Newspaper of Evening Star, December 13, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 13, 1860 Page 4
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* THE EVENING STAR. CT The subjoined article vu sent to us by Mr. Bruff u written " for the Mar " Since It was put In type, however, we notice that be has compU( men ted a cotemporary In the same manner. [Fob th* 5?tar. TO PROMOTERS OF DISUNION. E Pir?iw? U*TJt!" "Om* and ImffrnJtlf ; U*\t*4 wt Slant; but D% vut*d wi Fhil" Oh! pause, Mrrioidea ! nor dare To tan t. near Vkrnom's Tomb, the ?ir With breathints of the traitor's mind. That wwu.d ora Frdsral tirs unbind ! Oh ! how decenerate from tduse Who lov'd oar Union?not its foes! And for the Gowtact axb it? Laws Would noblj ponsu in the cause gsoreaat ohi'dr?n of the jnst: %rs ye re*. k? thsir dbkd or trvst f An 1 bid?on tactions ai?r, rise ?for a laorifics ' Behold th? Globiocb Fabbic!?wrought Br pow'r of aupirnuiaa i thought, / nJ DtIM or rATBlOIIC WORTH, w&ioh gava ih* &TATSS UaiTBD, birth! WobIJ r U?ia proep'roua nn.ou doom To hud la auarohy it* t-jinb?? bunder tha bond* that ma J* as atrong. To itui 'gain t a:; tho pow'ra of wrong t Tnia oa bat RxrcaLio would re No loa??r "ojib of tr<M i But h atila rta'a* b/di?oorJ torn, 1' mi.Iiona a.iall th? rupture mourn ! Look ! nweoreanU' on that bakxx* bb out Would je blot out ita atarry light ? " * ? ? U??A?ia farl'd fad uave tfioee atnp?? ? i urever, from an saxioa ? world INVOCATION. Oh ! may or* itakt ba**ra'a (trips* F ovt proudly o'er ita wuti domain ; Wfcen treason a poetilcntial breath No mora the oouutry oaa inflate J Look raay oum cohtuiest-bjtat*, Command t. admiring w r.d'a regard ; W hen rutble?a laolton dare no mora Its avoRiocs bmtixt retard ! 8ocl? or tbi noblb patriot bind, Who fel', ftnbattlmg for our home? wht??o livae were for thb Uj?ios gi vn? lnapire each statesman 'n-ath yon dome ! Ye eiojbka o? oca frikhold-chart ! On ! at ill look down, and guid j ua on! 8ocl or th* Patriot Chibttaiii, for* ! Smiie on na eyer,?W ashisgton ! J. uuldiboiusbh k*vii. City of Washisotos, Dec lu, I860 ? m 0 m ? Hiw kind or M*??A very IntereaMng maj b*? bf?i publi&bed in England, Id wbicb. on Merca tor's projection, are laid down careful In dicationa of the regions subject to eartbquakea an? the sites of volcanoes In the language of It constructor, It sbovra the surface distribution ant space of earthquakes. As a very large number o copies of the map Is required, and the greatest ac curacy of delineation necessary, it baa been eze cuted )n cbromo-litbo^rapby, and printed in ?ri?a of different tints from eiifht difT-rcnt stonea Thus, various change* of orange and orange re< bow what are termed the "seismic band*'' 1 their position and relative Intensity. Small disk denote. In black, '-volcanoes, ftimeroks. so fdtans," now a tlve, or presumed to have b?n within historic or recent geologic periods j speckled gray-blue shade Indicates the areas c tubs dence ? whether sub-oceanic or terraneannow proceeding A green line demarcate* lan from *ea. Of the great ocean*, only the Atlantl shows much of that agency which produce* eartl quakes and that chletlv In Its latitudes north < toe equator. The Paetlc has almost an Immunit from these throe* of the earth's inner crust. C **? --- C*u?nnA K*s Iks fainter tints i mc tuu?' UCIIW, ?|U| vpv uu* a?M .... - . e.'smtc binds in tbe north; but only in Icelan does tbe deeper bias hue indicate great lntsnstt accompanied by tbe algua of coaaiderable to lean ~ - * ? * _ At action?there bel.ig tea smaller qou, oeaiaea u large on* for Hecia Too Latb ?Judge Mullent of New York, 1 charging the grand jury,insisted that theyahoul investigate the case or John Thomas tbe neg who waa returned to hiamaster in Kentucky. Tl Judge ia giving mouth on a v*rv coid trail, aatl negro waa aold two weeks ago, to go South. lC7"An unbelieving yphaioiogiat recently p mic roar rope under one of the "roota" which fashionable corn doctor had tfknded to a patie as from bia foot. Examination showed It to tx litre bit of catgut. JC^The steamship Huntsvllle arrived at N< York on Monday, from Savannah, and brout: ightv-six steerage paaaengera, who were w back by tha authorities. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. ? - ? - - a act mi i . >AliU.>AL H U ILL.?A Kf?l. .TI? D] DO Hicks. M Hicks, R A Powoll. K O Bvickle, Ww?ndonfk, V?; K C Doan, F 8 Slgbolt. O R inson. C PBri^ham, W Horn. W McKinley, t Blanchard and ly, Mlsa Hlancbard. Mm Wall Ml> Tyler. NY; Jno Berry, L Tyslnget, L Sir bough, G ?x>muth, VVm R?-se, J Fltzpatrlck, . Coaditf, Md; W Rab?, W B Farwell, 9 Nori Cal; \V G Hale, Tei; J B Proctor, W H John* Maw; W T Niemann, J T Marshall, D Kennol and ly, J M Brooks, J A Hierband, Pa; \V Ca w?-ll, C Smith, Del; J A Brougbton and fam .N MrsSbnlder, Miss Shralder, Ky; Dr A Do Tenn; A Gre<u?b?ck, Oregon; W 9 Mow, 111; D Castleman, DC; VV Evans, Miss Lock, Pa; & Jones, O. BROW N'S HOTEL.?'T Johnson, W AH man, L. Taylor, Md; L U bingbam. .> Y ; col Mohler, T Gwlo, H Keckman, 1/ L Panier. R Owen, L Moaby, Va; Hou R W Johnson and fs Ark; RB Thooapaon, Mtaa: J A gemple, USA Mac ana. Tex; J Aodine, MJ; E Thornton, Ala B Downing. C Adam*. La, A Hamilton, Tenn Daniel and If, Pa; N Nortleet, Va; Dr H Wa ln^ton, USX; W Johna*n. Va; P F Spier, Md; Wlitar. A Docbllm, Pa, S D Hall and ly, NY Shelden, Rl; J Miller, J Owena, Md; KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?W V McKean, J 1 rick, J B GuthMa, Pa; M Gould and ly. N J; E SehoR. Tenn; M E Hanagan, Cal; T 8 Barton C; S H Pirkey and ly, Tex, 8 W Picklln, V McKenney. Va Of EA N S TEA MERS' SAILING DA Fro* tbs Ubitbb Statbi. CX tv- ru. John Beii ? ..New York.. .Gl&egow .~.D< From Li tfor? BoraMia......... Houth'ptou.. .New York... D? Jar?..?. Liverpool New York...De Fj t<?n ,S*oatn,|.t<?(i._New York...De F&.t-efane Liverpool New York ..U? The Cfeliforeis uiui (tinier* leave on the Uth, and S)ta of every month. pUUMBEKd AND GAS WTTERS. f w TDnuunniu *. nn ?? e * nw.ii a. v/ v Would ea l the attention of water takers to < tan assortment of l-ixtures bccmiwi to item ducti>o,ae follow*:?K1TCH N RANtiEH.BX Tl B8, VVATFR OL JSETi*. HOT WA1 BOILERS. KITCHEN SINKP, PI? MPS. lr<>n. Wroo*ht iron. f.ead and Galvanised > TKK PIPKS. HYDRANTS ud PAVE WA Fk8. Rl'BiER HOSfc.fto Hanne ?uperior advar.tace?, with pr?c k <>wledje, we are prepared to introdaoe W into dweilinc* with all the latest iirproveiri prumpUj. and at prioee that cannot fail to aati 860 Penc. avenm <? 34 dtMar 1 bet.?th and t'th ?U.. eonth ?i OLD RICH, MKLLOVV AND PURE B 0 R N S I D E ' 8 MONONOAHELA RYB WHISKEY. Cooaoienttoaslj distilled by Mr. James Burn of AMSfaar Oonatf, Penca., m th? old-faebi< hoLMi vy,(roT, the choicest sod m?>st care looted Rye, and m mo oam ev?r oSered for nntii adapted to whoiesomo ih bj m" 1* odm ths most palatable,as it i? ?<np %tioar!j of ths purest beverages in the reach of th? pa To the invalid, as well as to tDose in heall commands itself for its snrivalled qualities timuiaut of Um safest aarest, Md moat beoefl deeeriptton. aad man? of Um most dtsfcngui aajsioiaos art nsi^g itia tasir praotioe vttl &app:e*t results. CL.ER Y * STOCK DALE, Pro?rieton 3'J8 Walnut street, fhiladelj WM. C. CO.NOVKR Afsot for ths Proprietors. ttSft Pa mr turn oppoaito Willarria' Ho DtL J. MOVKE Dol>'l? IMPERIAL WINS BITTBi An bov Mac ssad from Xtine to tho ttraa; Lu*. aal UiS annrwaalrardiet of all who tn*a aULar** a or m a irvtrart, n th?y are tnnTU*'. ic t&* wor.d. D^. thorn xMaafcuT la ata practioc for I* j?n t> vo parooaMd *7 un U? ?olo rialit to laauafa ?r?wiiUuib tor >M to uo tublio. Fo ear* of n-?n??r5?tioa, lndi*??tlon, ?omU. rll?^ narrou tHiiaiw, Femalo C S??3?se,1 tssr- 'iv; as-Erawasrs2 Jfl Ui ?UCXPtTB^lat tfcM* MU^Nim^. Tot Dimun of Ut ICHnoys, Bladder IM Or Orgftaa, Md oapooioJiy for FoimJo Ofcrtrwl Birwr (iu j to mu*. ud ir> varruUd to fltt i CBAHLEB WIDD1FIELD A COfroyriitora, 7? WlUIMiVi )o7 ly.r A??wt. Wwhinftoo. D Francis harper, U? rise OPISZD A family 6r0cerv a\5 r'KKDSTOl OfMT ?/ #?? York (CMM Md Ttmtk tint Re?pootf'i iy *01101 ta too aaxroii&c* of thoac Bur w la *a< of may ftrtiof* in tho tnor* lino, oodoftvor* aboil ho to piaoao, oixi by O tnot ft tj >a to Lbo run of tb* putiiio, bo Kopoo to m obore of thotr pabOlMe Hi* took ooonata of 00017 ftrtielo unftllr |&ttud to IiiUIwi Foaiiy Grooory oaa J MISCELLANEOUS. LI *' h. FIRE, ? AND MARINE I INSURANCE! , HKATH A RNOWLE9. INSURANCE AO E NT 8. Ottic*, Room 16, Own Bah* or Wuiimwi. ? tl CONNECTICUT MlHuAL, Accchclatioji f J. 00,000 fire INSURANCE THE STATE OF Ricimosd, Cash Capital-...#300,000 NEPTUNE INSURANCE COMPANY. Philadelphia.' Capital ahd Steplci .#300,000 GOODHUE INSURANCE COMPANY, \ " vv., cash apital__.. #900,000 il?w m. v? in th? latter, all the advantages of a mutual are j c aiced w ithont incurring tk* liability. , Itisaranoa at a* low rate? as in auy other equally re?po triple oompasies, and polity holders allowed j to partioipate in toe profits. de 1 , I HAVE NOW ON HANT A COMPLETE 1 Stock of? ntfi* I Ladies' Kid and Lastinc Velvet TrimmedSHJ Boots Ladiea' Kid and La<tinf Buttoned Boots, * Ladies' vt oroooo and tfoat?ktn Buttoned Boots | Indies' Thick and Pur B<-<?t*. Misses' Kid Velvet-trimmed Hoots, Misses' Kid Moroooo and Goatskin Bot'4 Boots, Ladies' and Misses' Rubber bong Boot*. Wbicb 1 am se l\ng from SOo. to 91 pair lower than the same quality oan bo bought elsewhere in thie Alt*. Aiao.'a full aaaortrrent of BooU and Shoe* for cents', boys*, endyoutha' wear. J. ROSENTHAL. No. 16 tfa'kat Spaoe, de 1 eotf Pa ay., bet ?th and 9th ate. Window shades at first cost-the toek of all kinds WINDOW SHADED at the atoreof? LAOKTr k. all aizea, oonaistinr rrf elegant Gilt, landscape, Grar Pencilled and Gothic Styloa. ii porhapathe moat oompl-te variety to be found any wnere in thia oitr. Alio, all widths SHADTS {.INENS, in Bnff, Whit*. Illue a"<! <?re?n, witn an m? nxiuret Alto, PICTURE <X>RDS, CORDS and TASSELS. in tett, for Picturet, Picture Nailt, with fanny and plaiq head. Alto. b?autifut TIDIES, in all si set. At c- at for the oath. notl eo6t CLAGETT k DODSON. New york elegant curtain materials, at prime cost. The ttooc of all kindt > ( Curtain Material! at the ttore of CLAGETT k. DODSON, it still oompltt* in all that it rich and detirable. 4II 07 fcrlT of whioh will now be oloted out at the prime oott. no S7-*o6t 'HATS AND CAPS! . The latent New York ftyle of 1 fllA'T# UBCW HATH Sb now on liaad. V JM I The AMAZON HAT, &JP| r New Stvle, juat opened. &.IF1BI ^ " and tea"? J * HArS'ln At Rkdccbd Psiou. a B. H. &TINEMKTZ, 93? Pa. ar., i no 84 pear oorner Thirteenth treeC 1 np ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. n 1 HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot' tery, conducted by the Spanish Government, under I- (be sapemnon of the Captain General of Gnba, io will tatn place at Havana on \ SATURDAY, Dicmn 15, 1N0. >f SORTS O NOME HO 647 ORDINJLKIO. CAPITAL. PRIZE ?10?,00?. d I Ktu of 100,000 *o pnaee of lc I do ?o,ooo ?0 do ?, ?oo l- I do St,mo 1?3 do 400 ,r i do sr %tprox. sjoo _ 1 do ltt,n? Z IN ALL *88 PRIZES. '* Whole Tioketis, ft'JO? flakes, flO?Quarters, fi. :,r Prises cashed at sijht at t per oe.nt. diioout. d Bills on *11 solvent Banks taken at par. r, A drawing will be forwarded u soon m the remit lc becomes known. All orders for aohemes or tiokets to be addreased 19 to DON RODRIGl KZ, no 88-tr Care of Citr Poet. Charleston. s. C. In ? G. O. DEML'TH ft CO.. j IMPORTERS And Wholesale and Retail Deal?rB 'n ro HAVANA CIGARS. FOREIGN WINES, BRANDIES, GINS. # ?., uo ixn. |U nOITR ?yBAILII STKIITi Five doort abort LtTinglon st., ut no 82-ly Baltimore. a /^nUNIONRKSTAURANT.^sv nt C>W?J By JACOB RUPPLI, (-J > a ^Jidf Corner of 19th and II sts? f -w floors south of Pa. av., Favier's old stand, First ?w Ward, Washington. His War is constantly sopbt piled with the choicest Liquor* and Cuars. The ,nt wost Fried Oyster* in Wajluiicton can beobfained athispl&oe. Kami lie* supplied with Oyst-rs in ?ve ry stjle, and at reatonabl* prioes. *e23-eo6oi ~ j^CHOOL AND COLLE6E OUTFITS. ~ ? J Youths' and Boys' Clothing for School and * Dress Wear. Parents and guardian* wishing to furnish then 1C children and wards with School ard College Outfiti cer for the ooiuing getsoa, are invited to examine oui ?- J v 1 A. DAVO a-*11 THE ONLY PBEPABATIOS I8 WORTH Y OT dw UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE A PATRON AG! FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, C CLE KG YMEX. LA DIES, and QENTLKMEX L in all parte of the world testify to the effioacr of l - PROF. O.J WOODS HAIR RESTORATIVE ' i and centieraen of the Pr*e? are unammon* in it ' i, prai*?. A few testimonials obIt otu be Here tivph i ? ?ee ei'?ultr for more, aud it will b? lraposiible to iab- you to doubt. i J 47 Wall Stout. N*w Votii D*O. 10.1K>. ; J GtntUm-n: Your note of the 16th mutant ha been reo?ived, mjicz that Ton had heard that p . bad been benefited by (he oveof Wood'* Hair Ke ..7 ?torative, an < requesting mj oertifioata of ttaefac u 1 U*u NV l/(/jWklVU ?V? ftl V V ?? i, r l award it to yon ohee fully. Imiih I think i / N due. My ate is about to years ; the ooiir of tr, hair ?ut)urn, and inolioed to oarl. S<>me fire o ix years sinoe i? began to turn cay, anil the so*1! on iheo'own of my n?ad to lose its rensibt ity an YS dandruff to form upon it. Kaoh of theee disagree * abilities inor?ased with time, and about 4 mouth since a fourth was added t j them. by hair falUn it. off the top of my bead and threatening to make m ?24 bald. in this unpVasant predicament I waa induced t a ji " If n a: ... . _ i a. & & l io 4 'X""1 iu m 0 11 'ailing off of my hair, for 1 had really no expeota 0 12 tion tnat era? hair o uld ever be reatored to il c * original o?>ior except from draa. I va>. hovevfti 9th great]_* surprised to find, after the use of two bol * tiea only, hai not only waa tae felling off arreate. ___ but the color waa estorcd to tb? gray hairk an aeaaibility to the aca!p anadandrutf o*ased to fori on mr head, ve?y much to the gratification of re wife, at whoaa solicitation I waa icducrd to try i For thia. among the many obligations 1 owe t bar aex, I atronfly recommend all nuahandawli itro- ra.ue theadmirati n of their wive* to profit by w iTH example, and uae it if growing gray or jettm*. ba < "F.R Verueaeeetfnlly, Be*. A. Lavbrdbk. r.ut To O. JT wood * Co.. 444 Broadway. N. V. ,v a- Mr fa nul 7 are ahaeot from the city, ana 1 am i ?H- longer aWo. 11 Carrol Plaoe. _ ? ^ . SiaHBToii, Ala., 1*^9 tioal To Pioi. O J. Wood: lUar Sir?Your ''Ha ater R^rtoratlve" has done mr hurto much good aim ants, I oommeneed tha u*?or it, that I ?iah to mal afy. known to thepublio ofita efleote onth? hair, whn ?, are creat. A man or woman mtr benearly depnvi de. of hair, and by a reeort to your ' Hair Kestorativi the hair will return more t>e?wtilal than ever; least this ia my expe.-ienoe. Believe it all! Youra truly, * W*. H. Km IDT P. S.?V?u oan publlah the above if you like. 1 publishing in oar Southern papera you will | oned patronage South. I eee aeveral of jour at ruii tifioatea in the Mobile Meroury, a strong Souths Hall P**r- w. H.Vmkdt ia at WOOD'S HAIR R KSTORATIVK. rone P*o?. O J. Waoo: IHar Sir: Having had t blie. miafortane to lose the beet portion of my hair, frr th, It the effects of the yel.ow fever, in New Orleans u i i?i, i vm iwiHN iu ui5io inu oi yoBr pnrar loent tion. and found it to anever M the ??ry uil ihon needed. Mj hair ia no* thiok and gloaay, and k the worda oan expreai my obligationa to yon in iivi to tlie afflioud eooh a treasure Pijilbt Jouxac p'hia. The Reatoratlve ie put up in bottlea of three ait< Tit: large, medium and email; the anali hold h . av.. a pint, and retail a for one dollar per bottlo: the in tei. ' dlum hod* at ie?i t 20 per oast, mors in proporti than tn? email, retail* for two dollar* pv b >ttl the large hu.di a au&rt, 40 per oent. mure ii prop* 13, Uon, and retail* (or SS. _ .... uii. o. J. WOOD Jk Co . Proprietors, 444 Broa | _M way, New York, aud 114 Market street, St. Lou V8o d in thia a ty by C. STOTT, 374 Pa. aveui a/ore ao 27 enty,alw b&' City steam ?/iu?wooD MILLS 'om axo (?- COAL D?POT. (Von fooi ?/ StvtHtemtk urttt, btljve War D-rartm* ;"Vhi WOOD prapared, any laoftk and aise, ton Vine the want* of eaoh paronaaer 4* of COA' -KbPT IW COAL HOUSES, protect aeiat from the weather?delivered fr?*e from aiate, di ttera and other impuritiea. 3JM0 lbe. to the ton. hu*i T# J, A Wi M< bAliT, Jje/ no 10-tf 81** Pa. av.. betw. 11th and 12th aU m ota DI ? <PII B DO ?ao riAlVMBOt tt E Have in elore, and are daij reowvmx, 8, w P/Xf (7A?S of entirely New Patternaaad Deaia and Fiiuah, eaaerior is atjla to anything harp ton offered in thie market. We invite aitiiene jener ly to oall and examine oar a took of Oaa and Wal Fixturee, feeling oon&deat that we hav* the b< eelaetatl aiook in Waahinaton. All Work ia the above line in treated to Mr n ?3, Wlln-'rO"'tl"ttoO^gkBfcM0GHAN mar >-tf MYKR8 k I^oQH^S.^ QOUBHB, COLD?. HOARSENESS, A?. i*_ COMPOUND aJXupKOF OVM ARABIC , Thta ajaaaant and po??)ar Cou?h Remedy k beem ao loti* known and ?xteaai vei y used, that mi pera^na have become familiar with ita extraordii IK rt a#oaey. It,e*n be had at all the erinopal dr J*' atoree at 8> ard an eenta a txwtle aw W eoin w. ll/B NBYKR HAD NKM BARGAINS I Hu TT ?iaNO FORTES aa at areaont. hot n< Ken U4 aeeond aaad. JOHN P ELLIS, irlta da I Pa avenna rs r-tf and loth eta, ao TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. 1ALTIMORF. AND OHIO RAILROAD. ) WASHINGTON BRANCH. , Ob nod after SUNDAY, November 29th, MO.ttaa < tint will ran m followi: i LEAVE WASHINGTON: ) Flrnt tr*m at?Jn a. m. F^oond Tr?i q at 7.40 a. m. ? Third train at 3.10 p. m., Exprees. Fourth train at ? m 1 LEAVE BALTIMORE First train at 4.18 a. in., Exprea*. geoond train at 8J6 a- m. Third at3.1ftp.m. Fourth at 4.90 p. m.t Express. The first, i^oond and third trains from Washrig ton oonneot tnrough to Philadelphia and New j f ?irk. The eeoond and third oonneot at Washing ton lunotion with trains for til* West, South, and | Northwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, for Aa napolis. For Norfolk take the ? 40 a. m. trat i. l-or the aooommodation of the war travel bew*en Washinston and Laurel, a passenger oar nil be attaohea to the tonnage train whiohleaves it S.40 p. m. On 8*turdar the 5.10 p. ra. train goes to Philadelphia onlr. no ?-q T. H. PAR9QN8, Agent. NEW ORLEANS X3MT TBURBIl CHOICE OP THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE. Via Ormngt and Alexandria Ratiromd rwr\ r vNnnDUPS. V AJ K Vtrgtnta and Tennessee. Emit Tennessee and Virginia, Bast Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jaeksen, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS*ROUTE: ifM.kta h? d? tk>i?K h* Pirat elajta Paaketc ta MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montromerr by Rail, thenco to Mobile by Piratolau Pfcokou, Mobil? to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sanoars IifCLVsn, Lmu waskiiiften at a. m. au e p. m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leaves her wharf root of Seventh atreet atWa,m, and Wp.m. and oonneoU at Alexandria with the Onnje and Alexikndrla Trains for the BonthweeC Ofioe? Pennsylvania avense, oorner of Sixth St. UMU1 OKWKMD mOOM TO MMW OIUUU. Lynehbnrc 87 ?o Memphis >11 00 Bristol li 'JO Atlanta . .. ? M 00 Mnoxnfe .... ..>000 Macoa MOO Chattanooga .M00 Colombo* - SI CO Dalton M 00 Monteornery a 00 RaiiUnll* ..9im I via Memehis^S SO Grand jcncUon__?00(N. O.J via?6. Ju"nc_? fo Naahville If Ml \ via Mobile. _?? 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is 00 MILES SHORTER, and 34 HOURS LES8 IN TIME than any other Lix?-lho Lynohbore Extension being now oompletod, as also the Misaisaippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! it la provided with Firat olass Sleeping Cars! (To New Ofleana TU Honrs. Mwiyim do* Moiitgomeir .*3 do. Nashville . . 46 do. (D~The U.S. MAILana ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over thla New Lice. Tickets oan be obtained at the South Westers Ofloe, corner of Sijtth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to thefollowing points: Lynohbarg, Bristol, Rnoxville, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huntsviile, Brand Junction, Maoon, Nashville, Da! ton. Columbus, fTT THROUGH TICKETS TO THB TJL RIO US VIRGINIA SPRINGS.. fO"OmnibiiMa and liatea*? Waiona leari tin offico at i a. m. and I >. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Atant, ni ?-tr Comsr Sixth Bt.and Pa. at. I rf*HE STEAMER J AS. ?UY Will r?wag he I. trips on TPESDAY, 21?t of February, 1M0. Will Icare WASH I NUT ON mrerr TUESDAY and*M ^ FR 1 PAY, at 8 o olock a. n..,and AI.KXANDRI2 at half-paat? o'oiock, for CL'RKIOMAN and th< [ intermediate Landings. On her return trivg. sii will l?ave CUIIRIOMAN erorr WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, M6 o'olook a. m. LUCIA N 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATHTi BOU8H. At't, Alexandria. fa an OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEA LEI OF OAS METERS. VVARBinsToif. July IS, 1860. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That, agree ably to the provisions ofths ordinance of the Cor pur%tion approved Mar 12.1800. the undersigned i - now prepared, "whenever resulred in writing, an on pre payment of the foe of fifty oents, to inspeot examine, test, prove, and a?oertain the aoonraoy o registration ormy gas mAtor in nse in this city. { Every metor, if found inoorreot, will be condemned and another, sealed and marked as trne, will b set in i* * p'aoe. If proved to be aoonrate in it , measnr.-ment of gas, it will be sealed aooordinglj and again put inposuios for nse. Omoe No. 010 Seventh street,(near Odd Fei .ows'Hall ) Omh from 8 a. m., to 5 s. m. J CDAR1.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, , jylB-tf Tnnpeotor and Sealer of Gas Meters. r W MERCHANT TAILORING. " ? E Invite our oustomers, and oitizens general ly. to an insp?o ion of our prf^sent new, at _ a? * tractive. and efecaot assortment of^BB 1 CLOTHS CASSIMKRK8. DOKSRINB. ffm ; votings, overcoatings, Ao. wtf 1 whioh we will make to order in aoperior * , ?tyl? at very lowprioea. wall, stephens ft co* o?35-tf 3'iii Pa. av., betw. 9th and 10th ata. I TJURE OLD RYK WHISKY FOR MEDI d X CINAL USE. i Price 97 per gallon or 50 centj per bottle. * The ra?t home and foreign demand we have f< this artinle auifioieutlyatteaa ita punty and ezoo 0 lenoe Moreover it may be mentioned inthiaooi . n?-xion that many inva.ideof del ioate or eanisatto unahle to use whi"ky of other hrau'la. have four !_ the above moat eStaactou* and happy in ita rifeot . A liherai discount on the above prices made the trad*. KpWARD HALL. Dealer in fine Winea and Lisuors, J Family Groceries. Ac , opp. Center Market, rn oc 2T-*c20t between 7th and Oth streets. 7 PLOAK8! CLOAKS i CLOAK 85!! [z The Camilla, the Arab, thsGaribaidi, The Romeo, the Zouave, th* Afbauas, j The Richard, the hoaiian ?a?k. the Freuoh rac With many other nsw and beautiful aty e? Rept. Treoo and French Beaver Cloth, io prio .. iron 83 5fl to 8a, to which we aak the attention the ladiea. no 17 TAYLOR & HUTCHISON iT UOWE'SIMPROVKD WElGUINGSCALfc M II These Scales are offered to the publio aa t t* moat simple, durable, and reliable scales ever put 32 aae, First class p rem in ma hare been awarded thi by the UnitedStAtes Pairaod Vlrfinia Afioultai \ Society; Virginia Slate AfnsultnraJFair: Frank ?* Institute Fair, PetinaylvaniarNew York State F? Vermont State Fair, Ac., Ao. In every oase whi exhibited theyoave roceived ft rat class premini ? For aa at fa Louisiana artnnt. iMmt of Mii le et Oklladlroa MBh W- dell-Ir K' O. PATT18QN. ArwH WOOD! WOOD!! v. WOOD!! " STOVK and KINDLING WOOD, at the low J*| poaub.e prioe. ' T. J. * W. M. GALT, * ?89 Pa. iv? bttvMD 11th and 12th stt., ?* IU rt-tf north 7u1 DO . "* 1 TPR1GHT OR BOUDOIR PIANO*-A int >s U nifioent artiole joat received of the? ? celebrated Chiokerinc A Pona' make; for Bawl **> tale low. Ca l a^d aee it at the agency. Ml 1 Ml JOHN P. ELLIS, < - SOS Pa. ? ., bet. 9th and 10th ati on Old Pianoa a* great bargain*. no I 12,000 1 the attention of the p'iblio to oarlarce and well i ia leot'd * took of Oti&mp&cne and Crab Apple Cjd which we r*arante?> to be pure itiioe, and will je. (old on ree1annable lor in In order to make ro. for oar eprin a took. 6lve?a a oali at the ? ? , Umon BottHag Deyi, |e $ Wi>. IT Hwwi at.. BwrtwnTt ?.?. *. UMU. - e. *. mot*. 1.1? imi I AMAJt, MOTT ? AD THY, el. Li TB-AT-AA uui oriiM, iuiiIm mt Will pntottotf In the tilth Court of Errors u4 i* reder*J Court at Pontot id [hi Court* of the BeTentli Judicial Dirtriot of M ? G?0" U8HT ^ L.0 SAFK LIGHI ? PARAFFIN ^ >re loll Atwito fi>rtt??>ii ? Li JHK^'SsiJss3Wz,,S M< 75 onto. ^ jUimtiou of Country Pvwa, I vol.; pr |eMHii ?t Truth, by Two Brothers. 1 vol.; pr 91BLANCHARp * HQ HUN, no %t corner 11th ?t. and Ptna. a^ WNKW CLOAKS. B Hare thia dar raoaivad from New Vorl Waaub'ul aj?ortm?nt of b?w ?tyl? Pall and Win ft cLOa|Lb. Mfh aa the Arab. Zooar* and ol ?- ttylM, in Biaok and Prauoh Cluths. AUo PL V "A S"'" cu"t'y')il^.rA'?l,?V.??A'i5h> IN DATCHELOR'S INIMITABLE HAIR D\ ' P*. ???!???. riMr lath mt. nt\ f-Si a A tvsswf 6000 CH,?5?iii ? del JOHN P. ELLII / I I I? MISCELLANEOUS. 1 Thi auuixanon or liimtuh?-tkm iit Towinc tend mot In this M? to appropriate Um n nost expressive words of other iai)(ea4es,aDd after fj i while to taoorparate them into oar own; thus the , , rordCep balio, which Is from the Greek, signifying d' for the head," is now beooming popularised in 3* mnaeotion w/h Mr. Spalding's great Headache ? eaiedy; but it will soon oe need in a more general 2, say, and the word Cephalio will beooane as ?? ClaAteAlwM An A m n v ntKftri vKam wii'inuu ? ?iw??wvrv *?? */ ? ? ? ? li?tinotion m foreign words hft* been worn ?w*y j i jy Mmmoo init afltil they mm '"native and to or ihe manor born. M .?. VI 'ardly RnlUrd. A Hi 'ad 'n 'orrlble 'eadaohe this afternoon, band I -J topped iato th? hapotjieoarie* harul ia;i hi to the y man, MCan yon heaa* ma of an 'eadaahet"' "Doee it haohe'ard." u;i 'a. "Hexoeedingly," *ay* hi, J>? ind upon that '0 gave me a Cephaho Pill hand x 'ton m? 'oaor it oared me eo qaioc that I 'arctly realized 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadaohe. ^ , _ ti a' IT^Hxadachx is the fkvorita iign by which ti nature maxea known any deriation whatever from % the natural state of the brain, and viewed in thia | light it may be iooked on as a ?af*tnard intended yi to give notioe of djsea** whleh might otherwiee % eeoapf attention, mi too late to do remedied; ana lU indication* should never be nerleoW. Head aohes m*y be olaeoified ncder two names, ti* : 5, Synsptomatio and Idiopathic. ?ymptomaUo Headache is exceedingly oommon and { the precursor ' of a (treat variety of diseases, among waion are Apoplexy. Gout, Rheumatism and ail f bnle diseases. In its rervous form it is s'mpathetio iia- ? ease of the stomach constitntinc >ick htndackt.ot \ hepatio disease constituting btliout K*.adaekt, of wwrm?,con?tipation and other disorders of the . g* 2 U.aa veil as renal and uterine affections. Diseases 3 of the heart are very frequently attended with Head aches; Anmmia and plethora are also affections 3 ? 1 1- r-- -.1 ? 1. 1.1 i._... u, WUIUIl lir?|UCUW| WUWtVU U-TOUdV lUlUVDk UIV Headaohe is also very oommoi, being usually dis- t tingwshed by the name ora?fv?w* ktadackt, soira- t times owning on suddenly in a ?tau of apparently sound health and prostrating at onoe the menta* t and physioal energies, and in other instanoes it ' oomes on slowly, heralded by depression of spirits or acerbity of temper. Inmost instances the pain ' is in front or the head, over one or both eyes, and ' sometimes provoking vomiting, ?nder this olaM ' mar also be named Neuralgia. For the treatment of either olaas of Headaehe the 1 Oph&lia Pills have bean found a sure aad safe 1 remedy, relieving the most aoute pains in a few J minutaa. *.nd h* its subtle sower eradicating the i disease of which headache is the unerring index. i Bxidoxt.?Missus wants yon to send her a box of Cephatio Glue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pills,? hut I'm thinking thaVs aot just it caither; but per haps ye'li be afther knowing what it is Ye see she's ni<h d*ad and gone with the 8iok Headaohe, and wants some more of that same as relaived her before. DmtgtM.?You most mean Spalding's Cephalio Pills. Briifit.?Ooh! snre now and you're sed it, here's the quather and giv me the Pills &od doa't be all day about it aither. No on? of the "many ilia flesh is heir to" i? so prevalent, eo little understood, and inmish negf?ot?U as Coativonem Of en originating in carel"fsn?s?. or sedentary habits; it is regarded as a light diaurder of too'lttle consequence to exoite anxiety, while in reality it is the precursor and companion of many of the moat f?tal ai.d dangerous diseases, and unless earlv eradicated it will bring the sufferer to an untimely crave. Among the lighter evils of which Costiveness is the usual attendant are Headache, Colia, Rheumatism, Foul Hr?*th Piles, and others of like nstnre.while along train offrightful disease* auch as Malignant Fevers, Abcssses, Dysentery, Dyapeps a, Diarrhea, Apoplexy, Kpnepsy, Para'Tsis, llysteria. Hypochondriasis,Meianonoly and Insanity, first Indicate their preaenc* in the system by this alarming sy mptom. Not unfrequentL? the diseases canned originate in Constipation, but take on an independent exist enoe unleaa the oauaeia eradicated in an early stage. From all these ooneiderations it fo lows that the disorder sliou.d reoeive immediate attention whenever it oooura, ?r.d no person should neglect to get > a box of Cephslio Pilla on the first appcaranoe of the oomplamt, aa their timely use will expel the i inaiduius approaohea of discate and destroy this dangerous foe to liuinan life. A Real Bleulif. I Phtsieian,?Well, Mr?. Jonea, how ia that headache' Mrs. Junes.?'Gone ! Dootor, all gone! the pill yon rent oared me in just twenty minutes, and 1 with yon would send more ao that 1 can have thoia * nandy 1 Physician.?Von oan get them at any DrureieU. Call for Cephalic Pilla, 1 find ther never fail, and I recommend them in all oa*es of Headache. Mrs. fonts.?I ahall send for a box direotly, and xhall teli all ray Buffering friends, for they are a rial bltstini. { rnrovxa xxcitkmftit. and the mental oare and anxiety incident to oloae attention to bus nets or - are among the numerous causes of Nervous ? 11 J. -I A I .?.i? ?/ J 1 t I _ nwmiyiu^, i nuuin"mc[t*u HkSvr ui uiiau ivuu I?UUT 1 incident to this dietreexlnc ouaiplaint ia a fatal blow to a'l energy and ambition. Sufferer* by Una disorder oan aTVaya obtain apeedy re ief from k th?*e di*t-eesi"c attaoka by namic one of the Cephaiio Pitla whenever the aymptoma appear. It a tuieta the overtaaked brain and soothes the straind ed and Jarrinc nerres, and relaxea the tension of t? the atoniaoh whioh alwaya aooomparlea and ajif iravate* the disordered oondition of the brain. >? I, - . ? * Twkwtt Millions ?r Dollars Satjd.?Mr. '? Bpaidine haa sold two raiUiona of bottle* ofhia oel, eC'ated Preparad G!u?aad it is estimated that each bottle tave* at leaat ten dollara worth of broken furniture, thua making an a*iregate of twenty millions of dollars reclaimed from total loaa hv thia variable invention. Having made hm Oiue a household word, he cow proposes to do the world (till . rreeter eervioe by onrinf alt the aching heads with l~ hi* Cephalio PilU, and if they are aa good aa hit Glue, Headaches will eoon vaaiali away like auow In J si j. I . ? . Ka.cti wobth iwvihHSpalding's Ophslto Pills are a terUin cure (or Sink Hsadaohe, Bilious Hstdttoho, Nervous HaadaoUe, Costlvsaess, - and General Debllitr. 1- _ Gebat DiecovrRy.?Among the moat important . of ali the great medical diaoovertea of tins a?o mar . l>e oonaidered the avatem of vaoeiuation for proteo . tion from 8mai! Fox, ibe Cephalic Fill for relief of ' Headache. and tl)e use of Oui> ine for the prevenJ Uon of Pevera, either of wluoh ia a anre ??<v5tfio, whose benefits will be experienced by auflering j0 humanity loci after their diaooverera are forgotten. Did ron ever have the Pick Headache.' Do ? you remember the throbbing ternplea, the fevered I!! row, the loathing and dis?uet at the night of fo->d. How totally unfit too were (or ple&ture. oonveraation or atudr One of the Cepha io Pills would viftva raliar waii frnir m. 11 Ilia utfnrine vki/ih *n.i k than experieuoed Pur thia and other purpose* in you should alwaye have a box of UtflBBkka&d to e? nte as oooaaioo reeuirea. m NervousHeadache s 4iiSB** l Headache. *D tr mm er, By the ?m of thee* PUIe the periodic attaoka c be Nervotu or Sitk Htadacht may be prevented; an on> If taken at the commencement of an att*ok imm? diate relief from pain and aiokneae will be obtaiaec i. They aeldom fall in removing the Nauua an Htadackt to which femaiea are ao anbjeot. They aot gently upon the bowels,?removing 0M jp tiven*ss. For Littrary Mtm. Aadnit, Delieate Pemalei and all peraoaa of ttdtniary kmbitt, they are a ItJ valuable ae a Laxative, imp'oving the pp?tu. mi fiTing JoHf and rigor to the digeative organa, an ** reetorlag the natural elasticity and strength of th whole ayatem. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of Ion " 1 inveatigation and oarefally oond acted experiment! Bi'ini nru in an OHUiy jnri.HinBl wnion um b. th?y have prevented and relieved a vast amoant < tod fain and fferinf from Headache, whether arigl ol ; nating ia tho atrtttu ay atem or from a derange . state of the ttomuek. Thar arc entirely vegetable in their eompoeitioi loe and aay he take* at all timea with perfect aafet withont making any ohaage of diet, amd Uu mi f iwei tf Mf ditrngrtmhU tastt rmuUri it Miy I ? ilum lo ckiidrtn, k , BKWAR* or COUNTERFEITS 1 ter The geaaiaa have fivo aignatnrea ot Henry ( ^ Spa!diet on esoh Box. 8otd by Drag i*ete and all other Dealer* In Medi L oinee. E; Box wilt bcaent by mail prepaid on receipt i !4 ft the ** , PRICE, 84 CENTS. tfj All orders ahaald be addraaeed to i HENRY C; PALDIN6, S. ao lS-dAwly 49 Cedar atreet, New York. % ?????I??MMM?? MIS0LLULyB0U8? J[ [No. 679.] mo Y THE PRESIDENT OP THB UNITED <** STATES- "i a MmtiM ofltv. I. iuiv Bfoftit.ii, Pr?M- mat. rt of tbt Uniwd 8U(m of Amtm4, do knmtry f?I o nrn and mnkn known Uat puk.o ml? will *? Jr. I?1 at Us* nndnrmnntionM LmmI OKom in U>? ' ' atb or California attt? period* k?r?in*lUr !!_ ifcntod, to wit: * * V ?w*-ri nnM At ifl tlvtvil T AMMUMIRf ^ i Monday, th? 3d da* ot Jane next, for the diepo- 3 . of the eublio lande heretofore an offered, * tatted " , the following towiuhipa awl parte of tovaehipc, 1! ortk tf tht fc*>? litm mud mii %f tk* MmmU Dimkis meridian J Townnhip* S and 9: the N W 3K of eeation 1; the 11. H and the JW \ oi eeotma S; teotioa* 4, 8. and -q, ol township tne P W W of wetioithe t*E V *| eeotion IS; the 8W ^ of eectjon 17;eeaUoa* is to n| V.noleeive of towa*htp SI, of ranee 1. ?,0 Towoahipe9.10, and 16, of ranee X. Bfe The N \ of the NE *, the SE \ of NK M. ?* u? E W oi the !*E Vj and the W l{ of eee'ion ?; #*?- mrn> 7 and t; the ?*E V of the NE At. the SB If of id W K of e motion ?; the \V K of the fc W If. the f Si ofsw *.?n?i tne SE * of the BW * ofeea on 15; eeot oi t 17 to 21 ioouieive; the N Vv W, tfte ? ' ~ " * * * - ? * * ' > * ?a*?t ^ _/?j W L/ .7 : ? 'l m OT id? d ? ?na UIO D v? ? m? ?? ?i ?*>" *j on J2: the W X oftbo N W ?ud S W * u/imUob u? '; ifcuo'i 18 to S3 inoIwtiT*; the 8\T k of'he NK ^ , the N W and tee ? H of eeotionSi. of tow?- | nip 9. of range S. J8 Sootioae 1 to 18 mel uair?, ofUnraiku p l?. of ranf* 7, U< firth U< ban hme and mil tf tkt Mowml Diablo ' mtrMiM. ? Townships 8, 9 and 24, t >W of mtioB 8, the > V 3hi of woUuu 7; iha SK % of seouon 1* the N'ff N i of seotion 18: th? S K of section 19. the 3 H of ** action 20; the a % of section *?; the 8 H of section ?< f; the N E \ of toe 9 X of station 13; seoticms St to f 5. iMhlM of towtisnip 31; seotions 1 to SB MM* fi ive; the N w W of seotion SI; the NKMifi>AM * 3; sections 34 aud 36, of township 32. cf rant* I. J* Stcaons l.t, 3. and 4; the NK)| of seotion ?: see- 71 ions 1# to 15, ino.usive; the NE \ ofseotionn; eeo- to ions 23 to SB, inclusive; K H of, ection 36. of iowiihip 8; seotions I to 4. inc'mive; the Nfc Vol wo- < ion b; the SSE \ of seotion ?; Motion* to i5, inolu i? live; the E >? of seotiun 17; the E X of seouon?; ti lections 21 to 28, moiusive: the NK Ag of emotion M P; sections 33. 34, and 35. of towmhip 9; Motions t 9. OS, inclusive; the N W \ of s*otion 7: the K X of tt leotion 9: sections 1?. 11, and 12: the NF.WoI sn ti Uon 13; the N \V V or seotion 14; the N H of srotion M 1 - - v? ? ' ? ? . t a . ? - _ * _ - ? ^ gi Me a m oi iNHon 9; ui? or, > #1 nquog m, tav ? K \ of acotion 34; aeotion 35, of to vnahip SI; the UK X S? of aeotion 9; the E H ana the 8 W S? of amotion 10; < tne 9K \ oi Motion i2; the E X and rt W % of a?o 5; lion IS: tne 8 H of aeotion 14; a otion 15; tne HE \ 1? of aeotion 17; the 8W \ of aeotion it; aeotiona It Ut ai 35. ino naive, of townauip %i, of raofe 2. n Townaoip* 24 and Si; aeotiona S8 10 S5, mouaive; of tovnabip 33, of ranee 3 t TheSW\of aeotion 7; aeotiona 19 to SS, inola- 11 ive, of towuihip 29; ceutiona 1 to 5, inclusive; aeo- a tiona 8 to 15 inomsire; reetiona 17 andSAto^. ia- a otiiMve; aeo'io a 32 to 35, loc'aaive. of tnwnahip S; aeotiona 25, X, 27, 3t, and 38,100!naive, of lownabip a 33, of ranee 4 \ To wnahip 29, of ranje 5. a At the Land Office at Hcmboldt. rornmenome on Monday, the lOih dAT of June next, for the du- * poaai of the pabtio lands heretofore nno<r?raJ, ait 1 nat*d in the following towaahipa and parta of * townships, vie: * North of the bate limt and west o.f thi Mount Dxahlt 1 meridian. i The W X of section 7; the 8 X of section IS; tht t W X of mouod 1*; toe N X of se tion t>; Uia NWX I and the 8 X of seotion y>; toe ? X of section SI; the t 5 X of section .i; the S X of s:cuou 2s, section* S4 i to 28,1 no unive; the E of section S?; the KS of < seotion S3; lectioiu 54 and as, of tovrnshi? ?, of ranceS. 1 The tsW X of station I; the and the W X of section X; tne E X of seotion S; sections 9. 11, 11, | and 12; the N X ot seotion IS; the N X of section 14; the N X. the a VV * and tne W X of the f*K* of 1 section 15; the NL ^ of seotion SI; the N W X ar>d the W X of the Nh X of seotion *3, of tovnthip 10, of ran<te 4. Sections 1,3, S 4, and 5: the NE X of section ?. i the SK X of seotmn 7; section* i and 1 tkiNW k 1 of seotion if; seotion 17; the >' E X ef sec ion It, of < towns! ip 16; theSW of section 5 tne > X of section i 6 seotu>rs7. s. 9. an<l 10; thefeW X ol section 14; seotiona :i and 17 to 3A, i&oiuaive, of u>wnsin? 17. of ranee It. Tne SE \ of aeetion 1; eectiona 11, 12 IS. and 14: the N E X of seotlon 23; Motion 24; the N?.% of see tion 25 of townsnip 17; ?ecU<>ns 3 to 10, in n?i*?. J the S W J* of section 14; seoti >ns 15 and 17; Uwt N E X of section 18; sections 2", 21. 22, and 25; seotione 2b to 29. inclusive; sections S2. St, and 34: the NW 1 ,l4 of aootion 35, of township 20; the > W of section S; section' 4 to 9, inclusive; Motions i7 to 21. lnolusive; Motions 28 to S3, inolueivf; th? PW ^ of Motion 34. of township 21; the N W % of Motion 1; MoMon?2&nd il; the S Vv of section 14; seotiona 27, 2^. 31, 32. 33, and 34, of townanip 22; sections 1 to 18, ioclaaive: aeouona 2" to 27, inoatlve; ?eot.oi 35, oftownehip23,of ranee 12. i*eotion? 3 aud 4; the > K Jn of aeotion I; aeotion 9; the W !< of aecli >n !<>; a'-ction 13; lb* 8K ol nection 14; the S W Af of motion 16; amotion* 2i to 2H, mclunive; ceotiono 33, 34. and 36. of townahia 17; the \V H of f eotion 5; aectioua 6. 7. t, 9,17,18,19, 20, and 21; the S\V \ of amotion 22; aeotiona J? to 34, inoluatve, of towcthip 18; aeotiona 3 10,15,22, S3, 26 r>, M, and 36, of townahip22; the ?E % of aeotion 12: section* 13 ?nd 14; the 8K of aecuon 22; aeo Uona 23, 27, and "M, of townahip 23. of range 13. feeotioca 1 and 2. the SK if of aaot:on 3; t. NX of aection 10; auctions 1", 12, IS. 14. 23, 24. 25, ai d Sfi; the 5*E\ of eeotion 34; aeotton 35, of townamp 18; the NW ,V aeotion3; aeotiona 4. 5 and 6; the Nfc If of amotion 7; aeotiona 8 and 9; tke 8 vV if of aeotion 10: the \V % of aeotion 16; the E % of aeotien 17; tha NK ^ of action 20: aeotiona 21 ud 22; the 8VV of aacucu23; the W >6 of aeotion 2b: sooU< na 27, 28, 33, 34. and 36. of township 19; the SW \ of aeo tion 7; the 8W \ of aoctida 17; a?euona 18 to 36, iaoluaive. of lowrahip 21, of range 14. H iitinr.t 1 to *. inftlniiur* thu >iR W of aAAti: n H? s*ott<>ne 8 to 15 ino usive; the NE V of seotion 17; sections 21 to 27, iuolusivr; the N K i% ot Motion 3S, the NEKcf section 34; seotion 35. of township *>; amotions 1 t"> 4, wolnai?e; the NE K of aeotion 5; tin* E X of fot'.on 9; sections in to 15. ino osive; sections y* to 2R, inoln*iT?; the s*K M or amotion 31; Motion* 31 to SS, inclusive, of township SI: aeotion 3; tni K % of aeotion 4; aeotion* 1,9, nod 10; tne 8W K of aeotion 11; a*ctiona 14,15, and 17: the NK. % of aeotion 2t>; aeotiona 21, 22, and 1% to* 8 W M of seotion 24; sections 26. 28. 27. and it: the 8E If of Motion 32; sect.on* 33, S4, and 36, of towaahip 22, of range 15. North of th* tan lim* mmA tj tht Humboldt kmntfiM. The W of Motion 3, sections 4,5.0,7. ?.?, 15,17.18.10. 2", 21, and 2* tne N * of Motion TT: aeotiuna V, to 35. mo nitre, the 8 M of Motioa 94, of tovnahip 4, of i*of0 X. North th* batt lint and tft th* Humboldt mt rufuui. a* 8W J* of rectioc 7; the 8W \ of tMtion IT; oh It; tne K H of aeotion lv eeotiene 3D, 21. a. and 33, the W of Motion 9?; tha W % of Motion 36; moUomSU and 31, the NE * of aeotion 3t; tae ?N K \ of aectioa 34; Motion IS, of townahip 1, of iaut? l. Section* 1 to 33, inclaaive; the N H of Motion 94; th? 8 H of aeotion 35; aeeUona 3C, 27, 3R. and 39; the IX X <? ee 11-n so. I wwntdip '; ifotinnn 12, ano 3; the N W * of tne NW K. the 8 % of the NWk, and the oi action ?; the N K M of lb" NK V, the ft K of : ? Nt J^.lho SK V of the NW Jg. a^d the ft Si of aeotion 6, the S rftne ftK 3% . of eection #; the NE * the ft * of the N W *. and the ft H of eotion?; -otiMu* 8,0,10. and 11; the N H of icetioo 12; tue N W V of tectum 17; *ectiinl8; the N H aud the SP J* of eeotiou 19; the 8W % of eection 29; tl:e EX of leotiou 90; iMUom SI, 32, ?nd 33; the ft W \ of section 34, ?1 :ownehip 2, of rui< 2. The 8K ii of section 1; eectioua 10,11. and It; th* N % of leouoo 13, e<-oaone 14, 15, 22. Md 33; the 8 fc ft seoti -?n 24; tlie N X of emotion i4; eeoMoas 21. 27, 28. at.d 34: the NW H of eection 35, of towoehlp 1; fraowui&l townehip 2, of range a. At the l and Offioe at Stocetob, eomreenpinc oa Monday, the 3d da? ol Juno next, for the lupneal of the pvbiio lande, heretofore unwffer.d. actuated in the follow mg towgaaip* acd parU of town*tuM< IE > mm ft or ik nf tke tou Mm and *ait tf Ik* Momnt Dimbl* meridian. Rations 4, S.?, 7.?,9.17.1?. and 19; the N H of the NE M, the N fc ofthe N W It, and theSW k of tfao B\V K ofeeotion ?; teotioo su,?xo*pt the t?E of the 8fc K, ot township 6 of range 3. Tovnahipt 4, 5, and 7, of ranee 7. tforl* af tkt bait line and wett qf tk? Mount DimbU mtrtdiam Town?hip?(l and 7. ol range I. Beotion 3; the NE * of oootioa ItktWK of mo tion$ seotion 6; eeouon 7, exoept U?o 8 S of Ue BWjk; the N W fc and the Motion I; the 8 IS -/ ? O. *W? a lz ?/ >niiti?? 1A. If. ?Wa Wi r? "'7 O /? WI w??wn IV, wuva 44. Nl? W H of section IS; woUoot 14 16; NeUos 17, exoept th- 8 f, of the 8W i*; the E H of the N W X, the K ), ofU.SWXMdtt. EX of Mob 21 j ??ot<n? a and ?; tne W X of mouoo M; the VI X of eectioo 2 -?otioD* 36 and *7; the N ?i M. th?? E X of the N<V M. the BE k o( Ue NW 3. the N ? of the SE k th" BE * oTthe 8E U 1 ee5t on 2?; tne K X of the NEK,acd the E * of the BE X of eeetion 98; eeotioa.^ a d as, of toVieK ; e?ctione 1 and J; the N fci X of eeetioa 3; the BE X of eeolion 10: eeotione II, 10 IS, loolneire; the N X of thei N E X of eeotion 21; the N X of the N W V, and the E X of eeotion ?; eeotioee a U & and *: 'he E H of iho 8W * mm! the E X of eeotion T7; the W X of eeolion 86; of tovaeiup T, of raof e 2. Seal* nf the base time euUL eat I ?/ the hfewaf Dull* meruit an, fleotional to*T, inotuive; theN X. the N X of . th" 8 W Xi end }i X "f th" 8K X oreoouon ?. the d Njfc-the ill X of UeSW J*, ana the N X of the - 8h K of eeotion ?<; ths X and the N X of the L BK X of eeotiok 30; the SE X of eeoUon 34; the N a X ol eeotioatt ol townehie3, of rani e 8. BeoUone 6, 6,7jl, and 17 to 21, ta lntive; he NW % and the SXnf a<-cti?B 27; iwttoni rtoM inolii bit?; the W H of eeetioa 3ft, of tovaaaif t, of ruc*i fractional amotions 1 and 2, MeUom 3.4,5. aadM 5 the >K of eeotton 7; eMtaonat.t, 10, and lljrrae 11 Uonal eaetioo IS; eeorions 13,14 and 16; the N E k oi t, aeetioB 17; the N K k of eeobon 31. eeotiona TS u, 27, 4 inelntire; the NE k cf aeetioi. 34; a*otton 36, ol townahia 5; eeotiona1,2.11,12. IS, 14, 83, S4, **, SB. ' and 35, of tovoehipC. eeotioali tMNKli ol *?tioo 2; eeotiona 12. IS, 34, and ft, of tovnaiuf 7, ol ? e 8W k and the W M of the SK w of BMtloa i, II; eeotioa Yd; the W?oi e?otio* 29; eeotioaa ?, m ? I* ?'* V ol eeiion 33, tovMUf 6 if V *ob.<>*? ? *o &. laelaJ**; U? tioi* 94 ud as, of tovukiyl, of range I. , Townahipa 7, S, and 9. of raaie 9. '* TownehiM aad t ..f range 10 t Towaahipe 6,7 aad S. of raaca 11. - 7; Uniii| I, ?xo?M MOUobi 14 ftl ud at. of nwi 12 Townthipa 6,7, tad a, of ru|< 19. At tk* Land (>fto? at Incitor, oommmIii ob MonilaT, the 17th day of J one next, for ttedUtMd 3. of th? labile laada fcaretolore aofarMU aitaated tp the folio viae U>wa*iup? aad pvu of V>vaahiM< S?utk of thi bmt* limt mnd *att if tkt Mmmt DuUU ffl?T%d IHH " ESSSt^ViiaitiS'iAniUl- .7w. inolntivo; MtiMi f7 to at. id?I ?)* , of tovaakif ft; townMiM ?.7. ft. ft.10, II. and If, of ran*- 1ft MMbou 4 to ft, laelaUre; fMboi 17 le 21. malmTownship* ft,ft, in, U, aad IS, of rang* 17. ? % J otmIuh B. J?. and II; aeettoua 1 to M, tulmw OWaajilf is, of rang* IB. h?*W* ofaacboa it; UtfW V* of rartioa * dona SB to SB. iioiaaira. U>* W ^ oforotinaM oTHkip towoatiiaa 10 aad 11; otioM 1 toB Inaira, of tr>wr.?hip *2, of ianca l? NtiOBi 7 aad IB t.. 3&, iBCBuire. if to*L*hi? 1?. tion: 1 to It. inelamva; t??tioca IB aad 17 to a. laairo; Motioaa *7 to si. inalasiva. of towaa* i? aaotioaa 5,8,7,12. IS. 14, IS, a*4 a. ?o r. laala r. MCtioaa S3, M, aad 3b, of tovaikip it, o4 iysr. tka pnfc> laada harototara ? ofarad. aitaat?4 L*a IbUoviac tovaahifa aad pan* of tovaafcipa. c ?? -* ' - ' - J m* tkm Iimmmt IWtta Motion* 1 aad fc Ua > K J* of aoon ~>a S; aoottoaa IS. aad 1* u>* NK \ of aoatioa u, aaotioa* m d 2S, of towaahip 17; aaotiona I to 5 iBo aaiT*. th* H of (Mhos (; imU?m I to 1*. ino.aura, ih* t V of amotion IT. the NK % of **otioB a a*e taazS,34. asd J-; tha Nll(afa*eti?>aK.of tovi i? it; aoctio&a 1 tot. iim viiu; th* NK l%*f a**. >n 7; aaetion* to IS. inclaova; th* N r, ^ of Stioi 14; tkl S K fc of aaoboi M. of towaahi* a. riQf? is. rownahip* 17. ll.and 19; tactions 1 to Tt. iaoia r*; th* NK of :*<?otion M; tha frE 3* ot atotion ; aaotioo?S4 aad Si. of towi.ahip a; bmUom 1 h4 tha NK M of auction 9; ?*ctioLa, IS, a?4 14: a NK S. <>f aootion 2S; asntian V; tha Nfc of otioa it, of tom^ati ip ?. of raac* * Soottona 1 to a. :nc mm; th* NK ?f aaottoa ; aeotiona 34 and S5 oftovaahip a; ?<etioD#S.?. ? .v.?n v.??*etioB#: th* t VN M ?f a*? ny Of mo M *? ^ - >n 15; aoot.ona. 17 to K u? turt; <ha f"W % of wtionSS; a??ti"B?S3to ?, maiaaiv*, oft?voa< l? jMbflM 1.1 Md S: the N K fc of ration 4; tba E M of MMtioa 10; iNuniM U. IS. U, ?t>4 U: tt># i K V of otiuB S3, Mot.ona >4 Md U.i ? 8k. H of WUoB S, tMUull 31,94, ltd JS, Wt toVBaklaXS: tottosa l to I. io?i?aive; tba Nr. fr%atm?*] kof ouoB?;tt?a NK "f a^c'.io- a, aeetiooa ? u, lOlaaivr; tna N K V of a#?iion?; a*oQon?SS. M,?, L ?b4 *, of tovsamr 14; a**i.ioca I. t. *m> * Um E )* of aootion ?,??? N E A* of aeoUoc 10; . IS. * <? IS; UaNE \ of MCtiu 14; aaoiioa 24. of >1f?ehit?S6,of rBBce 17. !.*.? **4 4.tha NE *of iSW ,4* J?fVint inn "%.*, ! town?h?? 2i. MtLom I ??4 4 to L.x<*n> !*. IS. ? "' 17 *0 11. ine ??jT?; .i HW w oi!S?TP? ?;,hf of sootiMIS; mr*?2ji Cf towu.lliptl; k>WMkl? L^Mafiaat^l'uflS ??tlO? 17, ll?? NK* Vtrwwas & VV^&5"v?553 i*?r th? KG k of 'UOB Jff. ' *OWT??l?f X. CI MJ?e 18. _ , fractional town*hiesZ1.22. and i *' *?*an?hipa 3*. 5, ud X;iNtmi!i 1 to 5. 11*11, loloaiv; irotiona 21 to r>. iloIb?it*^ ** one34 nd 35, of townthip 21; Motions 1,2, ul *?toWBhipH, of ranee 19. Fraouonai tcwnah'pa 23 aod 24. tr>vaeVi ,* * K* .nd *7; a'ction* I to 2? moluaiTe, the NK M a-o ion 39; the NK ot eectioa 34; aoetluB 35, of iup S, of ranje 29. At Use Land Offioe at Virilia, onmmtDoiBi oif ffondav. ths 24th dar of J?h o?xt, for ihe dj?po ml of the pab.'ie land*, heretofore ur.offared, sita.ted ib thr folioving townshipi aad part* of town itupa, ni: South of the boa It*' omd *+>t of the Mommt IMIM ?Miruttmm. 1 Town*hip* 27 and 28; seetion* 1 toft, inelnsfat he NK Jk of wouo* 7; eeotlon* to 17, IBe a?iv?: he 8 Ji oI emotion It; eactione >9 to 24, inc. naive; Jie NK V of eeetton IS; th? NK kt rf aeetioa S3 lection 34: the NW K c-f aeetioc 3S, of townehip 29, >f ran re 21. Town?hipa 21 and 22, fractional townehipe 29 and 14; township* 25. 98, AOU 27. of ill|? 94 Townihip* 21. 22. 23. 24. ?. 98. 27, 28 , 29. aad 3D, of anre 2V Towr ?hip? 22. 23, 24,25, 2R, S7, 28 , 29. ud SB, of anse 28. Townabipi 22,23. M, Jfc, 18,27, and 7*. of rU|t 2T. At the Lwd Oftao at 8a Feakciko, aoa lienor* oa Monda?,the Kuk dap ol June n?-at. for the d!??? * of the pab io landa. here??for* n> nffered, ?i oated within >he foUowiac townahp* And part* of towmmp*. ?n North of tht bast line ?n4 *e?st of the Mommt IHmblo Mtriitaa Town?hi??; paction# 1,2. and 3; the NEK of eae tion 4: this w knf *oe tiou 6; tectloa 7; tn SW || of i??Uod I; tne 5K % <>f eeetion ?; Metiona 10 to 25, ino i'mvb; K V the NWi< and the E H of the 9W 3% < f ee?Uon > . McUOMfl.a, Sl.fcna M. of townahip 7, of rtn<e 3. S?itk of tht ban Itmt mmd Mit tf tb* Jfmm( D%*hl? fWfridnm. Tovnahip 3n oi ranee 9. Tnernahia 21; eeotiona 1,2 and 3: the E K of Motion V, the E X of eeotion 10; eeotiona 11. 12 *rd IS; the K >fc of a^otmn 14; amotion 34; the Nfc If of eeo tion 23: eeetion 25; the t*E M of aootion SB; tHe 8k if of eeotion 34; eeotion ,V>. of towathip 24; the 9 w H of action 14; eeotion* 15. ?. 3' anl 22, tne W fc and the SE \ of aection 23; the 8 in of eeotion 34; eeotiona is. . . 27 ar J SB; the N h jig of eeotion 39; the Nh M of aection 34; aeotioc 35, of tovnahip 25, of nog* 10. ?? " ? - ? -?-1 . l . ?. ? v %_s J uVDltiif n; Moaom i vo IB, incnnT*i m- n n of Motion 1 ; section* 30 to a, imIhit*; the NO Ik of *ection 39; the t*K \( of *<>olton 33; *eetlon* 33, 34 at d 36. of townch.p 36; township 36- of rui* U. Townahie 27; traotional I'OUom 3 and 3; section* 4 to 10, itclnsiTe; fraction*! *oetion* 11 13audl4( eotio..* 5 17 and 13; the N* Jk of eeotion ?; the NE % of section 22; section 33; fractional eeotion* 24 aiu. 25; the .N E hi of eeotion 36, et t> wuehip X, of range 13 ToviJthip* 25. 26 and 27; eeotion*? and 3; frao tiona eeotion* 3. 4, 9 and !?; **ottona 11 to 15, mela*ive; fractional auction* 17,19 and 2?; eeotion* 21 to 26, inoiumre; the > K V c f a.otion 27; the N W J* of aeotion ?\of township 23, of range 14 The NWM?f eeouon3: section*4 to9, molaair*( he S VV \ of eeotion >*: eeotion* 15 and 17 to 33, lao!*sl?e; eeotion* 27 to 54, inc.naive; tiie t*W % of aeotion 35. of township 29; townships 30am 31; ?eo tions 1 to 12, inclusive; the IS E !% of aeotion 13, of townth n32 of range 19 The S VV of aeotion ST; the 9E \ and the W k of aootion l"j seotioc* is, it and 2? th* \ of ^cuon II ; inr n v> * 1,1 *?? 84, tBoiaeire; tne 3 W J* of section tt, of towaahiB an; town*nip SI; Motions 1 to 11. mciwi??i the N " M of Motio i i?; the NF. k of ?; Mot-ona 2, 2S. 34 Bad 26, lb* N % of Motion ?; the N E * of M'toe V. of townahip 82,of ran?eSO The 8K V of Motion 17: tho ?W ? of Motion 1* Motiom 1* and *?; tho W H of amotion SI; tfeo 8 w V of Motion 27; eaotiona S8 to 84. ino'??Bi?e, U>e 8 M or aootion S6, of towuahip 81; townahip 82, of raa<? a. North tf tkt ban It?? mn.1 tct>t of tAt 8mm BarwardiM.ii mcrt^Mk. Sooticn* S and 4; the N K K of Motion 5; the N K Mo: aootion 9; aoctiua 10,of t<>wa?tup R; the N V\ U ofaMUonft, aootiooa 6. 7, IB. aud 19: the 8 W k of eeotion 20; eeotiona 10, ?\ 31. a Lid 82; the SW ^ or Boobon 88, o! t'Wcahip 9; a-otioa 1; the S* % of eeotion S; the *Xol aootion 3; the 8R % of a.otion 9; Btotton 10 to S&, iacinsiro, of townahip 10, of raaca 24 Section* 1 to IS, loc'usive, of township 9; thoSW M cf eeotion 7, Motions 13 to 9ft, iooluive, of townan:p 10, of r?nge 'S. The K and the W )? of eect'oo ?; eootiona S to 11, iB?lu?ive; ?eoti"fl 12, exoept the N % <?f tho NR?; eeotiona IS to 39, iDolnaive, of township 10. of range SB , tootional to 24, inoiuKire the N& of eeotion 25. of towoabip 10, of range T7. gAotiona 11> 19 in?!uiirr, of town?h:pT; the JW H ?f Motion 19; the f H of aeotion 25; the 8K W of section S8; soobona V to 36. i do. naive, of township 8. of ranee SB. Iowoship 11, of range SI. otions 1 to 77. lnolasire; the K of eeeUo? S, the NW j(of section SD; the E fc ot aeotaoa 9?, seotioD 95 ol township 1", t?>onship it. of range St. Laadi appropriated bp law tor the aee of eohooU, military and other purposes, or thooe ooveret by oolfumed private land oaiBH. together with the swamp or overflowed tands, will bo exo.oaed frvm flit 11101 era. I depoeita. arc t-> b* offorou it Ue pabiie mitt, ttoh mineral iaada being hereby tttrwi.; Pxoept*d and rxoiudtd (rum m>? or otfeer o 1-poM. pureeant to th? re^ u; r*me:ta of theUt o* Coi.?reea appro "*? Maroh ?, :M8, entitled "An act to pro?"i<<? f.,r the purTPT of th? pub le land* la California, the graat idr of emptton rights therein, ai.d fur otaer ' T^eTffenng of the above land* will be eon meaoed on th?da?? ?ep<>iat*d. and will ?rooe*d id theorder u vL.ob taej are advc t ??v3 until the hole aha.l hare been offsred. and the aaiee ihua oloaed; bat no eale aha'l he kept open looter than two week a, and no pri vate ectrr of aav of the laada will be aarr tied aaui after the axpuetion el the two wotki tfiven under ra? hand, at the City of Waahington. this twenty amoved day of October, anno Dowii oae thoaeand eight hundred and aixor Minr DIL HAilA.l. By the President: Jos. ft. WlLMR. CoauniMiuMr of tko (Hsml Lud Oto*. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Ertry aoroon entitled to the right of pre-?aripuua to Mr or the iMdi vithia the lownahipe ud parts of lowaalupa above enimited. is ream red to establish U|? Mm* to the aatiafacUon or toe rogister tad rooeiTer of the proper land ofioe, tr? ?toii pmymmt tktri/or as loom ?j frtrtieaNi mftm ?wm tkf notir?. and bofcra the day tftomtn: far (be oommeooomeDt of the eale of tha lautia eqpab'aoing tk? tract claimed: olitarwiaa aaaL viU be forfaited. jog A. WILSON Commissioner of Um Oaatral Land Utea Sot*.?U oder the regulations of tha PepaitmeaU. ' aa horetolora and now exietiu*. no peym?-r.? cat ho made for adrarUaiac proo.amat una except to each pub.iariers as ara tptxall* *uik*r\**i to publish by tha l ommiaaionar of the Geaora! Land Oloa f oo X I?wi*w-T \ gALTaiORKB^TTM ?' * L J - - v , 275 - AL"i*K 275 > JACIdON, ' ' L A~S T ?_A* * ? FLOU* ?^S8HMI?B10N try OmIi paid frr all kiada of Qmi?. M M ! 1\J*ys FROM HOMK.-Bliri*n Ttttttif ' 11 W?ikinfU>B will fttxUtovrstor* Daily Pap*r? < fayryTiif&V'iyssu 'wLfcfjr* eTtti > n?, mm at?ota far Ui? OharlMtoB Daily If *r*ary. ; BO 3 mr?.IV.M*MMkMdl?UM.

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