Newspaper of Evening Star, December 10, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 10, 1860 Page 4
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f>^v. aft* ? -?i? 1"* ? 4 ??>' r THE EVENING STAR. THE BETRAYED. Mt on a ?<vd era? .???*, Whw the riMi made a debate mo?i. Th* ?Tf*mnr? tr?w stood whit* and H?*r, I.ike *he?ie<] (ho?t? in tbe d??'*y air. A black oioni) floated ?lan* the iky. Aad a night bird uttered a ?it?mal ory. S?4It the thought of the liinooenttime, \y I'dly ?he wwpt for her aharae aad cruru. Darker and deeper the uaiove f row ; He froBjuaJ to meet !ur aa hoar a<a. *1 -? i . ? ^ She MU a..ons. oa ia9 00? i ? ?on?. Awl tba rirar flowed wiU a sadder tnoan. She heard tha hum of the distant town, iae pattar of dead ;aavas tailing down. She board tha toad in tha Ion* dank |rui, But narar ku traa 1 -aim, t'u! Tha moraine cvna wita ita golden light, T? the sycaaooratfaa to bareand white. Tli* mut that ?Mt on tha river's brim Want op lika tie wings of tha charnbun. The water-lilias, ao sold and so (kir, Were tangled with trtsaaa a.'bright brown hair. Tha oaiers bant with a qalet graoa Orar a form with a still, white faoe. Tha nrar flewad with a desolate moan, Mai dead learee fall oa tha aold gray ?tone. Biuu Tat lob o* Hovsi-Botldtko ?Tha baat and moat economical meibol of finishing toa rooms of a dwelling-house I* a question of s >me importance to ouiKiari an? outn. mi following opinion on tbe subject it from Mr. Bayard Taylor: "For the finishing of the rooms there la nothing equal to the native wood, simply oiled to develop the beauty of the grain. Kven the rommoneat pine, treated in this way, Las a warmth and lustre, beside which tbed-sary white paiat. ao common in the best houaea, looks dull and dead Nothing gives a bouse such a cold, uncomfortable air as white paint and white piaster. Tnis color Is fit only fdr the tropics. Ourcb*ap common woods?pine, ash, chesnut, oak, maple, beech, walnut, bjtlernut,? off-r us a variety of exquisite tints and fibrous patterns, wh i. U'ltil recently, have been wholly disregarded in but.ding. Even In furniture we are just beginning to discover how much morecbeate ai d elegant are < ak and walnut than mahogany. The beauty of a room is as dependent on the harmony of : ts coloring astbatofa picture Some of the ugliest and mcst disagreeable apartments I hsveever s-en were just those which contained * ?' aiva fn'nltil f? ?n*i <1o^..rfltlAsi? wy rvopfl'p''* thnvr* tbat a room finished with tbe beat a?-a?or?d o k. or walnut, (mh actually it-u lhan one finished with pine, painted sou grainel In Imitation of tbo?e woods Two vrr andaha of yellow pine, treated to two roats ?il boiled oil, bare a riehnetis and b^autv of coloi beyo'id the reach of pigments; and my only rfirr^l co nected with tbe bouse ia luat I w -s persuaded by tbe representations of mechanics to use any paint at all |r^ Many unsuccessful attempts have been miac to paiua a pencct kiuiuiuv lor wusiituoik in the manufacture of the ribs of umbrellas and parasols An ingenious manufacturer has at laa found that white oak timber of the second growth when selected from the butt-end of the tree, am straight and free from knobs, may, after subjec tlon to a certain curing process, be employed as substitute for whalebone It ts even said to b superior to whalebone In toughness and tenaritv sad tbe ribs made from it always resume thel original straight condition after exposure to th vntbsr. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?Maj Colquhoun, Va ?a n a lf.ll i.f J. I t) If til!1W f uoroisa, J *t lifter , tUU, W li liitauia, i/v Jki D Butts. 8 Dent, NC; T Co*. O: A R Root,? Y; Hon W Bishop, Ct; T A Jenckes, Rl; B I (jwynn. Md: S E Marrman. Pa: A' C Ouffw. V McDuffre, Hon O Lovejoy, W K Doubleday am lr. H Baldwin and ly, Col Howe and ly, Miss ] Whste. Miss Howe, C Moore. A Fraser, C Bine ban). C Purviance. A W Thompson, H 8 Bat cock. Miss Thompson, G N Sanders. F W Walk er and fam. NY: R Graham, KT; M Smith.Ill;' J Hooper, B (i Carter, J T Carliale, Pa; E F Bui E P Maraelns, Cal; Dr G W Webster, FtD: J I hpencer, J Beatty. J H Baker, R T Davis, Md; I Aultman. J P Roberts, J R Kelly, S Hostetter.C F C Williams, J F Biake, A Bernard, Va; C J Smith and ly. ?; J T Hart, Italy; Gen Abbott, ] Webster, S A Trofetber, NH; Hon W Stmms.K\ Mf ? T 1 LI U VI VP. 13 1 W D A a > 1UI, n u T* awmi, u I White. La; H Browning, DG; C A Wade. Del; 1) Williams. Tenn; K \ oting, Tex; C P Dexte NiNi J Taylor, Ct. WILLARDS' HOTEL.?J J Miller, Pa; Myers, U3N; Mlat Myers. Ga; S L Woodford, N1 1. Bregman, do: R H Gadmer and lady, Ga: E Halaey, Va; J W Jaavls. do; W M Graham. USJ J Oriuney and lady, Mo; H B Anchidan an lady. NY; Mr and Mr* Plokett and family, D< A S Waters a ad lady, Va; A W eat worth ar ladv. NH; C L Hnthi'ns, do; G M Browne. Mai J Laurie, NY; R A Alston, SC; A E Armstron Ga; Major Barnard USA; Mrs Barnard.?: Notbeck. Russia: C V Smith and lady, NY; D Altbonse, l*a; L E Rice and lady, N V; J E Lj kin. Pa: N Coles. NY; H Harding, Va; R 1 K'rkUnd. d< : L) Cromwell. XV: CP Choutea Mo; Dr Archer, V*! Col Huger, t'SA. BROWN'S HOTEL?R Bank?. C Jonea, V R M Chatham, SC; B Mendeneall, 111; G Ha use DC, J Rod?eri, C F Trigg, S G Sand. Tenr.; Hamlin. Maw; C Wil?oV, NY: C L Hutchlns, H;T J Tapp and ly. Mim J Chamberlain, Ky M Jztr a T Carlisle, W D Miller, F Dunnlngb Va, Col Lynch. SC; A Levine, S Harbaugh, ] W D Bam?. Fla; A Bradford, Minn; J B Ersti K Finek. Md; J Jackaon, J J Stmkina, B Salt tbwi>, Va KIRKWOOD HOUSE.?H Forrert, Md; W Chilton. Va; Hon T C Hindaman. D Garda xk; C E Sinclair and ly, Va: W Gerrish, L't tt L. jmCKWOU, U C rMJillu, >1Q: K .>11 IIS, Del tVorthouae, N Y; fi Tucket. Mm, Dr J T W son. 111. OCEANS TEAMERS' SAILING DA. wmom tbb Ubitbb Statu. Stammm*. L&av*. For. Day Ania ? New York-. Liverpool-. Do John B?il New York.. QTmcow D? From Kcbofb Uni'd Kicgdoni..Gi*a?ow New York ..No Ne? Yort. 8outirpcon...New York...No K?4v..- Liverp *>1. ...New York Mo htcwu??UL Soata^pton. .Now York.. De Jtrt Liverpool New York_.D? nltoQ ? tkiuin pto*. _N?w York _D? PfeeeUae Liverpool?New York... Do The Call form* nuu* iteamere leave oa the ttta. and ?tu of every month. B. HALL ISRAEL$EMINO, Wfcolet*4? tad De*<?ra in fine PAM1 GROCERIES TKA8, WINKS. and ohoio* OUOR& of aii kind*. A fr?aJi stock /ti?t qj??i Good Poj*r 7 ?ent? ft pound. Cft'l at_.No. 3 34 b*ttwb d wd ubbhim* m. oc > T O. O. DhMUTH A CO., IMPORTERS And WholM*l?aod R?Uii D er? in HAVANA CIGARS. PORBIOff WIN MS, BRAXblKS, OJNS. >0. 4U .>?>BTH IHllLU 9T1KET, FiV* door* abort Luington it., ao g-ly BftjUmo I^CUUUL AMD CVLLKeiS OUTFITS. Youths' and Boit' Clothing for School Drut Wear. Ptrtcti aod g aftrdiftns vnhiif to farm til t akCdrea udnrdi w?u? Sohool and College Ov for the oouung immo, are inrited to examine recent ift/ie tad extentire aeeortmeut ftfj CLOTH I.N ?, where they a*n fit oat their ohil offtll (iaee in ft few momenta with every dee< Don of R^ftdy mftde Gftrrr.oat?, of aabetftntlftl co M gwtf 3J8 Penn. wg WG A 8 FIXTURES. E Here m eiore. ftod ft re dfti y reoeivmj, ( FIZTUki8o(onunlj New P?ttern?ftnd D~t mmtrinum. eapenor ia ttyieto anything hereU ofwed m thie mftrftet. We iaWte oibsena tea |{ to eaii ftad exftmiao oar atoefc of Gftt and %V r iih?i ?g uunaugi iu?i wo umrw u>? iiliini a took in Wutmilon. AH Work im ta? above Eh lntmrtaU to our Will bo proakptlf otteDilMj to. MYERS * MoCHA.N. wmjt 3-tf Datw W TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Have ju?t raoeired th? aaaorti U4 aov offer tit* moittitau vr vari?t?|H? A^CsE*. CAR^KT BAUS, SATCHF.LS, U Utka oiif, vhiaK we ar? eollci at voir jrto>ktf WALL, BTEPHENS^CO T AKK BOL'SE, by Faanr Lovald, trans! Li (.;? the Geraaa by NatuuuoJ Greece 1 TSOMtU. . Baor?tlOP^ or a Country Paraoo.l w?l.;i eiMMa at Tratit. by Two Brothers 1 to*.; | * " BLANCRARD? MOHUN, no M ?>rnf Uu ?t. md Penn. i BO^ aakid: tlao. ntada to order> at tu.b? Mtiar Mir wot* repaired or taken ia exohi j^OE THANKSGIVING DAY! MINCE MEAT?MINCE MEAT' We ?kall have a ?u??iy of exoellent Miaee j prepared inline for Tli*Ak?fivinf Day. w hikIii i ui'unnvi HO mm HW * QVUViim 1WMWS FKOM UOMtL?SUMIMI ? 1^1 WMkioiton will tod it our tore ?>?.ur Pi trom*ll9*'Uarth? oointry, ( ? ??r next v< Mm?rj, l.*d(?r uU other I* eckhM- By itMT?|k"* - I*"** inp?lt of KncltxkA km. KRmNCU * KlCBKrElN, ST? P*. iut. eel* hmUw U? CbariMtoi Duly Mar ilxsMipp Gl BBS'S Wif, Bnud^an?C*r! Msnufiietorr, MISCBiiLANKOUS. IT -i - ii - --MI ' iw i iim i m LlFb F1Rli,AND MAR IN'K Ml H INSURANCE? 1 H RATH ft KNOWLB8, " INSURANCE AGENTS. g? Ofri"*, Room 16, Uvu Dank or Wmiiiwim. ^ CONNECTICUT MlHt'AL, _ J AcrrsrLATto."*?-. $3.500,f(W i? fTrk ? . INSURANCE COJ?P4?V^J I HE STATE OF -J Richmond. Cash capital?SSOO.VW JL NBPTUNB INSURANCE COMPANY. & Philadelphia. Capital AHD9?iPLca 1200,000 ^ OODHUK 1N8URANCK COMPANY. ?o Niw You. Cash apital <900,000 b< in the latter, all th? adnntt^M of t mUuo^ ar* gained without incurring tht liability. fa ls?kir?nos at aa lov rata* aa in any othar equally raipooeible oompaniaa,and policy holdara allowed la partial?*** ia the proiu. 4a 1 _ prREMKN"9 INSURANCE COMPANV~~ ? wiantvnTov a m n ncnnncTnnnv Capital g Qfki Mm f C itrtet mmd Lamtimmm a*., erer Bwi ft ?f tr?Ma?M. J Z m.vmB 581ff^mWWi?'"rY I Dikbctoii. ! Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Rjgdfern, , S*muel (Jropier, wuiiw wi;mn, ? ftiohard Jouee, John D Baro.ey, Jaoob Gideon, Andrew RoUiweii, Tho?. Parkor, Rmbard Barry, B. B. French. k No oh&rfe for Polioiee. _ JAMES ADAMS, President . AbklG. Davm. Secretory. oett-eflgH JJ ATS AND CAP (1L. U. A HJ - tr..l> ?/ A or iftiiwi ijrw i ui k Bbjio vi hshi GENTS' DRESS HATS, now on hand. K Bl The AMAZON nAT, K|H I New Style mst opened. _ s Mi Met' JOCKEY HATS, in Felt%?2k?B? f 1L<1 beaver r At Rimcic P*ic*3. / B. H ci'l.NKMKTZ, 236 Pa. av., V no 3? near oomer Thirteentli iToeL 1 HAVE Now ON HAND A COMPLETE f Stock of? ?<1- ii U* K d aad I.astiar Ve>!vet TrimraedM*a Bo >ts fll t l.adi V Kid and Lartinf Buttoned Boots, * VOto 1 sd,'>8. J<?rocoo and lioat km Buttoned Boot* . i .julleg Thick and i-'ur Bontu, Kid Velr t trimmed Boots. M;siesi Kil Morocco and Goatskin Hnt'd Boots, Misaea' Robber Lon* Boot*, I 1 ..Whiob I am se iin? from 50o. to fl pair lower ' same quality oan be bought elsewhere in inn duj. Also, a fuH assortment of Boot* and Shoes for ? cents'. ho*?\ and jouth*' w?r. J. ROSENTHAL, No 16 Market Ssao-, ds 1 sotf Fa ar.. Ixrt 8th and ftth ?ts. t CLIIA YARDS *-4 VIRGINIA CLOTHS, of the JV/U beet makes, ? 4-4 Heavy Twilled Flannels, 1 5 4 Lins*ys of tb? lx?st kind. Bine, hrown, gr&j, and whit" Blankets. a Woolen Yarn. Cotton 0?rat>nr<s, Plaid Cottons. e 5 Of yards Calicoes, of all style*. WehavenfoM stock of foodx in every depart- , ' meut,iUl of which we will offer at the very lowest ' market srices We invite all in want of Drv (ioodi e to give us a oail. WM. R. RILEY ft BRO., So. 36 Central Stores, voit Building, Betw. 7th and 8th strpsta, no 21 2w Oppo. Center Market ;; /^ninionrkstaurant.^T i By JACOB RLPPLI, WTKfmJ ' < ^JJjT Corner of 19th and H sts.. iNUlilr p few doors south of Pa. av., , Favi-r's old stand. First j Ward. Washington. His Kar is constantly snprr p.led with the ohoioest Liquors and Cigars. The ^ west Fried Oysters in Wa?hinglon can be obtained at his place. Families supplied with Oysters in eve> ry style, and at reasonable prioea. se 23-eo6m T* ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. 1 1 HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havaua Lot f- tery, conducted by the Saanieh Government, under 4 the tupervteion of the Captain General of Cuba, C viil tare piaoe at Havana ou : SATURDAY, DKCEXBIK 15, 18?i. B SORTEO NVMERO Ml ORDIHARIO. K CAPITAL PRIZE 100,000. ? 1 prise of f ion,wo ?)pnse?o? il,0tt> R I do fto,noo ?o do MO J 1 do *),(K<0 U3 do 400 r, 1 do ?,ooo aoapprox. 8.J00 1 do IN ALL -i*>9 PRIZES. H Whole Ticket*. 130?Ha.ves, ?10?Quart* , f i. f- PruM cached at eight at ft per oent aieoount. w Bill* on all eolvent Bank* taken at par. . A dravine will be forwarded aa aoon aa the remit 1' become* known. ia All ordere for eehetnea or tioketa to be addreaaed C; to DON RODRIGUEZ. .A nr\ OQ ?? Par* nf Pit* Pnct P.hArlMtnTi *4 P * xtotife to journeymen tailors. k. at home and abroad. 1' The foliowipK ? a oorrect list of the employers S who pay the bill prices ol, and are recognized by, r. the Society, to wft: IV W. H- Stanford, Matlock ft Griffith, -iivali ft Bro., Matlock ft Herbert, ln? Wm.Tueker, James Lackey, G \V. Hint^n ft Co., J. T. Mcintosh, ra; Loudon ft Co., Thoa. K. Gray, ,n< E. >1 Urew Vaodoran. ?e27 eoSm H FEVER AND AGUE la eanaed by the miaam or exhalation evolred from ; J dec* red and decaying vegetation in moiat ?oi.a. I 7 L k. ^ U*. .4 i._. ju, uou ftuniu-u i mj (.iiQ uiruu.ftviuu. li nwoillfl a t?a; irntitiiig virus in the blood, whion deranges and DD destroys the health of the whole system. W e have ' Iong *011(111, and nave at length found an antidote, AYER'S AGUE CURB, - P which neutralizes this malarious poison In tha blood, and stimulates the Liver to expal it from the ier< body, its action upon the system is invariably sore, all, %m its cure oi fW<r and Ague, and kindred oom; D p aict< oeitaic. If taken in season it ex pen the 11. virus from the system as it is aoaorbed, aud thus keeps tnos > who use tha " ccbb" fiee from its at taok?, keep* the system in health,although ex? posed to the disease Consequently it not only VS cares, but protect* from the treat variety of aflf?c tiona which are n.duoed thia malignant in flu anoe.auoh a* Rami t?ut Fevar. Chill Fever, Dumb, $ or Ma*k-<d Acq*, Periodical Headach-, or pillions 0 12 Heauache, diiiiou* K?ver?, Neuralgia. Kheuma oM ti?in, Gout. Biindn^aa, Tooth&oe, Fa'aohe, Ca tarrb. Aauma, Palpitation*, ' aiuful AfTjctiona of the 8p'een. Hyaterioe, Coiic, Paralfsis. and Pain;?J fu AB-to ioua of the Stomach and Bowel*, all of * ? wbioh, whrn anting ir< m thia oauae.will be found 7. A to asa'>m? m >ra or eia the iutermitt*nt type. Thia . ,, ' Aoci Cube" remove* thecausa of theaa derange1 ii menu, and cure* the diaeaae. Thia it accompliahea by atimnlatinit the exorato? J~ nee to exp*l the virua from the eyatem;and thaae TLn' a'tana t>y degree* become habituated to do thia thair office of their own aoo >rd. Hanoa anaaa what we *"* t-?rio aceltmniaiu-n. Time mar aco >mp lab the aame end, but oft?a lil-? ia not long enough, or la aaorifioed in tbs attempt, while thia "Asoe Cumi" doe* it at onoe. and with *af-ty. The exteoaiv* iv nae of thia to all var atiea ol caaea, haa abown it to LI- i beaaurara* well aa a aafer remedy for the who la u?j ciaaa of diaeaae* whioli are oauaad by the miaama17th infection, than any othar whioh haa betndia-tf oovered; and it haa atil I another important ad van I tage to the publio, which ia that It ia aheap aa wall a* rood ?&! Prepared by DR. J. C. AVER k, CO . Lowell, Mm. no 16 eoim fc., HP PROCLAMATION! 1 O THE CITIZENS OF re. Washington, Georgetown. to. Wkmms . 'At the preeent uuon o the yeai and CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, heir ' CHOLJC, Sfiil DYSENTBRY, 1 Dyspepsia, DEBILITY, fto.,Ao? dren jrerail to an alarminj extent: , And wktrtat, It rau?t be of the FIR^T CONSEQUENCE to *v?ry family to know of A REMEDY ? """" ftfr 9AB or Pasis, iiiqi offen I1I1 >rore MIRACULOUS PAIN EILLER 9raJ : u tbe moat . ~ I n L? O T 4 I W k lun t'DDDAmitif b?t ttKMsitV A UoVlTc^M^tAINTg ?. I.ard.U..^ that no imposition i? intended in tbeaala of thia ? TI1E MONKH^Af'S^'kEfUNDBD in all mjii Tigpt when the medioine faile to give entire aatisfiuitio 52 Atk, then at ^ Dr^ S^for *?., MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, low take aa direoted, and if lot perfeoUy satisfied Return to our Aceat. M. D. B. CLARK, ESQ., ?H Street and Veruiaylvania Arecae, who will refund joar money, vol; ; ?* . Piio*-Si and SO Cent* per Bottle. >rioe For sale at all Drag Store# everywhere, riee J -Z_ JAB. MoDOpNElfl^ ? ' jfll-ootr " ~ SflSiSora. si;- r* salts' or \slTY STEAM FIRE-WOOD MILLS Ml' , AID _ _ COAL Dl'POT. rtaat FmI ^ $tv*mi4**lk *tre*t, btUm Wm Dwmtmmt Ulf*? WOOD pra?arad, any l?Q(th and aitc,total sstl. BOU^S.,,^ from tka vMthcr-<l#!lw?d fr?e from (lata, dirt i aad otttar iM^aritiaa. 2JH* 16a. to tha ton. lia*. T?ii A W. M. HALT# H ao >?-tf >sa fa. a*.. b?tw. Uth and i>th ata. .tinl C?UOi18, COLDsJ* t*0 AKSENEMS, 4ft. ip?ra COMPOUND SjXuf OF QUM ARABIC ?afc? Thia ?iaaa*at aad popular Cough Ramady ha< laat baan ao ton* known and extaaat valy a aad, that maa 1 ma- faailllar with lta axtraordi na ara- ryj??oaoy. I*aanw* aad at ail tha arinopal drai ury. atufwaiamdMawtiaMtR. aadjl ?t?rnAwo4n>* . CJPECiAL CARD.?A saw aavaa oolaaa to? 2s gl5^SRJ^?li^W A.,aS,,',, *" <(| JOO r?. oViMmi'l.. BUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. JOOT8 AND 8|1?^S^ TO BVIT THIfc W4.%fl ftp* maaiifcoUnn**11 Hnd? of BOOTS ' id SHOES, and oor?t*nt? rwetTini ? fflt ttl ?asteru node work oi ever? 4?* , n?aon, mad* expr?Mly loortar, mm willr Vj old at a iiHich Iown ?rio* than Iih ? c ratofor* eQArgffd la tlua city for raaok infenor , 1101*11 j Persona in ?ut of Boots Rhooa of eastern or < t* Mi? work, will alwayafindaiood aaaortmea t toreand at the lowest prions. Sire uia oall. GRIFFIN A BRO., . iyt-r >14 Pennsylvania arcane. _ jMVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS ? a'terXrLwisrLffiieg* ru ?ljTK?klM +r.?k. (S3r^"?> iM room exhibiU at thie tune the greatest variety travetiag rMomtse. at moderate prioee. to bo AKPET BAG*, SATCHELS, to. (lyj)jd Trinka repaired or taken la exohaac* t WALL, BTEy^HBNa * CO^ arena'a, lOITYHKRN T1UNK MANUFACTORY. OrrctiXt Oddmiltm7Haft*WisMmftm. D. C. Mt matorw7tL?roLt*ftr^ud m b*? workmen, I out oonfidently recommend my ?rk to be emperior in Strength and DvmHlity to ninka that are made in other oitiea and sold here. I keep oonatantly on hand, and make to order (on VmHJW' '^WnvsW^WA '?Ss, 1, tea.. Repaired &n<J Covered, in a vorklanlike manner, at ahort notioe. Trunk* deiivered in any part of the city. Oeorgerwn, or Alexandria. ?^*br4U<1 family deU-lr JAMES S. TOPHAM. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. [ FOR KINO GEORGE. _ " LN Addition to her other regular landirga, the teamer *T. NICHOLAS, Capfain u ? ^ !pt, will hereafter oa!l to land ami t~ like off pa-ne^gera at Chatturton1""****1 -" Tayloe's) L.andme, thua affording rho oitnena of kin* ?>eorKe additional oonv?ni-?nePs for reaching >9ltiinn?re, Washington and Alexandria, fa she oe? to Ha tiinore every SATI'RI) ? V, and Wuhrmtouand Amxandxia every nirtfSDaY. Trio aieanor "Jamea ?iuj" wuI not be allowed . . . - . *L ^ al. I._.l U C 'mo LU UUU iUUVW ISUUIIT, no 22 2w ______ _ JOHN TAYLOE, OALTIMORK ANDOniO RAILROAD. t> WASHINGTON BRANCH. Ma?mesmm/m CHANGK OF HOURS. On and after SUNDAY, November 2Stb, 1860,the xains will run M follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: First tr*in at R .20 a. m. Second Train at 7.40 a. ra. Third train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 ? m. LfZAVg BALTIMORE-. First train at 4.15 a. m., Expreti. Second train at 8.36 a. m. Third at 3.10 p. m. Fourth at KSfl y. ni., Kxpr???. TKa draf. NfWtnil thirH traim frnm WitaK. I tngton oonneot through to Philadelphia and New Vnr k. The second and third oonneot at Washington Junction with trains for th? West, South, and Northwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napolis. For Norfolk take the ' 4*1 a. m. trai . or tho acoommodanon of the way travel between Washington and Laurel, a pa*s?r>ger oar will M attaohed to the tonnige train whioh leaves at 3.4" p. m. On Saturday the S.10 p. m. train goes to Philadelphia only. no 26 d T. H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN TSRim IDA.7S WITH TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE. V14 Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR*: Vvrginxa and /mjimiw. East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, AT-.! //- t /U Memphis *Jtd Charleston, Mississippi Central, iVm Orleans and JatAsen, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHHTROUTE: Memphis by R&il.theno? by First olau fftokeU to Now Orleans. W MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: onUonery by Rail, tbenoe to Mobil* by Pirstolui Packets. Mobil# to New Orleans by Lake Stoeanors TWO DAILY TRAINS?SWKBAYB IifCLVDSB, Lmti Wukinitoa at a. m tad p. m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her whirl /?* tW -^ - A * ?!/ M *1* m. ? A w*A iinjl Ul DVVVUtU ?fc M ?? IU< lUiU ft IU< MAMA oonneota at Alexandria with the Grants and Alexandria Traina for the Bonthweat OAoa?PennarlTania areaae, corner of Sixth at, UMifl OSBOKSS TKAUUSH TO DT OKUUXS. Lrnohburt __?fir Memjhia ?031 ? finatoi_ II00 Atlanta *00 Rnoxrillo 1090 Mmod oc Chattauoora MOO Colombua . S fu Dal toe ti oo Montgomery M oc HanUnlie .TI 00 )mM'ra?;ai,?K ttrand icnotion m 00 N.O.) n?0. Juuo? J K NaehYTii 1? to \ naMobile. ,_U l* THIS ROUTE IB ENTIRELY BY RAIL BOO M1LR3 BHORTER^and 94 MOURB tEBfi than aar other Lice? the Lynohburi Extenxioi being now oomaleted, aa alao the tfiaaiaaippi Centra', inaJnng it the QU1CKE8T AXD MOST PLEASAXT ROUTI rOH SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! II la provided with Firet-clasa Bleeping Car*! IT. New Orlcana TB Hoara !s: arFSSomr?k?ftIJw,f^DAM8' KXPREM Ticket! ou be obtained at the Sovth Weaten OSoe. oorner of fiith street and Pennsylvania av enue, to the (oilowinc point*: Lrnohburg, Bristol, KaoJTViUa, Atlanta _ Ghaatanooca, HanUvilie. Brand Junction, Maoon, NaiuvU.a, l)al ton, Uoiumbiu Moatcomerjtwiio^lev^om?ku. and 4?U f? VMUUA.1U* vrr through tIckktb to thm rj RIO us riROIJ* ij springs. K'Omnibuses and Butui Wa?ons Int? th at a. m. and p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Tteket A toot, matt-tr Corner Stith ?t. and Pa. af. T'HE STEAMER JA8. ?UY WiU rMuiM h< I &if? on TUESDAY, Zl.t of_ JP?t February, 1K0. Will leave WASH JNOTON every TUESDAY and^""^ FRIDAY, att o'olook a. m.,and ALEXANDRA at Laif-paatg o'clock, for C'JRRIOMAN and ti L r,tttr?^riEk!h wui ?'**??" vvnnivriUA^ OfOIJ WT Oi/llfiiOyA and SATURDAY, at S o'olocka. m. LUCIAN 8. PaOE, Proprietor NATH'L BOPBH. Aft. Aloxaodria. fotO PURE OLD RYE WHISKY FOR MED1 CINAL USE. Priee f2 per gailon or 50 tents jmt bottl*. The *a*t horn? and foraif n demand we have f< thii ftrtifllfl iiiihniAntll AttAatu 1 tm nnnt* n.l lenoe. Moreover >t may be mentioned to this 001 n*lion that man? invajds of delicate orcanisatio unable to dm whisky of other brands. Lave foil the above roost e&oaoions and happy is its effeol A liberal disoount on the above prioee made I the trad*. , EDWARD HALL. Dealer in fcee Wines and Llguors, ParaiJr Urooeries, An., opp. Center Market. I as 27y<iSfci between 7th and 8th streets. rim BONNETS, HATS, and FLATS of tl vr very latest style*,and in all oases made^^ of the Best material. Call at onoe and cetS oboioe. At STEVENS'S, Z* bo a tf 336. I>etw.?th and 10th su, CLOAKS! CLOAKS CLOAK B!!! The Camilla, the Arab, the Garibaldi, The Romeo, the Zoaave, the Albaaas, The Kiobard, the Ksclish Paok. theFrer,t>h Sac With many eth?r new and beautiM styes Rept Treoo and -French Beaver Cloth, in prio mn mom ? _k.-k -_U .1 U ? ? ii 'Mil aj ?*J w #M| w uiuu wv ?am IUV uoiwva the ladies. _ wn TAYI.OR ? HUTCHISON, HOWKTIIMPROVED WEIGHING SCALE Th?M 8oftlM are otf?r?t to ftir ?nMic M t i?tninfle.d?r?bie,and reliablescaleaarwnt In?Uttfc Pair ?W . |S8|s^EE?S^,J??;: """' 0^?*o7ai? U It W C. PATTIBON. Afnt . 12.000 A3 , the attention of the pnblie to oar large End veil I 1 eeted (took of C-hamj>a*ne and Crao Apple Cidi whioh ve guarantee to be pure iuiee, and trill eoM on re^eonabie term* in order to make roe ' for oar aprinc etook, Give ? a Mi^at the fcl Wo. IV <&?S?et^g^^wn LAMA*. afcMMti l.ktRll DIARIE8, DIARIES! " E Hare a oonplete awortmaat of D1ARI1 for Ml, all eiieeand pnoee. BLANCHARDk MOHUN, asp (Intel.*, Pa, ?v, t*d Elevegtli at % MISCELLANEOUS. 1 T?i AMAL94M*rtn*f>? L,A*?*r-Ther? it' [tewinc tendenor i? Ui? Mf to eprrnpritte ?hs . >m( *ifr?MiT? v?n)> of dthfr iiaicftcwAixl unr J l while to iMorfWtt* them into ngr own; the* the roid Opha tc, whioh ia from the<3reek, ?i?eifj?n* , ; for the hea4, te bow beootnmc ^o*eljfrri?** jn i WDirauon wiui Mr. i?p?Kiug'S irwi Heaa?c-ne eniedy; but it will eoon be m a more general 1 my, and the word Cephalic will beoome aa mmmon aa Electrotype aad many otherawhoen , I i*ti notion m foreign word* baa been worn away >y ootnmon naace until Utey aeem "native and to Jie manor born." 'ardly Realized. Hi 'ad 'a 'orribie 'eadaehe thia afternoon, baad I nope ml into the hapoCheeariee ha#i ?aye hi to the Ttftn, "Can yon heaee me of aa 'eadaehe^' " Doee it haohe'ard," aaya'e. "Hexoeediocly," aaya hi, uid upon that 'e gave me a Cephalic Pill, hand pon me'onor it enred me >o quick that I araiy realised 1 'ad 'ad aa 'eadaoha. ? iL ?. A- ?- * *- I el/ aumi;iti is ui? iitunw h|i rry waiiwi oaitvN tukM known any deviation wuUr*r f-om tbenatvral state of tit* brain, and viewed in Uut light It mar be looked on m a aafaciuuil intended to fir# notioe of diaeaaa whioh might otherwiee mo?m attention, ud too late to be remedied; and ita iadio%aon* ahonld never be neiieeted Head SikM m%y bo o:aa*i6ed under two nam?t,n?: ymptomntioajid Idiopathic. Symptomatic Head aohe ia xoaediBf'y common and la the precureor of a great variety of diaeaaee, among whicn are Apoplexy. Gout. Khenroatiam and all f bnle d.aeaeea. in ita r ervoua form it ia a- rapathetiO dieeaeeof tee atomaoh oonatitntinc tick ktmdmtkt, of hepatio diaeaae oonetiiuting bilitmt kidarkt, of w vi su??v<^m* v*pnnuu m im viuoi uirwi v? ? i ? %jg hid t y w el?.a* well u renal and uterine sif-otmnt. Diseases of the heart are very frequently attended with Headache*; Anaemia ai d plethora are also affeoticna whioii frequently oooasion h*edaeh?. Idiopathic Beadaohe ia aleo very ooinmon. beir* usually disticjuithed by the name of nervirus hradncht, times coining on auddenly in *?tate ot apparent!* aouud health and prostrating at ouoe the mental and physioal energies, and in othor instanees it ooraes on slowly, heralded by depression of spirits r>r aoerhiiy of temper. Inmost instanoes the pain is lu front of the head, over om or both eyas, and eomeu es provoking vomiting, truer Uus olasa mar a'ao be nvneri Srurtiexa For the treatment of either class of Headache the Cephalic Pilia have been found a sure and safe remedy, reliving the moat aoute pains in a few inmates. and by its subtle power eradicating tho diaeaae of which headache u the unerring index. Bkidoit.?Ahsana watts you to aend her a box of Cephaho Oiue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pills.? bat I'm thiokingthat's aot ;u?t it caither; but per hapa ye'll be afther knowing what it la Ye aee she's nich d?-ad and gone with the SMok Una.!aohe, and wants some more of that tame as relaived her before. Yon tnuat mran SpaMing'a Caphalio BriJg't ?Ooh ' sore now and Tou'vesed it, here's the qua ther and giv me tlie Pills and don't be all day about it Either. Cmtlpttln er CettlveneM. No one of the "iraru ilia fleaL ia heir to" la ao prevalent, ao little nnderstood, and sonsoh neglected as Coativenea* Often originating in oarelecaneso. or sedentary habits; it is retarded as a slight disorder of too'ittle oouaequrnce to exoite anxiety, while in reality it is the precursor and companion of maiir of the most fatal ai d dancer ona disease*, and unlets earl* eradicatfd it will bring the enfferer to an untimely grave. A morn the lighter evils of whioh Costlveness is the usual attendant are Headache, Colic, Kheumatum, Foal Breath Piles, and others of like n*tn ra.while a long train of frightful <1 iseattes such as Malignant Pavers, Atxiesses, Dysentery. Dyspepsia. Diarrhea, Apoplexy, EpnepsT, Paralysis, Hysteria. Hypochondriasis,Mwianoholy and Insani'y, first indicate their presence in the system by this alarming symptom. Not unfrequentLr the diaea?*s r ained originate in Const, pation. but take on an independent exist noe unless the cauae is eradicated in an early stage. From all theae considerations it loilows that the disorder should reoeive immediate attention whenever it occurs, and no person should neglect to get a box of Cephalie Hills on the first appearance of the their timely use will expel the inaidnona approaches of disease and destroy this dangerona foe to human life. A Real Blase in* Pkytuian.?'Well, Mri. JonM, how ia that headache' Mrs. Jomtt.?Goa*! Doctor, all rone! the pill you out cured me in just twenty minutee, a?d I wish ou would send more so that I can hare thorn handy Pkvtician.?You oan ret them at any Drucgiata. Call for Oephalio Filia, I find the* never rail, aod 1 rf oommend them in all oaaee of Headache. Mrt. Jotut ?I ahall aend for a box direotly, and shall tell ail my suffering frienda, for they are a r?oi bltttimf. 10"Ov? KxciTKXXTfT, and the mental care and Anxiety iuoident to close attention to bus neas or stuJj, are anions the rnmerous oausea cf Nervous ueauaone. i ne aisoruereo late 01 mind and bod? incident to this distreesinr oomplaint is a fatal blow to all enerry and ambition, sufferer* by thu disorder can always "btai? speedy relief front th*se distressing attacks by using one of the Ce plialio Pills whenever the symptoms appear. II 4uiets the overtasked brain at.U soothes the strained aad jarring nerves, and relaxes the tension ol the stomach which always aooompanies and aggravates tiie disordered oondiUon of the bra:t. > Tw?m Millions ef Doli.aes 8av*d.?Mr > Spa.dine has soid two miliiona of bottles of his oel 1 ebrated Prepared Olne and it is estimated that eaot 1 bottle saves at ie*st ton dollars worth of brokei ' furniture, thus makire an aggregate of twenty mil 1 lions of dollars reo.aimed from total loss by thu > valuable invention. Having made his Olne a house hold word, he now proposes to do the world stil greater semoe by enring all the aohing heads witl EisCephalio Pills, and if thsy areas good aa his > Olne. Headaches will soon vanish away like aaoi in J uly. i . j i Pacts worth knowing.?Pealdlng'a Ceaha'i PliU are a certain oure for Slot Headache^ Bi.i una He&daohe, Nervoua HoAdjuhe, CuiUvttiMi and General Debility. i. . i . Oseat Dtscotkst-?Among the most importaa of all the great medical disooverios of thie age m& considered the system of v&ocination for protec 3 tion from Small Pox, ike Cephalic Pill tor relief c Headache, and the use of Quinine for the prever tion of Fevora, either of which is a rare apeoifu whoso benefits will be axperieaoed by aufferin " humanity iong after their discoverers are forgottei * , , , '* GT' I>id ?od ever have the Sick HeadaaheD yon remember the throbbing tain pies, toe fevers row. the loathing aud disgust at th* sight of fcxx i. How totally unit rou were for p.ttinre, oouverai tion or studr One of the Cepha 10 Pills woivi have relieved you from all the sulfurinc which to then experienoed Por this and other purpose " you should always have a box of them oa hand! use aa ooouion requires. l CURE ^? Jr NervousHeadache i & * , Headaclie, ? ? . Br the IK of theae Pill* tha penodia attaoka l!1 Ntrrout er Sick HttdaeAt may be prevented; a if taken at the commencement ot an atUok imno diate relief from pain and aiokneaa will be obtain* k. They aeldom fail in removinf the Nmutea a in Htadack* to which fenalea are ao anbjeet. Q[ They act gently upon thebowela,?removing Ck tirtsuss. Fur Literary Men, Students, IVlioate Femali ij And ali persona of sedentary habits, they are i he valuable aa a Laxative, improving the apj$ti giving (mm and uigor to the'digaative organs, a 2 rM tor lis the natural elasticity and etrength of t is whole lyitem. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the ronlt of Id ] inveatig&tiop and c*iefoiljr ooa4uet*d eiperiwen ri h%?in; been in nae many yeare, during whipfftii they have an* reiisvod ?m amount ? fata aad au Bering from Hafciaeka, whether orij iD nating in the nervous qriUmorfrtm ft dorang , state of the stomatk, it, They are eatirety vegetable in their oomposjtn be aad may bs taken at all Umee with perfect sift ' without making any change of diet, mmd Ik* t Stnei of any disagreeable taste renders it oaty administer tkem to thildren. 7 BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! Tka itnaiH kam fin tlrntturai nf Hanrw Sftldiaf oa eaah Box. T Sort by DrafgiaU and all other Dealer* in M* ? ?UM*> ft A Bos trill bo Mat by Mil prepaid on rooaipl PRICE, a* GBNT8. 59 All wlirl Aatld be aid retted to HENRY C. SPALDING, ao U-dtwij 48 Cedar street, Now York MISCELLANEOUS. ?? W MERCHANT TAn,p)IINS. B Invit* fwu oit ien# ion?**iy. to en lui^to'KMi of <mr irNNt new, it which we will make to order in ?ipenor^^"* ty le at very low eneee. _ WALL, 9TRPHKN9 ft OO^ oott tr ?>** h*w.9U*B<M*b??a. FRANCIS HARPER., FAMILY GRO^K'RVA^&VKKDSTORE Ctmrr 0/ New York (twiM Tmtk rtn*. Reapootfully aolioiu tlM pair?na?? o( thottv ma* be in want of aa? artiola in theaborw lino. Hi* endeavors shall b* to piias*. an4 by a atrial atteationtotho wanti of the public, he hopo. toatnta n?f?ui innr p?kuumv, Hia took ooaaiaU of Mart article astrall; to M g>pcd im ft int-titM Kftanlr (irooory ixj^ty 1 TPR1GHT OR BOi'DOIR P1ANOA-A ran U mtiorat article jo#t raoeivod of celebrated Ciuokerinc A Pone' make; fo-yWMM aftle low. Cftil ftLil aoo it ftt the tieney. ' * "* JOHN P. ELLIS. 306 Pft. ft*., bet. 9th and 10U eta. AU ..^.a VW K imUKWW |HU^. ?V W /^KFICK OP INSPECTOR A.ND 8RALKR \J OF ?AS MKTKRg. NOTICE tS HE ably to tfc* provision* of tit* oi(hr.&ao* of tao Corporation aoprcured May 12, 1*0 .the andersicaoi is aoarproparod, vb?nev*rrn|urod ia vriticf.aM on pro payment of the fe? of Ifty ooirU, to trspoet. examine, teet, prove, and asoertais the aocoracy of rttistratioo ofacf cu meter in as* in tais oity hver j meter, tffosnd incorrect, will be ootid?aed, and mother, sealed and marked a* true, wUi b* mi in pace. 11 proveu to m accurate in ua BMUinmeDl of raa, it will be aealad aooordingly, and again put id poaiiioa for uae. Otfioa No 610 Seventh atreet. (near Odd Pal .owa' Hall;) Open from 8 a. m., to 5 a. m. CHAklKS W. CUNNLNflHAM. JyM-tf_ Inspector and Sealer of Baa Meter*. |MPORTANT TO HOUliEkKKFEJU. E. K. PURREE 4k CO.'S Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURR, but ground from fre?L Spu?a, aeieoteJ and aiaaned by uaexprMaly for the purp"ae without re??rcjbc? u V?'*u I ury Mi v umuuiNii; fouam m ki uawif (liaed with paper,), to prevent lnjarv by keeping, and a*e tail weicljt, while the ordinary trt'tani Spices in a.m>uii lorvittil; short. We warrant them, In point of strength auJ riohne?a of tiavcr, BKYOND ACL Ct?MtARl?ON, M a single trial wiU abundantly prove. Manufactured ouJy by fe1S Pm* u^iw'vo^. WATCH RKPAIRIN'O AND FILTER WARE manufactory. I hare one of the best establishment*, and ftirnished with aoomplete net of tool* for repair in* every description of tine Watches, and /A] particular attention give t? the same, b? tioroogh oompetent workman.aad a work suar*i.tied. Abo, every descnp ion ot mwUrJ 811.VFR W ARK. ami ornamental, manr.f*otue<l under my own supervision, which my customers will ftnd far auperior in quality and finish to norther* ware old by dealers in general and representel a* their own in&niififtsra. H. O. HOOD. ?? 6 333 P>. avepg?. pear 9th at. WOOD! WOOD!! W O O D C! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at the low* powibie prio*. T. J. tc. W. M. GALT, 3*9 Pa. av.. b?tvMB 11th a&d 12th iU., w/?rth ?i?f ZjOOD LIGHT! CHEAP LIGHT! 3AFE LIGHT! PARAFFIN EOIL.frM" Coa!. KING * BUR?HKLL, On 15 Affnta fnriltw*. FREEMAN k SfflPSOS'f IFAMIIYRYBlFAMlfr0?YE] The^vePURE WHISKY,Cof>e*I>i?tili.K) f^OM-'^/LTB5) P,X?}H' bmia' ??perior and uniform in quality, ana highly improved by ace, ia preferred K_ ?n all WVi.kU . ?,4 UJ VVUVUIUVI m W i VM?VI ? V U1BK1 p>l MV U Urny r*oomm?nds() by the best phyaioians ftnd ohraniata M voMMtiac *11 the reeuireraente of a TV?m Tvnxc I+wiiar+tor and Hrmedtal Aimt. The Schuylkill Water o! Philadelphia.. need is 8e cis'il'auon of this Whiaky, is proved by anftly to be the softest and purest water in the United tales ; and to this may, in ft treat degree, be ati tri bated the excellence of this Whisky. For eftieby FREEMAN * i rkealx Nstillery, i On the Schuylkill river, Philadelphia i Oftoee?96 Wall street, New York ; 10? SolU ^ Front street, Philadelphia. mar b- It [ ^ ^ OOMMT! iXV'X 1 DISPATCH! \\? U ! \I/T8afe the_PieeeiI j At motiimtt will Urrtn, mm m wU-*uuImo. i fmmiliu, it U very 4edrat>> to tare Mice cfcea ' fcnd convenient way ftr repairing Farmtare, lojt Creator. *(. IPALDINe'S PKKPARKD 8LUK meoUall ?uoh e<aer(enoiae.and no honeehold 0* ' afford to be without it. It ia alwaye ready and u to theettoking point. There ie no longer a aeoei eitr for liinfing oh&in.epli nterei "-neon, headiw dolia, and broken cradle*. It i? jaat the artiole |c oo&e, ahell, and other ornamental work, eo popuu . with ladies or reanament and tut*. . This admirable prop&r&tion la nud oold, tpts 7 o(iemioa.lt7 h^.d in solution, ted *o*tMf]n( all u j rateable auaiir.os erftke beet cabinet makers' clui '' It may be ns*d in U?e plaoe of ordinary maouac ' bains vastly mora adheaive. J| M OSXVUL IN EVER T HOP BE." l* fiS-a "brisk aeoomjanlee aaeh bottle Wk*U**l* Dapet, No. iBCedar street, New Yaf o Address MCNKY C. BPALDIN0 A CO., f Box No. S.6N, New Yor Pat far Dealers in C*a*s ooctaimns Fob <* Eight,and Twelre Do*en?*beta UtaiLJtnof rap I J to show Card aocompanrinc eaoh p&okac** Ejr A unci* bottle of 8PALD1NQ>8 PR1 ? PARED QLUE will save tec timee its ooet ai BB&llr to every hoc?hold.-fil - Sold by all prominent fctationer% Dnifiit Hardware and Furniture Dealers, Grooere, ai Country merohanta should make a note of SPA1 B111&8 PREPARED QLUE, when making i their list. It will eland any olisaate fe 10-ly /ISIltliS?? WAuit/r ? C?' <U^Vl ??w?/?rm?4?(l*??.w?4</<??*iifari?ll '^VtY J<*? r*r!nfll, Jfomrmfji,;,,) fr*m X 57 00 y *?/*?* fcWJty ef' <r.,; r.i..J A, jT i r INK?M1|>iii iiMit ?'?. ' ? f >y d_' #p! W. li< tW ?? l? iu JtniinmtJ L jj| ? - I 72&g*r w 5. II CAUTION. ? PORCIUSERS SHOWS BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING TIE YAliEY ? WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS mmmmm ? WJTO THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHL^S ARE c. All IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT ur I TIL ADUVC YTniorxc.1. WM.HJJAIY, SOLE PROPRIETOR u son wiujans: hew tool tOR SALE lit WASHINGTON BY **&0OU*4 8KMM* 1?.? I \ MEDlOlMKi. I T IVRMTOI fC I' mtivii Lt?rt IHMriTAV Ht Du?mmu Ut awl Cwtmm?. Sr?A?, mmd a. K?~.4? t? i*? ITarW, _ FOE ALL DlSEASL8_OF IMPRUllLNCfc. T< L*r A'O JM/.SJF DELICACY PRMYMMT. ATf*LY 1MMKD ATKLY. A CWRK WALRAffTK^th OR JFO CHAUUM, ? jjr jrjttof ojr* r& rro iwrs " y* Mttf BW?w^M?wery . jKyS IT 0>a?MiirK|k(?r NMkm Dwui rut^ui.nn^ " Rmi h t?r. mttK? 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It (ilia uyu lM kudt(ftfM(u|iU 4aaifau>> |m(n4tn, vt*. f cir.iif, tick hw |>tcui>rr aabauaca, kaap feia. m?i. g Mi after nar.ih, ?c ?i i?.| a* lb* f lfaa cat. ka a*iaio?J, india daapair laaaa tia witk rau?ad kmikiaifk ?ar kla falbaf d;a*ppauiLfn?tiV, ar ky lb* af i&a( 4??" pMMR, Mtftary. kaata tiia t?.KilMi?ia! afmptataa af ika tamk.t flMM,aack aa llieuana'tkt ?ru Tbnai, >aaa, kin .Ac.. pr?rr??aii.( with frtffctfkl rapidity, tUI da.ik pau a aartad la kti draadf? talat.oit ky aaadiuf kla ta tka: ?*IMaxant caautry fraai abmkMiM aa mTatar taunt DC. jouaoiiiuitDY roa oaaincvuuui AIIO IMPOTkitCT. Mf IkU mat ut laiiwu ; rarnray vaakeaaaaf tka km Ut iptld'r aaJ (a.! n|at rirjrai Tkiaaaadt af taa xv Itrrau a?4 daktluawd, vkt lit Wat all kapa. kaaa kaaa laaadiataly talia?a4. *11 IKMll aaeti ta Marr.afa. Pkyuaai ar Maaiv DtaaaalV laauwt, baaa a* Pmraultt Pawn Htmat IrrtuaUJ\J Trankltiif ?o4 Waakcaaa at Kmktaaiaa a. tka a at i Nisfta Uad apaatdilj imt. nootoMUT or tub, rtu< TIB MANY TftUiiCAHiM cuti* ikuu m?>iMoa vHMb III Lut M'tulMO t?H Ukd lfc? BITItMl UopcrtUI MliftnilMi T*r1*rm*& kj Ix *ui??4 ky ik? HMrun af tk? f*ra mi wi; Mil Mim.i, wMu m viick kil u^Mrad ifin iftii ktbntkttiMIt,^ lien kiiaUMibf u t |mU(bu<( ikuum ui niinii Uny, H i nliAai |w niui ti Ui il'tui. laaM-tv R. J. BOVEK DOITS : imperial wine bitterb, Are now Mu rnied from Maid* to the ttmt Lake, Ml the mm Tarsal remiot of ail who dm taem either u % muUcmt or ae a ia tbal the/ art iwrfii?r1 ia the world. L?r. IX*i? in4 their. B9ceMfk'iT is hit pracjce for M rears before we amrohaaed - ijrs the eole iu'uX to n-ai.ufa^t^re andpreeect them for aa e to the rvbbe. PortLe oare of Iaeifirat CorsiTPtion, Ilc;*ssude. I)j# Kmfc. PM, N?f*u Dinum, Female Com plautc, ail oaeee re?*ir.a* a tuaia, the? are baTond doai t a nioet inTa.?abie renedj. Aside fv . m their tml :!oa. ?rqaertic* thej are a rare, ?uleaome and deli(itsel B?-ftra<e, rrudaci&x the i pleoea&t ejJiliera^uc puou of Brandy ?r * ee i withoat their luirion reealte. Le? all friend* of 1 aannity aad all adrooacM of ten^eraiMte aeeis* I la ecbebtaihc theee va.aaeU Va?etabir ?:iu?rs 1 lor the ?M?tl PMIM ?lK'Mr*lW Leaver* > with whiou the oomuo j ia flo^aeo, aad .there* ? *- >. '-caid in D'.eeaac aod D.ucka a CMAlLES WIDDIFIF.LD * CO.. I Frafrtatora. 7S Wliham street, New York, mm n i m v. V? L c > for PlMMM of m Kidaeyt, B adder and I'nnary Orrar.*, fLcd e?pac<a*ly lor ObrtmeUoo*. never fkii to oar*. au<i are risiod to j:t? biii aittWL TIHARLKS WIDD1FIELD * CO.. Pro?nator?. TS W uliam ?C, New York. J. bCHWARXB. ]OlT?T Agent-W^ehimtoB. D. f >. joy is* flPi'is tsisanmEF.\D! APPLYTUKHSMSDJ REJOICE Vlt HEALTH. Fri*n4, do you afl'otf Ara you the Ticiiai of arj oz ti.oee nameroni ai.mebU wticli arik? from lm turity of the l>ioo<i.; \V hat are Uiey, do yon aak ? J UatKar a?tr irft thft* n??i ' TKi kIaaJ m ?? a . aooroe of l:fo fciUl.ailth. &ud it :e tie tut eleir.eLt of our being to rerpond to mit c*a?e whioh uwla 11 Uv> syafMn, M tne pvlae luf? Iib.j tu,Kti The #w renii;cr Nevrfeg-.*. tt? irnta&bg kryaipelM, the Mbtle Borolw-i, the ifoiuitog U&ebi;AUam. Nw foui Delility, Dmp*hu< L.ver Comprint with iU B toreor tao dejection, aaJ the cuniberleee wia th?t a iNh ia heir to. der.vo 'heir h;deo4iji oncut from the ? blood. Dei: nod! j the* *l<T goctlj * .th the b-od. m Um> the rit&lisicK rea. urcee uf amri for ita fciu, >r ud infer aa to commend to your r.. aideooe er.vl lt tee th*t truly v?l??Ote rtlc*in?ut IU.OWH m * miis.TI CQIB . ?,IXD I A X JEQ F.TABLZjJ Ef'KT^ 0 V uk niu rofus vo u?:u e m>>ct imaiiiDie tBuC.iia g po?Biar aaunroent haa tpt.frae In u^oidad urni, aju! uta ?*iUanoaa of tiu< ir?4l aftaatjy km i> i ttUBAd bj Oouatant t of curat. va a&acU an?l U* baapiast raaa;u from <U naa ara a/ier all oUiar r*m?d>MuJ thabMimMlicA . akiH bara faTai. I Lat ?a coaoluaion, that omtiuWM ' euro* bi* not bob* ht from the illitarata aoj<i umt . ieial, bat tb?y ara Tolantaarad frtxn lh? *.- ( r* * apootafoa aoaroaa anJ )n?tiri tfta higbaat unu ta wtiob it li aoasibla to wumetd bo valuable a y bbbol&O tO pbuitc bpf rwv&. w?|blf tBI tie ocratiTe prwparuasofu>aiuadioice are a?ua-ad only by its raatorativa affaou. tba B?at?-m raoovaf ' inc fromdlBBM*yith raccvM oocititBt>o&a: rliur. " For aaia by all raeaaotabia Dnuiiiti ic Oil city, and by the proprietor, MRS M. COX. r Nona raafuna anleei bar nana la Imovb ob the i- bottla and bar aaal on tba cork fry Knoa 1 par bottle, ayt bcttlaa for IS. SB WhoUial* Altnt. R. CISSEL. Draifiit. t Genrtetown^D C.. Wholaaala A gait for the Lh* crig>, ?U6 viii muffi u? iraai M 1117 pncM. tr- * !>-? - o1^ "' mm t\p> ?fuek MONONQAHELA RYE WHISKEY, CoaMioattouly dinaUrd by Mr Jum of AIIicut County, Pnak., id Um htkiMtii uot?e?: wm, frui. t:i? ctaoi^at &u4 n<**t cfcrefi ? iactsU Kya, uJ in no cam e*?f oflor*d for *-? unti: atiayUd to vholMomo cm by ac? It la M OBO? til* moat P%l&t&t>le. ? It ! fnplifctioa.T oil* of tfia purfft b#ver&c?a in tfaa nwk of U* pnhlio. To tka m wa.1 m tothooe in haiiU1.1t commands itMlf f'>r iu nnriv&llod tuA'itiaa m ? _ai 1 ?. ? ? - * - ? * - urnutaci ui iu? muni. >ur~Ki, ug t??t)?Lo* v dMoripffoa. *&d micr of tL? mo?t d.rtinjruj?h- < pby?iolan? *re Baiositm thair prMOM viUtM h*ppie?t resnlts CL.ERY * BTOCKDALE, Propnatora. sas WfcQBt (tract PVj*4>4?UB. WM. C CON??VKK. < ( at for Ut0 P'od ipwb. 936 P*. ti, ? H-tm oppo?ftP Wih*r?l?' flo<? pLUMUKRS AND GAB MTTKRV J. W. THOMPSON * ro. Would o*.l the *tt*nnoB ol w?tw t*k*r? to th?ir Sill M*orllB?Bt of PlXtDTM d? NMn to lb letf> > bcO.>na*foll*w*?KITCH* N * AN??KH,BATH !*LB8, WATKR CL'/BETB, HOT WATKK IOILBR8. KITCHKN fclMCH. PCMW. C**t ron. Wrontht Iron, l-?*/i and Gil ran sod w *[|l.p^siEV g<?. - " W"B Hatibi ?up?rior *dv*:t*?ea, vitk pr?ctic*l k owi*dff*, ? Br* pr.>p*rpj to iBt'odne* W*!er IB to d?*illBCB wilk *11 tk? llOBM 111 ?'or?r MU, prompt.?. *&d *t ptio*? U*t e*?Bot i?j, to ?itiaij 2 L 9 (*?&&. *T?IS u?. o w U ' 1 urvnn ?IIU I">n |-|UFONT ? tfUNPOWDKIl, 0 Aiavs 5* S^BMasr 4,4 ?? r L AST K R E * ?. _ . Pm*. Armt, MKEOHANTS, AW vMm>Ii <i>lm is Try r*j)i md fnr>n tind?oforwi > ?<? CTMBa iZSK}" J nn ft P*. ??.. *tk %tid l?wV ? ? New pianos u iov m #ir> ud i? ?t JOHN F. ELLIS'*. 304 Pv **., b?? M ?h S UMilKkttfc *? T +

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