Newspaper of Evening Star, December 7, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 7, 1860 Page 3
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y ,1-OCAL NEWS. Thk Pctia* Pralajx Viatt Movht Vnnot. | At 9 o'clock yesterday aaorntoK. the oflcm of the L-.jht Infantry b?ttallo?,aa follow* Major James Y Davia, Capt. Towera. Capt Dubant, (Quartermaster Town*. Snrgeon Butt. Lieut. Williams. I.;cut. Clark, and a few ptivatv* of the Infantry hjttalion; M?jor Warnet, of the Baltimore City Guard*; tha Marine,Band, led by Prof. Scala? left the armory of the Infantry, and proceeded to tbeqasrteriof the Phalanx, National Hotel, wbere tbat In fnll Continental uniform, awaited the aifcual T?f their appearance to fall Into line for ?be n.arch to the steamboat wharf, where they witt to embark for Mount Vernon. In a few ?i ^nents the column wai in motion, and ibortly ?hereaftet arrived at tbe wharf, where they pro' T-ded on board the Thomas Collyer, Captain i?-iker, which 1 mmedlately left for Mount Vernon. * lK? invito] (ritoafa uraa IIah llnratlA I llllVH^ ??v ? ? i rvw ^ ? v? King. * number of e.lerkain office from theCharter Oak ?tate.and a brilliant repreaenUtion of ladiea. VVhfn tbe ?te* n*r arrived opposite Fort Waahf injton. Cspt IV M Dvibant, of company B, (afmtry Battalion, in behalf of Mr Crutchett, pre?ut>d Major Goodwin with a collection of tbe f-moiia Mount Vernon Medalinna, aet in frame! of Mount Vernon wood. Maj. Goodwin received tte gifta witb warm expreaatona of acknowl?dg> n.?ut The membera of tbe Pbalanx, learning tb?t tbe boat wan now near tbe Vernon eatets^ Viet rayed the llveiieat emotion* of Interest: tbe - - a? a ? i n a a a a ?i ? Ifimrr ofii irnea. ana me oinu pm)ru ij'prw prtate airs. The steiaur rcached the wharf and made fast, and the Pilgrims of Connecticut i:;arched to slow music up the winding pathway which leads to tb<- tomb. Arrived there, the I't.aianx drew upon either side, and. with uncovered beads, reverently bowed, and listened to the lemn dirge which was performed by tbe band. The chords of all bearta were simultaneously t. ut tied by the exquisite harmony, and tears trickled down the cheeks of more tban one stoat man At the conclusion of the dirge. Rev. Asher Moore, chaplain of tbe Putnam battalion, stepped forward, sod. in a solemn voice, pronounced the following prayer: Our Father, who art in Heaven, permit us, a few of tby feeble and dependent children, to bow fwth r?vrrenc?* before thee at this hallowed serine of our country's freedom. We thank thee that u-e liivr peacefully reached the goal of our pilgrimage; that we now atand on the aacred spot where mouldrr the bonea of him whose memory i? blrur-d in our hearta; and that In the trueapirit of pairtotism we can here devoutly blesa thy name that tbe linea are fallen to ua in pleasant f lares, and that we have a goodly heritage Call i>*j up before our minda thia day the noble form < f tbe Father of rur Country, and rejoicing that liidrr tby protecting care be led forth a noble ?and against a mighty host, and in tbe day of , trial achieved the victory of Right, grant that **T mav all be Inspired with a fresh love of thia fconcr?d home of our fathers?this delightful dwelling-place of tbeir children. Silence, O l.ord, within our bordera the noise of discord! May the spirit of th? immortal Washington rebuSe, In ua all, every fetliug of unkindueas towards a.iv part of thia widely extended land; and may both the North and the South ever profit by tfc? wise counsel of Abraham to Lot? -'l*et there re no strife, I pray thee, between me and thee, and between mv"berdmen and thy berdmen, for v* be brethren " Teach us to reaiize the obligations and the blearing* of th? gt'-at btotbefLrx-d that ofir country may be united and prosperous, and give true encouragement to the lovers < f freedom throughout the world. Pity oar weakness, and fcr^ive our alna And utfto thy ^rcat and holy name, through him who is our gnide and redeemer, shall be all honor, power, ad iilocy forever Amen! \t the conclusion of the prayer, Judge Advocate \V Stuart addressed the assembled company !0 the following eloquent strain : sritcn or icwi uvcriTi '-And to tit come to pass," wrote the celebrated Iucreaae Mather upon the occasion of the interment at Boston of that unspotted patriot, tieneral Waite Winthrop, in the same sepaicher two Illustrious Governors his own name and lineage. ' And so 'Us come to pass, that the yrandfither. the father, and the son. ar^*sl**oV ?ue s-tme tooth together, waiting for the -iic? of Him who is oar life. Egyptian pyramids annot show a collection of such dust as that with which this tomb ia enriched " This strikingly solemn eulogy, Major Commandant and officers and soldiers of the Putnam rbaianx,and invited guests, was uttered onehun ureti ana rorty-.our yean ago, before a wuDington was giveu to the world, and long before A asbes hr-d iniugied with those of bis fathers W ith bow mart) added force, standing as we now <ig by tue r.rtH sarcophagus which contain* bit w'jh, and by tbat also which holds tbe ashes ol his distinguished wife, and recalling tbe glorious aui unexampled career which bod and drsiinj have accorded to him, with how much addtd force. I *iy here upon the spot where thcss twi ' . >8^1 ous personages lie asleep together, waiting fr ine appearance of Him whoTa our life, mai we all exclaim?truly "Egyptian pyramids d( not on tain a collection of such dust as that witt which this tomb ia indeed eur o bed " To speak of tbe life and service* of Waahingtnr is to speak of that which is known snd read o all men. which, from llaping infancy to totte;inj a*e, throughout tbe civiliied world, and evei l J *1 ? -?- ? % a ? ??# t * ? ;im.* inr rr rsiti 01 oaruaric me, 11 more or ict familiar and appreciated. For where hns not tb< name of Washington been heard * What part o the world has not been filled with the echoes o his fame ? Yet here and now, gathered as we ar aruund his sepaicher, at tbe solemn trystin^ plar of our own civil faith, and beneath the banner c o:ie who was among tbe earliest, fondest an< n: n?t trusvd of his companions inarms, it ma not be amis, nay, it seems imperative, that w should brieIIv recall his characteristics, h>weve <-iwe tbey may hitherto have been in thecomnnn ionibipof our spirits,and soawaken andglnade vnne of the noblest sensibilities of our naturi Thus recaiiioi;, our attent 09 Is first and at ouc attracted by tbst great ieadtne feature of bis ehai acter?bis patriotism, patriotism in its most e: ailed sense, not only as signifying a pure and in dying love of country, bnt a* implying also a that rnsrgy of will and devotedntsa of effb which make the love of country a practical We sing and a glory to those upon whom it is on pcured; patriotism which, like a fountain and nrutn tka K(lltnn? nf th# tnill unHl t/\ri |?f'i u 'IT lur Hi?nv^i? va ?mv wuif v^irav aval its sparkling waters through rills that are ui measurable. to diffuse then.stives everywhere f< the support, the glow, and the repose of hap| human life. Washington, as It happened, came upon tl stage of action when human life, in the angl American world, was wrt^hrd down by tbe bat of power, was riu de tbe sport of transatlantic p l.tical oiadnrrs, was under tbe shock and In 1 glooin of intolerable oppression. His heart, te dcr evei with all its firmness, drooped at t spectacle Doubtless in retirement be hung l harp at times upon the willows, and sat down at wett, but out upon those tears, fellow soldiei glided manly strength and noble resolve L uvr-raac for bis country, clearly comprebende inflexibly proposed, and to be pursued at all ta arils, through every maze and the furnace even affl ction, took root in his spirit. Grand destinii cs they seemed to him, were in store for a nt and rfsiuic country, and tbev fired bis contemn tion, and excited his zeal. Liberty wrapped nl in bet fond embrace, and became at once a hi around his ke%d And heedlew, utterly, of *e disclaiming every proffer of pecuniary ttuolumt pouring out *11 hi* thoughts, and every atf-ctti ?te tnsttnet. and every energy of bis nature up he sgonlzrd bo?oin of bis country, he made I bis own battle bride; threw himself thus pu thus all exalted by holy zeal, Into tbe great c< * *? ?_ J a'? ?J i-n tfN lor iouv|wa?rnge. auu mere, icuvw avmra twetna ?Ut' Became the life mad soul of i wuale meritorious struggle; its argus-eyed cb warder and warrior; its Mecca of willing fa! and clril trust, the bead physician for all pains; the Muted exorcist of all Its fears; never-failing fountain of hope; a deliverer alu, dtviae for the people wliom be served; theglori and immortal fattier of a new gigantic natior freemea Such aad so strkiog, frllow^oldtrrs, la fruitage of his patriotism, was, in his day of 1 the noble sleeper here. To y!<-ld fruitage 1 toit Implies, of coarse, capacities both of to ? i * ? Tkaaa \ tUQ UUU y UWI U4 ?UC Ul|U(??VIH?t * HWV it familiar truth, Washington possessed, t am pi jr. Recall hi* Mature?it exceeded eiz fet \ hie hreadth of chest aad admirable proportlc He bad a strength of arm and powers of e<U aace that were truly wonderful; and la early 1 the wilderness, the chase, toil as a surveyor, ; W?a?ps across the Alleg*nles to negotiate in Par west with the French man and the lndi toad kept them ia constant exercise?had impai to his ecnstitntion that singular robustness wt enabled him to bear without recoil, all the rible fatigues of the great Revolutionary strug while free intercourse at other Mines with the litest society of his day. gave to bis nanneri wir ana a>KRi>T wuicu uvui ?? .. wbtch m?d? him probably the beet typ*- in day of the American gentleman, and added traosdlnarjr impress!venes to bit presence, whe hi Um bead of the amy or at Uw bojd ot at And within this imposing frame dwelt* n which, auraed and developed chiefly by aelftan.wai at eaoe active, discriminating, ? and jwt It wm qulch to comprehend, rigo to investigate, alow to decide, and firm toei?t In Its observatloa of things it omitted do de It dropped no link la ila ratiocinations It wnrpea neither by preindlce* or pjrtislities waa misled by ao tricks of tbe imagination obeyed ae idle formularies It hewed to no redeats or authorities, save to those only t which eiperieace bad placed tbe atamp of i arable truth It was. in short, eminently practical ia its ' of every subject, looking at important facta n sober ligbt of tbeir reaityelour, and reaehin reoelnaionsUireuxU Intertexturre of thoe*ht%v were uiade up ooiy Ov threads of common s To s ni'nd thus - instituted, and thus perfori ita wsrk. a sound judgment was of course tt I se parable companion, and prudence, ia lta bl/ N exaltation as a moral virtue, tbe discerning, s -dL- sighted handmaid And aere I touch two acierlstica of Washington upon which tbe t baa dwelt with special pf*jie; a?4 wjrtfk, ? than any other he possessed, > regards the right discharge of his momentous duties, guided his conduct and enabled him out of the chaos of revolution. tu deduce a new and flourishing Empite. I U*?r every problem of war, and every scheme of civil administration to wolch his sttqptton was called?no matter how tangled may have been the web of facts, or fcow tumultuous the flow of eveala, or how pressing the emergency of doubt or danger in which be waa placed, he diffuaed max rain ana compreDensive inrvsigm wliicL mirror* consequences in tbclr full light, and im- 1 part*, of course, to the selection of meamrn. just choice, and unwavering confidence Signal exem pi ilea lion* of thla' prudential feature of his mind, especially la hia military policies, muat strike the memories of us all. 1 cannot dwell upon them SulBce It to say here that in every crisis of the Revolutionary war. In every draught of operations, In every device of measures. In every emergency of failing troops or falling supplies, in every dilemma of uncertainty or pe?ll, officers, soldiers, towns, cities, States, the old Continental Congress, the whole codhtry. all looked up to Washington for the boon snil panacea of his sdvica. And the touchstone of events rarely. If ever, failed to prove tbe sound, neu of hi* circumspection tmd tne wisdom of bis conclusions. Tbe post, t&^wesent, and to a remarkable estent tbe eventualities of tbe future, seemed garnered In bis thoughtfolneas, and suspicious results, sooner or later, flowed almost as a matter of course from bis profound deliberations and tbe determinations of bis sagacious mind. With tbe characteristics of Washington, which I have now described, were united t Will which, once made up, was steadfast as tbe sun; a courage that was invincible; a zeal which no obstacle* could deaden; a patience that was eihaust> ??, and a cheerfulness which the most poignant of trials could scarcely discompose. With them were united also a sensibility from which both aiTrt'tlon and comniaalon could rfllke extract the sweetest response; a liberality, the result of overflowing goodness of heart, that was unbounded; great disinterestedness of motive* and a profound and unfaltering moral and religious trust. And all these elements Were so harmoniously blended ia his composition, acted and reacted with such Just adaptation each to the other, and all to the great ends of human conduct, like rays of the enrlchlng light, were so beautifully combined, as to constitute Washington, as is now the almost universal judgment, the most perfect man, viewed aa a whole, in the full accomplishments of his being, in all the massive completeness of his na ture, the moat perfect man upon whom the earth has looked since the morning stars sang together ia the primeval glory of creation. other men may have achieved greater distinction simply as warriors and conquerors, a Cteiar, a Hannibal, a Turenne, a Marlborough, a Napoleon, or a Wellington could marshal bouts upon the battle Held with "skill more t-cientiHe, doubtless, than his own, and glitter more magnificent iv in me sneeu 01 uiooa-uougut victories " Other men miiy have plucked more showy laurel* simply a* orator* and statesmen. A Chatham, a Burke, a Mirabeau, a Hamilton, a Henry, n Mason, a Madison, an Ames, and an Adam*. In civil jurisprudence, in political law. and in wielding assemblies by rhetorical power, were doubtless hi* superiors, but for tbe even combination of high military with high civil attainments, for the just balance and perfect consonance, in it* entire development of hi* whole nature, moral, intellectual, physical, and sensitive, and for a philanthropic rompreiiensiveneMi of enlightened patriotic power, Washington stands tbe peer among tbe great men of tbe earth; an Arlstides for integrity; a Pericles for administrative talent k Wellington for steady courage^ Leon.das for tbe pass of danger; a Fabius for circumspection; a Napoleon for alertness in concertrd conduct; a Trumbull for reliance on Providence, and a Porta, and a more than Doria. for tkn II" .> taa 1 Art V Aplrtnl>*n a lid thu *!/?/> A ?TT? r-? I iaVll'd IUU ?? OICTHJTJ VI X VI k%VI? U, UH\? ?u>. UVUVIII(/I1*UV v* salvation of bit country, uniting more or irss the greatness and genius of each and all in the one sublime congeries of himself alone jMjcb, fellow-soldiers, such was the illustrious man by whoee tomb we now reverentlv stand? here to evoke the good icenius whicb presided at th?- birth of our Republic, and from its contemplation to gather fresh inspiration for our patriotism. The philanthropist, the civilian, the sage, the lofty soldier of liberty?bis duty done, bis mission all fulfilled?here he sleeps that sleep from which, tn this world, there Is no awakening. Vet yielding from bis silent dust the pbusnlx of i soul whose elemental breath it was that gtrml narea tae great seea-pioi 01 American uoeriy. ana that gloriously fructittea It (till; and which, If but piously embalmed by the American people in the myrrh of their united patriotic affection, and kepi hi their temple of the aun, will render that liberty Immortal aa itself (tainted father of our country-Spirit, grea spirit of the just man made perfect ? oh teach thoi unto us such due reverence of Thee! From thi d*xxling repot" upon the bosom if thy God. an< of our father's God, shine thou in the 11kLit o tuine own pure example, shine ever upon us thi descendants of the patriotic labofs here on earth and m generation after generation of America! freemen shall come to this sacred spot, here lov lngly to contemplate thy virtues, and woo th; mighty shade, impart thou to them from thin own essence of power, elements, the blush o their earth, embracing with thy fteaven; be it th f sacerdotal trust to waft their orisons on high a . worthy united poMtsaors of that goodly her!tag * hni. k&ai iiaMk t ki*it nf 1 i h*r t U u *? Ull II %UVU U??* UT. VJUI UIUVU ) w? a . ? w - J kwvxi ? heaven-born in it* own nature, etherial am sublime, as the inspiration of (Jod in the heart ? man, anyeis bare charge. The bmnert of arcb anyels are over it. Cherubims and seraphinis d sing its praise Bs it then thine, with a bar strung to the glories of its Creator, to hym Us Mtumphs upon Uie dim arena of our morU life, and to magnify us In its glorious suture unt the las' rays of buirian Intellect shall have illume eternity. A tew worfis more, fellow-soldiers, and I siial have done. With Washington, gathered as \? ar? UL-on the soil of the Old Dominion?that so so fnll of historic renown, vrhxh, like our ow iieloTed New England, yielded lta blood and i treasure moat lavishly to that sacred cause whic we commemorate?let us also call to mind thoi other j^reat and yood men who w-re his associati from this his own native r' gton in the toils an perils of that war of which he was so the a ,* xnowledged leader and guide Let us rernemb K* *? ! an/l fl'frtinn U' ltl whlrh thfi* nil nnltf a in condolence aud In liberal aid for theopprnar ;y, metropolis of New England?the noble sleep here, at that time when the faUl port hill hui: [)r over lioston like a pail, beading a subscripts ,y for its suffering people with hli own fifty pound Let us recall a Henry, a Mason, a Bland, a Care ae a Pendleton, a Madison and a Monroe, most Q_ wbom, I believe all, were members of that It 1(j mor al Virginia convention of May, 1776, wUi< ^ was the first upon the American continent, i gardle?s siike of king snd parliament, to esta n. lish upon declared rights a constitution of iud (tendent local gover .ment. one which, defyii |js transatlantic power, a model and a marvel to t -a people of the earth moved like a pillar of D ,U 1 ' * * I ?A ? *1 * I L. ... n helore we wuote country. uxctau meucii Rich d Henry Lee, who wa* tbe first of tbe old cc ^ t mental Congress to move that Immortal resoluti jj] for independence which the rqunliv heroic Jo 0f Adimi, of ctiir own region, wa* the first tosecor n Let us recall that idolater of freedom, the Ph oaopher Jefferson, who embodied the pr'uetp ja. of that Independence in a memorial which is d lm tined to endure for all time, infusing Into ea one of its world startling paragraphs that sai if spirit In which he himself uttered tbe remi ,?t that sooner than yield the right of Ameriean < |B. lonlal legislation to British control, be woi ' lend his own hand to sink the whole I'.ngl ier Isle into ocean's depths " And aJMuhlenburi 're thit distinguished patriot who, upon the earl! )al rumor from blood stained Lexington, forsaki * at ooce the caaaock and the gown, was one of khl first to rouse from tbe glades of tbe Blue Ridg 1(.f noble eompMT or sruiicrymca ior uw coma i?h defence; that dauntless Morgan, who, upon )U first blast from the bngle of war, with theafx ,u almost of the wind, poured ninety-six of the m iMt gallant *birp shooters, fully armed and equtpp ou| from Winchester, Virginia, Into the camp aro\ , Q( Boston. Tbere are others, the Revolutionary * Mora and Revolutionary atateamen of the bet lbe Old Dominion Let u* here and now recall tfc lfe all, reflecting with fond pride upon that sxai sympathy of aoal, which. In the oldea timet lnd peril to which I refer, cemented then with aa own fatter* of New England In the cooac tad of one grand national struggle, and ct k rand national deliverance; and which, let us >ns Pr*f God, may cement their descendants mow lur- rvrT hereafter in one indissoluble heart, one he ife, one life, one destlaf. and Fellow loldtera, you will remember that n our excursion to the grave of the gallant Putn isn ?lir e"desred and highly-endowed towniwoa rted v'r* H 9igotirney, entrusted me wit itch ^"Uiui poetical cnvipn huui u? w?h ( ^f_ adapted to the occasion. She has again entru ? [e u>e with a similar effusion You will find It pol vadjd with patriotic besnty, and admin ,\j, adapted to our present Tlstt. 1 shall concl red, wltb it to yau: his The Putnam Phalanx a: Walking!on's Tom ex by l. H llSOflfiim. tber Here, on Mount Vernon's breast, late Beside lis sacred grave, liad Bow low the uncovered head, where slee cat. The bravest of the brave tlid. Aye hare the martial brow reus At his immortal name, ;ute For whom accordant earth entwiaea tall. Her proudest wreath of lamaw** From aorthern skies ye coma, To bleu Virginia's sen? - 11 Our lafaat Halloa's guiding star? pre- Tbe peerless Washington: ipoa White on your banner bright ucx- Ye boast the Hon heart Of him who with that chieftain bora In Freedom's tolls a part. ? the . " . g iU H?ek. ere ye homeward wend, akb -erne relic from the shrine? euse Leaflet or germ of patriot lofe, m?nK And brotherhood divine, te U Wear la your fervent souls, To mark the hallowed sc?ue. barf- This jewel from our Father% Tombchar This fadeless evergreen. 'orid upon concluding tba reading of the abov< nw 5tuart salt that fMva was aitfcw tribute ^ 1 i ^ " -? a j A a JF*ytL &A U offered to the thrice before them. A bouquet of flower* had been seat by lady of Philadelphia, with the request that It be placed upon the tomb {of Washington, He bad requested that that offering be placed there by one than whom no man conld more appropriately do so He called upon Hon Daniel P. Tyler, of Brooklyn, to eiecute tbe charge Mr. Tyler, who is a greatgrandson of 6?m Putnam, stepped forward, and taking the bouquet in his hand, aald: Soldier* : We are standing on coaaccmted ground. Con temptation la more flt than speech, i Let our words, therefore, be few and wellchceen. I i'i _ k... a i * a. il. i A i vi a uwu ?r? ocrc : a Bero?iuc worm has known a thousand heroes, but tbe world has had but one Washington ' All, from wbatew land they come, bring to this hallowed spot feelings of deepest reverence; but we, my countrymen, stand herewith higher, boiler feelings than those of simple reverence. Yes, yes! we are ktr* penetrated with tbe tender emotions of children at a father's grave. Soldless: I hold In my hand a bouquet of simpls flowers, growu upon the banks of the Delaware, whose waters ceasrlefily roll a liquid tribute to tbe broad, deep ocean of Washington's Immortality. These flowers were culled and srrmnged by my dear own beloved sister, Mrs Cowperwalte, of Philadelphia, a lineal descendant of that tried and veteran soldier, whose form appears and whose name Is enshrined upon onr banners; and this bouquet presented afa testimonial of respect to the wife of our honored commandant, at whose hands I hsve received It with the request that I should plaCe It on the tomb of Washington. Most reaailv shall 1 comply with that request, and gratefully acknowledge the compliment paid me as the selected agent to discharge so pleasing a duty. The sp^fcer then placed the flowers upon tbe sarcophagus, and turning to the assemblage exclaimed:?There! there! repose sweet flowers, and breathe out all of your fragrance. " Sweet, goodly flowers, ye were loved in times of old, And better worth are crowns of flowers than crowns of beaten gold." Poor, ffail emblems, your stems must wither; your fragrance he lost in the surrounding atmosphere. and your leaves be scattered and driven by the winds. And npw, sons and daughters of Connecticut, our pilgrimage has been ended, and although the beauty and fragrance of the rote, geranium, and anemone may not be here?although this tomb should yet neglected be; aye, should both nature and art withhold thtir offerings?still imagination and the feelings of every patriotic American will supply what they withhold, and flowers, perennial flowers of immortal beauty shall ever deck th: tomb of Washington. The ceremonial at the vatiltrnncluded, thecompany dispersed in all directions, visited the mansion, tLe out-houses. tb? lawns, flower gardens, orchard, the old tomb, the summer house, the old shade trees under which the Father of his Country sat In life, the magnolia tree planted by Washington, purchased of a venerable negro, hickory liula, acorns, locust beans grown upon the e*tate; Warmed themselves by the flre In the old kitchen fire-place, the proportion* of which are of tbat magnitude that our reporter saw within It at one and the same time a good-sited country flr?. aevefal pota and kettles boiling, a large joint of meat rotating. a smart-lookingcolored cook of the true old Virginia atamp,and aa many aa threeattlwart membera of the Putnam Phalanx. They peeped into every window, admired the old-fastiloned carving upon the walla of themanaion house, and the exquisite sculpture of the mantel in the old reception parlor; tried to force notes from the voiceless old family harpsichord, and listened with eager interest toevervword of explanation given them Portions of the dilapidated old buildings bave been restored, and of the decayed pieces removed the Phalanx were permitted to Delp themselves, which they did most liberally. After spending about an hour in this agreeable manner, the rollcf-the drum recalled the scattered multitude, and the Phalanx, headed by their band of martial music, marched back to tbe wharf to the strains of Yankee Doodl*, and re embarking, let forth on their return. The passage back to \\ ashington was a pleasant one indeed. Capt Baker, of tneCollyer, exerted himself to the utmost to make bit at home upon the steamer, and the enjoyment was universal. Ar1 rived on the wharf, the lin>-s were again formed, and the Phalanx paraded throu/h the streets tc their quarters, followed by a large crowd of spectators. AT THB THKATKk AND BALL. The Phalanx visited tbe Theater last night, bj invitation, aiid were received with the flvelie* demonstrations of appUuse Tbev remained hen long enough to witness tbe first part of Mr. Ander son's magical performances; and on leaving th< Theater received tbe thanks of Mr. Anderfn foi their presence, and the hope that they would hav< a safe and pleisaut trip back to Connecticut; (tb< pronunciation ??f which word, by the by, consid erably bothered tbe magician, nenot being poste< in the Yankee trick of dropping the middle t. They were then escorted to the Assembly Rooms where the ball was to be given them by the Wash lngton Light Infantry IJattallon. The scene hen was brilliant in tbe extreme Tbe spacious bal bad been profusely decorated with flags ant Ath?>rwinriifiniontpil whi\m lnnrnnrUtA Intorin f tlons of welcome to the vl?i tori were notlceabl Y at various polnU. Tb* attendance wai large, o ...?1 1 .. n. (1U.... .?/t tKu l./l ^ ^ - tititruB qb wen aa iiuiivorj, aim uic iauiw ; * Wiubins;ton were repreaented by a larger propoi tlon of pretty facea a ad graceful figure* than 1 often aeen In a ball room. The ball waa kept u '' with lr.fluite spirit; and when we left the roar ?" the venerable commander of the Plialanx (Maj< ? Goodwin) him?"If had caught the luf c tlon, an P waa " ahakiug a leg" with the brat of them. n VISIT THE FRESIMHT. About half-past 9 o'clock this morning, und' . escort of the Washington Light Infantry, th Putnam Phalanx proceeded from their quarters: , the National Hotel by way of Pennsylvania a' enne to the Executive Mansion for the purpose i , paying their respecta to the President. On read lng the White House, they were drawn up in lit t bn the aveuue In front, where they were review*h by the President and Secretary Toucey. Afu the review, at the suggestion of th? Presiden rJ they sntereti the Kast Room, where a large con j panyof distinguished gentlemen, and others, we r> assembled. Having.'with the Infantry, tak? position on eithsr side of the room, Maj. Oodw j approached the President and introduced Jud; Aavocate Stuart, who addressed the President a few pertinent and eloquent remarks, settir " forth the object of the Phalanx organization, * also the purpose of their visit to this city. Tl President responded in'a very happy speech (From the crowded state of our columns. \ are unable to give even a svnowls of the _ speeches to-day, but Intend publishing them ?h~ full in to-morrow's is?ue 1 a * 1 I . r V ? 0.^.1 J - A A ? p_ A \ IUC COIItlUBiUll Oi IUC I icaiuuiiv IBUUICM, k b. officers and men were personally introduced lc. him. The two com pan i s, after again pauii In review before the President, then passed oi They then proceeded directly to the Natlor lfe Hotel The Phalanx leaves Washington for hoi ,ic by this afternoon's train |Qon Ghat Dtiaxatic at m* Thsat** (jn The noteof preparation for the production of R ,4 Boy has been sounded loudly, and to-night t 11. play is to be produced with Professor Andrri lei .-is the representative of the robber chieftain of I pg. Scottish Highlands The drama is one so repl ch with excitement as to be excellently well adapt 9m (Km? Umpt W* Wlt?Vf> that n trk slderable attention has betn paid to its prod .<*. tion, and tbat everything baa been done by ' jId ruauagemtnt to ensure its being a very great lih ceaa. Mr. Anderaon, by ail accounts, ia v lb, Krnt his conception and rendition of the cb elt acter, and we tbink tbat h<? must look the bu nj, hero to perfection, especially as he is to wea very maualJioent drew, which with the orname e a exhibited In the window ef Meaara Gait tc. Hi ton ^eere presented to him by Prince Albert, 'i the bills say that the stage Is to be full of Scotchm that the tableaux are to be very grand, and t lOtt the Scotch wardrobe for dressing >11 the chai ters, which Professor Anderson takes about w ,B4) him, baa cost nearly #6,000 All the music, dim nr. and combats are to be given, and the caat ia v ole strong. Mr. J O. Sexton has been engaged ,em the part of the Bsillie, and Miss Anderson pi led Miittie. We expect there will be a crush . - * KmilP i u1 "v?? Making a Show or Hijuilf.?Yesterda; oon young man, who probably possesses an aver on^ share of braina when in the uae of hia f irull kl! waa observed passing about the streets of the ,n" and the various public places, we*ring; a In 'P*' label on hia breast. which at lirat waa mlata for the sign of a peddler, who might have trin P0" of some aort for aate; but, upon closer inspect WB> it proved to be a placard announcing his polH ian> proclivities He was doubtless affected by h a notoriety fever jast now prevalent. **** Fienr Axixo the Jehus.?Yesterday a f r~, occurred on the Avenue, near Sixth street. * tween two hackmen, a white and a colored n e They operated fiercely fore time, the but their whip doing good service upon each ol beads Having sufficiently amusea the bystan with their display, Mr Stanley, the prl Cliceman of Brown's Hotel, arrested them ik them before Justlce D<>on, who ordered P* to pay a fine and costs of 95 M. The whlte^n name wu Jo*. Ueakea. tbe negro, AqulU tfa Jcdicub.1 syoa.*E.?The long talked of ra around this much visited public square will bably be speedily erected. The granite c? have been at work several days preparlni granite Mocks upon which the railing la 1 placed. Ibia work ia under .the au per vial Mr J. W. Martin,a mechanic experienced 1 management of auch jobe.

CoKrLiHsmraBT Ksco**.?The ccrpa o2 tloaal Rifles, Cast Scharffer, paraded this r iiw to escort Major Warner, ef the Haiti City Guards to the railroad depot, upon his i to Baltimore. Unfortunately tbe train bad and the Major waa foreed to return to hla qni The Riflea will parade this afternoon to pe the escort duty. Aaai vid at Carter'a wharf, foot of Thirti and-a-half at, schooner Susannah, Mitchell i. Mr. Havre-de-Orace, with cargo of cogl fpr 1 to he j|.Keys. % X I ak*4 4 J 5 Ut AJti IMS m ^ Tu Lam* Law.?The police la the Fifth ( Ward Were alarmed bf a ert of ' inrfcr-' la the . Tttliitf et north B etiwt aad New J?nw i at aa early tour laat Friday eight, aad hastening to learn the cauae, found a man and hoiw in a ptre ttehtk there, aad a wagon, whitffe ni too wide to get in, reetiog acrow it The rtfirera J went to work, and aflar half an hour's labor la the m4. extricated the iran and horw. Lrarlac I that a pat, they went to East Capitol street. W tween Second and Third Hearing some violent oath* In th* darkness, a tew IVet from them, tbty penetrated Into It, and found a couple of gentlemen, wbt had jot la to the dltrh at that point i wltb a horae and buggr. They w?re cursing i 'things generallv and ditches particularly They too were extricated. The police roortela. as tbey have a right to do, of tne laxity of the lav requiring lantpa to be pinned at inch places. .The a lamps. if placed at these pi area, may go oat in ten minutes after being lighted, and the law Is compiled with, they aav. If so, a new law on the subject, reqnlrlng the lights to be kept burning j all night, bad better be enacted at once to prevent < serious accidents during the coming winter. K The officers also complain of tbe habit of the I omnibus drivers, on the road to tbe Navy Yard, f taking ladlea into the coaches at the curb and * letting them out lu the mud That Is a matter for | the proprietor* of the 11m to attend to, and thev | will no doubt do to, If the complaint la properly made, tn any lnatance. Folic* mattkis?Btfirt Jmstic* bonn.?wm. Orabam went to the bouae of #ua*a Knm. and behaved ao dfaorderlv, and uaed auch profane language, that It waa found ncrcaaary to aend for an officer, and Policeman Bright arrested him and took him before Juatice Donn. Orabam atood on hla muaele and realated the policeman, but a torn waa taken upo'n hla wrlit with th? "nipper* " * which auieted hia belligerent di*poaltlon He begged aard to be releaaed, and prumtaed un mmediate migration from thla citvf but the Joailce aaw proper to fine him S3 '.>4, and demand aec iri ty ' for peace, and la default aent him to tbe work- ' nouse lor yu a?y?. Aquiia Burton ana Kiia? Fornax were arretted by Policeman Harrover for leaving their reins contrary to law, tbey being ? fuhllchackmen They were each fined $l.SH. -ewis Needles waa arretted br Policeman J F. King upon a inaplcton of stealing a bucket con- talalng thirty pounds of honey from tbe wagon of Myer Coflman, In tbe Center Nla ket.a week ago. Failing to prove tbe act, or bis possesion of the honsy. he wfcs dismissed by tbe magistrate. Cixtbal oua?dhor?e Caaev?^nsan Berry, drunk and profsns; fine and costs S2. Margaret j Russell, do do ; fine I3.M, workhouse AO davs. Jos. West, (col'd) disorderly conduct; do. S3 !M. i paid. Jas. Hampton, profanity; do. #3 paid. i Jos West was brought in dressed In a frock. ? shawl, and bonnet, lie waa of small statue and represented a small girl. It turned out that he ! was so disguised for the purpose of wiatching t some one else. He underwent the necessary ex- 1 animation notwithstanding bis earnest protest. Atxxa*dkia Atfaiis ?The sNison for fairs has opened with considerable spirit?the Friendship firemen leading off in a handsome and profitable fair, which closed Inst Thursday; the Mount Vernon Guards following, in a fair to b?? held on , Monday night next; and thechildren of St. Mary's Sunday School coming next in order, about i Christmas, with a children's fair. The northern mail failed to connect with the southern train tnis morning. Don't fail to visit the respective fairs at Thorn's Kuildlnjf and Odd Fellow* Hall. Seventh street, tbe one for the benefit of Christ's Church, and tbe other for that of tbe orphans. No more sUisfaotory place to spend aa evening caii be found. Ha ven't space to say a word more to-day bat "Uo!'' P?ot Hkkit will lecture at tbe Snftthsonian Institution to-morrow morning at iu>$ o'clock Subject: Electricity. Mas. Smith's Iiutitct* fob Yocxg Ladiks.? The next quarter commences No?.f2 At tbe reunion in February, tbe first divisiou of the senior class will graduate and receive tbe gold medals of the Institute. 31* i Wistar's Balsam or Wild Chkkrt, > Cures BrwukuU Affections and all Diseases of the |y?n? 0. From the Boston Kvening Traveler, January 6. "It is perhaps but a simp.e act of justice to tne proprietors ol Wi.uar'j Balsam of I\ ild Cherry for us to say, that our personil txperitntt in tlie u?? of ' this article, has impressed us favorably. One i f'he s proprietors of the Traveler was e tirely cnred of a severe cyugn el four months' continuance, by ttie > u?" of this fialkani And aeveral of our friends and ao' quaintan^s, who have tried the article, have found it of great service in relieving th?m of sovere 5 coughs anrl shortness of breathing, with which they 8 had been alflicted." None genuine unions signed I. Butts on the I wrapper. . ? ? Prepared by 9. W. Fowle k Co., Boston, and for sal? by Z. D. Giiman, S. C. Ford, jr., S. B. Waite ' G. Stott. John Schwarie, Nairn A. I'a mer. Wash * ington; and by dealers everywhere. de 5-lw,r e 1 CoP?H? ?The sudden changes of our climate are i so'Teef of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic ? Affection*. F.xpenenoe having proved that simple remedies often act speedily and oerttiujy when - tak^-n in the earl* states of the disease, recourse '* should At once be had to " Brown's Bronchial >' Troches " or Lozenge*, let the Cold, Cough, or !*r riUUion of the Tnroat be ever ?o light, a* by this is preoauti >n a more **rious attack ma? he effeo'uaily D warded off Pvblit Speakers and Singers will find them effectual for oiearin* and strengthening the voice, gee advertisement. del-ly >r Homeopathic Rkmkthxs All of Dr. Humphreys A. Co.'s specific Homeopathic Remedies put up express, jr lorfamiiy ate, in boxes, at 25 and SO oanU each. Also, 'r in oases, containing 30 vials, from * * to 95 >e each, with book of full directions. For sale by ?t '/. O. Gilrnan. 350 Pa. avenue. wltolas&ie and r- retail agent; W. A. Fitzgerald, 353 north F street; of also by F. H. Winter, corner o( Massachusetts avek nne and Sixth street. Als^, Pond's Extract / Witch Haztl, for internal and external itdaininations of '5 all kinds. Sold as above. ma 3-1 y d ? ?r Rbadkk, have yon seen Trof. Wood's advertise t, tnent in our paper. Read it; it will interest yon. u. au 20-euly re X*\v York, August 21,183). 'n Messrs Hotlttter 4r Smith. Pittsbvrr. Pa. In For eora<? yeara piiFt I have t>een afflicted with lire duration and dyapep ia, occaiiona ly atteadod with jn oliatinate attack* of diarrlnra. Bein* a m-dieal man mjsf f, I ?e itom take any medicmo, Lot knowin* that th? p?-ctriar condi ion of ni* statem reu quired both a tonic and at.mulant, I determined to tie trr the cffect of a hoMteof yimr oelehrMr i iJi'tero. Before commencing to take the hitter* I had not re ha'i a natural healthy action of my stomach and w tnrwels for three month*, and durin* that time I i_ had lost fifteen pound* of fle?h. In two we?ka 1 have earned five pounda in wight have had a ravenoua appetite, rorfect di;eatioi\ and no aymptoma he ofdyap?p?ia or diarrhrra But why eMail yo?r into compared" compound B tter?? lhnditadelif tnj( ful pungent, aromatic to the ta*te, and the taofil it. ;ffsct* upon the *y?t?m are a delightfel warmth to ^ ?*! n mt in'arati n t *!nw nv^r tha . n 1 vnu HV'lIiaUI * OlIU ? ? VA ? . ?r?.u^ n v . , . whole surface of the bod jr. exciting copiona p -rupi Be ration witaout stimulating the brain or accelerating the unrvous ev tew ao as to leave any filing* of lassitude o -relaxation This ia my experience in the uae of this admirable pmpara*ir-n. L^totheri try it. Your*, truly, G \V. Wkstbhook ^ de 4-e< 3t No. 17 West Fifteenth at on HoLLowir'* Pills a"?d Oistmbst. ihe Rums, Sc*id*, Wou+tii, Bruises, 4t.?No mer? ete flfuterinc testimonials oan be adduo*d of the imme xl diate relief which Hollowai'a Medicines atf >rd tc j sufferer* from theae terrible eataatrophea than tin readmeaa with which medical men use them in private practice for all aoeh accidents 'I he Kraiu me feature in the Ointment is mat n leaves nunoi uc- soar nor blemish of the akin No family should tw ery without a supply of these invaluable rem-dies ar. Sold by ail Druggists at 25a.,62c and per box o rly pot. do 5-1 w To tit* Afflict*? 1?lie ?Kte to read the advar "ts tiseroent of MoI<eaa's 8tn?n*lhemu< Cordial an< o., Bloo<l Purifier, in another column. tf [ he ? . ? HARRIED. ' Oa Thursday evening, the 6th instant, by tii ,ff" Rey. B-n-y C. WeAwood, MATTHIAS U Uh OLADMON, to Miss ALICE DERKMEX, all c this ?ity. " ery ... . ??? for . died, fV* Ob the morning of the 7th instant, ANDRF.V ,nK SCH1KBLER. in the 58th year of tiis u?, formei ly of Baltimore, Md., bat fbr the last ten yean re*wlen$of this city. > * Relatives and friends of the family are invited t aKe attend his funeral,from his a'e residence. lit ? 1 ties, stmet, between 13ta and 13>* sts.. ou Sunday nex city at 1 o'clock. irjje On Thursday, Deoeinber 6th, JOHN RA& ken DOLPi HAKUAUUH, in the&M year of his as kets The friends of the fami y are invited to attend 1> ion fumral, f'Om his late residence, on Sixth at , b t,..J tween L and F ?ts., on to- racrrowi Saturday >afte ar on, at 3 o'clock. * the ! ht Now 19 THE T?Mfc^Fwll' BARGAINS! wl Brent inducements are now offered to all persons > want of CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOOD aan. MATS and CAPS, at the People's Cioihia* Moi ta of No. 460 Sevenh st. Come oue, oome all. and b hers your Clothing at greatly reduced ?'ioes. at eo 17-101 J. H. SMlT^'rt. 460 ate TTEAVY CLOTHS and H . AND CASSIMKRHp. each Fine Cloths and Cassimeres, isn's Ve>Tet *Bl Silk Veetings, rton Silk ^irts and Drawers, Merino Shirts and Drawers, Heavy Kibbed Woolen Shirtsand Drawer*, lUng Kid. Bilk, and Merino Gloves, pro- Cotton aud Woolen Ha.f Ilose, itters Frenoh Shirting Linens, Irith T.innu 1 h- Wa invito ail persona iu tut of Dry Good I *aj kind to fire u??o?ll " f WM. R. RIl.BY A BRO., ntfce . No. 8? "Central Siorea," BMvwt 7th ted 8th ata , boMSv Opposite Centor Marlto Na. yur NEW CLOAKS. ? ooro- Y? B Han thii day nonwl fro** Mew Yor imom beantilBl aaaortaaent of saw atrte rali aad Wir ?? - & ?" YdfHBta ettb- It* a toon of ailkiuda ol CurUun Material at ? I ^ -i *" 41 I JEOKGBTOWN ADVEfirMTs"" UNARMING? ^ WABNl^Or Don't bjj a oeat'a{mrth'of CIotHnu until too oor itock. We sell at the lovnt KMsit>lo price., auti take paper musej. for ct>od*. in any good l>?nk ie the country. A. feCHMlDT * CO.. de6 ? No 100 Bridge at., fteorgetewa. 1 APPLES, APPLES. [ POTATOES. nQberre'.a No. I Baldwin Apple#, e\ do N..,l .None uch Gre?i?g* tad Pippea , Applne, i 19 bfc:re Jaakoon White PoUtoea. Dai expsoted per aehooner J. W 9?am from tie* llampuhire. tod will be aoid low oa or More .rrirai to ?loae ike coon*nment. i mlm.KY k BROTHER. <i<? 4 1 w V9 ini 101 Water * . (ieorgeU.wc. A NOTICE. ' rm LI- Note* take at par for DRY GOODS it E. H'THIN'H lit Dr,!l.? .r?.i ? V -? ? V t B t# I ?? w lave just received a *p endid it- ok of Kid Glevee, iaantlets, Embroideries, Cloaks. ^ I. aw Is. *o.. rotn the lat?*t Baltimore auctions, which we will ?U cheaper than ever. P. S ?>Ve have also received a splendid sole of "aner Dre?s Silks at 76 eeats per lard.wor'h ftl IS. ~>on't forget tiie place. F. OCTMAX. , d*3 Iw 117 bifiiga at. aouth side. JUST RLCElVED? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 130 bhla. Oid Rje WHIpKY, 850 bbls. HERRING and ALE WIVES. 30 bb.s.? rushed and Refined t?UG ARs, SO ba*s Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhds.(low prioed; MOLASSES. For sale bt JOHN J ROGUE. ee 10 1 100 BBLS. OF PRIME CIDER, 9 U*T Arrived aud for aale cheap lor cash. bo 13 ARNY A SHINN. 1 V| ASSEV, COLLINS A CO.'? PHILADELU PHLA DRAUGHT ALE.-Wa are oonatanfiy eeeiviae fresh supplies ofthe above delifhtial bevirftf e, and invite a!] persona who waat a pare aakdclterated Ale, to five it a trial. ARNY A SUNN, A recta, ftlt AT flrMn at . <3 Mir* v*t_ FOB SALE AND RENT. (For otKtr "For mmd A?U" >** firrt r?*? ) FOR RKNT-PARLOR9 and CHAMBERS, a>1jninit)K, n?wlv and handsomely furnitRM. mi fc street nortu, betwaen 9th ax>d 10th do 7 3t* C'OH R RNT?A wn eomfortibl* PARLOR and " fonr CHAMBKKs, with cai and erery eonrelienee, located in the be?t part of the city. Bo*'d f d?*ired. Apply at .\o. '293 Pa. ar., between 9th tad loth bU. de7-3t* FfOR RKNT?A three ?tory BRICK HOUSK, pinait&nt w aituated. ron Marrlaul avenue, be,?r<*e:i6'b aid 7 h its , fclaad.)coi t&* 10 ro. ni?, iri'h gat fixture* complete. It w<ll be let op m idBra te term* to a good tcuant. laquiro next door to ;he premi?e?. de 7-eo3 COR SALE OR RKNT (Or Exoh*n?e for I. \> estern Lards>?Th? three sto jr HKICK l>\N ELL1NG, with pood <Jrr eel ar, No. 596 N stroot north, between 6th and 7th ?U west. Also, for sale or exchange, th? two aim Isr Rri?k Dwell* inps adjoining,(No*. 59* and ttOO.) Will to disposed of separate ? or together. For p*rticalaa spply to JOHN MATTHEWS. No. 415 P street nonn.ii.'tween 4?li ao<1 5th s a west. de7 3t* FOR RENT?With all modern improvements,a new 3 'torT BRICK HOUSE. (lurnt hod,' ob G street, between 13*h and 19'Ji sts., No. 194. Aprly on the premises de fi 3t* FOR SALE.?A sentleman eipectn* to leave Washington offers for la'ratmK 1 vacant I.OT, ia Square 6*8. at a err at sacrifice It is within the ctnietrpla ed extension of the Capitol k round*. Virginia mom will I* taken at par. Applr to THUS J. rK*HKR. E?g. de* 3t* FOR Hh-NT-A fron^PARI.()R and CHAMBER-nc?tiT furnished.?t No 37* ? stre?-t. hffrMi8fli uii Sth ill., nitftb:* far Members or other gentlemen sojoumn* la Washington. ae 5 3t* H" KRNDON FIRST-CLAt?8 BOARDING HOUSE.?Several lar<e and handsomely furnished front Room*, with all the modern improvement*, may b > had by applyinz at 'he al>ove house, coraer Niuth and F s*eet?, near Patent and Post Offices. de 5-3'.* A PRIVATE FAMILY (HAVING NO CHILdren i ha vine two K>om? to spare, would take two gentlemen t3 Board, or would rent the room* 1 furnished. The room* communicate and ate lit with *a* The* would have a pleasant home Inquiriat the Siar Office. de 5 lw* A comfortable shall DWELI.INGH"U*e, (two utorira and attic, with large ctl'ar a'id t>a?lc-hm.ding, nea'ly formatted, in tne \Vt??t En<t of the city. The Furniture will be sold at a bargain fir eaih. and to anv one b'i) in< it the houae will b? rent*<1 at a low rate. Apply at onoe to J O. McGL'IKE X CO., Auctioneer#. _de^5^t FM RMSHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 406 D *t r?t. t>etwren6th and 7th ata. de 4-tf Aro*M FORT ABLY FURNISHED PAR LOR ? I'H A M R(>'D on tli a f! rmt flnnr for rAnt At No. 4 50 Tirelf.h street, between G and H. de ?lw* FOR RENT?A PARLOR on ?he first floor, and three fine Bedrooms on the door abov?. at No '?!76 Pa. avenue, two doors east of the Kirk?(?>d Houwe. de S-tf F~ OR REN'T-A FURNISHED HOlSE. of 3 stoiies, OHutaiinriK li rooms, looated near the Treasury Department, lo'merly occupied by Senator Big?s ; or 1 will rent 5 rooms in said house Alan for rrnt. a sinvl Frame House, containing 5 ro:>mi< and kitchen Inquire at 4 20 Fourteenth ?t, between H and I. de >-if ROOMS for rent-Two Chambers and a o >< fortably Furnished No. corner of E and Eleventh sts. de 1 6t* FOR SALE OR RENT?A fine DWELLING FIOUSK, containing II room* %n<l fine yaH. situated -JO'J I st , between 90th s.n<t Jlst era. Knr torm? please i: quiro next dcor of Mr. BU HIGN AN I de 1 lw* FOR l T_Th? HOUSE and STORK, on Pa. avenu^ r*t Ward, opposite the Seven Buildings. The sto o is at presentoccupied by Mr. Dyer a* a shoe store. Possession given by the l*t of December next, or before For particulars p ea*e i iunire of Mr. DYER, at the st ?re, or at Mr. CAR ROI.'S, next door. _de 1-1 w* W M F.MMF.RT. |?OR RKNT-HOUSE No. 460 M s re-t, be1 tween 12tli and 13th HX? water, pan, a larg? jard. and everv convenience for a small family Apply to I J. KL>W A R BS' Gro ery, or to L?r. CR AOl.N, 1'i4 burnt)irton street, Georgetown no i7-wot t Furnished apartments for rent in a priva e family, a Pa'Jor a.d Chatnl*rjoining, veiy liaiidsoinely furnished, on the flrst Uoor elevated uve l -et aUive the sidewalk; location verj pleasant a-id desirable; only a few ranis from th< ?<ta Depa tin>'nt and public * rounds, and i.mnil'ui hue t? the Capitol, ou New York avenue, tinr< door from Fifteenth street. No. 4*0. no k7-?otf_ - ? - ? ? r?a"? a J : ? I I 1 ?ll C.^ L'UK nr.M-n u-"ir?i>,r Rlu wWniCluTI U' II * class R EH OENCE, No. 469 on Sixth street l*>tween t> and K *ts. The house n fu-ni?lie?l wit] al! th? modern improvements. Apply to THOM A! eARKER. no 3? eotf l/OR RENT, in the First Wad?three square t west of the War Department?a smalt OF FICE. with back 100m. or the former ma* answe for a shop: a;;<l Parlors and Chauibers, separate, o nits uj Rooms. furnished or nnfurn'slted ; clt>? 1 to ths A vet ue. Inquire at this office. de 3 2tawtf | i LpOR R ENT?A four-rtory brown front DW KL r ? ING, situated on Thirteenth st , l>otween | [ and Massachusetts av., one ol tna moit dwnsh! r locations ia the city. Th?? house is furnished wit > rnarhie mantles; a'eo, gas and water hxtures. wu . bathroom Inquire at WM 1>. SHEDD'S Faac r Store, No 50'i Koventh st. ?.>c 31 3ft'.' FOR RENT.-A three-atorr BRICK l?WKLL INK HOUSE, with ba*k building on UUi st Wn d7tt K?t*Mn P_?.nd li triv t?. Applr to . 1 Ki Rk'w'uOJJ. OG" Twe fth st." L? 19-Htf : e*OR RKNT-TwoROO\1? in third storT.a' r joining.w;th water and k-vs, or a tine PAK (.OF lighted with fti, in second story, in a pieasait * of the city. Terms low. Apply oa the premise >> No. 4*fi .Mass. iv?DU', between 4th aou Shit* '* north aide po 14-tf FOR RBNT-AthrM story brick HOUSE, o?i tainin< 8 ro?m?. In good order, with km fh tures cnmflhii, on H street. between 4th and 5t f Also, a two-?tvry brie* COTTAUK, with iari 4?r ' attached, corner of F street north an 14th a aut. To punctual and reliable ter.aata the tern wi 1 be moderate Apply at 446 Twelfth atre* a between (1 aid H. no IS-ti I |?OK SALB-A small FARM ofy>acres, sitnat * r at the Little Falls, harinx a omfortabled we . ins-house, corn-bouse, stab let, Ac ; wefl-reno " abd watered; within four miles of Washington ; " acres in oalti vation, the balance in handsome woo u !an?l. It ia peealiarty neairableas a country rei * denoe, being perfrotfy healthy and most romantic! ly itnmteil ; excr irul hSQinf ana nuDung. tuayi " Lf5u RI^TT' bnd*a k*e>?, Chain Brid^ - nn NoTicb. ia 1 HE UNDKR?10NtDW?to laformhi* m 9. run* tuid ti e public that. having disposed of.l sarplaa stock M auction. ke haa rt optwd with ay extensive stock of ?he finest se'e<?t?j?i KRKNC CoNFKCTlONKRY. His Liniaf ana ?upt Rooms ha?e been thoroughly improved. with i ditiouai rooms aad newly furni?hed. He is x prepared to tnrn>sb private and osblie hataee th* Bfiort?st Uoe. and flatters hiasolf that, w tne additional feeiliues, hs will be entb.ed to < oat his Jurm*r reparation. The aiKirriifD^d (Ma confident that all thai eoeeaary to satisfy kis old aad dmt putrons ? be a aaH. The ehoioast tHat tke market alorda i a'I the IsnriM that eu ha ohtaiaad from at soar Ma will be eonsttnt: t on ha?d. anuria ivnuaiO'K Ml invo. rwi or* i i^t, Frotoh O-nOotioa-r ?ad K'?Uar*nt. 1 ?? Uid SUfid No ?T9 P?. *vVt>*twe?>B 1-lw Ktth ?d 11th ?tr? f.?gfc >? ovciti iND TOBACCO FOB. THIS M & ? "HON!" " " " 5 Tbe andercicMd vtmld if fctfuOy inform numerous fneadt>cd th? public thtt tb? eoy k a nwrahtp heretoro^ exi?tinc tinder the firn Si am c<> n?r of Cud SavauU *U. wiit oppotiu t ?siSraRM ?K asur^r^t' Tkaakfalfor Mit favor *vbc itopM by fkir t >k? uu u4 #trio4 atUatian to tto tub ud tat* tT, SjU'SSlS5?tfS?B '? J T!?-i?* r. wibokv t "teelatestnews ? ^ [__ TELEGRAPHIC. AlHUig 9l u?twil Ulti|w Tuitoj, N J., !>*?- 9 ?Thm E)?Im ad |?. dir.tai etoctod J C. H?rnM***w, Frw(i>?t, iod?ea K on^u. gomWty Four ?.t? ww? raat far 1.1b coin u4 H?If, a*4 ?** tor DouyrUwand JokMon. Hmmrj J MKU. of Nr|. irk wm appointed MM)|M lo V\ -fciHto. fpiiMriii*. III., Drr 6.?Tl* HiH Kltrtotl College Mwotbled her* to-4?r iWcto Itoir ?ki for Lincoln and Hamlia. fLc Hm. L-ouwd J Lire tor at Largo, waa cbMn U> CMwy tbe rcault to Waablngtou. Wbri U* reoult wm announced eletrm (una were tred for tbe KlKtarii votoa, and tbtrty-ttaree for tbe I niou Mr Lincoln and tbe Elector* dined thta afternoon wltt tbe Hon Jam** C Cottkllng, Elector for Utia dlaUL t (Julte a number of State polltlrlani are here, occupied with BtUm com erstag tbe next Legislature Acat?ti. Me , Dec S ? Tb* Electoral CoUag* IckIiv nave tbe etvht vuu at m?1m it I ltd Hamlin. Bo?tox, Mui , Dec. i.-TU Electoral CoU?n met to day, is tbe 9eoate CLtnber. and fare tba varte of Maaaacbuaetta Vo Lincoln aad Haraili The Electoral College* of New Hampahir* aad ' Vermont alao caat tbe toIm of tboo* ?tate* to-day f??r Lincoln and Hamlin. Mr. Liac*la't Oplalta of tkt PraMaaTa SleMff 8ni?roFi*i.?, 111 , Dec 5?A *y*opaa of t*e Presidents Meaaage reached Mr Lincoln tbla morning He couiinenta very aeeerely ao Ita areunatory tone towards the North, aad any* hta own View* are eiHropreeeeled. A grand dinner wu*1*m thisa nernooa by Nr. Jm.C. Conklin. rhe resident eiertor of Mi District. to tb? Prt-iideut elect end the Kiectorei C?tlff I imi Mertl?|. pHiLintLi niA Dee. 0.?The City Conncils te dav adopt ?d resolution* reqeeeting the Mayor to call a public meeting of citiieas Irrespective of party to express their adhesion to the L'alon, and appointed a committee of ait from each braucit to carry out tlie resolution. Travel Keaanaed V *ti- n b ? i ? IWr A TK? iana I ra 1a Ihd New Orleans, Ja> kaon nod Great Northern I*tlro?d, U?*e been completed The train* re timed their regular trip*. Alexandria Market* AL*XA!*DKtA, Dec. 7?Flour?Family 96 00a f7 <*?; extra SA 25*0 00; wiper *4 "7*6 00 Wheat ?white tl C**S I *20; red f 1 ?SjS1 10. Cora? whtte . yellow 55a00c.; mixed SOaOOr Rre 65 iW OthWaSle. Corr Mca! ?9a74r p?rtm*bel Seed*?1 iroothy S3at3 50 ; Clover 90 Mat* #; Flnxaeed SI 4taSM5. Provision*? Batter. roll, lOa'JUc.; H*con I la 13c ; Pork ?7 00aS7 40. Lard 13al4c. FgK* M*lAc WhUkyiMaSOe. new Tark nark*** New YoVx, Dec. 7 ?Flour ha* declined 10c. There have been no *ale* of wheat to-day. although price* are somewhat lowtr. Corn dall, with declining tendency. Provisions generally are dull. Whiskv is nominally 16c. per gallou. riBMclal. New York. Dec 7.? Mock market doll, and bids generally lower; Chicago end Ro<-k 1 aland Illinois Central shares 82; do bonds 83; La < row and Mil. 1; Michigan Southern 23\, New Vork Central 7N, Pa Coal Co 78; 30; Hudson !?*; Va 6's 74; Mo 6 s61. rlankhts! BLANKETS* ! D BLANKETS"! Bed Blanket*! Hul Blankets! Bed Bim.k-!* of all sura ami of ail pnoee. Bed Comfort* ! Bed Cem forts! Marseille* Quilt* ! Maraaiilot QuitU 1 Linen and Cotton Sheeting*, Toweling* of a!l kind*. Damask TaMa Linen* and napkin*. Our stock i* full iu all departments. We aoliwt a ca'i from a! ir. wan' of D v Good*. WM R RlufcV it BRO., No. ' Central Stores," Between Tth and ttk eti eets. no 28 2w Optw>?it* Ontf Markec French flowers of thk very bb?t quality, and aa exteaaive variety. At STEVENS'S |W. Fane; fttore, VH no 22 tf 33?. hetw. 9th and 10th eta. A FAMILY HORSE FOR SALE, of larr* nxe. aad who also is a t ne r.d,r.c gy horse; tol l for no fa ill , warranted soudcT. 1 .1* and may be seen at FL'MPHREVU Stable^CZ^. tor t?n days. de 4-1 w i 'g FURNITURE. (ft * rsl firxitcm. The Honae Furnishing Wareroom* of MoGREGOR k. CO. are n-iw wall fiti?d witn the ir flu) soppl? or FV NI IT RE and HOUSEKEEPING GOODS ? every v ariety. which we offer at redooed priora. Our PARLOR FURNITURE. CHAMBER FU&W RU??"? are especial!; worth the att-. alio n of parohaeere. at thestyleeare much improved and bcirh saperior to any we have had. VA" a R. ft n A Rain rtmMt of? Giit lram# Fier and Mantel GluiM II<i kc&aei and Writing Desks Ha'i Furniture French and Eng!i*h Granite Ware Olut Ware Fin* Engliah aa1 American Cat'err.aad Harder*'*, Fine P a'ed Ware Aleo, Tube. Bucket*. Broom*. Brushee, Mate Alan, Ba r aad Shook Mattr?seee Feather Beds, Blanket*. Comforta, Ao. fTy" fleaae gire ua a call. ar>d we will fell r?u harfaine. MeGjtsGOR A CO., <le S-eo?t S30 H* Tenth strest. DCASH! lTR IN? the puit week we hare made large ad i ditiona to oar etnok of GENTLEMEN'S BELONGINGS, and. buying them under the heary press*re ia the nioie; market for CASH we effer them to the trade and at retail at a email advance on our i purchase erieee. for CASH, knowing that it ia leee than at wftioh firnt o ass WARDROBE ARTICLES oau be purchased Oar etook. always eomplete, ia now much . vn?- than naua. in pre** Shirta, Under s"hirta and Drawers, , R?nt!*ni?r'i Dr*Ni>| Robee, r Kid and Warm Govaa, ? Neck and Over TIfa, i Stock* and Scarft. I Perfatncry and floepa, Wall ion t'anw, Colt'? and oth*r Platola, *c Which we offer at rnaah lower prioea thai a*aaJ for CA8H. We wi?h, however, lo tie a?i1ereu~xi i that oar ?*iea are confined to the neweat atykaa ol t guoia and the "loweat prices," at STEVENS'S. del 19t Saiea' Room. Hrwwn'a Hotel. - 1JALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE CO.-IBr 13 coapoBATKD twn.?Johw I. Donalotoh, Praa.; r Coci.T**. a This oompw.y nau uitc* m 0Uio andGKA.NTd ANN I 1T1E8, Ao. i>eoonptire pampn:*t? mar he oMaiud at the CcnyUT'i Kgenaj for the District of ColaaibM, I h V LADIES MERINO VESTS f Lj ARGE Assortment Ladies'Merino Y'ooU. hi*k necks and Ion* sleeves, low necks a- d short sImtm. " Alto, Children's Nierinn Vesta, all at low pnooa. HENRY EOA-N, **1 SorenOi ?t. I* no SMt wtr Avowee Hons -512 CUTTA PK P(cti'Vpaint 512 [- HAWILT^N, BRO. * CO/S, ; No Sl'2 Skvikti St.. L is the p'aoe t" kafi tho ooieoraud Gutta Forofca Rwljoi Md rwt Alio, ft intrat MMvwm VI ^ H"U?e Pftirkt n* Mat^rifea. F&iatuu u *U tu ocmakm u?mM vtUto' patch *mT?n roaao^aM* tor**. Mixed Punti al r. Y&T* on and for aale, vi'h bookat and bnrt h to iomi f-? of chart# A'lor dart laft at th? itor* w f.'r (>W 61uiu*r Job Work ?f ur kltl wtM bo ,t |r.mptly (tttnlr to . ? ili ftTTY 18 1K)WN. ?lt >i uA 30 []. avenue, and get your card eturrariM 6om Kiwi (sd p a Uair nmp ? and to* will aotBui to ba Mb*if fied with pnoaa and atjlea Dv n't K?rjre? the i! KRfcNCH * *IcJ?TLI*T n no T1 No. gT3 Pa arecae. W?h' i^ton. fUlBgerl Sewbtf ilUcktnM. L?? SMPENN.AVKNUI, . NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. > ? B.BJS 1U ' dhu(mnH in the h????bo<V ft raaa wauu<? an and ewift; mh, kern*, felh mmd ft km, will Nf ;H j the finest twin or clo'ii tan ayar* thick, aul a?? >fr thin* Setween U? two wtnaw u hmbS m4 kd. anbatantiai manner Waehtaaatn aUna?T, ?wh aut and ro-ewood mm f-jtn A? lo #M*. Oar at larya ?*?ra?*Mf yraaaer macMa?. for ooaah trlwaa? ith and aaddlera, la withoat a riral. P.Ik, Twtat. ' M*'an% ?,W 4?" ' * t ia ^f^Sand for a pojy*Jf" (, M Ga mn2 chjlklko a. ?*??-* *! ." MTOOOM." * *?? ??k*d tfos-aoar Mtir* mtomk of M t } Ob Jfood# ?uh o?r Im?? mm ? tyx ?f ?. *r?t o!m? &?#; Goods irtfl?. wtil mom ? nwo**ttH*iillii|tl?UrM Ir redMtdtnMi ?. srvrBirM^rvs'&s.v^ JWKhr J 8?r?r til ?l., ?'ov? p? tr "& T%^C3BJ3?VftJg