Newspaper of Evening Star, December 8, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 8, 1860 Page 2
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<MTY: SATURDAY D?rrak?r ?, 1M0. J* *p?rtt ( the Mer?t?t Trwm. Tbe CfmtrtTn'itm notices tbe comments of tbe| BnjjMeb prees on the elccttos of Lincoln, wherein It nyi tbe Sontb Is lectured and btetond wttboul stint on tfc* course U should puisne under tbe clr-' cametances, and adds by way of reply tbat In tbe future, as In tbe pest, " It may be tbat tbe South ?1,1 *- 1 '? ?#! tkHvi writhnnttliorpHnifl ' w it4 UC auic w ? ?% ? ? ? of th* press." . The lnflligtnetr Is devoted to general and political ftftelttgeacc Too Lati ?^ e fear ttat A* ttae In peaaad' when^?A?Xf?lwiAl actios might fcaee been1 rOcU Tt a* en to 4s/ev the aeceasloa af the coUoaproducTag State*. But, as "wfcfW there la life thaw la ha pa." wt fjn pair pray {feat th* appolatc^lttJmay riolt lnloSSoeigreaalenal aotioa will straagtbea Ike purpoae ot MaswntlT* oaen at the South to ladoca Alabama. Mlaeiaaipp*, and Georgia to pause for a aeasoa ere oaeaaaltUng themeelvea to the aaeasure of South Carodaa.i *eelng ahead to assure us that they a-cortJVlisb that end, we can bat hope that the disabilities which both extreme sections will CmL from disunion accomplished, will speedily result In a reconstruction of the Goamotat upon a more satisfictory and a safer basis. It will be tfea pec oil ar l.bor of tba border States, alavelaidt% and non-slaTehotdlng, to bring about that end Three things are neceaaary to its accomplishment let That chril war rihall not grow out of the withdrawal of the cotton-producing States of the Union. Else, the border slaveholding States will nil speedily follow them. 2d. That there be no interference upon the part of England and France In our internal difficulties whereby the extreme South may be abmulated to hold to the poaition they are apparently about to 3d. That the effect of the aeceaslon upon the business interest* of the >ortb shall speedily teach her that she has lost far more than >be baa gained by anti-slavery ultra)?m We are hopeful with reference to the first and third ef these propositions, though doubtful as to Mcoad. The anti-slavery measures of England and France have from first to last been directed to the and of dlsaevtring this Government, in order te cripple the ao rapidly progressing manufactures of onr Northern States. That object having at length been accomplished, we fear they will leave no effort untried to make it a fixed fact for all time to come, to toon a* they may decently tep forward to Influence the acceding Stair* to refaae overture* for the reconstruction of the Unloa. Thi Skcxssioxist* is a Mrs* Alkkadt ?The South Carolina Legidature la at loggerhead* about the matter of officering the new army to be ralaed in that State The Democracy of the rural district* la waging flerce war against the domineering autocracy of Charleston which clique 1* lighting for a monarchical form of government, and eatertain a purpose to make the Governor of the State a military chieftain with sovereign power. Mr. Cunningham, of the House, who i* put furward by tbe committee to take all theresponsloltl ty of extreme tenti menta, hat openly avowed hit hatred of Democracy In the camp. He considered the common soldier at incapable of an elective choice. The opposing or thoroughly Democratic party of the House, while avowing strong secession sentiments, are nevertheless bitter sticklers for popular rights and will stand out for them. As yet they have been able to obtain few concessions. They have caused the army bill now under con. slderation to be modified to such an extent that the Governor shall appoint general and field of. jctrt oy ana wim ins canwut inu savicc 01 me geeste The debate in the South Carolina House of fiepresentatlves on Tuesday Last was bitterly ertaoaiom. Got. Jon B Floyd, Secretory of War, has written aa able and eloquent letter upon the duty of Virginia in tbe crisis?published in the Richmond Enquinr of Tbursdsy last? wherein, though proclaiming himself s believer in the constitutional right of a State to secede, he argues meet earnestly against secession on account of Lincoln ? election. He urges Virginia to bold a fetalo Convention, and enforces tbe duty of entire southern consultation and action to obtain southern rights under tbe government of tbe UuiUd States; and be exposes, unmistakably, tbe fallacy that the South nay fars better oat of rather than im tbe Union. Tn Bist Siex or * ? Tikis Is tbe nervous anxiet> manifested by tbe disunionists per si lest something may happen here that may possibly influeace Alabama, Georgia, and Mlcsissippi to paue ere following tbe exsmple South Carolina Is abont to set them. It tella tbo tale of their con -?? *? A ? * rii.. 4-1 ? I .# M iciion IMS 11 iqck sutes ue ? urin kuuii lur redaction ere plunging into the chosttc gulf of disunion, there ia yet hope thst the South may adapt wfae meaaurea for her m future protection, rather than the mad achsooea of the fllllbuatering men who would lead her to destruction by playlag upon her paasion. {Ty The Baltimore American com me a da to the attention of those who look to Great Britain aa the commercial ally and friend of a Southern Confederacy the editorials of the English presa on ths lection of Lincoln, which indlcste the heartiest sympathy with tbe Republicans, and enjoy, In anticipation. tbe opportunity which disunion will give to thecn to co-operate with the North In preventing the extension of slavery. ITT' The Charleston Courier publishes the President's Message with this brief comment : Ths Last Me$>agt ?The last message of tbe president of the United Slates will be found in anvih. r place. We have no space or tiu>* for ewments, and we feel assured that It will be Nad with attention, and In some places with fltmnfttLv forth# JET From M?sara. Taylor it Maury, the ageatj tmt Waahlngton, we have tb? National Quarterly Review* for December, and Blackwood's Magazine for November, both valuable number*. The National Quarterly la perhaps the fulleat and most thorough la Its book notices of any Review ia the United States ? Thi Okmocbatic Caccc* Tail Mo*si!i<..? There was a full attendance of southern Senator* at the Democratic caucus at the Capitol this morn in a hut a* ma mA innpntnAnl t* k*n r\l?/?o up te U< tlaae ot ear going to pre**, we are unabie to auto what wu proposed er determined upon. (?7"Hofl. Joba Foraytb, la bit paper, tbe Mobile Reg later, aftffiM that be U not oue of tboee vrho look upoa the diaa^lution of the Union aa a holiday or a drunken frolic, "or a tblng to be doae before breakfast." If done la baato, It wlU be repeated at leiaare. He proceed*at aome leagtb to coiuwei moderation, while la faror of eceaalon T?? CoKHrrr** of TmTt-?Hin.~Mr. Cor wia determined sot to conveae the ipeeial committee appointed by the Speaker of the Houac o Tburaday last, (aad of which he la chairman,J until it ia aacci tamed whether utemben are to N ?icna*ri from aervlng, which will probably be doekded ob MaaAay oest. |fTThe Annapolli Gazette glvea an emphatic Aeaial to the rumora that Governor Hick* wa W to be made Collector of the Port of BalUnere ?ader LlocoU So mu la Maryland, aaya th< Oaaetie, la ?eee biUerly oppeaed to l.locola thai Governor Hick* M ? m ** ? WMM rnuM I* smwrmwva VOBHTT, Va^~/ nUwl aubarri W to tho S*v u Cbarleatowa, Jet fan* Const/, Va , la reoewlBf hit obacrtption WiltM, " Wo hart no 8ooooaloaiota her?, ali u for the Unto* V B7* TW Oluabli Smtk Caroitmimm publtobe oolr so macb of tho Pnotdeat* Mmago "a? be* pas tho lum at the lay," and omlta alt tha Mn to hrlft and foretg relation* uaa anbjoct h>>> ao loader eooeerauala thepreaaat L nlon.' f-T W? an Indebted to Shttliagtoa, Odooi Mtfhf, f? Godey't Lady's Book far iaauary eaartaiarag aevcsal new feotaru of imtereat I | ^ '% Dv Ja I y; ? A ?C ' 1 1 b. J< | ?BCB*atOH No VII. ^'^frwa^T^mr^a^fr^^innirii^ror^Soaa^fc^^* ^ THE USITED fTATSS Govkrsmext COEKCES * IltDlTlDUALa, HOT STATE*?THE STATES CASNOT ^ AMOLVB THE MAIL ROBBER OK TEAITOE r*o* 11 GtlLTOB SCBEEK Hi* F ROM PC MISHMEHT?AN ACT OF SBCBMIOJI HOT TEBASON, BCT NUOATOBT?ACTCAL ABMBC RBIICTANCB TO TUB 1 KXECUTIOH or THB LNITBD STATES LAW* la 4 TBEASO*. WHOIB PENALTY IS I)UI^/a 1 J To tkt Ptoplt of tht .*bml A. ' ~j The an prejudiced reader cannot, I think, Ua\ to be aatlafled tbat our Conatltuttoa la tbo work * of the people of all the Statea, and >? just ?a snack J in effect though not In form fc con pact bafwaaa ? all tkt people of all tke Statu as tbe conttituttoti of a State ta a compact between tbe people of that J State. Bat wbatevrr it may be In Ita origin, *'* y xtt operation* it ifnare* tkt Statet altogether, f Br ItsTa^ lata lies, eeeeetive ar.d judloUl powers I t( tell direttly m every cititen if ex try State aa effectually aa If no tele government existed. _ J| Those who havs been for year* endeavoring bv f tloa of tbe Uato* tee* apselally denounced tbe J idea that tbe GeneralGoVernment should tblnk of , maintaining its authority or existence by correiag j Statet. Who threaten* to eotret Stmttt !** Tbe I Statu or* not cltizoa* or ?nbj4fct? of the United ' State* Tkt low* of tbo OnM State* are not f made for State*, but for citizen* of tbo United State*, ragwdl*** of tbo otter bod la* politic at which thoaa citizens nivkc niMDhctl A r.ltttA * of Mm United Stale* does not cease to be a citizen even by becoming a member of a State Leglslatore, a J udge, a Governor of a State, or even a member of a State Convention. If the Governor of a State were to be detected in robbing the mails | or counterfeiting the coin of the United State*, be 1 Is punlibable in the same manner as the humblest citizen ; nor could any act of the Slate, through a 1 convention or otherwise, screen him from punish- ] ment. The Constitution and the laws of tbe Unl- , ted States constitutionally enacted are "the supreme i law of the land," end the citizen owes obedience ' to tbem from which he cannot be relieved by state authority can a State, by legislation, reso- r lution, judicial decision, or any other device, , pardon tht mail rchbtr * If abe attempt to do ao, I by the resolution* of Convention or otherwise, and the United States proceed to punish him not- [ withstanding, is that coercing a Slalt, Kvery Government which deserves the name la * a Government of coercion. To give that charac- 1 ter to the Government of the United States was | the leading object of Washington and-his com- t patriots in framing our present constitution. For 1 this, It was clothed with legislative, judicial, and j executive powers, and with means to execute < lurin. a u uui&c vurie uitini fneruve, it rxprrw- r ly placet the Constitution and laws of tbe United J States, constitutionally enacted, beyond tbe reach < ol State authority. I Treason has among ail nations been considered a crime of the b'gbst enormity That crime is defined by the Constitution to be " levying war against the United States or giving aid and com- ; fort to their enemies," and the laws of the United States presorlbe deatb as the p?nalty. Now, can ! any State Interpose to screen a traitor from punishment any more than a mail robber, when convii-ted under the " nr>r?m* law of th? land "> And is the punishment of a traitor to be denounced 1 as the tofreion of a Stale t The truth Is, that whatever the Convention of South Carolina may resolve, she cannot release her citizens from their allegiance t? the United States. Any ordinance of her Convention purporting todo to, w 111 be absolutely null and void,and all her citizens will still be citizens of the United States. In itself it will not be treason, because it would not be " levying war against tbe United States," and tbe General Government would not be bound to take any notice of It. But If any citizen of South Carolina, acting under tbe pretended authority of a convention or tbe Legislature, sball be found ?'levyl?g war against the United States.'' he will be guilty of treason, and incur the penalty of death. What it may become tbe duty of tbe General Government to do, should the political leaders of South Carolina delude her people into tbe crime of treason under the pretext that a State Convention can release them from their allegiance to the united states. it la not my province to anticipate. My object la to diapeldtlusloii as to tbe pretended right of aeceaaian, and enable every citizen to understand tbe awful responsibility be will Incur, sbould be, under cover of an unconstitutional and void act of b!a State,be found restating tbe execution of tbe laws of tbe United Statea. Tbe alang about not coercing Statea aa well as tbe doctrine of aeceaaion, are tbe invention of tbe enemlea of the Union, deviaed for tbe purpoae of making disunion eaay by lmpreaaing tbe popular mind with tbe belief tbat ao far as regards tbe people of each State, tbe decreea of a State Con vention are "tbe supreme law of tbe land," "the Constitution and laws of tbe l*Dited States" notwithstanding ! And thus, the whole theory of the Government is reversed, and tbe States are thrown into a revolutionary state, where the will of each Is a law to itself. The right of rebellion against intolerable wrong and oppression, nobody in this country contests. Why does not ?outh Carolina place herself on that ground * Is it because the wrongs of which she coo. plains are in her opinion uot sufficient to justify her in tbe opinion of her own Deoole or ? m - r those of other States In rushing headlong Into revolution ? And la ahe, therefore, compelled to conceal the true character of tbe movement under a new name and a pretest of Inherent right * In cue or mare numbers I propose to axamln* the wronga of the South and treat of the remedies. Amos Kzsdall. P. 8 ? Since tbe foregoing was written I have read the admirable and unanswerable argument of the President against the pretended right of accession; but its force on the public mind la much impaired by the conclualon at which be arrives. It is very true that the Conatitutton confers no power on Congress to declsre or carry oa war againat a 8tat*; for such a power would bare been inconsistent with its leading principle*. Bat it docs confer power to coerce tvtry tiitiM / e Statt detected in the violation of lta provision* and the lawa of the United States. The power la 1 in no way effected If the transgressor he sustained by all the authorities of hia State who may become his accomplices, themselves punishable, not as State officer*, bat aa citizen* of the United States. The truth la, the right of the United States to enforce their own laws on every citlcen of every Stat*, no matter what th#> SUU mn? ? ? ? ? I mlTC, la u perfect u any granted right can be; but the time* and modes of Its exerclae depend on clrcumatancea. and to some extent, on the discretion of the public authorities. Right on Stat* to Szcxdx? Orivibs or th* Attokkit Uxhx*al.?The Attorney General of the United States, as the legal adviser of the Government, has rendered an opinion upon the questions Involved In cues of disputed Jurisdiction and authority between the Government of the United States and of any State. He aays i Within tbeir respective spheres of action the ?.J * A * J S*-- * reaeni uuvcmmeni ana uie uovernment of a State are both of them Independent and supreme but each ( utterly powerless beyond tbe limits assigned to it by the Constitution. * * * -phe i will of a State, whether expressed la its Const! i tutton or laws. can net, while It remains in the Confederacy, absolve ber people from the duty sf ooeying the just and Constitutional requirements ' of tbe Central Government. Nor can any act ef the Central Oovernment displace the jurisdiction of a State, because the laws of the United States are supreme snd binding only so far ss they are passed is purtuanet l|? Co**tt tutton I do net , ss v what might be eflbMed by mere rerotntloMry force. 1 am speaking of legal and constitutional right # ? # ?##** Iki. ? _J k.t si r i rs ? . lue ri?junu UK v?e^rtai uuyrrnmeniw preserve i itaelf in Ita whole conftjtotlonai vigor by repelling > direct and positive aggreaaioa upon its property or iU et(M cannot bo denied. But this U a totally different thing from an offrestve war fa punish the people fur the political miadeoda of iboir State government, or to eaforee an arknowl, #dgmeot that the Government of tba United States a la aupraipo Tbe States are colleagues of oae mtfap. aad If sense of them a ha 11 conquer the reet aad bold thetu aa subjugated provinces, it . , would totally destroy the whole tueory upon J 1 Vulch they a/e aow connected. . i a The Mobile Rsgister of the 4th announces , the return of Captain who went toTruxllto to obtain tbe remains of Quad Wflktr, having i been unsuccessful in consequence of the Hoodfrjis , taws prehlMUag exhameUoe. Col Rudl#r wa? hamaurijr UraWd and bis release th e i pse tad t ' ' I-' . : ' VM' ,rSI ' i I DEPARTMENT NEWS. Vm. H. Dundat, Second Aaaiatant Poatmaater General, U yet confined to bis bomf, aa for tome me paat, by aeTere ladlapoaitlon. ' 4 laxy OaDt*-?Second Lieut. Edward G. Buab, Oth Infantrf. baa been directed to proceed lroroeiajA^ to joU hia company?H, 10th lnfanUf^-at Ilia Waataaa.?Tbe following repw^?f the rqMber for t|MtjQMtilng la made from th> jmfc caa Coa?ondated Telegraph Line to tk? pnIX W&8S&Z' - ? few York, N. Y........,.be*Yy anew nhkA 'hiladelphia, Pm. ..'..mowing. Yuhington, 0. C cloudy, wind NB llchir ood. Vi......... . . .^leerj pleaeant. ' tertbuiff. V&..,.nna lalelgk, N. C cloudy, SI9. SdTfc3:^^Jte?i4-< /.(' H { con. Ga................claar, plmut. :olomW,<Ja......<.*.~i.claar. (oot^oznciT) Ataii?? ? ?cloudyi ackson, Am. .cloudy. (ibllc, 56?, few OrWtm, La ckmdjr, Barometer at the Smlttecnlu at 2a. m., (oorected. ftt liMriHw,) 29,836, at aoM, . Tbw an?adM at 7 a. m., 17*; at noon, 77? Maxim am daring koara, aadtag la.B> lay, 4fl* *? ml aim am 33 X *. Pwrwwil Col. Tbomaa J. Davidaon, of Miaaiaaippl, I* at Brown*'. Col. Lamed, U S. A , and lady; Col. De tuawy, U. 9. A ; Gen. J. Sidney Jonea and lady, *a.; Lt. Hughea, U. S. N., are at Willarda'. Letter* have been received (aaya tb? South [)aiiver? Wizard) from George Pea body, Eaq , of London, atating that he baa deferred hia return to iila native home until 1864, when be propoaea to nake thla country hia permanent reaidence. He itatea that hia health never waa better than at the ime of hia writing. vmBKV nB mil nc rns rniTorn K % v* sua vHvnvu JsJc of the Epiph*r>y, will perform Divine ?erncd and preach io the German Church on Fourmd-a-h'lMieet, Iala d,T -MORROW (?u(.d?j) VT i ERNOQN, at 4 o'cl?flk. It* COURSE OPSERMONSTO YOl'NG Js.!? men, on tha parable of "The Prodigal Son," rill be delivered in the K atreet Baptiat Cnurch on 4AHBATH EVENINGS, commencing To-mor>w Kvenim. It PUHL1C MEETING Will fce held at the L_3 Old Trinitjr Church, on Fifth atraet, oppoiitethe City Hall,on SUNDAY AFTERNOON, it 3 o'clock, for tu? purpoasof organizing a Wa hphIonian Temperance Aaaooiation. Dr. vValbh, tl. ST4I3ILY, Esq ..and otbera, will speak on the >ooa?ion. 1J* r*?YOUVG MEN'S CHRISTIAN A8SOCIL3 ATION ? A special meeting wi'l bs hel l at [tie Rooms, opposite Brown's Hoto, THIS'Satur Jar) EVENING, December 8, at 7h o'c ock, Tlie presence of every member is desired. By order of the President. It PRO. H. TW1SW. . Ys?NICVV TERU3AI.EM CHURCH, <8WliL ? DKNBoRGIAN.) fliortk Capitol, bt tettn Band Cuts ?1 he second tectum on the early chap ler'of <>4iiesis, sill be delivered TO MORROW MORNING, Subject?'The Spiritual Signification of the Harden of Eder,; it* Trees and Rivers." Seats free and all ea-nestlr invited. It* -rs=? ATTENTION. NATIONAL DEMOIL2 C'RA'I IC VOt.UNTn.KRS ?Meet on 8ATL Rl)AV EVENING, the 8th instant, at jronr hall, at o'clock precisely. The presenoe of every member it desired. R. CLEARY, Captain. J. H. GANTT. Reo.Sec. de7-2t' -v^g=?l. O. O. F.?The Officers and Memltora of l|^5f Ridgely Encampment, No. 5, are hereby notified that the next regular session of our Encampment will be held on TlJKSDAY, the llth ef lJe.jember. Patriarch* are requested to be punctual, as business of unpo, tanoe wil. claim their attention. <Je7 St* B. A. KIDPF.R. Poribe. (Yy^NOTICE.?Dedication of the First Presby Ik? terian Church, Four-and a-ha f ?t?SUNDAY', 9th in^t. Tne dedicatory discourse will be delivered at II o'olock a. m , by the Rev Gakdixxr Spbing. D. D.. ol New York, assmtod by Rev. Wst. I) ll (nrniApk- nutar nf ?J Rev. B Sunderland, 1). D., the present pastor, who wilt make Uie prayer of dedication. Tho seooud disoo*r?e will be delivered at 3 o'cl'k p in., by the Rev. Chables H. Heed. 1). D..of Richmond, assisted by Rev P. D. Gi blev, D D., rhap am of the Senate, and Rev. O. W.Samson, 1), D., President of Columbia College. The third disojurae will be delivered at 7)4 o'ci'r in the tvoning by the Rev. John Jsnkins, it. D.t cf Phi adriphia, assisted by the Rev. T. H. Stockton, D. Dy Cfiapiaia of the Hou?eof Representatives, a d Rev. Mason NoBLB.of the Pre^b'tery of the District of Columbia and Chaplain of the United States Navy. No collections will be made. Seats in the church free throughout the day. A ftorduu invibLilnn Ia ha ??o?An? " etttng ?ervio*s is extended to the people of WMhli.gtou and all stranger* sojourning in the city. do 7 2t (V"*?UNION PRAYKR MEETING will I* 'JLj? hulden every day this week in the Foundry ME. Churoh, oorner of 6 and Fourteeuth treats, to commence at a quarter past 4 o'elook p. m..tobo continued oue hour. d?3 FAIR.?The ladies of Christ Churoh will I.? hold a Fair, c<>inm-ncing on MONDAY, the 3d of December, an* continuing through the week, at Thorn's Hail, SOS Seventh steet. They solicit a liberal patronage from the oitisena of Washington in behalf of the most vnner?.hl?nhnrrh in this city?the mother of all the Epi'oopai churches, and a loving inter to all others, de l-7t PHI LA DELPHI A CONFECTIONERY. I1J Ice Cream. Water Ices, Wedding Cakes, P?uud Cakes, Mince Pies,Pastry, Crusts f >r Oyster Hies, Jellies, and a general assortment of nice things in thtt Confectionery line, at FUSSEI.L'd, oorn<-r Twelfth and F sts. no 24 Im* ry-g-INTERESTING JO BANK NOTK iL 9 HOLDERS.?Virginia notes take? at ear or Clothing at the People' Clothing Store, No, 460 Sevenut street. N B ? I have on kind a vt'j large and superior stock of Mena' and Boys' CIoUum Faraishing Goods, Hat* and Caps, at prioes to snittlM times. J. H. SMITH, Clothier. no2ilm No.4G0 7th st ,oppo. PostOflioe. Y*?DEMPSEY * O'TOOLE, U WEDDING AND VISITING CARD BNGRATERS, Importers of fifie WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the uioat beautiful styles. 336 Pa. At., between 9tli aad 10th it*., au 27-6m Waahimston. LKID GLOVES CLEANED. A DIES' AMD UKNTI.KM KNUflnornVM Neatly arid WeraptlY Cleaned AT No. U4 D St.. do 8 6t Between 9th and loth streeto. ?OR SALE?A superior family HORSE, insured to bo eound and safe; will bo eold nv >a?. A family CARRIAGE ?ndHAR-ju3\ NESSoan also be puroha?<4yo aoeompany the norse ifdoaired. For further particu are inquire at Star Olfio* del tt* (TNION COCKADES. J MARYLAND cbOKADES, SOUTH CAROLINA COCKADES, VIRGINIA COCKADES, For sale by MRS E. LOWE. do 8 8<7 Pa. avenue, sonth eide. PALMER'S CELEBRATED DANDELION IT COFFEE JUST RECEIVED -Tine Coffee ie said to bo equal to Java and inuoh cheaper. Raisine in V, % and whole bozo* rery ofeoip; good Cooking Raisins 10 oente; Currante a and 10, and very superior B ack Tea unit SO JOS- W. DAVIS, It* Anrnor Ninth AnH E e*e A FINE BLOODED MAEE FO* SALE?A beauufui Grejr Mara, 8 ytars old, workse\ MlfW i* h*raeM,?ixli?onoofth? a>oet"LZB delij btful ami ?)Ii?h ridinr horaaa io the^CzX oitjr. Price #200. Or the ad vartiaer hariDi oihar bursas, would fair* out his riding ours for tM winter, to ft careful person, for bar board and BIO ft month. Addraaa f'Horsemftn," City Poat Oftoa. da 8 St* f?OK. MOUNT VERNON. *>v -> ~ %OTICB.-CHANGE OF DATS. TH&5fi5ftcoTL'n"k JSTTSi."-"? graxrtrvStf," - rrYgr fe.DAVS'Jd a'i fMittfl TUESDAY., ds?-lw SAMUEL BAKER, Cftplftin. ir tuv WAWT ry^VBTHEUNlOl*! H A R V Wno haa juatr?o?ivM a large supply of fresh LOBSTERS, FI8H, and fiu. UYSrKRH.V-^ta^ I vhioh he will serve to onetonMrs at the^^53*r shortest not oe and on UbciM terms. P. 8 ?piston MrvM to families and hotel* IN nofsoaldtd; Uwy are only aoaldcd for persons wtini them at ths saloon. u* 8 T. M. HARVRT. REST FANCY GOODS, TO SUIT THE TIMES, AT PRICE8 At STEVENS'S FANCY S^bCK?* ?|W'T,i bo Z2 x( 336. bty. ?th %ml lOCh ?ts. VA CARD. 1RG1N1A AND I .. mpATra, ? ij r .... ?. - - A parior ato?k of CLOTHING novoafcftnt, (Md having to Mifilfr Hw *!* h*Mr?d aid Vrty iCnda. which v? wi?h tofcaap iii aatploynaat firing this pama, vt will mm *xtra mmmni'I to o ' i , *,?? ar., " r *?*>th ???'tt* Now 18 BAE0AW8 ir T/.' ! ?/ ?f i > . v- , M v 41, ..a MR -,ciJ I v >? 1 ... A a/J4 * 1 THE FEEHWfl I PI THE SOUTH. ? Yiojcs. Cha*lmto>, Dec 6.?The Georgia Senate bu rejected the bill calling a Convention of Southern State* This i> received as an indication of the intention of Georgia to eeccde separately. The election of delegates to the South Carolina Cqnvention was a quiet one. A very full vote was foiled. The remit will not In knowu till tombrtj*.. 11 ja general I T*ctoc#d?d tbat Jud*? MrtSthWi.: >ad the tick*. W. Poaeker ill lea, Tberelbn rumf on tbf^rtrejt to-day Mat tut Fml nrrer^isflku en^y i nga borers F ort m vv9VL)A. *;V vjrv CTtABLtsTox, Ymc 6 ?Senator Yulee.of Florida, bat written a letter from Washington to the

Legiaiature of that State, announcing thr.t upon learning at anr time of the determination ol ft** da to diaaolve ?aaetlaa with tWf wtawa Vtalas, te"WTTTprompTTy indjoyoualy return tome tmstrxjucztn eawmwn" " ?,;?> fPW **U8f Florida I* ?aita M unlveraalaa la Sooth Carolina. ( v.J" **? " 111 }Jr y ( j , u > - ' Mtu.KxuKvu.Liu Dec. 7.?Mr. Fulioo, of Colombia, offered a aorta* of resolution^ >n the Stall Legislature to-dajr, requesting tbe Representative! of Georgia, In Congress, to propoee that Coosreo appoint tbe Commissioners on th6 part of tta< North and Hoelbto prortde for the peaceable dia aolatloa of the Union and an eqnttable distrtbe tlon of tbe public property between both sections Explanations yauM Socthu* Mtmus ? James Jackson, member of the n >use from tlx S'.lth district of Georgia, writes to the Glob* in explanation of hts omfsslon to vote on Mr. Bottler's proposition He assigns foor reasons, v1i 1 His disinclination to sasction that portion ol the President s message which denies the sorer elgnty of the State ; Because it does not become the South to extend Um olive bssnrb: 3. Bocauae Georgia has resolved to resist, and Mr Jackson do?-8 not wish to "bind ber free limbs;'' and 4 Because any plan devlaed by this Congres will result in nothing but del^y. Jabex L. M. Curry, of Alabama, concurs U these sentiments, so far as applicable to Alabama Movzxknts of SorTHXHfSTATSs.?Tbe Sta'< Convention In South Carolina assembles on tb< 19th of December The Convention in Alabami meets on the 7th of January A special session ol tbe Mississippi Legislature baa been called tc meet on the 'J6th inst A special session of th< Virginia Legislature i? called to meet on the 7tt of January. The North Carolina Legislature ?ne on the 19th of November. The Florida legists ture meets this month. The Arkansas Legists ture is in session, and the Georgia State Conven tion meets on the 10th day of Janoary next. Q7* A clothes thief at Lyons, N Y , In a lusst< with tbe owner of tbe linen tbe other night, lef bis watch and the ba^ of plunder behtnd blm. HORSES! HORSES!? HORSES'!! Justa'riv-d at DORSEY & RAINEY'S Liver; 8 ablwe, u:h (t.. between D and E.a lot of/> fine Northern IIORSE&, amougst them * j ^ pair "f fine short tail Horse*, tiMcle inc Ilor-es, and a Pobt suitable fur a boy to ri le all of which will ba aold on acodmmoJating terms de 7 3t* MILLINERY GOODS. njjjk ^T80NNETS. Fl.OWF.RS. FEATH-1?? ER8. RIBBONS. RUCHKS, RUCHES. RIBBON'S^ FKATHKKS, FI.OWKR8, BONNETS. HATS-HATS. BONNETS, MILLINERY GOODS?FANCY GOODS. A. P. DOUGLAS, Old Stand, 293 Pa av., south aide, da hrt 9th an 1 10th ?ta RIclF SILK ROBES! RICH SILK ROBES!! RICH DRESS SILKS' RICH DRESS SILKS RILEY'S ii the piace to bny H loh Ur?*a Si kaa low price*. Repn, trench Merinoea, Cashaerei All vVool Mou?*?linea; in fact, you will find a! kind a of DRY flOODS at very reduoed phcei Call and ?. WM. R. RILF.Y & BRO , No. 36 Central Stores, between 7th and 3th atrnot*, de7 6t oppoaite CenterMarkat. XA NEW PAWN OFFICE. U 0 E._ W?A R D~Deaier. in N*?? I ?u<i omi ?'B '11<t >in*, reepootfully lnronua U puh'ic tl^ftt ho fcfta opanwl ft iJCENBEI) PaW.' OFFICE ft* No T? Lonitiftnft &veuue, b?tw?e tth ft.'d 10th at* , ft far don'e Met of the new Car trftl Gu?jd-house, where he will b? ftt ai. tune prepared to wftit on his patrona with promptnew attention ftjid tbe atrioteet luetic*. N. B ? Jewelry, Dry Gocdr, Clothing, Mediae io*' To I*. &o , ftlwftya on hftnd ftt pritate sale tie 7 lm* R E A T BARGAINS I OrTKRZD AT 1H* PEOPLE'S CL'tTHifrG STORK, No. 460 S?T*:?Tn Sikkkt. CL.OTH1NO. _ FLRNIBUINU GOODS, IIAT3 tun CAP*, AT 20 PB* Cent. !-* ? TH*N TH* I'SEAL RAT? AT ? M I T H ' S, No. 400 Serr/ith Strett. N. B ?Ml in want ofCI,t?TH!NG *n.1 FUR N1SHI.NG GOODS wr! find it rreatlv j thfir ad vantage to five me a call. tie 7 Itn J H. SMITH. CLOTHtan. KRISS K RINOl.E'S* HKADQUARTKR*FOl Tor* and Fancy Notionm i? at de&-3t? LAMMOND'S, Sever th?t. i\RESS AND CLOAK Lr MAKING. MR9.GEE Respectfully solicits the at'antion t the ladies and strangers of Washington to her net (Drew and Cloak) Establishment, over Clagett i May's dry goods etore, No. 324 Pa. areaue, be 9th and 10 h sts. de < at* /^LOTHING! CLOTHING!! CLOTHING!!! Having oa kaad a very large stoek of the mot aihionable styea of RKADY-MADR G*R ENTS, we o|"er the public the rreatoet induce meats with oar lov prices, in order to r*luoe on e'ook. Al?o, a hue assortment of GKNT*' FUR NISHING GOODS. BAR k BRO., de 6-Sv Corner E aad Seventh its. WATCH KS, I ADIE8* AND GENTLEMEN'S WATCHfc! by all the moit oelebrated makers. Aleo. re.iable Tiwek'epsrs by laas notable i&a kers, at vary lo? raUa. A large assortment always oa hand. M. W. GALr * BRO., Jewelers. 3A4 Pi. ivenu* de G-3t 4 doort w?'?t of Broirti'i Hotel. TJU8T OUT -NKW HOOKS. HK PriDoe of W*le? in Amerio*, by Kln*h* Cornnallit, 12mo., oloth; prioe 11. Petty AaootueM. from the French of Honor de Bifzao; prioe ?1.25. Old M*okin*w, Xo , by W. P. Strickland, 12m j * R ICHSTEIN'P. de6 3T8 Peng a^enae. j^OTlCE TO THE PUBLIC. The undersigned hu iu?t opened a whole**! PRODUCE and MARKETING STORE ?t ?4 Nif th street, opp.rte Center M*rket, wnere ii will be receiving daily a general Assortment < err thine that grows on ? ?shc. fre?h from tfa hands of the farmers, moh * Turkey a. Chiokeni Deeks, Oee*e, Egg*, Butter?'31 all ***<iti*t. i Baltimore pnees?Dried Fruit. Applrs, Flou Beans, *o . &o., which 1 will se>l *s pheap as o* m bought in this city, Alexandria, or Baltimon Dealers and hucksters are r?sp*?tlui y inviUd I osll an<l ex*nune for themsel**e. del tf J. H. CANELD. NEW BOOKS at FRENCH* RICHSTEIN'S 9TS PENS. Avisul I Avimt. ft. AAVftl. hv ft- D nffini 19mA Fairbairn'a Create of the Familiee of Great Bril un mi<1 Ireland. id t rok.,l?o., olotb; prioe & HoHMkMHri* KMTOtufliMti* of Cooking, 4t? llmo.i oloth: prlae |H?. 4a4 HA"N!ft#. 1^. BEAK? B EAji? BEAR ! IflEA 1 lure juat r am it ad from the mountain* a hag* saddle af Bear, weighing* pounds. Aleo, t<*n aaddlea of auparior VEMdO? wh oh will be a?nred up in ateaka daily. Familu can be iupplied with Steaka or Riastiaf Pieoee b eeoding their orderaas above. MyatookofGAM ia Terr large, and I Mi eopply any quantity at vary abort notice an?i on very reasonable term M j kpply of OySTER8 enal.l at all timae be ae ft t M MM in Dd?gai. in iaci. i nave spared dmuii P??? j?r.?T*ans?? to mk? my Hous? the moi cormlato in thu country. Mirbtn o/C^ngrei and o'hsrs who wiak to uks their M?a's ? ti SCSiS liteaad attsatirs amm/Batwava o? kaiwT d?*4t jno. ft. HaMWAOK, Prop'r. REDUCTION IN THB PRICE OF OAS. iXntcuov WAurmyo* 6m Notice ii k*rtb* fi*m that the charge' for |U ool aumed after theSlat day of Deoember Mil, will t tk't JoUar* and fiftttn (mil per thousand en hi feat, to all those whose tolls are paid as required t tb* aot of Congress, approved June 3$, LKl to wii "At the ottee of th? Cowsmny, w five da] / -on the rendition thereof. froruUd all arreai shall have been previously MM.'' . ' J. F. BROWN. no? eo4w Secretary in CharfQ. M ADR*; ?T?V*N?'S?ales jtaML *-?? ^ ^ ^ ^ greyy WW. ? l.h .} I v , yufc ?i ?,.*. :.'.? I ] .* u li >. 4 jU l,$ i .-j V>41<< J v . AMUSEMENTS. 1 w A f**Rf* Pf *'? BUM TO N!GHT.(SATUUOAY.)Dwmb?i?. i , GHASi) EXTRA NIUHT' Production of the irxoJ ,r>.- -ucular i>p?rat.odiair? i ? _ ROB ROV. RnM?or... ... .. Prof. And-raoj AMf ayed :>> mm in %U the principal theater* ta j 1 nt plav wiU ba auperbh mountaJ. th# draaawi Mi'ifccaotlp crti d. Anderaon'a Bontisk Vkfilroberiavutg oost Mh upwards of #5 000. J TuitM will IMIiit Vitt aaxiliaria*. th? xim i u **jkis^Fsizr" **i J K? Rol...j jf rro|??aor Andaraoi 1 AUfH .Vk - M?*? Anderwi Ro?'? Mis*** K and F. And*r*oi Ba It* Nieol XCFfte .. - Mr. J OtWtoi toolch Mutio, Scotch Ballcta, Scotah Com hat*. , Th? pwforira ? wi'1 como>. pes with TH E PERSECUTED DUTCHMAN. JOIMI ?*haMdt.~^r,^...Ma.*. IV. No idraoce in prio*?. ?m > ^sasssM lagigi 4 t n Mi ??. _ .i THSBLItfD XSORO MOT FIAXItf' the wovper of thf world the marvel of the agk 1 Sun t* r'?t*rd ? BMXr T^tiv- PIM* > #l?ymg l-om tfc? open* of Norm*, UaJa. Laor*tu B.irji*, Daughter or th? Rwineat, Trvr?tor* . Traviftta. m4 oth?r?, wUh 4 nutor Uml um BMtrr kMdi. H*raaa?at?dy fnr iMMiMd Mn. A net'o child, ?blr Ub je&rs 01J. u?on a pita Utior, iimpl* icindfd,* fcbiM in a'! hi* wi?h*? fcni wa<4??ya? ma?t?r of on* of mimcm ' play iac two pi*o?a of mum at *m?m4 ooavarsiai ?t tim um* tima? r* producing La* no?i ditto*; piea'i ?fl?r Aco* hearing th*m-pi* >ing Ui?? oundi to any p>M? without ?* ? hearing it ???. th??: r cnanging i?ui md r*-pro4?ciog tk? prm oor r?otljr?Mrfornu with ht? back to Ih# wi?tn,mfi.t inn in (iorrr fe.n And F orn)i- withAnt undArfttftni' inc either laiifnare All of which wi 1 herioiom ! the iU|?. C.>noert*at the A?esr?bly Rooou. eoift > TIK?DAY EVENING. Doorio^i i 6H o'olootr, concert ceui.iiencingjat "K. Adimeiioi [ Si ?ts : children 35 o??. Mati naea Thursday find Satu-day at 3o'clock This b-inf the only week in the cite, ti le it lb la-t opportunity of eoemc this treat Musical Phe n omen on. de? lw* C. O. ATWELL. Atent. BALLS, PASTIES, kc Ul'HRAH FOR THE SHIELDS BO\9! The Slu-lde Boy? take (r>a? pl<w?ire in nnnouao id* to their many fr.eiuW, and the public in g% general, that they Will fiv? their Seventh AS GK AN n A98KMRLV at the WaehinrtoniA MM*iklr Hoomi. on FUUIAV. fVc*m'>?rUI 21st. I"ho insmbors p ed<s tuomaelvos that it wi] He or.oof the mosi. pleasaut ar.d uiMiMe of th reason Tickets ? oents, admitting m gentL-ma g and ladies. . _ Com mill** irrssnmistt. J. FUM(M, J. Htrruu, J Hofan. A. Gleason. J M. Hsrmm, del ?t* WHO HAS SEEN THE PRESIDE*! ELECT/ r All wbo hart not eau .>o so by attending tit ' BASHFUL CLl'B COTILLON PARTY.W k ? n MQNOAY EVENING, Deo. in. to be M HM' at Potomac Hall, corner of nth and Marvlsod av. Tiokeu 40 oouts, adwi t-wsi tine a gentleman and ladies. '* Rsr orcfAr l^AmmiHsa Aa K ? ?? v \>? ?/?iiin?%r- w. _ hp *0 [^OOK OUT FOR THE MONUMJS&TALS! r EIGHTH GRAND COT(LI/)N PARTY e tha MONUMENTAL CLUB, at Tnn*M' Q% llUL, en MONDAY. D?otmber N. Withers' fil e?lsk.rntf*d c< tiilon m i*ic ha? baan enjagrd jpTM Tioketa 5" oanta, admitting a gentlemtu iwlUi ladiaa da *o?f COMMITTEE. f^RAND COTILLON PARTY or TNI ft4 UNION ENGINECOMPANY. No. a, M _Wil! tak* place M On TUESDAY, Dm II, Wfl At PRANKLIX HALL, ror. MtWDm. . Proapen'a Band will lurmah mnaio. Tickata 1] j admitting a g?ntleman and lady. ?3e4 8,4dtd WANTS. WANTED IMMEDIATELY-! WE Nl R>K. Apply at No. 41V Sixth at-eet, o< twe? F and G at*. de?-at* k ANTKD?Three activo MEN of good addteai k ?? to obtain iiibao-iptioni for aeveial new illm trated periodical*. Stated ware* or liberal cw mission raid. Apply to VIRTUE A CO , 4t>S: Seventh at. It* %1/ANTKD?At962 Eiihth street, between / ? ? and N itreetwiortn. a toon 8ERVAN i, WOM*N that can eook, waih and iron. ' de7 2t* WA NTKD.?Perrons wishing to obtain a goo Chitd's-Nurse can {-ton* by applyinc at N< , 489 Eighth ilrut eaat, near U. 8. M. Bariaoka. de 6 Sf? w ANTED?By an * mencan girl.f oan U>eeout * try, a 9ITL A f ION to do chambcrwork t hoasewo-k, in a small priva'e family. Pleas# a^ dress a noia to Box J8, Htar Ql?s. ds 4 91 BOARD WAXTKD.-Ai'ot emar. and his wii of i Uis city wish to snffage permanent Boenhn tu a private family, or where there are fear baarc I. er<; looation north of Peon, avanue. KnUreaau* faction will T>e riven as to resaactability, Ac, *< dress "Boarder/' at the Star QWioe de S 4f I VI/ANTED-8ECOND HAND Fl'RNITURI i? Persons deoimnjc housekeeping, or ha vie a surplus of Ferniture un hand.oau obtain theoas ~ and fair prioee by appljin* at 34W Ssvantn ?t. ft m IT BONTZ A (iRlFFITIL U/A>ir,u iMiiMJiAltibi-fro* f 5 t - flOJW worth of SECOND HAND FIRM TL'R R orall kind*, for which ] will coarantj to pi , tM Highest pnoM,Mid, as ??al. at flie shortest w >f tiw. R. bCchly. v Dealer in Furniture, Stove*, fco., k oc 9 40* 7th vt., bet G and H. east aid*. boarpinq. it TV1R5*. Rl'ILY. 535 New Jerser avenue aout - ITI Capitol Hill, is prepared to aeeemtnode i- Meniere or other* eeekinc pleasant Rooms ai ir Board arar the Capitol. Table ? carder* eeiv. > also. de 7 St* PRIVATE BOARDING.?A cectlemaa and k wife, or several single gentlemen, ou fce a< eomrnoHated with rood sized Koomi and Boaidic g in a private family, by making eariy application i 351 1 et, op?o?ite ?r?aklin Sqoare. de 4-K* * UOARUiNO.?A family, or two nr tlirce f?it|( ? men, ou be aoe jramjdated with *oardatN< 453 Ninth street, one door south of P at. Tern moderate One of the largest and raoat desirab Rooms in the house, furnished with water and ga , la bow uaoonpied. Tabie Boarders aooomnx datnd. no 31 tt* * DOARDING.?Good Rooms, eomfortahly ft. D nish?4, can be obtained at UT3 F alreet. b< * tweea 13th and 14th, on mederate term*, with < without Board. Location convenient and re? - pleasant. on-tw* - LOST AND FOUND. ? REWARD WILL BB FAID FORTH * 'jiu return of a large black WOKmsis ? I RUNK. (and oontenta.) nuked "KetBm 5 Robt. I tvingstor-., Baltimore, Md sup-^HH Ji i Pused to ha?e heen *aken in mistake from the Ba * MM** Station of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail ros * I on the SJ 01 April iMt The above reward will t 11 paid for the a~livery o| came at the txuuuxe roe r? Can*! en Station, Baltimore. P- WITH, * del 8t Mae'ecof T anapotatio". 0 ? OST^-On Thuratlay, Deoenber 6"h, in of aei L the Capitol, a elain roM BRACELET, markt "Aucutta." The tiijd?r will be eaitafeiy reward) oa leaving it at tbia Oftoe. d? 7-S?* ' npAKEN UP ABTR AY?On the 4U1 iaitaat, 1 email dry CO W, a very dark red, w tii mail white epota und'r the I elly a d otBur t- the tail, the hMd neariy b.aek, and hornaJbaA ho't. Tli? owner ia rt-queatod to mm funrtri 1 * prove property, pay ohargea, and u^e h^yn^r. da 7 it* Firet To'l-aale. geveeth >4. 1? STRAY.?Came t? the farm of the aahaoribe k ?i mr th* diatrit>?Uu( reaorvolr oftkt^M - yo^ss&rfti-iu'isi &rxx JO downward, and there ia a amall pi*?e eet ontortt I. ' tof of tue right ear. The owaer will some fonrart I. "su?*??' TBTijytfftfficga: 1 ! 25"O?knew c ,T ; Opeaad thiamoraiag ana? aoreltoea in tae lot. I * ! which we aak the mef^eUoa af the laiiea,aa* s Ba" - rsiE PI AN OS-One very h? Kueewvod < htoken P\%*o fry aa'.a nyn iniinUlj paymeau ?? | t bona' and Ra van k Bacon's PianoahavatVTCl Fiast^s;^ L 1 KROTT, ? ? S I rostoN broWM" BkttAlVi I H. , . # *TON BROWN BRBAD! .. &Sfc*D5%syt?(3rwis;?'Ji u mctoa citr. g ? 3?sjV r. stolp. I OUNIETI! II BLANKRTR? _I ' r. Bora* Cor ?, fat ?te 1)ow ' AiSS^p^; ' TvoPiwMfhr imi*u?mm*g? 4a < hn.r -tir>f* ;". "w t ? ?r f i 1! * 1 tlU 4 a* . . - V C ? a* J 4a 1 ' AUCTION SALE*. 4 j c. co. Amtrntrnir" ? 'ATALOCUK l*A I.K <VF A MISi'Ei.l ANE\?r*hlivjL-1?. WloifftM^AT KTBPJtflft Pwirfctr u hi'f p\?t f o'clock, w# ak*.i Mil, at tfc* Aartiut KOOHf,? OO 1 Olios cf MlS'OII'-fcl. B.ofrathlM . I h?f?*ii? * ><! r<*o a tocmkm with a lot of Ptoto i*. >u I'l, CaJaIocb* rault Monday o.wh, tirw mk. d??d J.C CO.AmU. ~ THTB AFTBRNOOX ? TfcMOUKOW BT BOMT2 * GKIFFITd. AMUOMM | ARGK #TOCIt Of TOY*. fANCT GOODS, Li Cvtlsst. Cmm tu Ct <??t *i??, AT msa^ssassm. i ^ 1 Portmoll5e!!T^^tS7^^ ... t^wXr with ?Imrw fcuuif lit of tUt\t toj > . T?n?? ?m^ - -?? 1 r BOTIT h OTtFPTTH, A?U FtrrmtK days. t Rr WA?4U * ?ARNARi>. AMU^hm f ct^?f?nu^,s&Tzsr i - rrw, *c.. AtArrrroii-OB t-fclT\f i'.^u ! qr^v!^^^rS'vns iXL?*i t Chu. Pa. ?*. b?twr?n lllii r m? I t r?>U, unit door TO tfto Ki kvod Hon r, kit 9 ?took, ?M*r itiac a >arf r % a t?u o tm?. ti Fr?i,oh. "<toM . iuna. aadvt or Di> nHroaktMt. aa4 Tra **?U cf tho ataat au.<?, - Parian "iaquat. LATft.t^vraa.Suliomiaa, Fraoofc. aad AHM*?iean Bluw*, d Parian |W Hi?*a*t ttiti to*. . Oraut'?UJ B'ttli. Moitooi, t 8?vro? r<'p?and ?'ard Vec tTeirtid FnutBtaada, n OnrdllUSata, Tat> ai d W lr* Cait?-rf. Plated itpoOH at d Forks a%d Catlory. A*4al?r|4?>iO'tmNti futbar HiUor War*, e Ancacanaral aa-r-rtmant of Ann-nan. lit.?>aa, and En* lah War* < f dc?oiiftion. Ttiia ?at? ?nl he JouM orth* tho ?p -cia attoa I ion of bonark*r^?raaaJttM*M viahiug t??oroh?*? . holiday preacnU. u th? g oda ara of Ua ? lo?i aad - lMtMt imrnrUlioni. "r* " I ?w (lot anient, i of 0aad ?v4*ya.for ipptUVed adura?4 notM, bMi r t int?r??L -* <??6 WALt, ft BARttARD. A not* Bf CLEAR V A GRKKN. AneUo?#*r?, . (M JVhuA nrui. PXCELLKNT HOUt?fc.tJ? ild akd KITCHEN K?nurrE? at Auctiok.?Ob Mo nLa\ . tt?? j ^ *l,,ft ? oiock a. m.. w ?hAi ?. at Nm [I 425 Thirteenth rtr??t, hot n .rth G And H atrMxa' OH. rN>4?M< of a Umi\, J n H? ?X?*U*t M?urin??at of v?U kept HchmIwL And hi'cben Fnruitjr?; we i Au?e in iirt F i riA mw?i D B.. . _ #a m mm I mwwvm I l?L? rUH*, M HA* toceaoJ fiuiah. Carved Wai> tt Sofc and Chairs. Spru.* seat Parlor ana Fauuy Chan, Ma'-Ofatir Mati'e top Center au<t Kuti TaS.las, r mahogany and Wainat M*rb e top Hrreaci, Mah<>f any and Wa nut Marble tup WukunM, walnut Jc! b? Lim H ah Bed?t?aJs, Vl'ararobe*. \\ a?hstsndet aiid Sideboards, tixtens on Diatn* Tables Refrigerator, Panted Cottage C lumber S<"U. i Gi t MmM Mnrc>r?, Kauc? Ornaments. tic win* Maohiue. ir.ade by Wheeler k. Wilson. ooet lilt, " Hair, Cotton, and Bhaok Mattreaees, * lot Feather Beds aad Bad4ia? , Carpeta, Oilclutoh, Mattiu*. **?*, . D?ri-.f. Oiamb-r. Hal!.and other Chair., Toilet fc*ta. Hit Rims. faibbaca. Fin* Cut?err, Cut au4 oth-r Iiam Wirt, k Chit aaqd Pinn-r VVar*. * Kiwi ^nt Cookirg St. *e, Radiator and Chamber HOT**. _ . .. Toa rther with a iarg? lot of K.tehee R*<kiiIIM. Torms: oaah. Hoik for rent, inquire of the Aaotioaeara. de5 d *} * ah Y * ?rjekn. at>ou._ L lly BARNARD ft Bl'CKKY. AaoUoaaara. * Qfrt't*te*. D. C. STOCK AND FIX TURK? OF a RETAIL Giocut ai a tiainirbut at acctiom. _ OuMO>Da< MoR.MNii, io".h lmtml. at l< - o'c'ock, we ?! at the fr'ore ,f the MeMri Ritt re. at UH?ii t?r*c i?a t<f W aahiartoa etreel rid the tut. ortetowa, ail tha.r Stoak aad ixturee. o?mpr.??"? ? * Boxes Paarl *t?rch Box's ToKaooo,. ?- iioiM P?rt Grtiuid CnfM, : KsrEyttsss*. .nd ?..* ' CDMt HI* k and Green Teaa, B?x?s Candida. D?rk *ii Lif ht ttoay, Matot ? , !y K?|*ud Udi Aileliraut, * Barrels NicaDW'^ . JMk?ri'i,ul X X Ut4 Rye ? Whiskeys and Malaga Wine, 4 liackMa. K#(i,te . r ghclTiac. Boaae. Bine, Stands, Platlorm taalaa. A i.d other articles ae*al!y kept ia a first olaaa - Grooary too numerous to enumerate ? 4 Tunis: #J0 eaati; orer tfcat sua a eredit of six'y >. and aiDftt data, fur apprcvao andoraed tote*, bearing internt. Alan, at the same time, the House and Let oc " oupied by U?? Ma>sre Kittsr. Terms at sale. rde? BARNaRU* WL'CKKV. oaete. I- My J. C. McGUlRK. ft CO . Auctioneers. T^XTENHIVtC HALF. AT AUCTION. r- Lt RICH HOUSEHOLD FLHMTVEE. J KLBGANT VJgtONZt.P^HLAlA^fiUlSWt ftT u rIDi ivr r? A.KU YAShS. A few TttT ilL OIL. PAINTINGS. Piano Forte, fall ??van iMivm, Kouvood Cate, - Klaborateiv Carved Left, with K?ari i. Re; a, and a very mprrtor in lk ?trum*Bt in avery waw. I D Ro??woo1 Parlor SuiU, beautifully oanrad frawa. e v e red with rich Satin Hroaalclie aad \ el vat riMh. ~ Rom wood Bureau a. Kedataada, Et*car?w. tide |? hoard.Cen-r ami Su.'a T*lMaa,Tarktah Loaacaa ' aad Kaiy Chair*. * Lao*aal Brooat?iteCBrta;as, ** Miadae and Ci raioaa, t- ru?e?.? aad I nt rain Car??U. Wlm a variety <fri?h Paacr 'rLamecU aad BoliMmian W - ? 1 ?? - * ?'** .... .,c ?r uum mn wiir., 100 i>* mtroii to Mttun, ud idbk *>? imi lo be ap preeiated. Pallet ia wan* of good Kuri.ture, 4s.,or article* _ aattablefor Holiday will <1 > w<l to ea 1 k and auilu tk* (oo4? preview* u> tb* Ml*, w fciob 7l wui ?afc? P'a? hi _ J H~$SDA.TMOKXtS'ti V.ik D:c*wb*t, j oomnKo'.Bf it 10 u'c' eoit.uu* cat ud IWI| tfc*r#altor *11111 tn* *Ml? ?ra of. ? The artio m win b* ready for axkiMUaa on ia Tt>ur*<l? uiurumc 0th ln*tanL v C&l&loc(194ftt it d*t <1 J. C. MoGUIKK ft CO , A*<k?. By J C. McGl'IKE k. CO., AuoUo&**r*. T fV OTICE ?Gkiat 8*l* or Srnxioa Liqroa* * I* in Wmn by Cit?woci.-(>? MOMMY, J- D**oiauer ink, at I0*'ckm k ?. w* afcali a*ll. by I! u>? BoUi I?1 J. Uifaru, IU?? Mar ' the Capitol, a l ki? atock of? I Wiin and Liavora, *o?ipn*:ac a eboio* aaaort- ' at* at i f tli* p**t W hmand i.iqaort, tka ?**t _ of it of kit own i t pottuioa; aoiueoi u :.aa b?*a r. in o ' ar for &ft**n year*. 1 OlMonM will h? 1 mmmmA *****??1??? - * T MO6 Ul R K * CO.. IMU # 5 Direct Importation from Paris BT M. WILLIAM) K 32 MtfiK 8past, Wmskimrttm, 3. C., tmd T Cut ITrtviu, Parts. M f .lock of FIN E P aTuSI AN FA NCY GOO Da * U moat oompt^t'now in orarr * vtlidawst^tn imMfmot my au>ek b*teM Wjpir ^ ?nn (?>! WMITIIM ItttOMlfM l|?I ray goods cannot be surpassed in beaut}, elecauce. tn1*uftlit) by ?dj other* in the Market nirni _ taken ike greatest pains iu neUetiNf every artic.e ,, inyaalf when in Pa it. I b**M k ??Utioa to a* I a! theiu the tnoet fhshiouabJe poouoes fr m Paris; 5 bat ladies will h- the boat juii*?s for themeefyes, tod 1 ?(iljr o*UtLeir apeoia tttwtioi to the foiknr-* 111 AfUwMl a Ve vet aod Cloth Cloaka, alajaut id atyk and IMRty.f r ladies and children; Cloth Gajers. !or ladle< and ehildraa; Fxonek "ouneta, Flowers. t, , Feath?e aad Riband.: Sets af F.ewera.eoonros^i of bead 4fW% Lujquet for the breast, nod wreaths i for trimming the dresa; tarcaiEoaat Party t?eaees, ! I and wreaths to match; Wieaths f?r the Hairtii| fvtrr iti km an it?- V^ii I !*; ?<>* ; ChMi ! Krarfs; hMd^om* MBKrmd M?4ZM?v.BMid?.>uvc^irta afiaaaartma.t J" ,Dr?liTnmoiingK Trirrmioni fo Pirlf 0 a?aa*. P ? BVU.J,'?'d,? Button*, of lha bM? T* Z^?j??Nit?foT b<na.*?. I will tall the handauaa?t and lnt>i|i?daaiv?i -J ;i2T t'ttShA^Sf v#r? l?w** ?tock oa latl I r r&:ia;?'tK,pa.m,ohM "srsf-ssr s TMIggtt ggaftgg. I av?Baa ?,<' Klavcwtk atrawt, kM M (TMtb iwrur.: iMrflf Ul ??w off-^IfcJLL iwtfirUaaaawhu lor ti>? or aitu?>* ? %ad ?tr?;.K?r? Ui\n a?y otbar eot>lic houa* IL th* it*, hit |n?M b?ag l?aa^U??n th<>?? or < T^a*hac ,f bri'umuMl *r Uuu'wt huwdm abla. 1 ha bar Ud nattorul aTanrainanta oflka Eu'opaMi H^>iarfcava ^2*nr?^'b"<u? **r* r^*" \ I B^saaw.?- aifaftaa. , MaraatUail)aiUa! ManaUW QaiitB! uZZSGXEim,^ ^ ; o.aretottii^H^'NR I t :<. ?Ji?. J"- - -i ?