Newspaper of Evening Star, November 30, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 30, 1860 Page 2
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THK F.VENI!N? STAR. ~ ? t WASHINGTON CITY: PR 1 f* % \ ,, \?r'nil?r 30. 1*60. HIT The new Dollar Waeklr toiler tk-n ?v^r of i\Irtro(?litaa newt and tfofcip, and choice * *" * AAimlrtf r?-sH v.' fnr nifiry rmains, it now ???? uui w?~^. . ?, delivery to tbe pnb'lc Embraced In iu entertVnlng con'ents are tbe following articles: Vncl* Sam * Address to bis Bovs?poetic; The Firr.ilv Pl-?t - from thedHrvof a London det-?ti*e; i? lie's Land; Washington Irving Neirlv Killed by an Indian for Making Love to tiis Sqti^vr; Tbe Law of Divorce 1n California; A Score >4 Year. Ago?a poena; A Winter Under* around?a very inl-r?*?tinj{ sketch from Chamber's Journal; Tbe Two Roses?poetic; Kate \ ale1* Marriage?a capital love story; Victor Kmmenuel aad tivib&idi; Agricultural?Breed* of P.ugliih Sbeep; The Selection and Wanae<>inefit of Dairy Stork; Root (jrowir^j for Stock Feed; Salt oa the Farm; Apf>N nmt tja'd**nin?; ?*"1 Hortieolftire?Planting a Tree; Mw* Poll; Phosphoric Arid; Ventilation of the Ajw*?" Barrel; Rnuaehold Recipes; Recipe# for the Workshop: The Election in New York?how Abraham re?tived the news?reported by Doesticks; ArU-niui Ward Viaita Brigham \ un*; The Position at Ketitiieky^>dd Fellowship; T"he Private Dispatch Poat; The Sunday Law Triumphant; Con and Divorce Cases?the recora of a wtti, The Whisky insurrection; Origin of Con* ?.mr>tion; Physical Effects of Climate; Slow a?d Sure; SomeSniits; A Herm't In New Hampshire; Lynching at the Point of Rocks; The Secession Movements; The Kansas Troubles; L?te frwn S> ria; A letter from Africa; Blood r*pilt S^ceasior; Viy Little Baby, WeeTlilng ?a d;?m?-stir poem; * ? a * *a? i?~? t sv. VjrrQWUS WI nc rairm iriuic, iiirrvm^ ui mr Kepnbi'xan A^ociation; The Virjflnin Annual Conference in Alexandria; Willards' Hotel; Jubilee of the Wide Awake and German Republicm Association?speech**, collation, toaata, A<" ; \| vRterlous Afl-iir: Accident at the Capitol; Tbr Hon Amos Kendall npon Recession, No IV ; A Reply to .Mr Kendall sflrst Article, by J. \V. M .. of New York; Kd t< ria)?The News of the Day; Arcades Ambo; Its Kfects st> Far; The OtMce s*eek???; His Duty in the Crisis; iHomtor Dnvis; The Troubles in K?n?n?; The Prospect; Chief Justice Tanev; Department News, F.ditorials; Washington News and ??<**.p; l.<xu?l intelligence. &c., kc.; 1, -te news, foreign and domestic. bv mall and teiegrapb; Interesting personal Items; And a treat variety of choice literary articles, both p'oee and poetry, too numerous to mention. This is just the paper above all others for persons sotA'jmlng In the National Metropolis to <ri?i to th-jr friends at a distance. Price only Ifcr ? . et.ts per copy, or f 100 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps whei so arranged. *s"rt of ttis utrniaf Press. The InitUigtiuer of yesterday morning has ai article on iLanss^iving day. No paper makei its r from that office this T n* fr a %.t > t at. . .* t\f i-Mturdau mrtrnlm/ lr*sfi approTlnglvvf ProposedCeaapromises'' bettreei tUe Ni rUt d >tl South Ou account of yesterday being Tt?a<.k solving day, no paper was isautC trca tut cllSre this morning. Coitutluis -Mr M"Gowar?,a Secession leader in South Carolina, said la a r?*ceut speech : ' \V> hive lon<? he?n s-ttixft-d as to the causei r.fd:%s I ;tion W e avail ours?-lv>* of the eler.tior ?jf L: ; oln, b it it not with us the only cause oj cjinpiatut. IVe laut r nviitd in the Union fo /*? [-nrpo'f i>f cb'ai*'H% Iht 'oPftra'ton of out n ua-rs?to nrratg th? tim* ichen ana 14c miKntr tote, and for nothing ?/#?." Gjv. Gist says: All imp* of cocc+rted action by a Southerr t'onv-ution is lost, and bet one course is left U Carolina # # ard that coarse is tt lo->k "pI'Sw to the rii/ht nor to the left, but to sr< traijbt forward toward! the consummation o: h*f purpo**." So it s?-rin? South Carolina baa long been de t-rmiinfd to leave the I uion; that her only obj?*c 1b remaining Las b*en to obtain the c6operatloi of her Southern slstrr*; that having loat all hop< of that, alir la now " going It blind," In total dlt rrr -'d ?' the cons^q Jtrncea to herself or.any bod; else! WtU. remain* to b* awn whether tbta fitr\ i t:if (onii stall draji from their orbits our Vii g nU Jnp'ter, our North Carolina Saturn, ou ivis' - J sy -lars, aui lut other glorious lannnariei Tmhimw, M irylaod, Missouri, Slc , &c , whlcl evolve wound ill* eea're of oar federal system. []_T Hoi. Albert Ku*l. of Arkauais. ha? wrii tt-ii a letter a^-slrat K^mlon and disunion an< sg^l.iit uakisj Lincoln's election an excuse fo b.-eaL..ij/ up the government. TTJ~ Gen. Car In^tun spoke In Wartenton, th ?tUr n ^ht. and h:td quite a dissuasion with tb lion Wo Smith ?<.d others. I!?r.?? ? 0..1U1? ?, j i iviii .^umiu^iuu, wucvu UUI1UIIIK, w iiave Buck wo.xl i Magazine for November, cot tilting ten articles of interest. LT~/" Snow was brtwwn a foot and elgbtee inches deep at Watertowu, N . V., on Monday iry-.NO'l'IOK.-Tb# Sunday Afisrr.oon I'nto iL-< Pt?j"r Meeting a'. \Vv.?n Gnapel has bie mrp?^i?l for ihe vrm?>r. It' MV'T IX DIV. V. MCA fY"-^ OL'Ni; CATHOLICS* FRIEND SOCIi ^kJs TV.?T?? ujontn y ineetinz ol the a.?ciet Mi' 1:* h*M M. Vary'o Churoa uext SlINDA A Tl-.ii.NO jX at 5 o'c nek. noi' __ PHILll' J. McHENRV, Sec i^4=?MKD1CA1. ASSOC! ATM.?An adjourn' "V 3 ra-.-euniC of lb* ,\le<1i?al Am ?ciaUi>n ot U Liitrlct of t utiiSiUa, ( >( trie erat'on ? f to p. rt&at buaice??. wi!l l>e neid tu ihs VVaihingiu jnt> mi.-y on Tl'tSUAV, IVemtor 4th, at ] m J. W. H LOVKJOY. M D., no* St* _ eeoretAry. rrs* run dedication ok allen* U R Cnap*-.til!i|j[epUc?ouSL'NpAYMOR9 ING, iK-oofuo-r 21, at t >? o'clock, ?er t..e Ka? * a MtaucH, at a piaoM kuvw a l>> tit? namt of G ? ki i *? ?> - * ?,! j n nev. iMviir-M iit cue puiur,i a ? i * u?v. a. w a i >:?ii l iii? Kev. Jon Ifwws o. !><wlJiiii>re. 1 oe Rev. 1) . Kyam, < Ui? fe#eo??-r Cbiiroh, Navy Yard, will deliver m u.? o*iu*>ii so'tlkck, and & Co loc:io i ?iil 6a l&lc<.u up fo' tiie benefit of 'lie >v A Icn'i r?apc; 1 he public u re?p?ctfu!:> invit< to ati -nu n?' 50-St* (VW-TifK ANNIVERSARY Of feT. A ? '?_< tircw'#D?> >? 1 ho celebrated by the 3' sOClbTY of VVMhiBgtou Clty.i Oftu'?er'?, dti I'M (DAY l-.X KNlNli, 3>th m?t. upper o? Uko i*Ue preci?-.i j ftt 8 o'clock. '*ie?*ib- r? ami fri?ud? of 1'ie SxiMf who hftve r. a ?e. r? e-M veil tioke:? of klnitiouoaa he tuppll irr'fipfiyia: to Mr W. Dit *?>."?, tt the store SiLie? i bur ' U yt #ho.n noc^a! p'??a?nro ch?rin*. \V !.ut? I 'iru tn-> ti l : of kimla-it wsrmi, Wuv nuld v<>ur ?tni on tn teinu, Kfe<<h ai.t tire other*; Coiue U> my Ijowi, tome to mjr % m*. Mj f. kxtcla, my b other* . r. ft CAMKRON, Fr?t rr^^rHjLAUn.rHiA ? oNFMmoNKK lo - C ?'-Hi .Va'-.r Iocs, Wecdin* Cakt p< o 'J< a?e? Miuco i'? a.Pa?tr}, Cm*?? f rO)il M?-, J Mim, ami a genexa! vi.-ortu ent ol m tiiin<? in the ?'< i.fect. ,nery line,at Ft'BPKI.L' corn r i welfth ar,d F p'?. doU lm' rr"*??T. MATTHKVV'H FKKK jSrHlini ?* LU A for the bai.ohi ??f tb* Kret Hchix a i VTh Wiil l>e open M VWUWJS'IU OS MOMMY fcvENING, t MUi in* . and will t? couti,iU?d during th? we? ri.? imih u ehtm rMMAl f invito the at e tioi' ol tbf Dubiis to this undertnkioc. 'ha object willed i? or?uou Vit*i wupo, tMco :o thin 0?>m>nui lT' mojUMji/k 0 t3W.J ? rr^jntk*l?t,n6 to bank not }>-S, ?Oi-|>KH8.?Viijin|? rioc, ? tftken at f ^TCWhinf ftt Me I'eofiea' Ci thin Stora, ' J1 -'tav.'Wl h%Dd * Tt'f l*rf?an<J to peri took : M*t?- aud Boy?? [othi g F^rn^Ti (i (mI 1 H &!/ H.1<1 t . a aa at arias* ?, > ?..* a _ ? * ( v-s, wi w m u i w k'ir urn J H. >?MI I H. i ifcl'f. iuU-1* No. 4*0 7 th at, ofpo. Post Offio? rrj-CNION P*AYKR^MKETI-NO *Ui vi^9 k< U*??T?rj 0*9 ttuav??'k rat i? ,N?w \ C ?v*tme Charo?>, < Rav. Dr. Our.#* ?> ? ot>mrn?i M ? qiiftrt#r post 4 o'clock, to bo ooaUnued c lwif. no rr"3-~l>fcMP*?EY * 0*T<*>LK, LL3 weuuihti and rjsiTlNG> I"** >'' hn* WKDl>tN2 WbUDINb LNVELOPKH, _ . tfc# moit bOMtifa! ttyl 3tf? Pa. A?., Iwtvwn ?U and luth ?U , UM WlttflMTO? UO.tNkT RIBBON#? BON.NRT RIBBONS JtfQ n<*o0? Of DONNKr RlriBoKtS Kllini U?.t kolftk1 *9VH I'1** 1 T"TJ c t*p?* )ft ?L Ctlurlitiui H h\ H Y koi N m te Tith i* n? mr iww Hnn'i Lu- DIEK' Mfe-INQ Vfcmi* ftGP A?- < > "<* t<t i ndierMor* o fa i.? k ?< a |. ij* l?>w a><k * I ?h"rtsl?ei Ai i>, <*?n o Vtiti,a>l at luv t u at.\aviG .N.wViflut, *><>- : a?f ->* <>? ou?< | uuu >PECTAC KS ANO BY* 6LA99I '. >?? Bl*?l ^yqtoaiM 9M1 RMdJM I cj _a o? *.. ? V>?# .> * . ? ,. < / 8tc*?*ro?i No V. WHUI thbbb u Allboiahcb THBBB ik ?ovkb SBTT, AW THE** c?R BB TBBA?OX OWLT { WHERE THKPB ABB BOTH?MlBTAlB 8o*Bwhib1? TflBBB ! TRbahoh agaim*t TKB Umitbd 9tatb??4scs*?:osis:? Claims thb Powih or a*?.>i rti?)?i vuill* AllkoiaXCB, Crime* and Oaths. To tk? Ptopl* of tit South. 1 Secessionists deny that the United states are anything more than a partnership. and they represent the General Government to be a mere agency, of which the Constitution la the power of attorney, and from these assumptions they deduce the conclusion that the United States ran neither possess sovereignty nor command allegiance. The Constitution itself, on its face, negatives this conclusion. It recognizes such a crime as treason against the United States Now 'reason ta " tie brtarh of alltgianrt from n rit't'n or syhjttt to a jor?r<n>t.'' Where tUere is no sovereignty there ran be no allegiance, and where there li no allegiance there can be no treason By recognizing inch a crime as treason against the United states therefore, the Constitution asserts sovereignty in ihem and claims allegiance. The first Congress assembled under the Constitution passed " an act for the punishment of certain crimes against the United States,'' the first named o* which \ttrtason. It enacts that " If any person or persons oieing allegiance to thr. United States of America shall levy war against them, or shall adhere to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere," 4c., Ac , such person or persons 'shall suffer death.*' The same Congress passed another act touching *K? A smif a/ V.? kl.k iuc nuuj v* iuc \j iiiKu otovrs, w uil.ii rrijuiicu every officer and soldier to tike an oath to k> bear true allegiance to the United State* of America." There must 1* a mistake somewhere Kither George Washington and the convention which framed the Constitution, the whole people who adopted it, and the first Congress convened under It, must have born mistaken, or cur modern secessionists must be greatly in error. All the former, without exception, and It is believed every member of Congrt-ss and every United States Judge for at least forty years aftir the Con stltution was adopted, fully believed the U.ilted States to be a limited sovereign, to whom every citizen owed allegiance Are they leu likely to be right than the modern enemies of the Union * Who is It that " owes allejjiauce to tlie'UnlWd States," and can commit the crime of treasou against them? We answer, tverycitittn of every State, all of whom are also citizens of the United States, the two descriptions embracing precise y i the same persons. Every citizen of every State, therefor*, owes allegiance to the United States, not in his haracter as a clt zen of a St ite. but In his ch&ractor as a citizen of the United States, 1 Now. can any State rbsolve Its citizens from 1 *1 - Z _ .11 l _ - A _ AS ? *_ ?? * ? *? ucir jnc^ioiicc ig toe uuiua sum ; io oiarr vr?rds, can a Stute abolish the crime of treason 1 against toe I'ulted States, so far as its own citizens > are concerned? Can it do this, though It bss, by f i n highest sovereign authority, stipulated with I all the other States that its citizens shall be deemed t-altors, if csught levying war against the toiled HtaUs, and after stipulating that their Constitution and laws shall be ' the supreme law of the land," anything In its own Constitution and 1 liws to tht contrary notwithstanding ?" To say ^ tbat a Stste can, directly or indirectly, absolve its citizens from allegiance to the United btatts, and r from the guilt of treason should they be f. und in ' aru^s against the L nit' d StaUs, is to say that the people of a Stite can at will absolve themselves from every human obligation, and bid detlance to ^ constitution*, compacts, laws, and all govern, ment. The principle goes further, ana assumes a power to absolve men from tbelr self-imposed f obligations to their Maker. The l*w-glvers, j dfcts snd governors of the States have taken a solemn oath to support the Constitution of tr.e 1 United States, and many of their citizens have 1 sworn to bear them true allegiance Secessloulsm maiutaina 1U power to abajlve the lawgiver*, jjdgea, governor*, and rtt zena of the State, * though a'ao cltlzeni of the United State*, from their obligation* to their Mod Incurred by tbMe * ontba. S?-ce**ion doea not atop there. It even undertake* to releaae the United Statea lawr given, Jnd^ea, and oificera, even the I'reai' drut himself, from the obllgationa of iknr oatba' Though the P tsdent swear* that be will, to tbe best of bla ability, " prutm, protect, and iltfend tkt Ccnuitwtiom of th* I'muJ Stau* il aeceulonlain undertake* to relea*-- him from his r oath within any State by declaring it uo longer a member of the Union. It denounce* the mere aaggcation that he haa any right to attempt "to e preserve, protect, and defend the Coiutltutlon,*' >' he may havo ample '-ability" to do so ?-? ? * should the people of any State declare tbemaelvti ,p absolved fru.u tbelr voluntary compact with U.t people of tbe other States. This pretended "Indivisible" and ''inherent" "sorerft^nry" arrogates to ltaelf a power not now n claimed b7 Priest, Pope, or Potentate; a power tu ' releaae Itself from it* own most aacred obligations; " a power to relieve citizen* from allegiance to th?. ii n government; a power to absolve law-glvtrj, " judge*, governors, and Presidents from the obligations of their opth*. J- There are some miscellaneous matters not yel y touched npon, Illustrating tbe absurdity of tbii doctrine of aeresslou, whlcL will form tueaubjecb of another number. A;m>s Kendall. i? 4 hati kuk'ni'fi ?<" A l! 17 uivc u i dmtn I- O RUTTONK ST?it>S, 4o/-We oprn tlm n itiorni .* til uaukuaiijr lar*<s assortment n| Oentlt12 ruin's ^oarf I'ina, sl^ev? Bo'Uiiui, Stxla.&c.ol every variety. M. W GALT k 8KO., J iwelUrs. 44 I I' , g no S< 3t^ 4do??n? wot of Brown's Hotel. f- OAlSlNS! RAISINS!! i- II RAISIN B!!! <1 lit) Boxes prims now Layer Raisins, ?- inn do. <lo do. Munch do * !<*> qr- l> >xee do. <lo do. <lu. ji ion hlf. do. do. do, do. do.. ,* In store &ud for ?a!? very iow, to el?>?* consigu>' r. A RKKl) ft CO., 'd noj'lw ,\o. 6 South Wharvea, ,Alexan<lri>. ~ ri^UK UNION CLUB HOUSE - 1 A\l) NEWS KOOU8, No. it's Th:?itsnih St., r Between Fauna, arena* an- P street, at Late nf tht Mafor, This houK? will be open to Gentlemen at thi ot oOiiiii:eno*uier.t of Deeember. luiht meantime t c4 umtea number of Kooms can lie er??a#od ptririi of uentlf ti.ilO'vlKLLY. roJb-6f wm. h. a i i/kn. A" MOHICAN STOCK JOURNAL?TutThiki V'olI'MI C#mmk.Nrii? Jan 1,138*. Devoieu es-pociallr to mattera relating to dome* tie animal*. The lar<?*?t and o'leapaat p*per of th kind i i the world l'ut?ii?hod monthly, at No. 'J, r> KKOv,n?w\u. t. 1'rioe fl per year, ia * ? Sp citnec e?>pies gratis. Y. 1?. C. I.I.NSL - Y, Kuitor and Proprietor. j#, OrjS F. K. WAlTE. AnouMe Editor, ' er Passrs ginuf the above advertisement three iq oe rertaouF ami cluif aroariteuo pr to A G. Hatch WitirsoB, Vt.. will receive a oopjr of ti<e pater on ' jearfee A G. HAiCH, ? no3f'-3t* Genera! Agent. >Is p^BuUcTION IN THE PE1CE0FGAS. he Ovr:cBof Wash M'Toh Gas Light Co.,/ November 80,1WJ0. ( >n- JV?i?c? u ktrrby fi ~*n tost the ohargs for gas con of sum *1 after the aist day of Deoeri.bflr next, will i iii- tk u dollars and Aft* ctntt p>r thousand ouhi l f-et, to sll thofs wnose bills are paid * required b - ths act of Co frees. app overt J una itt, IMn, to wit h "/?t ths offloe of the Ccirp'.ay, w tliin hva day l%r f om the rmditon thereof provitUd all ar*eai 'O. shall h%vs bsen previously p*id/' J.F. BROWN, ior no ?? ?c4w fr-cretary hi Charge. IL /^ENTH* .VlERi.NO 6HIKTS Ijr AND drawers. w A larfe a?so"ment G*nts' Me-iao Huts an ? P'Sw.ts; also B js'Mtioo Shiru. Usals'LaraL k. Ur? .i ?ki.<. fi.? .... ov nvwi uun 0.JU i/i w 01 ? >k Alio? ice 1 arfe a??or?m*nt Wooleu and Cotton Hoaiery, u.? Kid. #1 k. Wuul and Cuttou <ilov?a, ft Silk Cravats and Neok Tim, Lib?o Shirt Collars, UIMD, C&iubrio and Silk Raodkerehiels, at o? , uiuai low Piiaea. \ HENRY EG AN. 321 Seventh at, ? no 90 6t n< ar Avenue HOna*. e* QXLYONE MONTH LONOEEt I. GREATER BARO * INS THAU EVER.' Onr a'o?k of DR Y GOODS moatl* aold befoi the Ikt ik atua- . a hav> to iiv> uuuniin . tha it- ra on Ua'day. , .... J W<- h-Tl oomiMDN on the lit d?f of UettmU "2 to Mil oar a * stook f? ... rt Mik R b?a, Lifbi ??>d Uark 81 ka by the yard, V IH* Ui?od? iua Lac-*. i_ Fran h fcmb oi an*-. Mt Kid Glora*, , Ca? m-r? ou? 5nawi?. All W oi Monaaaaiara i*h Vj n'* Fronoa i???*B. tf a? k <* oda, r ?, Fu?? A kita Good ot taaeriat oa, 4a ,ka _ nALf PRH'E W? prvfer m! ing tha abo>? l.amad ?ooda tn 01 i.* at I a f prio* ant r ti a>. mo tha riak < a -.jj'it.vifc" ^ ^ a Wi kava a la/a* atoak of Good a of OotnMt an l|aoafkotora, a l of which wa will elota oat tytl n>d ,i?e#,wuuui2',,t'tiee to ru't rnrakaan. at pr ra- * yi**? cm*r ^in^ooay takaa at rar. j J&TAiifOoda dciivand pr moj^ on iha day I. I *?a1HI 994 Pa.av? hat.'tifaml'K>&Vf. Details by the Arabia. The advieeabjr the Arabia at Halifax from Liverpool are three da)a later than bjr the City of BalWwinw. Tb* Prince of Walea bad arrived In England. 1 r The fi-et encountered bad weather during the I J whole y laaa^e, and g<,t out of provialona Royal j 1 rmrtw wm? llvtnff for tLe la>t fow dsvi oftttf Do a- 1 age on preserved meats. Tbs Prince req^ed Windsor C>tU?on tbe 15 th. ~ Tbe English pre is te mi witb warn compliments : to the American people The Timet say* that the Prince, while showing th* feelings of atrue-born Engllsbmaa.hMalitltea , the feeling* of all true Americans, and to brought t the two fice to face, and them feel that they t are brother*. Tlte Empress Empres* Eugenie arrived In London on the 17th. She visits Scotland for the benefit of her health. Since the advance in the rate of discount by the \ Bank of England the contemplated additional withdrawal of gold by the Hank of France was , suspended. jL.jTO UUi sterling nrrived from Australia on the Ifith. It wa* Immediately bought by the Hank of France. There was more confidence In financial circle* on Friday, and funds slightly improved, the market closing tlr;n Tbe Bishop of Worceater is dead. ' The Bank of England bad raised ita ratea to six . per cent. Gaeta at last accounts was still Invested. Some of the Neopolitan troops Lad left on the French steamers. The Fisaxciai. Crisi*. The minimum rate of discount was raised by i the Bank of England on the 15th instant to 6 per cent , although no gold was withdrawn that day, and none has boen alnie This movement was telegraphed to the Bank of France, and the contemplated additional withdrawal of more gold from tbe Bank of England by that Bark was suspended Australian gold to the value of ?570.000 nrr1v*>H nn tliM Kith w).irh U'mi i Anipfii.iti'lr bought for tbe Baiik of France, and this temporarily prevented any further withdrawalsfrom the Bank of Kngl&nd. There wai more confidence In financial circlet on Friday, aud the funds slightly Improved, closing firm. Tbe discount inaitfl continued to present an anxious and unsettled appearance; and no business had been done below tbe Bank mini" mum, and In many cases per cent. w..s tbe lowest rate that would betaken Three-months' paper was not negotiable below 7 per cent , and six-months' paper at 3 percent The amount of business done at the Bank on Friday, although not amounting to a pressure, was large On the St. ck Exchange tbe rate for short loans, Government security,was cbout 4 per cent. Paris advices say that although the pressure for uold on tbe Bank of France continued, tbat es tabllshment had dec Id d not to rnisi#its rite of discount above 4% per cent, for tbe present. It was thought tbe Xank of France would continue to obtain gold supplies from England; but tbe Times' city article maintains that tb s need excite no uneasiness, although tbe drain on the Hank of France since tbe statement is said to have been immense The shires of tbe Grand Trunk Railway, of Canada, rallied 3 percent on tbe 10thlt i? rumored tbat the Duke of Newcastle is to receive tne Order of the Garter, now in the gilt of her Majesty, owin^ to the death of Richmond The express mall train from Glasgow to London , when at full speed, ran -nto a cattle train on tbe Trent Valley Railway Nine persons, mostly drovers, and ihi ty heaa of cattle, were killedAll the passengera miraculously escaped unharmed Fnxci There were rumors of ministerial changes rife It was reported that M. Lathy, who figured in tbe Savoy i.ea'otlatlons, was to be Minister of the Interior. It was sild that at the Cabinet Council a plan for tbe army reserve was finally settled A project was on foot to abolish the present system of vent rub-e farloiigtis, and to establish a reserve on the pian of the Prussian laudereche, combined with that of the English militia. I he commercial treaty of France and England was completed at Paris on the 10th, and rectlvtd final signatures Mr Cohdcn was said to toe completely prostrated by his labors. I'be Bourse on the 16th was firmer and .<? higher, closing at 69f 05c. Italy. There was a report toat a conspiracy hsd been discovered at (jarla against Francis 11. Two officers ar.d two men were shot. The official Pledmontese (Jarette of the 15th si)s that the.Neapolitans,under General Sabreaus, had proposed to Fauti the surrender of the ?N--a jwiiun uugui, wuo r?uiiiia?a ouuiue 01 uaeu, consisting often battilions of c basseurs and a regiment of cavalry. Kautl rejected the proposition. After a combat on tbe Uib tbe bourbuii troof? re-entered 'iaeta. and tbe Sardinian* took bp fresh position! around tbe town. Tbe garrison c' Gaetn consisted of eighteen battalions, but a d.spatch announcing tbat two merchant ste imr-rs tarrying tbe Frer.cb colors, bad left Gaeta, with troops, supposed for Clvita Vecchia. I he Lazzaroiii at Naples indulged in a demonstration in favor of Garibaldi and tbe Dictatorship and were dispersed by tbe troops Victor Emmanuel bad prohibited tbe destruction of Fort Stalms Achtbia. An attempt had been made to Introduce arm? into Hungary. English veMrls engaged iu the enterprise. Austrian preparations for war were continuing 6t Mantua, i ,, SfAIX. Tbe CorrespoadencU Autograft asserts that the i{ueen was enclente. 1 _ _ CHISA The Paris Monlteur auerU that the latect di?pat; L from Sir Hope Grant fully authorizes tbe iiope Uuit a itcoarac to aruia will uot be neceaiary in China THE CAPITAL SECOND NUMBER OF THE NEW DOLLAR WEEKLY STAR 19 NOW READY FOR DELIVERY. WMRS M. A. PKARCB ISIIF.S to nniiniitjCA to her rustimera. and the Indies of WaahinKton in goiiTal, Uiat ahe 1 is n w prewarwl io ex?out -all on'n i iim I.e I Milliiit-rj'iiue, and artll open on 1 >\u:Bi\a.y, L)?o?iul>?r 6, .v iiaiKUon.H assortrnent iif*vT KRK\l'H HATS. Ui>pr?l.nw ft ooma .M*?*achii80tta av , l*>tween Ctli and 7th its, n-nr the Market. .No. 443. no an St* ' 512 OUTTA PErc HA, paint anu 512 r HAMILTON, BRO. k CO.'S, No 514 ^kvjcnth St., m the plaoe to find the oelooiateri Gotta Peroha RohEci aud Paint Also, a general aamrtinent of Home Painting Materials. Painting iu all its branehes ex*osted with die* patch ana on reaso aUle u^rroa. Mixed Paints a I va)a oil hand aud for tale. wi>h bucket an4 brash to io%n free of charge A loidersldt at the atoro for Old Giaziug or Job Wuik ol taj kind will be promptly aUendsd tj 5ll PLTTY IS DOWN. $11 no an " 1 M PORTA IN T TO ?TOCK GROWERS. 1 The Thiud ToUmi of the A MEKICA N H TOCK JO VR NA L, Co.ui??noe? January 1st, 1x61. It is devoted exolnixvel* to matt?: relating to th^oareaod ma nagement <>f <'ar domestic animal* 9 and i? fo? far the larg it, cheap?et and inoat wi lelr 1 circulated pap*i of the kind in the world. Noitook grow roan irruxu to be withoit it. fT>" Pixteeu arte ootavo i?ag*?, Handtomel* HI btrat'd PuMinhed Monthly,at ?5 Park Row, a New York, at %\jao per year in adv&uce. Sprctmen copier grati*. 45m?! D- C. I-IN8LEY. Editor and Proprietor. . oris F. R. WAI TE, Aseioiate Fditor. $ Newspaper* giving the above advertisement two - tmerfii n?, ai;i neuding ? marked s*?py to A. G, H tch winbior Vt., will receive a c^py of ;kc oane' for ore tear free. "a ?30 3t* " "A.0. Hatch. G?anl Awnt. * 482 DOOK MATS_1)OOR MATs: 482 Kohnua^.ro mutter how well furnish*!. l?ofci fin ?hod without at loi*t a Mat at the front door, bvsides bein* a grrat saving to carpets A\<u>. tti? " ??w Bush 1-oot draper, Carcet Brushes and ? larc? a-sortroeut of seasonal e Hardware. All the abovs goods for sale olinap at the new Hardwtri and Variety More, No. 49*2 Pa Avenue, near Thir<l street. l>j tho subscriber. ^ no a St BKO. SAVOK. c BLANKETS!! 1 " ? B'-ANKBTS!'! Bed Blanket*! Hfd Blanket.? : BricS "fonf"" "feu KXu Maraeiilea QuiiU ! . M?raaillea Quilta! Linen erd Cotton ^heefinja, r. . _ , , , Towpiinj# of a'l kind* Damaak TalHA Lwiai.t nuU napkins. Our atoclrt* full m all department*. We aolioil j a oall tromau in vagt of D'y Uouda. i WM R Rl?jl8>\ BRO., No S? -Ornt.W Store*," ? _ Between 7th arid 0 h *tr*?ta, no 28 2w Oppoait* Cayiter Markft. Heavy cloth* r, .u ANDCAMIMERES. Pine Clotha and rMaiiiierM. r. ir Vi'V?t ?ni Hjlk Veaf n*e. Silk ?*hirta and Drawer*. Merino Shi t* arvi Drawer*, yVo'-'lau Shirta and Drawer a, Kid. Silk, and Marino Glove*. Cottoii an<i VVool'n Ha f Ho*e, French Shirting Linens, Iruh Lintna, We iBYita a I persona i? want of 0r? fcooda a j, anj kind to five ua a oall ,f w*i*- RILKY 4 RRO~. No. 3ft "Central Srorea," n _ B*t?e^n 7th and I k eta , noW fry Oppomt- Center Makt t^hOARS AND TOBACCo FOR THE MIL , Tb4 anderaUned w?uld r?aaaoU"uily Inform ki nnm? rows frianda ud tn j pab]i? that the eoaait n rahia her* I. for? eiii>ini aad?r that ff*?. .< iMoiiditoolrai by ? ir iiiicoiKiii dihu r Iiaa op?ned a ?tore oa th of oo a?r of C ud Savant -to w?at,* tl? Bank of Wukiactoo. vh?r? may ha f>and a okdv ?notm*(.t of ijKG A R9 and, '1 UBaCCO, f dirac 10 iBN'ttlin, u V6.I as domaatto aauuiMtan ia wa*l*aaH and rattwl. - 1 fcankfet for mt favor ,*? flop*, hy fair d?al of tha pat on*ye ao Mt>af#IJy Tmtovad apoo tho la: firm , P. W1R6MANH, 0 I1!'. I " I ' DEPARTMENT NEWS. Omsai ?Th? various rootii on tbe flnt floor if the Navy-Department building, recently oocu>led by the clerks of the Fourth Auditor's office, lave undergone a thorough renovation and been tandsotnely fitted up for the uae of tbe Engineer n Chief of ttM Nivy, and tbe Bureau of Yards ind Dock*, at pr^aent orcapylatf ra?yl> Win- > ler'a building. Tbe Faartb Auditor'* clerks i?v? removfd to tbe room* fomerly ?acd by tbe 'rnsloa Otfi #. i*ECB?TA*Y OF TBI Tr&AKI'BT ? W* are bsppY o be *>** to state that Hon. Bow?ll Cobb baa ao , 'if r/v i In hMhh > (n K* >KL ?>.( mnrni nv > o resume the duties of hi* official position PemMl. Hon P B.Fouke, of III; Cflpt. McLean, LJ. 9. A and lady, are at Brown*'. Hon. K B French and family, are at the VVasblngton Honse. Hons. H Gray, of N V.; W . Allen, C. L.

Vallandli;bam. of Ohio; Green Adam* and ladv. f Kv ; I. J Gattrell and family, of Oa i Coin'r. Rng!e, U. 8 N., are at the National. Hon K. F/th?'id);e. of Tenn ; J. Collamer. of Vt^ Gov. Blgler. of Pa ; J. 9 Thraaher, Df N Y | Gen J. S. Whitney, of Mass ; Col. K. Johnaon. Lieut Morton, K. P Campbell. L - 8. A . are at WWards'. T*? W*athk* ?The following report of the weather for the mornln? It mode from the Amtr lean Consolidated TVle?raph Line to the r*rolth onlan Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock NovaMBxa 30, 18*). Burlington, Vt...... .ov^tcut, 34?. N**w York, N. Y cloudy, cold. Battlmore. Md .cloudy, Washington, D. C cloudy, wind 9 Richmond, Va. clrar. 46?. Petersburg, Va clear, cold. Norfolk, Va .....clear, .V?J. Raleigh, N. C clear, 41*. Wilmington, N.C clear, pleasant. Columbia, 8. C mild Charleaton, S. C pleasant. Alienists fl* rlpAf nlfiMflnt M ? ? ?! V f ?? - Savannah, Ga clear, wind 9K Macon, Ga clear Columbus, Ga clear. pl'*awnt, Montgomery, Ala clear, 54?. Jackson, Ala clear. Mobile, Air clear, cool. New Orleans, La clear, 54*. riOM TBX WIST Frederick, Md cloudy, warm. Hagerstown. Md cloudy, warm. Cumberland, Md cloudy, pleasant. Grafton, Va clear, pleasant. Wheeling, Va clear.30 ?, calm. Parkersburg, Va clear, pleasant. i>ammeter at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (cor?er'*d for temperature,) 29,519; at noon, *29,441 Thermometer at 7 a. m .41?; at noon, 43 Maximum during 2i hours, ending 9 a m. today 44#?; minimum 33 . . lj i i o L' u* ii *.< taisj AXJ1 1 OYY ASHINtiTON THEATER! brilliantTdelighted, FASHIONAmT AUDIENCES NIGHTLY GRE T PROFESSOR ANDERSON, PS VCII 'VA'NTE U m MAGNIFICENT *ENCHA NM EN T. To-n'f ht will he produced tM MOST SUPERB PROGRAMME and th* MOSTGORUhOUSSCHNE Ever Present** by PaorKssoa Axdxbsom. SEW TRICKS withon' nnm'i?r?. Remodeled Modification* of tne Wh >' . MISS ANDERSON, MNKMOSYNK, _ MISS ELIZA AM U MISS FLORA *NDERSON EVERY EVENING. The Entertainment will be INSTRUCTIVE .^D ENTKRTAINING, STARTi.IN? AID ASTOUNDING. WONDERFUL AND WfclKD. A Grand Perfnrin\noe will be Riven on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, Door? pen at >. u> ooimnenor &t iS o'clock. AdnniMim to ?il p*rt? of the hoo?? only 50 oentu Children *ni Servants hvf price. no 30 tf 1 INITIAL ST A >TPING, N COLORS, on Nete Paper and Envelopes, t< perfection, at DEMPSEY A O'TOOLE'S, n >zx-eozi ?,aia r.nKrBv<r?. F<?R SAI.K?A strong broTrn MARK t?etwe<m 1 and 8 old. end alioiit H cv hand* iiuli sli? i? a fi*i * raoki it j -* ' '* *1 ?T d4s, and trot* we . in naru?s? :Sh-? can se n da !?, fium 10 a m to 4 p in., at F Lfc.M MIN< * FOV'8 Stable, C at. nu28 gteo VISITING CARDS, FASHION A BLF. 8TVLF.H Something nrat and mn ahlo for the holiday*. At DKMPSKY * O T iOL.K'8. , Vui tPR Card Kntnv?r?, no 2a 0fi2t 3j2G Pa av , In-t. ?ih ayu l?th ht->. vTRGINIA AMD MARYLAND MONEY TAKEN. Cliolce Havana Clears. OpinibTbib Mohniss th? FoiLOwrwo B*/ <?? CaBANAS Y CARBAJ AL, LA ErPANOLA, RIO DEL NORTE, MANUEL Y SUAREZ. LOS DOS HER MA SOS. CI'JARETTOS dm CABANAS Y CARBAJAL PRINCE OF WALES LONDRRS and CON SEK B AS. (firat importation id the United States, and mp-rior to any Clear in tbli oonntry.) For tale by l,MO or *10(10 boxea. at importer prio?a, at G. DEMUTH'S, Corner of Pa artrue ami7th atreet. no 28 lw Konm ."No 9, vp ytaira. FURS! PURS! FURS! - Ob* of the large at and lineal it^cka ever off?r? in Washington. ?5ilr CAKRlAOK KOBKJ*. Furs R'paired and Altered at s^ort notice, by a old, e*prt!eno^l Hani, ail cheap. A?m? stock is very Jarre. a!1 I ask is a oall. All Furs sold at rfiy eat&tmshraent warranted i represented. HOPKINS', Comer of Sixth at. and Pa.av. _ FIT* Stos Whits Jin*. no t7 2w Singer's Sewing Machine*. 3ts8 PENN. AVENU8. NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. W? invili> th? pwh ie attratinn to oar n*w $3 FAM11.V 8KWING MACHINE. T4u? Maoflii is un?urpa?a*d in th?> li"??eho,?l. II run* sittoo aad *wift; tewt, ktm*, Jtllt and latft'rt, will %e th? fimat ?wi?s or oIotIi ten ayer* thick, and &i thine between th? two extreme*, ic a oeao: ful ai ' aabatantial winner M*ohtn?jiin ro?ho?ai'j, wa not and ro*e wood oaae? from ?60 to #100. Oi lire* vibrating preiur mnchine. uir ooanh trimm* . *"<T aaddiera, it without a rival, tJilk, Twi? rhrrnd, Needle#. Bobbin*, Oil, &#., alwaya i , hand at New York prices. ?r-? .J J rA. -I .7 I U Q..??a. U Pa tm fl 1LZ oouu :vi o"py ??i i? m ' Vi ? vw. w ; *eu* CHARGES A. SPONSL.HR, k no 37 to Agent ( To MKM#KR ")f%C(/>fiR?fe. STRA? 1 GERS VISITING THE CITY, AND THE PUBLIC GENERALLY ! The undersigned bega l?v? to iafarm you that haa i store one of the bc?' a'sortmei t* of?<ygBOOT^&nd HHOt-St" be found in tbeKM, city, for Ladies', Gentlemen's, i ?r l Bo>a* Wear AUo. GUM SHOES, M ' OVEK-GA1TERS, LEG UN OS Aj Ao. Hm ?ntre '< ok ia frech?all made for this ? rou'a wear?m Uu beet it via?of the baat matari ' and w.?rkmaoahij. Townieh be invuas your i t tentioR. H HI RNS, 406 Pa. ar., (A few doora &st of National Hotel,) do f7-ao3w (latei.ACon ) Bet. 4K and Kb ata MAGNIFICENT 1717" iTI JAPANESE GOODS, ^ Now on exhibition and fur aale at Na. 806 Pea ay Taniaaverne.( WiilanU' Hotei. rt,ALrurvi* tiUi*iUA I iuna. no f? lw COLT8 PI8TOU* UR A??ortrne.-t of repo&tinK "FIRE ARMI ! comp ete of nearly a'l kind* mad*; mm . ha J i zolnovuli fur the o??h, w* offer them at ui* 10 eit pricei/fct 9 TEVKN8' Room, io 87-fit Bntfi'i Hotel t r>APPij?BVTRYN10HT-A fina'otof fUl * If. KF,Y9,anrfaf'kind? of other Fowl,^ altrayioi hand, to he raf!!*d ?v?ry mjht at my Restaurant, No. *19 StroaU ?t., i> W-lxw JOS. R08ENBKRHY " OPBCIAL NOTICB TO BVgRVB01>Y.-< - ft to FRENCH * mCHSTKIN'* No.?78 I avena*, and (*t joir card *agra>-iar dona, lui * tnwr *% *??* %?d *? wdl uot fail to h? ui f -*,u - No 3T6 ?*? M?iw. w?hmimm a A SBLE^r'^CHoO L for ohtlf*n?JnH t?oPw I oa tft- firit Monday ir. DmmM at the <* >, mmmt K aadiMTwniMnth *u.. Fimt Ward, j Ucli'd to th* 1mm u a large g?rd?a in vla?k t - ?!ii <? ? ?ar?a<K? W OfM.*r?x?o ??a i m aaviharofKKola.x mil b* luni'aj, apihoauo* j it (iiul uon abouM bm m&ue ua^^ ??li. fuTl I AUCTION SALES. By J. C. MoGUIRR * CO.. AaottonMra. i^ONFECTIONKirs MOULDS A*D PAT- v/ ntn? at Arcrt<?s.???* H A T (' I 1) A Y / M'ilMNG 1st. cmmfodPi at ^ o'oinok, At tk? Anotion Roomt.wa aha:! *11 a Ik g* 11 ' t of? || Caaflwiionar'a M?a!<is and Patterns, CapRfif 7ta#. o aa? Pastor Composition, in cr at ra>iaty or T< M ? * - * - - ?"?? ? ? 1^* a MiiniftMi mer wun ? iv? 0.i*? Jar?fG*h e'?,and \\ in**, Frttirveii rloklM, Cordia ? Oartllet, Ac., ind [ f LirnOliafl Co en tar !*how Cue, A LA#? ' , 1 fin* 1ar*a Rrown Hor?e ar.d Cov<?r?J Kifrwi W*fon H?rn*a?, *0. * T?rm<: * W and nnd*r c*?h: ow tkMNnl * or*!i( of 3' and 6-t daya. far satisfactorily aadwra** % note* liHrin? interest I no a' d J. C. McP.l IRE A CO., Aaata I By WALL A BARNARD. A?cttnn(Wfa. mUL'STKK'S ?ALK OF (10L9KH0I.D Kl'R- a 1 niTr?K. Bab-Ko<>m Fi*tt*m.Oov?ii** Ae. i at ArcTtos.-On SaTUK1'A> (To w.f>uw) c MOKNiNG, 1 ?t UPCAwihor. a' I" A'doo*. by virtu* ofaiUoU ??J UMkt daiy r*o"id*d am ng iho ia; d I reeorda of VVaalnnctoB ooBttr, Ac., wa will ?*! IB < i frontof the At omod Roomi a lar?? a??i"tm? t >>( . ' aeooad band Houaahola Furnitnr*. Bar nmmFIl turoa. Ao . oo??>pri?ing? ) Sofa, Cha rt, Tabiaa, WaNvobaa, 4 , 1 Burrana, P a?n and Dreaautc, ol Mahogany and Wacai, , . I n ? . j /v r? _ j _ ? _ j _ fl r [enca. rosi, ana uoiuii* < Mahorany, 4o.. . J Hair, Shuck ai.d Cotton, and Shuck Wa*nrtand?. Chairs. Decanter*, G uses, Oil- J eloth. fte., (.area Cou ter. Air-Tigh?, Ctal aid Co-kmc Score*, Refrigerator, Grind 8KB*. K?kea, Pork* *o., 4o. Term* oath. By ord*r of Trustee. no ao WALL k. BARNARD Aeota. By A. GREEN. Aaotioaeer. CALE OF CORN IN SHUCK aT AUCTION.55 On MONDAY, the94 Deeembtr. 1 *AaT Mil. at th* let el \\ m Anderson, on l< eireet, between 171h a? d 18th ?* ., at 8 r>'clock p ra., one hardrrd ard sixty six Stsoks of Corn. Term* oath. _ no? 21* A. GREEN. A net. By CLEARV 4 OR KEN. Auctioneers. 506 Ninth ttrtet Rich mlk, satin and velvrtrobf?, Shawls Cloaks Ar. at Arme* ?o WEDNESDAY, the 5th of f'er?iiit>er !# 1 o'clo-ka m.. w? ahail veil af nnr Auction K ? Bi . No. 506 Ninth a arre ?nd rich collect on of biMMt.Cloak*,??h%wla * o . conaiatlaf id part o<? Ri?h B ac< Plaid Satina, H&jadera Brocade Silka, Very rich rfaeca Silka, Eleraut Velvet Rnbea, Do Silk Robea, F.mb'4 Illusion DrMMi, Riah Illnaion Bertha*. Point Aptici Seta, Kouad Point Seta, Moueaalaica Kobaa. new atylea, Mourninc 1-mVd Seta. A larre lot of Cinth Cioalra, ?uoh as? Aral>?,Z maves. J\cqie? lied?on?. Circalara,Ac. Cashmere Chnnil'* nte'la ar.d other 9* aw a, To*?*ther villi n*pf other article* in the Dry Goods lino which we de?m aoneeeasary to enumerate. The attention of the ladies is most reapeeptfu ly ea'lef to the above sale I'pon inspection they will fin<< the roods worthy of their attention. Term* cash. no80 d CLEAR Y k GRF-F.N. A acta. By CLEARV Jt QKEEN, Auctioneers. 306 Ninth strut. POSITIVE SALE OK FINE FURS FROM N*w Yobk at AccTto* ?On WKDNEPDAv MOKNIN*?,tne5 h of l)ioemb*r next- % aha 1 a-ll.atH' o'd'o'k a a?r Auction Room No, 506 Ninti strest, in oonjinonon with our aa'e #f t\ 4 . _ .J. I liu ? * nc MJTJ un ui ep oo 'iu ww im-ni ui IUW Funewrcff^ d in thu muM, ooo?if ?d to 11 from New V ork, with order* to make poaitire Mie, omf UiDC? . ? . Full ?et? of Sib*n*n <*quirw, " " s*ah!e Mink, ' i anada Sat>l?, " " Stoiif M* 'teu, " ** KimuFiteL, " " Frciion sable, '* ? CtuaOhiU*. With iodii extra lar< < M nk Cape*. The Fnm will opened for inspection the day previous to the is e. Terme ouh. bo 3b d CLEARV & GREEN. Anct*. By A. GHKF.X, Auctioneer. GOVERNMENT SALK OF THE KOLI OW* U 150 M**tioski> A*ticli? is th* W??mx? toi Navt Y*?d. at ArtTU'W. to thu Hiuukst Bmnu ?On FRIDAY, the 1 ?th d*j of D?crmLrr next, I thatl e?ll a' reNavj v ard, inthi* 12 o'clock, m.. thefollowin* attiele*. vi*? i 1wo ?uouvn CiUKiDCB, en* uiu *oiii.'ju u( mm ohin <?, Old Pumps,'ot of old Leathern Hose. O d Rope Jack,? -"mpty Carboys,one old Stovs, . A tot or Pen Paling. Off?-e kt?]>?. Lot of street L*mps, lot oid t-e:.<Jtrs and Blowsrs. Terms oa?h in *s?oia H? ordrr ofthe Navf Agent noH-law A. GRKEN, Auct. i B4LL8, PABTIICSt *e. '* A GRAND SOIrhe pansantk i\ W ill be eireu at FR Ay KLIN HALL. ?f (Cnurr ef D-inJ Xmt\ nr-tt'.) f*m On Tt E<I)A V. Decunl er 4ti., 1?0, Ul For the Iw Hit of Mas. Maris. Lo.ngV- Rstvmx to fc?i<;t.?SD. Adniis-ion Fiftr ?>nt*. Doors op n at eight o'clock. no 3V4t* Hurrah tor t;>e hickory:-Th?mem ' era of the HI "K 'FYCtA'BUk pi ??ure in annonncinf to|thMrfrie d? ard th put- MS lie <n?9B?.al that th-ir fifth ORAM) A.4 SK>1 Hi. Y will take place at the ?Va*hingtonUB Aknombl) Room a on M<tNDA\ E^KNlMi, I > *?. 3d. The Co uraittee pledge t ? t'.at i.uithf r pains nor expeaae will t?e sparej to make it th* ' p* ty of the *ea?on. Pr> *peri'n V>?nd ha* been e?itazt-d for the occasion T ck t? ?? r -t t?, adm.t in* a gentleman and adtea. N. B?Po* tiv?il>, uo hata or cips allowed ? !w vo-n in the room. Cwmifw ' Arramgemtm**. A. F. Tad, A DnuJaa, 4. Mulcar*, K. loienian. Wm. B ady. no3U?t* GiRANDCOMPLIMKNTARV BALL, in honor I ol trie PI IN AM PHALANX. I y the g% WASHINGTON L I <i H T INFANTRY fit BATTALION, at tlie Auihiiv I{oo*?./Ii Lou;?iana avenue. UUHk DKCF.MBF.R 6, l*<iO. Ticket* TWO DOLLARS. tM* procured frun any member of th? Committer. F.rrrutivf Commit*e? .Major James Y. Davis, rapt*:n Towers, Captain Uiit ant. and C apt an Stevens. Committee of Arrawmfmtt. d O. K Green, Ja ne* A Kin*, J. K S. Hoover, Heorjr (jorbutt. H. D Morgan, R. W. Go^jin, Tress. no 28 w,f.T?,m J OOK OUT FOR THE MONUMENTALS! EIGHTH GRAND COTILLON PARTY of the MONUMENTAL CLUB, fti Tho** ?| k Hall, on JB \ MONDAY, D e-mber in. /flB For rartieulam eee future advertiMmenLlflA By ord- r of Committee. no 21 t-A o* ~ " PERSONAL. m f <OPABTNKRSHlP NOTICE. ?The aaderx_/ flined nnving thta dfty of Nov*n?bor, formtxl ? oopart erantp under the name and firm of ic II amiltom. U.o. &. i o..for the purpose oi carrying on tn? Pftintinc ?nd Gut:* I'ercha Kooini i-bmnuta, the? will continue th*?im* ?t No. 314Seventh ?treet. of Iftte Occupied by II. >V Hfttn-'ton in . ?L. l. 11 Itr U 1 Uli T< .V< inc MklBC (JUlillVKB. U IT IIP .n I l. n rn, . ? HAMILTON, noJO St B. Ct ARK. I NOTICE. HERK BV Forewarn all p?r??n? from trncting A ! any person or portoua on rar aooount, a* I will pay w i no debts ooatraeted by any other pereon than myth eelf. V no 27 > * JOHN W. RICHARDSON. Ia 4 STROLOGIST, r. A MADAM I. DEVISE. Jf Do not fail to visit thia lnowMi) la-Jy befere K* 1a?v?i nitv- All who rpa in IrODhb of lot ,? kind, go at onoe tv her Madame will bring anyone - ' to you and causa thorn to love you ; vili m*ke ?peodv marrisg-s ud great good luok ; will advise - in regard to Lawsnits, Travels, Lomm, Mimbtri. &e. Ofics and Reoeption Room* at Richmond House, corner Kighth and D itl,; private entrance - on l)it Oentleawn also eall. no S3 lit* 1- I HOLD A DEED OF TRUST ON THE PROPI erty offered for sale in the advertisement o( Win, T. Crair, Constable, dated Nov. 19th inatant. for the eale of Banard Mage-'s interest in Lot No. 1 bo in 8qoare west of 9^nare No 14 os 96th street and I! fa. ave nit, wkich sad dned was execute 4 to as in coc d fwth. and for a valutble consideration. I do, Uwefore, protest against Ue said sale, as being ^ without aathority of law. aod oaation ail perenni against bidding at the pretended sal*. ? no>'-Tt* JOHN MAttBKH Tl (VI ADAMl-.MOE rice, tnQBUT A?t*olol"_s qi*r and PyCTKKSs./rewi Eurept.-Thisfcijhlj giii-'U uo inviifeti ivj) ?.ai. o* coiiu wo on the Put. Present wd Fatal* KretU. Call at No, 1. 406 Eighth St., between G and R, Wukiailon. no Ha* 1VTEW YORK ELK6 ANT CURTAIN MATE IX RP*Ij*, AT PrtlME COST. The ttook ofa.i kMidsnfrurUin Materials at th< tor* of CilAGETT A DOuSoM, is still e<<mplefa ~ in all that 1 rich and deanabe All or a*r <M which will now 1* ulosed oot at the prime eoet. 8 j no 71 fo<t _ w- . FlkRESS HATS FOR GENTLEMEN ?Oar ae VJ ewrtweat of Kasfeiooable Hate ie a'waysrm L cmmp He. We aUo receive every week afuli^H ~ supply orHata from Beet* New *- STEVENS' Sales Ro?m. m> T7 ea6t Brown's HoUl L T* REMNANT*. * W 3 /i^ThSSS, f- Lr?:% sswMi! 'a. 0RY OUOM LINE, wfctok are now r*Jr to U< ?*- msjrkedfn' syrfgMSttJSHf tains are hero. -1 L mo rt Mt . CVAUBTT?www5y,|. THREAT UAKUXJN3 I % *d II DRY GOO DA. ?r- Wi have rrjark*d down oar eaUra Btook of hfta4 It- (DM Dry Good* with oar 1mrf aa < treat t a Jm ir?t ateaa fSS G<kmi rrticlM. tad will oom UMDM UllldM lilfUO# lj rW?0*(l ?n?M tor for ouij l i rad uca oar u?o* *y t ha lit ?f J ? v in- U*ry. We uriU all la waat of Dry Goo<u to ?x am in 9 oar atook bo/or# P vaMfft ?1 ?iuTkiri. ??? ] m AUCTION SALES. t *UT8 AFTERNOON ? TUMOKKOW. * ~^O719TABLfc'0*ALK VAIXABLB Real I E*TtT(.-H? Ti'fwof I VTlU of llMltMX ' kf J<?? 1. I'MrxMi, a J uilire of the P?t*? S M<1 for th* Couiitv of >N ?<htr.t:on ind District ( ? Co ?n Uie mil dfty *f Notww, A. ?. I ?r, in faror of John J. Bocae titiiit ill* *ix?i Dt< hlkttelt. I*n<1? Md U>aea?? fcu ftnd er?d L? of Bernard Matoe.and one other writ of?i?cn ion ittiie>l \] Hot^rt White. a JatUoc of rtw 'woe it aart (nr raid ooayti .on the l?th of tmlrr current, in ftvu- . f tka mu< J nfcn J H > ? Jh tfkirt? tv? f>) Mi, ??., (if t?!(t HrrHnl M?. ( M. I IrtTf ievie<i nkor all the a*i<1 B?"nar?1 Ma j *'i in ai?d to that p:to? ftnd earca. ?f . rouD'l kuown ti that part of lot niintwrtJ on* { riMuareweetof nnmSertwJ fourteen,! 4. 1 ranting t went j kv*i>i foet on .6U1 trort > <) I feet on Pena. a*.. and ahai! proe?e<. tu I ?t. th- -quit > ti< rati'fj aaid aix writ* < ( exernt .a I kt aaletotho hicheat bidder for caeh.on the I irmKH-t, on FK11'A> , Ut MNa; of Noreinher , iarr*nt, a.'4 ? clock p. iu. The pr?n. *?aVi!lN a<?'d aubjarttoan en mm trance ' 4.?w. pajahl* with inter*"* ou the i?th l?T?Ortnwr,i. i?. W. ^ no H-td \VM T. CRAIG. Onatal.e. BjBARNaK U A BCTCKRTj Aaouonewra. , D. 1. T'RUSTEK'S SALE ?Bf virtaa of g de*i ?f I Jl traat. duly recorded in Lib9r J.A.J*. 1T? at 1 itiet IBS, Ac , of the land raeorda of tha Diet i*t f J :o5umht?, I ?kall puhlio auction, oa W KD- I QeSOAY, Nov.Hth.lHS>", at 4 o'eioak p. m . a >art >f Lot IT). IB Bea'trar.u* addt ion t" , >aoriatown,b?a inning for the tame at the >outhaaa: . toraar of Market and fourth ?U , and rut.ainga. k. nth Mark** at Si fa?t ? irahea. mo o imp, to H. | fraaDH'a lot; thee** with hi* ,o? war.' ? ? , Mt, nor* or iM : tb?nc? northward y Si f<?t w noMW to Foartfa at; and woatwardlj > fKL lo *k* bofinaini , ... T?rmi: On* third aast; rwnaindar in ao'e* al k, . LS aod II montha. taoared by a dead of trait on t | irMiw*. If tha terma of aala N? n -t c-rof i*d wi'h u t ? I )ayafrr>m tm.aof aala, p'o^?rt? wi he r*aold *t t " nafc ofdftfau tioc jarehaaer. All coa?eyancin? v soat of ?ari ha?ar CHAKL.K9 M. V \TTHKWS,Traata?. BARNARD ft nl'CKKVi Aactt o6 T.Th.S.MfcTSt IETTHK PITRCH ASKR HAVING FAILKI* to eoT>pW vitk t&e urmi of mi?. ih wi I ? >? reacid at *ia rt*k on KRiDAV, Nuv.9?h. >N . . at 4 o'clock p m CHARLES M.MATTHEWl Tru*t?* no? <t BAKNAKP ? H 1 K K > . A wet* Hy J. C. MtOUIRt fc CO., Aiotiowiri 1 TRUSTEE'S SALE or TWO-STORY B* ct | Hoc** and Lot ox ik? imin-Oa t hi- , DAY AFTERNOoN, November vt?., at ? o'c *k, oo the ^r?miu<, by virtue of ? de. ?t of tn?t d*irJ I Ootoh?'6th. 1?>97, and d?!y r?M>rd?d in I if*r J. A ' 8., No. 1?, loli<?a ?l. ot ?**..on?of tha and rec- , ord* for Wa*hin*t?n e??un?y. 1) C.. I ?hail ? I Lot j No. tl, in Squara No.2ff<, * lha aame a i:d <1 m on the (round plat or o' aaid city, tofa>i>*r I with the improvement*, oonaiatinf of a two atory . brick Dwel mj Houae. Tarraa o4ah. _ F. S. MVKRS, Traatea. J. C. MoUlMKE k. CO , Aueta. ooSI.Not St j DJ LLCtAn ? u n navviviivcis, MM Aftuft ?if?< F*ITFVEHALKOFHAND'?OMKPARLOK . A5D HoCtKBOLli FP**1TC*B. CaRPWT* kr .OneATl RUAV M"K Xl.NS.tfc* l*tuf Itorom # h?r next, wetha 1 *! ,at our Anctiou Kiiobi, Mo. I 306 Ninth at ??t. beginninc at lfl o'clock,a larje | and hudiamt tuonmrnt of Furniture. < arp?u 1 Ac., o n?i?tmr of? Roeevood P(trior Suit*. oorered IB rich Brocat i> dUk, Ro wood Mwl>l? toy UurttlM, Moras, Teta i T-ti ai.*! Caator Chun, , Wicut and Mahogany Wardrobe*, Do do ?>arl>ie-tiia Stdeboadi. Handa^me RoMWood and other Par.' r and Farcy ? Chair*, HudMn? Jarnr bind C'>Ua*? B*diMdi. Ruwvood an<1 Walnut Warb a top TaolM, Wa nut anu Mihotanj Marble-tup Wa*i<?inki and ?*tantf*. Handsome Gilt (decorated frnrve' Mirror*, Rooewno-] and Wa nnt kt?f? >-?. UI-. 1 J..-H. ..J U'k.f, T II ?i'H < vim ?? er B"di. 4 Bcirtfit. lue Nil Mu'rtuM, Mm k and C?-t? >cd<?. Tapeatr*. Tlire? p ? and Carp-U. Tocethsr watt S ncneia. aaeoitiueiu <?f tloueebo.4 , Fnrmtvre. Term" ? li e*m? ??t4er IV e**h: over th%t mm * J oreni? ?, > anl yidaya will foe given. f??r cat * * faetortly etxloraed not?* t-Mrmc ifitereat. M?o OLKAH It i.RKKN. Au-ti. By A. 6RKKN, A?ot-< n?er. HOU? F H O L D Fl'KNITlKE, HORSE. , W1..0R. 4,n:ia. ??i,a*?. ahd Cbohbiy Waii, AT A?tcth>* ?^On "A |*(JK4?AV VO*N 1N(*. the lit day of J> :-*n!>e', I aha!) cell ?t io o'oitx k. at my A?'t >n, et the coraer of 7th and L? atreet*. No. J?.. \ r.? Mah< jany Siofa*, Chv a, and 1 ab'??. LHi Bedatra'i, Marhl*-tr<p W aatialauda, Wardrol?ea L> ?ka, i ."trige*. H*! Hark Bockeaee, F^neh Wainat Maiiotany kia'Mt t p Dreaainc buiea^*. Two Fine'.a. r^ti-, Feather Bed?, Hi l>i>;?ter?. Hair. Cott' i T"p. ar J ^nuok MatT?-*eee, Cane end ?Vo<-l ???ti *r.r i r a a-.1 K - B'ltocee, In* v >: ' 1 A'p^u. Coocint Air Tight, and other Stove*. ? Chita. Giaea acu Crt ckery Ware, * - J ? -aI ??.?.aIa? *.?/? p>ii?iAr<.iia L ?r in.*. 1 ABU many UW?M atuvic*, ?w ? ..? . Wil b? added to the wis? i One ?uptnnr Family Curtiff. * T?'m? caah. aoii d _ A. OK KEN. A?ct. , 'FU.jrUKb DAYa, Uj A. tiKbkN, AautiofjMr. SALK OF KXCKiXKNl AND N i-'.ARLY f M*W Hfioi-HOLD AKI> KiT( HCX Ft aKITr El AT V Ai'i i .ox ?'?i. Nl ? i)AV. tf'eii da? <>.' L>w bar. I that ?"i' nil'. .,v.\x tf a. 11. at d?e .>.? hoaaa J on Terth ?<r??pt, heitrerb I* and M atieeu, in to* ' N'ort?-*m l.i'?*r'i?e. vn One VY*in?: oo> ?.*tirijr of Scfaa, Aria aad 1 fid ' Chain, - - " - - * ?. L|? WftUmt m%iiirf iof i?amr i*ih?, Do V\ kMBou. Ktcepti n ChU't, and Viki. IK) WiKU-C I>e?k and B evolving Chair*. Mah rany Mrl) e-?op g Bureau and Wasli taad, A li?e lot of Kncmvics* and Om*in?nl?. Walnut ktn e ntand other Cfei.:r?. On* boe (Ji'tUic Set uf Koran are. On* fa**-* ft?t Kxtenrn u Tahie, twaln?t.? > i)<>ubit ud mw,? Ci it&ie ite sUa<1 . l'linted !?i ?siu* Bursas* ai.J WfcMi?tand?, Bro*'"'*, I .rain. Venetian and other Carpets. Stair F dr. Kiki, <;i?eloth. Maia and Ph*!e?, ]l?ina? .1 ..1 <:h?r Certain*, , Km vs. Fvkf. T^aa'd rM>*?9pAoti, E . j UhiLl. ttiko anil CruokerT War*. Two v?r) fitse Par.or Radiator*, i nearly cev.t Ml . Cook, Air t.ihi ft' J other Stoves, Hair, Motion top aad other Mattresse*. a Feather Bed-', PiJow? and Bo sters, _ Blankets, Comforts. Sheet* am! <'a*e?, * And a tine lot of Kites Den Heqoi?ite?, A lid mar; i?U?er articles Ukj numerous to ennmer aU. T at mi: *!1 sums ?f and under 925 oath ; over |8 a credit of 6>and 9* days, for approved endorsed notes, hearing interest o i#-d (?a?AOon.> A GRKKN, A set. By CLEARY & GRKKN Auctioneers. I W6 ffiMk ttrttl. fjORBEf. COW?. .MULES. CARRIAGE?. I A1 Waoo*s. Kabmiro Implement*, Vmbta- f aiM, Af. ?T Atmnj,-On KuM>A\ next, the! 3 i day 01 l^-eeir*. ?.'.< if fair, if not th- next fair day,) f ws ikll sail, At W o'clock a. m . at the reeu enc of I TW>jna? C MscrWier K?q , Motropo la View (that 'ati re?idecoe of Wtf?lun?ton Merry. deceased, his Farmine Etfeote. nopsisUin ib part? t 4 Kne yoBcp W?rk Horse*. I 1 pair of Males, ft ?'?fi old, X Morcta Colts,* jeui old, 4 exc*t eat Milca io??,S Hro oi Sows, 4 HeiffVs. 2 yeaia o.d, 1 Mall, 2 food Fair.i j Carriages foi 1 ao>S 2 horses. Market Wsiroai, Panning Carta. Mookavar sort Hmtur in food order, I'onb and siure ? aoia?eand Wagon Harreaa, I Siowb, H?rr'?we. Cultivators. Cwttiu* B< x<w. o^e, flakes, Cradles, -eytkes, Ac. it and Wheat Straw, Fodder Shucks. i ? ^ -TI? f??hiiwa lirr* tot of Turaipa, Together with *)?ny other article* whioh v? deeia I not neeeaaar. to enuiae'ate. Termaof ale: Ail wail <ler 9& o*?h ; orrI #30 a e red it >>| 4 mmu 6 moat ha. for notea uutlMts- 9 my endoratd, bearing joiereat. _no27<^ CTKAKY A ORKKN.Auota > Uf CL.fc.AKY * OAKEN. AflotionMrs. SM Aim* *<rr?i. 1 EMNE WINES. UHAXhlE*. WBI9KEY8.' F Gl!fa. ClGAAa. 4.0.. AT AUCTIO!* ?On TuES DAY MORNING, rho ?th of bomber "?*t, we hall Mil at our Aucton Store. No. 506 Nmtt atreet, at M o e.oek a in . to olooe oonaigaaoat. large aaaortment of kme i^uora, Ci(kri, A*.. e<>mpriain< in pari? 25 quart, ai.d eight oaska Cne Brandr, 5 etui Wolfe a Imported H-andy, i 5 do do do 9Imtt vt'iw. S do <0 do ' Port Wine, ^ ? <3.. do Rchatdaaa ttoliMr*. T S do Imperial Win?, do Dri GmvIb wim, I 1 6 do La Pari* Wim. f 1 assKxr- | m t*? Ctfara, Choioe Brand*. r SSd( mb bottlBd Monoogakea, Bo?ru?n,acd R?? 1 W make? a Terms.- All anma ander St oaah oror #*> a ored.l of an, *0. acid to da*a. for moim eatiafaatori y *r. ? Co. ked. bearing intoreat. I ; no27 CLEARV A GREEN, Aucta By WALL A KARNAKO. Aaotioneera. Camm NimtA n. mmd aeaUA a%dt Pa a*. 1 > *'? ?* vii 11U.E PIIIPKBTV NOBTI DPI I Y WiMlMTtn. OR fHB PocamilTB iTkBIT . TkHNOOW.*'* D?wk* ??*t,*t ?o'?look. w?i . trKau.MtNi Auction of in? on tk? PoirtMatt iWrt rotc.ut ) ]' txMtn of t%a oitj, mr i)oi?atiuu> Cofl*?, **7 ? known on tk? f ?t of thedinnton ofth?"Holm??<l NtiU. rfco d?*d ! til* It.1'1 kDiw M Lot 3. tuning *5 htm 4 porafcw of b?*niiinl trvr?m forMt tr ?m, long know* M til fcror.te rMort fer Bim miem aid ylur* ptrtiM. 1m lontbon la ? ?fMtif*l,tfcn nwctaborbood ( od.nad it i??on*J mmkmd >?mi?iflf from U>? oit> i>? ?m of U* boat ruvai it thin vicinity. D.ridod it won Id : m?it dw able tuildiLic aitM, th? trnct rtXmU ? 1 tk? vPMtftr fMirfiMi mi Hm PnnrtMnlk atrM fCl40 . Md o? t?* nortfc oatMfMt rwo, a **rt ot I trtot It ii ?Mml ?i riMT BnccL, vmch rent f uETftrt 4?ir*bl. low ofT*B<l on lfc? bou"d?ri?? of tt?M?ro?o >?iMj as the owner who r?>i4 in It OnilMil|** BtrteS*1 ?E? - ^ tprtWnT-T ix? ffl' .i^?K5srt?t"ta3t,u.w "fra^iMwaaJL f