Newspaper of Evening Star, December 13, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 13, 1860 Page 3
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I ,OCAL NEWS. t/" 1'boogh Th? 9tu la printed on the Mul tra;n prrw In u* aooth a( Baltimore, Its edition la ao lir^" aa to require It to be pat to prean at an early bowr; A?i?rrt!semcnta, therefore, atould be arat In before 1* o'clock matherwlae they may B*)t appear until the next day. Notic?.?Dlitrlct of Colombia Adrertlaementa to be Inserted In the Biltwoii are received r.t and forwarded from T?* Mth OtBce. Tub National Costemtion of Union Prayer !tleetln~? commenced their third annual aeaalnn 1'iind^y evening at Trinity Church, the attendanfC. being remarkably large. The exerciaea of.ened by alnglng, followed by an impreaaive praver by Ret. Dr. Spring. of New York. A portion of Scripture waa then read, and Dr. spring proceeded to offer a few lntereating re mirk* upon tbe tendency of human events, and upon tbe dutv mankind to look to God for aid and countenance in all emergencies. In these perilous time*our only hope was in tbe Supreme Being. A bvron beginning? ' From North and South, from East and West, Around tbe cross we stand," romp sed for tbe convention, was sung by tbe congregation Rev. Byron !*u' derland tta*n delivered an addrew of welcome In behalf of tbe churches of Washington He touched upon the perilous condition of tbe times, and said we could not tell whether our political Union was to survivs th) rreent tempest, but that whatever else might founder, the christian's filth In ear Parlour would be at bright a* ever; that He would arlso in hia nnj-sty, and by the word of hta power save the ark of his covenant and the people of his care. At the conclusion of the address, which was 2i?tcn?-d to with profound attention, the congregation snnit * hymn. Kev Mr. Owen, of Batimore.said that the people of that citv had spent the day in prayer for our country, and desired that the Senators and Representatives in Congress might kn'>w that we should continue earnest prayer to Almighty Sod that our country may be restored to peace and 9 I1R "U Rev Mr. Moores. of Boston, expressed an eneourat;ing hope for tbe continued prosperity of our Union from signs he bad lately seen and b?*ard The Bible gave accounts of great national disasters on Account of designing politicians?the cases of Ahxsuerus snd ?f D-mel. and the threatened destruction of Nineveh?the repentance of the people and the interposition of fiod to tbelr salvation. Rev Mr Moore, of Richmond, spoke of tbe time that had be*n when prayer was not heard. Had not Christ died for mankind prayer would have been unknown The daily prayer meeting 11 9i t* *11 T.iti nn nf Hxfiv urrlfli m Rev Mr. Blair, of New York, expressed his gratitude for the kind welcome be bad receivtd hi vv dsbinjjtou. A closing bymn was then sting, at d th- first session was dismissed with a benediction by Dr Spring. Ves'erdar the Convention reassembled and wet permanently organized by electing the following Hi cw: i'rtsident?W. H. Fowle, Alexandria. Vice Presidents?Rev. Dr. Spring, New York; Mr H Hainan, Boston; Dr Armltage, Baltimore; Mr J?mts Gordon, Richmond; Rev i)r. Samson, Washington. S* creUries? Rev M.Morrison, N.York; Rev. J G iititler. Washington. On motion, a committee was appointed to prepare buainess. Tbe committee, after retiring for consultation, reported the following schedule: Slornlng prayer meeting In Wealey Chapel, from -)* to 9^ o'clock Morning session of the Convention iu Trinity Church, from 10 to 1 o'riock Afternoou prayer meeting in Triulty Church, from 4 to i o'clock; and evening session lb Trinity, at 7^ o'clock. Tbe report was adopted, after which the Convention resolved itself into a devotional meeting, and Rev. E. Goodrich Smith and Rev. J. C. Smita delivered addresses. The following resolution was offered by Rev. Mr Hagaa, of I?. Y.: Htfolvd. That a committee of three be appointed to prepare, in b*haif of the National Convention, an appeal, to be signed by the officers of ttie Convention, to christian! or sll denoinlnat.ons, to engage in daily and nni:ed prayer in behalf of our nation in its present temporal and n r'tsitl that wnnld nariion our s;ns and nnite us altogether Id Christ Jesus our l.ord through the power of His Holy Spirit A nninbvr of reverend gentlemen spoke on the rrsoiutiou, which was Anally adopted unanintoaaiy. The report of the central committee was thea received and accepted. -l A motion was li.ade for a committee to wait on the Speaker of tbe House of Representatives to \ rnjoMt tbe use of the hall for the Union Prayer f Meeting on Thuisday night Tbe rrsolutUm, afw-r discussion, was adopted, and a Committee was appointed. Eventax S*ttion ?Tbe special order of this session was the receiving of reports from the delV e^s'es from the various Union Prayer Meeting Associations throughout the country. i Ue reports generally were eucouraging aud iudicative ol progress -nd success ou toe port of those Association*. TO-DAT'S SKSSIOX. The Convention met, and the exercises were opened by siugibg. followed by prayer from Rev l>r Cross, of Maltlmore. Reports w?re reeelvedjfrom Rev. Messrs. Caves, Horner, ana crow. or Baltimore, iDowin^ iii< progress and Interest of the various Union Prayei Meetings of Baltimore during the past year. An Interesting report was received froip th< St te of Delaware, showing tint while tbe Unloi Praver M?*tlnga bad beeu generally successiu there, tbey had been charaete rued by too sect a rlan a spirit to attain the fulness of succew to lx desired. Remarks were made by tbe Chair and by Rev Dr Smith in relation t? sectarian influences, am Dr. Smith spoke at some length upon the in tin _ ence of unaulmity of thought aad action in chrli * tian associations. On motion by Rev >lr. Butler, tbe Conventioi devoted lUe neli uu uuur iu ucvvtiunii service! An impressive petition to the Divine Power w? addreMed oyKev l>r Schenck of Baltimore. wh< prayed that God would pour out hia Spirit upoi the churches of the land and upon this Couv.ti tion. He thanked the ileaveuly Fattier for tb goodly aasemblege present, and for the cbriatia spirit which actuated the memixri of ihe Conven tinn in their labors for tUe advancement of tb ? church of Chrtst on earth. He besought that ai | rrsent might be influenced to unite In efforts thi tue now jarring elements of duaulon might b stayed, and that peace snd brotherly love mlgt abound throughout our hitherto happy land. Tbe Convention then united in ainglnjr tb I hyma? ' AH hall the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fall '* Rer. Mr Cooper, of Baltimore, followed f rarnest prayrr that tbe influence of the Holy !*pir might descend upon all present; thi t peace migl be upon them, and that blessings might sboun among Utcm wmle here; tbat wboii ttiey shoul return to their boiM* they might feel atrsugtbeue and encouraged In the service of their .-?arlou He prayed for tbe Congreaa of the United State tnat tbelx labors might be conservatlTe and pr< ductiv* of peace and concord throughout tt * '"4UHJ> TWhyu ? Joyfully, joyfully onward I move"? wj.i then aung A clergyman 4rom Baltimore delivered a brl( exhortation upon tbenecemityof looking toChrl t um great cad of chriitluliy. W by iboa d I fail oat by tbe way with thoae who la mm thing* differed with him when we all bad oi God, one faith, one bope, one salvation f Prayer aacceeded, tbe suppllcaat earnestly e treating tbat tbe Cooveatloo might not aepara without the special benediction of L) 1 viue froi d scr; that God would help all present to pr f?r our country; tbat all heart* might be peneta ted with lov# and devotion, and tut uo hai might venture to aaaail our present peace; tbat t cauae of all tbs present troubles night be i >. moved, and that tils kingdom might come a H:? wlil be doM in the hearts of oar whole nati< m At the close of the devotional exercises, R< m resolution, leeomoei i > lay that a letter be addressed to the President tbe l/ntte**. dtatea, suggesting tbat in view of 1 national t.-oubles he appolat tbe ?td of Februi next aa at.ay of fasting sad prayer throughout t land. Rev Dr Butl<-r trusted tbe brother would wl draw the p.-'yoaed letter, aa it mtgbt prove e barraaalng to tbe Preaidrnt in view of theexcitl Jeaioosy between tbe several Stairs It waa si v rated that, uni?sa tt should be a rat aaeertati toat tbe propoaltlon should meet with tbe apf bat on of the President, it would bo bttki withdraw It A propoaitiou was made veaten f?r the use of th* House of RepreaenUtl vff for evening prayer meeting to-ni^ht, which had beru g anU d, and tt would not be well to mu ply equiaitiooa of thla kind Another speaker moved that the proposition laid on the table He came hero to pray to ( for an outpouring of bis spirit upon tbe eburcl ? u' visU. Im>* wIiUmw hl< Droosaltl Rev. Ltr >Vhenck stated that if it wai true I the clouds of an arc y were I so pending over ui was ess-utial that we offer to (iod r on eel prayer; net only for our distracted country, for a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit a the people lie tuought it was providential at this Usnn such a convention as this was pre la Ue city of Washington He proposed that unaiuaiwuslr recomirwad to the christian pec to the union prater meetings, that a day b apart to nppenls to Cod for nis blessing upon land sod o*ir churches It was proper tha should make this recommendation, as a kxx % prsylng men sad women ?no? to petition >*re*ld?nt any other officer, hut as a chrt body, lo raeooiiuend sn early day for fasting uiiiution and frsyer to tiod to blot out s.r *3T vidual si us Rev Dr i^iuith seconded the motion, sad h thai the tret Monday la January next woul I designated. In th? Fraabyterian Churchaa, this day bad been obaerved for many yean aa a day of fasting and prayer. Tbfaaubject was under discussion when our report closed The Natiohal Rifles gave a dreas drill at tbelr armor* last night In the presence of a brilliant assemblage of invited lady and gentlemen guests, amongst whom was Hon Joe Lane, and other distinguished personagea. We understand that thia was the third gathering of the kind the corpa haa held thia current sevaon. The National Rifles are a moat persevering aaaoclation. Their armory la fitted up a style admirably adapted to the military profession. Paintings, engravings, statuettes, busts, etc , of distinguished officers of the army and navy, and of Amerlca'a moat gifted stateamen, adorn the walla The staraand stripes gracefully featooaed about a aplendld painting of George Washington attracts "admiration at the head of the room, while the National colors of America and France unite (0 decorate the wall over the entrance door. The Declaration of Independence occupies a conspicuous position. The 1 bsll floor Is covered with patriotic devices, the center Piece being s neatly painted representation of tbe National motto. The arms and accoutre menu or tbe company are neatly arranged In racks on either aide near tbe entrance; a twelve pound howltser belonging to tbe artillery d trial on of the corpa frowna upon the visitor from tbe rostrum at the head of the hall, and tbe sabres uaed In tbe artillerv practice glisten with warlike significance from tbelr place* upon the surrounding walls Everything about the room Indicates the presence thereof that strict discipline on tbe part of tbe officers, and prompt acquiescence on tbe part of tbe men, without wblcb no volunteer organization can flourish. The programme for the evening was changed, so that we missed tbe opportunity of witnessing their admirable .perfection in tbe HardteArlll, bat those present doubtless enjoyed a rare treat in beholding the machine-like prectaslon and rapidity of their movement! under arms Wben we left the hall, the members of the corps were vlelng with each other In endeavors to make their lady (meats at home in the Intricate ms?l>a a/*w. 1 i ? -? ??? ? ?** vi me tiftugci vfuoanuc. SvrmiMS Cor*T.?Yesterday, Joseph Knox, Esq , of Pennsylvania, and Tfcos T. Grant, Eaq , of Missouri, were admitted attorneys and counsellors of this Court No 106 Brannock Jones, plaintiff in error, agt James O Soulard. This cause was submitted to tbe consideration of the Court on the record and printed arguments bv Mr Blair for t'je plaintiffs In error, and by Mr Grant for the defendant in error, under the20th rule. No 186 Henry Amey, plaintiff in error, against tk? M H rn# AMsrmon an A nlHtana A# illikaKann The cause was submitted to the consideration nf tbe Conrt on the record and printed arguments by Knox for tbe plaintiff? and by Mr. A. W. Loomis for the defendants, under tbe*20tb rale. No 96 Robert D. Silliman, complainant, agt. Tbe Hudson River Bridge Company at Albany; and No 97. Frederick W. Coleman, complainant, agt. Tbe Hudson River Bridge Company at Al bany Tb? argument of tbese causes was commenced by Mr Beach for the complainants, and continued by Mr. Pruyn for tbe respondents. Adjourned. Ladiss. the best place to get your Christmas presents Is at Mrs R. G. Etchison's, No. 12 I'a. avenue, who has just returned from the North with a complete assortment of Fancy Goods, all of which she has selected herself especially for the approaching holidays Her stock of real Lace Collars, 9ets. Handkercbiefa. Veils, embroidered and plain Linen 9ets, French worked ?ets and Collars, Head Dresses, net Pleeves, Fans, Portmonales, Linen Collars and Handkerchiefs, and a lar^e stock of Fancy Articles, (any of which will make a very hanaaomo preaent,) win be Bold very ebeap. We advise you to go at once to No. 1*2 Pa avenue, and get your preaenta before they are picked over. f Cbimixal Court ?After oar report cloaed yeatorday. tbe Court took up the case of the U S agt. Philip Strobel, for the iarcenv of gold and allver coin of the value of S27*2 74?the property of Mr. Michael Fredenburger. Tbe Jury returned a verdict of gutlty Win. Sullivan waa then tried for an aaaaultand Mttfrv upon Edward Kay ling. Verdict?not guilty. To-day. Simon Meyef waa piarrd on trial on a charge ?f stealing a a nun tit v of clothing and money fr??m Wvmar Miller. The case wai pending when oar reporter left. Pcbmc attcntioji Is called to the advertisement In another column of the concert to be given on Friday night for the benefit of the Protestant orphans in H street Theobject iiamoit pressing one. In riew of the general stagnation in money matters, and it la to be deaired that the effort* of luow ru^ a^ru may ur UV.I,C?W" I a uc urpunus are to sinn several appropriate pieces Tbe elrls of the Third District School will lend their voices. A quartette of men's voice* will be added, and the Marine Hand will perform a number of popular orchestral arrangements of a character consonant with the object. Go early, and go all. CocKADms Aboct. ? A secession cockade Is sported occasionally upon our streets, but the people here have not acquired sufficient familiarity with them to estimate them at tbeir true dignity. A yonnsrster, last night, who was figuring quite extensively about the hotels wearing the , disunion badge, was a good deal disgusted to find that be bad been mistaken through tbe entire evening for tbe footman of some foreign minister, tbe servants of tbe diplomatic corps having been ' heretofore the only cockade-wearers known to r Washington. Wbiii to But It.?Do our reader* desire to 5 know the place where they nmv buy wood cheap, 1 well sawed, well split, and well seasoned? We 1 My try the Pioneer Mills, at the corner of Seventh *trr*t and the Canal. Page krepa the Pioneer e Mllla, and treats hi* customers *o well that they alwava go back to him after a first trial, and Invariably go away satisfied with his prices Page 1 believes in enterprise, and conducts bis businesa on the principle that a nimble shilling Is better - than a lazy shilling. Try him. n Thi fact cannot be controverted that ?'Field's' new and elegant house, No. 214 Pennsylvania * ?Ka?? U IVilltrd'c 'J ia (T? a tt ii ur, vuv uwi ?? ?*? v ? ?...? a establishment ever opened In Washington Hli n bar la a model of taste and neatness, ikid bli i- liquor* and wine* surpass in quality alythinf ever offered In thla market. HlssWk of hpporte< n clear* are direct from Havana, selected expressly i- tor thla market. It Result or Ball Plating in th* Stiiiti.It Yesterday, a horse attached to a baggy belonglni t to Jno. II Wlae, was frightened by being struct with a ball with which bov* were playing nea N at eet south and Four-a'nd-a-half street. Hi e ran off, and without damage got to Pennsvlvanli avenue, where It was attempted to stop him. H came in contact with a hack and the buggy wa badly smashed. Jobs Cbowlbt. Eaqthat popular card write and agreeable gentleman, la at hit post again to . the aeaaon, we ?*e, and husllr employed In aatli j frlni; the demands of hia r jatonun. He make . hia headquarter? at Browns'Holland the Na " t'.onal, anil from the perfection ?f hia work, am the graceful facility with which It la executed, 1 naturally a good deal of a lion with the freqi em ' era of tbeae ho tela. iw fimmwAMm' cnear?Yeiterdav. the Do Krafl petition ia the Barney divorce cue wm agai oefore tbla court, but nothing waa done beyon the bearing of arguments pro and con oo the pet -t tloa The final hearing waa set for Saturda 11 next, when Mr. Magroder will clow for the n apondent, and the decision be given touching tk or point* involved la the auit. The Wiom Namb ?Mr Geo. Peacock wei n- to the oflce of Justice Dona this morning, to ce >te rect an entry on the docket that might result I ft- h's injury The person who was arrested oa m ay count of the hog, mentioned In the cases beio ?- Justice Donn yesterday, was not named Peacoc] nd Mr. P. aavs he Is the oaly one of that name la ti be city. Moon's SqciLL Scoab Daops are all the g >n They banish all coughs, colds, broachltts, crou .T kc , like magic: snd, better than all, you doi [d. know voa are taklag physic, they are so agreeafa to the taste. We commend all persons to buy v?- ? )?? ? Mats at Mrvm'i west End Dri . >.*> MU* ? W VI W W J iry Store. 11 ^ 9?st to Jail.?This morning the detectl firm of Alien & Co , arreated a man named Jaix th" Conway for stealing sixty-eight dollars and ?>- quantity of tobacco belonging to Cbarlea He ?K burn, grocer, Louisiana avenue, near Ninth stre ng- He was taken before Justice Donn and aent to ji " o for Court. >ro to Tbbatsk.?To-night la the last opportunity lav enjoying the original comedy of " Fashions a tbe Futtlea of Washington Life," which baa made not much talk about town by Itf smart hlto and spirit iltl- art loo. To-morrow night " Parthenla" will brouu Ut oat. ?- ? ? c iod ArTBRTioii,l!ir4NTBT?oillcenand private aeg Company C are requested to be prompt In their OD tendance at the Armory to-night, December U that wh'B of importance to the preaervatl . |. of the Uniou will ba considered, believing lmi rted tiuu" actloD neceaaary. By order of the Capta Cbuj The Blind Nsano bot Tom continue* hia markable performancea nightly at the Aaaem : Roome, and alao will appear at matlneea thla teruoon and on Saturday, lie la undoubtedly iple phenomenon of the age. ' *** Cool ? We Mtiee that the Hartford (( ,??' Courant publlahea the Star's re porta of the i , * lav a and dotnga of the Pntaam Ptaalaax whll iw, tu;? city, entitled with the caption of "from ceireapondeat.*' j " T*? attention of real dent* of the Northern ] inai- erttea la anll-d to the People'a market houae Ninth at , between L and M. where all kind JP'? Meata. Poultry, Vegetablee. Ae , can he ha< ? the loweet market prleee. Call : cestxi Mai* it ?The market this aaorntng displayed even an lacrosse of provisloas over the supply of the corresponding day In say week for months past The attendance of dealers was large, the country dealers crowding the stands around the sheds, and even occupying positions In tbc surrounding streets; while the InteriOT stands were ail occupied by the regular and licensed dealers The provisions were of superior quality, as well as more than sufficient for the demand. considerable decline liu occurred in the prices of various articles, as the following list will show Beef, fresh, V B> 8<S15|TnrnIps,pk 12 Salt do 5.0^ Cucumbers,doi.. 12 n V. I ? I.U. ruift 1UW I4 i.rirry,uu op o Mutton APPle*tPk 37 Lamb, qr l'Hftl2 Dried apples,pk. SO Veal 8(glb Spinnach, pk.... 25 Sausage, Vib.... 12 Cauliflower,each 5&52 Lard 14 Roll batter 2' a i Beef tongues.... 50075 Phil'aprint 37 Bacon hams 14fal6 Cheese 14<gl# Sides 19014 F.ggs, Y dot ... 25 Shoulders 10rt| 12 OyAer plants,bh. 4 Jowls 8(210 Oniom 37 Dried beef 14 Csbbage.Vhead. 2?3 Chickens.f pr... 25@62 Beets, pk 3 Irish potatoes, pk 25 Carrots 2 Sweet potatoes... 37i Rock,bunch 27 Corn, ear. V bblS3<?3 25| Perch,do 37 uorn, belied.... bOcr*> Hoc* .. .37fe?l.515 Beam. V bush .. fL75 Widgeon 50 Rjre.Vbuah,.... 55@7l> Teel 50 Oata 35Q40 Rook 37 Meal 75^90 Partridges, doz.. S'2 Short* 25 Pheaaanta, each.5(ti|82){ Shipstutfs ........ 3D?GO| Redneck 87 Ducks, V pr 5<?<i 75 Mallard... 02 Egg plants, each. 2^10 RabbiU,each 12 Veniaon, lb 18 Turkey! 50&S2 75 Country Pork. . f3 50@7 Ci!*tkal Gcxacnnrai Casks?Btftrt Justict Thompson ?La?t night the police migrated from the old, filthy, ricketty station In Market Space to the new building in Louisiana avenue, which has just been completed. They took with them whatever conld be of service in the new stationhouse, and they doubtless rejoiced in the change of scenery as well as atmosphere. The lnaugtiration of magisterial service was performed by Justice Thompson, who performed the like service at the occupation of the old guardhouse nineteen years ago, If we mistake not. The cases docketed In the new haH of justice occur In the following order : John Kemp, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 8U days. Mary Burke, colored, Mary Riley, whit* >nd Jtillna Tra<l<>r were hrntiirht from a house In the Seventh Ward, which had become annoying to the neighbors because of the disorderly conduct of the inmates The two women were sent to the "farm" for 60 days, and Trader, after suffering two hours extra confinement for indignant condemnation of Justice, was fined 82 94. E. Rlchey and J. Haddocks, profanity; fine and costs, SI.94 each. John Fletcher, eol , was found making off with a piece of salt beef belonging to O. Gattrell, to which he had taken a fancy; for which he was sent to jail. The change of station reminds us of the change of system Under the old system there were bat six wards and twelve magistrates. The officers received fees for their service. The police was but a small body, adding In the guard. The number of police Is now a hundred; the districts have VM>?n inrrt>is^H (ha midlatnitpi and Instead of fees all recaive salaries. Arrived at Carter'a Wharf, foot of Thirteenand-a-half street, schooner* Columbia, Loyd. Philadelphia, with a cargo of coal for Mr. H. Hoc bat: Catharine Jane, Havre-de-Grace, with a cargo of coal for Mr. George Bogua. It Robbkbt ? Last night, the store of Mr. Johnson, butter merchant, on Mass avenue, between Ninth and Tenth a'a ,waa entered by thieve* and robbed of about 200 lb*, of roll aud firkin butter. 8bs*a.tio* i? ths Silk Tradi.? Perry & Brother * prlcea for Silk goods, and the extent of their tlnrt. la at this 11 rne makinir a aenaition among oar lady friends f PlMlM. Pcaona desiring pennies will alwaya find them or axchaar* at the Star Office counter. tf Homeopathic Rsmkdiu All of Dr. Humphreys * Co.'s apeoifie Homeopathic Hem^dies put up expressly for faint)] uae, in boxea, at 25 and .V) centa each. Alao in cases, containing 20 vial*, from 9* to $t each, with hook of full directions. For aale bj Z. D. tiiiman, 3?0 l?a. avenue, wholesale anr retail agent: \V. A. Fitzgor&itl. 353 north F street also by F. H. Winter, corner of Massachusetts ave nue and Sixth street. Also, FomU'm Extract sj Witti Hattl, for internal and external mtlammations o all kinds. Sold as above. ma 9- ly _____ ' At the Soldier's Home, D. C., on the 10th Decern Irtr, SA.VliKI, HULL, a-ed IS years; a soldier I! the war of 1812 ; born in Westfiald, Mass. * TJL'ST CR T-NEW ROOKS. HE Prinoe of Wales in America, by Kinaha Comuallis, 12mo , cloth; prioe $1. Petty Annoyances. from the Frenohof Honor de Uaizao; price ?1.25. Old Maekinaw, Ac , by W. P. Striokland, 12m? cloth; prioe ?1.25. At FRENCH * RICHSTEIN'S, do 6 '2TS Penn avenue. A NEW BOOKS, AT FRENCH 4. RICHSTEIN'S. STS Pa. a Aftntt far the whole World. Folks Sonss, eletantjy bound, p'inted on ton' r.?ll TnrHi til t! nnn* M Ifl if sent by mail MoralTliatory ol" Woman, from the Frenc of Erneat Lecore, translated t>jr J. W. Palmar; 9 1) : price SI oy mail. Ail of Marion Harand'a Booka. Neroeaia, Moi 8id?, Bidden Path and Alono; price each fl.25 I mail * no 21 REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF OAS. OvncBov Wa8H:n?to!i Ga* I.'ght Co.,/ November 30,1H60. { Notice it hereby riren thatfhe charge for (U co aumeri after the 3'st ilk* of December next, will th-ee dollart and fifteen cents per thousand on! I f-ct, to ail those wtio?e bills are paid as required i the act of Congress, appxived June 26, 186n, to wi "At the offioe of the Company, w thin hve da f om the rendition thereof, provided all arrea ahall have bean previously paid." J. F. BROWN, no 30 eo4w Secretary in Charge t REST FANCY GOODS, K AT PRICKS TO SUIT THE TIMES, And On* Price Onlt [ At STEVENS'S FANCY STORE. no 22 tf 336. b*tw. 9th and loth iK? r RICH SILK ROBES! It RICH SILK ROBES! . RICH DRESS SILKS! . RICH DRESS SILKi RILEY'S it the pl&c^o bur Kion Ure^a Siika 1 low prices. Repa, 1-renoh Merino<?B, Cuhnar f *11 vIT?aI Mnn*aalanai> ih f?nt (nn Will filld ? kinds of l>ky GOOD:} at very' reduced pno a Call and eee. e WM. R. RILEV * BRO , . No. 36 Central Store*. between 7th and 8th street*, do 7 6t _ opposite Center Markel r rpHK KLjyMUkAN HOTEL. KEPT BY r EMRM^V the corner of Penn. A ? ? l. avenue g| hth street, haa NnKil . greatly ijOmflPfKortlT and now offdrs^Bai greater inawiMMnU for the patronage ot oiti*. and etrangfre than any other pobiie houee in i 1 eiti, hta prioee being lees than thoee of any otl hotei on Penn. are?ue, ana ni? tooonmootin U for permanent or transient hoarder! onexoepti< abU. The bar and rsetaurant arrangements of Kuropean Hotel have already become very po r, b?inc that oan be desired by the most f Udtous. Ti.o ?ropri?tor rle<1?es unremitted att . tionand oontiaued ii'ioral expenditures to girca " i?faouoa toall.and thus renews hie invitation I- all to five the European Hotel a oall. de 4 I DRADY'B NATIONAL PHOTOGRA1 D GALLERY. 3#a PSNN AVIHI'I. On exhibition, beautifully fiaiehed Photofra it of the Pret ident and Vioe President t-leot; Impe Photographs orall the Presidents irom jtotw . Buchanan; of all the Member* of the Senate 10 House of Representative* of the present Conir c" of the Pr.aoe of Wales and a large number or i re ttnguished foreign personage*; >{ nearly all t. prominent Statesmen, Poets. Artists, Authors, le ltore. Clergyman, Generals and Commodores. The largest Plain Photographs in the world. The Colored Photographs must be seen to be . preoiated. ' Twenty ive fall Isnfth Portrait Visiting Ca P' e'egantly finished for five dollar* ! ?'* <NE HUNDRED PHOTOGRAPHS F ile FIVE DOLLARS!! ' a Prions for all other style* equally moderate. ag qe m 1 in CGAUTIER'S FRENCH RESTAURAN '? DINNEk AND SUPPER PARTIES. a p- In soliciting your patronage, would reapectj t oall jour attention to hia elegant auita of P tn LOR8, RfcCKPTlON and DINING-ROO farniahed in th? moat faahionable atyle, and all read* to aooonanodata aevaral parUea at anjr ot ment Pa avenna. da 5 ao nd ]\] OT 1 C ?! NOT1C1 ao NOTICE!!! H i!O. Z.PAL LI 8^M FOJJTM^ OF^ _ be FOHBIUlT IfliYiSO. JL / V 1/17AO, JLtlSJT X SERVES, Hit received, per L*?t iteftiner,M lipnenNq iof tity of Lienors and Winea, uneeutled by wholeeale dealya'? Waahinfton. Also, i,noofc of Preservea, of different kinds, aneh u eannc * ? bonght for 1m* than 9 for oent. in ui store. '?f> man call and try iny cooda, No.374 1) it.,bet

ne- 8th and 9th rU., Waahinf ton. de 5 ec lB' HP REMNANT*. r?- -a HERB Remain* still to m sold oat. at DR Y ^.iOODS LINE, whioh are now ready I'll* !otnI prioe at which they will be 34.) marked ia plain ftgnree on eaok artiole. Grea ' SWotf*' C' AOETT t DOW ~ F?* " yo}FrK?1/jfO* O, DJ On and after Taeeday, December It, the 8e Ulb- THOMA8 COLLYER will make _ jr _ three trip, per week t? Mouut Ver i.rf non, leavuf her wharf, at the foot ol*^" f,s ns&^-wspian: - / 9 HAYE YOU BEEN THE NEW WEEKLY (DOLLAR)STAR ? IT 19 THE MOST INTERESTING FAMILY PAPER NOW PUBLISHED IN THE UNION ! >? TO ANT ONE DESIROUS OF KNOWING WHAT GOES ON IN WASHINGTON CITY, if IS WORTH TEN TIMES THE SUBSCRIPTION PRICE ! THE INFORMATION IT CONTAINS CONCERNING FARMING AND GARDENING WILL PROFIT THE FARMER OR OWNER OF A GARDEN A HUNDRED TIMES THE AMOUNT OF ITS SUBSCRIPTION PRICE ! ITS WEEKLY COLUMN OF HOUSEHOLD AND WORKSHOP RECIPES WILL BE SURE TO SAVE THE FAMILY A DOLLAR FOR EVERY DIME OF ITS SUBSCRIP TION PRICE ! ITS PAGE OF THE MOST INTERESTING TALES OF MODERN TIMES, WILL MAKE MANY AN OTHERWISE DULL AND WEARY HOUR AT HOME PASS PLEASANTLY, INDEED ITS GENERAL NEWS IS MORE VARIED . AND INDUSTRIOUSLY PREPARED THANTHATOFANYOTHER WEEKLY PAPER! IT 19 THE LARGEST AND ALTOGETHER THE MOST INTERESTING DOLLAR PAPER PRINTED IN . THE WORLD. THE SUBSCRIPTION PRICE IS BUT A DOLLAR A YEAR TO SINGLE SUBSCRIBERS, AND LESS TO CLUBS ! dell-3t AMUSEMENTS. yy ASHINGTON THEATER! THURSDAY, Deoemh?r IS, LMt Nijht of tb? Sterling Local Comedy Called FASHIONS AND FOLI.IES OF WASHINGTON 1.1FE. Concludio* with THE PERSECUTED DUTCHMAN. On Friday, Benefit of Mr. JOHN T.RAYMOND. John Brougham's POCAHONTAS Will be produced. In rehearsal?"Child of the Regiment," "Dead Heart," and "The Corsioan brothers." The celebrated American Tragedian, MR. E. F.DOY Will appear on MONDAY. December 17, Aa JACK CADE. Doors "pen at 7, to cominenoe at 8 o'clock Orohertcr ohaira SI; dreas circle and parquet Sf cts.; private boxea $5 EM EMBER THE ORPHANS EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTION! AT Till SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. GRAND"CONCERT BY TH* Children of Protest't Orphan Asylum, assmted by th* YOUN8 LADIES OF THE THIRD DISTRICT PUBLIC SCHOOLS Under the direction of Prof. J. H. Daniel, On FRIDAY EVENING, the Mth insr? Commencing at 1H o'clock. A QUARTKTTE ofyoung gentlemen hare vo'unteer*d their services, as also the MARINE t BAND for the occasion. Tickets 25 oents ; can be had at the Music and Book Stores, and at the door on the evening of the Concert. ' Mr. John F. Ellis has kindly furnished one of hu j best pianos. de 10 td TOM, \ THE BLIND NEGRO BOY PJANTST! THE WONDER OF THE WORLD! t THE MARVEL OF THE AGE! A Livinft Mir*cle! Blind from birth, without oni moment's instruction, not even knowing the nam' of a sinele kev on tho finger board, or the slia^ o a piano, inoompetent to answer the simplest que* tion in regard to musio? yet master of the Piano n planng I nm the operas of.Norma, Linda. Liice'if Burcia, Dantltter of the Regiment, Trovatore Traviata, ar.d others, with a master hand aiu inMtir touoh. Here is a study for learned men. } negro child, orly ten *e%rs old, raised upon a plan D tat ion, sinirle minded, a child in all his wishes an< wants?to' master of one of the greatest scteucea 6 plaving two pieces of musi?> at onoe and convrsim at the same time?re producing the most dilficul > pieces after tinoe hearing th*in?playing thesecond to any piece withont even hearing it oroe, the cn&ngmg seats and re-producing the prin.o cor _ rectly? performs with his back to the instrumentsings in Oern an and French, withont understand ? ing either lancuage AM of which wi'l he done o the stage. Concert* at the Assembly Rooms, con m?no:n( TUK^DAY KVKNING. " Doors op*n i o'oWwsIr, concert commencing at 1H. Admiuia u 50; children 25 at*. Matinee* Thursday and Saturday at 3 o'clock. This b in* the only wwk in the oity, this in tli |g la*t opportunity of ?eeing tfcie great Musical Phi noiMnon. 1 1W C. Q. ATWKLL. Agent. BALLS, PARTIES, &c n OOK OUT FOR THK BASHFUL BOYS! !?? The third grand COTILLON PARTY of tl lJ: BaSHFUl. Cl.L'B wil' be given at fotomio #k Hall.oorner Maryland . and 11th it , on H MONDAY. D*o 17. 'I tie Committee pledpe/B }" themselres that 1:0 pain* nor expense win betAH pared to make this <A? party < f the season. Tic ets SO en's, admitting a gent oman and iadiss. d-s 13-4t* T? HE MKMBKK8 OF THK WKSTKR HOSF. COM TAN Y respectfully an- g% nomine to their fnen's and the pubuc in Eg genera] that they mte> <1 civi"f a MM GRAND COTILLON FARTY Ufl At Stott's HaLL L_ DECEMBER 87. 1*60 deJ3Jt* THE COMMITTEE! : Tp ANNOUNCEMENT. 1 HE MemhTaofthe PERSEVERANCE FIR ' COMPANY,No ft, have the pl<a?>ire to an al rounce t<? their many inquiring friends, ami n e*f the public in crnorkl, that their third rran.t/Il * annual COTILLON PARTY wi I take piiueHl at Fbarklix Hall, oor. 9th and D ?te , on TCE Da Y, January Rth, 1861. Particmara in future a vertieement, By order of the Executive Co Mill?. de U-3 U E>OURTH GRAND COTILLON PARTY _ a 'of tub p unnNT i'l.ARR CLUB. ifl 4 To he kivwi /Tl if FRANKLIN HALL. (flfl U Comer of Stmh amrt D *t**ets, "< NEW YEAR'S EVE. ine Partiou'ara in future alvertisement de 11-3 tier *_ )M in- Direct Importation from Par [J M. WILLIAM, B- 38 Market Sw, Washington, D. C., end 7 C ,s^ Trevx.'t, Parti. . MyrtockofFINEPARlsiANFApCYGOO i ii i* moat com pi at now in ever; branch. ud Lad r " VtH do w?tl to inspect my block Deiore un p ?nu? any where ?jse, to oonvii>ee themselves i my go>ds cannot he surpassed in beauty, slogan pns an 1 quality by any others in the market Hav nal taken the greatest paint in selecting every arti d to myself when in Pa< is, I have no limitation to i and them the moat fashionable produce* fr^m Pa esa; but ladies will I* the best judges for themseh on and I only eall their special attention to the folic o?r ins articles: bd- Ve vet and Cloth Cloaks, elegant in style i quality, f.-r iadie? and children; Cloth Gaitera. ladie* and children; French Ronnets. Flowi ?-I? D < i.. S.?..flf!?..r,',?mM F" r Pomm b mm nunuu*, ?ow- o. w v.., of head dreaa, bouquet for tbe brent, and wrea rda, for trimming theurea*; magnificent Parly " en and vreatha to match; Wreatlia for the Hai' OR every atyle and aua ity; elegant Velvet and G 8rnament*d Haatu Droaaea: a treat variety in > r the hair; Faua; t*ilk and aoe Coffa; Velvet Laoe Bowi; Chenille Soarfa; handsome enabr< ered Zonavoa and Zouave Shirts; a fine aaaortn Tin "Drraa Trimmirga; Trimmings for Party De? (Jilt Belts. Braida, Baokieaand Button*, of ihe I Ljona G< M; Zouave Suitafer boya, Ac. I will eell th- handaomeatan1 finestgoodsati 'ow frioea, having a very large atock on hi ? b vhioh I wiah to reduoe aa much aa poaaihle be MS * taae another trip to Paria cog eoga mo" T? THK PUULIC' Rw TK? umleraianed hu inst oeenad a whole PtODUCE iii If aUKETIN'O STORK ?t ti- Nirth street, Center Market, wtier w 1. be receiving daily a general assorijr.en _ evert thing that grove on a farm, fresh from RE handa of'he farmers, snob aa Turkeys. Chiok I)soks, Gee?e, tg|>, Baiter?of all eeaUtie ufta- Baltimore prioee?Dried Fruit. Apples, F1 any Beans, 4o , Ac., which 1 will sell as oheap ai ?i?s he Might in this city, Alexandria, or BalUa >t be Dealers and hucksters are respectful y invito Give oail aad examine for twmeelvee. _ ween <il tf J. H. CAN^IKL >lm. 1vtew hooks at french a r1cu8te1 8T8 PBS*. AvBHtJt soma Lavima. a novel, by O. Rnftui, ltoio,, cloth;, Utt- *e Create of the Farailiee of Great URK ain and Ireland, in 1 vols., lino., eloth; prioe to be Honeekneeore? SnoYclopaedia of Cooking, ltao., sloth; trio* ?IM. i t'ta" ri/LMjyg. nia Avenue, have juet received"a large vart< ilmec ?tbw^'eed'awl WteowNi7 lBTit* ^ CLENCH PLOWEISOF THB VERY I kiL | ten u *-J t ?? . f k * ' ?? g ? t 0-m - % GEORGETOWN. Comrfndnu* / The Star. esoasBTowa. December 13 IMi Mr. Augutt Ebert. German, and antll lately resident la Washington, came to our city s week or two since and opened a tne confectionery store at the well-known stand on Bridge street, lately occupied by Mr Atze Not succeed lag in bustdm here a* mil !? ?J I.W?I - ? . ?? ? i?u?rriOK under depression of spirits it la supposed. caused by pecuniary <1. t& ulties, he retired to bis room on Monday right last. and baring hia breast, placed the muzzle of a pistol against It and fired Tbe weapon waa loaded with small shot, and the whole charge was lodged In tbe left lung, just bore the heart. Mr. Kbert hu no fktrillr, and hia condition was not discovered for twenty four hours afterward. Na report of a pistol waa heard, and it ia supposed he must have been covered in bed when the act was committed, which deadened the sound. Tbe young woman employed in the shop supposed b<- was indisposed; but late on Tuesday evening found be waa speechless, got alarmed, and sent for a German friend, wbo ateincr th? niftfAl a*. Aaa. ...J *w~ i.? a -*- ? . ?^ f vj vii ?uc uwl , anu ?lir II1UUU lllini| Immediately vrrnt for surgical assistance. and l?r. Snyder was called In. The wounded man. after beln^ relieved ao that be could apeak, aaid that he was shot In an encounter with a burglar; but on the pbvslclsn's railing bia attention to I be fact that bit clothing was not perforated, and tbat he might get hit friends Into di Acuity bv erroneous statements, he confessed the deed He la more comfortable this morning, but no hope* of his recovery are entertained, as inftamation baa taken place. The unfortunate man la a member ?f Oriental Lodge and Mount Nebo Knramptnent, I O O . F , of Waih'.ngton. and la well cared for by member* of the order and other friends. We learn that Mr. W R Fowler, well known to frequenter* of Center Market, In Washington, where he doe* business a huckster. was attacked there on Tuesday laat with sudden illness, and was brought to his home, corner of Bridge and Green streets, in our city, in a precarious condition. We understand he ia more comfortable today, and able to walk about. The wife of Caspar Fink, who keep* the restaurant on Bridge street nearly oppoaite Mr Fowler's, was stricken down suddenly the same d?v, with a like attack, and died in a few hours The Potomac Light Infantry, Capt McH Hollingsworth, were out as usual on Tuesday night laat. and as usual were fully up to the mark of military precision and excellence If any reader* Ilinn/iao thia anH All? IKa I?? j >.?? vm tvi isrvi uv*ivr? vi ?ur * ?*_ fantry are merely "complimentary." metn:n|( no more than ?uch notice* generally do, we beg to undeceive them. Experienced military men who know what they are talking about, aay it it one of the beat drilled companies in this section of tbe country. In this connection and aa an evidence of tbe feeling in our city in relation to disunion, We m&V mention the fart that anmr of th? natri. otic laaiea here have told the company to call the tan and stripes to tbeir Hag-staff, to waive until not a thread is left, and that they (the ladle*) will replace it. We beg to correct your statement of yes'erday, In relation to "The Little Soldiers." The company you saw was the Young Guard. Capt Rodter, bailing not from the First Ward, but from Georgetown They marched to the Citv Hall,where they drilled for some time, to the evideut gratification of a large crowd, who had probably assembled to see the drill of the National Kltles, which did not come off We heard many comments favorable to the Young Guards from the ladies and gentlemen present. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Great INDUCEMENTS! A large and v?' led as?ortm-tt of ?old aad Sil ver WATCHES, of all sues and prioe*. fir. Rich JEW fcLKV ai'?l ?1LVER-V\ aRI-, is now nelliug at grtatly reduced puces, to suit the times, at JkmmJ. 8. BLACKFORD A SON'S, n 4. it k_ .# irw|(tio?n, opposite naoi 01 oommeroe. IZJ~ "* o* ia the time a. d thia the p:ace to ft a ba vuliftil Clo iPtiii.M) Present cheap. Come at oiioc, befo a the ben are cheaen. da 13,15.17 OYSTERS! OYSTERS!! OYSTERS!!! Th? undersigned haa opened an OYSTER DE1 POT ou Hijh atreet. near the corner of Gay, and can furnish at ali tunes, K&*,V\ /-J i Stewed. Fried, Roasted. or l?oai(ldV\L|# OYSTERS. Parties can be set ved in pnvats roome. Famili-s supp ied with Oysters or FISH, by leaving their orders aa above. Co 11-1 m J. V. COLLINS. 5 BARRELS PRIME LEAF LARD, 2.ono ponnda low SHOl'LI>ERS, 1 0>?t p uiHla new Sugar Cured HAWS, > do fresh alaughterad HOG.-, " 2' bariela CruuhaJ and Pulverised SUGARS, 10 do Refined Brown do. For aaia by < 5 _de 8-6t \V. H TEXXEY. L'AK.M UA.\ IIS r\JK HI*K-TWO ai>le-Dr<|IM 1 ,\e<ro Meii am! tvu Boya, accuatom^i to ail ^ kinda or farming- The?e negroe* to*?'hi'*<1 for - the ens-mir year. Apply to HENKV C. MATj THEWS, Georgetown. de7 eugw* j TL'ST RECEIVED? ? J 10 hhda. prime Porto Rioo SUGAR?, * ISn bbla. i?id Rye WHISKY, " asnuflla. HERRING and ALEWIVES. S? bbia. Cruahod and Refintd ??UG ARB. *> hacB Rio and Java COFFEE, JO bhds.Oow prioed) MOLASSES. * For aale by JOHN J. HOGUE. ae 10 >- 1 100 BBLS*. OF FRIME CIDER, it -I I'QT a ..J t 1 - _L. 4 ...I. I' ^ I aillTCU ftUU IUI MMC UIIDOH XVI U1BII. 11 no 13 ARNY * SHINN. MASSKY, COLLINS * CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE.-We are oonsUutfj >- receiving frMh supplies uf the aoore delightful beverage, and invite alt persona who want a pure unadulterated Ala. to cire it a trial. ARNY A SHINN, Agent*. ? ht IT 6rmn it. SMrrvtovi, " F0"a~8ALE AND RENT. ,e [Fcr otktr u>or Salt and HtM" advtrttsrm+nJ>, ( if fir tt jag* ] i DARI OK AN U CH A MBKK ton fira floor I FOf Qk X RKNT, with or without Board. Roomaapten k* didly furnished. A hr?t-c!aaa 1al> e i? ?*-t. 8 >n h weit oornsr Ninth and G at*., oppoaite Paten' Of fice^ ' do 13.17.IS,a N I/OR RKNT?A thr;e atory and lasemeu r FR AME HOUSE, near Pa av., o i Tenth, h? I tw??ii G arid H bta.. No 413. Inquire at H Bi F.^ k X GUY'S Hani ware Store, Pa av. de 12 tf * II KNT REDUCED.?That pleasant COTT\G! 11 Rr>IDENCE, containing 7 reoira, with fron haloony larice < anl in font and rear, f ontirr H at. ? in Printing Offije Square, between North Cspit<< and Fir?t ata. wil l>4 rented for 916 per month t B a pu .ctnal tenant. Addrrsa, hy letter or in pernor L XV M. 8T1CKX K V. de II tf V I70R SAI.K OR RKNT-A fine DWKLLING L r Ht'USK, ooutauiinc II rooms, and fine >ar titunted ao2 1 at, b twcen 20th and 2tat ate K< a terma pirate inquire next door, of Mr. BUCHIG NAM. de 10 lw' L I7L RNI8HED ROOM8.-Members of C?n*ret r I and others in ? ant of nicely Furnished Room Lin auitsor aingie.ran find them by apply in* at N< 30 F?ur aud-a-halfst., eaat ai<ie, between Pa a' and C at. de 8-lw* CH.RNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 40R r ptre*t. l>etwren 6th and7thats. d<*4 tf t* yOR RKNT-A PAR I.OR on the firat floo ? r and three fine Bedroom* on the floor above, i teNo #76 Pa. avenue, two doors eta I oi the kiri wood Houae. j?n| FOK RENT.-A three-story BRICK OWKU IN<* HOUSE, with hack building, on <2th ai Hit No. 470. between P and 6 street*. Applt to KIRK WQOU. 476 Twe fth st. no 19-dtf __ fcM>R RENT?A four-story brown front DWEI PS r i-ING, situated on Thirteenth st .between and Massachusetts it.. on? ?( the moat de*nab locations in the oity. '1 he house is furnished wi hit marble mantles; a'eo, gas and water fixture*, wi o?- twvth room Inquire at VY M P. SHEDD'S Pan. lI}* Store, No iOj Biemtk it oe?T-44t* olo jMl |?OR RKNT-A three story brick HOUSE,oo rii; a taining > rooms in good order, with gas fi. ea, tu res oomplete. on H street, between 4th and St >w- Also, a two-story brick COTTAGE, with Ian yard attached, ooruer of P street north an 1 14th i ind east. To punctual and reliable tenants the ten lor will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth atrei sr?. between U a ad fi. no 13-1 led, .ih." I RLANKHTSi BLANKETS! .in *-* ? , H'-A.Mlfc. I ?> : fold _B*d BtawilteU! Bed Blanket*! ie:? ? /*?d Blarkeuof all *ise* and of all pnoe*. and Bed Comfort? ! Bed Cemfort ?id- . Marseille# Quilt* ! Marseille* QmtU ! ie?t Linen and Cotton Wheeling*. os; ~ Toweling* of a'l kin< _ Dainaak Table Linen* and oapkin*. n"' '? '?ll in *11 ri?nnrtm*nt* We aoli a oall from ?l*i in want of Dry Good*. i*7 WM R ttlLKV i BRO., i!~ No. 36 "Central Storee," B trMD Tth and 8*h street*, no a it Opponitw Ceuier Market VA CARD. 1RG1NIA AND 540 SOUTH CAROLINA MONE\ Ik. AND OF ALL OTHER STATES, t of taken at pa*, and Goodi sold at tit* lowest market price for oe ?a?l A inperior (took of CLOTHING now on h? "Ur antl hanoj to eaploy now one kindred and I c. J hand* whioh we wiek to keep in employment d iif tkia panio, we will offer extra lndnoewen'a to rUGooda nidi to order in the boat atylaa n WALUSTBPHKN* A CO, bo B IT Pa. Bt bet 9th <u?<t )?h ? N>?' f\UB BONNET*, I1AT8, Md FLAT8 ?f or u.T:'s^*iai' ehoio*. At BTKVKN8U, J ?srlt" noa-tf 3?6, botw. 9th aiiJ 10th ai Ao , rv A. HL'B.NER'S 1*5 UllESSMAKlNtt ESTABLISHMENT, No. 406 Eimxra 8t. ggj Between Paivnut and E at. a~; wiaar'^aarcft Ssa?5 S7JLf Ac., cat and maie to ordor br iwy fc* t'?? p ?U ia the lataat Pana and U?nd<>a atylae, at ahortoat notooa. rte 1 > ?,KeT V.EO.NIAW^A'iirf.V."?7 "* _____ THE LATEST NEWS TSLKQBAFHIC. fire*I I'iIm MffUB| la PkllWflpkit Piiuuirau, Dee IJ-Tk? fraud I'ttw R)ffUii( naaembird it MAI In m4?pw4?i? Square. Tbe coolneaa of the weatber presented bo obatarle nor hindraoce to tbouaaad* ot clU??aa, old and yonoff The proceedings commenced with an elnauwt u4 fervent prayer by Klsfeop Potter Mayor Henry presided, assisted bv s Urge bar of Vice President* snd Jteeretarita. wboao names comprtaed nan* of our waaltbleat and moat Influential citizens. Irwprrtlw of nartr The reaolutiona were read and adopted TW? proclaim attachment to and rasasaao*of the C?-a stltatloa; an earnest, endearing and united lose, ?ot sectional but national, denlore the t*rt tt>?? boom of the Stsfs have placed upon their statute took* enactor nt* rv?<tii>k' and def- at ag the *m provision* of tbr Constitution. and pr?iiwiti?| ?uch acta as violations of a solemn compact, ap^11111! for their repeal and pledge that the statute >k of Pennsylvania shall be are re bed. and every statute (If any such eatst) Invading U>? con StituUonal rights of any sister S*tat? shall at one* be repealed; rrcOK?i*l?^ the obtl*atlora ef th? fugitive-slave law; recommending our bretfcre* In State* contemplating areaaion. to forbaar. reminding them of tbe Jnnutaerabla ties wblrh bind ua together aa one people The resolutions also condemn the d?ann< latlooa of alavery aa It eitid In the United Statu The Snath ( arallan (iakrranterlal Caate?t? Inall Pa* >t lalmkto Columbia, Dec IX ?The Legislature proceed ad egaln to-dev to ballot for Oovert.or The third ballot stood: Jamison.Rbett Jobnnon.45, Pirk>..a 'Ji I a r.tri nip;, V I Urf UTI IIV II IO cbolc*. balloting wu impended for to-dsv , The small pox Is Increasing km. and there Is a great panic at the prospect of the Legislator* adjourning to Char Irs ton to-morrow. Acoccta, Dec 14 ?Thomas R Cobb, brother of Hou. Howell Cobb, is out with a rtcooiisr d atlon to the seceding States to gz a time for the Ordinance of Secession to take effect. M?ge?<ing some day between the 1Mb and Mh of Keoroart. la the Interim, Commissioners from the Becedlog States to meet and consult irti tbe propriety of stepping out of the old Confederacy into another based on the present Constitution. A Bald Attempt at ttabbery. IsD*PK!?PK?iri. Dec II ?A party of four M went to the bouse or .Mr. Morgan Walker, il'utttd about eight miles from this city, to demaad from him bia money and negroes Air Walker bavin* been notltled yesterday that such a demand would be made, called some of bis neighbors to bis assistance. As soon as tbe robbers made tbrlr appearance tbey were fired upon.and one was killed and another wounded. Tbe wounded man and tbe other two of tbe perty made their oneape Tbe Sheriff of the county and a pome of men are In pursuit of them. The robbers are from Kansas, and were betrayed by a man whom they bad pressed Into nldlnir them 1"here Is a great deal of excitement existing here In regard to the affair, and should tbe robbers be caught, no doubt tbey _..i 11 k. ? A p win or iuiiiiuar>iy puniswa Prtpciilitii U kr>4 Ki>PrnU?it Ftllwn en m M1uu*b u l?ith CtrtllM. Buffalo, Dec. 12 ?A meeting of some three hundred prominent citizens *>i held here last evening, for tbe purpose of requiting ex-Presi dent Kiilinoreto proceed to South Carolina ui messenger of prsce The appointed cotaoilUes waited on Mr Fillmore, who expressed the warmest svmnatbv with the obiset m th? maet log. but said he had been invited to attend a meeting of tbe prominent conservative men of tbe State hortlv. and should feel bound to await the result of tbeir deliberations. The Kismi Treaties LumwoiiH, Dec 11 ?We have Information from tbe scene of trouble to tbe Uth Instant. Large parties of troops from Fort Leavenworth had moved to Mound City, there joining tbe force of It*) men from Fort Reilly Attempts were made to arrest Jamison, but neither be nor Montgomery could be found. Tbe rumors of Montgomery's entrenchment and resistance are simply absurd Tbe inhabitants of Mound City and vicinity were much excited, fearing harsh tbreatment from the Federal authorities Nebraska Legislature. Omaha. Dec. 10.?The Hour to-day pawed a bill to prohibit slavery in the territory, there helnif lint two HliMntintr vntM Th# hill will be considered In the council to-morrow, and will probably pas* that bodv in * few dnv? Mills to incorporate the Missouri and Western and Pacific Teleuraph Companies bare been introduced and will doubtless become laws Snow fell yesterday to the depth of eight inches, and the weather Is now mod' ratelr cold. Additional Frsaa Karspe Halifax, Dee. 13 ?'The steamship Euro pa from Liverpool on tbe 1st. bu arrived b?* Hts bu on freight SluO.uuu la specie on America* account The estimated salea of cotton on Satarday were 10 UUO baiea, inrludine 5UU for eiport. Tbe market closed itftdy bot quiet Provlaiona cloaed quiet. Conaola cloard 9(i\a9S\. Victor Kmannel arrived at Palermo on Uia lat amid great en'huaiasm. 'ram Pike's Teak Dssvur. Dec 8?Tbe jurv in tbe Harrison caaa bare not yet agreed oa a verdict Tbe Evening News of yesterday publishes a , nutnuer or result* or u?e quartz mining open tiuni?tbe preceding week ranging from 9331 HO up to SI ,556 40 in an average or three days' work. No anow baa fallen alnce tbe Last dispatch, bat tbe weatber is threatening. The ladlaa Trsahles. Fort Kuidit. Dec lt? ?Cspt. Steele, with 2 bis company of Infantry, returned last night from * Cottonwood Springs, where he met the ablets of the Ogaluiu and Brutll tribes of Sioux Indians. They refuse to come here to make a treaty with _ the cotninauder, and talk of war in the spring, to r aven?e the death of the son of tbe c f.ef of the Otfilulu tribe, on the '/7th of November, by the j citizen* of Denver. 1 nzittcbiieiu Miuclftl Electaoae. l' Roxbcet, Dec 11 ?Chaa Wm Gaston, Inlon0 let, wat elected mayor y eater dor by Mj plural' ity. Chaklsctow!c. Dec 11 ?Horace G Hutcbtne, " Unionist, vru elected mayor yesterday by 744 ml!; Jority Writ of Mn4iau t|(lati a Gtvrraar. Lociuvillk, Dec II.-Governor Mac mm hu >a ordered a motion in tbe Supreme Court for * ' writ of mendamua against Governor Dennlaoo. of ? Ohio, Krowlng out of the lattpr'a rrfral to wr* render fugitive uiKin the rr-auiaitioa from tbe - Kiecntlve of Kentucy If tbe motion fall*, otber V atepc will be immediately taken r. Siafilar Metoorte Pkeaaaitaaa. u Dowhikstowii, Fa.. Dec 11 ?A large ball of k- lire was distinctly visible la tbe heaven* tbta *ve_ nlnir, about a quarter p*?t 6 o'clock, to tbe northward It w*a Darticularly brilliant while It laaled. U It gradually fell from It* altitude and broke Into J- Innumerable amalier balla of Ire,which mm 41a_ appeared. ? L*ul?innn State Coiventlonto bo Called. lo Niw Onuni, Doc IV ?The Loulaiana Stale th Senate baa paaard a Convention bill. Tho Miaaia'h ilppi Commlaaioner announced tbe action of that -J State, aaklng the co-op ration of Loulaiana A _ reaolution requesting the Governor to communtil cate the action of tbe Leglalature to tbe otbor Slave State* was adopted. B* ? |? Mnrderora aentenced In Bo*ton Dj Bo?to.i. Dor 11? Bryant Moore, convicted of ?t, killing bta wife, and Jamea flurley. convicted of r killi> < policeman uongbertjr, worn to-day aen? tenced to tbe State prlaon for (if* t VArk NUpkiu N?w York. Dec. 13 ?Floor 1em active, and acircrly au flrio W beat dull Corn Arm Pro* vlatoua dull. Wblskv dull at 18?al?fce. }? Ptaaaclal. ' Niw Vou, Dtc 13?Stocto are lowar. ChiOit emc* ud Reck Uland 47; llliMii C?*M Am 57 fc; do. bondt BSfc; L?cmw? and MU. tfc; M icbtiren Southern *-\-Nrw Yorfc Central ftk; Reading ?; Mudaon Ri?wt R R-3>J<; Mft.d'ftW. ~ IP YOU WANT TOIBAVE THE UNION 1 Ca ju r H A R V ? Y'S. Who bMjoetr*oriv?Hl ft t?r|?offr?h L*> 8TKRS K!??H, ftiOl ioe uYfe lV.R!?, ?h whteh he vi!I aei re to eiitoMn a* the auorteat mot oe ftcd on uberft t -riw. ud, P 8 ?P??Ur? eerved to fawilie* ft*d IwMihy ifly not aoftldni, they are otly Mtidtd m pwa?ea eotT. M HAKVfcY. ^bGAEI AND TOBAOtJ^ Wl T?* MIL2 izizxikz^>jste&w? B tftft oot eft. ft rju e & o?-?ed ft *1^ OO fro E *?&?& laieo rati -", ae #e.l a* duaMetie ??.?.eotftre, feW 7E'We. he hopee dime fti?d earloi a-< r,-,. B lo th-Vftntt ftad >atere??ft c/ueM^of ? ^SL.\TTt^TLd %ki. ? i'ii " !? r WIMH.iN. *>< (*, iai (ft jrctr ?(?< im Amk r.iMH MM tn?ir n nr m : t ><i w4l ??* f?' to lt? M*W t ^.iigfe