Newspaper of Evening Star, December 11, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 11, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. . AMERICAN POLISH FOR A PRINCE. Old host, John Ball, take back ?oar Prince, From >nr supsnor ration. Wh?r* he has ?>e n, for some time ?m"e. Complain his education. I os culate. tawuh Wa es i? young, ( Ho'a gaili"pJ man* a wrinkle. An>1 whfn you hear hi? polnhed tongne. Expect you ey.*? will'twinkle. I Yankee doodle. Ac. Lord Chesterfield, old ?i? tai'ed beaa. Compose a br,ok of [alters, To teach young f->II?w?. no ways ow. The manners of thei- bet'era. The? lMrn f?>" be* tar la Miiar* In this here land of freedom, VVh'K rone but Nigger is a slave. Than buj* io old tra-'deedom. ' Yankee doodle, k.c. Demeanor has its nitu-al laws Whicti governs every motion. How besutiful he smokes and chaws You'll now acquire tour notion A? Walts oar fashions will import. In th?m their pints of breedin1, And eet a pattern to the Court, Which k ow? 'em but by reaJin". v- -i... i.? I OUftOV UVVHiVi ?V* To liquor up 10 handsome style, Ir?t u<*tJn* your *reat, He'il bid .Newcastle mike *r*v!l , And Beaufor*. timberdondle* Mint juieps, which they learrt to brew Iieneeth our *t? r? Mnn-r*. And also sherry cobbler*, tu Mend your Ensltsh manner*. Yankee doodle. Ac. The horizontal attitude, Wit* legs upon the table, at MIT latl ude, And length conaider?/>/? By Wales the noblea will be taught ; Ami people's iinit'tioi Ol them, the custom, ?lick ai thought, Will spread thr >ughout the nation. \ ankee doodle, Ac. New York in dancing goes ahead, 9 me chalka of P* ta eitj ; If lie ha'n't shown how to tread A polka, tia a pity. Deportment's la nt with danoiog. ao, Now Waleacan show las mother On one hand how we shake the toe. And reat the heels on t'other. Yankee doodle. Ao. [ Punch, Kmirs of Hohby.?Honey hat been known to produce a very perniclout Influence upon tho?e who have partaken of It; and thin is supposed to have arisen In consequence of iu having been collected by the bee from noxious plants. Many stories are relaU-d of its Injuries effects, and we md in history that the whole army of C> rns the Great was almost poisoued by some honey of whtch they partook in large qnantlties. Tbe most recent is that of M. Au^. de St Hflaire, who, whilst on an expl^rtng expedition in Brazil, ate a quantity of honey supposed to have beru 11 ? ?J w? ?. obIIm! K.? tKa nsrntnr anis cwioricu uy urr vaucw wj ?"? ? Ucktqauma Both be and his jfuide were nearly poisoned and suffered a kind of frenzy, the f ff*cts of wblch did not wear off for a considerable tim?* These acc dents are. however, very rare, and need not alarm our readera, for European honey is a very useful and wholesome substance.?S<inivt(IM'l Homty-htt STrriDiTT or Lob*tkrs.?I.obsters, ?ay* Dr Eickland.if left on tbe rocks. never go back to the water of their own accord, they wnit till it come* to them. This peculiarity wit observed afw a landslide on the coast of'Dorsetshire, England, which by lte great weight forced up a portion of the bottom of the sea On this suddenly elevated bit of ground there happened to be several lob ters, who doubtlew thought the low tide had taken place with uncommon celerity, and that it wnu'.d return again Anyhow, the foolish creature? waited for the tide to rome up and cover them Of course It never did come up again; ttey remained in their places and died there although the water was in manv instances onlv a few feet from tbeir uoft They bad not the aense to tumble into it and save their lives. A'iKlV AIjB A I J.HH HU1HL?3. WILLARDS' HOTEL.?J Macduff. DC; A Wintbrop and lady, Md; B 8 Griffin aualadv.Ct; K B Hart. NT; A D JfMup. Pa; C O Bartiett, NSC8; Hon A J Williamson. NY; C Parker,NJ; GUarding, Pa; G Baron. Man; Hon A B Oliver, Nflfc \V M Whlteh-ad. NJ; Mr Swift, Maw; Hon J P Verree. Pa: J W Fuller and ladr, NY: C W TUlInuhaatand lady, do; N R Wbeeier and lady, . do; 8 Remington and family, Tenn: C H Condi t, NJ; J Morrlaon. do; 8 Home, 111; P Shirley Tenn; W Cameron, Ala; 8 1. Gonverneur, Md: R H Q...... A V V. L' LI m.nA ?ri ? cicvcua auu muf, i , i ? i/aucx aim tun. ua, Capt J Graham." N Y; C Duval and lady, Md; G Aire* and lady, Ky; J A Ventre* ana family, Mats, Mtsa Caulder, do; D M Wilson. NJ;S H Condit, do; Mrs Steadman, do; MIm 3t?*dman, do; W Steadonan, do; J Caldwell and lady NY; Mia* 9 Caldwell, do; J Caldwell, do; F B Farmworth, M?m; L 0 Farnaworth, do. CLAYS' HOTEL.?D Braynton and family, Kv; Hon XV Wilnirk. Pa; J J Henry. RI; Hon G \V So rant-on, Pa; Hon J Wood, do; W A Porter, HC; T B Lock and lady, O; G H Howard, do; J Y Foster, NY; T P James, do; \V >V Sherd, do; T H lrelend, Miss; R H Henderson, Va: H Hardhind. do; S P Densmore, NY; F Rhodes, do; D Riddle, SC; C Frino, N J; T P Kaight and lady, Ga; >1 B Knight, do; W U Harrington and lady. a I a li f i a 1 n i mm a ? m Aia: .m 9 riarriui,x >u. ao; su w miara ana laav, Texas; T L Winuard. da; \V K Howard. Mo; Dr Lawrence and lady. Maas; II Simpson, NY; M J Glltnore. do; S Tallin. .VId; L Richardson and ladf, Va; Master Richardson, do; Miia Richard on. do. NATIONAL HOTEL.?Mr Btirrel", DC; HC Brown, Md; J W Paxton. Va; W Bodenhomer NY; L Durrem, Md; P Cole. Tenn; U li Foi{g,N H, L Mono. .NY; R W Davli. E P Kennedy, A J Atrocba. Md; T Itehn, NY; A N McDonald^ r. J Mrdill. III. M 9 Plummer. Md: <i Ftiikew > Y; C H Snow, T P Pendleton, W D Brodon,Di Martin. Va; W G Cole, Tean, U R Riddle, l>el Jud^e Waugb. NJ; H N Congan, A Condlt, 'I C Mann, NJ; VV E Crall, Md; J F Smith, Thos Polbennis, B W Merrlam and farn,.N Y; J Shulze Pa, J Camaller, Md. , BROWN S HOTEL ? R Richardaon, Tenn W ilenaoa. Ark; M ftri vot, La; J Godfrey, Ct, t M Smith, H?a S Moore and ly, Ala; J Rader, Si' J Brady, Va; A G Mabry and fam. Ala; W Col* Trim; L G'tBbrlli, Ga; K H Wbitaker, NC, B < Geary, Va; J Heiley aud fain, Pa; E Hanrlck.AU J K Read, Ya; S H Marsh, Oo; Dr S A Coffman Va; E W Manchester, NY; A Reed, Ps; F Hag nlc and ly, La; W Plengat, London; w Daniel U 1 - V JUILU. * WASHINGTON HOUSE.?P Jamison, 0, ] Bowstfr. ind, Mrs Gridiey, Mrs Wason, Mass; I JJ-iuk, Kan, W Coney,U M Howard. Va. H Hyd aud Iv, Mich. S Thompson, O, VV Romer, Mist Kuiuer, J Young, Md. KIRKWOOl) HOUSE ?B C Garrettson, A 1 Austin and ly. NY, W May, R J Cowart. NC; j White, Vs. sCBAiVSTEAMERS' SAILING DAY. Fcom turn UlITBB Statu. cfmm < ' " ? rtrr. A**V3. A?ta.?_N?w York?. Liverpool... Deo 1 John Boll -...New \ ork.. .Gi&sguw Deo' FBUH Kukopb Um'd Kingdom .GImkow New York ..NovS Ne? Yo.* . ik?elh'ptoa.. .New Ywk...Novi K^dar?. ... .Lavore ol....New York... Sevi BoruMia. S>at? ptun ..New York. .Dei Jur? ... Liverpool ...New York...Deo fa ton ? .South'pt'm.^New York . .Ml 1 aiestice Liverpool New York... Deo . I ? ? u<>? ni*i iHtman ie?ve on in* JU litii, end Sitj ot every icontn. B HALL. ISHALL'UEMINO, WboleuUe aud Retail Dealers in fine KAMlL r.ROCKRlKS, TEAS, WINKS. Md choice LI SlL'ORS of ali kinde. A freeta stock ju?t open#, ood 7 oeuU Mr pound. Ca'l at .No. & J4 71 street, between D at-d Louisiana ?v. oo *-tf tt. O. DKML TH * CO., MPORTKRS And Wholesale aod Retail Dee ert in HAVANA CIGARS, FOREIOS WINBS. BRAXD1ES, GINS, kt No. 40 N01th ClitLU 8tbebt, First doors abort L'-rintte* it., wC > BaUiraora. fijJCHOOL AND COLLE?V OUTFITS. Youths'1 and Bow' Clothing for School an Drus W?ar. Pvanti Bad gaardiaoa wiakiog to farniab the hiidrea?ad warda with Soitool and 0>.ir>c? O nt4l for Ike ootniBf aaaaoa, are inn ted to examine jt jraaect large aad exteualre aaeortiueot BOY I CLOTHINb, wbare they oaa 6t oat their ohiTdr* ?? all aiaaa iaa flaw foaaoU with ever? deaorij Job of Ready made Garment*, of eubetaniiai ao * CO.. n 3D-U 3<a Pena. ftv?tii?ft. p^rs^^xisrs'?iii"?a W|S(rtUoM of ft Coiatr; Fvwi. 1 *oi.; prto *0MU? at Tf?th. by Two BroUutrs. 1 vol.; pi iu lSD" BLANCHAKD * MOHI'N. ma 14 woruT nth x. ftnd P?bb. ft v. TuBBS* Witt, KB AID AND CURL MAN I 1* PaCTOE v. dw uoooi * u Ml U( <;?ris, rnfttmm, lUadaMt, 4o Bow on U*mJ; ?i*o, rtada to ord?r m tk? ttiortm ?otio? H*jr Work rapairod or ULken in xehauw <Ml Xm L"OK TUA>K8*LVIXG DAY! MiyCK ME AT-M IffCE MEAT! \v> aha. ; hnv? % n;?ly of eio?t:ent flfiaM M? ?rep*r?d in u? for Thank giving. !!!? m. pwvnaiiW. V FROVf u(>ue.-8uu|*n isitiB # V WB?hin|t-jn wi.l find at our store Dail) Papp from a.i pa U of the ooiatrj, <]? ferimtwp Merea i. ledger a&d other WmUn. aSwii^'SBiroa^QpS f oU agents for the Charleston Dtiij Merourj o 2? BAf$?tAjOa.'S INIMITABLE HAlM OYI end all firat-??aaa Touet ArtioIee.Jfor Hi* 61 BBS'S Wis, Braid. aj*d Car] Maru/h$toTT, S4 fa- avenae. Mar 13th at, mMb 0 MISCELLANEOUS. 1 l,rb and marine i INSURANCE! HKATR A KNOWLE8, 5i INSURANCE A G E iV T 5 ? ?f ric*. Room 16, Ovir Hank or Wa?rin?to?. h' i iff * connecticut mupual. . AicomcutioS. ?13 SOO.OOO J fTrf INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE STATE OF VIRGINIA. i Richmond. Cash Capital?9300,000 I NEPTUNE INSURANCE COMPANY. ; Philadslphia. CapitalakdSuktlus #200,000 ? GOODHUE INSURANCE COMPANY. f New Yuan. Cash apital?.? 200,000 t In the latter, all the advan'agps of a mutual are ' gamed without inonmnc tht liability. f< lusnranos at ae low rate* as in any other equally re?poarifeie oompaiues.and pol.ey hold'.rs allowed to partieipate in lie profits. de i Foremen's insurance company"^" i or * washington and georgetown. - Capital S200,000. (&< ? com r C strut and Lomtsianm av., ?vtr Bank 4f Washington , INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. ( Director*. \ 8eo. Shoemaker, Samuel R?dfern, . tmuel Cropley, William Wi son, Richard Jooee, John D Barclay. Jacob Gideon, Andrew H othwefl, , Thoi. Parker, R lahard Barry, _B. B French. I No charge for Policies JAMES ADAM3, President Abit. O. Datis, Secretary. oc lft-eo6m ' JJ A T*S _A_N D CAP 3 ! The laf*t New York etyl* of OK NTS' UK ESS HATS, 2 |Q now on hand. 3* |S9 The AMAZON HAT, W ?M New St>le. just opened. _ S ^B| _ Mines' JOCKEY HATS,ui Full WSp'^Qf' ard beaver AtRkwcii) Piiru. i B. U. bTINKMKTZ, *36 Pa.av., p? 24 near oorner Thirteenth ??reefc I HAVE NoW ON HAND A COMPLETE Stock of? _ _ LAoies' Kid and L.aaun* Velvet rrimm3d*W|I Boots W I] Ladies' Kid and La'tinn Buttoned Boots, w^te Lalies* Morocco and Uoat?kin Buttoned Boot* Indies' Thiols and Fur Boot*. Mums' Kid Velvet-trimmed Boots, Mtstes' Ki t Moroooo andGoaUkin Bit'd Boots, i^a-Mes* and Misses* Rubber I,ong Boot*, Which 1 am se Unn from 600. to $ 1 pair lower thMi the same quality can be bought elsewhere in tais city. Also, afu'l a**ort<i ent of Boots and Shoes Tor cents', boys'.andyouthk' wear. J. ROSENTHAL.No. 16 Ma'ketSpaoo, de 1 eotf Pa ?t? bat 8th and Hh sts. Cflffc YARDS 4 VIRGINIA CLOTHS, of the b?it mukM. 4-4 Heavy Twilled Flannels, 5 4 Lin*<y* of the beat kind. Blue, t.rown. gray, and white Blanket*. Woolen N arn. Cotton (> ' aiiurni, Plaid Cotton*, 5 it<i jard* Caliooe*, of all atjrie*. We have a full stock of good* in every department, all > f wbioh we will offer at the very lowest marset prioes We in vita all in want of Dry Goods to five us a oall. WM. R. RILEY ft BRO, No. 36 Central Stores, west Building, Betw. 7th and 8th street*, no 21 >w Oppo. Center Market UNION RF.STA>;RANT, ^rv /~\ Of|J By JACOB RI'PPLl, /VJ \UVCorner ol 19th an'1 II at*.. a^klUf fi<ur iliuiru Bitiifk nf Pi. a \' Favi-r's old stand, First Ward. Wasliincton. His H?r is cnsfsntly supplied with the choicest Lienors and Cigars. The U?*?t Friod Oysters in \Va*ninKt >n can beoStained at his place. Families supplied with OysWs in every style, and at reasonable prices. se 28-eoOm T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Prawiat of the Royal Havana Lottery, oonducted by the Spanish Government, cnder the supervision of the Captain General of Cuba, will take piaae at Havana oa SATURDAY, Dkcxmbxx 15, 1<N0 SOhTEO NUMKKO 647 ORDINARIO. ? CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. 1 prise of ? 100,00 fO pnaee of _ .91,000 1 do KM** en do too i do *>,<*? la do 400 1 10 SO,000 20 ftpproX. IJOO 1 do 10,000 in ALL *99 PRIZES. Whole Tickets. #'J0?Hvtm, S10?Uaartera, 9*. ' PriiM cMhed at ?ight at i par osnt. discount. Biila or. all eolren: Bank a taken at par. A drawing will be forwarded aa aoon aa the recall becomes known. Ail orders for aotaemee or tickets to be addreeaed to . PON RODRIGUEZ, no 2J-tr Care of City Poet. Charleaton, 8.0. fvuiii r, iu i ailuhs, I* AT HOME AND ABROAD. The following is a oorrect hat of the employers wb? pay the bill price* oi, and are recognised by, the Society, to wft: \V. H. Stanford, Matlock A Griffith, ? uval A Bro., Matlock A Herbert, Win. Tucker, James Lackey, G \V. Hint >n A Co., J.T.Mcintosh, Loudon A Co., Thos. K. Gray, E. M. Wrew Vai.doran. ee27eo3in THE OILY PREPARATION WOBTHT OF , UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE 4 PATRONAGE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, i CLEKG YME.V, LA DIES, and GENTLEMEN in a.l parts of iheworld to th? effio&CT of I PROP O J WOOD'S IIAIR RESTORATIVE, : *r?d <?[it>men of th? Pr?ss arn unainnoa* in its ' praio. A few testimonials oulji0?u Ik> her?(iven ( lev i i cuisr iur mure, aau u win i>a imposaiDia ior you to doubt. > V7 W all 8rnK>T, Nbw Yokk. D?o. 9? 1&36 (jtnil m it: Your note of the 15th instant haa been rt-wi.ed, eayinx that von had heard that 1 i hvl be?n b?ue|ited by ihe uaoof Wood's Hair Ka torativ?, an > rcquenttiiK my certificate of thafaot if I had no objection to mva it. ' I award it to jou chee fully, becaaaa 1 think it due. S'j aga la about <0 yeara; the clor of my i; hair *ur)?rn, and inclined to ourl. S> mo fiva or , eii rears einoe it becan to turn cay. and the aoVp . on ilieorown of my bead to toae its aenaibi ity and dandiuff to form upon it. Kach of these diaagreal? abiuuea iiwaaeil with time. and about 4 months amoe a fourth wa? addad t > them. by hair (alUnc L, of the top of my head and threatening to make me ? Kali \ In this unp'?a*ant predicament I wm indnoed to e try V\ ood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the 1 'a.iinc i'ff of mT hair, fur t had r?all? no expectation that grey hair o <u!d ever be restored to its t- original oolor except from dres. I was, however, * t'eatly surprised to find, after the um or two bot tleeonly, hat not only was tne falling off arrest* Jbat the e?lor was ettored to th* gray hair* and i sens'hi ity to the soalp anaftandruff-e?aaed toforin v on my head, v? y muoh to th? gratification of my wife, at whose solicitation I was induo- d to try it For this, among the ma^y obligations I owe to her sex, I strongly rrcommend al! nnsbandswhc 12 va ue the ao mi rati n of th"ir wives to profit by mi M example, an t u*e it if growin? gra? or g?ttin ba d. Very respectfully, Bxm A. La?bndk&. ia To O. J. Wood & U0..444 Broadway IN. V. n. My family ar* abseat from the city, and 1 am nc n longer at No. 11 Carrol P ace. 4 SiA*?ro?i, A'a., Ju!y 20, H -9. 11 To P*o?. O J. Wdow Dear Str?Your "Hail 12 Restorative" hu done in* hair bo muoh tood ?ino< jj 1 o th- ua < ot it, thatl?iah to m\k? h known to the public of its rfl ?cta on'he hair, whioi are great, a man or woman mat benearly deprived _ or hair. an<1 by a retort to yojr "Hair Keatorau**' - the hair will return more beautiful than ever; a least this ia rr.y experience. Believe it &l] Yours truly# Wm. II. Kbkedy. P. S.?You oan pab'.iah the ahovx if you lik* II] V publivhicc in < ur Southern papers you wil *el I- m >re* Soutn. I a*e aeveral of your car 1 tihoate* iu the Mobil* Meroury, a atrooc southeri h paper. W. H. Kimedt. WOOD'S HAIR REPTORATIYK. P*or. O J. Waoo: D*ar Sir: Having had tin I. mieiortnne u> ioie the beet portion of my hair, fron lli? (fwu of the yel.ow fever, iu New ii 1*51,1 was indnoed to make * trial of your prepara tiou and found it to anewer u the verjr tiini " nested. My hair ia now tliiok and jloaey, and n' word* oan expreea my obligation* to poa in |ivu.| to the amioud auoh a treasure Johisom The Restorative is put up in bottles of three sise# vix: lar??, medium ana small; the mita.i hold bal ,1 a pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the ra? diam holds at least 2h per oent. more in proportioi th?a the small, rrtftila for iwo dollars parh >ttie |r the large hod* a auart, ?? par oent more in proptr * tton, and retails for S3 * O, J. WOOD * <X>, Proprietors,4 44 Broad * war. New York, and 114 Market atreat. 8L Lon>a '? Mo K Mi in Ui? If by C.8TOIT.1T4 Pkkvuii ? *u n olj.fclw _ ClTV STKAM PlVlfwoOD NJ11.1,8 A MB - COAL D*??QT. ' >W } Strut'r*tIk tlmt, lelow War m wiHtiJ prepared, aiir lun^tti and ftis?,|AkUi U<? of aaoh pareaaaqa * COA -KKPT IN COAT. HOUAKS. prole 1*1 from the wealher?d?tiver*?l fr~* from alate, dirt and other impantiee. 2,340 lbs. to ihe too. tTj. a w. m. ?*alt. f. no 10 If <IS*i Pa. % .. b?tw. llth and 12th at*. [. %mT O A 8~P1XTD R KBT~ ff K Hftva in ilnrt ? Hu ?" ,1 FIlTCkjBSofenUre j New Patterns?n<Tdenfm ? and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofcn ** offered in this market. We inyilepiUieni ^ner^i ? It to o&ll end examine our stock of Om ana Witiei Fixtaree, feehnf confident that we hare the baai **\MtWork<iB thenbore^a#iatraited to#ureari * *tUDMVKR8 * WV&W. ^?<u;ou?. COLDg. COARSENRto. kZ " e COMPOVNU srXi P OF OVM ARABM - Tim p>?aa*nt aad pop?la<" Congft Rented? kai it be*>c eo iuiuc kaownaud extensively need, that *?> < <r eerw ue Aeve oeooine familiar with its extraordlna _ cjPEC AL CARD.? mv seven cotave roeej 4? I 304 Pa. av? bet. Mh aad 10th sit. TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES JOOTS AND TO SUIT TBK \V> are now manufaoiurinjj ail kind? of BOOTS n nd SHQKS, and oorstanttr nwemnr * a cppl j of eastern made work of every d<i BH v jnptio", made exprassly to order, anJ wilir ] ? e sold at a mooh iower prioe than haa been* Nb a eretofore obarged in this city for maoh luferioi n rticles. . Persons in met of Boots and Shoes of outera or 0, ity made work, will always find a sood assortmen d i store and at the lowest prices. Gito as a oall. b HBIPFIN a HBO.. S ^ t-r 314 Pennsylvania avenge. FIVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS 17 arrived thia day, embracing *11 <mli win iea and aixea of Sole Leather, Laflies'HilS^ )reas and Packing Trunks. Onr trunk 1,1 v ales room exhibits at thia time the greatest variety r f traveling requisites at nioder&to prices, to be * auna thia side of New York. Alao.eveft deeonpton of LADIES' HAT BOXES, VALICE8, JARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, Ac. f 1X7*010 Trunks repaired or taken inexehnnc* J or new one*. r WALL, STEPHENS A CO? Trunk Salee Room. mar H-tf S88 Pa. avenae. SOUTHERN TRUNE MANUFACTORY. . 5 499 Tth : Owrotitt Odd nllowi' Hafl, Watktngto*, D. C. f Tr??l? will stud/ their mtereata b> tiuuui > ny TRUNKS, VALlCES Ao .before rar-anw . ihaalng ei*ewere As I use nono bat th^KjEYfl . >e*t material the market afford* ?nd ?rnplOT^>?** . he beat workmen, 1 can confidently leootrmend my < rork to be aupenor in Strtngik fcnd DmrmMity to } rrsnka that ara made in other eitiea and sold here. I keep oonatantly on hand, and make to order (o? >ae week'a notioe) every deaenptien or SOLM LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS i%d WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND mi *k~ VALICES; TRAVELING BAGS; HARNESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, #c., tc. Trunk*, Ao., Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at ahort notioe. Trunk* delivered in any part of the oity, George IVWUtVI 14fc. AUo?Arent for Hows'! celebrated FAMILY 3EWIN8 M\CHINK8. de lt-U JAMES 8. TOPHAM. T&A V&LE&H' 1HKEOTORY. FOR KING GEORGE. ~~ N Addition to her other resular landings. the Steamer ST. NICHOLAS, Cap ain -nT"" W Gct, will heroaft?r call to land an.l t*ke off pa aengors at Cllatt*rton^s*:***a- ?, [TajloVa! Landing, thus affording lha citizens of King George additional convrnianoo* for reaching ttaltiimore, Waahingtno and Alexandria, aa she goe? to Baltimore every 8ATiTRD \ V, and Washington and Alexandria evory THURSDAY. The mea ner "James Gut" wuI not be allowed tn r> >m a fit thu ihn irn laml ir-e no ?~2w" *" * "'JOHN TAYLOE. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. SBHffiHi CHANGE OF HOURS. ^ Oaar d after SUN DAY, November iJth, 156", the UBiua nui i u <?* iuii" w LEAVE WASHINGTON: First train afjo a in. fteoond Tram at 7.4" a. m. Thin! train at 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth train at 6 m LpA VE BALTIMORE: First train at 4 15 v in.. Express. S*eo md train at 8?13 a. nt. Third at 3.10 p. in. Fourth at 4 20 p. nu ExprM*. The first, eeoon<1 ani third trains from Washington oonneot through to Philadelphia acd New The second and'third ooanect at Washington Junction with trains for th? West. South, and Northwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napolis. For Noriolk take the * 40 a. m. t'ai . or th* aooommooation of the wa? travel between Washincton and Lan.el, a paseenper car will he attaohea to the tonnage train whioh leaves at 3.4" p. m. on snuruaj mo a.i" p. m. iniia goes 10 rnu&amphift cnly. no 26 A T. H PAR3QN8. Agent. NEW ORLEANS XN TlSflEIEl DA.TIB with th* CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. J5smIHHM ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railromd TO LYNCH1JUR0: Virginia and Tennessee. Bast Ttnnssm and Virginia, East Tennessee avA Georgia, JVa'AvtUe and \Jteittan*?g?, Mtmfhi* and CkarUiton, Misrisnpwi Central, Nm? Or I mux and JaeAstn, tO NEW ORLEANS! MEMi HTS"rOUTE.: Memjhia by Rail, thcooe^ Firat olaaa Paoketa to M0NT60MERJT AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thonoe to Mobile by Piratolaaa Packets. Mobile to New Orieane by Lake 8team?ra TWO DAILY TRAINS?Swwdatb Ibclvdkb, Leave Waahiaytoa at e a. m aad 6pm t be steamer rAti k icatm nor tmti foot of Seventh street at ?K ft, ra. and t'A p. m. arid eonneeta at Alexandria with the ajxi Alexandria Traixa for tlistJorthwart. O?oe?i'ennajlrania avenue, ooraer of Birth at UMifi oksozma raaouo* to biw ouuii. Lynch bart ... ?B710 Memphis fx? V Sriatol.. . . 15IX Atlanta It 03 noxTille to00 Micoa ......,M 00 Chftttftcoogft *4 00 Coln^bna J1 ?0 Daiton?.? ..240n Montgomery 83 00 Huntanilo ,T> "0 / viaMemphis^B 60 Srand Junction. _?00 N.O.S via B. Juno_C (o IkJ ^ . 1 a an au> i 1 Xit ?V.iU a k /w II?UfUiO ? |? mi J Vila KiUUilO. M1V THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL 00 MILE3 BHORTKR^and 94 BOURB LESS in TIME than any other Lisy? the LrncriLnrc Extension being nov oompieted, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It is provided with First-oiass Sloepinx Cars! ITo New Orleans.?. T8 Honrs. g3oW-jrrr~:15 & .4 ft do. IiyTho D. 8. MAJLand ADAMS' EXPRESS aretaken over this New Line. _Ttokets can beobtained at the Bonth Western Ol&ce, oorner of Sixth street and PenneylTaai* avenue, to the rollowinc points? Lrnchbarf, Bri-toL KcoxtiU?, Atluta, ChaKanoora, Hunts ni>. 6 rand Junction, Maoon, Nashrille, 1ml toe. Columbus, Montcom^^^^Mempht.. a*d rrr through tickets to tfix ta rio us viroinia spkiii&s. IT7"Omnibusos end Bsstate Wnoos leav* the office at a. m. and p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket AconS, ma M-tr Corner Siath st. acd Pa. ax. THE 8TEAMER J ASS. SUY Will WMM he? tri?? on TUESDAY, *?t of Jt?^ February. 1C?. Wi[lT*w WASii |> Twi f INSTON every TUESDAY ar< FRIDAY,at#o'ciook a.ra.and ALEXANDRIA ) at half paat? o'olook, lor CUERIOMAN and th? Intermediate l ao'linrs. On her r?t irn trips, ?li? I will leave ( URRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY I and SATURDAY, st fto'clock a. ra. ' LUC1AN S. PAGE, Proprietor, t NATH'L BOUSI1. Ac't. Alexandria. fe*> r nUKS OLD RYR WHISKY FOR MKDI t r ClNAU USE. Frit? $2 ttt gallon or >! tcntt per bottle. The va?t home iiuf foreign demand wo have foi thic artioie onflioiently attests its purity and exool I leuoe Moreover it may be mentioned in this coni

nexioo th*t many invalids ol delicateorganisation unable to use whi?ky of other brands, nave fount the a!-ove moat effloaoious and happy in its effects . A liberal discount oil the above prices mads U ; the trade. KDWARD HALL. . Dealsr in fine Wines and Lienors, Family Grooerles.Ao ,opp.Center Market, oo 27-?o20l __ between 7tb and ?th streets. | /UUAKD! CLOAK8: 1 V; CLOAK ?!!! " The Camilla, the Arab, the linn bald 1, 1 The Romeo, thezonare, th*All?nas, ' Th^Kiohard. the Knclisn ?ack th? French ?a?k With many other new and beautiful sty as it Bept-Treoo and French Beftvcr doth, in priori om *3 >i to 92a, to whioli we ask the attention o the ladiea. .... H TAVI.OR A HUTCH1EON. mm K'SI.MPaOVKDWK.IHHINUHi'.ii KS - KX llftm Soalea are oU-tkI to the fnbUo u tin moat *i[ii>le,daraUe, a*d reliabi? o*fea ever cut ii Bu<uet#; Virciuia St*Us Aj ninlturai Pur; Ft an Win . In?titnt? Fair, PennaTlvar.ia; New Yprk &tat?Fair Vermont Stato fair, 4.0., fto. In every oaee when ? ax hi U tod they oave reoatved firet olaaatreminmi For aa a at ft* I.ouiaiana avenue, Depot of 8!!lar'i Chtl ad lrongafaa. , _de t?-lv K? O. PATTI80N, A cant 12,000 li"' the att?ntion of the p?i !?lio to ourlarie and wail aa iaoted atook of Ohaaiipaane and Crab Apaia Cider 9 vhiAh wa ar aran^aa (a Ka ihm !hi?* all ?:11 l. I w M.W.. ? - ? ?" f" F?IW JHi' Wf ?1IU W Ul W i (old on reasonable term* fn order to make roon for oar apna* (took. Give c? a ?*1! at the Union Bottling Depot, r bl N/>. >T ?t.. Woortetowa. 1 !.?.? uma t.aKOTT. I.kilTIT. , UI I U7 DIARIES, DIARIES! " E Bat* a oootpMU aaaortmaot at D1AJRIE1 , <? ?iSSai.D ? MO HUN, wo 3ft (InUt.t Pa- a*. and Eleventh et. 1*7F, NEVER HAD SUCH BARGAINS IM V* PIANO i'OITKButt pret^nt, bot1 ae? Md ?- eoEdhand. JOHN P. fcLLIS. d?| 306 Pa amnio. f # MiaOKLLANBOUSTn tiiuiiiilii') or Ltwritn.-There lit row id* teodeaey in thi? to appropriate the io?t ?*prre?ive word* of utber 1uiu(n,uki after while to ineorparate them iato oar own; thai the ' >id Cepha io, whieh ia froa? the Greek, eiguifyinf for the head," i? now becoming popularised in onTMtion with Mr. SpaWing'a great Headaohe Mnedr; bat it will soon V> need in a more general raj, ud the word Cepfeaho wiH become aa ummon aa Elec'rotype and many othera whoee latinfltmn MM fnrnirn wnrHi Kmm li awr*? j~ common ouia until they seem "nanve*aad to ic manor born." 'ardly Rctllied. It 'ad *n 'orrible 'eadaohe this afternoon, haod I lapped into the hap >thecaries han't says hi to the an, "Can yo? hras? me of aa 'eadaebsi"* "Does thache'ard," says'*. "Hexoeedinrly," says hi, ad upon tuat ' nave me a Cephalic Pill fcacd tonme'onor it ouTd me so qmok that I 'araly e&uxed I 'ad 'ad &n 'eadaohe. CTHufiichi is tb? fsvont* sin by whioh lature makes knows -.ay deviation whatever I om he natural state of the brain, and viewed m tidi i?ht it may bo looked on as a safernard intended o five notice of disease whieh m?cht otherwias moapr attention/till too late to ba r*Bf>di?d: and ta ittdioaMon* should never b* netlected Head kohe* in*y be o aoiH Uuder two Mmw, vis Symptomatic and Idiopathic. SroiptomaUo Headwhe i? exoeedindy oomnion and it the preoumoi jf a itrea'- variety of dieeaaea, amoDf whioti art Ap-piexTt Gout, Rh-?tnati??n and a'l I brill liaeaaee. la lU rarroue form itie mpath?tio iis raae of the etomaoh oon*ututin? xick h*aJ<uke,o\ Bepatio dieeasn oonatitutinc bilious k*mdmclu, oi vorm",oon*ti pation a nd other dirnrdera of the of ?l? a* well aa renal and nterine aff'otiona. Dieeaaei ofthe heartareTery frujuently attended with Head '_ehe?; Anmmia ard plethora are aiao &tT?cUr>n whieh fr^qaentty oeoaeion h*?da?he. Idiopathic nwHiauuv wrrj wnmu*, onnj uiail'ij an tingnished by the n&m* of nervous headache, sow* times coining on suddenly in a . tate ol apparent sound health aud prostrating at once tue mai.ta and puysioal rcsrgies, and in other inatanaee 1 com** on slowly. he-aided bj depression of ?piriti or acerhity of temper, in most instance* the pan is in front of the head, over one or tath eye*, am someti .,en provoking vomiting, vnder this claa may also t>e named Neuralgia F or the treatment of eitber class of Headache th Ophalio hil * have been fount a sure aud saf remedy, relieving the most a-iute paioa in a fei minutes, and by it* s-ihtle power eradicating th disease of which heartache is tiie unerring index. Bridoit ? Mistns wants yon toiend h?r a fco of Cephalic Glue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pills.but I'm ihu.king that's ?ot just it caither; bat p?i hap* je'U be till her knowing what it la Yeac she's nuh d*ad and gone with tha Sick Headaohi and wants aome more of that aame as reiaived h? bsfote. ^Drmnttst.?Vou must mtaa Spaldint'a Cephali Brt4t*t?Och ' euro now and you've ?ed it, here the quather and civ ui? tha Pilla and don't be a day about itaitkar. g ? t m Caaitlpatlaa ar CaatiTfitM. No one of the "many ilia fleah is heir to" ia i prevalent, ao little cnderat<>od,and eo much ne< leoted aa Coativeneas Of en originating in oari lesanea*. or aadentary habits; it is regarded aa alight dlaorder of too'ittl* consequence to exei' anxiety, whila m reality it la the precu-aor at oompamon of many of tha moat fatal ai ?1 danje oua diaeaaea, and unleas early aradioat/d it wi k.: tt. 1 a ? 41 uriua buv suuerer vu ftu umuiviy invc. iuudi u lighter evils of vhioh Ostlveness it the niutl i tend ant are Headache, Cnlio, Rheumatii m, Fo Breath Pilee. and others <>f Itke natnre,while alot train of frichtrai diseases suoh as MaUgriaot Fever Aboesses,Dysentery. Dyspeps a. Diarrheal Ap< plaxy. Epiiepir, Para'ysis, Hys'eria, Hypooimi driasie.Me.'anoholy and lutanity, first indicate the prrsenoe in the system by this alarir ins symptoi Not nnfrequentlj the dis -aies rained originate Const pation. but tak* on an independent #xu enoenniess the cause is eradicated inan?arly eta? From all thffse oonaiderations it fo 1 >ws that 11 disorder should receive im oediate attention v-he ever it ooours. and no pereoa should neglect t<> k & box of Cephalic Pills on tt<e first appearance the eomplaiat, as their timely dm will expel t i/isiduoun approaches of disease and destroy tt dangerous foe to Human life. A Real Bleating. PSvsicia*.?Wall, Mrs. Junes, how is that hoi aohe> Mi s. Jen**.?Gone! Doctor, all g one! the pill y sent oured me in Just twenty minutns, and 1 wi you would send more so that 1 oan have tU< bandy Physician.?Yob oan get them at any Drrtni Call for rephalic Pills, 1 find they never fail, ao r?oomm?T.d them in *11 oases of Headache. Mr*. Jon".* ?I shall send for a box direotlv, a shall tell all my suffering friends, for they ar? ar bUtiint. ILTOvn ixcinxin. and the mental oare a anxiety inoident t<> close attention to bus ness rtoJy, are among the numerous oausrs of Nerve Hralaohe. The disnrd ->r??l lUtu nf mimi ? ><! lw incident to tin* distressing complaint it a fa b ow to a'l energy and ambition. Sufferera by t disorder can aTwaja obtain tweedy relief fr th*a<? di*treaai"g attncka f>y na:ag one of the ( ph&iio Pi,la whenever the symptoms appear, quiets the overtasked brain and soothes tne atra ed and jarring nerves. and relaxes the tension .the stomach which a. wars acoomoanies and i gravates the disordered oondition of Uie brain. Twenty Millions ?f Dollars Savyn.?1 Spa ding has sod two millions of bottles of his <: orated Prepared G u-?anrf it is estimated that et Ni'il* raves at 'east ten dollars worth of brol furniture, thus making an aggregate of twenty r lions of dollars reolaime-1 from total loss by t *al'i*ble invention. Having made ins Glue a hou MM word, he low propoaea to do >he world i greater eerviee by curio; all the aehing head* m his Cephalic Pill#, and if they are w goods* Glue. Headaohee will aoou vamah away like an in July. Pacts worth ihowim.-9paldinc'a Cephi Pilla are a < erttin cure for Sica He&daohe, B oua Henoaoiie, N*rvoua Headache. CoaUreoi and General Debility. Oiut Di?cov**t.?Among the moat import of a<l the great me<1ic*l discoveries of una ace i be oonaidered the ayatem of vsoeinatiin for pro) tiun from Small Pox, the Cephalic Pill for relie Headache, and the use of Ouii ine for the prev Hon of Kevera. ?ither or which ta a anre apeol whoae ben^fita wni be experienced by suffer humani t? long alter their diaooTerera are forgot fiy Dip toti over hare the t*iol Headache f you remember the throbbing templea, the f?r* row. the loathing and diegiut at th* aight of fc How totally unitwou were for pleasure, oonvei Mon or atudy One of the Cepha in pilia wo have r?iie?ed yo? from all the anfferiec which < then experienced Pur thia and other purpc I artM<l kava m W*? * l? ? ? ? ? ? J"" Iivitiu (r. i. r???7* a WA U| UICJI1 I'U (I (Mil use m oooacion require#. r NervousHeadachi i 47, ?*E,a ol , Headache By the um of theee Pills the period us muoI i Nf trout er 8uk Htadmcht may be pre rented; | if takes at the oommeooement of an atteok ia diate relief from .pain and eiekneaa will be obtai They eeldom fail in removing the JVawea H?datk4 to wh?ob femalee are eo eabjeot. i They aot gently upon the bo wel?,?removing < I tivmttt. For Literary Mm, StmUmts, Delioate Perm , and *11 pereoae of udtni?ry hmbit*, they are ; valuable u ? Litraiivt, improving the *rr* giving tout and rigor tn the digestive organs, , restoring the nfttarftl elaatioity ftnd itrength of whole system. The CKFfa ALIO FILLS are the reeaitof * investigation and oarefuiiy conducted experirrx ' ha*ing been in im many years, daring vhioh I they have prevented and relieved ft nit ftiaeni i pain ftnd suffering from Headache, whether 01 ' oatinc in the nert out ipton or fron a derai state of the stomark. They are entirely regetaMe ta their oompoeil and mar be taken at all Hum with perfect m without making aay change of diet, mmd tin trmct of my rfuayreeo bU i?h rtntUri w mm admimitttr tAttn t? ckiidrtn. BIWiKE OP COUNTKftPSITS! Tba genuine hare fire aignaturts of Bran 1 Spaidiag on aaoh Boa. Soid by Druggiatj and all other Dealers!* M I oinee. A Box will be Bent by nail prepaid oa reeei PRICK, 9* CKNTB. ' All ordm ahoaid be vidraaaad to HBNRT C. SPALDING I ? 13-d*wly 46 Cedar street. New Yor | MISCELLANEOUS. W_. MERCHANT TAII.OKIN6. " E IiTiUoir ca?UiBM>ri, Aad ettis^aa fMMfftU | It. toaa imp* ! ?t oar ?r?Mct mew, at which Wi Will m&kfl to nr^Ar in iBMrtdr*"?" 0 style at vwry low prioea. i .. wall, 8t:;phhn? * co? oo 25-tf 3ilU Pa av., h?-w. 9th aixt loth ill. riANClP UARPF. R, family grock ry?a*\pi^kkd 5tork, Vomer of Xrvo York avmm* **4 Tm'% rtrttl. ReepeotfnUy solicit* toe nUxiumc of thoMV ma; b* ia want of any article in tteauove line. Hit auueavora ahall be to p.caae, aixi by a atrial attention to the wants of the public, be hopas to merit a share of their patronatc. Hia tock oonairta of every article ntna.''T to bf found in a ftrst-olasa Family Grocery and \ Store. ma 17-tf 1PRIGHT OK BOUDO'R PIANO*-A m%g U nihoent article just received of oelebratrd Chickennc 9t Pons'make; foilBMn ala Inm Pa 1 * A baa to a* IV 1 IT a, WW 1UW? w I ?.u aw I? % luc ?ODUT. JOHN p. ELLIS. 306 Pa. it., b?L 9th ltd 10th its. l Old Piano* at great bargain*. wo X QPP1CK ji OA^MKTK? 8KALK* W/tlHIMTOR. J?jLy 1?, 1*. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVES. nn,M?fr i ably to th( provision* uftht oidiuim of the Cor* I po ration app:oT?<i May U. MGn. the anderaigaed if r now prepared."whenever required in wriUug. and i on pre payment cf the foo of fiftr wnu, to intpect, I examine, test, ?ror?>, audaaeartaic tbe aoonracy of EgutraUnn orany goa m#t*r in aae in tfcia oity." very mot?r, if found inoorreot, will be condewwed, f and another, eaaleU a&d marked a* true, wiU be ?tini'? place. If proved to be oooarote in ita i meMirvment of gas, it will be sealed aooordingly, and again pat in positioa for aan. I Oftoe No. HO Seventh street,(near Odd Pal- I .ows'Hall > Open from 8 a. m.. to 5 p. m. , jj ?* mnpwivu ?uu rwmici m nil" i \ |MFORTANf TO UOUWKKKEPKaS. 1 J E. R. DURKEE ft. CO.'S a BHIjEOT 0FIOXI8. ? i Guaranteed not only 1 ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE. a bat ground from fresh ?pioe?, eeleotad and oleaned ? by tt? exprenaly lor the pureo#* without refereno* " to ooat. They are beaatiftally packed in tinfoil, (liDed with pappr.) to prevent injur* by keeping. and are (nil weight, while the ordinary ground 8pioe? are almost -.iranably abort. We warrmn? thorn, in point of strength asd?nohne*s of flavor, BKYON It A I A. COMPlllHOir u a tiBK.o tria; will aFunda&tiy pro x Manufactured only hr fe 13 1*1 piiH ? ?, WATCH REPAIRING ANDSILVER WARE ?r manufactory. 1 have one of the tout eatabliahmenta, and far0 oiahoil with a complete set of tool* lor repair, mr every d?*onptior of fine Watchea, and Jf particular attention five tw the name, by lU t iorooch competent workman Aud a. workiuarantied A Wo, every descrip ion of a*andard SILVER WARE, pla n and ornamental, manuffceto ed nnder my owa auperviaion. which roy cuatomara will find far auparior in quality and finish to aorthcra ware old by dealera in faneral and represented a? their own manufacture. H. O HOOD, 1? ae 8 333 Fa. ar??nw. near Oth at. I- WOOD! a WOOD" t? WOOD!!! ,d BTOVK and KINDLING WOOD,at tU Iowm r- poMible pnoa. ill _ T. J. k. W. .M. QA1/T, i? Pa. av.. between 11th am! lJti ata.. j. ma Mirrk ?<A a /--uuD LIGHT! >g fjr CHEAP LIGHT ?. SAFE LIGHT! ?- PARAFFIN EOIL.frow Co*! q~ KING & BURCHELL? if oo 15 Af*rt? for its ? #. IfKiSB W OLD Yf OLD \ m TAMHV DvHl TAtairv m/rll m i nnuu niLfirMUlIU III L// lt_ The above PURE WHISKY,Corrn Distilled 1 i tlom Mxltmd Grain, being superior <u>4 uniform * I n analiK* ?r<! Kl?Kl* imiirnvtd V* a i m ? iu ^ ua 4*3 % * " 'J >uf"'? VM i'j c??s v, iw y i wi^I vu _by oonauiners to all other Whiakiej, and particn, larly reoonraendxl by the heat phyniotana and oheaaiata a* MMMciic all the re?o:r?aiecta of a Tru* Tonic Invuoratcr mm* RtmtAiai At?it. The SchJTlhiU Water oi Philadelphia, uaed ia the diaMi!atl?n of thia VVhiaky, ia proved by aoaly >nd aia to be the eoftaat and pnreat water ia the United or State* : and to thia may, in a great degree, be at>ua tribnted the exoellenoe of thia Whiakj. dy For aale by FEB8MAN & SIMPSON, t*' Pbeiax TKatiTierV, On the Sohnylkih river, Philadelphia on Ofltoea?96 Wall atreet, New Yoik ; 109 South ~*t ^ront Phi!ad?!lph'.a. marant* 5C /i> J? aooxmr i Q:\ mh / /a A ^ A t fD!8?ATCMI \y x^v8tTc the_rieeci! rj't'il At vorUbmt will l?rrm, in* 4m wttl-rttmUnml his I'mmilw, it la rsry 4?)r*ble to hir? someobflM ow and convenient v?r f?r recalling Fanutmra, Tor*. Crr?k?ry, Jko. , srali>i!*g?s rnzriKEn hlcb i,; ineHs all anoh em?rcenoiM.acd no household ou afford to be vithoat it. It la alva;? r<idy and at MB* aL _ .1.1 1_4 ML i_ *\ w by uip vuDftiai poi^i. i nre n po iuocor > cecoaeit? lor limping ohaira,apl interna *^?eera, keeUieae do'la, ami brokeo oraalea. 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Are yo? the rietin of My of those numeicut ailment* which anae troin imirnrity of the Mood? what are they, do yo? M11 OLD RICH, MELLOW AND /I'lB BURrsSIDK'S MONONQAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Cou^i'iiUoiil) diatilird tj Mr June* Murfiaide, of Aile*anj County, Penoa., in trie oldfaahioceJ bone*'. * a*. fro f. the ehoineat ao<J m->?t ff?tvhj Mlaolod K?e, and in i? om? ev?r offered ivr na<e mkl arfaptrd to vbolraoma ?*e brace I* utt onoe the mod pMUkt l? M it i? emphauoaiir one of the pnreat beverages in the retch of tba To tba Invalid ?? well aa to th< as ic h**iU>, it onmenUa itJ?<*Ii f? r its annvalled tua'itiaa aa a atimu aut of the nifeat. anreat, and moat berate t daaenpfron. and ir.any of tM moat diatinraiahad pr.f aioiaiii are uam< it in thair praoQoa viU toe baniMt rmiti. CLF.KY * PTOCEDALE, Proariatpr*. 3iS Wfc'tut street Phi J^d"labia. ^ Afant for tfca Pr?^r{etore^t*$|^V?^ pLUMBEEB AND GAB FITTEES. J. W. THOMTPON A TO. 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Hfttiicr fcrk, witsn. are n^T not r I he mood it tke eoaroe of life ai<d hea'th. Md it ia the trat elein-i.? of obi ire.or to recpond to any cauee whiok Uy? ajsLem, as tiie Infallibly at'eata Th* ev*r prarailine Nfurkt.i, Up huTatpaiae. the aahtie Porofu a. the atomzinc R fceamatiam, Net yom Deliility, Dyspepsia. Liver (V>mp!aJnt with ita BHt and iejeotion. and the rnir.Serleta ilia ttot a heir to, derive *h?r hfdoouaorifit front the , rW, kindly the! it: g?Dtly witk tke hioo<i. aeriiaiiane rM.<nroM of narare for iu aid. aad a offer na to commend to ?otr oor.fcdcnoe and aae that tru.y valuable medioament kaowo aa KRS. M. COT8 INDIAN YSOKTABLM DKCOCTI0X With retard to tbia almnat lufaUible iiiiilt popular sentiment has ap?keii la d*<udM term*, and the endesoea of tKia rreat *S.c>ftoy are aae Mined by oonatact avowala of etrativs eff^cta aad th? h&aaiect reaulia from its cae are after a! other rMMdiM and the beet itleoioa. (kill hare failed bet ?s mt,id cotomm>i, that c?rt)fio*l?? 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