Newspaper of Evening Star, December 7, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 7, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. PotiTioti or Aiiimii?The Helena (Ark.) lhleid, of a recont date, ear*: There ia a dlrerttty of oplnle* ?? Bltr, aa to the right of a SWte to aooede. bat we Wllrrt there ta none or aearcely none, aa to the eipedlenry of such eitreeae meaauree atthia time We belter* wo hazard n otto In* ia aaylnn that oat of porhape on* hundred peraooa who comprtaed the meeting held at tbo Court Honae on Monday laat, them wrre not It* la favor of imaaedlatoaad unoooditiooaJ aoceaaioa. {?^"1 ?y, Smnbo, doe* v* know what makes d? com grow ao fiat when you pat th* manure oa lt"? ? ? ? ?* * It aa l aon i raruiy. "Now, I'll j!?t tell r?m. When de corn begin* to smell de mansrw it doa't like da ' turnery, so hurries out ob de ground and gits up aa high aa possible, so aa not to breath* the bad air." Aa Us profit a in Political Oroa* ?The Charleston Mercury gives the history of tha paper for thirty-live years?during which it refrra to the fata of its editors, after thla fashion : " The rat ruined?the second barely earned a narrow a ibsistance?the third injured, but eold out In ( time?the fourth died a ruined man,and the tlfth la ourselves, of whom we aball aay nothing " Rsrcsi>e to SaLL Cottos oa Tma ?One cf the most prominent business houses In the East offered to purchase 1 ,UX) bales of cotton ia thla etty, a few days ago, for 10J^c , at two months TreLuUra uouse was undoubted, but the factor rrfiiitl because ef the unsettled state ox Norfolk Day Book. tt7" Captain Monteomery. sow tearing in the Kansas raids. i? about 40 years of age,slightly built, and of much coolness and coiiretre. He is a Keatarklan, and was a resident of Missouri, and a pro-alarery man till the opening of Kansas for ettlement In 1359 he led a party to Fort Scott and released some men held tbere as prisoners. CT" Paris possesses at present 303 newspapers : 4*2 of these, as treating of politics and national economr, u? -e to deposit a security in tbe hands of the Government; 4<W are devoted to art, science, HWatnrs, industry, commerce, and agricnlture. Tbe most ancient of tbe latter Is tbo Journal des Savans. and dates from tbe year IMS. (IT"Says the Louisville Democrat, the most fortunate iran that we know of now-a-davs is SharDe. the maker of rifles The southern ultras and the abolitionists ir? each buying them We have an Idea that be look* npon the present difficulties with the pious resignation that an undertaker does upon a prevailing epidemic. Political Kil ?iu<i ? It Is said that every Episcopal clergyman In Charleston h*s omitted the usual prayer for President of the United Mates. Perhaps, they have neglected to read, of lat?, the 'id verse of the 2d chapter of Paul's first apostle to Timothy. CIT A negro stave burglar entered the shop of A (ilenn, at Narhviile, Tenn , on Sa'urday night week, and stele a chsmpsgne baskrt of shoes; re anntW.. .. k. ... . ? L* * M viiiatug avi niivtuni l<i|?v , un WM U W oy JIT. Oienn's honest slave Giles, and the plunder recovered. ITT Five masked bnrglar* broke into the bouse ?f Mr John SMckler. near Philadelphia. e*rly on Monday morning, and while there ransacked the bouse; two itrwt over the old people with pi (tola; they tnen tore op.a sheet, tied their victims to the bed, and decamped with their plunder. fry In an omnibus, the other day, a political disciusioB, rather grave in its tone was turned into fun by the remark of an old man who bad been listening In silence for a quarter of an hour. ' They talk," said he, "about disunion; for my part, 1 say Ut 'etn diuolutt, Itt't all dissolute. {IT Tbe Worcsater (Mat* ) Spy savs: The left at found on Cnshwan s door-step in Ellington, a few davs since, ia to be named Stephen A. Douglas, for tbe rt-saon that the little sucker was In search of hia mother." Jon* B?owt axd his Stxpathizcr^.?It is stated tfcrt on the d*y of the llrst anniversary of the execution of '"Old Brown,7' bis death was alloded to In nearly all of the colored churches of Philadelphia. A little boy was suffocated i n the bran room of Hrummel's Mills, Manchester, Va , on Tuesday, tbe falling traa covering him before hs could extrloaU himself irr The R?v H. Hlllard. of Ala., Is out In a letter denying a report that he is opposed to aeI. LSSiSS. AH RIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARD8' HOTEL?P Curl*in, DC; N B Juda, 111; T 8 ?taw?rt, Pa; D de Gaivra, La; H F. Kwln, Tearj; J G Low, Va; H Heath, Maaa; T P Uoodniau, O; Capt Jordan and family, I'SA; Dr P C Rockwell, Conn: H Merrlweu. do; W C Lowering, Maaa, O Gilinore, do; C J He with and family,NY; <? Chriaraan, va; D B baton. O; R H Ford, V?; W JeMup. Pa; M Whitney, Md; T E Dell,?; 8 Lewie, Pa; J L Hsrtaotf USA; J D Cameron, P?; W T Walters, Md; F B Snlvely and lady, do; B Barklev, NY;T B Lord and lady, V, M'.n? uaief, fllo; S de la Forreatand lady. Pa; J Hopkins and lady,?; W Mauley and lady*. N V; L Holmea. Weahfngton Territory; J H H Brian auall, N'J; W H Caprew, do; J H R ugglra, N V; Major Symln/ton, USA; G Law, NY; W D MurpUey. do; J F Allen, do. NATIONAL HOTEL.?O B Harrison. II Harper. O C Baker, ?; 8 William*. K RoughU>n, D C: Dr L Rirea and ly, Va; W Gloce,P Call, Ten; W P Herroy, NY; Jno ijilwon. P?, H C Na?lay, Md; T Banney, Mlu Phi lip, J Phillip, NJ; 0 H J obi, Va; Capt Jordan and fana. ?; J VV Morris, Pa; L K Bowan and If, ?(TP Scott. E L Lowe, E Griswold, J B Boyle, J Swane, Md; H C BreMier, J Ureer, Pa; T P Bhallcrott, Va; W M mm*, c 3 final*, NY; J Wilcox, Ky; ?V L Clark, A Grayaon, R H Stuart. Va; F J Matthew, O, N Stittman and ly, 111; J P Lewex, G B Harrll. Pa; J P Harrlaoa, Md; H L Miller, N Hutb>rd. F L Upton, MUs L Upton, Om W H Wood, NY; 9 H Martk. Oregon; Col W Gates, USA. BROWN 8 HOTEL ?Mr Cfcadwlck, Pa; T E Berry, Md; Capt Schaeffer, DC; O B Hammond, Md; A Dudley, J Burre?a aod ly, M Bonch and If. Va; G D Satterfleld. G Wllllama, NC: C Fo? ter. Pa, S Bradley aod ly, A D Bank, Va; C A Walborn, Pa: R Johns, Md; Judge Caaidm, S R Souimera. W T Deapoo, H Mlddeton, Va; A IJ A -?i- **" * ~ autt^uk. ua; j vv uson. ^ ; J h Dean, I*#; J C Harris, LAN; N N Clark, Md; L A Lefinan. p.j R Brown, Mdi R M Black oad ijr. Del; E tilte* Lew, Pa WASHINGTON HOUSE.?G bar lea Hamltr and lady, Maine; S Thompson, Obio; Hon Henrj Waldron, Mich, Hon William Montgomery, Pa, Hon James WUaon and lady.lnd; Mrs Mo.itgomera, Miaart Montgomery. Pa; R J Bennet, Md, Doctor Little, Pa; W Evans, Md; R J Bennet Ohio; J B strong and lady, Kensaa; P Thomj?son. J B J antes, Ct, P O Gambia and son, O; 3 A Bell and ly, Cal. KIRKWOOD HOUSE.?W H Harrta, Mo; L E Bar bridge, NY; W Barn, O: G Utter. C C Vv res hall, J A Snvder, Cal; G Chorperlng, T Mont Kornery, Pa, G W Lewta. Va. OCEAN STEAMERS SAILING DAY* fmoK TM* Uvitu st atm. Lmm. for. Dayt. A'Me. Ntw York~.H?Tre Deo I A? *. j. Now York-. Liverpool... Deo 1! Joh* BoiL .. ?.. .New York ..Olu(ow Deo > From Bc&ofb Am* .... ? .liverpool.. ..Nov York . .Not Uiu'i fcn?4o?..GU?fow New York ..Not* Now York. South'pion ..New York...Nov2J Ke4*r.. Liverp >ol New York .. Mot t BonmuL SoatJrptou...New York.. .Doi < Jnr?? Liverpool New York . Dec 1i Ptfioe .Soath'ptoa ?New York . .Deo 13 ruMluw ...unrpbol New York. . IMo ij i h? 0*Uforai? bw ete&mer* leave oh the 9tk llta, and ZHa of every mogU. Only ONE MONTH LONRKB GREATER BAM ?/VS THAN EVER' Oar rook of DRY OuuDS mart be sold hefon the Ut January . ai ? have to gir? possession ol t|\e stars oc ihit daw. W? thill ioiuhdm o* the 1st da? of Doasinbai tsell our :?r?? Stock of? Ik RobM, Light Mid Dark Silks by the yard, rening, Drese Goods, la* Laoes. reach Kmbroilanes. t>est Kid Glorei, Catkmn* i.ont Shawls. All Wool Mousseatocs, Labia's Franch Black Goods. *" w G,s? tfny te'rW. p-afer selling tha above namad jo-xls to out euiUxnars at ha f eriee rath* r toaa ran tha risk u! seUiog the stock by auction at tha North. * We hare a^,.**Xlk of Do.aestu Maaa&ctare, a 1 of which ? will cWm* o?t i>? the ffy*' SLy t"*?iaaUtia? to suit puro*a*crs, at preTvTr^i r?ia mommy takes at tar. JET All goods drhvarcil arometTT ? tk* a?- -i city stea* &vi?$vood mills 4? OOU D vPOT. Fatt tf SimiMUik ttr*4t, Itlrw Wmr T^mmi lniK w<K>D M*p?r?d. My lM?tk fta4 MM, to suit "srtfsr .'rjsrv. hou??. f?^? sr& ssssrss^^" "" - *71. ? W. M WALT, urn/ ??? ni>? I MPO?TKR8^iS,tW huuSL^ k*Uil D^lwoiKfoy wtyQgf?1 bra>b?ss. ants. #* . No. ?0 Noara CiABLka BritM. Pi<n doori aim Lurimgtm ? a-lf Baltimore. ^ h. ball * i in fri ill ii i MISCELLANEOUS. 1 AND MARINE \ INSURANCES? HRATH A KNOWLR8, I INSURANCE AOS NT8 ? Oftiei, Room ll.Orn Bare of Wiigisam. f 1.7ns 1 CONNECTICUT Ml) ?'LAI>. , A;c?putio!I 93 400,000 J INSURANCECOMriNY'OP THE STATE OF . VIRGINIA. Richmoab. Cash Cap1tal-...9300,000 NF.PTUNK INSURANCE COMPANY. ! Pmilai>*i.*hia. Capital amd Sck plts 9900,000 j OOODHUK INSl'RANCfe. COMPANY. Ntw You. Cash apital s'JOO.OOO i In th* latter, nil the advan'agca of a mutual art gained wiinout lecurrin* tk* liability. j Insaranoe at a* low ra'e' as in any other ea uallv ra*po<*fiVie companies, and pol oj holders all >wed to participate lu tKe pr fits. del (CENTS' MERINO SHIRTS ] *c AND DRAWEES. 1 A larga assortment Gents' Merino Shirts and Draw?rs; alao. Bora'Merino Shirta. OsnU' Lawba Wool Shirts and Drawers. Also? large assortment Woolen and Cotton Hosiery, Rid, Silk. Wool and Cotten GIotbs, Silk Cravats and Neok Ties, Linen Shirt Collars. Linen, Cambrio and Silk Handkarobiafs, at our usual low pnoes, HEN R V EG AN, 581 Seventh st, no SO fit nrsr ivdnna Hnn.a ATS AND CAPS! Th? l*te?t New York stUe of GENTS' DRESS HATS. f&*V now on hand. Ite ] The AMAZON HAT. E? fg Nt* t*tfle, iuat oNnnl. _ >11 . Muim' JOCKEY HATS, <n I'elt and beaver. At Rkdcckd Prices. B. H. BTINK.MKTZ, 936 Pa. av.f no 24 tear corner Thirtoenth street. The under.?.?ned hat just received a larre aupply of ? the finest OYSTKRSof the ?oaa<>n, and bet* leave to cail the attention of bi> friend* and the public to the faot that he haa en arced hia Saloon, and it * J 11 1 _ J>_ ? ' >. duw buio k> auppij ui wno may isvor uim a oall with ROASTED or BOILED OYSTERS at the ahorteat nutioe. T M. HARVEY. No. 3S1 C at.. between loth and lltn, ao90 Opposite Theater. A. GREEN'S EXTENSIVE M iaiH.1 Furniture Emporium. ' My fn?nd? an4 the publio in ire eral are reapeetEullr informed that the anbacrihar has oomeletcd naatoek el MAHOGANY and WAI.NUT FURNITURE and HOUSKPIJRN1SHING GOODS of everr d" ription, whioh he will aell nt the very low-Nit pric-?. no enumeratea in part? Krery d-?aori?Moii of Mahoracy snd Walcnt Parlor *nd Chamber Furniture, Fine Painted C?'taire Ohsinber Seta, C'rpe'a, Kacv, Bl*nacta, Comforta, Pmtktr IlriU. Hair ar.rl i?liurk Mattreanea. China, Gla-a and crook jry Ware, Kni*ee and Fork* %nd Tanle Caatora, Bucket*. Tub*, Wa.hb *rd?, fitter*, and every oth*r de*or.ptii>n of Wood and Hardware, At No. 5a?,oorner ??f Seventh and p atr*eta, at the Big t*i*n. The publi i* respectfully invited to call and examine for themaclvee. A. GREEN, no *>-ec4w Anet. and Comirisaion Merchant. TO HOUSEKEEPERS IHf) W A 8 H I N ft T f?rN, 8 E O R G E-0> TOWN AND VICINITY. XW We invite the attention of Housekeeper* to our very larje and beautiful atock of CHIN A, GI.AJ-8 an1 K^RTHKN W\KE, which ia now rendered complete in every department *by oar reosnt impvr'a'iona We deem it nntiec?*8?ry to ennmerat* artie'ee, a* we have cvwry thine that ia u?ua 1 kept in the China Buainea*. from nca decorated t-reach China Dinner and Tea Seta to the ordinary Earthen Ware, and as we iinpo:t the majority of our gcoda, we are prepared to furniah the beat quality,either to the wholesale or retail trade, aa Tow a.* ?.n* of ths importing bouses of Baltimore. English mi I Amvioan Oiitier* of superior qnalitv, Al-o, Horn, Hook And Cucoa handle Cutlery from the tame factorie?, Silver plated Ware on fine Albattv warranted, A lar<e etook of Co?l Oil Lamps, numrions patterns. Paper Lamp 9hades and Chimniea, Cnt Giaes G'oSes, Hraointh Glasses, Fanor Articles. Toys, to , Jto. C. J? FOWLUR Jt CO., 304 Odd Fellows' Hall, no i6-eo6w Seventh street. ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana LotStj, oocdnc^ by the Spanish Government, onder e superviiioc of the C&pUun tteaerai of Cuba, will a slft/M A.I SATURDAY. Dbckmbkk 15. 1M0. BOHTEO NVMBRO M7 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. 1 f0prta?*oC 1 do ?\or*t to do too I do ?M?n in do <no I do SOapprox. IJOO I do 10,?? iff ALL >??? PHIZES. WtxoLa Tick*:#. I'JO-Uvvm, $ l O?(j narton, ??. Prixas oaahed at aiftu at I Mr cant diaooant. Bills on ail aolrant Back a takaa at par. A draw mi will k? forwaraad aa toon aa Ik* rani I no M-tr Cara of Cut Poat. Char'?tnn. ft. C. 1/MJL.E JRU> WORKS, Hi Cossxa Ohio Av. a*d Thixtxkatb St. ERICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. The uaderatzned have been appointed cole agent* inthiscity for the manufacture and ?ale of the above i Entires, and are p<-?pare<j to supply all opier* with j prump n--s? and dispatch. Thes? engine* havo be-n *atinfactorilj introdsoed, and ar? now practl- | cally emplojod id bakeries; l? bookbinders; for boxwood cutting; trj cabinet makers; for drawing I [ t*u blowers to ventilate building*; for pumping; for domestic purposes; elevating grain; giass cutting; ginning ootto ;{ giinding quartz; grinding paints; grinding engar cane on plantation* in Cuba; tor Eni'tinx; for knitting machine*; b? manufacturer* I uf (lU All w?rft- r?f nnnUra' '-r - I r.w w ^ jr. iu?oi iiiaiioi mi, ui mvor WftTOj of agricultural implement*; of matohes; of hooped akirts; for pumping at railroad ?tat.uni and on b~??.rd ' ahipx; for sewing maahinot; for jot> printing and printing daily newspapers; for various plantation usee; fir xwint and planing lumber; for picki"( i hair: for polishin* oouiVs; for shoemakers uses; for . sana sifting; lariimr; tobrono out tin* and pnlverising; in tanneries and w re making establishments; ' for soda water manufaoturo; for bono crashing; ma t mashing; towing; <r udiog outlery. Ac. They i are inexploatva; eoonomi aaaily managed; they raquire no engineers; use no water; and consume ' v?T? littu A.?l ? ?m? .?? mi/ po r/uUOIUUUIUl UBIflf IflPW Engine*, can by application to tae undersigned be ibovrn a large number of testimonial* from persons who havo them in daily use, expressing their entire I satisfaction iu their operation and use Prioes of Uie hngi nes as established bjr the I'at, ante*: ... It in. oil'r #380 11 inches oylindar, 856" Double 24 " 1,4*# 32 *' " 1450 " a " *J,6no 40 - M SJS'O , " 40 M 4,500 48 " " 3,500 1 ? 48 ? 6^*1 00 " * 5,000 " ?0 ?? 9J3BO 24 " " 750. We are are also prepared to furnish, at short nol tie*. Architectural Castings, from any designs that ' may be furnished, as cheap as can be obtained eiseI where. Also. Steaia Engines, portable and station ary; hlffh or !o? pressure; saw and grist mills; hydrostatio, or other presses ; boilers fer healing 1 buildings, wrought iron water tanls; shafting, gear J iag^Ao., for flouring or other mills, aud forging of r &MU2aw3m WM M ELLIS Jt BRO. I i PEVER AND AGUE ! eansed by the miasm or exhalation erolved from d 1x5* red and decaying vegetation in moiat so it. ' When abeorb-d lato the oirculation, it beoomee an irrittting Tinia in tne blood, which deranges ana ! ues'roys the Kea'.th of the whole *y<tem. V\ e have long aougkt, and have at Ungth found aa antidote. AYKR'S AGUE CURE, which n*ti trainee thie malarious poison in th^ bl?*td, and stimulates the hirer to expo) it from tiw > body 1U aotioo uponthe ayetam >?iorariaMv lire, > ?oi itaouraof Ftrer and Attn, and kindred eom pant* oertain. If taken in. araaon it expela the Tiruafrom the ajiUmu it ia a toroed, and tkos kwii tbuee who uae the " era*" free from iU attaocs, keeps tha system in healtb. althoaih exeos-d to tne d.sea^e. Consequently it not ooTy corei, tmt protects f om ih? sreat variety of affections which a-e indued by this malignant icflu nee, anoh aa Konuj'ut Fever. Chill Fever, Dumb, or MaA -d Aia", Pwriolioai Ueadash', or BiUloua Haadaohe, Bi iioua Fevers, Neunlsia. Rheuma' tiam, Oout.<Tn!?B3, Toothaoe, Ka-aohe. ?;a i tar^h, Asthma, Palpitations, Gainful AffeotKAs of tha K? f*ea. Hysterias, C<?lia, Para'rais, and Fa:nfu AITjo ions of tha SComaoh and bowels, all of whioh, when ariuag ir<-m this canse.will befouad to a?s >m-ra -re or aeatlio int-nnitfut type. This ' Aacs Coa?" ramoves tha oaaaa of thasa deraor*. meqta, and aaraa ttie dittaae. f }>ia it aoeonip ish* by atimnlatiac tha exoretor rias t exp*i the viru* froia the a?aiam;at d theee o tana by d ( "as beoom* babit?at?d to do thla their | oAvoe of tr.air own aoowd. Henae artui wt>** ? Urn atehmatati*n. Time mat mo >mp uk to* ncif ead, but of'en lifr te not long enough, or it Mcnfio*! in the attempt, whi!#tki? "A??? Coxa" doM it at onM, and with mf*tr. The ?xten?ive C> of Uua in a'l var etiee oi umi, baa ehown it to a aurer aa wall aa a aafer reaaaOr for the wmI* i elaae of diaetaea whioh ara ou?d by the nwiutio Inflation, than any otcer whiok haa boon dia' oorered; and it haa atill another important ad van tage to the pabiio, wluoh la that it u oheap aa well by DR. J. C. AY BR * CO . Lowell. Mam. bo fe eolm UKB HUUSK. bf Fannr Lewa'd. traaalatod roni the tier man by Nathaniel tireeoe. 1 vol; , TS oeou. _ RecreaUona af a Coma try Paraoa. 1 vol.; prioe R?ST*e** ** Trulk. by Two Brother*. 1 to!.; prioe BLANCHARD A MOHUN, 24 eontor llth at. aad Peua. av. nail Pft'ta of the oonntrr, <?tt for next wa<Mt? . m ... fc ? . -T . a raUNKS, BOOTS AND SH0S8. gOUT* AMD TO *U1* * W?m? uv manokctunn* all kloda of BOQTfl nd SHOES, sod ooratantlr reo?i*?n? rn??lj of eoatorii ravin work of vary nrivuo", mwfc> ?Mrawly to order, and willr Hj waoid Mamuoh lowarfnoatkMilMa been* Hk iwatofora okargad in tkia oity for nook infWooi krp?r?on? is vut of Boota sod Skoaa of ?tfii at uty made work, will alwaya find a good maiaii >?t M 4. KM envfv v^vir- . M*-r >1* P?Mylraala ?????. CIVE HUNDRED TRAVF.LJPIS TRUNKS r arrived this da/. enbrimiai *11 <um ?mii tiee and kin of Sole Leather, Drees and Paokinf Trunks. Our trsuk^***" ialo? room exhibit* at this tin* toe greatest variety >f traveling requisites at moderate pnoe*. to be found tin* side of Now York. Aiso, every deeonpC^Old Trunks repaired or taken in ezakaav* for new one*. WALL, STEPHENS CO? Trunk Sale* Room, aar n-tf aa-i Pa. avenue. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. Orr**iu OddVuJL?JuU?Wi*ki?g$m. 3. a Travelers will study their interest* bi mr TRUNKS. V A LICKS Ac , before pur iwini elsewer* As I use none hut thf-SCMI b?*t material the market afford* and employ^""**4 thfl bAftt Workn^D. I rain confidant It r*mtrr>m?rd m? work to be saperior in Strtmgik aud DttrSSiHt to Trunki that are made in other cities and sold aere. I keep constantly on hand, and make to order ton one week's notion) every d?moriptien of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESs mmd WOOD BOX TRCNKS: ASHLAND *nd othtr VALICES i TRAVELING B/TUS; HARNESS: S A DOLES; WHIPS, ft., *e. Trunks, Ao., Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at abort notice. Trunks delivered ia acy part of tk? oity, OanrfetowBi or Alexandria. ftxir A|cui mr nown iw'surnw r AMI La T SEWING M\CHJNE8. de U-lv JAMES S. TOPHAM. TRA VELARS' DIRECTORY. IFOR KING GEOROflf ~ N Addition to her other regular lsiidiDpi, the Steamer ST. NICHOLAS, Captain -.IT"" ^ Gcr, will hereafter call to land and take off p*'aengor? at Cfcattwton*"*""* (Tayloe'af Landing, tbua affording ihe cititena of Kint Ueoricc additional oonvuience* for reaching i*altiim<>re, Washington and *l-xandria. aa ahe f oe* to Baltimore every 8ATrRD*Y,and Waahngton and Alexandria every THURSDAY. The ateaner "JamM Huj" wuI not be allowed to c >me to the above landing. no22 2w JOHN TAYLOE^ UALT1MORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. I> WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANCE OF HOUHS. Onard after PUN'DAYi November 25th, liW.the train!" wii: r?n as follows : LEAVE WASHINGTON: First trun at^.20 a m. J*#oond Tr.unat7.40a m. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Ex prase. Fourth train at 6 p m LEAV/i BALTIMORE: Firet train at 4 15 a. in., Express. ^eoood train at 8.35 &. m. Tnird at 3.10 p. m. Fourth at 4 2>) p. m., Expresr. The first, secm l and third train* from Wwh ingtou oonnoot through to Philadelphia and Mew Yo'k. The seo">od And third oonneot at Washington Junction with trains for ta-? West, ?outh. and Northwest; also, at Annap >Iia Junction, for An tapolie. For Mortolk tnke the t 40 a. m. trai . t-or the accommodation of tlia wa? travel b? tw?en Washington and Lau el, a panernger car will b-.< afaohod to the tonn?ge train whioh leaves > 4 a in ? ? flbfc ?* Ili. ?)n 8 viurdaj the 3.10 p. m. tram goes to Philadelphia only. no 26 d T. H PARSONS, A?ent. NEW ORLEANS FN TJdLKHB DiL-m wirm rn* CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. gga? ALL RAIL. ROUTE. Via Orange and Alexandria Rail read TO LYNCHBUR8: Vtrgtna and Tennessee. East Tennessee ana Virginia, East Tenmssee and Georgia, PtAshjuHLn omit f^.lLii?tm?noA Mtmfkxt *nd Charleston, Mittisripjri Central, Pint Orleans and Jmeisen, TO NEW ORLEANS! memph75~route: Mraifhia by Rau.tbense by First olaea PioktU to Nov Orieaca. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: MonUomery by Rail. th<*noo to M??biie by Firatelten pM.ets. Mobile to New Orleana by Lake Steamer* two daily trains?8V*day? ixclVDU. LttT* WMhiaiUn at t a. m. and 6 p m. The Steamer 0E> >RQE PAGE leaves her wharf foot of Seventh aUa*t at a., m. aud Sfc p. m. anu oouneota at Alexandria with the Orange ami Alexandria Traica for the Sou*., vest. Ofioe?PectiicjlTacia avonae, corner of Sixth at. tAMAM OXMOS TKBOa? TO MUTT OIUOI. Lycohburg ? ?110 Mrauhia #tl ? 3riatoi, ?u 00 Atlanta M 00 anoxvtlla , to00 Mmo? ..... .. ,.to 00 Chattanooga M JO Ooiarabug M M DaltOB? ?M 00 Montgomery JB 00 HanUrillo? r 90 1 na Memptua^I to S ?(T5 IEf:S 5 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL a oil ia 900 MILE* BBORT?jU*n4S4MOURBLB8B than any other ttn Lyoohbnr* Ex ten*ion being noir completed, u al*o the MiMiaaippi Central, making it tiio Q UJCKEST AND MOST PLEASANT R 0 UTM FOR SOXTTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia proTidad with Firet-olaaa Sleeping Car*! {To N#?w OrleCE* Til Honrs. MftniyMi >?ti do* Montgomery ..if . So. W"hr.i;? ifi Jo. n^The U. 8. MAIL~aud ADAMS' EXPREaS aretaken orer thia Nov Line. Tioketi can be obtained at the Ho nth Wextern Office, oornor of 3ixth afoot and PenosjlYa&ia avenue, to the following point*: LjnohbBff, Bristol, KnoxnUe, Atlanta, V4W,K?aw??, X\ UUW4 TiiiT. UT&UU VUHCU'IU, Macon, NMhviJe, Dal ton, Colombu*, ICT THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. ICrOmnlb^jwi ud Sitcua Whom leanr* the oflioo it a. m. aud p. m. JAMIiS A. EVANS, Tick* Airat, Co raw sfrlk rt. and Pa. T. ftv-sa T./teM=B?C6 iUMi IU<*U?VO LiUD'UDCf. uu uwr rerarn niHb she will 1ht? CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 o'olook e~ nu LUCIAN 8. FA6K. Pro?rUUr. NATH'L BOU8H. A?X Alexandria. fa ? DURE OLD RYK WHISKY FOR MEDIK CiNAL USE. . Pritt 92 per talion or SO r?*t? jw lottl*. The vmI borne and foraicn demand we bave fur this article sutfioientl j attest* lU parity and exoelIeaoa. Moreover it may be mentioned in this oonn xion tnat many invalids of delicate orramxMion. unable to use whiAj of other brands. nave fnur.d the above most efficacious and happy in its t fTeots. A liberai discount on the above prices made to thatrade. ? EDW ARD 8ALL. Dealer in Sna Wines and Lianora, Fanr.,1* (irooerias, ftc.,opp.Center Market, oe 27 -roi < between 7th and 8tH streets. OUR BONNETS, HATS, artd FLATS of tha very latest styles, and in all oases made of the best material. r*il ? - ?1 ? ohooe. At STKVENS'S. m>23-tf 316, betw. 9th anrt 10th eta. L OAKS! ~ CLOAKS!! CLOAK 8!!! The Camilla, the Arab, the Garibaldi, The Romeo, the Zouave, the Albanaa. Th* Rtohard. the Kni'ian 5aok. theFreoeh Sack With many other new and beautiful aty ea in Rept. Treoo and Frenoh Beaver (-loth, in enoee from 93 50 to #28, to vhloh ve aak tlie attention oi thnr!^Tie*' TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. HOWK'tUMPUOVKDWElGHINeSCALKS Theee t?oalae are offered to Che vvblio aa the I rooetaimpie. durable, ami reliable eoaleaerer tvtia me rintolaea prenunma h are been awaked the* b7 the IImted ? tatee Fair and V1r|iD!i Arioultaral Mocn*j: Virfinia Stato Agricultural Fair: Franklin {netitute fair, Pennsylvania; New York 8tai*Fajrr xh todtSS ????&?& *rVy?r7 ~ 4 /JL * ol*?? preraipma ? VvU.uNa <<ui?tw?roioi8iUar'a B- 0. ^TTiaOH.^L 12,000 to* attention of tko hi Mia ?? <mrJarte and wail eo looted stook of Otaampa *d?aad Crab Apple Cider, wbieh we psmnU* to be jpaie lmioe, aud will be old oa reasonable term* in order to make room tp> No. *T Wreao ?t? B?or??Kvp. I.?. e. UK4A. O.M.MOW. i.kitniT L^.on.^T, jmjrui Willpraottari*8?lliX^<$oartofYirrore MMIAr riio^ UaSeveorb Jn4ic^D\?Vrict?o?1$? 1991, ai-d wtllatteiyiw th? Co. eetlou of Claioa tfe *^?%?a4 l|i? W *%* !? *** * M tl-ff &IXJUK?. DIAltllta! ~~ i'arv^tesr'""' ' ?* ? 1 ~j? (^"JfeaaiaaPk i n in MBOKLLANBOOB. po* KEY WBTT AJTD HAVANA. ISABEL LI HE. Chang* of SmIim.g Day*.? Three Trip* m NmwUer. THB U. ft MAIL STEAMSHIP ISABBL. I WiLtiA* Boixiiia, Conotiidtr. Ttw PottaMtor-Onanl h?Ti?f ok?ng?d tk? d?* ijaSKtifAiik'Ml TON ifr th* abof* Poru. l.eftvioK CharlMton on tha 1st, 13th,m4 SU oTU1U. L>esTinz Havana on the 6th and lnh Nova* he and lit D ciMin. AIt?' whioh her re?u!ar tripe will ha oontinned M follow - : Lnt* Cfcarieetan on tb* 10th and 26th Mom. Lwn IUteu on the let and 16th of Eacb Mortb. For aa'aty. apeed, oonafort, nd plea* are, ttua Line eannct bo anrpaaaerl. For information or pataace apply ?o T. BARNARD, No 1 Todd'a Bailainc. WMbinctoa: or to ttORDfiCAl k. CO., 110 Eaat Bay, cnarleaton. |ryAll Mail matter muat be pre-p*id at tha Poat Oftne ? ocJO lawam Window shades at first cost-th# a took of all kiada WINDOW SHADK&at the atore oft^LAGETT A'DODSON, in all ai*e?, oonaiatinc of elegant Gilt, 1 jtnJa^spa, Gray l'encilied and Gothic Style*.i* perhaps the nv>?t oorn l'te variety to he found any waer* in thia city. Alao. all widtha SHADE 1-1NENS, in Buff. White, Blue a-d Green, with all th? fixture* Alao. I'ICTCRK ? OftUM. CORDS und TAR KI.S. in MU,Tbr Pioturea, Picture Naila, with oy and plain head. Aleo, beautiful T1DIES, in all aiaea. At eoat for the oanh. no87 ?o?t CLAQBTT A DODSOM. I HAVE NOW ON HAND A COMPLETE Stock of? Ladies' Kid and Laating Velvet Trimmed J Hoou r mi Ladict' Kid and La>tinr BntU>n*d Boota, * Nk Ladiea' Vloroooo and Boat-kin Buttoned BooU Ludiea' Thick and Far B*oU, Miaeea' Kid Velvet trimmed Boots, Miim1 Kid Morocco and tioat?kin But'd Boota, Ladies' and Miaeea' Rubber Lone BooU. Wfilch I am ling from SOo. to 91 pair l?w?r th%n the same quality oan l>e bought l??ber? in this Olty. Alto, a full asaortrrent of Boot* ud Shots for gecta', hoys'.and youths'wsar. J. ROSENTHAL. No 16 Ma'ketSaaoe, de 1 eotf Pa av.. N't gth and 3th sU. CfVA YARDS ?-4 VIRGINIA CLOTHS, of the JlJvl bent makes, 4-4 Hear; Twilled Flannels, 5 4 Linai*ya of the best kind. Blue, brown, fray, and whit* Blankets, Woolen \ am. Cotton Oerahurgs, Plaid Cottons, 5 8"# yards Calicoes, of all style*. We have a full stock of goods in every department.all of whioh we will offer at the very lowest market prioes We invite all in want of Dry Goods to give us a call. WM. R. XI LEV A BRO, No. 36 Central Stores, west Building, Betw. 7th and 8th strf eta, no 2w Oppo. Center Market /-NUNIONRESTAURANT.a. f-w aoors soutit of i'a. a*., Kmit'i old stands Fir?t Ward, Washington. His Har is c?nsteutly ?nppiod with tliechoieost Liquors and Cuarr. The West Fued Ojster* in Washington can be obtained at his plaoe. Families supplied witii Oyster* in every style, and at reasonable prices. se 28-eo6m Notice to journeymen tailors. at home and abroad. T^he following is a oonect list of the employers who pay the bill price* ol. and are recognisou by. the Society, to wft: \V. H. Stanford, Matlock & Griffith, uval' A Bro., Matlock ft Herbert, Wm. Tuoker, James l.aokey, G \V. Hinton ft Co., J. T. Molntosh, Loudon ft Co., Thos. K. Gray, ?. M. Urew Vadoran. ?21 srjii PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AMD BLOOD RttNOVATEK Is precisely what its name mdioates, for, while fileasant to tneiaste, it is revivify log, exhibiting, nvi(ora?in< and siren the uig to the vita power*, and at tae ?ame time revivifies, reinstates, and re ii'-vi the Blood iu a ! its original pu ity,and thus atoncer<i<er<< and rncirri tke syit'm iMvulnfable toattarlcs of dtfitt. It is th > only preparation ever olfdrau to t<ie world, so ohsminally aud skillfully o 'Dibined astobetne irost powerful tonic, and at the same time so perfectly adapted tn. as to a<:t in perfect aooordanoo with tlis laws of mature, ant h&no9 will th< trrak-m stornftrh, and ton* up the digestive orgata, im thus alia* aii s-r vols aid other irritatien. it is perfectly exhila>a ting and at the same time it is composed entirely of vegetable*, ?et so oo:iibm*?l as to produce lite most thurough tonic effort, without pioduomg any injurious consequences. Snch a remedy has lorjg pron iv i tn w b uFPiocrBiuiB in me mNliMi W .1 , it needs no medical hk >1 to e?>e tha' debihty f lows all attacks of disease, aad proceod a d in deed laya ihs arstem open to ihf insidioua attack ot <nauT of the inoat fata1, moh, for example, aa the fullowins: Consumption, Indication, L>)spepsiH, oss of Appetite, FXintn-ni, Nervous Irritability. Nema gia, Palpitation of tin hoart, Me!anoho?t, N<ght swat*. Langor, Gid'iinesa. Retention ot. aa w?;l a? Painful obstruoteri. too profuse, or too ai?ni Menstruation, and Patlinc of the Womb These all depend upon general debilit<. Tui? pure, healthy tonio Cordial and B'ood Renovator ia aa sure to onre as the auu is to r>se and a?t There ia do mi'tak* about it . But this is cot all If the system ia weakened we are open to b.lieus attacks, tne liver becomes torpia, ot worse diseased, the kidneys refuse to p?rf <rm th?-ir fuuotiona, and we are troubled with scalding at>d inooi.tiueroe of urine, or invoiuntary discharge of tne same, paic in the baok, side and between the shoakleri- ex oeedingly liable to slight oolds, ooughs, and if an oneonid, soon emaoiatios follows,and the patient roil duwn tn A MrmAtnp* On# !?! not allow na to enumerate the manv ilia ?o whtoh wt are liab.e in a weakened oondt'ionol the ayatem. But we will Bay in thia ?'ordi%! and B ood Renovator yon have a perfect. *a'e, pievsant and efl'eotva remedy for loea of App-tite. buiouaueaa. Flatulence, w<?ak and aiak Ptorovjh. Laoxoiir, Liver Complaict, Ckillaand Fever, or an? U !iou* attaok Coitiveneaa. Aoiditjr of them' luaoli, Nervouaneaa, Nenra<(iat ralpit*tion of the Heart, Depreeaion ofSpinta. tforea. Pimplea on tne Face, or any diaoa?e arlaing from impure blood, anoh aa Scrofula, Kryaipelaa. BronchiUn, Conch, diAoulty of Breath ing. and ail that oiaia of diaeaaea oal cd female weakncav.anJ enumerated above. We will alto *%j the traveler fcxpoaed to epidemioa, change of ehiuato and water, will find it a pleaeant. aafe*nd awre remedy, and no one ahoatd ever travel with out. Re%d-r. try it, for we aaaure you ?o? will find in ft a friend iod-ed.aa w?il aa atciend in need. All p?raona of eedeulary habita will fin 1 it a perfect preventive of, aa well aa a cure for thoae ailmenta whieh they are particularly exp ked He:.o? minister a, atudeuta, attornaya, iiterarr gcn'lemen, and ladiea who are n' t aoouat nied to much oatdoor exeioi?e, will find it to their advantage to keep a bolt.e conatailly on hand; aad above a'l 1 no lb ere or ttioae haoominc auch.wuicrt th'ouah that moftt dangerona period n"t on'y witli ail their aocuaiomed atrengtk, but ?efo and free from the thonaand ailmenta ao prevalent among the femaia portion of the wo, Id. f n ahort, la indeed a mother a cordial. Try it old and yonng; no lot ger ran the riak of delay: it will relieve and prove it?elf emphatioally a R<storativt CtriuU mm Blood Kmova tor. O. J. WOOD, proprietor,444 Broad#?/, New York, and 114 Market fltroet. St. l.oun Mo., ar.rt o'd brail good i)rc<|isU. Prme On* Dollar per Bona PROP. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD RENOVATOR. Sold in this oity by C. STOTT, 373 Pa. awine. aa ao-eoly.atw T PROCLAMATION! O THE Washington! g^r^bto wn, **. FTiiriAi, At Uif preeent a*Mon o Ui rwi CHOLKRA MORBUS, bHOLIC, DT.ENTE.T DEBILITY, Ae., Ac., jrerail to M alftrnlng extent: And *eiuT*at, FIRST CONSEyl^ENCB * o* Puua, offers hip MIRACULOLS PAIN K1LLBR * EM BS^ T HK A J^^cJu^fcAINTS la order to a*ti*fy THE PUBLIC that no imposition u intended in tlieaal* of thia THE MONB ILL1?>E*hEFUND ED in fill cases whan the medioin* Uula to fir* entire aatiafcatto MIRACULOUS PAW KILLER, take aa direoted. end if aot p&rleotlr aa tufted 4X Street aad Pennsylvania A venue, who will refund yoar money. Piioe?9ft and 80 Centa par Bottle. Par sale at aU Drag Store* everrwterai JAB. MoDOJMNKLL. e*?WnUto6stt^ r*oughs, colds. hoa rsbnbm, *?. CQMFOUlfD SYR far 0% O UM AAA BIGThis pleasant and popular Conih Kei&adr bu been so lon< CPKMlfe HIWWaSftlS: EJ S not)<>s Hsar Work rsptirod or Uksn is a?lui? MISCELLANEOUS. W 11^JB*CHAWT TAll^BJlNe^ , I Ly. U uiMMp'ioi of o?r ?rwut ??, X . ? Kr^M"^9^M^K?^cSs^IN8rjl ' v^iTiNGs. ovglcoXViNes. *?. If wkioliw* Will Mk? to oni?r 10 p*rtor m*mm a it)l?UTir;!ovjriaM. _ Wal^, ITKPHMNS * CO-. PtiNGIS HiKFEl, . FAMILY GR^KRY0AVBVeMD?TOII?. CWmt V M? T?rfc mmmi Mi 7WU itrm. RMp?ctfnily aolloiU Um p*lron*?*of Uiomv ?*) t>* m wiatolwii ?rtiei* in Iim. Hii ? adaftvora *hail I* to p<M*o. Ami by a strive atUn- < tion to th? wanta of the pnl?uo, h? hop** tonwiti J bar* of their p?tronaf a. Hi* took con?i*t? of rorr artioi* tiuCir tab* 1 r?T w,w,y j UPRIGHT OR BOUDOIR PIANO?-A i?M ribo?nt artiola joat roeoivM of I o*l?br?t<d ChiokTiiu A fooa' make; fv lRVH t aal? lav. Ca ' a 4 i?a itit tki tianor. ?w %? r JOHN F. ELLIS. 306 PftAv., hat. Hh end 10th ru QUI Pitooa at |r?t bargain*. no ? J OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS METERS. IfOTlCX IS fiSR 1?B ' abiy to tha proTiaiooa of lha otditUM of ta? Cor- . poration approve! Mat 12.1890. tha nodaraigMd if , now preparad, "whenever reaalred in writing. and oa pra payment of lha of ftfty eerta, to lnapoot. . examine, teat, prove, and aeoertain the aoovraev of reciatr&Uoa of any iu neUr in nee in thu ntf." F.wj meter, lffonud moorreot, will WeoMlrBBN, and another, aeved and Marked a* tree, wUi ba . aetini'* place. If proved to be accural? in lU MNMM of gaa, it wil! be aa*!ed aooorrfing ly, aad miidiit in poeitioa for in. OAaa No. *10 S?vonlii a treet. (near (Mi Palowi1 Haii ) <>pecfroia 8 a. m.. to ftp. ak CHARGES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy lt-tf laapaotor and jt^Ur of 6aa IMatar*. , important tu houtkkbkpku> 1 b. k.durkkb* cq.1 Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTHLY AND PERFECTLY PURK, bat croand from freeh Spioaa. eeleoted aad o. naned by ua expraealy for the parpoee without i aterepoa to ooet. They are beMtifaily packed lb tinfoil, (lined with paper.) to prerent injanr by keeping %r.?i are fall weirljt, while the ordinary rroand Spioea are almoat m variably abort. We wvraa4 them, in point of etrenirth acd nohneae of flavar, BKYOND ALL COMPARISON, aa a ainele trial will ahandantly prora. Macunujtured oaly br a lJ-if,DA I WATCH REPAIR I NO ANOP1LTER WARS manufactory. I hare one of the beat 9?t*bliahi*ent?. aad farMlaW A. 4 nri ^ W fc?- ? " ? ? - ? uioiivi mui wmifiow "i i?i rrjwrlbk every d?sa iption of fine Watches. end/^j particular Attention civ? to the mmf, by *4mB t loroji h ooiapctent workrnan.aad a. work jtmrn',. tied A1 ery de*crip ion of s'amisrd SILVER WARE, p & n an<1 ornamental, manufc/'to'ed ?inder my own supervision, whinh m? coot mer? will find far superior in quality and finish to northern war* sold by dealers in general and re?r*sen|f<1 as toeir own manufacture. H. O HOOD, ?e 6 33* Pa. avenue n <ar 9th st. WOOD! WOOD!! W O O D in STOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at the low*, possible rrioe. T. J. k W M. GALT, 9*a Pa. av., between 11th and 12th st*., ma 11-tf ^nnrth >irl roun"lIghtT V* CHEAP LIGHT! SAFE LIGHT! TARAFFIN EOlL.f'om Coal king k. BCRCflELL. to It ^|?nto for its ??i?. rnrriiui f AumMMnU puMAn ipinraufl v The above PURE W HlSKY.Coma L>i?tili.?d rtoM M altid 6k*Ht, bem* ?ar?'ior And uniform in tna'ity, And highly improved by a^e, i? preferred by oontum?r? to all otli-i \Vhi?ktea, and parti on iarly r?oommonae-1 b; tb? bent phyeioena and sbem nU aa joaeerainj-'1 the rMiir?mecti of a TVjm Tonu In*itirtU9T r.%d Ximt. The SohuT kill Water oi Philadelphia, uaed la the diaU!!ition of this Whiaky, u prornd by analy ia to be the aofxeat and f aroai water in the U altad fits tee : and to thia may. in a ?rmt decree, be attribute the eaejlleaoe of thie Wbiaky. For nieby iTiBEMAN * Pheaix Distillery, On the Schuylkill tiwr, Phi.a?leipjua OfBoea? 9b Vail eirwt. New York ; 109 Sorth Fro^t atr*et, Philadelphia. ww ?-1 r (l^y^ DISPATCH! | 0^TSa?? tbe_Plee??! At metidmtt will ktppm, tmm *? wll-r*tnlmf4 fmmitUi, It ia r?ry taairabie to have KM oheap ud oonTMint im tvr repairing Firnitara, Toys, Omkarr,**. r&LDUIQ'l rKKfAAED 6LCR mMti all an oh croerc eneiee. and so hoaaefcold ou afford to be withoat it. It ia alwaya ready aad np to th? aUakicf point. There ia no loafer a neooeaity for limping ohaira, aphnlered ~*oeera, heaoleee doll!*, and broken oradim. It ia Jaat the article for rone, ahell. and other ornamental work, eo popaiar with ladiea 01 refinement and taate. Tula admirable preparation ia need aold. twine ohenuoally heid in eolation, and poaaeamnc all the rvloAtj.e qaaiitiM of the r>f st eabinet makers' ties. It yn*y bo nssd in the place of ordinary mscilace, being vastly more adhesive. " USEFUL IX KTERY HOVBM.m Prits, U oents. N. JJ.?A Brash aoooirr*ale? eaoh bottle Wk?U**lt No. <tTcedar street, Nrw Yert "J~ ,T^W5?SfcS%t. rat *f tor Deal ere in Gmm oontaiMng Feu, Kir ht, and Twelve Dosen?abeMttfaJLithocTajhlo Bhov-Card aooompacytni eaoh package. CT- finite bottle of SPALVINO'S PREPARED OLUE will save ten t&iaee fts ooat aanoally to every hon?A4oid.-/*Tl Sold by ail- eromineat Stationery Draggists. Hardware aad raraitare Dealers, Groeera, and Fancy gtorec. their list. It will stand au olimat* felO-iy ts' +C ?e??/r/?r wu * (?k?31f(< n.+4J*r ? W*'< M If *i< rMcr^flt Vw>?il<if,) ^mi 1 *200 .i <* *?.< *?.*"*?< *r J |5##^ (/5u T 2|iiH aU liilii Jka'i i*y. /ruwj' . TJk ,T_ nmmtmtr# b, IA> f't* I Iwwmi xmJSt d.' W U? PMw ta ? JMwmmJ <L 0yy | f jj|5g I ''> CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS XI AT-V'R fflBWlEVJUlEY WHISHH Wi THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABELA?L 6TH?^S ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.BLDALY, sole: proprietor 18 SQfiTH WlliiAM SI HEW YCRfL ?or balm uf wammmtm* jtr iMy ULUOOK* M"1M ? ??? ? < jaMjoum: I MlMTtN, eoerrrA/ 9u Oiwwifrt iM wm OIM. gy?w*y. Ml ?< Jh4#lW)r Ml (4l Irlfif, rO* ALL DISK.ABES UP IMPRUDBNQt. AST iVO FALSE DELICACY FUEfEfTT APPLY IMMKD ATELT. 1 CHAM WARRANTED. 0* JNTO CHAJLOM, IM WHOM OJVJl TO TTTO i)^TS mi |kM*t, U??l?04Jfy IMttfM, laMWtt, Imwi kkmtr. w?i?i? m?, d>imi,u'f?ut ?i?fc,oc Mo ifkm, Mpwim r'->r**rin^-r"tii]- T?r? "la^i knani?(k(ti? itiMui ?< ik* TkMn. ! > J* Ut.n,liM<rtw k*?a?IM*| T?ri?.i [liwara ?ri?ir.j W Btkiu a> .* ? DmMI v< IHiminn PntM? vkok r*? > Mirntfi wpMili. 1?J <titm tau M; w i Mk4 lipiiiiilt tto l?H nmm v W t?t >7 Vim, h*. imih< w< (ttuicu'i btkn ?> 0 uaulli ft ? ia iMwii; (? ih?aa*?4? W TMa f Mh / 'Jm Mat *?. U"4 .n--. ?r, .I'w a(M n: kiva ?.,* ik* ? ?/ rfllllMMUt rU<4 ta HnufMi Onmc Ijra, Mf tall Ml iwi '****" MAUI 1MB nUORI, M TM?|Mmiwim^UU Na^ Hf?, k?ir| ??7?l?4l rHtMM. AakUttr, Imnmi. ft*.. *fM4u? im< ll arha ?!?( ?ka Mr* Wlh J Ml N?||. Ml; mt'i ! la kM? u * ptll?H u4 twHnM; r?iy ifM tx ak-ii M ? p?r?i-u orric* iu. t terra r?u>u min 41 lul U<IJ?A| 'fa, BOutaa** autM, fca 4MM n-M lb* Mnar rail m( u ?Min wai u< a??M. k*?**? ML JOBMVOB, M ?ki?a ?r ik* Itftl ffl?t|MM, UMn, |n<M k*n m* af |k? mm mu*M C^*(M M Ik* VaUa4 lui*^ tad ik* niUK pan af tkai lift mi k**a *p*ai ka tfca kaaMab atlMilia, WW. MU<?llM? u< *li*(t*r*, kat ?* 'act** aaiM af tka "wal aaiMi*Wg * > ikai war* * * kaava; May inaM?< wtafe r.rfing la Ik* ? ?* aa? mi* vfcaa : **, rr**l c*r*?aan*M. k*">f *.*r?*4 at tadtfaa liula, laiSfliUM vilk fr*sa*:.l klaatu.g. a- at. 1*4 taai tan vitk d*r*a(*naai af wad. v*ra cat *4 luadkialt. TA KE rAKTTCfkAR W'TICB. Mam t.4 Mk.n wfc* lav. 11 irtI taaaHi?H b* a Itnw pracuta ibdalfad la vkaa ater* ?a tikH fta^aaawy laamad fim a??l nafwr i. ar at *ckaa , ika affaaw al *UU ar* ni(tU; fau *?*r. ai.**p, ui if aat aarad. rar.dara aamafa ta.ptaaikla, aad ItiirtTi katfc Biad aad kadr, akaa:d apply irauiadiaia'.r Am ar* *aan* afifca aad > t.a aataatUif af act* pra'aaad H aari? hahtu af aaaife rta t Yaakaaaa af ifca Back aad Wka, riaa to tNt Kail, af lifkl, Laa? af Maaaalat h*ii, Pkipttauau af laa *<n,Dro*paf, Maraaaa Irftuk'lt|f,Oaran|aa>aataftka Di|aiu>irt cuaaa, Ban***. DfVlltf, iraHta) of OrMnapiae, Ac. NIKTALLT.-Tm faarfal afacu an ifca aM ar* taaak va ta draad*d ? Laaaaf M*i?arr, Ciafxna af U?aa, Dapaaaai? af Spirit*. Ball Karbadir.f*. A 'araiao af aciatt. f f%-.ra*v, ( af alltada. Tub dilf, aw.,ur Mai af Ik* ??n? pa?lUTtXI DSIlfcTY -fkawadjua M?|a<p vkat I* l*a aaaaa af lfe*ir dacltaiaf fcaakk, taaaaa ik*i? ?if?r, k* kfinf la. Bar aaa aad amactatad, naainf a au fa tfftirut* ak??; tha ayaa, caagf. arafi|Ha?aaf imiapu*! DlltAlfl or lKPKUnCltCB. Vln ik* nuagaidad *ad inprvdant ?a?* ry ?f piaam* t>i< ka kai laSikif ika aaada af (hi* paiafal Ciaaaaa.Mtaa afla* happaaa Ikal aa ill mad aaaaa alakaa* ar draad af daacarary datara kim froaa if^;in| I* ik?a ?te,baa adacalm ud Napactabiir.y, cm aiaaa kafi aad fctta. * fell* ink* Ika baa da af ifaaraat and daaifmnf pr*t*?d*rt, art*, irtapak.i af eartaf. dicta ka pacnur; *aWtaaca( kiaf kla t.-<fir.f aatn artar mie,ar > iiumiii mur >?n taiaad, aad > d?.p?ir iaa?a tlfr wub rata*4 baaiib la ? *a a?ar bM nilirf d.wppatruaam; ai by Ua ati af Ibtl 1 pattar , Mareary. htataa tba canatif aaaal aymmaara af ibia tambla diaaaaa, aacfc M A fat liar a a' ifca Ba?n Tbraal. Naaa, km.fte . pr*fT?*au ( with friftotfal rapidry, till fau triad ta bia draadfal iritnafi by aanduf kia ta ikti ? lataaarad cavalry fraan wbeeibaerea aa iH'iln iiiani ML J3IMOI1UMKDY FOR OKGAB1C HUUIM AWD impotkrct. By thla mil u< Itmrui ramady waakraaa af lb a tifui if* aaaadnr carad >ad fMi ?ifar raatarad T>aa?ul? J tba aat aar?aaa >ad dabiltwtad, vba bad lan all bayi, bar* baaa laataaduuiy imt'ii All uaaadimaaia la Kardaf?. Fkfiiu a* Maalai PUtnttlaatiant. baaa af Fraaraati'a Pwii, Irrtuat'Hj Kinblinitid Wailimai tibiHuaa af tba Mat huh" 4 apaaadily caraA. EHDouuiun or ru fim. rat MART TNOtaAND* carat atifeuiaaOimiaB wtt?a Ai lui itaataao >tin, ul iba aaaaaraaa myamu aiatMl aptnuau parfarmad b? Di ia>nat vilaaaaad by i*a reparian af 111 papara u< au; atbar aaraata. aaOaaa af vtnl hiva imtraf afua aad ifaii bawa Iba aabita, ba#daabia<uiiu(ui faatlaauaf abaraatar ?d raaaaaabMluy. la a aaflalaat paituiaa la Iba ti'aiaf |u ?a-i? H. J. BOVKE OODTJ IMPERIAL WIVE BITTERS, An low belnc ased Iron Mum to the Graat 8*!t Lakf>, inl tfce BiuverM. aerUiot of all who ut thwn Mtto m ? mmHnnt or u i >?wru?. is thU thar are aumrpaaad i& tfce vorid. I>% Do<U n?ori thMn *ueceaafKjjT to hia yr*otic* for 91 fwp before we eurcaaeed ! Juralae wli r^Ut to UMyrMMDlMia ?r ea<e to fee >? For U:e cere of laaipiw'. C*De?m*t>ott, lLajj<-tioc. J>r? p**?la, PI as. Nerro*a OiMttM. Female C?m ylainte, mi ait nm rMiinif a torn*, thtf *r? baToii>. doabta moat iiwulM r??edy. Auot frc im ttetr moc.dna eroaertf re they ar? ? p?re, vholeiom? aad deJghtm Bervreo, t'odncloc U* ffc* MMt exJuNriti.ii etfcsta of Brandy or wis* without th?T injiWo^t iwlH. L?4 sZl fneode^ Afljpanity and all adro<?tA* .?f itieKrtut mbM a In ubi'.itu-.n* tfejae Tfea&l>.e VoreUiNe Bitten for the too MnidruW Ltfttmt with wi.icb the oohh\ij ut floadea, ?f>c tberet*? <w w'ui j u4 la bicixilcg Diaaaae au- Drukeaeea ^ 3!^PJELD&Sfcrt * ' r/r.WOrij To n iCT6#tt nivw I ori. 4. e?lHWAJtZK. IfWi, Wachiacton, D C. For PllMiet of thf Kid? n. ej-.d l'ni?r? Orftoi, ard aapaaiaUr for Vmiti* Otoatraotooc*. ?? ?- faii to Mr*, ami vt warranted to ghra sat10C^ARLKS VUDDJ FIELD * CO?a" t?T ly.r A>fLi \ve.?r dun,. r> r joy mieemmimmATM THTRIMIDT oft**. <to^o? thV^etla afy rarity of tie LH? WUl are taay, do yon naFf Ratber fc*k. ?t?t nre they cot.' The b.ood litM Mim of hie and health, and it i? tSe trat oiemect of oar being to reepo^to acr wcm whjch ?tfewu Ui- vystoni.M the pa^etf <n?lfib!y ?.tt?wt? The ever prerjuUnc Nwriltin. the irntatin* fcryepoiae^tae aabtla aarafu.a, the afonia:a? RtieamnUem. Nar oaa Debility, Uj ?j>*p?iap Ltvar Compi^nt with iU torpor ttn<l dejection. ana the numberleee jil? that .iNt ta heir to deny* *be:r hideona origin from the blood. Deal kioU.y th*? ud cert y With th* b.od. Ua* the vitalising rMi'BroM of nature for its ftM. and tnfTar oa to ocmmecd to your o<>obd?>aoe tad km UU truly va.wvoie metlioajneut knows aa IFDIAF T?U?TABLE DECOCT ION. With retard 'jo ttila aiT.oat infallible apecif.c popnlar eentiment ki apokan in drcided tor ma. at-d tfco eriuesoea of thia treat elowr are tA.r ?d by conat&nt avowaia of ciiratire effeota and th* h&ppieat r?Kalta from iu nee are a/tor all oUm ramMiea and Ui? beet ??;M:cai akin h*r? faiied. Lat ca aay, in ocuclaaioa, U*t* onrea are not aonght from the illiterate and aaperfioia!, b?t they are volunteered from the m'-at re epertabla a^rnci and jaatify toe aicbaet tenaa in wtuob it is poaaitxe to eoiifnsa) ao ralaab a aecifio to ptfbic approajj. We nay add aleo that t?c on rati re properties of toe medioiae are e? ua^ed only \tj iu raatoratire effecta. the arat m reaovor-cr fromdieeaee with renewed oonetitat'onaJ ntor. For aaie by all reaaeotable Drattiata in tola cJt*, ar.d by tta proprietor. MRS. M. COX. i?oce teoaine unlt*a bar name la Uown oa toe bottle and her aeal on the oork j|^ Price 91 per bottle, an for ???vk??if yfim. rv. j". x . ymnivii 0??r|*tfl*D, /j C.. WIwImI* AfMt for tba Diatrie*. and will anppiy u?e trad* at iny pnoaa. Mlltr _ QLD K 1CH7MJf^LOW AN1) MONONGAHELA EYE WHISKEY, | CoaiMtentioaaly diaUlkad by Mr Jaiaea Ben*4a. I of Anacaay Coaott, Taana., in tba old lukiMM kosMi vtr, from the ohoi?*?t aad moat earafbily I a^lactad Rye, and in no eaae *r?r offarad for aa.e i natal adapted to whrlf^ome aae by ac? >* Mat oaoa tba hkm* palatal *, a* it i? wphatioally aaa of tba paraat bavorM?aia tba roach of Um paklw. To tba laTaii<(.aa wail aa to tboaa ta ooraiaanda itaalf far ita ennti' >nl nklibaa u & timoiaftt of the Jeet. acd ir.<>?t b*o*io?ct (WnorifW'n.Md 1MB; of tbe ?>t>et crnnlw* phj?ici?ne t-e eiiQgitia their praMne *itt IH Aint for the Proprietor*. 894 Pi !? < ? ? Pfyoeff WilWdt' Hotel.. pLLMBEES AND 6Aft RTTEB?. J. W. THOMPSON * CO. _ . Would oft 1 the Attention of vater taker* to tfcw Nil Meortneiit of Fi xUree awreea&M to ?* ? <?*: 4?odoefMfol'o?*-KITCIIKN *ANt'K?,-MiTS TEft piPESrHvbftATJTsTS* EH *. RUBXKK H?*K.Ae Hannc k?p*rior kdrwUcN, with I k ttwimif. we are p-rpftrM to introdae* WM?r mtn dwelling* with all the l?U-?t prowptii.uM at prioM U?t MM?t teu to ?69 PMtA. avaeua, oXdtMarl bet.Hh md l"th ai? . aoath aida. UPO"NT*S 6UNFOWDBI, For atvle at MitlMtarwt pnMa^br JOHN J. BOG UK, ifinumwii. D C., M* iiMtf fm Ik* District Qf MmiKl BALT; MORIiBUTTM ROrtfR, u ? ?? 275 JALi*" 275 JACKSON, ' * * * r i ? i a i, PWll c8lm?0N 4Lv Caah paid Cnrali kiada of Grata u ail* cffira s5i? W2&6" ?OU* V. KM I*. . *n A MM Pa. ?.. Mv**? 4?h M H?l? ' Nw^v,8&.iwrwfA,^i|"i

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