Newspaper of Evening Star, December 11, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 11, 1860 Page 3
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I.OCA I. NEWS. fZf 1 oough Tn Stajl la printed or. the futeflt tcan prw lo u?e aoath of Baltimore, !ta edition ? m> larv aa to require tt to be pot to prna at an early beur; Adrrrt'semmta, therefore, ihould be tnt In Wore 12 o'clock m.; ethervrlae they may not appear unci tbe next day. Notice.?iv.atrlct of Colombia Advertlaementa t*> be Inserted lo the Baltimokb Sur are received ??and forwarded from Thk Stab Office. Citt CocsriLa, December m.-Boarf of Aldtr?n?* ?The Board met at tbe utual hour. %. nAmniiint#ati*n w*a a?ril f?om tKa Uamab -? -.WM.f.jUiiH <? "?*? *UV 1*1 ?J "I f announcing htt approval of the following act* : An act authorizing the laying of a water main in Maaaachuaett* avenue, from Ninth to Tenth atreeta vrp?t, joint resolution authorizing the Mayor to <cauae ttte proving machine, hoae, and other property nf tb* water department to be removed to 1 be pip* yard. Mr. Dunnlngton Introduced a bill authorizing tut- erection ?f a four-way fire-plug at the interaction of Second atreet ea?| and Pennsylvania avenue, paaaed Bill to act the curbstone and pave the footway An (Ka eaat fmnta a# en t'l* 1*0- ? . rl vxw. II VU?? Vi 1-^uain I4FV OIIU IUU| pVMUk. Substitute for the bill for the better protection of owner* of property sold for taxes by virtue of any law of this Corporation, with an amendment. The amendment wis adopted, and tbebill pa?s? d Mr Bohrer introduced a joint resolution changing the hour for the meeting of the two Boards of the City Council to 5 o'clock p m , instead of 7 o'clock p m., as at present; laid over info really. On motion by Mr. Fisher, the bill looking to the annexation of Georgetownto Washington was taken up Mr Ward moved to strike out that portion of the proposition of Georgetown which provides that Georgetown shall be mnexed to Washington tim UMrrls tKesuAf an/I In 1 f an ??? *?v ?" i*i ua tuciCVif UIIU IU?C't I U iicu ? UC I tWI tbe word on? Hp bad tbe honor of representing tu part a ward of this city larger than tbe whole Of UrorjftOWB. .Mr >l?ore thought that It would be or iwrm to b? d'sr??p?;tfnl to Georgetown to change their proposition, and tht-n submit It a* changed to a vote of the people of W ashing ton. Mr. W ard thought if this proposition waa to be submitted to our r-ople. it ou^ht to be submitted f ?lrly. Though be should oppose tbe meaaure at U?? proper time, yet be shoula not like to see it d-frited on a mere quibble Mr. Fisber did not see how we conld change tbe proposition of Georgetown. We did not suake any recommendation to the people la the resolution. It was the ultimatum of Georgetown, and this resolution merely submitted that ultimatum to our citizens Mr Kobrer advocated the measure at some length, and thought that it would be an advantage to Washington in many respects. Mr Moore thought if we changed the propoal t?on of Georgetown vw should place ourselves in an Improper positttion It was an act of dis rourtes, to Georgetown. Mr Clark moved to lay the whole subject on the table Carried by ayes #, noes 4 On motion the board adjourned Cimnvm Coumeil?Mr Rimsell introduced a bill to repair and"gravel foot walk In the Sixth Ward; pawed V r Jones moved that the Secretary be authorized to request the Mayor t* return to this board a bill relating to markets; p*ss?d. Tbe petition of Rexin Elliott for remission of a was referred to tbe claims committee. Tbe following bills from tbe Akdermea were referred For trimming and "raveling a section rf Tenih street, for setting curb, paving sidewalk r.n tbe west front of Square 352; for gradiug and , ._?..J I U A - - .-? # -A ? * " r * * ' - rc^uiiu Bircturuiu \> Birrei to V ir^illia avenue. A bill for the r-pair of the Council Chamber ott?in^lly passed by this Board, amended by the Aid'rmen, and non-concurred In by tbli Hoard, upon which a conference committee was asked and appointed, wsi referred to that committee The b'Jl for relief of the volunteer militia, apC'opriatinjj fur *as and fuel for the Colum:an Armory, returned to this Boird by tUe Aldermen, By request, w?i announced Mr. Meade moved to reconsider the vote by which the committee was discharged from its consideration Mr Meed? said the matter had been misrepresented to him. and he had misrepresented the case to trie boara He would like to have it come up on its merit* Tbe companltt generally would V>? benefited by it, and not two <u>rp? only, u be had unfortunately miMtated. But even tten be sboald vote against It. M r Borrowt f ?vored the bill for the encouragement of the volunteer corpt Hitherto, be understood, about twenty r>en had ?u*Utned tbe volunteer organiiitlon*, one of wnoni, In moderate circcmitatu'e*. expended about 3200 per anaam for this WirD??e He tboucht tbe ancronriatlrm Btjoiltl be made, a:fd this little encouragement aff .rded to our volunteer military. Mr Jones argued for ? postponement till next Monday, when the board will be full, and the subject can be fairly put before tbem. Mr Meade said be only desired to set biirself right He could not be said to oppose the volunteer military, its he Is one of tbeni. has been for iwenty years, and has paid as much money for its maintenance as any one. and will continue to do so in the wine way; but will oppose this appro prlation upon principle: the Councils have no right to make it. Mr Wilson favored the bill, and was willing to lnve it postponed till Monday, if the vote dis thirling the committee be reconsidered this eveuinjj Mr Evibjr nld, In order to five opportunity for fair consideration, h? should vote for a reconsideration of tbe vote alluded to, though be should vote i^alnit the bill. Mr. Clark was opposed to tbe bill, and also its reconsideration; but, to be fair with tbe friends of the bill, be wished them to understand thnt a rvftiaal t.> re?*on?ld?r at thia meeting killed the bill. ~ ** ' The motion to reconsider passed. Mr Easby moved to refer to the police committee. with instructions to inquire il the volunteer corps have any claim upon the city for serrices rendered in the John Brown raid; and if so, to report a bill to pay foe those services. He only wanted to have something upon which to base sn appropriation. Mr Jones moved to lay the subject on tbetabla till Monday Mr Given opposed the postponement, and warned the friends of the bill againat "the parliamentary tactics .sought to be uaed." He thought the good of the city was a atidlclent basis for the anoroDrlfttioD. and mia waa annarrnt in the (act that the military were an auxiliary police in time of ri >t Mr. Eaabr?Let that appear In the bill and 1 wiB vote for it. Mr Muliey moved the previous question on the bill itself The Chair decided Mr. Easby's motion to be He far- the board Mr. Mulloy appealed from the decision; but after explanation withdrew bis appeal. Mr Jones opposed the appropii?tion upon the cro:inrlt that it veil without nr? #-n t snfhrvrltv ? ? ? ? - ' ?' -- " r.xvv?v?.. I -/ ? aud bad not even the just flection of eipfdlmy. After this, the time of tbe Board was occupied by vo'e* upon motions to adjourn, amendments, j<oii U of ordrr. speeches for and against tbe bill, nntil the reading of tbe communication accornp-*a\in^ the bill V> show who asked the appropriation Tbe communication was si^ued Samuel ByingtoB, s*upt. Columbian Armory. Mr Clark moved to amead by providing that tbe money be equally distributed to tbe volnntcer corps cf the city. 1 bis was rejected. The question recurring on Mr. Easby's motion to recommit, it was rejected?yeas 8, nays 0. Mr Jooes moved to adjourn; lost. The third reading *u ordered by yeas #, nays 8 Mr. Joor* moved to adjourn; loet. Tbe bill waa paaaed?veaa 11, nay? 5-Mtiwi Kaaby and Clark voting fur It. Mr Eaaby gave notice of bis intention to move a reconsideration at tbe next meeting. Mr Mulloy moved to reconsider tbe rote. Mr Faaby raised a point of order, that m be kad *?vea notice of kia Intention at tbe nut Meeting. no ooe bad a right to anticipate bin at tkls meeting Tbe Chair decided against blm. Mr. Easby appealed, and went on to comment upon the course tbe majority bad taken, if gentlemen who Lad taken the lead to?d acted ia good f*:tb, tba bill would have been postponed; but certainly, under tbe circumstances, tbe course bad not born such as honorable men won Id bare selected. Mr Mulloy asked a repetition of tbe language Mr Easby proceeded to repeat, and got a* far as ' good fiitti," when .Mr. Mulloy resumed his a?rat, remark'ng. " I only want tbe gentleman ? inlud h ? steps.'' Mr. Eas>?- cootlnuod, and Mr Mulloy, seUlag Lis cane, rushed to Mr Eaaby.exrialmiatf " I ben I say tbe gentleman tells wnst is a falaebood, ' and shook h's cane near to Mr E '? head, who remained quiet, and iiiimeduteiy Mr Mulloy was taken to h a seat by bis friends Mr Easby resumed. snd excused Mr. Muilov upon tbe groucd of oitaonderatauding toe application ot the language, eoajpliu?tnUrd Mamaauneaa, and appealed U him to rrilret (or a inument. nod not tetire from the chamber with feeling* of hatred or ill will Mr Mulloy promptly responded, and asked the hoard to eirtiM his Laaty a< t under a misunderstanding of tbe language. Tk- n.? % U- ? - I. nam wu pronneu, >.ut it appeariat; that there w?a bo quorum present tbe bar. id adjourned. Os Fbibat eeealng next, a grand concert will be gteeo by tbe ehtldren of tbe Protectant Orphan Asylum at tbe Smithsonian laatltutlon This rescort will be under the direction of Prof J. il Uaniel. and ?brj will be aaalsSe* by tbe yeunu 13d tee of ?be Tfti. d Dlatnet Public Pcbeols. A lae eBterUlnmrut and werthy object Tbe Ntfkiiu Republicas.?We understand that oa Monday next the Nattoail Republican. ol this ette, will be leaned aa a moratag paper in ftead of aa evening paper aa now. Boat 9waxtito wits Two Mik A?oaid? On* Man Drown-d, and tkt otk-r Kescutd by a Sltamtr ?A nd accident happened last night in Uia river Potomac, oil the Penitentiary wharf, which baa probably molted In tbe death of Mr. George Howard, for a long time a resident of thia city. It appeara that about dusk last evening, Mr. Howard and bis too, John Howard, a young man about lb years of age, started from Washington in a small boat to carry a load of oysters to Bladensburg. The evening was quite cold and inclement, and the boat swamped and sank off tbe Penitentiary. about dark. The mast of th? little veasel rental ned above water, and to It Mr. Howard and his son clang, till admonished by tbe Increasing uarKDCH, ana almost benumbed by tbe coldness of the water, Mr. Howard undertook to switn ashore and procure belp, leaving bla ion still clinging to toe mast of the vessel Whether he reached the shore, is not known, but his sod believe* be swam but a short diitance, and was drowned Soon after Mr. Howard bad left tbe boat, the stetmer George Page, Capt Gedney, paased near the scene of disaster on her mail trip down. A cry for help was heard from tbe waters, and caught bv the quick eer of the commander of the steamer. He listened, and again the cry was repeated?a wail of distress, which the Captain declares Is of such a character that It rings further, and is beard clearer, than any other souod of the human voice. Instantly the steamer wasstonried hm* over her title, msnned, and sent out In the dark ness In the direction of the sound. It soon ueared It. and found the young man, Howard, almost exhausted and frozen, but still clinging with ttaa grip of a vice to the mast. He was rescued, and taken on board the steamer, where every attention was paid to bis necessities, and upon arriving in this city, was cared for by the kindly hospitality of Captain Gedney. air. nowara wsa wm Known In this city, having kept a barber shop on Fairfax street, tie was for a snort period Captain of one of the Alexandria and Washington steamers ?Altxnndria Gazette. P. 9. ? It Is ascertained beyond doubt that Howard Is drowned. Ths mast of tbe sunken vessel can now be seen projecting about one hundred feet wrst of the Penitentisry wharf. Tbe men were euiaved this inornini? lu n? for tbe body. List or Co*sionic* fkrStzamkk Mohtickllo fkom Nk\v York ?Alexander & Cook, J A. Adams, C. F. Adams, F. Allcott, Wm. Ballantyne, Byrne, Montard Sc Co , John C. Bcncber, Wm. Bryan, C. rtrown.C S Butts J. Blow, W. B Biddy, Hon <i Brtpga, C. B Berrv, W. M. Brown, C. W Boteler A Son. Benll k Mathews, Blanc bard & Mohun, W. B Chenv, Constitution Office, W. W Corcoran. R. Coleman. R. W. Carter, M . Coleman. Campbell A Son, Sam'l Cole, J P Crutckett, R 9 T. Clasell, C. Demi not, L. A Davis, B. Donnelly, Dorsey & Wood, C. E. Dyer, M. M. Delano, Mr* R G. Ktchison, C. Fowler A Co.,M. Falconer, 9. K Flelda, French A R, W. 9 Green, M. Green, J. Gerhard, W . Godey, C K. Green, C Gautier, C. Granger, F. M. Harvy, J H. Houston. Prof. Hubbard, John Heart, C P. Howell, W H. Husen, W. fiance, J. D. Hoover, Jackson, Bro. A Co., f??orge 9. Kraft, C., H F, Knox, King A Bnrchell, V.-. . J - - n I. ? *r * * *? ? " ' * ncuucurn. rUKU,J. La hlHWfU.J. Ef. tVlrK, l.Sfcomb A EuglTsh, E. Lease A Co , C. II. Ll?t, Wm Lord. t'. I.?mb, \V N. H Maark. D L. Morrison A Co , J. P Milburn A Co., Murray A Semrues, J. B. Moore, Morgan it Rhlnehart, Simuel McKran. Hon. J. B McKean, Myers A McGann, J C. MeGuire A Co., W. H A O. H. Morrison, Moore A Clssell, W. G. Metierott, A. Manns. Mount Vernon 8 S ,J. W Morseli. J B. Nonrse. H Mercler, W Oliver, Parker A Spaulding, Philp A Solomon, Geo A Thn?. Parker, Br. R J Powell, J C. Rives, W H Russell. Thos. Rich, J. K Rand ill. U Randolph. U. W. Rigts, Baron Stockel, G W. Stewart, W P Shnrnan, G. Small, Barbour A S*mraes, Smoot A Buri roughs, J. B Smith, J Skirving, B. Seigel, J 1. Savage, B. <). Taylor. J \V Thompson A Co , Truman A Draper, VV. H Tenney, Tenu'-y A Cq., J. Thee kef, Taylor A Maury, M A. Thomas, W H. Upperman, J C A H. A. Willsrd, M- Woodhull, C. W. Wurdeinan. John Woodruff, Capt C. Wilkes, W S A Co , W. Wormier, J. H. Weaver. S. E. Walker, Sarah Wood The steamer arrived in Alexandria at 5 o'clock a in . on Monday, having inade the run from New York in 37 hcura. Aw Odtesgk?Yesterday aft-rnoon, Mr Darby, an employee at the Patent Office, left his Louse, corner of Fifth and Washington streets, to go to the pump for a pail of water, and as be returned, a brick thrown from some quarter ntruck him a > violently on the bead aa to prostrate him Insensible. Dr Smith, who was passing, ran to his assistance The scalp was laid open by the force of the blow, and it would undoubtedly have proved fatal but for the thick beaver bat worn by Mr. Ltarby. The physician is unable to pronounce definitely yet upon Mr. Darby's chance* of recovery. It has not been ascertained whether tiie brick was aimed purposely at Mr D , or waa the chance 11 lug of some heedless boy. The throwing of stones and bricks in the public Street* has grown to be quite a nuisance, and should be \ wvutvu wj vumg lunatic. * The Light Isfajitkt foi 41 Ujiios."?At a meeting of company A and B of the Washington Ll^bt Infantry battalion, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted: Ketolvtd. That the ytar* and Stripes shall be thrown to the breeie, and the following motto lascrt>?ed thereon: "Our Flag, now and forever. Thus shall It float nntll not > remnant Is left." At the Columbian Armory, on Friday evening last, atronjf Union speeches were delivered by Maj. D?vi? and Lieut Uttermehle, which created considerable enthusiasm among the member* of the battalioo; and. In tlielr patriotic ardor, each and every m?n pledged himself to adhere to their commander, the Union, and the Constitution, now and forever. Good for our old Infantry. Titk Thkatkk ?The introduction of the new rtf " Pxihinnt * n ?l P/ilIfoa r%f nnt/vn ? j -v* a v* ' mUlll^VW'l i lie." at the Theatre last evening, was erected by a large and critical audlruce, by whom Its various ports were frequently and loudly applauded. It was pronuuncea to be a decided succe?a. and we have no doubt from the universal ..(*1. ,?kl?k I* st-l- la. appiwiMiiiMi wiiu wuivu ii win iuci UU IUII ill Introduction, that this evening when the weather promises to be more favorable than on yesterday, its repetition will be witnessed by a crowded bouse We are gratified to see the citizens of Washington thua coming forward to sustain Manager Glenn in his earnest endeavors to entertain them Fom Cockt ?Jas. Grady and David Barry were arreted yesterday for the larceuy of clothes and other articl'S from a man named Cole. The f>riaon?rs were very much under the influence of Iquor; and, from their admissions, they bad been for sunc time past. Grady is a tailor, and was /.on* KM I 'nl f,.. iiuui iuc wuimuvusr ur t/uic ?u wuim iui htm Grady uyi it was only oecauae he waa oa a apree that be contented to work there Tbey deny the Intention to ateal, but admitted the fact of Earing the gooda. Tbey were aent to jail for court. > Oiphxh' Cocmr ? Judge Pmreell.? In this court, ti-day, waa heard the petition of J. W. DeKrafft, aaking that aome peraon be appointed guardian of the children *f toe late Mary E. Barnry. and that tbe huibmd (S. Cbaae Barnev) be excluded from exercising auy* control of the children or their property, which application U founded on a divorce obtained by Mr* Barney in th? State of Iowa. The counsellor respondent 'ake tbe ground that the divorce wu fraudulently obtained, and therefore moved that the application be dismissed. Buidxttx !?Those wanting something tastefu1 and cheap to suit the nuod and the timet, In the way of dry goods, ahould by all manner of mean* call on BurdeUe, 351 Seventh street, who baa a new and valuable stock just open for Inspection. People from ail parts of the city And It worth tbelr while to purchase of Burdette. How be manages to sell so low and do so well by bis customers we cannot sty, but presume that rents are cheaper up Seventh street, and that^ furthermore, be does so large a business that he can afford to ran his good* off at amall proflU. Tin woxDiiriL negro boy Tooo, who, blind, and Ignorant of the rules of maple, vet performs upon the piano with the most astonishing facility anything be once hears in the oogsical way, will give a performance at the Assembly Rooms tonight. Undoubtedly he Is the greatest musical phenomenon erarhKown, and as auch has puzzled the brains of thABoed as well aa thMniearned. The curiosity IhMk him is Tenr^Bt in this city, snd the AB^^hfciloouis will VMfcUess be crowded to-nigU^H * Cimim Coj^-Ywtwd^y, D?vU. convicted of cta^^^ clothing fro^^HH&oatin, wu aenU-ooed \tJ4fjf year*' imprtMriPlnt In the ^He-uy VLylort *%*&) tried aedti^eted of atealing a cold \ valued at ftUVvotn Jraae B Haw, wta aen tt cl to eighteen iriflntbs in the penitentiary. AO?w.?ed. JL No case bein/ ready for trial to-day; the Court only ant for the gt and jury. R imkmbbi that the Ualon Fire Compaay glm a ^rand cotillon party to-night at Franklin Hall. Need more be aald to secure a numerous gatherlog ? We Uuuk not. AHBivxsat Carter'# Wharf, foot of Thlrteenand-a-balf alreet. achoouer Motl vr. Roeenbrock, Philadelphia, with a cargo of coal for Mr. T Drury. Bt ttrniiM to oar advertising columns it will be Men that Boots 6 OrlfltU have reduced tse price of SpakHag's celebrated Prepared Glue 1 to 15 cents per bottle. The innitPl of the proper authorities is called to tfce i??*1eet to have the lamps on the Tenth and Twelfth street canal bridges lighted, wLi-h Is ofisa the case. f Tas imtziistimo DUirt la the Common Council Georgetown, oa Friday night last, wtU be foond on the first page of to-day's ?<ar, a Attempt at Hiohwat Robbotu.?At Mr. W. Dayton wu patting on hit way home, Sunday evening, be waa attacked bf two vlUaina, who attempted to garrote bim. They, however, met the wrong customer, at Mr Dayton struck out from the shoulder and one of them went down. ?*v. js ai * - - * i uc v>uci, unaiuj; nm 10 nty a customer a* Dfl expected. took to bla heels and tseaped. Mr Dayton searched diligently for the police to arrest the villain he had floored, but none could be found. Public Dkk-s Dbill.?We are informed that tbe w?ll drilled and handsome corpa of Na'lonal Rifl's intend to have a drill about 3 o'clock p m. to-morrow, In front of the City Hall in fult uniform. Doubtless, Capt SchaflWand his fine company will have a lar^e crowd of spectators with specimens of their proficiency in the Hardee rifle drill. All wbo desibe to have their orders for w%od (sawed and spilt to any aixe) and coal promptly aim iniuiuiiy auenaea io, (bouid give tbe uait Brother* a call. Their office ia No. 282 Pennsyl anla avenue, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets. They will deliver to any and all parta of the city. Didication or the Fockth Prbsbttbbiax Chcbch ?We understand that on next Sabbath this edifice, which may be said to have been entirely "reconatructed" and handaomely Improved during the past year, la to tit dedicated The dlatingulahed Dr. Chambers, of Philadelphia, ia to deliver the morning discourse. or Fib*.?At an early hour last night the alarm bells at the varioua engine houses called the firemen together for activeaervice. Thecause a# - - w.?1*z a tt __a. a - * * * * vi -Miluj n ? ft iimiiiiai h^ui in an niwriT 111 rrctlon, which soon expired, and the firemen returned to their quarters. Ckhtral Gcae.d-hou?k ?Justice Thompson.? John McDonald, drunk and disorderly; committed for 00 days, in default of security and coats. Sarah Brown, do.; workhouae 60 daya. Patrick Morrissey, vagrancy; workhouse 30days. Tfn lodgers were accommodated. Plkahk Take Notice!?For ninety days I will not charge goods to any one without reserve to circumstances or condition. In the meantime, I will sell my entire stock of Fancy Silks and Dress Goods at cost Domestics at reduced prices. No 351 Seventh street, between I and K. W. W. Bvrdf.ttk Trk tiimalj ab4a!t!zittox is often as frail as that of a tender llower. Manv of the *ex enter into marriage relation* without osing able to undergo the lat*>r and trials of maternity. In thisoountry thousands of young and beautiful women are sacrificed ever* year from this cause alone Hostetter's oslebrated Stomach Bitters will ?ave maujr of this class from an unti nely grave This medicine has b -en u?ed wito great benefit bjr immense numt>ers of people throughout the republic, ard the proprietors have reo-ivod grateful commendations 'rom all sections of the The Kutara wrl ha fmmrf to bs very pieaxant to the taste, even as a beverage, and prompt and power'ul in its effect as a medicine. It m uses new vitality into the fiame,and strengthens the whole syst-in so that women (who use it are enabl?-d to to through with labors whica, without it. woukl be certain to prostrate them. So d by all druggists, de 10-eo3t Hollow* t's Pills. r-.tnalt Cmplaintt.?No o'ner medicines of the da/ oussess the property of restraining tnose inordinate tiowa incid.'ctal to the gentler s-x, and whicn are tht ?a t re-ult? of nervous debility or enfeebled constitot on Thousands of fen.ales in America owe taeir existence and the actual enjoyment i f health to the us^ of these celebrated remedies. Their nature is bo simple that they may be taken b* the most delicate female with perfect freedom and safety Sold by all diuggisU,at25). 6io., ana 91 per Dux. de 10 lw Wi?ta*'? Baisam of Wild Chkkky, Cures Bronchial Aferttons and alt Diseases of the Lunr*. From the Boston Evening Traveler, January 6, "It i? perhaps but a simple act of justice to the proprietors ol Wi star's Balsam r/ Wild Ch'rry for us to say, that our personal experience in the ut>e of thisaitiol-*. has impre-sed us favorably. One i f ill* proprietors of the Traveler was entirely oured of a sover? couch ol four months' continuance, by the use of this Balsam and several of our f- lends and acquaintances. who have tried the article, have found it of great scrvice in relieving th?m of severe coughs and shortness of breathing, with which they had been afflicted." None genuine unless signed I. Butts on the wrapper. Prepared by J*. W. Fowle A. Co., Boston, and for sal* by Z. D. Giiman, S. C. Ford, jr., S. B. \Vaito G. Stolt, John Schwarze. Nairn tc Pa.mer, Wash ington; and by dealers eveij where. de 5-lwj Rsaber, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise ment in our paper. Read it; it will interest 70a. au 20-eoly To thk Afflictfd !?Bo sure to read the advertisement of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifior. in another column. tf Coven* ?The sudden ohangee of onr o'imate ere o-iroe.of Pulmoiary, Bronchial aad A*'-hmntic AffertiPis. Experience kavinc Droved that sinoole remedies often act Bpnedilr aad certMuly wh*n tak-n in th? *arijr tta/esof the di"??ase,recouf?e should at tno8 be had to " Browa's Bronchial Troth's," or Lozenges. let the Cold, Cougii. or J irritation of the Tnroat l>e ever ro alight, as by thia preoauti n ainoro s*riou* at task ma? bettfeo'ually warded off Public. Speakers and Singers will find th?m effectual for clearing and ?trangi.iiaain< the voice, gee adveitiaemsnt- tie 1-ly Hoxbofatiuc Rkmedik* All of Dr. Humphreya h. Co.'e specific Homeopathio Remedies put up exprrsaiy for family use, in boxes, at 25 and 50 oents eacTi. Also, in casee, containing 20 vials, from $4 to 8* each, with book of full directions. For aale by Z. I). Oilman. 350 Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail aefnt: W. A. Fitzijerartl, 333 north F street; aUo by F. B. Winter, corner <>J Massachusetts aveduo and Sixth street, Als", Pond't Ejrtrntt ?/ Witch Hazfi, for internal and external inflammations of all kind*. Sold a* ahove. m&9-ly died7 In this city, on the loth mutant, Mr*. MATIf.D \ H. BtARi), relict of the late Capt William C. Beard. U S A, in th? 67ih y*a- of her a*?. He' f m?ral will tak* place t -morrow, at ha'fpist 3 o'clock, frcn her residenoe, No. 400 Ninth st- The friends of the family are rivited to atte d, t Marlboro' papers copy.) NEW PAWN OFFICE. /Ov y OK. WARD. D?*ler in N??6 6 &ud i^ast Off Clotning, respectfaily informs ttie pub 10 h<j ha* opened a ulCEMSEIi PaWN OKFICK a' No 76 Louisiana areisue, betw#?n . th and 10th sts, a f 'W doo-s east of the new Cen tral 0u*ia-honi>e, where hi will bo at all times prepared to wait on his patrons with promptaeaa, attention and the strictest iustio*. N. B ?Jewelry, Dry Goods, Clothing, Mechanics' To-'ls, Ao , always on band at pritate sale de 7 lm* Thk kuropban hotel, kkpt by p. EMKICH. at the corner of penn.M . . A avenue and Eleventh street, has twenVfjAy greatly improved receutly ant now offer* Ju^JmLL greatir iiidnoemects for the patronage of citizfks and strangers than any other publio hous* in the cit?, his prices being lass than those of any otner hoto. on Kenn. avenue, and ^is accommodations for permanent or transient boarders unexceptionable. Thebaran-1 restaurant arrangemeuta of the Kuropein Hotel have already become very popu lar, bring all that oan be desired by the most fas *a : 'n. .. 4 l lllM'Uli 1 do im?pi ipvui vivj|ve uuicnutwu ctltOU' tionand oontiKurd lif>eral expenditure* to give ?ati*f*etion to all, and thnarenewa hi* invitation to all to give the h uropean Hotel a call. de i tf Clothing! clothing:: clothing !!! (laving on hand a verrlarce stock of the moat fanliionahle atr'ea of RKADY-MADE GARMENTS, we oiTor tho public the ereateat induoemenu with our low pricea, in orner to r?duo? oiir a'oilr Alao, a hne assortment of GENT.-' FURNISHING GOODS. BAR & BRO., Ub6 2w Corner E and Seventh ata. TJUSr OUT?new BOOKS. HE Prmoeof Wales in Am*rkoa, by Kinahan Cornuallis, Umo , oloth; price 91. Petty Anno?ano->?. from the Fronoh of Honoro de B%i*ao; prioa |IJj. Old Maodnav.fco , by W, P. Striokland, 12m lotk.^nce i^-RENCh * RICHSTEIN'S, d? 6 278 Penn avenue. A NEW BOOKS. AT FRENCH Jt RICHST KIN'S, STS Pa. av. AgetUi for the whole World. Folks Soaes. elegantly bound, pnnt?d on tonod paper, full Tarter Gi U prio* 81? if sent by mail. Th** Moral History of Woman, from tha French of Ernest L?gore, translated by J. W. Palme.; M. of Kfcrioa Har.and'a Books, Nemesis. Moss Sid?, Hidden Path and Alone; prioe each Jf 1 25 by mail no 21 Fok mount vkrnon. NCITWK.?CHANG K OF DAYS. On and after Tuesday. December 1', the Steamer THOMAS COl.1.YKR wiil make _jl ? w : three trip* per VMk t<> Mon,.t Ver non, leavUg Iter wharf, at the foot Seventh (treat, at 10 n'olnok on TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS and SATURDAVS dea-lw SAMUEL BAKER, Captain. IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call at HARVEY'S, Whohaajuatreo'ivedalarge supply nffreeh LOBSTERS, FISH, and hne OYS whioh he will aeive to ourtomers at the^^-^S^ shortest not oe and on liberal terms. 1*. 8?Oysters server) to families and hotels a-e not soa'ded; they are ouly scalded for persons eatin* them at the saloon. de? T. M. nARVEY. OUST FANCY GOODS, t> AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, .. ?. Akd ONE Plica Ojhy, At a rev CiiXD 9 r*ni, isi una.. no 12 tf 336. betw 9th and loth eta. D1CH SILK KOBbS: K RICH SILK KOBES" RICH DRB8S SILKS! RICH DRESS SILK$'! RILEY'S ia the placa to bur N loh l>re*a ? ,*? at low ancea. Reps, Krenoh Meriuoea, Cukerm. All Wool Mouaaetinee: in faot, you will find all kuida of Dfty GOODS at very reduoed pnota. Call ana im, WM, R. RILEY * BRO , No. fcSCantfal Stores, . between 7th and Bth street*, d?T 8t opponte Center Mftrktt. _ Now 18 T|JE T^ME^f1!)^ BARGAINS!? Great inducements /vre nov offered to all pereona in want of CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CAPS, at the People'* Clothing *tore, No. 460 Seventh at. Come one, come all. and buy your Clothing at greatly raduoed prices, at I J. H. SMITH'S, 4?0. I, II J AMUSEMEKTS. yyASHINGTON THEATER! TUESDAY, Deooml'Or U, P?con<l r.icht of ths Bnl iant ami O. lema' Ccm^d*. by an Amerio*:i Author, entitled FASHIONS* AND FOL' IKS OF Washington lifk Col D'ltnt; Mr D R?on Capt J?ak Smith Mr J. O S fton Tom Scott Mr. H. U ?aJ i oB-.mana Mr. W H. iJa'tho'nmew Hon. < o!. Ceeill? Mr. F. C. B^ijm Mi'rpoteel Mr. O. B. C?I'in? Nix*!!.... .Mr. J. B >yd John?ltarker Mr, L. P. Roy* Ri I Sly Mr. J. T. Raymond Hon (ten. B!ane Mr. Ma'hewe H?n Col. DeCourc?? Mr Carrol D?nni* Mr Walton Mrs Singleton Mix Alio* Placid* Mann Km ma iSrlaoey..^ Mi?? Mary Sh?w Mr?. Verdant ,.?.Mrs. K. Mana Mm Verdant vire D Ryan Sann Mie* Klmore ^EMKMBERTHE ORPHANS EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTION! AT Tn? SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. no t vn pnwntDii ?/ vim v?jf\ A BT THF ^ Children of Frotest't Orphan Asylum, a??i?te.l by th? YOUN6 LADIES OF THE THIRD DISTRI2T PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Under the directum of Prof. J. H. Dimil, On FRIDAY EVENING, the Uth tna>;. Commencing at VS o'clock. A QUARTETTE of young gentlemen have vo'unteered their aervioea, ax alao the MARINE HAND for the occaaion. Tiok*>ta 35 oenta; can be bad at tha Muaie and Book Store*, and at the door on the evening of the Concert. Mr. John F. Ell<a haa kindly furniahed ore of hit beat Din nog. de 10 t ) TOW. THE BLIND NEGRO MOY PIANIST! THE WONDER OF THE WORLD! THE MARVEL OF THE AGE! A Living Mir*ole! Blind from birth, withontone moment'* instruction, not even knowing the nam* of a single ker on the finger board, or the *hape of a piano, incompetent 10 an?wer the mnip!p?t question in regard to music?yet master of the Piano; plating I om the operas of Norma, Linda. Luoreria Borgia. Daughter of the Regiment. Trovatore. Traviata, and other*, with a master hand and master tonoh. Here is a stud* for learned men. A negro child, orlf ten year* old. raised upon a plantation, simple minded, a child in ail his wishes and wh iU-tj' ma-ter of one of the greatest sciei.ces : playing two piecea of musio at once and conversing at th? same time?re producing the most diftonlt pieo*s after or.oe hearing th?m?plajing theseconJo to an> piece without even heariog it once, then changing seats and re-producing the prirt.o correctly?performs with hia back to the instrumentsings in German and F-erch. withont nnderstandmg either language All of wh*ch wi'l he done on the stage. Concerts at the Assembly Rooms, commencing TUK^DAY KVKNING. Doors op-n at o'oloclr, concert commencing at 7X. Admission 50 ut? ; children 25 eta. Matinees Thursday and Satwday at 3"'dock. This b ing th? only week i'? the citv, thi? is the la?t opportunity of seeing this great Muaioal Phenomenon. de 8 1 w* C. G. AT WELL. Agent. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. I POSTPONEMENT. N Consrquence of the inclemency of the wether, the % COTILLON PARTY Of the fJk MONUMENTAL CLUB Ul Wil!b?r? igtponed u't<l dell 2t* WEDXESD < Y. Dtctmb'r 12. Fourth grand cotillon partv or rut ?1 MOUNT CLARE CLUB, jA To bo given at #M> FRANKLIN HALL. UXU Corner of Ninth and D street.', nkw year's eve. F?rtiou'ar? in future advertisement de 11-3'.* i ook~out for the monumentalsT" EIGHTH GRAND ~COTILLON PARTY of ths MONUMENTAL CLUB, at Tnous' Q* Hall,on WEDNESDAY. Deo 12 Wither*'jjw celebrated cotillon inu?ic has been engaged. Tiokets 50 cents, admitting a gcntUman anduJA ladies de 4 eo4tA2td* comm1ttf.u. Grand cotillon party or ih* tA UNION ENGINE COMPANY, No. 2. 21 will tsk? olace ATWt On TUESDAY. Dec 11, UW At FRANKLIN HALL, cor. 9tk an4 D*t$ Prospe is Band will furniah music. Ticket* *1, admitting a gentleman and lady. de 4 6,&dtd WANTS. ?T ? VTnn A n I D I ?n .<>? m w>A ?alr? rtf Ail ? Ij I/?a umu h? m-vr rauu "i?o Ciio vj " children. Recommendation required. Apply at No H ft between 6th anil Ttli. do 11 2'' W'ANTKP? By a re?peotabIe j-rl, a SITI'A TJON a3 chambermaid or nius*. The l>e?t reference Ple*se oall at 40* Twentieth ftreet, batwwn G ant H gts.. Firwt Ward. d? 11 2t* WANTED? By a regpeatahle young w?nii\n. a SITUATION a* chainlet maul, or to a?si?t in washm*. or to do plain wewiaiit. Can have toid reference, if re<juirod. Pteas* oall. for three days, at t45 Tenth st.. between F ami 0 n*?. tin '1 2>* WAMTKD.? Per?on? wiahmi? to obtain a food Chi:d'?-Nurse can f t one by appWinc at No. 4WtU LS.,k?l, /> .? naar IT AI Uar.a/ikra tr^ 1' I ?, i I V?? SVitVk IIVBI t/1 Cl 111 W?l . wv*?. de6 4t^ BOARD WANTKD.-A fentleman and hi* wife of i-hin oitr wiah to t n(t?g permanent Boarding in a private fa-nilf, or where there are lew boarder^: looation north of Penn. avenue. Entire aatiafaction will he riven aa to respectability, Ac. addreaa "Boarder," at the Star Qiftoa. de 5 fit* "avted-skcond hand furniture. Peraoaa dec ininit housekeeping, or having aanrpiua of Furniture on hand,can obtain thecaah and fair prices by applying at 369 Seventh iX.. no 17 BoNTZ A GRIFFITH. WANTED 1M M EDI ATELY? From 95 to ?10.n?i worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURK of ail kinde, for wnioh 1 will euaranty to pay the hichect price*, and, aa u?nal, at the aborted notice. R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Stove*. Ac., oc 9 40* 7th ?t., bet. O and II. east side. LOST AND"FOUND. C!TOI<EN? Laat evening, between 7 and 9 o'ol'k, O a MOCKING-BIRD and CAGE. 1 wiUfjt five a proper reward lor the returu of the birdE?> and oa*e,or t!ie hiril alone (and no que^tiona**1aaked,) to No 44' Sixth at . between F and G. de 1 l-2t* C Mil.I.KR. Copper and I,eecher. <T?f? RF. vVAUD.?I.Oot or at <len from the ?ul> ?!!>?) ?orib*r, on Thoraday laai, a liAV cv MARK, lame in the right hind leg, with jLLP heeled itioo on *aid foot. I wi!l give the^^-^alK)ve reward if return to mc, at No. '21 i Seventh 'TO-tr 3\MUEL 8HRKVK. fQ KKWARD.?Loet. on the Si Deoeirber, a 3*ma ! eorrel HORSK, with white hind fry I?K*, whit* face, and very rough hair. The nlxvre reward will he paid if returned to * ? THOi K. tSaOKMAKKR, Ninth ?L, between O and r? ?t?. de11-2t* E8TRAY.?Taken up a?trar, trenpatiing npon the premises of the U. S. Pemtentiarr. 0. C., a white and tilaok ?potted7]b-Jir SOW, and a BOAR with like marka.M^^MM The owntr or owner* are rrqoeated to come ft#rward, pro.-e property, pay charge*, and take them away. i de li jt* ctn hkward will iik paio for the ? 1W return of a large black "hhp [ la IKIINK. lard content#,) mvrked ''KevSrtigft Roht. i megaton, Baltimore, Md.;" aop ~1,il p./aed to ha?e been aken in miatake from the Baltimore Ataion of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad on the 31 of April laat The abora reward will be aid for the d-iivery of aaine at the baggage room Camden Station, Baltimore. W P. SMITH, de ? 3t Maa'er of T anaportation. BOARDING. PRIVATE BOARDING.-A gentleman and hia wue, or aeverai nrjie Kenuemen, can ee accommodated with Rood nixed Koomaand Boarding in a p ivat* fa.r.ily, by maiinr early application at 351 I tit, offonte Fraaklin square. do 4-71* OOARDING.?A family, or two it three gentleI ? men, cau bs aoo mmodated with Hoard at No. 453 Ninth atreet, one door aoath of F at Terms (moderate One of the largest and moat deai-able Room* in the house, furnished with water and f aa, is now uuoocupied. Table Hoarders accommodated. n.>28 l&t* BOARDING.?Good Rooma, ei>mfortably far nish^ci. caa be obtained % -73 F atreet, be tween 13tn at J Uth, oa ravdera'.e term*, with or withont Board. Location convenient and very pleasant no 71 2w * OLANKBT8! BLANKETS!! ?> Bf.ANKETS!'! Bed Blanket*! Bed Blanke's! Bed Rlarkets of all sins and of all prio?? Bed Comfort*! Bed C?info ta! Marseille* Quiit* ! Marseille* Quilts ! Linen and Cotton bh^etings, Towelings of a'l kinds, Daraaok Table Linens and Napkin*. Onr stock is fall in all departments. We solicit a oall from all m want of ?>nr Uoodt, WM R RIL.KV k WHO.. No 3* "Oatral Stores," B-twaenTthandSn strxeU, noM gw 0?po?if Center Market. H . ..... _ (Jl^K fHlUB U1HL.Y : riAVINO on hand a wrj henvr stook of DRBM TRIMMINGS, 1 will <<fl-r the ?aine very cheap (or Cm a. an<l Oae Price Only. R. C. ttTEVKNS, 3S? P?- . nog tf between?tb ?adWU eta. ftvcnue, and get yo?r eaid eniravinc don*, hxnrain? tie.r a*>np esud yon not fail to bo aattafiod with prioei and at;Im. l>on't fnrret th* ?mo*. KRKNCH *- R1CHATE1N, no ft No. 97M F*_ nrenna. Wuhinttof. PRKNCHF LOWERS OF THE VERY BEST r qiiaJity, and an exteoaiva variety. At STEVENS'S g? Kauoy Store, IH oWtl 336, betw. 9tii Md 10th ?ti. ~ GEORGETOWN ADYERT'MTS OYSTERS! OYSTERS C OYSTERS!:: ?nder?ifnM pm open d an OYSTER D K POT on Hifh itmm. nwr the corner ^ G?*. and can fur. i.h it .11 time*. K?w,f \ f_J Sf*w?-<1, hricd, Rp%?t?d. or Sc% OYSTERS. I'Mti-i om h? i*ivfd in pnv?t room*. F?mili;? tupp i*d with Oy?t**r? or USH, by le&vini their order* *t *bov?. _d? 1J 1 m J V. COLLINS. f HEAP GROCERIES V/ AND FRl'IT. Lamr and Punch RAISINS?whole, half, ud Mn?rt*r bo*3*?\t re<'i'o?ti vri-tCB. % ? nn* itJKON, Ct RRA.NTS, fextr* ud Fanny FLOIR. For tale by GEO. W. ORME. ?J? lo 3t Corner of Bridge and Cofr? ?U r BARRELS PRIME LF.AF l.*RD. 0 iM* pound* . ?* SHOULDERS. 1 (?> ?>un<Js nnw Sugar Cured HAMS, S,?v> do fre*h slaujhtfred HOti*. l>arielt Crushed an<1 Pulverised SU6ARS, in do Refined Brown do. For ia't bi de8-6t \V. H. TEXNEY. JUST ~RECKIVEI>lrt h!)da. priiue Porto Rioo SUGAR?, l?hbl?. ?V,d Rye WHISKY, ?> H I.KRING and ALEWIVES. SO bbla. Crushed and Refined *l'UARs, SO Un Rio and JavaCOFFEE, ^lo hhd#.(lowJirioad) MOLASSES. rumm> nr juill J- BMUl K. ? 10 J 100 UBLS. OF FR1ME CIDER, L'*T Arrived And for tale eh?*? for ouh. no IS AR.NY A 8HI>N. MASSKY.COLI.IN8 A CO.TS PHILADELPHIA DKAUtiHT ALE.-W# are oon.tMtly reotivlcg frecti supplies oftfce above delijhtfaj beverage, and invito all ?or?on? who want a par* onftdultsrated Ale, to fir* it & trial. IKNY a SHINN, Af?)ta, i f?? ST SrMD it.. Georroto'va. FOR SALEi AND RENT. [For oihtt " For Salt and /;?(" advfrti/ *imti, ut fir?t par* ] RENT ? K Dl'O ED.?That pliant CO I T Mi E Re>lDK.NCK, oontaioing 7 r*omi, witn fror.t balcony large ?ard 10 f<ontand rear.f ontii g H *t , in Printing Offioe Square, between North Cspit'1 and First *t*. Will t?? rertffd for $ 16 per mouth to a punctual t?rant. Address, by letter or in p-rsor, WM. STICKN'F.V. dej 1 tf Fr?OR SALE OR RRNT-Aios DWELLINGH*?L'SE, containing II rooms, a-d fin* yar.l, situated 'Kt'J I ?t , h tween 3?th and 21st sts. For terms please inquire next door, of Mr. KI'CHIGNANL de in If tjURNlSHED ROOMS.?Members of Congress and other* in * ant of Mcely Famished Rooms, in suits or single, ran find them by applying at No. 30 Four aud-a-ha'.f st., east side, between Pa av. and C st. de H-lw* LAW OFFICE F?'R R ENT-ln Towers' Buildins, corner of Milk atrMt mil I " ?? la divj ed into two rooms, it convenient to the ' Cou t Home, and in a Rood business locality. < de 8 St.* I Furnished rooms for rent?twelve ; handsomely furnished Parlors and Ch%" tiers, suitable either for a large part* or three different I families. An experienced cook in the tasement wi'l supply meals. Apply at No. 2?0 on F, Mvm3 13th ani 14th sts. de 8-3t* ' A PRIVATE FAMILY (HAVING >0 CHIL- J dren) having two Kooms to rpare, would take two gentlemen t>? Board, or would rent th^ roojrs furnished. The rooms eomraunic*tc and ?re lit with gas They would have a pleasant hope lu quire at the S'ar Office. dey 1 w* ( miRMAHKI) ROOMS FOR HWT .? Jnc n r etreet. between 6t;i and 7th ?t?. de 4 tf FOU RENT?A PARLOR on the f,r?t floor, and th'ea fine Bedrooms on tho floor abov*. at No 276 I'a. avenue, two doors east of th? Krkwood House. de3-tf For rent-a furnished house, ofs stifieg, containing 12 rooms, located near the Treasury Department, formerly occupied bj Sei.ator ; or I will reut 5 rooms in said b- >ufe Also for rmt. a una I Frame House, co-tau.ia* 5 rooms and kitchen Inquire at 120 Fourteenth i>t, between H and I. de 3-tf IjV)R RENT?A four-story brown front DWEL' (Np, siturv'e-i oa Thirteenth ?t, between L and .MasjachusHt* av.,or.eol the most de?i-abl? locations in the oity. The house is furnished with marble mantles: a'so, ca* and water fixture*, with h*'h reom Inquire at XVM P. SUEDD'S Fancy t*yre. No 502 E'eventh *t. oe 27 SU* I?OK RENT.?A tbree-atory BRICK l?\VELLIM.t ? ' * 1 *' ? a -*?in i mul jr., ?iwi i.a'. * or. uin sitt No. 410. between F and G etretta. Apply to J. K1KK WOOD. 4 16 Twe Mi it. p.> lP-dtf C^OR RENT?Two ROOMS in third storj.a'lr joining .with wat?r and k*k, or ft fine PARLOR, liKht<*d with gft*. in second story, in ft pleaia: t part of the o'ty. Term* low. Apply on the premise*, N??. 4"?b aveuu^, between 4th ar? 6th at*., north aide co 16-tf FOR RENT?A three atory brick HOUSE, containing 8 room*. <n rood order, with ga? fixturea ooinplcte, on H ?>tre?t. Iietwe?n 4th and Stli. Also, & two-ktory brisk CuTTAfiK, frith larice yard attached, oirner of F street north *?i 14fh st. east To punctual and r?!iftt>l? teaa- ts the terms wit! bo moderate. Apply at 416 Twelfth street, l *.? J_?.? ? ? " _ ooiirwn i> ?ju n. IM? IS-li Direct Importation from Paris 1 BY M. WILLIAM, 3'J Jfiffa* Spa.e, Washington, D. C., ond 7 Cite TYrri", Paris. My stock of FINE PARISIAN FA >'CY GOODS is most oornplet cow in every hr&nsh, and , will do woll to inspect my stock before tuey puroi:a*?any vhere rise, to cocvr c? themselves ihtt my (O 4I1 canuoi be surpassed in b^a^ty, elegance, an 1 quality br any othsrn in the market Having taken ttie greatest paina 111 sol^rting every erticle myself when in Pa-i?, I have no h-witatioi to o? 1 them the most fa?hionai>le pioduoos fr- m Pane; but ladies will b? the liest judges for themselves, anil I only oaii their specia. attention to the followine articles: Ve vet ard Cloth Cloaks, elegant m styl? and qnahty. f.r ladie* and children; Cloth Ga'.tera, or Udie* and children; French Honnets, Flowers. L'? 11.,. , - . .1 u . 1.. a,., .r L- ? ' ? ?\ I I B HUM I % I ' ? i IVI - f P* ? ??l ft . ? ' ?V ?TT Wlliy IKOII of hea<i dress, ttojquet for the breast.and wreaths f^r trimminc the(iieit; munificent Purit and wre*tli<i to match; \V>eath? f.?r the Hai .in every *tvlo and qua ity; eiegant Velvet and Gold Oriiam^nt d Hea.i Dresses; a ?real ranetv in Sett for the hair; Faue; Silk and ? aoeCotT*; Velvet a> d Lao* B<>ws; ChemMe Scarfs; liand*oi:,e embroidered Zouaves and Zouave Sl'irte; a ti e ?<.* rtT.cit in Dr> * Trimmirgs; Triimnince for Party De sen; Gilt be ts. Brai<ls, Buok'esaud Buttons, of the best L,yons G>i<t; Zouave Suit* f?>r hoys, Ac. 1 will sell the handsomeet an 1 fine t gnodaat rerv low uiicea, a very la^ite stock on haou. which I wish to rMuoe as much as possible before I tace aiioiher trip to Pans cog eogwif J^OTICK TO THE PUBLIC." Tlie undersigned ha? iu?t opened a wholesale PRODUCE and MARKETING STOKE at 54 9 iXi th street, opp site Center Market, witeie he wil. be reoe'vin* daily a general aesortment of every thin* that grows on a fanr., fre?h from the haoda of 'tie farmers, such as Tsrkejs. Ch'okens, Ducks, Geeee, K?g?, Mutter?of ail qua ilie*. at Baltimore prtoes? Dried Fruit. Appire, F our, Beans, AO . Ac., w&ioh I will te l as cheap m can be honKht in thi? city, Alexandria, or Baltimore, Dealers and huckster* are r?*pc?(fal y invited to oa!i a id exaimce for thowselvea. de<t tf J. H. CANHEl.P. NEW HOOKS at FRENCH* RlCiSiM.VS, 21S PUSH. Avxxbr. Larima, a novel, by G. Ruffiui, l2mo., cloth; triot $'35 Fair hair n'? Crests of the Families of Great Bntain and Ire'and, in 3 vole., Btjo., oluth: price 8iV Housekeepers' Enerelopvdia of Cooking, fro, Hitio., cloth; price ?1 2V de 5 Heavy cloths _ AND CASSIMERE8. Fine Cloths and Caesin:erea, Velvet *nd Silk Vesting*, Silk Shirts and Drawers, Merino Shi t* and Drawers, Heavy Kibbed Wo->len Shirt* and Drawers, Kid. S'lk, and Merino GIovm. Cotton ar.rl Woolen Ha f Hom, French Shirting Linens, Irish I,inens. We invite til pernona iu want of Dry Goods of any kind to rive u? & call WM R. RILEY A BRO., No. 3t? "Central Stores," Between 7th and 8?h at* , no 28 2w Opposite Center Market Home-made shirts' HOME MADE SHIRTS'! During the past two months. the '"dnll season," we hare ma4e a 'arge xupplf of OE vTLEMEN'S DRESS SHIRTS, and will eelltLemat a lower price thai usual at STEVENS'S Sfties Rpoto, de l-10t Brown'* Hotel. ,\1 MERCHANT TAILOKISH. llKW FALL S fVLK* or CLOTHS, CASSlMF.RS.ANU VKST1NOS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3'i8 Penneylvania Avenue, have ju#t received a large varus tv oI n?w Fall Goods, to wbtoh they invite the a*te-1i?.o r\f rhair friAnda RnH An (.->? MORE NEW AND LD STYLI3IT CLOAKS. thia morninj inftny novelliea iu t:i? lot. to vKio.i ?a Mk ttie impaction of tb? Imim.u v *ro aelliue great barcaice in ail h*ndeorc? Dre?? Good*. J. W COuLEY * CO., de5-5t y3 Seventh at.. ttio?? Pa. av. Singer's Sewing Naciilnes. 333 PKNN. AVENUE. NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. We invite the pubia attention to oar new 9^n FAMILY SEWING MACHINE. T*i? Maoui?? it Dntu MuM id the hoaarho'd. It rnaa w?<xth and iwift; *net, hem*. J tilt ami tmtkrrt. will a* v thft iwin or rinfh t?i. &r?ri t/iirk. And unv tiua* bo!WMn the tvu is a '*aut ful aad ubetamUl manner M.?oh:n??in aMhoranv.wa?ut and ro??wood oum from #60 to 4 lot. Oar lira a vibrating pruur maekitux for coa.ih trimm*-ra ai.iT aaddlara. ia without a rival. ? Ik, T'|(t. Thread, Naed'aa. Bobbia*, Oil, Ao., a! way a on tooo at N?W York prioaa. ISr1-4 " noTt 611 i-iRBAT BARGAINS IN L ^ DRY GOOD*. We have roam>vj down our eabra iWct af fcaad fry fl?Mb witb ?nr largi aa oitsx t M | firat-eiaeu Hiapia Goooa artielaa, aurt will nit nee tbia da? a llinj off at are* 1} radnjad # io*? fur oaafc, U? raw 1 c*amr targe ?U?o% Wj t? l?tof J?a . uary. We invite all ia want of ?ry Good? to ax , atoms oar a took before pvehaetHg I 41>y J W. COLL.EV 4. CO.. ojilw ""i a.,ahovafa.av. THE LATEST NEWH T KLEQR APHIC. Fr?m Stall C?r*liM mm4 riMlia Citku?TO!(,Drc I ?Tb?re U (iwtirtlTttf it Fort Moultrie The defense every dar is ren drrtd atroneer. Tbt wlmrf oSctn tad men have packed tip tbeir eflVcta, raady to qilt at a moment's notice. The Legislature will probably ?it during tb? Convention Newt from Florida sbowa perfect unanimity in tbe State for secession, and tbe entbnslasni la in creasing daily. Lincoln was burned la rA?y st Femandina on Friday last Tbe Convention election returns from districts which went for a co-operation In Im-W, sbo* great revolution in public opinion?tbe vote 1% favor of separate secession being SO, to 1 against it. CoLtxai*. Dec 10 ?In reference to the rwooo anion to aend Conimtwioncra from Vlra iaia, Kmtuckv and otber border State* to tbo Soutb Carolina Convention. tbr Guardtaa aava It la a uaoleaa meaaure?that tbe Convention will not Uateo to perauaaloa from any quarter Loatalaaa Affair*. Bat05 Rorci. Doc 10?Tbe Legislature of Louisiana mrt bore to-day A revolution for organising a military aratrtn for tbe 5tate waa adopted A revolution calling for a State Convention, hi ?i ug iuni c i rruiiBWBWi require KWClwl action on the part of Louisiana, in cooseq* <.r of the election of Lincoln and U? hostility of tbo North towards tbe South, wss Introduced in tba Senate and referred to a Joint comtnltVr In tbe mim body, a bill organizing tbe military was rt-ferred to s joint committee. A preamble nnd resolutions were off-ted taknc the f round* that tboee States which bavennllifed the Fugitive Slave Law bare no right to vote for i President of tbe I'nlon Later front Mexico N t wOn.nsv Dec. to ?Tbe steamship Tee nettee. from Vera Crux on tbe ?tb, brings advice* from tbe city of Mexico to tbe 29tb The Liberal* had completely Invested tbe city Th#re u*si ho??> L from a scarcity of suppllea. Tlx mala body of tt?e Liberal army bad not come up The Extraordinary. from tbe Capitol oa the 3d, bad not arrived at Vera Crui whew tbe >teto?r left, by wulrh news (if a repulse or capture of the Sit v was ?-1 pec ted. Mr McLane and the Kmbaasy were to return bhme bv tbe next ateamer. The French minister advises Mlramoa to capitulate. Nulclpal ilettlta la BwUs. Bostok, Dec 10 ?Tbe municipal electloa af this city took place to-dav Joa M Wlghtman. lemocrat and I nion candidate, baa been elected VIaror over Moses Kimball, republican Tbe rote stands:?\Vtgb'man Kimball 5.^1 1?1- -_? w? - * ' * ? ?? - ***? I IT" LUIDDIM UTI > 1UR ?Jill I It Ul IM WW Council Bohtox, Dec. II.?The offlelal count of the election yr?trrd*y gives Wlghtman 3,1 Ou ntjority over Kimball. Anotlj-r Auti- A belltlan Dem**itritlti Boston, Dec 9.?The Union-Lover* were at work to day a^sin The Twenty-eighth Coogre Satlonal Society held a religious meeting at Music I all The house was crowded Tbe negro Douglass delivered the lecture. After the lecture, he made some remarks relative to free apoech. which caused great excitement, and finally ended In a row one man was put out of the hail. l aits .Meeting at Philadelphia Philadelphia, Dec 10?Mayor Henry will issue a proclamation in tbe moraine calling a Union meeting of tbe citizen* of Philadelphia for Thursday noon, at tbe State House Philipblpbxa, Dec. 11.?Mayor Henry Issued bis proclamation this morning for a Union meet log to be held to-morrow noon Bishop Potte*-, of he K pise? pal Church, will open tbe proeetd Ingswlth prayer. Xcw York Bank fttateaseat ^ New Vosk. Dec 10 ?Tbe weekly staietnRitof tbe city Batiks shows an increase In loans of 9(14 an iucr?su> in anorin *?f Qkl a? f? crease in circulation of 1150,250, and an increase in dep<*i?a of fill .361.446. Nam' York, Dec 11 ?In the bank atatemert laat night the increaae of depoalta abould ha*e been SI,3^1,41?. Arrest ( a Msrdrrtr, tc. Nxw Vukk, Dec. 10?The murderer of Mrr Shanks, a young man some twenty years of age, giving the i.ame of Alfred Buchanan, baa been srr?-? ? d and confeaaet the deed Frederick, the first mate of tbe alaver Cora, baa escaped I rem Nsrtk (srsltaa RalcioH. Dec. 9 ?Tbe joint select comiritf* on federal relations have agreed to report a bill, on Wedncaday next, to call a convention of tbe pronlo tn Ino ivKal V net Vi PaaAl K ? a Wall J* I ? the present crlais. Citilni ( tkf Mew Yark Albast. l>ff 9 ?I'nder i resolution adapted by the Canal OnnlaiM'ri the water la to he drawn out of the canals on V\>dn??l^. No bouts i?re now moving on the canal. 1 he linn k Dlrsrtr (>M Cnittuo. Urr II ?The jury is the BurrL divorce case have retidt r?d a verdict 1b favor of Mrs Stuck. Alexandria .tlsrkrU ALizAxnmia. Dec 11?Flour?Family #6 ik* ?7 ?U; extra *5 25a? ??; super $~t &7?t 00 Wheat ?white SI Ifeafl 20; red ?l 06,?l 10- Coer ? white &>a<ftr , yellow 55a00c.; m led SOaOOc. Rrs S5a<l> Oats4P?3lc Corn Meal 09a?9c per buahel. See?l??t imothy N?M M ; Clover ffl SSa?6 ? , Flaxaeed SI 4<wi*l 45 Provitfoos-JIutter, roll, mwr; Mvon iiaiar.; fori f7 mm*7 w. lata IJat4r. Lgg? Ktlftc Whliky ?<?3ur ??w York Markm. N iw Vukk, Dec. 11 ?Floor more ?ctlre for local trade, nothing for export Wbeot dull. Corn rteedy. Provision* dim. Whlaky nominal ??17*c CI R E A T BARGAINS Orrimn at TW? PEOPLE'S CLoTHISO STORM. So. 460 3(r?n SikliT. ri ntUIVI: FURNISHING GOODS, HATS AX D _ CAP*. At 20 Pxk CkxT. Lata than the l ictL Rate*. At 'MIT H'S. Wl. 460 StvntM Strut. N. B -All id want of CLuTHIKG and PUR NISHING GOODS vi I find it greatly to thotr Ad van*?je to (ivs me a omI. do 7J ni J H. SMITH. Clothiee. C* GAUTIKR'S /. FRENCH RESTAURANT. DINNER AND SCUPPER PARTIES. In soliciting tout Mtronaco, would roapeotful y ciil roar a t-ution to his elefant suits of PAR i.oh9. R r-Cfc.PT I ON and DlNlNO ROOWS. furnislted la the most fashionable style, and always r<*d? to accommodate several parties at any mo Mt 2*il Pa avHpue. defl ?otw IV OTI CE! NOTICE!! 1^1 NOTTCKm PIG. P. CALLI)*, Impoktek or foreign ivises, uqvors, and pre SERVE 5. Has reoeived, per la?t steamer,an n?m*nae quantity of Liqnors and Wines, nnaaaalad bf any wholesale dealers 'B Washington. Also.l.Wboiss of Pmwwi, of different kinds, suoh as cannot be bought for less than 2> por oen'.^s any stora. Giv* m* a rail in4 try my tood?, mo. 374 u bftwwo 8th and 9 h at*., Washing torn. da S aolw T HERE RMMtaortiinio J* eoM oat. at bom price or other, a large lot <?* Remnant CAKPfcT1NUS, of a.l kind* Rem .*nU?TOILCLOTHS R*n>r?gta> of every thine in tfce Pl'RNITLRE DRV GOODS LINE, wmohare iow ready U be hM?C TH? lovert prise at whirh they will be eoM m marked in plain l^uree on e*eh article. Great krrry^r C AQETT 4k POD8QW. v A CARD. 1RG1NIA AfO^TB CAROLINA MQNBY. AND OF ALL OTHSR STATES, THIS AT Pas, axjd Ceodt soM At the lo veet market prtee for wH. A enperior stock of CLOTHING aov 01 k*wl> d Km in m In ?*ibIav ftn? aba Li? J u anil 4fit ha"d? wkmh * wieli to k?*p ia en.p oriaaat Jar ii-g >hi? p?Di3, we wul offer att nil** p?rehulii Gojdt made to order IB the beet etrlee WAL.L,STKPH1TN? * CO . was* Pa a* Set ?Xb and '"*> eta. plANOS.-Ooerery hoe RoMvood ? k*fc?rifec J'imo for eaie ap?>n moattil; i^4iarvsss,'-.iBs."^siw^ Vid uTaluwSi f^owj^rioaeal tke Maaie Store ef W.? MKT1 Or* b<wn?ts, hats, md flats of very ! ? -< at*fo-.a^dw *41 ??a mmMjj|% no frtf IM.betw.fttnadlitkta. D? KSSM A K1 !wf\ M KlfT. No. W6 Eututi St , Between Pa ? ihu<|!a sssSs nntio? jrnYm* V^muVmAr^Y^ wh*r??"t * "'Fir.'KvsvtiT' f*4tf S^.S9?Cwt,b0tw.mkaaiyilm.

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