Newspaper of Evening Star, December 14, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 14, 1860 Page 1
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w T" . ? _ .,2 . V / - m * * nit 4# ? nil II W^?^?11- ?*ii^? * " ?* ^ I A A A A ^ ^k ^k A. A V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. DECEMBER 14. 1860. N2. 2.442 THE DAILY EVENING STAR l PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, ("SUNDAYS EXCBPTKD.) AT THK STAR BUILDINGS, Comsr m/rmmsjlvmma ?wmm and 1IM M-, >T W. D. WALUCU. rapora iittM IB paoka<M by oarrlara at 94 a T?u. or RoesUftr month. To mail Mbaortbera tb-j prim ta |uo a raar, m a?ir %??*; 92 for tlx montbai 91 for tbraa aaocta*; an J for lata Utaa tarMaoathaat tborataofUaaetsa waak. Btagla opioa, MiNntii wrappara, two cim AsmTiinm* aooald bo Mat to Uta oftaa batore IS o'a*ock otborwiao tboy mar not a*Mar nUl tbe Mxt day. A PENITC5IT GAMBLER. TIB CH.BBBATBI> A PAS1SH GAMBLER. OARCIA, ADJ t RI1 HIS CALLISa? REKABK.ABLB CBRBM'JXIAL IX A CHLRCH (Prom the Boston Traveller ] Our Paris correspondent sends as the following translation from a French aewspaper The gambler therein alluded to is the man named Garcia, whose extraordinary winnings at the card table (they are reckoned at $400,000} have been mentioned more than one* : "Jam, Not. 6, 1860 " Will you allow me to narrate to you asinfilar ?ceue which I witnessed at Yaldapenas ? usure you I do not adorn my story, neither do I exaggerate anything. The Spanish newspapers will duubtleas soon gire an account of it. for it raises a great deal of conversation in hptiin although it is not unprecedented here. The hero of the adventure is a Spanish gambler, who has wcd a million or so in the tier* man "htlls." lie was born at Valdepenas. His pareuts still live there. He recently returned here te live, and with a portion of his winnings he has purchased same excellent vineyards; you know this region produces delightful wines lias this gambler, like *? h ??-???r* n AAlua>iul ? ii aa ka tjt x aui, ucaiu m/uio voccnai * v*wv iioa uv given ear to Some aincere friend ? Has he tx rrurt mot ft. determined to eoDqaer a passion which might lead htm to ruin aa well aa to fortune ' i cannot reply?all I know ia he haa applied an energetic remedy to bis disease. He has not only renounced cards fur life, bat he has boand himself never to toaoh another, by the most public and most solemn oaths, taken in a church before 2.000 persona Ceremonies of this sort are occasionally seen in bpam. which is pre-eminently the country of enthusiasm and religion; but as they are never seen out of it, I per*undo myself you will read an Account of ooe of them with interest. '* I was awakened about 7 o'eloek in the morning by the peal* of the largest beH belonging to the church It annouuoed the commencement of the ceremony. 1 went out instantly. An immense crowd had already formed in frontof the gambler's house. It was composed of a groat many friars of several roligious orders, the ayuutamitnto (common c>ancil) of Valdepena*. and the very jefg politico (Provisional Governor) himsolf was there present. The latter is a personal friend of the gambler. who belongs to the first families of tpwin. Besides, it ts customary for the .'?/? politico to honor those sort of ceremonies with his presence, as they make a deeper impression on the populace than all police laws. The gambler soon made hit appearance, lie was attirei for the ceremony iu the national costurns of msijo, which is a peaked hat with velvet borders, a rest embroidered in Moorish style, a rod sash around the waist, pantaloons with dlagree buttons, leather gaiters open on the side and exhibition the log. The ?ostnine instantly commanded him general popularity. The town had with displeasure soon him bring back from Germany the modern fashions, and this return to the national costume seemed to v, .... ? - Tk. iucui a autv ai^u vi uuuipioio iz-'uioniuu i uo procession wu instantly formed and moved towar-Is the church. " When the proces^im reached the church they found the doors closed. The mace-bearers knocked three times on the door. The doors open. The priest oomes oat and asks. 4 Who comes here! 'A repeutant gambler.' What d?sireth he?' 'I do desire to make . solemn abjuration in this holy church, ifao be, npoa trial, i be found worthy.' Hereupon the gambler knelt, and received the creed of the Church of Rome, and then made a declaration in the following words : 41 do protest and I do swear, in the presence of Almighty Ood, that I do most heartily abhor theaocurscd paxlion Ckf tfamin# ftnrl fhiif T rfn r?Mi.Minr? thifl error forerer hereafter ao long u I ma) lire; and I do to* ueTertofall aeain into thiaerror; and I do farther row that I will, ao far oa in me lies, strire and labor to avert from thia at>j<M the you?g and the thonghtleaa. So help me Gud and all ye ilia Saint*!' I" Thon tl<ts gambler gare to the prleat the foregoing watb, written in bla baud, signed and sealed by bin. Which dune, the prieat raised him gently from bia knees and led hiu wr.hin the chancel uf the ehureh, followed by the whole proeeMfon. There kneeling upon his knees before tbe high altar, and claspring the holy blrangeliats, Le repeated once more the abore-reottod oath, whereupon* T? Deum wi< iang and high mass celebrated. The remainder of tke ?r?i iiij took plaoe after aervieaa. " A stake was erected and surrounded with faggota upon tbe Piaaa del Principe, at the entrance of the Alameda (publie walk ) Her* tae ceremouy wis to be ended by the public burning of the cards, diee. dominoes, Ac. The btaket filled with these, objects wu place* in the middle of the fire by th f jffe point c himself, * ho thsa made an earnest and elo I quent speech on the dangers of the passion foi . gambling. V?u know the proverbial enthnsi >? asm of ine Spaniards, but you cannot eonceiv< !the aoclamations and bravus which greeted th< conversion of this private individual. Thi whole tewn seemed to be celebrating a holiday Geaer&J Tayler the Rie (>rms4? wt. _ a n ? e i lot American ueneru wa? i manoi lrw serve. He was hefcditfunf and obstinate. H knew little cf fear, aod was not easily dU:oui aged. Against the opinion'of a large majorit; of hi* oldest and must distinguished ofiieeri after tbe battle of Palo Alto, be advanced am won tbe brilliant victory of llesaca de la Palm agaiuat odd* so groat that, if it bad been lost be woald h*ve t??en recalled, if not degraded an too rash fur command. Not disheartened b tbe inefficiency of the auartexmuater's deparl meat or tb? cool civility of the Secretary < w?r. be adraneed apon Monterey wita an 11 a-i equate force, without transportation, huep: tai stores, artHlery or intrenehing implemomi lie confided Lucre in lb* bayonet and in h rider and tn his own capacity for deeperat expedient* in ease of emergency, than on ch support of the Uover&ment or the ruin an axiouis of war. Of these he had only a limite knowledge, having been trained exclusively ? the frontier. Bat he had a military eye aa brain, perfect c jmposure in moments of peri a knowledge of men, and the faculty of ooc mauding obedience and eonftdenoe^ lie wi *7 ' nerer failed to inspire hi* trooae. fndian Hjnda J0<1 Mexico bear moiiuuienU of fa genius which defy criticism, and arc tndepe d?nt of praLie. 11 ia military iiutiucu have U atamp of intuition. The Duke of Wellingt* cWiely atudied and applauded bi? campaig aad impartial billory will olas* tbe oonquer Iof Riodrandea* on* of tbe utojt toeuwf oldiers of tba ago. No city in Europe, in tl wars uf XatKileon or Wellington, or at ai other period, ao ttr?ngly foruflod by nam ? ?-1 ? - ? ?-tt J ?A dilk aniiK tvPATui Ia 11 u ?(? mt won ucibuiwj, wvv ? r^r*1 derance of mea u<i artillery, wu ir?r earii iu so abort a time. It wm a battle of force tl n?t of strategy, an 1 u mch maj ch alien comparison and eritlciara. Wellington a aieg in India and in the Panimala, from time th e.msained. are suuaidarcd a* fail area; tbegrs Hannibal Uj eight luoath* before baguntu Monterey fell, literally by the aaord, t bayouet, and the as, la three days. Iu defei era fought, ae men .if tho Spanish race alwa fight, obstinately b?hind their solid defroa and a lea* dotertuiaed general, aad troops l< enthusiastic aad impetuous. mast bare be defeated. Bat the competition of oar arm; the apirit of emaUUew between the reguli aad rolunt?en. the preeentlment of promoti in the line and of political distinction at hon and the prevalent belief that the war waa Itha iflorjr au?J tkt J-tmsttn of tb? rapablu rvnierci oar irmi irreautibla ? ClaiLorn Lif* of Quitman. L ? - ?i? JET WW to iwiy (nam hla non?f drawer fa \ frw iDlautcs. Mr CoeHrmse, ^rteN. Kockw w*s robbfd of lit) Id iiOIm; March Mag ma *' tb# Wff? found and Mr Cochrane. la mt. killed oaa. and rtewwd bis R>oa*rv MUt-r raraped '"Two ml,* had plundered tb? fc,r Material f* ? acst. Will Making The practice of catting eff with a shilling was introduced to refute the presamptlon ol forgetfulnes* and unconsciousness?to show that the testator fully remembered and meant to disinherit the sufferer. Ladj Mary Wortley Montague cut off her scapegraoe of a son with a guinea. When Sheridan threatsned to eut off his eldest born with a shilling, toe quiet retort was, " Couldn't you give it to me at once, if you happen to hare such a thing about you *r ?? - - ? ? - uatim mentions an habitual liar, who, consistent to the last, employed the few remaining days he had to live, after being condemned by the doctors, in making"^ will, by which he bequeathed large estates in different parts of Ingland, money in the funds, rich jewels," rings, and all kinds of valuables, to his old frieads ami acquaintance*, who, not knowing bow far the force of nature could go, were not for some time convinced that all this fairy wealth had never as existence anywhere but in the idle coinage of hi* brain, whose whims and projects were no more A wealthy nobleman hit upon a still more culpable device for securing posthumous igno uiiny ne gave one lady ot rank a legacy "by way of tfomponaatioD for the injury be feared he bad doue her fair fame;" a large sum to the daughter of another, a married woman "from a strong conviction that he was the father; ' and so on through half a dozen more items of the sort, each leveled at the reputation of some one from whom he had suffered a repulse ; the whola being nullified (without being erasod) by a codicil A widow, ocsupying a lauM house in a fsfhUl.nn.rt.^nf T,* I.U solicitor to make her will, by which she disposed of between ?60,000 and ?60.0*0. lie EiOposed scan after, was accepted, and found inu-elf the happy husband of a penniless admn: 11 risi ? p1 x Shortly after the death of Mr. Ashton Smith, Geo Carier. ou of bis huntsmen, sought an interview with mu old friend of the family, and with much earnestness mude the following proposition: "I hepe, sir. when I and Jack Pricker and Will Bryce (the Whips) die, we may be laid alongside master in the Mausoleum, with 11am Ashley aud Paul Potter, (two hunters,) and three or four oouple of his favorite hounds, in ordttr that ? diit h? nit mtmrk ?) > together in the next world." "Ami thinks. adrr.iUtd to that equal sky, H:a fiHhful do# ?h*U bear btai company." Kelleman left hia heart to be buried in th? baUle-tieid of Valruy, where the first repuls* vrai susutined by the Allies. Fie had bettei have selected Marengo, where a charge *>l heavy cavalry, led by hitn without orders, re trieved the fortunes of the day. Mademoiselle Joly. a French actress of th< latter part of the eighteenth century, bavins C>i9?ed some agreeable hours on a hill near Fa aise, called La Roche-Baint-Quentio, left di rtctioni in her will that her remains should b< carried to this solitary hill, which was so doai to her heart. Her wishes were oboyed and th< bill has e-rer since been called Munt July.? Qnarttrly Review. Morbid xkrvors.tkss.?The morbid nerr ousness of the present day appears in seTera ways. It brings a man sometimes to tha startled state mat the sadden opening of i door, the clash of the falling fire irons, or anj lime accident, puu hitn in a flutter. Hon nervous the late Sir Hubert Peel must hnr< been whsa, a few weeks before his death, hi went to the Zoological Gardon, and when i monkey suddenly sprung upon hia arm, thi great and worthy man fainted Another phasi of nervousness is when a man is brought t< that state that the least noise orcrjss ocour rence seems to jar through the entire ner rous system?to upset him as we say; when h< canuut command his mental powers except ii perfect stillness, or in the chamber and at th writing table to which he is accustomed, when in short, be get* fidgety, easily worried, full o whims and fancies, which must be indulge) ___a_ la a ? * - *ua oonjiaerea, or ne is quite oat oi suru Another phase of the same morbid oonditioi is, when a being is oppressed wit! ague nudefined fear* that things are guin| wrong, that hi* income will not meet the de | in;?nds upon it, that hi* child's lungs are ai fected, that his mental powers are leaving hit ?a state of feeling which shades rapidly o: into nntitivA inRiikirv Tii/4aa<! when mw^ar " ? I . A. U'J vvvi t f* UWU Ui ? V VV * remain lung in any of the fa&hiou* which buv been described, I suppose tne natural term! nation must be disease of ihe heart, or a shoe! ' of paralysis. or insanity in the form either c ui.iiu* or idiocy. Numbers of commonplac paople who c<jald feel rery acutely, but wh ^ could not tell what thoy felt, hare been worrie } into futnl heart diseuso by prolonged anxiet and misery. Every one knows how paralysi 'r laid its haud upon Sir Walter Soott, alwaj great, lastly heroic. Protracted anxiety ho * to make the ends meet, with a large tamil an.) n n iinrtArflin i n/?rtm a i^niva knnthav^a fin wife into the luaatio aaylnm; and there hardly a more touching story than that or h< fears and forebodings through nervous yei after year. Not lew sad the end of her ove q wrought husband, in blank vacuity; nor tl 0 like end of Tbomaa Moore. And perhaps tb &Ude3t instance of the result of an overdrive y -nervous system in reoent day*, ?u the et ; of that rugged. honest, wonderful goniu I H?gb Miller * Attempts? Slave ln?oaa*cTiors I* K? ? tvckt ?fa# Louisville Journal, Deo. 8, ?ay?: ' We leant tLat for tome time pas: a number 7 stables and haystau ks have been bur?-d in tbe i I- clotty of iimpeonville, Shelby county, Ky., ai >f It was rumored here that live uegroes bad be< I. convicted of the Incendiarisms, and executi i without formal trial Such ta not the case, hot ever It U Irae that tbe incendiarisms have be< : committed, a ad there Is cause to suspect that u number uf negroes lu tbe neighborhood are gutl . M k *?> ? * - oi toc ( rime us ?mmkut a meeting w ie b?jd In Sluipaonrille, and an eftcient police w d appoiuted to provide agalnat auch occu rences d future. ,D We received a letter yesterday from a reliaV j corrvaponder.t at Burkavllle, Ky., from wbicb i , make the following extract: " a abort time a!n ' tbere was a man arraated for attempting to lnc a" tbe negroe* to insurrection and brought befon " court of inquiry and, after bearing the eviden se Intne ca*e, tUey beld blm for further trial, ai a, flxed at 91,300, and, aot being able to gi ts tt,"b# wm lodfed la j?ll to await bia trial In t n_ Circuit Court " * Fk9)| Jaj?*.h. a ?By the arrival of tbc steam ?n ZuluW, tt Kcw Tork, we ba*e ncwa from . a, a>?ic? up lo tbe cloae of lut math. 0< or Darling, uaTinsr diMolved bi? cabinet, on t ul count of * difficulty with the Assembly, b ka formed auatbe?, !n wblcb the ltraelile nierob of tUat body were ltrgaiy rep??cnt'd. Mocb AJ f^llnir wa? rnuiU^ " * 1 re wealthy planters and the large colored populati n* of that lalund Feara were even entertained t d ?nl 4 hi* ejcejlpaoy yleUvd, earl out trouti ad would aria*. The origin of the difficulty betwc >a ika Uoftraor and the Ltgltliture dHn but >es avertU which took place eeveral yenra ago. 1 ' n t unllktlT that a vote of want of coottdeuoe >at Ooaaraof tfaillog Will paaa U)e Legislature. [J^ There waa an old farmer who bad am 1 h* that, sot content with her proper apb?re of actl waa ?oatlnually eodeuTorlug to crow. At fa ivt after repeated attempts, ahe auccaeded In makl ... (otnethlne Mke a crow. Tbe farmer waa tak hla breakfaat at tbe time, aud bearing tbe a< weal put, hut aeon returned, bearing In bla h. tb? arowlng ban. mlaus her bead "Ther Vtli b?. 41 run wUlliig bena should do most a lr" thing, bat I sin* willing they ahould crow: ?n setting a W uample " ae, for JDT Lon dans'* chief occupation ta raisingi s? selling augar. H? industry and eommeroe ?'i mainly bas^d on It Sugar la now protected I duty of <4 per coat against tbe competition of *'aat Indioa Bat If she secedes and Join r a Southern Confederacy, one of wboae maxim ier. "treo taedi^' half her plantatloaa would g< 4c, wssto and half her planters to rain, b'a Tobacco W wry profttably ealtlrated a) tbe tbe river Oelawsrj. When In full bloaaota, till rln* the warm smuoo. tbe air u tilled Ibr m i > with m perfume \ V, * . MISCELLANEOUS. NOW OPEN THE OKIGIVAL GIFT BOOK STORE, I AT 4T? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Next door to Olay's (late U. S.) Hotel, beUeeen Third and 4i streets. ! 6. B. EVANS, in order to aooommodate his legions of oaatomere throughout the United States, 1 hu 1 oca. ted A BRANCH STORE J of bis widely celebrated GIFT BOOK ENTERPRISE in Washington City, at 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where oan si way a be found a complete atook of the STANDARD AND MODERN WORKS of the UNITED STATES AND EUROPE. 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De .ember it, the S.eajnar j1 THOMAS COLL.YER will wake ' -IT-*"* w* thrvetnpi p?r werk t > Monet Ver t'Wiit J sn tion, lea?i. g b?r the foot a Ssv^n.h atn* t, at 10 ?'ol?ck on TUESDAYS, ty THURSDAYS and SATURDAN S ,, de?-lw SAMUEL BAKER. Captain. ** j^OTlCB TO THE PUBLIC. The und?ral*ned hvi ia?t opened a whoiaaala j- PRODUCE and M a RKKTING STORK at 54# ... atreet. opp..mte Center .Market, wnere he " will be reoa vini daily a general aaaortrnent of ?8 ?vtri thing that growaon a farm.freah from the It* hauae of tha farmera, auoh aa Tnrknja. Chiokana, i a Duoka, Gee*?. Egg", Ratter?of all anantiaa. at ice Haiti mora pnoea?Dried Fruit. Applea, Flour, n(t Boana, Jbe. fco., whioh 1 will aeil axeheap aaoan b? bought in mi* oity, Alexandria, or Baltimore. - L>eaJ#ra mo hvok?tara are r*aproiial y invitad to ut o*.ll fctiii ex&nnua far Lhojnfelvea daB t' J7ll. CANFIKLP. w \KW tiOOKSat FRF.NCH * R1CH3 TEIN'8, 1^1 4Te? PKHH. Avisdk. )y~ Lavin'a, a novel, by (I. Ruffiui, I2mo.,oloth; priea Fairbairu'a ('rfst* of the Farmliea of Groat Hritad aiu and l a and, n! Tola., Irn?.,oloth; priue 025. pre Hoaaaio^oara' ^novalopattiui of Cooking HI. olDtit; prioe <1 $5. da 5 Si44 6 to Xt 1 C atrwat, batwaan 4H and 8th atreets, immarv: diatelr la the rear of ttio National Hotel, whara ' , th? l4i*in*ia vul ba eont'pued m h.>n?tuf>>r? at tha t ' old ?taad |doM4i?1 l^AO HKRZBKRtt. l? |^1BB8* W1B. BRAID AND CL'RL MANUVT FACTORY, s<2 Penn. ar?ti, Mar Um corner of Tnirtaenth etrfrat?A vurr oomplete ataort'*?? a'ntof Braid*, Curia, Kniettea, Hamiaaaa, Ao? 00, oow on nam'.; alio, mad# to order at the thorteet ut, notice Hair Work repaired or taken la wohima

' K f* ON K PRICK ONLY' >1** K1.AV1NG on hand a vary keavr etook of DRE88 Mid TKiMMlNOS, I will otfw (M Htvxo *erj aheap for .... _ lt'? Mg tf between 9th aad 10th ete. /lBV'iT llOnilVa IN ain iueAi0v?n-oo?&.?C?rrrdPiMioFi>rU^^|w ind h?Ti?f b??n in u?? nho-t Bm# ?nlf, ovair!?ni|tlM eity, for ml? tor #?i Hi 1*' E }" \f OOB KM# BQUItX PUttAK DROtTS?A ?f*j ? to i?l &f reined j forcouf h?,? 0M ?.n* tiof'MB the o?ndy roriB ?T?r ofT-rod to iu pabue. Try U??m ud ^ sonvrxf'. Sold at Alm n v* MO<JRWMt fciid D uj f?U>r.t x> 18-tw Tl* r*. iniM, MISCELLANEOUS. #Cmrt Cmagh, CM, Hoarstnvt . InySutma My Irritation or Sortntti of Iht Throat, RtUrt* th* Itmtkimg Couth ?? Cmiotv Itom. Bronchitis, Athm*, t Catarrh CI tar and givo itrmilt to the voit* of PUBLIC CPE A K K R 8 Aim SINGERS. F(W kr* iVU* flf U* imBArlftnn* nf ?hu>im m. Cough or ' Common Cold^'in lU fi'it t!mt irhion in the beg'nine would yield to a mild r?n?It, if neglMt*d,aooaattaokeihe Lunca. "ftwu'i Brontkiat Trocktt." containing <i em uloerti acr??l 1 ante, allay Pulmonary and Bionohial lnititioa. { "That trouble in ny Throat, (for BROWN'S whioh the "TrocJw" are a apeoifce) harina made me tften a m >re wliiaTROCHES perer.'- N.P.WILLI!?. rbown'S " I reoommcud their uae to Public TROCHES REV. E. II. CHAPIN. "Or?<at aervice in aubdatns H&AsasBROWN'S nu." REV. DANIEL WISH. rnnrnvvi " Almoit wata>t reiiaf in the di?luw^uts t^eaamj labor of broatSum peculiar BROWN'S WA,tkDE^."A. C.EOOLE9TON. TROCHES ''Contain nojOpium _or_an?thint ] iijunvn. " i>k a. i\ ba* as. BROWN'S Chtmist, Boston. " A eitni^e&nd plwisaut oombinaTROCUES j tion for Cuc&iit. Jtc." ?>* <? F BIG BLOW. BROWN'S TDrtf ITPQ " Benefioia! in Bronchi Tit.** TROCHES? UR j F w LANK, nnnwNN Bostcn. " I h*v? proved thorn ccoellent for TROCHE8' W..WJJ. WARIy..N BROWN'S nomon. Tttnrnv* " Peneioial whfi oomwIW to truthks ?pb&k, futfarinr from Cold." BROWN'i ' KEV' * J- P- ANUER^Nj, TROrHPf; " Effectual in renrmnjc Hn&no, no?? and Irr t*t on of I js Throat. ?o BROWN'S "ominon Sr??iM *nd tfixo**B n?? ?f uTinv tnavunii TROCHES* r,t" ? ?????? L? (rranxr, On. BROWN'S Twoher of Muiio. Stattm "KUVVnl C , Female College. TROCHES "Great benefit wlien tnken before And alter preaching, as thor prevent BROWN'S Ho*rson?8B. From their pa?teffVot, 1 think the* wi!l hoof permanent adTROCHES vantage to me." ftEV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President oi Athena College, Trnn. TROCHE? tlT'SoM by all DrucitiaU at TWFNrv FIVE CENTO A BOX de l-ly_ Gas Fixtures, THE BEST ASSORTMENT EVER OFFERED IN THIS CITY. Thou* who d**ire to eoleot from new patterni. with the advantage ol'a reduction in price*, will caH early ami examine. ' * - 1 ?'1 ^ aii nf n iraont ahAiit \V ?" WOUiH ?!B? U?|| Ml" ?" ... r introducing ii.t*? thc-ir dwollirga to oar inor<a?ed faJtltliea, and oonaequent low prioea, for this branch of our fade. In? itin* all who dean* tiiHrwork don* promptly, and free from za* l-aka.'ee, to e&'l at 9 Pa. avenue, tietween loUi aud IIth at*., aoutii aide, no 21 <j an I J. W. THOMPSON fc CO. PERFUMERY. It <a verj difficult to get genuine SOAPS. KXTRACTh. OIl^S, A&I) POMADKS. On<- one rxpenenoe in the buaineat enaWea aa to oifor ever; article of the GENUINE QUALITY. Someofonr own importation and others of wellknown ataodard "branda;" many vanetieanot to b#> fituod in thia citr, and a'l at the loweat price#. iiuylnc every arttole 'or cash, we otfer all our Jargo atock at the loweat pnoea at STEVENS' Sa'.ea-Room, de 4 eo6t Hr 'w'n ?lot?l. *.? (uiHHNCk'S PULMONIC 8VKUH, LP J to. HEA WEED TONIC, Do. MANDRAKE P1I.L8, Fo* ?alo by#. B. WAITE, oorner o/ Seventh trutwd Louisiana avecue. I'riue of Myruj. 91 per bottle. Prix's of Ae-a, Weed Tonio. 91 per bottle. Priee of Mandrake Pule, 25 of nta wer box Those a Aietetl with disease* of the Lance, Liver or ritoaaoh. aoooirpanied with pain* in tb-? Back. Bro&et or !*ide, should try l)r. Hchenrk'* Medicines. aod axe referred to tae loiiowtca cartifccati*. one of the invy testimonials of complete cares in Dr. Sohenok'a joeaeeaon. No. 407 West Fifth street. t WxaBj^aTow. D. C., Nov. list 1960.{ P*. Bchkuck?D?ar Sir: I saiTered much lor aevsral months with X.i ver o.jmplaint, I vaa per st>au?d by a friend to try yonr Pulinouio gjrup. and .V'andraka Pilla. I am now quite well, and btiitvi y esw mtdicint wot the meant qf mtormt mt to fita 'lk an.l v\tor. Tueref.ii * I take muoh pleasure in reoamraendr M. S. 8 1 UK U HJ IIIO * _ _ no 22 I m gLA.NKHTS :,LAXKETg,,.BLANKETS .J Be<1 Blanket*? Bed Blanket!! B??(i Blanket* of tvl msis and of all pno??. Bed Comfort*! ?? Bed Ceinforta! tt Mameillek Quilt* ! Mar*aiIlo* Quilt* ! Linen ami Cotton Siieetn^S'i ? . ... | Toweling* of all kind*, Damask Table Line n and :?apkins. Our ttook ia fall in all depa> tmonU. We tolioil a oall from all in want of Dry ^tfort*. WM R Rli^V it ?KO., Nr?- 30 "C antral Stores," Between 7th and ntreeu, no n ?w Uppoiite Pernor Market. FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY ov Washington and Georgetown. Capital Qfiee t*rn r C Uree.' and Louisiana a v., ofn E-?m *f Washington. IN8URK HOUSES AND Ott HF.R PRO/?IlRT^ AOA1NST LOSS BY F1RK. . Diikcio**. Geo. Shoomakor, Siipino! Ratlfem, Samuel Croploy, Wiiiiam Wi'eoa, Riuii&rd Jouna, John D. Barclay. Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Nothvell, Tho?. Parker. Riehard Barry, B p. French. No eharge for Polioiea. JAMES AfcAMS, President. Abkl G. Davii. Secretary. oc 10-eo6f FURS furs; r u r s <?oaof tho larccetaad'ftaMt stock* ever offer* A^'IstV' too . D ?J 1 * U^.A.i ? akr>>? >/.? &? U? I run nt'^?n??u Aivi ;viioi cu m*> auu ikuuwu*, 07 old, xp-*neno?d hand, all ehea?. A a my atook ia v#ry lar^a, all 1 aak ta a oall. All Furasold at my oatabliatainont warranted a repreaeoted. HOPKINS*'. Cornar of Sixta at. aad Pa. ar. IP- Siaw White Big. no 71 3w nnRAVKLS IN TUB REGIONS OFl TH1 X Upp<ir and Lowar Amoor, by T. W. Atkinao? "with a map and aatMroua illc strati aa>; prioo #2-S< Lionello, a sequel to tho Jew ot K. A Braaoiaaa, a. J. Hassan AMa>!ah, or tho Knehant^d Kara, an ?>th?*- Ta ea,,with an introiiaction by Mi#s Pardoi Vohim*' <> ? of Tom Brown at Oxford, a to Totn Umarn at Rugby; cheap edition SI cents. Our Yoar, a child's book m proa* and verse, t tho autbor of John Halifax: ?nc? 75 cants." 11LANC&ARU * MOHIM, Am. Q ?&.\tfMaa a.? Pi ft.V ?nn uwi r?i" rwn ?n I MONEY! MONEY!.' i'a MONEY!" Not?t of all bank* t?%k'en at par for Goode, and oomptote etipply of fill and Winter Wei* on hat for oa?h. r WAL1.. 8TEPuEN*t^0^7, np C-3w Pa. ayeoae. bet. Bth jrnd Itnh ? A N K I N HOUSE SWEENY, R!TTElN?aO"bE, FANT* CO. MOH ujpen for ouetome r?, epaote. ourraaof, ai Virunta money aoo<-nnt i Buy ami sell coinaud ei ekanje at the moat fcvo able rate*. . , . , Onrrwaey and Vlrriaia ,-nower granted, no 34 1 131 A.N OS.-One very h? ? Boxwood Oktokerii Pima IA* > ..> ?u talk I w &?IAMU_MI v* ?IE>rtnU. at of StiinvftjlBM r tfo.u" and k. Hum I'MPiuo tamHl H ?j*ji bgaD raooivad.^ T^? a*i*uo? in M# ooiwi hKCrf-f"0*"'""10^^* UW?o?W*GlMlBT! No*.'* Tlfg UtR? "Si* BARGAINS i Tg,y?^ SPI15iA^ CA*JD.-i now mv? i*ottM ro* ' ? i^.004 ** *,rt" fryHj b?\ubf?l ton*, i finish, WftrrMtod riANOfor fWrw , , . JOfctNF.ELU*. ?. l >|00 !'?. ?v., be^ 9th {tad lOUi ?U DENTISTRY. MTBeTIf. LOOMIS, M. D.. the investor and patentee ofthaMlNKKAX. PLAT# TKETH. Lend a ytrionkilf at fata office in tfeiecit* Many peraoaa ou wear Ui?M te*th whn^ cannot wear otitera, and no parson nan wear oU?ri ho car not it ear these. r*raona eal I m* at my r>5icte car. he aooomaodateil With any etyleand priee of Teeth th*y may deaire; uwi ui inuvo vnu biu p?riiuui?( buu mimn uiv purvei, cioaneat, atrongoat. ?bi1 moat aorftMt denfcjre that art can produae, Ui* UIN KRAL, PLATE will 0* mora fullj warranted. Jtoofna m thia city? No.33? Pa.a*osne,bctw??rj 9th ami 10th sta. Alio, a07 Arch atroot. Phiiaue; *hia. ? 13 tf Dl. MUN< ( in'h'm ^et u ru?? an J reanmod hi a vrofouion. uffie? and hooao at 463 E at..^wac^ , ihird door eaat of ?ixth.In addition t AmE3 J *oory o*her approved atyla, Dr. M. ha? tooth ou vulcuite Baa? for the laat th-oo yoara and, from experience, Itnowa it oxoe.a all othwa. and ia one-third loaa in pr<oe than cold. Iliroid aatrona of Waah'nrtoi:, A Uxandria, acd Georgetown are re#peotfailf ao totted to oa.L aa 15 oolr CARRIAGE FACTORIES. j WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, 1 U Stun, Ktttmitn -itk an4 \toh Strttti, Wo have luat iiw;,hed a r.nmber of urct elaaa CARRIAGES, suoh u Lxtk: Pcuuv. Wat ms, Park rktatoni, Fimtl* Car ^flUH < rx*tu, and Bmtfi's, whieb we will ? JU ? < a T?rr amivli profit. ? Bern practical macharjo* id different branches i oftha bnr.nesa, \r* flatter ? >irs*lv?>* that rro kao? j the style* aoJ tuaii'y ul ?? .rk teV w. 1 cit* p?tia i fvitioo, oombimn* afhtuaaat, oom/ort acd durabiti 1 Ropairlnf promptly &ni carcfn!!y attained to Ui? nortast notieo and most reasonable eliartaa. I i WALTKR, KARMANN It BGPP, | a ,KCC<MOri to W m. T. Hook. ( Tmm CA*riaok!*7 HE SebMribe; haviac made adn.tlaM to kj factory matins it ivow one of th? ? :?t*?r?L in the District, whera fertilities forQK*** manv'v't'U'ir^CAIIIlIA.Gh it I^IGHTJBSHE WAbU>'? of &i: oft: rot be ar^uac?, Mi (row hi a Ion* cxj?ri?rco ia tiu biiiirj, aa >i>>m to civ* ttneral uticfaetior. All kicdaofCArri&cMu4 Ll?kt W&c*ul?;te> i *60 d. Al' RErAIKSuaatij4ea?,asi?ller<*ri ?rer t* If fcttOQu to. 8?e**4 kiac C^rriii* 'Maiztztiuuitt (cm* y~. AM!)RKW J. JCYOL, U tf mtw af 14tk *n?l K ate. VSS rpHE OEM OP THE SEASON. I hare thm d?r r*o?iv?d, ?*r Expr*??, th? lAtwt JHy e/?r GENTS' FAsHlONABJ K ORK-S H ATS ; a'a<>, a !ar*e as i tu.l aupp y of FR ' NCII SOFT HATS, of all atjlM, brHu a-d licya. ' A my aaiortmeiit of theae rood* is large, I ?h* i ell at oxoo^dinc y U>w pmcpb. A oali wherd you oau get exactly v .&*. ycu wart is ununited. HOPKINS, Corner of Sixth a*. and Pa. *v IIP ?7 2w Sign of tk? WAU4 j??ar. | DCASil! CRINQ the past week we have made large addition* to our atock of ' GENTLEMEN'S BELONGINGS, aad, baying them under the hoary preaaure is the money market for CASH, we utTer them to ttoe trade and at retail at imal! advance ca oar uoha.Be price*, for CASH, knowing tnat it la lees than at wfiioh firat olaaa wardrobe articles can be purchased. Oar stock, a! way a complete, ia now muah larger than usual in Pre*a Shirts, Under Shirts ud 1'rawer*, Qentlomen'a Dfnhdi Robea, Rid and Warm G'o??a, Neck and Over Tie*, Stock* and S^arfa, Perfninery and So&pa, Walking Cane*, Colt'* aud othf-r Piitola, Ao. Which we offer at mneh lover prioea than naoaL I for CASH. W e wi*h, however, to to un^erntoorf that onr aalea are onnfined to the newest styles of noo.ia and the "lowest prioes," at STEVENS'S i de 1 nt Sale*' Hoow, Brown's Hotel. Heavy cloths AND CAS51MKRE8. Fine Cloth* and Caaaimerss, Vaivat *ni Silk Votings, Sitk M?irt* aud Drawer*, Merino Shirt* and Drawers, Hnvj fibbed WooUu Shirt* and Drawer*, Kid. Silk, and Merino Glove*. J lotion and VVoolen Hail Hose, rr?noti Shirting Liuens, n?h Linens. e wivits a;l person* in want of Drr Goods of any kind to give us a t ail WM R. RILEY k BRO.. No. "Cei.tral ?!ore*,n Between 7th and 8*h st? , no 23 2w OppoMti Center Mark ft 117INDOW SHADES AT FIRST COST -The stook of all kinds WINDOW SIlADKSat r the store of<"f.AOKTr A DODSON, in all siz?s, oousutin* of ciesatt Giit, l.amtscaps, Gray P*a01 Lied and Gothic Sty !*s. it perhaps the inui-t compete van-My t<> be found any *nw- in tfciscitv. Mao, a!l widrhs SHAPE LJNKNS. in Baf\ whit*. Blue a-d Green, witr: all thsftxiaras Also, PICTURE ?'ORDrt, OORDtj awl TASSELS, in *et?, f >r Pictures, Pieiure N?.s, wita fenoy and plain head. _ ... Ai?o, Ueautifu! T1DIE?, in all mxm. At oost for the o&sa. no87 eo?t CLAGETT k DODSO*. 2 ttfew ymrk ki-koantcurtain matell KI ALS, AT PRIME CO?T. The stAok of all kinds of Curtiua Materials at the d store of CLAGETT & D<?I>M>N, is stt:l oorapletn in all that is riah and deaitabAll or a?y oi which will now be closed out at the prune oost. bo 27-eo6t 1"W doers sooth of Pa. ar? \Zw# \ ~ Parw's oltl stand. Fust * Ward. Was bin stow. Ills Har la constantly snesiied with the olicfoest Liquors and Cicars. The beat Fried Ojsters ia W>U>ua?l<m can beobtamed at liu piece. Families *nppli*<! with Oystcra in <>re-ry stjfe, and at r^^naU* prioes. se8B-eo6a Im m HAVE NOW ON HAND A COMPLETE Stock o<V- ?gia ^ Ladies'J&id and Lasting Velvet Triianiad KBI Ladies' Kid and Lasting Buttoned Boots, * * i ailies' M orocoo and Uoatkm buttoned Boots Ladies' Thick and Fur Boots. Mitt**' ? '' V el Trt-trimmed Hoots, Misao.*' Kid Morocco and Goatskin But'J Boots. 2 Ladies' and Misses' Rubber Long B ?oU, Which J am seling from 5?c. t? #1 pair lower i' than the aawe^aality oas be bong hi elsewhere ui " tn's city. - 1? - * " rr^mrt* tit Rnnta A.nd RImma lor A ' Wf ? iuii ?>"? . d fecU'', hot*', and youth*'wear. ?. ^ /. lp8BNTHAL.No. lftMrhtW ?f Jal lOtf ?a *t.. bt gth and HhfU. ,? IXJOTIOC TO JOURNRYMKN TAILORS '' N AT HOMK AND ABROAD. Th? foilovyn* ia? carreot lint of the raplorer* who i-.if the Mil pnoas ol, and are r?oo4ui?a bj, . tIw SoCWtTi lo Ta^ ! W. H. rtantoid, Matkwik k O'ifflth, n- i: a Mat took * HarUrt, K. M. Drew V^inma. m8 aofca " Any O4 J^KKW3BSIU-.^ rail. U? ?, B.'X?i, Uu itm.Of, l? feet, ?n* tl.ici, aafel* true .ported mm! 4aHr?*4 k?t*N>E wa?uing-, jn AxprPitt atthaPtar Qfic?,at fiaooa'a Granary More, ? oraiE Wu<?4ler'? HardwareBtora, will b? promptu r,..u ~plr??eggKu ? *4 ??? I m ta (UKAm'l V T- KrMl I feiag&aHfe&fr S ^t353raj??V?5i*^g ?*, mUMM a compute ?uortm?*t *f toilW M B. BALL ? I9KAEL DKMING. ?- Wholesale u*l H < *.. I>a!?r? in fin? FAMJM e* GROCERIES, TEAS, WINES. and okoio* Li QUOCS of iul kin^i*. A fr**h itock ja.t omened Good Satar 7 oenU pat pound. Ca'l at No ?34 7tk k ?tf<*t, b?tve?? 1) u.4 Louium ?t, ? #-tf . : . ??^ t; THE WEEKLY' DOLLAR STAR. ' ? ? Muac m fTMtar wtatr of IMnftn rwftl than hi t* fomad la ur othw-n |?klUNi m PV?d*y norusi. Btaci* oofj, pm ? ? 91 " FWe copif . 4 ik T?Ji? It lnT*n*biy eont&iu tfa* " WMklnftM INWe" o imitllT thro?<boat the ooa&trr. LTSiiiIi oofim (ta vrappar* > Ma ta praaarai at U? ooanur. immediate j after tk? uaaaaf Ua paj?r. Pno*-THRKK CENT* WOOD AND OPAL. - j TO THE PrBLIC! an WREIK VOIT n? \ CPt ?ni " MOMTrWOlTl"" STTRY IT! PROVE-IT ! KNOW IT try~wuatf vJS>DTtUwiPIONEtR M1LL8,aU bm> provkwhatf CT" Prore t I?t TCI Ofcn (*t i?u U OOD U*r? e ??p*r th*n ttMMty ; m4 UtM jot KNOW WHAT* C7" K.cow tkU roi i?t ttUUi) M EA6CR K ?r>4 ft? v?ry bent of ^\OOD lot im b<n ?, cm SPL: I, Dl ?lTS*kU F*UOf Ck4K<K. V.AUL AT TU riOlttR MILLS! SION OF THK BLUF FL ?? STJ SotiawsixCuiiK* S?vfwt? >T.nuCim iSoutb of tho Brioc *.# ^aolfl GLuRbErAt?E, l?ixt. rr _o Inlon Fire-Wood NUb. PINE. OAK End HICKORY WOOD SiwoO WW S?ntatamr k?npth O' r?qnir#4. mkI d?iir'rSlL' iP* of tit* CJtr at varj low 117^ ** e oall th? j articular attenti ?ii of our out loiii?*r? and th* pufclio to our *p!?od <1 STUCK OF COAL, wLic/i w# Mb m, without >ar of 001 tradicticn, i o ja. to any iu tkacitv. Wo gi to iiv aativnoticn to a!I vb?* oai ?ti r? a..I > ? '"|fr<'urV\\\ I'D Bn< SPUT WOOD i? kf t inS?r eow. 4tt. m COAL on p.B-k loon.tnkn ud is good order, larje u!m b- d iwb. ?rohu. ir^OriiTi no'irt'^4 Bt . UNION FIRK WOOB MIIXS Cor. *?v> nth ft *>id ('bub!. MrKNRW ft MARLOW, PrupH*?^?. bo 15u W?' O O 1> AND C O A Del!var?i to all ptrta m tu? city. Bt the tevMt ositibie rues. T. J. ? W. Al. C A I/f, Offir* a*a Pb. betwo i; Uth br.J 13th ?U , ^ i* ?r - - ^ * ili9 k i - m " FOFTSAL? A N D RENT. hfOR RK\T. in tho I'ir*t ^ trd?thr<e qovt wA*t of the War lt?partinr-nt?a mal. OFFICE, w.tii l.aek XMa.nriMf^Mr m?r ati*ar for a snop: and farlorn auo Chami??r?, aaparau. or inita of Koum. or furmahod ; aluM to the A vei tie. Inquire at this d<" 3 Jtswtf I70R RENT <>K LEAJ*E FOR A TERM OF F ??AR?-Ti.e B<H*K and r-ROlND* lata y >cau$S?>l by l'o?uiiMi?i General Br??n, and very eoft.t'y held by Mr*. Huiith a fcnaje institute. For furthar information apply to CHAS. ABERT, ?sq , or to tiie subaar.l.ev THOMAB LAWBON. de 4 ootf fttiryeon f>en?ra! l?.B. Aru.y. I/OR H KNT-A d*?irat>> and trail located f it. r class RESIDENCE. >o. ?.*thrtre?t. t>?Cve< n L> and E it*. TU hon?? it famishad ?Uh . improvement?. 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THe thirteenth aruual seeaion of thia Inetitotion will eoruiaenoe on Tueedai, September 18th. in the hou?e raaently pooh pied by Sj ive*Ur Scott, ? ?., No. IfcO Kiu* atreet. The eonrae of study por? >ed will ootnpriM al! tli" branohan reunite to a tfcoroarh English E4u pHi jo, 8.uil Mimic, Ticaeh, Uln aad Drawing, if (!e?irvd. in idJitinii to day scholars. Mra. MoComuok is proparwi to receive a limited rutnWw of pafiis a? hoarders. who, oointitutinr a par' of her own family, will ?e uijiicr her immiviiM" care and ropem ion. She will ?adnavor.a*iar aa possible, to ?nr roaod tnem with the comforts and kiadJy inflnsaoaa of Hone. h ---n P ?t Geo. H. N'ortos, Rst. Dr. E!iaa Harrison. Her. I>. F.??rifj, William H. Fowia, Ke^.. Kdgar Unowdee, By.. Bdirund r Witatr, H^7t Edflor Eveung Star, Boiuamin Watiri, Kh..Ju'. Bntwisls^T^Ka^. Col.^J oha^yj.M^nc, Loadoaa, Board, with Tuition in aTtha English Braaehss, fan for the auauaJ ?eseion?pay Ml* mu -aaaaaliy, Md<io and Lao<na(M at Prafanri' inm [ ?* No extra chare?. aa V-U ifj^y ? A PACKET OF PAJ>BK T . . [ AND ENVELOFIB I N 0 I VO MATCH, CHARGE) METROPOLITAN ^BOOEBTORB. PH1LP A SOLOMONS. Attnit ft Lmmtmtt't etUbr+tid Luum f?xrt, "Mttropelumm MWil," f r., ? 3? ly 3M Fa. Mr- fc*.to iwrf HU *. 512 ODT" "W **? 512 "MHSQEttff* iy Um pit** to In4 Ik* oe.rurk.WKi* furolw R (MkifMd^PkiDt. ^ ATio, ? (uutl uwrtMM?( n<?u?? r?iM:I ( itunc it Ml iu Vn.Lnt.ea eiMtfUd Titlduteu'rj',* $xtv?is ar?as: tv?** ""&&, a!???. ... w? . W\- n TEAVKWNtt TRUNtS. . K H*t? j*?t r*Miv?a UmImiM Miui?irt U<Bovol?rth( m<>tt xtoniiv* nn?t;MH? VAUM?' CAKPgf BAGft TfcgrfftHBWtfBP oc 16 tf __ 33# r?.??*?i?. i jPLOUR. BUCK WHy^^FOTATOEa. 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