Newspaper of Evening Star, December 10, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 10, 1860 Page 2
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1 h? EVENING STAR. ("> Washington CITYJ WDWttAY IP, fgei. j ptrtt of th? N*r?b? rtmm. Tfc* CnMiniiiM uiuiBOti *P** ?*lorlal i Hlelea la wriwu Republic** jMkl ' The ImuUigT Is deroted to mw? mkI general ] political iutelligence. , Til Sostthi*s sanatoai al Caccis, tbat took place on Saturday last, conttnuea to b? the topic T OMa< oumM convecaatioa ia Washington. little Mnftr?|?|r the drtalli ot ?ni trsnspirea toerem b?iug generally knows. By way of satisfying popu ar curloaity In the matter, we have to aay, that with a aingle exception there waa entire unanimity among those present, (and every Southern tNttor la ?ld to have %*en there, except Mr. flMteh?rf. who ta sick. u4 Mr. Toombs, who ia absent.) aa la the toct that aoleM the North speedily s*la??a *epMttt?e that she will surety give additional constitutional guarantees, the arcessloa ot South Carolina. Alabama, Mlsslatlppl and rioil4*^wiQ almost aursl v take place before tbs 4th of March, with a strong probability that 0?6rgh, Louisiana, Tens and Arkansas.will follow them out of the Virion la a brief season. The exception referred to above we believe to have been Senator Pearce, of Maryland, who still holds to the Impression that prompt Congressional action and public aasuranceaof conservatism from the President elect winy cause all the States named above, except Pofltb Carolina, to pause until a general Southern Convention may be able to de* * line of lolat Southern action for K"I Ui'U - " ? # r~ the protection of the rights of the alaveboiding States In the Union. Mr. Crltteaden la understood to have urged aurh Southern action aa Imperatively called far; nd while deprecating secession ere essaying a Inaleffort to obtain Southern rights in the Union, be la also aald to have proclaimed that there waa no doubt tbat if tb? Government breaka up, Kentucky would unite ber fate and fortuna with ber alnveholding slaters, unleaa prevented from m? doing by oligarchic precipitancy on the part of the Gulf States. Hla arguments and these of one cr two others have doubtless already bad the effect of convincing the mMm States Senators tbat unless the Southern Convention demanded by tbs border States be accorded ere the Gulf Stales secede, the latter will And themselves Involved !n Inextricable Bbarrsawnents. Mr. Benjamin is believed to have proved (In the eoaversntlonal d acuaalon that took place) one of the nsost ardent opponents of Immediate secession present Oa th?s whole, we are satisfied that the caucus had a good cfleet, in apeiting the eyes of the Senators from the extreme South to the fact that the only hope they (the extren.e South) could have of ladaeiag trie border slaveholdiry; States to Jolo la th?tr movement ultimately, lies la the fairness with which they uow treat tiiem. That is to ssv; 1 ? Wl .K K?p voarkniirl Ia thoir H#. IB v**0 manual tu w UJVH ?"vj f -*?? ? ? ?? ? ? mand to have eqnal voice with South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi, in determining what the South ? coarse In the emergency shall be We are satisfied UAt moat of the border State Sanatoa caused it to be distinctly understood that If the State* favor'ng separate and precipitate actios fail to Uslea to the requests of their States, th*jr (the bo rder States) will probably be compelled to seek safety for themselves in s?me combination of States which, while eschewing (In eme of the disruption of the Government) longer connection with New England, will equally eschew the policy of joining a nominal Southern Confederacy, wherein the principle* of American popular li berty shall be abased and those of an ofeligarchte government to further particnlar interests only, shall be eatabllahed in their s.ead; It being quite as easy to form a powerful government to embrace the border alavebolding, middle, and western States, as to form an entire southern QS? pARfa/4op?/>v tlioro Kofnir nntfo mm nn t?/>k VVtUUVVI ? f ??v*? VflASV^ M Ul'i^i homogeneity among ine former as among the latter, and the elements of individual and national prosperity being at least as abundant la the oat as la the other. If not more so Tb# tenor of recent South Carolina legislation and oratory, developing the apparent fixed purpose of the ruling spirits of the movement to have the proposed new southern government partake more of the character of a monarchy supported by an oligarchy based wholly upon the possession of laves on the part of the preferred class, was A ..n W.. sv. a wuvtacw mo.u My wuq wuiuci i.avr cmvc rcu* ton la this meeting, aa a substantial reason why, tf the Gulf states assume to act without entire southern concord, the hope of a future anion between them la likely to prove a very fallacloul oae Indeed - ^ Sbciktarv Coaa Raaionao.?The Hon. Howell Cobb has resigned the Secretaryship of the Treasury, and, we learn, proposes on Thursday nest to repair to Georgia, where. It now appears, he Is a candidate for the Stale Convention to assemble oa the 7th proximo. He did not attend either ol the three last Cabinet councils. Well-Informed peraona Here attribute tbe *t*p be ha* taken tc recent information that the cauae of the deetractlon of the L'nion baa been much damaged in Georgia by tbe dictatorial Intemperance witl which It baa been supported there. Loan ain< e, U la well known to tbe public. t< embarked bia political future with that cauae, and If It, perchance, goea down in Georgia, tht political, fortune* of Mr Howell Cobb of couim *kHO With ft Dnr ! ViAnn U ?K?i ?T?n bis eloquence snd energy will not prove sufficient to repair the damage to tbe cause wLict bis really oligarchic and anti-republican colabor crs foe tbe deetraetlon of tbe government hav< already effected. He leaves bis trust here In worse condition thai it ever was In before, perhaps since tbe very forma tion of the Government; Its sad state being quit* as much tbe result of the fact that the business com mualty everywhere had rapidly of late come U distrust his fidelity to the Government he swori to npbold when taking Executive office in thii city His successor has not yet been definitely as marl, we apprehend. ii tii> vvi????u? %?ll_ ? - *. ? wm m ? mmm m mm ml ? li* ??*JVW? W 1 iW, W1C Qocea and Bonham, of tbe Sooth Carolina dele gatloa In the Houaa of Representatives, to-da bad an Interview with the President, which hai axel ted tbe cariosity of the mea of the pre* around town not a little. It asasns la bs takea for graated that their bua'. mem was, if possible, to arrange some of tb< terms of which South Carolln . Is expected t< propose to march out of the Union unquestioned carrying off all tbe public property la her inidst aad practically repudiating tbe paymeat of a?] partioa ot tbe debts af tbe Qeneral Government, If auch waa their errand, (wbleh we do not be lleve.) tbe Prea'.d^nt, of course, gave them col< comfort; (or it la understood clearly by all. tha he does not design, directly or 1 ad 1 recti v, fellow lig tbe example of hla late SeertUry of tbe Treaa ury, where hla charge la concerned. Tn Tvimict or tui Ti*?a ?To-day' de bate la the Senate a how that the harder alavehoLd tag 8Mn da uot propose to reat quiet ander tfc< noTflwit ta dm them Into a aaw r oyer nines which, rejecting the deuioeratt? priaripla, thai eK Ita tupreme power la a dictator of South Car aUaa'a selection, aupported by oligarchic inatltu tloaa, having nearly ail thalr oower. in tore. ti I ? * * Rolf suu Tu PsTaav Fm*lasx at Ho*? ?Tha Pui ?MB Pb*Uax reached Hutted, Ct. ? Saturda tl aoon They were peceired by a Mint ft^ptb* Colt Guard* and alxty e( tkeir niflfba wt?o could not make It eoaveateut to t^coiiipaa fete vlait to thta city Their raref yn marked wick great enthoalaam rrr?#^wt Mi tin, m tweaaful In eaptuiiai m, Las wrelerd autograph letter from t| r ttfperm Napoleon, exprawtng hU admiral! > and Thto ficl to not hopeful on* for the Bout OaruUu aaaaaaioaiato wbo expect aid and con fMlroa Emper r Napoleon. . ft7*Prom French * fticUlclo, artoto** It ft Mi*. ?* ba?o the auperb it uatrsird London A. man ac tot tMl i ,, IET The Charleston ( 3. C ) folk* are trying I 4tacore?tboe mnpoatfoal of Ikr .V V. Trflxn u*oa ttou eitf. . , i*.t ? * - H ? * ~ I Utl -? -v *??' *V/ | i I, " W * 0 COKflRXUIOnil.. TlilII4iZtK rnttriT- flMBt iHHMk m MointAT, December 10 Sbsati ?A communication m received fton be Secretary of State, enclosing a report In reta- t Ion to American teamen; wbT.b, on motion of *{ Mr. Sumner, waa ordered to be printed On motion of Mr Bigler. It waa agreed that the itandlng committee* of the laat aeaalon be conlnued and that the Chelr All all acanclea. . M? QnmnA? m ?r>A?I<I>1 a\ Tli-> A A ?I1K _ Hyatt, asking aid for the suflhring people of Kantat; which, on hia motion, wma reftrred to the Committee on Territories. v A number of billa received from the Hawse at the close of the last aesaion were taken op tad ap- J preprlately referred. ' Mr. Powell gave aotice ot a bfll to abotfcb tho * franking privilege. ' 1 Mr Powell moved that the Senate take up the resolution referring portiona of the President's c message to a select committee of thirteen, which t being agreed to? Mr. Powell aald that the present disturbed condltion of the country demanded prompt action. Already the crista bad produced distress la the < land, and the efl'ects which would follow a dis- i rsptisa bad already bsgnu to ksralioA. It ' urged that our fathers, when difficulties stood In 1 the way of Use Government, did not look to^dlaruption aa a remedy, but proposed new guarantees 1 to give peece to the country. It waa in this aplrit 1 that the Constitution had received twelve amend- ! ments He trostod that the Senate would go Wtvrtffl in mis wore in xne spim 01 our iaiueri Mr King, of New York, did not despair of tbe republic. He wonld have preferred that tbe mesiage ahould take ita regular course, but had ao j apecial objection to tbe present resolution He moved aundrv amendments to various portions of the resolutions?all looking to the protection of ] the rixhta of persons and of tbe U S. Government, i as well aa of property. Mr. Yulee asked Mr. King to explain the object be wiabed to accomplish. Mr. Klntraaidhe desired that the committee | ahould. In these days when tbe rights of the General Government were ssaailed, aee wbat was , necessary to aecure those rlghta. Tbe amendmenta. also, sought to direct tbe attention of tbe | committee to the protection ef persons aa well aa propertv[ Air. Green urged conciliation aa the proper | courae to be pursued In this crisis He did not dc-sire amendment* to the Constitution. but or course would not be In the way of auv measure of conciliation He thought the Government should be armed with power sufficient to enforce It* laws and protect the rights of the Statea He thought tbe measure of establishing a Federal police force along the line between the slave and free States waa the meaaure to be adopted, and advocated that measure aa proposed by him aome day* alnce. Hoc*k ? In the House, after the reading of the journalMr. Hawkins withdrew hiicall for the previous nHMtinn fnr tho ntirrvtap r>f anhmiUilii/ llill fllf tVier rraaona for making the request to be excuaed from serving on the committee of thirty three. He regarded himself as having been virtually instrurted by hla constituent* to oppose all com pro mlse. No good had ever resulted from such, but the contrary He regarded this committee as being of a most incongruous charcter. He crltlclacd the committee at considerable length, and referred particularly to the appointment oif Henrv Winter Davis, denouncing his appointment in the sev#>re?t terms, declaring that he \?"*s no representative of the sentiments "of the people of Maryland, but regarded by the people there as a republican. The Legislature of nis State had even gone aofar as to puss censure upon hiin for casting his vote for a republican Speaker of this Hou?" He regretted exceedingly that thia resolution should have emanated from one of Virginia's moat gifted sons. The committee be did not re K'iriA ai i>rin^ ai au in a rrprvsruuiwfo iuaiuu?-i It wii. in fact, a constructive fraud, to endeavor to make the people believe It was to be tbe great pacificator. HIT'By the last European newa It will be apen how decided waa the effect of Lincoln * election on the money market In England, bringing down American stocks from one to four per cent "American railway aharea were particularly depreaaed, in consequence of the .unfavorable ad. ices received by the Fulton." "There is a sudden and de ided fall in American securities, In consequence of tbe disturbed feeling excited by the late Presidential election." "The market for American securities has sufl'ered quite a relapse on tbe receipt of Intelligence thl* morning by the Pliltnn that th* apTpfifiinn nnrtlM in tki* ^Aiith#rn States were actively prosecuting their views " Such are the announcement* in the monay articles of the London papers after ascertaining the effect of the news brought from here by the Fulton up to the 10th of November, only three days after the resoit of the Presidential election was known. What will be the effect when they receive a fortnight or a month's later dates, ec.b arrival bringing worse news than the previous ones? I r7* T>if* ;iri ftLrw ratir and HnniArratir fipmpnta in the Charleston (S. C.) Legislature have had Another cause of variance in the project put forward by the Charleston clique to raise the salary of the Governor to 85,UU0 per annum, in vi?w of the probability of his being something more than i Governor (King?) In the event of secession. One of the advocate* of the measure used these significant words: " If two years hence the Governor be merely the Governor, as heretofore, the thing may be 1 reduced, but at present, with the contingency i before us, it seem* to be a matter of simple pru. dence." The House of Representatives has voted to raise [ the salary. ' Musdie is Niw Yo*k.?<?n Friday morning last a widow lady named Mrs. Sarah 1 Schanchs, who had for miny years past kept a 1 small lace, embroidery and furnishing store Id th#* Fift^ Ward, was mn?t hmtnllu *nrl mvi. 1 terlonsly murdered at her house on Twelfth street, in New York city, By thrift acd economy In tLe management of her business, ibe had accumulated a few hundred dollar* moat of which, however ( she seems to have unfortunately loatby over confidence in tbe honeaty of aome male acquaintance* Robbery la supposed to have been the Incentive to the committal of thia horrible deed inT" A rumor waa very prevalent yesterday, in thia city and in Baltimore, that the office of the New York Tribune bad been attacked by a mob and sacked. The telegraph bring* no conflrmat on of the story, and of course it must be without > foundation. Intimations or threats of such a pro? cedare seem to have been made in New York, for i the Tribune of Saturday rather invites the attack f as a good way of adding "another hundred th?u< sand of subscribers*' to its subscription list. The CnoToii Wati* Teocbl*.?It appears K that the Croton Water Works are all right again, P and that New York city is in the enjoyment of its , usual supply of water from the mains. It Is said , that the distributing reservoir at Forty-second street wss nearly drained by the escape of water both ways?towards the city by the regular acres*. B and backward! toward* the leak?before the mi*3 hap waadiscovered. > Edict aoaisst Ltxchiso?'The freauent lynch, lngs In Savannah have at laat attracted the nttenf tlon of the Mayor and Common Council of that place, who denounce such proceedings as lawless and subversive of good order and security A * rewsrd of-one hundred dollars is offered for the I apprehension and conviction of parties Impllt rated in such outrages. The Savannah Republican approve* of the proclamation, and says thai the oldest, wiaest and best citizens of Savannah * condemn the course of the vlgllaoce committees. [IT N ew Mexican advices to the IVth of November have beea received at Independence The mall was detained by very deep snow sad * excessively cold weather. The Kiowa Indians t tliinml th* mall ?t u ? _?rl ?? - ? - viw#, ?ej'i 1 them half a da v. Their ohjeet. tbey snld. wu to make peace, mad they could wipe out the party, but did not feel ao dlapoaed The Indiana art almost la a atarvlng condition, consequent; a they are anxloua for peace The cainpa 'gn tgatnat the Navajoea has proved very aucceanfal, and they ui still proaeoatlng It with energy. v |fi*Tk? total vate of Charleston, 8. C., on Thursday lsst, far members of the State Coo van* tion, was onir 3.7*2.1, which was 144 Isss than * were polled si the Bute election la October. y Notwithstanding the mail a kk regale vs?e, tb? result was not known uatil Fridsy afternoon/-' . , V. ^ VTT At a ltrve nubile an?tf? W-M tank, N C . on 10* tb'rd inUant, strong I'nien resolutions were passed almost unanimously, \V it F Martm, Bkq , madta violent aecettie* speech * bet |t !j said to haee Wen upon dull ears and met a with but rucoursgament - 1 a <mm*m ' - h ID* The conduct of these who planned the t- John Brown sympathy oimUmk doss not fill tc receive the just condemnation of tL* Boston press without di.nocUon ef party. ?r ITT" A large Union meeting was held In OreeftI brier coonty, Vs., last weef Union resolution) were adopted, ss, stso, resolutions flljtft aecee ion. i . * \ ICTTbe Farmers' Bask and the Bank ef Vlr glnia at Klebmoad, are both paying ont smal |C suns of specie to those who do not oh It to spot ulnjs npoa TUB FKXLI5IO IN THE kOUTH. Bovth C aroi.ii* a | CHAkLitrox, Dec. 7?A Mil vm rabmttted on huraday, In the Legislature, providing holiday* > be obaierved thrrmfler In tbe State on June #, : le aimlftiMW of tbe battle of Fort Moaltrie, ood Friday, CbrlKmaa, January I, Thanksgiving ' nd faet d*>'?, omitting the 4th of July. The election cwurt waa finithed to-nlgfct Judge 1 I as rath iUada (he auccaaaful tichct. Messrs !iiMSSie?\ I n-jvituic htui|ui uivu^ kuv iiivMi v? l be grati?JaMl?Tfctfd CBA*twro5. Dec e.?A large company winded to day ob board thi ahlp John Fraaer. The ( almetto and LoneVtar flaga were naif, and eceaalon apeechea and aeutimenU ware uttered by nany leading shipping merchanta. To-night aome of the frienda of tb* MMWaful andldatea for the Convention art serenading hem. Guaeu. Macox, Dec. 7.?The diaunlon feeling la till ncreaaing in Georgia The cartaiaty of the ao:eaalon of Alabana and 9onth Caraltba Will tend Eatly to atrengtben the aeceaalonlata of thia Stat*. . Cobb, a brother of tbe Swretarr of tb? Trea*iry, apeaka here to-night in favor of diaunlon. The fair of tfceCcrtton Plantera' Convention at this city baa been poatponed until next Monday, owing to me ae.av m tee arrival 01 xne gooai imported direct from Belgium The banks In this State have all suspended. Those in Alabama will suspend next week, by prl vale agreement Tbev have pledge* from leading secessionists to relieve them from the legal penalties resulting from suspension. TsMiassss. N as it villi, Der 8 ?The Governor of this State has called an extra session of the Legislature to meet on tbe ~fh of Janaary for the consideration of the condition of the country. Texas Niw OaLKAMs, Dec. 7 ?Mr Stewart, a member of the Texas legislature from Gonxales, has Issued a circular, in accordance with tbe resolutions adopted at tbe public meeting held la that place, 1 iititing on fellow-members to meet in Austin, on the third Monday in December, to hold an extra session and provide for the calling of a State Convention Governor lfouiton promise* to resign If the people demand that the Legislature shall be convoked for this purpose. in various towns iu Texas the "Lone Star" flag continues to be hoisted, and the people seem united in their resistance to the Lincoln administration. N'nv Oblkass, Dec. 8?There is an understanding between the members of the Texas Lejfltlature to npeet at Austin on the 17th of December, without a formal call from the Governor. The Legislature will then probably call a State Convention to meet on the 8th of Janu ary. Hos J. M. Botts on Sxcassio*.?Mr. Botts' letter oa the subject of secession la published in the Alexandria Gazette of this morning. lie declares that he will have no pert in the wickedne?s of secession. He does not believe that the dissolution of the Union is inevitable; the sky looks threatening, but so it has done before, and yet tbe clearest sunshine has succeeded, wiiooui a mower oi rain or peai or munaer?10 be trusted It wonld tx> again. But if it should bp otherwise, and the Government of the United Statu 1* to be overthrown, no part of the folly, the wickedness, or the crime, should be charged upon him, either by the wise and good men rf the present age, or of generations yet to come. He thinks thai Virginia will not aecAie. He says the position of South Carolina Is bold, plain, daring,and flatfooted rebellion against and treason to the rest of the States He thinks tbe only question involved in the South Carolina Imbroglio Is whether It is worth while to keep her In the Union. He believes that the Federal lawssbonld be enforced in South Carolina, notwithstanding an ordinance of secession. He is generally quite bitter on U?e secession party. There was no sufficient reason for a Stat* Convention; the public mind is not In a condition for a Convention; It I# In too excited a stats for such deliberation as th? public interest demand; and artful mear.s have been made to make It so. Men are not made wiser, or more temperate from being sent into a convention, than to any other J ill a? 1 1_ s_ rt ? *? ? - > - ? afiiuvrau; oouy, iucd Lon^ri-H or xne iie|{ililture; nor have we any reason to suppose when party spirit runa as high aa It do?a now, that wiaer and better men would be aelected for sach a place and for such a purpose ss it contemplated. Tbe world waa not made In an hour. It la not likely to r>e destroyed In a day; there li no ooca sion then fur such remarkable haste. Th> Gqv??*ob or Georgia Cknsciid ?The Georgia House of Representatives have unanimously passed s vote of censure upon the Governor of tbit State, Hon Joseph K Brown It appears that the Oovernor In vetoing the Bank Re* lief bill Intimated that It had been passed through corrupt Influence used by tbe banks The Legislature requested an explanation. The Governor replied that "no charge of bribery was Intended; that tbe language uaed was general, and was Intended to be directed against wbat Is usually known aa lobby Influence, when gentleman leave tbelr homes and spend money for travelling expenses. tavern bills, &c., ke , for tbe purpose of nanglng around the General Assembly to try to influence tbe minds of members so as to procure tbe passage of a particular bill." Thereplvctoat-d with the bint that "conscious Innocence would not have appropriated to itaslf language in whk h there was no imputation of criminality made. I lie Hou*e aid not like tbe answer <ind the following resolutions were passed?ayes 113, nays 0. Be tf resolved, Tbat bis Excellency, Uovernrr Brown, has not only abused tbe privileges of tbls House, but bus failed to maintain, In bis official lntercoufe with tbla body, tbat dignity of deportment wbtcb becomes the Chief Magistrate oj Georgia. Rzsolvtd further. That tbU resolution be spread upon the journal of this House Tex Wutbib.?The following repr>rt of the weather for tbe morning Is made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian institution. Tbie time of observation ti about 7 o'clock. DXCKMBXE 10,1800. Burlington, Vt snowing,87?, wind 8E .> w York, N. Y cloudy, cold. Washington. D. C raining, wind SE Richmond, Va. 46 Petersburg, Va clo'idy. 47?. Norfolk, Va clear, 00?. II _ ) -l .L. K! n ? 1 I.. 4<>A liaieiKU, ii. ciuuojr, lir. Wilmington, N.C clear, cool. Columbia, 8. C cloudy, cold. Chvlefton, 8. C cloudy, 70?. wind NK Augusta. G?. cloudy, cool. Savannah, On. cloudy, to?*. Macon. Ua. cloudy, 66*. Columbus, St clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala. clear, pleasant. Jackson, Abu clear. Mobile, Ala..... cloudy. New Orleans, La clear. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (cor rected for temperature,) 29,978; at noon, 29,740. Thermometer at 7 a. m , 3?*; at noon, 40'. Maximum daring 21 hours, ending 9 a. m. to day, 40*; minimum 34X*. Thx Yocso MailRobbkk ?The train boy wh< was arrested at Chicago for robbing Wnttrt malls of 810,000, assumed the name or Wllllaa H. Hudson, in order to shield bis relatives franc the disgrace of bis present condition. He is tb< ton of a retired Scotch clergvinan, residing li Michigan *Hli parent* are pious and eiselieti people, and have striven by every means In theli power to check the waywardness ef their son who left them some three years ago to earve ou his fortune for himself, running away from hli home, having shaken off parental restraint. Du ring tbe three months that he has been employee as train boy, he has stolen over twelve thousaac dollars, ;;f he auerts, entirely uf.alded. Hit man ner of robbing the mails was to stleci always oa< of the canvas sacks, and as be lay upon the pile break up and crush apart the packsges la the bag then slowly work them down to the month, when by Introducing a finger or two, the letters woul( be drawn out He never opened a mail bag, aa< yet o?ce actually abstracted the entire contents o a bag sent from Chicago to Quincy, leaving notb 1 Ing b?t tbe wrapping paper and twine of thi package within, to the greatest mystification o tbe post ofiee otftslals. Opposition to Ultkaiim in Mississippi ?i public meeting of the citizen* of Vlcksburg, aq< which tbe Whig of the Id Inst pronounces "the largest demonstration known la tbe State sine the memorable canvass oi ;64,M was held tbere re ' ceotiT, M?d resolutions adopted which logical that the extremists of Mlttiulppl are likely to sg counter atern opposition la their secession pur | poSH. The resolutions, reported by a commlttei of leading citizens, doelared that la the electloi of Abraham Llacola to tbe Presidency, the salrl of the Coastltutlon was vlelated, eves tboegh It forms and letter were preserved That they cob tend fer every right and guarantee the Coasttta ! tloa gives, and will submit to nothlag less. Sh cessloSu> mey sey, Is ? deliberate abandonment p .all tttStwhts and latarests secured by tbe vale I" and snedonr of our tethers; aad remedies yet ex Is 1 wit bin tbft ITi km, which, though untried, at SS|*"* 07* ftyr Robert J Brecktnrtdge. of Kentucky has vrmten letter on thfe politic*! condition o [ the country, which la worthy of attention. H hit* the caases ot the exlitlng troublae with i K*od deal of necnrnry when he sara that "i1tfc . North lilelsts oh using the National Goverataen , to put down slavery, or If the South iaeistt 0i using It to perpaUiate and exte*d slavery t| ' Vn'on cannot last." Dr Breckinridge thinks ths If tka Union eon aanrin the praaent crista, the re ' ault will be the triumph of tho Democratic port 1 In MM, probably under John 0. Brockinrfdrft ' tho whole South and a portion of the Nortl uniting tatofssapport. Tnfs ia the best reaul) b ' can foraoo. Bo apeoka In the strong eat terms c ' Mr. B's devotion to the Union, and tho Mas at cusatlona of fevering dienalon wbleh have be* brought against him daring tho eanvsos # n I 0t3LO?tCAL AKB M 1SI? ALO?IC*t. DlVILOP? Jawpfc#- W? on, Commissioner of tb? General Land Office : j J la the prosecution of the public surveys wwt of . be >1 iMlwlppi. toward* the Pac'flc. extensive ndtcatlona of mineral wealth ba*?t been diaccv>red In Kanau and Nebruka, and the eastern ilope of the Rocky Mountatna. there exlat ranges it mineral depoatta of coal. Iron, gold and alhrer. I*be Mai, comparatively free from tropurtty, la ( lot ealy the power fel tftat for maaufactariaff purpasea. bulla adeoMte lathe domestic wants, ^ for an : ndf future. of a teeojin* population, equally ao la the navlgatlCD of 1 timed water*, rhllet It la at band to do lu service in the railway M- U1 tv CVHIK^I IUC MWin"r 1UU I Parifle cities. An Idem may be termed of th* value and enduring character of mineral fuel so ' extensively distributed over our country, already J discovered to the extent of about 200,000 square miles, when It is shown by an authoriUtive esti- ^ mate that au acre of coal, three feet thick, is equal to the product of I.MO acres of forest tresi, and " "each acre of a coal seam, foux feet la thlcknsH and yielding oae yard of pun ftofcl, la raileulewt j to aboot 9.(100 tons, and poasesaes therefor* a reserve of mechanical suangtfc is itateai aqaai the life-labor of more than 1,800 men " This great substitute for hand labor wleldp at J this time In Great Britain in Its application to bar i vtst machinery by lard and sea a force eqcd to ?j me uisuuii nrcniw at oaman net; ana v** 1 the coal fields of England, Ireland, Scotland and f Wales, the British provinces of New Brunswick. Nova Scotia, C?pe;Brltain and Newfouodiend are not One-tentu the mineral area of the twelve coal bearing States of the Union, not Including the extensive titaoeverles wast of the Rocky Motia- ] tain* and on the Pacific The evidences of this j Important mineral sre not particularly confined to 1 the foot of tho Rocky Mountains, but are found j in different localities along the Mliaourl river. ; In Nebraska, in the Valley of Verdigris. Msriade Cvgues. Nseaho and Marmeton, In Kansas In New Mexico, besides the precious metala, iron, copper and lead are found. The gold and silver mines are there worked by companies, application n.o^. t/> IK- ? <4 ?1 tivn HHI iu^ WWII liiuuc ?V ?UC C7UI VCJVI VICIICI ! to work theae mines and acquire tbe right to do so by dlscovcry and 44 denouncement." according i to the laws or Old Spain and Mexico, but for < which there In no authority under the legislation 1 of Congreas. In Oregon ami the territory of Washington, scientific explorations of Dr Kvans, under the auspices of the Government In past years, have demonstrated the existence of mineral resources in many localities, ar.d oar laud surveyors, in extending the lines of the public surveys have Shown the fact of the existence of minerals In the valleys both east and west of the Cascade Mountains The n?f essltv and value of the coal product on the Pacific shores, to onr naval establishment, and especially commercial marine, must be obvious to all. Then, in regard to sterllo or lnsrable soils, found in mining regions, It is the province of sctenre to seek out chemical earths to redeem wss'e lands and impart to tbem fertility. These consideration* induce the recommendation that geological and minsral explorstlons and surveys be ordered by Congress, with authority for the publication of results. Tri Hbidklbeiio Stcbx!tt aus rn* Doo ?A gosslpptng correspondent, u rltlng from Heidelberg, telli the following characteristic story of a (tvrtnan student duel, ai.d what came r I It ?lot long ago, In a duel between a Vandal and Wmtphallan, the former had the misfortune to lose tbe end of bta noae. Tbe elided member flew off a distance of several fret, and falling to tbe ground waa snapped up and swallowed by a little dojr tbat happened to be running about. Enraged beyond measure at tbe bate use to which bta nose bad rome, the Vandal, clapping bis hand to tbe bleeding >turop, made a rush and stroke at tbe poor beast. Doggy fled, yelping, through tbe door, and up the lane, followed Dy the frantic duellist, while tb* other students, nearly dying with laughter, tried In rain to cheer A short way up tbe lane doggy'* progress was stopped by a stone wall, which he could not overleap The pursuer was close upon him The case was desperate. Doggv. seeing no other war. turned, and uttering a despairing yelp, ft-d past his persecutor. Blind with passion, the student made a cut at him, and sliced off his tail so neatly that there wau't a remnant left! Here the others interfered and applying the law of Moses for such cases, declared tbe "loss of tbe nose balanced by the loss of tbe tail " "But tbe dog has s\callowtd my nose!'' exclaimed the unpadded student "There Is his tall," was tbe answer; "voucan do tbesame by him " The Vandal declining "to taste the sweet of revenge" to that extent, was willing to let the matter rest. Thi Pctwaji Phalanx at baitti|oa?.--Tbe Baltimore American says, in reply to a statement of a Washington correspondent denying that Mr. Ntaart, in bis speech at Baltimore, alluded in the remotest degree to any design to 'put down secession at the point of the bayonet/' that -'there Is aemethlng of truth as well as error In the above. Tbe truth is that tbe people of Baltimore were well disposed to receive the membera of the Pba- ( lanz witb all the courtesies extended to military visitor*, that they were greatly admired, and that, except by a few hot-heads who in no way represent tbe feelings of the people of Baltimore, there was no d?slre or Intent to exhibit any marks of disrespect towards them The error is tn attempting to deny tbe indiscreet renia k made by Mr Stuart. Some thousands of people heard tbe words uaed. exactly as they were reported la the American. The better excuse given was that by Mr. Stuart himself, that tho remark escaped him in tbe srdor of sn impromptu speech, and that It was not Intended as a threat, but only as expressing feia ardent Union feelings." . ITT Two coaches from Denver City on the 3d instant patsed Fort Kearney on f-rlday morning. Hinckley's F.xpre* Messenger has S10.OOO In treasure. CLsries Harrison, a sslcon keeper, shot James Hill dead on the 2d Instant, snd fled. The weather for two days ha* been warm, sad the ! snow is gone, but there are indications of a storm. Building in Denver City Is still being pushed ahead. Four large brlrk houses were completed 1 last week, and two more were commenced. Y V-"NOTICE ? I rsHfOctfu iy inform mjr caslL3 tomere, and the public in general, that I have just reeeived a lar?s assortment of all kinda or Men'* and Boy*' Overcoat* Also, a larze vari'ty of Fancy a d Piain CMsim-r Pants, Velvet Mile, Satin, Cloth and Cassimor Vasts; Buys' Cloth and Cassinet Jackets; Ueutlemeu's Furnishing Goods, and a rarletj or Servants' Clothias, whi< n I will sell at '-eduoea fiioes at .No. 314 Pa. avsnse, ntar Kleveuth st. STRAW*?, de 1? 3t Fashionable Clothier. T? I. O. O. F.?The Offtoert and Utnkm oi U.5! RidrHr Enoanpment, No. I, are her*by notified tuat the next regular aesaion of our Encampment will be h<*ld on TUESDAY, the 11th ?f Ue embor. Patriarch! are requeated to be punctual, as business of importance wil. olaim their attdntion. de7 3t* B. A. ffanba. <Y^=-UNION PRAYER MEETING will bs L Cr hoiden every day this waek in the Foandry MTE. Church, corner of G and Fourteenth streets, to ooinraenoe at a quarter paat 4 o'cloek p. nu. to be . continued one honr. de I irS~FHlLADELPHIA CONFECTIONERY*. 1L3 Ioe Cream. Water Ioes, Wed dine Cakes, Pound Cakee, Mince Pies.Pastry, Cruets f >r Oyster Pies, Jellies, anu a generaJ assortment of nioe things in the Confectionery line, at FUSSELL'd, oorner Twelfth and F sU. no 34 lm* INTERESTING TO BANK NOTE 1? HOl-DEHS.?Virginia uutis taken at par orClothing at the Peoples' Clothing Store, No. AftA fl?vAnfh atrAflt. ' ~ - -A _ -- ._ i me mu? ueaui.iui aiyiea. > 336 Pi. AT., between 9ti* anH loth ita., 1 ibtr-ta wtlkimtor, l ? : f I?ROM BOSTON.?The regular packet ee*?ener r Helen Mar, Captain E. Nicker on. ha* >_?> arrived and ia now diacharcinc her freir?it ?sy> J Apply to HAKTuKY * da 10 St 99 aad 101 Water ?t. Georgetown. Mr?, n. s. bishop and miss e. gkair, of 1,01? Ciieetnut atreet. Philadelphia, 1 re*pe 'tfull? invite the Lachee of Waehinfton^Bt . tn their new and elegant aaaortment orparia^^ . MlL.1 IN KR Y. expreaaly import -d for Waahinctpn. at 334 Pa. avenue, over i:ia< ett k. May'a. " de 10 ?t* ~ ! CJHIFTING TOP BUGGY FOR &U?,-ea!d C5 haKit waa male to order, at an oxpenee of BMf, : byoaeof thebeetmakereinNew York citjr; ha* V enameled leather top, whaeh can be take* off ai * ai?aaure; weifni, wuneui im.uvdi jwj p mnaa t willbeaold below it? v?!u^, u ?old Within a faw d?a. Inquire of JAMKd C. MoOL IRK * CO. fPlK ? V? ? . A P P L K 8:j APPLE B,M JUg St." wgmMi a, ud New Yearpy?t CANFI ELV* vBW*" ' 992 Pknm JLvKSVt. t lastfvxfeiSStfB aas'Jc t t ngalMMiforeign p?r?onft(M; "I at'lj all o-tr prnminen*- Statmmen. Poets, Artiata, Aatbora, ?4Tbg C?for#d fl?tt>frtpM nut b? mm t* bf ftfa* 10 ! 1 / k I ^ I ^ ^ ? I i Tl i o i! ' ^' 4 .h AMUSEMENTS 1 REMEMBERTBKORPHANS EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTION ! | AT TBI SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. GRA.N D CONCERT Jhildrentf Proieit't Orphan Aiylim, , Maiat*cl b? thtf . n vn i inu-nnr the tuib n untii ""T i 4 ^ w ? "-?w " m m m ?m u m m ?? v A' *.- ? ? v ? PIBL1C 9CUOUL8. Inilir th? diraattoo of Prof. J. H. Dtllll., Ob FRIDAY JtVENINO, tha HU mat.. , o'clook. Tiek^ta 59 Moll; can be had at tha Muiic ud Hook ijtorer, and at the dour on tha varum of U* ! ;ono?rt M r. John F. El.ii ha* kindly furmahad one of hta -eit pa&oa. 4a K U ^ASHINOTON THI!A T K *! MONnAv7D*?o?h*r 10. ?irat night of tha Bnliant and On final Comady, ' :?] KMr D Him ' E5?fa? ^*555 IBBI*,? .Mr. J. rt"yd I oh# 9hark*r ... Mr. L. P. Roy* 1*181*. ... Mr. J.T. Raymond Hon Qeu M!aa? Mr. M?'h*wa Bob. Col. DtCoareey . **r Carrol Dwata * Mr Waltaa Mr? Piafieton * ?? Alio* I'ImkI* Mui Kmm Uriuty Mi* Mart MrSTV?r<l?Bt Mrs. k. Mann Vfiw Verdant Xra D R?aa Naan Mi? Kltnora TOM, THE BLIND XKltRO BOY PIANIST' THE WONDER OF THE WORLD! THE MARVEL OF THE AGE! A Living Mir*ale! Blind from birth, without one moment'* instruction, cot ev?n kroviu the nam* of a mngle key On the fin*er board, or the ?ha;x> of a piano. incompatant 10 an?wer th? nmf'Mt ?) uoa in r^gsru in music ? j?k miiwr 01 \nr riw>u; elating I om the operas of Norma, Linda Luce'ia Horgia, Daughter of the Regiment, Tr*.vat?re Traviata, ai.d other*. with a master hand and mutrr touch. Here i* a *tudv for learned n.en. A ragro ch.M.o?l? tan je%r? old. raised uson a plantation, tinorl* niinded, a chili* in a 1 his ?i?hei ana wa ts?* ' nwter of one of the greatest sciences; playing two pieces of mutio at oi.e<< and or versing at tJ>o same time?re producing the most difficult fiieo*s aft^r hearing th Tn-p!%?iug tb?s? coado o auv piece without eren hearing it o c*. the* onangiog seats and r?-pro<>g the pHno oorT'CtW?performs with hi* 1 ack lo th? inalriinwnt? sings in (iert an and F er-.oh. witho-t understanding either language All of which wi 1 be do ie?n the stage. Onoertsat the A?semMjr Rooms, commencing TUK-DAY KVBNINO. l>oori op*n at o'o'uoV, concert ooimuenaingjat ">?. Adnuttion SAMs : ehildren 25 eta. Maune*? i tiirMwr ana ai jo'oioci. Tki* b a.* th* oaiy week in the cit?, tt.i? ia the lait <ip?odunity of teeing this great Muuoai Ph?no?on. dot 1W C. O. ATWELL. Af?at. BALLS, PARTIES, te. J OOK OUT FOR THE MONCMKNTAL9! EIGHTH GRAND "COTILLON PARTY of the MONUMENTAL CLUB. at' Hall, on WEDNESDAY Deo It With rVjj# celebrated ootiUon ma?ic he* been ?n(i|id JB Tioketa 40 oeote, admitting a genUemaa tr.UMMfc ladie* do4 fo<tA2td* COMMITTEE. /"J. RAND COTILLON PARTY XJf or TBI ft* UNION ENGINE COMPANY. No. ?. fit Will take place M On TUESDAY, Deo 11, QH At FRANKLIN HALL, cor. Jtk and D st?J'roerefi'e Band will furnish mine. Ticket* !, mitt iog a gentleman and lad?. de4t^fcd?d WANTS. \*7ANTF.D.?Persona wishing to obtain a gooO ?~ Chiid't-Nnrse can git on* by appWinc at Mo. 488 Eighth street east, near U. 8. M. Barraoka. de fl St* BOARD WAITED.?i(?t;rm?n and hia wife of 'hi? city witk to engage permanent Board in t in a private family, or where there are few boarder-: location north of Peen. avenue. Kntire aau*faction will be givea aa to respectability, Ac. Address "Boarder?' at the Star Qit-oe. de 6 8t* WANTED-8ECOND HAND FURNITURE. Persona dec ining housekeeping, or having a aurplua of Furniture on hand,can obtain thaoaah and fair prioea by applying at 3W Seventh ht. no 17 BUNTZ k GRIFFITH. WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From $5 to 10fit* worth of SECOND-HAND FrRNI TUR K of all kinda, for whiob I wul guaranty to par tbehigheat prioea, and, as a?nal%at the shortact aotioe. R, BLCHLY, Dealer in Farmtara. Stoves, Ac . oc 9 40* 7th st., bot. G and H. east atoa. BOARDING. MRS. KK1LY. iii New Jersey avenue anuth, Capitol Hill, is prepared to aoeommoda'e Members or others seeking pleasant Rooms and Board uear the Capitol. Taile Hoarders ser v. <* also. de 7 St* PRIVATE BOARDING.?A gentleman and kia viiv, vi oi?i kviiitoniru, tm m\7~ r.onmoiated with good sized Rooms and Hoarding in a private f%roi!j .by mating early application at 3M i at, opposite Fmaklir. Squara. de 4-7t* UOaRDING.?A family, or two or three Rentiers m*n, can be aooummodatefl with Hoard at No. 443 Ninth atreet. on* door south of F et. Term* moderate One of the largest and moat desirable Rooms In the bouae, furniahed with water aud *aa, la now anoocupied. Tab e Boarders accommodated, no a 1St? BOARDING.?Good Roomi, comfortably fsrnuh?d, can be obtained at 273 F street, b* twoen 13th aod Uth, oa moderate term*, w.lL or without Board. Location oonveuitr.; aixi veiy pleasant. . no J7-2w* T^RAPESl GRAPES !!~ \J GRAPES!!! Just received 100 kegs of Uraati, in food order, to be aold wholeaale or retai at da 5 S an f!. 15 A DTI K R *?. 232 Pa. trinni. 1 .'Q^ NEW PAWN OFFICE. ! 6 We. WAR D^DesJer in Ne?Q Q and tut Of Clutniac. respectfu.iT is torus tLe pu'i'io tbat ha ttt opened a, LICENSED PAWN OFFICE a? No Tn Louisiana arsat*. b*twe->? s th and 10tb sts., t h^r doo's ?ut of the now C?u trt! GaM#-hoH??, ?Mr? hs will b? st all tinea prepared to wait on his patrons with promptness, attention and the ?trio test instioe. N. B?Jewsiry, l>ry Goods, Clothing, Mechanics' To >W. to , always on haad at private sal*. de 7 lm' Tl? EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. 1 EM RICH- at the corner of F<r.n. A ?_ ? A avenue and Eleventh street, has b*?nyfl^^ (ready improved recently and now offer* greater indsoements for the patronage ofoTuseTa and strangers than any other pnblio hoass in the oiU, lus prises being lees than those of any otasr hot*, on Pena. aveso*. and hie aooooimodauotis for permanent or tr&nsiest boarders anex ^epuoiiabls. The bar and restanraat arrangements oi the Europsm Rotsl havs already beooms very pom. lar. btim all that oan be dsrirsd by t^e wosf ISstidioas. Tne proprietor fledges unremitted attention sud oontiaued libera] e&??nditnr*eio rtre satisfaction to all, aifci thser*sewe ht? mvitahon to all to gjye the b uropeaa Hotel a sail. do 4 tf CLOTHING! CLOTHING !J Ks CLOTHING 2! Having on hand a very large stock of Ihs most C^LV2.a?,ie rty'ss^of R^ADY-MAUL GAR " ~f$ii tubUS oHBtiLUV!" The nnder?i(ned bega lear# to inform you tfcat fc nui ' .ore one of the haat asaortrnar.W ^ .jfn 1 BOOTS Md (MIOKSt* U found in i Ilia eafcra stick la Ira?li?all made for Ibiaata aon'a wmr?n the boat ?tyla?or tna ha?t matariAi ' lad vorkroaaaht*. To vhiek k* laritaa jo?r M; teatioo. H BI&NH, 4??Pa.av.. (Af?v doorg<aat of Nation*] HoUl.) po?7-eo3T (InUlACoa) DRESSMAKING hE?,I>AEBRUSBMCNT, a. ' All kiada of Laii*a teraMta, Or Cioaka , MuultU. Cheater field Sacka, /ouave Jaofcrta Ac.,&e..ovt *au made lo ordor bj ran taahior p^MMMn^th^ataat ran> aad boadoa atyla*,^ if, viouorua ^uotio ii,e ?r*av*<!i juo?io?menu with our low jric?*, ju ft/jfcr to [-duo*- rnir Cook Also, a fin# ftuwrtmont orOfcNTV FURNISHING GOODS. BAR k. BJtO., d?i Sw Cornof E aad fUvntii ?tm. TJU8T OUT-NEW BOOKS. HEPasMof W*1m in Am?r??, by Kio&hll Corau&ilia, 12?no , o'.oth; pr\o*fl. P?fy Aiiuo?*ro>?. from U? Fronott *f M?aor* de Hviu; ptioo Old Maokinaw, Ao , by W. p. fctnoktaU. 12a)., cloth; Friofl S'.iv At VfcHNCH * RICH9TEIN*?. d? 6 STS fwn AT FRENCH fcEincfi8?K?$r3. STS PA. av. Atmts far tks itkolr World. Fotka 9onta. alacaatly bonml, printed on tr>oed paper, full Turk** tti t; ?m?? ?f Mat by mail. The Moral Hiatory of Woman, from the French of Krneat Lei ore, trana tj J. W. Palmar; M. I 1> ; price ?1 ?r mail. All of Marion Har and'e Books, Naoaania Mnaa Sid*, Hidden Path and Aloae; prioe eaoa |1.S br mail ? ?1 dkbfumeey. I SoxPp, hXTtlS?*i^(*UDp""m ADK8. Oo' on* txperwr.oe in tfaa Malaaaa eaablaa ai ! i toINEQUALITY. 8omeofour <>wn importation and oUiara of wall' , known at|MKiard "braadr," maar ranetfaa aot to beroandmthia?ity,iari*Uatu*b>vaat ' Buyinc erari arUol* for ttat.wi offer aiioai ' larfaatockattha i *"-? "Bgrar.i. [ To STgAItnk'ua victim/: tuu Kitv. ivn . _ AUCTION auuge. I . Br WALL * BARNARD AMtMMn DAiLlPP*ri SALE or MM I unmown', IW Btxfti ate! * )? *r Arrrto* -oiTU mor M?W <T?eed?y> ftlUKNtNw. It'll iMt&rt.u 10 ' look, I vll. Mil, ftt the Abci on Rocnu. ik? lull * d Fi*ntNiii Moot *M l*fc?eStore, mo. kl*b' * Wonw'i an<1 CkiMrm'a Boot*, Skoea, toe. tor ak SNtfpera ?c4 Rebb?r?, kbe'vid(, C ut ler*. Drevera. Ae. Ttrai iwk. A. E KLOFF, Btiliff it WAM. h BM<N?WI> Aeata Br A OKEfc.N. Aaatioceer HOI f? K H O L U KIIMTIRK, CHINA. /.! eecrtow-U, I I brutlT' < ma ina'aoi. w n e e.. o* ?. m ,| iha'Tw I in fro?i?f*i? Ai?uot?:or?,uilnwM? ink and Ditrwta. No Do UwltUaat, \V??h?u< <! .ai c Wardn t*? rvolM Ftlltfd CkMlkw of n*4 u*4*. W mMuiU, T*i? ?, Ctefttra. Mi Io*t. r%r+ Cktli Window Bktdn. b.aa**U. Comforto. Bw i.M?tliiii??w4 PiRovs, Wit* *an? pttorit UUMUIIW MUt lU f ervti oiW. J. ) A?REKN,A.ct By CLEAR V k OR*.EN. AuoUodmts. W6 .Vtmtk ?tr$H EU XCKLLKNT MOimb.a??LDA?ftIITCHk.N FctRITCM AT APCTIO?.?Ufl MO IKk if' llo'olock t. n.. ?? ?ka. - n\,, i'JS Thi-i??otitta M n >rth 4) tM) H ?tr<wu t*? r?fcid?Do* of a hMir d*? totn kMMMfit/ fcu *XO?llMt WMru^kt of H?tw:n> d and Kito i?r. Pvriut*re; w mm is MrVPiuo iwmi Rm*vsm hug Porte, of lu ton* auu hi.iih. C?md Utl'ilS> h ?w< Ckair*, 8w?c( siai I'arJor an?l Fmc; Cha;r?, Makoc*ar Mah Confrand K< at Tabtoa, ??hotln?Ml \ ut Mwbl* toy Hu'dtci, awl W* nil Marbio U>? \N n??. Walmt Jem; Libj H ?h BttltUati. Walnat Wa drot>o? XI atMteada, aud Mid?board? Kxtaoa.oa Dialcc Ta' ioa. RMn(wau>r, Paititad CvtUi* Cktwktr ttete. Gi t f am?*l Mi'rora, Vai;c? Ornanianta. 8f?'m Mvjhiue.mad?i>) Whulwt WUaoB, aoat ft ion. Hair, Cvtu>?. and Shaok Mattr*? ia? Farther U^'saol B*d4tn|, Car??m, oi'olo on. Mattiiif. fcaga, if in |. CkMnMr fltll ?*i ?(bor OHurt, Tonal 8*ta. tiat, faiatiuca. Fine Cotier*, Cut and uttk (i a?a War*, Chita and Dinn r War#, KzHoiit CuvkiLf Sut?, RaJialar and Chtu.:? SluVM, l'oc- the- with a 'art* iot of Hiiakoa R?aaiaiu? T. rm>: oa?h. Hoik lor lent, te^Rir* of tke Aeetionrora. da 5 d UbtAKVattKKKN.Aitto. rrrTHE AOOVK >ALt 13 PORTPONri) oat I WKliN I'SDa V. t*>? lith innt. CLKUV ? ORKEW. A?> . I Hj J. C. MoSlMRE ft CO., Auction** . SIPKRIOR TOP HC'?3V WAGON. TWO Main Wioo?i **u at At-crto*.? Ob ^AilRiM^ MuKMNii,D*oM?tHi Itt u 11 o'ouck. lu frvBt of tt ? ftMOt.wn i Hit, without r*wr?? Oc* new l>?ih?r top Buggy Wtfog, bai t to ordor iu Uiun.u-t. Two j?x>d Market Wkoli; one Sulky. Termi: A ci-erfi' o'SOnna tf c1bt>- lor tatiafltctonlj M<iTW nolo*. twarir* interest. <?7 ? J.C. MclillKEftCO., iuti. ITTTHE ABOVE <*AI,E ISL'NAVOIDABLV V 'sibobmI, on acooart of tl>? wwtk?r. unul THliRlSDAY llOMNlNC. DmmbOm Uth, mn? hour ana d* 1" d S. C. McGUIRE_A CO , Aicu B) 1. C. McGL'IUK ft CO-, Ai?UM?ri. PER E M PTo R V SALE OF HANDSOME r P&HtLT CtllliOl P*J* or RaT CiUU?l Hobii. Hmsiii, ftc ?tin TO NOftNOW MOK Nl \ G. l)MMib*r IU. M 11 o'clock, in fr. rt Ul IDS AUCI OB HOVIIU, VI lUkll H I, *UI Oil I ? aerve? A r*ry h*ada"m?Rnd nearly raw Family Carria?e; l -r *ix p*ii9i>ftri, Pair of large fine ! okinx ay Carria<e Horeoa, tnlrer-p au*i Haroe.a, Cover*, Ao I'criaa cuk. ? J. c. Mrftl'IRE A co., Aaot*. C7-THK ABOVE SALE I? UNAVOIDAbi? noatponed on a M?nt of the weather metil THURSDAY, Dt* llth. -ami ho?r an<1 ?1m*. dc lA-d J. C. McGUiR E A CO , Aatti. THIS AFTERNOON TO-MOllROW Br BONTZ A GRIPFITH, Abo looeera. Large stock of tots, fancy ooodh. cvtlxbt. chika axd cl chit Will. if Avctioi -Oii !?ATL Rl?AV KVbMlNG.lMMttber ath. oonimoncinc at H o'eiook :au?l oohUduioc every Mver nc until the who'e etock la diapoowl of.? we will eel at oar Store No. 36V ?th etreot, he t*i?n I a til K atrevta a larcaaeeortaent of Fancy Gnoda, T>'Tc, te , eompriaioc m part? \V o an L Jerahirte. and Drtwcn Hoeierv ola 1 kiMU, Crooktj and ? laa?vare. Dre??iag Bozm. Work Boxee. Hentiemeru' Ur*aa;i>? Cmm, Pocket asd Table Cutlery. Snrenor Doub e Fa.rrt!.ed Ganit fortmimea, A)., Jto., whether with ? targe iMOrtn^nt of artiotea toj Duin?rona to mention. Tm*aMk> <U4 BOHT7 * GRCFPTTH. Amcta. Bt WAI L A BARNARD. Auotnaeere CHINA. CCTLKBY. PL ATF.D AN D OTH KR Co*tlt w ill. Ptiux *sn kifqrrt ?tait btb?, *c., at AtcilO* ?On kkiuaV. U>e 7th iDitan;. a 10 v'aiiet. tud oatiuii* t-vmy day ?cti: ia aiapoeed of, we wi'l ee at the bt<>re of Okas. K. Gr?*n, 474 Pa. av. brtwwii llth and I k a (i.u, next <1oor to tti? Ki kvood Hoa>e, kie i. etook. ooirp iein< a large a:>d n led *a o'tme-t? * French, Moue ?*, and ot er Lm.nsr, breakla*t. atid Tea Meta of tne 'aieat at* lea, Par.aa HU^iaU Lava.frevraa. Bohemias,, and Am-reau Glaa?wa-e. /'ananand Btaquet 8utu lee. k?n? ? >.* ? 1 d i. u 1 yiH*iiP<N?oj I SUvIl n,,WIll .flUaUVF. savrM Cnpi and ?'arti K ao? ivntnl Frajt Stabde. Cordial SfU, Tabic and Wn.e Caatora. Plated ftyoona ami Fork a and Cutlery, A iA a larr? awo.t merit of other Silver War*. Abu a general aejortmcnt of American. Herman, and Logliau Ware of every deeorieUOB. Thi? ?a!e wi:i be found vorlhy the ?e<xua atteii ion of houeekecpera and thoee wi?hir?? to ?uroha?e I. ?udai prcaenu. aa the good* are ot the finest and Th? artioM viLl b? r*ady lor ?xiii?it>oa on TyrM morm uc. 6th uiataot. Cu4?o(bm at hI? d?Td J. C. MoGUUtE 4 CO .lMti * FUTURE DATS. By J. C. MoGL IRE k CO, AaoUoaMra. / ATALOGLK SALK OF MlSCF.LLANtVv oc? ?'oLL?criQ3 or Valcaili llovi?.-Oi? WKu.NESOAV KVENING, I*U . at half put ? o'?o?k, w Bkall Mil, at Um Aaeti n KOAiM t *o iMbun ?'f Hia?nrioa H u(rt(i)i<4'i M^.oal. :>ci*ntiho ud ro*u<? woka. tof?th*f wU? lot or fioto Catalog** raady ; """'"I: cTffi3fife t co? a..u j By J C. MoGUlftE * CO.. AiottoMvi. \ \| otict ?gbsat balk o? swmo* liwwn and wiiu BT CATALOvCK.?On moni)\v> . DftOMMMr 17th. at w 'cloak a. uu. we afaaii Mil. by oatalofiie, at U*a Hotel of J. Cfcapana, IU?., mmt theC*pttoi,? I hu ?toek of? Wim?and 1 )? aora, oomprtBtox acno of aaaort MitcftuW W 1D?* uTLhioti, tka Boat mi it of a i ova i aoitwiov (taMrfu hu mm Ctta ofim will to iiH?d and ftrtuiUara H|V turo^vertisenirr.u <UT d J. C. McQt'HE k. CO.. A??t? Bt J. C. NvGUlRJC * CO- Airtmiw, JKfflUHR theSuii dkj lI Deotoriwr. ?l ?o flock Bv*_?*th? . #8plsfiSE@@ i?to record* #?r W?^hii ruir. c .. D.I atoll ? t|? WW toif of Lot mnwwu fcre. a tt??re ftlrt MM) kuJMn * M mi * mm \ork Teruu i On* third tMh; the rewmtow iiiMM months, with inlireit. ?< to a toto of trut J. C. M?(il'JRK 4 ti?., Awtrn I bo ? UwAJi 85^*" ""'"miM otunOpre i it tto? frwn mm> ?T*W? ? , ? y-J? 4?4tf N?.SOTCat,b?*?d^"*nfc, f iMUMK iniporutuont. Term*: #?<?c*th;uw that amount,a credit of 90 and 60 days, for approved endorsed botes, bear loc interest. ds? WALL A BARNARD, Aaots rrr'thk *ai.k will be continued TCTMOKROW MORNING at 1? o'e'oek; acd TO MOKHOW LVtMNti at7o'al?sk. 4s lu Hy J. C. MoGUIRE k. CO.. Auctioneers. 17XrKN?IVE SALE AT AUCTION. Jfcj RICH HOV9KHOLD FVANTTV**. uMtSAAmst^hJsa ' Qi kT i A fSW fMtlo OIL PAlNTffl?% / Piano P<Hte, fWU Seven Octavos, Ross wood Cass. ' t sbojaiai* Carved Leys, with Pearl Keys, aad a very sspertor la firuwrni in er*rj w?y. fto??vool Pvlor Mils, uacaufair oaxr?4 fruBM. 0^ *er#d with ri?k SftUb Bru?ull?ud VaUwt Kewvood Bnruvi. 1**1 a tenia, F.t*jer#e. Site b %rd.Ceiit -r ar J ?of*Tat>ieepT*rki#h Louin ud Euy OlUkira. L?o? ?ni ? Cnrtauu, Emm Mil Cyrr.ioM, L Hr*ae*la in<1 ln*rym CfcffU. With a i f rich fuoi Qn>a>qU u4 Bo boai&ti Glut ware w iIob wet vttk, toe miroii ?o nMiatioii, aud milt be i?m te M ff?ciit?4. Pa um ,? want o(good Fernitere, ft*.,?r article# s?iUk~i? fbr bo may f reaeota. will do veil to oall attJeiamiM the goo<ia previoaa U> tka aaie. which Will tak? a'ao* o* TUESDAY MORMNO 11U DtrtmUr. e<Mnn??Reiic at M o'o ock.and eoiitinue deratd ITf ill tfcawiltar nfil *** ** -

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