Newspaper of Evening Star, December 1, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 1, 1860 Page 3
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t o r A I, N ? W 8. |^jTTh ?tar ptibllahea tbe List of Letter* TraniftloK in the Waatlugton City Pott Office und-r tbe provision* of tbe Uw directing them to \,e printed In the newapeper having the laig?wt circulation within the delivery of tbe offlre. its total daily circulation la more than douole that of any other Daily printed In tbe District of Colombia. | | trs~ Thoufb The Stab la orlnted on tbe fhateat f> J o ? Pl^sir prrM In use south of Baltimore, Ita edition I, h :cr?e u to require it to be put to pre? at an f??:v tour Advertisementa, therefore, should be ?in >*?ore U o'clock m.; otherwise they may B0; *prt-ax until the neat day. > -r'ry ? D1?trlct of Columbia Advertisements tc K- Sorted In the Baltixobx Scr are received nt and forwarded from Thi #ta* Ottce. tn* n'kw gpaid-hochi 1? flniih^d, or nearly ao. at last, and we congratulate the police, the magistrates, the disorderly, ?nd the i-nfortunate upon the fact, for it is a source <f r,sl ron_'ra*?lat'on all round that the old Uusrdhoute is fo be abandoned for better quarters. The 7,>w building seems, on examination, to have Ven substantially built The Interior arrange are everything that can be de?ir?d In a P ice designed for the temporary confinement of , tf-nders, as well aa for the protection of bouses*re~t wanderers On the first floor there is a 1 r In front for the use of the magistrates .! ?he trial of cases, fitted up with desks, etc , : id comfortably provided with beating and ven? 'l' ? inmratiu Hid* rnama tnr nrlwala ? - ......?-p r ? ,,"J?. .? ! i <-? em! atiwiS aad consultation*, coi.imunicate H *11 of which are arranged with referrnce to utility. Tbe rear portion of thi* floor 1* divided Into cell* for tbe conflnrment of those whose nocturnal prank* may perchance draw to* '.rde them the attention of the street officer* An iron ?ti!rway communicates with the upper floor, which lit* a drill-room in front extending tbe entire width of the building, and luitable for tbe evolutions, military or otherwise, of the Knights of tbe Target From this room a bail extends down the center, and on either side are the lodgers' . n*p r? r ? w i ht*A wwv, NtllJii*? warmth and general comfort The Potomac wat.-r 1* introduced into all the principal room*, and due regard paid to the arrangements for cleanliness Th? lot (which include* the Corporation -.rat#r-p1pe yard) is enclosed by a heavy brick wall, designed to be nine feet high, but not yet t- i?b?"d A feature of the building, novel to Washington, is the provision for a town clock. e are to have a real clock, and no mistake. No <i?mmy afTiir, that won't go, but a striker Let t:s not, however, b?? proud Let every man, wonan. and child show to strangers and to each .?> - . (Knt -?- A\*m * ? ic kuuk ? x. i/aii urai vu i uc w uuiivi* w i iu ui^n^F Pclick Mattxjls?Before Justice Cull.?Wm considered drunk, and on arrest and ximination wu declared to be so by the magistrate Willism paid the Corporation &4 for ftat drunk. Jehanna Noland, unfortunate creature, was hauled up for having nothing to do i?q-ifrv developed the additional fact that she -,s i had nothing to eat, or to wear; so the J us tire ).u(ninety sent b*r to the almshouse for 30 days J Smitb. M; Anthony, and .Mrs Rodgera were ? I 1 ^a^iiS<i>4 /\/ t/\ toa r <1 m <4 < * >* *'i ui'iiuiutiuiig ?u w bj uj a uiiuiu^ii* .; inhering Thev were duly lectured and fined, 'i'homas Sk?rrett. I" 9 Marine, wm arrested for Insulting unprotected females In the atreet He was required to pay a Hoe of 910 94 Mr Teachem whs accused cf throwing stones In the street, and the cbarue on investigation having b-?so rendered "iiiething more than probable, Mr. Ti-achem w^s tau?tt better than to do so again, and lined *1.56 James Little wru accused of breaking a municipal ordinance respecting orderly behavior a warning for the future, tbe magistrate made James pay Si 58 John Maddo* committed a ? ,i:ilar breach, and was lined a similar amount T'olly Oaraer b**can?e confused and boisterous. In nsequetice of sundry libation* more potent than 1 l b An TKfc nul v Vi I .r j V> rw in* 1 > (Wava * a m mi<s * i a a uv uti^uwia tuvii^ut ?? am a itiui* d-r. bot the po liceman said it wu bell co?e vrfc!sky So Polly went to the watch-house, and tieu to the workhouse. Tai Viigi?i;a Anivil CoxrixB*cK at Alkxa>d?i* ?iViaiA day. Friday?Daring the examination of character for admission, the Bishop stated that he had found great difficulty in fixing appointments, many of the district* Dot Ming able to sustain married preacher* l)r Lee advocated the young preachers marryin?. and uid that be had been looked on in his rarlier days as the Attorney General for such cases. II* urn* almi rl tr tn nnhliah (a mln'atru recantation of L i t;rinc:pl-? He would advise tl??- \oun;j men to marry not too soon, to serve ai long as Jacob did for Rachel, and be sure tha< U.ty *et Racbael and not Sarah. Among the applicants for admiMloa Jrsepb W Payne, recommended from Staunton Circuit. I?seed a creditable examination. Had an impediment In his* -eecb. Bishop?' A presiding Elder who could no) cure >* man of that in six months should be turned o"tof ofllce " Admitted. Pending a lengthy discussion on the question ol union witu the Virginia Protestant Conference at 1 o'clock the Conference took a recess until 3 o'clock, when this report closes. P*0ri*S01 A.tDIB*OS'S EXTIAOIDl.fAKT P*R fo&mascks ?At the theater, to-day, Mr. And-r ?in^!v>stwo performances?oneat threeo'ciocl and another at e ght His success during the pas v.*eek having shown a tendency to culminate, b< is to continue his magical evening* next week when, with %ie many arrivals reasonably to b< expected, he is likely to do a first class business W e hear a rumor to the effect that on Frida; evening next Mr Anderson will lay down thi w.nd of the enchanter, and don th? sock and but kin of the actor, to appear in his great charac'e of Rob Roy?one of most forcible of bis dramati impersonations, and one In which he has an t'eared in most of the latee theatres of the world \>f ~ K<?. In Via ..MAit.. uriwir una* in u<? U'VMiVHiV t.?i parity however. It will be wiae to witness hit magic For next \?fck be proposes s change of pro gramme and the Introduction of some astonlsbln] tr.< ks, which will possibly eclipse those he ha already shown His performances are especial! *veli adapted to the youthful members of the corn n.unity, aid are as highly instructive as they ar replete with entertainment. Res a wat i!(d Esc ah ?This morning, a fier young horse, attached to a wagon and driven b a voung man. started suddenly with his drivei from the corner of Seventh and D streets, runnin nnd kicking at a terrible rate The young ma attempted to jump to the horse's bead to catch th t>r>dl<?; but fell short, and was caught Dy the froi v.Leti the wagon, knocked down, and the tw wheels on on* side passed ovr him This sigl *o astonished the beholders that little attentlo was paid to the horse for a moment; bat theyonn man. b-ing free from the wagon, sprang up sn started in pursuit of bis horse. The animal ra for the Market Space, and rushed in among tt -vagon* there, causing great alarm. He wi topped aft>r having broken the shaft of a vehlcl standing there, and having lightly injured hin elf. The driver was uninjured, fortunate!; though he win coicp!etely coat?d with mud b being dragged through a puddle in the carrlat *?y SlMCUl ILUIM AXOSG THK Ml*t?TKR? A Alcxasdbi*?The Alei ndria Sentinel of ye tr-div savs that a number of the ministers in a . I *1.. -? tl _ tJ PA, 'nutncf upon iur im;uni ok iue 4Ht%uvui?? vm f'r?a eire suffering wt'.h terete attack* of illnei .Messrs Havnea and Wallace Duncan were flt attacked, but have recovered. Mrasra Smlli and Nixon were struck lnaenatble, the Utt being attacked while sitting down to breakfa yesterday morning. Mr Siniley waa yeaWrd; evening convalescent, bnt Mr Nixon wai atl speechless. and paralyzed in biarl^bt aide Son excitement waa occasioned yesterday morning 1 the announcement that Rev. Mr Ureenawi piator of the Methodist Protestant Church of tb city, had been also seized with audden illness. Tax Fisasiciax. Condition or the Coiroi Tioa?November being the month in which. I law, the storekeepers are required to renew th< annual license*! the Corporation Treasury t usually received during the month somewh? iwui uui froir that one source of recent This y*ar the amount received from atore liceur Lu only reached UUO. making falling off this respect of at leaat t*fl'.UUO The account the Corporation with the Bauk of Washington overdrawn some Se,COO. Ojib or iri viar bbst family paper* In 1 country, to wit, The Weekly Star, full aa uat of Metropolitan news and gossip, and choice lit ary reading, is now on oar counter reedy fee < livery to (be public. It Is just the paper atx all oUiera for cltiiens and strangers sojourulng the National Metropolis to reed on Sunday 01 s>-:i?l to their friends at a distance Price oi t^ree cell's per copy, or *1 per annum; poeti i repaid by sUmps when so arranged. Tub Third .National Convention of Union Prm Meetings will aaaemble In Waabintgton on lltb or Ufcemlxf ImUnt, at talf-put seven in . to continue Ita-sections, probably, throu the two following day*. Provision > rill be mi 'or tte entertai a meat of all delegate* report' tbemaelves to the Secretary of toe Waabtog l nlon Prayer Meeting, J. George Butler, prioi the 5tb of December. PiorusitrHi of H R H , Prince of Wi and ilte, at W blteburst's, 431 Pa av. Also J r-celv?d original photographs of Prince Alb tjueen Victoria, the Emperor and Empresa l- ' a-.iw_i.Ji ThU xtiliMahmeut ri?nvv, o.iu u?(ivu?i ? ?? ? reduced its prices almost ftftf per ceat. I Tn Tun Gkud Cot:llo? Pastt of Metropolitan Club, No. 1, it announced to es it at franklin Hall, corner of Ninth and Drtr* on Wednesday, December 9 For particulars. .4Tertl?en>eut la another ooluma ' ' ' Wasmisotos, D. C., Dec. 1,1W0. M* Editor?S?r : Having noting an article In your paper of the *8th alt , beaded " The Manner in which Corporation Work '}* done by Contract," and belle ring myseif to be one among I c.bers to whom allusion wu made, and aot with- < ing tbe unfa to: able impressons to go abroad which inch a statement is calculated to produce j in tbe absence of any information on tbe opposite side of tbe question. I bee thai the following statement of a few facts be inserted in your nezt issue, that I may be placed in a proper light before (Ka ni?Wl(> ?MV pU Wtlb As It respccts parti zin favoritism In tb? bestowment of contracts, as far as I am individually concerned. 1 do most cheerfully exonerate tbe municipal authorities from sny odium of that sort Although 1 entertain tbe highest respect for Col Berret, yet our political views are different, which 1 deem sumcient evidence that be could not be influenced in my favor by any partisan i feeling Tbe broad and sweeping charge aa to tbe manner in which tbe frater mains have been put down, the leaky condition of their Joints, Ac., greatly surprised me. 1 feel certain that every unprejudiced reader will at once conclude that tbe gentleman making tbe statement must have been misinformed. If Mr Fisber, or any other gentlemen who are competent judges of sucb work, will take the trouble to call and examine for themselves as the work progresses, they will be compelled to scknowiidye that it is lawfully and faithfully done. If It can be shown that tbe mains have not been placed u low as tbe law require*, (except where they have to be elevated to connect with others wbicb were put down laat year by otber parties. under a former contract,) I will obligate myself to lower them at my own expenae , and my lead bill* will show that the average quantity of lead uaed in connecting them ia about aeven pound* to the joint; and 1 am prepared to prove that the peraona employed in the execution of thia part of tbe work were both competent and reliable Since taking the management of the butlneaa into my own hand*, 1 have diacovered that aome des gntng peraona have tried to Injure me by deep K. liruira u prc?rui, IA p"wiwir, IUC piupci execution < f tbe work In one instance where pipe* bad been laid and yarned ready for tbe lead, a aet of toolaand a qmntity of yarn were clandestinely taken from me and used with raga and paper in Ailing tbe pi pea, so aa to prevent the insertion of a sufficient quantity of lead, but waa discovered and taken out, and can be produced when neceasary to prove the fact. From tbe manner in which it waa done, it Is manifest It was no mere prank of mischievous boys The work has been delayea at different times for want of materials to carry it on. At one time OAnai/) Vll? Was nanaiul kif m titan* #mta v,uiibium ?^ir uriay wo* vauvcu uj a nam ui ivui* way branches, and we are now waiting for lireplugs and stop-valves. 1 would, like to know in what way examinations have been made to see if lead was properly used, as gimlet boring or some aucb means may have caused the leaks complained of In r>gard to pipe* lying about the streets, 1 would ?tate that a little more than a week ago a place was designated for them by the Councils, since which time 1 have had a cart collecting them for safekeeping. Very respectfully, W. B Dykr, It Contractor for Laying the Water Mains. All React ?The Halls of Congress have been made ready for tbe session which commences on Monday next. In tbe Ilou*e of Representative* the new sofas have been ousted, and the old chairs and desks restored. The new sofas fare badly, having no regular abiding place, dome of them now afford lounging placea for spectators In the new Supreme Court-room; others are scattered about among the different offices and retiring' rooms connected with the main chambers. The removal of the Supreme Court to its present quarters in the old Senate chamber, has afforded excellent space in the old court room for the law library which haa been arranged therein neat new walnut cases Visitors to the Capitol have now a tine opportunity to obtain an Idea of the architectural beauty and magnitude of the new dome. The tirst section bavins been completed, the tern porary roof baa been raited to an altitude of upward* of one hundred and thirty feet The new roof ia nearly completed, and the workmen are b tally engaged in putting in the finishing atrokea. Laat uliiht and tbe nigbt before, the men were engaged all nigbt In removing the old roof by gia and candle light. By good management, the only accident which haa occurred during the progress of tbe work, notwithstanding the difficulty with which it was attended, the one by which tbe beautiful painting of the Embarkation of the Pilgrims waa so seriously Injured. Mt?ham of a* Alexandria Vessel.?The brig Crocus, C*pt Herbert, arrived at Alexandria on tbe*28th instant, from the lAmbero Islands, In a deplorable condition. The captain's wife had died on tbe Is ands on the '23d of October, and be set sail on his homeward passage on the '^th. with a crew of ten men. In good health. After three davs the mate sickened and was unable to do service the remainder of the voyage One sailor died with the billions fever on the 3d of November; on the 10th a young man fell from the topsail yard on the proof deck and was klllrd. Next day another sailor Inst his life by a similar fall, and on the 21st a gale aroae which carried away > aaila and spars, and an anchor, and nearly exhausted the efforts of captain, second mate, and . two sailors, who were the only ones of the crew off the sick list. Oa the arrival of the brig at Alexandria, the captain received a letter announcing the death of hia two children. Editor Star :?A monv the many lmprovementa . <0 process of erection In and around the Capitol, let me recommend to the proper authorities, [ ttr vnjb yonr valuable paper, the relaying of the crossing connecting the north aide of Pennsylva? nla avenue with the Capitol grounds. Probably , no one point la to much traversed during the sese aton of Congress as this, and the least inclemcnt weather, combined with tbe railroad crossing and f the frequent passage and re passage of the depot e omnibuses, from the soft and muddy ground on k either side, to make Its condition deplorable, r Scarcely any one, especially ladies, reach tbe c farther side as well pleased wi'h themselves as at i. starting. If some of the Capitol employees were detailed to keep It swep*, it would meet with pub lie approbation also. A u early Insertion may produce the desired effect, and oblige ?- Mast Travelers. F. f!wrnrw Thli rlmrrh hut '* been undergoing extensive improvements, wblcb ? are now completed. An entire new front baa l" been erected, In the Italian atyle of architecture, * with two towers, of pressed brick trimmed with brown atone The Interior baa been newly frescoed, pal nted,and upholatered in crimson damask, y with crimson Brussels carpet, and presents a very y attractive appearance The house will be re^ opened to-morrow. Serviceaat 11a. m. and 7 p m. n St. A.idbbw's Sociitt Scppib.?The full re>e port of this interesting festival of last night, pre>t pared for the Star, is unavoidably crowded oul o to-day by the great pressure upon our advertising it columns' It will appear In the Star of Monday, in SCrmtbal GVARDHorsB Casbs ?Robert Fenwick, drunk and disorderly; fine and costs, 15 in Jno Caster, do.; do. S3 15 Adam Vultee, do te do. t* 15. Six lodgers were accommodated U - le Ths Pctxam Piauhx, we understand, will v visit the Theater in uniform, on Wednesday even f, ing next. Covr.Hf ?The sudden ohanges of oar o'imatear< [e roe- of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Affections. Experience) naviug proved that simpli mn?<lies often act atp-?odiiy and oert?mly wh?i t t&k-n in the tarly sta es of the diaeaae, reooursi s- uul-1 at oaoe he had u> " Brown's Bronchia it- Troches," or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Ir - ritation of the T.iroat be ever so slight, as by thii precaution a more serious attack mar beeffeotuail: warded off Public Speakers and Sinters will fiw * them effectual for o.eariag and strengiheninc thi iy voiee. bee advertisement. de 1-ly ^ Hollowat's Pills and Oistmi.nt. Falling oj the Womb ?During the early stages o gestation, many young married fema es are subjeo >11 to a sinking of the womb, whiih causes them oon oe siderah e trepidation and uaeaainess. The Oinl by ment will bs fnunU mvaluible in these eroergenote v at it entirely dispei.ees with the necessity Tor pet !_i sari.s or meohaoical agencies The Pills will brae the enfe?bled organs, strengthen the system an secure the invalid from a future relapse. Thes metiieines are valuable in all complaints inoidenU a- to the feintle eex. Sold by all Druggists at 25c, 62< by ana 9 per bo* or pot. no26 1w s!r Wanted. ? flO.OOO Virginia, Corporation, o " weaning ton mm wuMa, in ex outage lor a tre kind a of Dry Good a, at Matthewe A ?4ore'a,&! le Seventh atreet, between I anil K, eaat aide. tf ** To tri ArrucTBD!? Be aure to read the advei 10 tinerne .t of MoLeau'a Strengthening Cordial ai of Blood Purifier, in another oofumn tf la ? HAARIKO. . Oa Thursday evening,the 29th November, by t) h* Rev. Henry tf. Weatwood, JOHN BtsNTZLEI 1,1 ofthia oity, to Aiiae ADAL.INU BIRCH, < er- Georgetown, I). C. Ma * >ve DIED, In On Friday,November.*),after a protraoted ai ' to a>jf!>ring il neaa, Mr. JA.ME^ VI.ViAlO.Ns, in tl sly aad year of hi a age. _ .... u,. The trienda of the family are respectfully invifc * to attend hia funeral, on $undar,at S o'elook, fro the residence of hia fcrother-in-law, John H. Go datd, Jr , oa M aUeet, between 6ch and 7ih ata. * f. At 10)4 o'elook, on the evening of the 30th Navei ,be be . Mra. VICTORIA, wife of Cnaa.T. Pope. Frienda and relativea are respectfully invited igh attand her No. 407 13th at., without ide more paruoular notioe. Ins Oa Uia 3fclh November, after an iUaeaa of ti ton months, THOMAS C. COX. aied 1? years, r to taonttit, and 10 aays May ha rest in peace. Hi* fjneral Will take p a?e the residence his mother, on G street, b?tveen 7 .ft a ad 8th at Island,on Sunday afternoon, Deoember Xd, ai u o'clock. ' I"? Oo the ZKh *oremhar. MARY ALICE THOl erT? A"*, 10 the lath year of n?r ace. "" AT f"!,t p a r::AT PAB the Notes oa alt s*irent haaks in Virginia, No Caro ma. 9outh Carolina and Georgia aken at i 25 lor KKADY-MADE CLOTHING. No mor.l pf prices. .NOAH WALKLE k CO , aaa r r tfifi P^QniT V&lltft &?Antti BO nit BrowB^i BiWlB, 9 RLIST OF LETTERS tfMAI.NI.N6 ? the roat Office, Waahilftoc City, D. C., Dtomber 1, law. (Ordered to be ioeerted id the Etshius Stab, it Mug the aewtp&per harint the lArjeet oirentotioa of any daily paper pablished in Washington.] All person* applying for letter* in the following list, will pleaae ur thor are iDYUiiiiD. LADIE9' LIST. Abbatt, Mm A Ford, Mri M?ry F Miliary. M ? Otliil AUundtr, >lr? Dowin, MnJmt M>tchell,Mi?Ui1? Miry A Fuikinki,Mn MR NieLo i. Miry T Brawn. Mri AIahia franklin. Lad* Prif MraM . r ? A n? Bell, Mr* A Greer,M<<*Aniii><l.i Pttiri. Mih Ellen Bin*. Mm Amelia Homy, Mr* Mtry Pattarton. Sophia Batlay, MiNMtriwi Hill*, M try F <&aiflev. Maiy Jan* Bowie, Mrs G W Hrffel, Mr* RowTfi, Mr* M iry Badftr, Mr* L H (Michiel Shalt.) Reed, Mr* Oli?*r Boirnwii,Mr*M'yH Hecoi. MUi Ad* A Redd-n, Mr* M J Btrk*r,Mr*AanieU Jouea, Mr* Amtli* Ron;*r?,Mi**Catt-'? Crff, Mr* Eltt'th Jon**on,Mr* M*rrt Schmidt, Mr* G F Can.p, Mr* R W Johnaon.MiuChar* 8niith, Mr* Sidnty Colliu*,Mi*i Pri*1* Joiner, Mr* J W Smith, Mr* Aojuata Cunning-ham,Mi?*V JordanMiailmoren* Springer, Rebecca Corcoran, Mi** Ann Johnatoo,Mr*M'yM Stewart,MraM irnE (Qao D Li>ni(*tM*)Knoi, Mr* Henry E Stewart, Mr* Bella C?ff*w?ll, Mi*? Kaufman,Mr*Sanh Taylor .Mr* SophtaB kiltie Leer, Mr* Ann Torvanno, Mr* Jaoa Dy*r, Mi** Elu*tll Luramoua.MraA.ina Thoiup*o<i,Mr*Em?r n ... M... M. i. m m u ur j m m v i/?nni?, wiin wi?7 iki, ifitsi'itijiu friru, mri cpuhii t Ain Murray.Mtaa Liiji* Well*, Mr* Ellta Edwird*, Mr* A Maddox, Mr* M'yG W**d, Mi** Maf Fr*BCh.Mw*Alic*L Maftnder, Mary* C ttKNTLEMEN'S LIST. Anderioo, W? Eaaton, J*me* McArdee.S Andrew*, TK Edward*, Jno C MeLain, Tho* Armoad*, Mr Ellia, Henri McCobben.Thoa?3 Alden, Jam** Edlemau, Cha* McCallcfh, W H Allrnt, Harvey Kiaoey, W W McLean, Wm Andnw*, Qamett Ferjuaon, J***i* B Norrn, Jno d Albright, F K Foriuan, Alfred O'Beirn*, Mr Arnntronr, A Gray, Jaa T O Sullivan, J Barker, Wm Oaniir.Oeo T O'Rourke.C Borgct, Wm Oor*t, D W Palmer, W H Bright, W H Grove, Dewitt Porter, Sidney B Baird, Thoe H Harper, W A Pike, J?* L?i Beckett, Tho* Hal**, W H PUnuman, Jno Briaco, Param Hatching*, W E Palley, J P T Baamgra*, Pet?r H*y,Tho*W Phillip*, J W Boyd, Mr Harr*ll, Solomon Phillips, Ja* Bonn, M Hammer, Jae V Pile*, F B H...a urm U?tti?h l.maa II Pr.alAn n Baillenx, Mr L Harrieee, Heury Payne, C II Borne, Juo F Hall, G W Price, C M Boyd, J Hockendorn, G M Parker, Cl?*e Biiler.J H*oiton, ? Piereon, A T C?8 Brantett, Jno Habner.CH GuirUf ro, J A?I Beuter, J C Hay, Augastue Roberta, W C Boweo, lame L Hatcn, A Roy, J P Brown, H K?2 Heward, W D Rodrere, Geo I Barrett, H W Johoaou, W H Reea ft Co, C M BoirdioAii, H C Johueou, R W Slinfrland, Rot J Browu, Geo Jewell, Capt L R Sill, Peter B Botimer, Geo A lneley, Capt Jno 8i;e, O G?9 Born, Geo Jordan Jno R Stephene, L E Barlow, Fred 8( Johneon, Ebeceier Stewart, Jno N Bailay, FB Kelley.Wm Sh<.w,J.uB Baker, Edward K?tch?m Orlando Scott, Jno B Bokee, D A Keeae, Harnue Sandereon, Jamea Boyden, C D Kriege, M Steaddinge, J A Bo.twick.RW Kelly, L Slinrerlaod. J Bradford, C C K?poo,JnoH Sulliian.JJ Brown, Andrew J King, Jaa B 8chnable. E B Brady, Andrew Kearney, E 8 Scott, Danl B.rlow, Albert Knota, Conrad Sweet, DP Ca?erly, Z B Kendall, A L?3 Somera, D E Crawford, W H Larken, Jaa F Smith, C W Cojgawell, WW Lewie, J B Smciear, Cbaa E Carbank, Wm D Lacey, Jno Smith, Chae W Carroll, Wm H Lincoln. Henry 8 Stewart, BT Conner, Thoe Lewie, G F Bmith.AJ Claar, Thoe Luflen, Geo Ipirrov, F Clark, 8*rol Ltodou, C B Sowers, Stephen Cullen, Matthew Lannfht, C B Smith, Richd H Ccrnoobr, P?t Lewie, Constant Triplet, Thorton Clark. Jno H L trac<iuee&B*rlow Ttiomu. P Clark. Janei H Lema, B Towner, L, W Chandler, J B Myer, Wm Towlea, Jn B Costgao, Jno?3 Mitchell, Walter Thompson, Jesses Claytn.JasW?3 Marahall, Wm Throope, H P Col line. Jno W Mitchell, Thoa Ventreaa, J A Canrn.JJ Mitchell, Thoa A Vickera, R H Connors, Jno Murray, Thoa R Wllumi, B D Cook.HD Maranall, 8 8 Watson, ThosP Campbell, Geo C Milla, 8 D Webster, Natbaa Cowbell, Geo Maupin, Prof J Webb, J W Carroll, D Mirick.R White, J L? 1 Courcey, Chaa 8 Mojre, Richd II Wile*, James Cook, A J Mills, M irk Waesanbarker, J Collins, A L?3 May, Jamea Wiikina, J K Clark, OE Mead, J II Wilsou.JD Coffee, Alfred Madden, Henry Wradon, Geo [tarmna. W Mackenhamer.GeaS Williacna. H C Dr<ke,ML Mowell, E Wheeler, D De?<ughn, J B Mmufhiu, E Ward, C 8 Dunilum, in B Morrison, Re? A M Young, W H Dor*n. EC MeCanua, Francis Yalt.O Daniel, W C Me iLirncy, J nnei Yatea, Ed Downu-r, Cha? MeF?rland, Jno Zienmi, L Elliott, Sirol McCarty, M M MISCELLANEOUS ?The Hon the 8enor Zoeanrz, Mima ter of Salvador aod GautemaU; L. L.; D. C. IC7"Litti*? xvit ih all casks biPmfaib. 1>o 1 WM. JONK3. P. M. Direct Importation from Parii bt in. n i ii ti i A 32 Market Spate, Wathingto*, D. C., ond 7 Cit Trevise, Pari*. My stock of FINE PaITTsIAN FANCY OOODI ia mott oomplet> now in every branch, and Ladie will do well to impect my atook belore they par chase any where ?iee, to convirce themaelvea tha my gooda cannot be surpasaed in b?auty, elerano<? arrl quality by any others in the market Havin taken the greatest paina i* aeloctin* every artiol myself when in Pa-is, I have no hsutation to ov them the moat fashionable produces fr in 1'arii hut ladies will ha the beat judges for theinaelvei and I only call their apeciai atteatiun to the<oilow inr articles: Ve vet and Cloth Cloaka, elegant in atyl* an i.?. r . _ > i .l.i j.:_. 1 quuny.i r inu:es hou cniiurrn; lioim naiiera, iu Itdie-i and children; French bonnets, Floweri Feathers and Ribands; Seta ef Fiowera, oompose of head dress, booquet for the breast, and wreath for trimminfc the dress; munificent Party l?-esaei and wreatha to match; Wreath* for the Hair, i every style and qua ity; elegant Velvet and Gol Ornamented Head Dresses; a great variety in .\e' for th? hair; Fan#; Silk and ? ace Cuffs; Velvet a> La<e buva; Cheni le Scarfs; hand-oine emtiroic ered Zouav??s and Zouave Shirts: a fine asaortmei in Ur. a* Trimmings; Trimmingsfor Party Diesae Gilt Beita. Braids, Buokieaand Buttons, of the !>ei I n..M. Unit, fnr Kn.a A A Ij'"'1" ?jUU??*? CUil>? **?? U'?J S, ?vv> I will tell th<* handsomest and fine t goods at ver low prions, havmt a very largo stock on han< which I *i?h to reduce as inuch as possible b-loi 1 tase another trip to Paris ctL?i ?c?w'f \1 " INDIA RUBBER GOODS. 1"1Y Arrangement* this fall will enable ma to ?? Rl'HIlKK GOODS, consisting of? Mtt'! Ladies'.CMdrens and .VI'sses'SANDALS OVERSHOE* and BOOTS, fll Boys'OVERSHOES and SaNDALS, *1^ Men's K'p or Fishing BOOTS, Do Knoe or HiiDti"! do Do SANDALS and OVER8ROE9. At 10 ?or c<?nt. below the usual p-ices of this yea for oaan. Men's and Boys fine and course BOOT GEO. C. HEN NINO, no I3-3t*w2w Seventh st.. Island, The notes of all solvent banm KORTH AND SOUTH TAKEN AT PAR. CLAGETTA MAY All* n I O D?:tlUt WUk k '"II UH/W* V* EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN DRY GOODS at an immense saorifioe to close out by the 1st J*nu*r?. Fine Goods "f every detoription at about half co wring aiong tout Virginia and other us k not And get in exohange Seasonable Dry Goods about half the usual prices. {T^Terms positively cash. ^ CLAGET f A MAY, no 24-6t 3*24 Penn. ar. bet 9th and 10'h sts J| A T 8 AND CAPS! The !at??t New York style of GENTS' DRESS HATS, now on hand. _ H !I ^TiiTHnnrATOSNHiww. 4^ 'I 'ffiSS.'tofr, > I iiK?.Sf*?* MBortmento< Picture C< i| ^*?'ad ri?^ *L^*_,Z5* *',4-?? ?' ? * ruronasmg tor oain, ?no tuuvmii no oia to Moomuluc parson* n?odi"g the above go< will find it to their advantage to give me a call. f All work executed and superintended by jra< 1 oal men who have aerved a regular apprentioea] > at their trade. Satiafaotion guarantied or no par required. Please give ma a call. Rememb*r the number f JOHN tyARKRITEK. I No. 486 Seventh atreet, eight doora above _ no>4 eoltft*if Odd Fellowa' Hal Window shades at first cost-i took of all kinde WINDOW SHADBS '* the store of (LAG F>TT & alius * consisting of elegant Gilt, Landscape, Gray F " eilled and Gothic Sty lea, ia perhaps the moat c< * pl'ta variety to be found any wnere in thia city, d Alao, all widtha SHAD'S LINENS, in M ' White, Blue and Green, wuh all tin fixture* Alao, PICTURE OORDS. CORDS and T SELS. in aeta, for Pictures, Picture Nails, i A fanny and plain head. ^ Alao, beautiful TIDIES, in all aisea. At ooat for the oaah. no XI eo6t CLAGETT & DODSO [: rr?HE CHEAPEST PLACE to buy Cloth u 1 Furnishing Goods, Hata and uapa, is ? SMITH'S. No. 460 Seventh street, oaeosite I - offio*. "" y i ; ^/2MAMMOI??OY8TER8?ii/ HARVEY'S. Tljeiinderaiined hae juat ? reoeived a large ?upp!y of the fineat O YSTKR9 of the imiod, and beg a It to call the attention of hi? frienda and the publi ad the laci mat ne naa enlarged ni* samon. ai a* now able to supply all who may favor him w. oall with ROASTED or BOILBD OYSTER: ?d the shortMt notioe. T. M. HARVKY, m No. 981 C *t., between 10th and llth d no ? ( pp '?ite Theat n* At FRENCH X^CHBTEpfc'a. 9T6 Pa . Agentt fm tk* wkoU World. 10 Polka Bonca. alecMtly bound, printed on t ;? paper, rail Turker Gi t; arte* #1?if sent by mi The Moral History or Woman, from the Kr ao of Emaat Lecore, translated by J. W. Palme 4 DAl!o?ila1rion Har'and'a Book*, Newest*. I of Side, Hidden Path and Alone; pnoe eaoh 91. a., mail r< i * UOUSKkFUPKR'S KNCYCI.OPKDIJ 11 Useful Information to the Housekeep VI- r.nokerr and Domestio Boonovy, 1 rol ; i L *\food. and W*t#r?. jt the StauMi and Ra r rnt Si i&*s???is<3?!Bflar3tiilS [. BO 14 onMrofma??T.MMUH i , - BALLS, PARTIES, kc. , OUR CNUO^aR*GHT5ORr'WRONe! 1 The member* of the METROPOLITAN CLUB No. 1 take great pltaanr* 111 ann unoinc to jl their fri*aaaaod the pnHio in general thftt 91 tie:r third GRAND COTtLLUN PARTY/? will take alaoe at Fkanklin H au.,corner ofugm I !\in:hand Dtti.on WKDN'RhhA V , I>eoeni.>-r 5. The CinsiDiLtee pl^rn thera?<??T?a t at neither piinx nor expsna* willbe aparrd to make thia the very best Party of the aaaa n t^ft'oedMr'a oelebrated coUl'.on mnaio haa bwn *^a?*i for U?e oocaaion . nei*M r my osma, aa mining ? jcnuamai aca laJie*. Committee tf Arrmmfemtnts. I rii?r!?a LeaoU. l??n. M Jtltr sh> H?fj?nun Leach, Albert Satdo, Wuu H CIimm?t, Jm Ca h^t. It* A GRAND SOIREE DAN9ANTE Will h? (iven at g% FRANKLIN *ALL. ?f (CV?<rr of D *nd NmtK J1> On tuesday. Deofmbar 4th, 1860, Ui Fur tn? benefit of a m*?. maiia. long's ruti r n to ehqlasd. Admission Fifty Cant*. Door* op?n at eight o'clock. no SCMt* , Hi kram run 1mb hickory:?The mem- < ber?oftheHlCK"RYCLUB tak?pl?as- g% ure in announcing to]th*irfrie ds and the pub- Jtw , lio in central that th?ir fifth GRAND AS /In 8EM BLY will take place at the \Va<hingtonuflA Assembly Rooms on MONDAY EVENING, Deo. 3d. The Committee pledge them?elve* that neither a pain* nor expense will be spared to make it the > part; of the season. Prnaneri's b\nd has been engaged for the occasion T ck>-ts 50 o?rfs, adm.tting a gentleman and ladies. IS. B ?Pos tively, no bats ( or caps allowed to be worn in the room. Committee of Arrangement n. , A. F. Taff, A Doutlas, J. Muloara, R. Coleman. Wm. Braly, no SO 2t* PERSONAL. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE.-The underV/ signed having this 5*th day of November, 1880, i formed a copartnership under the name and firm of Hamilton, Bao. k Co.,for the purpose of cam inr , on the Painting and Gutta Perch* Koofinc Husinoss; the* willoontinue the same at No. ."> 1 'J Sev- , enth street, of late oooupied by H. \V. Ham' 'ton in ' tiie nmt buuneu. H VV. HAMIl.ToN, O. HAMILTON, _no30 3t G B. CLARK. , A STROLOGIST. J A MADAM I. DEVISE. Dn not fail to visit this iixowxkd lady before ah? leaves the oity. All who are la trouble of any kind, go at onoe to her- MaJame will bring anyone to y?u and cause them to love you ; will r-take 1 speedy marriag*a and grrat good luck ; will advice in regard to Lawauita, Travels, Loaaea. Numbers, Ac. Office and Reception Rooms at Richmond House, corner Eighth and D sts.; privato entrance on D st. Gentlemen also call no 23-l2t* ( \1ADAME MORRICE, the Great Astrolol"i <?18t and DocTR*ss,/rojn Europe.?Thia highly gifted and intelligent lady can be oonau ted on the Paat, Present and 1'uture Events. Call at No. 403 Eighth at., between G and H, Washington. no2-lm* ~ WANTS. WA N TED?By a respectable woman,a SITUATION as cook in a private lamily. Address Box 7, at this office. It* tlTAN'TF.D?Br a resoeetahle Tounr woman, a ? ? SITUATION a* cook, vuher ami ironerina private family, or child'* no.-a*. App.y at No. 43 k street, between 26:h and 27;h sts., from 8 to 12 o'o'ook. It* WANTKD?A SITUATION to do housework or washing and ironing, by a woman who deal re* to jot a steady plaoe. >he will endeavor to g>ve satisfaction. Please address a note to Box No. 7, Star Office. do l-3t y^ANTKD?A neat two or three *tory DWKLLING-HOUSE containing five or six room*, f^r a Binall family, located in a pleasant part of the oity. Address JAMES RYAN. Washington eity, D. C. de ]-3* WANTED?A GIRL as narse, and a first-rate OYSTER SHUCKER. Apply at No. 3? Pa. avenue, r.ear 6th st. no av-2t* WANTED-A WOM AN, or girl, to cook and do housework. A German preferred. Apply i at JOS. SCHAFFIELD'S Confectionery. Sixth tt., between G and H sts no 30 2t* ANTED?A CASH CUSTOMER for a restaurant doing a good business and in a good 1 locality ; is a first-rate place for a hoarding houce For particulars inquire at YOUNG A KEPH ART'S Liquor Store, No. 2S9 Pa. avenue, be3 tween 9:h and 10th its. no 30-3 .* WANTED?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Persons dec ining housekeeping, or having >, a surplus of Furniture on hand,can obtain thecash g and fair prioe* by applying at 369 Seventh st. e no 17 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. r U/ANTED IMMEDIATELY?From #5 to ' W fioJionworthoi SECOND-HAND FURNI ' m ii r- >_ii i_ e l i_ t : n mn&ui tia sums, lor wruon i win ^uaraniy u> pay the highest price*, and, as usual, at the shortest nod Uoe. R. BUCHLY, ,r Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, fcc., , oc 9 4 09 7th st., bet. U anil H, east side. ' LOST AND FOUND. n d I OST OR STOLEN?A small TERRIER Li DOG.Ibiack and tan.) with a leather oollar. His ears lop over hi" head. *1 n \j0 ?wa to the name of Pet-?. Whoeverre?? 11 turns him to 303 O street will be duly rewarded. J? de 1 at* ' / tAMG TO THE SUB3CKIBER. on the mornv \j intoflh8 DARK BAY MAKK.pv i[. blind in one eye. I he owner wi'l r "*?" TiT mO re cojie forward, prove property, pa* chaises and take her away. JOHN B. ABEM,, First Ward Livery Stable, 0 ?t., jj de l-3t* between 17th & 18th ste. II OST.?Lost from a ferriage this morning, volLi umes 10 and It of Nli.ES' REGISTER, newly bound The finder will receive a suitab'e k reward by leavine them at the office of the Star. a a tnaiA vnliimat Kftlnnr to th? iat lhav rA r\f more valte to the owner than any on? else. jieljtt . t ? C A REWARD.?My house was entered on Tuesday eveninr.the 27th Nov., at al>oat half pacts o'clock, a*d robbed of about $100 in ? cash? in co d, cons stin; of 920 cold piroe, >9 $10, and ?5. and 81; in pap?r. about 350 or (CO? one note of 92" on the Fhil'ipi Bank. Va.. and the other not recollect*!. I will par i V) tor tlie appre hensicn and canviotion of the thief. del 4t \V. P. NICHOI.L8. Q1A REWARD.?Lost, Oof. 13. 186'J, between *35 IU Washitgton d?pot and Potimio boat, a of S'Tiall BOX marked " (? G. Andrews, 6<>Idsboro', North Carolina," containing Gilt Military Butst. t'?ns stamped with ooat of arms of North Carolina es The above reward will be paid for the return of ?t the same'o tha office of Adams" Exp-ess Co. fle 1 at,8TT P. 8. MoLAUGHLIN. Att. ?in REWARD?Lost,on Wednesday morn C1U inr. between Four and-a-lialf st. and the 1_ Capitoi. a POCKET BOOK , containing $42<prin - 11 _ ir: \ Ti. - ?;iT cipi?uy % i rKiiJi* iiM'iirrj* f Alio iiuuor WI.I irucivr the above reward by leaving it at this office. no an 3t r BOARDING. ^ \1 EAI.S.? A few gentlemen having sleopin* ac1*1 oommodatians can obtain Meals on reasonable terms at No. 364 D street, between 9 h aid t, 10th sts. de l-6t A GOOD BOARDING HOUSE ?Good BoardLK 2A. ing can be obtained for ten or twelve persons, with good and convenient Rooms, with a family on Eighth St.. No. 406 between O and H sU , near the ?,i Patent Offioe, for $4 per week. Apply immediately au at the above number. de 1 3t* )r(* DOARD1NG.?A family, or two or three gentle. 1? men, can be aoc >mm<>dated with MoardatNo. ifii 433 Ninth street, one door south of F st. Terms >u" moderate One of the (arrest and most deii'ahln t Room* in the house, furnished with water and km, LV" ? now unoocupied. Tab!? Boarders leoommo P rfa'ed. no 28 3t*_ HOARDING.?Good Rooms, comfortably furO nixh^d, can M obtained at 273 P street, be tween 13th and 14th, on moderate terms, with or without Board. Location oonvonicnt and very 1; pleasant. no27 2w* rhe ??? K&SHRBf en - I >rnuff, K 8- fSfiiKl I % sdft f he gem of the bearon. I havo this day r?o?ived, par F.xpreaa, tha Latoi Btr*s of GENTS' FASHION ABl.fc DRK* HAT8;?lao,? large and full aupp y of FR?> NCI SOFT HATH, of til atylaa. ior Men and Boy ' * m " ? ivf aAA/ia i I a raa . aka ?? "T, HIVM? VI >??*? (Wua m-m >w( SH<a sell at exceedingly l<?w prioes. A oaU where yu . av, <*n t*t exactly what you want is olioitod. hopkinr, oned . Corner of 8i?th e\ and p*. *v lil ? H ?w Sitno/tkI Wk ilt Pear. r;m. City steam firewood mills ss?bT p ? COAL AWI> D"POT. ,21 Foot ?f StMHUentk ttrcit, below War Departing* i~9t ^OOD reared, any length and rise, to eg r in the wants of etoh ? a ro turner rrioe COA- -Kb FT IS CO A I. HOUSES, erote-U . T Ju* we*th?r-^delt?er?d fr*e fr m slate, dii eket, and other impurities. lbs. to me ton ?? tA ?r ? T.J. A W, M. WALT, W"W 8M Fa. a*.. b?tv. lith aad lttk sts inf m. I OTEINWAY * SOWS'.m IAVKN, BACCI iff* * S Jt Co ' Overstmni W? tlio b'it ik .? t2tonsws?j I. GEORGETOWN. Ctrrtspondmee of The Star. rmmitowi. december 1* 19? There waa only Ike average attendance at the regular meeting of the Republican Association last evening. A favo able report vru made from the committee appointed to solicit subscription* * For "that ripper The secretary. Mr H D:*!ne, * in a few plavful remarks, censured members for * their want of interest In the cause, manifested br 1 their son-stu ndaace at the regular meetings of Ike Association, lis hoped the committee to so- r licit subscriptions would be empowered to make ? ill necessary arrangements for the supper, snd t lllitlr a motinu tn Hut wKUk iris ? ?-- ?> V ?TU|VH ???? VUlliCU) lnd the Association adjourned B A considerable quantity of pork of good quality ? has arrived In wagon* during the week It is worth this morning, from wagons, 9&mS 50 per 100 lbs , retailing at ?7. o About 800 cattle were offered at Drover's Rest c yesterday; 3<Q were sold t j butchers at fri CaJ 13 per 100 lbs , or an average of S4 75; ICHt were sold ^ to go to the country; the remainder were driven to Baltimore. '' Those of our citizens charitably disposed will ? io well to notice the advertisement, in another column, of the aupper at the Mission Chapel, on rwrntieth st , In your city, on Mopday evening next, for the beneflt of destitute children Notice the advertisement of money lost. In an- a nuer column ine Under. ir%e or abe bu a con- f clrnce, will, under the circumstances, return tbe n uoney to the owner. Georgetown'idvert'mts V 3-"NOTICE.?The ftrst annual meeting of he JvJ? Third Kuildi:;n Association ofGeorft'iwn riTl b# held at :he Council Chamber on TlT SDAV liVKMNti next,ai7 o'clock. An election of offiterntooerv* during the ensainoear will he held n the afternoon, a a for that purpose the Judg a knd th? Secretary will be in attendance Irom 4 to 7 >'e'ock. By order of the Boarddel 3t WILLIAM KINO. See. rO'T-On TnankiRiviae Da*, either on First i D . .3 i r?*r*rsinr?ni ? > ?? I UWI11&U ur C"TO'?nu EVB . r IT I JMHi 1.AR8, theall of* widow. The finder will be *ait a kMy rew%r<1ed by leading the urns with ULU. W. BKAI.l., 130 Bridge *t. It | A NEW CONFECTIONERY. S t\ EBEmT Begs to inform tne peop e of Wa?hng'on and Georgetown that he intends to re?.p*p, . >n Monday, the M of Deoember. the Confectionery 1 *tore recently occupied by Mr. Amy. No. ?4 Bridge street. G>or<etown, Where he intent* to ( teep the choicest good*. He i* a.*o prepared to . [urni?h Bali*, Parties, Dinners sod cuppers at , moderate char es. de 1 2t* A. EBERT. 1 (CORPORATION OF GEORGETOWN, hlS , y TRICT. MARYLAND, and VIRGINIA \ BANK NOTES at par for Groc ries, aid thrte { Hollar* in specie given in change wner. two dollars Wii th is bought at Tenner's, corner Mieh and r Bridge streets, Georgetown. DC. t Thd subscriber will continue te sell at the sams , prices as batore the suspension His stock is arce mid well assorted, comprising a'most ?rery article usually found in a first class Grocery Store. Also now on haud and constantly receiving <ln * ring the season large supplies ol fresh slaughtered i Hogs, suitable tor familv use. 1 no 2i-6t. W. H. TENNEV JUST RECEIVED- ? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rico SUGARS, i lfiobbls.w.d RyeWHIMtY, l 250 Mils. HERRING and ALEWIVB8. SO libls. ''rushed and Refined ;?UGARS, So bags Rio and Java COFFEE, lohhds.dow priced) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. se 10 I J 100 BBLS. OF FRIMEC1DEK. U*T Arrived and for sale cheap (or cash. no 13 ARNY A SHI NN. MASSEY, COLLINS ft CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT A LE.-We are constantly rnneivinr frenh anneliM of tlm ahnv# ht'n1 ho*. er&gc, and invito ail persons who want a pure unadulterated A it. to rive it a trial. ARNY * SHINN, Arenta, fee I? 6wn ft.. fiw>rc^'nwn. FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otktr Salt and Rent" adttrt***ments, tte first pagt ] PLEASANT SUITS OF ROOMS TO LET. witli Board, at No. 4S0 Twelfth at , between E and F. Apply next door, at No 4"'2. dt* 1st* Rooms for RENT-Two Clumbers and a c 'rr.fortably Furnished Parlor,at No. 33-Vcorner of K and Eleventh st?.- de 1 Gt* f^URNISHED ROOMS TO LET.?Persons I wishing the shove wiil find two hind^om? p*.iors and thren ehamb* ? at No. 'ill Pa av?*iue, near y r pposite Wiilard*'Hot 1. d; 1-.1** I^OR RENT-Two suits of veil H RMSHKIi RO< >MS a' moderate pr ics. or if desired will be rented separately. Appfv at 4.T.1 Eighth at., ber wt'Mn <? anil II ?. t m . ilirpntl* nntfli of ti.? I n'Ant Office. de I -3t TO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND OTHER!4?For rent, auit* ul PARLORS avd CHAMBERS, haudBomely nrniahni, at I. AI??LER'S Confectionery, opposita Kirk rood Houpe. <le 1 3t* ITOR RE NT-A two-story HOUSE, on O street, r between 6th and 7th, containing 5 room*, recently *ep\ired and painted. Arpiv to BALDWIN IlROTHtRd, corner First aiil It etc., near i>cpot. da 1 3t ft^URNISHED ROOMS F<?R RENT.-Severa! a neatiy furnish d Roonn can he o< tamed at r -a aonab'e ratee on application at No ,V2 Third street east, Capitol Hill three squares from the Cap to'. The family of the advertiaer conaiata of two pe sona, and ho children. dej_?! 6t* FOR SALE OR RENT-A fine DWELLING HOUSfc', containing 11 'oom* auJ lino jard, aituatrd Ji02 1 at , between SiOth and 21 at ??a. K. r terms please icquire next door of Mr. FU UIGNANL d? 1 lw* ncil YICU L'll OlinMd roll Bl'VT Tulra rv 1% A ~ I OII 111' IV .U U 1 V IV it 1 J ' ft w vt ? v handsomely Furcished Factors ar:d Clumber*, ui n'ile either for a arce party or thre* flifprert families. An experi?"ced cook in th- lnm-rriei.t wi 1 supoly meals. Apply at No. 2.?0 on F. betw- on lSih and 14th st?. do I 3t* FOR RENT-The HOUSE and STORE,on Pv avenue. First Ward, oppositethe Seven Bu.'dmgs. The store is at p cs.-ntoccupieJ by Mr. D? r a* a shoe store. Possession given h* th? l?t of Deoembor next, or before For particulars p ea?e inqui-e of Mr. DYER, at the store, or at Mr. CAR ROl.'S, next door. del-lw* WM FMMFRT. PLEASANT SUIT OF F U RMS H E l? ROOMS to rent at No 422 Twe 1th ktreet, betwecA H street and \e? Vr rk avenue, ct>r<si-ting of parlor, chamber. dininc roem a d pantry, with the privilege of kitchen and cellar, lute'l to s journert in Washingt n ia the winter. ? lso, o e large Room inthe second story and three Chafb^i in tne third story. ?<e '-3'? Large and very handsomely furnished Front Room*, on first and ?<?coaii Hon s, may bo had, with Board, at No. 3^9 F street, |>,? ic-een am ar.u iwn sis. rersons nwroua ??i locating themselves for the winter will do well to app.y. no 30-3t* MR8. BANNERMAN.Pa avenue, nrar Third st., has famished and fitted np her hoa*e for the eoinfort and convenience ?t those who ma* desire either permanent or transient Board, on moderate terms. Table boarders aocommoJated. no an-st Cj^OK KENT?Three beautilul PARLORS, in 1/ the hous^ 8351 (J street, corncr Fifteenth st? occupied last session of Congress bjr Hon. Mr. Humphrey, are cow for rent. Alto, tho i ariors now oocapied b? F. de Haas Janvier. E*q . in the same hou?e. There are also several fine Kooins suitable for single ceatlem'nor small families with or without hoard. no 2t* Ah andsom e cottage andm ac ?* r.s ?'f Land f r rent, within 6 nr.le of Washington and 4 of Alexandria, n>*ar Half's Cross Koads Possession si ven immethatelr. * his farm has licen used ai a market garden, and la highly productive ; has every variety of fruit; strawberries and poaches in abundance. Apply on the premise*, or addroes, at Alexandria, E. S. PLUMMF.R. no?-3t* (Alex. Gazette.) TO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.-For rent, handsomely and newly furni*hed su'.teof PARLORS a*d CHAMBERS, No. 391 K stree' n rth, between 9th aad 10th sts. Apply on the premises. no 28 3-.* Furnished rooms for rknt. or the hvf of a Furnished H>use. with a family where there are lo children. Apply at No. 26* Vermont avenue, between 11 and I sts. References given . and required. ro 17>OR SALE OR RENT-A three st ry-?id1 basement URICK HOUSE, with l?ack-buil<imc.on E street, between 2d and Sd streets, north side For further particular* lr quire at the housef<irnishinr store of MeGREGOK ft CO., No. 530 Seventh st, opposite Suter, Lea ft Co.'s Banking Hdu ?e no 28 1 w w / t t n i\ t vn nnoua a c.^ u nc._ Bwa.C\*s a.^iu nuumo?.i duo rn-i:i vnam b?r, and other Koomi, with Hoard, may be ha?l at No. 449 Twelfth at., cant ?ide, between G auJ H. Table Boarders also aocominoda'ed. no !6 5t* _ i?OR R ENT?A four story brown front UWKL I. LINO, situate on Thirteenth at.. |.etw<-en I, and Maov&rhutettd av.oneof the most do*iraM< looat-.ons in the oitT. The house is furnished witl marMe mantles ; also, gas ami water fixtures, Witt hath-room. Inqui*> at WM. P. SHKDU'S Fancj Store, So. 3Q< lt>st oc W ilt' !t I?OR RRNT-A brick i>WKL1JNO-HOUSE fj r No. W:iO Sixth street west, betw^n M and p 11 nnr?W onntair.iD# fl arul ft. KitflheS. '!*? TT moderate. App r next door north. do 24 i * u r<()H RENT-Two ROOMS ia third *tor).a< r joining,with water an?l km, or & fine i'AKLOR liehied with gas in itecord story, in a plcaeai t pai or the city. Term* low. Appl> on to* premii?e< No. 496 Mas*, avenu.-, b?twe?n 4th aad 5'h ?u north side no 16-tf |?0R 9ALK?A amal! FARM of3"aorec, situate I. at the Lilt!* Fall*, having a comfortabied wel inc-honae, oorn bouse, stables, Ac ; well-feno* " and watered; within four milia of Wanhinpton; ! tore* in cultivation, the balance in handsome worn ?* land. It is peculiarly desirable as a country res denoe, being perfectly health) auu most roisanuoa *J ly situated : xcolleat fiahiDg and hunting. I nam Marriott, bndje keeper, OR RKNT-A three ?tory hnck HOl SK.oO taininj 8 rooni", Jn go >H order, ailii ga? f" iN tnree complete, on H *t eet l>*?Treen 4lh Htnl 5t tw Alao. a two-?tor? b/iok COTTAWK, with lar, yard attached, corner of F street north an Utb eaat. To pHMtual and reliable teaanta the ten i swins's:A"* " " Tw,"i1W *4- *' a #?*> a * *? '#*. ! * THE LATEST NEWS * TELJ?QEAPUIO.rIke Sewi (rim k?ilk Carcllu. CnAKiK?TOM Nov 29 ?Aaolber meeting of >ank director* ?u bald th.a roorniag. aaa all i?r*-?d lotusi-iid tmmrdlateif, notw llhalaadlng bat moat cf tlirm ran pay dollar foe dollar la p?rir |tl?dffm?d probable here, from nformatloa pcrlT'*d to-d?y, that Mr Yancey will be appoint* id by the Alabima I^sialature the romcniaa oner 0 attend the South Carolina raanaitiM It It MOW ctaiidffHl rwuia hwr that the ?rd1lanrf of arcraslon wilt be psased H tber oa tbe 17th >r l!^tb of [Vrtmbf. Mr HtmmoBtl huwritVn i IftW lotl?Omm|1? ecrnion mating, naytnj? >outh Carolina will b? ut of tb<* I'nlMi, blfb, dry. and forever, by Dtrmhft 1Mb at farthest. Our represents:: vpa are leaving for Washington. V. Pore Mr Ml Ira goes to-morrow Ordnanee and ammunition have lately Wa andrd from Schooners at I'ort Moultrie Soa ? >f tbe army ultt.era aay that now Moaittla la 1moat impregnable The diapoaitinn of tbe people is decidedly to reiat tbe lauding of more troopa tbere Colombia, 9. C , Nov. *? ?The Houae to-day ppointed a committee on postal affaira, and oased a resolution directing tbe military comnittee to cons.der tbe best mode of fortifying ttoo xpos^d portion* of tbe coast of Sou lb Csroilna L petition waa received praying a a ua penal on of be laws for the collection of debts non r w nckeii* will apeak at the capital o-morrow night A |>almetto ire*, from Charleston, was # r trd o-d*y In Main street Speeches were made and ouch enthusiasm prevailed \\ ben the trr<e was aUed no national air* were played The "Mareiliaiae" waa performed at the close The Charleston Mercury urge* Carolinians in be Army and navy to return home No more small pox cases have been reported tere. Very little of general Interest haa bee? transctrd in *he Legislature It 1* understood that Alabama will send the Ion Wm L Yancey as a commissioner to the ljuth Carolina Convention ' lffcki?rM|f Electsrs ( heiro la Gesrgia. M ill it do sv ill k, Nov 30 ?The lection of lectors by the Legislature took place to-day 1 on A II. Gc!qu<tt w?? aubstituted In plac?p( >i r McDonald I'be result ?**, Hreckinridg* 73, Hell 64, Douglaa 8?about Tu not voting. Tbe bill authorising tbeauap'nsion of tbe bat.ka jaaa?*d to-day over the Governor a veto by a vote )f 195 to 13 M>llkdoby!llc. Nov 30,?The Georgia House ?f Representatives, concurring In the aetioo of be Senate, baa passed the bill authorising tbe I'jspensioo of the backs over the Governor's veto, >y a vote of !<*? to "ArocsfA, .Nov 30?Advices from Florid* aay bat in many portions of the State aec<>aaitn fl\^s ire tl\ lng. The aeceasion feeling largely fredoasnatrd A gand demonstration took place here tbis iflernoon. Tbe araaaion flag wu auspended trroM tbe river and a salute tlr?d No national lira were played. Tbe Maraarliaise, Ac , were performed SuvaiiiiAi, Nov. 30.?Tbe sbip Henry, from Antwerp, baa arrived with French and German goods for tbe Macon .'air Senators Dsiflaa. Lts< hbckg. Va., Nov 30 ?Senator Douglas and lady arrived bere on tbe Tenneaa^ train laat night He apoke from tbe bal<*.ooy of tbe Norveil Hous-? to a crowd of near 2,000 persona. Tbe subject discussed by btm was tbe present suie of a flairs in tbe country. He thought the election of Lincoln no cause for tbe dissolution of tbe Union lie was for fighting in tbe Union and under tb* constitution; thought Southern Congreaamen hould nsnne their seata in Congreaa. otherwise the republican party would be in tbe majority. They (the republicans) are uow powerless Horace Maynard, of Tenneaat-e, who accompanied Mr Douglas, made a strong conaervEttve speech, and endorsed all Senator Douglaa bad ad id. Meeting ia Virginia Petkrfbcro. Not.3U?Tbe largest meeting ever convened in thli place w.-s held last nl<bt. It was called by the friends of tbe Federal Unfa*. K K. Collier, Esq , introduced reaolufcooa of a t'tnnorizirii' character, advocatmir sui>miaato:i to Lit coin's adminiitration. ai d expostulating with tlie Northern SUW s. :uid almost simitar reselut ons w?i' by A. Kelley. l-sq On tbe other band, resolutions strongly and de< 'dedlv s?ces?ion in spirit, and demanding imni?diat( State action, and joint action of tbe Southern States, were introduced by Hon Roger A Pryoc. The latter resolutions were adopted Rail read Disasters la the Isitk. New Oklean*, Nov. 30 ?The up train on tbe Jerkson RAiway ran off tbe track on Tuesday n gtit. about eight m les above this city, but tie l.v?s were lost. Several bridges were Injured by tbe recent rains. A freight train ran into a broken bridge and killed the engineer and conductor. The engine boiler afterwards exploded Kfforts are making to forward the passengers through as uz.ial Three abolitionists have been arrested Monetary Affairs ia Virginia, Are Richmond, Nov. 30?The money market here is easier Excbarge on New York 1U5; on Philadelphia and Baltimore HNaNB. Gold commands ju i>er rent North and South Carolina notes are discounted at 5 per cent. The Governor will request of clergymen fjenerally to appoint a day of fasting and prayor it an early period. Ltter (rem < nbm New Orlkass, Nov. 30 ?The steamship D? Soto, fr 'tn Havana on the *7th ha* arrived Sugar was dull at 8*0^ reals. The sugar harvest wss progressing; llaely. I ostpenemeat ! Election atU I 9e?attr. Rulegh, N C., Nov 3d ?The Legislature of North Carolina has postponed the election of United States Senator for ihe present. UalUatr* Marktu i'iLTisoiii Dec 1.?Flour quiet,- super. &5. Grain unchanged. Nothing in other articles, all dull and nominal. Mew ? ark 4larta*t? Nkw You, Dec. 1 ?Flour dull, shade easier Wh-at and Corn unchanged I'rovialona doll. Whisky quiet al 10c. 9T7nev ONftY MONEY WANTED WANTtD WANTED AT WIF.-ENFELP^, A! WlfcltSFEfcfel ODEON HALL, OUEON HALL., OUKON HALL, Coi ju Foct ARS ? Har 8t. Cf>K*KH Kct* AND A-HnLF^T. CuMKU Fol'k AMI) A HALF ST. AND PicNNiTLVANT* Aviiri, AKD KKHNITLViKU AVFSCt, And PKKRITUIXU AVMII, FASHIONABLE CLOTHIKR. FASHIONABLE Ot.Ol HIKn. i'AMHO.\AaLt Cli'i PH1LK. BTLL8 ON SOLVENT BANKS Bll,LS ox SOLVENT BANKS BILL.S> ON SOLVENT BANKS TAKK.N AT TAR TAKEN AT P*K TAKKN AT PAR a i hie. uvbun. aftttk oiibow. joa* AT THE ODKON. i ^Rl AT BARGAINS IN DRY GOODS, SELLING OFF TO MOVE. As I shall move to my new building. No. 34S fa. *ve . on the let of January, I shall commence tnia d*v to <m*1! off at groat y reduced pries my entire st ck of DR Y COi?DS in store No. SSI Tu etreet. Thee'oek is large and well aaeoited, oowsnung very a tioie usually found lathe Dry Good* aum. Call early and get bargains. II KNKY KG AN, 621 Seventh St.. uo21 1? wear Avans* Hoese. HDR. J. J PORTER AS REMOVED To No. 13'J S^evee Baildiac e. Pa. av-nue noil tevlw' a KKAD'-RKAD! All wbo wa*t any kind of dkt HOOD!* ? HEAP. ' I Marmnack Calioooa ml 10 oenta Brit Canton F.aunali at UK oanta ' 4 4 Sbirti ?c Cottona at ! w>>rta I2H oocta 1 iComt ^birtint Cutlou at UK cabca Ail Wool Whits F'lannala at worth 35 oanta Alt Wool W hits F taiiaaia at 31. ST, SJ Mate s-aake- Piannel at Sti worth 7S MBta , K?<1 Flanaola vary oheay s Moo-aa am Da ama a # worth SS aowta Moaaaolaina at 1* oanta worth it oonta I- renah H?rioooa at 62 worth >7 o?at? B*>?a Wear all Wool at tt worth 17 a wta 4 4 Heavy Brown ottoi at 9 oanta t I tW 4 12 4 Hf?vj < *ottoT9haatu:c. . ?'h?aa Romoanta of Draw 6ood st ha'fprioa, Oa ta' Kid S'tvraa at * oanta worth |1 Ladia^ Baton" Kid ?lo?oa at 75 a-nta With at' othor (iooda a?Miiy Ohaaj 4 Billa ?f all Baoka tak?a at par 1- CLAGKTT * MAY. id ao?4 <W ; ?<4Para a*. I* 1 vabiw ? a Virginia CLumaaitha r | ow i. | 4-4 ctaavy Twill.*!, ra 5 4* ys of ttM bs?t hin<1, ? Mis*. -kfoWB, gray.aod whit* llMkiti. ' Wooloa ?trn, C? ttoa (> shores, Plaid Oet??*. ? 60? *?rdt Cskioo??,of all sty . . n- We have s full s*?ek ?4 foods in o?oc| ooja?k meut.all < I which we will ff*i ?t U?? lu mar? et prio?s We invito all wast of l>ry Goo I * ? r**~' Hu3 rt " V

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