Newspaper of Evening Star, 4 Aralık 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 4 Aralık 1860 Page 1
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w . / f ? ^4^ A-. 5 * 4 "% * . 41 | ?jr C **/ 3 it + f y firming fBttp V5t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. DECEMBER 4. I860. N?. 2.433 THE DAILY EVEXING STAR M fl/BLISII ED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, C^TMr 0fPtmnryiv0n*amiV0nn4 and 1U& ##., T W. D. WALLACH. P?p?ra Mrved in ptokMM by oarriora it 94 I yr%t, nr S7 oonts par month. To mil a?bMrlb?ra tts pnco ii ?sjo a year,?w tvivancs; $2 for al* voatfaa; 91 for throo months; and for loaa than t rM raonlha at the rate of 12 oonta a week. Single oopisa, oucist; in wrappora, TWO c*HT*. \ZT Ai)r?*Ti?m? airra aaoald bo aent to th? oCa* ^lo's IS o'c.ock m.; otberviao they may not tffwr untti tb?L6ii<l%y. FOREIO* MISCELLANY. Victor Ehmascel's Extkt ixto Naples. [From tae Corretpondeut of the Dally News] Naples. N"d*. 7.?I am delighted to saj that 1 >th King Victor hinmanael and Garibaldi entered Naples together, for it would hare been a grievous taing if, as had been feared, the apostie of It'iliHu liberty, the man of the oeotury. hi 1 not been united with the sovereign <>n taid great occasion. When they left the railway en route for the oathedral, there were Yiotor Emmanuel and Garibaldi on his left hand, aud the pro-Dictators of Sicily and N'aples sitting oppoeite them in the same ear f l? 1 -11 aU?w ?Ka ril(C. mi suite IUI1UHOU, UU wmm-w xii! way to the Daomo there Wis a perfect ovation. The stress, which are rerj narrow, and careely wide enough to admit of more than two fat persons abreast, were festooned with flowers and evergreens hung from window to window, pictures tapestry, banners, and all the adjuncts of a great fete in Naples were there, but looking as tri?te and downcast a' lioavy rains could make them. On arriving at tho Duomn, or the Cathadral, the piassa of which was beautifully decorated. Ilis Uajesty was received by the authorities, and conducted to the high altar amidst such a storm of shoots and applause as could only be compared to the af^.ri* vKirtk ?n4 riirinff uutiiHa. ,lVivt Victor Emmanuel!" "Viva Garibaldi!" 'Viva Italia I ait* !'* Snch were tne cries which rose, not I from one, bat from a united body of many thousands. who waved their hats, and handkerchief*, and flag* as the royal party advanced to the high altar,* and this in the Cathedral Church cf ban Januarius. the special protector of the Bourbons, whose favor (the hint's) Baron Brenier not long sincc requested as an honor fur M. Thouvenel. There was some attempt to silence the multitude, but you might as well have told the waves of the sea to be silent, ami the ehouus rose louder and louder by some irresistible necessity wuicn no Human power could control. The King did cot take bit seat on th-* throne, but stood a little below it, and wip* !?aye, even king* perspire?yes, wiped hishanu\ and l then his face, with bis pocket handkerchief; and then looked round with that bold, undaunted aspec; which indicated an iron nerve. Shortly after, tho ceremony began, and liis Majesty knelt at the prie J)ien, whilst Garibaldi, the t>ro-Isolators, Farini, and others, s* m>d behind him. The Te Deom was sung in ini^nifi^ent style; and, as soon as over, the roynl p<rty do"-ended from the altar amidst tke *ame lone-continued and increasing shouts. and went to visit the treasury and the chnpel of San Januarius. where the blood of tbf eatnt is kopt. Of course it wag to be visited. but who can imagine either of those men bowing down in revvrtcoe before this chemical humbug ? A? soon as the ceremony was over they came down the aisle, and I had an admirable view of the King and the Liberator face to face, and a? a gl?ana of sun sh^ne out on the monarch every line was visible. *' Humanity" came first, and 11 Divinity'"after. The difference in -> a # mm. . avnp^iiainna ?Anlil not fail t n af pi Wa ( K a luw t "V V A WT'lV/U"" VVU1U UV? l?*l VV WISSAV* I u u most insensible. I locked at Victor Emmanuel's unvarying face and bold glance, and aaid ?he is the rs galantnomo, true to his word, and ready to ruaic'aib it with his sword; but I looked ou Garibaldi, end felt all the moral j , grandeur of his character?not a statesman, because he is something much higher?he carries in bis face bis character, an amiability which wins ail hearts and an energy which ' overc-i dim all difficulties. The crowd aroucd each w*s immense, though the soldiers aroucd the church on either side dii ail they could to |ke?]> the path open, but it was all of no use; one of the poorest of the poor laid hold of his frovcreign'i hand and walked with him; and the people clung to Garibaldi and kissed and embraced him as a father. He was the great at id>d in a temple of idols; an l so the royal parry walked down the charch. and entered their carriage in the iaidat of the burs'* aud % long continued storms of applause, as heretofore. The King wu dressed, let me aay, as a Geueral of Division, and Garibaldi in the sam? simple dress iu which he h*d ooDquered the Two SisiliM and given away a kingdom. A< the cathedral clergy refused to offioiatc on this occasion, the clergy of the palace offered their servioes. Garibaldi's Fabbwbll Addrbss. Lo*do:v, Nor. 10,1300.?The following is the farewell address of (iari'oaldi: " Nai'LB.s, Nov. 8. 1S60. " To tnif Compam otis in Arms :?Wenius now consider the period which is just finishioj as the last stage bat ono in our national resur n-ctittu, and prepare ourselves to finish, wor Ithily. tae iiiarvellous design of toe eleot 01 twenty generation, the completion of whicl PruTidenov lia* reserved f<>r Lois fortunate agi of jour*. " Ym. young men, Italy owes to you an un dertuking *hich hu been marked by the ap plauae of the Uaiverse To this wonderful ao * cunt in y?ur country s history, another mor < glorious still will be added, and the slave shal show at Jftit to his free brethren a sharpene< a r _ j r i2_i__ e l:_ /.?< T awura iorg 'a irvui iiic uiiks <>i uu irur;:. i arms, thou, all of you, and the oppressors am I the might/ will disappear like the dost. Vuu, loo. women, cast all cowards froc jour arms, th?t will onlj giv# you cowards fo childran. and you who are the daughters of th land of doty must hare children who are nobl and brave. Let timid doctrines be east ou fr>m ?u.onrst us. Proristeoce has presente Italy wi h Vie'or Einannel, and by the side t Victor Emanuel etery quarrel fh juld be foj gotten. "Oaee more I repMt my battle-cry, 'T -11 -f i re u. v iojm j , n:OI3, ? ? VI ^ VH. Jik JUBtVU, AOUAy UUOO UUl UU a million of iuliaus in arm*, then alas for Lit erty! al?* for lujy! Let the March of 1861, o if 'oeceMary, the February, find u.? all at ou p-jsta. Ira iiaes of CaUtafemi, Palermo, Vol turao, Aneone. Castilfidardo and l*?rni, t*er luan of this land who is not a eoward, or slari i-> on oar aide AU of ua, all of ua, I aay, atanc ing round the glorious hero of Paleatro, wi a'rike the Iwt blow at the crumbling edifice < tyranny. Ktceire, volunteers, the honored eonquei ore of t?*hles. one word of farewell from med Hit T ant nhliflrA.1 In ritir* Knt it id for i fa days only The boor of battle will find m * * with a a gun. Let those only return to the h.mae who are called by the imperative duti< of (Mr families, and those who by the I wound* here deferred the gratitude of tb< coonuy. l'hoso will serve Italy in their hem y>j their ctuusal?, end Ih? very aspect of the noble wuuruis. Apart from these, let all othe remain to guar! our glorions banners. VI" ? ak all ?M ra 1 All < *A?in 11\ m a VM k #, f? C Otimi UlV^t VI w y agwiu w tuai wu ? gether for the redemption of oar brethren wl are scill the e levee of the etmnger. " We aball meet *<*"> ere long, and aire together to ne<f inuniph*." cbcia. The Tinee pubUahee a long commimioatk from Us correspondent in China. Tie rnp'n C'f negotiation! took place on the 7th. and ? the nth thftaneY moved forward on Pekin; < tr.e v.h. LotJ Klgin followed, and on the 111 the i>?tpv?eU of the allied fureea had reached place called Yuog-Ssua, iimilee from Peki TKe TimM thinki tkft Kn?li?h Frannh ? under the walls of tk?Miiti! by tfce middle the month, nd tfcatif Ue Chinese war* 41 1 >st4 In resist, another b?'tl?a?t hare b? fought about this Lima. The anticipation camp sterns, however, K? hare bean that U Tir y aiuiy had been entirely cowed bj U F ir->pee? *?uUerj, and it was probable t] [, pearano# ni ibaalliti ia the neighborhood IVkinwrnid be tha signal for othar orarlur on the part of tha I&perial Mandarins It 1 I that negotiations may hare tak i.i4ca which win allow the re-emba bffaa tha approach af winter, bat it Mams I li >re likely that the capital has been tak J au'i oecapied. and thai it will ba held throu A * ' tha whole winter, nor can there be Mjy reaa I to anttefpa* danger frota tmh a proceedti and the "tSmmM Xrwctt tp beat by the next m that the two G?neral? are in fall occupation of Pekin, bad imposed such terms on the enemj, as will insure its good behavior for many a JMt ^|t floMoaoratht ?A German journal givea some detail re*o?etlng homeopathic medicines: The Dumbtr ?if homeopathic physician* Is S.2S4, of whom 1.012 are In America. The professorships of the science are 5 la Germany, namely, 2 at Prague, 2 at Munich, 1 at Vienna; in the latter city, also, is one veterinary homoeopathy. The number of homeopaths in ttefmany is 471, and 32 for animals, 21 of the former are attached to hospitals. Of hospitals In Germany there are only 10, and 0 nine of them are in Austria, 3 of the 9 being at Vienna, one of 100 beds, another of 00, and another of 60. The journals which treat of honwxipathy in Germany are8?4 of them doing so scientifically, the rest for the ordinary public. The largest society cf homeopaths is in that country; It consists of 230 membe'S, and hoidaan Dual itlllRgi. In France Ibfr* ire 404 bomoroSittm, ia England 344 (with 2 hospitals at Lonr?n;) in Spala 94 (with a hospital at Madrid;) in Brlgnim '<*>; in Holland 7; in Switzerland 34; in Italy 14; la the Scandinavian counties 12; in th~ Danuban Principalities 4; In Russia 0? (with an hospital at Moscow;) in Portugal 47; in As'a 4; and in Africa 6. The rest are in America. In the latter country also are hospitals at Boston, Chicago,'Philadelphia, and, In addition, clinical lectures are given in many places. Loxo Phots ?A friend of ours, strolling on the ri?ri is a 11 tL wLtc city, ?ow icrcrai ^cuuc? men haadl ng firearms of a new patent, and trying the range of their ball*, an afternoon or two since. A tall, muscular, and aelf-poascased individual owned the guas. and remarked to the byatar.dort that to sbow wha* a man could do be must tire without a rest; but to sbow what the gun conlddo he must fire with a rest. Acting on the latter principle he discharged one of his pieces some jU or 40 ttmes at a rock not less that 400 yards distaut in the river, and struck it each time witbin a apace of aboct a foot in diameter. The "cnj-vn was buuii in iue iiiirrPl, was qunr uravy like a ya^er or ride, and was loaded at the breech In a manner altogether new to our friend, who wa* nnable to give a very accurate description of the process The circumstance of the long shots is here noticed only to inform our reader* that the t*li marksman was uo other that Capt. Benjamin M Oulloch. the celebrated Texas Ranger.?MilUilgtville Herald. The sfngularly artificial system of English bookselling receive a curious illustration In the treatment of popular n?re!s. like "The Woman In W hiti* " nr Viran I I a rr i mrtriii " T h ?t? u'ar* both originally published In cbe-ap serial work*, arid are procurable for a few shillings In that shape. \ et It seems to be worth the publishers' while to brtnj out three-volume editions of eich, at the old-fesbioned price of XI lis. 6d., and, in the case of "The Woman in W hite," to give the author five hundred pounds for the privilege of so do lag. It is almost certain that not a single copy of tkeae three-volume editions is bought by a private purchaser, and the price Is merely nominal. Mr. Mudie (the much-abused) and his ?* > - ? oromer i.'.orari-tns are tne only buyers, at any terini that may be agreed on. A food edition, at a fair price, that tb? people might actually buy, would apparently save a great deal of trouble connected with the preaent roundabout s\at*m. |^7" Twenty-foor barbers and balr-dreaaers of New Orleans recently leagued together In an agreement to raiae the prices at which they would i t-. nrr? 'l'U-l. * _ 1 I _ J pmiur iur 11 cAiiiuy; . i ueir t uivuiurr* r r wi iru. and either shaved tbemselve* or went with full beards and flowing locks. The hair-driers were driven to operate on each others br*nds through purs ennui; this not being sufficiently remunerative to support lift*, some of thsm b?-g?n to turn traitors and give clandestine shaves at oM prices Tbe staunch ones beard of the perfidy and sacked the shops of the recreants, after which tbe movement stopped, and easy shaving is now done at reasonable prices in the Crescent City. For a time. thongn, this Intestine broil seemed likely to turn tbe thoughts of men from cockades sua disunion. Dutxiow Extkavaoascie*.?Et-Governor J L .Vanning, of South Carolina, recently made a speech at uoiumma. south Carolina, Id wbicn be n*ed the following bomh?it!c language: ? Cotton 1? king,1' and would enible ua tn peace to rule the nation* of the world, or successfully to encounter them in war. The millions in Prance and England engaged in lti manufacture are an effectual guarantee of friendship of those nations. If necessary, their armies would stand to guard its uninterrupted and Deaceful cultivation, and their men-of-war would line our cosat to guard it In its transit from our ports. ry A locomotive engine is a strange kind of pulpit, yet such a pulpit was improvised in Eng laud uie *umt aav. ioe preacner oeing idp uisoop 3 of London, and the congregation *,GUO of the workmen of th? Midland Raitwar, and tbe church the LWby railway stitlon. *Tbe airmen whi preached by the request of the workmen, t who beard of hta lordship's pretence In Derby; J and an English paper thinks such an auditory, - uoder such circumstances, must certainly be without a parallel (C^The curate of tbe Parish Church at Rome 1 having reused to hnrjr the grave-digger, who # bad died from tbe ? fleets of drink, the relatives of tie deceased came to the church-vard attended by - a large crowd. The gravn was found to be only partially dug, and, having waited for tbU to be . completed, the coffin was lowered, and. without e a word of prayer or other service, the wife threw , In a clod, and tbe party withdrew, amid the loud eiecratlona of tbe crowd on the conduct of the 1 clergyman J Cattm Dying ?The Favettevi'le (Tens ) Observer of the 15th says :? * Within the past few D days qalU a number of cattle hire died berer ab>DU. A post mortem examination has shown a hard mass of Indigestible something in the stomach, bclteved to oe cornstalks. The animals * die In a few hours zfter showing the first symplt tori is of ailment, and medical treaUaent seems to <i be of ao avail " >f r- A Damper om Patriotism?About twenty young gentleman at New Orleans, La , wishing to diiplay their spirit, determined to wear no ? IrttK ai*a m? r% # % ( ? ttAttlk 1 *.iuw " u?* ? wu? mloiiuih' (uic4i iii uwy ?u* era But*. So they bcugbt tome pieces of Ken*" tueky jean, and bad it made up Jtato sulta. Vol ,r tbef diacoTered, when too late, tbat tbe Kenr turkr jean bad htm made in MaaaacbuaeUa. Tb? I- wtU w?a good, notwithstanding IT" Tbe "Tenth Legion," a Frecklnrldgi ^ Democratic pubitabed In Woodstock, Shennndoat I roufttf, says, "tbat tbe Democracy 4?f tbe old . Tenth Legloa are neitber sce?asionlats nor d'.a ;I unientits. Tbey are loyal to tbe Constitution and Laws ef the lead." fP P?< n<*? NT* r\s\l 'a nrnan?a<4 lain Ia tV11 If, f A I 1HW . * ?J~*VVU v Mil* Wf ? *? >- country Is a^aln talked of In Paris ana now ap * pear* to b? fall? decided upon. Aa upon the oc ; caston of fata tn p to the Arctic Soa. be will bo ae ir rom panted by several men of letters, professor >( and artists ir No vcl Cosmetic ?Over 100,000 pounds of egg sr shells, redaced to so Impalpable powder, anc commonly called cattartUa it hue**, are used, 1 . ts estlmat d, by tha Cabaa ladle* aaaually, a; Ir "lilywblte," for tbe faoa, oask, andarma. Thli rs la exciosiva of ail tha aoaiMttc Imported dTTbe Romsn Catholic Archbishop of Hn York, has rar*tv?d a silver rtiedal from the Pop* to "In acknowledgment of the Zealand llbe aflti with which the Catholics of this dltfceae ha* h come to the aid of the Holy See In Its prcaen trlala and erabarraaaments." Dcsraiuse PLeoas ?A correspondent fron Dupre. Louisiana, Inform* the Scientific Amer] >n can that he baa found dry saw dost a moat eon re "anient and eieellent material foe ill lac In be D twern partitions la rooms sad floors for th )B parpoee of 'ade*fealng sound" l?/~ Father went to the barber's and had hi wb laker* taken off. Upon returning house to tea be waa Met by hie little daughter, (three yeai old) who, ronnln* up to him, said, " vVby.papi re you don't look ante!" of icro^n Mick ley, the Kalght of tbe Ooide UTT*i? nu. pm>iisar* i tare u HunMvHI )B ( rrxM) pw?, to state that be is Mill aroand, an in Ilk* Mr. Mlcawber, awaiting for aomettfng 1 he turn up. be ,1aaoa?aaTto* ??it ?Mr. A. O. TitUworth, < ao this nty, has taken the m-asure of the Prestdei of ?le<*. f >r the parpqse of making him an ele^er bihck sett, ? which to ha Inaaarniated aa the 4t jg af March aext -ttitaf# Jtwrnai. en >fa Pbclan Bkatkx.?Pbelan, champion i ru American billiard pUjrers, was bsataa TbursdJ , **eain^ bf Capt. Jaha Moran, at billiard rooo ?f the later la Bowdlo square. Mr Moran is *n fl*at class pfeiysr ?#??( ? Bt* ' IT7"U Is Mated that tha Preach arose now I OD Italy kill hones aaflt for forthsr service be Injec MISCELLANEOUS. 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St. > cokku KotB and A-HILT ?T. f Coiitu Foe* ajib a half St. lawfBlfif?88 ;kmsi^Smmiiss AT * ? nosnii ; n tig G.EAT Summ i .rsravCTfffl h noW -m > aoy A two Bouta. - Alt BONNETS, HATS, and PLATS of th< 3f IJ varr latest at??? all oaw mada^ iy of the M?t material. Call at oaea and cetQE is ako oa. At STEVENS'S. a ?o8 tf 3>6, htw. am a? ' 1<tth ?t?. tv ox* PRICE ONLY I 5 MISCELLANEOUS. N WINTER MILLINERY. OW Opening, at our Fauci Store, a T*rj tare* tod superior assortment of WINTER BOX-^gh NETS, comprising the latest aad most desira-CHP blestyles orthe season. Al*o, a fine assortment of FRENCH Fl.OWFR5. FEATHER?, RUCHES. RIBBONS, *0.. ruoi wnica we are enabled to aeW tt greatly reuce<1 pri? a HUTCHINSON * MUNRO, 310 Pa ?r., noai-d2w&eotw Between nth and oth ?U. Gu Fixtures, rhe best k yer offered in this city. Thoie who denire to seleot from new pattern*, with the advantage of a reduob.? in prioea, will oajl earl; and examine. VVe would alto oall the attention of p.vioM about intn duomg g&* i to their dwellirga to our insr Med faoilitiea, and conaequent low prioea, for Una branch of our trale. Inviting all who desire their work done promptly, and free from can l-akaiM, to c*<l at Jib9 Pa. arenue, Itetween loth and llth eta., south aid*. no 21-tj an I j. W. tilom: son k. HO. Furs! Furs! JT SEYMOUR'S IN GEORGETOWN, are with atriot oare personally attended to the Bianufaoturing and aelection of the following Pure. Mr Ion* praotiaal knowedge of the Pur Buainaee enable* me with oertaintr to invite the 'a<iie? to gonda made from fine ana freehcaaght ikiua. Suoh a* ? , Panada Mink Sable, Ruasia Fitoh. OMFVIMU P1IIU IP?, W?ter Mink, French Stable. Children*' Furs in great variety. Far trimming* of ail color*. Pnoee vary mod*rate. W. F. SEYMOUR, no 19 Inn 6?org*to*frn. GtNTLEMKN.|vDv CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GF.NTLKMF N'S REA DV-MADE CLOTHING < fler* to Citn.Mi* and txanicer* wishing an immediate outfit superior inducement*, em>'r*ci :g, at thi* time, all style* and qualities rf Dress an I Bnsin??s GaridarU Rnif liff^rnriRtA in rII vari?tlM. Fin? ?*h rtf and Under-clothing of ail kiads. Kid and other Glove* of best quaity. Scarfs, Ti??, Cravata, Bto^ks, Hoaiery, 4c., Ac. All of which wo ar?? offering at cur usuv law prices. rrr Clothing mad?to orrf?' in the most superior manner. WALL. STEi'HKNS 4 CO., no 16-tf .?2 Pa. a venae. NOTICE! I wish al! gentlemen V. McZXa to bear in mind that the plan whiso I ^jSpMRBL^vfApt'd, six years a<n of selling ^HS^VhaTS and BOOTS at greatly re duoed pnoes for oa?h is in suooe**Ail operation. Just reoeived a full supply ol the latest it ii r<ukJ ii . i'? mi . _ . new luri *i jjob ui unri.-w nAin I no wj hneat Hat $3a first rate (tat 53: ar.d very (food, fashionable Hat 92 SO. All of the latent styles of sen HATS and CAP:*,at the very lowest prices. I am constantly supplied with a very large stock of tkose fine DRESS BOOTS at ?3.75?which 1 have been selling for uiany yrars?as well as the very best qua! ty of Patfat Leather GAITKR? at $350. Fine French Calfskin Gaiters from St to $2S?. Terms oash; no extra oliarge in order to offset bad debts ANTHOISY. Agent for the Manufacturers, Seventh street, second kat store from the corner, opposite Avenue House, No. 640. se 14- 3m SILKS! SILKS!! SILKS!!! SILKS!!!! Von can get DRESS SI' KS of every kind at WM R. RILEY k. BROTHER'S at very low prices; that it to say, a Silk Rohe for *16, worth 92f>; aSiik Robe for $30, worth S35. We have a large stook of DretsGoods of every dcsoription.ard we will el?se them out at very low prioeii. Call and examine our stook. WM. R RILEY * BROTHER, No. 36 Central Stores. Between 7th aud 8th ?trt?et?. po 21 2w Opposite Center Market. 1TAKK NOTICK! WILL Take a ! kind* of Virginia money for mi book defcts and for Boot*, 810 <?, and Trunks. Ali persons mdeb'ed to me wi'l please ca 1 and settle up, or I MiaM be comp*U*d .0 give their aooounts into the Aa .<Jt of a oollector. sTp. HOOVER, Iron Hall, no 21 I'a av.. between 9th and 10th sts. DURE OLD RYE WHISK Y.-On hand severa i brand* of Pure Old Rye Whii ky. Copper Distilled, mad* by the most reliab.e distillers in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, warranted pure. Also, Imported Rrandies, Heuunesy, Otard, Dupuy H Co., Jules Robins, ka. Also, Peach and Apple Brandy, pure Holland Gin, nil Jamaica an ! St. Croix Rum, and Wines of every variety, all of standard Brands. A ohotoe lot of Cigars and Tobaooo. YOUNG k. KEPh A KT. Agents, ap 14-1t Pa hMw.ifth and loth ata. CEMETERY-NOTICE. HE Sab?orib?r ofijgrafor aale ma at >ok of M A RBl.E MONUMENTS. TOMBS, GRAVE 8TONK8and MARBLE MAMTIXS at r<*di:o*d prioea for oaah or approved notaa. An earlr oaii la olUitod. \VM. RU r HER FOR I). Marble Worka, 3fi8 K at. enrtn, ?ki 17 ?tn hwtww^n ; jth and 13th. f?0UGH8, COLDS. HOARSENESS, Jta. I y TYL RH'S COKPC USD SYR UP OF O UM AP.A RIC Tkia ptaaaant aod popular Cocgii Rein*dy haa baen as lunt known ami eit?naiveiy n?3d, that moat pora^na have b?>ome fanuiar with u e^trat rt inart afioa^y. It oan bs had at all the crino prl druj torM> at 25 and 30 o*nU a hottl*. Uat dginAaojn* WOOD ^ coal say fa. at., kjtw. iith ajid ism btl, Mill and Wharf Coot of Seventeenth it., mt 17 ff h?ln? w?r n*(*hn?nt A ~~ WM. T. DOVE A CO. /ARB Nov prepared to execute any orders witk which thej may be farored la the PLUMBING. GAS OK JTKAM FITTING cr Store on 9th street. a. few" doors north of Fa. ?re a re, where may be found a oomjdete assortment tiwwkmafoth>f a*ygyi AAl.RXiNDRIA EXPKEBS NY OatdMinnt Prsight?inujh ot little?Barre's. Ba ?. Boxes. Baddies, or. in foot, any thin. af^/ tran?porti?d and delivered featweeu \Va?tiin?tnn, Georgetown, and Al?x\Qdna, ma' rely implioitly upon the KXPRKSS WAGONS of the undarsicaed wkiohran regularly everydar UtvMi tfroeeoitiee. Order* entered upon the slates of h'e Xpt%uattha*tar O fine, at fiaoon'e Grooary Store, orat E Wheeler's Hardware Ktore, will be promptly * Headed to, and at very moderate ch*rgea. .T. B. WTILLWKLL. noU-N (Late Oaborn'e Exim?. i\r sciiesrck's pl lmovic win'p,? U l)o. KKA WKBO TONIC. Da. MANDRAKE Pit.L9, For sale br 8. B. WAITE.oorner of Seventh traet and Louisiana avenue. Fna? of ttyrap, 91 per bottle. Prioe?fB*a Weed Toaio fi par bottia. , Prio* af Mandrake Piile, 25 oents pfrb*n. TTioee articled with dieeaaee of the Lanza, Lirer mimtuhIkH with Mini in ika Ruk Brtaat or fide, ahovld try Dr. 8ohen?k'? Medioiu*?. and are referred to th* follow in ? o*rtifio\U>, oneofth?ra\ay teatiinoatala of oamylata cure* in Dr. Hobcnok'a pomea* on. Sty 4<*r W?it Fifth etroot, J WtiliN?Tom D.C., Nor. Slat !??.{ Dr. 8c h *ci-D ?r Sir: 1 auffVed much for Mvfcrtl montna with Liv?r oompiaint, I waa per uviedby a friend to try four Pulmonic ttyrap, ani Mandrake Ptlla. I am now quite well, atiJ hli/vt voter mtdieitM trai the means ?f rrsterinx rue to Kfltk a*<1 rig*. i'hsrefure I take rauoh plearara in recommend in* it to tha rublio. M. 8. S no s ha Notes on any eoop southern Banks taken at par for BOOKS, STATIONERY. Ao., a< FRENCH A RlCHfeTEliVS, No. 2T8 Pa. arenas, Waihinftton. D. C. N B.?Booki ?old at oar anual low prioee. noM MONEY! MONEY!! IT! MONEY!!! Not** of all banki taken at p*r for Good*, and a ooinpiete aupplvof Pall ami winter Wear oa kaod for cask. WALL, STEPHENS A COH Clotkiere. no 22-3w Pa. avenue, \*t <*tk aad Wli ate g A N K 1 N U HOUSE I SjVEEN Y. RITTENuOTTSE. FANT A CO. I Will open for cavtoneri, apeoie, ourreucj, am * . Buy ?na sen com maa oxoDanze ? ias iuu?k MTVC bit rates. fCurrency and Virginia money TMtM. no 34 la SNYDER, . i. He it prepared to inrrednoe Water and Gas apoi ?i tf?'t ?*?nU>le terms, and gaaraaii? Mill < : Jst A-BasRaM* . wi#? * to ?at rid ofUem. bo 17 [ JpOR THANK991 VINO DAY! I ! MINCE MEAT?SlUfCB MEAT! We shall have a eaMljTrt e*^ Ileal Mi mm Mm . prepared la Umi for Thanks jiv in * Day. i ao*. ljuno ? huhlhtvlii. ) fjfcst fascy goobs, r 15 at prices to suit the timiw, _ , and on Pkicx omit, ? ..Jk'J'" *' HggBBSt \lrMm?SS8!?5SB DENTISTRY. M TEETH. . LOONIS, M. D.. the ipTentor ud patentee oftha MINKRaL PLATE TEETH. at-rf tends pereoua It at hi* oftoe Id this oity Mw Many persona oan wear Un* teeth oannot THr others, and no paraon oan wtar others who oannot wear these. Persons eallioit at my be accommodated with any style and prioe of Teeth they may deaire; bat to taoee who are particaiar and wish the pa rest. 0 ?at?est, strongest, and moat perfect drctaretfcai art oa.a produce, the MINE&A.1. f LATE will I* mora firlT warranted. Ro"im in this oity?No. 3S>Pa.iwan.bttmsea 9th and 10th au. Also, 907 Areh MrtM, Phiiade; ?hiv oo l*-tf D DENTAL CARD. R. M UN WON Hu returned ami ranatd hi* profe?ajoa. Office md house at 463 Eau^ tiurd dour Mat of S*ixth. In addition t< mflfeBa? every o'her approved style, Dr. M. ha* set^*lllu teeth on voloaniie Baee for the last three yean and, from exaerienoe, know* it exoe.a all others. a*d ia one-third less in priee than gold. Hia old patrona of Washington, Alexandria, and Georsetown are retpeotfaliy soloited t/? eall. an g-eoly H DENTISTRY. LFR. HILLS, after earaotioa teat of two yeara toela tiiftt he ou with oochdenoe in^ni the Cbeoplaatic Prooeea forineerticcnflK| rtiticia teeth. It has the advactitfet or****" at.-cngth. t>eaoty, a;?aa.ineea, aad oneapneca. F?1 bmw wHa inaerted for *. Partial in jr*>P?'tion. aflie 306 Pa. arasi. . eeT CARRIAGE FACT0RIE8. WASHINGTON carriage factory, ? D Stru t, BrlvemHtkand 10** Struts. We have juat fmmheU a number of firat olaaa CARRIAGES, knob m Light ranft. amp Wagon*, Park Plenums, family Our lflOir^ riaru, and Burnet, which we will aeli at*-=*= a vor? email profit. Bains praotieal meohairioa in different branohee of the bnaineaa, we flatter ouraei vea th*t we know the aty !ea and *uah?y of work that will ?ire aatn faction, oombinmg lightneaa, oorafort ana Uurabin Repairing ?rpm/by%nd careful It attended to the .horte^uuce^d CoaoLmakera, noocinri to Wrn. T. Hook. Mf-dly THE S?b?orlbe<r^h*Tin^^fi*de additions t? kl Sectorr, makinj it cow one crthf In the Dutriot, where hia faoilitiM forvgm/K mftnn<sot(inncCARRIAGE A WAGONS or all kinds eannot be erpaeeed. aad from hu long exper.eooe is the hum?. he hope* to kits cetera! aatiefacron. All klnda of Carriai ? * < klfkt Wiftu kept ea *AJ1 R E P A1R8 neatly 4eie, u4 all erln prea yt W attf.cdaa to. ?o?ea?-fcai4 Oarriacoc takes in ecakaue fer m I ; ? ? Dm. J. H McLEAN 8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY *? tkt WORLD, t strictly i act utile Mid ?(( <> b!a Conponnd procsr?d by tha diauilatioo of r*oia, hitbt, W # Dock, Blood Root, 3 Black R.o"?, T? JC ml*, Wild Oarry uvaP B-rk, and Daadalioo HR mni into ita com- fe J Tba antira acu*a z ramadial principla ? -e of aacb tor radiant ia ... L I " . A#4 1. LI ifciorc Mlcr diatillinf, producinr ? (Ulieiooa, ?ikilaratiaf apirK, ill th* mil iafalllMa r? ?^7 for renovating tlx 4ihu?< (yetem, ud tMiiruf the sick, oaforiag, anil debilitated tavalld I* health ud atraagth. MeLEAWS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will efeetaallr ear* Lieer Coaplaiat, Dyapepeia, J?bbdiee. Chronic or NtrTOM Debility, Dihum ?lh> Kidney*, ui all diliiMi ariaing from a disordered lifir or Stomach, Djipipna, Hear*, barn, laward Pilaa, Acidity or icknaee of th* Stomach, Pailn*** of Blood to th* H**a, Dali Pais or Swimming in th* H?ad, Palpitation of th* Heart. Palleeee or Weight in the Stomach. Soar Eracfliona, (jbokmg or Safoceuag Peeling whao lavinr down, Dry tea or YelloVaeee of th* Skin and *yNight Saraata, laward Peeera, D.I_ i_ .L. m II .f (ka R. 7w pk..< ta.A- J J.. run in ui oib?h wi vn?^ n mu?t ??u??n PlB.het of H?at, Dipraaaioo of Bpinu, Frifht/al Dituni, Luficr, Daapondouay ar u; aarroaa dniut. Sort* or Blotch an taa Bkin, and Farar and Arat (or ChUl? and f|TN.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES bar# b?*n cold darinf tb? latt ?:i sooths, ud ta aa in tuca baa it failed ia fi*iag aotirt latiafactioo. Who, than, vill fir from VluaMi or Dobilily wbaa McLltAlll STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will car* jom 1 Mo lanfaaf* can e???j an adaqaata idaa of tfct immadiau and altroat miracaiavi char, ft prodsetd by takinf thia Cordial in th* dutaiad, dabihtattd, and abattarad r*r?oa? ayatara, vhathtr broban dovn by tieaaa, vaak by Qatara, ar impalrad by aiekcaaa, tht ralaiad aiid anatranx arfinllauao U raalorad la iu pristine kaaltb aud rifor MARRIED PERSONS ar atfaara, eaaactaaa of inability fro? rkmir caoaa, vill nd McLEAMt STRENGTH EN1NQ CORDIAL a tbareafb rafaoaratar of tfca ayatam; and all vho rear bar* ia )arad ibamjaalraa by icaprapar indalfaacaa vill tad in thia Cardial a eirUis and ipaady remedy. IT J TUB L.AUIK.B>. McLKAITI STRENGTHENING CORDIAL ia a *o*?r In ui ipttd* ort f?i locipioat CtMrapUaa, Whim, Obotnctod or DtHeclt MoaotraaUao, lacootinoae* ot Dmi or I??oiant*r? DMchorr* thtroof, Falling of th* Womb, QtddiocM, Fuatiag i ul all iiMun incidto: to Ftauloi THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Ssf tr no l?(ir. Tiki It iccordaif to Ihictiwi. It III tintltfo, MreafUioa, and lonforui yen ud ciui tl? blaMB ot hroUb to moaut yo?r ehtok t(U> E??ry bottl* u luranud to f1?? Mt a/tctiob. FOR CHILDREN If tobt ekiUrn ir? Mil;, pmm* or aAictoA, McLIiHI CORDIAL will Bill thorn boaitkr. fat, tod rttrn DoUy not ? noMit) try it, ud joa vili bo cooviacaA. U U dolicio?j touko. CAUTION. ltvui of dragguta or dtaltra wbo ma y try to palm *? y*>a onio bittor or wraapanlla traafc, which thay (u bay h??r b? nvinr It la MM ai rood. Avoid oach man Aak forAcLfcAlHlVTEEfcGTHlNING CORDIAL, and ukt nothing alaa. h m tha only rtmtij that vill porify till Blood aw|th ad at tha una tlmt attn|tliiii ui* miatn Oh taaapoaoral takta ??ary aaarnMf Uaunf ia a etruir praraatira far Ckalara, Chill# u< Fc*ar, TaUaw Farar, 01 iDT praralaat diaaaaa. It it pat ar to larrt hottlta fnci only $1 par boUl*. or tbotiiaa for $5 J. H McLEAN. lot* proprietor of thia Cordial; itao, McLtan'i Volcanic Oil Liataaat Priacipal Dapat an the earner of Third Hit Fill tuaatt, R. Loaie, Mo. McLean'* Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD) Tha only eafe and aartain aare fcr Caucero, P:laa, Ta. ort, Bwellinfe aad Eronchile ar Cottre, Paralreia, N?a rtl(U, Waakaaaa af IhUfvcUa, Chraaic or InLaaiur) Rbeamaueaa, Biiffreee JPtha Jolata, Contracted Maaclaa 01 Ltfanieoae, Earacha ar Tat ha aha, Biaiaaa, Bpmae, Fraal Caia, Womda, Ulean, Far#' Scree, Caked Briut, Ron Ntpplee, Bama, Bcalde, Bora Throat, or aty ultnauuna 01 pun, aa difereaee how eevere ar loaf tha dietae* mai ace eaiated, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT h a certain ramadr. Tboaeaode of Mnaa beinp lava baaa eared a Ufa of dia repi'.ada aad meeery by tha aaa af thia taralaable remedy. McLEAITS TOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will reltere pa la almaat loetaataaaeaaly, aad U will clean ptrtfy aad heal tba foal eat aoraa la aa Incredible akort una FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEANV CELEBRATED LINIMENT m tha aalv aa* aad raliabla remedy far tha cara af Sparta. Rlatlii Wiadfaila, Bplinta. Onaataral Lanpa, Nadaa ar Bwaliiari It aerer laflad to cara lir Haad, Pelleril, Pietala, Oil a'a* A? if wrmrif aBnlltd. Pa 8pr?in?, Bniiu, ScratclMi, Cntkid AiiU, C&a#**, S&ddl or Collar Q*ik, Cm, lorn, m W?en4U, h n ae iafclllbl r*m*dj. Apply it u dirtcud ul a car* ii ctrula is nir iMUQM. > Tkti. triA* oo Uani viak Om auf varthl*** Uiaiaaat ( tad ta 7<MLObtoia a apply <* D? McLCANV CELI BIUTKD HXIMXNT. It will car* *oa J. H. ttcUtA)l, Sol* Proprietor, Corn*r Third *r ' riuM^k. Lmu, Ma. CB1RLU STOTT, 175 Pa. ?., aala af *at ta Wuktai ?aa; R.8. T.ClMlUO?orf?OT.. M-D*Wlj f|CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. out At1 and Beys' Clotkmg ft Beh?9l mm J)ress Wear. for the oomiox t?Moa, ar? innt*d to rrrMii ei )?rce utmiT* iMorUnaat flOVf 1 CLoTjU tk?, OM ST^t Umr of ?ll iiin ii? fit with ?r?n *?f?ni tioief Rfedy-msdeOirir.eote.or eebelsetiel M i VV?? 6AB rilTUIEI. i JSf^rr??tshfc?i hi] r.aitb, paporior in ?tjl? to anythim MHjMP ; ??WSVS?5? Jr'JXiVvPZFirS . WVKt a ?**D?tfi WTRAVKUNB TRUNKS. F. H?t* just n>oeiT?<l th? ikrtMt mioiIm nd bav 6ff?r the moat xtfoair* vfi**! Mil/ . KiaseiifCS? (W^WHSWfHK ??????? TilE WEEKLY DOLLAR STtt. Tfcia N?w iwnl in ttnuac (riMr nm^ of iswwftag miM ktt cu b# ft>u4 la W m MbUafced am Fn4?? aoruaf* Tn??Ouk, eeverts*l?p, k (tan OOfJ, ft mil > F1t? oopiM ? ?- ? * ** T*b oopiaa ? ? ?? ?? ^ * It LoTU-iably ooot&iaa tfe* 14 WsekiBC*** ' that kia mm* n? M> ImiM Star *nM o pawill) Uroiikoit U* ooutry. Ii_/~9inj'? oopiM (la vtmhh ou ba promrad at the touttr, imi<<i?u>r after t?e iami ?T U* Ptrtt. Pna??THREE CKNT? WCX)D AND COAL. TO (UK PIBLK I 0O WHERE V<tU c A X GET TOUR MONEY** WORTH' ? fill I If T*P( MAI* IB T*? WA?r M* in i i a . ri%v ? n 11 . anvw ay :^| try "what* jgrjr^u. PIONEER MILLS, tad bwr r<m PROVE~WHAT> [7Pr?r*t ?t?u??a<M jo?; WOOD ttm c <*pe. tun. ?. wti*re ju the city ; ?nd tfcea foi KNOW WHATt H/" Know t ?* IT? iftGyOll f SA.8UBK.Md Ih* very beet of WOOD for lee? money. Ci*t. t*PLiT, asdDb .:m? KttiorCtiiei. Cm at in PIONEER MILLS! SIGN OF THE BLVK FLAV STAFF. bovtivkt uoanaa 9uvmnrH Pt. urn (South of the Bridge.) no 19 bE iWtf K PACK. Aoayrr 1W JJl Union Fire-Wood Mills. PINE. OAK tad HICKORY WOOD BtvM and ?ptit at any l'nrth o- ?.*? repaired, aad del it wdtii any part of tlie City at vat j low erioee. (Lr We nail the parttouiar auenti >n of oar vu* and the public *en?ra:ly to oar rplend d STOCK ??F COAL, which we can say, witaovt fear of oontradiotion. rasa! to aay in tfcsCity. We guarantee to give *atisr>obon to a!l who nay puro a?? of u?. Iiy ?>ur SAWED and BPLIT WOOD U kept utier oover, perfectly dry. and COAL, oa piaak floors, ol^an aad ui good order. Large sales aod sirnl! profits. lf^Orrters eolie-.*#*! at UNION FIBK WOOD MILLS Cor. Hev.nth at and '"an*!, no lvtfM(-^EW * MAELOW' Proprlstora. M? THK imzKvs OF Washington.?i . have ju t received a- d will a?loa4 iii* himo'row a oarrn of tin very boet Rri A?h COALi?ii ?n<l itovttttmi ever brought to thU markot. wiiich I ca i tend direot from tho vimi u jour order* are left immediately. R. W. BATF.t. W ood and Coal Doalor, oc 31 Co-ner C and lath U . n?ar Canal. WOOD AND qo ii Del ire rod to ail part* of Lite city, at the lewwl possible rates. T. J. A W. M. ?ALT, ??!7yp""- n<"-*?r.s. FOR SALE AND BEST. 'PO K K.NT?'4 ttai pieavaot COTTA?E RE8I1 DkN<'E, obtaining 7 rooms. with froat baioony, large yard# in Iront and tear. fronting R at . in Mrinting Office Square, betwees North Capitol an1 First ?ts. Kent *<H? per annum. Address, by l?tt?ror in neriOB. W M. 8T1CKNKY. W* 6 ?f FOR SALE?A new two M?n bnok HOUt oi Foarth street, b?low New V'o k avenue, jh# ijou**? ib *> i?*v l'ont *ikt 4j feet deep ; Km ft-foot [M ime, parlor, dining roost, kiustien. Md loar ohamWa, with stairways it passage and kitor.en, wit'i good c -liar uoder the whole house P<v terms iiH?>r? > 499 8even*h street. oeposi*e Odd Fallow' Hall. nol-tf JAsTb. TOPHA.M. tj*OE RKN l"?The fane BRICK HOlfcfc No. 100 We?t?t( Oojrgetown. at preeent QMS pied br the subeent>er. It ha* 1J ro >ms, witfr (u and water throne Uoir, a fine rati, stable As , and is in a co<?d neighborhood. Apply to JA8. A.NAUR L DKK. > c ? If IT'OR RENT.-'Two new three-story BRICfc r HOIIi'liS with back bnildirgs, eaoh hore* to tMum 8 room*, with gaa, pleasantly attaated on nth street north, between M and N atreeta, rent mo<iorar?. Appl* t-> K. LAZKXHV. atpo? to JOHN T. LKN'MAN, Oiu? avenue, between Bt^ and 1S1i streets o> t>tf FOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR of the bjdidinr unmei' atoly opposite tw? wait win* of the City Ha!., recent! y oocupied by Chat. 8. Waliaoh m an offioe. A is > the front r^>n in the *eoo?d story and the thi nl floor of the aa*T>e b?i Id: ar. For terms apply to RICHARD WALLACH.No. Louisiana avenue. la IS tf ???????? % EDUCATIONAL. T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent who wlNi their daughters to receive a thorough and tyrtamatic education, where theirphyaioal traimag wjil receivedaily and special attention, uuder the moet approved s> stem of Ceiiathemc? and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to riait the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth at. aad New York av. MR. fc MRS. Z. RICHARD*. Rn W.ff FPlBMIMi* tfEMALE BUARDIVi AND DAY UCHOUL 1 AuKXAl*?*j4. TA. Mr*. 9. J. MeOORMlCK, i'livciru. The thirteenth annual ?e*tion of this ln?ututi?*i will omm<?nee on Taeariay, Soptomfoer l?th, in the house r?o?ntly occupied by S) ive ter Soott, Ee** No. ISO Kin* itrW. The oourae of study paravad will oomprl^all the brauchcs requisite to a thorough Ln?li??i Edi\oation.&ud Music, F.each, Latin and Drawing, U itairM >n addition to day aeholara. Mrs. MaCormiek is prepared t<> receive a limited number of pupils aa boa'der?, who. conetitnttnc a par* of her own family, will be U' dor ber immediate oaro and aaparnaion. Site will <-ni3 avor. a? tar a# poaaibl*. to aur round th?m witli the ooinfortsand kindly inflaanooa of II tine. Rt/er'nuf.?Rer. Geo H. Norton, Rev. Dj Eliaa Har^'.aoc, Her. 0 P. Sprig*, Wiliiam .jfowl*, Ewj., Edgar ?nowden, taq . fcdrnand F Witmer, Esq., Heary Marl.urjr, , 1'jjpit. MoK< !?* *, Esq., Robert H. Hcnton, E?q . W. D Wailaoli, I bditor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Eaq.Jaa. Kntwie:*, Jr., .t^oi.Jonn w. winor, a.m*ioaa, Mesar*. B.aok.ook & Mauri Cor Brothers. mp, Board, with Tuition in all the Engliak B*%aeh?a. for the annual eeeeiwn?pa> ab.e ? im-aanaailj, tu advance. M u ?io and Lang tiacee at Profeeaore* pnm I: r No extra oktrcu. an ? ti /On notice. /On REMOVAL. JTA 0 y ihaTt?Hx>r?li*L W 0 I W W PAWN OFFICE 1 to 351 C "treat, between *nd ?th ?t<-eet?, immediately in the rear of the NatioMl Hotef. *Mn the baeine** will be coat nued a? her?tof re at the old >tm?1 11>" 15-Sml IHNAO HKfcZBt-K'i. L?UIE3- A?D -"S^ ; LADIES' AND MIWFW,^ Freeh Arrival from New Yor* 1 Freeh Arrival from New York! Cheaper thaa Kver! Ch??p*r tiiAc 15 v*i : ^ilfWWW FUR nUMMINGS K ua li Mnti Kr TU'd. ^WWtV B. H. STISKMETZ, 2*? P? ?<r., no 84 n?-?r oorn?r Thl^t?nth ? pAMILIES WANT A HEALTHY DHiSg! * THEY WANT IT ??RF ^ TEMPERATE Mi ? COLINKAITS TABLE BEER ISTHE THINO! I _ ; It is 1m? mtoxiMtioc Uum ?d?r. mmd u kr man r ptlfcUbl* and ru*c?tn*?uo|. For?U by Groom.??X oamtm f MWt no*fr , iJRKAT BARGAINS 1N.P1 AN<y.-Q? ttj r having b?*B in dm a ?l o't tijn* paly, t? WW > ovbbt I ban n i th? eity, fc>r jblejor, W**wr* VT o..B *'% *QUH.L?CCA* DttOP^-A a**. B*r >B?6.e??clatf?<jtB*i maidy *?o d?. Broiohjtit. orous, boaM ttlW andM?o?nta TMj?r?dwndrd'T tW?to?t a-W ._ not* ib thBMDdy form cnr r>f*rtt4 to Ik* M"' 1 Try them ?od he eoewmeed. Ko*d a* : Go t.cWK^: BSftfotWm. . lilSsS3feffS3?32 i T? ? riPMU BAOsrA? %? BAOS,FMFRM Mdss. Aimmiiu fTamtmil porno* to i?rnt? 9*??M. " wg'^SsS7?^fgig^ r, n. B-A lot Af ?M V??M?Kn. wiaHi l?v L wm?nt nr*r. *? **> wJ? - ^?qo |f,g ? N?. #T 9rii|i{!!!t?wi>Cr?.

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