Newspaper of Evening Star, December 3, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 3, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. irrTbocfch Sta* is pi la ted ou toe ias teat itntr pro Id ok south of Baltimore, its edition to so Urgs u to require It to be put to pnm at u saxly hour, Advertisements, therefore, should be eat In before 19 o'clock metherwite they nay not appear until the next day. Notice.?District of Columbia Ad vertisements te be inserted In the BALTiMoaa*Sun are received at and forwarded from Tax Stab Oifice. Enthusiastic Reception or S?ayok Dougla*?Strtn&iid at kit Rt?uUne+?H* AMmi a 1 Sp**tk Hematcic Dtagtat having arrlwi la this city ?? Friday last, on the evening of the following day (Saturday) the Douglas and Johnson Association of tills city, precede by Scale's band, and followed by a large crowd, proceeded to the residence of Senator D. for the purpose of tendering him a serenade, and welcoming him In a formal manner A? the procession moved along the ftrerti it continued to receive largo accessions. There were a number of In the line and Roman candles were also shot at, which tended to add to the uvettnesa or tDe demonstration. After one or two national airs from the band, Mr John P. Eanl*. resident of the Douglas a?d Johnson Association. welcomed Mr. Dougiaa oa the part of the Association and citizena in a neat and eloquent apeech. which was responded to by Jndge 1) , as follows: SPKKCU or XI DOUGLAS. Mr. Knuls : 1 tender you, and through vou ta thaae you represeut, my sincere tbanka for the compliateut tn-.t you have paid sit To be thus welcomed on my arrival by so large a number of 1lie citizens of tbts city, la so cold and dreary I -- " ? a . I n . iit as (h;?, is a compliment 01 wuim iu; uui ui.^ht feel yrmud [Applause) It is true that I have lived among you during the sisniuns of t.'uii^rr-?? Jer seventeen ye?rs, and have exchanged with y?*u. and received from you, those nets at kindness \rhi? h remain fresh in ray heart, and will always be cherished with pleasure. [Applause ) 1 o be welcomed by those who know me best, [that's it;j and who have been personal witnesses of the mode In which 1 have discharged inv duties, I fully appreciate, and inspires me wiU renewed energies for future duties. [Applause J It is true, as you have said, that from the time t1it? i-iiivu nr.t-nxt 1 k iv? h?>?ii srtivrlv eni/aved in the vindication ut ttose great oocslltutir^ul prlnciplM upon which I believe this Uiikw depends, and have been able to extras my aeutirienta in Ike came terms In the North and the South, it the K iit &ud la the \V%st?fron* Beuyor, Mito Jefferson Cll)r, Mo., and from tM Lakes tc the Gulf of Mexico, j Appliuse ] So long aa we live under a Constitution which la the rap eme law of 11 the State*, it onght to be sdmlnntered in sue> a manner aa to Impart equal rights, equal justice, aad equal protection to the citizens of all the States [Applause ] I believe that the Integrity and perpetuity of til* republic depends upon maintaining on the alaverv Question that ureat principle of non-intervention which nyi to every people. 44 Regulate your own domestic affairs la your own way, aubject only to the Constitution of the United States [Applause ] This vexed questloa of slavtry existed when our fathers formed the Constitution as well as now, and if we will only carry out the principles upon which they established the Government, we can preserve It aud transmit it to our latest posterity. [Applause ] The only principle upon which that can be done is that the Federal Government must never interfere with the question of slavery anywhere except to perform lis constitutional obligations of returning fugitives when they escape from their masters, [I.oud applause ] That obligation to return the fugitive slave is incoruorated la the Constitution, and ia binding upou the conacieure and the patriotism of every good citizen. ^ I believe that i? the doctrine of non-interference' by the Federal Government had been fairly carried out, and tti? fugitive slave law bad been hoi> eatly observed, tbia Republic would not now be In peril and dancer. [That'a so J 1 still have hope, and 1 will cling 10 that hope with the tenacity of life, [good.J that the patriotism of the country will vet save thia Republic from those perils and diaaaters that now environ it. [Applaoae.l 1 read in the cars the other day, while on my way to this city, the patriotic and eloquent upeech of the gallant Steven*, of Georgia, [applause;] and that speech aspired me with hope that there wm sufficient patriotism left to save the Union. [Applause] 1 indorse heartily the propositions mat be proposes as the terms of adjustment [Applause.] The Georgia platform, upon which ce planted himself, provides that, as a fnsdinientil principle of justice and Constitutional law, no new State should be excluded because she has slavery in her constitution. [Good j It provides. secondly, that the Wilaitrt proviso shall ? i _ 1 i . .1 *>. ... ? * *L._ ?? * - ?? - _ m n<H ur oppnrvi iu wijr 01 iuc imi.unn ui iuc United State* It provide*, iu the third place, that Congress shall never interfere with the slave trade between the State* [Good ] It provide*, In the fourth place, that C ongress shall pas* no law* la this District which endanger* the peace aud safety of the slaveholding State* It provides, in the fifth plare. that Congress should never pea* any law repealing or impairing the efficiency of the fugitive slave Saw. [Good, aud applause ] Those Ave proposition* were all that Georgia asked, and ail that the Southern States demanded In the contest of 'SO and '51. I believe thev are just in tbemaelvea, [good;] and 1 believe tuat ilie of tLi* country North and South will rally around them now [Enthusiastic applause ] It ia true that Mr. Stevena adds a iifth propost; tion, which ia that all State legislation which throwa obstructions in tbe way of the faithful ex ecutidb of tbe fugitive slave law should be removed. I think those lawvoughttobeabolisaed, and 1 think furthermore they never ahould have been upou the statute book of any State in this Union " [Applause J I am one of those who believe that Congress possesses the power under tbe Constitution to remove those obstruction* to to*1 faithful execution of tbe laws of tbe land. The Const.tuttou declares that fugitive slaves ought to be surrendered up. tbe Supreme Court has decided that tbe Federal Government possesses tbe powsi and duty of surrendering them up; snd a so tbat the exclusive power of legislation upon this subject is in Congress, and Hot In tbe Suites [Good.] if that proposition be true as tbe Court hast barged It to be, it necessarily follows as an invariable rule at ConstitntionaJ law, tbat a duty Imposed carrtei with It the means of lis faithful execution, and rvnwpr tn r?Tin*? all nhittriii'tinni in it* faith. fill execution. [Applause ] Hence, 1 hold it ii tbe duty of Cou^rek* instantly to remove all ob struetlous wbica may betbruwa to tbe way of tb? faithful execution of tbe Constitutional laws. Let us. then. rally around the Constitution a our fathers made It; [That's it;] perform all of tin duties under it; protect every right guaranteed bj it; and then preserve the Union faithfully for ou posterity. [Applause] Sir, you have alluded to my bearing during thii political contest. 1 can only say that I have dom 110 act and uttered no word during the who! ciuvm that mr Judgment and my cooacieuc docs notfjiljr approve [Applause. 1 Tbscoutet ts now aver, SJid let all tbe asperities, sad tbe i] f?ei! and the itrife engendered by It be buried let tbe post or referred to only as furnishing lei sous of wisdom for tbe future; and let ail Cnloi men, all constitutional-loviug men, anite si ; band of patriots and save tbe country Br?t, ani ausfrel afterwards. [Laughter sod applause. Tbe contest baa terminated, it is true, laa manna unsatisfactory to tbe L nion men of tbis country No man regrets tbe result more than I A Voice.?I think to Mr. Douglas.?Nut from consideration persona to myself, but for tLe peace and safety of th country. [Applause ] but Uie question arise whether it la the put of patriots to destroy tb boot government the son of Heaven ever shon upon, merely because a man has been elected and a party has been triumphant, whose prlncl pies axe obnoxious to us. [No ] 1 believe thi the election of any man by tne American peopU according to the requirements of the Conatltutlo of the country, furnishes no cauae and no excui for dissolving this Union [Good, and cheers ] Mr. Lincoln having been elected according t - * - 4 (a I IM l/OUtilUIIUV. luun IK m vuw, enee to tbat instrument. f Applause! But to Ion a* beobaerrea bit oath faithfully, oy seeing th laws faithfully executed, be should be support? in all coaetltutional measures by all patriotic met a ltd 1/ be violalte bis oath, or violate* tbe Const tatloa. or makea war upon any section, or upo anybody's rights, then he should be beld to tt strictest accountability provided la tbe CoBstiti Uou (Applause j W bat b*nn can be do, even if be be dispoeed He is In a minority in nou houm ot uongree la a minority aa reward* tbe people of tbe Unite States, f That's to,J and he baa no power exce| that conferred by me Constitution and laws; as if be doesn't perform tbat duty faithfully,we wi laapeacn biin [Good] Wbat barm, tbea, ci be do* [None J He can do no act except to di tribute tiia patronage of tbe Government. In ti prfnrnidiice of that duty be ia restrained in evei pr ;nc> pal appointment by the action of tbe Senat which stUl retain* the confidence of tbe countr ^ fCea, oiy friends, 1 beseech you. witboat reft ence to part* division, to lay aside all politic asperities, all personal prejudices, and Indulge Rv crimination* nor recriminations, out um wllij tne and ail In ton loving men to saving tl country from tbe disasWs whlcli now tbmtw I ( ' We wlU,'' and applause J My friends, ttaa nigbt is too rold to detain jt laager. [ Gooa, go oa "'] 1 ren-w to you aga my tbanks for tb? compliment yon hare paid tbis nlgtit It la refreshing and gratifying to o feeling*, after U?r arduous duties of tbe suinm* wben I r-turn Lere to my winter residence ai repreaentali ve of ?y sut, to be welcomed I tbe citij?aa and tbe rt/an^n tbus assembled, great eocouracemeut for (beslill mors reeponslb nd a/ilooua duties tbal now twalt u? I will I prepared oa M?n<by ue*t (to day; to resume n Mat la tbe jtanate without a grievance, wttbou complaint, aad without any paattua to intarfr & witb tbe lnip-rtiul dlacfearge of way daties to t country [Applause } i trast tuat the sotrmaityaf the occasion, t responsibility tbat rests upou every public ma th? deep anxiety felt by the American people, | will lnep're us au to act solely with reference to I maintaining this Republic aa our fathers have ' made it, as tbe home of freemen and the hope of the friends of America throughout the world for aU time to come I thank you, gentlemen, for ywtar kindness in listening so attentively to me A* Mr. Deoglaa retired he was greeted with ottiaataatlc applause. Repeatedrails being made for Mr. John Young Brown, of Kentocky, that gentleman came forward and delivered a brief but animated speech. HI J a v m if . a i oecrowa laen iormra m line, ana accompanied by the band, proceeded to Brown's Hotel, where they were addressed by the Hon. Mr. McClernand, of Ultnoia. after which they separated. . ViaaiiriA AssriLCoNrKnixcx ? Friday's Proc.tdmgt Th? Conference met at 9 o'clock. The Blahop bavin? taken up the first qnottlon of tba Discipline, "Who are admitted on trial?" tbe following were recommended and admitted : J . L Chamberlain, J . S Llndaay, J . L Shipley, L. P Crowell, H. C. Bowles, Jaa. \V. Compton, Geo. M Roberta, and Jaa. W. Payne. *The Bishop then took up the question, " Who are readmitted and the following nan as weri pftacnt^d and admitted : Thoa. S. Cambell, John William aon. Jaa. Sprtggi, Jas. Carson, H. P. Nelson, were granted supernnmery relations Norfolk was chosen as the place for holding the next meeting of the Conference. Rev Mr. Cowlea, Chairman of the Publishing Committee. recommended the raiting or 910,000 tn support of the Richmond Christian Advocate, bra pledge for spec I tic amounts ou the part of Etchers aud Lndl vlduals; the preacher* to collect amount pledged, be returned by the 1st of May . Tb?y also recusiiinrnd a Publishing Committee of five ministers, who be requested to Invite ti ve layraea to eooperate with thera In taking charge of the Advocate." After dlscuaaton the reaolutioa waa adopted, aha pledges of 94,000 were received. The "tfastarel Address," reported by the e?m. mittee, opens with an alios!on to the datrgers which threaten the country?counsels moderation In these perils; urges prayer for the guidance of Cod In the troubles; reviews the advance ?>( Methodism; speaks of the great good It has effected; checks denominational pride; praises class meetings; declares the vitality of Methodism Is to oe Mun<t in tu?* cia*s ipum ana tue itineracy; defttorea the neglect of class meetings and urges diligent use of tLla means of grace; insists on family worship and religion; declares tbe baptism of children a Chrietlau duty; thinka bapt'.ain should be public; calls attention to the duties of mastera to their servants; urges tbe oral lnstrurtiona of slaves; thinks that the servants should worship ia connection with white congregations; endorsee the benevolent, educational, Sunday School and pubiiahlng interests of tha church; and concludes with an Invocation of the Dravera of the people that God-oeud laborer* into h(a vineyard. Rev. Measrs. Rlddlck and \V. A. Roblnaon were made supernumeraries, and Mr. Mauzte located. Toe appolntmenta for the ensuing year were then announced. The following are the appolntmenta for the Waahlagton and Fredericksburg dlstricta: Washington District?Wm O. Croat, P. E ? Washington Citjr, Joaeph A. P.octor; Alexandria, Wm C. Blount; Rock Creek and Howard, Jaa. E McSpjrrau; Fairfax. William G Hammond; Potomac, Cl^rlea V. Blnglev; Leeaburg, Win. W. Duncan, Jos H. Riddick, Sup ; Loudoun, Robert W. Watts, L. H Crenshaw; Warrenton, Wm. M. Ward. James 1.. Shipley; Winchester, Peter F. Auguat; Patterson Creek, Jamea M. Au^eraon; Springfield, Wm F. Bain; Clarke, Ja .u H Crown, J P. Woodward. Sup ; Prince William, GeorgeS May; Berlin, Jno. "P Brock; Taylor's Island, Major Colonna; U. 9. Nary, C. A. Davit. Chaplain Ftrderiektburf District.?W. H. Whetlrlght, P. E ?Fredericksburg, James B. Fitx patrick; Spotsylvania, Sarnl. Robinson; King and Queen, (vn. H. Starr; Middlesex, John G. Rowe, Lancaster, John M Saunders; Westmoreland, James K BrannlR; King George, II 8 Atmore; Stafford, Henry C. Cheatham; Fauquier, Thomas J. Bay ton; Rappahannock, George C. Vandertlice; Caroline, JoUn H. 1'ayae; Culpeper. John F. Poulton, J . Carson, Sup ; Rapidanu Mission, to be supplied. At two o'clock Saturday morning, the Conference adjourned sin* die, and were dismissed A L *1 1 li -*1 wiiu vuc ucara>cuon. Cbim!??al Cou?t ?Judge Crawford ?The December term of thla court met thla morning with a full attendance of gentlemen of the bar and other* Judge Crawford appeared at tbe uaual bour, looking mucb better In health than for a*-vera I terms of late The Grand Jurora were called and aworn Their namea are? William Guutun. Foreman, Pierce Shoemakef, George A Bohrer,George 8. Gideon, P. F. Bacon, Selby S.agkja, Jo?*>ph A rearaon, Jidaon Mitchell, Thoirias Berrr, Jamea Towlea, Valentine Harbaugh, William J. Stone, aen , Fltzhugh Coyle, Johfel Brook, Eleazer Llnalev. Samuel I.ewia, Hall. Rouert Beale, Enoa Ray, William It Kliey. Wm. G. Freeman. John L. Kidwell, Win A. Bradley, Jonah D Hoover. Tbe Judge delivered bla charge to the Grand Jurora, which waa brW, and contained the uaual recommendation* reapectlng their operatlona. They were congratulated open the tact that there ia an unuaually atnall amount of bualnesa requiring their inveatlgatlon the pending term, and that ta conaequence their attendance ujkui the court will be much ahorWr than la uaual In thla court. The petit jurora were called, aa follow*: Tbo* O UaiKktoWl D 11 I l~V * n. wi<^u?ww?. nouvn n. i/aiuri lulgur foot. Robert MeCheaney, Michael R Coomba, Anthony Addtaon, Theodore Shackell, limrjr 1 yles. Jamea B. Hoi mead. Archibald White, henry G Daria, Thoa B. Kntwiatle, John Ball, Wm. H Perkiaa, Michael Nash, Edw Tolson, Geo. W. Stroad. John R Minor, Henry Thorn, k Jam?a T. Llovd, Judaon C Addiaon, Wm. A Wallace, Samuel R Sylveater, H?nry Warner, 1 Edward Harhaugh, Reuben Worthington, Alex H Paul, Edwaru Krouse, F. A. Klopfer, George Taylor. On motion by Mr Miller, Thomaa J. Jolinaton Esq , was admitted aa attorney of thlacoart. On motion by District Attorney Oald, Thoa J ' Paige, Esq , was also admitted to the bar of thli court No cue bad been called for trial when our re port cloaed. i Pkotkrsor Ajdibson. to-night ?Two placei I offer great attractions for vialtora to Waahingtot to-day?tbe Capitol In the morning, and th< i Theater is tbe evening Tbe Profnaor announce an entirely new programme, and la to work an] ! number of ralatlfylng wonders. All bia prevlou' dreda of marvel are to be surpassed by that whicl i be promtoea this week. To-night la to be IJuevi s Victoria's programme?being the one which tin r Queen of England ordered Mr Anderaon to per r form before her at her Palace. Tbe only place o umuaement open In Waablngton this evening 1 i tbe Theater; and aa the performance there la flri e rlaaa, the fitne of Mr. Anderaon world-wide, an< e the amount of amusement to be entertained realk b very much greater than can ordinarily be had li t a Ijlace of <nt,rtal ntiion t we unheal tatinirlv r? 1 ommend a visit. Thi Hi*ax Hkabiko ?Saturday, the caae c Capt. Nathan Darling, wbo waa charged wiC resisting cfflcera Wise-and Glttlngs in arresting rolortd man named Stafford, under the fugltlv , alave law, came up fur trial. Thta la the cu ' which waa reported in the Star some months sg< when Mrs Beverldge, of the Washington Houaj waa tried and dismissed honorably, and Cap1 Darling's caae waa postponed to await the arrivi . of Judge Granger, an important witneaa for tta ' prosecution. Judge Grander appeared, and hi vldeDce exonerated Capt. Darling from any blam '* i n the matter. Thia waa the Aral caae. tinder tta r fugiHre altre law, In tbe District of Columbii ,e and tbe magistrates, Justices Doan and Glberaoi ? fully acquitted Capt. Darling. lt Odd Fellows' Fc*wa?l.?Tbe Grand Lodg i and Grand Encampmant, Washington 1-odgi * No 6, and Mount Nebo Encampment. No. ( e beaded by Prosparl's band, are out In proeeealc tbis afieruoon. attending tbe fuaeral of their la ? fellow member, P. G and P. C. P. John Crui who died yesterday afternoon, after an lllaeaa i K several weeks. Tbe remalna were eacorted totb J depot, whence tbev were taken to Baltimore fi a Interment, accompanied by tbe family and frienc |? and a committee of the Odd Fellows The d '* ceased waa long and favorably known In th D community, snd was aa active and much esteem< * member of tbe above aaaoctatlona. Caataal Guabd Hocsk ? Joa. P. Riley, pr fantty and disorderly conduct; flat and coataSl 9 S Dennis O'Cennor. do; do. S3 06 Jaa. Fletche stealing 91 pounds of beef from Jno H. Hurie ?t jail for a further bearing. Edward Gray, stealln d a wcodaaw from Vincent Harris; (all for coui 11 Jno. Gray, drunk and profene; fine and cot >n *4 41, workbouae (todays. Wm Kwlng, do ; d *- S3 31, workbouae 00 days Samuel Rabbitt, a ie aault and battery on Dr. Eippltt; security f T further hearing. V rater day, the Inauguration ? the new regulations for tbe guardbouae waa b f gun, with Jno. D. Clark, Esq., as the attendii magistrate. I, Tu? AMiiTiim?i ni W n i ?? * In In another column, Is Interesting to thuee in ?i It of winter clothing Customers will flodat CJde< w Hall u complete and various an assortment I ready-made cold weather garments as can be e htbited in any similar boose in the District of C h, luinbla; also, attentive clerks and low prlc< I. Their motto Is " Never send a patron away d * satisfied." y "VKbit wire* Kn?o-Wr. Editor: I tbl *? that the "nineteen clerks," citizens of the 8?ut * "who won't hold nttce under Lincoln In a ?y event," should make some reapouse to the alW * tlon tbst they, or some of them, have her?toft ! < claimed to be cUiw-ns of Washington, and ha ** exercised the privileges of each citizenship is understood that they took an active part in f r* late municipal eleetiaa In Washington. Civis k* Bbak ix xixo the third Cotillon Party of 1 Metropolitan Club,which takes place at Frauk he Hall on Wodneedajrevening next. It promisei be a grand att?lf. T** tmovslh of * Wisimo?4 Stf* of ik* Ttmtt?Our readers hate possibly amM that Professor Anderson entitles himself on the Mite tlM ? Great Wizard of the North." Aa enthusiastic secessionist and thorsugh-paced hater of the Maasacbusett*a side of Maeoa k Dixon's, has sent the Wizard a threatening letter, In whioh bo tell* kirn that Wizards "of the North" are wanted here, and that he had better return to the North at once, at the peril of revolver*, tar barrels, frathers, and rails. Mr. Andeisdn being rightly In polities,1wishes us to inform tbe public that his title of "Wlaard of tbe North" was conferred upon him by Sir Wsiter Scott, tbe great novelist, on tbe occasion of his performing oefore him at Abbotsford, when a youth. "Th-y call me the Wlurdof tbs North," remarked the author of Waverly, "bat you are mora worthy of that title than 1. ' Mr. Anderson took tbe hint. Ttie toubriqutt simply means that be coomb from the North of the Island of Great Britain, and has nothing whatever to do with eis-Atlantic troubles. Dont let the poor Wizard be shot. W* wotld call attention to the eztensiva sale of allk, satin, and velvet robes, shawls, furs, and a number of other Mke articles, at Cleary ft Green's auction store, on Wednesday morning next, at IS o'clock. Also, to thalr sale of liquors aad cigars on Taosdsy morning next, at the same hour. These sales are on a large acale, tbe stock valuable, and some great bargains may be got. Lo^x to It ta Season.?We hear many com plaints of the omission of names of well known citizens from the poll-lists by the asaessors, either through sareieasnets or design, and if the parties thus unceremoniously stricken from the lists de not look to it In season, thev may be deprived ,of their right to vote at the next election. Wb abb sox no one who Is desirous of derivIng pleasure, while at the same time conferring a benefit, will fell to be present at the grand Soiree Dansnnte to be given at Franklin Hail on next Tuesday, for the benefit of Mra. Maris Long's re* turn IrKngland. As wtt,l b* sxbn by advertisement, the " Old Hickory" are In the field agsln, and will give their fifth Grand Assembly at the Assembly B <v * _ .. ? _ - a - nuoun, mia (tnonaay; evening. R?v Ms. Nixox, wbo was stricken with paralysis on Thursday last, In Alexandria, atlll continues la a critical condition. R tLiGiotri xoticx*, and a number of other local articles, are crovdad out to-day. Photograph* of H. R. H , Prince of Wales and suite, at Wbiteburst'a, 434 Pa av. Alao jait weired original photographs of Prinze Albert, t^ueen Victoria, the kmperor and Kmpreaa of Prance, and Garibaldi This establishment haa reduced ita prices almost fifty per cent. 2t CoroH* ?The sadden ohanies of our olim&te are source* of PilmoAary. Broncnial and A'thxintit AffeettoMs. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act sp*edily and certainly when | iM*n in tne eariy ataiea or the Ciaease.recourae a ould at onoe be had to " Prown't Bronchial Troches," or L.oasagec, let the Cold, (Jough, or Irritation of tha Throat bo ever ao alight, aa by thia prsoauti"> a mora aerions attack rnav ha i ffeo'ually warda<1 off Public Speaker) and Singert will fin.1 tham effectual for oleartng and atrengchemnt the voioe. bee adve.'tiaament. de l-ly K-ader, have you aaan Prof. Wood'a advertiae ineut in our paper. Read it; it will intareat you. au 20-eoly Wantkd. ? #10,000 Virginia, Corporation, or Washington monry wanted, in exchange for all kinda or Dry Gooda, at Matthew* ft "iore'a, i58 br veuth atreut, between I auil K, east aide. tf To tii* Afflicted !?Be sure to read the advertisement of MoI<ean'? strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in anothor column. tf t DIED, On Sunday evening, the 2d instant. *fier a short and painful illneea, KR ASMUS BOuZE,(printer.) in the 39tn year ef his age. Hu funeral will tako place Tuesday. th? 4th inat. at S p in , from hi* late residenoe, #31 Twelfth ?t., where hi* fnenja are respectfully invited to attend. * < Constitution oopy.) On the 2d ins'ant, 1,1 LI.IK F., infant daughter of J. F. and M- C. A. Parker, aged 1 month and 21 days. (Winchester, Va., papers oopy.) * T NOTICE. HK ITNnt'R9IRMIi<ni.?. t? Ui. ?? w w .? u v uv| IU1V/I III uia ymy" ron?and the publics that. having disposed or hia urp'u* stock at auction. he has re opened with an extensive stock of the finest aclecteu FRKNCrt CONFECTIONERY. Hi* Lining and Supper Koomt ha*e been thoroughly improved, with additional rooina and newly lurni*hed. He ta now prepared to lurmah private and publio partiee at th<?(ihort*at notice, and flattars himaelf that, with tie additional facilities, he will be enabled to ex eel huform-r reputation. The underlined [f a oonfident that all that ia necessary to satisfy fci? old and new patrons will bo & CA11. Tb? fihoineit *n?rlr?? ftWniHs m**A a I the luxuries that can be obkunad from other aourcea will be conatantlTon hand. TH08. POTENT1NI, Confections aud K'lt&urant. Old Htmd. No 27?J Pa. av , between da Ma* 10th and lltii atreeta,aonth aide. /1 NOTICE. " TREAT ?ALE OF ELEGANT ROSEWOOD anu Wai-jict Fcrn.turk, Paimting*. Mirrors. Cms* aHd Glass Ware, Parian Chair* and JJromzk Orjsam?*t?, Vase*. &,c.?The aubaoriber* are now receiving and arranging for sale, to take place in a few dr.ya, at the spacious ?a ei room of C. Woodward, a few doora wnst of the auction roomi, a large and raloable aaaortment of Hou**luruuhing Gonria from a liouae in New York declining business, al of which will be sold without r-?enre. We name in part?Klagant Rosewood and Walnut PaMer Suita, finished in lirocatelle; Marb'e top Tables, Whatnota, Etagerra, Liquor Caa'S, Mnrnra. handa une Oil Paintinrs. Parian Chain ft ml Bronae (jroupa of new urtd t>e&utifui deaitna Freneh China Te& Sets, Vasea, Ruga, Bedateada, Bnreftna, Ac , Ac. Notice of dft> of gale given in future advertiae ment. ' del 3t J AS. C. McGUIKK \ CO. 1 Cure Cough, Cold. Hotrsmtss InyRywffik JhitHza. any Irritation or Sort/yoiAlUA neft of the Throat, Ktheve the jLjjHBMA Haririn* Couth in Consump blWlillllul It on. Bronchitis, Aihtna, ?r Lutarri. i tear ana five VjJflPW strength tj thi voice uf ^GfiJiHEr PUBLIC SPEAKERS N jjy asd SINGERS. Few are mn> of the importance of oheofcing ? Cough or ' Common Cold" in it* fir?t ?tage; that 1 which in the booming would yieM to a milil r<me i (It, if neglected, oonattackathe Lun??. "Bruii>*', f Branchial Troches." containing demuloent mgrtHli ( ents, allay Pulmonary aud Uionchial Irritation. * ! "That trouble in my Throat, (fo , BROWN'S wliioh the "Trocht*" are a ipecitie having made me often a mere whi* \ TROCHES perer.' N.F.WILLIS. k RBnw\'>t "I reoommond their use to Fculk BROWNS SPKAK?S." f TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great ?ervioe in subduing Hoars! * BROWN'S N*s?." RKV. DANIEL WISE. i TDopuiD "Almost inata't relief in the di? TRUtnbB feaaiug labor of breathing peaulia a BROWN'ei.toA,tH.*A". " Ktv. a. i:. KUULE8TON. TROCIIE3 _ " Contain do Opium or antthin hm TROCHES u01n^ior Co *aua, oolnbin? * BROWN'S 1>R. O. F. BIGELOW, ? Bjsto? >, TROCHES " Benefioial in Beomchiti*." t DR. J. F. W. LANE, t' BROWN'S Bw/ci 2 TROCHES " I BROWN'S REV. U. W. Wi.^N. !? TROPHFS MBenH5aUJ when compelled t r TROCHES f-m CoL^ J* BROWN'? *tV' 8< J- p? AKPi^lSON, TROCHEE " ErrtcTCAL in removini Hoarn ntuud Irritat'on of the Throat. ? ;e BROWN'S o?ran?on with SriAKiae and Stx? f ill 1 TROCHES Prof. M. STACY JOHNSON. ,n _ La Orange, Qt 2 BROWN'S Teaoher of Mnuo. Souther 7 Female College. TROCHES " Great benefit when taken befoi 31 Rnd RtlAr BPMAhinc.u thAr Bravti le BROWN'S Hotrunw. From their paateflVo jt I think they will be of permanent M ia TROCHES Ttntu* to ns." " REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. fg BROWN'S President of Athena College/Teni <& TROCHES !|^SoUhy?U]DlwiBtastTWES 40 1 IT Fi EC A BO J" DONNET RIBBONS! ? ?> , BONNET RIBBONS!! r, *? pieces of BONNET RIBBONS selling t about one half the nana! prteea. Some very io< i? atyles at 13H oenta per yard. Ca'l early and tetir f choice HENRY BOAN. Ml Seventh at, ta no >>-6t neaw Avcni> Honae. i Gvu'wssf irwiisaft Dr momma aa unusually large assortment of Gentl nf men'* Scarf Pine, Sleeve Buttons, Studs.fco., every variety. M. VV. G ALT fc BR6., Jewellere. Xf4 Pa, av., if no 30-St 4doora weetof Biepn'i Hc tel f^OLD SPECTACLES ANf> EYE GLASSE o and Oentlein?n'n Gold Spaotaola* ai nt Eya OUmm, (all focuaaa, verj auperior aid va of ^fotaclaa Shall Readin* a ? 2Ea.G?*4fl- ma ' ?. ?o an St 4 door* waator'ferown'N'Hota! W MRS M- A- PKARCE ,* ? lii|KS to announw to kaf ou.tomara. and t nw laamoi lTuningion in sv??nM? ?n?v snv . it n >w prepared to x?aaU>all order? in th? WM 1D< Millinery fin*, and will op?n on Thurwlay jJ&j ?y iMeemlKr 8, a kaodaora* assortment FRENCH HATS, at her Show Room*, >m Mssaaohucetta it . bttwm 6t? and 7ui ?u , n< ve the Markst, No. 443. no ? V It O AIS1N8! KAittiNS! he I* ? RAISIN ?!!! z "x-'SfrirkiKi'Tr"' IS SthhTfc fe t: fe r la storo a ad for sal* **v low, to eloss oon?i c 1 to r. A. KEIDA CO , no >J 1V No. Sooth Wharves, ^isxaadrii ?? - -J? ??.=? * ?.V-? BOARDING. OOARDINO.?A larce Room. comfortably ferD aisled, with Boa^I, at Ike corner of Nnatfcaod B lU. _ If fLf EALS.?A tSW gentleman haviaf alwapiai so- 1 1T1 omiimodatiota can obtain Meala oa leaeocaWa tarn* at No. 364 D atraat, L?tv?M ?dTu4 lf*h ; ?*LHL; A WOOD BOARDING HOBSE -Good Board**flf can ba obtained Cor ten or twelre persona, Wilh food and convenient Room*, yrith a family oa Kifcnth ?t .No, 406 Mvm?u4 H s?s., nw the Paent Orfioe, for 94 ft weak. Apply immediately at the aboVaoumUi. tfe 1 ** (JOaHDINQ.?A tenulj, or two or three genti?H men. can be Mavuini *iated with Hoard at No. 433 Ninth street, one door south of F at. Terms moderate. Oa* of tbe largest a ad most iWirable Rooms in the house, famished wfu water ami ?aa, la now anoooupiej. Table Boarders acoomnodatod. ntM te? BOARDING.?Good Rooms, comfortably furaiMM4,?an he obtained at 473 F street, between 19th and ttth, oa m?dera;e terms, with or without Board, location oonvenient and very pi*???aiu. no Z7 2WT BOARD AND ROOMS-a fine Kront Chamber, and other Rooms, with B %rd, may lie had at No. 4?S Twelfth ?t., east vine, between G and H. Tabla Boarders also aooommodated. no >6 7t* - FOB SALE AND RENT. (#WoOsr?Ar SaU and Km?* mdmMamMil, I MIM*' y*r? 1 T7*OR RSNT-A front PAtLOR ami OH?M. J? HHI, neatly furniahed, at No. ?11 Eleventh at., nppomte the Theater. deSSt* Furnished rooms to rwt-tkiitmiitfe atreet, between E anil F ata.. No. 4?li. _de S-3t? . FOR RKNl?B?ndaoiueljr itiraul**! auiU of ROOMS, titn BO?rrf, if require-,! No. iOO Eleventh atreet. between Fa. avenue and K at. de 5-1 w* , FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED, with about 10 rOuin*,cetitrallv located, well furniabed ; lib* eiat rent p*id. till thelat of April. Apply to WALL A STEPHENS. lt? I70R RENT?A PARLOR, nn the firit floor. r and three fine Bsffrooms on the floor ahov, at No U70 Pa. avenue, two doors east of the Kirkwuod House. fie S-lf FOR KENT?<T<> Mpmbkxs op Cunenim aho Othkei)-Ver* U*?irabl? tuiC of large PMtI.ORSa u HEl) CHAMBERS. with ga? and every oocvonienof, situate* near the Kirkwo d Hous >? I'a. avenue. No, U7 7,between l*?.h ami 11th its. It* _ fj^OK KENT, in the First Ward?three squares r wast of tha War Department?a small OFFICE, with baelr room, or the former mar annwer for a shop: and Parlors and Cliamb*rs,soparate. or suits ol Rooms, furnished or unfurnished ; close to the Avenue. Inquire at this office. rf? S 5t?wlf For rent-a furnished house, of a ?t uies. ooutainiug IS rooms. located near the Trea?ury Department, formerly occupied by Senator Big*? ; or I will rent 5 rooms in taid bonne Also for r*nt. a sma'l Frame Houte, containing 5 room* and kitchen. Inquire at 4UO Foorteen'h st., between H and I. de 3-tf PLEASANT SUITS OF ROOMS TO LET, with Boar.l, at No. 4S6 Twelfth ?t., between EandF. Apply next door, at No 4*"2. de 1-st* ROOiMS FOR RENT?Two Chambers and a on-fortaWy Furnished Parlor, at No. .145, corner of E and Eleventh sts. de 1 6t* I BURNISHED ROOMS TO I.ET.-Pfraona wishing the above will find two handsome par Ion and three chambers at No, 211 Pa. avenue, nearly opposite Willards' Hot'l. d; 1-3C If OR RKNT?Two suits of well FURNISHED ROOMS at modorate prions. or if desired will be routed separately. Apply at 435 Eighth it, l.etwen G and H ata , directly north of the Patent Offioe. de l-3t TO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND OTHERS?For rent, suits of PARLORS axd CHAMBERS, handsomely furnished, at I. AIGLLR'a Confectionery, oppoaite Kirk wood tiome. na i-y FOR RENT-A two-story HoraE.onO street. l>etweou6th and 7th. containing 5 room.', recently repaired and painted. Apply to BALDWIN BROTHERS,corner First ana lists., near Depot. dtt I 3t FOR SALE OR RENT-A fine DWELLING HOUSE, containing 11 rooms and fine yard, situated 202 I st, between ?>th and 21 st sts. K< r terms please inquire next door of Mr. FU''H1GNA NT d* 1-1 w* F*lRNlSHED ROOMS FOR RENT?Twelve haudsoinaly Furnished Parlors and Chambers, sui'able either for a large party or three diffdrent lainihes. An experienced cook in th? Imerotnt wi 1 supply meals. Apply at No. 240 on F, between lath and Mtli sts. do 1 3t* FOR RENT?THe HOUSE and STORE, on Pa. avenue, First Ward, opposite the Seven Buildings. The store is at present occupied by Mr. Dyer as a ehoe store. Possession given by the i?t of December next, or before. For particulars p'ea>e inquire of Mr. DYER, at the store, or at Mr. CAR Roi.'S, next door. de 1-1 w* WM KM1HERT. A PLEASANT SUIT OF KURNI8HKI) ROOMS to rent at No. 422 Twelfth street, between H street and New W rk avenue, oonsuting of parlor, chamber, dining roem and pantry, with the privilege of kitchen and cellar, suited to _ ... : n m .. w;.? _ b 'jifli111oI ? in 'ii iu iiic W iuut, * isu, m e large Room id the second st<<ry and throe Chaniitera in tne third story. del-3t* FOR RKNT?Three beautiful PARLORS^" in the Itons*'ii'2 Q Ktreet, corner Fifteenth ?t., occupied last session of Congress by Hon. Mr. Humphrey, are now for rent. Alio, the Parlors now occupied by F. de Baas Janvier, Esq.. in the iam? hoart. Tli?ro are alto several tine Rooms suitable for single jentlenian or small faimlie?.with | or without board. no 3fl-3t? The union club house AMD SEWS ROOMS. No. 448 Thiktzbrth 8t., Between Penna. avenue and f streat, Late Residencr of the Mayor. mis nouse ?m do opon 10 wniiem^n early in December. In the meantime a limited number of Rooms can be engaged pormanentiy no 30-61* B. DON N ellY 4 co._ Larok and very handsomely flrnisliod Front Rooms, on first an<t second tioo>s, mar be had, with Board, at No. 33'.i F street, lie tweeu 9th and ItHh sts. Persons desirous of locating themselves for the winter win do weli to apply. ? no 30-3t* MR8. BANNERMAN.Pa avenue, near Third ?t., has furuisliM and bttikl up her house for the comfort and convonienoe of those who may desire either parmauant or transient Board, on inodr erate term*. Table boarders aoooinnodated. j no 30-St HANDSOME COTTAGE ANDfJ ACKEH of Land f r reut, within 6 wile< of Washingc ton and 4 of Alexandria, near Baly's Cross Roads Possession given immediately. 'I jus farm has bean used as* market garden, and if highly productive ; has every variaty of fruit; strawberries and peaches in abundance. Apply on the premises, or address, at Alexandria, E. S. PLUMMER. no30-3t* (Alex. Gazette.) r ' * ' ... m T'O MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.-For r*nt, h?nd*omflj and uuwly furniahed iuitaof PAR_ U)R8??d CHAMBERS, No. 391 E (treat north, * between 9th and 10th ata. Apply on the premisea. no 28 3f FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, or the haif of a Furnished House, with a family whore there are co ohildren. Apply at No. 36S Vermont i. avenue, between H and I ata. Referenoes riven and required. no28-4t* IT'OR SALE OR RENT-A three story-andbasement BRICK HOUSE, with b*ck-buil4>r inc. on E street, between 2d and 8d atreeta, north aide. For further ?artieular? inquire at the houaefurniahing atore of MoUREGOK 4t CO., No. 530 I. Seventh st., opposite Suter, Lea k. Co.'a Banking J Houae no 28 1 w w~s /1 n n n\'T a aV... n n i/iir ntirm a S'un hc.m.?a mriw-iHjrf nnivn i>n r.i<uIN? HOUSE, with buk building, on 12th (.. o. 470. between F and 0 atre?U. AejkJr to J. ? KIRK WOOD, 476 Twe.fth at. bo 19-dtf ? > COR RENT?A four-atorjr brown-front DWEL " LINO, aituate on Thirteenth at.. between and Maaaaohuaetta *r., one of the most deair&bie * locations in the oitjr. The houae ia furniahed with n marMe mantle* : also, raa and water fixturea. with bath-room. Inquire at WM. P. SH EDO'S Fanny re Store. No. 30*lith at. oo*T Sit* \ IAOR RENT?A deairable and well located first l' F olaaa RKSIDENCIi. No. 4fi0on Sixth ttreet. between D and E ill. The house i? furnished with all the modern improvements. Apply to THOMAS n. PARKER. no ?-eotf I CU'RNISHED APARTMENTS FOR RENT f" r in a private ffcmily. a Parlor ard Chamber Joining, very bami*omely furnished, on the first floor _ elevatad Ire feet above the sidewalk; location very pleasant aod desirable; only a few yards from th? Hta.e Department and public grounds,and oumibw iff line te the Capitol, on New York aveaae, thirc *1 door from Fifteenth street. No. 4?0. no ,l ITOR RENT-HOUSE No. 4<mTM Ires*. be F tween lSth and 13th. Haa water. fas,a !arg< ? yard, and every convenience for a small family P Apply to L. EDWARDS'Grocery, or to Dr. CR A ' li IN ,llM Dumbarton street. Georgetown. *- no a7-eotf ? DOOMS TO LET.?A handsome suit of Rooms XV furnished or famished. near the Patent Of hoe, with double parlers, marble mantles, gas fit ? tures.and fine yard, ana carrie?e-bouse attached 8? Meals formatted, if desired. Inquire at No. ad H, between 4tn and 5th sta. no 77 eo3t* . I?OR RENT-The HOUSE on Eiahth street,' nd r lew doors above oar store, sal table as a dwell - in* or for offices. Apply to JOHNSON * 9L'T TON, oorner Eighth street and Pa. avenue, no 87 eo** i - ROR RENT?A brick BWELLINQ-HOUSH . r No. 3*0 Sixth street weet, between M *nd 1 h? north, containing I ruo*i and a Kitchen. Ten moderate Ay ply next door north. ao 24 Iw* P COR RENT?Two ROOMS ia third *07, a;! _ r joining.withwaterand j*B,or.a fcoe>PARLOl * lighted with (M, ia McoBd ?torjr, ta ? pleaiact M'Br of tie city. Terms low. Appiy on the ?retnine< No. 486 miii. B*eaae, Mwmi ?h ud Mh it. 7- north lid*. 10 14-tf P)R RENT?A three ??ofT brick HOUSE,001 tuning I roam*, in good order, witii ill fij >ardattaeh?d, oorner of P street uorth But 14th a- Mit To iMetualMd reliable tenants the torn wif[ be nodertte. Apply at 4*6 Twelfth etree k between U aad H, iwllti ? GEORGETOWN. Correspondent* of Tk* Star. oisiTowi. Deceaaber 3 19W Work on the WuhtaitttB Aqoeduet bridge Mt(d A Sons, ot Baltimore, contractor* far the wood and Iron work, we lrarn ttot he will rluae operations hi about ten days The painting (which is being dona by Mr. Varahti, of your lis., w ?- I ' 1? T* ?V.? ' " , CUV.; >1 nfRri) Banucu M? . UMI nirr)(nc business mia, Mr. M. 8 Cvnun. (of the firm ag i Cvmu & Dobbins, ooMtrsetofs, who ha* ?uprrlntended tbenaeonrv of bolfc tbitmoh In person, greet rffdlt to doe for the excellent minu?r In whlcb that portlou of the work to exrcnted. and the satl&XSrtory progress made: some eight or tea course* harts* bera built an each abutment and the vaults nearly flntohed In the abort time Inee operations were reeumwl Greater progre* would have been made if It bad not been for delay in getting facing stone from the Government quarries. , Tbe abutments are ilnelr proportioned, and will be Imposing feature* of tbe structure when finished Thev start from solid rock foundations, snd are being built in tbe most substantial manner of tbe best materials. Tbey are fkced with cut stone from the Government quarries at 8?neca, and on the front of tbe abutments heavy iron bars tbe whole length of the work are let Into grooves cot in the top beds of the facing stone every twe or three eetirses, binding the whole together la one nun Rlnoirwliifrnni the Pnlnmu' nii>rrl?* of ?Usby k Co. is used for the nibble masonry, and tbe arches over pipe vsulls, be., are of bard bricks laid In hydraulic mortar The work lain charge of Mr. E D. T. Myers, division engineer, who has tbe general superintendence, and Mr James McBenrr, government Inspector, appointed to have a direct and constant supervision over tb? quality of the materials and workmanship. Our City Councils assemble this evening. In aerordance with law, for the regular winter session. Considerable buflness of Importance to our clttzens will be brongot forward during tbe session. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS ? 18T OF LETTERS HEM AIMING IN THE Ld POST OFFICE. GEORGETOWN. D. C.. for the month ending Nnrem er 9), lata. n~r P?r?oai apply in t for lettere in ?he foils wing list will pleas* My the* are aJrertiaed; othsrwue they may not receive them. LADIES' LIST. Anderaon, Miry L Daily, Mri Bridget Magru.ler. Win A Andereou. Mary KftKwi.&iiiLcitiu Magruder. Mra M Bumaa. Catherine tnili E Mnuil, Mra Luc; Brail, A C Gibeoo.Mra rUHy Mtl!w,Mu; A B>rkir,ftib(((t Gratii, Mra K Pierce, Miaa 8 Baknr, Mary J Oibaon. Mra Jro H Pearaoo, Mim E Barker, Rebea Gilbert, M iu U Payne, Miaa Daana Baker, Margaret Griee, Mrt EHi Popkuea Miu A M Barclay, Sciinn Oravea, Mra Kate Parker, Miaa C ?I Balor.tenn, Sirha Hartev. Mra Bitoy, Mrt B Brown, Marah B Hilton, M^ry Jane Ki'inw MwMJ Campbell, Elit L Hill, Miaa taunle Roberta, Ellen V Cooledge,Abigail B Hearlehye, Mra E Rkodee. Miaa Klita Crown, ?*. rah J Johnaon, Small, Miea t'L Cornell, Maria L Johnaon, Miaa li?t Smith, Mra Mernh Crone, J ?ne Johimoa, Mre Skauke. Mine J A Cle>.ieinef Jane Joi.aont, Miea E E Smith, Mie Mary A I><na, Mrt H I' Jack eon, Miaa A J Wacey.Mra Maiy A Oigcee, Mie John Jackeon. M?a A,ice Wright, Miaa M S L>a < laon, Joaepiiiue Keller, Mre M J Winn, Miaa C E Davie, Mie Eufcne Kulm, Mi?e Mary A Walker, Mre R Dnett, Miea D Le*ii,M(i J<e? Waiuin;; u.Alue A Doagtaee, Mri B BEtnirum* i iut Birry.John KinhofT, John M Miccubhin, Tnoi Bilk, Win H Urimes. R?t W W M<i?i,Cip(W8 B?;di TnmiMi linen, Wio Nicholas)). A Bot<1 , Then H Ciekrli.Thga Ntlig, Ed*i) Bot4,THc? i (imi, R A Nrrhtnir, MtcM B.'ker, C*pt U.rrtl, Richd 0'Se?, M Breene. Jtmci G Uirrtim, N O'Dell, L W Bortk, John W GUdmon, Am Ituc H Breemer, John (ilotacU, AaibroM llviu, C^. JBridohu, Jiimi lir&fcr, Aurutl Orebora, Ge? Brown, Joe H Hodge, W L Onlors, ?4?d B>tkei, Jtati Hooter. W L Pee, Wm Buttell, Capt Jm ? W 1 PiUM, Wm (Ine.r . i'-?. W El P..r. ,? I-- IT Brown, Henry H'n.Ur.Thos Power, t Brown, Georye Hi>d(kii,Siinl P Pujrne, Jno W 6 Hif|ini, Michl Peterson, JCIcy Baker, Krankha Hatpin fi J?? Q.oinn,Juo Brown, Dr B L Herudoa, Mul J P Rey.Thus Barrett, Aumn Hickee, Jno R;dir,Jai P Barrett, Ayuerue Rnliil, J W RdsscII, Israel?2 Crawu. Raoiuel Heeler, Geo H?3 Rydar, Cain E H Collins, J Hopkins, Geo Randall, Ch???J Calhoun & Wells 3 Hopkins. Joe Sherp, TboaT Collins, Win Harrington. Demi tUrmin*. Capt 8 L Colleton, Patrick Henning, Chaa iko'ti, ko!<?M?I Clark, John iioJrea, Benj T Wmpson, 8 M?t Corbett,John Harmon, iur Borrells, Richd Coas j|l, Cipi J D tlerly, M Shannon. f>l Curiej, J ' Jeukeua. Than Sheets, Jno W Clioe, Jacob L Juice, Richd Smith, J M Cumberland, John jKkloo, Albert Bn'lieaa, Jere Cunleer, J .hu C Keller. F H Sew ell, G B Corliate, Cspt H Knljr, P D Sct.oll, D M Crane, Geo P King, Jaa Smith, U 8 Collins, Daniel Kuift.t. Juo Tirrie, B I. ClVirihcll. R l.vrn.i Imm Thnrmd ri. R Dawsou, Wm Lsdlev.Geo H Tliil?ode*ui, Inm Duj-i???, Wrr Leekeon, Robert Voeikimnr, F W Doluia, &tml Liraon, Jno Vuiiut, Lfuu Dill, P?t?r l.ouf;<1o?, Geo Violeu, Chj? W Dad row, Merc ue I. ?e, Alfred Wuker. *m Dvultur, L i.'ndry, Al*x Wartere, Wn Dyer, Kin<ey Lnnliy, i K Wiag, T Done, John Moore, Jno Wroe, 8 C k E Dowguee, John Meltviau, Chai W WiUtaeaa. K Dome, Jons. A Miller, Bra] Wai?au, J A?S DciiikMi, H S AtcCartaej, Uiec White A Co, J Dyer.Geoll Morula, Jut W Williuna, Capt H Dfreemer, Geo C Mtdlox, JuaS Worth, C?| tH Eda>ond?ou, W B McMalt, Mr W?e, t i< Edlfn, Robt McGoeerr., Peter W;tre, Ckii Edwurde, iieo W M ickc?f?, T!io? Willi?ire,Ch>t Eraoe, P MISCELLANEOrS ? No IS Gev etreet, Mcch^aie Lodge, i. o u r CT" LETTKRH IX ALL CA?*S MUST B* I'K 1PA11). Dec 3-ll HENRY WIRT TILL.EY, P M fVV-NOTICE.-The firat annual meeting of the LkJ? Third Buildin* Association of Gforjr<?town wiTTbi held at the Council Chauil>?r on TU* SDA V KVKNl !MO next, at 7 o'clock. An eWticn of olfieora to serve during the ensuing year will beheld in tlie afternoon, a i(l lor that purpose the JiidK s and ih? Secretary will t>e in attendance l'roin 4 to 7 o'clock. By order ol the Board db 1 St WILLIAM KING, Sec. Anotick# LL Notes take at far for DRY GOODr at E. GUTM AN'S, 117 Bridge street, evuth Hide. We have just i?ic?>ived a ?p endid st. ck of Kid Gioves, Gauntlets, Embroideries, Cloaks. t*h?wla, Ao.. from the latest Baltimore auctions, whioii we will aell chaaptr than ever. P. S ? we have also reoeived a splendid st?le of r?nn? Hi ^il ka gat a?hU nitr iAr?l wnrlk <# i 9A Don't forget the place. E. GUTMAN. de 3 I w 117 Bridge ?t, eoutli ?ido. Anew confectionery. E13EM T lleit to inform tne ptui't of Wttkmgion and Georgetown that he intend* to reopen, on Monday, the ad of Deoeiuber, the Confectionery Stoie recently oeoupied by Mr. Amy, No. 84 Bridge *tr?et, Gtorgetowt>f whore ho inteade to keep the ohoioeat gooda. de la a so prepared to furnish Halie, Partiee, Dinners and suppers at Htorfrr&teouar ??. de 1 2t* A. EBERT. CORPORATION OF GEGRGETOWN. 018 V TRICr. MARYLAND, atd VIRGINIA DANK NOTES at par for Groctriit, aid three iiuiinr) id apMJie tivao m (iwnta wneu iwo auinra woith it bought at Tenney'e. corner High and" Bridge ktreeta, Georgetown. D C. Tlie subscriber will ooatiLue te sell it the Mm* pr.oeg m before the suspension. His block lslarge and wall assorted, comprising almost every article usually found in a firit class Urooery Store. Also now on band and constant: y receiving da ring tJie ieaa?n large supplies ol fresh slaugutered Hogs, amtable lor smmiy uae. uoat^t W. H. TENNEY JUST RECEIVED? 10 hb<l*. prime Porto Rioo SUGAR?, 1? bbla. uid Rye WHIPKY, SSObbla. HERRING and ALEWIVES. SO bbla. '"rushed and Refined *-UGARs, SO bags R io and Java COFFEE, 10 hhda.( low priced > MO LAPSES. For aale by JOHN J. BOG UE. ae 19 J 100 8BLS. OP FR1MK CIDER, U*T Arrived and for sale cheap tor cieh. no 13 ARNY A 8HINN. LOST AND FOUND] LOAT?On Seventh atreet, on Saturday evenieg laat. a PACK&GK, containing muonig diplomat The finder wul be liberal* rewarded by leaving it at WHITTLESEY'S Oil and Paint Store, on Seventh at., near D. d" 3 3;* RE WARD.?Loat. a CHP!T*K fo- 8129 83, tyiJ dated Washington, Deoeiubar lat. I860, draws | by Col. T. P. Andrew*, Payma?ter U.8. Army, to ' bearer. All pereaaa are o?u toned againa*. reviving or negotiating it. The above reward, will Ha Aid for it* return to the Meatra Witard for J. 8. M., room 281. (Conattutioc) It* ESCAPED FROM C AND SEVENTEENTH IU atreeU weet. oi the 29th November, a cv oheanut aorrel MARK, with blase faoe, B"UUk ? J Ml ViU. UB V 1 U | UU ?fc W*l I ! (? VI I* 1 die and collar. For her return, or information where she can be found, a euitable reward will be - ^ I*4' ? T 08T OK STOL.KN-A email TERRIER Li DOS, (blaok and tan.) with a leather collar. Hie ears loe ow hie head. AEjJL^?i ewe I to the nam* or Pate. Whoever re turns him to S9S G stract will he duly rewarded. ' del 3t* - fAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER, on the mor? Kj ing of the30th,a DARK BAY MARK.ev I. blind in one eya. The ^waer will sleaae jJTfk f eoiae forward, prorepropeitj,p?? ebarrri and take her avij. JOHN B. AHKl-L, Firrt Ward Lirert Stab.e, G ?t, * de 1 -3t* btwean 17th A MtU ste. L f 09T.?I>o?t from a carriage this morning. vol Li umee 10 and II of Nli.BS' REGISI KR aewlv bound The finder will ran?irea suitabU - reward br 1 sarins them at the olhoe of the Aul> L i? UMt'nHMM b*loat to UM mM. ii?j ara ? N mora valce to the ownir thaa My ?? iIm. r. $5ps^^3?te?s5E5ss5 t, kalf paet a o'otock, a-d rohbed W tktkt |m i rt cuh-l* ta go'd, oona cting of gold ?i*? :: SIMS ^S4o?;i.'VSTriV,*i!K It US other not rsooUwUd. 1 wtU my t? lor tha appr< benaioD and oonnctioo of the th af. ,d?l? W. P. NlOMOi.1**t sjft.s?isa^s k eipally Virginia mnn'j.l The i?oer will rocan t, tl.e above rrwartl bjr leaving it at Uta o?o*. < bo ? 3* -m THE LATEST NEWS TKLBQB APHIC. Tl? GwjU L?||tUlui. Nsumvau, Dk. I ?A ?aua? ?m Mdi to-day to araead Uw retaliatory bi J m foUaara. " A?d wbrr>-u a romp*l brakati by mm party to ao lti|rr blading, polKlcally, aoctalljr. Morally, ar legally, upon tLf alter pmrtim to tt. ad wUrrou la Uc oplaiaa af Ult C ?Mil AmmMv, th? Mttoa nnimnM la tba Mil haw |r?Mly Tlulaitd the M?p?ct af tkto lalat, by MfMu In I.r> fauidM' Tim mtmmm Bt it tmtutU, TLit tSe 8UU of Geonrla Will withdraw tta eenfedereti-d faith freanall tbe 9?atee which interp<we oi a?cJea to tbe HWH rf Our rlyhli under the CoHtititioa; tad hereby i?? ?i furtktr twtfd and drcrttd, That tU ? cert in tli.a?tate, civil or military, whe have tftfcea an oatb to support tbe CmMiIwIim ef tbe I t? , are hereby relieved and aba^lved trmaa '.heir obllCiow from tveb oaiUa, na well a* *U caaea la rourta of thla State where tbe ?tetre or clUrena of tboee ftatea who refuae oar coneUtntlB? 1 rights are partita or otL'rwtae concerned Thla amendment ?aa loat?area M, naea W Tl,? .^.11.*^- Will ? -* ? Kin: ichmibwij uiu, uuwfffr. PMM IM now Tkiakifl<ii| tad In*uIm k*mm Niw Otiun, Not S9 ?Tbaakaglvlag Day mi devoutly observed In tbts c'.ty An Immeass roncouase assembled to bear l>r Palmer, of tie Pre*?>ytetlan Cfcnrcb, deliver hla eloqunt and thrilling discourse In favor of agression, wUIr U deeply moved tbe n-op!e Dr Leacock. of Christ Cburrh, (Eplacop^l J plrl srpd tbe unrhrtstlan aggressions ??r tLe XuHb. and spoke of the band of Ood movl ng to ( bit ordained Institutions Id teas* emotion ptr railed AbolttlonUU are daily arretted Tfcere 1? Ito mens* acltmmt. ud the iaeMtfia fwliM **> tnently increasing' Disunion 1* Inorltnblr* Secession Mwtti| nt Measphls Mkxph:#.Dec. 1 .?a lugtindtidM mooting was held here lsst night, when reaolutlocs wore passed to accept tbe pteoent as nn Irrepressible onflict. cailing on tbe Governor to convene tbe Legislature, advocation a Slate Convention, nod ensuring tbe Southern Slates that Tennessee will staod by tbe action of a Southern Convention for weal or woe. I k . * 1st ?S M - - ur ? r ngiiiTr aiiTC i?rarr tiN> Tobohto, C. %V.t Not. 30 ?Tbe decial?? Id tbe extradition caae of the fug)tire slave ud murderer, Jonee, Uai be?u still further postponed for a few daya. Tte court lo-iiv wm crowded, and much lntereet manifested la tbe proceeding* Many colored people of both aexet assembled tn and around tbe court houae, ready to r?cue the prisoner In caae tbe court decided to band him OTer to the T'nitad Stitra matbaritiM What Prnidrit Borkanii will da la cut af Sfrcnln. CnARLffTos, Dpt. 1?A special dispatch from Washington to tbe Courier, in a eeml-oftelal tone say* that tbe President bopaa that South Carolina will appreciate the delicacy of bla poalttoa aad not compel him use force In tbe collect!oa of tha revenue Tbe President will maintain the lawa, collect the revenue and protect public property. Seceastaa Sentiments?Bank Saapeaataaa StviniAi, Dec 1 ?Judge Kageniue NlaMt, formerly one of oar moat conaervaUva citUaaa, now advocate* immediate accession All the Savannah Banks suspended apecie payn>a*?a ? ?? ? litiimi tun uimuiti^. Atfmptrd >>fr? laaarractiea liKtMackf. Libanox, Ky.. Dec 1?Intelligence from Columbia, in this State, atatea that Mill iiyrow and one white man, tbelr leader, ted been ibb( by tbe cittreni of Burkarllle for attempted lnaurrection. No farther porUcaiare VlriMa Richmond. Dec. 8 ?ior. L-tcber will refuae tae r^queat of tbe clergymen to appoint a day of faattng and prayer. [Tbe teiegrupb yoatarday ? 1.. ? r* ? . - ??-?. * - ? -?-** larnuc lur ngmnor w rf^UCil Ol ID6 ClfffJUf A tbrmaeivra to appoint a day.?Rtpvrur. Arrival ( the t&llforaia Steamar. New Yobk. Nov 3?The ateunabtp Nartbarn l.'.gbt. with California date* of the 1 ith. baa arrived, bringing -**'.(**) in apecle Mr. Clay, our iate Miniater to Pmi, la ?naag tLe paaaengen. Onrjla Bask Hill Mn.LKTiGKViLt.a. Dm 1 ?Tbr Bank bHl paaaed by tti?* l.t-gialaturr rutborlzta the aoapraaion of apecl? r*t> tnents by tb? Ranka and aua>?. da legal proteaaea ou ail debta till December, 1961 DUK argcita, Dk 3 ?All tbe banka In this city Lave taken advantage of tbe recently enacted law and ao.pended this mvrntng Tbey bave fixed tW nivinium rate of discount on New Y ork night b'lla ?i 3 per Cent Seceaalan Meeting ta MoMlc. Mobile. Dec 1 ?A larve aeceaaion meeting wna beld nere last night Meaara. John Judge D.rgaii, Oeo O K'tcbuin, and H. C Humphreys were nnanlmoualy uuminated aa deegs'.ea to tbe 9tate Convention FleridM Mate ( nreatiaa ? atled TaLI.aha?sk. Dec 1 ?Tbe Legislature of tills State baa unanimously naaaed tbe bill calling a Stite Conventiau to meet on the 3d of January. Alexandria Marketa. Ai.bxaudbia. Dec 3?Flour?Family 7 S< i; extra *o 77a6 50: au Der *5 3? U mS so W hxt ?1white, fair to good, ?1 Uftaffl *); red SI 04a SI.IS Com ? wliite.'>flatt3c.; yellow55e63c ; m'.iwd 55a61c. Rye?i?7l. Oata3la33r. Corn MealOttkTic ptr bulbil !*eed??'timothy S3&S3 SO; Clover *26aS6 Set; Flaxseed ?l 4waf 1 45. Proviatoaa? Butter, roll, lUadUc.; Karon ll?13c; Pork ?7 Hub ?7.4(i. Lord 1.1a 14c. Kggt 14al6c. Whlaky*4a3uc Baltimore Markata. IW^ '1 ^ L'l?? J.-II 1 wv.. ?.?? ivai ?uu ?u? ur? * ' ? Ohio *j. City Mill* be Id at 84 75 Wbnl doll; red 8< lOal 15; wbite 81.-JutI 40 Corn eteedv; eld wiilte 81 tioal 01. Provision* dull, meat pork 817 75. Colir-e steady at Malt kc. Wblaky dull at I9^e. New Terk markets. Niw Vobk, Dee. 3 ?Floor 5c. higher. Wheat Lade lower, and dull Corn declining. Provision* dull. Whiakv nominal nt IS#c. TB'JOTS ANl) SHOES! O MEMBF,R? OK CONGKKSS. STRANGERS VISITING THE CITY, AND THE PUBLIC GENERALLY! The onde-s gned bejs leave to inform yon that he lias i i ore on# of the best assortments of^^b_ BOOTS awl SHOPS to be found in theBH] eity, for Ladiee', Gentlemen'a, Misses'.F ! ana BmerVVear Alto. GL'M SHOES,' IfcL OVER-GAITERS, LEG81NGS. Ao to. Hia entire atook la freeb?all made for tbie eeacon'a wear?in the beet style?of tbe beet materia] and workmanship. To whtoh be lantee your attention. H. BUR VS. 408 Pa?T. (A few doore fast of National Hotel,! no ?7-eo3w (IcteiACoa.) Bet. 4X and Kb eta. % / t t n i? WANTtP ??!* < \gSSBS" * Cot.Ml FOCR A30 A HA.LF ST. AID PUXITLT&SIA Amti, no PiRimviini At unit. SD PumTlTiini Itmci, FASHIONABLE clothier. FASHIONABLE CLOTH IK*. fashionable clothier. SitigKiEilSIB taken at par ittHSFSI 888111 (i.EAT At I ?h*!l mow io my in buUiac. N*. H) P?. 1 ? .i. ... ?r i ... t -V- iwittt r fehrtiift s 22:. * Th*?ioctc lalarf* >*4 v?l i??rt*4, very fertiou utuaiiy ioum im torn dry mi um. c^r2*lti#tvi8t,,i5,ai5si&. ' at fbencb ?k??cSS?hv?, ?t? ta. ??. t>? mor>l hi.ttrr of *w?s u> fmjk of ktdmi lsturr. tr&naltted bfj. w. pfclamr, m. - ual!ofianob flkr^'e boofce, n?mu. moaa . ?,.! hidda. pmtm and aiou*. mm & * by m r ' 500 yau"s,A CLO"?.-u? ' sieiis'irsisf *j si?\m _ aiont.fti i of wiach we will oflW *? Ue vary l?v?4t ? market prfoe*. We uivito aiiYe m of 0q ,. to jive ?. * o?J.. JLBJL** *jmQ> No. 96 Cubtl Stores, ireel SeuoiM. - Betw. 3Ui *?d >tt Mlflfc 1 ** Ow-CmmDm iUr>* T- q>HK CHEAPKJST PLACB to tar Oottiw, r* 1 Piriiakiai fleo<i>. Hate u4 UMe, ie at SMITH'S, No. 460 SevwU itrMt, ofroute Pm| I #

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