Newspaper of Evening Star, November 30, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 30, 1860 Page 1
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/ 4 :'.( 7*~\ * " e J : " -7 * -. ' '*' Steins f|K * fc ' 1 V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 30. 1860. N9. 2.430 mm THE DAILY EVENING STAR * n PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THI STAR BUILDING*, Cr> net /PtnnsyltMmi* avenui mnJlltA St., T W. D. WALLACO. ??CTad jn p?o(t(N try oftrrt?rs it |4 I I'M. or S? cents per month. To mail aaheeriD?o the price it $s_y> a year, i* mdvamtt; $2 ft>r til month*; for three months; tod lor iaaa tbu tnree montha nt the rote om oertta ? week. 8in*^, o!*k cot; in wrapper#, two cs^ta. *T7 ADvnTi?BT(R<Tsaaonl<l be aent to the ofioe l-eiore 12 o'cieok in.; other viae they moy not appear nctil the ae?t U%y. IiciDKST* or the Wu ts Cats* ?A. letter from China. In the Journal de Chartrea, givea the following incident in the taking of the first of the Chineae forta that have jnat fallen Into the power ef the An^io-Freach army. The writer aaya: A fl?K of truce waa aeat to our camp, with a re ?^1'H iQai wj wonia (uiprnu vui arr Chinese time to borv their deid. A? the temped In which the Cbineee bold the de*d is tbetr sole relig'on, the reqarttvrM granted At tbeaxpir*' tton t.f the two hour* another flag was sent to us, with a request for an armistice of another two hours 1 ats aeond request was granted, but our tieneral charged the envoys to inform their chief tiiat no further del 'y would be accorded, and that our fire would open on their forts, without fall, at the end of tLus new suspension At tbe close of the four hours thus granted we commenced lrtng on the forta, but perceived that tbe latter made no ?_ 11' .1 . A . V... f ,,t. .r-A fA?r,A Tepijr. H C mcrtupun cn?-rcu *uv them empty But we found a letter written to our General by sMn-ko-lin sing, the Genefcil-in-Clilef, "which ran as fvliows, beinjj translated by oar Interp fter : " (Jt-neral?The valiant aoldiera of thy great Kmp?rur are mora valiant thaa mine 1 capitulate .? A sirn.lar letter w:u addressed to the English General Oa entering a court of one of these forta the soldiers ws-e astonished to nee some forty or fifty eirthea j ?rs, standing in a row, apparently full of water, with a pair of 1 ttle feet sticking up over the edge of each. On breaking theae jars, to ascertain the nature of their contents, they were >*111 moreaatoniauedtofliidlneacha dead woman, with her head downward*, drowned by thia lingular made cf Immersion. On Inquiry, it wai averti' ied that the Chinese, before quitting the for**, adopu-d thia method of putting to death all thrlr wu'iiea wno w?-re judged to be not ?utCclently ?trong to accompany the forced inarch of the rt-t'eatinj braves.' At ib? ukinz of another forf,after a sanguinary atrujfuto, the GhiueJ-comniandt r, on finding himaelf scrrounded by the ailiaa, d**: la red in a loud voice that honor forbade hi* continuing to live *- ? * ? - ?- - - Ut. mier s icn a roisioriutie, arew a lime ?iw irum u>> pocktt, and afu-r sawing away at hi* own throat with unfaltering resolution, succeeded. at the *u;rd attempt, in his fatal purpose, and fell lifeless to the ground. Lirs in N?w Yon ?The New York corresponded of the Providence Journal has the following: It would seem that grev ia a color much affected by Uif Mayors of New York, for, juat in front, ex-Mayor Harper, the senior of tbe great fmbhshing bouse, sits behind hia grey team, lookng straight ahead torongh his golden-trimmed spectacles apparently curious only nbout hi? antecedents." aud uuc >nsctous of all surrouu-ahig*. 4 .. J i 1_S -.1-1 i. it a. M. i M .Mia now comes a-isaing pasi in jjis ugui puanon tte '-heavy tragedian," Forrest, and we catch a glimpse from under their depressed Uds, at the .Moor*?h evea of which Desdemona told us last night at Niblo's. were "fatal when they roll so." Bat look! quick! quick! for yonder, on her betutlful cream-colored pony, attended by two handsome cavaliers, come* the belle of '-She ayeaue " We w;ll not name her, bat everybody knows there can be but one belle on the avenue who can sit a h?rse so superbly, and whose eyes fl.'sa such dark fire from under the close-fitting beaver tuat crowtta her pale, Greek face like a helmet. Close 1) following, In high-top boots and iji ?rjr cap, cuuifs a uiue norseman who ior iut last fortnight has been the observed of all observers It is little Harry Belmont. We Deed not fe;ir to name blui, for he 1s attended by a careful groom, xi'd his Quaint and knowing costume and cart-fully d reared carls show very plainly that hli lady mother knows he's out. 9irnno<i at a Discount is Baltimou* ? The Baltimore American of Tuesday says: Som? feeling?it can hardly be called excitement?was occasioned In this city yesterday by the display ol two Palmetto ti igs On* was placed on Mm >>elfry of tt?e old Liberty Engine Hou?e, where > l*?tly calling themselves '-Southern Volunteers' held a meeting in the evening and resolved them selves out of the I'nioa. The movement is origl aiVd by that cla?s of men, plentiful in all larifi cities, who will do anything for the sake cf noto I riety, and meets with no sympathy from any con '.drrable portion of our elti*ens. Oar people lovi the ? nion too well to lightly abandon their hop In its perpetuity, and when forced, if inchici lamity should ever oi-cur, to give up the nations enaign, >!aryi*nd will certainly not rally ui:d toe "Palmetto*'banner. Another seceaalon fla) was raited on a Teasel lying at the Point, and m< * <i?BTved as well aa a handsomely effective rebuk front the Union-loving captains in that tnaritim vi< Inlty. It bad no auoner r?-ached tbemast-hei< and its purport been perfec tly understood tba very vessel in the vicinity, little and big, th? possessed the Stars and Stripes, flung them to tb breeze, and tbo wharves looked as gav wllh tb display of bunting as on a Fourth of J uly. ttjT The New York Prison Asso-lat'on is i? iji .'nu hcucioicii' lonikuiion. n ninai p? tw*n the excessive sternness of crionaal justic end the unhappy wtou^ dui-r At a receut meting the ajjer t of the association stated that flv hundred and tifcy persons charged with crime ha c >me u^de*- the notice of the association, on hundred anl nineteen of who-n had bem can fully exnnined Of the latter number, fortr-foi con.oUmu. upon the Interposition of ?he agen had been abandoned aa frivolous; forty-s-vm ta been discharged from citau dy on tatl>f<ctof rfvm ine?dati<>n; siite n hsd b*en tarnished wit clothing. a d about a dozen others provide wit work and places Several c.m* were recited I which the timely interposition of the asooclat'.o between the law and tne cftVader had worked radical and permanent reformation, and thei were hundreds of others that might be a&med a sitD'hr character. All tiie saaocfltfan no ask-d for waa pecuniary aid and a nrTere mark* pi bile counusazaee to euani* its wide-aprea utility A8S.asio*<>? Cot*.?The cffl-ere of the Ass cfh :c in tli? U 9. Mint have just concluded ?oii interesting ?-xperiHtent* oa toe question wtaeth tue amMit of wear oa coin is Increased by r uading iU surface. The generally received opi Ion la tbat it is But the fact Is the reveres. Tl annual wear on tbe ?pantsh quarters is consid< ably lr?? than oa our quarters of smaller diarr.rt* and the aaiii* reauit la rouua la comparing t thick and this gold dclUra. Tb* thin dolU, ti laai i**ae. weara the least. It la accounted f from the fart that the thin coin receive a *rr?l ompreaaiun; and alao to the lean momenta which an article of ?i tended anrfac? moras, tbe diameter of oar larger gold soids be mai greater, tbe tblesnese will not be auAcentto i low of tbe aubatltntion, by rogue*, of plantinu Inatend of the tfold which tber reOiove from t center of the coin, a fraud much practised at tl present tltue. Votx-Bvyivo ?A rural frlead s?x>d* a* tbe f< lowtsg anecdote of tbe recent election: ? In t town ( ? V , In this county, an elector was i queatfd to ge up aud rote "I am not tolly co vineed wbicb wmy I ouvht to vote," replied tt Ltvb-ni.ndacU patriot. " W bat will convince you askrd tbe otber. "About *6 ? ? Wei.'," said t other, "we ire not buying vob-s this veer, b seeing It Is yon. here's a three and a two; pat'? Into your pocket, vote and say nothing." I oled. and lu tbeevening offered tbe mosey payment of n grocer's bill. It was refused, a tbe voter (bis face elongated) hastened to 1 fr'end, with?"Here's that money, and they a Its crumitrftitV 4,Of course it Is,'* replied t other; "1 nope yon do a?< think I am devilish fc enough to pay for your vote la good mauay.", JJ7" Sberrard Clemens, member of Cooo from tbe Wreeling district of Virginia, writes letter W his coostitnentn. condemning "the 1 sad Indecent haste of South Carolina," a winding up wito a very ampbatlc declaration, follows : "I shall obey no command except tl wbieb romesfrom vow. u you fttnuid amer epinkm with me; if you should think tLai treei to the confederacy should be digslfled with I name of patriotism, let jour Instructors inert i at Wsahtsgton. sod I Will 4* enee resign ii your bands ail tbr oS"ial power which you ha so generously conferred upon tne." Tux Abxstkoxg gr.^Tbe tote ucresses the part of Um Allied troops in China, we obssi have been received with much satisfaction France; bat the wenderful power of th*- Ar strong fan, compered with the K reach Hi cannon, bis rreaud no little uneasiness in Pai ThU extraordinary Invention, and Its MtoalshJ sue ess. must create a compW* revolution In w fare Any country whleb does not possess a (i *^nal ta power to the Armstrong. must appear the Held ofl terms of greet inequality A Dm*** roa 8?4U Hoca?t?8ruaU boa re aa scarce, and in ao much daaoaiul, tfcat *> effort nu?rbt to be made to get tbe Legislature M am-rd lh? -rent laws" aa to Induce c*|>lt dials Invent their n.MM in small bn!!dliiga. w? , v wkd by gruUetuaa who own small tenements, t 4 ttoey w?iM feaAUjr Wild ?4ker?4f tbare was i Cottojc Cvltvbk Abasdokid is ijtdia.?Foreign pa pen contain the following very significant pnragrapb, showing that after all the protracted efforts to grow cotton la the British Indian possessions the attempt has been at length abandoned as hopeless " In the annual report of the Bombay Chamber of Commeroe a statement announces that the Indian Government had finally abandoned, as being hopeless failures, their experiments at cottongrowing la that country These experiments had commenced as far back as 1780, and were prosecuted almost without Intermission during the seventy-two years that have siuce elapsed. They bad cos*, from first to last, ?350,000, and. as the re f?vr? u>u auvui ucu auu iinrin^ruvv of goveraora, collector*, <"ommia*lontr*. American planter*, and painstaking amateur*. Yat the result of ail this prolonged effort and enormoua outlay had been nothinz but a continued aeries of disappointment*. One solitary aurceaa la recotdcd as having been achieved, on a 'small acale,'by Mr. Shaw, collector at Dharwar, who taking up the enterpriae in 1840, upon an area of *i0 acre*, developed tbe reautts ao rapidly that In 1351 31,688 'knpaa'were planted In Americaa, and ?54,314 with native cotton, and in 1850 tbe area Increased to 156.310 kupaa appropriated to the American, and Si*i.567 to the native variety of tbe plant, it doe* t ot appear that Mr. 9baw was assisted bv any Government grant in tbia work; and, at all eventa. all cc?op?ratlon of the State with tbe cult). vatinn r.f nr%ttr?n It nnw cnmmatllu ahanHnnMl '' De. Hatks's Expedition?Capt. McCormtck, of Dr Hnvea'a expedition, tbua write? to a friend in New York: L ppkrnavik, A'lg 16 ?We have been greatly favored tbua far, iu mrklne be paaaage to Oiaco In V4 d .ya?the quickest paaaagt- made by any of the Arctic expeuitiona. Our little craft i> all I coald wish h?r. wnd I hnvt? nntimirtHi hpr Our ooly accident so. r has been the staving in of our tern boat. We have bad very heavy weather coming outTile waves rolled in on one aide and out at the other Dry clothes we have been stnngers to { till we are in good spirit*, and bound to the No-tb Pole. We have lost one of our hands?Carnthers, the carpenter?who was foand dead in his bed W t buried him here. Our surgeon leaves us at tbia rvU .o n... ...k?u ... a i. . viu wuuic u'luiwu) arc uuucu anu iu CA? reUeut spirits, often making our little cabin ring with la ug. iter This evening we leave for the North, stopping at Tlssuasak to obUin a few more dogs. We take a new band from b?re, the son-in-law of Petersen, who takes the place of the carpenter. Look for our return in about two years. A Misistia or tri Gospel Fxcomxuxicatbd FOR VOTIMO rm UorilLil ?(irp.-it rirlti>niflit baa been caused at Caughdency, Oawego county, (tbe Uttc* Observer sjys.) by a most extraordinary act ou tbe part of tbo M. E. Church In that village. It appears that Elder Salsbury, pastor of tbe society there, who has l> eo a worthy and eloquent preac her of the tiospel for some 45 years, and a presiding elder for 16 yean, residing at Central Square, lu said county, having votod for Mr. Douglas at the lata Presidential election, wai excommunicated by his Church. On (Thursday atw the election,a meeting was held to take the pastor's rase into consideration. The question of his pro-slavery voting was discussed aud severely >!< >:o -n ?<1 A meinWr arose U> speak od the Impropriety of the Church mingling in politics,and the iujiutlcc of proscribing the eider lor his political views, when be was hissed and stumped i down' The question of excommnnicatioa wua piit and the Klder's head rolled fr<?in under the Church guillotine! Several valuable members have slgultted their intention to withdraw from the Church, and great excitement and bitterness ' prevail in tne community ? Buffalo Kt public. Fortttsatx Sister or Charity?An elderly gentleman, being token ill at an inn, In a s?apcr1 ' town, where he was quite unknown, wss advised ' by the doctor to hive a Sister of Charity as a nurse; and much comfort, attention, and consolation he<? f-MtVt 11 - I*- ' - ivuhu vm wv ui'in^ lie JUI|(CI fU 1'' I I W U tllOHVUI i and died. d?*pite the ?i?U:r'? solicitude The will s of the old t;entleman was ruade just before hli * death, and was to be opened by the doctor. T? the mrorise of all, ha left to the (later who had < e carefully tended hlru, X25,<*J0 sterling, while U e hl? family and the expectant heir, Lis nephew * there fell but scanty leu?cltr? When summoned 1 the y>uth, who should have been a wealthy man f i_Ji * i a -*in a-- - -> * *? w? mu;|!niui, uui mi ne couia noi accuse iui < rirl of trickery. Slif wai artless and very surr; for him; and be was struck with that jt ne tni e quoi which la the 11 'at symptom of matrimony, ? ? he seized upon the idea which had faintly flashej 11 through hia mind. It wu the only safety-valve n and, despite her toeing a sister, be th?n and ther lt popped the question, and was naively met with i " '-V e?; and 1 don't see any other alternative to re e turn the property to Its owdt " This is a factromanciag as it appears.? Wtitminitur Renew. Chohch Endowment Ukxocscid. ? Th! ** week's Examiner (Baptist) denounces the cburci e endowment svstem as follows : ?We notice in the eastern papers that Mil 0 X-* 1 ? * 1 nifi.ll D?Awi<lon?? ?"???? 1 ?? ^ . ? ?? J _ vi * I V? IWVHV?X>? IW.OIIUJ UCVCOSCU " bu left S100.0UU in truat to Dra Wayland ?n " Caa*ell, the lucrt-aae from \vuich it to be expand? in erecting a plain atone cbi rcb edifice and pai ir aoua^e la North Provident e. and keeping them i *' repair: in aupporth.g a BnptM iiiinUter to preac 4 in axia church, and tbe aurphia, if any, to be a| y plied to tbe education of tbe children of Uaptii ^ miniatera and miuionariec, and caudidatea for tb L Bapt!at m niatry. We do not queation tbe exee - leal mourn wbien promptedMiwAnjztll to mak lucii a bequest; but an endowed chureo la, ntnetj 51 nine times out of a hundred, a dead church, f r* memlx-i baring nothing to prompt their libera ' : ity cr x-al, are very apt to become selfish, lndt icut, rusty, and heartless We cannot Imagine more effected blight tban could happen toallTliii active. rdlcient church than to receive an amp! endowment " iy Viigima Maiuir ?I'Le Richmond Enqulri le his instituted Investigations into the atmamei er of VlrKinla, and finds that the State possessi x- 53.000 muskets, t,600 rlflu, 4 300 sabres, aud ba n- tertes numbering 250 pieces, besides eavali le ?qu{pme:its and other articles; whereupon tl ir- F.DQU.iff figures up the cost of oriraniiiai? a nail sr; tsry" force aid declares that "100.UW? mm a; b? ready to spring to arm* at the sound of ttas flr be uun." The Enaulrer, In conclusion, says : 44'1*1 ft Governor. tUa Adjutant-General and tbeComnt tr ?iooer?, are beuaing their beat energies to tl i araniug of the btak*, and old Virginia is no If ready fur the worst if the worst sheuld com Ae What we havn't got, we have the power total il. from Harper's Ferry, Old Point Comfort and (Jo no port Navy Yard." / irr Governor Packer, of Pennsylvania, havir If W% I 14.^ 1 ?* ? ihtu idtiwo ujr jimci nrapaia ana oiDrri to ? tend n meeting In Boston, in favor of -'eradlcatii ,1 alavery," returned the following curt answer: Uikimcis, Pi , Nov. '21, I860. re. Sir In mv opinion, the young men who n. names are attached to the foregoing letter won jjj bet cr serve God and their country by attendii mi to tbelr own business John Brown waa rlgl ' fully hinged, and bis fate iboald be a warning lut others having similar proclivities ,m W*. F. PAcaaa. 'l. _ Governor of Peaoaylvania. ja Mr. James Redpatb, Boston. Tiia CaaiSTiAit Socialists ?In aa article i *' Robert Owen, the Westminster Revirvr for Ocl v* tor mentions the "Christian Socialists" a m "7 whieb baa obtained recently a foothold 1b t United State* M "an abnormal growth of tbe Utter days," and adds: ''The Christian Soclslti are otherwise termed Moscular Christians. T _ Profesaer of History at Cambridge, and M -ot Hagbes (the author ct 'Tom Brown's 8=hr Days st Huybv,') are tbe chief propheU oft ' sect. Tbetr tdfl Is tbe pious and strong? t wbo praises Ood and can walk s thousand mil ln In a thousand hours " Ovr o? EjirLoTMtxT.?lbs New Vork Joi __ nal of Commerce thinks it would nrohahW b? nag|{fntlM to eetlmate tbe number of perac throw* out *f employment iiae? election day lT* rSVOUO, a lnrge portion of whom are young worn* One clothing establlahjnsnt la New York baid charged 1,000 workmen; a hat rata bit ah meat b OB dlacbarbed nearly 1.0UO; a aaddlery Ann rrr d iced It* force about SOU, and curtallmsat !* < in general- At Newark, eepoeUUy, the erlsla ?; vetrly felt, on account of their uteatlvsseuni ,e? tions with the Southern trade. 0s. Rnisocsaoca Snot ? Readers of natorsl b if- tory are well aware that^t le atsled thitjhfhj >"? i <?i a rnmwrrw wiu rrsisi a DUiiei. rsu fi pat to a tr?t at Dan Rice's circus on 9*ard Capt. Travis. tb? famous - a -nHri at the animat on eihibltlon at tfcf stto ?s |t fell to the ground flattened by fonUet with 1 mf tutck skin. The an trail did .u>t even move wk I U> |m vras struck.?An-U* i to are Asms fob tii Boptb ?Tm N. 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' ! ? ltinz all who de*ire their work don* promptl a and free from tu 1 akaies, to cail at Uh9 Pa. avi r, nue, between 10th and 11th ati., aouthaide. [? no21-tjanl J \V. TlfOM^SON & CO. Furs S Faro! tr AT BF.YMODR'8 IN GEORGETOWN. n? I have with atriot care peraon&liy attended 1 the raanufaotirinf and selection of th? followii , Fu^a. M? lone praotioai knowledge of the Fi ** Buaineaa enables me with oertainir to invite tl 'y 'alio* to Kooda made from fine and freah caug ?e akina. 8uoh * |. raoada Mink Bable, r_ Rnaa.a Fitoh, Siberian Squirrel, " W?t?" Mink, ie French b?y?. ?- uuicrenc run in itt*m variety. le For Trimming* of ail oolora. w PrioM vwy nwUrito. ? W. F. SKYMOUt, te pp 19-la* Georgetown, ** M?RE NKW /HR18}J?AYOOI)S OPKNK \ GtLEAT SARGAIXS. ig We are aeluog in baadaoine Dreaa Good*jo U reo-ivcd, to whioh we daaire the apeoial atter.u< ,g of ail purohaaera before making their ae]?olio no tf-lw 62Z Seventh at,, atxrvn Pa. >y M T TAKE NOTICE! m A WILL TUl v I kinds of Virginia monsr for n book debts au<i for Boot#, Sho^a, and Trunkh. A 'K peiavna indebted to roe will pleaa? oa 1 an J a. tl lt* op. or I aha 1 be pompe l<xi to give tlieir aoeoun to (nto the haada of a oolleotor. 8 P. HOOVEK, Iron Hall, no 21 Pa ay., between St.nand 10th ata. FU R 8! PURS!! I hare now ready for exhibition and aale ray ato on of FURK, to whioh I invite the attention of the 1 lo- die*. 1 have taken great oara in the aeleo'ion, a feel aaeared they are unanrpaaaed ia quality, at] and workmanship. The assortment ooasista of i ~ the jpoet fashionable kinda. Z hoBb8S5a1>aAMMV6, vA AUA oAIJ jirii r,e ,_i RlMSI A V FITrn. ' . SIBERIAN SQLIRRK and many other varieties. ^ FUR of all kinds for Trimming. A large assortment of CHI i J)REN*P Fl'RS, Also.aftoe variety of CAKIUAGE ROBKi XT. I solicits oa 1 from the ladies, and every etT< will be mails to pleese. All Fnra sold By their retl names, and warrant to be as represented. JAS. V . DAVTP, * nu ?-3w (Int .Con A8tat?a.? late Todd A Co A CARD ? Having been informed by several i ' apeatab.soitiaeosthatotster haw f lM kers, selling from buckets on thaw-M #j I*- streets, have represents '.h>>ra&oIresas^OiU try sell.u( lor me, and that ootafew per la eons nave in this way had imposed upon a. them impure oyster*, and complaint bavins toe made ti me to this e#Mt, I hare to sa> that I ha no hawkep selling for me from backets and do i . allow the basin see to be earned oa from my esti IS- i._i . ..i ?>t J ~ ..r>k.< .1. ? N ;it?Tr h?.' I uj hriMh Mr part of tbo eitj. No 071 tar *r? ?ont by me lay 'BuatliM uant on ordara roo?iro4 at my 01 i iL?^1 * DATCHBLOE'S INIMITABLE HAIR 4>Y tea P mod alffirst o aaaToiTot ArtuiM.^ ? <*> BBB'g Wig, Braid.aad Can *aaafca?w?, ? is ao 14 oor. Pa,a? anttilth ?i WOOD AND COAL. TO THE PUBLIC! GO WHERE Y OU C A N GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH! lyTRY IT! PROVE-IT ! KNOW IT tr y wha t ? V^SoDUwS PIONEER MILLS, and bay your proveivhat? C7" Prove that yon o&n get roar WOOD there o naper than elsewhere in the oity ; and then yon will know what? \LT Know that too get GOOD MEASURE and the very best of WOOD for i0?* money. Ccx, Split. aid Dkli verzl Fbis or Chakoe. Call at trx PIONEER MILLS! SIGN OF THE BLUE FLAli STAFF, Bocthwkst Cobmkx Seventh St. and Cahal (South of the Bridge.) _no 19 GEORUF. PAGE. A?emt. [D" jj? Union Fire-Wood Mills. PINE O A IT ?nH Hll'VDR V Wftnn R.?H and Split at any length or size r?qa:rea, and deliv rjNjto any part of tne City at voi y low prioM. fETW^oallthe particular attenti^a of our customer* and the public renoraiiT to our aplend d SToCK UF COAL.whioh we can ?ay, wittiout fear of oontradiotion, >* f ?uai to any id the City. We guaraotes to give saUsriotioa to all who may purca** of us. JT^Our SAWED and SPLIT WOOD is kept nnJler oorer. perfectly dry, and COAL on p:ank flocri, oiean and in good order. Largs and ama'l profits. IT^Onere solicited at UNION F1RK WOOD MILLS Cor. sev, nth at and Han*), McKNEVV & MARLOW, Proprietor*, no lS-tf K~ INDLING AND STOVK WOOD Manufactured ary length, and delivered to any p*rt of the city at the shortest notice, and at the lowest possible rates, by 9HKR1FF * DAWSON. Office south side Pa. arenne, between 3d and 4K st*.; wharf and mill west side 4)s street and Canal- no 1-lm TO THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON.-l have jn*t received and will ooinmenoe uuloiui inzto-morrow a oargo of the very beat Red Ash COAL(egg and stove siics) ever brought to this market .which I c?t send direct from the vessel if your orders are loft immediately. R. W. BATES. Wood and Coal Dealer, _ocSl Corner C and Uth *ta n?ar Caiial. WO O II AND COAL Delivered to all parts of the oity, at the lowest possible rates. T. J. A W. M. OA.LT. Office 993 Pa. av? between 11th and Uth sis-. ma 17-tf north side. FOR SALE AND RENT. ' rr*Q RENT?That pleasant COTTA8B RHSII DhN?'E, containing 7 rooms, with front baioony, large yards in front and rear, fronting r! *t , in Printing Offioe Squire, betw??n North Capitol and First its. Rent *240 per annum. Addretu, by letter or in person, YVM. 8TICKNEY. no 6 tf FOR SALE?A rew two-story brick HOUSE "n Fourth street, bel >w New YO'k avenue. The [ h'jnse is ao feet front and 43 feet dtep ; has 5 foot I pas-age, parlor, dining-room, kitohen, and fonr chambers, with stairway* in passage and kitohen, with good o?llar trader the whole house. Fo- terms .? IAa f\AA r>L luquirn 1 J J IMOW, uyyv/i.?r * 'uu cjlow.'Hall. nol-tf JAS. a. TOPHAM. ! I?OR RKNT-The tin* BKIOK HOUSE No. L 100 WeitiL, Georgetown, at present ocon pied br tho subscriber. it hM 12 ro >ms, wnli ku and water throughout, a fin* yard, staWe fto , ana is in a good neighborhood. Apply to JA8. A. M A6 RUDER. oc 25 tf IT'OR RENT.?Two now three-story BRICK JT HOUSES with hack buildings, eooh nous* containing 8 rooms, with gas, pl^san'ly situate.) on 8th strict north, !>?tWMn M and N streets; rent moderate.* t." E. LAZENBY. opposite, or to JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio avenue, between lith and 19th rtrwta oo I EH)R RENT?Tpe FIRST FLOOR of the baild>, r ing immediately opposite the west wiqgof the fitw lf?.l rvr.AuniAd lif Chftl. S. Wu'lflrf 4 u in offioe. Alto tlie front room ia the oeeond tor; and the third floor of tho same baildine. For terms appiy to RICHARD WALLACH.No. 9 LoniaKna MM ift IS tf educationIl. . rp FEMALE EDi: ATION. > 1 HOPE Parent* who wi?h their daughters to r?9 oeive a thorough au<l BTittonatio education, whore f their phyMoal training wt:l reooive daily ami special attention, under the most approved system cf Calisthenio*and Gymnastics, aro re*peetfu'iy invited to *' visit the Union Female Aor-demy, cornor Fourteenth at and New York av. MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARDS, au 30-tf Principal*. - [FEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL T ALElANitHIA, TA. D Mrs. J. MoCOR.MICK, Principal. T-e thirteenth annual eection of thia Institution will oomnKnoe on Tuesday, September I8U1, in the house rucf.tljr '>ooupied by Sytvektar Scott, Cm., 11 No. 1*0 Kmc atreeL t The oonrne of study pur?u*d will comprise aii a the branehea requisite to a thorough English Etu f~ eation.and Aiusio, F.enoh, Latin aud Drawing, il ' deairwd. In addition to day aeho!ara Mrs. McCormiok is J* prepared to receive a limited nnmker of pupils at * hoarders, who. eonatitnting a part of her own family. will be under liar nnmod.nte oare and supsrvi_ sion. She will endeavor, aa far a? possible, to surround them with the oomforta and kindir inunanoM of Home. Htjermttt.?Rev._Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Kliai 10 Harrison, Rev. D F. Spring, William H Powle, >C Kaq., F/dgar Snowden, t&au . Edmund F Witmer Of P?. Uaar* MarKiirv I on I AW 1 \f ?n?'lA ? - l ,nu a ii"iii j iM vi "? ? / i " '-f wi" ?" ? *? i? E?u , Robort H. Hunt<>?, E?( . W. 1) W*li?oh ht Editor Evening Star, Banjaniin Waters, Eaq.jM Entwiale. Jr., E??.,Col. John W.Minor, Loudoun Meter*. B'.acklook & Marshall, Mmim. Cor? Brother*. Tnm. Board, with Tuition in all the English B'anehM ?aoo for the annual aeuion?payable eemi annoally inadvanoe. M uno and Laminates at Professors' prioas. _j] r~ Wo extra ohariea. an 8-ti ? f HEATH t KNOWLEB, n I iiirk I MS ? ? * mm riRE, AND MARINE t INSURANCE AGENTS. >n (Inicl Ovkk Bask or \Vash:.\?t?:j. " THE COyyECTlCXrF~MUTUAL LIFE IN SUHASCE CUllPANY, Or Hastfokd, Cokx. "T Plr RELY MUTUAL! Ul Dividends Made and Paid Annua'ly. '1? Last Diridsnd Fi/ty Per Cent. its FIRE DEPARTMENT. THE INSURANCE COMPANY OF 7 HI ? STATE OF VIRGINIA, Or Richmond. CASH CAPITAL. ....$300,000. ok -? a- Also, other safe and reiiaole Companies, in whio Ml the insured partioipat* la the profits witaost meat rto rinf any liability. all HEATH * KNOWLE9, > !? Olfieo, Rood IS, nm Bank of Washington. En tranoa on C street. *_ no i<> A~ ALEXANDRIA EXfRE8? Oa?d?sirinx Freicht?muohor ittlo? Hai . rail. Ba ?, Boxaa, Boodles, or, 10 fact, any thi*| ' safely transported and delivered hetweeu Wa?uio| tow, Georgetown, and Alexandria, mar rely lrn plicitly upon the KXPR&tM WAGONS of th ?ader?,<oml whioh run regu ariy e??rt. a* betwee thoee cities. Orders entered npon tfce slates of h Srt ?xpref?a? the?tarOfcae,nt Bacon's Otoaery atein oratE Wkseler s Hardware Wore, w;llt?eprornp1 ? " * "V r&ffi &?i. wo 14-1 u . #L?ta O?bora*? Bah w. ^ pAM!L?5B want a Bieilyi^drtnr r THKV WANT IT Pl/RK. TLMPKiHTK an uf CHKAP: f COUNEATJ 8TABLE BEER ISTHK THING It is lees Intoaieatiog than eider. and is far not i^HHibie ftnti siroQ^iii**i.i&?. h! Fersale fey *11 Or*a?r?,$M?U?glass? * oenl ? aqoarfr no 6-lm Ja f JRISAT BARGAINS IN ^AMOSr-One Wr to v* .niO? seven-wave Car?Ml Piano Forte? iljr M^itig been in ase a short time only. thrfMBB h. otraar earing the eity, for tale frr . CHia Tery ni Rosewood <'biekTii,r His no ft ? fttS atthe MnsioBtn eofW.?. *ET'/FR?>T1 * 3j>l? Agencj of Steteway k Sons' Oreritnir r ]\fO''fll F*8 ?4uT?,LH^Ait DROPar? a?reeafe#aiflaffeotaal remedy faroougbr,^ woaa, Ao , in 1>ox?a at 25H !*. Thej .?iH DENTISTRY. Mtkk ra. I LOO MIS. M. D., the inventor And patentee orthe MINER AL PLATK TKKTH. ^ teprt# perrortt ly At his ..ffi>ve ia tkiia oity.mffea?f Many mur.1 onn wpat taeae teem tio^1 *' ' cannot veer other*. And mo person cad w< at others Who oAnnot wear theee. P*r?ors cAiltac At my offioe oab be Accommodated with Any ftyle And price of Teeth they may dee ire; hot to those who Are partioaiAr and with the poreet, oieaneet, ?tronee?t. And must perfeot der.tare thAt Art caa produce, the MINERAL PLATK will be more rally warranted. Room* in this o?ty?No. .13*s Pa. Arena*. between 9th And 1Mb sts. Also, 90? Aroh street, PhilAdei phi*. oc 15 tf D DENTISTRY. R. HULLS, after \ eractioft test of tW r?Vl feels that he can wit a cocfideaoe reooro mend the CbeoplasUo Ptocau fonoserM tjtflgw artificial teeth It haa ?ha advantage* on? strenfth, wwntr. o;eaniineas,6Mi ifiM>DMi. Fal upper seta inserted for $U. Partial to proportion. Offlos so* l^avma sei '"carriage factories. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ?" U Strut, 9tk mmd IMA Struts. We have just finished a nambgr of irst claw OARRlAflRH. su h aa I.trt! Aim. Wigons, park Pkm(mm. Fmmxljf 0? MgK\ rviMs, and Putn<j, wtuou we *111 mUat M rer? Bins.!! profit. tteioc pr>><ot cai meckaiHoe in 4ifferent branches ofthe Eminem, we flatter cnraelvea that we know the atylei and auan'y of work that will rir? satn faction, eombiiuoc Uchtneee, oomfort and dnrabui keeairinc promptly and carefully attended to tie eborteai nt tie* and raost reasonable charges. WALTER. KARMANN & BOPP, Coaohin&kera, eacceseora to Wm, T. Hook. *7-aiy T CARRIAGE?. HK Bnbeoriber ' tni{ rrtc? kMIOobb to hi Ckctory, maJcinc it bow one of Uie '?n?if In the Diatriot, where h ? facilities forW*X$~ manntaMimnc CARKfAGU A LI8HT* * WAGONS i?r a. icibda c&iaict be anryeaaed, aji4 tromlua Ion: experi?Doe m the baa.urea, he hoM to five entiafactooii. AH kItmU of Onrnagea tad Ufkl Wtcwi kept m Uad. Ai; REPAIKBBMtiT<*M,u4lU*i4?n proayt ? llLtf mmrmm # 14tfc ul KiH mTTTI AWT TT T*T* T5ITI IT) A fPTAV inXi UAL Z rAATAAAXlUJI WORTHY OV UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE 4 PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN. LADIES, and GENTLEMEN in Ail p*rt? of thewnrW tn the efficacy of TROF 0. J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE, and ?eut>uien of the Pree? are tnanimoui in ita praiae. A few testimonial only can be here riren #ee ri ouiar lor asor?. a ad it will be impoaaible for tou to doubt. <7 Wall Stmit, NIW Yo**, D*C 20.18r? Ue*:Utn<n: Vour note of the 15th icetant hu a. : a .L.t l .J W-A I iH?ru rt-c^ivvu* p?yiu| iuau j u uau ucmu vi;t?v i hid been benefited by the ate of Wond'e Hair Restorative, an1 reqee'atinc my certifiers of thefaot if 1 bad un objection to mre it. I award it to yon ches fafly, became I think it doe. M?a:? i? aKont .? y^ars : th* ool^r of ray hair auburn, acd ir.oiintxi to curl. g->?ie five or IX Tears sinoe it beran to turn Rray. and th" rc\'p on tn?e*own of my head to U?ee its tensibi ity ami uaud uif to form u??n it. baoh ol ttiesedisagr**abilities icc-<?a*ed with timn, aa<t about 4 month! ww a fourth was added t-? them, hy fcair falunc of the tup of my head aal threatening to make me bal J. In thiaunpleasant predicament! was indaoed to try Wood's Hair Restorative, manly to arrrst the teUiir off of n 7 hair, fori had 'e&lly uo expectation that tray haire u d ever be restored to its orutrial color exc-pt from d?e?. I wa*. hi.w?ver. greatly snri>ria-d to uaa, &tier me use or two mn Cleg only, hit n-'t only was trie falling <-fl arresi?>o, bat the clor wae ectored to the Kray ant iki ity to the scalp an.: daixlriilf <v?*er f > for in on rny head, very much to the grautieition vf my Wife, at whose solicitation I was ladao- d to try it For this, amonc the mar) obligations 1 owe to her trx, I strongly recommend all nu^-au^e wlw ra up the admiral! n of their wivea to profit hy my example, and n??it if growmc gray or g?tUn? na d. Very respectfully, B*<i A. Lavixdkk. To O. J. Wood A Co.. 444 Broadway. N. Y. My family are ah sett from the oity, and 1 am ac longer at No. 11 Carrol F ace. Piamstox, Ala.. July 20,1319. ?r_ ra /\ * \m ... r?.?. ???! ,. * tJ r *"* V/ J *1 W11H I/'UT u?'? I vai naii R'ato.ative" bu done my hur to n.uoh goad mum I o mmeiiojd the ui'ut it, that I ?i?h to make known to the public of >ta effacta onlk* hair, wbioi ai* great. A man or womai. rna? beneariy deprive* of hair, an* by a resort to your "Hair KeatoraU\ ' the hair will return more br&ntifn! than ever; a ieaat thia ia my experienoc. Believe it aU Youra truly, Wx. H. Krxidt. P. 8.?Yon can puMlah the above if you like B] publiahi'ia in t*' uthern papera yon will ce tn >re p&lrouaga routn. I a~e aeveral of your oar tifioatea ib tLe Mobile Mercury, a trong 5*outberi paper. W. H. kxkedt. WOOD'S HAIR RSBTOHATIYE. Pao?. O J. Wood: Dear Sir: Han lit bad thi miafortnne to love th<? boat portion of my nair, f <n tha rffeeta of the yei.ow fever, tn f*>ew Or;e*ta n loci I in?nAa^ t.? m# L*a a trial a! rnilf npara n? J ""ft < i woa i u uvcv m mi* m w ? ? ?< > v j? f -r? ? tion. aud found it to nriftver its tfco very thini n%> ded. Mr hair ia no?r tftielr and (lnHr.wid m wcrda omi ex treat my ationa to yon in cinm to the afflicted such a treasure Fiklkt Johsbo The R rcUi'&ti ve i?pHt up tn bottles of three aixea viz : large. medium aod ataa'l; the atria l t.o! i hv a *int, and retaila for oae dollar per bottle; the ine dluiri nolde fct raat 20 per oeot. more in proportioi tHan tne email, retail* for two dofara per b *tle the large hoida a ^uart. 40 per cent, more id propor Uon, and retaila for #3 O. J. W??OD ft CO., Pfnpn6tori,444 Broad way, Nov York, and 114 Market at reel, t*t. Loa'f t So'rt in thi? o ty by C. STOTT, 37ft Pa. a?anu< au 27 eoly^lw T PROCLAMATION! O TOE CITIZEN* OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, fta, WKtrtas, i At tlie present ce*aoc 9 the yea CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA. ; CHOL1C . DY8ENTERV, . DY8PEP5,ftkBlLITT.^4? 9 yr?7ail to mi extent: And vkertai. It nuit be of the , F'RST CONSEQUENCE . to every family ^ know of " st-ass*;rss>{f - or P&&1*. A<f?r? liia '"'MIRACULOUS PAIN KJLLER REMEDYFOR1 TiiU SJ&m&ilMlKW la order to e?ticfy THE PUBLig that no Imposition 1? intended in the e&le of Uue Great Medioiue, THE MONEY WILL BE kEFUNDED in all cases whea tte nediome ?ul* to five entire tatirinctio Aai, Uumi itinj Dn?S ? t'-re for rvr. mTintardeh. f miraculous pain KILLER. tAko u directed, end if not perfectly e*Utfied Return to our Agent, _ 1). B. CLARK, ESQ, 4K Street ?nd Penney lvuj* A vecne, ^ who wiii refend your money. Prioe?A3 and iO Cents per Bottle. For sale at all Drag Stares everywhere. >- J AS. MoDONNKLX. SMnTAMl, JyH-eotr Baltunore, |* ?CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. ? Youthj' and Bays'' Clothing for School mm ? Drrt$ W,*r. ? Parents and guardians wishing to furnish the cbi 'lrenand wards with Behoo! a"d College Out? '? tbr the oowm s<?ason. are tan'ed tD exanuo* u Bioeeut iarae and extensive assortmenl BUY CL< 'THINW, Where tKey eao fit cat their qkiMri _ of all siaes la a few momenta with erer? .Jesrr: * Iff ill inni fiiiTMfi nf i|Ke?a?^|l mj -j San.^ & 3f-tf Saa P?cb. >vwia? . W 811 FiXTOIfiB. * *nd Finiah, ?a prior in atj?#to anythiM heraiofa offared in tkia m?rirt. W? inrilaotU&a* f?aerl ly tn eaJl and niaiM oar atoak of Gla tad Wat Ll Fixture*, faeliaf mnUeat that w* ha*e ti? 5 aeieoud atock Woakiairta*. ? j JJI Work in tfca oborcTTlna lntmaUJ to oar aa > l".r" stB"nai(fc. ; mmsemtm * i y ?* ?? . ? J!?^ t' id BHITH1!,~4??b*rCfr <w?ta THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Vkla uooUwt PMBliy tai N?tr? Jowa>i ??0UAin< % irottor **n?ty of laMrwtxac rwdlac katu bi loud is My oUor p*bU?i??>d as Fndty mornmt. Tn?-OmA, <*wii?i, to liMH. Slifi* o?F7. r? UMB. ?_ f > ? Fit? oopiea ? ? 4 n Ten oopiM ? .. ? Twonty irooof?..... >* It InTtn&blr oontUM tho "WMkincto* Nov*" Uftt ktf modo 7V Imhx Smt oiro**io oo iwnll; Uro?|koit Ik* ooootry. HrS<&<;ooopio?(iB TTVpm <*n bo prooirod at U*0O(Bt?r,IBiaMlM?r inwiM IMWM u? KTM. Prioe-THREE CENTSMEDICINES. FEVER AND AGUE la OMMd by the miwa or uhutttoi mind froa dieted and d*oi< li vo??>taUon > moiet toe*. >V ben acaorbrd lato the beoo?ee aa irritating Tirna in the blood, which deraafee aM deetroy* the health of the whole eyetem. V\ e bare long sought, and have at length fbend aa antidote. AH* a *viE unn, which uea trainee thi? alanoaa poison ta tta blood, and atiraulatee the I.itw lo expel it fro* the body, lu Mliot. iifon th? imU? it j tir*. ud it* cure of Prvrr and im, tnd kiDtfrMcoa* p tiiti certain. if taken ta nuob it ?rM tba iru? from the ayttemaa It la aMorhed. and thsa keep* those who dm the " era* free from ita at taoka, keepa the ayatmn ia health, altboaib e?poaed to the dieeaee. CoaM^aaatly It aot "nir core*, bnt pro tec ta from the rreat variety of affeeUods which ar? itdaoad by tfcia maU?naiit i?flaanoe, each u Reroiixent Fever. Chill Fever.Damb. or Masked Ajto?. Periodical Heedeeb*. or Billlnm Headache. llil'ioca Ferers. Nnrt.iw, Rh?umatiini, Gout. B indnesa, Toothaee. F^tclia, C? tarrh. Aptlimt, Paipitationa, Painre! Affections of the Spleen. Hysterica, Colt*. Pa'alraia. ud Pain fu1 Afleciona of toe Stomieh and Bowels, ft 11 of which, when arising from this oauee, will be fn??d to itwno more or lanathe intermittent type. This ' Aor* Craa" tMMTM th?OMM of theee dtrui*menia, and oorea the oiirur. Tins it aooorap'iahes hy at: m dating the ex ore to riss to expe! the nrui from the svstem. and theee O'um by degrees become habitaated to do tliia their oftoe of their ova aoeord. Henee mite what we term mceltmatatum. Time mar aec impish the avme end, but often life la not lone enough. or is sacrificed in the attempt, while thi? " Aor* Craa** does it at onee, and with safety. The rxtenaire ae of this in a I var etiea ot onsen, has shown it to be a surer as well aa a safer remedy for the who)* olaas of diseases whioh are c&u**d by the miasma lie Infection, than any otter which baa be*c discovered; and it haa atill another important ad ran t*e? t<> the publio, whioh ta that it ia cheap aa we., aa rood. Prepared by DR. J. C. AVER * CO . Lowell. Maaa. no 16 eoim Helmbold'i Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" ?jffi.Ujg^rTltACT 2ffB??! wfp*5mrFOM??rs?v?fa "?? WOMSH. IK cS,LDR,k HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT WPCHU. < Ariiinr from Ehmhi, HabiU of "iViI'piloti Early Indiscretion or Abu*. Attmdtd With iktfMxiwimt Brm^tomt :? Indisposition to Exertion, Loos of Power, Lomof Memory, Difficulty of B-eathlM* Wen* Narrow TremWing. Horror of Disease, TVakeftJness, DimasMofVmon. Pnr. In the But, Unieersa! Laesitndso Ue Mosot ?r Svatem. Hot Hand*, PiUi..s|of a' b " ^i^oocJMG?r u' F*?*Those symptoms, if allowed to go ob, whioh this moriinip* lcvmriaS* rernnxem, soon fol.nws IMPOTEXCY, FATUITY, EPILEFT1C FITS. I i on or V\ ncH the Patikiit mat ExriU. , Who ofto km tfjftt they we ni t fr^eent.j fo.owod by tho??"DIREFUL hlSF.ASEIST' "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION.. Mary A?* ?w*?? of t??e 'wk of the-r offering. BUT NOSE WILL CONFESS. ?___ TH E R KCOIKim OP 1UUtlft|K APYl.UMP And ikt SIfl*r\'*oly Dtatkt by 8?r nn?'? to the trwth of the umtML m mw msisr Reqvirm tee &id of mediotne to trencthen A tad 1 L?i???r*te the Hyslom, irfticAHbuuoli*'* EXTRACT BLCHU mmH A TlllL WILL COirvrtCK TIB Hon IUTT1CU. PEMLALF.8?FEMALES?FRMA LES. old OR Youyu. sixulk. mahhied, 019 ? contkmfLatiyw marhuge IN MANY AFfeCTlONS I'ECl LIAR TO FEMALLft, the extraot Bochn te unequal lid UT otaer retnody.aa in CkWuaia or Kftoctuwi Irref B'\rirj, P&<n/?ln?aa, or f*appr*mion n? Cta ternary Evaeuationa, IT'orratail or Hmrrbon* etat* of the Ut*m?, L*?oorrh?-!? or Whitea, SteriKiry. ud for a<i oom?iA:nU i^'idwrt to U?e e?x wbet|?*r aruiuc uqm ladtJoretlon, Habit* ?f Dia^apabon, or to the DECLIXK OR CHAPrVK OP LIFE. II Tit r TO MS ABOTB. , NO FAMILY SaOl'U) Bfc WITHOUT IT Tmkeno mart Rnltam, Mtrrmry, or iwJmimI ' Mtdt'in* for ???r and Dnntrrcmj J I'> taut. | ilKLMUOLD'B HXTKACT BUCHU 1 8EC*E?H^KA9K? . In all their Btagea. At ittle expena*; 1 Little or do cUance in Diet; No l coon rem en oe. And m fzpMari. r It naveea a fro?uent tieaire a no girea atrength to t Urinate, thereby Restoring Obatrnotiona. Prevectint and onnug tftneturea of the Vrotlira. j Alloying Pain and lcfKnrratloc, eo (re^oent in h? rt* aim* *?*]L? n? nil f oiltmam.? DimiuW. worn OKI Mm.Ur- . g THOTJSAXQS rfOJV 77/OffSi.V/>S WHO HiTI B*KW 1KB VICTIM! o? UVACK?. ' Bad who hav? p%irt ktary ftt to be eered id t abort . time.hsve found they were oeoeived. and ih*l the POISON** has, ly the dm ofrnwam ti ' TBitWC* ,** been dried up in the sj ?tei; , :o break , out in an bhravated form, and PERHAPS A PTEii MARRIAGE. i Use Hblmbolb's Kxtbact Dpchcfor a. affea/ tiona and dieeae** of the i L'KINARV OR6AN8. o Whether existinc in MAI.K OR FKMALK. From whatever oan?e onrinaunc and do nailer rf __ HOW LONG 8fA.NDfNG~ UINHN OI ir><wc ornri rraiimivw^ |>| m vinxi , HELMBoLD'P EXTlACT BUCHr IB THF. tJRFAT jlMI RETIC. i And la oertain V> h%\o tha deairad cffewt ir ai'l-i* mmmFOH WHICH IT mREtuMMKNUF.l). Evidner of tkf rr.os: re>iabU and rttponsi^i* rknrIrr will ?o<v>the nw'ioipae CERTIFICATES OP CVRM. t+om 8 ta JO vemrt iioniwi, With Nam** ikowh to SCIENCE AND FAME. Price SI .OO per fcatt le, ar atx tar t< W ,r Dolirered to uj Addiaaa, awirelr packed fro obaerv*tton. UiacaiBi Sthttosi is all ConemciTios* (tree tiaaraatrrd 1 Ad rice GraQa AFFIDAVIT. Peraontillr Appeared before km, an AldermAn - the city otf*rnAde,phia,H.T K ujraoLS.wbo >.e;p.? prepAra'i?na oo?tair no r? itin?vpr Sworn and euMcnhad beforo ate, taia 23d cay of Normbar, ltM( _ _ VVM. P. HJ1JBKRD. A***iramu Ninth atreet. above Ran*, I'h; A. Addreaa iettera for information in oon?debt>e to H. T. RELKKOLD, Chemiit. n?aL 104 goath Tenth at-, bat Of^enut, Po'lA. .SMS?*1 i ** " - M |itprf.?i^KoM*Wuli, Sold by B. B. Wait*. 6lis Seventh atreet, and fV. C- Futs, J*.-, oorw ran. t?Ni* and ElevnU *AXh ALL DRWGTSTS jrgRYWHERF. A*K FOR HKLMBOLD'S. TAfESOoTHEk. Cut o?t the wr verueewiett m <1 ?ond lor it AND AVOID IMPOSITION A>D EXPOBURM _M F L0U* MILL ?t*D, CoVl* *<-, Corner of Utk nod B *! <?, Waakmgtuo olty. 117 Cub paid for nil kinds of Grain. m ? tm - O1*"lICH- /0,? , MOSOHOAHELA KYI WHI8KBT, Cniti <HwIi dutlBedkm Mr. 1 tUraude, 1 of AUsguy County, Fecc**, la a* oM-h*ti ion*r. u hop?t , fro* um ib?m> im aioat <p*rrfu t U c*inoted fty^aad 11 m ?t)mr oBtwl (or aal* r nnti td&|tM to &> ? ?? in bri?? It ? *t 9' oaoatte IVMt it i? roph*tio?Jlj om ra of U? fmrml la ti? wart of U? p- To tli? tavalM. m wall Mtotboje in fa?*, it doooription, aod mur <St tjo "** ^&UINMU|ltiatM'|IMtMT1UUM 2 r ctojpbjcS WM. T.JK)?? A OO. ^ ** jWnW. ?|CT3ffl4M FITTlN# rriMwM?Ml>ftMtooriitrtk<rPiI r

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