Newspaper of Evening Star, December 10, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 10, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL BLBWB. IC^Tbi 8taji publishes the Lift of Letter* remaining tn the Washington City Po?t Office under the provisions of the law directing them to b? printed la the newspaper having the largest circulation within the delivery of the office. Its total dally circulation la more than doubla that of any other Dally printed In the District of Columbia. DawcATOftT Ssavicaa at thb Fi??t PaaasTTtiiiR Cavncn.?Notwithstanding the Insuspiclone state of the weether yesterday, the attend? 1 ? 1 - a 4L.. I?t Dan. ance on uw luaiawry wrTica ui uk ru? bvterian Church throughout yesterday wu to g rnl u to ciim every a Tillable poeltion to be I occupied. An unosnallvlargeaumberof Senator* and Representative* In CoogreM, with one er two Members ef the Cabinet, were present Tbe mornl ? service was opened with the singl?; ef sn appraprtate hymn bv the choir A portion cf Scripture wne then read by the Rev. Wm McLaln, when praver was offered. The ckoir th-n sung the S4th Psalm, when Rev Dr Spring, of New Vork, delivered aa able sad Interesting discourse. I be text selected was from the 30th verse of the Wt chapter of Leviticus: " Ye skall reverence mv saactuary.? Tbey could aotbouor God more than By ptming kotMi apnm iMtitnUoM of bit own appointment, and ! ? he was aa!d to have reference tor the sanctuary, he would take the word aoctn&ry as tbe subject cf bit observation. comprising, ? it did, it* Divine presence, its moral power, its benevolent influence. its conservative notion*, and tta aociai character. They reverenced tbe inctuary, in the first place, as tbe house of God When there, they sbnt the door upon the world, and thought of the great and giortons Being wbo occupied it. It waa early promised, "In all places where I record my name I will come ur.:o thee, and 1 v 111 bless thee." Well might tbey turn aside to tee this great etght,?God with thein in an eartbly temple. Ilow dreadful was tbia * -? - > HUklU )),{ la pirtCC, dUU ) Cfc UUW uniKuuui. .. none other than the house of God, the gate of Heaven." What was all human teaching with It* well digested thought*, and charms of utterance. If God'? own ltpa spoke not the aolt whisper that it w<sa hii own. TLey reverenced the sanctuary In the second place because of Ita mor <1 power Men rarely became moral, never religious, dissociated from the House of God What it sought most to promote was a character that was progressively like Its own, a character cherished in nil that was binding In the obligations of law, all that was tender I a Ihe sy mpatt'es of their great and high Priest. The sauctuary effected all these great objects by the power of truth, praver, and of the Holy Ghost Intunatrlv connected with these thoughts the third reason of to is reverence for tbe sanctuary was found in its active beaevolence. While generation after generatioa passed away, and thrones and dynasties bad vanished, proud institutions bad crumbled to tbe daat. while every ane'ent work of man was tost, this great work of God rem&iued. Tbe church, In the fourth place, was distinguished for its conservative principles. Tbey reverenced the church, in the last place, because of its soclil and frit* rnal character. One of its prominent characteristics was that no distinction was made between the rich aud the pour at tbe altar of Christ The afternoon service commenced at 3 o'clock The discourse on this occasion was delivered by Her Charles H. Read, P D.. of Richmond, who sermonized from the 3d and 4th verses of the 3d chapter of tiabakkuk. The object of this discourse was to sh<>w the incomprehensible powrr if the Divine B^in^ He was assisted In the service by Rev. Dr. liurley, Chaplain of the Senate, and Rev. Mr. Kennard, pastor of the E st. Baptist Church The third or evening discourse was delivered by Rev John Jenkins, D D , of Philadelphia, a?s!st?d by Rev Thozna* H Stockton, Chaplain ?V- tl - DanaoaAulsiiifa* mnA B AW M?inn vi mc nuusc vi ntpi- tV?. ? ?? Noble, of the Fresbytery of tbe District of Columbia. and Chaplain In tbe IT. S. Nity. Froui a statement made by the Kev. Mr. Sundarland in tbe course of tbe day, we (father the following interesting particular* relative to tba history of this church It was organized and founded in the year I8U9-'10 Ita tirst celebration of tbe communion of the I.ord's supper was observed in the room of the Supreme Court of ?ht In: ted States Its first church edifice was erected at the foot of Capitol Hill about tbe year 1812 It wu subsequently enlarged, and was long known as tbe little White Chapel on the hill, where il now stands 'I he second edifice of this churcb mtu erected on toe sue 01 id? present ounu.inj and wu dedicated on Sabbath morning, the Wtt mt December. 1^27?iust 33 year* ago yesterday The church has had seven settled pastors la tb< following ordT : Rev. John Breckinridge. Rev Reuben Post. Rev Wan M Mcl.sin, Re* Chas Rlche, Rev W T Sproule, Rev EUsha Ballan tyne, and Rev. Dr. Sunderland, the present In cumbent. BiaWj'i Hotel.?This handsome house 01 public en.'*' tainmeut has recently been so meta. morphoaed *? to 1U interior appearance mai in on friends and piuuos scarcely know it on first en terlng The old riding-room to the left of th< main ball on the firat gr>or bat been converted lnfa a gentlnuas'i parlor, wkicb ia fitted up in thi moat elegant atyle of oiodera luxury. The roonr baa been divided la tbe centre l?/aa ellptlc arch aupoorted ?n column* of seagllola, wttb exaui siiely carved capitals and bate* of marble Tbi waits and calling are adorned with paper o crimson and gold, and of tbe richness of damask Tbe floors are laid wttb mosaic tiles, and splen did mirrors and rich rosewood fitrnitere attrnc adimrine comment On tbe second floor, tbe re Juvenated parlors and chambers are wortb a visit Costly new carpets yield beneath tbe tread, ele furniture of velvet and damask and rot* wocd. imperial mirrors, statuary, paintings, am ornaiueuls and luluries abound profusely \>v heating apparatus of the nr.cut approved Kind ba beea introduced throughout the establishuenl Tbe diaiug-rt?otn tis been considerably enlarge* by removing tue children's dinlug-rotm toothe qoirters Steam tables haw been Introduced and otb< apparatus, into the kitcW?D; and nothing Is wsnt.njr to constitute tbe Marble H^tel one < tbe very best places of entertainment in the conr try, or the world, indeed The new dininc-rooi, - " 1 1 -? ? ?u1_ IOr CBHU irll aiiU WCI *ai'w *- iai lua maw \i bw*k u* ^ it betag prurld>-d with every comfort .rnd conven: esce u> oedtsired In addition to the com forts < thehouae, the sojourner will alwuya find attenti* mttiou, courteous aierfcs, and an entertain whose hospitality ia a prev?#b. A Goob PikdSaturd%jr night, a yoeng worn a of decent appearance ana conversation, bavin with her a ^ hlld about three years old, went I the Central Ouard-houae for lodging for berse mmA child Hiie wave an account of heraelf, froi which It appear* a&ecame to tbls city for emplo meit u a servant. bat ypon ber arrival she wl disappointed; and belag frUndlna and money le She catne to the station for protection She bal from Maxttnsburg, Va., and intended to returi The guardsmen, wbti they assembled, conlri a ted each a little, until saougb was obtained pay her way back. TbU creditable act will b? advantage to the contributors; for-'Cfca/ltf core a multitude of alna." Mi Eoiroa- Permit me to suggest that on tl **4U -*"1 tO?K (net the rfivt an wh|( 1/lU, IU?H, Q IIU IVIH * ' ?" ) ? ~ ?wj- ? South Cirnliu proposes to go oat of tbe I'nio every one wfau possesses the glorioua Stars ai Stripes shall give them to the breeze, from t meet conspicuous point at hand; and thus test! at ooce tifir devotion to their couqtry and the determ iaatien to maintain IU integrity For in elf, I have determined la procu-e a star-spaagl banner {thirty-thru stars) expressly for the pu pose, and shall fasten It to the oigUes: pot attainable on my little domicile I have lived i ray lift under the protection of that ever-rtorlo eustgri, and wish to die under no other. Path OrricEBs or the Ciiu Board ? a meetii ef the Commission*** of tbe Public Works Maryland was held la toU city, on Thursdiy, the oficeof the Chesapeake aj,d ?}hlo Canal Coi paay. when tbe following geotlecotb were elect President and Director* ut tliis work, to sri until their success**rs tUsll take tlielr plac? Prerdent?Dr J. Fitzpatrtik, Cumberland. 1 rector*?Alfred Spate*, Alleghany couotyj Vic' Holmes, Baltimore couuty; J. J. Heck&rt, Co eeuety; Edvrui Mealy. Hag erst own; Col. Jo JabMort, Martlnsburg, Va ; Robert Vandev flarfoid conBty, Md Tut Thcat** ?Tbe original comedy *' Fashions and Follies of Washington LI ft?,'' U be prsaenled at tbe theater to-at* ht for the U tiaoe From those wLo are connoisseurs in tb matters we leara that it Is a superior productii ad such as caaju>t fall to interest and delight w?a? shall a fend Manager O lean has, In this, la other instances, shews a liberal spirit ife erlng far the gntiftcailoa of the public, and ^toru ahoald be Bst ia a correapoadl cz spirit those who desire tba cttiUt?tsc? of a wall rs, ' * * ?? ? ^ ' mmh | misim I * *gu |NfM? 91 UUUHHVM 19 IT>i HI ? Rnii?i?ixai Ril at Bnium.?> Thursday iaat, aa amateur player ef ?W? city w the e*tr?or<ltnary ran of 3 ffcte polnU upon ft I* Ua table at Latrultt** billiard room, <w 31 street They wert all eerroma upon the two i ball*, wt'.ch, by tba akltfoi uunagemeat of player, became wedged to the left band eat pecket; and at no pr-tlod of tba run, which tpTi *ate4 by his ball &>\ntt into tbe pocket, waa player a ball toacblug either of the red ba several gentlemen ?1 messed tbe above, aad willing to vouch for ita correctness. Fiac Hour?H' Geo Calvert, of t pperrt Va , Lis Uftat tbe Star ojficea specimen of hoi Bade In bla celebrated bee-palaces, wblcb. ? BMftao nvaAMAjft In lifnf ftn4 moil. aay coaatrr K: n< ft" K?trcli*7l w? bit agents the uk of U 1a tnU city. PotTMitmiT 'la eanaequeac* of the laci ency of tba wntti?f Ut* rati 1 Chi party of the M nanul Club wlU be poaiuoaad until Wadacac Paceabar 1*U i // *" -*?? << ' ' RlLiaioui YaaUfday, the MliglMM c? ? ally w?? f?rorrd with opportunity to hear aereral of the molt popular of tho American clergr, and thoee opportunities >er? fully enjoyed during tb? day. The introductory diacouree atronsly "Union," of Dr. Stockton at tb? Capitol wa? beard by an audi en re which densely crowded the Hall of Reprewatati vet; and during the entire day the capactoss Presbyterian church on Four-and-ahalf street VP, a alan rr tn th? <1 nnra hu rrn . I greratloni to bear the several orators who participated in the services of tbe dedication of the hurch just reltted and reopened for divine worship. The churches generally were well attended at the usual service In e&ch. M P. Church, Ninth itrttt ?The services were conducted by the pastor. Rev. P L Wilson, who delivered a discourse upon tbe death of Stephen from tbe text of Acts, 7 M to 80, In the morning; and st night a sermon from Lamentations, 3 24. The pood man's portion. The preacher Introduced his subject by reinsrking upon tbe adaptation of religion to all condition of men. This is the language of a good man. Np other can un thi? language but the nu who has glrea up the world and its vanities. Men of the world have their portion in the present life. " Their hope and portion lie below." Tbe necessities of the soul cannot be supplied by the world Tbe rich fool sought to satisfy his soul with his garnered riches, but it could not be. Tbe body is of tbe earth, sartblv; and for Its present satisfaction these earthly treasures may answer, but tbe soul is of tbe Deity. Etherial In its nature, it Is only satisfied with like sustenance; It * 1 _ A . % m a __ a a i in a mini D?ve congenial iooa lunnoimy maras everything of earthly origin, but the soul Is I in' mutable, eternal, nocking Ins. The word portion signifies lot, inheritance, and may be an allusion to the portion of Israel. God, then, is tbe good man's inheritance Though temporal good is me Kin or <?oa, tney are the poruon 01 uie Doay. But tbe soul ne*dt a apiritual portion; hence Qod Is the portion of the soul. Waiktngton Asylum ?Yesterday religious service was performed at this Institution by Re*. R. R Gurley, who preached from the text of John 3, 14 13 The diacourae was appropriate to the occasion and tbe audience, and was listened to with respectful attention. After the sermon, tbe asylum committee of the Young Men's Christian Association distributed religions papers to each of the Inm tea Httkeditt Epis'apat CAvrek South.?In the morning scrvlce, Rev A G. Brown, of the Virginia Conference, delivered an eloquent discourse upon tbe subject of tbe "Doom or the wicked," based upon the text of Luke, 26 19?History of the rich man snd I.axnrus At night, Rev Geo H. Ray, of the same Conference, preached from the text of Galatians. 6 14. E stnet Baptist Church ?At the close of the Rev. Mr. Kennard's discourse last eveuing, addr?>ssed to tt?e vonth of our citv. three vounx: rn**n and three young ladies were received into church membership, and bad the rite of Baptism administered to them. Tbe church on this occasion was crowded, and tbe sermon was exceedingly affecting and eloquent. Assembles Church ?Rev Mr.Collins conducted the services during the day, preaching !u tbe morning from Hebrews 1.16, and at night from Ephesians 5 14. Ckurrk of the Asrenttion ?At night, Rev Dr. Llppett preached from Zachariab, 9.17. Criminal Cor*t.?Levi Barrett, convicted of stealing a mm of money from James F Gordon. ?ru sentenced to lii months in the Penitentiary. John Pesps alias Rentzell wai tried for stealing a lot of silver coin, about six dollar*' worth, from S. A. Schints He was convicted and sentenced to 15 months in the Penitentiary. Cha* Varney wa? tried and convicted of staling two haiiis of bacon from Benjamin I. Baden Sentenced to six months in jail. Robert M Cluskey v. as tried for stealing a box of cigars from Henry Leline. He was convicted, and a motion was entered for a new trial of the case. George j.ayles, convicted la two cases of assault and battery, was sentenced to two month* In jail la each case To-dav. the Court took ud the case of the l". s agt Tbomu Curry, charged with assault and battrtf. The prosecuting witness refuted to take the customary oath, and the District Attorney entered a nolle prosequi in tbe ess*. George Davis was tLi-n placed on trial for th? larceny of various artic es of wearing apparel, the i p'operty of William P. Armstrong. The Jury ret turned a verdict of guilty as indicted i The Court then took up tbe case of tfce l\ 8. t agt. Henry Taylor, free negro, for the lsrceny of i one gold watch and chain, valued at S125, tbe , property of Jeaae B. Haw. This case was pending \msnn r vt>r>npf /*1 nAAil ft VT U V N VUI S V |/VI blUV^U s Cmiu GCA*D-n0C?*.?Justin Thompson ? . Sunday ?John Jalby, drunk and disorderly; lined SI 94. John Stevens and James Nelms, caughl trying the fastening of a gentleman's kitchen door; held as suspicious characters having no visible means of support, and sent to the Corporation farm for #0 d-?ys. P*-ter Brcoks, colored, accised f of assault and battery; sent to jail in default ol security for pea^e. Alonzo Fereu, found drunk 1 in the street, in a ?*?<e of partial nudity, was aenl - over to Q ieen'ifor 00 days. Fifteen lodgers wer? i accommodated. * J... 11' ^ f 1..1. ...i iL t ?? m? ? a _ _ * i o uity ? in. Dn iwun, iirnry luoruifui. f W . H Berry, Ilenry Jackson, and Thomas John * son, all colored, were caught studying that brand i of tbe line arta which relates to colored pieces o; * pasteboard. They were tarh required to pay a " fine ?f So and SI 1*2 coat*. John W illiams wai f accused of profanity; fined S2 94 Mary Am Stuart, accused of open profanity, waa aent to tb< - workhouse in default of security and coats for 3< t days Ten lodgers were accommodated. What's Out T?We hear it whispered by know * itig ones that an organization very similar to thi ' K O. C , baa regular meeting* in this city, an< 1 that the participants In tbeni are not citizens o v tbe District exclusively, but come from varlou * States, soma of them disaffected and uppoaed V the DciDetuitv of the Union. Perhaoathe mvtte 4 rlous closed-door meeting! at Temperance Hal r bav? some connection with the origin of thi U rumor. is it so? g >T 8csP2x*;oa ot Public Won ?On Saturday tbe hand* employed on tbe U 8 Capitol Exten ? aion were discharged Tbe eans?* of this is tL l> want of funtls to continue them in sefvlce Thi l* deprives:?brge number of workingmenof mean >r to support tbtlr families during the approachin, '* iaclemeut huob Wp trust tbe suspension ma :r be verjr brief, and that tt?e worthy mechanic .~.l I k K. #- ?L4>t. wui ?wii vc rco?iieu mj rcvuuif iu*11 Ifyvif. Snr Down ?Saturday afternoon Pollcema ,* C.rt^r arrested a female far being drunk mid e: f ceediugly disorderly. Her clothes were near) torn o4. an4 abe waa In a miserable condltioi The policeman tarried her before Justice Doni j. and in bis oftce she giYe z i peel men of her flgb ing abilities She wyuld net' glpe her name, i she waa named Mary Drank, ana sent to tt n workhouse fur DO days. tn Plkasx Task Notic* ' ? Pot ninety days I wi not charge goods to any one without reserve i .. etrcuiji?t.?iirej or condition In the meintiiu< 1 will sell my entires * toe It of Fancy Sllka an Dress Gooda at cost Dome*tics at reduced price ... IVo 961 Seventh street, between I and K. b W W.Bpfmn. "i Tbb Cotillo* Pautt of the Bashfui Ctub )a postponed, on account of the weather, until, fu ther notice. ^ * tV Whitihckst, 434 Pa. av , 1* furnishing vi*l 'I lag curd* in beautiful style with full length lik ness Ilis prices are rcauced to suit the times ftlmmt rw*r Hm* nknt/iirrxntu r.f Prinf* s'|| Wales anoisuite. 2t* u( TmriMtLi enfSANir itio^ it often as a that ?f a tender fiower. Many of ttie aex entur in iaarri?ge relation* without being able to under n<r the labor ami trials of maternity In this count I thousands of young aatl 6?*atifal Vi^iaen are s\oi , fioad everjr year fioin this causealon* UOste'ta: al oelebiateU stomach Hitters will >iv? man/ of ct ni" olass from a:i untimely grave This niediou.e h ?rJ b an u?ed with great benefit by liumftoso nuinlx vr of people throughout the republic. a? d the pr pi .. tnr> ha.v? rect lved *fateful commendations from i Dl' woMoii* of the ooaLtrj. The Bitter* will l>? fou to b j very pleasant to the ta?te, iveiu a tR-vera, ,, and proiip: and power ul iu it* eff ect as a inwlicu ?u Ii ln.ywttfuew vitality into the fiame, and itrengt on en? the whpifl fy?t'iu io that woiiwh Iwho u?c er, are enabl. u r<* go ;LfOU|h w|lh whicn, wit out it would be oertaia to prottlrafe Jl;en?. Soui by all druxguta, a? lt?-eo* ?f Pills. . ' Famuli Cvniphiintt.?No other medieinea of t Irat day puttee* the property of restrain at tuote inc eee diaate dow> incidental to the gantler i-S, a on, which are the tad re?ulte of nervoue debility all enloeyed constitvt on Thousand* of feiriales u Amenta awe tneir er;?teuee and the aetg*l enjc ' inent of health to tut tha?a celahrattd ren * " diae. Tneir nature ia ?u %impte that tiiejr mar ?? Ukdo by thf oiuat 4?!loaM Ijtoftl* with p?rtt?ul in by dumkodnMy said byllTirauiiita.atJSi. ?j |B- aa4?if?fbex. , ^ 4a to 11 0z c-u fcui? *jmx??a,'&S?:? Jf~l? lh? ,? * ? J&tuftrr < 1th ji r o /nwl TWin /' V, E atf?^ss5Ew8^ su.r ri, arapr.etors oftiio Travsiar was astiraly corad c Jn" Mora epoch al foarmoiWu' oo?liMi?o?^?% < ' uMofthia Rtlsam.and several ofour friends and i io quiUotaaoas, wba Bars triad the article, have foil ila it of service in rrtievipx th-*m of mv He ?wu^j? aa^U^y? pf braatlua?, with which tl Nona laouma uuloe? sigaad 1. burr* on la, by S. W. Fowta k Co., Boston, and ?T sal? iTz. D. Oilman, S. C. FordTjc.fc. b. Wa Wr cTStiAt, John Hohwarsa, Nairn Jc Pa roar, Wa r I a listott 4*4 by dealers avary witara. do S-lv for Rums, h?royon saan Prat Wood's *dvarti m?nt tn oar paper. Head it; it will tateraet yoa rm- au Jt-aoly , * I To mm A*FT.ITT*1>!-Ba "ntf*? readI theadi l*y> I tiMMMii of M0Loan's WraiK<J?a?iBf Cordial i | U.ixrf Punftar. ta soother ooiunia. I ^? . J ' ? a ' 4 90*T+?*o(lQm!!2??SvoSfTTa?'and ?AttkSSrit nd'oJrtiiBiy'tSRm I Uk?P ,m tha ?*rlr ?tate? or tha diaaaaa.raoof raw lould at onoa (a had to " &'<??'* ?/ Troth**." or Loaengea, lat tha Cold, Cough, or Irritation of tfia Tnroat be arar ?o alight, aa St thla precaution a more tenon* attack ma* Sa affoomally warded off Public Sptaktra aud Smisri will find Liam effectual lor eieartng an I traugiiieam r tha Twit*. Baa advertisement. da I -17 .. . Homeopathic Kk*wdt*8 11 of Dr. Hunpkreya k. Co.'a 1 pernio Hoineopataio Rem.diee put up expreaaly for family ana. in hoxaa. at 25 acJ .V oanta each. Also. in ouoi, containing 20 vials, from ?4 to each. with book of fall directions. For mis by Z. D. Oilman. 350 Pa. ?vw.u?, wholesale aid retail a^ent; W. A. FitigeraRl. 343 north F street; also by F. B. Winter,corner ol Massachusetts avenue and Sixth street. AI*", Pond's Extract of Wittk BaftfZ, far internal and external inflammations of 1 as above. ma?ly W DIED, 1 In thu city, December 9th, of oonsamption, Mrs. JANE ELLlS, in the SSth year of her age. Her funeral wiM take plase from the residenoe of her husband, Jonas ti. Eliis, No. 117 B street, I Island,tori Tuesday afternoon. at2o'olock. The fneods and acquaintances of the family are respect faily invited. " At Harrisburr. Pa , on tho morning or the 10th, ISAAC G.McRlNLEV. LKID GLOVES CLEANED. ADIE9' ahdGENTLEMKN'S KID GLOVES Neatly and Promptly Cleaned AT No. 364 D Side t-6t Between 9th ar.d loth a'reeta. 170B flALE-A anterior family HORSE, in? cured to be aound and ?e*e: wi*! le eold r\ oh(M. A family CARRIAGE &rlHAR *wR NESSc?.n ai?o be purchased to accompany the horae if deaired. For further particu ara inquire at Star Offioe jie 8 at* ITNION COCKADES, U MARYLAND COCKADES, - SOUTH CAROLINA COCKADES, VIRGINIA COCKADES, For aale by MRS E. LOWE, de 8 lw 297 Va. avenue, south aide. A~FINE BLOODED MARE FOR SALE-A beau'ifu Grey Mare, t ytara old, worka fiv admirably in harnese.and iaoueol th* n oat jUirW delightful mid siylish ridin* horsed in th?r^^ ? city. Prioe #20<>. Or the ajmrtiver hav.r* Other horse*, wou'd hire out his riding rrnre for the winter, to a careful person, for tier board and ?lo a month. Address "Horseman," City Post Office. de 8 3t* For mount vernon. NOTICE.-CHAXOE OF DA YS. On and after Tues iav. Deceinbor 1', the Steamer THOMAS COLl-VfcR will make -fT"*" a. throe trips per week t > Mnu^t Ver non, leavi ( her wharf, at the foot i Seventh stre-t, at 10 o'clock on TUESDAYS, THUKSDAVSand SATURDAY S d?8-lw SAMUEL BAKER, Captain. If you want to SAVE the union " Call at HARVEY'S, Who hat just rec 'ivoii a large supply of fresh LOBSTERS. FISH, and fine MVSWw* * which he will serve to ourtoiriers at the shortest not ce and on liberal terms. P. S?Oysters served to families and hotels a<e not scalded; tliey are only scalded ior persons eatin ? them at the saloon. d*8 T- M HARVEY. Best fancy goods, AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, a*d Oxk Prick Oslt, At STEVENS'S FANCY STORE. no 21 tf 3:<6. hetw 9th and 10th trts. F'AKM HANDS FOR HIRK-Two able-bodied Negro Men and two Boys, accustomed to all kinds of fartniag. These negroes to >>e hi'ed for the ensmnjc year. Apply to HENRY C. MATTHEWS. Georcetown. <!e7 e?2w* Horses: horses:: HORSES '!! Jiwt arrived at DORSEV & RAINEY'S Livery S ablns, 8ih st.. between D and E, a lot of <r\ fine Northern HORSES, amongst tliem a pair "f fine short tail Horses, single dnv-^^ZA. ing Hor-es, and a Pony suitable for a boy to ride, ail of which will be told on acoonimoJating terms. de7 St? 94 NEW STYLES t>*l cloth cloaks. Wo have this day opened 33 more n*w CLOTH' CLOAKS, suoh as Arabs. Kngliah Sacque*. Zouaves, Basques, Chesterfields. Paletots, ai? fringe trimmed and Crocuet Bjrthes new styles 8i?*v? Cloaks. Cloak Department Beeond Story. Remember, thu place is MAXWELLS', <ie T 3t*<o 321 Pa avenue. MILLINKRY OOODB. 2J3U/ 2?T BONNETS. Ff.nWF.RS. FF.ATH-SSSfli ERS, RIBBONS. Rl*CHhS. RUCHES, RIBBONS, FFATHFRS, FLOWF.RS. BONNETS. HATS-HATS. Bf?NNETsf t MILLINERY GOODS-FaNCY OOOD&. , A. F. DOUGLAS, old stand, 293 Pa. av., eoiith mde, de7 3t* twt 9th and 10th ?ta [ RICH SILK ROBfcS! r {WD^sss/L/:s^ICUSILKROBEa!! \ ? , RICH DRESS SILKS R1LE\ S i? the place to buy Hich L>res? Si.k? at ??f French Merinoes, C*?!imf<ren, All Wool Mouns*lift6s; id fact, you will find al? kinds of DRY IjOODS very reduued nnoua. ! C?ll UiJ st*. ? r WM. R. RII.KY A BRO . f No. 36 Central Stoie*. between 7th and 8th *tr.M t?, ' d6 7 6t opposite Ceiiter Market. ' /"J heat" "bargains" 1 OrrXitKD AT thk s PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, " NO. 460 SsVUNIH SlKKBT, CLOTHING, haTj3FCRNISHING GOODS, AND b CAPS, i At 20 Per Cist. L**? thak thk Usual Rati*. f At n M ITH'S, * , No. 460 Stvfnih Strett. i> ?.&.?. :T^U'n *?nt of CLOTHING an.1 FlIRNJSHfNG GOODS wi ! find it gre&th to their ad7 vantage to give rae a call. 1 ?? r ri oiicpn r*. * u? 1 1111 J. II, I II, t'liUTrilFB. 4 T)lANOS*.?One very Cue Rosewood ?'h<okeriti| I Piano for aale upon montiilv payment*at ?125. A !ar,(e aaaortment of i*teinway|IB0l9 St Sons'aud U?vmd& Uaoon's 1'ianoa have'!? 1" . ju?t been reo*iv?<l. Theee fianos are now oon?id . ered the beat manufactured. For aslo a' the 'oweai f?otor? prioM at the Music Store of W. G MKT/ * tROl'T. de 4 * HOSI'uN BROWN BRKAD' * 13 B'STON BROWN BREAD! The undersigned reapecrfullrinformsthe citizcm 8 of Washington and airangets that he h*s entab lisheda Htxt ?n Brown Bread Bakery, which oai be had freah every day by leaving orders at hi Siokj, 391 D it., between 13.h and 13X sts., Wash n in* ton aity. deS 1 w K. ?TOt,P. / V A CARD. ! f 1RG1NIA AND 5 SOUTH CAROMVA MONEY. * AND OF ALL OTHER STATES, 10 , _ . . T A HEX AT PA?, le and wood* sold at the loweet market prioe for oaah A reporjor itook of CLOTHING now on h*nii ,, and havpjj to employ new one bandred and fift " hand*, which we wi*h to keep In eii.ployiueut dur to ins ?hi* panio, we will offer extra lnduoemeu'a t e, puroha??r?. id Gooda made to order in the bee* styles , WALL.UTEPHKS'SA CO. no as 3w Pa. av hot 9th and mth ut*. A. GREEN'S (ft i. ' n EX TENS WE h* r- SBD Furnitxire Emporium. 'T My friend* and the publio >n *? eral are reipeol it- full/ informed that the enbsoriber ha* coinp ate hie nook ol MA HOG AN Y and WAI.NUTFUR NlTUHE and HOUrikt-TRNISHING GOOD . of eirerr d?* -nation, whioh tie will eeil at tha v?i OI lowest prioe. He enumerate* in part? Kvery deitoriptiou of Mahogany aud Walnut Pai lor ana Chamber Furniture, at P iae Painted Cottage Chamber Set*, to C rpe'n, kuci, m%nkec?, (/ontrnrn, go Feather Beda, Hair and i*huck Mattreaaea, ry China, Gia*a and Crocicr* Ware, ii Knirea and Fork* and fable C&atori, r'a Buoketa, Tul?j, Washo >arda, SiUera, and evei lia sr de*cr.ptioii of Wood and Hardware, ' aa At No. *2S oorcar of RavjnUi Rt.d 1) "treeta, i <ra the Un Si*n. Tnn publl?'i? rAipenruMy m,it< is- to call and examine for themaelvea. 111 A.U*EF,\, ud no X oo4w Aaet. and Cwmiaaion Merohaat. I0' riENTS' MERINO SHIRTS ;*!; M . . ? ? drawers, > i* A large assortment Gtnta9 Merino Shirt* ar .11- Di Awvm: *r?o. H>va' Merino Shirtm. (i ant*' i-aml Wool Shirts and Drawers, t Varfe assortment u ooien uii Cuttle Hauerj, Kid, Silk, Wooi and Cotton Gloves, he Silk Cmvats and Neck Ties, >r- Linen Shirt Collars, nd Linen, Caw brio and Silk Handkerchiefs, at 01 or usual lovpnoea. ia HENRY EGAN, 521 9eventh st, ?jr- no3<V6t near Avenue House, & Now IS H AT8 and CAPS, at the People's Clothing ftov No. 4d0 Seventh st. Come one, oome all. M4 kw tki your Clothing at greatly reduoml prices, at "wg - Jt eWITn*8? 46A [y jgKGARS AND *0^ ? |?E T*** Hmni k WfMttiW, hai be*n dissol ved by m '"c tual eocsent, a: a mai ne nu op*n?Hi a ?tore on t sf

*?' importation, a? well aa domestic mauufaotui wholMal* and rotiil. w" Thanfcfullor past lavora. he hopes by tor d? lut and <tnot attention to thf *anU and interw ,vi ortko pnblie in his line, to merit a oontinuanc? sh |h* patronage ao lib?r*liy baatowed upon U?? 1< no2?-lm* P. W1EGMAJIN M W?NEW CLrOAKB. ~ ~ " E Have this day received from N?* Fori baaoU'al M*?rtm*ut of nev sty2* Pah aod Win CLOAKsTwrSaa the Arab. and oU ' r- styiea, in Bi*ck and Prenon Cloth a. Also. Ml r k * * ? -xr. . .?. ?* * m LOOT A1TO TflCTNP. Robt. i iTinjitou, M-l ;' prm*d to have b?n <aken ' mu'ake fropi th<- ?.uni?ri Station ?f the Ba'tt more an 4 Ofcto Rn nwd o* the SI of Apnllaet The above reward wi I He pai I for the d*lirery of ?arn? at tin b'grax* room i *^pn Station, Baltimore. W I*. SMITH, d* ? 3t Maeternf T aneportatiw. TAKKN up ASTRAY?Ob 'he 4th iaatar,t. a mall dry CO \V, a very dark rod. with ttfvtk mall white apou under the bellr and unVUr tm ' I ?k. W^. A - ' - l.U.L 1 I -* m uw *?' hvmi HODi i j i> ac t. auu uuruii^BHHi iio't. The ovntr ia requo?t<*d to come forward, prove property, pay ch&rgai, and fake bar away. W. PHIPPS, dc 7 3t* Firat Toll-gate, Seventh at. FOR SALE AND RENT. [Fmr ?tkm?'Ftr Sal* ?d Rm$" ajtirwinmm, utfint yayi.) Froxt parlor and cham8br (oa the tir?t floor) for rent. on Eleventh st hrtvroen Pa. tv?Du? and C it, oppaaite the Theater. da It) *<*> I^OR SALE OR RJ4NT?A fine DWKLLJNGF HOLSE, containing U raoma, acd fine j*r<l, aituatad IJOi I it , Wttvreu Wth and H?t its Pur terina plfaae inquire ma at door, af Mr. BUCHIOnaM. da my F" OR RENT?Two tne PARLORS on |r.t floor, and thraa CHAMBERS on lite ?*ot>nd floor above, 4t No. 7& Miaaoaii arson*. b?tve<.n 4!? and 31 ata , tear the ourner of Si at. deU2aw3w* FOR RENT?A very cuirimodiou* HOUSE ?i.d GARDEN, tyir* *&<t bein* betw??n Kirtt nt. Mat and North Capitol at, bounded by I and II ats. On this lot ia a very larf e grape arbor m full ) earing, hve vrj fine asparacua b*d?, and a con*i<U*rat> o quantity of fine currant bushes, b.ack and white ; also, aevera1 fruit treea of a very aaperior quality, mar>y roae-baahca of the finest kinds, and many hue plants nf flowers. *c The rent will be low to an approved tenant. There ia a very large ice-house in the adjuicing lot, which wt:l be rent d aparately. For term* a?ply to Mrs T.BROWN, Fifth at; or to No. 319 I street, between 6th and 7th. (Intel.) de 10-Stco* FURNISHED ROOMS.-Memhersof Congreaa and others in m ant of nicely Furnished Rooms, in auits or aingle, rau fin.l them by Applying at No. 30 F?nr aud-*-half at., east aide, between Pa av. and C at. de 8-lw* I AW OFFICE F'?R RENT-tn Towers' Build a ine, corner of rixth street and La avenue. It is <li?i fd into two rooms, is convenient to the Cou't House, and in a good business locality, de 8-St* Furnished rooms for rent?Tweiv# handsomely furnished Parlors and Chambers, suitable either f-ra arne party "f *br?? different lamiiies. An experienced cook in the basement wi 1 supply raeals. Apply at No. HO on F, l>etweeu 13th and Uth sis. de 8-3t* OR RKNT?PARLORS and CHAMBKRS, adjoining, newly and handsomely furnished. 391 h street north, between 9th and 10th s:s d*7 St* Li'OR RKNT?A very comfortable PARLOR and P (oar CHAM1JERS, with <:ai a? d every convnn-enco, located la the best part of the city. Roa d if do-i rod. Apply at No. 39^ Pa av,, between PtU and 1' tii at*. de 7-3t PM)R i*ALE OR RFNT (Or Exchange for Western La--de)?Ttia three-ato y It KICK D\VEl.LING, with good dry eel ar. No. .196 N street north, between 6th and 7th ?t? west. Aim, lor sal * or exotiange, tli* two aim Wr Brick Dwellings adjoining, (Nos. ?9* and 6'JO 1 Will ho disponed of a*pa>ate>v or together. For particclara apply to JOHN VlATTHEWS.Nu.SlJ Pit-ret north, between 4th avl5th gta west. de7 3t* POR RENT-A tliree atory BRICK HOUSE, r pleasant ? situated,(on Marvlaad avenue, between 6 h a:.d 7.h sta , Isla.d,(containing 10 r ? n>?, with ga* fixtures complete. Itw li be lot on m;derate terms to a good tenant. Inquire next door to the premise*. de 7-eo3.* A~PRIVATE FAMILY (HAVING NO CHILdren) Iiavisg two Rooms to spare, would take two jjentlemeu t*? Board, or would rent the room* furnished. The rooms" and are lit with gas They won'd have a pleasant home In qnireat the S'ar Office. de5 lw* bf Ull.NI??HED ROOMS I'OR RENT,at 406 D street. between 6th and 7th *t*. de 4-tf A COMFORTABLY FURNISHED PAH LOR am. niiu wmi?i "cjiv on mo mil oour igr nni,n No. 450 Twelfth atreet, between Ii and H. tla 4 Iw* 70R RENT-A PARLOR, an the fir.t floor, I anil thrde f}ne Bedrooms on the floor attov", at No 2>Q Pa. avenue, two tiocr* Mil of thA Kirkwood Houna. de 8-tf FOR P.ENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, of 3 stories, ooataining 12 room*, located near the Treasury Department, formerly oo.-upied hjr Senator Hin<? ; or I will rent 5 rooma in said house a l r.?- a ? . l n? ?? n ?? ? - ; r rrlit. a *!iia><i r r&me L'u'anium^ o rooms and kitcheu. Inquire at 430 Fourteenth tt., between H and I. de 3-tf FOR RENT-Afonr-?tory Brick HOUSE,onK, between 4th and 5th streets; i>as 12 roorr.s an J a bath-hriu<e. Kent moderate. For terms apply to OEOKGK SAVAQE, Washington: or to J. LiBBUY A SON, No '27 Wat*r street. Georgetown. Also, on L, between 4th and 5th streets, a two story Brick House, with 6 rooms. For ttrms app'? as above de 6 3too* L^OR RKNT OR LEASE FOR A TERM OF r YEARS?The HOt'SL anu u RoUND:* lately Qccupjcau* Pwstnustar General Brown, and very ifac'entlr held by Mrs. Smith a* a femalo institute. For lurthar information apply to CHAS. ABERT, Esq , or to tke subscriber. Tunuie t i vvaAv * iiA f? ?J\J. l | jlM eotf Surgeon general U.S. Army. FV)R KK\T?A d??irat>!e and welt located firetc!a*? H F.SIDENCE, No. 469 on Sixth etre?t. bwtwjen I) and E ?t?. The house is fu'Diahed with ail the modern improvements. Apply to THOMAS PARKER. no ? F'OR RENT, in the Fir?t Ward?three squires weit of the War Department?a small OFFICE, with back room, or the former mat answer for a nhop: and Parlor* and Chambers, separate, or ' suits of Rooms, furnimied or urfurmsket}; c.;Os? to tka A t> ji.iia I nn nirA ? m aiF as VIIU f\*CI'U?| IHWWIIV B? V 44? mi|U?| de 3 ?Uwt;" EHJRNI9HKD ROOMS FOR RE.\T -8ev?.?! X neatly lurtusn u Koumn can be oi tamed at rea on&b'e rates on application at No 5-2 Third ?tro< t f east, Capitol Hill, three squares from the Cap tel. The tarni!y of the advertiser consiftg of two per| sous, and no ch'ldran. de l-ec#t* rpOR RRNT?HOUSE No. 4 HO M street, be . r tween I2tn and 13th. Has water, ga^, a large ' yard, and every conveniftnae for a small family. Apply to L. Eli WARDS' Grocery, or to Dr. OK AOIN, 1*24 Dumbarton street, Georgetown no 27-ootf i I^URNISHED APARTMENTS FOR RENT r in a priva e family,* Parlor aid Ohamberioina ins, very liaudsomely furnished, o.i the first floor, s elevated five feet above the eidevalk; location very pleaelnt and desirable; onlv a few yards from the Sta e Depa tmentand public grout .is, and omci^s ube l9 me Casitoi. ou Mew York avenue, thi-d " door From Fifteenth street, No. 4*0. no27-e<>tf FI^OK RENT?A four-story brown front DWELLING, situated on Thirteenth st, between L and Mft8nftohu?rftt8 av., one ol the inoit de#i'ab!e location* in the city. The house 19 furnished with ' marble mantles; a'so, g?? and watar fixtures, with , l>ath room Inquireat VVM. P. SHEDD'S Fancj Store, No. 50ii Eleventh at. 00 27-3St* - I>OK KKN k.-A tl?r?e-slorV DRfFrf hWELL 0 r INi* HOUSE, with Lack building, on 12th st. No. 470. between F and 6 atresia. Apply to J KIRK WOOD. 4 76 Tw* fth st. no 19-dtf FpOR RENT-Two ROOMS in third joining,with water and gas, or a tine PARLOR lie hud with (a*, in second story, in a pleasar t par I of the oity. Terms low. .Apply on the premises No. 4S6 Mass. avenue, betweeu 4th aad 5th st*. north tida no 16-tf k I70R RENT?A three story brick HOUSE, oon J? 17 taming 8 room*, in good order, vith gas fix , tures complete, on H street, between 4th and 5th J Also, a two-?tory brick COTTAGE, with Irvrui yard attached, corner of F street north an 1 lilh ?t ' east. To punotu&l and reliable tenants the term , will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth street between ti aad H. no IS-tf JUSTICE TO THE PUBLIC. The vnderaltnad ha* iuat op?ned a whole**! PRODUCE and MARKETING STORE at 34' j INi'th strait, opp -aito Canter Market, where h w>li be receiving daily a eeneral a?iort>ner,t c it erer/ thi.ic that (rowg on a fttir., fr^ah lrortl tn (U h*ada ?f ';.t, famwrs, lUbh aa Tu,k?r?. Chicicem Diioka, Ga??e. E*f?, Butter?of ail <iuaatie<. a Baltimore pnoes? Dried Fruit. Applfa. Floni Beana, to , Ac., vhioh 1 will tell aa okeap aa oa ? bnught m ttiu city, Alexandria, or BalUnori Doalera and huckatera are r?apeeUal y invited t call and examine for themaelvea. ld de6 tf J. H. CANF1EL1). ]\IEW BOOKS AT FRENCHA RlCBSfKIN^ i v 278 Pkkn. Avikur. lAvima, a novel, by tf., 12mo., cioth, prlo Fairbaua'a Creata of tfee Familioa of Graat Bril aia and Ireland, u* Tola., 8mo., cloth; price 925. Houaekeepera' Encyclopaedia of Cooking, Ac nr ltmo , cloth; price ? de 6 H DR. J. J. PORTER AS REMOVED To No. 138 Seven BuiWinvi ? Pa. avenue ao3l 9awSws ? . TTCiVV AI A*?na 5 ?7LT ANDaAMmiiua iy 8iIkJpmU *nJ Dr*w?ri, ... , fcf^i h&#&]&. ud Dmww., French Shirting Linens, ? Inah Ltoefta. ... _' f; K Tio. 36 HOeutr?l Store*," " Between 7th and 8th ate , ? _no a_2w^ Oppoiite Center Market re, IIOME-MADK SHIRTS' I* HUM* MADE SHIRTSt! I site r STEVENS* SH.. Roc. de l-10t Bruwa'i Hotol i* ?t Sr^PliBNS * CO., S4? P?BB?jlr Ml Bit Av?na?, liftve ju?t r*oeir??l a urge vtrwii i JlOW i OKt !"?/ ' mm ' . ' ? 1 4 GEORGETOWN. 0 Cortufndme* 9/ Tk* 3fr. Chuivowr. Detwmber If*. 1MI At the of the Board of Common CflMnctl on Friday eveniiic 1mt, there were present all the member* except Mr H llltam* TV' report of the Chief of Police for five moatha ending 30th nit waa read Number of arr**rt in that tttne, J2i>; line I, held to bail or rommltt'd, 116, arnt to workhouse, 'M. diamiaaed, 44; number of loditera. amount of f itea and coata impaaed *483 61 Referred back to the Chief, with instruction* to report the amount of fines and roata collected. The petition of llceraed vender* of literary paper* and magazine*?netting forth that their Mir* ar* leaaened and made very uncertain by peddler* from Waablneton, and that one ofiVndrr wa? ar a % .1 ? .. ? . * * r?ira uy me pouco om Ql*mi*a i>y ilif Uite-vm referred to grieT?t?ee? eonun*V?c. The petition of F P*?eo ieto forlto tb*t toe ha? k..* o?? V? k ? "vv? ucc jvi iwrii?j )xoi?i ?? ? been greatly annoyed lately, day aud night. bv rowdiea, who threatened to burn biru out, And who atoned bia bouse, that ooe Bight in Kov?mbt-r last, while sitting ia front of his mldeace watching for the offeitder*, he was spprose bod by police officers John Drill and Jefieraon Robertson, who assaulted bun, and without warrant arreaird him, dragging him from his home Id the night to tbe watcb bouse; tnat be waa immediately dismltsi d by tbe Chlrf of Police; that be was afterward* charged by Uiooo officers with firtog a ftistol lu tbe CorpWatloa limits, and wltb carryng concealed weapona; and not knowing what they would swear to, he employed comae! at SB expense of 810, and was acquittal on both charge* by tbe police magistrate; and that tbe officers ought to be dismissed Mr. Make, who presented tbe pettUoa, moved 1 Its reference to tbe grievance committee, and said If they found tbe facta to be as stated, the Corporation ought to reimburse tbe expense Mr Psaco was subjected to, and withhold the amount from the salaries of the officers. Mr. Tenney said tiioae two officers were both a * ? - - gnoa men, ana ne couiu not auppoee they would act in such a wanton and m&linoua manner. It waa unreasonable to suppose tbey w*uld amuse themselves In auch a manner He wai not roady to make up bis opinion on this one-aided statement. It was unreasonable on its face Mr. Fearson said Pas>-o told htm he bad a pocket-book tn hts pocket, with in it; and that Robertson bad bis baud in bis pocket, aud be bad not seen h!s SKI since. .Mr. Tenney said It waa unreasonable. The petition was then referred to committee on giievances. Mr. English said Le bad to present to the Board the memorial of two claimants against the corporation, enclosing their accounts The accounts were read, and were those of the Georgetown Gas Light Company, for lighting the streets. 9451 75, and of \V. T Duval, for 17? cast Iron lamp pats furnished, *5fcf6 44 The memorallsts sav these amounts have been l?ng due, and to meet the aggregate of f l,?J? 19 tb're la only SJU7 75 of ^as lljjht tixrs uncollected by Mr. Sbekells, ami ask that the corporation make aome other provision to pay ttiem Mr Knglith also presented the areooatofthe Georgetown Gas L'glit Company tor lighting the streets from August 1, 1-iW, to April 1. 1-#?l, v!ui - i. accompanied by a atatem- nt from Mr Laird, (the Clerk of the Corporation,) of uncollected gaa light taxea in the bandaof Mr Sbekells the former and Mr. Welch the present collect-* Mr F.nfliah said that in view of the lenetb of time which has elapwd, tbf Gai LljjUt Oomptny utk that s.?n;e othf-r fxoYision iii?v i>? made than the ^a? light tax, as the collection* on the old and new are birely aulticient to meet the monthly bllU uuder the n?-w contract. Onnaid- ring the U dlnesa in payment of arrearage* under the pre i>nt rrain/flinoiil thuu t * ? "?* \ _ I V, ... J ? ? ?M?? V HA mn V IIC anticipated, and arrangementsir.ade 'a pay Item Tbeclerk through the yxar Uai used the old and new to piv current?jpfcn??a, and haa nothing left to pay old ba!auc*a. 1'bef* Is of can taxes uncolIt*.: tea lUr).?j. Deduct SI.-13 ?1 for five month's lighting, and you hive left *1.352 12. which amount will probably remain uncollected. After aome conversation as to the proper committee tn t:ike charge i f tue account* and memorials, they war* referred to the committee of wavs and means Our report In the9tar of Saturday last embraces all other Business a. ted on by the board, except the very Interesting debate on the Trinity Church burtal-^rou-'d resolution, which la crowded out to-day, out will appear to-morrow. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS CnEAP GROCERIES ANII FltflT Layer ar.d Bunch RAISII^S?wSole, hvf. and quarter boxes?at re<~.Jvou pri^s. New HGS, t IlRON, CURRANTS, Extra and Farm y Fl.OUil. rorta>h? GEO. W. OR ME, <le 10 St Corner of Bridge and Congre s? st?. 5BARKKI.S PRIME LEAF URD, 2,0i*. pounds i.ew SHOULDERS. 1 f?io pounds new Sugar Cure<< H A MS, 5,000 do fresh slaughtered HOG*, 3> barrels Crusi.uri %f?U Pulverised SUGARS, >v> Co Kebned Brown do. For sa eby d*8-6t W. H TF.NNEV. APPLES, apples, AND POTATOES. 100 barrels No. 1 Bald v in Apple*, 81 do No. 1 I*o:ie.-uoh Greetings ami Pippen Apples. 19 ba re s Jackson White Potatoes. l>ai ? expected per schooner J. W S<?aver from Nee Hampshire, aod will be sold low uu or b<-lore arrival to close ike consignment. H * U II l.' V JL- UDHTUL'D de 4-1 w 99 au?l 101 Water it., Georgetown.^ JUST RECEIVEDbUda. ?.riii,a Porto Rioo SUGARS, lAtb&a.u.d RyoWHlfKY, 250 1,1.!.. HKRRING and ALEWIVES. a) bin*. Crushed and Reiinftt *UGaRs, 3u bags Rio and Java COFEEE, 10 hhda.<low prioed) MOLASSES. Fur aai?> by JOHN J. ROGUE. * Ifl J 100 BBLS. OF PRIME CIDER, U^T Arrived aud for saie cheap lor oaah. no 13 AKNY A SHINN. \IASSE Y.COLLINS A CO.'S PH1LADKLlTI PHIADRAL6HTALE.-We are constantly reeMvirg frosh fuppliea of the above delightful bev trier, j iut:io au w::o WVBI a pure unadulterated Ale, to i:ve it a trial. ARNY A SHINN, Agents, " # #7 Gmen ?C. Georcetowt, Singer's Sewing Machine*. 3&t? FENN. AVKNUK, RATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. We invito the pubic attention to our new fSG FA MIL, V HKWi.NG MACHINE. Thia Ma-moe u uusurpaauM in the hous?hoH. it runs smooth aud swiff; sews, ktms, fells nni gathers, will set J the finest awns or c.'oth ten ayers thick, anC auv thing between the two extreme*. m a t<eaut.Tul atd substantial manner Machines in mahotany, walnut anrf rosewood oases from #& to #l?p. Unr a rsra M?' Lr.^flSi O SSr j * (*r ?n /I ^ L / f/\r t r I >m mnra ?' ? ft" ?* * * ' i*'i vvwii u a 11 and saddlers, la without a rival, Silk, Twut. Thread, Needles, Bobbin*, Oil, Ao., tlvtji on hand at New York prices. for a cobt of I. M ftinjer k. Co.'f Ga *ette CHARLK8 A. SPONSLKR, no Tt 6m A fnt. Great bargains in ^ , DRY GOODS. \\ 0 have marked down our entire stock o< hand me Dry Goods, with our large as ortmei t ol hr?t cla>n Staple Goods articles. and will oom mence this day s-llmg off* at xrea'ly reduced urioei - for cash, to reduce our large stook tejf t*e 1*1 of Jan - uary. We invite ail in waul ot Dry Goods to ex . arniBd our stock Isefore au'chasinx elsewhere. e J W. COL.LEY * CO.. ;. no 84 8w C33 Seventh ?t? at>ovo Fa. ay. 1 QT! INTERIOR ADORNMENTS, i Og PAPER HANGINGS. a'l grndes and prioeq W'ai ranted Goid (land Window *ha !t? Buff, lireen, and Blue Ho|^4 ?fcade?, all tizei, made to ord?r Al*<?, a har,ii?un?? a**ortment pi Picture Cord and Tuieiik, all iu??a*d colors. *f Purchasing Tor c??h. and allowing no old vtnol ' to accumulate. parnon* needing the above gnodi e will find it to their advantage to nive uie a >-all. '? Air work ex*ou!ed and euperintended by praoti 1 oal inen who have served a regular apprenticeahii r? at their trade. " Satisfaction guarantied or no par required. * Please give me a oal!. Remembr the number . ? JOHN MARKRITEK, No. 4?G Seventh street, euht door* abuve _ no 84 eolot*if Odd T>Ho ?r?' H*11. ? DLANKfiTS! BLANKETS!! ? 1} _ " Bf ANKET3!'! Bill Blankets! Bed Blanket, f Bed Blanket* of all "Silts and of all prions. Bed Comforts! Bed C?mro-t? Marseille* Qaitta! Marseilles Quilts! Linen and Couon S heetings, Torrelixiga uf a'l ?ia4i Damask Tabie Linens and Napkins. , Our stock is full sn ail de^artmeats. We soiici : * *" <*>-* *??0? No. 3t> "Central Stores." Between 7th ana 8:h ?tr??e;p. noa-gw O?po?tu CenUf Market. El ONE PRICE ONLY! W. A VINO *n tend ? v?ry ke?vT (took of DRKftl ~me venr ? *'c' aPffCUI. NOTICE TO E VERY BOD Y.-O to PtV: NC H * RiCHSTBI?!^. Njk. *T? Pi avrao?, 8>m (M your earn wu*. Kxan in* their i%mp ? fci-d ?ou will not till to b* uui _ jtalI Wo. 0T8 r> ?von?. Wadnnm.^ I7RENCH FLOWERS QF THK VERY EE? f ak er nog ti ?* , Ww.QthSaSTitl^S llALTmOEB LIFE INSURANCE OO.-li O coE*o*AT?Dl?# -Joaj| L Dmuihi, Fr? Z ^Mi\khw&}iza - ?cv Doaoriptiv* t??#hiAU wot b* oM&imiI it U %- CoaH&i'iA|?MTf?r tW* Dutnot of Coiambi ol ofibfofLnru Jouwi k Co., lUaim*. Mtdi afro r o. LV.-si ?? THUS LATEST NEW* TBLKORAfHIO. [BBxrsKaSRcB. Mo , Oar 7 ?A gootteman arrived here vraterday from Fort ?co?. who ium that all U qui**. aa4 Montgomery not to be found St. Lona, Ore. 8?l?ater dUpoicboa to tba Democrat from the aouthwe? expedition. announce that General Froot had been at Fort SeoB and held an Interview with General darner, who had oadoabM knowledge that Man tamer* waa rstrrnfM near Mwind TJIty, will 3fil men, ud *?? dtterntwd to ibov Ifbl U?*?ral Hirnrr df?ir?4 ti* eeppert af Oeaeeal Fr.?l, and It wa? thought tbalr rmbMfd foroea would be Nftciral <?r*ptarr Maatgawry Lieut Scott bad baaa duablcd by a* accidental ahot through Um lag Pwrlctlaa af Mvrderar. Dosto*. Dec s Hurley. wba killed U rn Lausb'ey. while tbe latter w?a urartlng bin for burglary, committed aouie ntvMln aiace, w*a to day *>and jfntjtr +t murder In lue aaeord dagree At the ?*!-?e of tlieteatimenr, Chief J italic* Bi*elow ruled that if the jury gad Ual the purp ?e of kilting wa? g?at entertained br tbe prltonrr during the a'-rug^le wrtb Langhrey, tbev canbot fiuU him gitiUv af n.urder in tba beat degree under the lUtut*. altbowgh they ilaa flrd that iluriey kucw U <icLrey to ba ta ottcat. aad was aeeking toarrtat him bi rtovteqvttoyaang, hat known a* a deaperate thief aad barriar rrwi Stalk Aarrtrt Naw Vou, Dee ?Corr.nandr' f?f? tnd the r??crra of ttw Iji Plata Fiptorlng F.xp?dlt1oa ?r rlvd bere to day. Bu?noa Ayrnuakm annexed to the Argeatlaa CenfHlffvtloa The U. 9 brie Dolphin tailed from Buenoa A vrea Ort ?l?t. for New York. KatM ( Dimnt Bank N*ln, Ntw Yott, Per 9 ?Tb? ratea of dlaroQBt on unr?irrf>nt troitfr are advancing under the tnflu enr??>f th* heavy depreciation of State at^cka Illinois. WiMUil. Iowa and Minourl paper ia at to 15 p*r aent, d ar-ount Pe&nsviv*nia and Man UnJ I <? %? ^.?t .A1.I...J ? * - ????'? -i w ? |"vi vrw? , Mm "His ?m? nraiuc y 1 per cent. up nriii! ij dhii nrux it UociariLLK Pt-c.S.?lu reapouae to U?e rece&t application* ma J? by tbr bualneaa community tbr luiprntioo of apecte pa\u>enta. the B*aks of K^nt.icky determined that inch a mesa u re would afford noromnwrciil relief, and rouaequentiy tbey will continue to pay apecie aa usual lhi Burch UiTtrrt laM N art* villi. Ill , Dec. 8.?Mr. Via A man CBtioeirnl oiitnir.lnir up tb? ease for complainant to-day. and bad uoteo eluded hiaarvutnent when the court adjourned ttila evening Tbe case will tuertfor" not go to the Jnry nntll Monday. f eaaterfett Katci Arorsra, He:. A number of spuriooa bill* on tbe Mechanic*' of AuguaU are la circulation Tbe cou!ilerte!ta are printed in colored Ink* None of tbe genuine no tea of Lhl* bonk are printed In colors. ftenth < nrellnn Columbia, Dec 10?NoVuing of eaeaael latest baa tranapUed be:e within the laatCrw 4aya \u ?&< ? ,<vted appear to be la (itm of iauntditlt Flrf at Jlew Orltaaa. New Oklvar*. Dec 8 ? Blew.'soil atora. at tbe rorner of Poydraa and .Magazine atreeta, wii burnt laat night' I .oca ffti 000, partial If lnaared . Telegraph Cable. New Orleans, Dec 7.?a telegraph rablewu aucceaafully laid acroaa the river at Vlckftburg todav. S IckMBN Bars! Jacksonville. Fla , [>ec 5.?The Scboooor J. Leaning, f >r New Vorh. with a csrjro of Turpentine ana R -? m was destroyed by flte hero ?o-da\ 1 bMifta. Millidscttllk. Dee 9 ?Gov Brown la ? In a long letv-r favoring immediate aeeeaalo* Alexandria markets At.kxandria. Dec 10?Flour?Family K U0? S7 i*>, extra *5 iVtfi IK); super 94 87aS OU Wheat ?white *1 ir-a?l au; red tl t^fl.10. Corn? white55a65r- ; yellow55aOOc.; mixed50a60c. K ve ttift. Oat* <Sa3lc. Corn Meal 83a72c per boabel Seeds?1 imnthy ?3?? 50; Clover 9* 25a?? fe , Flaxseed fl 40a$1 45. Provisions? Butter, roll. iua?>c.; Bacon Ual3c.; Pork ST OOaf? 50 Lard 13al4c. Eggs 14al0;. WLIsky 24aSt?. I be day being inclement, bat little bualnew w?i done on 'Change. M? Ulnar* market* haltixo**, Dec 10 ?Flour dull and market d^prt-Mcd; Howard *t and Ohio super are held < *4 75; tbe latter waa aold to day at S4 SO. Whrat dnll and drooping; red tl C6al 15. wbtte SI lua 1 3j Corn doll; nrw white and yellow 4&a56, old do 0Ua61c. Provisions nominal; mesa pork S17 Lard quiet. Wlilaky dull at 17|(al8e. A FAMILY HOKSk KOK HAI.EL of t\ use, sad wlio at no is a fine i'a? n\ home ; sold for no fault : warranted nouwT.TL--^ and tnaT ht> aeen at PtMPHRE V* lor ten day*. da ?-iw Dress hat* for gfnti.emen -oku lortiueut of KaMilouaLle Hata i? a.?a\ r r-m eumpieta. We aiau receive everv weak a fuii^L. *upp jr of HkU i.oa N?? York at ^ STEVENS' Bale. Ro^a. Bf> 77 eoSt Brawn - Httol. nKDUCTION |N THE PEICEOPGAa. Orr.cbov Wajhin.tok G*? I.'oitt Oo?# Xovdttl<?r3ii, 186>lw < Ifofirr is ktrtby tirtn that the oharge for ras cuo uui*d after the Slat day o| DoaMnber i.ext will b* tk'f* dotlars and hfierx (**ti per ttn a?nihn ion, i>'an wi'n ?> hum ?rr p?m m required t>? the net of Coneys, approved Juue 26. U> wit "At the oflioa of tlia Cotrj.*n?, w thin fcv* days f.o.n the rrniiit on thereof. tnortdtd ail &rrM > shall li?ve t>e?n prevtoMly paid." J. F. BROWN. no ? ao4w Swrrtwy i? wLKfe lO HOUSEKEkPKlK ? n, ?WA8HIN?TuVN.G KOR6 R Cv TOWN AND VICINITY. mT We umto Ike UUiboy of Hwn?>www ? oar vary terse and heutifal ?toek of CHINA, G LAfct* and EaRTHEN WAKE. wmoh i* now rendered complete in every department by oar resent impor'auons We deem it unnecessary to namerate m we have every thing tnat ti im It kept n the China Bueinoe', from ncn deconwed PrvaukChina Diunor and T*-a 8ets to the ordtcarv Eauhei. Ware, ai-d m we impost the majority of oar go*?is. we are prepared to feraish the oaal euality ,?tber to the wholesale or retail trade, m for as ivy of th* importing house* of Baltimore. English anl Amvin* Cattery of superior qualitv. Also, Horn, Bank and Cuco* kaadie Cattery from the same factories, Silver piaiM war* on (m Albatta. warranted, A .^ge nook of Coal Oil Lamps, namervas pat ! Psrar Lamp JUades and Chiauuee, Oat SI as. Gio'as. 1 404 OA1 Fei.ows' la i, bo i*-eo?w Sererth street. AULE IRON WORKS, Coriiwii Oaio Av. aid TMrnmigt. \ ERICSSON'S CALORIC K\GINE*. The unJersicned hare keen appointed eo.a agen's in this eity for the mamrfketu re and sale of^ka above [ Enxiuea, and are prepareg to coppty a Li orders with uruiuf ?rM mih unpawn. I nvi'J ?flfefUl#S flSVe I heon *?tisf?ctorii> tntrodcotd, 4ou art new ?r%ot. o*!ly einpiO)a?i in btkcmrn; ^ V>okbnir1?r?; tor boxwood cutting; bj fo/ irmwin, Un blower* to ventilate uuudinct; for ?bci?uk; for doiTioatlc purpose*; MMUl( (r?|B; |Wn&iii|; giunin* ooUuu; fcuudtiic qutrtz; friMliM MiaU; KrmaiC2 CAUP UL .? r.U> fer Vkistuu: fir k1.1tf.n4 inaoLnaa; br rn*jinlk?tar*ra ?f piatart ware; of printer* mtoiiti, of ail v?r Vbr*. uf vir4c?iWrfc. lu-pltmieuU; of niatoh#* of boooSd skirts; for pumpln< at railroad atafaoaa kid on fcuiwd chtfuii for wwim mrtatun**: for Job printing and printing duly n?vs|>tp?rc; for v?r out r*"~'" n - ; for sawing Mid ritUlirf tumbor; for piakitr hair: fur poll slun* eotuHultr aHoena^ra' mm; for And mum*; turuar; tobvMo euttiac and palrwr' tan !?&*? and aatabi idMnU: for aod% wUr ma^uUotura, fcf boa* 1 mm \ raahini; turiiji ?ia4i?? ?aU?ry,*? t*i are isaipleaire; MowimMi; aaaiiv nMuiMi- (Mr rt(?uir?ro euuiws; ?? no wat#r. and t>,Anrn*> . v?rj little ntel, Any paraoadeairout of V Ennaaa.aui t y api-aaation to ta# urismE?2 b* { ciowu a rarre rnmh^r of t?gtiruon.^i? u??fTT*raona ZSiCiSSalrgJSiSa^f a^uauWaT" *?* ^ 3?Wi*a?i by tkm *at ??*?# 5 ^Tf-: ;i3S : : "is i : - ??? - - sr ^r^x^sesstaaBwrs - "M UtaLwlB WH. M KLLIB * BEO. IjuKninii blankrtss 1 **213" .ktmi5rt? 'iLT^lu*** LiLZr'BiM~ IT * low "SnJ?-. )or c*i ttk ?t., ud *2* p JifTJ&Sk * <?k> bxw^?r??>?7T?L. if A PKW PINK PIANO* KoR RKNT BY AP TftriiaNfctrwtitlliMMttt. fir4 > ' 4. %