Newspaper of Evening Star, November 30, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 30, 1860 Page 4
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THE FVEMNG STAR! A Wiiitiii Kscobed is a Tnkatei.?Night before * little event oocurred at Nlbio'a Theater which will long be remembered by all who were prt-s-nt Pending the appearance of the n??r?;be s of the or heater, who were for some rrwn behlrdtime, a plainly dressed man In the third H.-r commenced whistling that peculiarly plaintive melody, " The hast Rose of Summer/' with a swoetnraa and k'race quite bewitching By d?j;rees the accnatomed hum of voices In the parqu?tte ar.d boj?-s ceased, and all eyes were turned upward In the vain endeavor to trace whence eame the mritfriom and tbrHline strain#. 1 ne audience seated entranced with the strange warbling n^V-s aid thrill* of the whistler. and perfect quiet reigned throughout the Louse. Home of tee ?ct:>r* p<wr<d from behind the curtain . and even tbe musician* erept silently into the orefaetter With the m< at intricate variations, the wbi*tler finished tbe air. wbeu * storm of ?f phose broke f'oin tbe audience, which almost shock the house to the center A^ain were thf brill and peculiar notes of the wrestler heard. :?nd agaii was tbe beuse reduc-d to breathless si Isncp "I'M I'run^r mus e 'tmiat; a rcuoa iimr, ihe or b?-?ter *tro<-k np ?a operalic air, bat tb??ir vtsie w^s drcwi.ed by tLe storm ?f nprl Oaa cf th* u?ber? finally traced ont th? %Ui?tlrr. ? iJ rh ritshly turned him out of the house ?.V Y Trtbmn*. of tbe L-irjws'. cotton in'in'jfvturin? corporations in Massachusetts t-n decided to ?*p??d th? pnrcbai* of cotton f?.r tb? pr? i>??Bt T Uey tiav?- as x months' supply on baud; <tt d the managers wis-ly onrlade \says th* B st?.u Traveller) tnat purchas-s can be made erv tUe tuppljja exhausted at lessthm tae pr?Sfnt prices. ice rrav? ner aaa? "we ui.atit. :na iu>i corporations vener-illy have a three mouti.s sto.V of. tton. ana the pjlicv discontinuing purcb?s<-? In the present condition of the money market will probably be (feoerallv adopted." Th? Vikws .?r Sb^at?r M*?om ?t^-nMor J as. M M. son. of Virginia, wboae tt<lrl!tv to Virginia ai d the Soutn ho one can dispute, in a recent h. referring to the contin ;enrv of Lincoln's e!r? tion. d?elar?*d that kt **,**14 talc* Ai< "it m a Smator 10 support mud drftnd tk' Cmstimtiun. f* rtgflts atti taofriijr ?y ??e ami?, aim wurn taev c< uld no longer be railntained, t?" ikouid r- idr t>?< k to her the hi/b trust reposed in tilm by Virginia, fytmn to A*r it'sd m and patriotism m :Aar tx>%enry to d > the beit." D?a-ji >mv Lockjaw ?S'?iue two week* Z"?. II nry O Remington, of New Vedford, aec;d>-nt I'y drovesspiir.Wunder oneof bisthu;iih> wails A portion of the splint r wis removed, but a fe>v days after he was attacked with In k( w and. after ? d'erinx iuteuse pain, died on Wd'iesdav morning. He was an ?-n? r^ettc uiau. of lodian descent, and forty-thrf years of a?e. Kkmarc\blk Hbdsstkias Fe\t? Small boy on tip-toe u> conipu.ioa?"^a?U?stop your noise, all of jou " Companion?';Hello, Tommy, what's up now?'' Small Boy?"WV've got a new b^by?very weak and tired?walked all the way from Heaven lut nlgbt?musu't go to klckla' up a row around Culoks most Liable to bk Hit ?It would appear, from numerous observat ons, that soldiers are hit during battle according to th? color of their dress in the following ord?-r: Red isthe most jti-u color; me least i.uti. Austrian gray, rne proportions are red 13, rilie green 7, brown 6, AuitrUn bluish gray 5. Bank s*c?pb^?io5.?The banks of Frederick city, Md , except the Frederick Town Sayings Institution, following the example of those in Baltimore, have temporarily suspended specie payment The Banks of tiettesOurg, Fa., has also suspended, but redeems its $.3 bills. U7" The steamship Columbia, which arrived M N-w Vork on Monday from Charleston, brought bick forty^evea more steerage passengers, and, w'j't 's somewhat unusual, a consignment if 9i6,^U) in specie. DocBTrrL?Company E. nintb regiment, of the .New Vork City Uu^rds 'vill v.sit England Hf ft Aii'jntt with nn?* hnn<1 inon s*nrl I ft<>J . - - IS "? ""? worth's or the National hand The restrictions upon their visit have been or will be removed Lasd Sal* ?Mr. James P Waters of Aquasco District. tn this county, sold h'.s trart oi land wt-ek before Lilt to Mws Thos B and Thus H. Pt*rrie fjrthesumof 513.1*10. It contained 268 acre* ?(iaz'tt*. ID"Rev. Mr. Yates, in a recent speech in Charleston, said that if th?? **iuth required it he would go into the f rerr. it ranks, with a Bible in one Land and a revolver in the othe-. IXjr-Soutb Carolina is the only Southern State wjiich has an armory of her own. It has been in operation some years, and turns out tfood work. AI RIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARD'S HOTEL ?J S Thr*ser, NY; W R Adair, Md; Mrs L Oettin^s, do; S C Kliet, DC; J H Smith, Mass. J J Chew, Va; H Asborn and ltdv, I'a; U \V Mas'.by, Md; Mrs Gilliams and child Gs; Miss Gilliam, do; B F Frania. NY; J G Cowen and family, d<>; Mrs Brorktnb'ou^h, i t Goe Hitler. I'a; C Bonsail, do; E S Rogers a d lady, Md; R M Ma^raw. NY; Lt J K Moreto.i and boy, L'?*A; H 8 Wbister and lady, Ky; M B Stanton, Ga; Hon E Etberidge, Term; H Warv-ird. Ill; J V T*liaf*rro. \V S Miller, do; G T Crump, do; J M Morris and ladv, V?; Ml?? C Phillip*, do; C B Crouse and lady, NY; A Harbour Va; Urn J S Whltner, Maw; Mr Swift, do; R P Cambell. l!SA; L H B^rjjen and lady, O; VV H Tba\i*r, NY; M M D?nt. Va; I. Evans, do; Hon J Cnl'onx-rand ladv. Vt; I P Stephens and lady. NY; J G Seabrook, SC; Col E Johnson, I'SA. NATIONAL HOTEL.-PS McLaughlln.Md; J A Medley, NY; J F rhomas.Va; Ge > Flunkett, W s Hopkins, Jas Cooper, G t* Knowl*?,Md; W F Fa; Hon H Gray, NY; Hon G Adunw a d W, Kv; H H Paajb ?rr?e. Mass; Jno Kilter. W A Jsrbo*. G \V Wilson. Md; VV Hos-. H I'?< i/' i! 1 VI Aii?a P V?n A n?*i aarvA M V" I IJaKL? *- c '*) ?-? * vub? w ? ?i? .*111. i | y iivi/UI N" t on: Kng!e. L'^N; A W Thompson. NY: L A Povrfr. Pa; Hon C 1. Vallandlgbam, O; ,\I J * i"*r, Aic; Hon L J liartr??U and fui, O i; Dr R li:ackbrn, Va; Hon VV Allen, O; SJ1 Johnson, N * ; J T Cox, Ky; A M Kariev. Can; L B Stoa<\ Aoiileroa, .Mm>; Lloyd Williams, Md, J K Ho*, NV. BROWN'S HOTEL ?D Williams. Pt; SH?t l?ga. J Hutchison and 1)', T W Uoir.nitjc, 1* A F-a..k.;? and ly. A L Wist and ly, Dr P .McQarv, J.VV 0 11 v, A C Ranka, J Wail.ire, V ; Car.t K I. '.I and iy, LSA; W T rfliaftrro. \V I! McNoH. C K Ei.orv and ly; E H l^cour, NV; J Ford. J Jay aud ladles, \V H Hraylcv, (i Htrri. Md: \V H Ciatn**. A'k; A LGay.iu<1 3 l.vllp?, Pi. I I M rt stud It* ^ i U>/>b tn aafat II U f .>,i lii: J A 1'ijfLa. I' F Drayton, 80: J ?J Robinson y!' AC Ware, MiC Porthey, Mia A Ware, tin \V H Mix; R Stuidm Ala; J V T ?1 la.Vro W ? Ml.1**, G T Cramp, C Curi*::iLi, Mo A Hrid* rd. Minn KJRKWOOJ) HOl'JK ?W 9towbr!dzp, J I Wriiat. W Ho?wri!. J Armstrong, W A Uaila h J L C*rler? d v Md, S K Fields, NY; N Vai B? Dr W C-wifh. R L ;?treb, Pa: E W 8ehon H L IVn ; Dr M Fiemfng, La; W P Tur ; Mo W H McKln*y, M H Galiapie, Va; I Cabtil, DC. ?V aSHINGTON HOUSE ?Don E Fr*>nchan< lr. Me; W dipor. T Chapcoan, Mr* Gordon, M V\i'. '.d and ly, N Y; P \. Allen,Del; N Moi?an< i !ii: 1 v, Ml, G A tfart>tt, Mu>, f H Hoaklng SSItbi^u. TEA Mi: US' SAILING DAYl i'.IO* TBS IsiTCB STATU. r'wiiK?i. L? r?. Far. Dats. Ctr?\ _K *'oa. Liverpool Nov 2 .- N.?w Vork...ttamoarg |>cc Xrw Y?rK ..Liverpool ....Deo Ai*-^ *- ? - ?' * -- ?m , m i v.* .,I4aTin i>l(J At.? ? New Ywrk?. Liverpool... I>*o 1 Joun Bell........ New York G.uiuv IX o 2 twjx tL*opr C. Manchester...Liverpool ...New York...Nov 1 A ? ..... Liverpool... .lioMon Nov 1 ?*.?ou;a ,_:>outa'ptuo...New Vor*...Nov I L'*Ji?v?r -_.H&l?re.y 11-itou Nov 5 t * ...... Liverpool .New York . .Nov a ..*d King-lorn .ijl^gow New Yor* Nov j N j-r S or*. aouth'pton.. New York.. .Nov 3 K?xl?r Livrr* ol New *ork...>ov5 UciuMiL 8>>aU ptva \?w York. Dei Jar* _... Liverpool....New York . Deo 1 F- io: .Xouto'pto?._New York. .Deo 1 Ptieebne Liverpool New York...Ueo > l lie California m%u steamer* mr? on the 9tl IStn. ar. J ?ku of everv month. Da. J. jsovbb lioiys IMPERIAL WINM BITTERS, Art co* being osad from Maine to t'.c Great 8* i -.f , ar. 1 l a oxuTwmi verdict of ail vao ?a t 91VI a or M a la tfcl ti >r ?r- c; nr?M?4 in its vorld, Dr. Dola nac U t 4u yot ... / 1 hi? >nwu9*for tt yacrx befoi w? ? " ntwj of >i?tia ao'.e r.rht to manofaotai a-r . tf-c-L. fir a: to ta* rui.uo. For u c-- : - ! .<i ;> i .'nt '.'"i.-ranytion, lmhxaatlon, Dyi Vl , :?t*T*a? I'.MttM. Female Oca raista, ?oo*. mmimi n a tonio, they *reb< , J cs. *tirx ;ati? remedy. Awdefroi *ir & fi.;:. . i ?-/ti ? they are a para, wkult s. ue del-*! :?ii Bsvcif, prodnoiof at tt > -van; azl ..a/ivi;* eifeoU of Drafidy or Win ** . >?I the jt .kjci reaalts. Let all friend* < v tdvoo*.oa of temperaaoe aa<tii i 1.1 i ., ? v*.aaMe Vegetable Ritiei f< ? >-. hu?j and mdwittrmud L%f%a y.'i .7'.iitl;ociaai;a7U flooded, aod tiiaraby a .. V I r Jk: ' tl m ' Hr? litiM J oaSLlKB WjpOlFIBLD * CO? Pt*/nMun, r? William I tree I, New York. inrikij$.aafiP JlflffM*. ho-of tiia KiJcer*. Bi*dcl*f aod Unui \ . , &nJ espjcUJIj lor Fotnalo OMtmetiom f :v. .o otuo, aaa mo warranted lo fir* ?tu lotion. 3*7 lyj Alio. WMiuacUm. IX C. V V ;;RYBODY ohoold ooMto tho PEOPLE'l Hi < LOTH1N6 STOEETNo. 4M ^wnt^ btj ClotkiBfi rtrUMiac #ooda^I??i MISCELLANEOUS. W KENTUCKY CHAIRS ] E receive an as?ortcn?Gt of KEN- I Tl'CK'V KLt?TIC UHAIKS, th? ii>o*t owm-fft fortabie and durable chair innrle. Ul . We have aifo n nt^re a full and oompiete Vfl| took of HOl^EFURNl^HlAO GOOD*. Pfl i oonii?tin* of Fornilur-, l,ooktn? Gla**??, I H>dsaac1 Vattrecea,China, liltm arid Crockery, i Tar>i? Cutlery, Britaria_ Ware. J'lated tiooda, i j?fMnni \Ttfc, niooK 1 in uooai, lion war#. Beaketa, B>, 4a. ( Our stock is complete with almost every thine i n?r*saary to furnish the parlor, dining room, ball, ohamberand kitoh?n. Cash or time purchasers will be offered strong inducement* to buy. C. W. BOTELER &. SON* , no 16-eo6t Iron Hall. ' ? '10 HOL'SEKEEPKItS WST) 1 WA8HINST?*N, 6RORG E C9C ' IK/1 m ! KT a %.? V vf I i i f I ( r? > r Jr I - IUHH a.>Li viuiaii i> j We invite the nttention of H-^ti p*r? to onr T??y large ard beantiful tockof CHIN A,6I>A?S I and WaRTHKN WAKK. which is caw rendered < OTnplate in ever* department by our rtcecs ltn? >r vioca Wedeemit unceoeaa*ry to enumerateaitioVs, ' as we have ev?ry thing Uat is usual? k'ptin th? C'?ia Busines*, from ri'3tideooiat?'d h'renoh* 1 fMnn?r and T a Seta to trie onlina'T Fa-then Warr. ami a? we imoott t'?e maj >n?? ofotn *ood?, we are prepared to furnish the l>e?t q ia ltr,either t > the whnfeaa1* or retail trad*. a? loir as any of 1 rh importing house* of Halt! mora Fngien an 1 Amvican Cutlery of superior qualitv, AL?s M^rri. Buck aua Cucoa handle Cutl^rr from t??? nmf funto'i-is, Silver jlat?d War* <>n fine AlMttn, warranted, A Jar<e stock of Coal Oil Lamps, numfroas pattern?, far?r l.vnp Shai!-g aud Chimuw, Cut G ail Olo^s HiMUtth O aiiM, Fancy Artinloa,T?ya, Ac , to. C. f* FOWLRR k CO , 3o4 Odd F*l ow?' Ball, no '6 ?c6w ^rv? 'trcct. A . a R E K X ' S (ft ' w EXTENSIVE Vfcft fCJ Furniture Emporium. ' ^? Mr fn?nia and the puhSio n ge eral are respectfully informed that the aabsori?.er haa non.p et*<! h'? atook oi MAHOetNY and VVALfiU I \ UKNlTl'RE aad HOi;r<kFLKNISHlN?J GOOD* of every dea irittion, whioh he will sell at the very low? ?t pViO'i. He eoumerat*n in part? Mvery Ooaoriptiou of Mali s'l^y aud Walcnt Parlor *mi ?:fiami>er Furniture, Fine Painted Oottate Ciiamber Sot#, Crp? a, Rum, Blanket#, C unforta. Feather Beda, Hair an?l shurit Mu.ttreasec, China, Ula?aa"di rook r* Ware, tcives a-.d Forka and Tar>le Castora, Buvketa, Tuba. Wa^hb -*rds, filters, and every oth-?rd?--or ption ol \V'?od and Hardware, At No 52?.o?riier of Seventh and I) atr? eta, at the Big Sipn. The pub'i ia re?p^ctfuliy invited t'? call and examine lor theiuael van. A. GREEN, no Jo-?o<w A?rt. and romtilaaio i Merchant, CMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY * or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 8200,000. QtIce corn r C street nnd Low<iana ac., or?r Bank of Wifhinxton INSURE HOUSES AND*OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LO^S BY 1 IRE. Dikbciob*. Geo. Shoemaker, Samael Rorifern, Samuei Cropler, Wriliam Wi son, Richard Jones, John D Barclay. Jac-b Gideon, Andrew Kothwell, Thrta PurkHr. Rmliarrt Hurrv B. B. Frenoh. No charge for Policies JAMES ADAMS, President. Abel G. Davis, Seoiatary. ocl0-eo6m PUKE OLD KV? WHISKY FOB MEDICiNAl> USE. Price 92 fill on or 50 cents per bottle. Tli" T?'t home and foreign demand we have for thi* article sufficient!* attsrs its purity and exoel.fno' Moreover it may be mentioned in thia oonn -xion t;t*t many ;nva idaoj deucate or<anixation, uc-?l? ? to uso whisky of other brands, have fouud he aV>*t iiHjet effi .aciou* and happy in i'a effects. \ liberal di?o<>unt on tue aoove pnoea made to the trad*. EDWARD HALL, Dea'er in fiie \Vino<sand Lmuors, Fainiiy Groceries. Ac-,opp. Center Market, oc 27-eo2i>t betweeij 7th and 8th street#. Notice to journeymen tailors, at home and abroad. Th? foilowirjK i? a correct list of the employer# who par the bill prices of. and are recosnized by, the S-?ci?t?, to wit: VV. H. >tan ord. Matlock A Griffith, i'uval' A Bro., Matiocic A Herbert, Win. Tiieker, James Lackey, O \V. Ilint n ft. Co., J. T. Molr.todh, l.oudon A Co., Thos. K. Gray, E. M. I'rew Vaidoru. se?7 er-3ra /"-\ white house kt? ml ~~ 53* (mj taukant, ,Vo. 31 -J H strfst, bitiretn <JW Ki./i an I lUk. jmnmb* The undersigned would most respectfully arjnou'.oe to the citizens anil strangers tual they have just ooen?-d the aro e named eHiaUlmhinent at considerate expend, where the* will a: all times l>e reaiy t) aeooniujodHte the hungry ax veils the 'hiretv. This liuiioe will l?e opened on Monday, November 12, for the reception of the public. ijo 12 e..2w 1S1IKR ft VlfTrHKI L. N ? ? C K! I with all gentlemen [_^6 v. 3 b?-ar >?* ruin'l that r 11 frh the plan win ah I ?v JaBiaa>^vlopted. six yews a?o of selling ^EgjMByHA T3 and BOOTS at *r -aUy re ! iiuuuu y. 1 urs jur CASH 1*1 1 'I S'lCn^iHIDI operation. Just received a fall supply ot the latent New York strip* of DKKSS H \ I S Tlio very finost Hat $S-50; a first rat<> bar .?3: and very Food.Cashio' able Hat ?2 50. Altofthelat st sty lea ofttoit HATS and CAPS,at the wv ioweet price". I a?n constant!* ?>ipp ied -?-i?h a very .arne ?tock of those fine DRfiStt BOOTS at ?1.75?which 1 have ? st-iiin for many y>?ais?as well an the very best qual ty of Pat nt i.o.itncr?;AITKRS at 4340, Fine 1*. inch C& btil Gaiters fiom $1 to 1?2S". T-*rms caah ; no extra char, e in order to offset I )>&>i debts ANTHONY. A sent for tho Ms.nuf*/i tur?r<j. Seventh ktrcet, <"?e?"ir1 !i?t storo from the corner, opposite Aveuue HuUb9, No. 540. ' L*l*m ^ BUNIONRK^TAUHANT. /^-x Kn JACnBHl!|'l'!,l. ^ fm. J I \ \l2*w OorAcr ot l? h *nJ it sta . a f-w uuora <out- of Pa. av., Kavi t'? old mvid, I Wa d. Wa*'?n?U>n. U:a ' ar i? c n*taatljr *?pr> i-d with th* c.Hoicwtt Li^iori ami Oi;ir?. The Sect Fid Oyster* in Wa- hin-.t ii can i?* >j?~aiued ' ati :>9'?c?. Vnmiiiea mppli*-.! with Oy?t >r? in # ?; | ry etjfo. &; d at re*<*jnat>l- price*. no 26co?;n i ' (JtV TS' CVMnn S?v?d B~?>ta. #%?S I. * ij I> ii . s an 1 i? u* <?-u?per m igmm Dm ?, |S ; f.n r-?ncti Ca jr.fcin j> J.ait r? * 1 H'? *r; sn'l Yout:i?' .c-uiW OTT ' iluoti; kadi?*' K;i-, M rocco anil G atukin* Mm Bu*t?>u ?1 "o -U; L*atin? Laoed, limto^ed, <>?jgrfSf, ar.d Alao, ??er* oih?r?t ? oi a (i ?", ind children'* Koota asd?ii<>*, ?t ; ROSENTHAL'S, Pa. av., between ttJi a.,4 ? >> ?'? oc 17-?otr r^BNTLEMEN'? . ; VJ RE *DY-MADE ri^r.THINO. ' I ??'ir ?re*?r.t **iK.rtii.ui)t of oESTLKMKNI ?j RE>D>-MsDE OLOflllNG f ? t < citi7or.? i i audit a ?<*'# v ? ia? an i um^diao oa: ?t ?up? , i ri >r i ?luoo"-.a ??, *;nr-rari if, at thia tune, all . i ktt >? at d quaiKies i f T'iMi an t buvne** Gar? i me .t* and Ov<>rooa*.a i*i ail variFine Shuta * I ? > "< I'?l-r ~ ..I - I I.. <- <" > -- - v ?* ?* viv?iiwi| vi o.i ni ju", rviu ft' ii ninvr tiloves of best i|i'. iiy. fco*rfs, li'i, Criviti, 1 5*io k?, Homery. 4.0.. At*. All u{ whtoh wo am r offering at ur u?a? 1 -w p loec. IfjT Clothinc 'Tva-* t? o'rf?r in tha most ?up?ncr 1 manner. WaLL. 8TEfHK?8 * Co.. >? no 16 tf .Vi2 l'?. avenge. i~* CHILORKMN BOOKH, *0.. 4c. - WO To FRENCH * KlCH^TKIN'h No. 378 $ ' I' tTeni*. end examine tfiMr extramely large 1 am< k**aatifu> assortment of > hil<ir?u'? Book*, I iii n??. A*., the finest a s -rtiETt ever cff'red b?: for-* in this ouy. Uo early, l>?for* llie rusti.aad * i mike voisr *? potions. Al*o, a iarre and varied 1 A. j aorhdAnf / f Hi? riam fne lA7 1 - ??1 ??-? - ? _ _ ......... . 1U. IOUI. ?? II. ur inuriTOU l.T 6 a?xt steimer a cjmpinte a;a.ntOKHt of Kneiish 8 A __BP2'_ 4 \\J MERCHANT TAILOHING. If K I BMt* oar cu^toan-ra, MM oiti??n? genera! 4 Sr. to au inspeo i-B of our preaor.t new, at , tractive. and i-!o?ant aeanrtm nt of^jrfi 7 ru'irus cabsimkrkr, iiokskins, VV ' Vf!?TIN09, OVERCOVH ViS, Ac. \rr ij: w^icshwa will ir.ike to order in uperjor"- " ttrie a: very low pnoea. ? WALL, 9TKPHPN3 k CO\, i?c 25 if 322 Pa. ir., ?vtw. 9th and loth a ta. ,* l^LOUR, BUCKV/HKAT. POTATOES, AP ' r ples.Ao. bbta. B?w Ricbmom' Family ant Extra Flour, ? !>>?. Freah Ground Ha k wheat Meal, in L>u?heU White Aieroer Potatoes, l'?? do. Blue do. do. ft A a P m v WW x/?4'??ua I K' to ai; and fur nale low iuluU to suit by b. L. MORR18U N k. CO,. I , 5 Cnroe, of Twelfth a; d H ?t?. li rw\ CP.NK.rVKV NOTICB. Lt 1 HEQu onli'v <itT,riitorti*l^lii?ijtockofMARS B' K MUM'MKNTr, TOMBS, GRAVE Mi ST' N M4and M AKBLK M ANTELS at reduo?d m or' 3f * fi:r ooaii or approvod nvte?. AnfarlyoaUU 2 Eiicitil. >.M. RUJHERFORD. . ? Marble Work--. lij H ?t nortfc. [ rto 17 S n between 12th and 13th. ?- /^Ol'Gtti'cOLU^ HOAEsENttja, *o. * ? V TYLRK'S * COMPOUND SYHUP OF GUM ARABIC P'?w?*nt had popular Oouga Kemjdr !>ai ,7 ! h#,'r? eo l?n* kcown?o<l #xt?nsirel> ueed, tMl most >? ffi'M bave b^oomr familiar with it* x'ranraina" rr tfbiMsir. It o?n M had at all the prino:pftl drag at 2*>an<i.Vp*du a hottla. *#2JI <19nV?i>4m* (. VvMekcha?t ta[i ofiiyo. WALL. STt.I'l]KSii? 4 CO., 3U2 "Penn?yl?a?.f tfieir fn?oi)? and ci?tnm?rii. an M-tf W? NEW CLOAKS. la* Ua.a?ki.^. f? M _ . . ? aallyiiiu>) acOTiTmi 11I'm i*ew l on I b?*au u! assortment of new rtyle Fait and Winter IU.UNhS^h as ibe Arab. Zuuave and other iti K'.iu K'ajk and rranoh Curt6?. A.l?o. Plain W> H?. DIAB1E9 "'"SIVS'OHA.D* MOHUN. J no 30 (Intel ) Pa. ar, and F.! Tenth It and ldtii its. no ? _ ? - - - ? _ . rBUNKS. BOOTS AND SHOES, i BUUlrt AND saots TV 81/If THJC TIMES. Wm mrm haw mm nii'anfnnnr ftii trilM^a nf RfUVM nd SHOK!*, k.d aorstacl/V reoemnc ic*) repp'1; of eastern mud* work or every d? ICl ioryvtion. made ?xpres?'.y to ord?r. ud will W ? >e aold at a muota linfer frioeth&n ha* been* Mb lerutofore charged in this city for ruuoh inferior "pertoV.a in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern or >tty ir.ade work, will always find a food assor'.roeo c ator* raid at tie io*est prices Gire aa a oall. < 0RIFFIN * MRO., ay t-t JSr 314 Pennsylvania avenue. CMVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS I arrived tMa day, embraoing all luali-eewng ties and sizes of Sole Leather, I Bitn lirea* and Paokin* Trunfes. Our tmnk^?"** MiM room exhibits at this time the greatest variety pr traveling ro^uiaitfta. at moderate prices, to be "oand ttiis si.le of Nev V?rk. Also, every desoris8"Avtn? mdas. TauoeIi?^Oid Trunks repaired or taken laexehuca for new ones. WALL, STEPHENS * COTrunk Sales Room, mar n-a *** r*. aratme. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, ?d? Tth 8run, Orwit* Odd FtUt-iet' If ail, Wmrkmtton, D. C. Travelers will etatfr their mterata b> mibiub my TRLNKS, VALICES Ao .before pur-an^n Duanng eiaetrare- Aa I jm> none but UuflaEjffl ( est ?i8.t??ri?! the market aifordi and "mploy^-1**" the boa*, workmen, 1 osn confidently reoonnnend my work to be superior in Strength and Durability to Trucks that are made in other oitiea ard sold here. i *?* > ? notartly on hand, and make to order (on or.e ween * nulioe) every deaonptien of SOLE l.hATHER, II OS FRAME FRENCH DRESS vrooii BOX TRUCKS; ASHLAND V4I IfWK- TH A V VI 1 \ !i RAUB. UAH. W rww ' ' MM M V ? V I 4k ? ? *1 * */ fl V U I J1 a?l iVASS; SADDLF.S; WHIPS, ft., #r. ' Trunk*, Jto., Repairc*! and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at short notice. Trunk* d?livt:red many part of the oity, Georjetosru, or Alexandria. b$ST3WASaiBSff'* FABILT de 15-1* JAME8 8. TOPHAM. ^aAVM,fc&S, DiJftECTOJBY. BALTIMORF AND OHIO RMLR ,?AD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. SffiHRiHI CHANGE OF HOURS. uc ?ru niier ni isa i, noremotr x>Ui iw,in# train* witi r>?n aa follow*: LEAVE WASHINGTON : Fir?t tr?in at ".20 a m. 8eao*4 Tram at 7.4'i a m. Third tram a? 3.10 p. m., Express. Fouith tiam at 6p m LEAVti BALTIMORE. First train at 4 15 a. in., Expia?s. S*o?nd train at 8.35 a. m. Third at S.W p. in. Fourth a? i 2?? p. m., Exprear. The firit, a*c>n j au.t third trains from Wa<hlrgtor. oonneo*. through to Philadelphia and New Y?'k. Tin sroond and third connect at Washington i *i. /*-.- *i? ?*??*. ci ? ? ju'ii u"u vimi uaiiia wr m*? n en, ^omn, aaa Nort*.we?t; s in, at Annaptlis Junction, for An i,ap<>ii?. Fur Norloik take the * 40 a. m. trai . n>r th< ocomino'tation of th* war travel between Was' uiEton and Lauiel. a pa??er>rer car will be attached to the tonmge traia whioii leaves at 3.*> p. m. (la Saturday the 3.10 p. ra. train goe? to Philadelphi\ o:ily. no 26 d T. H. PARSONS, Agent NEW ORLEANS X2NT TTyR.BE with thb CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. fimmi ALL a AIL ROUTE. Via M + J *? * urs-gt eve Aicgranarta natiroaa TO LYNCHBURG: Vtrgtnta and Tennessee) Etui Tennessee and Virginia, Eusi Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Centred, Neut Orleans and Jackson. TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTFROUTE: Memphis by R*il, thence by First olus Ptokfts to Now OrlMiL MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Moctronery by Hai',t^enoe to Mobile by Fir?toi&aa Pao:.9tB. Mobile to New Orleana by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?S?i?DAT<I Incltdkd, Iiibt* at G a. m. and G p. m. The St/yuner 8KO1HJU PAGE l??ave? her wharl foot of Breath itrr it at CM a. rn. and p. m. and 001 r<?nU at Alexandria with the Orange and Aiexain'ua Triiite i 37 the Sosthwsnt. Ofice?Peinajlraaia arrenae, corner of Birth it, ^IGGAZS CIXOXID TKSOCCS TO WMW 01UAH, LTnohbirt ? #ni Mercptua . f? Brirtol?_ 14 ?> Atlanta M ? KnojTille . toy! Maoon .28 ft Chattanooga ? 24 nn! Colcmbua ?..T1 f> nalto'i?j S4 00 Montgomery J3 * iunUnlle.? .TT oc| / via MemyhtQjS & wriuia JuiicDon V) ?> !??. June..a K NMhrlUe \ TJ?Mobuo._?? (X THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL ' ana is S00 MILES SHORTER, *nd 34 HOURS LESS IN TIME tLfta my other Lit??the Lynohburi Extentioi belag now oomsleted. m alio tl?e Mississippi Ce-!trR.<. makiac it tbe QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It is provided with First-class Sleeping Cars! ( To Nev Oriaaas T9 Honrs ffup > weipf.Sis ? H do. JIMKn fioci-.itrerr . #3 do. I PCaehnilo ..... ,. .46 do. r7"Tb<? V. 8. ftAIL~and ADAMS' EXPRESS ax j iAkea OYfr lUi* IVerr Lin*. Sickeu can h3 o'.'^ed at the South Wertarr oa, ooTTic-r of ^ictix n'rret aud PenniyiTaaia av tir.e. to trie foil **7iae points* Lynchburg,;, KwJXYiLle, Atlanta Ol.ufctanooca, ijcjixnlls, Grand Junction, .dacon, Nashtula, D&itou, Co! amine U^U~?rT. "a?Uf. # Hwki., ^ ITT TUROVfiH TICKETS TO THB ya rious viruinia springs. Jjy Omnibnw* ind Utec&ec Wttou 1o?t* thi ' Rc9 at <i v m. c.:.d 6 p. n. JAMES A. KVAN8, Ticket A rest, it* W-tr Ca-ner Sixth ?t. and P*. * . 1-T?": ST.uA.riSa JAS. auy Will rerorae he t ier cu tvu-;day, stat of ./r?? >. F*Sr<is.ry, UCO. Wi.! l.-avs WASI1 IN i TON ?rc-7 .TUESDAY Fill :-a V, ?t o*c!ckj* . m., jr>d A LEX AN DHIi ! ti!f p>; 10 o'clock, for CUaRJOIUAN and tin intermediate I.*?<iine*. On her return triM, ?h .yiu ??*v. OifftniOMAJf OT6TT WKDNEttDA) *od KATURDAY- <v< 5 o'olnok *, m, I/.'OIAN a. PAfl E. Proprietor. MATH'L HOVSn. Ax't. Alexandria. fcln Foa stamping - a rAu&itr of rAPER, ^ AND ENVELOPES NO TO MATCH. CHARGE] METROPOLITAN ^ BOOKSTORE. PHILP A SOLOMONS, Attn" fcr Lammce'i ultbrattd Linen Pmpnt "linropolitmM Mills," kt., ft. ?? 24 It 33'i Pa. >v.. and inth st?. CHOAK8! CLOAKS v CLOAK 8!!! The Camilla. th? Arab. tK?0?.riK*M? The Roineo, tba 7.>?ave, the Alt?ai:a?, '1 )i * Richard, the hulliu Pa*k. theFreaoh J^ae! VVirb many other new and beauUnil sty ea i Kept Treoo and i'renoh Beaver Cloth, in ?rto4 ir->in $3 M to 9 ti, to vhioh va aak the attention < the lane*. n.. i7 TAYLOR ? HUTCHISON. ^ ft A N C 1 8 HA ft r B FAMILY GR(jfiSift*A^fD*?F.Kl) STORK, Comer tj lfi? Yfk artnut and Tenth itrict, KesjH-afnlly aolicita the patronage of thoaew mar m id vant of any article in the above line. H ehdeavrirs ?hall be to p.oHsa, and by a strict attei tion to the want? of the publio, he Lope* to merit hare of their patronage. Hit took oonaut* of every article uaaally to I knnd in a hrat-elasa Family Grocery ana Fe< ore. rtalTtl Hi OWK'tfJMI'ROVFJ) WKlGHlNGBtJALE These Scales are offered to the eoblio u* tl \ rcvont r.niplR. durable, and reliable aoalesever pet ass. Fimt-jlass premiums bare been awarded the hv ( Ha I'nttiwri 4?ata> Pa ? r a n,l M ir^aia 4 I v ,~r ~ " ElsiSlpg?= 7" ' w? *-*? it.n wnvrt I. ?. (. UKAL f. I. HO**. I. k iinf, |imu.??n > Wtli f raetioa i*?h? li!ah*3our? of Errata U4 A, Ki<a it Jamaica, the Fodcr*! Qomrt at rcntoS th? Co iirta or the BtnimJ adioial Diatriot of ll! s?Jt?Sai5K3u62S~* ?LSjta 1 ? nwv&s1 tea or of Thirtoanth atreet-TjA rory oomp!?t? taaor Bint of Bra.ida.Cnrla. Friiatt**, Bandataa, k< I KL" ??$? SSI& MHa ~ 4 * __ MISCELLANEOUS. r|,hk uniun w1l'. stand. nomatter i who-s president: ConMqnantlr I "hail remain in Waabincton and ? oontina* to jarsue my oooupation "f UUl'SK, SIGN ud ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. Gild- At ing In ail tta branotisa. Old Giaxiug ?rom?tiy at- V

tended U?. Piunticg and Ornamenting Cottage lt*npritnpa in f Ka )>*at al?U T aaI' ftanrmn 114 wmiyiw IU m?V iv I tmt w+* 0k?VH?iVM u. to Iks Painting of Roofa and Rnok Walla. All of the above I will do aa oheap aa the cheap- a' eat- I therefore aolieit the patronage i>f my fneoili And fallow oitiaeca of the Diatriot. Punctuality 01 etriotiy observed, and work done in tha beat man- u nar. ,r ou will plaaae mind poor af>e? and atop at M. T] PARK KK'S painting Raiahiiahment. No, 63 ' S !! #3 !H Louisiana av., north aido, fcetweec 0th A and 7th eta. P. S. Sigaa put ap free af charge, aa aaual. au3u 3m _ N OKPiCK UP INSPECTOR AND SKALKR ol OF GAS METERS. ai Washinotoi*. July 18, 1M0. NOTICE JS HEREBY GIYES. That, agrea- ^ ably to tho provisions of the oidioanoe of th* Cor- > po ration approved May U. 1660. the nndorsigned if ti cow prepared, "whenever reeutred in writing, and a on pre payment of the to* of fifty oenta, to inspect. V examine, teat, prove, and aaoertain the aconracy of ti regutration ofany (u in^ter in nee in tnie city." > livery meter, iffonnd inoorrect, will be condemned, t and another, seaietl anti marked u true, will be \ etini'? piaoe. If proved to bo aoonrate in lta h meaaur< mont of (aa, it will betealed aooordiagiy, a and again put inoositioa for ase. Ofloe No. ? 10 Seventh street,(near Odd Pal- 5, .ova' Hall ) Open from 8 a. m., to 5 P. m. ? CHAR1.E8 W. CUNNINGHAM, r ir 11-tf Inspector and Sealer of 6u Meter*. JMFORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. ^ p d niidifl-l'm* rnxi > Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, 3 but ground from freah Spioss, sol so toil and cleaned by us expressly for the purpose without referenoa J to oost. They are beautifully packed in tinfoil, t (lined with paper,) to prevent injury by keeping. ?are full weight, while th* ordinary rroand t oes are almost invariably short. We warrant them, in point of strength and riohness of flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, > as a aingl? trial will abundantly prove. Manufactured only by E. R. DURKEK A co., t fa 1*1 Pearl st.. Niw \ ork. 1 DI7ATCH REPAIRING ANDS1LYER WARE yV manufactory. t I have one of the best establishments, and fur- ) lushed with a complete set of tools for repair- Jhy 5 in* every d"?c;iption of fioe Watches, and 3 Particular attention give to the same, by a^Uat UfMfS oompetant workman.a a. work suaran- * tied Al o, every descrip ion of standard Silykr iir a n t< _ i J ' a- 1 A. _a._ - i - - i _ I w a n c.. pin n ann urnsnipnisi, ni?niu?ciu' eo under , mv own supervision, which my customers will find fur superior in guaiit) and finish to northern ware old hV dealers in xeneral and represented as their own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, 6 S3* Pa. avenue, near 9th st. WOOD! WOOD!! < WOOD!!! I 8TOVK and KINDLING WOOD, at the lovet J possible prioe. ' T. J. Jfc W. M. GALT, 'J"'J Pa. av.. I?>twiten 11th r.nri 12th sta.. m* P-tf ~ *" north ?i'?f ijoUDTIUHT! ~ l? CHEAP LIGHT! SAFE LIGHT! PARAFFIN EOIL.from Coal KING * BURCHELL, go IS Agwrtu for it? a. fREEMAN | SIMPSOJiS m OLD OLD \ the above rukr, vv hibky,Corrn Diitillks tbom Maltks Or am, being superior and uniform la quality. and nltiiiy improved hjr age, is preferred by oonaumera to all other Whiekiea, and particularly reoommonded by the best phyaioiana and obemiaia aa ooM-.o?sinc ail the reeuir?menU of a 3Vw? Tomtc l***sor?t<n m%i Renx'Aiil Actnt. The tJohqylkill Water ol Philadelphia, tr.ed in tie dia'uiatton of thia Whiaky, is proved by analy ia to be the aofteUand purest wator in the United dtatea ; and to this may, in a great degree, be attributed the ezoelienoeof thia Whiaky. Forsaieby FRKKMAN ft SIMPSON. Phanix Lhatiilsrr, i On the 8ohnyUili river. Philadelphia Offloee?9fc Wall itrtet, New York ; 109 South Front atreet, Philadelphia. And cap t,e had in Washington of Samuel Baoon & Co., SI 9 Pa av.; R. J. iljou. West Jth at., oorn a* n V Annnti* %r Pn?K A flU Waat at Mnv M "i i uvuuvt i tv * ui|u< i? vnt f?u s? ? HI y i rar ft Semmai, 407 Pa. a v.; J. D. Wilaon, 38T ! Pa. ar; Harbour ft SemmM, 63 La. av ; H. C. Turdy, <03 Pa. av.; Wni. fcrvaa, 44 Market 8p.; ) Mocro. Ci?aell ft Co., 3&7 \Y eat ?tli at.; O F. Go ) liok, #46 N. J. av ; A. GauJi*. Jr.. ft Co., M, oorj cerKaatllth: Edward Hal!, 40 Market Space ; E. > E. White ft Co ,63 La. av.; John H. Semmfta ft ) Co . 423 Weat Ninth at. ooS-lm ) A^,avA f fj &wsKsaix V\%\ OltPATCH I ^ &*re tlie_Flecei! t-a^ At occult*;/ will hmrrtm, mm w*ll-r*rul*u4 fK*tiU*s, it ic Terr dMirabls to have tone oheap I tnd oonv?nifnl way for repiirint Farmtvra, Toy?, CrwisiT. 41. ! UPAI.DIMiJ'B raeFARBD GLUK ?aoh oi::eri?r.cian, find no household oas r-1 to be it. It ia always re*?iy and up to tha stickicc Tolrt. There it no loncer a nccMsitj fur nnipm* eha'.rr,*piint?r?l ??ne?m, head.ess dolla, and b,f,*9n nraalar. It ia inat the article for oone.alieU, and oi'ier orn omental work, ao popula; with ladiM of rebuemwit and taa&a. Thia adirJrabie preparation la aaad oold, lieint ohemHwIy he'd in aoinuon. an-1 aojp*jsir.f all the ralaaMe quantise or til: f>e?t cabinet niakerj' aice. llnUT ho HfiAfi in th? iIma nf miiAiitj'A * biinf 'vfc?Uy mor? adhe?iT?. " U?K FUL >tf E VLR T HO VBB.n Pric*, ti caiiU. N. H.?A. i)ius tcoo.&feme* ofcoh bottle. r IVk?Us*i4 JJtpst, No. 49 C*d*r street, Nrv York. I A.Odr?M? RKNRY oTsPALDING * CO., 1 Box No. 3,600, New York. s Pet a? for D?al*r? in Cum eonttu^ief Fomr, 9 .r'"!rUt, nad Twelve Down? baeutifnl Lithograph* { io Buow-Cerd *aoo:n|?*nyiBx eeoh paalcece. Cjr A unfit battle of BP ALBINO'8 PREPARED ULJJE will ? ? ton umM ite oo?t en_ oiiaJly to svery household.-TT1 Bold by ell rrorolnen St&tlonenL Drefcifte, Herdw*r* wJ Furniture Doeiera, firooere, and F&aoy stores. Cour try merohuti ehonld m&ka t iota of ft P A L PING'S PREPARED OL VE, when mittac >1 their hat. Ft will ?t?rul ?ni o!im*te talO-lr j yi| 71-t I,' k.ilL' 11 r ^ U , ^' "? ?* ? i c '*- I I ' 0A9wjgi jW'MWfV/flr &*(*** */</*?.' IHMp/irr m\F ? "7 M */^ Memm? &?**,)/? ? jJ M ?20* It^rtvm^dkfS ^ few--1*> Am. s yfe of ^ m I?#/J If ? i?mK'?w>> ^Mn?<i?r( iiilit'iW v*wu? ?A~* ?tk* y*Utr Uw?-.?.T | . + J. r- y u<m?(vi> w?ll?| ?? "'* Wf, ' > ?? ff t JT ? j(N Ywmioi/K/ #? fl< /? ? iaw * (V VJ U? t '*i<m 4U to ii? >M i; Boiaxwipxiaiox'.I S * CAUTION. !> PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL . 3 IN PURCHASING THE VAUEY . ' WHISKEY H) SEE THAT IT IS DAIjY'S MIMI M A ? MM m m m mm mm *mm mmmm rn : HiUMAIIC VMIiY Hll f WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ' ON THE LABEL. ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT t OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. i WM.HDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR t 19 SOUTH WILLIAM SI NEW Y8RL J BOM BALM nt WASHINGTON MY rV-lV BAftSOYE* UMKM MISCELLANEOUS. ( [No. 672.1 rTHB PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATICS* In piria???ofl?w, 1, Jam** Btchihis. Pr??nt of the I'm ted SUl?? uf America, do h??eby ?:are and make known that eubio hUm will he ltd At the ander*?eatioi>e? l and Office in the rAT* or CALiroaniA at the psnoda hereinafter ?i<nated, to wit: At the Land Office at Maitivilli. oommenotnf a Monday, th?3u day of Jane next, for the diapo u of tfcepnblio land*heretofore uaoffered, situated i the folio wing towuhipa a *4 parte of townehipa> is: r <a .1 i t - m _ _ m - . %.* l I. or 14 qj iw eai< am ana rcji t/ mcmar vtmoi* meridian Townthipi 8 and 9; the N W \ of aeetioo *; the [ X and tfto ;W V ?t **01100 S; aeotiona 4, ft. and ,ui township 9 ; tue^W if of Motion th* 8E X f section IS; the S W V ecction 17; aecuom IS Ut >, luolnaive of town'liip SI, of rar.|e 1. Townshipa 9.10, and 16, of ra:i*e J. The N X of the NE X. the SE X of NE X, the [E X ol the SE V, ana th* W X ot'eeo'i'n ?: a?oons A.6 7. and S; me SE V of tne N E X, the HE X nd W Xof a*ot?on ?; the \V X of the hi \V X. th? V X of SW X. ani tho SE X of tk* 8W X ofa*o ion 15; aeot on >7 to 21 icc usi ve; the N vv V, the ! Hot theSW *,*nd tbe SW Xof?*W X.? 1 aeeon 22; the VV X of the N\V X ana 3 W X oT aeoti<>n r; eeotio"!! 2H u> S3 iaolusiTe; the SW X of the NK f.the NW X. and the S X of aeotion 94. of townnip 9. of range 3. Soctiuaa I to 18 inclusive, of township 10, of rant* for:k of iKt bast lint and mil of tk* Momt Dxmblo mend tan. Township* 8. 9 and 24, t e t?VV ? of section 6; ths V X of seotios 7; <ha SKj^ofiMJoa 13; Us , ot section 18: the S % of section 19. the S >? of action 20; the p ^ of s? o:ion 2'; ?he tt \ ?.| seolion 2; the N K "i of tue 8 X ?f section t3; seotions 24 to i, inc!un*p, of township 31: sections 1 to S> inclu iwe; the NW \'ofsection 31; the NKkJr etion 3; sections 34 aj.d 36, of township 32. of range 1. Scions 1,2.3, and 4; the M ? V ot secuon 9; see tuns io tol5,inolu?i?t; liis NK \ of seolion 22; sec ions 23 to 26, inclusive; K X of ectloi. 36 ot lownhip 8; sections I *n 4, inclusive; the N fe ]U oi seoiou t>; the ?K '? of tection ?; section* 9 to <5, ino u ive; ihe K X ot section 17; the K X of section iOK >ections2t to2*. inc'usiye: the ? ? of section 9; ssottons 33, 34, and ?V of township 9; secti ons I o 6, inslnsiv*; the N W of section 7; the h^of ;ecU?a 9, srotionr 1' . 11, sad lJixhr N K ?l n o ion 13; the N \V M of *ection 14; the N H ot s etion 5; the 8 H of section 25; the SK \ of section M; ths ; S of section 34; s?otion3&, of township 31; ths KK ? of se- tion 9; the K S ana the s\V >, oi s?ou n 10; iia W ni BAOtmn V: Ihi* ! - U mil MW 1/ *?f ion 13; m* SHof *eetioE14; etiou !5; th? >f aeelion 17; thi SW \ of auction '8; ?ectioua 19 to IS ino uaiTe, of tvwnamp 32, oi itDfcS. Townanip.24 *nd 3i;te?U0Daw6 to ?5, luo uaive; >f to mehip S3, of rang* 3 'I a? SW \ of aeouon 7; aectiana 19 to 35. ino!a >ive,oftovufhip 39; teatioca I to 5, ictiuaive: a*oiona8 to IS iDOiiuive; nacttona 17 ardttto29, in :lu?iTe; a'o'io a 32 to 3fi. inciaaire. of t >wnaMp *2. itctiona M. 26, 27, 34, and 35, :ncioaive, of towusup B. of riuice 4 Township 29, of rant* 5 At the L&nd office at Hcmboldt. commencing jn Monday, the l(nh dar of J ui.?? next. f?r tue di? poaai of thepublio Iaud4 heretofore UDoffnaJ, nt jau-d in the following townohifi and parte of townihips, viz: Xortk <J tk* hate lime mnd wn tj tk* Mount D-ablo mtridian. The W H of eection 7; the S K of Motion IS; the W >? of Motion 18; the N X of ee tion 19; the N \\ % inti the f* >? of Motion * : tne 3 >* of auction 21; the 3 H of section *2; the S K of aeotion 23; aeotior.e 34 Lo <31, mo usire; the E S of Motion 29; the K S of Motion S3; reotiona 94 and 35, of townabip ?, of ranee 3. Tne SW \ of Motion I; the SK X and the W of eetion it; tne K of aeotion 3; a?otiona 9, 10, 11, ind 12; the N \ of motion iS; the N % ol Motion 14; the N %, the s \V V, and tne W - f the ?r, \ of Motion 15: the N fc \ of auction 21: the N W W tr.d the W H of the Nfc. \ of Motion a, c.f township 10, of ranze4. Section* 1,2,3 4, and & the N E J* of section A; the 8K X of secu?n7; sections S ana 9; th * N W W of aeotion 10; section 17; the Nli '< of sec iod 18, oT townsr ip 16; theSW ofsection 5 ue s ^ of seen -n S; sections7, 3, 9. and li; the!*\VAfof section 14: sections 15 and 17 to 96, inolneive, of township 17, or ranee H. 'I lie SE 3* of section 1; reotioiu 11,12. IS. and 14; tieN E ^of sccton23; section24: the NKV?f ?ec tion 23 of township 17; sections S to 10, inclusive; the ^ W of section 14; s?3ti ms 15 au<l 17; the N K ? of ?c.ion 18; secti<>ns 2s?, 21. 22,ar.<1 23; sections 2H to 29, inclusive; sections 32 m, and 34: the NW \i of teouon Si, of toweship 31; the NWKof action 3; section* 4 to 9, inclusive: sections i7to Ji, inoiiuve; sections 38 to 33, ico.usive; the SW of aection 34, of township 2ij the N \V ofseotiuul; ec'ionszaaa* Nvv oi ??nt <>n 14; sections 27, 21, SI, Si. S3, find 34, of townsfclp 9; tactions 1 U> 19, inclcMve: sections 2>)to 27, ino.?ui*e; section 35, of township 23,of ranee 12. t*ectior* 3 and 4; the N E K of section i; section i?; the SW)( of section 10; section 13; the 8 b H of ection 14; the S*W 3* of section 15; sections 21 to 24, inclusive; section* 33, 34, ana 35. of township IT; the W X of section 5; nections >, 7.8, 9,17,18,19,20, acd 21; theSW A* of sjotion 22; sections 2) to 34, inclusive, of township 18; sections3 10,15,22, 23, 2->. 27, 34, and 35, <?f township22; the SK if of seolion 12; sections 13 untl 14; tbe ST. \ of section 22; sec Uons i3, 27, and M, of township a. of ranee 13. _ Sections 1 and 2 the SK of section S; t. e N % of section 10; section* II, 12, 13.14. 23. 24 25, atd 26; the J*F. of section 34. section 3ft, of township 18; me ."N w aeotion 3; auctions 4. 5 ana #; the NK)| ?>i amotion 7: aeotiona 8 and 9; the 8 vV % of inUuu 10: th? W H of section 15; the E h of Kob?n 17; the NE *>i of section JO; aectiona 21 and 22; the SW \ of * notion 23; the \Y X of aeotion 26; aeotKni 27, 58. 33. 34. and 35. of townjhip 19; the 8W \ of a-c tion 7; ih*> hW \ of aeatidn 17; auction* 18 to Si. incluaive. of township 21. of range 14. S->ctioua 1 to b, iuoluMr*; the N E of aaeti. n 6; aeotiona 8 to 15 ibo.uaite: the N E fc of >eotion 17; arotiooa 21 to 77, incluaive; the NK X of aeotion 28; theNEjtfof aeotion 34; aeotion 35, of towuahip 20; amotion* 1 ti 4, oelnaire; the NE J* of aeotion 5; the E H of aeotion 9; aeotiona lu to 15, ino uaire; aectKn.a 2" to 29, inclnn ve; the s?E \ of eeoiion 31; aeotion" 32 to 33, inclusive, of tovcahip 21: aeotion S; the EM of aeottun 4; aeotiona 8, 9, aod 10; tiie ?*W W of iMtian 11: iMtiana 14_ IS. m.d 17- tho N K \ of neotion 3n; factions 2t, 22, and ? : th* feW % of soction 24; sections 25. 28. 27. at>d ?f; the 8E ? of auction 32; sections 3a, 34, acd 36, of tovnahip Se, ot range 15. North of the bast lieu and ?ntt of the Humboldt mtrtdimm. Th? W H of Motion 3; sections 4,6, C, 7. ,*, 10. 16,17,18,19, 3", 21, and tie N of aeotion 27: sections 28 to S3, ino ut>i ve. the 8 K of taction 34, of township 4, ot itr.go 2. North of the base iuu and \vest of the Humboldt me ffdftflfl The 8W X of section 7; the 8\V J* of eeoUon 17; section It; the ESof section 14; emotions a), 21,22. at;d 23; the \V X of motion 34: the W X of section 25; sections 38 and 77; the NE Ag of section 38; the \ II U nf aA/?fl/in 9i< aAAfinn <3> nf ?nwndki? 1 ??f ranee I. Seuti ?m 1 to 33, melttci ve; the N fc of Motion 24; th? S K of section 26; eeoUons A, 27, ft, and 29; tb? NX#i ^ tion 90, f town*hip sections 1.2, and S; the IS W K of the N W *, the 8* of the [S W *, and the S> of iection 4; the Nk % of th? N K \ . the 8 k of t' e NIC 3<, the SK M of toe N W jg, and th? 8 h of section 6; th* 8 K of the 8 K If. of section 6; theNK* tho P^of the N W jf, ai.rf the 8 S of section 7; sections 8,9, In. and 11; tte N X of >eotiou 12; tae N WW of section 17; section IS; the N H ar.d the 8F. i? oi section 19; the 9W ^ of section 29; the EK of section 3ft; eectioi.sSI, 52, and 33; the ?W % of section S4, n| township 2, of range 2. 1 he SK 1< of section 1; aectiona 10,11, aud IS; th? N )4 of soction IS, sections 14,16,22.and 23; the 8 H oi ecu 'U m; me ? 01 *ouun ze; i' "llooi Z7, 33. and 34 thiNWMof aectioa 3a, of township 1; fractional township 2, of range 3. At the Land Offiae at Stotitoi, ooaunencinc on Moad&jr, th<*3d dai of Jane next, for the dupotal of thepubiio lands, her-tolore unoffar-d. situated in the following townships and paru of townahipa, viz : North nf tht batt lint and 'ait of ike Motmt DinbU 8?ction?4.5, 6,7,1,9.17, 1?. and 19: the N Xof the N E X, tns N X of the NWM, and the 8 W * of the 8W 5k of arotion 80; amotion SJ, except the bE X vt the fe?X> of township 6 ofraofe.'J. Town*iups 4,6, and 7, of range 7. North of tht bau lint and %etst of the Motmt DinbU tWMM Townships 6 and 7, ol range 1. Seotion 2; the N E X of section 3; the W X of mo tion5; beotion6; seotion 7, except the V X of the S w sg: the N W X and the & X of Motion I; the 8 X of t-eotmn ?; the S X of sect ion 10; aeetioB H; th< W Si of action IS; aeotiona 14 and 15; aootion 17, exempt th? a >* of tae iW \\ the EM oi ue N\V Af, the KX'f the 3 VV 3^, andtae E >j ?f aeotion Si ?>*"" 22 and 23; the W K of aeotion 24; th? w >. of aeotion 2 <; aectiona 36 and 27, the Nr. V th" E & of the * \V Jk. the 8K 3i ?Abe NW V the N K of the SE Kith* 8E \ oi the 8K M o, aeot on 9; the K K of the NE J*, aud the E 3 of the SE fc of aeetiou 33; aeotioua 34 a. d 35, of tovnthii 6; aeotiona 1 and 2; the N k of aeot.on 3; the 8E 3* ?f aeotioa 10: aeotiona 11, to 14, inelaaive; the N H of the NE K of Actios 21; the N H of the N W V'.aud the E 3, of aecpnn 22; aeetioi.a 23 24 *Sar,<j 2h: thft F of ih?8W W knd tkn R i. tAAtin* 9?' tn'e W H of eection 35; of townahip 7* of range 2. Scutk */ tkt bast lint and east of tht Mount Diablt meridian. Section* 1 to 77, inolnaive; the N S. the N H oi the SW M, nod > H "f the ?K M of Motion SB, ihi N X.the N ^ of the 9W ud the N >? of thi BE * of Motion 2?; the Nr.jk ud the N 3k of th< SK * of Motiot. 30; the N $ V of ?*cU?o Hi; the N % ot Motion 35 of townahie3.of tuiti. Seotiona 6. 6.7,8, ?d<1 17 to SI, in'-luaive; heNW \ tad the eection 27; Motione S* to 9?. inoln aire; the W S of eeotion 95, of tovnaftip S. o. rentes r iaotitn&l aeotiona I and 3, MoUora 3. 4,5. ud I the Mfc J* of Motion 7; Motion* t, 9,10, mm 11; free tional aeution 1?: aeo'iona IS, U nod IS; tkt NK^o action 17; the > K M of Motion SI: Mctlona 22 to SI ineluMve; the NR \ of Mctior 34; aeotion 96, o towiiahipfi; aeotioua1,S. 11, IS. IS, 14, 33, 24, 2i, % and 35, of tovnahip 6; Mtioi 1; the NK H ol ate hna *? 19 !_ 14 n/4 **? ?- ?- i ? .. _ ? .... , mm,? ?i ? wwmwf j, o "^TnViW M and the W Kof the 8K \ of ssotloi IS; section 1; the W K of saotion 29: .ections * 3l!and32: thiSWVoi ??liona. of tovnship S townships 6 aod t; ?.?otiou? 1 to *. inelusire; th N K u of Mrtion ?: ?*et?on? ?to IS, inotasive; to' NE w of amotion 17; tti NK m oi Motion *1 mo UonaZZto 27, melon vs; toe 8b K of eeoUvo 33; in tioss 94 end ?, of township , oT range ?. Township* 7.8, aud 9, of range 9. Townships 6 and t. of rangslfi Town*hip? 6,7, and ?, of raoc* It. TownshiM 6 aod 7, township I, exaept saetion 31 and 32, of rants 12. Townships ft, 7, aod t, of range 13. At th* Land o?oe at stockton, eoauaeoomg o Moodar, ths 17th day of J sns next, frr to* dispose of th* mhiu ^ "' * ? in tu? folio wui? UTnahif* and pvu of tovoaUifi Ti*: Bmuk 9/ tkt bau Imsamdtftt tf tkt JCttmU Diabl SKESSPift.'i^^bteTJJ ?*? inolusivo; ?ot>oo? 27 to at, i&o'u'ivo, of tovMI ; tovMhipi6,7,II. an*' *. of . *Mfeou4*>9unoluaire; mtioi IT loft, i?ota ir*. Motions St to M. IncT * !? , of tovaaJnp ( * I Tovaafcip* 9. W. ud 11.moUou I to U. ImIm? , qSffrftrfKS ft ,r .w * V PMtioaa* t4>& ic? t*W % uf of tovaahi* 9; luvnahipa 10 ?ad II; ??oUom 1 to j, inoiniit?, of toveahip U. of i*m? 19 tootioM 7 ?nd IS to as. ine'aatv*. ?*f toviahip i? MWtiona 1 to 11. ino!??i*?; ??otiona 15 U4 17 to i. inolaair*; soetion* *7 to S4. ino.usi v?, ol tovm 11; uetioMt.1,1. IS. 13. 14. n. ?o n, toe lV?; MWUOM ?. S4. wwl *S of tOVHrtip it. At tha Lud Oflkee at Vl*ALTt, miwmr. ?? Mowiif. U>? loth day of June wiU f..r the it 0?? pnfcl o lands heretofore a offered. situ* # la the follow!ng townships and parts of township,. * South 9/ Ik4 b?*t Imt ?*d *a*t ttf tk* Afewtf /W ? meruit an Seet on* 1 ?nd *; the N K X of aao.mB S; section. II. IS. and H: N K X of section 14. e?etions n and 3, nftovishiflT; eeoticas 1 to 5 ice usivr; tw* N K of aaotion ?: seotions to 15, inc a?iv?; h? NK Wof auction 17. tha NK M of **ouoo Jt. s?o tions 23.S4 and the N K % of section JB. of u>wn snip M; amotions 1 to 6, me u?-ivf?; the Mi^ulwe tion 7; eeotions to IS. inou.iv; tta* Sr. l, of aeotioo 14; the N K \ oi section 84, of townkhi, ?. of range IS. lownsnipe it, i;.??i<i i?, ?wupm i w ft. ino.'u ire; ths NEW of .seouon 2?; the ?K <% n| ?*cti,,D 33; sections 94 an>1 Si. ?>f township 81: section* md S; the NK fc of section S; imUu.i II. 12. is. ar.i ,? the NK k of wo un a; section 2?; the Nfc \ ?f section ?, of tow&ahip 22. of 'ar-je 18. Seotions 1 to 77, inc. ire; the NK '? ofseeiitn 78; saotions 94 ai><l 9S of township 2t; socttonsS.* 7. and 8; theSW \ of section 9; the 4 A 'if ofs-c tioi IS; sftet.ons. 17 to 23 icc utire; he \ i?otjon 23; s otiorn SBto 95. itio ssive, of U>wn? is 22,sectiot.s 1. 2. and 9: the NK of section 4; the NE ^ of section 10; sM?ti"ns 11. 12 19. and 14. ti>NK V ofseoMon 23; sections 74 *?d 4;wjSK ?f seotiuo 92. seo'ions 91.^4. %nd S3, ol townshi* *3: seotions I to 5 inoiuoive; tue NK fractional V < f Holioti 6; tne NK X of section a, sections * t?. is, iiutlaai i. f ha N ! ' L nf a^Atmn KJO- a*yilif\n ? 9R ?)a * 36. aud SS, cftovoaiup 24; rcttom i, g, and S: Ue N E \ ot section 4; the ?\ K ^ of lection If; Met r>us II, I*. *nd IS; the NE \of taction 24; section 24. cf towmbip 26, of range n. Town?hip21; ?ee'iont 1. 2, S. and 4; the NK l? of cation 5; t?e N'K of section 9; m. lion* l? to it, inclusive; the NKjJ ofs- ctun >5 the >h \ ?f ?? tiou 21; the &\Y Vol *ecti?u *); wytion ?1; the ?\V A V of section 32, of townehip ti: i?ct? a I and 4 to f 9 icolu-ive; seo'ions 19, tS, Mid IT ?v 2'.lnf u?i?e; I the 8\V H <) aoetl n 22; . h? * K V?f eeotion 23: I tions 24, to Si, ino!aaitre, ?-f towuihip 2t; U?w??hir f 84; sections 1 to L5, molttaiye; trotivu IT; the N r \ 1 of Motion It; the NK '? of aoct on iT, no i?>ns ?i. \ 24, and 2S; the N*' K of section 21 of tavabifS. \ estion l;the9* \--fse tion*;the?*\V % ofeectw n I 3; MOtK-nt 4 to 18. incisure; the N\V ?<f notion 1>?; the NK of nation S>: sec lo?< 21 w? W inc.* ire; the Nb M of section *7. ef township 2fi. f range 18. fractional tuwn?hi?a XI. 22. a*>d 25 towa?nip* 24. 2=. at d 26; auctions 1 to 4. invasive; a o'lou* s to >7, inaluMTe; sections 21 to 2?, ine.usiv#: >wi m.Dt and S5, oftownsMp27; taction* 1,2, arid U, of U??l hip i1, of racgel9. t-mwionai U wnchif?tS ard 24: tuwnaV ipt a 2b, aaO 27; BM>tion? I to 2? ir^ias'v*, the N K M ol a?c U >c ?>; th? Nr. H ol Mot.oa 34;?ocUjB ? of town mp 28, of range 20. At the 1 and oftoe at Vihalia. oo?in?encin? on Monday. ?h? 2?tn <lav of Ja>.a i.e*t, for the tii?p, sal of th? pub.lo land*, heret -for* m.ofT-red, sitaatvi in the fo lowing townships and paru >f towt hips, viz: Soutk of rV bast tin' and >ast of the Mount D'aWg mrrtdxam Townships 37 and 29; sections I to?, inclusive, tha NR It of section 7; sections 8 to 17. inclusive; the SKol section 18; sections *9 to M, inc lasive. tO? NK !| of ae?ti??ni9; the NK V < f section S3, section 3?, the N W % of section ii, ?f township S-, of ran*e 21. T"wn? hip* 21 nnd 22; fra-tiona! towaatoips 23 ar-d 24; townships 25, 2-i. and 27. of ;an*? ?4 Townships 21,22,23, 24, 25. M, 27. JP, J9, and *>. * ranee 2S. Towrnhips 22 23, 24,25, 26,27, 2B.29, aod 30. of rant;* 2t. Townships 23,23.24,25, 26,27, and 28 of range t the Land Offio* a* Ha* FiA*f?co, eoir meocinc on Mondar, the 10.ii ti*? of June n*xl. for the disposa of th? puixio ian<"f. ne;?U)l<>'? u. offered, si uated wnhic 'he foiiuwiug t ri.?h ;< anJ part* of townships, tiz: I\ortk 4f IKt base lime and of (*< .Mourn! IJiat n meridian Townrhipfi; section* 1, 2, and 5; the NE 3W' of ??"tion 4: the W H of section 6; section 7; th 8W % of auction*; Un V ?f iwtiw sections 10 u> t?, loo uaivr; tne E % the N W V *UJ tf?e K X <f the S\V offwtiJD 2^; tectums ?>,?>. 51, ana of township 7. of range 3. South of tk* base i?n* and rajtf of tkr Mount Diab'o meridian. Township 20 o( ranee V. Township 31: sections 1. 2 and 3; the E H of section 4; the E % of section 1ft; sections 11,12 and 13; the E )b of section 14; section 34; the Nfc \ of section 23; section 2S;-ttie i*E of section 2d, the Sfc Sof section 34; section SS.o! ?own?lup 24; the AW of section 14; eectiou* 15. 2"?. 21 ana 22; the W S a ad the 8K 3* of seot'ontf; tn?tf Wot section 24, sections 2a, <6, 77 a"d 28; the NE of section 2?; the N E J* of section 34; section 3i, of township 2\ x>f range 10. rownsmp z?; section* i to ib, incinsi^e; in? -* s of section Is seotions ?) to 88, inc!u?ire; the N h * of section 29; the J4E % of section 3I; section* Si, M and 35 of township i-i; township 36. of range 11. Township 27; fractions.' sections 2 and 3. sections 4 to 1 >. inclusive; f-aotioca seetiots U 13 and 14; seotious 6,17 aod It; the N W M of section <9; the NE % of section 22: section 23; fractional section* 24 an'j 25, the NE l? of section 36, oi township St. of range IS Townships 25. 26 and 27; sections! and 2; fractiona sections 3. 4.9 ano ?0; -rctions 11 to IS. ineiu si ve; fractional sections 17, 19 and 20; sections 21 to 2o, ino usive:th* N E Jtfcf s.ction 27; the N W lg < f section i', of township 2H, ol rang* 14 The N W k of seononS. sections 4 to9, inelnsire; theSW V ofseotion ! : sections 15 and T7 to 22. in elasive; sections 27 to ?4, lnomsi ve; tie &W of eotionSj. of township 23; townships Vaa-I 3!; >? tiona 1 to 12, ineliuire; the NE of stction IS, of townsh p S2 of range 19 The SS\V If of section 27; the t*E \ and the W V, of section 17: sections 18,19 and #?; th? **vV 5, o! section 21: theSVV \ of section 27; sections 2 to 84, inclusive; the 9V\ \ of section 35. of township 30; townihip 31; section. 1 to 18, inclusive; the N W W of seetin :9: the MK W et xeo ion 21: wtmni ?/a,~M and afti'tbi N HToT aect'on *5: the' NK\ol eetwn ??. of to wcahtp Si, of ranr? The SE ii of weti'iB 17; the S\V \ of aactton II: aectiona 1# and 3U; th# W^ul a-'oiion 81; the f** it of laatim 27; amotion* 20 to s< ino Uie f of eeotioo SS, of township U; townahtp Si, of rant* fl. Ntrtk tf th* ku? li?' ami wul nf Ikt Sam Bern mr- ^ dimo merijtarn. Pactions Sand 4; tha N KM of reetion S; the NK A?o.' iKcuot V; section 10, of towa?hip?; the i ofseoUoni; section* c, *, 18. a. d 1R; the S W V of section ?; sections 89, 3". 31. a- d 3S, tbe s- W >4 wf action 33, ol towimh-.f 9; ? ction 1: the S % ?f ?-c?.? a. >l..' ai/., ! . .1.. ui*- ^ . .a i. I UUB ?, uiv f ? VI rwii"n a, ?no er. ^ n * uiiul 9, ? fcuon 10 to 36, luclun ve, of lovtubi^ 10, of ran** ?4 Section* 1 to It, mciufiro, of towr.shp 9; the S W cfaeotion 7, eeetioca IS to SS, icclaaive, oftowBanip in, of range ?fi. I TIM SK X and the W X of aoot'on 4; eeetione ! to 11, inclttMTO; >*c*i?n 13, except the N ? ol the N K X; Mcuau IS to 35, tucloan e, o( t<> vaahip I". ofrang*m. cootions l to 2?, me!?ai ve the NK H of e^tioc 35. ol tnwnehip 10, of range 27. Section* 1 to 18 tucliwve, of to^rn*k'p?; the SW 1| of teetioD 19; the K^of ?ecuor 2S, the gK )% of aeotmn .'6; taoUooa 29 to 35. inc.naive, of towuafcip 8, of ranee 30. Townahip il, r-f rant* SI. Bcotioc* 1 to 17. icclaaive; the N'E K of Motion 38, the N W X of section *>; t*>e Y * of e^oti. n si, aeotion 35, ol townabip 1"; to* nslnp il, of range S3. (And* appropriated hy law for the aee of eehooie, mi liary and other purpoaee, or thoa* coverec br confirmed private laud o aim*, together with the a vamp or overflowed landa, will t*o excluded fritr. No" mimrral iandt " or treats containing mmi eral depoait*. ivre t he offered at the public mim. uch mineral land* be in* hereby tx areas! j excepted > *ad exoiuded from aa'e or otiier di puaa . puraoaut to the requirements of the aet of Coi-cressapp'o*'* a ' Meroh S, 1893, entitled " Ad ?3t to provide for the surver of the pub ic lands in California, the (taut leg of pre empUon rights tnerein, end for otaer 1 'VK'Tfferin* of the above landa will be oom encsd on the days appointed, and writ proceed in the order in which tney are adve t;ae? until the whole aha'i hare been offered, and the a&iea ihua eloaed; bat no e&le ahaU be k?pt open louter than two week a. and no p-irate entry ofan* of Ute lands 1 will be admitted nntU after the expiration of the i two weeks. til Tea under my han' the City of Washington. this twenty aecond day of Ootober, aruo Domini ' one thcnwved eight hundred ud eisly JAMbS BUCHANAN. By the President: i Jna B. Wn.KAV. Coouuieaioaer of the General Land Oftoe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every /arson entitled to the right of pre-emption I to any of the laada within the lownahipa and pari* i of townah:pa above rnameated. it required to eitablish the aame to the aatiat&clmn of tne regiater . and receiver r>f the proper land offiee. a do malt paymmt tktrxfvr aj f?m?< practuabl* after mcm| . I it j no tic*, and before the day appointed for the eomraenoemect of the public sale of tbe teoda etn> ^racm* the traet claimed: otherwise auoh claim \ will U forfeited. Jf?9 8. WILSON Commiationer of the General Land Oftoe Nut.?Under the reculatione of the Department, } aa heretofore and now exi?tiuc. no pay n?n.t eeo be made for ariTertiaiux nroolamat one exeept to aaoh pub!;e> era aa are iptcxaily authorized t-> enbliah by the Commiaaioner of the Genera! Land Ofloe. ( *> UWITT.T r DCEK OLD RYE WH1HY.-OI ku4 mtm ; SJ^C'r ,22 I Mm!i&ad ao4 Virtini?, wanmated Mr* AJ?o, Imported HrandiM, H?nn*T. <?t?rd. Dvpay TSlS'.iltt :! Croix RBin, and Wine* <W every v?nety.eJi of i ftandard brm.ry<?. A ehoic* lot of Cir?r? atx) To tmooo. YOUNG A KKPtfAKT. Atwfta. ** l4~lT *** ?T- ***** * ?ed MtjiyU. WOALTS' O O D A^^ D^ COAL et p x. A?., iitbxwi) itm ?* ? MillWtmrt foot o^8?vei?ee> U ^ 0 w- HAMILTON" OA I V'TL'H 3 " ^ *"* * DKALEK IN PAINTS. ** No. Tt? btkirr. waar 044 pkum?' hmu. * _*! t-tf PUTTY ? IK) WN t rwuTOisiwu%* * flPMk RAGS PAP " K B^OS. PAPER BAU8. HiflM rani int. from kali poan4 U> c<rrnt? *< ? <i?, li .v N. B-A iot of o d aaiAkie for vmrMac w?, for Mia. ao n