Newspaper of Evening Star, December 12, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 12, 1860 Page 4
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* m< - - - * MM?MM? THE EVENING STAR. TUB FUTURK OF THE FASHIONS. ! There was a time when girls wore hoop* of steel, A-kI with gray powder n*ed to drug their hair. Bedaubed their cheek* with rouge; white lead, or rneai, Adding. to stironlate complexions fair: < Whereof by contrast to enhnaee the * rnoe t*peck* of oourt-piaater bedecked the female face. That faahion pa**ed away, and then were worn Dresaea whose *kirts came ecarce below the With waist* girt roand the shoulder blade*, and u Now pointai at the prior finery, ?Kara anm?l SntlQU&tfd dllQ6 W rien ner?> "? ? ?? Still wore it, to afford oer junior* game. Short waiata deported ; Taste awhile prevailed. Till Of ly Folly'a reign returned onoe more. And ladiea then wact ilrojale-iailed, And now they wear hoops alao, aa befo-o, Paint, powder, patches, naaty and abaard ; They'd wear aa well, if France had spoke the word. Young buoka and beauties, ye who now deride The reaaocable dree* of other days; When time your forms ahaii have puffed out or dried. Then on your present portraits you will gas*. And aay what dowdiea, frights and sujra *ou were, With their more precious figures to compare. Think, if tou live till yon are lean or fat, j ^ Your features b urred, tout ejea DMiumni wiw K?, Voir limbs havs stiffened; feat frewn broad and flat: You mar ??? other garments all the iage, Prepostsrous a? erea that attire vV hioh you in fa:i-li,nit.i mirror now admire. L Ptuttk, Fvxicr Philasthbopt ?A Jersey paper?the Bridget?a Chronicle?notices an organization of young men in that town, styled '-Zouave Oddities,''who have banded together for the purpose of tawing and splitting wood for destitute families the ensuing winter. With wood-saw astride of horse, and axe In hand, they proceed to the premises, and reduce the wood to stove size with an alacrity unknown to those who labor for pelf. 1X7* The strength of tbe King or rrussia is ".s; t>ly declining, and his moments of lucidity became more and more rare. Dr. Roeger, the King's physicisn, has transferred his other patients to the care of another medical man, and remains constantly at Sant Soucl The t^ueen no longer receives any person, and a fatal result is expect-d UZ7" Of the negroes sent to the Virginia State * - i? Ku. Clro/I to rfu rriWll iwr pUUIIUUKlIt, ua?v ww? ? ~ sponsible contractors on the Covington and Ohio railroad for the year 1661 at good prices. C^Judge Gould, of New York, ! highly commended for hia unflinching execution of the law against the notorious "Billy Mulligan." CT'-Conatantinople Is said to be morellcentloua at pr?^ent than it h3S ever before, the Turki sleeping themselves In lascivious Indulgences. Thi EaoliGold Miss?The Ragle Gold Mine " ... ? * * A- O 1 >J 1*1. _ 0 In Virginia naa oeen ia to sauiuu suiim, ui Boston, for ?12.370. A K RIVALS ATTHE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL.?J S Joy, Mass; J E Annan, Va; H 3 Magraw, Pa; A Welch, do; S T AVtliiams, NY: D H Haiifht, do; J C Jacknon, NJ; CC Hendricks, Ga; J llrowne, NY; C H 8 her rill, do; R Rigdon. do; T Nant, Eng; J H Hall. NY; R J Dobblaa. Pa; E W Davis, do; U A Parker, do C E Culver and lady, 111; P C M'ffltl, Mo; Com J Alden, USN; Mrs J Aiden.?; Miss Lyon, do; F K Parksr, Mass; A I. Squire - * ? n IM T\ U ?m lfid liay, ?% I i ?? n ruruy, uu, 1/ a .?u?>, do; F Piersali, Pa; C J Wood, ?; C L Wright, Mass; J Knox, Va; A Barton and lady,?; Miss Barton,?; W L Wheaton, Va. BROWN'S HOTEL ?J Stout, ?; O Fischer, Mo, S Borland, Tenn; J Mullikin. Md, Johnson, J Saiitii, Pa; A Scott, ti Ldmooitoa, Col McNwl, Va; C J Josei, L Bicgbam, NY; J Hertz and ly, 8C; A Morrison, NY; J Prentiss, Mass: E S hands, Va; J Bickerston, J J Beall, Md; L Brown, NC; J F Smith, Tex; J U flood, Tenn; T Clinton, La; Hon J V Wright, Tenn; A Stafln, J <4 Marr, Va; ~ ~ ? * - ?? rv. t A I a, , . /. M UltTer, i u neynoias, .no; ur j Aruiiu<a#u Broad beat, J C Nieodemus, H Drakeley, Md; J Chambers, R A CUmbrt, Ga; XV D Hough and ly, A M Barbour, Miss F Daniel, Va. NATIONAL HOTEL.?S M Evais, Md; B R GarretUon, NY; N S Rencan, T^nn; J S Iniiojr, H Ashley, Mr Contee ai'd ly, J Coyper, Md; \V S Hastie and fa an, A C (sates, SC; A Kogers, G ? Primer, J Gordon, T J Robiuson, Va; J A Ven tress and ly. Miss Caulder. J Prentiss. .Mass; J C Collins. Miss Finks. Mo; T K Herrisder and fam La, J Newton, J \V Stok-s, Pa; E G Towt A V Fenlv, NY; H J Mills and it, NJ; S Rembert, S C; Miss Stiles, Ct KIRKWOOD HOUSE ? J E Meyer, Ark; \\ C Terr, pie ton. La; C Gould, NY j B Gngsbyj Va G D Pa^e Mo; J Wilkinson, L"S.N, Capttfenbam T'SE; J 3 lowers, J Strasand fam, Va STEAMERS' SAILINGDATI Fkom run Uhitss States. Kr tamer i. Ltave. For. Dnyt. Asia. New York?. Liverpool?. Deo 1 John Bell ?..New York.. .Glasgow Deoi From Eurofb Uni'd Kingdom-Glasgow New York ..Not 3 New York -Sou'h'pton?.New York...NovS Kedar. . _ Liverpool. ...New York? Nov S Hudiiul souirpiua...n?w i or*... ue<i Jan Liverpool New York?.D-^o Fulton . South'ptoii.? New York...Dee : Paloeline Liverpool New York...Uec The California mail teameri leave on the 9i, 18th, tud Sta of every month. /*mm A. G R ? EN'S fl\ "* ^ EXTENSIVE Xm Furniture Emporium. T My friend* and the public in federal are re?pec fa iy informed that the aabeoriher haa oomp<?t hie etookoi MAHOGANY and WALNUT FUI NlTlRK and HOUStSKURNISHING GOOI -f arkmh ha Will A 4k I I A.1 illA VM ?'I ?T*7iy l?uu?, ?U<V? HV ... ? . .. ... _ TW lowest prtoe. Me eruraTiieg in partly very description of >1 aho^any aad Walnut Pa lor and Chamber Furniture, Fine Paints Cottage Chamber Sets, C?.r>e'?, Rocs, HUtkets, C mforts, Feather Beds, Hair and Shuck Mattresses, China, G:a*saod crockery Ware, Kl1v?? %nd Pork* *nd Table Castor*, Bucket*. Tubs, Waahb>ard*. filters, and eve oth*r denor ption of Wood and Hardware, At No. 52*,corner of Seventh and P streets, the Bie Sub. The pub'i. ia ro?ps?ctfu!ly invit to sail and examine for themselves. A. bBr.M, no A net. and Commission Merchant EAVY CLOTHS AND CASSIMKRBS. Fine Cloths and Cassirneree, Velvet inl Silk Votings, 81k shirts aa t Drawers, riao shut* and Drawers, htj K lbbed Woolen Shirts and Drawers, Kid. S<lk, an<l Merino Gloves, Cotton ar?b Woolen Haf Hose, J'renfh Shirting Linens, rish Linens. e invite ail persons iu want of Dry Goods any kind to give os a call WM. R. RILEY * BRO., So. 3ft "Central Stores," Between 7th and 8th sts , no M tw Opposite Center Marke T BOOTS AND SHOES' rtMRMRl-R* ni.' PIIVUB kM AT D A v u' ? ? ? v ? v* '?; ? k/ ? ??n GERS VISITING THE CITY, AND THE PUBLIC GENERALLY ! The undersigned begs lea re to inform you that has in store one of the best assortments of^^L B ?OTi<aod !*IIOfcS to be found in theHfl ity, for L*d>0B'< Gontlemeu's, Miuei'.fl and Boys' Wear Also. GUM SHOES, V OVER-GAITERS, LEGGINGS *o. His entire stock is fresh?all m*de for this s son's wear?m the best stria?of the best matei and workmanship. Tow.iich he mrites roar tenuon. H. BURNS, 409 Pa. av? (A few doors e?at of National Hotel,) aotT~eo3w (Intel.ACon) Bet. 4# and 8th st B. HALL * WITH IHBAK.I. nl'.MIVR Wholeeale *n<TRetaiTDaalere in fin* KAMI GROCERIES, TEAS, WINES, and ohoice QL'ORSof ali kind*. A freeh atook joat ua?i 6<>od Sugar 7 Mcti per pound. Ca'l at No. A3t treat, between D and Loniatana ar. oo ST ARE HOUSE, by Fanny Lewald, tracala Li f. om the German by Nathaniel Greene. 1 ? 76 eetu. Heorratiooa of a Coaatry Paraon, 1 vol.; pi La. ^Uueeeea at Trath. by Two Brotbera. 1 vol.; pi BLANCHARD* MOHUN, ?" X oomer 11th at. and Penn. a #?i2b5lw1^ braid and curl map Vl FACTORY, 943 Pena. arenas, near the < Mr of Thirteenth street.?A rery oomplete a?x ???at of Braida, Carle, Friaettee, Bandeaaa, i a*w om hatMljala*, Made to order at the shor notioe Hair Work repaired or token ia exohai oaHa thanksgiving day: MINCE MEAT-MINCE MEAT! *'*V{irT-"-r'"'i n".1 Mlno* M mo M KINO t BOtecHKLl IJ*W? MM HUM E.?0trM(?ra risM I Washing ton will tod At ou r store Daily p?| Mail ??'ta of Ma oonntry, <?st [or nsxt w? icm'i. I-fdier and other Weaklier Br SK~pr.^cV^v^S%vwSii sole t|?uU fvr tha Charleeton Daily Merc no 21 WNKW CLOAKS. _ K Htniklatey rtaairtd from Nav Yoi taub: nl aa*<?rtment of tfaw sty la Pall and W11 CLOAjtS, aaoh M the Arab, Zouars and ol sty e?.in Blank and branch Cloths. Also. Pi awl Striped Ciothi aJ! of whiob we otfer low. VAVLOR A HUTCfUPOl A PEW PINK PIANOS FOR RENT BY J /X plyiac aariT. Atao, a nsw lot ofCkiokMinj una' anriraled Piaaor JOHN P. KLLIt*. *0?Pa. ar., bat 9th and loth al Two Pianos for rant at <1 per month. d? APffSSWJ SOOD C"CKER' do) JOHN P. ELLI! * "<* A? - -??* -s-. - -? * rfr M-l ?, MISCELLANEOUS. L"^ FIEB'ANO B1ARLNE ] INSURANCE! ( HKATH A KN0WLR8, /ATS PR A JVCJ5 AGENTS I Dftice, Room 1S,Otu Bajii of Wa?hik?tow. j .WFE. J uunnfiu riuu r mu i daij, Aicckclatio*?$3 500,000 ( fTre INS URANCM COMPANY OF TUB STATB OF } VIRGINIA. Richmond. Cash Capital?9300,000 NEPTUNE INSURANCE COMPANY. Philadilphia. Capital amdSueplca 9400,000 GOODHUE INSURANCE COMPANY, Niw Yon. Cash apital? f^OO.OOO In the latter, kit the adv*n'a|tet of a mmtmml Are gamed without incurring tht liability. Insurance at as low rat?? aa in any other eaually re*pon*ibie companies, and pol oy holders allowed to participate in the profits. de 1 JJ A T 8 AND U A r B: The latest New York atyle of flQKSf GENTS' URESS HATS, M M now on hand. ly gf?j The AMAZON HAT, {g New Style. J ait opened. ^? Miaaei' JOCKEY HATS, in Felt a-.d t>eaver. At Risrcnt Pbicks. B. H. oTINrMETZ. 936 Pa. av.t no ?< near oorner Thirteenth atreet. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of toe Royal Havana Lottery, conducted by the Spaniah Government, under (he auperviaion of the Captain General of Cab*, will taJte f laoe at Havana on SATURDAY, Pacini** IS, 1800 SOHTEO NUMBILO 647 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. 1 prise of ?100,0001 to pnsea of 01,000 ! do - *0,1**1 mi uo ? w L do - *.,ooo isa do ? ? do ?>,ooo soapprox, ?J? I do io,ooo IN ALL PRIZES. Whole Ttoketa, S-JO-Ha.res, 910?Ooarters, ff. Prise* cashed at sirht at * per oent. discount Bills oe rJl solvent Banks taken at p*r. k. ^ravins will La fnrv*.ri!MM ftOOn 14 the fWlit beco?n"s kaoira, All orders for schema* or tickets to be addressed to DON RODRIGUEZ, no 28 tr Car*of Citr P?wt. Charleston. 8.0. I" G. O. DKMUTH ft. CO., ~ MPORTERS And Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Havana cigars. FOREION IrrXKS, BRAXDIES, QIXS. tc., No. 40 N?)RTn Chirl>s Strkkt, Fice doors above Ltxington St., no 22-1 y Baltimore. IVIVTL'I) till I IVl'BV 1%I * * lit * *v 1'* a lj j a . i * "OW Opening, at our Fane* Store, a very large and superior assortment of WINTER BON-^iRV N ETS. comprising tho latest and most desira-E&p ble sty les of the season. Al-o,a fins a*sortm?nt of FRENCH FLOWKRS. FEATHKRS, RUCHES, RIBBONS, Ac., all of whioli we are enabled to sell at greatly reduced prio s HUTCHINSON tc M'JNRO, 310 Pa av., no 2i-<t2w4eoiw Between 9th and Olh sts. O'lO HOUSEKEEPERS waH W A 8 H I N 9 T oV. 6BORO E-C^f TOWN AND VICINITY. JM We invite the attention of Honaekeeprra to onr very large and beautiful stock of CHINA, GI.AtS an! K\RTHEN WARE, whioh ia now rendered complete in every department by oar recent impojrtationa We deem it unnecessary to enumerate irno'fi, %s we have every torn* that is u?>j* It kept in the Chin* Bnaiut<a*, from non decorated French China Dinner and T-a Seta to the ordmarr Kartben Ware, and aa we import the majority of oar good*, we are prepared to forniah the boat quality,either to the wh^iwuaU or retail trade, u low ai any of th" importing house* of HaltimoreKncliah an 1 American Cutlery of superior qualitv, Also, Horn. Back and Cucoa handle Cutlery from the same factories, Silver plated Ware on fins Albatta, warranted, A lar<e atook of Coal Oil Lamps, numerous patterns. Pacer Lamp Shades and Chimnies, Cut Glass Globes, Hyacinth Glasses, Fanoy Articles. Toys, Ac , to, C, S FOWLKR Jt CO., 504 Odd Fellows' Hall, 1c 4atrar.?k Uv ?V WWW IJV ? UU ?U ? ! w?? ^cnOOLAND COLLEGE OUTFITS. ' Youths' and Boy*' Clothing for School and Dress Wear. Parenta and cnardiana wishing to furniah their > ohildrenand warda with School and College Outfit* ' for the ooming i?wun. are invited to examine our > preaept %rf* and ext*naive assortment BOYS' CLoTHlNii, whero they can fit out their children . ofall aizea in a few momenta with every deaoription of Ready-made Garir.enta, of aubatantial and ? durable quality, at very moderate prioea , WALL, STEPHENS & CO? au y-tl 3'2'i Penn. avamia. = FEVER AND AGUE 3 ia eanaed by the miaam or exhalation evolved from decayed and deoaymg vegetation in moiat aoiia When abaorbed tato the baooraea ax irritating viraa in the blood, whion deranges anc * deatroya the health of the whole ayatem. W e havi A ^ong aougnt, and have at length found aa antidote AVER'S AGUE CURE, Sc which neatralizaa tbi? roalanoua polaon in tt? ? blood, and stimulates the Liver to expel it from thi 4 bo:'j. It* action upon the ay?t >m 1* invariably aare j, an1 its care of Fiver and A*u>, and kindred com 12 plaibt* certain. If taken in aeaaon it expela tlx virua from the ayttrmaa it i? ausorbed, and thui i" keeps those who use tin "rc*s" free from ita at ' tack a, keep* the syatem in health, although ex _ poaed to the diaea?e. Consequently it not onl; ? ourea, bat aroteota from the great variety of affeo tiona wbioh are induced by tiua malignant mflti snc?, aooh as Kemi't?nt F*ver. Chill Fever, Oumfc a >r Ma*ked Ague, Feriodioal H<*adaok?, or Billiou I M ai.'anho Ul I linnfl It* a*v*r a Nanralai* II iionma I UL-B-JO'JIIV, Ii'/uo a VI ! 1 nu I ?. H 'Ur. M% lluHllit Usui, Gout. Bimtinesa, Toothac, Ka-aohe, (J* tarrh, Astuir.a, Palpitations, Hainful Affections ?j t- 'he So eon. Hysterica, Oo'io. Paralysis, and Pain ?d fu1 Aff-Hj ions of th<> Stomach and Bowela.all c I- whioh, when arum* from this canae, will bo foan >9 to aas-in ? m*re or ess the intermittent type. Thl ry ' Aock Cc*e" remove* the cause of these derange meats, and cure* tii<? dut-as*. This it ac-oomp i?hes r.y stimulating the exoreto rie# t > exp*l the virm from the system; and the* O'cans !>y d-^* become hab'tuat. d to do this t!:ei office of the:r own aco>rd. Henos arises what w term aec'.imatatirm. Time mar aoo unplmh th mm4 end, but often lif? 1* not long enough, or ] saon&ced ui the attempt, vhi>? thi* "Aouk Cckk ry does it at once, and with =af?t?. The ext?n*i\ use of this in all var etios oi oases, haa shown it t at beaa>jrei aa well aa a salor r?m*'T for the who od class of diseases whion are causeU hy the miasnit tio infection, than any whioh haa be.-ndii covered; and it haa still another mipor'ant advai tage to the pubho, whioh is that ll i< ohaap as we ? CM *<KMl. Prepared by DR. J. C. AVER & CO . Low*! Mm*. no 16 eoim PROCLAMATION1 O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, Jfco. Whir***, At the present iMaoa o the jm CHOLERA MORBUS, of d1arrheacholu DYSENTERY. Dyspepsia, debility, t prevail to an alarmlni extent: -1 ?- \mmm *? \ at one* Sa/?. woN^'A.K.Dfc'? be 1 U o? P**1*' |1 offer. hi? RACULOUS PAIN KILLER I \ _ - ^ HK.nt.UY rUK. THIS AMOVK UOMPLAim **- Id order to eatiaf? THE PUBLIC that no imposition ia intended in the eale of thli * Great Medicine, THE MONEY WILL HE REFUNDED w all eatet when the medicine iaila to giro entire satiafaotu i'X Aek, then at any Driu Store for y* DR. MONTARDE'8 'St MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER, Jt take at directed, tod if not perfectly aatiified Return it our Agent, ss . ~ JSS?2 , .1 . DH Wfc ?U'J 1 OUIiVJ i >OUia ATOUUO| who will rofuud your money. 104 P?ioe?2# and f0 Centa per Bottle. 'l0* For sale at all Drag Btorea everywhere. JAB. MoDONNBLL, ? taadiMt, iU- jyll-eotr Baltimore l*}' CITY stkam &V?WOOD MILLS f?"J Ann COAL DWPOT. * FeoC nf Stwnttmtk $trut, toiew War Dtparimt WOOD prepared, any length and aise.toa the wanta of each pnrohaeer COA' -KKPT IN COAL HOUSES, protect iiviii niw woomwi ?UUIIT?n -? X(?~V irvin IIAM| UJ mi and other imparities. JJMfl lbs. to the ton. " TTJ. * W. M ?ALT, L. no 10-tf 393 Pa. ? .. betw. 11th and 12th sU \V GAB PIXTUKKB. era * B Hare ib store, aad are daiy reoeiTtac, O. >k? FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns aadDeeij ut and Finish, saserior in (tile toaavthinr heretof mar offered in this autrket. we inrnepitisens ceaer kre- jr to call aad examine oar stock or Gas aad Wa sry. Pixtarea, feelinc confident that we hare the bi selected stoqk in Washington. All Work in the above iineiatnwlod to oar el ,k Will be promptly attended to MVfcRB? SS (jociiua. ctiLt*. hOA**8Nnrt, ST. r* ry e^oae^ It ean behad\uall the ariaoiaal dr m. storae a* g and ao Beats a bottle. sead?wA.eo4a ? U7E NEVER HAD BUOH BARGAINS la .??? TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. f FOR KINO GEORGE. Ln Additioa to her otner regular landings, tha ItMmer ST. NICHOLAS. Captain -IT"***, icr, will hereafter oafl to lm.nJ and ake off pataengera at Chattwrton^^^-^*'* Taylon'sf Landing, thus affording the oitiaena of ting George additional oonvemeneaa for reaohinc tfaltiimora, Washington and Alexandria, an aha [o?a to Baltimore every SATURDAY, and Waaling ton and Alexandria erory thursday. The ataamer "James Gat" wi.l not be allowed to noma to the above land ing. no 22 2w JOHN TAYLOE. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD.' WASHING TON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. On a-id after SU N DAY, November 25th, I860, tha traina will run aa follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON: Firat tr*in at a. m. Second Tram at 7.*> a m. fhird train at 3.10 p. m., Express. oorth train at 6p m LEAVK BALTIMORE-. Firat train at 4.15 a. Expraaa. ??oond tram at 8.35 a. mThird at 3.10 p.m. Fourth at 4 20 p. m? Floras*. The first, s<?oon 1 and third trains from Washington oonneo? through to Philadelphia and New Y"'k. The seoond and third onnneot at Washington Junction with trains for th? West, South, and Nortiwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, for An napolin. For Norfolk take the "? 40 a. m. trai >. hor tin aocominooation of the wa? travel between Washington and Laurel, a passenger oar will be attaohed to the toonsge train whioh leaves at 3.40 p.m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goes to Philadelphia only. no 26-a T. H. PAR8QN8, Agent. NEW ORLEANS XOT thrbb DATAI WITH THI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Grange mid Alexandria. Railroad TO LYNCHRU&G: Virginia and Tennessee. East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jaeiton, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHUTROUTE: Memphis by Rail.iheaoe by Firet ol*M P?oketi to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Klratol&? Pickets. Mobile to New Orleans by i otwuivia TWO DAILY TRA1N9-9WH:?AY8 Inclwbm. Lmt? Wat 6 a. m. ud 6 p. m. The Steamer 0EOK6E PAGE leaven her whar] foot of Serenth street at M a. m. and 6jtf p. m. and oonr.eota at Alexandria witn the Orange and Alexandria Trnio* for the Sonthweet. OBoe?fMUUilraiiia avenue, corner of Sixth at. 3A??Aav cxnana moves to mr obuuii Lypohbarc g7 *0| Mfmphia (SI 01 Briatol . UOOiAtianU, . -SB W gnoxTiiie *5 00 Maoon U (* Uhattanooga Oolumbua ??* I?alton_? 14 00 Montgomery 0" Hantav.!le... XI00 J mM em?h)B.?S S) f?*and Juuctioi; Sn w N.O.J ntb. Jnno..<3 * Nashville 1**0 \ na Mobile._ ? TEIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is SCO MILE3 SHORTER, tc4 94 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other Lisa?the Lynchburg Extonaioi being now oom?!e'.od, as r!bo the Miasisaippi Central, makitc it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUT1 FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It U tronded with Firat-olaaa Sleeping Car*! !Te New Ofleau T8 Ho?n Memphis 14 do. IC^The U. S. MAIL and ADAMS' EXPRESI retaken over Uaa New Line. Iickcta can be obtained at the South Weater co, oomer of Sixth street aa<l I'ouney Italia at enu?, m ionow>nc foinur Lrnohburf, ilnnioi, KnoxnUe, Atwiti Chut&Quoe%, HncUTilte, GrjmJ Junction, Maon, NMhvilJs, Da!'.on, Colnrc.'jui Montfioiuerf. Mobile, M?n>fhie, tad NEW ORLEANS. ITT THROUGH TICKETS TO TUB Vj RIO US flKUINIA SMLlXtiS. ur wn>ni''H?tB am ?v?|oai ie?r? il oaoe at b a. ci. and f p. n. JAME9 A. EVANS, TlokotArent, i matj-tr Cornar Bixta ?t.and Pa.a^. npHE 8TEAMER JAS, GVY Will rot?me hi 1 trl*s on TUESDAY, J1?t of ' Pobruary. lMft. Wij! Imt6WASH ' IN ?TON ?WT TUESDAY aud?*^^" FRIDAY, at oxlnok a.m..and ALEXANDR! at halfp?t 6 o'clock, for CURRIOMAN ana ti s intermediate IaikIieki. On ber rotarn trio*. I s will loave CURRIOMAN oyery WEDNESDA , and SATURDAY, at K o'clook a. m. LtJriAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. 9 NATH'L, BUUHU. Ar't, Alexandria. re20 I /OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND BE ALE . VJ OF ?AS METERS. WA?HiifaToi?, Jaly It, NOTICE IJ HEREBY GIVEN, Tfiat.agre >, ably to the provuiona of the oidinanoe of the Co poration approved May 12, I860, the und?r?un?l now prepared, "whenever required in writing, nn nra n*? m f tka fan nf hft* nnnta fn t > ana/ f O IUVU *?| ?U? ?V? ?#| Ut?J WHW| kV I IJ J?U v >f examine, toat, prove, aiidaaofrtain the aocuracy rwatration of any gas meter in nee in tbia city if Every meter, iffound inoorrect,will beoondemne (j and another, aeaied and marked aa true, will a eetini'* place. If proved to be aeourate in : )- measurement of caa, it will be aealed according ad fttaiu pat in poMtioi for uao. >- Office No. ft 10 Heventh atreet, (near Odd Fi e .owa' Hall ) Open from 8 a. m., to Si. m. ir CI1AKLE8 W. CUNNINGHAM, ? It 13 tf Inaeeator and Healer of tiaa Metera IS W MERCHANT TAILORING. " " E Invite oar customers, and oitizeus genen e If, to an inspeo'ion of our prevent new, at _ as ,o tractive, and ?lerant assortvn-iit "f4>H e Ci>OTHS. CASSIM ES, DOESKINS, *1 i- Vt STINGS, OVERCOATfNbS, Ac. Jl] i which wo will make to order in superior"-1 i- ?tjle at very low prio**. >11 WALL, STEPHKNS A CO., on 25-tf 34'J Pa. aw.. !>etw. Pth and 10th sti '' DURE OLD RYK WHISKY FOR ME] - MT CINAL USE. Prtit $i jmt galion or ao cents per bettU. The va*t home and foreign demand we hare this article sufficiently attest its purity and ext lenoe Moreover it may be mentioned in this o< n?xion that many invalids of delicate orgamzati " unable to use whisky of other brands, nave i<n the above most emoaoiou* and happy in lta eBe< _ A liberal diaooont on thn above prioee made 3t the trade. KI1WARD HALL. Dealer in fine YVInea and Ltf ?or?, Family Grooeriea, Ac.,ope. Center Market, &o n-mJiX between 7th ana 8th atreet C? L O A K 8! CLOAK > CLOAK 8!!! ?he Camilla, the Arab, theOaribaldi he Romeo, the Zouave, the Albanaa, Th iRiobara, the Knalian 3a"k. theFrenohi*! Witn many otner new aad t>?autifal ety ea Rept. Treoo and Frenoh beaver pri from A3 50 to f 2M, to whiah we aak the attentioi the ladies. no IT TAYLOR A HUTCHISOI - JLIOWE'8 IMPROVED W EIGHINtf SCAL r8 Xl Theee Scale* are offered to (he eublio m moat aippie. durable, and reliable toaTeeew pi aa*? Firitolwi premiums have been awarded ft by the United State. Pair and Virginia Ar ion ti I Society; Virginia State AinsiltaraTPair: Kranl Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State F Vermont State Fair, so., tco. In every case wl exhibited they oave reoeived ftrst oiass premii > For m e it ii Louisiana avenue, Deptt of Sill Chi! ed Iron Safes. de IS-It E' C. PATTISON. Agw

WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD RTnVR KINni.INC Wfwin .t it. 1?. wa v > ? ?? ? v * ? V/Vi/ % IUV IV V aoaaibie priott. T. J. A W. M. GALT, 99S Pa. av., between llth and 12th ata.i ma tt-tr north aid PRIGHT OR BOUDOIR PIANOH.-A nr nifioxut article juat reoeired of the? oolebratMi Chtokrnnt A t*ors' make; forMSe Itaie low. Ca 1 a d eee it at the renoy. "I ' JOHN F. ELLIS, _ 306 Pa. a*., bet. 9th ?nd 10th ?l Old Pianos a* great bargain*. no 12,000 mi the attention of the public to our larre and wal leotM atock of Ohampune aad Crab Appl* Ci Bit wijioh w fnaraotee to b? jure Juioe, and wil om ob rvMon?oi? wrmi in oraar to mak* r< ?d for o?r apriac aioofc. ?tva u a o*al at tho Lrt? - _ M Unw* BottUm* Owot H9 No. IT SrtM it.. SMrntai i, >.?.?. uamam~ ?.m.m on. f.kavn - G^WkaplTOBT, SAFE LIGH ? PA,AF"N BOU"?BT.c2CRoaSu. tali A fnr its ? tv 01ARIR8. DIARIK8! taa K Hit* % oonploto aaaurUuent of DIAR oat for IMl.all aiaaaand priooa, 1a- BLANCHARD A MOHUN V *? * UnUi.k Pa. and Klrreptt -? CSPEC'AL CARD.?A naw aavan octave r IN C5 wood mm, trom frame, beantifal ton*. .. riAiJS it.jjfl F g >. da l 300 Pa ? ., bet. 9th aiod loth a $ -+> " * *?* v MISCELLANEOUS. |1 Tn AMAMAMATion or Lamcmh.-There Is a ; I growing tendenor i* this m? to appropriate tb? mcxt expressive words of other Isrnafts^Dd after a whils to mcorparete them into oar own; than the * word Cephalic, which is from thsGreek, siguitjing "for the head," is now booming popularised in f oon?eotion with Mr. Spalding's great Headache P remedy; bat it will soon do ased in a more general I way, and the word Ceekalio will becosse as , common u iMMiroirpe ana many outers tdom diati notion u foreign Wnrdi haa boon worn a way J by common u?ia until they aeon "native and to 1 the manor born. ?? ] 'ardiy Realized. Hi 'ad 'n 'orrible 'eariache thi* afternoon, band I topped into the bapotbeoariea had ear* hi to the *n,"Can yon heaaa me of an'eadaohe.'" "Dooa it haohe "ard." aaya 'e. "Bexo^edtnily," aaya bi. and upon that 'e gave ma a Cephalio Pill, haod pon me 'ono^it cured me eo quick that I 'ardljr realized 1 'and an 'eadaohe. I . II^Hiabackk ia the favorite air* by which < natare niuw known any deviation whatever from the natural state of the brain, and viewed is thle light it may be looked on ae a safeguard intended to give nutioe of diaeate which might otherwise . eeoape attention, till too late to be remedied; and its indioaMons should never be nerleoted. Head- , aohes mar be classified nnder two names, vis: Bjm|niniiiu3 ?Du iuivp?;uio. ?jmpMimnua nrwi- , aahe is exceedingly oummon and Is the precursor of a Rraat variety of diseased, among whion are Apoplexy, Onvt. Rheumatism and a! f-brile diseases. In its rervous form it is e-mpathetic disease of the stomach oonstitatine tick K*adach$.o1 hepatio disease constituting bilitmt htadntht, of worm*,constipation and other disorders of the towel*.as well as renal and uterine atfretions. Diseases ofthe heart are very frequently attended with Headaches; Anemia and plethora are also affections ' whioh frequently oooasion headaehe. Idiopathic Headache ia also very oommon, being onuaily distinguished by the name of ntrvout keadarks, sometimes ooming on suddenly in a ?tate of asi>arentlv acnnd health and prostrating at nnoe th* menta' anJ physical cnamea, ?ari m other inatannea it oomri on slowly. he*alde?i by depression of a^inta tor aoerhity w#4emp*r. In moat instaneee the pain ia in froot of the head, over one or troth e*ee, and sometimes provoking vomiting, oniler this ol&as mar aiao he named Nntraltia. For the treatment of either o ass of Headaohe the Cephalio Pilia hare been fount a aure and aafe remedy, relieving the moat aente paina in a few minutea, and by ita subtle power eradicating the diaeaae of whioh Leadaohe ia the unerring index. Bxidoit.?Miaaua wanta yoa to aend her a box of Cephalio Gine, no, a bottle of Prepared Pilla,? out I'm miDKinc mars iui just 11 natiner; oui par haps ye'tt b* afther knowiui what it is. Ye see > she's ni?h d?ad and none with the t*iok Headache, nn<l wants su.rie mora of that tame as relaived her before. [frvrrift.?You muit mean Spaldinj's Cephalic PiUs. Bridget.?Ooh ' euro row sc1 too've sed it, here's the qiiarther and ?iv me the Pill* and don't bo all day about it aither. ( nitipntion or CwtlTtaew. No one of the "many ills flesh is heir toM is so prevalent, so little understood, and so much neglected as Costivenes*. Of en originating in care|pa>i:MH nr *o<lflnU.rv luihiti: it ia rAf&rded u ft. ' light disorder of too 'ittle confluence to excite ) ar.xi?ty, while in reality it m the precursor ard ) companion of many of the most f*tal ai d dangar> ous diabases, and unless pari? eradicated it will ) bring the sufferer to an untimely crave. Among the n lighter evil* of which Costiveness i? theuaualatD ter.dant are Headache, Colio, Rheumatism, Foul > Breath Piles, anilothersoflikenatnre.whilealong 0 tram of frightful dieeaseaauch as Malignant Pevera, Aboeneea, Dysentery. Dyspepma, Diarrhea. Apoplexy, Kpuepsv, Paralysis, Hysteria. Hypochondriasis,Melancholy and Insanity, first indicate their ; presence,in the system hy this alarrMnr symptom. Not unfrequently the diseases ramert originate in Q Const pation, but take on an independent exist ence unless the caase is eradicated in an early slaice. From all theae considerations it follows that the p disorder should reoeive im?ediate attention whenever it ocours, and no person shoo Id neglect to get a box of Cephalio Pills on the first appearanoe of the oompiaiat, as their timely use will expel the inaidnous approaches of disease and destroy this ' dangerous foe to human life. 9 A Real Blessing. Fhv>icum.?Well, Mrs. Jones, how is that head n wn?' Mrs. Jtmts.?Gone ! Doctor, all gone! the pill yon sent oured me in just twenty minutes, and I wish . jrou would sead mors >o that 1 can kavs then H handy , Phyfieiem.?You oan (ft thorn at any Druggist*. Call for Cephalic Pills, I find the/ never fail, and I reco:mn?nd them in all cases of Headache. Mrs. Jon4?.?I shall send for a box direotly, and shall tell all my suffering friends, for they ara a rml OUsting. k# _ ilT^Ovek kxcitkmkst. and the mental care and anxiety liioident ti> oIosa attention to tus uess or BtuuT , ?rr p-'Miiuji wio nuuivruuR uaub^i ui .xtiyoui Headache. The disordered state of mind and body ? inoideut to this distreesiog oompjaittt is a fatal W b ow to all energy and ambition. sufferers by thia t disorder oan always obtain *roedy relief from these distressing attacks by uain* one of the Cephalto Pnla whenever the symptoms appear. It A quiets the overtaaked brain and soothes tne strain16 ed aad jarrinc nervea, ard relaxes the tenaion of le the atomach whioh always accompanies and ac~ Y gravates the jhaorderod condition of tae brain. I ? Twmi Millions ?r Doli.aks Savjd.?Mr. Jt Spa'dinc has sold two millions of bottles or his celebrated Prepared G:u? and it is estimated that eaoh bottle rave* at least ten dollars worth of broken furniture. thus making an aggregate of twenty rail. lions of dollars reclaimed from total loss by this . valiable invention. Having made his Glue a bouse -d hold word, ho now proposes to do the world still ,t rre*ter n?rvioe by ouring all th? aching heads with cf huCephalio Pills, and if they areas good as his >> Glue, llea<iaohes will soon vanish away lite snow rf, iaJalJ. be " its ly, Facts worth kitowyta.?Spalding's Cephalio Pi i urA lk r Art* in r\nr? fiir Qi/*V n ?J 1? Ui.i . WI *? > v v? ?? M v?' ? ?va WIVM M W*?WWV?IVJ VII* 1- oai Headaohe. Nervoua Headaohe, Coativeneaa, and General Debility. t. 1 " ' Grxat Dracovxity.?Among the moat important al- of all the great medioal diaooveriea or thia ago mar Lb* oonatdered the aratem of raooination for protoo tion from Small Pox, U?e Cephalic Pill for relief o| Headache, and the aaeof Ouioine for the prevail tlon of Kerere, either of which ia a aure aaeoific vhoae benelita will be experienced by Buffering humanity lone after their diaooverera are forgotten fT^Did von ever h?ve the SioJt Headaohe? Do you remember the throbbing temples, tho fevers row. the loathing and"ttisgu?t at the sight of food , How totally unit yon were for plea?uro. oonverea for tion or study One of the Cepha'io Pills woo It iel- have relieved yon from all the suffering whioh von ?n- then experienced. For this and other purpose* or. you should always have a box of them on hand U HBD W UUUWilUU IQ1UIIM. BU. 10 51 ?9? z s NervousHeadache 1 vi?, w? ? - Headache. !!! re* ? ? By the u*? of thece P!41? the periodio attaok* < Ntrcomt or Sick Headache may be prevented; as If taken at the commencement ol an attaok lmrai y dtate relief from pain and aiekne** vill be obtainei Eh They seldom fail in removing the Nmu*ta as ? ' ' Htad ache to whioh female* are *o subject. > They aot tently upon the bowel*,?reroonnj Co. ^ tirentti. For Literary Men, Students, Delicate Female ND and all person* of tedentmrw Kabits, they are a iV?i? valuable a* a Laxative, improrinf the appotit a ?i?rimm #am? an/4 IWa di?aeft?a n***n* ? |ITIU| ?v??r BUW VVfVT MIV * V VI fMW| WkM. 1 be reatoriog the natural elaetioity and atreagth of U Bom whole ay stem. , The CEPHALIC PILLS are the reeuJt of loi rp- investigation and oarefully ounduoted experiment t_ having been in nee many year a, daring whioh tin they hare prevented aad relieved a vaat amount IW and Buffering from Headaohe, whether erig nating in the n?vmm ay atem or from a derange f atate of the ttommck. Sig! They are entirely vegetable in their Anfodtlo tuM and may be taken at all timee with perfect eafe -tf without making any change of diet, aad tk* a Mica *f nay Aif*tr*fbU ta*U rmuUrt it Miy admimuttr Hum to childrtm. T ! BKWAEE OP COUNTERFEITS! ,, The genuine have five aignaturee of Henry < '* Spalding on eaeh Box. fEa Bold by OrpggMta aad an other Dealer* la Mai ainee. ? A Box will be e?nt by mail prepaid on reeaipt ***, , fhf aae- PRICE, 9ft CENTS. ?c* All ordern ahould be addreeeed to HENRY C. SPALDING, U. no 13-dAwi# 48 Cedar etraet, New Tor*. [ BUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. BOUTS AHD T? WIT IU " We in now RMihotinu all Modi of BOOTS Bd SHOES*, ud MPItUBT r*0?iTUUC laM . spfly of ?Mt?rn md* work of very de- Ml " onvtion. ?*de expreeeiy to ord?r *nJwU I fW e *o!d MB muohi lower ?rioeth&n has e rretofore ch&rgod la uu? oity for bmIi inferior ten. in net of Boots ud Shoe* or aMterm or I ity nade work, will always find afood aMor*.moa nviv miu mm ?uv ivwwt fi iv??. ?1i * c ubii. 6RIPFIN A BRO., ^ Jttt! 814 PwMTlmi> >wm? I GMVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrivoti thu dar, MabrMiiu a.i *u? ';SSXB u i?i and ium of Sol* Leathor, LMm'HHfl Jrcca and I'&ekin; Tranka Our trauk^*1** iM room oxbihiU at thia tine the ir?-aU>?t variety ?f traveling retinites ?t modarat" pr:c*t. to b* oumi thie aide of New York. Ai.w>,cve]M> d?ocrinlon ot LA WES' HAT BOXES, VAL1CES, 3AHPET BAGS, SATCHELS, Ac. t K7-OU1 Trunk* repaired or taken In exohanx* or new ocea. WALL> ?rErHKiN8 & C0? H Trunk S&'e* Room, mar g-tf _ Sit3 Pa. avaca*. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 3 4?9 Tth Srim, ? _ Orrotiti Odd Fkllrms' Hail, Wa'kinftem, D. C. TT?T0i9rs win aroav uteir mi?r?ei? o? rxunmii T TRUNKS, VAIJCK8 Ac , before wr mmwr<m jhasnrn eltewere. A* I uae bob* Wot thf?|w wit material the market affonJa and "mplot^^**:he beat workmen, i can oonfidently reooraaend bit work to be aapenot in Strength aud [Hcabtitt* to frunka that are made in other oiUea and aold hare I keep conatantl j on hand, and make to order <ot ?ne week'a nuuoe) every deeoriotien of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS amd WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND m4 KW TALICES; TRAVELING BAOS; HARNESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, #e., *t. Trunk*, Ao., Repaired and Covered, in a work n&niike manner, at ahort notice. | Tranka tieJivered in any part of the oity, ?eorje town, or Alexandria. Aiao? Agent for Rove's Mlebr&tod FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. d?U-lr JAMES S. TQPHAM. ' |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. < B. R. DURKEE A CO.'S BXjXJOT BPIOBS. (juanuitwtd not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, | bat croand from rreah Spioee, ae'eoted and eieaned by na exproaaly for the purpose without referenoa to ooat. They are haaetiftally packed in tinfoil, (lined with paper,) to prevent injur; by keeping, and are fail weight, while the ordinary rround Spioee are almoat invariably abort. We warrant them, in point of atrength and nohneea "f flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARISON, u aetncle trial will abundantly prove. Maaoikotared only by i K. R. DURKEE * CO., fa H-if.D* 1*1 Pearl at.. N.w York. WATCH REPAIRING AND?ILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the beat establiahmenta. and furnished with a complete set of tools for repairm< every description of fine Watchea, and particular attention (five t? the same. li* nAjaX I, r*>* i* ..J. V ivi vua, ii ia'iii v w <>i ? i iinn .?? ??u wm. nuii tuni itntied Abo. every deserip ion of standard SILVER WARE. p.viia^'d ornamental, manufaota ed urder my own supervi?i??n, which nijr cu-tomer? will find far ruprrior in quality and finit'n to noithern ware sold by rfealeis in general and represent*) an tiieir own manufacture. H. O. HOOD, so 6 S3* Fa. avenue. nuar ?tn nt. FR ANCliHARPEH, HATIMG OP*!*KD A FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORE, Comer ?/ iVetr York afmim and Tenth strut. Respectfully solicits the patronage of those w may be in want of any article in the at>ove line. His endeavors shall be to plense, and by a stnct attention to the wants of the public, he nope* to merit a hare of their patronage. His tock consuls of every article nsoallv to be found in a fiwrt-oiass Family Grocery and Feed Store. _ ma T7-tf [BEEMAN ? SIMPS0)('3 WFAMIIY RYElFAMIDf RYD The above PURE WHISKY,Corr** IhaTixxzo VRoM M ai.tid Orain, being superior ana uniform in qua'ity, aru hig'.ly improved by age, i? preferred by oonfnmers to all other VV hiskies, and partioo larly recommend 9d by the best phTsiotans aad chenv*u as eoMomng ail the requirement* of a 7Vk4 Tonir. Tntiiorator and RtmtAuU Aunt. Th? Sohuyikil Water of Philadelphia, lined in 3a duUiiatioa of this Whisky, is proved by acaly s to be the softest and purest water in the United tates ; and to this may, in a great decree, be attributed the oxosllence of this Whisky. For sale by FREEMAN * SIMPSON. Phetux DietiLlerT, On the Sohaylkili river, Phi.adelplua OfHoes?96 Wall street. New York ; 109 8oeth Prnnf atr*A> l?h .' ?lr>hia ma r 9B 1 w />/ ?oitT! (l^y/* DltPATCH! ^ \^/vV8tfe the_PUeei!^C^ At teidmtt will k?.?rn. >*m w ?MJi-rw*J?i?f fmmiliu, It U Tory 4??irabie to have tome cheap and convenient Tray fer reyftirias Farmtmre, tora. Uraekery, Ae. PiLOIfie^ rRKPAMD QLUI meets all saoh emer^enoies. and no hoasehold ou afford to he without it. It is always ready and ay to the etioking point. There it po longer a necessity for rimpirr obairs, splintered ~%neers, headieee #1. . i m m-*\A nr/wkam AM<llaa If ia i net tka areata fnr uvuif cru ' ui v# wi VJiwio?< 11 ID ?i ? mv *i MWIC IVI oone, shell, aatf other ornamental work, so popular ; with iadiet of refinement find t**te. This admirable preparation 1? ntod cold, belnt ett?mioally held in solution, and potsossinf all the f valuable ^naWtioa of the best cabinet makora' else. II majr be need in the place ol ordinary mcoiTace, boisj ??l'y moro ad iieal re. M USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." friM, "* o*nti. N. JU.?A Brash acoomyuuM each bottle IYXiUtmU IMymt, No. 48 Cedar street, New Y?1 | Address REN XT cTttPALDIN? * CO., Bo* No. 3,600, New York. Pill m # * HmIavs l?t Paa^a ?A*#aiatfi* V.- r m wi? iy? *J mbivi ui vvuwiwu? rvmi( . Eicht, and Twelve Doien?at^oUfulTJthocr?pa, to Show Card accompany irt each packace. > UT 4 *lnll0 bottle of SPALMNB'S PREPARED OLVE will aere ten timM ita ooet annually to eeerr nonaehol<L-/H BoW by all prominent Stationery DratfiaU. hardware and Farnitare Dealers, erooera, and wflrtiirvcfvaBft theirTit. It willatand any oil mate fa 10-ly / KsSjf > / pnAm? IP'Atflf V Mr M Mn mw<II<VM MM- Jf 6*' ,0(^1 Ji^Wy /?r n'h (rt< ?U?* thtdUr im g V ^ r jf r1 *?* ?/JfcMfaUO f~m Jf >7 00 : r*f*h*L f ^y#*, t '>io ll?t?> fl? rw/?y R-tubr.uT. J lilHwUtf tk hattU mm>*. JlUfr,V Xl?6^fjk I 'nmmrmMKtk. fir* utt5_' t (fl \ ' 111 MM ? (r iJ? JTMTWIM J JM 1 1 SSj?*%~ T S SI CAUTION. U PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY J WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS I IHUnCIUJRMHD w mmmmmmm m mm mmm W ? * WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE l^BEL.klL OTHERS ABE 0. AN IMITATIOfl ANO A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. 1 WM.HJJALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOOTH VILUAMS: NEW TORfL MOM BALM lit WAMHIirOTOir BY tm* bauovb* uhmh f MPTOjMm A ,#lu22:fi.o? lock aoarivu, l? Mtmrif IIf mtt (Vim. SfmAm,mmd ?mf 1/KiMi XMMtfy m U? IrarM, OK ALL D1SKA3KS OF 1MPK17DENOK. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PHETEffT APPLY 1MMKDATELY. 1 C9KE WARRANTED, OK NO CHARVM, JM FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. VMkiM ! Itl Bat*. liTtllln itl? ?l?iin H IliMw, u??iK'tn DlMkttfM, tor ! ??. aiinj toMlu?, HtnuwiM, Py?i??it.Ut|y Ut %nV& WMB Wld..., P*'| utm i*li** 1 ?-*-|j T~" rM*M # ?ifr . tr i>A ! ??. O miii Iki HM4. TlMt, Im* m Mkir, Alt- jia L?i g%, e* w MM r>rriUl Pw-riltn (r?? Bcliury Btktu at ' miA?.few* Prttdfil u< Daiirxu'i PmuiH *>>tk lull Huiitfi wyiMikU, u< <?\m Nit |M| U1 Mat TOIM MBS Itftittll* vktW't blMUi > t Iituailf kill; T>ta, Ml tfmdfai u4 **tir*cr?? t?>n ?<ti?k rn?tll? tvatp. *, d ?o.nti?.? fn>i ts?*?.?4t tf rmu| y-t ifniMiii lt*4 irltt<i uU brUioM *bt mtg?lP?rrit? b<>? 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Dr. I>od? aeed them aaoceeefal:y In his praotioe for * yeare before we purenj-rec of k'a the eole right to manafactare acd prceect Uteza for saie to Its pat> ic. Por the oare of Incipient Conaamptioc, IlCii??t.or.. I>r? pe?eia, Pi es, Ktrrsu D.eeaaee, Female Ob, anil all eaeee reeainnc atoiue,they are be toe', c t-t amml Uraisst-le remedy. Aeiderom their mMicicai erovartiee they are a pare, whoia eome aod deligbtfai Bcverac*. >'olac.c.i all the pleaeact exfcuoratmf ?T?cU or Braudy or Wise without their irjaa.>*? reacts. 1-et a., frtenda of iif ?du ?ii ?kOT?T?..rH oj Ifiupr ?uor na in rabatt^iLK tbiwe rv.nat>'.e Vegetable Kitten for the mimtril ptittns ar.d n4*ltmaitd Lifmmt \ witk wuioh the country is flooded, ud thereby ef fec?na..y aid is banniuni Dieeaec and Praafc?>ee from the tend. CHARLES WIDDIFIKLD * CO.. FrayrlatJra, To Walia5 itreet. New York. . J.iCaWiXZE.AieBt. 3 Waahincton, D. 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I'a* the ntaiiairf rc-m.urcee of natnre for ita aid. and Buffer aa to ooabmeut! to year oocfidenoa and km tint truly raiuaMA isMiotmont mown u MKS. M. COT5 rvm<u vr/jrriEf r nvr'nr^rrnw i xj x ?+ i? rcuiii yyiiv/jvi With re-ard to ttiia almost isfa nhie apeeifie popular aeutimeat hi?? spoken in draM nrni. and the eri^enoea of thia f real aftouT ar? aaa tamerf bjr eonstAit a\ owaia of oiirat'.v* #>flecu ami ? t!>* h&ppieet nxalu from ita use ax* af'?r all other remedtea and the t>ect medioai akili h*ve failed. Let na say, in ocmciusion, th*t oert f.catci oorea are cot southt from the illiterate and sneer fcoia!, but they are volunteer*] from the ntoef re epeetable eoaroee and justify the hijheet termi m which it ia possible to commend ao valuable a apeoifia U> pao io approval. We may Add also that the oaracivc properties of the medicine are equalled only by its reetorafjve "fleets, the ayatem reoover1 lk fromdieeaee with renewed constitutional viaor. a Por sale by all respectable Drufcieta IB thia eity, and by the proprietor, MIH4. M. COX, None tename unieu her name ia blown ou the bottle and her seal on tne oork JHTPnoe 91 per bottle, aix bottlee for li. YWVn <- T riaAr IUhM Georgetown, D C., Wholesale Afeat for the Diitrict, and will rapply the trade at my yrwn OB , QLDRICB.ME^W^ND^. MCFNONQ AHELA RYE WHISKEY, Coneoieetioualythatilled by Mr Jmim Baraaide. of Allegany Count*, Penna., id the old-feebioned honeat war, from the choioeet and moat oarefally elected Rye, and in no oaae ever offered (or ? until adapted to vhoieaome nee by M" It la it oaoe tbe moat palatable, aa it l? eaapbaUeaJty one of tbe purest beverages is tbe reaoh ?f tbe paHlie. To the Invalid, as well aa to tboee in oommeada itself for ita on rivalled 4 oaiitie* aa a etimuiant of the eafeet. earcet, and no at beueftoeut doa^r.pflon. and many of the moet 4ieUafUiabe4 hfsicin^a are uanic it in their praoboe with the hapyieat rasa Ita. . CLERY * 8TOCIDALF., Proprietor*. 38S Walnut street. PhiiW'- f huk WH. C- CONOVKE. pLUMBKRS AND GAS FITTERS. J. W. THOMPSON k, CO. Would ?all the attenuoa of wtUr tahara to thm * tall uiortnirBt of Fixtare* dk mati to ita IntroBOIL&R8, KITCHEN SlNlfr, pi MPS. Cut Ir.'L, Wroacht Iron, l^?d and Wavamaed W 4TER PIPES, HYDRANTl* ud PAVK WASHeS!. RUBBER HOSF.fca- ' Haviax superior kdmlMM, with pr?cuoa. k owiadga, we are prepared to utrodaoe w*tw into dwellings with a<! the l*te?t inrowwU, promptly. and at prioea that cannot fcii to satiety Win fMi. ICMI'. oXdtMarl b?t?^MdnU?>-?wa?d?. DUPOOiT'8 GUNPOWDER, Por eaia at manufacturers pnoo?, hy JOH-N-iB^lTrrFT*T7'^ mT dvil AlTvVC|l ? v jAJsrasssfflewaWaSttrrc tnrt. Ordora oac also be.aftatlue fficeof Adam* Express Company. Washipftoa. D. Malawi* DALTiMUU : - O BUTTE* HOU9E. . ^CTI^sa?t1 875 rryrff 275 JACIRON, r L A BT K RE M, B, 'lltk"? ? FLOU* W8WK5W 88*?.?MO? ? HT OMh ?!<> fnr fci) of 0>*i? U ?*m r lw> % JM P*. *?.. M??? Mh tMI ???! ? ?