Newspaper of Evening Star, December 6, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 6, 1860 Page 1
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? - IV - ? 11 + HlSf ?>tax. _' "1 rif, t r-i ?<<T ; V , ' . ? ., " - ... . , .1, , . , V?-K XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 6. i860. Ne. 2.435. ?^????*?<? ' THE DAILY EVENING STAR U r VB lis hsd e vbr r after noon, fSUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BlILDIUGS, /Pmnuylt+ttimovm** and llfA rt., ?Y Tf. D. WALLi^H. r\?9r? wrtid in packs* ss by oarrisrs tt |4 t y?*r, or Si oeati par month. To mail subsorlbars t-ie yno? is #U) a year, m mJmmmc*; #2 for sis months* ! for tkrse stoat**; sod for Isss than tnrr? moatfas at th? rats of 13 oonts a Vtak. Siatl? ?oyi?a*oascuTiis wrayp?r?, two cists. 1HT Asv**tt?kw?tt* anosld besenttoths ofice bf tore 12 o'?iook it.., oUtrviM thej not >nnr ntil I h< ?xt dsy. Kr p ?rt sf the SftrfUry sl^hc laterisr. Th? report of the Srrrst*rT?f the Interior i? a carefully prepared and ?l>te document Thr txrome from the public land* daring four Years p*-?t h is not been to great as was expected Toe (<>mraerei*i revulsion of 1S57, followed as it was bf short crops 1* most of the new states and Territories, checked emigration, and also tLe inclination of capitalists to make further investment* Bat this !? not the sole cause of the reduc tion :n this revenue. Tbe manner of disposing of the public lands bu been made a topic of political dt*cu??ion; and.whilst some emigrant famine* have made settlements and delayed giving tbe proper notice. or making any payments, iu tbe expectation of a donation, other peisons. who are t contemplating emigration, have deferred their removal from their old homes and the purchase of land4 tot settlement, awaiting some definite legislation upon tbe subject. Should the drscusaloa *>f alterations in our laud system cease, it is believed that tbe revenue denve<l from sales would speed ly rise to a reasonable annual average, especially if tbe quantity of nnlocated land warrants o'ltsiaadtBjg should continue to diminish from year to yetr u for three y?ara past I"l?>? donation?lmwoDerlr termed homstsad "poliry? baaed upon tbe fallacy tbat ft residenceVn a tract of lmd for a certain Dumber of years (ball, Instead of a flied mad* tke'cMiaideration which snail entitle the settler to the land he selects ;-nd occupies, ha? been tried, and,aa stated in my a-'uunl report* of 1858 and 1&59. has everywhere f ried ana met with public condemnation. It was annoying to the lettler, productive of controversies. and injurious to tbe communities in Avhlch tbe douatiuoa were made. During th?- past vear. in ever* caae of tbe proc" ]aniati(y? and public offrringof extensive portions of the public lands, urgent requests have been in de. a* heretofore, for a po?tponement of tbe ales thus ordered These requests could not be acceded to without in term pi4 tig the harmonious operati m of the liwi constituting onr land syst-in. which requires the public rands to be brought ln'? n.arket from time to time, in proportion as surveyed Lands are disposed of ana othsr lands surveyed. As there has not been any considerable competition or cash demand for new lands during ite pist year, the settlers on the lands hr >uzht into market, wtio were unable, from particular misfortune*, to make payment before the day o* aaie, have generally been able to file declaratory statements after the day of sale, and thus avail taemselves of the twelve months'credit secured l?y law to pre?mptors of lands subject to private e.jt'/ It fs believed, therefore, that settler* have s ittV-red no serious hardships Ovrinir to the ight demand for land* as an investment, tbe cash receipts from the public sales have been lne< sidcrable. when compared with the quintity of land ?tP> red la reviewing the results of the policy pursued by tbe Government of the l uited Stales towards tbr Indian tribvs within their limits, it should be borne In mind that, while the ?ime general relation exists between the United States and all the tribes, tnat relation h*s been modified in reflect to many of them by treaty stipulations aud arts ?f Congress, and as thrse modifications vary i teach case, and often in essential particulars, tLe subject bt-eoaies complicated, ana the dittl> Iv of *utjecting the Indians to a uniform jxni'jr iirei.ii) jncreawa. o .r intercourse with those tribes with whom \re have * o treaties, except those in California, I'ah, and New Mexico, who are under the control of agents, is limited to impressing upon them the necessity of maintaining friendly relations the whites, and ?ssu Mb? them that acts of violence and lapine will be sure to draw upon tLiem ?eme c'liuUfeiseul. This intercoHrse is had mainly through' tue medium of officers of U*e army, -Utloued on (he remote frontier, or engaged !n exploring and surveying expeditions. Wltb the exception of the lNavajos and Quakes, these ^ lud iias bav* bevu at peace with us during the past year \ I'cace has also prevailed among the treaty Indians with one conspicuous exception?the KioIU ways, whose increasing turbulence wouid seem to render military operations advisable. The same may be s-ua of tUe Yanctoanals and Cut ll-ad baud of 3-oux Experience im shown that two condltlouk are Indispensable to the success of any policy, looking beyond the mere Immediate and temporary relief of the Indians If It is detifiied to effect a radical change tu their habits acta modes of life, and rstabll.a for them a permanent civilization. the ideas of separate, or rather private proj>erty, f and isolation, must form the basis alike of our d.plcinaey Mid our legislation.1 ' I'd? whole irouiber of pensioners of all classes now remaining on lbs rolls is 11,284, and the sum r-tju red to pay their pensions Is il,U<Jl.01ii !)5 lJuniiij the year the amount thus ez}>ended wm|1,IU3.SU <i3 Although tat-r>- nrwars to hare be??n bnt a s'lirlit <1in>un<tion in the work of the office, yet suctj is tne condition of the business that it will admit oi ? or.?idrf ?t>ie reduction of t'ue i iericul force dar!ngthe next year, aod, consequently, the estimates jiowr submitted for tbi* branch of the service have been reduced by the sum of The increase of business Sn the Patent Office, ai.d the m.igiutude of its operations, t;ive additional force to ths recommendations heretofore u:ade for a reorganization of this bureau. Tne recommendation of previoaa reports in regard to the anomaly of allowing appeals from the Cummiui?n>-r of Patents to one of the three d *tr.ct judges is renewed The income of th?- office, for the three uuarten ending i>e|KcaU>er o?. I??U, was 4u. and lis expenditures, $1:0,672 43, showing asurplui of S7.i?7<> 17. 1/uritg tais period, fire thousand six hundred and tairty-eight applications fjr patents har? lieeu received, and ci^nt hundred am! fortv-oru caveats hied. 1 nree thousand six hundred aod t Arlve applications have been rejected, and thre* tneusand eigiit hundred and ninety-six patent! isjjed, Jiwiuding reissues, additional Improvemeats, and dedi^ns. In addition to this, thert Uive.been forty-nine applications imr extensions a id l Arni , -eij(ht patent* bare b?*n extended foi a peri.xi it aeven years from tl?e expiration oi their lirst t-rm. Agriculture is on* of the rnib pillars of th< prosperity and power of any country, and It a* sumes additional importance in outs, becausc o th<? extent of our territory, enbraeiui ereri variety of soil and climate, the cheapness of land and the facility with which its products can tx trai:*,>ortrd to mnrket It is manifest that, whei we Lav? received an ade^u-ite supply of the differ rul plants and srerts adapted to our various sol ?iia cl: uiate, and havr drrelcptd our agriculture rr?i?i:r>:es. by the judicious application of tlx rrmiita of sHentlfl- inveBtigttions, the Unite* laait become the granary of toe world In regard to the eousus sailcieat inforisattoi baa b?c 1 obtained to justify toe conclusion tbs uur |w|wuu??a um trpi pare wivu iw orainar natural pro,r?M, and that the Increaae In the pro ductioo* of agriculture, manufacture*, andmlnea will sbaw *a accelerated advance ta materia proaperVty. Daixa Pen W4111?Set a pitcher of viU in a room and ia a few boura it will haveab*orba naurly nil tne rwplred and per* pi red tfun to Ui r ?ou>, the air of which will have become purei O l>ct tUe water utterly flltby The colder tbe watt I it, the greater l ?capacity to contain theae :ra?aei At ordinary temperature a pint of water will con Uln a pint of enroonlc acid gaa, and **vr*ai plat of nm iMvaia The capacity i* nearly doubled b the water to the temperature > I that < ice. Hence water kept in the room awb *e it a viyi ni'lW for use Ko? I brume reason tLe waii in a | aii.p it .ck ttientd all be pamped out in U uiori.iun before any I* ?aed. Impure water tore :?ir?rk>?? to the health thnn impure air. ITT"Mr *tieridan Knowies ts said to be In very peculiar position with respcrtto his dramat vrorks "Our readers are not perhaps aware, says the London 0u?/d>u,4-that, having becou a u(in-co:iD*misl preacher, he now abhors as muc a? oe forarrlf loved tbe drama. It unfortunate! (n: forttrnitety, perhaps, fer tbe ulr of his eoi ?. ?teiicy.) Uappeocd thai before hta hotiversion 1 hud Hurtad iwfth th* romHirhttn hli nnhlllher vi condition of receiving a yearly turn of inooe Thta umm0T, ttM^rlr* oc moral poUoa, m >>e b lkvn, be now weetT^m . iwier a protest Thu 1 kr tbe cei?orated Jchnr.w Sand*, be Is oblige to look ob lmpaaive, with bit biadi tied, wht hr It benefitted agalbst bit will " An Alfiifix StiTl ?lt Fi?* bt a Britii Chief Jc?rira ?il>uuUerstoodthat luforoaatK liiii k^fo recri ted from the Gowrnor of Wishtn; ton T. \ tbM il?v?oa boird an AomtIu v-tael, wbleb eatered tb? harbor of Victor! Vancouver's Island. bM been taken from tbe m..i ??<< ?t frw hv tbe Chief Justice of tbe lilon, iA preitjr ktgb handed imure this TWbniit Lhviatoo ?on? at Temprran cf South Carolina bM jilt cloud I ta fourteen annual araaion. which was Tory haraaonioua ai itumrroualy- attended Kmm Htm>?It la eatim-ited that Eagli. h innoi nj numbrri upward* of Utlrty tbouaai distinct hymns Vrt f?w byaa books coata ao ore than aaa tbouaand of tbaac lyrics Report of Jm. I. Wilson, Csaaaalssieaer of the fitarral Land Uffics. This report strikes u> u the ablest perhaps that baa erer emanated from that office We extract the following: Daring tbe put year tbe operation* of the land system nave extended by direct adreiniatrative acta within the ltmitaof all tbe political dlviaiuna embracing tbe public domain, to witOhio, Indiana, Michigan. Illinois, Wlaconaia. Iowa, California, Oregon, Minnesota, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Miaaouri, and to tbe Territories of Kanaas. Nebraska, Minnesota. /know* M Rarntih \ WHahInirtnn \aw Mexico and Utah. Our correspondence has passed those limits, having extended within all tbe other members of the Confedsracy where noi.-resident claimants hold Interests requiring adjjstment under bounty land grants for services In the war of the Revolution, In ttiPlast war with Great Britain, the war with Mexico, with Indian tribes, under foreign titles, and under other graats in great diversity. Of the 3.2?u,G(J0 of square miles which constitute tbe territorial extent of tbe Union, tbe public lands embrsee an area of 2,205,045 square miles. nr nni thoiisin<i f*np kunilvAil aiul mllllnni sf acres, being more than two-third* of our geographical extent, and nearly tbree times as large as tbe United States at tbe ratlflcfctfon of the definite treaty of peace In 1763 who Great Britain This empire domain extends from tbe northern Une of I exas. tbe Gulf of Mexico, reaching to the Atlantic ocean, northwesterly to the Canada line, bordering upon tbe great lakes Erie, Huron, Michigan and Superior, extending westward to tbe Pacific ocean, with Puget's Sound on tbe north, the Mediterranean sea of our extreme northwestern possessions. It includes fifteen sovereignties known as tbe " Land States." and an extent of territory capable of fo?ming thirtytwo additional, each equal to the great central land State of Ohio. It embraces toils capable of abundant yield of the rich producttoni of the tropici?of tiiear, cotton, rice, tobacco, corn, and tbe grape The vintage now a itaple, particularly to In California. Or the great cerealt, wheat and corn. In the Wettern, Northweatern, and Pacific States, and in that vast Interior region from the Valley of the Mistltoipnl to the Kocky Mountaint, and thence tnlh>?kiln K. ?k. M * ~ ?w vuviu iviujcu wj kuc oirrrs ncvaufi an** Cascades, the eastern wall of the Pacific slope, every variety of aoil is found revealing its wealth. Instead of dreary inarabie wastes as supposed In earlier times, tbe millions of buffalo, elk, deer, mountain sheep, tbe primitive inhabitants of the soil, fed by the hand of nature, attest its capacity for the abundsnt support of a dense population, through the skilful Ssll of the agriculturalist, deailag with th?earth under the guidance of the science of the present age Not <mIf is the yield of food for man In this renrj/^n iWnnrfanf Kn It Knliis ( > (to vu* uviuv iu i?o uuouui ?uc jncclou* metals of gold, silver, with cinnabar; tbe uarful metal of Iron, lead, copper, Interspersed with Immense bfits or strata of that propulsive element, coal, the source of richesaud power, and now Uie indispensable agent not ocdy fur dumest c purpose* of life, but in the machine shop, the ateaincar and steam vessel, quickening the advance oi civilization ana the permanent settlement of the country, and being tLife agent of active and constant inter-communication with evwry part of tbe Republic. Not a year bad elapsed from the definitive treaty of peace iu 1783. before the Congress of the Confoieration took the initiative for establishing a system for tbe disposal of tbe then existing western lands, and on the 2Uth May, 1785, the requisite ordinance for that purpose was passed by wl.i/.k U _ U > - * T " ? - ? * iu- jiuaiu ut treasury waa BUliioriZra M) difp'Jtc of the surveyed lauds in the western territory, commencing salt* ut New York or Philadelphia, with power to adjourn to any part of tiieU. States All beyoud tbe welters llmiu of Pennsylvania,Maryland. Virginia,North and South Carolina ami lieorgla, was a wilderness, traversed ouly by the Mob'Iian Indians; tbe Urbees, Cherokees, Che/sws and tbe Algonquin family extending from the 35th parallel north to the great lakes intu Canada 'T After the more perfect Union was formed by the adoption of the Constitution, the United States whil h went lntn nn^ratlnn on thp.Hlth Anfil 1 rftQ Con^rcss^ uu tbe 2d September, 17e0, transferred t6 tUe Treasury tbe duty of tbe disposal of tbe publ c lands, but patents for tbe same to be prepared l i the State Department. Thereafter, in 1812, tbe General Land Office was created, and by the law of tbe 4th July, ltM6, and other acts, the Commissioner of tbeUeneral l.and Oflk e, onder the direction of the Secretary of the Interior and tbe President of the United tft tte*, is clothed with tbe power of "supervision an4 control" In regard to tbe "executive duties'' then ' prescribed or wbicb might" hereafter be prescribed by law appertaining to the surveying and sale of tbe public lands of the United States, or in anywise respecting such public lands; and alto sncb as relate to prl vatc claims of land, and tbe ' issuing of patents for all grants of land under the authority of the tiovernmrnt of th? l!niu><i Stato-s. " The next subject to be considered ia the inceptive in>'3-iurei taken in tbe infancy of tbe Republic, and tbe progress since made in repaid to tbe survey and disposal of our land inheritance. Immediately after the Inauguration of President Washington, he laid before Congress a report iruiu vue .Tt^rcuiry 01 ?? ar acknowledging lue Indian right of occupancy and recognizing tbe principle of acquiring their claim* by purchase for specific consideration, accord in* to the "praci tlce of tie l ite English Colonies and Government I in pur?hMtng the Indiana claima;" the rule In i lb it respect laid down In the proclamation of 7th O tober, 17S3, by the King of Great Britain, inter[ dieting the purcbaaes of land by private individual! from the Indiana, and declaring that " If at any time any of the aald Indiana anon Id be inclined to dispose of aaid landa," the aaine shall be "purchased only" for the Crown?the ultimate do iiiuion and sovereignty being held to reside In tbe discoverer colouizing upon this continent. The highest judicial department of our Government In tbe case of Johnson, leasee, va. Mcintosh, r (sth Peter's Reports.) bu affirmed this aa a prl nf ciple of right now beyond question. in accordance with this principle, beginning with tbe ? treaty of 1T95, at Greenville, the Indian thle ha* been extinguished by the United States from tbe f great lakes to the Natchez settlement, taking its r name from the tribal relations to the Mexican } (Aztec) Indians, in all the States east of the Mlssisslppi?leaving, however, reinnanta of tribea, , snr.h as the gtackbridges, Urotbertown <>r Mobegsns, individual Creeks and Choctaws. Potto1 watton'es, Miarnies. and others, who have been invested by act of Congress or treaty with a 'Joklal . titles. Besides this, tb? Indian usufruct haa beea . ..*1 i. ? ? ?. -sw? ? j U?iii|UiHK? I a MAC IICI UI own* Wdl Ul VliC JUi* ntppl, extending from tbe Gulf of Meilce to ? the northern line of lovre, including the greater t portion of tbe State of Mlnneaota?about one third y of M Inneaota (DacoUb) Territory, half of Kanana, >. one tenth of .Neb.-aaka?to Otegbn and Washingi ton, east and west of tbe Cascades, p-ovislon J having been made there for tbe concentration and eUi?*nient of tbe Indian* in home reservation* ol limited extent. Jw California tbe Indian* bav< not been recognized a* holding any specific tracti I of country?bat have been collected and trans fmrrfA to rucnrvntUnt mrn4 nm?t #An m-mrm ? w WVI ? ??SV>>9 *? ? WW |UI >UV> I f I UWA-tlWM la th# larger part of New Mexico, the grea < body of the Indiana are purely nomadic, except la* Oioee clalmlug Pueblaa with ascertain?* limits. and the tribes of the J IcarilfcM, Mracaieroe ' Mimbrra. Gila, Apaches. Plmoa, and Martcopea * for which limited reservatlona are proposed J With the ftahs no treaties for the extinction o * tins ladian title hare been made " A I.atiy 15 ?We observe that In tb 1S KmtMsb Court for Divorce and Matrimonii Causes a caae lately oa trial was argued and man a.m hi >'uh mm uy i nay ruicueirowo a Million (Shrdilrn v*. Patrick,) for a declaratio of legitimacy, and wn on* which Involved tb lc honor of the parents ot the jady In question, wb was one of the petitioner*, !" cause came o * too eerly, as was alleged Jfor her counsel to mak b themselves familiar with It, and as a postpone ly ment coalA not be obtained they withdrew Uor n- court, and tbe ladv, M ss Shedden. being pn ie pared as It would Mem for the emergency, pre a, eeeded to open tbe ease herself. Her address w* y. delivered in a distinct tone apd without hesiti e- tion, with clear statement sad correct diction 8k a, observed at the outsst that It might be said that I <d was a bold thing for a woman to come into ttu lo court and plead. It was most patofnl to her, bi It was bar duty to defend her father and mottx from the imputations which had been east opo ? iimbi ii ini^m iiio ggnmuuiiM wu mkln ,n a precedent far ladles to plead their own causei 2. bat tfci* was an unparalleled case, and the wt m sure that ao one who know how painful was tta a position In which sho was placed would wlllinf Iy follow her example. It is worthy of aote thi A having occupied two days, the lad* had not, i the date of our test advices, c^bl laded her opei c# >M address JJ} fc* The & ui per or of Austria was robbed of casket containing a large suoa of money and packet o< Important papers whl!e o? his way i ?h Wiraw. The money w?s restored through tt id agency of a Cspnchen friar, to whom tbe robb< In confided his crime In the confessional, but ths pi perssrs Mil missing. MISCELLANEOUS. NOW OPEN THE ORIGINAL GIFT BOOK STORE, AT 4T? PENNSYLVANIA AVI NUB, Next door to Clay'* (late U. S.) Hotel, between Third and 41 streets. G. 6. EVANS, in order to aooommodate his legions of oustomers throughout the United States, has located A BRANCH STORE of his widely oelebrated GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISE in Washington City, at 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where oan always be found a oomplete stock of the STANDARD AND MODERN WORKS of the UNITED STATK8 AND EUROPE. Every book is sold &t ths PUBLISHER'S REGULAR RATES, and A GIFT worth from Fifty Cents to ONE HUNDRED DOL LARS is presented to EVERY PURCHASER at the time of the saie. 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Pa. ? n no T7-2w Sit* *f * pLOUR, BUCKWHEAT. POT A AO**, AP ^ MO bbta.aaw R i <> hra<>u'<?V'^mi 1T and Kxtia Flow ? 5,fro [^rPridLOroajil Buck wheat Meat, I. 900 butheli white Meroer p.xatoea. lni J?.s fisLti*- doIf OFEC A I, aAOf-i nay inn notftvo r.'?f I ?.> ' MISCELLANEOUS. N- WINTER MILLINERY.

OW Opening, at our Fancy Store, a r?7 larga and ataparior assortment of WINTER BON-^A NETS.oonprisiog the lataat and moat desira-^Ef ble styles of the season. Al*?, a fins asaoruneat of FRENCH FLOWFRS, FEATHERS, RUCHES. RIBBONS,*?., all of whioh wo are en&blad to Mil at create reduoad pne'a. HUTCHINSON * WUNRO, 31# Pa. %*.. bo :tl-d2w&.eoiw Betwaen Kh aad Oth sts. Gas Fixtures, THE BEST ASSORTME *TEVER OFFERED IN THIS CITY. Thoae who desire to select from new patterns, with the advantage of a raduotion ia prices, will oall early and examine. We would alio oall the attention of parsons about introducing gas their dwellings to onr inor'ased facilities, and oonseqaent low prices, for this branch of our trade. In*ttiaf all who desire their work done promptly, and free from taa 1, akacee, to oail at Pa. avenue, between roth aad 11th sts., south side, no jl-tjanl J. W. THOMPSON A CO. t- urs! t un z AT SKYMOUR'S IN GEORGETOWN. I have with'atriot oare jeraonally attended to the manuf*oturinK and aoleotion of the MIowirc Kara. Mr loni praotioal knowledge of the Far pu?mp?a enablea ma with oertaiaty to invite tha adiea to nooda made from fiae aud freah oaught tkina. 8uoh aa Canada Mink Sable, Ruaaia Fiteh, Siberian Squirrel, Wster Mink, Frenoli sable. Childrena' Fura in groat variety. Far Trimmiaea of all colors. Prioea very moderate. W. F. SE_YMOUR, no 19 im .tjaorKftown. nKNTLEMEN'R VI REVDF-MADE CLOTHItO. Our preeent aaaortment of BFNTLBMEJO RJRADy-MADE CLOTHING < ff\sra to oiticena and utrangers w.snin? an immediate ?*?tfit superior inducements, embracing, at this time, Ail styles and qualities of Dress aat Business Garineata and Overooata In all varieties. Fine Shuts and Under-clothing of all kinds. Kid and other Glovea of best quvity. Scarfs, Ti"s, Cravats, Stocks, Hoaisry. Ao., 4o. All of whioh we ar? offering at ?ur usuai low prices. ICT Clothing made to order ia the moat superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS & Co.. no 16 tf 322 Pa. avenne. NOTICE! WfygSH I wish all gentlemen 1^9 V v*?a?s to boar in mind that $gT|35i| the plan whiah I ad opted, six years ago, of selling %^gVHAT8 and BOOTS at greatly re duced prices for oash is in aucoeaaful operation. Jast reoeived a foil supply ol the latest New York styles of DHESS HAJS. The very finest Hat 93 50; a first rate Hat %3 ; and very good .fas hioi<abl? Hat J 2 an. All of the latest sty 1m of soft H ATS and CAP?*, at the very lowest prioes. T am ooast&nlir supplied with a very large stock of those fine DRF-SS BOUTS at $3.7S-which 1 have V... - .?llt fnw - ?w ...... II __ wv? oiling ivi iu?ut /toi ? ? w*jxi J**? inc viry best qual tT of Pat?nt Leather GAITERS at $3 50. FineTrench Calfskin Gaiters from j2to *>. Terms cash; no extra charge in order to offset bad debts. ANTHONY. Agent for the Msnnmetureri, Seventh atroet, second hat store from the corner, opposite Avenue House, No. 340. se 14-3m U1LK8! SILKS!! SILKS!!! ? SILKS!!!! You can get OR ESS SI - KS of every kind at WM R. RILEY * BROTHER'S at vary low price*; that in to sar.a Silk Rol>e for *16, wwtb $25; at*ilk Robe for $?>. worth #3S. We hsve a large ftook of D eraGooda of every description.and we will cl"se them out at very tow prioes. Ca I and examuie our stock. WM. K RILEY * BROTHER. | No. 36 Central rMorea, Between. 7t>iabd 8th ?treau, < no 21 2w Ofpoaite Center Market. I TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take_a > kinda or Virginia money for my t>ooK aot't.s Mui lot Mo >w, stio ?, and Trsniti. A! person* indel?*e?i to me wi I pit ase oa 1 and settle up, or I sha'1 beoomp* led to give their accounts into the ha ids of a collector. 8 P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, no 21 Fa av., between 9tn and Itfth sts. DURE OLD RYE WHISK Y.-On hand sever* ? brandi of Pare Old Rye Whit ky. Copper Distilled, made by the most roiiab:e distillers in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, warranted pure, Also, Imported Brandies, Hennesay. Otard, Pupuy * Co.. Jales Robins, ko. Also, Peaoh and Apple Brandy, pure Holland tfin, old Jitrrs.oa aud St. Rum. Rnii IVinu nf r*rtAt? ?li aI ? I WW ?MV? v? ?L ' f twi/ f * ' VI standard brands. A okeiee lot of Clears and Tobacoo. YOU NO A KEPH ART, Agents, a? U-tr a*?> P% ?t.. h?tw9th anil loth ?t?. TCEMETKRY NOTICE. HE Satwnnber offersfor sate hiaatooL of MARBt.E?" MONUMENTS, TOMBS, GRAVE STOft* 8aod MARBLE MANTEL* &t r 4iuo?<i prions for oaah or approved notes. A" * rly oall ia solicited. WM. RU I HER1 ORD. Marble Works. 332 E at. nnrtV n IT 3m between 12th and 13th. WGALTSJ* O O D A M L> COAL OFFICE 811 Pa. At., Bktw. 11th aita Vttn Sr?^ North si?ie. Mill and Wharf foot of Berenteonth *t., via It tt B?ln? w?p TV??rtm?pt A WM. T. DOVE & CO. <1lRB Nov prew-red U> execute any orders with which they may be favored in the PLUMBING. GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. (LT Store on 9th street, a few doors north of Pa. avenue, where may be found a oomu ete assortment of CHANDELIERS and othar GAS. STEAM and WATER KIXTURKS. tagMv A ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS NY One dMirins Freifht?mush, or little?flarre'.s. Ba e?, Bi>x?s, Bundles, or, iu fact, any thing, safely transported and delivered between Wa?timeton, Georgetown, and Alextadriiv, mar rely implicitly upon the KXPKES* WAGONS of the undersigned whinh run reguarly every f?v between those oiMes. I irders entered upon the states of hm express at thet*tarOffi-e,at fivsoi/s Grooerj Store, or at E Whseier'a Hardware rtore, wi,, b? promptly a ttenfied to, and at very moderate oh* rie*. T. B. STILl.W iL[i? no 14-1 to (Late Osborn'a Expreaa. i\r. schenck'8Pulmonic syrup, LF Do. HRA WEED TONIC, Do. MANDRAKE P1I.LS, For aale by ?. B. WAITE,oorner of Seventh atreet and Lomaiauaavenue. Prio* of Syrup. 11 par bottle. Price of Sea Weed Tonic ft per bottle. Prioe of Mandrake Pifla, 25 oenta per box Those afflicted with dueaeea of the Lun* , l.i ver or Stomach, aooorrpamed with paini in the Baok. Hreaat or Plde, ahooid try f)r. Sohen^k'a MeJioinea, asd are referred to t&e following aertifioate, one of the many testimonial! of oomplet* ourea in Dr. Schenck'i poaeees on. No. 407 West Fifth atreet, t Wjukisoto*, D. C.. Nor. 21st 18G0.1 Da. ScnnwcK?D ar Sir: 1 suffered much tar several months with Liver complaint, I WHfsr saaded by a friend to try your Pnlmoaia Syrup, an-t Mandrake Hilts. 1 ftm now quite veil, and btlur* yotrr medicine was the means of restoring me to kealih ani vigor. Therefore! take rauoh pleasure in reoommendicK it to the Tubtio. M. S. 8? no 23 lm I^ADIKS' AND M188^;rs ~ LADIK8' AND MISSEjJ^^' Fresh Arrival frmn New York ! Fresh Arrival from New York! Cheaper than Ever! ^h^HBRS Cheaper than Ever! ?^0VVV FUE TRIMMINGS 25 and W eenti per yard. . >. B. H. 8TINEMETZ, a*? p* av., * |>o 31 new oorner Thirteenth *t, MONEY! MONEY!! MONEY!!! Notes of all hank taken at par for Goods, ana < complete ?upp> of r*J! and Winter Wear on h?M for otili. WALL, STEPHENS 4; t'O.. _ Clothier*. no ? 3w Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and H?h ?U RANKING i| O 1' 8 E WEENY, R!TTENUO*r?E, FANT * CO. will. open for ouitom?ri, specie, ourrenojr, am Virginia money aooounU. Buy and eel] coin and exchange at the most fkvor able rates. Currency and Virginia money Wanted. no >4 In ? SNYDER. [ Hen prepared to la'reduoe Wate. and Gaa apoi tfte ^ fcrorable teroit, aad guarantiee euti.i I rfcjgh** to ?* Uwiiu BO 17 f, j?pK TBANK89IVUI0 DAY' MIHCX MEAT-MI SCM ME A T! Rwrraren5Bs*c * TO SUIT THK vmm% AT FR,C** At BTKVEWS FANCAr ?TOR??" ?*lT' it"*1 m mattu. DENTISTRY. M TEETH. LOOIKI8, M. l>.. the mrewtoraad patentee ofttie MINKRaL Pl,ATK TEKTH, tend* at his ofto* i&UiioiirMw Many persons ca.i wear those teeth whn% oar.not wear others, and uu person oaa wtar others who oannot wear these. Persons eallitf at my office can be accommodated With any style and price of Tfeth they nay desire; bat to those wao are particular aad wiah the parent, cleanest, strongest, aod irost perfect dap tare that art oaa pro<3ue*. ihe MINER At, tLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this wty?No. 338 Pa. a vsnne. between 9th and l?th sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Philadel phi a. oc 15 tf r\ nciuTii ntsn UR. MVNSON Hu retarn^T and retained hia rofeaaion. Cffioeacd hoaae at 403 E ?t. third door eaat of Sixth. Ir vMition t Mfea^ every other approved atyle, Dr. M ha* iw^ li I v teeth oa vuloanire Baae> for the ia?t th ee yeara and, from expnrienee, knowa it exoe.a all other a, and ia one-third loea fa prioe than Rold. Hi a old aatrona of Waahmgtea. Alexandria. and Georaetown are regretfully aoletted t? can. m CwoTy D DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, aftor aaraotioa teat of two yeara fee ia that he nan with confidence reoom-^ap^ mend the Cbena)Mti? Proeeai ror maertuirVfl^P artificial te?th. It baa the advantarea or*"" atrer.cth, beanty,oieac*iiieea, and cETeepneea. Fal BjFPer aeta maorted fgj ?3t. Fartife U proportion. OBoe 306 Pa. avenue. ae 7 CARRIAGE^ FACTORIES." WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, v O Slmt, Bttween 9ik and l'U* Strut*. We have just finiahed a nomoer of firat elaaa CARRIAGES, auch aa Lttht naci.jnB. Waton*, Park PkmUtm** Fa truly for iRSK ruu?.?, and tin*tut, wh.oh we wnl Mil tf * ?-* a rer* *m&U profit. Heine practioal m*efc*nioa in different branehea of the tiuaiueea, we flatter ouraalvea that we know the atjee and *i?hty of work that -will five aatia faetios, oombinibg Ughtneaa, oomXort and derabih Rwairlng promptly and carefully attended to the ihorteat notice and moet reasonable charrea. WALTER, KARMANN * BOPF, Co*4hiuakera, auoceaaora to Wm. T. Hook. ap 77-dlT _ 'I' bAKKlAVM. 1 BE Sabeenber baring maco adoiCQM to hi feotorr, making it sew otf of the largoC^af^JB 1b the District, where hir fltoilitie* manfliaatiirinr CARRIAGE A WAGONS of ai- kinds nannot be sirpaeeed, aiMl from his loag expeneooe in the basmeea, he he He to c'*? general eatisfaction. A!! kinds of Camaces 404 Light Wagons k?>< ei Mod. All R KPAIR8neatiy4eae,aaialleritrspre?yl ^^ ci -haai Carriacee takes in eaehaare ler m Kta. AWDRliW 1. JOYCE, < csnwr mt Utk udKita. Db. J. H. M LEAN 5 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PL'RIFiltK. THE GREATEST REMEDY * Hu WORLD, ?#f| ia ttrirtlT a actF-fevj \fr antifle ard V?fiurV* W earad by tha diauila- py %|H Yoa<2\ tioo of ro?u, barba, vSfofew and barka. Tallow rff iX Dock, Blood Root, y* jj tokM < si.tck Itaot. ?Arup?- Tk3SP vrvyx mia, wi/u Lncrrj A'JS/g Sulti and Dtuliu x l.V\M7 anttra into ita com- ljrj *15 IW .. Tb? antira ?cit?? j- HH ^ a Jfr nmtdUl prihciplr i trf aaoh it BctMt5?5tf,^5:l.'s^iner Utiig. diati'.liar, prodmetnf <atteio*a, tiMI-ratir-.f ?pirit, and tha moa* mfailibla ramady (or rtuoTatibp tit diaaaaal ayaiam, and raatoriaf tha icl , lafarinf, and dabilitatad invalid u haalth and atrtDf th. McLEAJTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will afietull; enra Ll?ar Complaint, Dyapapoia, Jamdf.?, Ohrouie or Nar*?aa liability,Diaaaaaa ottha Kldoaya, and all diaaaaaa ariaing from a diaardarad U??r or Htomacb, Dyipapaia, Bauihaiu, Inward Pilaa, Acidity or Steknaai cf tha M'.omacfe, Kalluaaa of Blood to tha Fltad, Dili Pain or Swiciminf ia tha Haad, Palpimtton of tha Hturt, Fallaeaa or Weight ia tha Stomach, Soar Eraeuuona, Choking or Saffocaung Faallag whan layjog dowa, Drynaaa or 7ci>*V. iiu of Ik* aim *oa lyti, mrm i*nu, lav&rd f iviri, Pain id the Small of th? Back, Chttt, or Sid*, Saddau Pliibu of Hut, U?jr?Mio? of Spirit*, rri(ht/il Drtuu, Lufiiir, Dnpoodiuc; w uy ninom duwii, lorta at Blotch** *q i?? Skit, and F*?*r and Jlfni (or Chill* acd } OVER A MILLION BOTTLES have b**i, (lid daring tfc* la*t >tz month*, and in In*tanc* ba* it faiiad in fl'iaj anur* aauafaction. Wh<\ this, will ?aB*r frcm WiUmm or Dabilit/ vb*o MiLSJLNH COBDIAL will car* 70a t Ha liuifaaf? can e**?ay ?n adeqaata id** of th? imr**di at* and ilnuat rairaeulot* ebanf prodnetd by taking Ihit Cardial in lb* d.****adt d*bitiut*d, and abatt*rtd n*r'*a* ay?t*in, wti*tb?r brakta dowa by *ic*u, w*ak by 11* tar*, at impaired by aieknaat, tha ralm*4 and anatmc argmoiiali*c i* raatorad ta lit prtatuta h*alih and rigor MARRIED PERSONS ar atbart. conuuH of inability fron * hatarcr car**, will Bad MCLEAN'S BTRXHiiTHKNlNU CORDIAL a tharoajh r?f?ii?ntprof tha ayaiam; aud all who h??a is Jarad thaniaaiTaa by iaipraiar iadvif ancaa will In J la thia Cardial ft cartaia and ipaaay ramady. TO THE LADIES. McLEANI STREMCTHICNlNUCORDIAt.i? a mataifn aad apaady cur* for Ineipiant Cooaamption, Whitaa, OMtncud n Difcilt Manatraatioti, lacootinaaca of L'naa or Ioralantary Diaehtxr* tharaof, Falling of tha Wanb, Qtd<, 4'matinf, aa<f ail diaaaaaa incidant to Famalaa. THERE IS HO MISTAKE ABOTTT IT atar no lenftr. Taka it according to diractiona. It will atimalata, atranrthan, and Icviforata to? and ciui tha bloom ?f baalth u> mooot yocr chtak agaia. Eaary bottla ia warriuilad is fi?a aatiafactioo. FOR CHILDREN If yoar children ara alckly, pan/ or aSictad, McLKAN*8 COkDiAL will maka inam katllkr, fat, aad rabaac Dak; not a momaat; tn it, aad yom will ba coot uicad. It ia daliciaaa la uka. CAUTION. Ea vara of draggiata or daalara wba Bay try to palm apoo yon aoa-.a bittar or aaraipanfla traah, which thay can bay chaaE, by aayior it la jaat aa rood. Avoid aach nan Aak for McL?AJ?'S ?TE?NiiTHkmNC. COEXMAL, aad uka nachu* aiaa. It ia tha only raaaady that will Pfcrify tha Blood t^oroafhlr aad at tha aaaa ttma auangilian u>a ayataia. Ona laaapoanral takaa aaary aorfiinf faating ia a cartaia pravantiTa for Cholara, GhUia anil Faaar, Yallow my praralant diaaaaa. It ia pat up la larra bottlaa frica aoly ?1 par baula, or t bottlaa far #5 J. H Mi'LEAN, Sola popnamr of thia Cordial; alao, McLaaa'a aicaaie Oil Lima a at Principal Da pot oc tia coruar af Third aad Pisa atratti, ti. Locia, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE SEAT LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) Till only lafi u< tnuli carl f r Caaeiri, Pilu, T? in, I*(llin(iu4 Bronehili or Cutira, Pknlriu, Ntnrtlfw, WiU^uitf Ui HocIm, CkmK or Itluiuiiurj Kliii^iAUtir., atifiiM of thi Jotuu, Oatraciid Mucin or Liguolnu, EtitekiifToolbttki, Brtuu, Ipttiu, Cnik Obu, Wcund*, Ulciri, Favir Born, CUi4 Iruib Sari Nippltl, Darn, Sort Throat, or lay laliiamaiMa or pain, 90 AiffVrmei how ii'ir? or long tht dxiut m?? Wi island, KCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT i a Cirtaia raiaidr. Tteaaaodi of human bungi havi baaa aavid a lift of dii arcBttad* and uuauv b? ihi aai of tfcu loralaabla riaedy. McLEJfTS TOLCANIC oil liniment Will relieve pita tlmatt laetenuneeeely, ud it will cliu. paritj ud heal th? fool..; tort, in an iucredible ehort ihm FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS McLEAN*S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ihe only aafi ud reiiahle nrndv lot th? ear* W Spavin, Ruirbwi. Wiadgalle, pllate, Uanataral Laaape, Nodee ar Swelling* It ue?*r failed to core Bi( Heed, Po!I*ti1, Fletala, Old Ranolag Sort., or Sweeny. if properly iMiud foi Sprain., Bru.te, Scrmt'ftee, CntNd ShIi, CeaJoa, lUdli or Collar Oalla, Cmu, 8or??, of Wmdi, K ia en iafallitli r??4j. Apply it u dlncul aad a ear* I* carta? ia i?nj taauno*. Tk*n tnla a* longer *M tie inaay wanfcleae Ummk oF.r.d to to*. Obtain aapplv of DA. MCLEAN'S CKLI BRATED LINIMENT. It w.ll car. yoa. I J. H McLK AN, Sol* Proprietor, Corner Third aad Pta* eta., St. Ueie, Me. CHARLES STi?TT, TTt Pa. e?., eole agent Ib Wa.baig too; R. 8. T ClBSHL,tiaorg*towa. a. M-D*Wly We A 8 FIXTURES. K Hat* in auwa, sod are dat. j reeemng, 041 I riXlVRSSof entirely New raUernaaad Deaitn And Finiah. superior ia style to anything heretoftr offered in thia market. We iimteettisena general It to o?UI aad examine oar atoak of Gas and Wal? , Fixtarea, feeling oonidont thatwa hare ths baa selected a took ia Washington. > AU Work the above Tiaemtrastea to an/ear wSfti mar 5-tf 37a D street. U/ TRAVELING TRUNKS. WW K HftvA jan roooirou U? Ur|MI Miorawi ! ?He ' Go tS^'r^WT ??mo?, A c , the fioM Maortmant orar cffarod t? frre 111 thia oily. 60 oaflv, bafbro U>? ruKu '" V^TTt^ f P YOU WANT to lataood Clothin*. r?mi?l i iBkffift 1 j'.'i 1 a ; THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. Ttu? mmU?I Pkatlf ud Ntvi inmi mm tticitf ft frofttar ?*n?tv # MmMm im*m TniHU, tmmtmMIi fc Bio&it oofr, pec MWi .? ?? 91 * Flr? OOfiaa ? 7S TVootrn ? ? 1w*tT i It lftTmrtftblr o?Uim ttM *' Wnbngf Mm'' *> (WMtttlly thro?f hoit tto MUtrr. a/ Ding'? NftM(in <mpi' a*i ft* fV?MM4 ?t the on niter, immediately ttm tM ian? ef the P4#r Prioe?THREE CENT?. 1 WOOD AND COAL. x?? iiu; riiut: 60 WHERE YOU ~~C A N GFT TOfl MONEY'S WORTH' fyTKY IT' PKOVKIT* KKOW IT'^n tryivhat* frr- Try the PIONEER MILLS. Md buy yew WOOD there. prove~w'hat* ITT f rove fi?i j"? c?n irt f?mr WOOD tfcei* o' <**pe. than e ?ew nerei? ttie city ; ud thee ym will KNOW WHAT> ILr Kd?>w tiat jn# got GOOD M SASUIUCaai th* virr b?(t of WOOD for mom;. Cit, Split, a*i> Dkuve*bi> Pkkk or Ciuw. CtU at firm PIONKKR MILL At S/S.V OF THE BLUE FLJ.9 STAPV, Rocthwest Cobsbb 8t uti R*. Cuut (South of th? litidge.) noil 6E )HHK Pa6F.. Aqit. u* ?a i Dlon Flrr-Ho*d Mill*. PINK, OAK and hFcKOKY WOOD taw** and Split at ac? i-npth < ?; ? r^c rM.ud <Uu? ere* te any part of the Cit? at ve-y low ?ne?e. ICT We oeil th? particular attention of oar w(outer* ?nd the puUio genera It to oar ip *?4 4 STOCK OF COAL, which we cm a?y, withoat 1 rvfcl OI OVEUtatVUOD. ' * U?I W Wiy in Mi* V/IIJ. Weiirirto*to(ive tt:%fioUon to ill who nty r?&^?SAWED and SPLIT WOOD U kef t voder cover, perfectly dry, aod COAL on p>ank Boom, c<ran and in food order. Large aalee a ad aina'. proiu. IL/~Or'We ?olicri???<' at UNION FIRE WOOD MILLS Cor. H*v?nth at and Tana , MrKNKW A HARLOW, Pri*pnetor?. co l?-tf TO THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON.-! have ju;t received a-d will commenoe unloadinc to-morrow a carro of the very beat Red A?h COAL ( '? and atove atsea) ever brought u> Lhia market which I cai aend liireot from tiie veaeei if jour orders are left immediately. R. W. RATE*. Wood and Coal Defies* oe SI Corner C and 14th ?t? p?*ar Canal. WOOD AND 5 0 4b the oit? at th? lavat possible rates. T. J. A W. M. ?ALT, Oftoe W8 Pa. ? ., between Uth and 12th sta. an 17 tf north FOR SALE AND RENT. TO RENT-nurkuMt COTTA?K RKMDLNCE,OOI>taia:ng 7 roOIAS, Witt front btM" ooqr, large yards in (ront and rear, fronting H ?t, in Printing Office Kqo?re, between North Capitol aa<1 First sta. Rent $ JM> oer annnm. Aacieu, by lett-r or in person, WM. STICKNEY. no 6 tf U?OR SALE?A new two-stor? brie* HOUSEo* r Fourth street, beluW Nwr Vo k ht?hi? TW hoaso is 20 feet trout ud a feet Uwep ; tiss 6- foot passage, parlor, ainiug roon , kiichcr., an! four chambers, with stairways in and kitchen. wiDi *?>od o?llar under U? wioie i. oaee For _U> nws innnir* at ^*v?ntn tir**-t. opposite f#ilow' Hall. ?o 1-tf JA8. B. TOPHA.M For kf.n r?The tine brick huuoc no. 100 VV mUL, O*nri?ton. at pr#a?nt oen pied bp the suUvjriber. it has U 10 roi, wiia |u and water thronghou*. a fine T?*d, stable Ac . %nd is in arood neighborhood. Apply to JA&. A. M KSRIDKR. o??tf I?OR RKNT.?Two new thrne-atory BRIO* r HOUSES with Itaok bui.iLnxa. each >oi-*<* eontiuiin^ 8 room*, with ras, pleasantly situated on ffUi street north, between M and N etreeta, rant moderate. Appl? to K. LA/> N W Y. opp.?*ite, or to JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio avennV, twtwaen 12th l.^i Ktreom ? 9t* FOR RKNT-Tne FIRST FLOOR ofUin twfl*tnx isuueaiateip opposite the west wioa of the City HaKTreoent'y occupied by Chaa. t* Wk atk m an oCoa Alan 'Jie front room la* tt? aeon ad story and the third floor of the aave Umldina. Far Bms apply to RICHARD WXLLACHT^o. S ttisiana tTMw, la tt t< lviJ U U ATIOK AL. T female education. H 08E Parent* who wiah their dutlrtm to ?aoeive a thorough ud i;iUia?iu) *<1?mu<hl vhurt theirphysioa! tiaining wi 1 receive Oailt udmuil attention, under the moat approved system of CaUathenio" and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to viait the Union F?m*l? Academy, corner Fobtteenth at. and New York ay. MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARD*. an 3> tf Pru a pft 1^ em ale boarding and day school r ALSXAyifHI4. YA. Mra. 9. J. MeC^)RMlCK, raijtciPAL. The thirteen tn annual session of this Institution wul eOrnmenoe on Toeaday,S?H??Ur 19th. mi the house recently occupied by !*y I vector Soott, Esq, No. 180 King atree:. The ooura? of etu-i? puraued will oamj>ri>?au the branches requisite to a thorough Engl.ah Eduoation, and Music, F< eneh, Latin and Drawing, if deei red. tn addition to day scholars. Mra. MoCornuek la r-r^R'e.J toreeeiv'ea limited number of pupi.s aa Doardera, who. coMstotutiag a pari of her own faaiiy, will he under lier immediate oare and anpervis ion. She will endeavor. a? far as posrihfe, to rnr round them with the cowfbrta aad kindly inlueaoea of Home. Rtjtr?*?*.?Her. Geo. H. Norton. Rev. Dr. Kliaa Harriaon. Rev. D. F.frprigg, Williaaa H Powle, Esq., F.dgar Snowden, fcaa . ECiuuml F Witaoer, Esq., Henry Marbnry, Km., Lewis Mc_K?n*.e, ??., Robert H. Hunion. Bee . W D. wal.aeh. Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Watara, Esq .Jaa. Entwiale. Jr., Ea?.,Co!. John w. Minor, LouJoun, Messra. k.ack.ock * Marshall, Messrs 0or Brothers. Tnai. Board, with Tuition in all the Eagtiah Blanches, for the anneal setm -annually. ut nlvtne*. Mumc and UnrnhM at Professor*' arioaa. l7* No tzbt ckvfN. mm m~tt FUR STAMPIN9 r A PACKET OF PAPER. ^ I AND ENVELOPES N 0 I TO MATCB, LuiEPArf Mthe CHAKbtl METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHILP 1 SOLOMONS. Atmtt for Liwtr'i nt*br*ttd IMm P?wr?, > "IfMrtrotea* ZaZE _MM ly S38 PIL.M,M.M M4 Mk alb arfTOi. II 0 I hare imkiwI my 0 6 I PAWN OFFICE to SSI C at root, between 4* anti Kb atraata. liamadiately ia til* rear of the Nation*] peuf, wh? ? the buaiaaaa wiU Monat naad aa tmwWura at tfea ' o^rtand. [no 1?\AC BERZRKRte. \ ?<CHOOL AND COL^BeR OUTFITS. ; Youtkt' and Boft' Clothing ft fldUW mU \ brut W*m Paranta and aaardtaM vt?h?a* *a fcm?> thatr ohi dreaand warda wLth Soboot ar* C<fei>aaO?tfJa for the ooimof aeaaoo. ara Inri'ed tn examine oy ijJ . dmrtkble U vmrt mim, WALL, t?TT;PHTTB A OOj *??Mf *???.?. * p* A Ml LIES WANT A HEALTHY DI1M * THEY WANT IT JEHPEHATE M* * COLINKAUTS TABLE BEER I9THB THING * * ,,tol-'?SSiSSSS^5SW!S^ I - ?*** i Ml i