Newspaper of Evening Star, December 1, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 1, 1860 Page 2
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? k" ThE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: 2 BVTUROAT December 1, INf. , 11 ? a ??<"' *( ?*? *l?rita| Press V Th? I*teUi fitter addrraaea the people of Alabama a ad M .aslati ppl at length on the present * state of political aff?ira, counseling loyalty to the . 5 l nion, a. c E The Constitution commend* the Tlewi of the * Hou C*ieb Cmh'.n^ again*' th? right of coercion ^ by the Frderai authority, a* expressed In bis j recent addre** to the citizens of Newburyport, j Massachusetts \ MuiTsoMiir ix Ka*?a* ?A Kami eorrespon- i d- *. of the New York Timet (the well known ) writer who now, a* during the Light of the ? trouble* In the Territory a few yenrs since, irrites for that journal over the signature of Randolph) In i a recent communication to it explains In detail I that so fnr as tLe slnvery qnesMon is directly or in iirt-ctly involved in the present difficulties there, that Involvement grows cut of the determination of Montgomery and his followe s that no slave escaping from service into Kansas, shall, under any circumstances whatever, be restored to the owner Or, in other words, from their avowed determination to murder any and every man who may seek to recla'.rft a slave that, escaping from service, endeavors to tlnd shelter in that Territory Th's writer?44 Hardolph"?avowing his sympathy with the conduct of Montgomery, unblustalngly seeks to justify it under the plea of the b'gh-r law The t:i?e U sn unfortunate one lndeni for Lis purpose. However, Montgomery and h's men are probably in Harney's clutches by h? th's time: or sre themselves scattered fucitlves etkin* to preserve their own live* Though th*re will be no difficulty In putting a luminary stop to the atrocities of theae miscreants, Ih'lr recent conduct makes it plain that the aboiltioniits of the North who. wlti.ln the last month or two furnished them the means of perpetrating their current outrages, will continue to make such trouble just so long as they may do It, aa at present. The altered tone of the limrs witb reference to tbe purpose ox Montgomery, when con pared with the complacency with which two years a^o It published the same man's Similar letters, shows that it duly comprehends the danger to the future of the Confederacy which Montgomery is engendering, and is now eager to arrest it After all,what is wanted to cure the evil is but united southern action to euforce guarant w of future Indemnity from the lawless a' ts of s icta persons as Montgomery and those who sympathise with him. So long as South Carolina maintains her ( resent attitude of assumed dictatorship to the States who are the real sufferers, that action will not be attainable , for all sensible men among their citizens realize that in her present demoniacally-demented position, she is an enemy to their rights and interests scarcely leas to be repulsed tban Montgomery ana ma lollowers AV henever (be and those in other Southern States who second her current disposition to destroy the Confederacy for the s ike of destroying it. rather than for the protection of the slavery rights of thi Pouth, change their policy, the necessary unanimity will be had in a trice. t?^3?nator Mason, of Virginia, has written a Utter on the itsuen of the day, taking ground in favor of a State convention, to consider measures of redrew |ZT Ex-President Pierce has written a strong Uulon letter to a friend, on the state of the times, which appears in this morning's Constitution. n ^ ttr? i* ni.ii. # lie mm iiuui iuc i Uliuripuil pipfl that the *mall pox is prevailing to a considerable eitent in that city. Sbiliington sends ut Chambers' Journal for No.ember, crammed with interesting ma ter. rrg?THE REGTLAR MONTHLY .MEET !.L_3 in* <>f the Coluiub a f * p<nraptneal Society >?;. bs tieid T?I9 EVr NI > 0, a: 7* o'o ook It# tl a O. ?t?r r?4? ?? 4> ii j. oun c. l, n MH t. a?e. rr*?FEDKKAL LODGE. No. 1. F A. A. M ll_3 A of tius Lod?e wih he iiei'J at the Ha 1, comer 9.h ani L) its , THI*? KVKMNG, a' 7 o'clock. Master Muoai in regular standing are cord aUy mvued. y p , MoCLERV, *oc. NOTICE.?A ?peci*l meting of the Doug ' Ijf las and Johnson Association will be hel i at the headquarter*. Kimin II Hoat^. at 7*? o'c oc? THIS VfcN'NG. \ full attendance u desired, as it latne purpose of the members <o join in the serenade to b?given t is renin* t ? Judga Dou? ar. B order of the Executive Committer. It* ry^NKW JERUSALEM CHIRCH, iSWIIjf _ ?KN BoKG IA.N'J jyortk Capitol bt teten & ?M L its?On f*c>DAY MORNING ne*t, a ro?rM of lao'ure* will be commenced on the F.arl? Chapters of G nest*; th<* first on the Creation. S^ati free and ail earnestly invited H* ry^5?TEMPKRTN'CE MEKTINO -Tammi-' lcs Fisx* will deliver a l~cture on temp r ance at t:?e ol-i Trinity Onurch. opposite the City Hai .. n fI NDAi APfKKNOON.a' S ?'clock. Addresses may a'?o b? exp-ct'-d fr >m C?iiitoi>h*b 'axmack. !? <,. and .t McKim S-at?fr?e Tae ?nHic are r^H'ctfal y invited to att^rd. It* nrV*l- O F?GRAND LODGE?An adl L ** journed moetii.* of the R. W Grand \A~Af oftfie Wi?t tot of I'oluinbia will be het j at Odd Fel lows' Hall S-venth ?tr et, on MONDAY next,the 3>1 of D?*cami?r, at Jmii-paot 7 o'clock. lie 1-a J 'O T. HANGS. G S. nr^NATHiNAl. glakd battalion, tl J ( riUPAVV A i'l TL'Vfirk*? f . _r- 9 ?' '? i i n? n i i TJ.I IH/.H ? I (?U B TO required to meet at your ar.tiory on WEDNESDAY next. 6th inat .at 7 o'clock, pooutua !y. as )inpo'tauD>4?ineaii(lfii>a'ida tne preaeno- oi every member. By x?.der Captain, de 1 BEN. F LLOYD, gee. rr"B?ATTENTION. COMPANIES A AND B !l9 Washington ligh v infantry. You are h?r?by notified to attend a m-etins of the corps on MOSDAV EVENiN ? next, at 7 o'clock. Memhari are r;.queated to be punctual in their attendance, aa buaisea* of importaaoe require* their consideration. rfa) K PI L" V V' I u J t> .. o. a ? ui^iiacct nno. J7VC# fUPPER WILL BE GIVEN AT THE ll J Vi??i..?j' htptl,ou 2"th t'reet, in the First Ward of -VVaahinut n. on MONDAY EVENING next, for the ou'pose of raiting funds t j clothe tne d?*titste ctt'idrew. Tickets 2?cents. rie i 2t r^FRANKLIN NOTICE-The regular IL_5 monthly meeting i f th* Franklin Fire Company will fc# held on MONDAY EVENING nut, ac 7* o'clock. Mcmbrrs are reminded that the tnna for equip n? themselves is limited, and th ir punctual %ttond?oce at this meeting is imperatively i.?o-s*arT. By order: 1 >t * flDi i D PonaatMLV r% a w . ? ?. vw'oor iDi<u, rwrfuiry, ,TW" FAIR?KAIR! lly A Fur for the benefit of St. Joseph's Male Orphan A?t urn wil b* open at Odd 1'el u*i' Hall, Seventh utreet,on MONDAY, Decemf>er 3d . a d will continue two wrfki. A variet* of Fancy and !; ?< Artioie# will be offered lor rale. An appeal In behalf of the orpiitns will be responded to b? the charitable publ c '?? _ M w frTB?ENCOURA6KTHK LADIES I\VnOIj. ? BLE ENTERPRISE?a Supper wi 1 he erred at 7 p. m. oc MUN DA V. the 31 inst.. at the Softool Hoa?e corner of Twentieth ?n<l R rtr?et?, to rare fond" for prooann* o othin* for 'hep or tne coming winter. The friend* of the poor will require no urging. t"> attend Hopper 25 c?nt?: and tlia mi'** of ue fair eex wo-th doable the amouit. Jel-U* rt KAIK.?The le<lie? of Chn?t (Miureh will 1 3 hold a Fur.ooinm *? > ( ?n Mt?.Nl)A\, tha Sd of Deeaiaber. an* continuing through the week. at There? Ha 1. s'evanth ?t e?t. They eolieit a liberal patrona** from the ei'isea* of Wuhiutiin in b?M t of the n?o?t T?nera?>l? church in this oity? the mother of ell the Kr'?o?ei eh?rohee. end a lone* Bitter to a 1 wtbe ?. de l-7t ryy-YOUNO CATHOLICS* FRIEND SOCIKIL3 TT.?Ta? monthly meeting of the tuoeiar j wil b? h?ld ?t *t. Mmry'i Charon wit SUNDAY AKTKRNOON ?t 5 o'olock. mo to PHIH P J. Me H E N R Y, **0. (V^?MEDICAI. ASSOCIATN.?An ftdjourn'd IL5 uf th? MedioAl A**ooiati?a of th? District of Columbia, for the oonai<i*r?t'i>u of important baaiaeM, will be haid 10 th? Wellington inftrnwy on TL"KSOAY, ?th. at 1? o'elook m. J. W H. LOVFJOY. M U., ? ? ?* Secr*?*-y._ it THE DEDICATION OF ALLEN'S [ B .1 . 11 u- -i- ??-?* - ? -m. v W|TOt W?I? l?U Ot .1 U 1 1 M CK?j" fNO. IMoomb^r 3d, at ! S o'clock, over tae Ka?tern Branch, at a place known by the name of O < d Hope, by the Kev. David 9mith (the pasto/,) assisted by tna Rev. A. WAYJUS.and the Rev. Joh.i M. Uiowv, of Baltimore. The Rev |)r. {tux, of the Ebeaeser Churoh. Navy Yard, will deliver a dise -urae la the afternoon at So'clock, and a collection will be tak-n up for the benefit of the said Allen's Caape! The public ia respectfully invited ?> *tt nd no 3P-y* rr-5?PH!LADKLPHIA CONFECTIONERY. ILf lee C eim Water loea, NVeCriin* Cake*, pound Cakes Mince Piea,Pastry, Crusts f rOjitrr Viam I-!!? >? ? ?- ? ? ? 1 0 ?*'? I * iiiv?f CItU I?mw uaortment ol nice thine* m the Confectioner; hue, at FtNjSKI.L'i, corn r I walfth ?n?l K ata. voU In* rv-Tr-l*TKRlit*TI>0 TO BANK NOTK >15 f*0 l>KKS.-Virgi-la not~a taken at par ^TCIothioi at the PtnyiM' Cl.thing 8tor?, (to. 4*>0 8?T?a h ttrMC | N H ?1 har: oa h*irt a ??? larfe and ?Mnor tnflk ol Mf?' and Unj?" Clothi .g Fnrn >hing Goods, Hau acd cape* ?t prte*a to aait ttia tiroea. J 6. MMITH.Ck'Ui^r. po>?ln? No. 460 7 tii at .oypo. Poet Oftoe. ry-^L MiON PR A VKl MEET1N 0 will be lL2 iiomIm erecr day tiua week in tfea New York aresoe Ciare*, 7*er. Dr. Oartay'aj to oommmt? eft aaftrtar Mat ? o'clock, to be eoatmaed oae , ?/. > , 1 I P*r#e?.l. ' Hob H. Hamlin, Mr; M L. Let and " ifltlly and O. 8 Perry, Conn , are (topping at . >a A aahington Hou?e. * Horn W H. Hooper,Utah: Jno G Davis, ' ad.: J C Robinson. Ill ; A O P. Nlcbolaou . nd lady, Tenn ; Horace Maynard. Tenn ; and 8. ' V Powell, Ky , are at Klrkwoods'. Hons J C. Theaker, Ohio; B Pltzpatrlek < nd familr, All.; Thoa Ruffln, N C; J. A. J .of in and family. Ill ; Lansing Strut, Oregon: . . M Keitt. 9 C ; Thor Brag*, N C ; L O'B. (ranch, V C ; Thoa L Anderson. Mo ; Jno A. , nri?rnand and family. Ill : D C. DHarnette, , 'i ; md R M T Hunter, Va , are at Brown'* t Hon* I. M Leach, N. C ; \V E N'.black, I nd : J. C. Breckinridge, Ky ; J. 9 Green, Mo ; < . \\ 9teren*on. Ky ; O 9 Hawkins, Fla ; Jno. 1 V. Orlmee, Iowa; Juttin 9. Morrill, Vt; H E < loyce, Vt ; Gatuaba A Grow, Pa; A G Brown, < rliaa ; T. Corwln, Oblo; \V H Krlaev, N. Y : Viu Stewart. Pa ; Cvru* Aldrlch, Minn ; and 1 f. Morrison Harris and family, Md.. are at the National. 1 Hons T. I<. Clingman. N.C ; Kd.McPheron, Pa : E. Babbitt, Pa ; VY.C. Anderson, Ky ; t. R Boteler, Va ; Joo A. Gurley, Ohio; 9. .'ameron, Pa; Jno ilirkraan., Pa; Augnstna Prank, MY; J R Moorebet?d. Pa ; J. R Baret. Mo ; Jno. Sherman. Oblo; and Jacob K. HcKinatrv, Pa ; Oaron \Velter*W*dt, Sweden; -om. J N. Mailit, L" 9. N ; Dr. Lock wood, L' 9. N.; R H. Wadla, Bombay. India; and Vlainr R limine. R inula. are at Wlllard*'. Th* Ratlsoap Accidkjit mar Match Chunk, Pa?Further particular! of this accident, briefly innouncrd by telegraph y?-?te dav, ibow that five person* were either drowned or killed In consequenreof the cars being thrown down an embankment, fifteen feet high, into the I<ehigh river. As soon as the car settled In the wa'er the roof was broken open by those of the train bands who were uninjured A number of persons were extricated through their agency. The water was about 20 ? tti? annt \1anv nf the n;ia<eiiisera M. ?w? f ? -f"* ? J ? - I -B raped through the windows, and several Jumped from the car in lto rapid descent. Moat Ho!?o* to Capt. Wilso* ?The gallant captain of the Minnie Schlffer, who rescued the crew and p >asongers of the burning ateamer Connaught. has been awarded a gold chronometer and chain, hla mate a telescope, and each of the crew #10, by the Liverpool Board of Trade As a further reward, tbe owners of the steamer have sent SI.000 to the captain, and S-><>0 to the officers and crew, and Mr. William Malcolmson, the chairman of tbe company, has sent Capt. Wilson a check for S100 as a personal gift ASKCOND HAND GOOD CHICKERING PIANO for ?100. del JOHN F. EL- 13. WF. NEVER HAD SUCU HAKtiAl VS IN PIANO i ORTtSasM pr<>s at. hot tew *n<1 coud hand. JOHN F. ELLIS, del 306 Pa. avenge. J~UFT ARRIVED AND TOR SALE-A fine lot of OHIO WORK HORSES, whch will b# aold low, if rarW application l>e. made at th% National Stablei, C ?treet. tween 4 4 and 6th at*. d" 1 3t* IIMlO^D ANDNKW STO V K*.at 2f> p*r cent. IUU off for c&ih. Two ?m?!l Brick Houfeirvar the corner of Seventh and K n's , ?ui?aM? for i tor- a and dwellings. Inquire of T. CONNtR. St ve Dealer de l-2t? Corporation of Washington quarterly six per cent. stock for sals at par, for city b&nk notes jas. C. moguirk ft co.. de 1 3t Auctio i and Commission Mnrohgi.ts. All i a" u.-A new seven ooiave ro*e' 7 wood oase. iron frame. b^utiful tone, fine finish, warranted PIANO for $2 0 JOHN F.ELUS, de 1 306 Pa. av . bet. 9th and 10th sts. FOR SALE-One pair HORSES and HACK a d HAR\E?8 for sale oh?ap for euh, try (a? the owner has n-> nse for them.* at jL-*^ THO?. W WILl.lAMS'S Stables, fo merly kep?b? Dorsey A Cook, on Eighth street, between D and E sts. del 3t? FOR HIRE-A likely COLORED BOY of 16 years r f *??, s ave.) He is very honest, and well taught as a house-servant. and is only hired out becau e of the owner having no employment for him For terms, Ac., appiy at 104 Gay street, Georgetown. de 1-lw* OPENING OF A NEW RESTAURANT. The undersigned herewith rives notice to hia Ion/la an>4 frhA MiiVxliyt i n saanrA I t kat It* M mil /%k a n niriiun BUN HUUIIU in KcnviAi iimi no win upnu, on Monday, December 3d. a hr*t-cla*s K estauraot, at No. 321 seventh st., between L and M de 1-1 w * JOHN ARDU1SER. Kimmell house OPS\ AGAIN, For thi Kkcbption of Gchts. grangers, Members of Congresi, and Citizens will please call a d see. D >arders taken by the day. wt-ek, or month The Knumell House is one of the best hotels in Washi it >o. _te 1-St* A F. KIMMELL, Proprietor. Home-made shirts' HOME MADE SHIRTS!! During the past two months, the "dull srason." K&iVJ JM'Je a'arge suppl? of GENTLEMEN'S DKEsS SHlK i s, ?ud win |(jj them m ivotr pnco tna-> usual a! STEVENS'S Sales Room. da l-10t Brown's Hotel. m/i Pinva m A *?h> co vfjscttojtery, 4'1() No. 436 Sivi.iiH Stkzkt, between ? and H. BALL 8 AND K?RTIE9 de 1 lw Supplied. \wt ANTKD-i small house axd a vi fo.w acres of la.'d-th?a . . A undertun d wi -hfe* to rent or buy a ?mai! cTft # Pi?oe or Farm?the ?innii?r ?j,? better? liijBI from 1 to A mi! from \Viii)iin?lnn Ha ta * for garden and dairy purpos-s. Rent wili b? paid in ana 10* if desired. Address iminMiate'y h. Y" S . Georgetown, I). O., stating rent, distance. mo t direct route. Ac.. Ac. del-3t* DA. Hl'BNER'S RE8SMAKING ESTABLISHMENT, [Mo. 506 Klbvk.n rH St . Between Pa. av<nue and E st. All kinds of Ladies Garments, Dr??*e*, Cloaks, Mantelets. Chest rfield Sacks, Zouave Jackets to., A c . cut an l made to order by e v.iry fashion p at- hi th* latest Pans and Londuu styles, at the h>rtcst notice. <1e 1 3m* I HAVE NOW ON HAND A COMPLETE Stock of? ajbn l.a^i-s' Kid and La-tine Buttoned Boots, Bfll Ladies' v or %nd Goat's Kid But'd Boots, f II Laoies' Thick and Far Boot*. " Misses' Kid Velv t-trimmed Boots, Misses' Ked Morocoo and (joat's K:d But'd Doots 1 A'linft' And M ! #??' MuhKar I on- ?)/>?* _ ..?.???. ? ???-' ?WU? l?" "Ufc ' f Wnich I am ae ling from 5*>o. to 91 pair lowei than the same quality can be bought elaevhere is tais city. Alto.afuH ae?ortnrent of Boota and Shora foi rsnta', r*iy*'.and youth*' wear. J. ROSENTHAL. No 16 Ma ketBpacf, de 1 eotf Fa ar., bet 8th and Qth ?U. TFINE HAVANA CIGARS, fts. HE Attention ofcitn?ns and ?tran<era in Mr ticularlv called to my >tock of CIGARS, which willtciounil more c>niple?e than ever, o<>nuati"i r.l .omeof the FINEST STANDARD BRANDS known, a* we 1 aa NEW BRANDS of a very anpenor qua itT. In CHEWING and SMOKING TOBACCO w< rAn an11 aJI ?* ?* * ?..v. ?o ???? iiiv t? oi uur aeiori meat it in*d* to order, of the best selections ol Virtin a and'North Carolina, we offer aomethint superior >1 KtRSCHAUM PIPES in great vari'ty, together with every thioc pertaining to a firat clasi Ci^ar and ToKmbu GBO'wVcbOHRAN. 39S Pa. av., 4do>re fwt of de 1 6t National Hotel. WATCHES. JEWELRY, SILVER WARE *c.-W> have mad" Iar*e ad-iition* to our ae?ortm^nt ol L'dioa* and Gen lemen'e vVATCHK^ rowsnde gai;t Jh WELRY.cSumI pure SILVER WARE, plated an1 F-N^Y GOOD?. ffPEC ' A?;LE? a<.d K v E GLASKS ?np*'ior English and American CUT'.ERY, PIST L?4. GUNS, Ac , to which we invit? the attenfon of purchase, and guaranty to < fler them, al leait, aa low a* they cau De puiotiased in this oountry. batches and Chronometer* carefully repaired Visruis, Weddmz.and 'At Horn-" ? ard? ei?santIy engraved and printed. Also, Arm*, Create anc Initials ha dsomelv cut on stone. M. W. GALT * URO., Jewellers, 334 Pa arena*, d? 1 -St near Brown'i Hotel. NOTICE. VIRKAT SALE OF ELEGANT ROSEWOOE amd Walnut Fran.tubs, Paistinos, Mibbob* Or. a * A^u Gla?s Waii, PAKIan Cua b* ami Uboszb Ok.namkus. Vases, *c.?The subscriber* are now receiving and arranging for sale, tc take plaoe in a few days, at the spaoioas sa ei room of C. Wo dward.a few doors w?st of th< suction roo-ri*. a large and valuable assortment ol Hoc 'Pfarni*hing Goods <rom a house iu New York daelioiug business, a I of which will be sold without r "erre. We n&mein part?Elegant Rosewocd anc Walnut Pa !er 8u ts. finished in Broca'elle; Marb e top Tab!**, Whatnots. Etagercs, Liquor Cas's \lirr rr, hand* >ine fit Paintings. Parian Chain and Brorise Groupe of n*w and beautiful desuns French Coin* Tea Sets, Va*es, Rags, Bedsteads Bureaus, ko , Ac. Notice of uay of sal6 given in futare advertiseIMSt. u.: n J AS. c MoGUllK k. CO. DCA.SU! I'RING the pa?t week we have made larf* addition* t > oar stock of GENTLEMKN'8 BELONGINGS, and, bajioc them uuder the heavy pressure M th? mo-ejr market for CASH, we ?ner them to th? trade aid at retail at a amall advanoe on purchase arioe*. for r??n * ? kO?V 111* IOI1 tfc&a at wbioa first c'ass WARDROBE ARTICLES ou ba y?rrhM?L Oar stock, always complete, U bow ma?ti large. than aiaal ia Under bhirts and Drawers, Gentleme? 's Hr-sslr.g Robaa, Rid and W*riu O eck and Ovm Ties, Stocks and doarfs, P'rfanssry ud Rvaps, Walking Canes, Colt's and other Plstota, Ao Which vi offer at mach lower prioae than usual for CA*H. We wish, bowsver, to M understood tksl oar aal?e are oonfaad to the newest atylM ?f u? "l?lfr?vENy.. 4*1 lot Sales' Room, IrowB'i Motal. I IT7* The Associated Pre* Agent telegraph* rom WMblnvtoD ma foUovs: The State Department baa rece1*?d a dispatch rom Mlalater Ward, statins that England and 'ranee have concluded a treaty with Cbtna The ombtned ffcnee advanced to within IS ml Irs of ?ekin. The Emperor at first refused to attach hla eel. but finally yielded to the demand Minister Harris writes that the slowing accounts received of tb? reception of the Jap meet P.mbassy had occasioned great delight among the tflciali at Yeddo. w Tbe receipts Into the Treaeery for the week tiding Monday were -',817,000. about K.OOOjMO >f which were od account of the new loan, aad the remainder from custom* Tbe payments were 12.250.000, of which SI,Ml,000 were fcr tbe reirmptlon of Treaaury notes and public debt,, leaving subject to draft nearly f3.50t>,000 The :ustoms receipts from Charleston have largely decreased. About 90.(00.000 of the new loan of tlU 000,000 have been paid In Meat Morton, who has just returned f nm the Cblriqui expedition, and who Is the sathor of a work on the harbor defenses of New York, will b? ordered to the superintendence of the Wuh> lngton Aqueduct. The arrival of General Scott Is dally expected. AS ABOLITIONIST IHT XIU Jt B ?J inrji bwmub, who represented the carriage manufactory of C 4 D. Cook, of New Haven, Connecticut, visited Wilson, North Carolina, on some business connected with the firm who employed him; while there be called on the Cierk of the Court on some business, and while in hia office gave utterance to abolition sentiments; avowed himself an abolitloniat, and said that the firm who employed him were abolitlonlsU alio. He contended for bla princip'ea and made use of what was considered incendiary language. A committee waited on him and told him be could not be allowed to continue his iournev South, and compelled him to take the flrat train North. He wasesrorted to the depot by a crowd with tin kittle* and drums, but no violence was offered him. Mxlamciioly Accident from Be em so Fluid The wife of Captain Wm. Titus, and her lister, Mrs. Durat, residing at Centerport, L. I . were burnt to death a few days since. A little child of Mrs. Titus had a fluid lamp In her hand, which she was directed to put upon the table Instead of doing so, she threw th ltmp into her mother's lsp,where it exploded Mrs Titus, in her fright, threw the lamp from her at random, and it fell in the lap of her sister. The clothing of both women wax saturated witb the inflammable fluid and set on lire. Before the flames could be extinguished tLey were so badly burned that they died the next day. T NOTICE. HE UNDERSIGNED b?gs to inform hi? pat roni and the public that. l aving disposed of hn sure u < stock at au tioD. hi has re opened with an extonsive stock of the finest ?e erteu FRENCH C^M-ECTIONERY. Hi* lining and Supper Hoonjilia e bee.i thoroughly improved. ?i h al ditto a: room* aid r.ewly furr.i/hed. Hen now reparad t<> turn rh private and nublio paitiea it th <*nort ?? ii 'lice, aid fisttsra hi>n? ill that, witti t i*nd l ti"nv fvcihtiea, he will t?e entb.edtuex eel hi?f >rm r rrput&tiou. Tti? un itT*iunfd feHs confident that a!) that ii necessary to aatiafV hi* old and n?w patrons wil be a call The choicest that the rairk*i a<"orda an? a i >h'< uxiriea that can be ohtainsd fram ottaei socrcos will be constat!* on b?m?i THOS. POTKNTINI, Conf otiou r aud R aUnrant. Old !rt*Tid No 279 Fa. *? , between de I Iw 10th and 11th atreeta, aouth aide. Ho Secession. COMPROMISE BETWEEN THE NORTl AM) SOUTH. Tbe obnoxious liberty bill will be repealed ani ro'i-intervention aJnn ed to. ao th-.t the South rai mrrv her nrAanttv intn *1! t ha ^tetna * n/l 'l'ef ifn ties in ih< Kiou. Tne uiutTrun^d haa juat reo <ved a n?w lot r Smoking Tobacco by ti.e n?m? l'KRIQUE, whio is Mid to be the beat ever manufactured. Al*< s 'me of the moat favorite brands of Cigara that ea be o?>ta?nMl, aueh aa: La I'e-la ile Santiago Con chaa. Regalia Britanica, L.a Espa' ola Figaro He fa ia, Fi<aro. Preubeta Regalia. Cabmna, Palmitc 'unch. 4 c.. Ao., <ko . f?r tab wholesale and retni N. B ?A fine lot of Meeraohaum Pi pea and Smc kera kept conatantir on hand- An early oa'l ia ac lioited. JOHN C. BACHKR. No. U34 Penn. avenue, de 1 3t Corner Thireenth street. Life fire, AND MARINE INSURANCE! HEATH A KNOWLE9, INSURANCE AGENTS. Ornei, Room 16,Ovu Bank of Washikoto: LIFE CONNECTICUT MU rUAL, ACCUMULATION $3 300,00 FIR K INSURANCE (OMPANYOP THE STATE O VIRGINIA. Richmond. Cash capital....#300,00 NEPTUNE INSURANCE COMPANY. Philadelphia Capital ajcdSurplus ?300,Oc GOODHUE INSURANCE COMPANV. Naw VoUM. Cash *r!ial . ^ aUUJfI In th*latter, all the advan-aees of a mv.ual a Caired without incurring the liability. Insuranc at a? low rat?? as in auy other e?ual re?pot?iVe o?mc?r.iei,*nd pol oy liokUrs allowi to participate in t e pr fits. do I Cm re Couth, Cold, Hoirimtrs_ I /.?>ma any 'rrtianon or Sort fA( Throat, Rtlievt tkt Hatk-in* Couth in C'wump IjTWMiIiIiI *???. EroncK'tis. Athma, kJ>llhl!il?M 4- Catarrh Cltnr and Kxuf wWn?/ strength to tkt voire of ^ufiliESr PUBLIC SPEAK E R and singers. Few %re aw*r? of the importation of oheetlnr Couth or ' Common Cold1' in it* fi??t ?Uur*;thi which in the beg'ning would yield to * mild r m rf?, if ne*leoted,?oonat?*ck?>he Lu'kv. "Brcnc* Bronrkiat Trnrhtt " ? ? w-Mv>iii UK ?ioiiianK>niU(;rBii uti, allay Pulmonary and H onehial ItvwlMb "Tha? trouble in ray Throat, (f BROWN'S whioh the 'Trocht?" art a ?#? fi having m%d? me vften a m?r?whi TROCHES perer/ I*. P. WILLI*. nnnw^'-i "I recommend their use to Pcbl , BROWS - Sfkakkbi." ; troche? rev. e. h. chapin. < "Gr<?at??rvieeineobduinfHoams BROWN'S SM?." REV. DANIEL, WISE rnnr?nis,v? " Almost mita t reli*'in ths di T*10 fegmn* labor of breathing peculu BROWN'S ? AsyI^v. A. C. EGGLE9T0N. TRociBs vwvwflSf > BROWN'S Ckemitt, goito TROCHES oornbin r BROWN's dr. 6. F'. BIGELOW, TROCHES " BenefioiaJ in Beosch.tu." BROWN'S! J*Vfrnl ; ~ I l?*ve proved them exoellent f TROCHE? Whotpiso ^ocoii " REV. il. W. WARRKM, ! BROWN'S Eo*tc " BeoAfifli&I when compelled TROCHE- ?p ak, niffVin from Cold." , BROWN' ; iKV.S. J. P. ANDERSON, . TRnrnvs ' Errit TtTAL in removing Hoare r nee? and Irr'tat on of the Throat. ' BROWN'S oommun with Spiakbbs and Sin i TROCHES Prof M.8TACY7JOHN^N BROWN'S Tefcober of MueioiScathe TROCHES "G'eat benefit when tak*n befo and aft or preaching, a* the* preve , BROWN'S Hoar?ftn*?a. From their pftitelf i 1 think th?v will be of Mrm?n?nt > j ^ROCHES *nn$* BOWIflr. <Lg ' BROWN'? President o{ Ath?n? College, T?i : ?^ss fTlfVWiSsi-sra jy|A(iNlFICENT ApANKgE (joODS. Now on exhibition and /or aale at No 206 Pen i ?yivania avenue,! Wi Hard?' Hotel 1 beautiful holiday gifts. no t! iw ' ri COLT'S PISTOLS. V/UR Aasortme-1 of rep?ating "FIRE ARWi ia eomp.eto of nearly all kn.dn mvie; and,but 1 i exoloaiveiy for the ?a*h. we offer them at the fo ' n, t ? uTPirt' o? J ? -? oim BHD ROM, , J BO Z7-St Brown'i Hotel bPKCIAL NOTICE TO EVERVBUOY.?< ? O to FRENCH *. RICHSTEIN'."*. No. 878 f > ?vmu?, and get your oard *nrra?int dons Exai > ire their evnp e? and too will Dot fail to be aati r bd ..u. . * .{ji~ u.f, jgggu. g* I no 71 No. 878 Pa avenue, Washington A' " NEW SELECT SCHOOL SELECT SCHOOL lor children will be open i oa th? fi rat Monday in i)eoernt>er qext. at th? o< , ner of E and Seventeenth aU., Firet Ward. A taohed to the houiie ia a l*rn ?*ni?n m wk.-i. * m~ rj ?- ? ? ? mmm WII1UU ? ohi dren may eniH? m ?P?n air eKeretsea. As t numl>er of sobol?r? will be limited, application < admi>?iOB anould be made immediately. Pull i formation a* to term*. Ac , mar be obtained of t Principal, at Mrs. LEW ib'S, No. ft 7 3 Seventeen street. no ?-tt' Nno skcsssion! OW 18 THE TIME F<>R BARGAINS Great indaoemenu are now offered to all persons war.t of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOOD 1 HATS and CAPS, at the People's Ciotbinc *toi No. 460 Seventh st. Come or?, coma all. aad * 1 your Clothing at greatly red needI pnoes. at no 17-lm J. H. gMITrt'S. 400 IG. O. DEMUTH A CO., MPORTERS And Wholeealaaod Retail Dai roREiQir toirrt. * No. aO Nohth i'emis Stkbkt, As* doori abovt ?t, nott~Iy Baltimore L/ttS SacaMHUffl&&afa 73 o?o U. Recre&iiona of Country Pfcrton, 1 vol.; ?ri 141. Qimn U Troth, by Two BrollMra, 1 voLt pri ,w5S5Aff * ?y K2:?, ?J VimsmiA?Tba rote of this State la it last an. tborltatlrely aacertalnad. It la a drawn battle. g Tba Governor baa iaaued hla proclaaaatlon, declaring tba elector* choaen.who ara aa follow* Tba Richmond Enquirer adda tba vote:

x klsctsd. BfU EUctort. Br'ckimridf* MUcttt. Tbomaa Bruce....74 304 William Lamb.. .74.100 M. Johnaon 74 304 J R Edmuda....74,lit L. J. Bowden 74.304 Jamea Lyona 74,119 J.J Jackaon, jr..74 304 R A Clay brook. .74,119 F T. Anderaon.. .74.23U W. H. An boay . .74,119 B H. Shackelford 74,157 J.W. Maaale 74,029 n A B. Caldwell ..74 .089 j I L. H Chandler...73.9.9! J I Jnm Christian . J Defeated. J Btll Kite tor*. I Brtckmridgt EUctors. j Walter Preston ...73,707 I B Dunn 73 459 J T Thornton....7*2,9s36 Z Kldwell 73.369 T. H. Epes T2.943 T. F Goode 7*,945 J F Johnion ...,7?,8% T T. Tredway.. .72,739 W. R Staple*....72 527 B B. Douglas.... 72 403 A E Kennedy .. .72,ISC Eppa J U. Newman... .72 331 J L. Kemper 71.Ml ^ r M. Iabell 70,980 Another Letter from Gov Letcher?Got. J.etcher has written an able letter to Lewis 1). Vail. Esq , of Philadelphia, upon PennaylvaniR's nullification of the fugitive slave law. Gov. Letcber fully demonatratea that the unconatltutlonal and obnoxioua lawa of Fennaylvanla are still in full effect and force. Pennaylvanla'a law being In conflict with the Conatltutlon, and ob trnrtiv* nf th? fnu(H v*.il?v? Utv akniilrf h# r^. pealed But this ii Pennsylvania's private matter, and with her muat be left the question of her nullification Gov Letcher suggests the duty that now devolves upon the Legislature of Pennsylvania, and it remains to be seen whether she is more solicitous to prevent tbe kidnapping of free negroes than to aid southern men in tbe capture of their Drnnertv Knauirer. Bonnet ribbons! BONNET RIBBONS!! 300 pieces of BONNET RIBBONS selling off bout one half the usual prises. Some very good styles at 12>* omits per *aiu. Ca 1 early and get first choice HENRY KtiAN *>'il Seventh at, no?i-6t near avenne House. L LADIES' MERINO VESTS A RG F. Assortment Ladies' Merino Vests, high necks and long sleeves; lov necks acd short sleeves. Also, Children's Merino Vests, all at low pii as. HENRY EGAN, 5J1 Seventh st, no SQ-6t near Avenue Honse. GENTLEMEN'S HCARF PINS, SLEEVE BUTTONS, STIJDS, Ao.-We open this morning an unusually large assortment or Gentlemen's Scarf Pins, Slseve Bnttons, Studs, Ac, of every variety. M. W GALT A RRO., Uull... ?. ? no 30-St 4 doors west of Brown's'Hotel. | 'OLD 8PK0TACi.ES ANn EYE GLASSES. 1 ?s* and Gentlemen'* Gold Speciace-and Eye Glasses, ef all iocuses, very superior ind very ohea,'. AI o, fine Ster-l ^pectxoles Fhell Readme and Opnra Glasses, ft c. K large assortment just re> oeived. M. W. GALT A BRO.. Jowellers. 354 Pa. sr., o 30 3t 4 doom went nf Brown's Hotel. W' MRS M. A. PfeARCE I - H F.8 to announce to h^r nu,tomers and the r Indies of Washington in general, that she is n w prepared to ezeouta all orders in the Millinery fine, and will open on Thursday December 6, a handsome assortment ? FRENCH H ATs, at hor 'ho? Rooms, on*"* Marsaohusetts av . between 6th and 7th at?, near " the Market. No. 443. no 30 M* , RAISINS! RAISINS'! i It RAISIN S!!! 100 Roiai drimanav l.a?ar Rftitinn j loo do. do do. Bunch do _ 100 qr b'xee do. do do. do. ion hlf. do. do. do. do. do. In store and for sale verrjow, to olos^ oonai gnlf ment by F. A. REID& CO^ h noau-lw No. fi South Wharvee, Alexandria. The union club house A\D NEWS ROOMS. No. 448 Thiktbbsth St., Between Ponna. avenu?an I K etreet, Late Residence of the Mayor. This house will be open to Gentlemen at the >- oommeDoemunt of December. In the meantime a limited number of Kooms can be engaged permanently b. DONNELLY. _ no JMit* wm. h. At.LEN. A.1lbniUA.^ 31UI ft JUlH.IAlr- KB 1 HIHD VolCBI JaK 1, 186l. Devoted especially to matter* relating to domestic animal*. The largest and oheapest psper of the kind i-1 the world Published monthly, ai No. US Pa k Row, New York. Prioe $1 ger year, in ad? vance. Sp cimen copies gratis. I). C. I.INSL-Y, Editor and Proprietor. OTIS F. r. WAATE, Associate Editor. Papers giving the above advertisement three ini0 ?ertion?, and sending a marked or py to A 0. Hatch, W 1.1 (mob. Vt., willreceive a oopy of tne paper on* year Tee A 0. HAl CH, jf noan-3t* General Agent. in J2ENTS' MERINO SHIRTS 10 Ijr and drawers, A large assortment Gent*' Merino Shirt* ami in Drawer*; also, Boy*' Merino Shirt*. Genu' Latnb* u Wool Shirts and Drawei*. Also? hi ' ?torXni??nt Woolen and Cotton Hosiery, Kid, Silk. Wool and Cotton Ulovcs, Silk Cravats and Neck Ties, r0 Linen Shirt Collars, SLineo, Cambrio and Silk Handkerohieis, at our usual low prioes. HENRY EGAN, 531 Seventh st, n/v ?T1 A * ? Mvr^r-yfc urar A?cuyp n?HW. " 5J2 GUTTA PERCHVvPA,NT AND 5^ HAMILTON, BRO. ft CO.'S, NO 513 8BVKNTH ST., la the p:u? to find the oelebrattd Gutta Peroha Rooficg and faint Alio, a general aaaortinent ol H ' Material*. ? Painting in all in brat.?he? expouted with dispatch ana on muo able term*. Mixed Paint* al a way* on hard and for tale, wi'h bucket an4 brash at 'o oan free ?>f charge A lo ueri l?!t at tba ?tore ?- for Ojd tilaz ng or Job Work ol any kind will b? i'? promrtly attended to li 313 PliTTY 19 DOWN. 813 no 33 or imp niTi v T Tn ?tap? nnn iu l-oT | fa m. u n ? a vr W WA V1%V* Tf kllVCi ?> 1 The Tbiko Volcmi of the "* A MEN ICA N 8 TOCK JO UR NAL, OtfMMMJanuary lat.lWl. !c It ia devoted exoluaiven to matter* relating to tlii oa^e and iiiaiiacein?nt of oar domeatio animala and la by far the larg-at, ch*ap-at and moat widely > oirculated pap?r of the kind in the world. Mo (took grow, r can afford to be without it. irr Sixteen tarce octavo pacea, Handaomely * 111 atrated PnMiahfd 25 Park Row, New York, at #1,0" per year id advance. Specimen copies gratis. 45a>2 D-C. MNSl-EY-Editorand Proprietor. 1?_ OT 8F R WAI I'E. Aaaaoiate Editor. New^apera giving the aboveadvertiaement two n. inaertiTnio, and aending a marked ropy to A. 0. x H-tch Wismob. Vt., will receive a oopy of the paper for one year free. n<> go 2t* A. G. Hatch. General A tent. '* QNLY ONE MONTH LONGER! GREATER BAR041X8 THAN EVER ' a or LOur a'ock of DRY GOODS muet be aold before mi ifti jtinuary. a ?j nave io give possession 01 , the store on ihat <lay. i?. We shall commeno# on the lit day of December <, to sail our a to stock of? S^ilk R l>es. Light and Dark Silks by the yard. Kvtning Dre*? Goods, fine Laoes, [, French Kmbroi Jenes, uest Aid Gloves, ' Cashmere Lone Shawls, All Wool Mouise'ames, * Lup n'? French Meiinoes, B ack Goods, ? Fine White Good* of every description, Ac , Ao. ? AT HALF PRICE. We prefer selling the above named goods to ?ui customers at ha f price rath- r than ran the risk ol a selling tbe stock b? auction at the North, fn DOMESTIC GOOD* We have a largo stock of Goods of Domestic iia Manufacture, a I ofwhinh wn anil ?1om nnt m in nt piece, or in quantities to aait purohaa-rs, at ores'. use y what tuey co?t. Tikms cash- Virginia money taken at ?ar. {E^AliROoda delivered pr. rnptlf on the day ol ??e. _ CLAttETT k. MAY, in. no SDMW 334 Pa ar., bet Kh and 10th ata. *. 4^2 POOR MATS-POOR MATS!~ ^"g~g matter how well furniahed. looki ? fin'ahed without at least a Mat at the frontdoor, t>?aidea beiaf a great saving to carpeta. Also, thi ?ew B.uah Foot Scraper, Carpel Braahea and a n- large a sortment of sea.eona*> e Hardware. All thi above goods for a* la cheap at the new Hard war < and Variety Store, No. 483 Pa. avenue, near Third street, by the aubaoriber. ~ no a St OKO. SAVAGK. ? BLfKBTS: B- ANKET9r,BLA,""!T9" w- Bed Blankets! Bed Blanketa! Bed Bla> keta of all aisia and of all prioea. Bed Comforta! Bed Ceiuforta ? Maraeillea Qui'.ta ! , MarMWea Quilta! lU T man n.1 P<v?*a? r- - AJIUVU ouu vvtwu DllPqUBH) ' V f oveliDfi of a 1 kind! n- Dimuk Table Linens and Napkins. Our stock is full in all departments. We aolioil >e. a oail from all in want of Dry Goods. WM R RIMSy k BRO., No S# "iC?ntral Storee," B:tween 7th and 8'h streets, ed no 2?->w Opposite Center Market. ,r~ HEAVY CLOTHS ?t- ri AND CAS6IMKRES. h? Fine Cloths and Caeeimtree, he V?ivet nd Silk Vcst.njs, ?f Silk >hirte and Draware, Merino tthi't* and Drawers, he Heavy H ibbed Woulen Shirts and Drawers, th Kid 8>lk, and Merino Gloves. __ Cotton ar.d \Vooien Ha f Hoee, J'renfh Shirting Linens, rish Linens. e Invite ad persona iu want of Dry Goods ol i? >.. Iri n/l " - ? -- - ? iw i?w ???* |i*v ita Wt * WM R. RILEY k BRO.. No. 36 " Central Storea," 07 Betvmd 7th and 8th at* , no 38 8w Oppoaito Cantor Market ~ J^fcGARi AND TOBACCO FOR THK MILk'* Tho nnderaicsed woald ro'apootftilly inform kii nnmeroaa friend* and the public that tba oopart , mr?hip hereto for- exia'ioc ander the Bra ol "* Bihiixi ft WiroliAKK.hatfcoandiaaolTO" hymntnal coLaent. a d that e ha* op*n?d a > tor* on thi op*nor of C and Seventh *ta. veet, opposite thi ? Bank of YYaahtniton, where mar be foand a chold *d a?*ortin?otofSfcUAR9aiidTUBACCO,<'fdiroel L; importation, aa veil aa domoaUe manafeotare, wbol.aalo and retail. , , 00 Thankful for paat favor*, he hr>po* by fair deaiIII and atriotatUntion to tW want* aad inUreeti - csuxirru B? * ! ?* f. WIMMANN. ????j? TREASURER'S MONTH twrwf tkt immI a* kit crtdit ta th* T>?*H>, vtU J M (A? If MX bra*rlus, h retmriu 1W1W4 I* M* driftj kmvt bmm is*mJ, kmi w?r? (A?a myii, ?U (to ?? 144 imtMl tffmmrt trmmjftrs tt mndfr*m 4*ptiu la what flae?. ? [Vearary of the United State*. Washington, . C t Mutant Trp**ur?r, Boston. Mas?*chu?^tt? t Mutant Treamret \ew York, New York 1 ?* * *" ? r>v.. I. EX i ? Pmnnlruil.. issinuiiu A i t?3ui vi , i" inipti iwj ? -/ ? - ?? Vssistant Treasurer, Charleston, South Carolina ...? tssistant Treasurer, New Orleans, Louisiana . k ski slant Treasurer, St. Louis, Missouri ?....... tssistant T?*msurer. San Franetsro. California... #1W depositary at Buffalo. Nsw York depositary at Baltimore, Xarvla-id depositary at Richmond. Viriyui?.... ........ depositary at Norfolk, Virginia ..... .. depositary at Wlimington,NorU.Carotin*. depositary at Savannah. Georgia . .... )epoaitary at Mobile, Alahama depositary at Nashville,Tenneaaee .....? depositary at Cincinnati. Ohio . ? depositary at rittsburg. Pennsylvania depositary at Louisville. Kentucky depositary at Galveston, Texas depositary at Norfolk (Sawyer) ... depositary at Cincinnati < .MoI?eaa? depositary at Little Rock, Arkansas.... depositary at Chicago. Illinois. L^poBimry m iiciruu, .MICIMR'MI Depositary at Orrtaha City, IS e bra* k a. ? ? .... Depository at alls of yt. < :roix, Wlsoonsin Depositary at Olympia City, Washington Territory.... Depositary at ' allanasaee, Florida..... Depositary at Omaha City, (Gilmoral Assay office of the United States, New York...... Mint of the United States, Philadelphia. Pa Rnch mint of the United States, Charlotte, N. C neh mint oftha United States, Dahlonera, Ga Eneh mint of the United States, New Orleans, La. .. noh mint of the United States, San Franciaoo, Cal... flli rwf nnt nv*rHrt.fVfl Add difference in tranafera Net amount subject to draft.. ?.......... Transfer! ordered to Treasury of the United States Transfers onlsrsd to Assistant Treasurer. St. Lngi Transfers ordered to Assistant Treasurer, 8aa Prai Transfers ordered to Depositary at Norfolk, Va.... Transfers ordered from A Mutant Treasurer, New Deo 1-lt ~ AUCTION SALES. ~ By WALL A BARNARD, Anotioneerr. Cft BARRELS APPLES AT AUCTION.-On i OU TUESDAY MORNING, at 10 o'o'ook. we i will eel at the Store opposite the Market on Ninth . a'reet. 30 barrels Appto<?not ia onler ?oonsigaed ] to Canfieid Bixby k. Sua. < I'erius cash. el WALL A BARNARD. AocU. ( 'jj WALL A BARNARD, Auctioraers. OA'MFP SALE OF FURNITURE AND 1) Hop khold Effects at Acctiow.?On WEDNESDAV MORNING, December Mh, at 10 o'olook. ?e wiM se 1. At Hobm No?,on Third street between Penns !nmi ard Misiouri the entire Effect*. Comprising of? Wa'nut Sofas. ard Chairs. Orpets, Besteads, Tables. Glasses, Whatnots, Cnmfo-te, Stoves, Curtains, and Fixtures, Hair and Shuok Ma tresses, B?d. Be tding. and BUnk?ts. W ith many other things not lie?e mentioned. The Fumture is nearly new, and offers indneetnen's to purehasea. Terms cash. de 1 3td WALL & BARNARD, Auota. By WAI L * BARNARD. Auctioneers. CHINA A\D GLAtS WARE AT AUCTION On THURSDAY next, Dece.nber 6th, at 10, , o'cVok, we shall Mil At the Store of C- K. Green, 274 fa. av. between 11 tb and l;th ? reete,a large ?nd varied stock of China, Glass Ware, Ae., eon- I tinaing on the followinc Saturday, Tuesday, and Thur'oay, at tame hoar, we name in part? Motto?d Coffee Cop*, Several Boxen Vatw, Htatuntes, Toilet 9*ts, Bohemian Amenoan, Beifian and English Ware oferery description, With a large Stook ofhilrer Plated Ware. This >ale wi 1 be foand worthy the speoial attention of th? ladies, as the goods ar* all of the best quality, and of ths latest importation. siring a fine opportunity for the perohaM of Holiday Prss de'l ' WALL k, BARNARD, Aggtfc By CLEARV k. GRKEN, Aeotionesrs. 506 Ntnth ttrttt Rich pile, satin and velvet robes, Shawl*. Cloaks- Ac , at Auction ?On WEDNESDAY, the 5th of December next, At 10 o'clock a m.. we (hall sell at our A notion Kwb'. No. 306 Ninth at.,a arte and rioh co eoUon of Dresaea, ?Jloaks, Shawls.* o , oonsisting in part of? a Ri^h Black Plaid Satina, Bayadere Brocade Silks, Very rioh Chene Silks, Eloacsut Yelvt Robes,* | Do Silk Robes. Kmb'd Illusion UreuM, Rioh |Hu?ion Berthas. Point Ajpiioi Sets, Round Point Set*. * . Mousselaice, Mournins KmVd Setf. lar*e lot of Cloth Cloaka, *uoh m? I Arabs.Z >u?v??. jAcque?, Bedouins. Circulars,Ac. Ca?H'r?re Chenille. rite'la and other Shaw a. Together with mary other articles in the Dry Goodi line which we deem unnecessary to enumerate. The attention of the ladies is most reapeeptfu'ly c% led to tl?e above sale Upon isspaetion they will i find the goods worthy of their attention. Terms cash. no? d CLEARY A GREEN. Aaots. AMUHK? ilWTUb ' ly A8HINOTON THEATER! brilliantTdemghted. MB FAJ*H I O N A B i. E AUDIENCES NIGHTLY ORE* T rROFKSSOR ANDERSON. 15 111* roi ihuma^i i i-.un maqnificest'enchanment. To-night will he produced the most scpekb programme andthe most gorgeous scene Ever Preeenle?i by Professo* Akskkson. NEW TRlCK"fwittaout nnmb-re. Remodeled Modification* of t?* \V h-?!e. MISS ANDKR"* ?N, MNEMOSYNE. 1 MISS ELIZA AND MIS? FL??R A ANDERSON EVERY EVENING. The Entertainment will be INSTRUCTIVE AND ENThRTAlNING, STARTLING AM) ASTOUNDING, WONDERFUL AND WEIRD. A Grand Perform\noe will be riven on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, Doors r pen at?. to commotio* at SH o'o'oek. Adnnaei n to all p\rt? of the houa*> only SO oenta; Ghildien au . Servant* ha t prioe. no 90 tl y U ET: FURS! V FURS! One of the larg<at and finest stacks ever offered in Washington, Victorinet^ K^mine, RuMian Fitoh, r Sib'r'n Squiriel, aH :VfAm French Sable, ^F^hH'V94S~ Rock Martin. ^^*ilBfal^i~ Chinchilla. wytrn/ww i AI?o, large ?took CARRIAGE ROBES, i Fura Repaired and Altarad at abort notioe, by as i old, *xp*riano?d hand, all ohaaa. Aa m? atock ia very large, all 1 aak ia a oail. > All Fura aold at my eatabliahraent warranted aa k represented. HOPKINS'. i Cornar of Siztk at. aaa Pa. av. > C7* Stow Wait a Bm. aoTT->w Siifer'i Sewing Machines. 388 PENN. AVEM'K, NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. We inrit? theeub'te attention to o?r b?v |M ! PAMILV 8KW1N? MACHINE. TkiiMMtiiM is unsurpassed m the household. It raaa smooth and swut; sews, hems. Jtils and gathers, will sew the finest swim or elofh ton >ayer? thick, ana Mr i thing between the two extremes, in * beaot.ful m4 t sabstontial msnner Machines in mahofanr, walnat and rosewood oases from MO tp #100. Oar larse vibrating jrrtsser machine. for ooaoh trimmers and saddlers, is without a rival. Bilk, Twist. Th reed, Need lee, Bobbins. OU, Ao.. always on hand at New York chocs. .JST"" " no Tl 6m A | eat. V1RG1NIA AND A CA*1X . AND mn at ra, aad Goods sold at the Iovoet market prleefor oaah. A superior stock ol CLOTHING sow oa hand. r aad ha ring to employ ?ow ?? kaodred u4 thj hand*. whioh v* wieh to keep in Mptoyaoat oaring this panio, we will offer extra ladiOMtD'i to '<Goo3j?iaade to order ia the beet etylee WAUL, 8TKPHRN* * CO . aog tw Pa. ay - bet >tkanalOtketa. B. HALL ? r > QUOItHof tfl kind*. Afresh itoek jo?t ojK?M : A R^uTlpwurS?BI?Jff?S5 !L$\l bun*. Presentation tnd Holiday Book*. The l*rfe? N, B.-PHmoi Md Oo4*7, tor DMMotor, ?ow NMTi *P W * * 0 ' ? ' * LY STATEMENT, MTrtasmrtrt ?U <ui|MtW wdi| Mti Nor-mber, 1?#1, 1*4 imimw far wkiek mmmml tb*m rrn?wiM subject ( draft. 5?nrui, inw, ?t or4*tfid h iW Sterttmrw tf th* IVMninr 1 ^ n i 1 Dr? fU hereto fore drawn. Amount on d# but not yet Anoaat iiU aoaite. paid, though ject to draft pajabU. fKSSJCT ?5 ! t7 * 1CA.MZ XI H W Bk.?97 ?C W7 W3K 54i.3lS 11 3&4.75t> 7i U7.W4 21 4 9? * laWK sijan ~~ <o.its7* S?2.H?38 143-310 U 1?.T? 74 !?* 46 | 4**? 13 ?>.<a 7* ,?e X 417 4fit n 5tt.<? 40 . ' 1.679 13 3?* 01 1 US I 4Vt?tt ?J 1.438 ? 41.170 iT 41JM 73 ! 5.7 <i 4#ftB7S KIJTft SI 3#l? 4b MJTKi MS 2! 1I2*'* 1 r.?'T? l?71. 1C3SX7 i 5 .177 W 17,31# 14 1 3S 357 ?U | IXI Si I OS 96 Si* 56 | Sfi>S ? 74 ?l 5.M1 m 15t94SC 12,?SB 7? 2 ,?3S M 5.03146 ? H 5,?>Jfi4 UM7U1 4.143 GO ??.72? 7* 1.413 00' ...J 1.4lSm ....... *897*1; W m 9M?J1 flB.TM *i i i.?4* ?l ?f JB9 ? H 494 *? i 2,*>~s ?> U J19 * 9jKk? 55 *.073 73 1 543 ** ijm CO { S.OH) 00 5 9 ? 91.144 10 ' 350 ? 2?.7S3 US 516 7*1. 516 79 1.907 84 75 00 1 Jt3J S? IS.854 03 4,' 50 65 <*.?? St ... - 4KJ13 AO 432*13 ?? 3b i, 154 16 3h6 154 16 3*.oon nu 32 wo an 27.951) US 27.9?f3 3HS.JK7 46 46 5<? ooo no .......... ?oo,ooo oo l.?22 5i ?4Jf74,808 11 f1.44B.774 M f3J96.650 flt ..- ...... . iic.ra 52 3 ????* 17 - ao ooo no 3,4 >.? ? T , Washington, D. C lon.noo (.Mo ? ? 9 5.MM on noiaoo, Cal jw.oop on * ? ? i ?^ m m HjH( W 7r*.ooo of? York, New York- B6,o?? AUCTION SALES. By i . OR KEN, Auctioneer. LJALE OF EXCELLENT AND NEARLY mw Huckiuold and Kitchks Fvamrrai at recTto!* ?<Jn M??ftDAY, Ui? 3j amy of i>?oe? beahal rll.atio o'clock a. m .at dValhnj beaae do TaU aifeet. bttwMD L aad M itrnU, la U?e Northern Liber*iea#rii: Dae W?inut fait, oona.ating ?f Sofia*. Ana ud Hide Chairs, Walnut Marble toy Center Table. Do Wkataota. RecefUo* Chaira, and Vaeea. l?o Writiiif l>e*k arra R? oivin* Chair*. Mah ^rany Mub.e-top Dre?aing B area a as 4 WaafeetecJ. A fine lot of Eng ravioga and Ornamenta, Walnut Tabiea. Cane arat and other Ckaira, 8ne fine Cottage get of Furniture, if final feat Extenaion Table,(valnat.) Double and Single Cottege Be itr?<ta, Painted Dreaamg Bureaua and Waahtteada. Bruee-la. Ingrain, Venetian and oth*r Carpete. 8iair R?da, Ruga, Oiicloth. Mate aad efcadea. D?UMt and oLher Curtain*. KciT.t. Forks. Tea ai>d I able Spooci". Chiua. Glaas and Crocker? Wars. Two very fine Parlor Ra^i*lo<->,(Dearly new.) Cook, Air-tight and other Staves, Hair, Cotton toe and other Mattresses. Feather Beds, Pillows ai d Bolsf rs. Blankets, Comforts. Sheets aod Ca?ee, And a fine lot of Kttcben Requisites, And many other artioles too numerous to son met ate. terms: *U sums ef and snder #25 oath ; orsr 25 a credit of Wand 91 days, for approved endorsed notes, hearing interest no iW-d :lnt.ACon.) A GRKEN, Auot. By CLEAR V A (iRKKN Auctioneers. 50t> flitttih iiriif, U0R8K8, COWS. MILES. CARRIAGES. M.M. WAUOSS. fAlXHO 1M PLBXSlTTSa V IOJT Ablb*. Ac , at Aectio!*,?On MONDAY neit, the 31 day of December,! if Cur, if not the next (air day,) we hail !!, at 10 o'oiook a. m . at the reeu enoe of Thomas C Mnni1er E?* , Metropolis View (the 'ate reeidenoe of Washington Merry. aeoee?*d. > all ot hi* Farming Effects, oonsiaiing in part? 4 fine young Work Horses, 1 pur of Mules, & years old, 2 Morgan Colts, 3 years uM, 4 exof l ent Mileh Cows, 3 Brood DoWl, 4 H*iffe-s. 2 yeai s old, 1 Mall, 2 rood Paou y Carriages foi I and 2 torses. Market Wagon*. Farming Carts, Rook sway and Buggy in good ord?r. Double and single ? arriageand Wagon Haraeea, Plows. Harrows. Cultivators. Cutting Box's, Hoes, Kakea, Cradles, voyth?e, Ao. Oat ar.d Wheat Ftraw, Fodder Shook*. Head of fine Cabbage, Large lot of Turnips, Together with many other artioles whioh we deem not neoeeaar- to enumerate. Terms of aale: AH sums under #30 oaah , over 920 a credit ol 4 ana 6 months for notes sausiaolo Illy endorsed, bearing interest no 2t d r.|,EARY A GREEN. A note By A. GREEN Auotioneer. UALC. ur lunni in SHUCK AT AIUTIOH.? Ob MOMpA V, the 3d UM*mb<r, 1 she 1 Nil. at the lot of Win Anderson, cn L. air*?t. t>etw?eij 17th a"d 18th sU.. At 3 o'olook p. on* ha&dred aid sixty six Stocks of Corn. _ Terms cash. bo3ft 2i' A. WRKFN. Aeot til clearv A green. AloboaMri. 506 AtsU strut. Fine wines, bkaNiies, whiskeys, Ciiwt Cjgxbs, Ao., at atctio* ?Ob TUESDAY MORM.\ ?th o( iiMtabtt r?xt, *? shall sell at our Anot on Store. No. 50t> Niath treet, at in o o.ook a in, to close eonsirnneflt, a lArre assortment of fine Liqaors. Clears, Ac; e^mprif ing in partes ?u\rtard eisht casks fine Brandy, 5 casss Wolfs'a Imported Brandy. 5 do do Co ?h*rfv Win*, 5 do do do Tort Win*, S do do Pcheidam Sohsape, 5 do Imperial Wine, a do l)r. CatawKa V\ in?, i do L.a Perlo Wise, Lot Cbftmpicnoas, Lot Petto Pois, *# nno Cic%ra, Choios Brand*, 25 d sen bottled Mononrehe a, Bonri>on,and Rye Whiskeys. T-rm?: All earns nnder X oaah orer $T aaredit ofan, w, ?nd 90 da?s. for eotee satisfactorily endor??*<1. b?aricg interest. noi7 CLKARV A green, Auote. By CL.&ARY A gkeen. Auctioneers. 406 Ni*tk ftrtrt. noeiTivs sale of fine fur* from > m..i. v... . i it. uicnK i v * " i vhb m i nvbiiu.i ?vu ww r< A/ii boi/a ? MOKMNG. tae5 h of Uswmbn next, we ahaU a?ll. at tu oVo?k a m . U tor notion Room. No. 606 Niot i atr?*, in ooajeaetion with oar aa'e of rion Dry Go- da a sp eniid ano tm'Dt of the ftneat Fore ever offer d in thia market, conaig "?d to ae from Naw York, with ordara to makapoattiT*?1?, ao*ij?' iaiac? Fall eeta of Siberian Scairral. - - table Mini. * Canada Sable. ** * Ptoue M*rten. M Rnaaian Fiteh, " ** French Sable. " " Chioehitl*. With eorae extra large Mick Cava*. The Fara will ae opened for mapeotion the day arerioaa to the ea *. T?rir,? ouh. ftojtfd cleary * green. AaoU. By wall a BARNARD Ascuomhi. *Ccrntr Ninth tt. atul soutk tidt Pa mr. VERY valuale property north or wahimtor o> tbb focbtuhtb tkbkt oa Pin it uftajicft Koad. and m>ft Colchua College. at / urnoN ?On WEDNESDAY afTEKNUON.S'h December next. at 4 o'oioek, w* will fe Auction Room*, tbat valuable traot of land on the Foarloentfe lUwt road,and j?at al ai -'a. _ <1 i a.; n * I i;<>:iri oi ins ouy, ip?r i.niuir.Diia to.iMi, ana ka vo on the f?t of the division ofthe'-Holniead" | MtAlt. re*ordod m th? ? ia. h'e rffioe M Lot S, Wl| tuning 23 sore* 4 perches of irtwM of forest tress, lotg known aa theffcrorite reaort for sio-mcs and pleasure parties. Th? icaa&oa la baaatual, the neighborhood good, tad it ia oonronient and UMtaibl* from ihe city by om of tha bMt roada in this vicinity. Divided it woald tut moat deal able building aitoe, the tract rxtondiog the grrator portion on tSa Fourteonth streo* road. u4 on toe north ou a a foot nm, a tart of said tract. It is watorod by riney Braaoh, which runs through it. and na**>*roa- springs. A'togotLor thia ia one of the most daairahle lo'e olisof on tha bo?"dariea of the Mitrotoiu; ud , a* the owner who rand am No th Car?.ina, |i*oa j peremptory orders to sail, it wi 1 off"->r an opportjQiti toacoure the aams at pro bah y a great aaen ? T*rm: One fourth cash, the balaaee in S. ft, U. aad S4 months, with interest. secured by a Mad of trust on the preim?-s. ?"21 WALL A BARNARn. Aeots. Br J. C. MoGUIRB * CO.. Aaetioaaera. r?,RUBTEK,8 SALE OF FRAME HOt'BE ahdLoti/ thbFikst Was a.-Oh MONDAY, the Stth day of December. At 4 o oloek ? m., on the pren,;?e*. by rfrtse of a deed of truet totaeeabMrftor, dated December St. ItSA. end only rteorded laLi^erJ A.8,No 1'2, folus ???< ?>? ,oneo u>e lan*l record far Washington en? 0. Cm I shA.1 eel I the vaet hAlfol Lot cnm >ere? five m ?*e?r? toe mmm MCHi-roar, fronting 90 root oa ?ow >?<? Mini *ith md 2l?i ?tr*cU, maniac bftok ftbost*?th?r with th? imp oreajaot*, ooMUtini of % imLllrMM d willing hoaao T?rmiOn* third eMk; the rwniiw ? Iu4 It oiilu, with idttrM, HMred by ft 4m4 ?rf trvt on the framim. 1. C. MoGl'lRE 4 CO., Amu. BO S hvtti QSETT BARdliNsllNWo h?*omarkad tlowao?r atiraatooh of hand lip* ? (H A..P larr? AA ? tmfl t Of ?7??? 0^<5r 5f3"3 MiM tliM ??? 11,*f olr ^ took W? t I'1 "? s? ?*4 gflggssgi.. ?^sr;i75FTHK Vfc*Y *}?* mIH, ,M.,Jsa^ i