Newspaper of Evening Star, November 30, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 30, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. ILTTLcu^h Tmt fro*. 1* printed on the faateat team ^trm in oath of Baltimore, lt> edition l? m lmrpr<- m t? nsQntre It to be put to pre* at an wly hour; Ad'ertiaemeata, therefore, ahould be 4-ntln b-for 14 o'clock m.; etberwlae they may act apper r until ths naxt day. None*.?LMatnct of Columbia Adt* rtlieonenta to be Ina^rted la tb? Biltixoki Sit* are recolTed at and forwarded from Th* Utaa. OOce. i h*xi?givito lut wtl tunefully or>serTed in this city yotenlay. and the church service* !n the iiwrnlng w?*rc well attended The discourse* at most of the churches had direct reference to the present threaten! ng condition of national affairs, and were sfronjfljr Union" in sentiment. ii Trinity Churck, the Rer. Dt Butler (rector) d.rcourn-d frurn tbe l?th eer?e of the 5th chapter ??f Deuteronomy. In th>* capital of the cortatfy It wns natural that n Thanksgivl ng <l!so?nirv? should teift to national interests and iffMrs. This was not a place In which tbete were famiiy gathering* ?f tl"e? or four generation* in old homestead*, _ ?.. Jk ? ... k. . -k Ok__ ? - ? - _ a _ 9 _ * * a I ? ?uu in wmru %n*- iriiBf oi general ana uouiicai good it almost lost hi that of personal and domestic je?s In swch communities personal, domestic, social, and local blessing tnignt Perth the themes 1 for the r ulpii on Thanksgiving day; hut In this ' community they were to f?-el so distinctly that all ?h'ir other temporal blessings were interwoven 1 with those which were national that even our poems were Ve be set and sung to the tune of the ] V uioa This w*s railed and celebrated aa "Thanksgiving day;" but to us, in the language of the 1 pmpfcet, it || it, day of wrath, a day of trouble 1 distress, a day of wasting and desolation, a Hny of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds 1 and their darkness, a day of the t umpet and alarm " .Many wise snd good men thought that our nationality was on the verge of destruction 1 How, tben. couli they make that dav one of 1 thanksgiving* Why, all the more dear to them should their nationality be. and all the more t taukful should thev be for its past remaining blessings, if it be iudeed about U> perish Ne?et was a home so dear to the hearts or its inmates as when in danger of destruction Rt-publicau Loyalty was his theme Was it a possibility or a reality T Did they possers and nhow it ? What were Its characteristics and conditions ? How could it be deepened and perpetu- i -?teti ' Momentous questions these. Personal religion. t*ue, strong and so widely spread that it laijjht shape the pollev of the State and dictate its laws, w?? the flrst and most essential, the indispensiblv condition of this same loyaltv. The civil government was a divine institution, a ae?-4ful condition of a loynl and Christian citl zFuriikp more aisiincuy was me courcD ana family liod's Institution than was the State. The ad.mssion of *?< divine chara< ter of government <liil not rrnr^Pnrily infer an absolute. unquestioned and pafiive obedience under every circumstance xtl wrong, outrage and oppression; but It did involve (and that was what they needed to learn) *n exceedingly tmportant conclusion that it wai a divine obligation to obey the laws in all cases except in those where It wu a divine obligation to disobey, aa in instances such as en?(neraU*d above. There were otner obligation* which wer? subordinate, but < xeeedingly lirportant for our country's increase and its conservation. Not less *ni?"?n i thpm rruilH iu>p tha /liMyancMn * ........ WW vw.w "" w VI a i;reat country with a high nam*, a vast power, bound! ens resources, ana seeminjrly glorious future It ooufet to U? remembered that the State* which i-s*enr-d their national fidelity and their name end influence in the world were at the uitie time contracting their boundaries. After referring to the record* of history to ahow the disadvantages which had always attended, a d would lik-ly always attend the one small Mste or Prov nee attempting to act independent in Brvrrai uiucr?. ur biiq iv wtis IDH 111 offlpt lO observe this large and national loyalty that there should be generous and just toleration of tb? peculiar institutions and habits of the various ??t*t*s and sections Without this > national *p'ril w?s not possible. One portion of our cltlzn.s should not suppose that they were wiser and more patriotic than anotuer, for in similar circainslancea they would have been the same. He alludxl to tbe decline of public morals in the eharacier of uiany it oar rulers, who we e unfrtuns.rlv, in too inanvcasea, selected by pothouse politicians. and forced upon the masses. This shot-Id not be It was nee?iful for tbe fostering of a reverential spirit towards our government th^t their ruiers an? representatives sbould hr la ail retorcu the i ? ..i ? . * ^ ?' ?. IUI iii?>?k. auu uuicvi men of their time ari<| ef their sections. Contrary to the popr_lir j^ea, believed oar government needtc, mere titr, splendor, and cereino?.!al, sue j ?s w?i manifested in the dav? ei \Vash aKv>n He believed that tb&t great man had "li *.oe more influence and wai more respected '/ cause be rod?* in a roach and fonr He < Icaed w ith an earnest appeal in favor of the union of all the States, and the happiness and pr osperity uf all in common, which he held depended upon tbe right exercise of tbe christian influence If the IWifon survived tbe present crisis tben he might dbfeljr assert it would stand forever. D.^?. .1..* ri....l V:^?I rrvtc ? tc'i ? TLt pastor. Itfv P Light Wilton, delivered an | arpropri*!* dlwoa'M from the text of Rondin. 1J I. 'The Apostle having previously explained the precept* of Christ auity. proceeds in this chapter to enforce the duties These are reducible 10 three lie.-i'Js?first, fa> God; second, to others; Ih'rd, to ooraelves. The Hrst of these was the 1h?*me of the discourse of to-day. la the first proposition, ?iod is the author of alt our mercies, tLe speaker included all blessings, natural, civil, unci religious If the blessings of peace and prrsjieritv * re sr if to to t:s as a nation, they demand re'utti cf ti >tional homage and gratitude Thes?h<.uid be eipwaed by natlous in their national eap^clty; a?n f?r this reason vre ought to respect t call t'mt tuiumons us together to express our gratituat*; lor tne mme mie win apply to comn.unities It ! one of those righte'-us nets of a Ch istian G jverutnent which commands orr respect ai d obedience, >>ecsu?e It serves to uphold tte honor and claims of religion, and ism puollc acknowledgment of a truth th&i can never be dm led and ousjhi never be forgotten, that God is the author of all our mercies Nations, as nations, are subject to puu thment only in the present state, because they do not exist In the future. But we are not call-d upon to invoke the removal of hud s afflicting hi-.ud bearing upon our nation in itini?hfuenl of aalt offeus?s ; but to otl'er sincere & . ? * _ .L me _ i ior ;ne mercies we enjoy. i ne prea'-uer eaieeinfd it a proper time to beseech his hearers, In the language of Paul, to perform ttt^r seasonable sen- ce. and pre* nt their bodies "a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God " ?kkiocs Accident riox thi Cabslk?s rsv ov Fikxahms ?Yesterday, sever.?1 young men lefl tbe city to go hunting over the Long Bridge. Two of the couiuaoy were John Birch, sou of Th'? Birch, and Geo Rusb. of this city When in a field near the old Arlington ro*d,tbey started some lirks, and young Rush and Birch noticed vrnere they sli^bted and s arted for theut. Bush had both locks s-t to shoot as sooa as within -a Ti kl.ila .??i .. ...J <1 ... ? .a u,t>a ti'r. j ur uiiu* a^aui auu ucw uu t ie tield. Young Kuih uncocked cite barrel of his gun, and In the act of letting the of the other down hi* flmjers slipped from it, and It tspiodrd the charge, the entire load of bird shot entering rixbt aide of liia unfortunate companion The < oiup mloris vet at a distance cam?up and rendt-red what asaistance they could, aad bad young Birch taken to his fither s house, on Tenth street, to be properly attended to. It is feared that tUe wound rnuit provefatd,though he appeared to be doing pretty well to-day. Young Rush came to the city and gayq himself up. Yowntr Birch entirely arqarta blmtif blame, and siys he could not help it, and it was purely an arciueui. Kirn 11 mom twenty year* of age. The anguish of the family of both the young irwn wi? in lens** Thi? u another w-irn. ug to y<>ting n.en of <vhat may happen from the gross careiessi:esi which guns and pistols are handled In these fast times A Pr*tor< **i> a Ft-yiwo Dctchha!* ?On Wed:iesd%y sfWnoon, OtBrer Kin3 arrested and took before J nstice Thompson a ?iermin named Stack ma ii. who for some weeks past has been in the habit of kkotiitf. mi the ?Uett aud in their own dwt-iliog and place of business, a respectable housekeeper aad his wif?,wh?> reside In the Fifth Poltre l?'str>t The charge of disorderly conduct being pr- vM ?tbe lady testifying that the prisoner a conduct was most outrageous to her. even on tier way to church?the Justice tfr?-d tin W and easts, and w <rned him that if be continued sncb Wbarior, be wouM be lined 910, or committed tc tbe workhouse '?J days in default of payment B? left tbe rflf*, afw' paying his Une and costs ir.uttering, iu bad hn^llsh, ttrests against th< cum p!i! nants In leas iuau uuan uour ioe com. f>"?'rnnt retnrned and informed the ina*l?trat< .( the d> frudint bad m ?le aaotber attack apoc tee bouse. and. after a torrent of abuse, bad bkci to Ms nnd ma away; that scllnx thedoubU l?.n of Ui? flyloi; u well u furious Duv-Lmaa. J*r Matthew*' Fkxi School#.?The fair fo tbe bertfl'.of tUr free school* attacbod to the parlal of Mattuaws la procreating at Wilhwia' Hal wrtb rood ?0?r.daii'-r sOil ?ace?ss Tbe object ft one that <-*Hnm"nds Itself to the consideration o tb? public, a ltd w? hope tbe ladies who havi i barjje of toe tables will have no occasion to com plain of waat of patronage. The tables all roun< * " J ?- ai |_ S? I Jk __ IDC Mil arc niit-u wiiu -iiipunxiy u luuyru ? tides, md tbe f<ir attendants tfme no efr?rtB U nuke the vltita of the r customt ra thereto agree able on both rtrtw. u well mt profitable to the can* they hare espo-ia; d . I in Vlxxasdkia?Tbe G&zetti of tb'a murn1 saya: ' Alth .u/b jf*~-day tonot fcrrjalfy pioclalm^d ' Tbiaka^ivi^x'iuui bers k< pt It us a holiday The streets y?^riV< ri rirradlaiiiV antm tted appnmcr; tbe ladiai es,*<lally < ou w: out In Ur?e r ambers and u?rv?lwk'.n; belter or n it* beautiful Tbe coo fere no ir*et!ngs at b-jth sessions wt-re attended by a larg crowd of lady spt>cUUrs who seemed exceeding! I UWrsed la the proceeding*. * ?v?r i r-^o ' Viseinu AmiiulCoiiriimi 15 Alixas>tlA ? Ser'mtk rfay. Wt4nt*day ?During tbe laaninaton* of character for admission on trial, be case at Geo * May came up. He wai recom r**-tided by tbe Quarterly Conference of Taylor's land station An Englishman, who came to UU region at tbe reaue?t of members of tbe detbodist Protestant Churcbt be traveled In conlectlon with that cbufch, and succeeded admirally: then left that cburcb, joined the Methodist episcopal Cburcb, traveled la that connection for i while, and then, in consequence of some conlectlon with slavery, joined the Methodist Eplsopal Cburcb 9outn Rev Mr. CouHIng thought that while Brother Hav was an excellent man. yet as be was a nt*r!fd man, It demanded a thought aa to whether be Conference, alfeady full or married preachers, roiild not embarrass itself to increase the number, * it bout tbe candidate poaaesni su' h ability aa would command a station able to support a marled preacher Rev Mr. Blount said that the previous history >f the vaseilsting ecclesiastical connections of the audi date bad produced a bad impression on the Conference and led to bis rejection last yeaf. But Ince then he had come to know blm better, and tow recommended him warmly to the Confer :nce. Mr Travis bore testimony to his ability and kcceptability as a inin st*-r. R?v. Mr Coulllng thought the question was not the fitness of Mr Msy.butthe j-ollcy of admitting married men at tbls tlire. Rev Mr. Archer sustained the views of Mr. Coulllng Rev Mr. Burton warmly opposed the policy proposed. He thought that an ordained minister on every circuit to administer the sacraments urould add largely to tbe church. A minister's wile was a helpmate In tbe ministry, not a hindrance. If there was not a man on each circuit who would board preacher's wife when her husband gave them the bread of life, It was a shame. He spoke at length, and with much effect. Rev. Mr. Crwas said that Mr. ?mithson bad authorized hi in to say that what Mr. May failed to get of per annum be would make up. Mr llrauch. of Petersburg, (lay delegate )?"If he don't I will.?? The question was taken, and Mt. May admitted Into the traveling connection. HllM nif Iniiir MiariiMlrtn nn tKa a(T?i ra Af (Ko vu> - 1UIIK WilfyUODIVII WM ?u*? ?UU i V? kUl> Richmond Christian Advocate, Rev. Mr. Rower resigned hi* position as editor of that paper. Eifktk day, Thursday.?During the etamlnation of characters. Bishop Payue took occasion to speak as follows: " A feW nights since, after preaching in the church. h? was refreshed by a deep slumber, and awaking, did not sleep again, but lay in tbat dreamy condition which intervenes between sl> ep and wakefulness. While so lying, bis mind reverted to solicitude for the churches, and bis imagination fran.-d a vision He thought of a village, such as many that exists?of varied population. not yet settled to the homogetieousness of the older s-ttieioruU?careless, clever, wicked, and hospitable. A preacher comes among them, of popular manners and effective pulpit ability, ar*wi a nr;?e auditory ana >s Olessetl with a revival; tbe church grows in number* and spreads Next year a good paitsr la sent; hi* brother planted, but be waters and the church increase*; an edilce ! built, of noble design and grand proportions Then, as tbe congregation has been placed on a Arm foundation, comes a popular preacher; his pulpit ett'ort? engross the most of his attention; he it admired for the graces be displays in the pulpit; the people flatter him; and welcome at the tables of the rich, he finds little time to visit and comfort tbe poor members of bts charge; tbe Sunday School and the class meetings are neglected; 11 the minute Interests of tbe congregation suffer. Meanwhile some portion of the congregation cotiiDl&iii:?thev do not like tbe minister. Others defend Lim, and the seeds of a bitter feud are anwu in the bosom of a prosperous congregation. Meanwhile the minister of another denomination cornea along. He ia without a station, perhaps, and opens school It may be that he is a poor preacher?perhaps a northern man with the feellugs of the community rather averse to him; be Is nevertheless a stirring man. and a good one fie finds an opportunity to open a .Sunday school, aud being always at his post?visiting the families of his scholars, ice?some people begin to be attached to him Next year, when the popular preacher goes to conference, one portion of the congregation favor his return, the others bitterly oppose it, and the bishop knows not what to do I nfortunately he is sent back. A secession at once takes place, and the humble, school-teaching minister who hss occasionally been preaching at UU 1 4k.. ? 1 _ UiS BCUUU1 UUU9C uruuiuci bUC UULiCUl ui a new congregation ; another church rise*, anil the advantage gained by the first occupation of the the fleid la iu great part lost,?all from the want of attention to putnral care on the part of the preacher In charge The bishop commended the matter to the conference. It was not tireworl oratory, butearnest, prayerful labor, that sustained and built up thechurch." RtDrcTrox i!f thi Prick or Gas ?Our readers will be glad to learn by theotflfial advertisement In the Star of to-day, that the price of gas us?d after the 31st of December, 1-iJO, will be only 83 15 ncr thousand ff?*t to nil nrnmnt nnv1 nil cmianni*ra instead of $.< 50 as heretofore This is a very decided reduction, (ten per cent ,) and our citizens doubtless will prof>erly appreciate it. As the public way not be aware of the successive reductions In the price of gas since ita first introduction by this company into Washington in 1^4^, we bav# taken the trouble to prepare a statement of its coat to all prompt rnylng consumers at the various dates, namely: In 1*43, per thousand fe*t; In 1S50, #C 10; in 1S52. ?4; in 1854, S3 SO; In 1*57. 93 50; in l?Cl, S3 15 With a capital of 00*: actually and economically expended In the business; with new worka if universally acknowledged *np-ri^rity. and capable of producing 8D0.0U0 feet of gas every twtntv-four honrs, and storing a million; with fifty miles of street main* covering as with a net wcrk all part*of the city, and s> laid ??to admit of any future extension; their business systeiuatlsc-d and now thoroughly > s^a a .. IK* _ _ > unaersiooa, company uave every xaciiuv ana motive for not only accommodating the public tc tbcT otmo?t requirement, bnt also for reducing the price of gas. from time to time, as the adop tiou o/ every valuable Improvement and the increased consumption may justify. This accommodation and reduction we sincerely believe oui citizens may confidently rely on; and moreover tb? Hoard of Directors have publicly pledged tU< Ompany to furnish gas of a superior Quality or more reasoaabie terms than can be afforded other wise Tmpkovkd Traveling Facilities.?Th< Washington. Fredericksburg, and Richmond D I <?? ? 1/ an/I P rva n i uM. h ra n niutl i 1%'i.l UJ UUU iw < Ultl l/VUt Ul V W| but steadily improving tb*-l r transp rti fscllitle la a permanent and sutjstan'lal manner On tbi land portion of tbe route the heavy T rail ba been substituted from Richmond to a poiutwithli three miles of Aaula Creek, but owing to tb< early approach or winter operations bave ben stopped until tbe opening of spring. Cara, fo day and night service, of approved model*, ar being constructed, and extensive Improvement in their locomotive power projected. Oil th water portion of tbe route, viz : from Wa*hln?toi to Aquia Creek, large an ma of money have beei expended. The steamers Baltimore. Powhatan and Mount Veruon have been thoroughly repalm and several improvements added. The raa^nill cent Iron steamer Baltimore, which paid on waters a transient visit last season, and was se le?*ted by the Government (aa the >no?t becoming conveyance of our distinguished visitors) to brlnj the Japanese Kmbaisy to tbe Federal Metropolh has just been purchased and will in a few d*y supercede the Mount Vernon in her daily servic* under command of Capt Reynolds the well-triei and accommodating captain of tbe present da beat. Tbe Powhataa. under command of Cart Charles Mitchell, (whos* name and itrrl^i ar too well known to rrqnlre eveti a passing rt mark,) ?ill perform the tuual nightly service o the river.,',. U&k4t attbactios To-night at thi THIJ tee.?Prof Anderson's marvelous performance are to ke still more marvelous this evening Th occasion being the benefit of Miie Anderson, wh as p'.anlste, clalrvoyante and mnemonic artist* contributes so much to the entertainments of th evening. One of this voung lady's accomplish ments is that of being able to speak the most dll tlcult words backwards with a much ease as an dictionary-maker would ia the ordinary method So simple a word as aldiboro*tipketkipkxikypho\ ntostikot is nothing to her, and easy Mexlca ' words, such as Ixtuoxtekttl, appear to be aboi tbe first t?mom In her primer Her art 1* entitle on tbe btlU Retro-rtrnxniictnl Orthography, in of it abe la lady professor It it wltb lorae clvl vanity that we claim so accomplished a youn lady aa a native of Washington. Her tialen alau? ought to secure her a very large h juae tb evening, while thefact of ber having been bor in tblacity should be sufficient to ensure ber bein honored with a cromded audience of fair an ftabionable Columbiana Another Serious Accmisr.?On Wedneadi night, while the ball of the Journeymen Bake w.ia progreaains at the Assembly Rooms, a reoae was made of the. inan&i/rri to afford relief fro r the dust which had begun to float In the bail, I i hoisting two upper windows. Mr Thus Vounj I son of the proprietor, proceeded to do so, an i passed from a window on the east side to tl f roof. The frost was thick on tbe roof, and 1 e slipped and fell to tbe ground, some thirty or for fret. He was conveyed to a house aear by, and 1 physician aent for. His back Is badly lnjare He was removed to his home, where he has tl ? attention of Dr. Boyle. This moralng he Is In . proving. Rbscwcq Klwtioh ExcitxmkVt ?Tbe te] graphic dtspttch pnbiished In yesterday's<>ax?t t concerning the result of the Presidential etecti< s In tun 44tate created quite an excitement mot . the o?:ting portion of our community, several 1 whom had r eel red from tbe stakeholders tl amounts In their hands, and who by no me* ? r-litbed Um Mm of refunding.?Akx. Gaxrtie. ? P?o?. Hzxit will five an Interact lu^ lacto jr on Satirdaf, ?t 1?X "? SOlUuonlan 1 ?.lt < . , >'!43 PtrTKAM Pbalakx ? Frogfmmu 0/ike Ti*%t l? Mount Vemon ?The afrangetoenta for the atctif Ion of thla battalion are about completed The following programme for the t!m? of arrirwl and departure from the aeveral cittr* ta offloial: Leave Hartford at 8 o'clock a m on Monday, the 3d of December, arrive in New Yo>k at l)j a'clock p m ; leave VfW York at 6 o'clock p. m , and reach Philadelphia at about 10 o'clock p m.; leave Philadelphia at 12 o'clock ra. Turadav. arrive in Baltimore at 4 o'clock p m ; leave Baltimore on Wednt-aday at 4 o'clock p ni . and arrive in Waahlngton at o'clock p. m ; Thursday viait the Tomb of Washington at Mount VVrnon; iemve ? asnin?ion al JX o'clock p. iu. rriaay, and reach Hartford Saturday noon. St Aimiw'i Socibtt ?On this (Friday)evenlnjj tbe St. Andrews Society will celebrate the anniveraary of Scotia's patron aalnt by a supper at Gantier'a. Tbe annual featlvitleaof thla society hare long been famed in thla city for their abundant good cheer and tbeir overflow of wit, sentiment and genial good fellowship. Consequently every holder of a St Andrew's anniversary supper ticket baa come to look upon itaa an undoubted good thing to be made imich of We suppose all concerned have provided themselves with tbe neceasary card of admission to the superb spread (mental and physical) of to-alght; but-if any have failed, they can be duly supplied on appllca tion to Mr. Dickson, at the store of tftbley 4 Guy. Difabtvks or U. 8 Makini* ? Yesterday morning a detachment of fifty non-comitfi?ioned owera ana privates ana two musicians ien in tne early train for Baltimore, en route to Portsmouth, N. H It waa atid that from there a number would be >ent to the lathmua, to reinforce the guards on various vessels now In commission. The detechment was as line a body of young, able-bod ed men as has left the marine barracks In ttils city f6r year*. n - . - - n - #"t? - ? 1 R1L UUtHVIlKII U49I9. LOai. HUIUW nnld, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. George Wbitaker, drunk and profane; line and costs, *2 15 Pat McKenner, drunk and disorderly; do S3 15. Lewis Travers, (col.,) disorderly do. *4 15. Pred'k Noltle, drunk and disorderly; do. 9*2 15 Annr Maloney, sleeping In tbe street; dismissed Six lodgers were accommodated on Wednesday night. Nine were registered last night. K*PL0YMEWT or THK MA.OISTRATKS ? It lS a matter for congratulation that for several diva (>ast the police magistrate! have been more busily I. A - ? t ?11 1 1 - ? At j ii aivcuuiug luuiTu uu5i iirss iuan in me disposition of criminal cawi Just at this time the merchant* and traders are obtaining their licence* for the ensuing year, and the filling of blank* and admlnl* ering the uaual onth* relative to the average of capital in veested is the principal employment of the justices. Rkpakatiojt.?The Criminal Court room 1* beiug putin order for the coming term, which commences next Monday. 3d proximo. Tbedocket promises to be pretty full. It i* gratifying to b? able to state that the health of Judge Crawford has been constantly improving during the vacation. Sewkraqb?At the corner of Thirteenth street and IVnnsyvania avenue workmen are engaged in putting down one of the improved stenchtraps Th?-ae drops are so arranged as to prevent the possibility of bad odor conoiug up the lewen with which thev communicate, a* well as to ob viate tbe neceMlty for cleaning them out. Y. M C Association.?The Sunday-afternoon Inion Prayer Meeting at Waugh chapel. Capitol Hill, conducted by the Y:oung Men'* Christian Association, b is been suspended on account of the short afternoons. The meeting will be resumed In the spring IItmimui. .? The license clerk at the City Hall has i?sued no less than seventy-right marriage licenses to as many applicants during the present month. Even hard time* present no terrors to the seekers of the connubial bunors and privileges. wait*d. ? 910,000 Virginia, Corporation, or Washington mon^jr wanted, in exohsnge for all kinds of Dry (roods, at Matthew* * lore's, Seventh street, between I and K, east side. tl Wistak's Balk am of Wild Chkkrt. The following lett?r from Rev. He.ikt Wood.oI Concord. N. H? Editor ofthe Congregational Journal, speaks volumes in favor ot Wi'tar's Balsam:? Cos^rd, IM. H., March 3. Mes?rs. Skth W. Fowls A. Co.?Gentumtn: Tw?> ears ago, a sudden and violent attack upon mjr Lungs confined me to iny bed for several weeks, and when 1 reooverod, 1 was ho much oppressed by difficulty in breathing, that I vra* olt^n unable to Bleep or rest upou a Led by night. The suffering was extreme, and judging from the inefTicacy ofthe remedies used, I supposed the disease incurable. Heing persuaded to try abottieof tVi.?tar\* B ilfam of WttH Cherry, without confidence in its efficacy, I found the difficulty almost entirely removed fee fore ono bottle wag uied up. Sympathy with my fpll w sufferer* induces me to matte tin* public statement, and recommend the article to othera atirnlarly afflicted. With respect, yours truly. Hrnbt Wood. None genuine unless signed i. Bcrxs on tin wrapper. Prepared by S. VV. Fowle k. Co., Boston, and foi ale by Z. D. Oilman, S. C. Ford, jr., S. B. Waite G. Stott, John 9chwarge, Nairn & Pa.mer, Wash ington; and by dealers erery where. no4>-lw,r Hostkttk*'> Stomach Bittbr??The opera tionof this paiat\hls remedy upon the itoinaoh liver and excretory organs is singularly soothini and con?ervati ve. It regu a?es, recruits and pun ties them. Dyspepsia in all its forms ?ields to iti co.dial and invigorating properties, and it la reo ommended to mothers enfeebled by the duties am ca^es of maternity, a? the saf-kt and best tonic the; can posribly use. In all the crises of femile ife i will be found eminently useful. a:id aged pernon Will derive much moro hfluefit from its use than or dinary stimulants. Such had l>et;i? the poi>uia-it; of thi? inimitable preparation that a boat of tmita torn and counterfeit rs have sprung up in vanou parts of the count y, in the hop? to profit by im posing upon the public, against which we cautio ' all to see that every boctlo they buy has the fa l-rui? of t proprietors' written signature on th lab l, and the words, "Dr. J Hoatettej's 8toina<; Bitt-rs," blown in the gUui an1 stamped in h? ca nm-ari .. <r f ? Aiir lr A 1 art tinhan nnr n/ito nf ka n, VU T VI 1 ' n *l,v VVI ? ?I9V II 'IIUV ??U I IIVVV v? I limil on the bottom of the engraved label. All thee mark* *o give t ? aecure purchasers against lnripo aition. au26 eo3t Hostkttek & Smith. Holloway's Pill* and Oistmknt. Falling nf the Womk ? During the staces r ' gestation. many young mamel fema'es are euhjec ? to a inking of the womb, whinh causes them con s siderab *? trepidation and ur.eaaim-s". The Oinl i ment will !> found invaluable in these einerxeusie . at it entirely dispe ses with the n?-n?ssity for pet .??r? j or mechanical agencies Tne Pills wil-brae the enfeebled iTjca"!, streiycthen the system an eriire the invalid from a future rel*n?n. Thai ; mrdioinoB are valuable in all oomp ainU incident * to the fem?le sex. fcold by all Druggibtsat25c.,62 f an i 91 per box or pot no 26 lv HoMBOPATUrc Rbmkdim B All of Dr. Humphrey* A. Co.'k specific H< * myopathic Remedies put up expressly for farrui ? use, in boxea, at 25 and 90 cents each. Ala* ts in oiri, containing 20 viaU, fr >n 94 to | I each, with book of full directions. For aale o . I). Oilman, ISO Pa. aventi?, wholesale at retail a?ant; \V. A. FitxgeraiU. 353 north F ?trce e also by F. It. Winter, oorner of Ma*xaohn?ett* avi nue and ttixtb stro l. Also, Ptnd't Extract uj Witi f Hazel, for infernal and external inflammations < .11 UaU ... . 1.^... a I ii r?n ftiuus. oviu M aiMVOi uia j-ty Kvader, have you ?e?n Prof. Wood'e advertiw j ment in our paper. Road it; it will intere?t yon. I au SMm>1 y r tlARRIKl) On the 23th mUaat, at Weeley Chapel par*oi e are, hy the Rev. Mr. McCaul*?, OH^KI.KS I B TRfeTLKR to SALLIb V. ROBINSON, all i, this city. ? On Thursday, the 22d NovwnWr, at t^e re?-i.Jf?f.. >, of the brida'e father, I ?t ?a?t, bv the Rev Dr. V A M 1> Ryan Mr. ?AMUKL F. PERKINS. ? Mias MARiHA A. HUIT.all of this city. * ( (Baitimoro ?ur. copy.) ' On Thor?day,S9th instant, aft I'a'rtck'*. bv tl * Rev Father Boyle, J A. RATLIFFK to MAR * C. THOMAS, all of this city. a T r - DIKU. Oa the 39th instant, of typhoid fov*r, P '31K 1 k* oniy ?hi!d of I. A. ami Jonephiuo i*t9wart, Rran * daughter of Jas. S. Magee, age*! 2 years and e mnntha. o Her funeral will take place from her father's rc . idenoe, on 6th st., near ooroer of N st. north, ' to-morrow (Saturday.) at 10 o'clock a. in. T friends of the fornily are respectfully invited to a >* tend. v In Prinoe George's county, Md , near Fiscal .? v?y, on nKyfiinff.the 18th instant. ELI I- VIRGINIA onlv child of (iaorce \V. anil L&d r- V. B landlord, aa<*i It months, n ( Baltimore papers copy.) it ?? ' J OfW* LB8. WOOLEN YARN in Blue, Ur <6UU Back, White and random co'ors. ic Woolen ami Cotton Hosiery and Jloves. g Rentlemeirs Ribhed Woo! Shirts and Drawn U These goods are extra quality. i. Silk Shirts and Drawers. Merino Shirts and Drawers of all grades. ? We would eall particular attention to our*' K assorted stock of all kind of pry Goods, snitat d for all o asses of persons, all or whivh will be ?c at the lowest market prices. W?.R RILEY & BRO.. No. *6 Central Stores, bet 7th aid 8th st ooIVStawlm opposite Cent'e Market [\ npHE NOTES OF ALL SOLVENT BANI _ I NORTH AND RHTTTH TAKEN AT PAR. l< ' CLAGETT A MAY id Are 8e!Tin? Out toeir Mtook of M EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN _ je DRY GOOD? tv at an immense t&oriiM to eloMoat by the lit J Januar*. . Fun* Gooda?f every deter iption at about half oc 11 Wring aloe* roar Virginia and other ba .k not and get is exohanre Seasonable Dry Goods o? about half the uaua) pricea. Termi positively cash. ^ CLAGETT * MAY. no ?4 <t 3*4 Pw?. av. bat 9th and 10th ati to I , FOR KING GEORGE. ,n -*-N Addition to her otheT regular landinga, Steamer ST. NICHOLAS, Ca??aii jmgrm Grr, will hereafter call to land and *?ka off pa-aengera at Chatterton^^^* h* iTayloeV Landtag, thus affording the citixena a Kin< iaoraeadUitiona! oonvnattuofla for reach i?altiim<>re. Waetiagtou and Alexandria. as i (toes to BaKtoior* every 0ATI1 R D \ Y, aid Wa ire io||tpi> wl ^aiMhia er?n mURSDAY. Tae ataamaw "Janee Cut" wim but beatlai . to coma to the above laid tog. poa tT ^ TAYLOf , . H'? : P / "I Tl r I WANTS. WANT8D-A GIKl< *" siri*. tud t first rute OYSTER SHUCK KR. Apply M No. M? Pa %v*nog, near 6th at. no >v-?t* VV-\NTED?By ft reap ot?b> ;onn< girl, a SIT~ " I ATI ON aa cook, wa-her, an<1 ironar la a small foirtily. AdJreaa Box No. 3, at tbia ofica. tto3' It* VVA^'TEU-A WOMAN, or girl, to oook and ? do housework. A G?mian ?refarr-d. Arf'T M JOS. SCHAFFIELD'S Cocflsctio cry, Sixth . t K-? n ._J U .a. ??? ? ? , ?rv ? w you u mi) n iil UV *fc WANTED?A CASH CUSTOM Kit for ft re?tfturftat doiai ft good liumne ? fttid in ft locality ; it a first-rate p!a"e for ft boarding hou?e For pa-ticulari inquire ftt YOUNG A KKPHART'S Liquor !*tore, No. 2*9 ra. avenu", between 9 h and loth >t?. no a>-a * AGENTS WANTED-'.ftdiwi und gentlemen with a c%pitft! of from jll to #S. to cell ft new and light Patent Article. Agents *nak<* f oin Sito 96 per day. Atldreas (mooting stamp) K. R H ALL, North ?t. Balnmore. Md. no28-?t* \HTANTED?A midd'e-sxed o? WOMAN VY (alave preferred I to oook, wuh, ud iron for a small family Good wages given. None ne<vl apply un'oii well recommended. Apply at No. >67 lith ?t , hetwen I. and M. no 36 3t \J|7 ANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. " Persons deo ining housekeeping. or h%vin* a surplus of Furuiture on hand, oan obtain theotan and fair prices by applyinc at 3tt9 Seventh *-L no 17 BUNT'/, A GRIFFITH. Wanted immediately?From 95 to ?10.0m worth of second-hand ffrni turk of all kinds, for whioh i will eiiaranty to pay the highest prioes, and, as u?ual. at the shortest notice. ' r. biHjhly, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ac , oo9 40!> 7th st., bet. G and H, east side. LOST AND FOUND. ? | fk RE WAR D ?Lost, on Wrdneeday worn inr. between Four and-a-haif nf. ami the Capitoi.a POCKET BOOH , co"ta'nine $42'principally Virrini* mon'jr.? The finder will receive the above reward by leaving it at thia omoe. no 3? 3t ?JT REWARD ? Strayed away, on Sunday Ia??, O'} a young white buffalo COW. hollow in the book, and pi?oo cut fr<>m the right VMf ear. T.te above reward will Ite paid ouJ^Bm returning Uto MICHAEL RAGEN.No. 3U4 3d street, between G and II >t?. it* (in REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE I\J return to th Star Office (*nd no qu>?*:i<?ns a?ke<1) of a imal douh'ecase d< taohe.i lever fiO I > L> W ATCH, marie h* Coop*r, of Liverpool,13 jewela, (number not reoolfeot?d ihearinit an inscription, at a present from the Washington Clut? no27-2t" AVM K. MURRAY. ~~ FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otktr ilFor Salt and Real" advtrnuwunti, ttt first pagt ] ARGE AND VERY HANDSOMELY FURJ niahed Front Kooni*, on brst and Mco:id fioo , may be had, with No. 339 F street, l>?tween 9th and Irtth st?. Persona desirous of locating themselves for the winter will do well to app y. no y-3t* H 4 \ \ K.It \1 A \ . Pr nvAnup. nt-Ar Third M ,t., ha* furnished and fitted up her hou*e for I tlia comfort and convt nKiwe of thus* who mat desire either permanent or transient U"%rd, on moderate terms. Table boarders accommodated. no 30-3t IVOR RKNT-Three beautiful PARLORS, in r the house 254 U street, corner Fifteenth St., oocupted last session of Congress by Hon. Mr H umphrey, are now for rent. Alro, the J'arlors now occupied by F. de Haas Janvier, K*<) , in the same house. There are also several fine Room* suitable for single centlomenor small families with or withont board. _ no 30 2t* A HANDSOME COTTAGE ANI)*5 ACHE? uf Land f r rent, within 6 mtle? of VV&^hincton and 4 of Alexandri*. near Haly's Cross Roads Possession given immediately. ? his fa'm has been used a? a market garden, and is highly productive ; h&a every variety of fruit; strawberries and peaches in abundance. Apply on the premies, or address, at Alexandria, E. S. PLUMMER. no 3Q-3t* < Alai. Gagette.) lT*OR RENT?A desirable and well located firstr cla*s KESl DENCE, No. 469 on Sixth street, between D and E st*. The house is furnished with all th" modern improvements. Apply to THOM A!* PARKER. no 28-entf T'O MEMBERS OF CONGRE8?*.-For rrnt, I handsomely and newly furnished suits of PARLORS a'd CH A VI BERS, No. 39 I E streot north, between <nti an? i m ?ir. Apply on uic premises. no 2H 31.* CURN1SIIED ROOMS FOR RKNT. or the r ha'f of & Furnished House, with a family where there are no children. Apoly at No. *26*? Vermont avenue, ltetween ti ana I i;t?. References given anil required. no 28-U* I^OR SALE OR RKNT?A three story-ardr basement HR TCK HOl'SE, with back-tmild? inc. on E street, l>etween Jd and Sd streets, north i side For further particular* inquire at the I ou?efurnishing store of McUR EGOK & CO., No. 530 Seventh at, opposite Suter, Lea A Co.'s Banking # House no28 Iw r cor rent? Handsomely furnished suitj of < ROOMS, with Uoard. if required. No 500 Eleventh .street, between Pa. avenue and e ct. no 2T-3t Furnished apartments for rent in a pn va e family, a Pa lor a'd Chamt>er jnin; in*, very haridsomfly furnished, on the tlrut floor, L _ i ?.1 f r . _ i .i . i _ . ; riHVB'.Dii n ve i'? ji'uve me siuewaik: i< canon vt?ry 8 pleasant and de?ira>ve; only a few vards Ironi the ?*ta e Dep* trnenl pud put) ic grounos, and < inmlms j line t? the Capitol, on N?? York avenue, third P door from Fift?entft street,No. 4*0. no ^7-"otl 1 L^OR R KNT?HOUSE No. 460 M sTe't, b*" r tween 12th and 13th. 11*8 water, gas, a iarge yard, and every convnrienee for a small family. f Apply to lj. Kl) WA RDS' tiro.-ery. or to Dr. CRAOIN, lsi4 L)uinb*.rton street, tiaorgatown 8 no *7-eotf n ROOMS TO LET.?A handsome suit of Rooms, o II furnished or uufurmshod, near the Patent Ofe fic?, with double parlors, inarMa mantles, cas Sxh tnres, and fine yard, and oarnai?e-houf9 at'aohod p Metis furnished, if d -sired. Inquire ac 5*7 ,1 U Mwian Oh anH ti aK r.o a..Q* ? II > ? ""-v w ci> THI >?'IU UVII 9?e. II*? 4 t ci'OW 0 17OR R KNT?The HOUSE un Eighth street, a r lew door* abo.eour store, suitable as a iiwcll in? or for office*. Apply to JOHNSON X SUTTON. corner Kigh.h atreet and l'a. avenue. no 27 Wi 3t* t |?OK R K N T?A three-story-find basement [. r liKICK HOUSE, situated on Tanth stre -t. I>?> tween N aud ? streo-s. Rout $ 13 per month. Apis 1,1 D-H*UPTMAN, No. J12 Eleventh st., near Pa. avenue. _____ no ^ St* 'a C?" RENT?Afonr-?tory brnwn-froct DWEL ? r LING, situate on Thirteenth at., tretween L ', and Massachusetts av.. one of the most destral>l? *' locations m the oify. Th* house it furnished with ?* marhle mautles ; also. ga? aud water fixtures, with ( ath-room Inquire at WM. P. SHEDD'S Fancy Store. No SO^llthst oc27 31t* IT"OR RKNT-A brick DWKLLINGHOUSK [1 I No. tf'tO Sixth etreet weat, between M nud N north, containing 8 roo-n? and <i Kitchen '|v*mi " moiinr*^ Apply next door north. no24lw* Hi ^LINTON HOUSE, now occupied by P. VV' it; V/ Dorse*, will be for rent on 1st Januarv, lxtil ? For* further information inquire of MookV. A :k ClSaEI.,7th street, Washington. no2-law m* ?l KHJtT]HKNT.?A three ?torr BKICK ItWhLL r ING HOUSE, with tack Dutldmg, on 12th at. b- No. 470. between F and G atre?-ta. Poaaesaioi giviion the 5th of December next. Apply to J KIRK WOOD. 476 Twefthit. no 19-dtf ~ |?OR RENT-Two ROOMS in third r joiniuf .with water and gaa.or a fine PARI.OR n" lighted with gan, in seooad atocy. in a pieasai t par "* of the city. Term* low. Apply on the premite* ?> N?. 48A Mui. avenue, between 4th and 5:h kU. ??/ iiurwii BIUO uu ID 11 V? POR RKNT-A thre? utory brick HOUSeTood to r taming 8 room*, tn good order, *?th gait fix tures complete, on II *t~oet .between 4th and 5th Also, a two-ttory brick COTTAGE, with tare , yard attached, corner of F street north an i 14th si '!? east. To punctual and reliable tenants the term ' will bo moderate. Apply at 4 46 Twelfth st rod between ? a id H. no 13-tf \\ >s- BB {BKBB i?n SHK 9Hfi| b|H HBKVH uMHV a- hh -'MKsBI Ik t > J * I I, !| ra> vv\hkI : ?lo THE OEM OP THE SEASON, ?ld * ? I hav# thia day reoci ved, per Expreaa, the*i S^Ai.0' GENTS' FASHIONABLE ORE* i? A^ ;aleo, a larje and full aupp.y of FRt- NCI SOFT HATS, of alt style*, for Men and Boyi . Aa my aikonment of theae gooda is lwg?, > aba va ull at exceeding y low prio<*. A o?:i where yo can set rxaotly what you want la aolicitod, ' HOPKINS, Corner ofSixth a*. a??<< Pa. *v no 27-2W Situ of tk* White Bear. City steam ^vvood m1ll8 Of AND coal p? pot. nt. "rt */ Srrtnuentk strut, below Wbt I) ririmi "a,* WOOD prepared, any length and aize.toan the wanta of eaeh pnrohaeer COA ?Kt.PT iS OOAi> HOUSES, prota"t? from the woather?delCv"T'?d fr?c fr^m elate, dit . and other impuritiea. 2.2+' .be. to?he ton ? T. J. * W. Itf ?ALTi no 10 tf 292 Pa aT.. b-tw.llth and i2tn axa. ufrtvwxv* dtivs'.aan ravfcn. haCO jk ft Co 'a Overstrung Hianoa are ihe t,-at do JL manufactured. Sol* ?stent. ~L W 8. MGT7. ROTL, oorner Pa. a*, and ?;ev?nh ?t iae PiacoB for rant. eh- pRENCHFM3WKR?OFTHKVKRYHK? a. quality, and an Mteneive v?riet>. nA rad . At STKVENK'B M Fancy Store, S. ao8?-u 99% betv( 9th lothTta GEORGETOWN. Correspondent* of The Star. 6ioi?itows November .*>. !**> Yesterday being Thank?>;i ring day, there w*a a general u*pen?'nn of business here. and all I cLiss<-a of our cltlsens ooaervcd the day In ? j proper md h? onung manner. There were but < few um of drunkenness, and quiet ird good I I order prevallrd The weather was delightful, I and the interesting services at our cburcbe*. < morning and afternoon, were well attended < We wefe ple,iaed to a??e a large and respectable audience at Forrett Hall laat evening, a number 1 of ladies being present, and were better pleased to tee good order maintained Not a single breach i of decorum came under our observation. and < ladles were aafe from the usual Insult* and an 1 no van cf-i We believe none of the police force we're present. The performance* went ofl"?xoe?d- ' ingly well, the "Conjngal Lesson,M "Loan of a Lover," and "Jenny Lind"' being r*ider?d In a manner entirely aatiafactory to those present. The contract for sodding the slop** and of the embankments at the High Service Resf-rvoir has been awarded to Mr. F. J Dowell < It is almost impossible to crosa Bridge street at any point thia morning without being mired. \'nu* ii tKa t<m? irVi!l? th* u'*stth?r rnn. *?" ? UV I1IIIC, W 14V "*- ?V? ?? * ??? tinues. to acrape off the mad with boea, otherwiae we shall be alternately smothered In mud and < choked with dust all winter GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS , /corporation ok gegrgkiown, | |? v> TRicr. Maryland, aud Virginia bank notes at par for Groo-ries, a.d ihrte dollars in specie given in change wuen two dollars > wo>th ia bought at Tenner's, oorner High antf Bridge streets. Georgetown. D C. < Tho sattsoriber will oonticue tw sell at the hams , prices as beiore the suspension His stook is arge and well assorted, comprising almost every article I utu&liy found in & firat ol&M Grocery Store. A to now on sud constant:? receiving <lu ring the season large supplies ol Ireah slaughtered Hog*, suitable for familr use. 1 no 24 6t W. H. TKNXKV JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, ISn i>hla.i>.d Rve WHISKY, 3S0bbls. HERRING end ALEWIVF.S. SO bb!s. f'rushed and Refined -UGARb, an bags Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhds.(low priced) MOLASSES. For gale I.t JOHN J- BOGFE. nw 1? J 100 BBLS. OF FRiME CIDER, U*T Arrived and for aale ohe?p for o?sh. no 13 ARNY A SIIIMN. MASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.-We are constat tlj receiving fresh supplies of the above doiightfnl beverage, and invite ail persons who want a pure unadulterated Ale, to give it a trial. ARNY A SHINN, Agenta, ret 4TI}r(i?i ?t.. Conrretcwn. BOARDING. lift 4 U 1)1 X rami I ? nr t < ? fir (Krro aantU. IV men, c.?n b? accommodated with Hoard at No. I 433 Ninth street, one door couth of F at- Terms moderate One of tha largest aud moat desnat.le Rooms in the house, furnished with water and (as, :s now unoccupied. Table Boarders a/v>mmoda*ed. no 28 3t* BOAR DING.-Good Rooms. oom(r>rtably fur di^Itm;, cau b? obtained at U73 P atravt. Ue tween 13th and 14th, on mvdera'.e terms, with or without Board. Location convenient and v?ry pleasant. uo87 2?r*_ B7)ARD AND ROOMS?A fine Front C'tambar.and other Rooms, with Board, mav 1 < ha! at No. 4A? Twelfth St., east *ide, lietwwn G ani H. Table Boarders also accommodated. no K <t* BOARDING.?Three or four sirulfl gpnU?'<>-n can h* accommodatL-d with B^ard by applying at No. 313 Mar* land averiu'', between 4'? fctn: f.*h sta , Island. Mechanics preferred. no l?-tf MONEY MONEY MONEY WANTED WANTED WANTED AT WIESENFELD'S, AT W1E3ENF ELD's4, AT WlESfcNFELD'9, ODEON HALL, ODEON HALL, ODEON HALL, Corner Foer-and-a iulf St. i'OKNIR FOCR and A-HaLF St. Cornke Focr axd a half St. A*U> PlI.ktltaiit AvESrB, And Pknshtlvanh Avr*r?, And Pennsylvania Avknvb. FASHIONABLE CLOTHIER. FASHIONABLE CLOTHIEU. FASHIONABLE CLOTHIER. HILLS on SOLVENT HANKS HILLS ON SOLVENT BANKS BILLS ON SOLVENT BANKS TAKEN AT PAR TAKEN AT P*K TAKEN AT PAR AT THE ODEON. AT TH? OllfcOV no23 6t AT THE ODEON. Dr. schknck's pulmonic sYri:?\ Do. SEA WEED TONIC, Do. MANDRAKE PH.LS, For sale by S. B. WAITE, corner of Seventh street and Lociriana Avenue. Price of Strur. SI o?r bottle. Price of S^a Weed Tonic 81 per hott'e Price of Maodrak* PiiU,25 c< nt* r r b * Those afllioted with disease! of the Lane*, Liver* or Motnaeh. aooon panied with pains in tn* L?ck. Itrrut or Hide, aiiov.d try l?r. J*ctien-'k'* Mrdioioea and are ref rred vi th* frltowiax oneofthe in*oy testinomals of complete caret in Dr. Schenek's to???ss on. No. 407 West Fifth rtreet. / Washijigtoji. D. C.. Nov. 2i?t !8:*M Ds. Scnsrcn?L? ar S<ir: I auffVod much lor eewa! ruont-s with Li ver comp Mnt, I waa per au&ded hy a friend to try 'our Pnlmonic ^yrup. ari<1 Vaad'ako Milla. I am cow quite well, and believe your m*dic\nt teas the means of rtitortng me :o kealth nni r?co?. Therefore i tak- much pleasure in recommend ins it to the Public. M. 9. S , no 22 lm . 4 T F A K ! A T P A K !! A ATTAR!': Note* on all R^lv<n? bvnks iu Virginia, No th Caro i' a. South Carolina (icorsia &k< u at par for READY-MADE Ci.OTHING. No iner a e i ot pric)?. NOAH WALKER k CO, 3t?*? Pennsylvania averue. r.o 23 t>t ii'ovn'i Hole UmlJiup. fREAT BARGAINS IN PR V GOODS VJ SELLING OFF TO MOVE. A* I sh*ll move to my o?vr building. No iit I'a i ave.on the 1st of January, I shall ouinmeMe ? ue i day tu srfll <>ff at grt-at y reduoed prir. g my entire i it'ckofDRy GO'?l>S in store No. 5'21 7it4 street. The sU>ck is large ami veil assort*!, cowprinug overy article usually found iu the Dry Goods line. Call early and get bargains, f HENRY KGAN, 521 Seventh st., no2l-l?t noar Arense House. /Ov NOTICE. /Ov A A H E MO V A JL. / \ Q O I hare i cm< red mv - Q U PAWN OFFICE ; to et'eet, between anil 6th street-, nune . d'afljr iu th? of tho .National Hotel, where the business will be e<>nt uued as hereto! re at the old stand. UolS-6mJ IS\AC HERZBEKG. 1 I ADIES' AM) MISSES" * Li FIRS. . . LADIES* AND MISSES' FURB. Fresh Arrival from Now York ! t Fresh Arrival fr?m New York! CheaDer than Ever ! Cheaper turn Ever! ^ FUR TRIMMINGS 25 and 35 cent? per yard. /pfeirv B. H. STINKMETZ, 2*? Pa rv . no 24 near oorrer Thirteenth Ht. 8 V A CARD. T 1RG1N1A AND . . J SOUTH CAROLINA MONEY. A.VJJ OF ALL OTHER STATES, TAKEN AT FAB. - and Gooda ao!d at the loweat market pnoe for cash A tuperior stock of CLOTHING nowooh*nd an<i having to imp! iy now one hundred aun fiftj hard* whioh we wish to keep in employment uur ms tun pauio, we will offer extra mduoo.nen'a tc purchasers (In.kiia m*r'? tn nnUr in ktvUfl "* wa^lt?tkpiik^h k. co , ' no a pa ay . h?t -* h mid loth ?(> Anew books. t frknch a rtlchstki vs. ?7* pa. av Afenlt for tit ttkoit War hi. fo'k? rontt, elotantly bound, printed on toned * -? I-. M.ii paper, mil i unov ui w F??y 9*u u ovm -j m?u The Moral Hi?tory of Woman, from the Frenek of e>ne?t Lecore, traaalatad by J. W. Pa'mer; M 1) : price#I by in&il. . All of Marion Har and'a Books, N^metia Mf??i Side, Hidden Path and Aloue; price eaen $1 I>j tail no a Housekeeper'* encyclopedia o L'-eful Information to t>n? t!uuaek"ep-r u Cookery and Donatio Economy, 1 <.>! ; pnc< iijt. Woodaand Watera. or th<* Haranaca and Racket by Allrod ti. Street, 1 v??l ; $1.25. Heury >n Social VVelfa.eaud flnman Protreia f* J vol.; SI 1 Hope* and Fear*, or Soei?*? from the Lifo of i ' Spinster, br the authorol ' J'kJ Heir of KedoliflV ?' 2 YOI.: fijr. ? Education, by Herbert Speneer, 1 tu!.; 41. BLANCHAKD A MOHl'N, no 24 corner of Pen a. av. and lUJb ?t. pLUMBKRS AND GAS FITTERS. J. W. THOMPSON A ro. Would oa!l the attention of water takers to th*i fall aasortmmt of Fixture* n*>e*?arvto it* isttfl , dnetim.%? follow*;?KITCH K.N RAN?Kt*.H*TI *' TUBS. WAfKK <"L"SETS, HOT VTATBI lt BOILERS. KITCHEN SiNK*. PI'MrtL <c?| Ir>n, Wroutht Iroo, l.ead and Gal van1 VV \ j TRll PIPES, HYDRANTS and PaVE WaSH 5 EKS. RUBBER HOSE.Jke ' Havinc tnperior adv-amuae, with pr*etici k owledga, we are prepared to introduoe Wau into dwelling* with a*l the latest nr.?< ,ver *nt prompt y i and at price* that eanno: fail to atiriy N . 269 Pens, avenue. 'W no g< dtMar 1 Ivt.iMh and l"th ?t? . *<>*th *i<Se. T ARE HOUSE, bp Fanny L*wa!d, trauauOa l> from the German by Nathaniel Greens. 1 vol t 78 oenta. rr tfyr*?UoM of a Conntry Parson, 1 r?l., pri* k<?*s**es at Truth, by Two Brother*. 1 vol.; prl? '.?* ?-2SWff4i!?K2:... THE LATEST NEW* TELKORArHiO. r?IUIc??Th? Ugttlalirf MiLLKDticriLLB. N?v M ?Mr of Clarke coniitv, to dar Introduced a bill In th? n.nklKII'.io 1??J> - ?. i\'uvr i" 1 7 ' ?n *?i rarvuttvu* imned mxn tb?" I*. !* Court* on tfce pr< r?rlT of rttirena of Georgia prior to l>ec ember, 1*61, and Ie?-Ur1ng void all *ncb proce?ae? In the Houir th* bill to protect ttar r'.^hu of the citizen* of Georgia w*? debated Mr l,ewt? of Greene countv ntferrd *? amendment. to rtlrod tb* proTiliou* of tbe bill to tb? Eittaraaof ewry State thai voted fur Lincoln eiet i ?r*. which wii agreed to Mr Mc[V>uald. of L'imp\i? coantv. opposed Ifce bill and amendment. He nprt'S'd warm 1 nton a;.d iro*?-d an ?iDrndm'ii?. hnt?;r cverv <te>orui<ia *2 000 wbo aril* a bale of cot'on cr barrel of apple* to any |rt>M m rib of M?*o<i and I) *i>n'? Line. Tfcl* amendment cat:* d bid -b commotion. and dl**tnion and r? sentiments were freely ii vrf<i Up I> II v j>.? ad* tl?r ?p?-c1?l ofdw for Friday. ?'b*n an riri(>?( <i ariiaalcn ? *ntlctjvited Th- <1 .*uM<>nia>a will opiv>? tbe bill M.d the rnraervat! v-a vi-lil adv < *< -ita p ?-i;e T Borernor will pmb<iblv ?rti> H. abonld it paaa From ralibrna Fort kea?*kt. Nov 27 ?Tbe Tony Fxpreafc, writb date* from San Fran. !aco U> tbr 1 tb v! November. b?a arrived Tbe election returna. aa far aa received. al~cw Lincoln to he from 5"U to ab?*d of DonglM, and all psrtN conned" tbr Slate to b'.io Tbe Exprt-sa also brli?^ retnrna from DfVea :ountle? !u Oregon, wh'cb foot tip aa follow* ; Lincoln ...SjMA Hreckinrldge .....4 'W l?ouglas 3"?i Ml 14* Cat*. Curry, and Alameda counties are tj b heard from, ail of which will tncr<a*4 L!?c?1b ? maiorltv In tbe Stat*. The people of I'akfornia ?re watting wf'b C'eat anxiety for news from tbe Southern Stit-a to tbr character of the sereaalon movement. The f hlrl.i.i I Norfolk, Nov > ? Tbe United States BrookIvn. with tbr Tatted SluUi Comm Minn which v site.l CbUiqut, [.itoon, Boro Del Torro. kc , hsj arrived All in good health Tbecrewwill be paid off here. The member* of the Cbirtqnl Commission report that tbe!r Cnmininlon wa? entirely surges* f?l They found harbors on *both sides. and superior coal Inexbauatthle quantities Lieut Mo-ton d s o?-rrd a practicable r?*? tbrouwh ll:? Oardnillit, and located a r*i!en>d in moat advantageous manner. Tbe country afford* abundance of provisions The Ks?uli in Vir?iaia?Pr*< tainat tan ?| th? li*?rrs*r RiCHMoxp, Nov 5f9 ?The proclamation of the Govrir>r announcing the official vote f-ir Tf* Klc tors lu this SUIe ?rill be published l<>-ii:o'rovr. It tlerlar'-s M?*srs Bruce Msrmadwke J->hns ?n, Cowden, Ja kiui. Ai.d< r?on, Shi* kHford. Cald well, Cb:.(L|r, and Christian. Bell?le> tors, and Messrs I.aiW>, b'iiuonds. Lyons, ClaviKook I?be land M&ssie, Br.-> kmr.dw? electors, chosen to cast the vote ol tbe State in the electoral College. The South ( trsllaa C?a?*Mi*i. Chakl??tuh. Nov. 2k ?The Mechanics Iusti t ste Hall, in which tbe National Democratic Convention assembled, has been tendered to tbe Gov ernor for the !i*e of the South Carolina S??e?ato!i Convention, which ia to assemble on tbe Iflth of Dw emln-r Several candidates f4.r the South Carolina Convention. over their siznatur-s. repudiate tbe priced of permitting any fr?e State to j <ln tbe Southern Confederacy. The Trsablea ia Kames Lkavbbwokth, K T , Nov 2S ?Aetinz t???v Beebe Vaa 1*?.;ed a proclamation relative toil! Irs la Southern Kansas, railing on Capt Montgomery and his b&r.d of Jay tlawkrrs to disband and return to tbe cbMlenre of the constituted author! iiri n* sin i.mi pnn'inir cuil' lii snnu receur just protection, and all offenders their doe punisbisbment There la nothing new from tbeacene of disturbance. I-r?m Cart kratt. Ko*t ?cott. Nov 25.?Much of the e*<-iteroeot hf re during the last week baa been without reeSJiiahie rauRf The business of the Land Offlce Las not beet interrupted, and no feas e*Ut that it w ill be It is lb- nrrv .tiling opinion here that the flight of Jud^e W'ili'mu aui hia court was not warranted by circumstances Secession >lertieg in Angu?ta ArorsT*. Nov 30 ?A giand secession demonstration will take place thtaafternoon A flag haa been suspended ov?r the favanmb river hearing tV?*? on:<ta.<>f.i r: na nf <<>ntVi i >* and if i Music, salutes and a l*r<je attendance is expectrd Hsnrsad Accident. Match Ciicsk. Nov 20?A passenger car ori the Bf-aver-ne <lnw Mllrnad wis thrown i?l? Besv^r rr?-?k yestrdsy, bv the bre-.k'ii,; of a ra'i. Mr Nlcho!i. Cfl?4?riof.a Mn Famw and sister, and a Miss Smith and s'.s'er.were drowned Ssnth < sraSina Mrmbrrs if t angress. Cu vantsros, Nov '& ?The Senators and menders of tbe House of Representatives from this "*t^te have to-dav, after a consultation. resolved to t?ke their se-t< in Congress on Monday n-*t. to remain until tbe State withdraws frana tbe Union ? sif n?isn sf Sisth t srsliss Baaks Ch*hle?.to5, Nov. 3P ?The HU'e Bank of South Carolina, an t the B lchmond Banks have suspend~d The Plantrra, and Mechauics' Banks will suspend to morrow. fcu?prn*ion ( t*t? Lmi< Btaki St. Lflcii, Nov 4$ ?All th? Banks of this city, excepting the Mechanics' Htnk which withstood th?' of 1857, suspended specie payment th-? norma?. RicliAKt, Nov 29 ?The Governor hu 'nofd his prociam*t'oa declaring the choice of nine Hell and si* Kri~ kinrdje electors 1 h iiK-?i?i nj iu Wskiif. m.'bill, Nov 29.?Tbauks Mvlnji dty was very e?Derallr observed here. Nothing was done tn a commercial line Gfifral B ink - H>|>ru?iM la Cburleitii. Icc. I CB<*tt?TP5. Nov. 29?The four remaining B ink* in tiiia cite nded thia morning Cottut baa advm?-?d cent * itiax?r* 1ar?#i? JatTfM'-** Nov 30 ? Flour la flrmicd ?teady, aalea 1.200 hhla at ~<J V# be, t u dull C?rn la tteady Coffee qn et~ S igiri, no anlef. T.JVibtciia very quiet M<*e pots #1* 1-? tark Niw Yoxt, Nov 30? Flour and whit dull, t tiding downward Corn uuchuig'd Frovia'ona dull Wblakv dull at 19^c. I ______________ nun anai. Nirw York Nov 30?*tock? are dull and lower; Chicago ard Rmk laiand 51 Illinois Oeutral iSiare> 57; do tjonda 87; MtchiKan Snutt. erti Kuar;tiiU^d 3l>\; N?<w Vark 7M)|; Pa. Coal Co 77; Huoiou RI?*r R R 43if; canton Co 14X; V*. 6 a TVJfc*, Mo ?< <J??; V. ? 5'? of 1*74 ' MX' "UMY YXR l?* ? I VlYtULNIA CLOTHS. ofth? > If IP iMtimkw. ? 4-4 i.o^ry Twilled Klannela. 6 a ? iua-y? of th? l*st kind, 0 H!ao. trown. gray, and white B askets. \\ <J >lrn \ art), C tu>n Ob> al>uraa, I'iatd Cutt'ai. S ??<>aula Cahooea. of a!l aty Wo nave a full alock o| gnoda in awry depart mem.mi - i wuion wo aiii < n?r m iiif vnj i?wm nur>ft prices WeiaviMtllin vutof Dr; Goodi I to gi v? a* a call. WM. R Rlf.KY A BRO , No. 36 Central Ptorat, wo?t Hn <Ua?, Beiw. 7th and 8th ?treau, no 21 2w Oyyo. Cottar Market ' V NO SECESSION' r llOW !S? THE TIMK F??R BARGAINS!? BrifU inriuceinooU *re bow offered to all ?< riani in i wa t of CLOTHING. Ft KN1?H1NG GOODS. HATS and CAPS, at the Poop e'? Cothiuc tor*, i No. ?60 SoroDth ?t Coaic om oomo all. tad bay voir Cloth, n# at greatly red good 'ioe?v it no 17-im J^H SMITH'S. 460 IG. O. DKMUTH * CO . MPORTERS And \V boteaale and Reta. IMerg in \ HAVANA OIGARS, FOREIGN iriVK*,, BRANDIES, OTNS. *t.. No. ? II NolTH Ov&EUt ^TBIITt Fim do9r? tbcre Liximgimm *J "* g~iy _____ _ Haltimo^. ABKAlTIFtL AWiiMTNKN I OK CURT M??h ?iu>d Turkey Ant>au? AlOunit. Hre?~ni*ii<>nacd H<* ?t?ok? < he . Mwrtmrnt uf Chrdron'a tiooka (iwnt. 4o., luit z raKMca * w'^tfsriurT^, I *7* P ou. ?vrn? { N B ? Petenoq ?' (.w D<-o*in *r r>"W it f*>4<y- IS " B. HALL 1* with ISRAKf. OKMING. | li_ W> <?l atid K-*1 IV I.tri IB fi ,?i FAMILY r QROOERil ?. TljjSk? i \KS*. ?? *?<? Lji, or< >RSi'f Ii.< ki> A f- vk -k ]>! ( f o4 ri(if%r7on.U p*T oiilid. ''*i? So JMTtli >tr ft. nt Mf _ ? > A. ii'M'h' - ' . ?Vt Oo.4 I> ro*M*AT*o two?Jew* 5. l? < ?.: n?r, Fr??; ; M- Coci-Tkfc. jr. 1 TUm cuau*r.? IXM RKt? UVK? wU 8LV? ? Wi'ilA.Nt; ANM li'll>,*? ? m?t b* uixn ?0 ?t tt? ? i'*<Bp*nT a A?bti? lor ( ? ilutitot ? ;' "-<> jr >?. D R. Uuiii. M- i>. IMi Ut ??tf ? ?

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