Newspaper of Evening Star, December 4, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 4, 1860 Page 2
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THE BVEMNG STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TI MOA* ...DffraNr I.1M*. ( ? t Spirit ( the m*ratac The Constiim;i?w questions wbethet the Hoi- ' perites of the present Congress have become suf- j flcirntly entfjfhtenrd as to the actual tendency of , events to be willing to acknowledge their own i responsibility for the perilous situation of affair?, aiid to evince an h<me?t d?*sire to apply ?uch remedies ns still r-miin in tbelr power to offer. Tk> t.xUMor is devoted to Congressional prrcttdingi and newt. Tlf >1 The reading of tbe President's Annual Metwr; created an Intense sensation to day In the House. vrhU b never before looked so liko what It was designed for?a deliberative assembly. Every member was apparently in hts seat. listening with dignity, decorum, and breathless attention. The e*m n ?Kt tK? !n fi*rMnn ft Ufa ?CI lt?, iWj ?UU?J V?U^U< 1UV a glorious sigh!, Indeed. One might have almost dreamed that the fathers of the Repuollc again occupy for the nonce the high places that now know them no more. The portion treating of secession formed the topic of this Intense interest It proved to be what might have been expected from President Buchanan's public history aad well known views upon the point In IsMie. While showing that the Union is already practically dismembered by an effort of douth CaroUaa to secede, he disproves the soundness of the pleas upon which the right of secession Is based?showing that It is naked revolution and nothing else. At ice tame ntw ne ucaiouiuiu* mtu mivc the utter impolicy of attempting to cure the difficulty by measures of coercion. He pledges himself to the execution of tbe law* by the exerc !?e of all tbe power* of the Government really at bis command, and shows that without prompt action by Congress those powers will be of no avail in the emergency. The paper (message) Is destined to form a landmarc In tbe history of American public affairs; insomuch as it will at once become tbe platform upon wnica an conservative ana reany unionloving men of tbe land must necessarily, aa they will gladly, rally In this most momentous contest In which our country ever became Involved. ttxromakt a?id Partial Sc?r?*sio!i o? Patmest by thk tpk\?rkt of ths united statks it Is no longer to he disguised that the Treasury of the 1' S is already in such condition from want of funds that by direction of his superrlorin office, the Treasurer here is compelled to decline paying requisitions upon him for tbe Government's cur rent expenses?paying at sight only such as must be so paid to insure the continued transaction of tbe public business. and withholding payment of the balance until the Treasury may have more means at command at the great centers of trade. We hear of very heavy amounts in requisitions on various accounts thus held over at the Department, involving, among other things, the nonpayment of the wages of sailors. So, too, has the Treasurer been forced to decline according to the officers of Congress at this time sufficient to liquidate tbe dues to tbe members of the body. The truth is, the anticipation of secession?in diminishing the revnue most extraordinarily?has caused the Government thus temporarily to sus pend the payment or much of what irowc#, and could liquidate in ordinary times. Thi Great Socthwzstkrx Chaim or Kaileoadi.?The great southwestern route through Virginia and Tennessee, known as the Virginia and Tennessee route, Is now making the time advertised on their bills (three days) between the cities of Washington and New Orleans. This line offers many advantages, namely: the cheapnnu r\f fart* ihnrtnhdi nf da r?r ki ncr of >agga?e, few changes, all of which are made without ttouble to the passei.ger, the roads connecting at the same depot, thus protecting the travele* from exposure to the weather. Thi? line is now checking baggage from Washington and points north to New Orleans. First-class sieepi ng can are used on all night trains. The scenery with which this route is adorned is charming, and well repays the expenditure of travel. The time Is twenty-four hour* leas, and distance two hundred m'lea shorter than any other route. The great U. 8. mail and Adams' express are carried over this route. We give the above notice that travelers may secure the advantages ottered by ?kl. wA I 11 A 1 ItV *1 ivuic. i uk jjeaiirmen conutciw who 111c road as agent*. conductor*, baggage master*, etc , re well posted la their dotiea, and have an eye to the comfort of passengers. What Will Be Done With It??We have heard of fourteen different schemes for disposing of the portion of the Annual Message treating of secession, to be sent to Congress to-day?only fi)iirt?k#n in far ' TK? m?inin? nf *11 im tKai aa yet no concert of purpose has been arrived at by any cooaiderable number of membera. The plan that meets moat favor, so far, la to refer It (in the House) to a committee of one Repreaentatlve from each State, to be selected by the State's delegstlon. To this It will probably be endeavored to append a further proposition instructing that committee to report amendments to the Constitution to cure the disabilities of which the South complain We question much whether any such provision will pass the House just now. sincerely aa we desire prompt legislation to that end; as it will at least require the exposition of debate to ?pen the eyes of the Republican party of Congress to the fact that the continuance of the South in the Union depends wholiy upon giving her additional constitutional guarantees. Ssnsaiiox Rumors?We have every reason to believe that there Is no truth In the story from this city, published la yesterday's New York Hitaid, saying that on Saturday last Secretary Cobb resigned, to take effect on Wednesday next. Ilia family arc preparing to return home immediately, but we know nothing to Induce the belief that M r Co'ob himself designs following them so long a? Georgia maintains her connection with the I'oioa, intact. Some one hss clearly imposed on the HtraU ? correspondent. "kvbinx** a ussr-scr ?aw" on Him?The story of ? recent meeting of leading Southern (planting) capitalists not in public life, in tbia city, by previoos agreement, and their subsequent call io a body on the President to give him their advice concerning the current crisis, with which somebody has "staffed" a New York HtraH correspondent, sad with which that journal, in turn, ' stuffed" the public yesterday, is unadulterated balderdash. Qcibt Vasrasdat. ?That tbe well-known talking-men of Congress were perfectly quiet yesterday, grows wholly out of the fact tint tbe message not having been sent in, tbey had noth log whatever before them to blatherskite over. By 2 p. no. to-day the floodgates of controversy are expected to be raised on the question of the referaoca of the portion of the menage treating of aeceaston. EC have Id typo another of the aeries of powiro artlclea npon secenioo from the pea of the Hon. Amoa Kendall, Um ablest and moat striking of ihem all so far written The averwheln^ng preaaure upon the Star'* columns prevents it* putillcallaa until to-morrew; which we do tnaomaeh aa It affords ua an apportunltyifcoe to call public attention to It a day ia advance of Hi appaarance ?r* ihv? ?- ? iw ?."J.""?' vice Preaident nwft oo \VwB#d?)r, (to-morrow,) at the cm pi tola of their reapectlve Mam. If any vacancies art found to extat, they will bo tiled bf ballot Tbey than proceed u? vote by ballot for Preatdeut and Vice Preaidejt of the United Statea t Ms. Btll.?The Naahvilie Patriot den tea, by authority that Mr Boll baa beta offered a peaition Id the Cabinet of the Preaident elect. Ptfftttl "* 1 ? Capiat a Meade f 9. N , Oefgt Holmea, f ? M C, V P Stanton. Kanaaa, are at W1V larda' , v Hoa J U tainpbcli. Cbapln Hall. B I". Juntio, of Pa ; J M A abler, of Ohio; J B, Alley, of Maaa , we at the Waahlngton Houae. Hob. Waa. MlUward, Kepraaentative la Conereaa, Biet with an accident on Wednesday; while accoaKpaoyiBK bla Lady and daughter to a bridal party, and !a the act of atepping from hii carriage, hta loot al>pped from the ate*, which rauaed the breallag at fela ankle * -* . % * CONGRESSIONAL. ThI?TT-#IXTII CoRGRKaS?StCOMD Skssio.n. Tcesdat, December 4. Htkatk ?Mr. Bigler reported, from the joint 'ommittre to notify the President of the readlneea if Congress to receive anv communication from aim, that the Annual Meaaage might be expected n a few momenta Whereupon the presence of the President's Private Secretary, Mr Olossbrenner, being announced, he duly delivered the Annual Meaaage iforesald, in writing On motion. It was read from the Clerk'a desk; the reading being In progress when the Star's re* Dort necessarily left tbe CaDitol The following Senator* (In addition to thoae whoae presence in the chamber was announced veaterday) appeared In their scat! this morning. Vit: Measrs Thompaon, of N. J , Johnson, of Tenn., Harlan, Gwln. Wllkinsou, and Iveraon. Hoc*? ?After tile reading of the journal? Mr Grow renewed his motion of yesterday to recooalder the vote by which the Homestead bill was referred to the Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union. Mr. Phelps moved to lay the motion on the table, and demanded the veaa and naya Tfca reading of the bill being called for, the Clerk proceeded to read During the readlne, Mr. Gloasbrenner, private secretary to the President, entered tbe HaJl and announced a message from tbe President. Tbe reading was then dispensed witb, for tbe purpose of receiving and acting on the message, wiin tbe understanding that tbe bill was to be printed In full in tbe Globe of to-morrow. Tbeannnal message was tben received, and tbe reading of it is in progress as we go to press. Fbom California?Han Francisco dates to tbe 41 ?t of govern ber have been received by tbe pony express I do fTOHon rr?urn? irr no? ijuiit i:umj?irir. The total vote returned 117,816. divided as follows Lincoln, 38.648; Douglas, 37.319; Breckinridge, 33.357; Bell, 0,407. The vote of the State cannot exceed lib 600, and Lincoln la generally conceded to have a plurality of 700 to 1,000. The latest returns from all the counties of Ore gon give Lincoln 31^ majority over Breckinridge, and Douglas is number three in the race. The late storm caused much damage in the Interior of the State .Many flumes and ditches were serinusly injured, bouses unroofed, fences blown down, 4c One of the big trees of California, measuring thirty-^* feet In diameter, waa prostrated. Mr Shannon, editor of the Viaalla Delta, and Win O Morria, a lawyer, residing in the si me town, had a rencontre, growing out of a political controversy, on the 15th. during which Mr. Shannon was killed, after the parties had fired several shots Mr Morris was acquitted on the ground that he acted in self defense. Tbe yield of the Fremont gold mines for tbe j?st two weeks ia stated by the managers at Aeconnts from Lower California state that the Kanil t..k? >uiiu ut ituuuitcia wuu uitc urxu uuiiiiiiiiiiHK murders and robberies in the Peninsula are aA driven out, leaving the country qnlet. JO" Senator Hunter, in a powerful letter published in the Richmond Examiner, admits the right of a State to secede, but contends that it ou^ht onlv to take place when secession must be immediate to be a remedy at all; thinks that Lincoln's election ought not to cause a disruption without first using every proper means to preserve a constitutional Union; favorsa conference among Htv . VU >U< ? ?u asicv u p*?u t^uaiau*CT s w he proposed; and argues that If the Union is dissolved. the border Southern States should unite with the other Southern States. Cpttobikg ox Secession.?Colonel Miles H. McGehee and Charles Clark, of Mississippi, have each proposed to be one of one hundrea to give one hundred bales (# cotton to help arm the State nr-f KNIGHTS TEMPLAK -An adjourned uLL5 ?emKlv of Washington Commanderr. No. 1, wiTiM lie.d at the Asjlura THIS EVENING, at 7 <-'elock. _lt J F. ! MoCLFRV. Rec. rv?l. O. R M ?The memt>ers of Osage and L3 Mohawk Tribes I. O. R. Ma'o requested to meet at Temperanoe Hal TO M OK MOW ( Wednesday) EVENING, at 7 o'clook. to reot ive a cominuaicauon from the Great Incohoone. It* V3MPI. VV IIVMTIVi: unricr Tk. s - - * * * v ?** w a i V/ rv a ho unw L?l Audience Room of the pint Pregb) tenan Cnurc''i.4>? street,( Rev. Dr. Si numlasd'h.I will be i.pen for public intooation, with a view to renting tl.n pt:W8, on THURSDAY, 6tii instant, from 9 o'cUck a. m., and during tlie day. Tm renting w, 11 oomnif: a? at 7 o'clock tie 4 3t Y-^-M'NJON PR A VJ'.R -i jiiiDu evtry uay mis ween in me Foundry >rE. Church, corner of t? ao'l Fourteenth streets, to commence at a quarter past 4 o'clock p. m.. to lie continued one hour. de3 t^S-national guard battalion, L? COMPANY A, ATTENTION -You are required to meet at *our armory on WEDNESDAY fcVEM.NG.6th ilist .at 7 o'clock, punotua ly. as uuportaut bjfciuess demands the presence of every member. By order ? aptain. do i 31 BEN. F- LLOYD, Sec. - ? pAIR FAIR! t ^ A Fair for the benefit of St. Joseph's Male Orphan Asylum wi! bi open at Odd Fellows' Hall. Seventh street, on MONDAY, December 3J. aiu will continue two week*. A variety of Fancy and Useful Articles will be offered for tale. An appeal in behalf of tne orphans will bo responded to bv the charitable public de l-3t >^*?FAIR.?The ladies of Chrut Church will I < hold a Fair, comm*ncing on MuNDAV, tne 3d of December. and continuing through the week, at Thorn's Ha 1, 30*3 Seventh kt eet. They solicit a liberal patronage from the ci'izens of Washington in b?nait of tho moat venerable church in th's oit>?the mother of all the Epircopal chJrv'iBt, e.nd a lcviug sister to ail others. dej-7t YTjf" PHI LA DE LPHIA CONFECTIONERY. 1 ? Ice Cteim. Water lc??s, Wedding Cakes, poui.dCakea, Mince Phi,Pastry, Craits f r Outer ? im, Jrllies, anu a general assortment of nice things in the Confectionery line, at FiJSSELL'^, corn r Twelfth and K ?ts. no 'j4 1m* r*?lNTfcRK8TING to BANK NOTK HOI.DEKS.?Virginia notes taken at p%r ror Clothing at the Peoples' Clothing Store, i>o. 460 Seventh ?treet. N U ? I have on hand a vert large and superior took of Mens' and Boy*' Clothlug Forni?hing Goods, Hats and Caps, at trioes to suit the time*. J H. SMITH, Clothier. r.oJilm No. 460 7 th st ,oppo. Post Office. V^DEMPSEY k O'TOOLE. Jjf WEDOINO AND VISITING CARD EHURAVERS, Importers of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the most beautiful styles. 396 Pa. Av., between 9tn and 10th sts , au2T-6m WAsaiNttTOH. MINCE ME at, Sweet Cider, new Raisins. Curiants, a d Citron ; and Sn<ar? at *re*t'y rednn?d prioes. JO? W. DAVI9, 11^ Corner Ninth and E sts. nciR UKlTI L> VENISON! Kec?ived this mo mag trom tiie mountains. de4 KING A B-RCHBLL. A FAMILY HORhk FOR BALE, of large iih, and who also is m fine ndint ?7\ hnrss; sold for no teuit : vsritnted sound, aid mar be seen at PUMPHRE Y'B ftiable^XZX lor ten days <? 4-tw |/OR HALE?A vary tin* pair of CARRIAGE r HORSK8. Inquire of Mr. BUKcM.ry at his 1 lverv Stalbs, nn Fourteenth st -HlTR south of Pa. avenue, near VViliards' Hotel. _de 4jlt^ GC AN E8? OLD, Ivory asd Fanov-headed Walking Cases M. W. GALTA BRU., J?well?vs^*4 pa, av.f d )4 ]t 4 doois west of Brown's HotaL il COMBS.* " IOLD MOUNTKU SHKLL, Ivory ami Amtwi ComUa, all Um n?*w atyiaa M. W. GALT * BRO., J aval n,li4 Pa. ar , da4 3t * dmifi wwt of Brown'a Hot*'. 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Bids rm Krictiss a Lioht-hocsb?Tbe fol- , lowing tea Mat of bids for the Iron light-house ' for Cape Canaveral, Florida, opened at the offlr* of the Llgbt-houie Botrd, Moaday. Dec 3 19?0: Unge, Warner ft Whitney,M?abua,N H ?69.?uu 00 ? Jamrs Bogardui. New York city 6H.7S6 10 1-uTt A.W 9) nKIa /w wtftsk Aft "rrupic ? ?? wip*f ujpwivijfbib ? w,ww ff i_ Denio ft Robert*, Boston 57,000 OB L, J G. MePheelers, St Loois 55,521 ?7 ? "Globe Locomotive Work*,"' Boston.. 55.000 00 Wm Adams A Co., RoMo?.u SU 9.& 00 H Puarv, Jones ft Co., Wilmington. Del. 49.500 00 ? Henry Steele ft Son, Jersey City, N. J .. 47,440 00 "Atlantic Works," Boston 45,000-00 _ Win M. Ellis A tiro., Washington,DC. 45,(100 KB " J P Morris. Philadelphia 45,000 00 I! Hlttlnger, Cook ft Co , Cbarlestown, Mass 44.900 00 ? Haielburst ft Co , Baltimore. Md 39.900 00 ?, Ira Winn, Portland, Me ,39 566 00 *" "Trenton Locomotive Works," Tret- _ ton. N J 39*450 00 ? Poole A Hunt. Baltimore. Md 36,560 00 . Knapp. Rudd ft Co , Pittsburg, Pa 32 000 00 f J M Poole ft Co . Wilmlngtor, Del.. 3tMS 00 I d n r?? ?*? nAij ..v v no rv?r\ iut " rv r. i a 11 v i <j vuiu ki . i <o,wv w | *'_ r Tb* Wka.the*.?The following report of th? 1 weather for the morning la made from the Amer- j lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith- ' on!an Institution. The time of observation Is ^ about 7 o'clock. DrcsMBitR 4. 19<I0. t Burlington, Vt cloudy, calm. ' New York, N. Y ....looks like anow. 1 Philadelphia, Pa anowy ^ Washington. D. C anowlng, vrlnd N E Petersburg, Va. ...cloudy, ' Norfolk, va rainy, Wilmington. N.C cloudy, cool. Charleston, S. C .....cloudy. Augusta, Ga. clear, pleasant. Savannah, Ga. clear. 1 Macon. Ga. clear. 1 Columbus, Ga clear, cool. Montgomery, Ala. clear, pleasant. Jackson, A fa. ...clear. ' Mobile, Ala clear, 48*. New Orleans, La clear, 52?. nox TBI WIST Cleveland, O snowing. ; Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (cor- 1 reeted for temperature,) 29,804; at noon, 29.738 Thermometer at 7 a. m., 39'; at noon, 34^. Maximum during 21 hoars, ending 0 a. m. today, 40"; minimum 31*. I HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR THE DOL- ; r AD wrp*f V QTiD ? " **?>???- ? ?? ? 1 i IF NOT, DO SO AT ONCE.* TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIENDS ATA ( DISTANCE. IT IP THE LARGEST AND BEST DOLLAR PAPER IN THE WORLD. It Always Contains Bkttkr Accounts rl Evrrtthing Transpiring i!t Wash jgih cltt than ark pcrlishrd ii* art OtHKR Newspaper is thk L'mtkd Statu. dc 4-3t<l ^ W~" WATCH REPAIRING. ATCHES, Ciironotr.nters. Jewelry. Ac , c?rer.fllv roaOrxl M vv p.1I T A d ? . > ..... ' ? r ?. ??- ? v>*hj * i/i%v/u Jewellers. 33t Pa. av.. de 4 3t 4 doo-g we>t of Brnwn'i Hotel. V virginia money. IRGINIA MONEY Taken at par. no matter what amount of goods mar bej>urohas.*d of me. J W. MORSKLL, de4-tf No. 323 C st, lietw 6 h and 7fh sts ' FANS. 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SILKS!' ? silk aw AT HALF PRICE! ONLY ONE MONTH LONGKRf To oloae out our etock of Stlka thie menth, off^r? 1,?? yard* at o?ly SI cent*. well worth T5 oeots, l^no yard* at An cent*, well worth f 1 per *a'd, jjno yardaat 75centa, auoh a* we formerly cold for ?1 25 and %l.S0jx?r yard, Splendid atyiee at #1 per *ard, Suprrh seven Financed Robe* atoclj ? is.ooat QSO, Piik miu"i H ? 13, f II U<1 9 '*? com more than double thnae prioec. They muit ba aoid tkts montk, with tbe balance of oar .arg? alook ol Dry Uooda. Ter ma oamk. cLA&ElT A MAY? de 3-3t 384 Pa av.. bat. 9th and lUthMa. THE ?TY^ qual,T<K8!! r THE PRICES*!!! OUR *TOCK OF CLOAKS. SHAWLS and WINTER WRAPPINGS for I.adiea tare a* id hr #iir -ha?era> to excel in a'I Uieaujve potnta. Our atock of DRY tiOODS f>r family wants ia <a* usual i complete in all dapartnunta. [ CARPETS. CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, RUG", Ao., Caper Floor*. HOl/SE LINEN8, COMFORTS. BLANK ' E HB. Ao.. Baanncut and tne"Vaalt?" One prioe only; t- e value marked in plain ftguraa. t All pa oe!a carcfully packod free of oharga. Aii examination of atook inonra no obligation to parohaae. ^ Pfc^RRY A BROTHER. I ueaier* in arst oiaas D17 Goods, 1 Pennsylvania avenue and 9th ktroet, _d* 1* "Parry Building" /^NE, TWO, THREE AND POUR vf FACED SHAWLS. We offer more than oar usual assortment of Brocbe aad Chainelaine Lone SHAW* B, in one, il two, three and four faoed designs Shawls of the . above classes survive all the ulisnges in fashion, and form a rioh, stylish, and tue inostdurab e Wint?r W rapping extant Our nock of all otter kinds of SHAWLS and r CLOAKS will be found new, novel and extensive. All k tods of DRY GOODS in general u?a. One price only, the value marked in plain figures, therefore 1 o purchaser isd'cM-ed. .fyiSA^T*' CURTAINS, RUGS, OILCjTjTH.Ao . upper floors. HOUSE LINENS. BLANKETS,COMFORTS, Jto., basement and the vaults. al ~ - - - - - - aii BAiininniioo 01 store una stock solicited, it incurs no obligating to purchase _ PEkRY k BROTHER, ,, ; d. 3-jt r<au *"nna HSyLflaft. . POR HIRE?A likely COLORED BOY of M ' r years of age, (sieve.) He is very hone-st. and well taught m a house-servant, and la onto hired oat beoau*e of the owner having no employment . for him. For terms, ke^ epp.y at 104 Gay street, . ?OrfStownJ de l^w? \ OPENING OP A NEW ; Ths undersigned herewith ^pr^aotioe to his friends and the public in general that he will op?n, ; on Moodar .December S<r, a ifst-ei&.-s Restaurant. at ko. 32l feereuth st., between L and M ' * de 1-1 w* JOHN ARDLI3ER. DON NET RIBBONS! JUS. *iao*" ?/ BONNET?Rill%T>RSiB?ilSj off about one half ths usual priees. Mmu* v?ry good Affair* ! Swath (arellaa. Coltmbia, Dec. 1?The proceed! nga of the ! egislatu** to day wf*#confined principally to 1 atter* of local Interest. Tbe bill to provide a military force waa postHied till Monday. It will certainly paw next AresolMen waa Intredaced declaring that It la ??gpedi4aft to 111 tbe vacancies In thr United Mn Senate from Sootb Carolina. It will be 1 lopted m Monday next. Tbe LflRblatare la preparing a large umber of 111a 1 a reurti oe to free negroes, itinerant salesmen ( i traveling agents Tbe police regulation* of tbe State will he made

>ore atringenl, and effective measures are being rrfected for tbe purpose of putting tbe coast in a late of defense In every way preparation is olng forward In order to be fully prepared to ack tbe Convention which shall declare tbe .tnU nut nf th* ITninn 1 A Governor will b? elected next week .perhaps 1 n Wednesday Among the names mentioned In onnectlon with this office it that of Hon F. W. Mckens He addressed the Legislature last night n the House ball. He declared for Immediate ctlon, and made a strong argument In favor of be position assumed by the State. He said the ec^nt speech of Hon A. H. Stephens was cslcu- I ated to mislead, and declared that secession could ie exercised only by each State separately If toutb Carolina went out th?* other cotton State* rould follow. Csarlesto!*, Dec. 1.?A tremendous open-air fathering was Md In front of the Chsrlestoa lotel to-night. Col Bilbo, of Tennessee, made in encouraging speech, snd said that Tennessee would secede within 30 d*v* after Sout^ Carolina. Speeches were also made by Messrs J. B.Whale, smith. Prlngle, Gonrdln, and other* Mr-Richardson alluded to the rumored attempt garrison the harbor forts. He said he dtd not idvocate taking them Immediately, unlet* troops same to occupy them; but If those f>rts were nanned, they would be stronger than the Malaloff and Reaan. Wuj Point Cadvts Gbiwo Hn** ?The Charleston Evening News has the following:? Cadets Farley and Hamilton returned home by ;he Nashville last evening Those two voung gentlemen are the first, we believe, who have iiken tbls step. We trust that they will be soon followed by the southern cadeta generally." A SECOND HAND GOOD CHICKERING A PIANO for #100. del JOHN F. EL' IS. JUST ARRIVED AND FOR SALE-A fine lot . of OHIO WORK HORSES, which _ wnl be sold low, if early application ' * j -\A made at the National Stables, C street, between 4>, and 6th ?ts. del at* FOR SALE-Oae pair HORSES and H \CK aad HARNESS for sale oheap for oub, ?3\__ [&? the owner has no use lor them.) ' ^ ?>T* THOs*. W. WILLIAMS'S Stables,'fomerly kepthr Dorsey ic Cook, on Eighth street, hetw? an D and E sts. de 1 3t* Kimmell house OPEN AGAIN. Fo* THE B?rirTK?N OFfiC'I'H. Strangers. Members of ('ongress, and Citizens will please ca'l aid see. Burden taken by the day. wek, or month. TheKimmell House is one if the b?st hotels io Washington. oel-3t* A F. kimmeli., Proprietor. Home-made shirts' HOME MADE SHIRTS!! During the past two months, the "d'sll *'-asoo,*' we liave rna^n a large supplr of GENTLEMEN'S DRESS SHIRTS, and wiil sell them at a lower price than usual at stevens's Sale*" Room. _<le 1-int Brown's Hotel. 436 co /v fsc r/oa' e r y , ~ 436 No. 43b Seventh Street, between G and H. BA LL? AND PARTIES de 1 lw Supplied. WANTKD-i SMALL HOUSE AyD A T? FAIT ACRES OF Ll,Vi)-Th?Al. . A under?ign?d wishes to rent or buy a small TcTBk J Piaoe or Farm?the sma!!e' th* bett?r? from 1 to 5 mile* from Washington. H? waets it for garden and dairy purposes. Rent will be paid inadvaiwnif dasired. Address immediately E. VS . Georgetown, D. C.t itatiog rent, distance. most direct route. Ac.. Ac. de l-3t* DA. IIJLJBNER'S RESSMAKINrt ESTABLISHMENT. No. 506 El*tb?tth St . Between Pa. avrnue and K at. All kinds of Ladies Garmarts, Dresses, Cloaks, Mantelets, ChesWfield Sacks, Zouave Jackets, Ac.. Ac., cut and in ado to oidar by every fashion p ate in the lat-ut Pans and London styles, at tha shortest notice. de 1 3m* WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER WARE, Ac.?We have made larae additions to Iv our assortment of L?dies' and Gen'lernen's ?X\ WATCHK1 new and eiogai.t JKWELRY.&Lk pare SILVER WARE, plaUd an* P*nTy GOODS, SPEC f'AOLE* and EVE GLASSES, superior English and American CUTLER V, PI9T LS^,. GUNS, Ac , to_ which we invite the aiten iioii oi purona?rs, and icu*rsnt> to <>n?r t!iem, at least, a* tow as they can be putc^iaced in thisooautry. watches and Chronometers carefully repair*!. Visiiine, Weddinc.and "At Ilom-t" < arils elegantlr ens raved and printed. Also, Arm*, Lre?ts and Initials ha dsomclv out on stone. M. W. OAfjT A BRO? Jeweller*, 354 Pa avenue, de l-3t near Brown'i Hotel. T FINK HAVANA CIGARS. Ao.~ K. HK Attention of oitisens and utransers is particularly called to my ?took of CIGARS, wnioh win be round more ojrnpWe than over, <*'>i;?sti"? of som?of the FIN KMT STANDARD BRANDS known, as we 1 a* NEW BRANDS of a very superior qua'itr. In CHKWINO and SMOKING TOBACCO we oan suit alt taste*, arj as 'hemo-tof oor assort meat is m?de to order, of the best s*!eoti>ns of Virgin'a aad North Carolina, we offer something superior. MEERSCHAUM PIPES in great ran.ty, to gettter with every thine pertaining tcv* first class 1 Cu?r And Tobaooo Estanlishihsnt. (?KO. W. CORIlRAff, 398 Pa. ar., 4 do->r? eft?t of de l-6t National Hotel. | J NOTICE. UIKAT SALE OF ELEGANT ROSEWOOD a?in Walitot Fu*w.tcr?, Paisting*. Mibrors. China and Gla.?? Wake, Paria* Cua rs and Br<j*ze Ortvaxk^ts. vamis, ?lc.?The subscriber* are row reoeiviog and arranging lor sale, to take place in a few d*ys. at the spacious ?a es room-of O, Wo xlward, a few doors weft of the suction roo:n?, a large and valuable assortment of Houternrnuhing Goods 'rom a house in New Y< rk declining business, a I of winch wil> be sold wi hout r 'ferve. We name in oart ?Elegant Ho?ewo?>d and Walnut Pa-ler Suits, finished in Br*cRteIie; Marbe top Table*, Whatnots. Etagens, I iquorCac**. Mirrors hrnriamna lltl p? infim.a Parian and Bronze Groupa of n?w and beautiful deal, as, French Cbmi Tea Seta, Va?ea, Kuga, Bedntead*, Burwui, A o , Ac. Notice of day of sale given ia future advertiaemerit. del 3t J AS. C. McGUfRE A. CO. |\ CASH! IJt R !NG tli* pan week we have made larje ad flitioua to ?ar atoek of ?ENTLEMKN'S BELONGINGS, and, baying them andet the hear* pressure ia the ujojey market for CASH, are *tT*r them to tfee trade a?d at retail at a small alvanoe on nor pnrthaee price*, for C aSH. knowing that it ia leea that at wLioh firat ciaea WARDROBE ARTICLES oan be parohaaed. Our atook. alwaya oompleU, ia now much larger than uanal in pre a Shirts, Under Phirta and Drawer*, (ientlemen'a Drawing Robea. Kid and W*rm G'ovea, Neck and Over Tiea, ., Stooks and Soarfa, Perfumery and Soaaa, Walking Canea, Colt'a aad other Piatola, Ao Wbiob we oflar at muoh lower pirioee than uanal IM CASH. We wiah, however, to *e uaderatood i tkat our aalaa are ooufi ned to the naweat atylea of ^od.and the "lo*eat price.," , d< I lot Balaa^ Room, Browa^a Hotel. JV|AONiriCEST GOODS. Nov on exhibition ard for sale at No. 200 Pcjin TlTfcuia. avenue, (WtUariU' Hotel. BE A UTIPUL HOLT DA Y GIFTS. no 27 iw 1G. O. DBMUTH fc CO.. MPORTKRS And \Vholeiale and Retail Dealer* in WV AN A CIGAR9, BS, BRANDIES, GINS, tc., No. ?0 Noitu Chailm Stekxt, - Pivt door* above Ltxtmgton *t., Mnlnn. 512 9UTTA PERFfiTV/-"NT AND 512 ! HA?i.LT:iNJ.?'?. i-wvr ?i* o?v*n 1 a or., i* the p'aoe to find the oelanrated Gutta Percha S< oiegaad .Taint A!ao, a general aaaortment of o?m PMntfnK Matoiala. Palatini ia nli ite brannhea executed with dia[ patah and ou reaao a 14# Itrma. Mixed Dakota alwaya on hand and for aala. wi'h bneka* aad brash A% iPMi free c,f oharpe All otdera lalt at tk* a to re i.for OUt Giasiitf or Job Work of toy kind will be I aromytl) attend ad to 51'4 PLTTY 18 |K)WN. *13 no y - . -| 'i ? s ^ , T\J NO SECESSION! ' ' IlOW IS THE TIM? F'?R BARGAINS!? Araat inducemanta 4m? a?w offered to all aeraona ia lfeat of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CAPS, at the PaoaVa Clothing Htara, No. 460 Seventh at. Co?e ot,e,ooisa all. an4 bay ?... glANKB^ ? Li*n indCott*. ^ ^ ^ Our?ookuWrftlV'r^hnin'u.''N^ wlioit a cili from ai. in ?ut oT un tt?od?. WM R RlUKVkna., Pf? Stt "Central J*tor? ," B.tweun 7th Mta-S'h itr??t?, no 28-2w Of po?it? Ca?Uf FK3S! BS9g?^gC . ?a ?? AI O*fM?, nor*. MB atnv W>?Hw.9tliMdl?5*r AMUSEMENTS. ^ASHI.NliTON THKATER! CULWINATlvii 9UCCK?B , nLOVEStCtf*AMfcERBON. I QlKhJS VICTORIA'S flOGK AMMK. ras OEKA r AU8TbuANbprROORAMME. THK W ArHN?F., )n whioli?oca?.>n the Putnam Phalanx will attend in umifuritf. by iavitation. THITR^OAV. Docfllbtr 6. Pior. ANDERSON'S MAGIC FAREWRLL. Ol* (ASP OSLY ONI) DAT PIKPOBMARCI, On WEDNESDAY, Deoeiuher 5, at 2S o'clook. On FRIT>AV neit wtlTbe proceed ROB ROY. I nh hfi* UnCrA* ap Prnf I nH tann 1?VW WVJ vv? I VJVI ? I W?? M HM I I M [arel?*araal an oncinal CoinMhr, in & M'a. ntitl*d Fashion.? and Fohui of Waihmttim Lif*. d# 3 BALLS, PARTIES, Ac nlAND COTILLON PARTY or th? UNION ENGINE COMPANY, No. 9. it _WiU take place On TUESDAY, Dw It, Gflk 4l PRAXKLIS HALL, rnr. 9tk and D ttt. J'roare i'a BaiMl will firtiihauia Ticket* tl, mittiag a ten Heir, an and lad*. de 4 out FOR THE MONUMENTAL#! EIGHTH GRAND TOTILLON PARTY of the MONUMENTAL OLUB, at Thokm' ?r Hall, on MONDAY. Dratmbar 10. VVuhmV jl ceiefcriited cotillon mi?ic has been engaged Tioketa sn oenti, sdmittinj a gentleman indyfll ItfflM de*eo4f COMMITTEE. ONO sxrrssilN: UR UNION RIGHT OR WRONG! The members of tbe METROPOLITAN CLUB .No. l take great Iraaere in aaaooAatag to g% their friend*and the public in general that J9 their third GRAND COTiLLON' PaRTY/JA will take ilnoe at Ptt?UR HALL.oorner oPjaMb Ninth and D ?t? ,oa WEDNESDAY. Deoember A. The Committee pi"*** themnelree that neither pains!nor espenn* will be spared to make this tho very btu Party of the aeaeon. 8ohro<>der'a celebrated ooUl'.oa moiio hM been encaged for the oooasion. , Ticket* Fifty oent?, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Committee of Arrangement t. ghar'.e* Leach, Ueo. MoKllr-?h, enjamin Leach, Albert Sardo. VVm. H Chaanoay, Jae. Ca ndy. da 1 ?' * A OR A V n SniBKK DAN'HAMTR A. Will be given at % FR Ay KLIN HALL, fit (Cnner of D and Siutk street'.) MM OnTlESDAY, Deoember 4th, 180S, faM For the benefit of , MBg. MaRIV I^'is RETrK> TO EnoLARI). Admis?ion One Dollar. l).?orsogw at eight o'clock rioSMt* i^R AND COMPLIMENTARY BALL, in honor ll of the PUTNA* PH ALANX, hj the & WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY fit HATTALION. at the A?s*xbly Roo?i?,/n% Louisiana avenue. (|M DECEMBER 6. l!?60. Tieketa TWO DOLLARS, to be procured from anr member of the Co*r.mittees. Executive Commit"e? Major James Y. Davis. Captain Towers, Captain Dnhant. and Captain Stevens. Committee of Arrangement*. f!. K. Green, James A King, I r U (Vr,,.,-Ar U..P. K?H 10 ci u. am v*'* ci t iiviiii vwi i'u*? H.D Morgan. R. w. Goggin, Treas. no 28 xr.F.TU.TH w ant& YVaNTED-* SITUATION, by a ree?ao?able * ? woman, as chambermaid or nur e and wami tr??a Address B"? 11. St?r Office. It* WANTED ?Two or three good CLOAK MA KERS wi ! find eropl jment by applying immediately at MAX WE' I '3. 39* ?v n WANTED?A PL.ACE to do honee or eham ber work, by a young girl who deeirea to g*l a good home. Please address Box 19, Star Office, . de 4-St WANTED-A good COOK. One that under *? stands h?r and can be r*comnien<kji will reoeive liberal wagca. Inquire at tke diar Office It %17ANTED?Forty rcapeatabie YOUNG MEN, * * to asaiat to the production of " Rob Roy" on Friday next. Apply to Mr BLAND, at the Theater, b^jwgen the hours of ?o and 12 a. m de? gt 11/ ANTED?By a young girl a PLaCE to nurse ? ? and do chamber irork in a r?-?p?ct*r>le fa mil j. She c?n Nave a good r eon mm' Dilation from her la?t piaca. Please addreaa a note to Box 13, Star Office. It* WANTED?A SITUATION at. waiter by a ste%dv. oapahie man that thoroughly underat&> da hia hnaineaa ?w.d ha* the beat or refrrencea. Any command* irf* for W.S. at Mr.'a, No. Hi Pa. nveune, will l?? attended to. it* \ET ANTED? By aaettied American woman,from *' theoouaty.aSlTUAlION in a private fam liy at cour.or to ?io cnam!>erw?.ri. or to ?raite ne ?lf generally D-rfHl. P e**e addreei a note to H. z No 14, ft'ar Off)oe. de 3 >t WANTE1>?By an active. ?i ergetio woman, a MI i l A I'l< >.\ a* housekeeper. Understands ail kinds of ooking. Th? bs?t or ref*r??nc*. Apply at No 2K4 F streat, between 14th and 15th. d* 4 ?t* WANTED?By a respectable girl, a SITL'A TION a< na'ie or cliambe'maid, and as<ist in washing and ironing. Please a1dre?? a n"te to Box No 10, Star Office. ae S 2t* WANTED-By an excellent and experienced oo ored bor, 19 year* old, a P uACfc. aa waiter or driver, or in any capacity in the eerrtoe of a reap. o'ahle family. Please address a note to Hnx S, Star Office. deS3t_ WANTED-A SITU xTION to dolioaeffwork or wa^bias aud ironing, by a woman whore* aire* to get a i-tead) place, ^he will endeavor to git* satisfaction. Please adirers a note to B"x So. 7. SUvr Office. de 1-St WANTED? A neat two or three atorjr DWELI.ING-HOUSK containing fire or six rooma, f-?r a email family, located in a pleasant part of the flifv iiH.u. I i VI * <* D Vi W j ??? uw n i an. ?? in UK wii *I?T ? I i)^q de i-a.? ' IVANTED-SECOND h*nd furniture. ) " Pereore dec in:ng housekeeping, or h**inc a aurjp ua of Fumituro on hand. can obtain the <:a*b am! fair pricea by &ppl> inc at 369 Seventh ?t. no IT BONTZ ft OltlFFlTH. ! IR/ANtKD IMMEDIATELY?From 9b to | tirtjvn worth of SECOND-HAND FURNt TUB F. of all kind*, for which 1 will ruarantj to pay I the kigheat pnoea, and. aa u-ual. at the aborteet notice. R. 80CHLY. Dealer in Furuiiure, Stove*. &,o . oo9 40i?7th ?t-, bet. G and H.aaat mat. PERSONAL. A STROLOOfST, J\ MADAM I. DEVISE. l)o not ftiil to riait this aarvoWxtP ladj before t"]aaveetiie ?itf. All who are lit/oitno o/any i ?u.n. |?M OOH lu Mr. mauHW tui iirii| w;un . to T'iji aud cause lUeni tu love y?m ; will rake ' *pe?dy marriages a^d g'?at goo 1 tuck ; will advise I m regard to Lawsuits, Travels, Losses, Numbers, ce, Offiee and Recep?i<w? Romw* at Richmond Hods*. corner Eighth and D sts.; private mu??m on I) at. Gent!em*n also call. no23-13t* QNLY ONE MONTH LONQEfc! GREATER BAKuTlXS THAN EVER! Okr Cock of DRY GOODS meat be told before the 1st January, a< we hare to give possession u( the store en that day. we shall oeMmeeoe on the let day of December to sell our large stock ?{? Silk Robes, Light*a<i Dark Silks by Um yard, EveaingDrees Goods, fine Lsse|. Fr?noh Einbroiaens*. best Kid Gloria, Cashmere Lonr Shawls, AllWool Mootselaines, Lupin's French Merinoee, Blaok Goods, Fine White Good? of every description, *e , Jke. s . at half price. We prefer selling the above named goods to oar easterners at half price rather than run the risk af selling the itoofc dv auction at the North. nniiBSTir Arum* We Ut? a larg* atook of Goods of Doineetio Muiiwtart, a:l of vfeteh wa vill cloae oat by the pieae, or in quantities to suit purohaarra, at pr?claety what toer coat. T>*ms cash- Virginia money taken at tar. Ifjf-Ail pood a delivered promptly on the day of saV CLACETT * MAY, no 3V4t 394 Pa. av., bet. ?h aad >tth?u. O COLT'S PISTOLS. I'R Auortmntof riplm "FIRE ARWR" iaofmpleteof nearly all kiada Mdi; and. bating , exclusively for Um oath, we offer them at the low, STEVENS' Kales Boom, I noST-ti Brnwo't Rote!. 1 ?~i?. 1 ? ??? ? 1 tvfcux, and get your card enframing dona. KxamI ma their samp ? and you will not nil to ha aatiano 21 No. 278 Pa. arenae. Washington. rp . MOOTS AND SHOE81 1 ? ' "* MM The aadormitfijad bag* leave to iafonm yoo that M haa i n autre one ol tha beet aeaortinMte of^Aa j BOOTS and (MiOh&to be (o**4 ia U?Wl 1 <W?6 Hgssr^fcSL toa's v?w?4a tba h**t etjrie-of the baat materia gdjma-h,,. tSMftSiWKjr" " (A few door* < eat of Natioaal Hotel,) noW-eolw (intal.ACon ) Bet. aad >a ate. /1REAT baitoains in -i-- " DIT OOODA. i W? markatf dom oar Mb re atoek < to?< me Dry Goods, with oar i*rg? * 0rtOMi4 ol irat olui Sra#Ja Good* >rtiole?, an*l wiLl oom ;WiN tbu da? stlling off at craa-lr r*dno#d Pnaa? ! tor rrfuMnnr In*? I^?k>r ** l.t af Jan aarjr. M ? ta want of Dry Goodo to ax | amm? oar itoak bafere % AUCTION ?AL?. r BONTZ k GKIFPITH. A oct*o??or?. P"?lTlVIi HALE OF JEWLLIY. Ft! frxni, ?w F?m 6oo??.-Ot tBI'Ii*R\ Y MOhSi mo, Uoooatar *. *l l*oc?o?k.o? or? No. 301 < nth ?i<w P* ?* !> ? Wfc and .0;h ?ta. w-tnh ??4U for M?e?nl of r?. m?T ?oicern, a l*rr??nvote#<?t rt. To*?, C?tl?r?.M<! Fu?y Good*. WtMMK J%rt? f ici Gold. Mouir, L*v*, ud Goidaton* S*U. BrMrifi a, htrru.r*. wM PlMiU, Braadat*, 4*.. ?c.. ? lO?tf|, tJftMRetrTiI?T EmSB, I.IDia I Bi trtf t?. A ? . Tocwkw wtui ?lw|? MMTtwat of Fuel Goods. Tor?, *?. T?" oaah. <?< BONTZ * GRIFFITH. A?ot?. ; J. C. McGl'fKF tt CO . Ai?ttwwT?. PUKMTURF AND KfF*CT^rt . FAMILY r JWunim HovtuaBPiM.-OiTlIl Ki>D*Y MOP NlNi?. D? ?b?rlta, ?t Boim No 4>A F tr M; 6th and :th ??ro#t?, ?h*' *(! >'? t-"?rnitc?e ni F.ff-cU of ft family HcB?elre?p'-f. <-nrri>rt?inr? . _ . Mabotaor Hfti.-iyriu< Soft, Roottr, ftr4 Pirlw Slor TftWo, Cftn* a**t Cttftirs, Uilo'otV C< rniM, bu iltftrw*. Uu rtot*. Kxttn ton l>u inn TftMo, D'rirc Chftira, um?i. Ch.lJ'? Cftrriftco, C.'oek, Lot rtiia* tad 6itMnr?, Cittory. iN>abi? lioostMul*. MaMmM, WftHrobe, Uar?ftu?, Wa?faa?ana?. M'ftnkeU. OomforU Toiiot 9ota Together with fha aaaal iiwrtMil of K'toJiM T?ra?: 9?| Mil aador eut; nr? that ?nm a orwJIt of30 and ? <1ajs, for aattanetorilj end 01 tad n?>t*?*. Naariri int<?*-*?t A* 4 4 J. C. Mcei'IRK * CO.. Aaota. Br BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Aaatloooora. POSITIVE 8AI.E OF DRY *?OOD8, CLOTB1*. (tuMiu, V asTiftot, io-()a ?RiUAY *ORNlNti, |>aoaiaHar 7U at 1* o'aioak.oa tka first floor of oar AaeJiotj Knows, wiil Mil a lar.a ecnaigntatrt of Dry ?ood?, Cloths, Oaaai n.a J * .. "ow^ruiifMacia Oalainos, Bartf** ' reron v?iicura. i. sir;i, F anne a, Iriah L'nen, tmaiwii CM ha. < MHm*ra, Silk Vratiaf a. *aUr>e'a. Oaaaineta, Cloth Vtatinga, ?oaiery, Glo*o?, 'oolan and Stella t hawia, Comt ?rta. Opara Hood*. CJou-ia, *e. Taru i oaab. do 4 d BONTZ k OIIIFFITH. AdoU. ' Br DONTZ ft GRIFFITH. ABeuonaora. f ARGK STOCK OF TOTS. FANCY HOODS, u titlirt. C?ii* tn> Crockvbt * ? ?. at Acctiow ?On l?A1 I'RDaV KVfcMNO. !? ? ?b*r l'k.?<>miMioiD> ?t H o'olooh (and ooniinaiag every evening nntii the whole atoek ia diapoeod of. > we will eefl at onr Store No. 3** Tth a'roet. het wean I and K atr ?U a ar*e aaeortnaeat of Faaor Gooda. T?f?. ke . comeneiBe ib pwlW. o on I derat irta, aud Dr?wera. Hoaierr of all klnda, Chin* Cape and **ucera, China Vaeee. Cologne BcUUe, Crockery and G laanrjvre, DrM'inf Bo*ea. Work Box?*. ientiemeua' Dreanng Caaoa. Pocket and Tat'.s CatWr. Sn nurutr l^'h* flA.rrrltA'1 fiUn>. PorUnoni***. Ac., Ac., Tmeitic with * l?r?? ?forlin?nt of ftrtielM 'o*? numcr >u? to Motion. T?r?i?* oMh. do 4 k+< UONTZ A GRIFFITH, AnnU. THIS AFTERNOON fr TO-MORROW By CLEAR V A GM KKN, AuotionMra. iOfl AmfA xtrtet. POSITIVE ?ALR OF FINE FT'R* FRO* N*w Yon at Arrrtow ?On WFDNKSDA* MORNING, tneS li oi IHocntm next we ;? I ?Jl.ftt ??i o'o'oek ft id , at osr Aaotioa Room. No. .">00 Ninti etre?t, in oouj luo'iou with onr of rioi Dry Oo"tv ? nf w'id ft?rortm*nt of tk* ftftoet Far* ever off^r?<l in this nuw *et. ennex '4 to from New \ <>rk, with orders to IMke positive ael?, oom?ri?nj? Full eete of 9ib*rtftn !*?iiirrH, ' M table Mink. ** canarf* r*?t?e. ' ? PUneMartea. * ** Roafiau Pitch, " * Fr? n?h ??aMe. " ** CkiMliiII*. With aome extra i**?i The Far* will b* opened for mapeotion the day previon* to the % e. T ermii oaen. nnso d C1>'ARV A GREF.N. Br CLEAR V A. GR KEN. Aaouoitaara. 406 At nth *tr*t Rich mlk.mtin and velveteobrs. Cloak*, tr, at Arcrro* ?On WEDNESDAY, the 5th of December next, at IA o'clock a to., we vuali aell. at oar A notion k-nv, No. 406 Ninth at., a iarce aad rich collection of Drea**?, Cloak*. }?b?^te.*a .eoaaiatinc la partufRirh Black Plaid BfMaa, Batadere Brocade mifca. Very rioh Chene bilfca, EleaaU Velv?t Robe*. Do Silk Rohai, F.rnb'd li<<MUoa Drum. R loh Iiluaion Berthaa. Point A ptioi Beta, Koud< Point Peta, Bovsm aim Robae. new aty lea. ouroina K mh>4 M. A lar*e lot or Ctoth Clnaka. ?uoh aa? Ar?bi,Z'>t*?M. Jacques, Bedou us. Ciroalars.Ac. Cashmere, Chenille Bteiia and other Shaw a. Together with m*ry other articles ia the Dry Goods lino which we deem unnecessary to enaMTSle. The attention of the ladies is moat rsspseptfu lr oft)I?(l to the abovssais Upon inspection they wiU ftnd the food* worthy of their attention. Term* rash. no3P d Cl.F.ABY A GRKBN. AscU. By J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. Government sa?e of office furptiTcas.?Ob VV EDNESDA V MOtNlNti. D oerat>er 5th. at 10 o'c ock. at Corooraa'a Baiidmt. corner of Fifteenth and F streets, we afea.l sell? Several mpenor solid M*hotanv Bookciaes, Book r?h~lve?, Pigeon Holes, Teb as, Stoves, Window Shades, Carets 4o. Terms cash in specie. de3 2t J. O fticGl'lRE A co., Aacte. |ly WALL t BAINAK D. Auctioneers' " B AH JFK SALE OF FIRN1TFRE AND Hot? mom Effects at Acctiok.? On wKU>tMM i HUKnm?, iwniMr m o'clock, I will cel. at the readenoe No-, on Thud K'rrt !*tr?fii Peena Iran* ud Miwom m?i., (the flic wiiJ oeatfnate the bom*,) t*o hoLMhoid FornitMrr and kffcota.ali of which la c?arlT new and oompnaina? Mahogany Hur and Tot? a t?tea aad Chaira. C?uter TakM*. Si.iebeard, Diniac and ota?r Tab 1m. A large nnmber cfCa-potaand Run and Oiloloth, French, lotiag -. and other Hedata*di. Ro'iaw. Wa'^robea. and WMhiUi d?. Eteffre, Whatnot. < u;tama. and Shade*. Cfied Hair. Souck. and Olon a^d huok Mat t-#aa, Boater*. Piil.-twn, Blanket*. Comforta.aad othor bejdiap, Toilet bete, China, G.aat. and Crookery Ware. Co<4tinc a* d other Stoves And a rood aaaortwi'iit of Kitchen Furniture. 1 ?rma caah. J. 11. WISE. BaiUiT. <l#3 ?rd WALL ft HAKIMAKD, A*oU. FUTURE DAYS Uj MARSHALL* PAGE, Aaotiouwr*. > . 402 "ik *U4*l. umdtr Odd Ftlime* Ha.ll. THURSDAY MoRNING,?htoitut,?t 1? o'clock, tre shall !!, la fro t of o?r ? l?Dtr tot of I nnil*r, Doc?, Wirdow H*?h Md t}lind? 11%rdv?re, ft o. Alan, a lot Cookinr. P?r lor ?nd CUn^er !Hw*, Saooad-h&ad Firulorr, C17 u Ac. ?rmt cmIi. dis t: MARSHALL ft PAGE. Aueu Bj WA' I, ft BARNARD. Anctionaora China, cutlery, plated and other 1 OSTLV v\ ASK. PaKIAM AKD MlWlIf &TAT0 ?m - /? a* 1 r>*ia? II., T H I' KonA V . nAT. * v f rK?t)A v; a; ii T HI RHUA V MOlfi INOS. 6tt, h,11th, and l*h initts'.t. 1* o'olcek, W* vi*i *etl. tt the Ht^r# mf Chae. K. tfreen, 374 I?(*m lit* a a* 1th treats, wit doof'otr.eKi k? od Hoi f, liis a took, aiwp.iaitc * large tod Ttrted a??o-tme"t? Fteieh. -t??:ie <"hina, tod ot*er Oipiw, Bratktasr. and ?'? seta of tbe ttieat stylee, Parian wia?i?t. LtTt.Sevrea,Bohailit, fret oh, ted Am-riotu Glaeeira<e, Parian and Biaqoet Statu too. gSSffil ?xHS?\?Z2b?u Corditl S<*U, Ttbl* trd Win* Ctatora. Platw} ftpooes and Forks ted Ontfery. A ad t itrge assortment of otber Stleee Ware, Am a ta <>rtrnent of Aiuertott. Walgtaa. acJ Engiiah Ware of ovrT doearlpOot. This ?tl* wi I be foanii worthy th? * pooka attaatioa of hona#ke*p?re tad Lhooo viahiag toparebaee bo.i/ia j preaer.ta, ta Um goods tra of Um ftaaat tad la*teat importations. Ternwt: ?" r?tah; owr tbtt taaeaat.t aredit af jn and ? days, for approved ondoraad aataa, bavin* later eat. da3 WALL * BAlNAtD. AaoU. - - ' VA CARD. 1R9INIA AND SOUTH CAROLINA MONEY. A Si) OF ALL OTUESL STATES, TiiiKarrAt, , . *nH fimwti m il ml tho invest Market HICO for atSh. A inferior itook o( CLOTMING now oak* nd. md barirj to map.oy now on kaadird t?d fft* ku|?. vhiuh w ariah to ktsf la avplonMat dar . lug 'hie p?dis, we wul offer ntr* iriimii'a to f Ooodi audi to order ta U? b?at atrlM wall, steph en* * co, ?o8 >? r%. ?t . bk. yfc M< ftt eto. I.1ALL Wboi(^#?>!dltuiVTViiton>i?1lM FAMILY 5a&*;argainaa-K!" ""iSy W-- NKW CLOAKS. " . , $&*; stt jcSScrasi , Sg:S%s?<a<fe5Sar>gi5 ' pLOU*. BUCKWHEAT, POTATO**, AF k? t>6W. **w K>ohmo?i?mmi\j %i>M &xti? Kk>?r, EarfcffirulsSSErt4IV 0... Wee do. d*. ft'wi ifn ML ?ut ^