla, the Arab, theOanbaldi, The Romeo, the Zouave, th*Alb&na?, TW? D *L? *. *3 t? ?l -n? ? ? > IIO muiiBIUi uio mniiiii ineri?nca With many othor new and beautiful atyea i Rept. Treoo and French Beaver (Moth, in prii fr ?n A3 AO to *'*i, to which wa aak the atteuUor the laAiea. , no 17 TAYLOR ? HUTCHISON Francis harper, HATUie OM!tKI> A. I FAMILY GROCERY AND FEEDSTORK Corn'r of A'?e York avonue and Tenth ttreet. Reapectfully aolieita the patronage of tboaew u<:.y be in want of any article in the above line. I endeavora ahall be to pleaee, and by a atrict atU tion to the wanta or the Dublin hn *? ahareof their patronage. Hit tockNnwior evwy artiole uaually to round in a fuat-olaaa Family Urooery ana F< "*or*- ma 17-) HOWE'J*lMFROVlSpWKI?HIN?BCALl Theae Scale* are offered to (he publio aa I most aim fie. durable, and reliable aoafea ever ant Society; Virginia Stato Arneulturai Fair: Frank Institute Fafr, Fmnirlvann; New York Atate Fi Vermont State Fair, to., to. In every oaae wh< jxaiDiiau utruva reoenroa nr?t claeipraauui Chil^*Iron9?S?,^J#* lm,", of d? U lT K* 0. PATTT80N. Aran1 W^aaiNBTON BbWlNtt KuUMto, <M 9li ?<? MM doerl North 0/ P?. An 1 * ??* SPRIN0 and 9 I'M Ml ?HIRTS mad* ? to order. Th? anbafribaru r VmSSSSMSXSbfL i.?.?. una. ?. . hot*. i. l 4ini Kfa.^p^^i^B.j&S's'sr BR^.xi5?5fJbS"a~,L<as D?r oTThirtMntb itrMt-A wj oomplete liaoi t MI8CBUL AN EXMJS. Tn imuHiTioii or L?etA?n.-Tli*n ia a r growing teuoeocy i* ttiu age to appropriate tl? inMKASVrMMva vordaofother lancaacMAoO after a while to moorparala tham into our own; time the e void Cepbalio, which it Irom the?reek. ?iguifying 2 "for the head, la now becoming popn arised in connection with Mr. ?pal<hng'a treat Headaoh* t remedy; bat it will anon be meed in a more general | way, and the word Caphauo will beoome aa t oominon aa El^cfrutyno and many other? whoa* dieti notion aa foreign word* haa been worn away , by oommon naace on til they aeem "native and to , the manor bora." , . 1 * 'ardly Realized. < Hi 'ad 'n 'orribJe 'eadaohe this afternoon, band I ' tapped into the hapetheeariea han>1 ?aye hi to the man, "Can yoa heaee me of aa 'eadacher" "Doea it haehe "artf," a&ya 'e. "Hexoeedirgly," ear* hi. i and upon that 'e gare a* a Cephaue Piil. hand 'poi ae 'onor it oured rne n tiitt that I'ami? realised I 'ad 'ad aa 'eadache. C^Hxadachk ? the fsTonte ugn by which natare i-iu ieawi my IniatiM whatever from the nataral state of to* brain, and viewed in thii light U mar be looked eaae a eafeen&rd intended to grve wabee of diaeau which might otherviae t>?oape attention, till too late to be remedied: an1 itetMMAiaae ehould never be neelected. Ueadaahea mar t? e?ae*iSed ander two a&mee, via: Symptomatic aad idiopathic). Symptomatic Headache te exceedingly ?<>mmon and is the precursor of a great variety of diaeeaee, amour Which are Apoplexy, Moat, Khetimatiam and all f-brile Jiaeaaae In rarvfliia f<vrnt it ia . MmaeUa*.* ilia. n? i ??i i*-?i an in nivmiicviu ui>* eaae of the stomach oon*mutin? sitlc htadarki, of hopatio disease oornUtnung biliout htadackt, of worm*,owu*tipatioD andother disorders ofthe i.oval* as well m renal and uterine afTootmiu. Diaeaaee of uie heart are very frequently attended with Haadaohaa; Aneemia a> d plethora ara alao affections which frequently ocoasiou headache. Idiopathic Headache ia alao very common, being usually diatingniaheri by the narne of nerroux htadackt, aon<elimea oaming on auddenly in a itate ef apparently sound health and proatrating at once the menta1 aad physical energies, and in other inatanoea it ouitMB on alowly. heralded bydepreaaion of spirits rr acerbity of temper. Inmost inttaneee the pain ia in front of the head, over one or both eyea, and aometi i e8 provoking vomiting, mder this oiaaa , inyr a ao be n/imed nettrait in. For the treatment of other o'aaa of Headache the Cephalio I'll.a have been found a aire and safe remedy, relieving the moat acute pama in a few minutes, and by ita subtle power eradicating the diaeaaeof which headache ia the uneirmg index. 9 B*ido*t.?Missus wants you to send her a box o* t;ppna ie no, ariouieoi rr^parei run.? but I'm thiokinc that's sot just it raith*r; bet psr h?M ye'U be an her knowing what it is Ye seel he's n'rh dead and gou? with the Siok Headache, and wanta some more of that tame a* relaived her before. Dm?t*f.-Vou mutt mean Spalding's Ophalio Pills. RriHttt.?Och ' sure now and iron're sed it, here's the qua Iher and giv me the Pills and don't be all day about it aither. Constipation or CestirencM. No one of the "many ills flesh is heir to" is so f>rt\a.eui, to iiuie ui.atr?i< <><i. ant) in muon n?g oted aa Coanvanes*. Ofen originating in oarele series". or sodentary habits; it is regarded a? a Blight disorder of too'itiie oouapquenoe to excite anxiety, while in reality itia the precursor and oompamon of man? of the moat fitai anil dangerous diseases, and unless early eradicated it will bring the sufferer to an nnt.mely grave. Among the tighter arila of whioh Coativenesa ia the usnal attendant ar? Head&ohe, Colio, Rhruraatitm, Foul Breath. Piles, and others of like natnre.whilaalong train offrightfai diaeaaesauoh aa Malignant Fever a. Aboesses, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, i>t*rrhea, Apoplexy, Kpnepsr, Hara'yaia, Hyyreria. Hypochondriasis,Melancholy andlnsaoity, first Indioate their presence in the system by this svmptom. Not uiifrequently thodiseai?s ramad originate in Const pation, but take on an independent txi*t AnA4 till 1*91 t h A Aftll IO 1 nra/^ I rsfo/1 in an tsrla m .> v?w? " wsrwHw ?? wi ivuiwnvw in au ? mi ly Piatoi From all these considerations it foil >ws that the dirorder should reooive immediate attention when, ever it occur*, at d no perron ?h >u'd negleot to get a box of Cephalic Pills on the first appearance of the complaint, as their timely u*e will expel the insidnous approaches of diseaee and destroy this dangerous foe to human life. A Real Blessing. Physician.?Well, Mra. Joiiee, how is that headaohe' Mr$. J&ut.?iione! Doctor, all gone! the pill you sent cared me in just twenty minutes, and 1 wish you would seuU uiore so that 1 can have tliei* handy. , Pkvsieian.?You can ret them at any Druggists. Call for Cephalio Pills, I find the* never fail, and 1 Jrcoemm^nd them in all cases of Headache. Mrt. Jo-Ats.?l shall send for a box Uireotlr, r.nd t. shall tell all my sufl -ring friends, for they aie artal bUtttng. I. (I7*OvEm KxciTXMKtT. and the mental oare and anxiety incident to close attention to bus ness or DO stuJy, are among the numerous oauses of Nervous DO Headache. The disordered state of mind and body no incident to this distreestnr eosiDlairit < it. ratal go blow to a 1 ftnerry and ambition. Sufferer* by this (10 disorder oan aT?ays obtain steady relief from SO th?ee diit eaai"e att.\oks by using one of the Ce10 phalic Puis whenever th* symptoms appear. It 00 quiets the overtatked braiu and soothes the strained and jarring nerves, ard relaxes the tension oi the stomach which always acoompaDies and aggravate* ilia disordered ooudiUon of the brain. J8 _ an Twknty Mii.moxs of Dolmrs Saved.?Mr. >d ^l1*- ding has ao!d two millions of bottles of his oei? el ruled Prepared (ilueasd it is estimated that each botm saves at !e*st tan dollars worth of broken ! furniture, thus making an aggregate of twenty millions of dollars reclaimed from total loss by this rs. va'-i^ble invention. Having made his Olue a household word, ho now proposes* to do the world still greater servioe by curing ail the aching heads with . hi* Cephalic Puis, and if they areas good as his Ulue. Headaches will soon vanish away like snow AS in July. Fact* worth howim-Ppaldinu'e Cephahc ,T~ I'll In ure a certain cue for Sick lloartaene, iii i hub Headache. Nervous Headaohe, CoiUv?n?H, tfc> and General Debilitr. ? it, ? . Gbbat Discovzxy.?Amonr the mart importac! . - of a'l the treat medical discoveries of tins a*? iuai *" be oonsidorod the erstem of vaccination for protee tion from Small Pox. the Cephalie Pill for relief ?.| Headaohe, and the uMof (Jul. ine for the preven ,h0 ti<>nof Foyers, either.of whieh in a sure specific whoso benefits will be e^peiieuoed by sufferiiij humanity lone alter their disoo verera are forgotten mm fm i i1*1 rr7?df? tod ever have the Si;k Hoadaohe.' De J| you r*?nember the throbbing temples, the fever#< w*, the loathing and disgu?t at the sight of food (A How totally udG* tou were for pleasure, eonversa ii,e tion or study. One of the Cepha'ie Pills woulc ,he have relieved too from ali the aufTerioc wbioh to? IV then experienoed. For this and other purpoaei you should always have a box ol them on baud t< r, as* as oooasion requires. ?_ CURE ' NervousHeadache - CURE <\i . JriniS 6 ? Headache. ' By the ?m of theee Pills the periodic attacks o tfrrvou* or Siik Htadaehe may be prevented; an* lit if taken it the oommenoement ol an attack inline diate reliel from pain and siokneas will be obtained They seldom fail in removing the A'mjm an< be Htadcuke to wbioh females are so sabject. >ed Theyaot sentlv neon the bowela?r?mn?m? L limtit. RPor Littrary Mtn, Stvdmti, Delio?U Females and all Mraona of ikabiij, they are ml g_ valuable as a Laxative, improving the appttiu ra! giving tout and etgec to the digestive organs, an restoring the natural elasticity and strength of tin ~{ whole system. aa The CEPHALIC PILLS are the recaltof loni r investigation and carefully oonduoted experiments t. having keen in nee many years, during which tiini ? they have prevented and relieved a vast amonnt o I M.n ?B<I ? ifari *1 H ? J 1 * 1 " " m r?iw uvn noAUMne, vnoiner ori(l uating in the ncrrenj ayatam or from a derange* ataU of the ttommek. oa, They are entirely vegetable in their eoapoeition 7 and may be taken at all time# with perfect safetj t without making any ohaage of diet, and Ike mt> ?. t,nct if amp dttngreeable Mrti renders it M'? ti ' administer tkem to children. 9 BEWARfi OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five aigaatarea ol Beary C, 2! Spalding ob eaah Box. !? - - - ? - ? - w bom ey Iiracnata and all otber DwleratnMedi f* einM. (yr A Box will be ant by mail prepaid on reeeiftol ? th* PRICE, U CENTS. All ord?ri should be addrmwed |o T HENRY C. SPAUDINtt. 90l*-d*wly 48 Cedar BUM, New York. MIBOBlifaAKBOPa r? vm*>mk'Bm<it?'urn* ' CoM^oontly I Ih*r< ^main in WuhiutOB fad I frC'ty* Tj^ir Karnitur* in th? bMt tyl*. I alto, MM iUNttM Itnour observed, u4 work do?t ia the beat w?a w j .. ?< ... uviiiimk ?t., auria utl, BKTNI Ml I udnkiu. , v I P. 9. &>( ret a* fre? af oharja, u aaaal. an ?? Sm OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS METERS. NOTICE IS kbly to tkc ?r?vteioBa of ttM ordiaaaoa of tka Corporation atprovad Mm IX IBM, tha aaiaraifnad la now prepared, "wpenmjet repaired la writinf. ao4 OB pre pajaMcit or tk? fw of iftj oenU, to Iwywl xamine, tact, ?rore, aad avoartaia tte aoovraay of and uoUir, Nai?u aad marked aa tma, will be ut IB iu li?M If ifMrail ts k* uainta i? ? - iMMnr^aiebt of ru, it wHl kamiou fcooordiagty, and mib rut id ?oaiuob ior uae. ??o. No. ?10 Seventh *tr??t.(naftr Odd P?|?W' H^iU%K8r0^Cl?NNYN^HAM, jyU-tf iospMtor a*d 8?*i?r of ?m MeUra. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEkEEPERS. ~ E. R. DURKEB ft CO.*8 ZIXjZIOT 8FIOXS. Gurutatd not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLV PURE, but fro and from frosh Spioes, eoiec'.ed and e.?*u?c br ui expressly for the purpoe* without raM^o* to ooet. They ?re heaut;rai!? parked in "tinfoil, (lir oU with paper,) to prevent injur? by keeping, and are loll weight, whiln the ordinary rromad npioM are almost invariably short. We warrant litem, in point of strength ana nehneu of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON. M a uncle trial will abandantly prove. Manufactured only by iffrPaa^au^ivSfa^. ' WATCH REPAIRING AN DHILYER WARE manukactorv: I have one of the t<?st establishments, and fur cished withcomplete set of tools for re?ir ink ev?-ry tt-'Koripuon ot' tin* Watches, and f articular attention five U> the same, hy a^MB iorouch competent workmtn.and a. work guarantied Al o, ?i*ery dascrip ion of standard SI I. VER WAR K. p'atn and ornamental. manufactured undor my own supernaioa, which my cnntomara will iM far superior in gualit) and finish to northera ware aold by dealers in Ranoral and represented as their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, ?e6 *33 Pa. avenue, near wh it. in <1 n Iflf V W M* YY WOOD!! W O O D'J! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD.?ttheIovm possible prioe. T. J. ft W. M. GALT, 28a P&. iv? between 11th and 1Kb ?U., HlMr ai4 i200D~i7i?HT! ~ ~ " VJ enKAP LIGHT! SAFE LIGHT t TARAFFIN EOIL. from Co*l. KING ft HURCHELL00 15 Ac?nU fttr ill The above PURE W H18KY, Corns Diittllsi> 9rom Maltid Guhi, bein< euperior and uniform S <uaWy. and hlib.y improved by a?e, i? preferred oooanmers to ill other W hiakiee, and partioa rlr reoounnendod by the beat phyaioiana and caemiata as JwpMlH a'.I the requirements of T?th Tcnit i*??fer?Jor and Krm>d\al ififi. The Schorltill Water ol Philadelphia, ueod in #vf tkia \X7V?.?W-w %m V- ? I ? I.'iv uta Iiiv*iv? VI ?u? ?T Uiot}, iO yiuiru uj 111 J in t3 be the coftest and purest wver in the United States ; and to tfcu mty, in a jreat d?rw, b? attribute tho exoeileuoe ol this Whisky. For aalo by FRfcEttAN 4. SIMPSON. rfcernx Duti.iery, On the Sohnylkili river, Philadelphia Offices?9?? wall street. New York ; 109 8e&tk Front street. Philadelphia. And can be had in Washington of iVumod Baoon & Co , 319 Pa av.; H.J. Ryon, Wosttth at., oorner D; Kennedy A Puch, 60S West 7th st; Bfarray A So.nmes, 40T Pa. av.; J. B. Wilkon. 38T Pa.av; Barbour A Semines, 66 La. nil. C. Purdy, 403 Pa.**^ Wra. Bryan, 44ICarket By.; Mooro, Ciasell A Co., 3S7 West 7th st; 0. F. Galiok, 556 N J. av ; A. fjaddu- Jr.. A Co., M, oorner feast nth; Ed warti Hall, 4 0 Market Space; E. E. White A Co .63 La. av^ John H. Seromos ft Co . 833 West Ninth st. oo?-Iin // ^ & looaoKTi 'V\V DISPATCH! ^ 3a?e UjB_Pieiei! it iNU?Ui ?*til karrm, mm* to ?mU-rtnlmui , fmmilw, It Is t?7 dMinbl* to h?T? acuta tk?| and convenient wm for ropcinnx Fnmitnro, Tor* Oreoftory, A*. SPALDING'S PHEFAini Ci.n meet* all such eroerjenoiM. and no honsehold oai allot J to be wituout ;t, li is always ready and u| to the stiokinj mu>*. There is no longer a necee sity for li.upiag chairs,splintered ???neers, beadleei dulls. anil broken oradlea. It is just the article foi . cone, shell, aod other ornamental work, so popaiai with ladies of retanemcnt and taste. . . , ' This admirable preparation is used cold, beiM : ohemioally held in solution, and aocaeacinf all tlM ' valuable enclitics of the best cabinet makers' fins It poay be used in the piaoe of ordinary maollaf* being vastly more adhesive. 1 " USEFUL IN MTMRY HOPSM." Prut, U cent*. N. B.-A Brash acoompanles each bottle. Wk?Ufl* Dtfi, No. 48 Cedar street, New Yert ! Ad4r~ MENR??8^L3Di^G^?vVh i 4llSMSSfet2&?!?55S ? to ShowCard aooompanjinc each package. J IET A uncle bottle of SPAf.SHN&8 PRE PIREJ) GLIIE vill ea*e ten tunea ita eost an nualiy to erfcry honashold?/Ti Sold by all prominent Stationary, DnifiMi Hardware * nd Kuroitnre DmIwi, drooara, am Kanoy Store*. Country raorohanta should make a not* of SPAL Dlff&'S PREPARED VLUB, vW making : their liat. It will atand any olimate fa l?^ly / tMUEfeJU* o f\ Uldk/< ,, Ma?/a<**r?a w</?-^P C>' <]S>1 J& ? *>/? ?u t* ('i? aUm Ittmhlltr n iff y ^ * / P ?'* ^ r ?/1kt Mmrn fitim,) fum Jj 9\*00 ^ </ Mfrr, prrf'ti it J ut*. Xtvmmfn^^f '** ?"* Mr**"* mw ?.' 'pj ?T. <i? tW????<, ,f? MmUeukti L tr <r??w ff ! ^ CAUTION. I PURCHASERS SHOULO BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY [ WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS IMUMymnq WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHLRS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJJALT. OLE PROPRIETOR M SSBTHWILUAH SI NEW TDRL ^fammVSSSSV9mmm [NPBOTINE; I o?, PIKIIAH V I TIK 0 U A IM < FMTEM AND A9VE EXTERMINATED ' HI HUMAN CONiTITl'TlON liTIO FROM WRBCft. THE FEETENTrWC AND REMEDY ran. INTERMITTENT AND BILIOUS FEVER* ~ 1 CURK8 1NSURKD IN A DAT. NATURE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. INFECTINE, ISPECTlffE. INPECTINE, INPECTIME ISPECTJNE, INPECTiNE TM twnbUknown m the FEY KR AND AO UK kM MlttH hundred* of Uo??*o4? of ft tferoaghoat Ui? world cvary jmr. kM never till now b?m nX by ?a?o?MlMl mdioa trtMant Utt kM not prodaoed mtm MEDICINAL DIt?F.A?K8. i T wkuoh UT?ot th? ) ( , the ap tka H?ar, It heart, or oOtm parti of the l.uiuaa orguim. Tha INTKCTINK u U? ut?rtl tintiMtd of all ftr?ri. ud vkH it mm ia toitMi with tk? akia, is kbwrM by tha lmt?rior or?ui. whioh ra?iat Mil; bium tad tU UbMmlm towtrda Uoaa tnaladiaa which proatraU th? mind aad bodf with fertc# Pa?ar U4 A|?? fwmit froai sanarova eaaaaa. No plaaa la asawipt from tka eaaaaa whiah promote the MiiOaaa af the dtaeaee. That baiac oaaa aaat ?d la the arahaai. ladaoaa deartaaioa tJ ikinii. >u itnd?, IU(W< kill*. ( * ?. u4 a loaf train of Muttiou, itynnti U* patioat of *U turir. ui rotaotac kia or Mr to a ooaditiaaof EXTREME HELPLESSNESS. Why will My om nffir U>? horror* of a ?U6Witattac latormittoat Foror. vkon by tko mm of U>? INVALUABLE INPECT1NE. OK PERSIAN FEVEE CHARM. ? ?*? ?I ? --f-'i otwkUk ALL TRACKS OF DISEASE MAY BE ANNt MIUATKD IN A FEW HOIR8. 8KLF-CARE IS BETTER THAN PHY SMC. NATURE 18 WISER THAN ART. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. THE WISE APPLY WHILE THE FOOLISH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO CUBE. DELAYS AEE DAN SEROUS. THE IMPECTIRE, PERSIAN PEVEE CHARM, t Hu oarad Uouula of both win of Ul bml , draadfkl Finn. Kh4 and raflaoL I WONDERFUL EFFECTS. \ Laaiaal Bobw! 1. of Plttabarc, f or two yaara aaa! laaa to himaalf and aociaty-a aaartyr to Ckilla aad r Fmrmt?<nr?d in laaa than thraa WNki, ana ii?prowad la aigtt hoars. Mary K. Balkaat, 8a&daaky. Ohio. afl*r alaoat losing har raaaaa aa vail a? atraafth b? la tar mittast Farar, With ChiUa, raatorad to haalth ia J. R. Tiltoa, of Balfrade. Malaa, broagU from dMtk'i door, hanag nffmd for (air mri, ?1<? wall ! far* vttki, and pro Tad IB tv? koara. Adolpha MoBKro of PruM, raliara* IB ?M hoar. whila traTalliac la tha tan of tha Port Wayaa ud Chiaaco Railroad. Ua vaa apparaat . ly dyiac arith Ohiiia. I Ellaa R. Daaaoa, of Loakport, Na?r York, raaaaad altar aavaa yaara* aafanag. A yarfaat aara. ' Thoaaaad of othar aaaaa praraatad aad aarad * a2o7 >ot 1 wn?1* ' fKiat ol Ua IHPECTI ME. s * A 3 1 A ? F a T a R v u A A ? TMY IT, PMOrK IT. KNOW IT. Ami mok* koovo ita woodorfWi rovwi ui ?i t?M, tfcot tkoM who mmtf, or wfco art UmUaM' with offorimg, nor b* l?d to bm o amylo, iobaxiom pr*?oroaoB, iBuiakarf by Uo i?id ot Notoiofor BLBSSlNOf * ZNPBIOTZNa ' : bHtlkr 4. B. MOORE, US ri imm AND BY ALL Ml'MllTfl AND MBWCINB DBALEBS IN AMEBIC A. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, Beat br Mi! M My rut of tt? Uaiu4 BtolM KEMBMBERt ItbwtUkM imtti, tatUmlM ?<mOr, ?ooora>ii4 m> dttmttm, wkmfc imowhu ancpactvbed ?v i?ll wilcox * c?.( 1m maim mur, bicbmond, vibbinja. BRANCH OmCE, . ? >? No. M BANK OP COMHBBCB NILMNOr NEW YOBS CITY.

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