Newspaper of Evening Star, December 4, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 4, 1860 Page 3
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7 IOC AL NEWS. ? = h/"tticu^h Tmi :*ta? la printed on the teateet tram preaa la car south at Baltimore, lta edition It aa larpre aa to require It to be pat to preaa at an early hour; AdTrrt'?rnQmt?, therefore, should be s?nt 'n before 1*2 o'clock m.; etherwlae they may n't appear until the next day. - * m 0 ^ > Notice.?District of Columbia AdTertlaementa to be tnaerted In the Baltixok * Sew are received at and forwarded from Thk Stab Office. Citt Council*. December 3?Board 0/ Alderm$n ?The Board tnet at the usual hour. a rommnni'-ancb wsi recrivp<i irom me .Mayor communicating a letter from Mr* W B. FrankIid. of tie Board of Managers of the Washington City Protectant Orphan Asylum. In relation to a bill of Thompson & Hsnnau; referred to commutes on draina?*. The petition of Moses Minster, for remission of a flue, wai referred. Mr Price introduced a resolution directing the Water Registrar to furniah the board with a correct list of all those who have taken Potomac water, designating those who have paid aud those who have Dot, passed COMMITTEE REPORT* Bill of the lower board to trim and gravel Tenth trr-t w?t, from L to N stTff* north; passed Bill to l<y a foot pavement vn the west front of squire 332; pissed Bill for grading Second at. w?-st, from C street south to Virginia avenue; passed BUI for the relief of the Wtstern Hose Company; passed. Joint resolution in relation to the proposed union of Washington and Georgetown, aa follow V bereaa the corporate autaoriti?*s of our sister cltv of Georgetown, through a committee composed of some of her moat respectable and eminent ritlsem. invited this Corporation to appoint a committee to confer with tuem on certain propositions to h? submitted by them looking to the union of the two cities; and whereas toe two boards of the Corporat on of this city baa appointed a joint committee in accordance with the Invitation rrcited above; and whereaa the committee* representing the twocitles have conferred to^rtuer, ana tieorgeiown ui moniiiva xae 101lowtng basin for a <-nnaolidltion of Washington nnd Grorgetown. Vix: 1 Georgetown ii to be annexed to W&shington as two ward* thereof. with all the rights and privilege* and subject Vo all tbe duties of tbe other -varda of tbe city and of Its citizens and property hcldf-rs under tbe Washington charter, her own charter being surrendered She is to surrender nil b-r corporate property, real and personal, to I Washington, and to be liable for h*-r rateable " pr portion of the general (not the ward) debts of J the city, and Washington assume* the funded and floating debt of Georgetown. This plan of union is to be submitted to the rt-ople of in- tw? cities, and if aooroved bv them a joint application aball be mad* to Congress to IronBrna it and to pass the necessary laws to give It effect. Ft it resoivrd, That tbe voters of this city be requested to vote at tbe next general election for or gainst the acceptance ef the above terms of annexation, and that the Mayor be and he hereby n a:tborU~d and requested'to have a sufficient num>>er of ballots prepared and deposited at the " voting precincts in the different wards of th?? citr " for'' and " against" tbe annexation of ?ie?>rgetown to this city, to enable the citizens the i hi t- readily to express their preferences on this I 9U?>lfCt I u<; resolution was laid on the table, ordered to be printed, and made the special order for neit Mo iday night. The Board then took up the substitute for the for the better protection of ownrrsof property * ild for taxes by virtue of any law of this corporation After some discussion, the bill was recommitted tr> tise Bnance committee, with lnst<uctlons to obtain from the corporate** attorney an opinion re peclinc tb?* powers of tbe corporation to pass tbe ht 1 in Ino foer*? rortAv^.4 vt ? m mm ? tav avi im V J "I ' * u , A bill enlarging the duties and increasing the <ompensatlon of the water tapper; laid over lnforn ally. Adjourned. (t rrtmon Council.?Tbe petitions of Haslup and ^Yeedon, of J H McCutchen, of J. B Greenwell, and of J. J. Clarke, were received and referred. Mr Mulioy pretended a bill to place a wooden trunk at th? Interaction of Third street eaat and .Maryland avenue; passed Mr Van Reawic*. a bill for draining Fourth street east, near Virginia avenue; passed Mr. Mulloy asked that the papers of Daniel Pb.ffel be taken from tbe file and referred. Th? Phair dwMM) that tho nintlnn ur*m nnt In ordrr, as tbe papers were la poisessioa of tbe . Aldermen. * Mr Van Reswick presented a bill for repairing T tbe ?trs-ets around Center Market and the interior of Mukct S|?Mr passed. SKPOKTt or COXXITTKXS. k' Mr Van Reswick, from the improvements committee, reported a bill for partially improving Half street west; passed. Also, a bill for graveling G street from seventeenth to Twenty-seventh street wrst; passed Mr. Mchun. from the drainage committee, reIpo.trd a bill for laving a water main on Mass-ichu???tts avenue, from Ninth to Tenth street; fv&sed Also, a joint resolution of tbe Aldermen, for tbe removal of tbe proving machine and othei tnr.frxtna nf this tvit?r A rv?ptm*nt *r% tha ninj i r * ? ?^ ~ f p, yard; adopted. Mr Mead, from the police comtrlttee, reported ' an act amendatory of an act to regulate market*, pj?sed Also. requested to be and was discharged from consideration of a b! 11 for the better protection r.f market bouse propcty; and a resolution relating to markets rtie following b!lis from tbe Board of Alder mtn were appropriately referred: A bill autborl zing an alteration of a cess pool; a bill for tbe ben eat of certain property holders; a bill for tbe ben efltofjas Rbod-s; an act appropriating for tb< expanses of distributing Potomac water. \n annrnnriatiiti/ flip (riinmlair ?nit onv ? - * ri r ?" ? mm-mmmm >u? f, * ellnt; Four-and-a-half street; postponed till Moil day next. A report of ?ur*eya In relation to drainage; re ferred to drainage committee. A certificate of R. Wallach In reference to tbi Mayoralty election, (an eld paner,) postponed in definitely; also, a report of the waye and mean committee Mr Mead offered a resolution asking tbe returi of a bill from the Alderiuen for the relief of tb military; paaaed. Mr Emerson offered a resolution for tbe returi of tbe papers of Daniel Pbtffel from tb<> A Idermen t Tfcr smendm?nl? from the Ald'rmen to a bil for abating a nniaance la the Fifth Ward wer con urred in; and the ttoard adjourned. Mb Kdito* :?Your correspondent la the mm economical of irven Some peraoua call ua mean and yet we wrre surprised on learning that th Hoard of Common Council (the lower board) ha refuted to make a small appropriation for tbe put p<>se of beating and lighting tbe Columbian Ai luory, a building erected through tbe liberality < Conjjrvss for tbe sccom mods t ion of those of on , lax payers who hare voluntarily asaumed tbe dot of making preparation to properly defend the! country in ease of need?our volunteer soldier; In marked contrast to thia brave piece of leg tali tiou is their excessive liberality to the New Yor National fiuard. on tbe occasion of their recei visit, In presenting them with an expensive stan >f colors, costing as yet no one knows what, an distributing to Urn other companies of vlsitln inlltary elegantly prepared cards of thanks, a pressing the deep debt of gratitude for tbe hon< conferred by w& through oar streets. I ? is mm! A ?k?? tkA V A?W it ? miiu ?*??? ?mv v?? a via kTt tvuiu wvvuuj building erected for tfcrm by tlx corporate autho itlea of their city; and it 1a well known that erei Corporation ana LefllaUUire In oar country hai given aubatantlal lndlcationa of thair appreciate of their Tolnntcr aoldiery, aavlug ana except in our own it la fhir aioo to aaaume that tbe Me York J*eTenth have their Armory well heated an lighted Query?Would the Sereath ao high appreciate their munlflcent gilt, were they ma of tba concentrated atlnglneaa exhibited to war ( our own aoldiery? It ! tra* that a// of our TolunUtfn up not tl (equal* of the Strtnlk la drill and discipline; &r poaalbly tbia fact may have iafluencad our lowe board frteada la tbelr refusal to give them fl and light If ao, tbey bare Indeed discovered rare way to 1 nclta oar young Midler* Hower? we will not further treapaaa on your columaa Cmtui. Tu Scrum Copbt ?Yesterday, at I* 9 8iprtme Court met la tbatr new ebamb< but did aot continue loaf la seaeiou. Chief Ji tlce Tan?y and all tbe Aaaociau- Judges, exce Jud^e Wayne, were present After the sdjonr n.ent, tbe members waited upon tbe Preside and personally paid tbolr respects to blaa. Tb iKa?rt iiantlv laA tK*i p m rAl ttJT IKji Vif> 1*? (lent. Ai mm ae tbe Ceurt bad adjourned, ? member* ef tbe bar there practising beld a melrj{ relative Is tbe death of Associate Joed iMn'.el, wblcb occurred duriag tbe vacation ??? i . # Gcaed Rosii.?Joe. Roeeoberg was brought for an eaa?lt aad battery; held to bell for eou Kovetoa Beits ?M found drunk and dtaoeder fined 91 94. Jabn W. Carr forgot the ordloan reepecttafl the carry! eg of coocealad weapons, a ? 11 wi kU nteutl The rMt hi ru M Ju. Oweaa, d/uk u4 disorderly; ga ecurity Robert A. Wlllaa, do ; |I M J Crider, do ; |1M. (ieo'ge WUm, vigm wo'kbooM 90 daya. Pour lodger* were acc? mod a led ! J T* Colcmsia TTFoesarKJCAL Socistt at 1 meeting on Saturday night, elected the followl oiflrer* for the year lSil ; J C. FranaonlL Pn dent i W m R McLta, Vi? Pwliwl, Harrti I * Hoveea, CorrcepeadiBg ??d Recordtag 8ec ury; JvbaC.C. Whatot, Fiaancial Secret* Mir ban Catoa, Treasurer. ? Akiim at CvtirlvkMf Molt* Thirte and-a-taaif at. eobeeaer Baa, Twtfard* koa Pi m idelphu, With m taaa of cdaJ fwlfcifca. Caa aukfto ? RcLisiorv?On Sunday the win! from the noabwest blew a hurricane most of lh? day, a ad i the consequence wu small congregation* at many of our churches. Distinguished ministers from the Alexandria Conference participated In the < services at several churches. Mtlkodtst Protntant Church, Ninth Urttt ?The services of the day were conducted by the pastor. Rev P. Light Wilton, who delivered a discourse appropriate to tbe communion service, from Hebrews, 114. At nigbt, the discourse wss founded on tbe text of Genesis. 5 'J4?Tbe life of Enoch, snd his translation Tbe preacher Introduced his discourse with s brief review of the character of Enoch, who was a servant and priest of God. He proceeded to inquire whst is meant by the language; " Knoch walked with God?" It is figurative. He walked with God spiritually The ideas of reconclllstlon, agreement, snd friendship were dwelt upon in elouuent terms by the pastor, who then took up tbe Idea of progression ss conveyed by the language of tne text. This pert of tbe discourse was applied to tbe Christlsn's life and those of the present sge who are professors of Christ, snd sinners who refuse to wslk according to the requlrementa of the Gospel were held up prominently before his hearers East \Tashi*gt?n MUtion M P. Church.?Rev. J O MloVia!m lei* nselA* *4 i??ah4 ? . V*. ?? ?v p?iwi y W1SVUUI *LU 1IVUI JVUIIj 10 4. Christ is the great shepherd of all the people of the earth. Pastors of churches are his undershepherds, and ought to be examplea to the flocks placed under their charge by the Great9hepherd. They are to go before to lead and point out the way, but the sheep art to follow him only so far as he follows Christ. Then came the dutlea of Christians to their pastora, and how they are to follow Chrlat, visiting the aick, comforting the mourner, following him to the garden, hear the cross with him, go to the communion table, and thr mgh all the duties enjoined upon us by the 9a> lour through life, through the grave to glory to a scat on the right hand of God. At night, from Isaiah, 53 3. These remarks were mainly directed to the unconverted and backsliders There wtll be preaching at this church every night this week, commencing at 7 o'clock. Rev. Mr. Nichols la eipected to officiate Grace Church ? The rector, Rev. Mr. Holmead, discoursed In the morning from St. Matthew, 23 6, upon the parable of the ten virgins. The closeof tbe Christian year was alluded to, and the responsibility resting upon us In view of the fact that all the months of the year have gone away from us, never to return, waa dwelt upon. The neceMlty of open profession of religion waaaolemnly urged. How can any inan be aald to go forth to u meet the bridegroom" who baa never opened hfa lip* to acknowledge himself u follower of Christ? There waa yet another and more awful coming of the bridegroom, when he shall appear In his majesty to judge both Heaven and Hell Shall we nieei uiui wunoui one act oi preparation T M K- Church South ?Id the morning, Rev. D. 9 D D , of the Virginia Conference, formerly pastor of this church, preached from Matthew, 16.1,4 His subject was the present Indications of the temporal and spiritual sky. He dwelt with treat force upon the readiness of the people to seek for explanations of the appearance of ttie temporal horizon, while they are indifferent as to those indications of greater Importance apparent in the spiritual sly. The speaker was careful to avoid exciting political prejudice; but attributed present difficulties to the fact that men bad deserted the rule given by the true God, and framed a rule of action for themselves At uight, Rev. W. B Rowzls preached from James, 4 17. Church of the Axcmion?It being the first San day la Advent, the aervices were interesting At night service, Rev. Mr. i?mith preached from the 12th chapter 1st Corinthians, part of 11th verse, upon the coming of our Saviour. W'tsley Chapel?Rev S S Roazell delivered an eloqoent discourse from the text of Matthew, in the morning service It was the continuation of a discourse from this text, begun when on a recent visit to thil station. Tn orsaiNo pkatbb of the Rev T. H Stockton. Chaplain of the House, yesterday, concluded M_f*llows- "And now, oh Lord, our God, we | oner to thee our bumble praise for the past, the present, and the future Will It please thee, for Christ's sake, to grant us thy special aid' Thou art very high and lifted up Thou lookest down over the whole land, from lake to gulf, from sea to sea, from the rising of the sun to the going down thereof, and thou knowest all our doings, and thou knowest all our dangers. Thou knowest that our eood men are at fault and that our wise men are at fruit, in the North, In the South, In the Hast, and in the West: they are all at fault. We know not what is best for us to do, and, with common cons?ot, we come to thee, oh Lord God, and we pray thee to overrule all unreasonable and wicked men in all partsof our Confederacy. We nr&vthee to insDire and to strengthen and to a*?Ut all the patriot* in every fl^ft of our Union. And may thy blessings rest upon all departments of our Government. We remember with espccial ?o!ic. itude the President of these United States and bia immediate advisers. They lack wisdom; but, If they call upon thee, thou wilt give them wisdom, for tbou g'vest it to all men liberally and upbralleth not. Whilst we trust that they pray for themaelves, we here also pray for them. Let thy holy apirtt be granted unto them, and grant that they may speedily see eiactly what fa right for ?K?n> ?/t A A. ?!? A ~ I* ....A uciu W uv, ouu fjiaui m'ui ^iuvc vu uu |? auu mj fully understand the position in which they are placed. We thank thee for this bright and beautl! fal morning for the assembling of the two Houses ( of Congress We pray that thy blessing may rest on the Vice President and upon every SenaU-r in j his place; upon the Speaker of tbls House and upon every member In bla place. We rejoice to leara that they see their responsibility and that they feel their responsibility, and that many of tbem are looking towards thee for counsel and direction. Oh Lord our God let thy own presence subdue every heart, every mind, and sanctify all ^ actions to thy own glory and the greatness of our ~ whole peoole; and grant that we' nny still live in * peace and lurmony in this blessed Union " A Haxmowi I mi'rovbm ( nt ?The well known shoe establishment of Harmon Boms (Pennsylvania avenue, between Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets) baa lately undergone a thorough rejuvenation, and with extensive repairs, and an entire fresh stock of goods, looks as bright as n new pin. V... An?i.u1.r ...UL ? uo ?m/ic li<\m utcu riiiiici) icuivucicu, aim witu new decorations, carpel* and tixtures, and splendid plate-glass windows, (8 feet by 6>4 liguts,) is really on# of the handsomest ami most tasteful establishments of the sort we have ever seen. The n new stock of goods is In keeping with the store, e and embraces all the lstest London and Paris styles, as well as the most approved home patterns, . W bat will commend the goods more especially to < customers Is the fact that they have all been made expressly for him. Pausing to note the new 11 wrinkle In the way of displaying goods, the eye e is next attracted by the variety of articles and trie completeness of the assortments, from the big warm "Buffalo" overshoe to the tiny and graceful " gaiter for ladles' wear. Then there were stoul '1 Balmorals of English calf, and ladies'Congresi ' gaiters of the same material, with extra heavy J soles; and otirious short-legged boo s of ensmeled r* leather, lined with calf-ikln; and a half open r" drawer disclosed a templing array of gentleman'i " slippers, (just the thing for Christmas presents,] ir some embroidered and some of red and maroon y colored leather, ustefullv lined with soft chamoti >r skin Hut we hfve'nt room to enumerate half the ' new and beautiful thin?* to be seen at Burn's Pay bis store a visit by all means. See advertise* went elsewhere of bis number it d E>i*nk( to tbi Poor CaiLDazif.?The hear* d of many chlldra* living in the neighborhood 01 g Twentieth and Boundary streets were node glad ' oa Thankslnvinr day by the forethought mud >' charity of the laaiea connected with the Ladles Miaaion School. The lad lea, with true womanl] * tact, decided tome time alace that they would '* give the poor children of that vicinity a rea f good, old-faahioned Thanksgfrlng-day dinner re They mad? preparation accordingly, and gave a * general Invitation; and, to judge from the nutn X bet present, it waa taken advantage of to thi * fullest extent. It waa really a pleasure to ace thi ld lltUa onea, God'a poor, enjoy themselves. It wa. If also a pleasure to witness that. While they ea jt* themselves, they did not forget the loved ones a i4 home, but flllea their pockets and handkerchief from the abundance provided Indeed, too muci praise cannot be awarded to the ladlea for thei d un> eaalng exertlona to make every one of th r* children feel perfectly at ease and enjoy them r* solves, to eat and carry home as much as the * possibly could It is Intended that what waa lei *> of the feiist should be distributed to the poor. I is really a pleasure, Mr. Editor, to leave th puii.cai arena, woica now iwu ? uara am be arfiry, to game on scenes like the above, and t know that there are yet thoae among us who ar ' able and wiUlag to aid thoae who nerd all th p, assistance that can be given them. "B." ?I Tn? Fisst Casi L'.iokr a Niw Law ?Yet terday, Jacob Hoyle and Phillip Hawkins, wh 7 bad been arretted by policeman King oa warrant charging them with cnttlng and carrying awa * timber from the lands of Mrs Elizabeth Mor? land, in this county, appeared for trial before Jm tlce Uonn Mr Stone appeared for the proeecu tion, Mr. Swan for defense This case com< nnder the second section of the " Act In relatlo r to mallciotm Injuries to, and trespasses upon, pnl lie and private property within the District < Ji Columns." chap 190, page W, Statutes at Larrt session I0M ?>. The law was approved Jane * ~~ 1900, and this Is said to be the first ease ooaatn under It. Tj* Heftnes put In Iks plea of "a colt M of right" to ant the tlssber. A somber of doe* zT; menu worn offered In proof of the right; and ti " ' the further investigation of all the facts, the cai was postponed till Thursday next. the Guard orr Kia Beat?Last sight qu!U a ng ex>~ttla? diacusaion upon the popular toplca of U i- day, attracted quite a large crowd to the hall I ion Browus* Hotel. The disputants were a prom re- ne4t raoaiber of tbe lato Bell and ErerKtCla ry ; ud a person who by hla uniform appeared to I -Itvtied to the city police. The discuaaU Itrowing rather warm, the offlcer employed 1 en- tfee proprietors to reeerre order interfered, at ?|p*ratod them. Shortly after irarda the Chief i F*i* froMKif. fhir dealing, ui flrst-rate tare at the Christ Church Fair. ^Thorn' Hall.) Pmf . your f?re, walk In, and do the fhtr thing The 1 Navy Vard folka never do work by halves, and I the display they make npon their table* is good c to behold. NVe dubitated a long time last night i as to the shade of preference to be given to any j one uble, ao nicely balanced were they in excellence; bnt concluded to award the palm to the i table bearing the rich silver tea set aa a hair liner * than any display of t^e sort we have ever seen ! before By the way we oonld not but note that moat of the goods on nale here were really vain- . able artictes, not merely pretly nlrknaeks and i trivialities as usual at fairs One word more?the j Navy Yard beats the world far pretty women. So ! now ! Bat don't take our word for It Go and see for yourselves. Buy some of the tasteful and useful articles there, help forward a good work thereby, and retire to your virtuous pillow with a ' clear conscience after a well spent evening. { Fair for thr Brxrttt or St. JosrmTs Or- < thah Asylum.?The ladles have come forward nobly to the work in behalf of the orphans, as seen In the exhibition at Odd Fellows1 Hall, the , tables being loaded down with every variety of , articles, useful and ornamental. To enumerate | these would require more time and space than we have at command to-day; but some of them are of so touching a nature as to deserve a separate men- ( tlon,?we mean the contributions of the old sol- | diers at the Military Asylum, who, lacking the pecuniary means to help the poor orphans, have sent specimens of their own handiwork, so Ingenious, useful, and tasteful as to be sure of commanding a ready sale. Such exertions on the part of these Door old soldiers should put to the blush those of more ample means who move not a Anger In behalf of the friendless and parentleas. Tri Th*atm this Evkkinq.?Prof. Anderson appears this evening for the last night but two ' i 1 ? hi. TW ?- 1- J? J tu hi* ^ i v?? ^itvi iijauuc- a ucrc is iv uc a uay I enter ta lament, at half-past two to-morrow, specially for the benefitof tcboolaand families Reallv tbere should be no procraatlnation on tbepart of thoae who have not seen tbla great performer 1 Instead of promlalng yourself to aee blm to morrow, the better way ia to go and aee him to-night, j Bastardy?Yesterday afternoon, Wm. Branan appeared before J ustlce Donn to anawer the charge of being the father of an Illegitimate child, born on the 34th of October of Margaret Reynolda. Thf mm nf ahnrt HnrttiAn all that ur?? ta. 1 quired being the oath of the mother. Thla being made, the accused g*ve security for the payment of thirty dollars per annum until the Infant ar- < rived at seven years of age. Ths Proposbd Sbrfnadr to Mr. Brrckixridge ?It wai the Intention of the frienda of Mr Breckinridge to tender him a serenade laat even- < lng. but thia purpose being made known to that gentleman, be respectfully declined the proffered honor. Criminal Court.?To-day, the Court having met. Laurence Dent (colored) waa placed on trial for llpalinir a nnantttv of trnld min ?ilvf>r rnln it - B J "1 J ? p? ? ?> ? silver watch, a number of brass checks, a pistol and a rnzer, from George M. Miller. The ca?e was pending when our report closed. Public Meeting is Fairfax Courty ? An adjourned meeting of the citizens of Fairfax county was held at the court-house on Saturday last, when several resolutions of rather ultra-southern views were adopted over others of a more conservative character offered at the same time. We are sube nothing more is necessary to secure a large attendance at the cotillion party of the Union Fire Company, to take place next Tuesday night at Franklin Hall, than a mere reference to the fact. The Union boys are always O. K. in those matters. Have You a Cough or Cold'?then try the compound squill lozenges manufactured by J B. Moore, aru^gtst, Pennsylvania avenue. (First \A7 \ A f thia nitir a ra all fKo rsrro In (Via WW UiU, VI tUI* VHJ . A uc; U(V Hit ?UV 1 Alt vuc Federal Metropolis, and deservedly so. On Monday will be produced at the Theater a new.five-act comedy, local to this city, called "Fashion and Follies of Washington Life." It is high-toned, and will give a true and faithful picture of life In the metropolis. Lakcxky ? Last night the boarding-house of Mrs Campbell, on Four-and-a-half street, was entered by some person or persons, and two shawls belonging to ladies In the house were stolen. Niw Yoek, Aurnt 21, 1839. Mestr*. Hoff tter tr Smith. Pittsburg. Pa, Tor some years past 1 have been amict-d with Induesuonand dyspop i?, ooo?*iona!ly attended with obstinate attacks of dmrihcra. Reins a medical man inyse f, 1 so doni take any medicine, hut knowin* that the pecu'<ar oondi ion nf hit ststem required both a tunic and stimulant, I determined to tr? the effect of a bottie of your celebrated Bitters. Before commencing to tako the Hitters I had not ha<t a natural healthy action of my stomach and bowel* for three month', and dunn* that time I had lost fifteen pounds of fle*h. In two weeks I nave (?uvi nvr pounds in ?ri|ni nsvii nia ? r?venom appetite, perfect digestion, and no symptoms ofdy?p*p?ia or diarrhoea But whv call your incomparable compound B ttere? lfinditadslig tful pungent, aroniatio to the taste, and the tangitls sffcct* upon the system area delightful warmth to the stomach and an exhilarating glow over the wnole surface of the body, exciting copious perspiration without stimulating the brain or accelerating the nervous svtom so as to leave any feelings of lassitude #' relaxation. This is my experience in the use of thi*admirable prepva'iun. Let others try it Yours, truly, G W. Westbsook. le?-eoSt No. 17 West Fifteenth st Kudu, have you aeen Prof. Wood's advertise ment in our paper. Read it; it will interest you. U W-WIJ VVantfd. ? #W,000 Vi-ginia, Corporation, or Washington money wanted, in exohange for all kinds of Dry (roods, at Matthew* * ?iore'?,SW Stventh street, between 1 au<4 K, east side. tf ' CouoHft ?The sudden changes of onr climate are o?roo?uf Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Affections. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act speedily and certainly when tak'n in the early staces of the diaease.reeourae should at once be had U> " Broom's Bronchial Trochei," or Lozenges, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Tnront be ever so alight, as by this precaution a more serious attaok ma* be effectually warded off Public Speakers and Singers will find them effectual lor c.earing and strengihenint the voioo. dee advertisement. de 1-ly Hollow ay's J'ili.s ajid OnTMKHT. Falling of the Womb ? During tfee early stages of gestation, many young married females are subject to a sinking of the womb, whieh caures them considerate trepidation and uneasiness. The Ointment will he found invaluable in these emergencies as it entirely di?per-set> with the necessity Tor pesrarus or mechanical agencies. The I'llls will brace the onfwbled < rpar s, strengthen the system and secure the invalid from a future retapee. These I roediciuAs are valuable ia all complaints incidental to th? fein*le sex. Sold by all i>rujgists at 25c.,?ao. ani 8? per box or pot. noa> lw t To thk Afflicted !? He sure to read the ad vsri tuement of McLean'* Strengthening Cordial and , Blood Purifier, in another column. tf I . ???~ I HAVE N?/AV ON HAND A COMPLETE Stuck of? vffi* I Ladies' Kid and Lasting V el ret Trimmed KH|I hoou TmJ Ladies' Kid and La*ting Buttoned Boots, * I.alio*' Morocco and Goat'kin buttoned Boot* lilies' Thick and Fur Boots, Misses' Kid Velvet-trimmed Boots, Misses' Kid Morocco and Goatskin But'd Bents, lilies' and Misses* Rubber Lone B >ots, Which I am sa !mg from 50b. to 91 pair lower I than the same quality oan bo bought elsewhere in r this city. | Also, a foil assortment of Boots and Shoes for f cents', boys', and youths' wear, J. ROSENTHAL.No. 16 Market 8?aoe, ' de 1 eotf Pa a^., bat. 8th and Qth ?ta. ,r nr\ NOTICE. I I tit? itmapBotr>Mvn i *_ l;. a : m. nn uni/r4iii>iu;iou w iiuui in tu? ym\ 1 rone and the pablio that, bavins dieposed of hit surpiue xtoek at auction. he haa re opened with au extensive stock of the finest sele?teu FRKNCH CONFECTIONERY. Bia Dining and Supper Koora* ha?r been thoroughly improved, "lth additional rooms and newly furnished. He is now prepared to turmsh private and eublio partiea at th? shortest n'ltioe. and flatters himtelf that, with t'i? additional facilities, he will be enabled to ex eel kisform"r reputation. The undersigned feels oonfident that all that hi necessary to satisfy his old and new patrons wiil be a oall. The ohoioest that the market atiorda and ail the luxuries that oan be obtained from other sources will be e*fist%ntlv on hand. THOS. POTENT1NI, > French Coufnotionsrr ami Ristaurant. t A U4.-J K! . A?A W?_ I A ? i/iu sitnu. na xis r?. *?., dktm? I de 1-lw loth and 11th ?lr?ts.sonth side. e %V MKS. M. A. FKARCK 4 vV ISH F.9 to announce to her oustoraers. and tnt o ladies of Washington in jeneral, that she e ii nnv prepared to execute all order* in the Uta , Sfilhnery fine, and will open on Thursda*, B Deoember 6, a handsome assortment of-Ai ? FRENCH H ATS, at her Show Rooms, Massaohusetts av.. between 6th aa?l 7th sts , neai - the Market, No. 443. no 30 V* ? RAISINS! 77 kjJBINS!! J Jtt RAISIN S!!? y ino BoiM prime new Later Ramos, 5- 100 do. do. do. Bonch do v- 100 qr. boxwdo. do do. da.

!. loo hlf. do. do. do. do. (to.' .. In store aad for ial? vary 'ow, to elnie oon<ii ?M " meat, by F. A. REIDfc CO.," n no 30-lw No. ti ggtt Whanri, AleiaadHa. rf TTfcAYY CLOTHS J Silk Snirta and Drawers, ? Merino iMjirte and Draww, , >* Hoarr Ribbed Woolen Shirts and Drsvtfrv. w Kid. Bilk, and Merino Glove.. * ' i? Cotton ar.d Woolen Hatf Hoae, French Shirting Lineu. Irub Lumm, ? ?7k.aSi?l! BtSS."""" D" Oo?i' * I! WITMIUV * BIO.. b- _ no ? ?w OpfeiteCenter Mwlwt ? AT pa*'AT pi n?.*' - k,5? ' t Bu "jinj. * m a ? BOABDING. * """ PRIVATE HOARDING.?A * tleman and his I wife, or aareral single gentleman, oan M aoommodatad with good mi 4 Room* and Botrdtac nap ivala family, by ntaiiaj early application at ?3t I st,ap?o?ite Fraaklin Square. da -& .* MEALS.?A few gentlemen having aleapiag aoonimodations can ootain Meals on reaaonible t*rmaat No. 364 1) street, between 9 h and nth ?ti>. de l-6t \GOOD BOARDING HOUSE-Good Boardins can be ohtatnel for ton or tw?;ve pemoni, nth good and oonveni*nt Room*. with a family ?n Ki???*n sc. No. 406 b?tw-?-u G aud H au , t??*r tha Pa en* Offloe, for (4 per week. Apr!? immediately It ?i?w inn/TV auiuvci VIC I*#l |>()ARJ)ING.?A family, or two or three Keutiel? men, oan b? acojmrn xlitml with Hoard at No. 153 Ninth street, one door south of F at. Term* noder&te One of the largeat and raoit deaiiable toomi in the houae, fumiahed with water and iu, a kiw unoooupieJ. Table Boardera icoommolated. no M 9t* BOARDING.?Good Kooma. eomfortably furniah*d, ?an b? obt&ined at 47 3 P street. be ween 13th and Uth, on mederate terma, with or nthout Board. Location convenient and very leaaant. no Z7-2w* BOARD AND ROOMS-a fine Front Chamber, and other Room*, with Board, may be had it Nn. 498 Twelfth st, east side, between G and rt. Table Boarders alio accommodated. no X Tt* FUfl SALE AND RENT. [For otktt "ftf Salt and it?M" advtrtittwittUt, lujbtt pag?.] Furnished rooms for rent,?i406d street. between 6th and 7th st*. de 4-tf FOR RENT-FURNISHED PARLOR tad tw CHAM BKRS, on the second rioor. 463 12th itreet, between G and H. de 4-St* |?OR RENT-The FURNISHED HOUSE at " 3A3 K street, between 12th and 13th, (Franklin How ) Apply on the preroisss. de 4 >t* A COMFORTABLY FURNISHED PARLOR t\ and CHAMBER on the first floor for rant, at So. 420 Twelfth atreet, between G and H. de 4lw* I70R RENT-Two handsome FURNISHED r PARLORSand CHAM BKRS. with or without Beard, at J. P. CRUTCHET'8, 477 ,corner of6Ui I adD iti. (Intel.) de 4-ep2t* TO LET?A two-atory brick H^USE. oontain ing 9 rooms and a passage. It is located at the sorner of E and Seventeenth ats . opposite the Preaident'a Square, Low rent to a good tenant. Apply next door. de 4-3t* r>/\n r?o t t? * on *w?? ? ii'i'n nr.n i un Lir.Anrj ri'n A I Ml.n ur r YEARS?The HOUSE and GROUNDS lately occupied by Poitmaater General Brawn, and very reoently held by Mrs. Smith a? a female institute. Por further information apply to CHAS. ABERT, Eiq , or to tke subscriber. THOMAS LAWSON, de 4 eotf Surgeon General U. S. Ariwy. . I?OR RENT-A front PARLOR and CHAM~r BHK, neatly furnished, at No. 511 Eleventh it., oppoiite the Tneater. de 3 3t* FURNISHED ROOMS TO^tENT?Thirteenth street, betweeu E and P sta., No. 459. de 3-31* l'ur 1 ?nanasotneiy iurnisnea suits 01 r rooms, with Board^ if required No. 500 Eleventh street, between Pa. avenue and E it. de 3-lw* FOR RENT-A PARLOR, on the fir?t floor, and three fine Bedrooms on the floor abov*, at No 276 Pa. avenue, two doors east of the Kirkwood House. rieS-tf For rent-a furnished house, of 3 stones, ooataining 12 rooms, located near the Treasury Department, formerly oosupied by Senator Bigts ; or I will rent 5 rooms in said house Also for rent, a smvl Frame House, containing 5 roomn and kitchen. Inquire at 4UO Fourteenth st., between H and I. [ de 3 tf T%I I'ittA VT aiTTTd nu Tn I L'T m Li UAUA 111^ V/i ?*?/?? 1*1 O ? W li n A I JL wilh Board, at No. 4S6 Twelfth st . between E and F. Apply next No 4**2. de 1 3t* ROOMS FOR RENT?Two Chambers and a ooinfortably Famished Parlor, at No. 355. corner of E and Eleventh tts. de 1 6t* Furnished rooms to~ let.?Persons wishing the above will find two hanrt?om* par lore and three ohambers at No. 211 Pa. avenue, neariy opposite Willards' Hot?l. d: 1-3?* I^OR RENT-Two suits of well FURNISHED a ROOMS, at moderate pncos, or if desired will be reiited srparately. Apply at 4 35 Eighth St., between G and H its , directly north of the latent Office. de l-3t TO MEMBERS OF (JONGRFSS AND O THERS.?For rent, suits of PARLORS and CHAMBERS, handsomely furnished, at I. a i . i . n _* /i r 4. ? . & . i/:_i j Aiuiitn a VyUQiiKJUOuory, uppoaua r\ ir? wikwi Home. fie 1 3t? FOR RKNT-A two-story HOUSE.on O utreet, between 6th and ?th. containing S room*. r#?oently repaired atui painted. Apply to BALDWIN BROTHERS, corner First and Data., near Depot. de 13t FOR SALE OR RENT-A fine DWELLING HOUSE, containing 11 rooms and fino yard, situated 202 I at , between antli and 2l?t eta. K*r terms please inquire next door of Mr. BU-'HIGNAN L d? 1-lw* fBURNISHED ROOMS FUR RENT.-Several neatiT furnish d Rooms can He o' tained at r?% sonnbie rates on application at No 32 Third street east, Capitol Hill, three squares from the Cap tol. The family of the advertiser consist! of two per om, and no children. de l-ec6t* fBURNISHED ROOMS FOfTRENT?Twelve handsomely Furnished Pa'lors and Chambers, sui'able either for a iar*e paity or thrcs different families. An experienced cook in th* basement wi 1 supply meals. Apply at No. '230 on F, bftwron 13:h ana 14'h st*. de l 3t* FOR RENT?The HOUSE and STORE.on Pa. avenue. Fust Ward, opposite the Seven Buildings. The sftre is at present occupied by Mr. Dyer as a shoe store. Possession riven by the 1st of . |)?oember next, or before For particulars p <?a*e inquire of Mr. DYER, &t the at^re, or at Mr. CAR ROl.'S, next door, de 1-1 w* WM EM MBRT. A PLEASANT SUIT OF F U R N ! 9 II E U ROOMS to rent at N'? 422 Tweifth street, l?etween II street and Nevr Ytrk avenu". consisting parlor. chamber, dininc ro?in and pantry, w tiAie privilege of kitchen and cellar, suited to a jouYners in Washingt n in the winter. * lao, on larze R"nm in t*?e (round story and three Chainln?r? in the third story. do 1*31* I^OR RKNT-Threo beautilul PARLORS, in r the hou?j 252 ?J street, corner Fifteenth St., occupied last session of Congress by Hon. Mr. Humphrey, are now for rent. Airo, the fariori now occupied hy F. de Haa? Janvier. Ksq., in the same home. There are also several fine Rooms suitable for singla gontieinen or small families, wilt or withont (oarrt. no 3H 4t* 'PHK UNION CLUU HOOSK 1 A \D iV? WS R OOMS, No. 44* Thirtkbnth St., Between I'onna. avenue anF street, Late lletxdrnrr of the Mayor. This house will be open to GrntUmcn o.vly ic December. In the meantime a 'united nrmber oi Rooms can be engagod permanently. no30-6t* ?. DONNELLY Sc CO. I/O* SALE OR RENT-A three ator>-?nd 1 baaement BRICK HOUSE, with back-build inc,on K atreet, between 2d and 3d atreeta, oort) aide For further particular* inquire at the houa? furniaiiins atore of MoGRKftOR A CO., No. 53( Seventh at, oppoaiU Suter. Lea A Co.'a Bankin( House l w FoTllEN'r.-A three-story BRJCK DWELL ING.HOUSE, with back building, on 12th ?t No. 4T0. between F and 6 atreeta. Applr to J KIRKWOOl). 476 Twe fth at. no 19-dtf I?OR RENT-TwoROOMS in third story,ad " Joining,'with water and gaa.or a fine PARLOR lichted with Ka*,m second atory,in a pleaaart par of the city. Terms low. Apply on the premise* No. 486 Maaa. avenue, between 4th and 5th at*, north ?ido_ no 16-tf nnn a UWT A thru tnr> lirmlr MftfTAk* ?nn r\'?? ?? ? w " J v? ?>'*/ ?- f W ! taining 8 roomvin good order, with gas fix tures complete, on H street, between 4tn and 5th Also, a two-?tory bnok COTTAGE, with largi yard attached, corner or F street north an < Uth at east. To punotual and reliable tenants the term will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street between tt ajd H. no 13-tr FOR SALE?A small FARM of30acr?e,aititat? at the Little Falls, having a oomfortabied well i ing-houae, oorn-houae, stables, 4o ; well-fence* and watered ; within four miles of Washington ; 1 Kres in oultivation, the balanoe in handaome wood nd. It is peculiarly desirable as a oonntry res', dence, being perfectly healthy and moatromantioal ly situated ^excellent fishing and huctinx. Inaair erf Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper, Cbjiin Bridy 486 ,NTER,?* ADORNMENTS, FAFER HANGINGS, all grades and prioaa . Warranted Gold Band Wiudow ^na-lea Buff, i>reen, and Blue Holland Shades, a! sites, made to order Also, a handsome assortment of Picture Cor and Tassels, all aiiais-rf nnlora. I Purchasing for cult, and allowing no old stoe to nooumnlate. person* nM>di?( the above cood will find it to their advantage to give me a call. All work ex'ou'ed and superintended by prant , oal men who have Mrved a regular apprentioeshi at their trade. fatiafaotion guarantied or no par repaired. Flea* give me a call. Rememb-r the number, f _ ? JOHN MARKRITEH, rlo. 486 Seventh street, eight doors aboY# noM aoiot'if Odd Fellows' Hall. Window shades at first cost -t? etook of all kinds WINDOW SHADEb i the store of <'LAG ETT k. DODSON.m all stie consisting of ?]arant Gilt, Landscape, Gray Pei cilled and Gothic Styles, is perhaps the most con p, te variety to be found any wo?re in this city. r Mao, all width. SHADE I.INENS, in Bn wifc t*I SELS, in seta, for Pictures, Pictnre Nails, wi * ^^^^lEB.i.ail-aes. At eost for the cash. a CjQK ULAGETT It DODSOS - 'bSSSSWtef"'" GEORGETOWN. Correspond'mm / Tk* Star, SMunowi. December 4. ls*? At the m?-etina ot our City Councils last e?e ning, there was no quorum present In the Board of Aldermen. I la the Board of Common Council, there were present the President. (Mr. Plckrell,) and Meow* Dun lop, Pearson, Hill. Ktnir. Stake, and Tenncy Several messages. In writing, were received from the Mayor snd disposed of as follows : On* enclosing the resignation of |lr. Geo. \V Beail as Assessor; laid orer temporarily. Two severally enclosing communications from Wra Y. Fendall and B Osrtly, cornplain'n* that their proMftv t KIsK Wh r?f?rr?ri tn ram. mittoe cn grievance*. One encloa'ng an account of Gale* & 9?aton for corporation advertisement* In 1A58, amounting to S55 06; referred to clalma com mil toe One encloain^ a report of the Truatee* of the Corcoran Charity I und; referred to Boa d of Aldermen. [The report of aaid Truateea (Meaars William Redia, John Marbary, and David Kngliah.jr.) aeta forth the facta itated in our communication in relation to that aubject tome moutha alnre, that the #5,OtW donated ror a grocery fund had earned a like amount, making a permanent fund of In IMMl ?k- I .< _t,lA / ClII ........ I I .. I l. V ,w|wvv1 1U? IMKC?C?% *71 T* UIV U 11 UUHIt f / M to be used for the purchase of groceries and other necessaries for Indigent females. There is a surplus of *190 75 at present available for that purpose The fuel fund is#*3,M)U, the Interest of which (S300 annually) Las been expended for foel for the poor of the town, purchased and distributed lathe winter months by the Ladies'Union Benevolent tioelety. and the Trustees recommend that the said society purchase and distribute the groceries also The report is accompanied by tbe resignation of Mr. Redln as one of the Trustees ] A statement was received from tbe Clerk of the Cornoration. fMr I jlrH ) statlnir that the out landing debts of the Corporation (Including an estimate of those which will fall due up to the 1st of Januarv next) amount to SIS,430 29 To meet this itidebtedneaa, there Is of uncollected taxes 14,573 30; licenses. Ac, *2,0?>82; making $16,663 62; from which deduct probably >9.000 of taxes which will not be collected previous to the 1st proximo, and there will be only about S7.663 62 to meet the above Indebtedness. Referred to committee of wavs and means BUI of John Booth, for sU months'salary as scavenger of Guardhouse, ?24. And bill of F.llxabeth. for washing blankets, Ac., at Guardhouse, *5 75, were seferred to claims committee. Mr. Stake offered a resolution in relation to the annotntment of a mmmlltw in mmlne thr nresent lines of Aqueduct street, and report on tbe policy of altering said lines. "Gentlemen," sild be. " ay wait for tbe Government. How long will you wait? How long will you hart a Government to wait for ?" A Voice?"That's so " Mr. Hill objected to the third reading. There was no hurry, a* he understood the bridge would not be finished till July next Gentlemen said tbe Corporation waa committed He thought not. The Government had filled up a portion of tbe street since tbe matter was bronght up here before Mr. Stake said the Government was In a tight place; had Bridge st. to clean, and took the earth to cover the pipes at Aqueduct st to protect them. That waa now done, and tbe Government would do no more Mr. Hill thought It waa hasty legislation in tbe former boards to tncreaae tbe debt of the town ?6,000 to pay for the condemnation of property to make Aaueauct street, as the Government would have had to make tbe Aqueduct bridge any bow, amH 1**7 th?1r wit?r nin^ixnH rnn(i?mn nrnn ertv, as at other points Mr. Stake said they would have only put th? Eipes across without the roadway, as at College ranch Capt Meigs agreed to make the bridge If Georgetown would condemn the property to make the street. Mr. Tenney was glad to have bis mind relieved Mr. Hill persisting In hta objection, the resolution lays over. Mr. Tenney offered a resolution directing the wavs and means committee to inquire into the expediency of anticipating the revenue to meet the deficiency aa sho* n by the clerk's statement, by borrowing 95,000 of the sinking fuud, the Corporation to give due bills redeemable tn the 1st of April. 1MI M. L'... ?V_ U m <11/1 ami i cbivull uppwru %uc icvciuiivu- ?<V ?..v? not like laming notes. Let tbe Corporation I orrow the money or force people to pay their tax** He pitched into the sinking fund at some length Mr Tenner aaid it waa only a change of d*-bta He defended tbe management of the sinking fund, and on the question being put tbe resolution was passed, and tbe Board adjourned till to-morrow (this) evening nt 7^ o'clock Several boats whh flour, 4c , arrived by canai ye*t?rday, and report that coal boats will arrlv< some time in tbe course of to-day or to-night. GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS Tr 3*-NOTICE.?The first annual mwiinr of ih< k? Third Building Association of Georc*t?>wi wfHb? held at the Council Chamber on TU?- 8 DAN fcVKNlNG next, at 7 o'clock. Aneleeticnoi offi oer* to sorvj durinr the enauinc year will t* hel< in the afternoon, & id lor that purpose the JodgM and the S^uetary will he in attendance from 4 to ' a'*i lir i\rtitkr nf f ha HnirH wd?, 1 3t WILLIAM KING. See. A PPLES, APPLES, /*. and POTATOES. inn barrel* No. I Baldwin Apple*. 81 do No. 1 None?ueh Greenings and Pippe A p plea, 19 barre'a Jack*on White P >Utoea. Dai y eipacted per sohooner J. W Seaver fror New Hampshire, aud will be sold low on or befor arrival to oloae the consignment. HARTLEY A BROTHER, ds 4-1 w 99 and 101 Water at, Georgetowe. A~NOTICE. LI< Nnlei take at par for DRY GOODS at b Gl1!'.MAN'S, 117 Bridge street, south aide. W have just received a ?p endid at. ck of Kid Glovei liaiiniieU, Embroideries, Cloaks. Shawl*. Ac fioin Hie iat*st Baltimore auctioaa, whiuh we wi se 1 eh?ap?r than ever. P. S ?We nave also received a splendid *t?le < Fancy Drea* Silk* at 75 oeiita per jaril, worth SIS. Don't forget the place. E. GUTMaN. d ? 3 1 w 117 Bridge at , *outh aide. JUST RIuCFIVKDlo hliil*. prime Porto Rico SUGARS, i 1S> hbla. ?j,d Ry* WHl!?KY, i 250 tihl? HKRRIN'G and ALEVVIVES, i SB bbla. rrunhed and Refined ??UGARs, i SB hae* Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hhds.flnv* prio?d) MOLASSES. For sale by .1 Oil N J. BOGUE. ? 10 J 100 BBLai. OF FRIME C11)KR, UHT arrived and for sale obeap lor canh. no IS ARMY * SHirsN. lifABfKVi COLLINS * CO.'S Pllil.ADEl i L' 1 PHI A DRAUGHT ALE.-We are oonatent f receiving frenr. ruppuos oftheaboredelichtfiil bei ?ra*?, and lrvita all peraona whn vast a pure ai adulterated Ala. to fire it a trial. ARNY & SHINN. AfenU, fe *T SrMo at.. Seorcetova. lost"inFfoundT 11/ ASIlIilU 1 Uil VUL> I 1* i/? V/?? 011 UV kr ?? rKMBiK. lafio.?Brought before the jtv ubso'ihsr, a Justice of the Peace in and jLS lo<- Washington county, P. C.,a? aa estra*.^*-2a dark sorrel HORsE, about 14 han'n high; o white hied f >ot ard white ?p<t in fcis forehead a small c?rd around his neok; sp-ar*ntly about years old: found trespassing < n tf e premises l.e*i M.O'nom, about ?he 2Stn of I*ovenh?r mile* from Washington oi*y, D. C.. on the F< n teenth street Pin?y dr.iDch road The owner ci ooinn f >rwar<l, prove property, pay ci.arges, ai take him away, de 4-3t* ALFRED R*V. J. P IOST?On ;*eventh atreet, on Saturday evenii j last, a PACK 4 GE. containing ma?onic dipl " ?* The finder will be libera-lr rewarded by lee : ingitat WHITTLESEY'S Oil and Paint Stoi on SevttUi tt, near D. d* 3 3'.* 1 - ?If! REWARD.?Loet, Of*. 13. 1N0, betwe. i O 1U WaaMcgton d*pot and Potomvo boat, _ rniall BOX- marked '* G G. Andnvi. Goldabor< j N<>rth Carolina," containing Giit Military Ru * t'-na atainped with ooatof armaof North Carol IB I The above reward will be paid for the return th* aame ?o thecffioe of Adimi' Eijraia Co. del St.STf P. 8. MoLAlIGHLIN. Agt * f T?5T OK STOLEN?a a huh! TERR IE H l-i DOG, (black and tan,) with a leather ooliar. Hia ear* lop over hie head. - awe to the name of Pete. Whoever re ?? ^ turna hint to 303 G atr?et will be duly rewarded. ) de 1 31* / 'AM E TO THE SUBSCRIBER on the mor II V> ina oftheSO'.o.a UARlt BAY MARE, c\ blind in one eye. The owner wi l ple&ee 1U2 a oo ne forward, prove property, P?? eharaee'^Z? and take her aw,y. r JOfaft 0. ABETl, w Firat Ward Livery Stable, G et, , de l-3t* between 17th k. 13U> ata ? i' \ ir a D - - a y* ~ it mv ?* a n. u.?ii j u<?u?r wm vatvrcu * l- qjwU Tuesday evwiutc, the 2Tth N?t., ?t a bo P half P??t n o'clock. (v?i rohbed of about -finn c?sh-#3K tn to <1, iwni ?tigg of #tK cold pi'< $in, and #5. and 3 I: in pap*r. ab<>u. fV> or f& one core of ** ob the Phi t'lpi Bank. vi.. and t other not reooileoted. i wfM per #50 (or the eppi hensicn and eonTietion oftke th>er. de l 4t W. P. NICHOLL8 te r ? II DR. J. J. POETKR ?. Has REMOV ED To No. 153 Seven BnUdin ?- P>, avrnne pofl-2*w3w tt" f LADIES' MERINO VESTS tr I i i R P. r Alkn'tmAnI l.ftiitAi1 M urinn VMta k noSMt . ?itc ?Ttn??ll(Hwi ^KDUOTION IN THE PRICE OF GAS. ? Ornci or Wasb h?tos Oai Lieut Co.. ) Novaint ?r SO, tMO. . Nth^xs ktr eby tytu tu?t in* cWge fc.r (m c nm*l ator theSjrfdajr of Q?c?fat?r mxi, will ?d ik *r doltar* a*4 Afiux <im.1t per Ihottaaad ei f?* all tho? who* bills art paid m r^ium ?> Jhe ft0*Cpn*?i*. Juu* 33, IM t. to i M. ' A* The office of th? Company, w thin hv* ti #o? thm [nuIUuu UmmT. rx-tM all mti ? prtrlwial* pai^- ?T4J hT I _ t/f. MOWN, I | ii?30a?4w Secretary iu Ca??* _ 1HE LATEST NEWS T ELEUBAf HIP. Tkr Kami TrtiWft. Wn>ivr, Dec 2 ?Gen Frost'* brigade escarp ped last night between Calboun and KWmoet Tbev are moving alowlf, baring become foot-nors from marrhlug on tbe rough road? lien Paraona paaaed through Calboun raaVrda y on a aecret mtaaion to the tmrdcr At tbe last account! Montgomery wu?a?enmp?d near Fort Scott, and deftod tM world to take bin It ia tbouuht that Le will leave vi hen he beam nf tbf approtch ?( Gn Harney ssd t?oo Frost The proplr ii til (br horatf cwitVei Urotfl* endorse the action of t*ov Stewsrl la sendlag o?t troops If thrv only ritrh Montgoa^eer. ? S?nrral day of ;uauk*^i*'inj will be held la tkm saj;e Tmlle>. tiro Frost's ommand will encamp to night at Calhoun. Two xusptrlous rh?rKln. toppos?"d to be Muot^oxtr) 'i spies. were a?-en yesterday la the northern part of H?nry couuty. io~ k.u|t tracks In the direction of Fort Si ott MvityotDery 'i men are ail through the country giving out report* t > in 1 %! :id the jwopte TLero Frequent outr.urs In the \N ??< by aboiltlM l??da It kindling in that section astr^a* liiutnn. spirit. The Jahn Brawn Meettag at Battan kwlt4 ff by the I man Mm-lriwi l>mannc<4 tad hit Kircttitt JttaUfied. Bostps, Dec 3 ?The meeting railed by th? ultra-Republic ana 1b com memo rati on cf Jobs Brtiwn. to take j> lace here to-lay la Tromont TVuiple, was head til off by t be Inlon men, wbo took poaaeaaw>n of tbe ball, ebonr Richard Still, an far their Chairman, and tbea paiaed a aorle* of revolution! denouncing Brown and justifying bit eiectitton. and lauded tbe course of > lrntma la tbf altair Fred b. uglaa. Redpath. Frank inborn and other well known abolltionlata vainly eiid?avor? d to be beard and much confusion snaued Unaily tit* |?>llce were called In and the Teiatnle wan aoon cleared nnd cloned l>jr order of the Mayor. I'rapstitisn fnr a taitkera ( omfrreace MiLLKDGKViLLt, Dec 3 ?On motion of Mr. Holt, of Muir.ijire, a preamble and rrs <lut)ons submitted by him were made ttie special o<d r for Tunday, proposing n conference at Atlautt, on the -M'th of February, to counael and aa to tbe modee-d manner of rer'stance to be adopted and' r the PI r*l 'enri- Phf nwimklr take* strong grounds in favor of having sit sections! questions finally settled, and objects to s^psrttc stale act:ok. Texas. N'tw Of ea5s, i)ec. a ?A con<mlttee of citizens of Texas have petitioned Governor Houston to convene the Legislature, to wbich tb?- Governor responded that viewing the proposed measure as unwise, he could not cmll the l^nc'slature, but If a majority of tbe citizens of the Slate petitioned for it, ue would not stan*. in tbe way of It. Tbe secession feeling strongly predominates. rtarai latelllgenre Norfolk, Dec J.?Tbe inrrrjrlng schooner Crawford ha* arrived bere. with loss of both anchors and foremaat sprung she comn to Um> Navy Yard for repairs Tbe steamer Fensacola ia now In tbe dock at tbe Gnsport Navy Yard, and will eome out in about ten days anil proceed to Washington New York Bank Stateaseat. New York. Dec 3 ?Tbe weekly statement of our city Banks shows an Increase la loans of #7.Ul9,(J0O; a decrease In specie of S*2t7,WiU; a decrease In circulation of 1162,MO; ai d a decrease In deposits of ?6 6S7,WJU StcraMoa .Meeting at Mobile, MoatLK, Dec. 1 ?A large secession meeting was held here last night, when John Bragg. Judge V. - _ f _ S \ L' k Jk ft / ? ' - - ? imrgBii. uru u rvricuuui uuu 11 u nuuipurryi were uuan i nriout. y nomiuated aa delegates to the State Convention Alexandria ttarketa. Alexandria, Dec 4 ?Flour?Family f> 00a 87 Wi, extra *6 iVa6 00; auper *4 C7m6 W. Wh*at ?white, fair to good. Si l ull *0. red 91.05? ?1.15 Corn?white50sSBc; \ellow35<sfvk.; mii'4 5 5a tile. Rye 6*70. Oata31a33c per bushel. Seed*?1 ituothr S3?S3 30, Clover f-fi J.V.f. M; KUxaetd f 1 4ja#l 43 Prov.aioaa? Mutter, roll. 10a*A>c ; Bacon li?13c; Pork ?7.UUt I <7.30 Lard 1.1al4c. E?rgal4al6c Whlafcy *4a3Ue. BalUatr* narttu. Burmon. Dec. 4 ?Flour ?U-adv; Howard 5 at,eet and Ohio t5 Wheat firmer red tl 06*1 15: white SI.40al.42 Corn atendy; new while and vrllow 5(t*5>o Provision* dull. and nominal < rates. ColTre steady. Whisky dull N?w Y?rk RUrkttt. niw York, Dec 4 ?Flour 5c. lower Wheat downward. Corn d Wining ProTlclona doll. - Whisky nominal at IP^e. Fiaaaclal. 7 Niw Yobk, I>?! 4 ? f*Vorka are dull and lower; Chicago and Rock Island 52W; Illinois Central shares 5? K; Michigan Southern31V; New York Central 75Hudson Rirer R R. 43, Mo. 6'a 70. Direct Importation from Paris ?T M. WILLIAM, 2 32 Market Space. Wathi*tttm, D. C., mud T Ctl? Trerise. rant. My .took of FINE Pa"rM?I AN FANCY GOODS _ is most oompletj now in every hriwch.toil UdtN will do well tn inapect my stock before taey parchaae any where ?>ise, to eonncoe themselves ihit e my joiirti cannot lie <nrpan>?<l in b?aaty, leranee. i and quality by any otli-rs in the market Ha vine taken the f-?ateat paim in eel?cting e?ery artici* fj myself when in Paus, I have no h?itation to o?41 them the most fashionable produces fr m I'ario; >f hut larlies will b? the h?st judgra f?r themapj vea, . 5, and 1 only oall t^e , apecia attention to the fo iowm* articles . Ve vet acd Cloth Cloaka. elegant in *tyl? and quality. f->r and children; Cloth Gaitere. lor ladie< and children; French Ronneta, Flowers. Feathers and Ribands; Seta { F/owera, composed of head dress, bouquet for the breast, and w real ha lor trimming th? areaa; rn r n ncent rarty i? e?aee, and wreath* to matoh; Wreath* for the Uii', in every style and qua ity; e ecarit Velvet and wid Ornan^at d Hatu Dresse*: a (reit variety is Net? for the hair; Fan*: lk and i ao? Cnfl'a; Velvet r d ? Lao* Hows; Cn*t tie Scarf*; hand*ome embroidered Zou*v?a and Zouave Shirts: a fine a*i"rtn> in L)rra?Tr?romirir?, T*immin*s f?- Party P e*see; Gilt Belt*. Braid*, Buok eeand Uuitona,of ;he heal Lyon* Gold; Zouave Suit* for hoys. Ac. j*~ 1 will sell tin- handnoneet and fcne-t (rood* at v*r? / low pricea, hariuc a very" large etook on har,d, ; which I wish to reduce a* much aa possible he!ore tt" I t?*e another trip to Pan* r.of eo2wif ^ 5 'WMt V, r- \_ in .* rpHEGEMuFTUE8EAffON? n i h*r? ^hi? d?j jwfMi^AKfti n*,utt,Svi?aJ**j r sty *- or 'iKNTO- rASB:u.l4Di-r. I'nc.-^ V HATSitiao. a larceaod fall nni of FRENCH SOFT HATS, of all at*!**, fc>V Mea Md Boy*. ,? /> my a*?ortmentof theee good* 11 large,4 ehail of Mil at exceeding y low pnoee. A a*U where you can get exactly wtat you vw>t i? olioitod. 1_ Cor.w offMitli ?n4 Pa ?r R no 37-2W Sign n( tki WTtUt Boar. v. City steam f VirwooD mills AMD coal d?pot. Foot ttf Sre+nirtntk ttrett, btltm War Dpmi tmmtt. C WOOD ^rtr?d, ut l?o(U and i?e,to?art Pk the wants ?<f ?*ch pnrche?*r _ 5 COA' -KfcPT IS COAL HOC*BS, f*ot*atatf from the waathor?dallw?d fr"e fr"* ilaU, dirt, and other imparities. SJMu iba. to Um ton tTj. a w. m. malt. ? no l?-tf 299 Pa. ay., betw. llU a*4 i&h eta. ot YARDS ? 4 VIRGINIA CLOTHS.*ftho in ?WU t>eit make*, >? 4-1 newri Twille ' Fiaraela. ft? 5 4 I.ibk y? of the beet kind. he ?< *. brown. ?roy. oodvhit* Bloohets. u re \lo<Aen V tm. Ottoo O.- ebur,s. Pi?d Cotto*. 5.?? J orris OnJicoee, of oil stylo-. . I. We horeaTnllstoek o( goods is evy dopo<tm?M pnr*s"^eTrnte*ll 1a voat of Dry ?oods ? """* JJSfc. ? ' VhW kth ?tr fU, OfT*- M?fHt h_ WILL, gTEPHEJiiSA gg? ?? ftS?3tt< *W3P!feiC*?o Arsy.iviuf if** J^Iuyn J* am m it It'.o fcr #,t* ***5 A8?"&".' 1UGL IftCO^ I *. <to 1 306 P?. ? , twL ft* tad Kth ?U, l ? * t m 0