Newspaper of Evening Star, December 10, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 10, 1860 Page 1
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m * * ( l(ii n; |?j ,. "j | , ; > J?% * * ' \ fc >? *; * ol mi ! ' i ?.?-.-? , . - ?- < .. f r> tJ ' ->?? ". .. . - >-. * .. T.fcl. ?1 ^ - ' ; vet. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. DECEMBER 10. I860. N2. 2.438. . . _ . ' . . . 1' > tr . | TUB DAILY EVENING ST41 n PUBLISHED HVB&Y AFTBRNQON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BCIU)IMI, Cornt* of Pennsylvania mvmm* mmd 11M St., IT IT. D. WALLACH. m til. r?KT? ?r*c4 is ptektfn by onriari M |i I r*v, or 57 orata per month. To m&U bscTlben the jrioa is |iJQ i r?tr, m mdvaMU; #3 for its months; 91 for three nontki; an4 for lees than Ikree months at the rate of 12 oenta a week. Sinfie mofitf, on ess r; in wrappers, two cuts. fJT Avm runiMTt saoeid bo sent to the ofioe before Uu'ouxik m.., oUirviM Utey mar not aatU the next day. / BAH5IBY DtSAN'l TESTIMONY. Wo bar* an Irish friend in Philadelphia whom we call Msjor?a gallant member of the National Qaard?the proprietor of a firstrate saloon on Chestnut street?a handsome, witty, big-hearted fellow, "whnee nature is like unto the nature of a brick." The Major baa a most happy knack of telling anecdotes, an* a short time ago we beard him relate the following, which we will give a* near at we can in his own words : " You muit know that it i* one of the peculiarities of the Irish that when two of them get to quarreling, all who maj be present immediately join i?, and thus get np 'a nice bit of a row' in the shortest possible notice. A case of this kind occurrwi down-town last week. In o?e of the little street* running from broad, lives an Irish family rather remarkable for their warlike propensities. The daughter and son, both grown up, got tOquarr?limr tvhile at breakfast, and tho daughter threw a cup of coff?e in the brother * face lie retorted with the nearest missile at band. The mother took the side of the daughter; and the father of the son. and in a moment the fun? like that of Tarn 0 Shanter's witches?became 'fast and furious ' The neighbors. (Irish generally.) hearing the row, rushed to the door, but did not attempt to ?top the fight, and in a few moments the fracu culminated by the father stabbing his wife with a carving-knife. By this tiino the police came aud arrested the whole party, including one innocent, ignorant bog-trotter, who had been calmly standing in the door loekiDg on in open-mouthed wonder, llis arre#t frightened him terribly, and the insurance of the officers that they onlj wanted him for a witneaa, could not remove his agitation The wbole party was taken to the ofSce of an alderman, and the case was brought up *L...:? q.:J .u tw. I'M ucnnu|. uom iuc biuuiuuiu w iuc wnnew: " Wii?t U jour name ?" " Barney Dugan, yer honor." " Well, Barney, tell what yon know about this cue." " I will, yer honor. Thia morn' I wag takin' my bite with Molly?that's the ould woman, yer honor?when I heard a divil uv a row over at Tim's. I ran to the door, aur, and there I saw the daughter hev the brother by the hair ur the head, and the bruther waj a slatherin' her wid a loaf uv bread, when the motker -be interfenred. and the ould man gave her a wipe with the coffee-pot, knoekio' her back from the table, when she grasped houli of the skillet and broke it over his bead, and the oald man then grabbed the oarvin'knife from the table an' stuck her in the stnmick?an' that's all I know aboat it, yer honor." " Will yoa swear to all this, Barney ?" asked the alderman. " Sare. I will, sur. What shall I awear, ure ?" ii Why, kite the book?the Bible; that is the only kind of swearing we permit here." " An' is this the good book I in use kiss? I'll da that same, sure; but wonld yer honor jist untie that bit ot atring. that I may see if it is the good book, indade r" "That is hardly necessary," replied the alderman. " I give yon my work that that book is the Bible, and that ought to satisfy you, I think." ' Sure, it <loe?, sur; bat I'd be better satisfied if I saw it wid me two eyes fur meself." " Well, stand back for the present, antil we see what the other witne?e-< hare to say." ' liarney took a seat on the bench, and the case progressed to a conclusion It was cle?r that the woman had keen stabbed in the row, bat none of the witnesses swore that they saw her stabbed, except Barney. lie was, therefore, again called up by the alderman. 4* Barney Dugan, you swear positively that yon saw tne prisoner stab the woman in the fraoas?" ' * 'You swear you saw the prisoner stab the woman in the fracas?" repeated the alderman. " No. sur: I (li.-ln't sav that at all. v?r htin or." 44 Why, you a moment ago not only said it, but swore to it. Will you repeat now what you did s?e?"' " Yen, snr, I will. I saw Tim, there, stab the ould woman wid a carvin'-knife in the stumick, but divil the bit did I see him stab her in the fracas, yer honor!" " This explanation 'upset the gravity of the court,', ani it wa3 dome moments before tho alderman could control his nerves sufficient to bind Barney over to appear at court as a wit_ ? _ . _ A ? . % * 1 ? . ? __ ness ? a pari ci mo proceedings wuica oompletelj disgusted the win of Green Erin." Gat Pa?i* charms th"? letter writer*. Tbev desert be tDe weather u beautiful, strangers and Iamuaeoienli plenty, 4c. Tbe Bois de Boulogne and the Champ Klysees are crowded every afternoon Rigolboche, with her new team, which she drives herself, handling the ribbons with a great deal of skill, is visible every p m , and crouds of p?opl* go to the avenue for the express purpose of catching a glimpse at this kicking celebrity, tbis goddess of the rancai*. 8be has recently returned from a trip through Belgium, where she is said to have turned the heads of half a dozen rich fellows, and has come back loaded with substantial evidences wf their fuvor She is a very wicked character, J. s k... ..... . ,ta|4 a. /14. uu nrrus, iur> w) . t;uiu wi ulauiuuu ui.uv to keep ber iu borscs and dresses, and to pay for the grand supper* she gives at ber elegant apartments in the quarter Breda, for It it aaid that this kicking female, of whom so much baa been written, ana who live years ago was unknown and living 1b a garret, now spends about SO" uuu francs a year, and will probably continue to do so as long as abe ran get It. In order to. (prevent the too rapid spread of tha Rigolbocbe mania, the Goveromeat, which la becoming exceedingly moral of late, haa given orders to the po ice to put a stop to the saltatory and pvmuaaUe performances of the women of the d?m> m nii'; In abort, to stop the high kicking at the balla. which, since Rlgoiboche ctta.ed such a enaatljn by It, baa been tbe conatant atudy and practice of all the female fre<pientera of tbeae eatabliahmenta, who, aeeir.g the manner In which Rigolboche bid been rewarded for her efforta, were d? itroua of becoming great and rich, and famoua aa a he haa It ta aaid that strict ordera to banish lb>? raneam from the public balls have been altrett on account of the fart that latterly many cf the knbiiwi, tn order either to render their performance* e-?ater or more attractive, bad been in tbe habit of dispensing with garments which are aa renu'alle fur health aa morality, l'arla really ' needs miaaiona, tOT A yoo?f, and of eonrae, beautiful, gin a . a . a a a * ta ? n?mea Aaninr d .l.ving m t_ourseuues, mr ytr.i, Laviug been adduced under pro ail* of marriage. a ad ilierw arda * band our d by ber lover, reaoived to eommtt auiclde She lit two tremendous fire* in her bed-room, bat the fume* instead of killing her made her III, and her groans being Lewd tue wu anchored and restored. But row rem* the boquet There alept on the floor above t?e young girl's room, a aot involuntary AeUran. wtrked peeping Tem. who for viia purpnaes had with a giiubiet h- r^d a latye hole la toeplauk juat bore Mtaa Adeline's bed Through this litH?hole the balk c.f thU poisonous vmt-or aicet.drd, as J kilUsd the amoroaa youth, whilst the diacohaolale kDtfau* mlraenlouaiy escaped ! Toaomplflte the Ueay. her lover wm ao toucLw-d by tha tragical occnrreiiee, that he repented af hi* infd-lltv, and made her an hoaert woman, and paid a handsome i.iao of roooay U the family of her unfortnnate viaUat Biooy's Defimt.ox or a Las* ?After wait! a? owe t>air at the Poal ttce. without getting aay aaUafnotory answer to her Inquiries. Bridget, la a ibirpand(lrtfrm!n?d tone, aalsl?"Can ye ({Ivc me thtm three ha'penny atimpa. I'm aiin ttala hour. Mutter Clerk (sharply)?'-Madam, thi Is a*t toe ladles' window; l're told you to twice brf<K?." Bridget?'-An1 Mire the Lord apare you your health, air. I no no l?dy, but a working girl ctad to earn fo a oaoath." The stampa writ haudrd over C7- A bold burglar entered tb? houav of M A X Bbebm. Albany, eerly on ttuuday morning, aftei fc.,- one of tbe Inmate hud rise*. who coin* Into th< hall, absolutely lighted the thief out 1X7" A drunken fireman on board the tteamei Art >la at Hoston, fe'l Into a diah waahing yy.a dad was ^-eadfully ? aldrd on Fridijr. / A YANKEE COURT#HIP. Well, you see, me and Sal rft along midlin wall for Mm* tin*, till I mad* up ay mind to fetch thiags to a had, for I lored her bardei and harder every day, and I had an idaa thai he had * aorter sneaking kindneea forma, bul how to do tha thing up right pestered ma orful I got Mai love boeks and red how fallows got down on their marrow bones and talked Uki parrots, and the gala they woald go inter a aorl of traaoe. and then how they woald gently fall into a feller's arms, but somehow that way didn't suit my notion. I asked marm how dad coarted her, but she said it had been oo long that she'd forgot ail about it. [Unkle Joe alters says marm done all the eoartia'.) At last I made up my mind to go it blind, for thit thing was fairly consuming my innera. So 1 goes over to her daddy's and whan I got there I sot like a fool, thinking how I should begin. 3a! she sed sumtkiu' wm a troublin me, and sex she, "ain't you sick, Peter?" "Yea?no," set I; "that is, I ain't exaotlj well. I thought I'd come over it to-night," iei I That u a mighty patty beginnin, anyhow, thinks I; so I tried again. "Sal,'* sex I, and about this time I felt mighty fainty and onea.?y ' What!'' sex Sal. t.Q-i I) * i? - om, sci i agio. "What?" sti she. 'I'll get to it after a while at this lick,'1 thinks I. "Peter," set she,"there's sumthin'a trublin you powerful, 1 no. Its mity wrong for you Uw keep it from a body, for a inner aorrer is a consuming fire " 8ho said this, the did, the dear sly creeter. She noed what was the matter all the time, mity well, and was just tryin' to fish it out, but I was gone so far I didn't soe the pint. At last I kinaer sorter gulped down tha lump aa was raising in my throat, and lez I?"Sal, does you love everybody?" "Well," set she, "thar's dad and marm, and (counting her *u th? _ A_ ~q ? ? ? ?HV V J iUV f I > U eyes sorter shut, like a feller shooting off a gun,) and thar's old Pide, (that were an old cow of hern,) I can't think of anybody else jut now," sex she. Now this war orful fur a feller ded in luv, so arter a while I tries another shate. Sex I?"Sal, I'm powerful lonesum to hum. and I sumtimes think if I only bad a putty wife to lore and talk to. and to move and have my bein' with, I should be a tremendous feller. With that she began and named over all the gals within five miles of thar. acd never wunst cum a nigh namin of herself, and sed I ortor to get one of them. That sorter got my dander np, and so I hitched my cheer close to hern, and shet hiv ev?.? and ?- ? ?t ? tremblously ??d : "Sal. you are the very gal I've been hankering after for a long time, I lav joa all over, from the sola of your head to the foot of your erown, an' I don't care who knows it; and if vou say so, we'll be joined together in the Fioly bona of matrimony, e {luribusunum, world without end," sec I; and felt like I'd throwe'd up an allyratur, I felt so relieved. With that she fetched a sortei scream; and after a while she sex, set she, Peter?" ii ; >? a.u. ->>> ? r v* uai *D 1 uanj - X* " Yea?" sej she. a hidin' ov her patty f?c? behind her hands. You may depend upon it I felt orfal good "Glory! glory!" sez I. "I mast heller, Sal, or I'll boat wide open. Hooray for hooray. 1 kin jump over a ten rale fence, t can do everything that any fallow could, would or ortei de." With that I sorter sloshed myself down by her. and ;Wnohed the bargain with a kisa? and such a kU*?talk about veur sugar?talk about yer merlasses?talk about yer blackberry Una?YOU couldn't h?VA irnl m? tn #?nm? nigh em; they would all a tasted sour artei that. Ef Sal's daddy hadn't hollered out iti time for all 'oncst folks to be in bed, I do believe I'd staid there all nite. Ver orter Bfsed me when I got hum. I palled dad outer bed aad hogged him. I pulled mnrm ofiter bed and hugged her. I pulled aut Jane outer bed and hugged her. I pulled the nigger servant outer bed and hugged her. I roared. I hoi lered, I danced about and cut up more eapen than you ever heard tell or, till dad thot I w?u cratr, and got a rope to tie me with. ' Dad,' sea I. ''I'm gwine to go for to get married." "Married !" bawled dad. '' Married !" squalled marm. " Married !" aouaked ant Jane. " Ye#, married " ?*? T- !? , _ - ... J ? MVV* IU nouiwn hooked on for worse or for better, for life anc for doath, to Sal; I am that very thing, me Peter Sporum, Haqniro. ' With that 1 up ate telled them all about it. from Alpher to Ome gar. They were all mity Dleased and miti willin', and I went to bed as proud as a younj rooster with his first spurs 0 Jehosifat! didn't I feel tremendous good and kept a getting that way all nita. I dido' sleep a Vink, but kept rolliu' aoout and i thinkin till uj cup ov happiness win ful preaaed down and a runnin' over. |?T Recent renorta of the proceedings of th Burch trial Include a detailed statement of the trt tlmony of David Stuart, tLe moat Interesting am Important of the evidence thus far submitted t m I at- a* * ?a - * ? iw jury mr niusri giTrs (lie moil lOlfmil an< emphatic dental to tbe principal charges, so ft as he Is concerned, and be supports this denial b very clesr and explicit statements of tbe clrcum stances of the case As might naturally be ex per ted, this testimony produced a very decide* effect opon tbe spectators, and wijl unquestlon ably have great weight with the jury. This pre tract- d aaa most remarkable trial is drawing t a close, and its result will be looked for wit general interest Makbiio without Kxowixs It ? Abrahar Livingston and Karhel Myers, emigrants froi Poland, agreed in New York to be married, un as a preliminary usual in their country, went, a the damsel supposed, before an official for th betrothal. But tbe ceremony turned out to b marriage, a fact of which Rachel, being uaat quaint*J with tbe language, remsined in lgnoi nce'until some time had elapsed, when Abrahar claimed ber as bis wife This state of attain n< being satisfactory to the girl, a successful su was Instituted for a dissolution of tbe union, tbu unwillingly formed. In Cincinnati last week, a negro accoste TlMKXilM Bonner, a white woman of evil lift and proposed to accompany her home. She too It * an insult, and apat in the negro's face, where upon he r?inplalned of her before his republics brother, Judge Uw, who fined the girl f25, an sent her to the city prison ten days! lC7*Mr Sullivan, the man who headed tt anti-John Brown movement In Boston, Is one < tbe oldest and worthiest citizens In Boston, a so of Governor J as Sullivan, and a nephew of tb brave Revolutionary General Sullivan, of Ne1 Hampshire. X^T' The friends of a yoang lady whs w; bsent at a dlstanee, were much disturbed by ri ceivfng a telegraph which, by tbe ebangs of single letter, was nwde to read, "Jaue IS sic] she has a child." It aiiauld have been?"has chUl " ; \ZT > It any wonder that a lady takrv eel when af?er sitting an b?ur In ber parlor, whe tetr\*Wdegreei, she waits upon alines at the door, and stands tan minutes on the st?*i Utting. exposed to a fresh breeze, Hi ikgli? rmnf than her apartment *"i_ Uv~ rb? sale of tball\Yillan 8eM?n." and tl withdrawal su basqoently of tbs"Planttf"?whl< bad been put Mi the Fredericksburg route la tl f>lace of tbe Selden?leaves only one boat, tl Virginia," on tbe Rappahannock. Uy- Frank Smith, whom fee Legislature pardoned a year or siaca, wtaile he w nader sentence of death for m order, ah and killed Kenney Dflon, with s gun at Pal burn, Ga , oa Thursday evening last. (Pr A feeble old, 0 Kaatoy, was stabbt In the breast by Ms partner, Donnelly, at 81 Francisco, oa tie first of November, because I complained of the violence of his language. II murderer is la Jail. liy A cheap and nasty new-fti ngled Mb ' warranted uocxpioslTe/' burst la the bands Jam-s Barnes, esq., town clerk. E^remont, Mai . oa Thursday swlag, burning bios la a shocklr r manner > ?7" Four st earn baa t bands had a ft* light Menpbls. Tenn , on Monday night While t! r otfi er wus quelling tbe row. one Stephens bit hi ; In tbe band, and Mullen cut him In the leg wi { a kuife, they were arrested aud fined MISCELLANEOUS. NOW OPEN THIS k OEIOIKAL GIFT BOOK STORE, AT 476 PMHITLVIVIU AVKRUBf t Neart door to Clay's (late V. S.) Hotel, 4*J tween Third and 44 streett. i u. u. isvan'Si ib order to Moomraodate hi* lactone of oustomara throufhoottfce United Statea, hae Inaatwl t A BRANCH STORK , of his widely celebrated GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISE i in Waahin*tun City, at 4T6PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. where oan alwaya be found a complete atook of tha STANDARD AND MODERN WORKS of the UNITED STATES AND EUROPE. 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Breaoiana, 3. J. Hauan Abdailah, or the Ench*nt?d Keys, and ; othw I'a with an intTftdaotinn by Miaa Par-loo. i Vo amft one of Tom Brown at Oxford, a a-tuel to Torn Brown at Kiuby; onaap *<1111011 31 caata. Onr Yejr.a child'* book in pro*e and veri>e, by I the author of Jolm Ha'i'?s: p-- oe 70 o-mts. BLANCHARD 4 MUHJJM, do 3 corner Klevanth &t. and Pa. ht. \ 512 GUTTA PE$S&YPAINT AND 512 HAMILTON, BRO. & CO.'S, No 512 Skv*nth St., t ia tha plaoe to find the oclabraUd Gutta Peroka , Roolniand Pamt Alao, a ffloarai aaaortoieut of 7 lloaa* Painting Materiala. pAlDtinr f n *J1 if? Kr*n<*K*? A. __ ... ? OW-'HVO ViA'A/ U kW Willi UIO patoh ana on reaaor>able terma. Mixed Painta always on hand and fur tale, vi?h biioket and brush to loan free of charge A1! orders lelt at the store e for Old Glaring or Job Work of any kind will be promptly attended to t 513 PLTTY IS DOWN. 512 1 no 30 t> 1 1 i?^1Vla Curt Cough, Cold, Hoartentts. InlV/TV fifnxa. any Irritation or Sorti<" ef (A? 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KGGLESTON. <1 TROCHES "Contain do Opium or anything ! injurious." DR A. A HAVES, ^ BROWN'S CKtmist, Baton, I <1 A -_X -* - ? - - - * - miwiimVSKD" ""J" 5 BROWN'S I.K <S. P. BIOELOW^ , TROCHES ' "?<???W'.'LANR, )f BROWN'S Boiton a "I hare prove* thtm exoellant foi >e TROCHK8 Wmofpibo CowuV * RKV. H. W. WARREN. " BROWN'S Bottom* .. TROCHES " - BROW!,-.-! AEV.S.J.P.ANKERSON^ (i tr op hps " EnicTtiL ii naoriu Hovh TROCHES irnut oti of ih? Throat, k BROWN'S Ji"!?0" ^1"?? 8'N? i*. 1 *! re TROCHES'' Prof M.BTACY JOBNSON. * B.owav '*m^!?SSSSi '* TEOCHK8 " Gr*t b**t when UkZ &for, ? wooira1 J T?OCHE?|SflHR?^wWwf ie MOWN1 Prwiwt ^ All^M cS?t.^T?m ?J "?1C"B8 WftflWHwmESi* " NEW ?*TI Th? iitook of all kr.di of Curtain Material* at U< ?d ?U>r?ofCLAGKTTA DODSON.intfil eowplet in ta all that ia rioh aad deeiraWe. All or any o which will BOW he Biaoad oat at tba prime aaet. ' bo 27-coat IB . p, Sk? He in prepared to introduce Water and Gaa apoi

a. Uje nM?| frroraMe torat, aad gaaraaUM ?ntir '* 4*?2?!L29A^ t waw-Ui ? > rjd of thtpt. bp 17 ? DF.AR MEAT! J? D jl. VENISON! 10 Received this ino.niog from the laoaslaina. de? KINO t BURCHEI4.. MISCELLANEOUS. Gm Fixtures, THE BEST ASSORTMENT EVKB OFFERED IN THIS CITY. TVqm vho <Uaira to aelaot from aaw patterns. witF th? adranlaca or a reduction ia prioaa, will o*H early and examine. \V e woald also call the attention of person ? a bant introducing cm into their dwellings to our laorrased facilities, and consequent low prices, for this branch of our trade. Inciting all who desire thair work done promptljr, and freo from cas I ak&ces, to cail at 269 Pa. avenue. h?t?Mn With 111). ?*- - <*? mi 21-tjanY" ~j". W. T"rfoMP8o"N'A CO Furs ! Furs t AT SEYMOUR'S IN GEORGETOWN. I hare with strict care personally attended to the manufacturing ami lection of the following Kurt. Mr lone practical knowledge of the Fur Busmewi enable* me with certainty to invite the i?die? to good* made from line and Ireah caught skin a. Such * i'anada Mink Sable, Russia Fitch, Siberian Squirrel, We tor Mink, French Sable. CtuUlrens' Furs in great variety. Fur Trimmings of all colors. Price* very moderate. w. f. seymour, no 19 lm Georgetown. Window shades at fir<t cost -the stock of all kind* WINDOW SHADE* at the toreofcLAGfeTT ft all si?*s, consisting of elegant Gilt, Landscape, Gray pen cilied amfGothic Styles, is perhaps the most complete variety to he found any wiiere 111 this city. Also, all widths SHADE L1NKNS, in Huff, White, Blue a^d Green, with al! the fixtures Also, PICTURE ?*ORDS. CORDS and TASSELS, in set*, for Pictures, Picture Nails, with fancy and plain head. Also, beautiful TIDIES, in all sizes. At cost for the cash. no87 etxii Cl.AGETT k DODSON r'KNTLEMEW'S VI KK IDY-M ADK IMNIt. Our present assortment of Ol'.NTLKMK V9 RKaDV-MADK GLOTiilNG fflrtrs to citizens &n<i itraiuters w.bjuus ?n imiu*li?t9.out lit snpe nor inducements, embracing, at tiiis time, all Myles and qualities of Dr**? and Bu*mes* ??>vrm??nts and Overnoats in all vari?tie*. Fine Shirts and Under-clotliin* >' all kind*. Kid and other (iiovos of l>e?t quantf. 8earf?, Ties, Cravats, Mto"ki, Hoaier/. Ao., <Vo. A'l of wliiolt ws are offering at ' ur usual low pnc??. IGT" Clotluox mvle t i ord?r in the mint *upenor niVnW. WALL, STEPI1KNH a. Co., 16-If .t'i'J Pv avti'TO. 0L? M O T_l CL! ? I wish alt gwntl?nnen 1? l>*?r lu' mfnd that jrefafi the plan whiib I ^^fi^^^^a<l<>pted, nix ystr* VI, of *ellinS 11 s >ru t n/k/ k'f^j .4 a i _ n/\ a n sou jia hi jcmiy re dueed prioei for casti in in successful operation. Just recpivod a full suppiv ol the latost New York styles ofDRKPS If ATS. The very finest Hat 9.1.W; a first rate Nat 53: and very rood, fashionable Hat $'J W. All of the latest sty lea of sofi HATS and CAPS, at the very lowest prices. 1 am constantly supplied with a very laree stock of those fine DR KSS BOOTS at $3.7&?which I have been sellins for many years?as welfas the very he*t anal ty of Patent Leather ?i AITKRS at $J aiK FmeFrenoh Calfskin Gaiters from 32 to 92&. Terms oasli; no extra charge in order to otfset Sad debts. ANTHONY, Agent for the Manufacturers, Seventh stroet, second hat store from the oorner, opposite Avenue House, No, 640. se 14-3m 1'1'AKE NOTICE! WILL Take all kiuds of Virginia monev for my book debts and for Boots, Shoes, and Trunks. All persons indebted to me will please ca 1 and settle up. or I sha'l be oompe'led to five their accounts ilito the haoda of a collector. 8. P. HOOVER, Iron Hail, o 21 Pa av., hetwean Jth and 10th ata. P_ UKK OLD RYE WHISKY .?On band eevera brand> of Pur? Old Rye Whli ky, Copper Di?tilled, made by the moat reliable diatillera in Pennaylvania. Maryland and Virginia, warranted pare. A'eo, Imported Hrand:ea, Henneaay. Otard, Dupuy a Co., Julea Hubn.9, Ac. Alao, Peach and Apple 8randy, pure Holland Bin, old Jamaica and St. roiz Ram, and Winea of every variety, all of ataadard branda. A oboioe lot of Cigara and Tobacco. YOUNG A KEPHART, Agenta, a* 14-1? Pa ar.. b*tw.*th and loth ate. 1~ UEMETKRY NOTICE. HE Sul>?cnt>?r oilera for aale liiaatock of MARBLE MONUMENTS. TOMBS, GRAVE 9T'>NKB and MARBLE MANTELS at reduced prinee for caah or approved notes. An early call ia f * a iar a? u 11 mf i> n i </ > r\ OUC1WXJ. ?,n. ru i nnni unu. Marble Works, 35*2 E st. north, oo 17_3m t?etween 12tli IStb. WGALTS' OOD AND COAL OFFICE 988 PA. A V., Bktw. 11th AND UTH &T8? North side. Mill and Wharf foot of Seventeenth st, ma ll f R?lnw W|' P*Mrtm*ut. ~jT ~~ Will. T. DOVE & CO. ARE Nov pr???rp-t to exeoute any orders witi waiob thor nut? ue favored if the PLU.UBLN<3, GA3 OB 3TF.AM FITTING nUolN notj. Store oc 9th street, a lew doora north cf Pa. avenue, where be fonud a o<>m|i!et<? asaortir.ecl of CHAN DELI KHS and other GAS. STEAM ani WATER FIXTURE?. ' ia? ly ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS N V One desiring Freight-ir.uoh or little?Bar rci?. oa 0', dojlbw, uunuic?, ur, in iac , bdt iaiag, safely tran?port*dau.ld?iivornd Wetween Wa*innicton, Georgetown, and Alexandria, rely implicitly upon th? KXPRESS WAGONS of tha undersigned which run regularly everyday between thoae citiea. Ordera entered upon the alatea of Ira *?x preaaa* the Htar Otfioe, at B^con'a Grocery Store, or at E Wheeler'* Hardware Store, will be promptly H ttended to, ami at vert moderate ohargea. T. H. STiLL .VKLU no 14 Ira (L&te UnWa'a Express. Dr. schenck'S pulmonic syrup, l)o. hsa weed tonic, !>*?. mandrake p1i.l9, For sale by 8. B. w AITE, oomer of Seventh street and Louisiana avenue. Pnot of Syruo, $1 per bottle. Prioa of S*a W eed Tonic 91 per bottle Pruse of M<vndrake Pills, 25 cents p?r box Those afflieted with diseases of the Lungs, Liver or Stomach. accompanied with paina in the Ra?lr. Ure&st or Side, should try Or. Schenok'a Medicines, and are referred to th* fnllowinr oertifisit*, onooi me nt?aj mniauiuaiii ui ujupiiM uureiia Dr. Sohenok's possess on. No. 407 \V Mt Fifth street. I Washington, 1). C., Not. 2Ut. 1360.S D*. Sch*nck?Dear Sir: I suffered much |nr several months with Liver complaint, I was per I ttiaded by a frieod to try your Pulmonio Syrup, an I Mandrake Pills. I am now quite well, an</ belie ve tour meditin* wis the means of tenor in; me to health atfl vigor. Therefore I wis muoh pleasuro in recommending it to the Pubiio. M. S. 8-? no a lm Furs furs: FURS! One of the largtst and finest stacks ever offered in Washington, ^ ^ ^ Roya'^ Wmtne, French ^able, Alio, large stock CARRIAGE ROBES. Fare Repair**! and Altered at short notice, lij ai< ?J<1, exp rienoed hand, alt cheap. i A? rat stock is very large, alii ask is a call. All Furs sold at ray establishment warranted as repreaeuted. HOPKINS'. Cornarof Sixth st. arul Pa.av. ?tas Whit* Bbak. noSPT . "'I'' _ ?r-?I ) | ADIEU' AND MI8SRJV * LADIES' AND J*186EH?R^ ts& Jsst fcs KiivJt: r QMftr thnn Kver! ' < t .M MfarlkMlml : 35K5S' B. H. STINE METE, '2?6 P? ?v? -: ?? <MLft.Br. 1..I :wyn>f?h>t| MONEY! ,/ - -j f.n B T? :l MO-NBYHI _ ?-*?r Pa. >tww?, bet. Mt ? Sfl&gk.j RANKING HOUSE t SWEEHY, RITTENMOrSE. FANT * CO, j 1W1I1. open for customer*, ifecie, currency, ud Ji VirgiafeoMM* teeosnta. ? ^iajMud Mil coin ud exabyte* at the raoat favori, Curr?ay and Virginia Money w?tod. ?oX In pLOD*, BUCKWHEAT, POTATO?0, AP 5 seSHslrE" "**" "* 11 ww UV# HWCW I , 3?: Reoeired to -d&r and for aale low in lota to rait by D. L. MORRISON A C(i, no5 Corner of Twelfth and BlU. DENTISTRY. M teeth. LOOM IS, M. IX. Un inventor and ftUntM oftke MINERAL PLATK TKKTH. x Tg^ , tends peraooniiy at hia in tais eurgaflKf ' SXnj p?r?..o? can vearUiM* toaU cannot wear others, and no peraon can wear others who cannot wear theae. ? Peraonn nalttcc at mj u#anaa?i be aeoomaiodaUd WiU aav.etyto and prme of Teeth tb?y Mar dacirt; ! bnt u> thoee vim are partiotitA' ?.co wish Um pnrest, :^^^i52trrfti??v.iw < more ftilly wnrranted.__ Rooms ID till! Dltl-.IO. 1% WDHjXt?W 9th ami lOtb lU. Alao, 90T Arch atraet, rhiladai phia. oo li CT < D DENTAL CARD. 1 R. MUNSON Haa returned and rwnnnd Ut K>f?saion. Oftico and house at 4 6 3 Eat. ? rd uoor east of Sixth. In additioa t< Mb3 1 every othar approved -ty la, Dr. M. Ha* m^1r te?Ui on vuicauita Baa* for tha latat throe yaara and, from experience, knows it excejs all others, and la one-third leas in prioe than fold. Hia old patrons of Waahmgtoc, Alexandria, ard Georgetown are reapectfullr eo lotted to call, an 2S miTy CARHIAGB FACTORIES. f WASHINOTON OAHK1AOE FACTORY. TT O Strut, Rttvte* dth lot* Sirtut. We have just finished a number ot firat olaaa a U u I a PO 1 ? - V, -in rxinur.o, suon an 'dVH.aMA R'ucckj, Park PkeatonFamily Car Kjgagj a n?<?s, ai?'Y Hn*nt>. which we wi.'I ael! at"CS*3 # ver* ainall profit. BMn* practical mechanics ill different tratohea t of the buaineas, wo flatter ourselves that we kpo? ? the MtTles and quanty of work that will fire tatia \ faction, combining hfhtneaa, ooiruort ana durabin \ ^Reoairtne promptly a! d carefully attended to P the aoortest nc tioe ana most rnaaonabl* oiiarsea, ? WALTER, KARMANN ft BOPP, fl Coaoliaiakers, ancoeaaora to Wm. T. Hook. . a? ?i-dlT 1"* CARR1A0K9. . HE Svbwriber uannc rr.ale addition* to hi fMtory, making it sow one of the 1 ar i rvi In the Piatriot, where l '? faciliti?? forwBn^K maniKotnrmr CAKR1 AGli ft M6HT^ ?? r WAGdNSnf ill kimii <*niin? h* ..??j ? fromln lom *xp?r;sue* in lo? a* hopw ? to eiT? e?aer?i s*ti(if*ction. All kind* pfC&mftcet ic< Ltckt Wmoei r hand. , All RKPAlR9Emt!T4?a*,ai4all*r4?ra r>a?t IT ationawi t?. AMPRKW J. jTTVCt, 4 ? tf wrwr ? Uts mj?4 K rta y WM QHD KlH ; H E OEM OF THE SEASON. I have thiK daj rtotivad, Mr Expr?M, the f1 fty?. of GENTS' FASHIONABLE DRKSS I HAT9; a larreand fall supply of FRf^CH h SOFT HATS, of *11 atyiM. (or Men auJ Boy*, p At ray assortment of these goods is large, i shaii o ell at ?*ceed:nc r low pno*a. A oa'l where you * oan i^at exactly wna' you want la solid tad. u HOPKINS, U Corner ofSixth a*. P*. *v co?T 2w 8'tncftk* Wkitt Bwr. I D*. J. H. MCLEAN'S p STRENGTHENING CORDIAL * A>D BLOOD PtRIFIKH. U THF GKFATEST KF.MFDY rn the WOULD, ~ J, and the most . i pA D&I.1CIOCS A*D W P DELIGHTFUL Jt t/ ? ,1 t OH DIAL ? t. * J? EVER TAKEN^XmpML H * 7^ It ii itricilT Ki- ^ K Jf 1 gf it.ufic ?r,J V.f?u- , [ro- a W' ^ A Uun of rou;?, barb*. ^HplH ?' aud bark*. Yallu* t4 Duck, BluoU Root, L WHf> Black Root, Dirupt- a WJW' rilla, Wild cfcirrr fi'V jy Batk, and l>aiid*lio? Hflfe ' A|W a;u*r* laui iu com- ml ^ a \m - Tba tntir* actir* C } ^ |? rtaadial rnnci:l? ^'fij||f * -g? rj ufatcb inpr*di*ni n ikfuri lakiMilhvroB'u,,,ir*ct,'incr takinr dtaiUiiur, (.r?duci?f a ililuima, o'.iiaraliuf tpiru, amd a* ' Dioat iu/KliUt r?u.?>'T f<-r rtudrauuf ib* Juaaaad nam, and rattaribf tbt aick, Bariaf, and daktliiaud Invalid i* ?! baalib and iiiitf'i. u McLEA.WS STRESUTHEXIMl} CORDIAL S Win afacttu.::^ car* Li??r Complain, Dj?P'F*>?. Jam- T die*, Cbioeic or NiOvUi I>#blh;7, Di**. *.? ?f,b**T>, and all ditiuai uriaiuf (rot. & ?>*?rd*r*o Li??r or MuMaack, l>7*p*p*ia, Baarttaru. Iimrd Pil*?, Acidity or Sicku*** of U>* Htmaacb, Fmllnt** ?f Bioud to a* H*td, Dull Pain or a?tu.iuin( IU tba h?-i, PUptuuou of tbaHaari, I'l !:.* 1 f w?ight in tb* P-.i 'naek, 3 ir Eracuuoi*, Chokiup or | BIIIKKUU| * ??ua| wn?B i?;?nr uowa, ur/liHi ?r I 11IOWliii of tLa Ikio aud Eyaa, toward F Paiii iu tli* mall of tha B^ck, Cbaat, or Bid*. Svddan ^ Klaahaa of Haat, Dapraaaivn of Spini*. Frif btfal Drno, j, Laiifdur, or aay u?r?oo? diaataa, Soraa or ^ Ulotchaa ou lia Skiu, and F*?ar aud Agut (or Clulla and ,*"f > OVER A MILLION BOTTLES bar# biau aoid danaj Um laat ait moMha, and u Dt to- d lUnei haa it failad io antira aouafaction. Who, tbon, will aafar from Waaknata or Dabilit/ whan McLKARV . STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will cart yo?? No lanfrna^a can coo*ay an adaqaata id** of tbt itamodi- ' tU and almost miratalooa chaiifa prodacad by takinf tfca Cordial in tLa diaaaaad, dabiliuiad, and ahaiu rail nartaaa k ayatan, whotfctr brokan down by aicaaa. waak by natara, f or uopairad by atckaaaa, iba raiaiad aad anauwaf org-u.i- 0 ttUoa ia rtuorad 10 iu priaunt health and *if?r MARRIED PERSONS or Mhara, eona-iana of taa*iK;y froia whattvar casta, will ! ad MckKAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a Ua- , roafE rajanarator of tba ayatara; and all who may bar* ia j jarad UKuw.Tti by urpropar icdaifaucaa will lad in tku { Cardial a ctrtain and apaady ramady. TO THE LADIES. , McLEAN* STb.KN<jTH?i<ilNti CORDIAL it a MTir- 1 aifn and apaady cart for lueipiant Cooaampuao, Wlutoa, Okatraetad or DiSealt Manatrwation, Ineootinanca of Criua < or IaTolaatary Uiacbarga ibaraof, Failing of tha Womb, * Siddinata, ruatufi and all diaaatai inaidant :o Ktmaiaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT ftafor no langar. Yika it recording to diraetiona. It will tiraalaia, atrangihan, and invigorata yea and caaaa tha bloom of haalth to moant you chaak again. Efary bouia la warranted to fir* aatiafaetiou. FOR CHILDREN If ymir ehild.-an art liekly, pmny or attictad, MCLEAN'S CO&DiAL will maka thara baalthy, fat, and rotau DtUy not a mora ant; Uy it, aad yoa will ba cocnncad. it w daliMMMMUk*. CAUTION. Ba wara of dracirit'-* or daalara who may try to stta apoa ... kiH.. L L:.k -1 - L />? W"? WI ' UUB( ?UH<H IU?V WUI UIIT ?h*aa, by laying it ujaat ia rood. A?oid ?acb m?n. Aik for MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, and t?k? nothiar ! ?. It ia th* only r*n?rdy that will parity tha Blood thoroaghlr and at tha aama una atraafihaa tha ayatain. Oa* ttaapoonrel takan arary morauig (aaunf la a cartain pr???nu?? for Chelara, Chill* aad P?r*r, Vtllow F*??r, or lay ira?*l*nt diaaa**. It ia pat ap Ibarra botUaa. Priea only 91 par bottla, or 6 bottla* for ft J. B McLEAN, Soli proprietor of this Cordial; also, MeLoaa'a Volcanic Oil Uinuaaat. Pnactpal Da pot aa Ua cornar of Tlnrd aad Pia* lUilU, Mt. Loan, Ma. McLean'i Volcanic Oil Linimrat, ' (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) Th? mIt u'i *ad wrak car* far Caaaara, Mr?, T?- ( mill, awtihnf* u< BroecluU or Catua, firtlnu, NaaridjrtjL. WiOaiu of Ubt MaacUi, Onwi or Inry | Rhomuuun, BLif mm of tha Jawta, CaMrtciad MucIm or . Bamako or T?cth?cho, Briiiii, tpraiaa, Fraah Cm. Wocn<fa, Uleaca, firtr Boraa, Caktd Braaat, Bar# WipplM, Horn*, Bmn Tfcroat, w any iU?<?4iiO? or I pan, am ditaraaaa hoar n<in or ta? ikt diaaaao nay tiara tuafad. mc liami u aitw tto LauMitirr ? I a eartain raardr. t 1%emasd? of amman Mtef* kill fc??n aa?*d a lift U #a 1 era pita da and atiaory hf tk? ?a? ofv,ia lentotta raroaiy MeLMjUTB VOLCANIC OIL LINIMEKT t Wkfaaaitawa pain akaoat Iaounttaa?ify, and n irPf tilm,' * panfy and ka?J Ua fa allot torao ia aa tacradibU abgn u?a. 1 WOR HORSES ANB OTHEH ANIMALS ' MajULN'SCIUJURATKZ) UKljnMT tab i u| rtliabia rataody far tfta m a# Apaata, liig*ia?, ' 5k?.S2S, < or Collar Oalla, Can, lirn, at W mil, * fa aa tofalliUa raaody. Apply it a* duaciad aad a mm ia oaKala fa ?*ary j MLATKD L1VIMKNT. It will car. m i. H. McUtifl. lata fWfetar. Coraar TVtrd aad Pfaa at>_ Bl Loala. J5SZT*bSgbSSS: t?&y ; *k? TOT rtwuoai, A l?o, a large tad t??hI aaaortmaat of DiariM for 1MI. Will m r?o*i?#d by 1 Mxt itMmtr a camalate ataortmaat of Kucliafc Almanac*. r ?oil i h ; , A t TUB WEWLT DOLLAR STAR. TkH h*nj m4 N?m JovraaJ? Tuxi-Oui, i>??rW?, in "mm. ?&(< ?Off, POT M?W? ? ?. 11 Kit# D?>im __ .. * TS tmmwm ? t**"T *-t rrrin ?? It lavwmblf eont&ma tfc? M WMhitftot PUwa** U*t hu mada Tkt Dmilt Ftmuu Star tmlaa ?o (Mara.!/ Ihroajhoat Uta onitry. lZTfca|i? ao?aaiua vtmpoti 1 ?* to (W??n' it tka aouuri WHteMj altar tfe* i? if IM W?. Pnoa?THRKti GKNT1R WOOD AND COAL. to thk rvmiM '. JO WUKRK YOU C A > GET VWI MONEY'S WORTH : yTRY IT' PHOVSTIT MOW IT TK 1 HllAT" 1^0^"" PIONKEE NlLLI,lW Uv roar FRUViTivilATf irr Prove 11*1 JOB N1 fet j oar WOOD tb?w 'wiper tiBn e lewhrTe id the city ; Bud Dim ywa r"' KNOW WHAT' TUT* Know t iftt ?et UOOD V KABL'ftfc bo* h? very hmt uf WCHJD for let* money. Cct, 'PUTi AMI' Uiuvun FtltOI CllUtl. CAII. AT T*? PIONKKR MILLS! SUiN OK THE BLUR t'LAkr-STAPP. SoiTUWBST CoRNBB StVIXT* M. ABB CaHAL (South of the riridge. bo 19 gk >h*k pagk. abikt. it j~n rnlon Fire-Wood nnu. FINE. OAK ami HICKORY WOOD flawad nil ?plit at any ietifth or required, and de;i* re.1 to any part of the City at rary low priaaa. Jf7~ VV? eai the particular attention of oar eaa umrri and the polite ftneraily to oar aaMadvd 1T0CK OF COAL, which we can aay, wiUx ut sar of contradiction. ia raaal to aay ifithaCity. Ve guarantee to give sauafhobon to a.l wko nay urcraae of ua. inroar SAWED and SPLIT WOOD ia kept rider cover, porfeotiy dry. and COAL an p.aak oora, clean and ia good order. Large aa'.ea and ma!) profit*. C^Ordera eon cited at UNION KIRK WOOD MILLS Cor. Hev?nth at and Canal, NiKNfcW 4k MARLOW, Proprietor*. no 15-tf rO THE CITIZENS OF WASHING TON.-I Jiave ved a->1 will cominanoe a^.oan ?? mrrn n| WIS hMt Red A"b 'OAL(*cs Aiid ?l?ve iiimi or hroitM tin* u%rke>. whTc.ii I c?n seixi 'Itreet (rota yeaae. if o?r r.wrs arc Idtinimdiam I. w. RATK?. Wood twl Co*< DmJm, Off 3! C?rn>r C and HHi ?U . n?*r Cm.. If O O 1) ? AND ?... C O A h Delivered to &1I p*rU 04 ue the iowett osiible rfttos. T. J. ft W. M. 6ALT, Office '408 Pa. at., between llUi tud UU ?t?., FOR SALE AND RENTT^" 70R RK\T?Tlie lour-etory BRIO* HOtTftK on Third between 1% urd b treeu, * So * 1 ; &djoim:is the remdenc* of W. A- Mfcury, em. 'flftl .* & Ion IT I UAll imrn * I ?? +L. ?A "? . ii IV, ?IPJ VIII ru Lory ol Uie B'own 8t>>???? Butidiax No. 493 ob Pi v?nu?.i south fide; twtween t3> and 6th iu r?f rut*. Ac , apply to WILLIAM II. PHILIP, At>rne?-at-l,*w. No. * 0 t.a. ?y>iii?. no t-er>?f rO RENT-That ploaaant COTTAOK H KM DEN^E. containing 7 room*. with IrMt Mlony, larjte yard* in tront and rear, fronting H at., a Printing Office Square, Mw*fn North Capita nd Firat at*. RootjftSMO Mr anaun, Addreaa, by ?tt?r or in peraou, WM. STICKNEY. no 6 tf J*OR SALE?A oaw two-etorr briokHOCSEot r Fourth atroot, Mow Now York aveaoe. The ouae ia 30 foot front and 43 loot deep ; haa ? foot aaaage, parlor, dining-room, kitchen, and K>ar bam bora, with atairwaye in paeeage and liHUa. 'ith good oellar under IM whole how*. For tortna uir* at 499 Seventh atreet, oppoeite 04d Foi?w?' Ha.I. nol-tf JAR B. TOPHAM. 7?OR REN r-The lea BRICK HOUSE No. " 100 Waat ?L, Georgetown, at pra**ot ooou led by the aubeoriber. It baa tj rooma, with gaa nd water throughout, a fine ya*d, eta bio Ac . tvud i in a*ood aeighborhood. Apply to JAS. A.MArliTKR. _ ocas-tf ^OR RENT.?Two new three-.tory BRICK HOUSE!* with heck buildiinga, each bouM ontamin* 8 rooms, with |te?, pleevantty ituatad n btti street north, between M Ud N ilrMta. rent loUerato. Appl* to E. LAZENBY. oppoeite, or > JOHN T. LENMANTOhio avenue, Mtw*ea tth and 13th utroftf. oe 7H>it R EXT?The FIRST FLOOR oftfce beudF iat immediately opposite the west >m of tM !lty Ha..reoeut.y ooovpied by ('imi. S. >> lilae* as otfioe. Aleo tne front room ut tte mum Lory and the thud C ^.r oi Ue wane b*ijdia*, For iru apply to RICHARD WALL^CHTfca. ? oniuane avenue. ia U d EDUC ATI ON Ali. SCHOOL f OR SMALL BOYS, 9 No. 527 7 I SriHT.FlMT Wilt. Mim ANNIE K. PECK, Teeoher. Number ol pupil* limited to twenty oe X eoCni p FEMALE KUUCAHpN. i HOSE FnrtKit* who wiafa LLeu OuihUn to re ?ive a thorough and syiteraatio eduoetion. where iv/ i y nj otw %' m UK " I i I "WI TV ?-! ! 1T AHQ SPffC 1H ctaouoo, uigier tUo molt ap proves uratem ol Ca.i* leiiio* and Gymrastici, are re?pectTuiiy ilviLm to mit the I'mon Female Academy, corner Four >euth at. aaU New Yor* a v. MR. 4. MRS. Z. RICHARD*, an ?-tf Principala. [7KMAI.K BOAR 1MVU AND UAY SCHOOL V ALEXAf/DKl 4, VA. Mti. S. J. McCORMlCK. FarnciraL. The thirteenth animal uon of u..? InetUot.on rill omniMnoe on Tuesday, Keptemb#r IKh, id the <>um recent.? oocupied bj lbjliweter Molt, Ha*., Jo. 1M Kicg etreet. The eotirae of vtiitly piriiM will eompriM a.1 lie branches requisite to a thoroagh Kattlmh Hde - at.on, and Alut.e, French, Latin i.-iU L>rawiaf, il Mtrai. In addition to day aahoiar*. Mr*. MoCotrank i? repared to receive a limited number of pupils am oa'dera, who. constituting a part of her ova fanty, will lie un<l?r her immediate ear* and snpei v, ion. Site * ill endeavor, ac tar aa poeeiW*. to aur ound them with the comfort* and kindly inflaanoe* f Home. ' Rfjtrtnttt.?Rev. Geo. H. Nortoa, Rev. Dr. KiiM larriaon, RevTU F. Spnr?, William H. Fowl*, la*., F.dgar ^nowden, Kee . Kdmund F Witmer, U*., Henry Mai bur*. Km-. iaq., Robert H. lluuU.ii. Ka^ IJt- D. JwaliaoY. iu inn %'a umfc cmii? ijcujnni i ii nwn, ?ntwiale. Jr.. F,a?.,CoI. '<?hn W.Minor, Loudoun, deaars, B.aatiook A Maraball, Maura Car Irothera. Tkkm*. Board, with Tuition in all the Enfhah Braaehee, am for the annual aeaaiou?pajraWa r*w ?!'], u advance. Muaic aad Lawreacoa at Prohaton' p?aa. C7* No extra chargea. aa ?-U F0R 8TAMPIM A FACKKT OF fAPBR. 1 771I AND *nvelop? I NW I TO HATCH, CHARGE) ^ BOOKSTORE. PH1LP A SOLOMONS, Aftmts for Lmtmm'i ultbrmtod Lmm P*pmi, " M*tr?rol\t*M it ilia" jr., #*. m34 lj 3S< P*. ?v .fct.qQ?dMttafc. pAMlLlES WANT A HEALTHY MINK : rHEY WANT ?T^?EJ^.TE*PE*^T? mm! iOLlNEAU'S TABLE MEEK 1STHK THING * t la taaa ivtosimtirc th*a ejdar. and la fcr of* palatal la atxi atranctlraiiiag. L ^ *" Gr#" ' 4 ?Mt* ?"i ?i/isf"; A trcs&dsF f^REAT BARGAIN* IM P*ANOi-Ou m, ^JUMMVttswiwcCvTtdi'iMorkfti^^ ?anaf bND in EM ttMt bat ?*iy, tkiHM J#?I iMTinc thf elty.for for |ai Hl|< 1 ** my ni*e R*wr?ood ^ic^riM PiA^fo,. 1135, M U* Q^MRTTMOtT. MOOR KY Wnt EnQnii Mora, o?-? ni Pt mm, N B.? Books sold at o?r isnl |ns??. Ml IF YOU WANT to id good CloUiic, htraiikL A^^nKrsvs*