Newspaper of Evening Star, December 1, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 1, 1860 Page 1
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* ? - 1 k * ?ttiftti ftti ^ ? VSt. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 1. 1860. N?. 2.431 THE DAILY EVENING STAR M TU3LISHBD EVERY AFTERNOOIi, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILOVMS, Corner yf Pmn.iy/v*nia ?mw mnd 11<A it. ?T tT. D. WALL1CH. r*pera rerrrd in paoka?ee by earrtara M |4 I j??f, i r ST cent* per month. To mail aabaerlbeta the pnee st a y sar, m? mdvtmui $2 for at* month*; 41 for three month*, tod for ieaa thaa three month* at the rate of U oents a week. Stasia ?opi??, oss c*st; ia wrappers, two c**ts. seoald be tent to the offloe te!ore !2 o'c:c<jk m ; ot&erwiae they may sot appear act!i thenaxt Jay. ?? THE MYSTERIOUS DISH. A CITY UKIDI9T. ' Now. busMnd, l?t as sit down and bare a nice little sociable time together this evening; you are gone so much ' and really yon look completely fagged nut- running about so much this n >t weather. I dare say that you've had to go" ' To the State prison, that's all, Julia; I had to collect a bill there, and stayed longer than I needed, to hear the comic defense which one ?f the meo employed about the priaon made when charged with oarrying in tobacco to the ?onTieta. ' " Well, that's a long walk, Sam I know you must be fatigued and hungry." " I* any of that ham left, ayl>ounie bird ?" t .oft' .in vnn annnnaa tk&i T hare made WIT "" * ?rr r with half a ham?" returned Julia, laughing, and flying to the closet in which the victuals is i?pt. Having brought forward the platter with its ?ontenU and placed it before her husband, JuJia said : "I And there's no oandle: I'll just run to . "TVagnor's and get you one, for it is too dark to ee to eat." And the joung wife scampered out of the door at a pace. When Julia returned with the candle, she found her husband sitting with hi? back to the table, motionless, and glaring upon her as she ?nt?red. " I thought you couldn't s?e to eat," said she, looking at her husband, and wondering at hi< silence. Tnou ptrikinz a lizht with the flint and steel, #h kindled tT match, and applied the blue fl tcno to the wick of ths candle. No s<>oner had Julia set the l*ght upon the table than aha uttered a loud scream, and sank backward into the nearest chair. Her husband turned to her. " Then 70a di in't know it wm there V inquired he solemnly. Julia was speechless, but she looked at her linsbmd with a countenance like death. On bringing the light to the table, she had I ti?m a tmr-w linmin head fWU, II ' I VI WUV **? "} ? Q ? ? in the flitter. ?hc still stt staring, speechless, at her husband. He arose, too* up the platter, and carlied it into the kitchen. He then opened the el<?se\ and found that the ham was not there; i* had been taken away, and the head left in its place, lie marched the house in eve.y part, and could nut detect the traces of a s ranf??r?nothing but the fact that the ham had eeu removed and a horrible ebject left in iu stead By thi< time Julia was able to speak. " When did you see the ham lant?'' inquired he. ' Xit an hour ago," returned she, looking ar >aud her with dread; " I went to the closet f..r inmhlar t<? Mr Shut* a drink of wa ter; be brought home jour booti." " Ah ! that eobbler ?u here, then ?" " Yes, he brought home the boot*, but he did not stay long." ' Did you leave the room while he was here?" " I don't reoollect. I believe not." "Well, I'll see Shuts immediately." He Tuje as he said this, and was going out when wife rose also. Oh ' I didn't think. Julia. You are afraid to reintin alone with that horrible thing in the h.*M? " We can't surely sleep here to-night," said Al? ? ? ?in tarrnF "Wa IUC WUUiSU, aiuuUM uv* >u w> V* . >* v in iy be murdered la our beds." (juesa not," returned her husband, smiling. ' Dai come, I must see the cobbler, and you can go alone, if you are unwilling to remain b?re." " But th?>y may bring something els* while we are gone." " The boJy and limbs?" said he; "they Bin't know that we hare no use for them. Why ehould they bring them here V The hou<e wa^sifuated in Orohard street, near Davison. OTere were not many building in that vicinity at the time, and the small red-r oofed house of Shuts was on the next corner. Entering the shop, followed closely by his treaibSing wife. Sim said : " You were itl my bou?e, to-day?" Ye?, to bring homo your boots,"' roplied th? cobbler, looking up from bis work, buicontiouiog to draw the 'bread. Sam tooked -lurpj at the man, and thought thxt nis indifference wai x if acted ? You w_>rk late, to-night?" Y- th.- proverb tell* us that 'it U never too late ro mrnd. and you sue I am mending a pair of shoe-." I see jou are: but a strange thing haa happened at my house since you were there," said Sam. rather Uernly. Thaffhoemuker dropped his work. an4 anxiously inquired what was the matter. Will you let me look into your pantry or closet where you keep your victuals''' said the _ i Older *' Oh' you are short of provisions? Yea. you ro welcome to anything you find there. Here, Mary, show our neighbors what you hare go' in the p.mtry, and let them hare what they want to eat." Tho cobbler's wife stared, but led the man aed bis wife into the next room, and went to the pantry as if to bring out food. But Sam foll"?ed, and quickly cried; ' Come here. Julia, is not this oar ham?" Julia obeyed the summon?; and as she entered the pantry her husband pointed at part of a ham that atood on a blu?edged plate near the door. It i.< our?!" cried ihe wife, looking up, astoni*hed. at the hottest. ' What do you mean'" demanded the latter. ]><<.king first at the other woman and thw at the ham; "if it is yours, how cam* it here?" "That is for you to answer"' returned Sapi, sharply; " it has been taken from my houee this afternoon, and as your husband ealled while inj wile was alone there 4415<>, Peter1 Peter! come here!" cried the wubu, in a shrill key. The cobbler cam* in hastily. "They say you stole their hum this afternoon, when yon took home the boots," said the woman of the bouse, taming very red in the face. Aa she spoke, ahe pointed at the haui. 44 llow cams that ham here?" exclaimed the k oabbl?r to his wife. " Hew do I know?" asked the good woman. * nit tine down in great trepidation. 44 You must hare taken it, for I did not'" 41 Oh, Mr. Shulti!" cried his wife, bunting into tears, "you want to Jay it to mt'" 'And Y'?u want to lav it to Ate.'" aaid the I husband, lilting the thong with which he h?k kit iho? when at work, "you want a little strai oil!" Don't s'rik? the woman," said Sam ; il*h< hss sot been at my house." " If the him ia yours. take it," eried th< cotbler, "1 know nothing about your ham." " But yju know something about the head perhaps,"' said Sam, looking the man full ij the face. What bow?" cried tha oobbler, " that's i new kiak ; baa there baan a calf? head stolai too? or a sheep's bead ? or a bog's head V* " No, but the head that waa left when jo took the ham V* " Look-a-heresaid Shuts, "you and bare been neighbors a considerable time, an never had no ratlin' out yet, but if you charg me with stealing?why?why?I may make yo I prove it? that'a all!" " I thick tb? proof i? pretty plain," retorte the .?ther. pointing toward* the pantry. 44 Not that / took it, anyhow,'' returned th ?vbbler. looking hard at his wife. "Well, you aee. neighbor," said Sam, aol enscly, there's a dead man in the eaM, an therefore the coroner"? A dead man in theeaae!" cried theeobblai I thick, talking about heads, there moat I xnethtog the matter with yoara " I ' Ihe coro?er may tell yon a different eton foae, J alia, we aball get nothing here; wer go borne now. and I'll send somebody that will fore* the truth oat of him, or"? " Ob ! (bat awful bead ! Can we go back there7" said Julia, m she followed her has- 1 band out the door. * "A couple of crasy foola!" (aid the eobbler, j a? tbej left the house; "but now tell me, Marj, i how came jou to meddle with their ham?" Sam sent for the coroner, who oame, held an inquest, shook his head very wisely, told tho cobbler and his wife that they might go home, and (ben declared that he knew nothing about it. He came very near returning a verdict of "Visitation of God," but ooneluded that aome human means must have been made use of to detach the head from the body; and to he did not quite do thmt. The neighbor*, however, believed that the ham being found in possession of the oobbler, and his having called at the house that same afternoon, were preof-poaitive of his guilt, and accordingly the poor man lost all his custom, and was obliged to move out of the neighborhood; but the ooroner thought it very uolikely that the oobbler and his wife, if guilty of murder, would have let Ssm come into their paatry, and would have taken no pains to secrete the hmu. lie also thought, that if a person could deposit the head in the platter in Sam's closet, be could as easily deposit the ham in a blue-edged plate in the house of Shuts; and, as Julia did not once leave the room while the cobbler was present, and she had seen nothing in his hands but the boots, the ooroner believed hiqa innocent. Sam was attentive to business, he thrived. and finally became a large dealer. He then associated with the upper classes of society, but his board was now grizsly, and there were wrinkles on his brow. He was wealthy, but he watt no longer young. Julia, the faithful and Eatient partner of his youth, had long since een deposited in the lowly grare, and a handsome white grave stone in Trinity Chureh yard told that she wm born in the year 1795, and uied in 1830. aged 35 years. Some years had passed, but her husband had remained a widower?his eldest daughter being already a young woman. Tt if that tim? vhin a nnrfv r?n T.filrp George were trying to kill time in a pleasure boat, that a tall, durk-complexioned man, with silvery locks, said to a blue-eyed young lady at his elbow: ' Those two young blades in the other end of the boat are talking of sherry cobbler*; that reminds me of > outer adventura that I and my friend Hambledon one* had. It ia long ago, but I shall never forget it, especially aa it proved a total failure " "Peibapa it id better that it did," aaid the young lady, modeatly. > Ha' ha! you may judge. Misa Julia. When Haiubledon and I were atudenta of medioine together, coming home one summer evening, we saw a pretty girl before us. We quickened our pace, and suggeated that the way waa lonesome. and that, if there waa no objection, we would seo ber home. This waa in Broome, near the eorner of Orchard atreet. The girl, perhaps, suspected our designa, and being in a solitary place, waa alarmed. She uttered a alight ory, and quickened her pace. Juat then a fellow came hastily around the corner,having heard the crj of the girl, and teeing ua near her, began to abuse ua with hia tongue shamefully. lie proved to be the girl's father. The girl protested that we had done her no harm; but her father continued to abuse ua like two pickpockets, and we followed on till we saw him enter a house at the corner of Orchard and Broome, I think it was. A little swinging sign over the door announced his occupation? be was a shoemaker." " Indeed, sir!" " Yea, a cobbler. Bat the breeze u too maoh for 70a, Miss Jalia, jeu shiver." " Oh, no; go on, sir, I am verj comfortable, I thank jou. "Well, then, Hambledon and I?ha! ha! Hambledon and I?we determined not to pat up with this treatment from the cobbler, and the next day we took a stroll down by bis house. We saw him, with a pair of booU in bis hand, come out of the shop, and go down the street till he came to a two-story building, with a white front. He entered. We peeped in at tbe open window, and saw that there was ouly a ludy in the house with the cobbler. She was in the art of giving him some rum to drink in a glass." " lTum, iir V* , " It may have been gin?it wa? rather lightcolored." ,, - _ ?? _ 11 I!. J A 1 1 B lit x es, sir, ropuoa mo youngtaay, wun a smile " We bad taken a subject tbe night before, and had it at the office in a sack. You know what I mean?we had dag up a fresh body"? "Oh! sir!" " Wo had it in the offioe. We hastened thither, cut off the head, and wrapping ;t up carefully, went back to the house, and arrived just as the cobbler made his egress. A moment afterward, tbe woman cam?u>ut with a pail in her hand, and went to the pump. We sprang in at a low window, opened the closet, where we saw part of a broiled ham on a dish. Wo whipped off the ham, and left the head in iU place. LSotore tbe woman returned, we were in the street again, with the ham wrapped in the same blanket that had contained the head." 4 Shocking !" " Then we went to the cobbler's house, and while he wad at work in the front shop we got in at the back door, and left the ham in nis pantry." " But where were hid wife and daughter, sir ?" ' The daughter worked in a milliner's shop during the day, and returned home at night The wife was in some other part of the house. As soon as the man came home, the wife undertook to set on the ham, and found a head there. He mas; hare been a stupid fellow, for he"? " Did 70a know his name, ?ir?" ' I heard it at the time, but I did not oharge my me mo r 7 with it. Some Smith, or Jonaa, or Brown?a oommon fellow, 70a know." 1 "Oh, yea, I know, sir." "I call him stupid, MissJalia, because he > went to the cobbler's house first, instaad of > keeping quiet till he had had the man arrested. Of course, if the cobbler had b?en guilty, 1 he coald have escaped?got off clear?it was managed to awkwardly Had he cot the cob i bier arretted, oar purpoee would not bar* failed. He would bare Wen pat to considerable trouble before he eould hare got clear. > A* it waa, however, he loat hia ouitom, and had to leave the place." ' Yon me^n to lay that the ham waa found ' in hia poaaeeaion, air?" > " Yea, by tbe man at whoae honae it waa left; and so the cobbler waa aent about hia buaineea, ' instead of being locked up." "And what became of thia'atupid fellow,' at ' whoae houae the head had been left?" > t . 1 At. T ? W " Well, fie uvea mere awnue, 1 Denere. i used to see hii wife going to the pamp, fola lowed by one or two brats?" " Sir!" * "I beg your pardon. Children would, per' n haps, have been more proper. Bat some, ben ia tbe landing, and yonder is your father watt a ing for ua." That evening, Mia* Jnlia unveiled tbe grew I mystery to tbat "atapid fellow," at who* d bouse the bead had been left, e "Ah ' Jnlia," said he, "oould this bar* beei a made known to your poor mother, how mani anxiou* and fearful thought* she would ban d been spared!" e AaauT or OirT-Jawaiay Swisdlib* ?Dr Ker.dig, til* brother, aad P.. A. Fitzgerald, war |. a/rntra ?t Philadelphia on Tuesday, for gift j jewelry swindling They traded under the nam of Jamea C Jack ton k. Co., aad bad circulars rt fertng to tba Governor, Mayor, and other dtatln ri gulshed gentlemen, for character. Their buainei ?e waa qnlte extensive. I IZT" Lieblg's plan of substituting silver instea< r; Of quicksilver fot the back* of mirrors l? a perfoc II ?ucoew I * C7" Got Hick*, of Maryland, Id a letter replying to a request to convene in extra aeuion the Legislature of that State, declines to take auch m step, and state* very frankly tbe reasons for tbll declination. He does not consider that the exigency demands such a measure, thinks that, if adopted, It would be misinterpreted aa evincing an intention or willingness upon tbe part of Mary* land to follow the hasty counsels of South Carolina, and believes it to be the part of wisdom to wait until future events more clearly demonstrate the unavoidable necessity for State action upon the part of Maryland. He also finda in the very * ___1I 1. * .J. A ? Ul_ X icw applications luai uavc urrn uiaur w aim, ma the absence of any general expression of opinio^ from the public upon the subject, that tbe people of the State do not desire the Legislature to be convened at the present time. Whilst, however, declining to act now as desired by the memorialists. the Governor expresses a determination to act wlk!lngly and promptly whenever the honor or Interests of the State require It. in- A mysterous stranger, who gives himself the name of Karroil, but of whose birthplace and antecedents nothing is known, ?eem? destined to take the place in Parisian cariosity left vacant by tbe absence of tbe "Spiritist" Home. It U said that tbe "evocations1' of this new sorcerer, which be operates by giving bis handkerchief to be held over the eyes of whoever wishes to see the spirit he evokes,?have "convinced'' persons whom all the prodigies of his predecessor nad failed to convert to the "faith of the spirits." Fatal Accident in a Coxs Factoiy?About nine o'clock on Tuesday forenoon, L.Uen Jane Cuah, a young girl, fourteen years of age, while at work in Hrrring'a Gutti Percha Comh Manufactory, in New York, was caught In the ahaft, burled upon the wheel, and instantly crushed to death. - . NOW OPEN THE ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK STORE, AT 470 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Next door to Clay(late U. S.) Hotel, between Third and 4J streets. O. O. EVANS, In order to aooommodato hi* legions of ouatomera throughout the Unitad Btatee, hu lorn ted A BRANCH STORE of hia widely oelebrated GIFT BOOK ENTERPRI8K iu Waah'ncton City, at 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where can alwaya be found a oomplete atook of the STANDARD AND MODERN WORKS of the UNITED STATUS AND EUROPE. Every book ia ?old at the PUBLISHER'S REGULAR RATES, and A GIFT worth from Fifty Cent* to ONE HUNDRED DOL LARS ia prea?nled to EVERY PURCHASER at the time of the aale. 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Mill *"vd Wharf foot of Seventeenth at., m? 11 tf Holnw W?- Pmaitimnl A WM. T. DOVE & CO. ilxRE Now prepare to exeonte any orders witfe which they may be favored in the PLUMBING, GAS OR 8TEAM FITTING BUSINESS. ([71 Store on 9th street, a few doors north of Fa, ?Tf>nue, where mar t?e found a oomslete assortment of CHANDELIERS and other GAS, STEAM ami WATF.R FiXTURES. ; j%T1 -ly A ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS NY One deMrms Freight?much or little?Parrels. Ba e?. Boxes, Ttu'idies, or, id fact, any thug, safely transported and delivered kolweeu Wa*l.innton, tjeorictown, and Al*x tndri*. mar rely unplioitly upon the EXPRESS WAGONS of the undersicned which mn repu arly evoryriav botw^eu expreaaa'the Star Ofli je, at Bao>n'i? 0rooery Store, or at K Whaler's Hirdwar* Store, will 0? promptly a tteodad to, and at very moderate oh\r<eaT. H. STILlAVfiLL, no 14-1 m (Lace Oaborn'a Exrr?aa. pAMIL!EFWXNT A JHEALTtfY DftlN'tfT THEY WANT IT PURR, TEMPERATE and cheap: COLINEAU'8 TABLE BEER ISTHE THING ! It la l??a lntoxieatmg than oidar. and la fer mors |wol?t*h)? Anti xtrenrtheninr. For aale by ail Grooera, 3 oents a glaae?6)tf.oenta a quart. no6-lm pREAT BARGAINS IN PI AN! iX.-One *ry nioe eeveo-oo'a ' Carvf d Piaro Forte. ? having bean in use a abort time only, tK|MHHR owmer leaving the city, for sale for 5200 ? *? ' One very ni e Rosewood Chiokeriic Piano Cor 156, at the Mnaio Store of W. G. M KTZEROTT, 3,.u A L a > ? S 1/1*7 n^ouu; vt kjvoi u w?; ? ens lib VTorivrun| ianoa. ro 2 VIOiiR K'8 SQUILL *UGAR DROPS?A aa<e. i"l agr-eab > and efJVc'aa! remody for ooughp,^^/ oo da. Bronohitia. croup, A o . in hox? at 2s andSflceuta. They are docided'y the bert Wf ticle in the oacdy form ever nfi?red to tfce public, fry them and be convinced. bold at MOORE'S VVeat End Drug Store, no 26 2w 11 a Pa. avenno. CHILHRKN'S BOOKS, Ac\, Ac. fO To FRENCH ft P.ICHSTEI N'S No. 27* Penn aver.oe, and ex?rrins the r e\tremely laige and beautiful aaaortmert of Chi dn?n'a ilook>, f?an?a, Ao., the fineat a?a?>rtment evsr cfTerod be fore in thia oity. tio win, before the ruah, and m\ke your a?!eotiona. Alao, c. la-ge and varied a?aortment?f Diariea for 1861. Will be received l y next ateaiuer a complete aaaortmest of Knxiian Aimanaca. no 21 IO 0000ALLONS champagne and 1?,UIJU CRAB APPLE ClDE#.?We Invite the attention of the pqblic to onr Urge and well ee I i _4 L. _x * /t ? ? >-? * iQOwn bukji ui i^iampuoe ?aa unD AppietiQ?rt whioh we guarantee to be pur# inice, and will b? old on reasonable termi in order to make room for oar wrio< stock. Give ua a oall at the Union Bottling Depot, tot No. $1 firxwi ?t.. fieorteiowB. l^OLK SONGS, SELECTED AND EDITED r bp J Wiliiamaon Palmer; I large volume ele gantlr bound in moroooo; prioe >10. deoidedl* the handaorneat book yet published in the United St\tea. BLANCHARD ft MOHUN. no 14 oor. Pa, av and 11th at. vu ai'UVNnwa our mo vie uvnnv U.V. u vs t? vs a? u m v u ?? ** " " v k' i n v a Do. SEA WEED TONIC, Do. MANDRAKE P1I.L9, For aale by 8. B. WAITE, oorner of Seventh street and Lomaiauaavecue. Pnoe of Syrup, 91 per bottle. Pnoe of Bea weed Tonic 91 P*r bottle. Prioe of Mandrake PiiU, 25 or nt* p-r box. Those afflioted with dmeasea of the Lunca, l.iver or Moinaoh. aooor p?nied with paina in the Back. Breast or Side, ahoold try Dr. tSehenck'a Medicine*. and are referred to the following oertifioMe, one of tae m*ny te.iti uomala ofoomplete cures in Dr. ftohenok'a posaeaa on. No. 407 West Fifth street, f Washington, D. C.. Nov. Slat 186<M Da. Scbknck?P-ar Sir: I suffered muoh (oi everal moutia with Liver oomp'aint, I waa per auaded by a friend to try tour Pulmonio Syrup, and Mandrake Pilla. I am now quite well, a*<i believe your medicine was the means aj rtstorint i met* health an t vigor. 1 'l'h/?r?r?ra I take much Dleaanre in rennrrmenti - ing it to the Public. M. 8. 8 no 82 lm ao\ notice. /On /y\ removal. O 6 I have removed my Q * PAWN OFFICE to 331 C street, between 4,4 and 9th streets, imnit riiateljr is the rear of the Nation*! Hotel, when the busmen will be oontinued as heretofore at th< ' old stand, [no 15-8m] IS\AC HKRZBKRO. A DIES' AND MISSES' FURS. _Ai .. LADIES' AND MISSES' Fresh Arrival from NewVo^ AMfeR Freeh Arrival from New York! mn'i r<*01 . Cheeper than Ever! ?i!flWS PUR TRIMMINGS 25 ami 55 cent* par yard. Trt>*SBfc*gr>^. B. H. STINEMETZ, 3*6 Pa ? .. no 84 near corner Thirteenth ?t. Notes on any good soothkr' Baaka taken at par for BOOKS, 8TATION i ERY, FRENCH A RICttSTEIN'S, r No. UTS Pa. avenae, Wathtncton, D. C. W- B.?Booke eold at oar ninai low y.o<-?. noa 'MONEY! MONEY!! [Y| MONEY!!! Notea of all bank* taken at par for Goods, and oomplete *upp!) of Fall and Winter Wear on han for oaah. WALL. STEPHENS k CO? Clothiera, no a-aw Pa. areaae. b?t. 9th and H?h et? ? A N K I N G HOUHR D or SWEENY. RITTENMOTTSB, FANT i CO. _ Will open for easterners, specie, onrrency, at 0 Virticia money aeeounte. Bay and sail ooin awl exchange at the moat faro able rates. Currency and Virainia money wanted. aoM 1 * 1. 8N YDE^L UMBER AND Haa removed to theeoraer of Twelfth and p at - He ie prepared to intradnee Water and Gaa op< the mg?t favorable terms, and guarantiee anti u *JBe ba? on baad a lot of COOK IN? and oth le 8TOV E8, whin* ha will sell !ees thtn eoat, as i La Wisha* to ?a? rid of them. ?o 11 po* THANKSGIVING DAY! MINCS MSAT-MIIfCB MBAT! kci.H lillMt--'' - ' 3 DENTISTRY. \f TEETH. Si: Iffi&lft&k tends peraona ly at hia offioe in ttaia oitr Mm) persons can wear these teeth wl>ovl'Tn eaonot wear others, and ao pe.soa can wt ar others who oannot wear these. % Persona oallioic at my office oan be accommodated With any etyle and pnoc of Teeth they may deairo; nm to moae wno are particular ana wi?n me purest, cleanest, stronjest, aod must perfect jer.ture that art oan prodaee, the MINKHaL J'LATE *i.i be more rally warranted. Room* in thia city?No. 538 Pa. arcane, between 9th and 10th its. Alio, 907 A rota street, Fhiladet phia. oo lAtf El DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after a araoUua. tact of two years Is that he oan with oonf.iienoe reoom-^Mi mend the Cheop.astic Prooeaaforicaert. .tRKMBf artiSciaj teeth It hw the advantagea strength, beanty, Oiear^iceaa, and onaapnaoa. Fa 1 npper aeta iDaartod for # *. Partial ia proportion. OUoe 306 Pa. ami*. ae 7 ^CARRIAGE FACTORIES WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. f D Strict, &t:u?cn 9tk amd lotA Struts. nr. l. i ? t ? " - ? * - 1 we n??? jusi umsooa ? Dumov oi n:?i c.mi CARHTlA0F.t*, oh m Litkt rrnKVAjBA Watonr. Park Pkeatons. >iwW? Ow MOBft rwis, fimrtij, which we will sell at M ' M? a ver? am&il pn .tit. Being pr&ctioal nfoh%nio? in different branohes of the bnaineaa, we flatter oaraei vei that we knc? the atjlee *ud qaaritj of work that will (ire satis faction, oombuuni lif htneea, oomfort and duiabih ty i Repairing promptly and carefully attended to the ihoriert nctioe and moat reasonable charges. WALTER, KARMANN * BOPP, Ooae hauliers, successors to Wm. T. Hook. ap 87-dly TCAKR1A0LS. RE Sabaertber having made additional* kl tactory .making it now one of the lu(K?tAMUL In the District, where his fcciUtiea fo-im&jmmZ. eanotaotaringCARRLAOE * LI0HT*iS*r WAGONS of all kinds oannot be asrpassed. and tronj his lone experysnoe in tha basiaeas, he ho pee ~AU kisda ofc&rriAcM lb4 Vlikt Wkc*uA(rl n ^y}'REPAIMn?M)T4*M,-?a4?U rttn prcayt *B?MU-tac4 Curiae** takn in extkan** for m in. ANDREW J. JO* CE, 4 im Mnir *f uth aWKita Da. J. H. McLEAN 5 omnYiwnmTTTJirTirn' ?AT* WVW w DXAAflUillXilliflU UUAU1AL AND BLOOD Pl'RIFlEK. THE GREATEST REMEDY 111 tkt WORLD, ikMlif A EVER TAKEN.^M^MAl li#'! V jT It is strictly s aciJmAI y> saute and Tcgsian^T S " ^'Mupoaod, pro653q1* carsd by iht disul la- iUj' V|M^ tior of roots, hsrbs, M R-vx. 8?ri?p? JHV vibiuiii i'?u?rii"u AWl #f enter* into ita Colt- VK-4 f Tb? arlir* *eti?? hBJj & a JC?'11 jg remedial principle ?aBuK?. i ~ * TJmC of each ingredient le ~ Before taking.r;rf.h.T ^V^1" tnking. dletillinc, prodacia? ? (feliciooe, exhilarating iptrif, and the moat inraiiima ratna >7 >?r nrwiuij ina iiiuui ayatair, and raatoruif tha aUk, ifiruf, ud liUliuud Unlit u haalth and atraoftb. McLBAfirS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will afactULlly cara Li*ar Complaint., Djaripsu, Jaiadiea, Chronic or Iter?oua liability, Dfaiuis of tha Kidoaya, and al! dliicm ariatng from a dtanrdarad Lfir or S'.omach, Dyapapata, Haarttnro, Inward Pilaa, Acidity or Bickoaaa of lb* Stomach, Pallnaaa of Blood to tlx Hcaa, Dnli Pain or SwuLnrittf in tha Haad, Palpitation of lha Haart, Fclluaaa or Waifbt in tb* Stomach, Soar Kractatiooa, Chokinr or Saffocaunf Pdliof whan latin* down, Drjnaaa or YliltVnaaa of tha Shin and Byaa, Ni^ht Swaau, Inward Pa?ara, Eatn. in tha Small of tha Back, Woriilan PTaanaa 01 a.., rt?r ' apinu, Frightfal Draama, Languor, Daapondancy or aaj narvoaa diaaaaa. floraa or Dlotchaa an u>a Skia, and Pa?ar and Area (or Chilla and vltm.) . OVER A MILLION BOTTLES ha?a baas aold dannf tba laat an aaontha, and in na haa it failad in fi'inf anura aauafacuon. Who, than, will auffar from Waainaaa or Oabilit/ whao McLEANI STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will eara 70a J No lanfaaga can con?ay an aaaqua-.a iuaa or tua imisadala and aliroal miraceloaa thanfa produced by taking ibn Cordial in the duaaaad, dabiiitatad, acd abal'.artd n?r?o?? ayatam, whaUiar brokan down by aictaa, *a<l by natara, or ircpairad by eickuaaa, tha ralaxtd and sea.rung mrgtai. atiin u raatorad to ita pnauot haaltb and rigor MARRIED PERSONS or athan, eooacioaa of irjUlity from wbatavar caaaa, will od MCLEAN'S BTRR5fcTHENING CORDIAL a U>aroaffa regacaraior of tha ayatam: and all who may bava in Jmrad tfcaoiaalraa by imprapar indclfancaa will ic d in thia Cardial a cartain and spasdy ramady. TO THE LADIES. McLEAH? STRENGTHENING CORDIAL la a ae?arairo and apaady cara for lncipiant CeMBinpiioe, H l,.-aa. Obatraetad or DiScalt Maaatrwation, Incontinanea of Cnu? or Involuntary Dutharaa tbaraof, fallicr of the Wont, Otddinaaa, Fainting, u< all <ihum mcidaat to Famalaa. THERE IS yo MISTAEE ABOUT IT B?r*r aa loogar. TU? it according to diractiona. It will atiaamlata, atrtngUiaa, and in?ig?r?i? TOB and cstia tba bloom o/ baaltb to ntul yomr ehaak again. Erary Do;ila u vurulid to gt?a aatiafaClioa. FOR CHILDREN - Ifjot ehildran ara aickly, pan/ or aflictad, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will reaka taam baaltna, fat, and robaat. Dal*y not a moieaol; In ltTacd yoa will ba cocaincad. It la dalictovi tauka. CA VTION. Bawara of draggiita or daalara who Bay try to palm apon yoa aooia bitlar or aaraaparilla traah, which thay can bar ebaap, br airing it la Jaat aa rood Avoid inch nan. Aafc for McLEAJJ-S VrRENGTHENlNO CORDIAL, and take nothing alaa. It la tha only ramady that will pnrify tht Blood tboroaghW and at tha aama tima atranrtl>*n tha ayaiam. Ona taaapooafcl ukan aaary wonuig faaung u a cariam praaactiaa for Cbolara, Chilla and Farar, Tallow Fc*ar, or ana praaalant diaaaaa. It i? put ay In Ur ga botU a a Prica nly 91 par bottla, or bottlaa for #5 V H McLEAN, Sola propriator of thia Cordial; aUio, McLaao'a Volcanic Oil Liniment- l*rvneipai Depot on the Corner of Third and Pun itraiU, ?t. Loaia, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THK BUT LQflMKNT IN THE WORLD.) The only oaf* u>4 certain car* for Ctnctrt, Pi!**, Tonwn, Bwtllicfi ud Broachil* or Cottre, Pare!**?, N*artlfu, Weaknaeeof th* MmcIn, Chronic or laiunnitor} Rhiaatutn, Sufneee of Iki Joint*, Contracted Moacla* or m<nu, Earache or Toothache, Brotee*, Bpram*, Fre*b Cat*, Woande, Cicero, Fever Borea, Caked Brenet. Sort Nipplei, Barne, Bcalde, Bore Throat, or an; inflammation or pmU, no difference he* eetere or toof the die**** ma* bare exioted, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ie a certain remedy. Tboaaaade of baeaan teiof* have been aared a life of die crepitade and miaery by the aee ofthie ia*alaable remedy. , MtL.tS.AN & VULCANIC UlL LINIMENT [ Will r?li?Tt pain almoat inauntuaonaly. tad it wul claan, panfy and haal th? foaitat aoroa in as tncradlbla ah on u?a. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia tba ou!? nft and rtliabl* rimadr for the cart of Spavin, Riarbona, WUdralla, St MoU. Unnatural Lntnpa, Nodaa or Sweuiura It navar faiiad to cart Big Haad, Foil aril, Fiatala, l)ld Rannlnf Bora*, or Swaany, if proparly appliad. For L Spraina, Braiaaa, Scratrhca, Cracktd Hacla, Cbafaa. Biddli ' of Collar Oalla, Cata, Boraa, arWoanda, it U an infalliblt raiaady. Apply it aa diractad aad a cara u cartam in a?ary tuauaca. ? Than trlSa a* loorar ?i* tba many vortblaaa Linireanu g afartd to yoa. Obtain a (apply of Da MCLEAN'S CLLE BRATED LINIMENT. It will em too i. H. MCLEAN, Sol* Proprietor, Corn er Third end Pine eti., k. Loan, Me. CHARLES 8TOTT, >75 Pa. ??., eole irent m W?hinf too; R, S. T. CMS EL. Georgetown. ee XPAWIy ; ?<CHOOL AND COLLKGK OUTFITS. Youths' and Boys'1 Clothing for School and Drt** Wear. ' Parents and gnardiana wishing to fsroiah their chi rfren snd warda with Softool ard Collate Outfita for the oominf uuoi, are invited to examine osr resent larre and extenaive aaaortment HO\ S' - CLoTHlNH, where they can fit oat their ct.'.Idrec < oiall aizea in a few momenta with ererr doecrip tion of R^adr-made Garnr.enta, of aubetaatial and co_ 16 4a S)-tf 38a Pern. ?twh? OAS FIXTURES. ' ~~~ R Dtn in ator*. &cd are <i*i r reoeiT-nic. &AS 5 F/JTO/i^S of entirely New Patterns aj?d Deeirni " aadFmieh. i?p?inr m atjle to anything heretofore o#er?*l in thia market. We invite oitixena general examine wr etook of Gaa and Watei _ Fixture#, feeling oonfident that we have the heel eeiectod a took in Washington. All Work m the aboveTme wtrutad to oar nan will be prompt}; attended to, * mum MYBfcB?M.eHAN.^ ' w? ^?,8MrasSR??. ra and n?* offar the moat extenaive rtrietiH?*? V AMHtvU. UlEfKT dAob, SATlinKl.*, fcc in thi? city, whioa wo ?ro m!1dc *t rtrr loi >o pnoea. WALL, STEPHENS * C6 , : oc 85 tf SM Pi. svesv*. ? T? oi' * PAPER BAGS PAPXR BAGS, PAPER BAGi _ 8i**? ranging from half pound to twooU pooMi of differ^ntjuMiiUw of w*r. for ante br FRENCH 4 E tCHSTEIN, 9T8 Pa ar. N. B ?A lot rf old Newtpaiteri. icitaM* fc wr*ynct p?p*r. for pen . I tP BMITfl'?; Njf\io S?T?n{h it ' f I ?? r THE WEEILT DOLLAR STAI. Vbia ?x?*u?Bt frnmils m4 N*v? Jwml mkaa b* fou4 la t&i othw? u pvbttaM ? Fnd?? mcruimx. ?i?I'****"*__ ~~<! T* Tc? ?opi?? t M Tvaaty hyooptm. * ? It inr*n*blT contain* tk? "WnnJdnftM Wwi" UK tea bm1? Tk? Irvmimg Stmt ttraMi to generally throct homt the oouitrr. CTT'Siiuie oopiea (la wrapper* i oaa be proaaraf ?t the coantar, iana?dtate;y afear Um laeae of tha papar. Prioa?THRBE CENTS WOOD AND COAL. TO THt PflLlf ! OO WHERE YOU CAN GET TODI MONEY'S WORTH' EF-TRY IT! PROYFlT! KNOW IT'^W TR Y WHA T * ITT* Try the PIONbHR MILLS, nod bmr ytw WOOD there. PROVB~WHAT* ITT Pr<rre t ?? y ( au tot joar WOOD tk?r? ?Hf?r than* ?. w: ere mine city , and then joe KNOW WHAT* CT Know that to, goo h MEABUKKMi tha t?tt beat of wood for imi noiey, Cr T, split, *<id dil vui: feu or liiuii CaXL at Till pioneer mills! SICS OF THE BLCE FLAQ STAFF. WVtnWMi vukhsk o?T?^Tn C*T. ARD V &H1L tSouth of th? DO 19 UKORttK PAOE. Aowrr. u- ?o Union Flrc-H ood 91111ft. PINE. OAK and hFtKORY WOOD Hawod and iSyiit at any l' ncth aix? paired, and deiiv ere "I to any part of the City at v?- y low 0y We call th? partioular attmti c of oar coa trtm^ri ftmi thft itn Kiln m m rv?r?. I #.? />?r . > U !*ToCK OF COXf., which WP oan ?a?, without f' *r of eortradictioa, i* ?aual t" any 10 *he City. ?Ve gua a-tes to jive aatiaf :oli?.n to all Who may purct'M* of na. UTt??r SAWED and SPLIT WOOD i* kept uruler oover, perfect)* dry. and COAL p atfc floor*, eVan and in fuod order. Large aale* ard m*!' profit*. irrOr ^rt at UNION FIRK WOOD MILLS Cor. 8er?nth at and ^au*', McKNEW * MARLOW, Fropneto'*. ao t6-tf VZINDL1NG AND STOVE WOOD IV Manufactured any length, and dehrerad to any part of the city at the *t>orteat rvotioe, and at the loweat p<?*?ibl?* rate*, bj SH KHIFF a uawftft* fZT Oftoe aouth aide Pa. avenue, between ad and 4H at*.; wharf and mill wee: aide 4>% street and Cans!. no 1-lni TO THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON.?I have jo*t received a"d will eommeoee unloading to-morrow a cargo of the very beat Red Aah COAL ie*e and atore aiaeai ever brought to thia market, which I oai eend direct from tfte vessel if your order# ate left mimed.a'eiy. F. W. BATE*. Wood and Cool Dealer. oo SI Corner C aad Uth ?ta n?ar Cwa' WOOD AND COAL . Delivered to all porta of the city, at the low?et nnacihl* rRtAo T. J. k. W. M GA"LT. Off>oe 2*2 Pa. ? ., between 11th ar.d lJth eta. ~~ FOR SALEAND RENT. TO RENT?That pieaeant COTTAGE * ESlDKNCE, oonlataiiic 7 rooms, with front baiCO!)y, large >arda in tront and iear, fronting H at. in Printing Office tfqnxre, between North Capital and First ata. Rent f MO per annum. ACureaa, hj letter or in person, \\ M. STlCKNEY. no 6 tf I7H)R SALE?A new two-atorr brisk HOI'SK na r Fourth ?tr*ef, b*l<?w New York trenne. JIm house it $n feet front and 41 feet deep ; h*c * foot r&at&ce, parlor, d i n i u(r - room, kitchen, and four chambers, with stairway* in pass%?e aud kitohen, with too l cellar under the whole house. Fortt'mi inquire at 499 Seventh street, opposite Odd Fellows'Hall. nol-tf JAS ?. TOPHAM. FH>R RKN r?The fine BRICK HOl S?K No. lOO Wect st v Georgetown, at present occu pied b* the subeoriber. !t has if roumi, with gaa aud water throurhooi, a fine yard, stable ho . arx) is in a good neighborhood. Apply to JAS-A.MAtiR'fVSW oc?t? F^OR RENT.?Two new ?hree-story BRICK HOl'fiES with back buildings, each house containing 8 rooms, with gas. pleasantly situated r?n ftth ctrAAt north VI V straats ran* r*ix)#r?te. Appl? to K. LAZKNBy. oiiiMitt.or to JOHNT. LEMIAN, Obio avenue, betwoen 12th and 18th atreeta. oe <Kf OR RENT?Tlie FIRST FLOOB ^Tuae bmuT id| immediately opposite the VNt wire of Um City Ei?.l., recently oocupied by Chat. 8. W fcllaoh m an oflfoe. Alao the front room tn the bmom atory ud the third floor of the hum txindina, For terma apply to RICHARD WALLACHTNo. t Loniaiana avenue. ia U tf UDUUATKJWAL.. FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish their daughters to reoeive a thorough and systematic education. where their phVateai training wi.l reoeive dailt and special attention, under the most approved system of Calietuemo* and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Foar teenth ?t. and New York av MR. A MRS ? RICHARDS, an y-tf PriDoipala. FFEMALE HOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL 1 ALEXASbHIA, V4. Mrs. S. J. McCORMICK, PuiiariL. The thirteenth annual m>mod of this Institution 11 ? nr_ _ a ? m. wiii TOinm^nno un 1 umuvj , ^rpicmuw: mm, i r iav house roc-ntly occupied by Sylvester Soott, Cee . No. H*0 King street. The oourse of study pursued will oon.pri?e eli the branches requisite to a thorough English Eda cation, and Musio, F.eaoh, Latin and Diawiag. tl desired. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. MoCormiok is crepa. ed to receive a limited number of pupils as t>oa'?l-rs, wti", cor*?itunn* a paM of t,f r own Cam iiy. will be under her immediate oare and supsm sion. She will endt avor. m tar as possible, to ear round them with the comforts and Kindly laflasooes of Home. Rtfrrtnrtt.?Rev. Geo. H. Nortoa, Rer. D% K iai Harrison, Rev. D. F.feprigg, William H Fowle. Ksq., Edgar Snowdea, Esq., Edmund F Witmer, Kau.. Henrv Msrtiur*. km.. 1,'wis MoKcns e. K-q.t Ro!?rt H. Hun ton, E?o , \v D>W attach, Wit.'r Kremnr Star, Benjamin W?Uri, Kntwisle.Jr?, F?a, Col. John W. Minor, I.oudoan. M?md. Btaokiook k. Maraball, Mnhi Cfii Brother*. Tnu. Board, with Tuition in all the Eng'.iah Braaobae. j?2?'for the aeaaion?payable Mmi-ancuallr. io advance. Music and Language* at Profe**or*' prioe* HIT No extra charge*. an M-tf 17 AGLE IRON WORKS, Ju Cormk Ohio At. awt> Tb'*tw*wt? St. ERICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. The undersigned hare been appointed *oie agent* in thi* 01 ty for the man uteo tare and sale of the above Endue*, and are prepare^ to euppljr aJ! ofdera with promp'nes* and dispatch. Tiiee* engine* have been satisfactorily introduced, and are now prac'ically employed in bak< nes; by bookbinders; for U>xwood cutting; by oabinet maker*; for drawing fan blower* to ventilate building*; for pumpiux; for domestic purposes; elevating gram; glass eutting; ginning cottoa; grinding euartz; grinding taint*, grinding eagar oane on pitaMiou ia Cuba; tor Routing; for knitting machine*; b? (Manufacture * /?f nlara^i flr aya- nf nrinlAra > I of tllvir WA ; M uf agriculture implement*; of iHiIiii. of hoo^ bkirU; for pumpin|Ur?i.rakd tUt ouudni h<* 4 hipa; for sewing mtuhiMt; for job printing and printing daily newspapers, for varioas piaatatioa um; for sawiag and piaaiac lumber; for ptoki g hair: for poushiag eomhe; for aboamakar*' aa**; fur and sifting; turniac tobsooo outline and aairwrlging; la tanneries and wire making ssiaklnimsaU; for aoda water manufacture; for boa* eraahiug: malt mashing; towiag; grmdiag eutiery. *c They are inexploeira; eoonomioal; easily tl.ey require no engineer*, use no water; *>.d coaeame very little fuel. Any pe^eoodes irons nf using tbeae Kngine*, can by application to tia m?<*nignad ba mown a large number of taatimonial* fra?? person* who have then in daily aae, expressing tbeir aotira satisfaction in their operation and aae i>f tk* Ilh>iii>. u aatlKliil ?l W> tlx p?t_ entee: _ M im. oyl'r ??> U ioohe? oyhadar, %S0? Double 34 ,T l,4"f>? - IJK | ** ? " MOO ?D ? U? M ?0 ** ?jon ? - - um , ' " ? " 6^00 00 ** - 6 00* "60 M 9 J00 24 " M ifilL . We are are aleo prepared to furnish. at short aoI tiM, ArohitaoturaJ Ca?t ingt, f oni an) deeif n? that may be fari.isbed. uohMfti can be obtained et?^( where. Also, Steam Jungine*. portable an^ etaUua ry; huh or low areaaate; aaw aad f rict Ila; hydroiutia, ur other p eeeei ; boiler* I*. h<a in* bnildiuga, wrought iron water taave haftia -f?ar Jl'k.ndi ~ 1 Mia a?Wi ffM M F.L >? ? PRO I (V...? MKRrH4*TTAII OK l\'i 1 11KW F^.L S rYLE?^or CLOT11P. CAS-M t WALL. STEPHENS 4 CO., *tf? PmbmI'# Ai? Av?nu?, have just rtvtr+4 a Arc* r* if I* of B?w F all Goods, to which U??y id Tit* the au-4t. a . of thai r friend* and customer* ?.> *? tf 1 ?7 NRW <^Loak?. !* K BiTttkiitejr front N?* fork ? r?f>UH^A!*O Plwi %

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