Newspaper of Evening Star, December 7, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 7, 1860 Page 1
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0 ? # r'- . flv r "> ?/ -l - I - ' ^ " (Sftttutig ^tar. ? , ? V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. DECEMBER 7. 1860. N?. 2.436 THE DAILY EVENING STAR n TUbUSHED BVBRY AFTERNOON, SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR Bl 1LDI*U&, CVrwr of Pennsylvania mwnu* OJtd 11 tk St., BY W. D. WALLACH. rM*r* Mrrwl in r*okt|M br aarrtan M M year, or St owti per month. To mill ?uh?orib?rm th? jrioo it $3.%) % ja?r, u? *dranct; #S for six month*; %i for tkrw months; for Iom th*n th:?e montiu at tborMo of Ueuti w treek. Sisglo eoyi**, on cut; in wrapper*, two czkt*. fr^Acv**n?M*??Ts?nottJd boaont to tha ofltoe he?or? U o'oiook m; otherwise they may not MPear nntil th* n*xt day. THE HANDSOME MAN. Mr. Ferdinand Fitxroy waa one of thoee model* of perfection of whioh a human father and mother can produce but a single example, Mr. Ferdinand Fitiroy wa? therefore an only mm lie waa such an amazing favorite with * ? a V _ A._ iLai 1 - -1 * Do in ma ptrcuu mai iuvj rwnn w iiuu him, accordingly, be was exceedingly spoiled, never annoyed by the sight of a took, and had as much pluin cake as he could eat. Happy would it hare been for Mr. Ferdinand Fitirny could he always hare eaten plum cake, and remained a child. A most beautiful creature was Mr. Ferdinand Fit troy! Such eyes?such hair?such teeth?such a figure?such manners, too?and suoh an irresistible way of tying his neckcloth ! When he was about sixteen, a crabbed old uncle represented to his parents the pro - - ?? C Yf a? Vav^inan/I yitamv Ia pncij VI lontuiuj^ iu a . A Vtuiuauu CIM1VJ iv re?d and write. Though not without some difficulty, he convinced them?for he waa exceedingly rich, and riches in an uncle are wonderful arguments respecting the nature of a nephew whose parents have nothing to leave him. 60 our hero was sent to school. He was nnturally a very sharp, clever boy; and he came on surprisingly in hia learning The ecbootbisster'a wife liked handsome children. " What a genius will Master Ferdinand Fitsmy be, if you take pains with him !" said she to her husband. " Pooh, my dear, it is no ase to take pains with him " , "And why. love"' Becsujo he is a great deal too handsome ever to be a scholar. "And that's true enough, my dear!" said the schoolmaster's#wife. So, becaase he was too handsome to be a scholar, Mr. Ferdinand Fitzroy remained the lag of the fourth form. They took our hero from school. * What profession shall he follow V said his mother. ' My first cousin is the Lord Chancellor," said his father, --let him go to the bar." The Lord Chancellor dined there that day. Mr. Ferdinand Fitzroy was introduced to him. ilia lordship wan a little, rough-faced, beetlebrowed. bard-featured man, who thought that beauty and idleness was the same thing?and a parchment skin the legitimate complexion fur a lawyer. " Send him to the bar," said he; " no, no, that will never do?send him into the army, he is much too handsome to become a lawyer " ' And that's true enough, my lurd,'" said the mother So they bought Mr. Ferdinand Fitzruy a cornetcy in th<? regiment of dragoons. Things are Hot learned by inspiration. 5ir. Ferdinand Fitzroy had never ridden at reboot, except when he was hoisted; he was. therefore, a yery indifferent horseman; they sent him to'the riding school, and everybody 1-iughed at him. " He is an aj? !" said Cornet Horsephiz.who was very ugly " A horrid puppy," said Lt. St. Squintem. who was "stHl uglier. "If he I . _ . _!_ L L . *11 J! aI uocs nur nuo wuer oe win disgrace mo regimfnt," said Captain Kiralhate. who waa very good looking. " If he doea not ride better, we will cut hiin," said Captain Everdrill, who was a wonderful martinet. 1 say, Mr. Bumpenwell, (to the riding master.) make that youngster ride leas like a miller's sack." " Pooh, sir. he will neTer ride better." r '4 And why will he not ?" ' Bless, you. Colonel, he is a great deal too handsome for a cavalry officer." " True." said Cornet Hursephiz. " Very true." said Lieut. St. Squmtem " We must at him.'' said the Colonel. And Mr. Ferdinand Fitzroy was accordingly cut. Our hen# was a youth of susceptibility?he quitted the regiment, and challenged the lulouel. The Colonel wa? killed 14 What a terrible blackguard is Mr. Ferdinand Fitz roy,"' said the Colonel'i relations " Very true/' said the world. The parents f were in despair. They were not rich; out our hero was an only aon. and they sponged hard upon the crabbed old uncle. He is very clever," said they both, "and may do yet.' 60 they borrowed tome thousands from the uncle, and bought his beautiful nephew a seat in Parliament. u- A nun'i PittrAV timKitimu ftn<1 I dcirous of retrieving bis character. He fagg-1 like it drajon, cjnned pamphlets and reviews, aod mide notes on the finglish constitution. He r->se up to speak. What a hundume fellow," whispered one member. " Ah, a coxcomb," said another. ' Never do for a speaker," said a third, very audibly. And the gentleman on the opposite benches sneered and A tared' Discouraged by his reception, Mr. Ferdinand Fitzroy grew a little embarrassed. " Told you so,'" said one of his neighbors. " Fairly broke down," said another. " Too fond of his hair to have anything in his head," said a third, who was considered a wit. " Hear! hear!" cried the gentlemen on the opposite benches. Mr Ferdinand Fitxroy sat down?he had not shone; bat, in justice, be bad not failed Many a first-rate speaker had begun worse, and many a country member had been declared a phoenix >f promise upon half his merit. " Your Adoniaea never make orators." said a crack speaker with a wiry nose. " Nor a man of business either," added the ehairman of a committee, with a face like a kangaroo's. ' Poor devil"' said the eirilest of the ret ' he's a deuced deal too hands jme for a speak* * * _ _ 1 ?l er B y Jore. nes going 10 speaa again: mis will sever do; we nut cough him down." And Mr Ferdinand Fltsroy was accordingly eoughed down. Our hero wm dow seven or eight and twenty handsomer than ever, and the adoration of all theyoong ladies at Almack's. 44 We bar* nothing to leave you," aaid the parents, who had long spent their fortune, and now lived on the credit or baring once enjojed It. lou ere the handsomest m&n in London; jou mast merry ez. heiress. ' * " I will." Mid Mr Ferdinand Fitiroy Miss Helen ConroiTttln* wm e charming yattng lady. with a hare lip end six thousand a Jeer To Mis? Helen Convolvulus then oar ero Mid bis addressee Heaven' whet an uproar ner relatione made aboat the matter. "Easy %> see hie iulaations,", said one, 44 a 1 h tndsome fortune hunter, who wants to make tba best of bis person ." ' Handsome is that handsome doee," said another. ** He wee turned oat of the army, aid murdered his colonel, ' ... * . ' He can admire nene bat himself." said a fjwtk ''Make joa perpetually jealous, ' Mid a fifth " Spend your fbrtuna," said a sixth. " And Lr?*h roar heart," Mid a <eventh. Miss 11*Ion Convolvulus war prudent and wary. 6he saw a great deal of justice in what was said; and was sufficiently contented with liberty and six thousand a year net to be higblj impatient for a husband, hat anr heroine had w> iftnMii to a lover. especially so handsome a lover as Mr. Ferdinand Fit ?roy Aocordingl^ she neither accepted nor discarded him, t>ai kept him on hope, and suffered him to get intc debt with his tailor and hiscuachinaker on th< strength of boeoming Mr. Fitcroy Convolvulus AIM weui vu, ?uu DUUKI auu ueu/l well aeily found, bawever, our kero was ?augaine and so ware hu parents. A breakfaat at Cbia wick and a fever carried off the latter, witbu: on* Week of eaok other; but not till they bad blessed Mr Ferdinand Fitsroy, ani rtjjiced that they had left bin to well provided for Now? than, our bar depended solely upon th< crabbed old liable and MU* Helen Coitoivu lar the former, though a baronet and a satirUt was a banker and a man of basinet; ha l(>oke< ^ vary distastefully at tba Uyperian earls uu wbite teeth of Mr. Ferdinand Pitaroy. " II i make you my bait," said h?, "I expect 701 will continue the bank." " Certainly, sir," Mid the nephew. "Humph!" granted the uncle; " ft pretty fellow for ? banker." Debtors grew pressing to Mr. Ferdinftnd Fitiroy, ?nd Mr. Ferdinftnd Fitaroy grew pressing to Miss Helen Convolvulus. " It ia ft dangerous thing," said she, timidly, "to marry ft man so admired?will you ftlwftys be faithful?" 44 By heaves!" cried hertover. " Heigho!" sighed Miss Helen Convolvulus, ftnd Lord Rufus Pumilion entering, the conversation was changed. But the day for the marriage was fixed; and Mr. Ferdinand Fitaroy bought a new curricle. By Apollo! how handsome he looked in it! A month before the wedding-day the uncle died.. Miss Helen Convolvulus was quite tender in her oondolence: "Cheer un. niv Ferdinand." aaid she. "for your sake I have discarded Lord Kufoa Pumilion!" 'Adorable condeacension!" cried our hero; " but Lord Rufas Pumilion is only four feet two, and baa hair like a pe*ny." " All men are not so handsome ha Mr. Ferdinand Fitiroy!" was the reply. Away goes our hero to be present at tho opening of his unole's will. " I leave," said the testator, (who, we hare before said, was a bit of a satirist.) "iny share of the bank, and and the whole of my fortune, legacies excepted, to (hero Mr. Ferdinand Fitaroy wiped his beautiful eyes, with a cambric handkerchief, exquisitely brode) my natural eon, John Snriggs, an industrious, pains-taking youth, ho will Ha t/\ tho Klinlr T Hirl 'n tend to have made mj nephew, Ferdinand, my heir; but so carting a nead can have no talent for accounts. I want my successor to be a man of business, not of beauty; and Mr. FAdiaaud Fitzroy is a great deal too handsome for a banker; his good looks will no doubt win him any heiress in town. Meanwhile, I leave him, to buy a dreeing-case, a thousand pounds!" 'A thousand devils!" said Mr. Ferdinand Fitiroy, banging out of the room, lie flew to his mistress. She was not at home. "Lies," savs the Italian nrnvrrh. " htva short but troths, if they are at all unpleasant, bare terrible long ones! The next day Mr. Fardinand Fitzroy received a most obliging note of dismissal. ' I wish you avery happiness," said Miss Helen Convolvulus, in conclusion, " bnt my friends are right; you are much too handsome for a husband." And the week after, Miss Helen Convolvulus became Lady Rufus Pumilion. " Alas, sir'" said the bailiff, as a day or two after the dissolution of Parliament he was jagging along with Mr. Ferdinand Fitzroy, in a hackney-coach, bound to the Bench. "Alas ! sir, what a pity it is to take so handsome a gentleman to prison!" Hrptrt of the Secretary of the Navy. The {Secretary of the Navy recommend* the converting of eight ahtpa-of-the-llne Into first class Bt^amshiDI. which k?? MVt ran lw? Hnrtft* at I. /+nmf nf f3?3.000 each. The other slii{<? of the line would not pay for the expense, being old and nearly used op. The sailing frigate Si bine and San tee are to be left as they a it, and the remaining six sailing frigate* to be converted Into steam sloops-of-war, and tlnnlly Into store-ships New sloops of-war sbouid be built to replace tbose built prior to l^il*. Tbe present coalition of the active navy Is th?n reviewed and commended The Sec-etarv/eports in favor of screw steamers, and against sidewl ictl- I steamers, in cas? of war An Increase of tbe navy Is demanded, on tbe ground that we have now a navigating Interest of 5.000,000 tons, and Import and export trade of.fft 0(JU 000 or 87,000.000, and a coasting trade of equal extent and value All additions to the navy should employ steam power. Attention is called to tb? fact that the Constitution prohibits Individual States from creating a navy of their own. Estimate* are submitted for. replacing all of the prominent navy yards of the country in a condition of full activity. A high compliment is paid to the elllclency ana discipline of the Naval Academy, under Cept Blake. Figures are given to show that tb? education of the pupils baa improved. In the slave trade twelve vessels have been captured this y?ar by the Afcican squadron, and more than 3,01)0 negroes rescued. A strong hint is then given that the >lave trade can qnly tlnally be suppressed bv England's enforcing her treaty of 1817 wltb t*paln in reference to Cuba, or the snrelation of Cuba by the United States The act of Congress of June 22, lt*W, authorized the President to seed some coinpeteut person or persons to the Isthmus of Cbiriqui to examine and report upon the quality and probable quantity of coal to b>* found on the lands of the Cbiriqui Improvement Company: the character of tKa A# I ?---? ? ? ? ? ^ - MV ? ! VVI? v? vuid^ut lja^iiuu auu UUillVUj (U? practicability of building a railroad aero** Mid lsthmu*, Msito connect said harbor*, and generally u to tLr value of the privilege* contracted for la the contract of May 31, 1(359, made by Ambrose W Thompson and *ald Company with tb? Navy Department. An expedition waa accordingly organized under the command of Cjpt. Frederick Engle, of the Navy TUe hydrograpbloal part of tLe work waa aasigned to Lieut Wm. N Jefler*. of tbe U S. Navy, tbe topographical to Lieut JameaSt Clair Morton, of the U. S Topographical Engineer*, and tbe Keoiogirai vo vt jonn j.vans. an eminent geologist Tbua organized, the expedition set tall from Norfolk in the (J S war steamer Brooklyn, August 13. and on the 23d arrived at tbe.Cblriqni Lagoon. The expedition has juat returned to Norfolk. Re porta are transmitted from Captiln Kngle, Lieuta Jcfl'era, Morton, and Evaus. The reporta ahow that tbe harbors on both aldea of the Isthmus cf Chiriqui are unsnrpsssed; that in the oplntoa of Lieut Morton "Mis entirely practicable to counect the harbors by a line of railroad adapted to commercial purposes." and that the coal found there is of excellent quality, and the a'ipply inexhaustible Tbe bill introduced by Jefferson Davia prohibiting the purcbaae of patented articles for tbe army and navy ia next attacked aa injnrloua to the publie service The Secretary ro oinmendi that he be given power to purchase butter, cheese, flour, anil tobacco for the navy by private purchase, ana not by advertised contract The present state and services of the various squsdrons and ships ars ibse formally recorded, compllmenta being paid to Commodores Poor, Porter, and Brent, for prompt action in righting the wronga of Americas citizens. The Japsmese Kmbaasy, reports aa to tbe marine corps surgeons, and quartermasters, together with brief statiatlca of tbs varloua exploring expeditions, form tbe main balance of the Secretary' report, wkicb closes with a summary at Davaf estimates for tbe fiscal roar ending Jane ?, I8M?total amount, 811,513,904 01. . Repot of the Secretary sf Trtaitry. Tbe report of tbe Secretary of tbe Treasury is eoaftaed entirely to a statement of the finances of tbe Government, of which It presents e very clear i? A >??> ? * - ttv al year, a* far u tb*y bare l>e*u received, in , doate an Inrrraae fully rqnal, If not greaW, tba 1 t:*ii ?( preceding yeara, tuua auUaofiaiitg tue e* I UomW of locreaMd revenue from that aeurre r Apait. therefore, from tb? threatened embarraai menta ta Mm bade atid Mmn of Ue eouutrj 1 ta?ac rati ma tea, both of expenditure and receipt! would be aubmltted to Coagreaa with great con # rimou. i ue revenue is lnsumcien* 10 meel ?e general expense* of the government and tbe maturing iudebtednea*. Of tbe recent ten million loan over or?e million Uas not been taken up by tbe blddera, and tbe negotiation at par of tbe remaining eleven millions of tbe loan author ixed by tbe act of Juue 2v>, 1*9, is Impossible in tbe pre1 vailing condltlou of tbe country. Tbe treasury is seriously embarrassed by tbls inability to'neeoi tlate tbe loan acd by tbe fact that treasury notes pert due are rapidly coiuiug in, whltet tboee not doe are paid iu for customs, tbus depriving tbe government of its principal source of revenue TA II# I /kUM II I * " ?w v*w??iUHlCtik iivau !? UUtUItlBl ? ?* harnasments the Secretary urge* Con^rett to iutbortse tbe Issue of treasury notes to tue amonnl of ten million* of dollar*, secured by a pledge ol the revenue arising from tbe sale of public landr for their redemption Referring to Ms statement of the finances the ' Secretary says:?The estimates of reeelpta lute the Treasury have been made without reference to the flnsncisland commercial panic, which hai assumed so threatening an aspect within the lasi few days, and of which i shall speak more fullj hereafter He also adds in the same connection The coo 11 try was never In a more prosperous coa dttlon Oar planters and farmers have been bleat as a general rule, with abundant crops, and havi realised remunerative pncee for ail kinds ef pro ducts. The exports ef ths last fiscal rear hai reached the enormous ram of S4U0 122,896, and t the Imports far the same period wereS3?M,tfil,WI yielding n revenue from customs of S53,187,51187 > Ti.< msdot's of domestic produce for the Dr?*eu fldence that they would uot vary very far from the actual reaults. The Secretary renews hit recommendation of the revision and consolidation of the revenua laws, urges the general use of strain vessels In the revenue marine service, and the transfer of the service itself to the Navy Department. The permanent public debt on the 30th Junft last amounted to # and the treasury drafts at the same date to 919.090,500. The results of the Investigation In relation to Dr. Barclay's discovery for preventing abrasion, deterioration and counterfeiting of the coins of the United States are communicated, and the Secretary recommends an appropriation of 9100,000 in order to teat fully the benefit of the discovery, and to compensate Dr. Barclay for ita use. 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I have with atriot care peraonally attended to the manufacturing and aeleotion of the following Kura. My lone practical knowledge of the Far Business enables me with oertainty to innt* the >adiea to good a made from hue and freah oaught kin*. Snoh a* Canada Mink Sable, Russia Fitch, Siberian Ssnirrel. W?t*r Mink, Frenoh Sablf. Children^' Furs in graft variety. For rrimminM of all oolors. Price* very moderate. W. F. SEYMOUR, no 19 lm G?orftown. GBNTLEMERE\DVr-MADE CLOTHING. Our present Assortment t>{ GENTLEMEN'? READY-MADE CLOTHING < flare to oiUzeui and ?tranreri wishing an immediate out fit euperior inducements, embracing, At this time, all sty lee and qnahtiea of Dreea &nt Basinet* Garments and OverooaU in all vanities. Fine Hhwta and Lnder-olothing ot all kind*. Kid and other Gloves of beat quaity. Scarfa, Tl?a, Cravata, Stocks, Hoaiery, Ac., &o. All of which we are offering at <>nr usnai ew prioea. Clothing mad? to order i n the moat anterior manner. WALL, STEPHENS ft Co.. no 16 tf a2'2 Pa. avenue. S&3S3 N ? t ice: I wiah all gentlemen V to bear in mind that E3^B the plan which I adopt e.1, aix Tear" ago, of selling and BOOTS at greatly re du?ed prices for cash is in successful operation. Just received a full vuppiv of the latest New York styles of DKESS HaI'S The very finest Hat 93.50; a first rate Hat %3: and very good, fashionable Hat 92 50. All of the latest at) lea of soft HATS and CAPS,at the very lowest prices. I ain constantly supplied with a very large stock of th"se fine DRKSS BOOTS at 93.75?which I have bfi?n aelltng for many year*?as well as the very r st quel tv of Pat->at LeatherGAlTKRS at 535ft. ine French Calfskin Gaitera from 92 to 92 S?. Terma cash; no extra oharge in order to offset had debts ANTHONY, Agent for the Manufacturers. Seventh street, second hat atoro from tha corner, opposite Avenue House, No. ?40. so It-3m W1LK?! SILKS!! SILKS:!! j5 SILKS!!!! Von o?n ret ORKSS SI KS of every kind at WM R. RILEY A BROTHER'S at vory low prioes; that i* to ?ay,a Silk RoIkj fur *16, worth fi5; a Silk Rube fur $20, worth 936. We have a large ?toek of DreisGoods of every descrip'ion.and we will close them out at very low prices. Call and examine oar stock. WM. R Ril.EY A BROTHER, No. 36 Central Stores, Between 7th ar.d 8th streets, no 21 2w Opposite Center Market. I TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take a 1 kinds of Virginia mon?y for my iwirtlr dahta rui ftie Kl/wtta ^hn?s a ml Tmnlra All ? BUM IVI V ?| nuu a I hmkoi All p?rson? indeb'ed to me wiil please ca 1 and settle up, or I tJm'l be <ximp<fllod to give their aocounts into the haods of a oollector. 8 P. HOOVEH, Iron Hall, no 21 Pa ay., between 9th and 10th iiU. PURE OLD RYU WHISKY.-Onhandeerera braod> of Pare Old Rye Whir k*. Copper Distilled, made by the most reliabie distillers id Pennsylvania, Maryland and Vircmia, warranted pnre. Also, Imported Kraudies, FTenr.eaey. Otard. Dttpny * Co., Jules Robin*, fco. Aleo, Paaoh and Apple Brandy, pure Holland Gin, old Jamaica and dt, Croix Rum, and Wine* of everr variety, all of standard br&ods. A ohoios lot of Clears ar.d Tobaooo. YOUNG & ?EPHART, A?mt?, ap U-ly 9*9 Pa tv? l>etw. 9th and 10th sis. Tcemrtkry notice. he Subscriber offers for sale his stock of M a rB?.E MONUMKMTS, TOMBS, GRAVE STONES and MARBLE MANTELS at reduo?d prioes for oash or approved i otes. A" early oall is solicited. WV. RUTHERFORD. Marble Works, 352 E st rortn. o? 17 Sm h#f\7nen 12th *nd 13th. WG ALTS' ? ? D 0 " i?99 PA. at., Bctv^mi: AX9 1*T3 ST*., Mill and Wharf m? H n 4 ARE NOW P?Jar^'l?3wfe5 ?S' *l* tBSU^^SHP4" 1"TTlN" of CHANDELIKkfifiarid other GXb, S'f E AM"and WATER FIXTURES. ia:W-lv Aai.rxandria express NY Out desiring Freight?muohor little?Bar rela. Ba ?, Boxes, Bandies, or, in faot, any thivf, aafeW transported and delivered botweeu Wa*nin*ton, Georfctnwn, and Al?x%ndria. mar r?W implieitiy upon the EXPRESS WAGONS of the una^rsicnad. which run regularly every da* between thoaeoitiea. Order* entered upon the alataa of liia expreasat theHtar O(fine,a* Bacon'* Grocery St >re, , oratE Wheeler'a Hardware Store, Will beproinat, ly a ttended to, and at ver*.?oderate eh*r*ea. r T. H. STILLWELL. ol4-lm I Late Qaborn'a Exproas. |*R. SCHKNCK'S FULMONIC SYRUP, 3 U Do. SKA WEED TONIC, Do- MANDRAKE PII.L8, For aale by 8. B. WAITE. corner of Seventh < street *ad Louisiana avenue. Prio? of Syrup, ftl per bottle. ? Pnoe of ftia weed Tonia SI per bottle Price of Mandrake Pills, 25 ornta p*r box Thoaa aAiotad with diaeaeea of the Lunii, Liver or tJtomach. acooirpanied with pains in the Back, i Breaat or Hide, should try Dr. Sohen'-k's Medi oinea- and are referred to th? followinc certificate. otoeofthem*ny MNiMmli ofoumplete oare* id ? Dr. Bohenok'a poimm on. No. 407 WMt Fifth ?treet. ( [t W&UIN0TON, I). Ot, Nov. 21?t 1R80. f I * D*. Bch*i*ck?D ar Sir: I ?u3Ved mooh f*r " aeverai moDt'ii with I.iver oonpiaint, I wm per vaded b? a friend to Irj * our Puimnaio djiuo. an<i Mandrake Pitla. 1 em now quite well, a*4 u believe your medicine was tke means of restoring me to health an4 vigor. Therefore I take muoh pleatnre in recommending it to the Publio. M. 8. 8? no 28 lm I ADIE8' AND MISSES' j 1j FLRS. ^Aj i|. * LADIES'AND MISSES'^ Fre*h Arrival from New York ! FrMh Arrival (n>m New York! Cheaper than Ever! Cheaper tiian Ever! FUR TRIMMINGS 36 ud 96 cent* per jard. i B. H. STINEMETZ, r?6 Pa av.. W no 24 near corner Thuteantn ?t. MONEY! MONEY!! MONEYS! Notee of all bank* taken at p>r for Goods, ana a complete mppljr of Fall and Winter \\^ar on hand for oash. * WALL, STEPHENS ft Op.. Clothier*. m no g 3w Pa. avenge. ?h and lt?h eta RANKING HOUSE W SWEENY, RITTENUOtmJB, FANTft CO. Will open for ouetomera, epeoie, oarraaey, and Virginia money aeooenta. . _ ? Buy and ?ett ooia aad exohange at the mo?t favoril)!0 rate*. ^ <**iirr?noT and Ttmnia mower wanted, no 24 ltr |r I. 8?,YDE* t UMBER AXDGA* flTTBR, : Has removed to the corner ofTwelfih and P eta ar Htll to IntrMlIM W?MT kM UMIIOI g> tno^ ?oi?t favorable terms, and guaranties rati i ? _ H*j55 on hand a lot of COOKING acd othe K BTOVKB, whioh h* will eell 1ms th^n ooat. as k< wishwtojet ud of th?gi. ao rr pOR THANKSGIVING DAY! f MIHCM MEAT-MINCE MEAT! ,, Wa shall hare a *v??ly of oxoeT?nt Mince Mm *" ^ Wi'JiJicUELL. n?t*Mr?0M. Arf.IC? by TO SUIT THE TiMKtf, _ Aw? Ow* PiiciOnr, u At 8TKV?N8*6 FANCY 8TOR&. ? bo? tf a?*. h?tw.tuloth su. " S!^^T!vsiis.y= . fcT"- -'?fe 4 33?cIlELL. DENTISTRY. TEETH. r.OOMTS. M. D., the inventor aod patentaa ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH. * tends persona ly at his office in this elty MM Many p?r?on? oan wear theee teeth who***'I" cannot wear others, and 110 person mi wiar others who oannot wear these. Persons oalliu* at my oftoe can be accommodated with aay style and prioe of Teeth they may dee ire; bat to those who are partiealar and wish the pnreet. aleanest, strongest, ai<ri most perfect denture that art oan prod see, the MINERAL rLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this o?ty?No. 838 Pa-aveme. betweea Kh and 10th su. Also, 90T Aroh street, PhUadal phia. oo 15-tf S|. DENTISTRY. R. HI LL8, after a praoboa: te*t of twe rears La that he oan with confidence reoom mend the Cheoalastio I'rooeeaforinsertinsSBI? artificial toeth. It has the advantages or?0* stretifth, beauty, ciean.ineas, and cheapnaaa. Pal upper set* inserted for *. Partial in praportioa. Oftoe 306 Pa aranaa. aa 7 CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " D Strut, bxtwten ilk and 10th Strttt. We hare just ftmahed a number of ir*t claas CARRIAGES, exioh u Litkt far* Pheatons. Family r-?r-gBW| riarm, oik< Butntt, whion we will Mil fcf ~ a ver? mall profit. Ceinifraotioal meohaoiea in different branch ea of the buaineaa, wo flatter ouraeivea that we koo? the atTlM and ^uahtj of work that will fire aata faction, oombimns lif htneea, oonuort and durabiH ty. Repairing promptly and oarefnlly attended to the ahortert c tioe and rpoet reasonable ohariea. WALTKK, KARMANN A BOPP, Coaohm&kcra, auscosaora to Wm. T. Hook. RA W.illw T CARRIAGE?. h j". Hehfcnhor honor sddidOBele kl ( otory, rnokirg it cow one of U.e tn the Dictriot, where tua fceilitiea fo'UK^K ?*nnf*otun of CARRIAGE A LI6BtWESBZ. WAGONS of nl kinde mimI bis wr|Miid, on4 from iua lone ez^enenoe in tk* buuM, ke hopes tc tire e?T>*r?l ?M8r?cUon. Ail kinds of OarriacM ui U|ki Wu*u key I mm Ail ilKPAIKBneatly 4oM,M4all*rdm frmmfH I7 *tter dcii to. .T-e?eHt-keea C&rrlcrea ta.kari in rt?kuiM t?r mam mm. "amIHibW jT7?5YCe, " * *-* Mrw *f Utb uiKik. Firemen'sinsurance company or washington and georgetown. Capital 77... 8200,000. Qfictcbrn r C strut and tana mt., *ttr Bank H.f Washington insure houses and~otrfr property again3t loss bv fire. Dl*KIOM.|nn<(1 Rt>dferl,. \ O?o pho*m?k?r. WtlUlF^1 w*' 1 BWfi fl!?' John D I Kioliird Jonee, AndrfwW othwell, 1 J?o ?b CjiaeoB. Riahnrd B*m, I Xuos. Pwker, ^ ^ French. I No cb?rfe for P<?*j?l?fE8 ADAM9. iM'JllA-1 o n.? pi??!BO. A low tOCkilUUUl?ta "?IJ wwu w MVIV m> . .. e?<'i cuer tor more.aud it will be impuuikl* fur you to doubt 47 Wall SmitBT, N?w York. D*c. 20 lt:S U 'ailtm m: \our tote of the 15th iuitant has boeii reo'ived, ?ayiur that lou had heard that 1 had boeu tiecefiU-d t?jr the use of Wood's Ha:r Re storati ve, an requeuing nr.? certificate of the fiaot if i had no objection u give it. I award it to you eheefnlly, because I thick it doe. My age i? *l>out Sn year* ; the o?l>r of my ha r *nburn, acd iuoiiii<?d to oari. ^ five or ix ?ears tince it began to turn gray. aud the eovp <>u tneorown of my need to lose ita ?ensitu lty and land'uff to form ur >>n it. Each of these disagreeabilities mcrdasett with time, and about 4 mouths inoe a fourth was added t them, by hair falung olf the top of my head acd threatening to make me bald. In this unpleasant predicament I was indnoed to trr Wood's Hair Restorative, noaniy to arrest the falling off of my hair, for 1 had really no expectation that gray hair oi>uld ever be restored to its original oolor except from dyes. I was, however, greatly surprised to find, after the use of two bot r ? ?r,,? lit twit nn'v ?u the failmr off*arrested. but Rie onlor wa* e?tyred to the r'ay hair? and sensibility to the scalp ana dandruff o4 ase<1 to A>rm on mj head. ve, j muoh to the gratification of my Wife, at whose solicitation I was induced to try it For this, among the mar y obligations I ewe to her aex, I atrorijly reoommsnd all nnshanda who the ad uurati n of their wives to profit br mr example, and u*? it if growmi *rar or g ettin- bad. Very respectfully, Ran A. Livim/ei. To O. J. Wood A Co.. 444 Rroad way. N. V. Mi familv ar? abiieqt from the oity, and I am no longer at No. 11 Cartol P aoo. Hiam8To5, Ala., JuW *>, 1V*. To Paov. O J. W00d: Dear Str?Your "Hair Restorative" has done my hair so mnqn gojd si do* 1 ?ommenod the ue*of it, that I wish to m?ke known to tlie public of its e flreota onthe hair, whiea are great. A man or woman m%? henearly deprive . of hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Kc?torau?e" ths hair will return more beaatifa' than ever ; at least this is my axperienoe. Beli?v? it all: " ??i- utu u v.. m. iuura trim, ti h< ?. .m*...*.. P. i*.?You can publish the above if y6u Ilk* Br publishing m oar Houthern paper* yon will get m re patronage S.?ut:i. I see several of jromr o?rtifioatas iu the Mobile Meroury, a stroncwmthern paper. W. H. remedy. _ WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATITK. Pmor. O J. Wood: Dw Sir: Having had the misfortune to lore the beat po>tion of ay hair, frum the tifnots ofth? y?l;ow ferer, la I\?w Onetits in 1HM, 1 was induced fo make a trial of your prepare tion. aud found it to answer as the very ue*d?d. My hair is now thiok and glassy, and uo words oan exeres* my obligation* to yon in giving to the afflicted sueh a treasure Finny Johnson The Keatorative i* eat up in bottiee of three aiaew is: large, medium aid small: the small hold hall a pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the medium holds at least 30 per cent, more la proportion than toe small, retails for two dollars p*r b tt>; the large ho ds a quart, %o par oeat more in proper tion uil Mftaik for AS. O. J. WOOD A (Jo., Proprietor*. 44 4 Broad way, New York, and 114 Marketstroet, St. Loua Mo Bo'd in this o fcy by C. 8TOIT, 3 7 5 Pa. avanua I an /T Xily^Uw WG AS FIXTURKd". E Hav'- in store, tu.J are daj ? rwtmui, 6 At FIlTVRKSotintiTttj New Patterns ai*. Design i annPrnifh, superior in style to anytime heretnfoM oft > <*) in this market. We lavito oititear reesiai Lt to oall and examine our stock af Gas aud WaUi Fixtures, feeling ooQud**nt that w? have the baa ?1sated stack lb Waskinxtoa. 1 All Work in tbsabors l?asi~lrua>ed toaar can " **"*MVKkB * f mart-tf ?l 1) str?I ' w TRAVELING TRUNKS. '? K Hare just received th* latest astortmen aatl bow offer tfcs most extensive yari?t|M|i? oiS? rJ|E LEATHH*, LABIK9? UK and PACKING TR UNKb. H AT BOX1 8,^W . va' *bK8. carpkt Bags, satuhkls, as. ' jjWSr 01"' ^R!LErs%?l?eV'?. . jell* Ml Ps. awns. f* CH1LCRKN** BOOKS, Ac.. Ao. i rn CMi^Q A DIPnATLWUHi 0*l Lrtsans sussr jriaBsnixf(iamAs, tfc. tbhtrt TtaiTt c*er * - foreinijua oUy77?o early, b*(or? tb* rf#h,aa THE GEM OF THE SEASON. 1 have thia day received, per Fxpreta. the Lateef Pty?? of GENTS' FASHIONABLE DRf>S HATS ; a!eo, a la-?e and foil aupply of FRKNCH SOFT HATS, of all atylaa, for Met and Boy*. Aa my aaeortmentcf theae rood* la arne, i shall ac:l at "xceedin* y low prioea. A oa I vhM you oaa get exaotiy what you want ia aolieited. HOPKINS, Coraar of Sixth a*, and Pa. av _r.o 27 2n Sign of the IFTtitt Bt<xr.__ THE OffLY PREPAKATIOH WORTHV or UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE k PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDOES, CLKKU YME.\. LADIES, and G E N TL K ME S in a'! prrt* ?if th? world teatify to the eftcaoy of PROP. 0. J WOOD'S IIAIR RESTORATIVE, and ceiitiorwen of the Pr^aa are unanimous in ita ? ?? a. f?? ?A^i;mAnIaU '.?lw Awn Ka linra ?it*An TEE WEHKLY DOLLAJL 8TA*T <h*a mi t? lb mad ia or Nfcw ? ?iMM ? Prtter manim< Ttaxa?4a atfMMM. ? ? ?- ' * ~ -? J J ItlmmMrMtuai lb* "WmW?|1ii? that tea mad* Ttu DatJy i?wwf ?lreele?e o imnUr ttrwgfeovt tkt try. 078>xl(?o?iM(ti mpr**1 * N pi mmuM t Um eovntor, |guM<Mltir aftar IM mmm ?t & HKT Pno*?TH RKK CENT* WOOD AMD GOAL. TO THE PlILIC! GO WHKIK VOV~CAN GET TOUR MONEY'S WOtTI! I3TTRY IT' PROVE"ITK50W IT'JEI TR 7 ~WHA T 9 Jfofrg* flONKKR MILLS,u4 btiytv proveTthat9 in- Prt>T? that yon eu |*t j??r WOOD ttiw o' ?*p?r than e icvhere in the oity ; ind tkac yon KNOW WHATf (IT Know that mi (*tOUO0 MRASURKm4 the very b*?t of WOOD for leee money, Oct, 5*PLIT, AND DBl.!r?Kl< FbKB OF CltM Call at tbi PIOD KKR MILLS! BIOS OF THE BLUE FLAG STAFF. BoCTMVttT Co***? 8?v?nth ?*. AJIS CAJIAL (Sooth of th? Bri4c?.J* no 19 GKOKtf F. PAGE. Aewwt. O" _i~n Union Fire-Wood SlIUs. DISID AAV ? ? J tll.tWAVM V * ruiD, uAn niv^RUR v Di?va and S*lU at aar !*>aitli or , <> req aired. and Mit?rw tn any part of tlie City at vary low priooa. fET We can th?? particular attenti of oar ena Uj?ner? aod the public fenenwlj to oar ?p aod.d STOCK OF COAL.whteh we ?ta aay, wii|ptt fear of oontradictioa, it < ?ua! to aay intkeCity. We guarantee to five aati amotion to all who May poreeaa* of aa. inroar SAWED and SPLIT WOOD la kept under cover, perfectly dry, ar/d COAL oa ptaak floora, olcan and in food order. Large aaJN a?4 amall aroita. CZT^Or^era aolirttod at UNION FIRF.-WOOI> MILLS Cor. J*ev? eth at and I'aaal, MrKNFAV A M A K f .tl vOrniriftnn. aolS-tf " TOTHK CIT1ZKM8 OF WASHINGTON.-* jn?t received * ><! wili cmmenoe u>i o*d inc to-morrow a cargo of th? v?rj tw?t Rod A?h COAL (axe and stove *vm brought to thm market, which I can senddireot from the reeee 1 if your orders are left immedia<?i j. woof^fc&nsL. 00 31 Career C aad lith >U Canal. WOOD AND GO*!, Delivered to all part* <M the city, at the Iowm* potubie rates. T. J. A W. M. G ALT, Office 283 Pa. a?? bstween Uth and lith ?u.. ma nortn ,<!# FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT-The iour-?tory BRICK HOUSK on Third ft reel, betww# L> and E 'IrMU,(No SSI ?adjoining the residence of W. A. Haury, Esn. Possess.on given immediately. AJs), t*? third st >r> of the B-own Stone Buudinc No. 403 osft. avenue,< south side* between 4S ar,d #t.. eta. For terms, k e , apply to WII.I.IAM H. PHILIP, Attorney-%t-l,aw. No. 4Q 1a avenue. no >-eotf T^O pleasant COTTA9K RESIDENCE. cont?i*if 7 rooms, with froat baJoonj, large yards in iWnt and rear, frontin* B at. in Printing Oflioe Square, between North Capitol au i First sts. Rent f9?0 per annum. AadrMS, by letter or in person, V\ M. STICKNEY. no 6 tf FOR SALE-A new two-Story briofc HOUSE on Fourth street, below New Voik avenue. The bouse is 2<t feet front and 43 feet deep ; has S-p>ot rMrtrc. esrlor. dtmnc room. kitchen, and foar chamber#, with utairware in puiva wml kitchen, with totxi c?l!ar ander the whole honee For terns triquir* at 499 !*even?h itrtft, qi^otlM Odd Faiawi' Ha 1. bo 1-tf JA& 8. TOPHAM. IPOR KEN r?The fir* BRICK HOlfeE No. r 100 Wwtit, Oeor?etc vrn. at prevent oeoa pied by the subscriber. It baa IS rouine, wiik (a* an<l water throughout, a fine yat!, etable Ac . and ie in acood neighborhood. Apply to JA8, A.MAGRLllER. oc? tf Ii^OR RENT?Two new Uyee-etory BRICK HOL8E8 w:ta back bniidinga. each hove* containing I room*, with r&s. pleawintly ?i toe ted on kUi street north, between M and N streeu, rent molerate. Appl* to E. LA ZEN BY. oppoafta. or to JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio a venae, hat ween 12th **>*1 lPT-h ?tri??>t? ?>e Hi COR RENT?The KJRST FLOOR ofttoe baud r inr jr oppoeite Ui? weat viae of the Citj Ha!., reoentW ones pied by Chaa. t>. Wallaoh M mx ofhoe. A mo tM front room n (Ae aoouod lory and tue thirtf floor of Usejut bull din*. For Iwmi apply to RICHARD WALl*A CHTn Lonuiaoa tmut. Ja U It . EDUCATIONAL. SCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYR, No. ill I St*bit, Wan. Visa ANNIE K. PEC*. Teacher. Nnwiher of pupil* lirai^od to twenty oe U wtm T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wieh thetr <tac* hter? to reoeive a thorough aui f> ?U inane education. vhera their bid>...r.? will rec?:v? >!ai it and apwtk attention, urxier the inoat approved ?T?teni of Celiethenin< and G> mnaatioa. are reapeotftiliy invited to viait tiie Union Female Academy. coruer Fourteenth ?t. and N'i-w York av MR. A MRS. X. RICHARDS, au ? tf Pnpoip^ia. Female boarding and day school alrxavdhia, ta. Mr#. 3. J. MoCORMICK, PatwrrPAi^ The thirteenth iMiion of this Imitation will ?oinmenee on TawH?y, Heptamber l*l?, in the h?>ns? rfcmiv oocupied by ?yl*e?lw feoott, En., No. 1*0 Kmc * treed The courae of atudf pnmued will ooaiprioc aft th? branrhe* r?n iilaite to ft thoroufh Efc?liah K?t* oation, Mid M u?io, Fienoh, Latin and Drawiag, if deal rod. n addition to riftv aaholara. Mrs. MoCornuek ia r?dirfcl to reoatrr a 1 mi tad luunfcer of MiMla aa f>oi-d<?r?, who. conaUtuflng a part of her own family, wt!l be uuder her immadiu* oare sod non. She ? til endeavor. M lar a? ?<>acih|? to ?ur round them with the comfort* and Kindly immmm of Home. Rtfrrmr*?.?HeT. Geo H. Norl^i, Rfr, IV, KImm Harrison, Rev. I) F. J?pnj?,-Wiliiam H Fowb, Rh.. F.<1n?.r jtnuwden, bag. t?c PTWitmfr. Ka?., Henry Marbury, Km , logn* MoKanlS*. hs<)., Robert H. Huntnn, Km . *v. D w?1Imu, Editor Evening Star.Benjamio Water*. Keq..iu. Entwiik, Jr., F,n .Col. John \V. Minor, L?adoaa, M"*?r*. feiaeVioel * Marshall, Mmot Cor Brother*. ^ Hoard, with Tnition t "W\h.En..UhBrm..^ f 2nofor ihe annaal aeuion? payable ? ml-annaally, in a<! ranee Komo and Language* at ProfeiHW* price* ^ No extra dharye*. au SMt FOR BTAMr,rn' r-yg 7V a packet of Pint. YTjT T AND ENVELOPES NO I TO MATCH. MWKwu METEOPOUTAN ^ BOOKBTOEE. PE1LP A SOLOMONS, Asmti fm Lmmtmtt't t Utrmud Ltmm Pmjmt, -X iy ' pAIUUES WANT A HEALTHY Ml INK ! ( THEY WANT IT P^|TBMPEEAT1 m4 COLIN K.AU'S TABLE BEEE 18 THE THING * It is leu Utoxteatoac (kujMr, pmi Is fcr WN MO IWIIMMH, r-r"'-*T?rr n ImniflMi 9i mu mmllm /?*,b ????%fi O V Itamonimdat 9 W 1 ? PAWN okpiok tho bnnnen will b? ooat ru<?1 u fc?r*Jof>r? ?t th* r old ?t*n l AC BmZBKKy. ' t 'JREAT 0AR6AINH IN/U ?Wf ?"* !?** ":? rtiyJW jg3? fcr I**."' - #?, W. G M KfzRlT.^. . ST I f?Ul L?P?Ai nf4tr?i-? m*. \ ill Mfl? , f ^f-- lf? mawEs* nss.JE, ,??kncb 4 a*tiw4t*if^ i N '! sS^uffiKS?!?