Newspaper of Evening Star, December 14, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 14, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WA8H4N<+T<*N-OiTY: FKI DAY Brnaktr 14, 1IM. I Xx~T The new Dollar Weekly Star, faller than mr of Metropolitaa new* and goaalp. and choice literary leading, la bow oo our counter rood? for delivery to the public. Embraced in lta entertaining < ontenta are the following article*: " My l)aught?r Winnie"?an excellent atory- ? A } <nkt-?- Coortabtp" ?a iangbtcr-pro Yoking sketi L; ? Uncle Davy'a Staff"?another adiniiil if atorr; " Barney Drgan'a Tratimony"?a cre m-r k>it of bnmor; ? The Handaotne Man''? wt a Of th?-r r?pi?l atonr; Bayard Taylor on li^'ite Building. Marritd W ithout Knowing It; Several floe poetical artlclea apropoa to the time*. Ac .*c.; r<i:U<(ta.i on the exciting topica of the day; Nos 7 and S of Atr.oa Kendall s vigoroua article* upon Sectsaioa, considered by many the moat important papers of this notable aeries; A complete record of Congressional proceed, nys for tbe week; Departmental Reports and Department news. Ac., Ac ; <eve? Columns of interesting L??al news. Including full reports of the visit of the Putnam Phalanx to the White House and to Mount Vernon, & c., Ac ; Three Columns of carefully prepared Agricultural and Horticultural matter. Household Recii>es and Recipes for the Workshop, Ac.. Ac ; As infinity of general news, racy paragraphs. readable personal ticetc . iw ncmrruua to particularise. Tbft Is Ju?t the paper above all others for person* sojourning in the National Metropolis to end to their friends at a distance. Price only three cents per copy, or SI 00 per annum; postage prepaid by stimpa when so arranged. fcpirit *f ik? Nsralag freu. The Constitution continues to urge that it is palpable from the " masterly inactivity" ?f the republican party, and tbe tone of its leading journal*. that no concessions will be made on its part. The Intflligtnetr again argues ia favor of tbe policy of a general convention of all tbe States. % n ? HU- ?# LIGHT tOSTl.TCISB TV Dllti ? >1?M.UVIJ vt the Committee of Thirty-three, yesterday, Involved an excellent beginning of tbe Important work they have in hand. It will toe received with jov throughout the country, by all except those at the Nortn who have made up their minds to prosecute the work of abolitionism at the certain coat of the destruction of the Government on the one hand, and these at the South who are anxious that the North may not give the,guarantee* the South ask. least by so doing the former (the North) may th? lr darlinc scheme of the destruction of the existing Confederacy. While thl? action of the committee does not foreshadow what the terms of eventual settlement of tbe trouble are to be. it certainly indicates unmistakably that an overwhelming majority of tbe committee are determined to do tbeir best to induce the States to heal the breach. The promulgation of what the committee have already done will add immensely to tb< strength of those at the South who are striving to prevent tbe destruction of the Union without a f previous serious effort to obtain a satisfactory settlement of the trouble; while at tbe same time 11 Will cause such popular demonstrations at the North as will teach those there who would destroy the Government by abolition ultraism, that they must at once change tbeir "tack," if they would longer hope for northern popular favor? the prize, the pursuit of which, has involved ninet tenths of the mischief there. The Horsi Pbistiss.?Kil'orts ire being made to induce Congress to reconsider Its action reducing tbe prices to be paid for their printing of this session forty per centum of the prices paid for the printing of the last session, so far as the House printing is concerned. The entire stoppage of the House printing through the absence *, of Mr Ford, their printer, Is tbe reason alleged i for the restoration of the 40 per centum asked. We explained tbe cause of his absence a day or two since; and now have to add that the restoraH/in an la'nt If frr?ntmti w{|1 Wo-.f #cn nrm * ^ ffc1 ???* nwa? cjv,WV HJ the cost of this session's printing, every dollar el which will find its way into the pockets of tbe I parties seeking it?the lobby. Tbe i*enate and Executive Department printing is being done for the 90 per centum of the late prices without a de mand for increased pay, and the parties wUo ex!ec a ted the House printing last session for the bodv'i printer *tind ready to execute the work of tbii sessiou at the reduced rate provided they are not compelled to pay a bonus cf 20 per ceatnui for the privilege of so doing. In the face of these facts It strikes as as being improbable that Congresc will consent to restore the 40 per cent addition! L.i (Mm ..Ln4 | ?f?v;wv?ru. Thi Potomac Bridoi QnsTio.f Asaix ?The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company are again doing their best to Indulge Congress to authorize them to build a railroad bridge acrossthe I'otomar just below the site of the present Long Bridge -> At thla is a question Involving not only the virtual abandonment of the present bridge as one of fre< and comparatively uninterrupted fravel w^Akcrie vehicles. but a Lao the destruction of the PoWroac'i channels by a rapid and enormous increase of the 4i flats-' above, and the consequent increase ol agu* a"d fever in the First Ward of this city and H Georgetown, alrvad? so prevalent through the n1?t?*nc>* of the present tl<tt* as to d Ive hundredi * of fam>'. ea from heme every summer, It is high tiir.<> tbat the thousands of citizens of the Distrlcl of Columbia Interested should turn their attent.on to tUe protection of the District's interest to be grievously injured by the making of the grant In our midst the Baltimore railroad corporation * seeks to obtain from Congress lalta Meeting la Philadelphia? Measures ?,# I !?-- a V. v vMvtxakkiwB I rvpfvra. The grand Lnioo meeting assembled at noun 1 yesterday, In IndependencePqnare. It wasopened bv prayer by Blsbop Potter, Mayor Henry presiding, aaaiate4 by a large number of vice presi\ dents and secretaries, ,tbe names comprising a lar^e number of wealthy and Influential citizens. Resolutions were read and adopted proclaiming attachment and revere net to the Constitution; earnest and endearing love for the Union, deeply deploring the fact that some of the States have i' r\nn (K?lv ?- ?' and defeating the provisions of tbe Constitution; pronouncing cucb acta violation* of tbe solemn compart; appealing for their repeal, pledging that the italute books of Pennsylvania shall be rarefully searched, and every statute, if there are any such invading the constitutional rights of r sister states, to be at once repealed; recognizing the obligations of tbe fugitive slave law; recom' ' mending tbe passage of a State law recompensing the owners of rescasd slaves; submitting obediently to the decisions of the supreme Court as to tbe righti of llavr-ownees in the Territories, and recommending that tbe disputed qurstlons be i > forthwith submitted to tbn said eaort; approving ' of tbe s> of ? Convention of Deles/ste# from the States contemplating seressln. to soggest remedies. with Unit convictions tbat the propositions <f such Convention wfll be received by the otLer :*tatea in a fraternal aad con< > i utory sp'rit; appeal:og to their brethren in the ^taten contemplating secesaion to forbear; rem'nd'.ng Ibem of the Innumerable tie* which blad oa together u one people. The resolutions alio condemn the denunciations of slavery as it exists la the United State*. The stage was gaily decorated with flvgs All the public and many cf the private buildings - snarrj lu tt.e display of buntia:/. witL appropriate mot tort On a Sag at oue of ttae hotels was Hit motto. ' Concession before secession." Although tbe meeting was held in the day time. wLen bosiness is most active, the gathering was as large as any ever assembled la Independence square, numbering tens of thousands 1 Mayor Henry said : ? \Ve meet to Intelligently consider tbe Imminent danger* which threatens tbe perpetuity of the 1'nion. without may partisan or personal motives. This danger baa been brought upon us moat rapidly. The Republic Is still in Its infancy, yet we now meet on tbe ground where the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed witu despair in our ?> hearts Only In tbe sovereignty of the people, and Ly the prompt efforts of the people, can this Union be perpetuated. i % ' We meet to declare unshaken confidence in --- - - - * lur i nion, auu determination vo atieixt itm lnIrtrltv " I!?* apcke plainly. If any sentiments bare btfn r? proclaimed tjy any portion of U?e country agaiuat Itr oilier, tiiey muat be relinquished. ' We iiitiat restore pnblie aentiuMwit to the old i< standpoint. and tbe misplaced appeals from our j v pulpits, l<xture-rooms, j?resse*. and against a section uf our common country. muat be frowned upon (Immense applause J It baa been these violent app?i!a that have mainly brought about tbls sad of affairs We muat ~ftres^rve the I nion at all haurdn." TlIK ToTAt PoPPLATtKS Of TBI I'XITSO hr*T*s ?As near as can be ascertained, tlie total ] rofxil-tion tf the ftu?e nod Territories is 3M*4>ix?:. therefore tbe rttfo of repr>aeotaUou in tbe t' cf Rej resrntatl ves wilt be about M 4*v"" . 1 * i [j , g: 11 Kcmokkp Rksigkatio* or the Secretary of State ? Jurt as we go to preaa, Pennsylvania avenue it greatly cxciWd over a rutuor that Ueo Cm* has rosined bis Secretaryahlp of State on Account of tbe Fresident'* declension to strengthen tbe ' troop* now stationed In Charl<*?ton harbor. We have no raeana whatever of verifying lta 1 troth at this hour We fear it Is too true. ? Arrrxii CoMMtaiiniia m I'tTim ?Mr ?hn. ] gert, long tbe efficient cblef clerk of the Patent , Ollce, is. by liw. now the Acting C o nun i?i oner, ] and to him all the pending business will be traaa> 1 fe-red No successor to M r. Thoinat Will, It ! j thought, be appointed by President Buchanan. ? ? . i Proceeding* of the National Committee* The House Committee of Thirty-three had a 1 lengthy seflaion yesterday, and proceeded with )te patriotic ?'ork in a spirit of harmony and hopeful csriphrffi, wdico i^itcs promise ui a nappy re* ult from Its labor*. The following action took 1 place In reference to that portion of the President's ravage referring to the pending sectional difficulties : Mr Rust, of Ark., offered the following Ke.'olved, That, In the opinion of this Com- | mittre. the existing discontents soiong the southern people, and the growing hostility among them < ik* itm1ap91 namrnmant bm nnt cause, and that such just concessions and additional and more specific and effectual guaranges of their peculiar rights and interests. as recognized bv the Constitution, as will or should allay them, are indispensable to the perpetuation of tbe Union. iMr Dunn, of Ind . offered as aa amendment, which was accepted by Mr Rust. tbe following Kisolved. That, in tbe oplulon of this Committee. th* existing discontents among the Southern people, and the growing hostility among them to the Federal Government, are greatly to be regretted. and tbat, whether such discontents aud hostility are without just cause or not, any reasonable, proper, and constitutional reineaies and eflectual guartantees of their peculiar rights and interests, as recognised by the Constitution, necessary to preserve the peace of tbe country and tbe ru.f haIh r\ t tl, a ITiifnn akrtn l<i V.o nsntn nil pCl V? ?WV VUlVHj BBVUIW piUUipil} iud cbeerfully granted Mr. Morfill, of Vt., offered th? following as an amendment: Htsolvid, That. In the opinion of this commlttes, the exfs'ing discontents among the southern people, and the growl ng hostility to the Federal Government are greatly to be regreted, and that any reasonable, proper and constitutional remedy necessary ^preserve the peace of tbe country end th? perpttulry of the I'nlon, should be promptly and ch?er{ully granted. This umMdmeut was rejected by the vote of the committee; Yra.<?Messrs. Corwin of O , Adanr>s of Masi , Humphrey of N. Y., Ferry of Conn , Robinson . of R I ., Turpsn of N. II , Morrill of Vt , Morse of Me . and Washburn of \V is .?9. AYrjr.??Messrs. Mills'.n of Va , Wlnslowof N. C , Csmplkeil of l'a., Love of G? . Davis of Md., XVhiteley of Del , Struttcn of N. J., Brlitow of Ky , Nelson of Tenn . Duun of lad , Tsylor of La , Davis of Mits , Kellogg of 111 , Houston of Ala , I'belps of Mo . Rust of Ark., Howard of i Mich.. Hamilton of Tex , Curtis of Iowa, Rurch of Cal , Wlndom of Minn., and Stout of Oregon?22. ! Mr. Ferry, of Conn., moved the following as a > Substitute: Keflrtd. That whatever grievances f-xist which aflct t tbe rights or Interests of tbe citizens of any part of the Confederacy, and are capable of re moral bv tte action of Cougresa, ought to receive full and appropriate remedies by the speedy action i of tbe Federal Legislature, either bv resolution, by statutory amendments to the Constitution, or by a recommendation for the call of a General Convention of the States, as may be necseaary to accomplish the purposes aforesaid. This amendment waa also rejected, tbe vote thereon being as follows: V>a??Messrs Adams of Mass , Humphrey of N. V . Ferry of Conn , Robinson of R I., Morrill of Vt . Morse of Me., Washburn of Wl? , and Curtis of Iowa?8 Nny$?Messrs Corwln of Ohio, Million of Va , ' Winslow of N C., Campbell of Pa , Love of Ga . Davis of Md , Whitelevof Del , Tappan of N. H., Stratton of N J, Br 1 stow of Ky., Nelson of Tenn., Dunn of Ind., Taylor of La , Davis of in tr tl - * ?i? * a 1 ? ? ? * ? - .urn . ivruuKK in , nounon 01 Aia., riieij* or Mo., RuatofArk., Howard of Mich , Hamilton of Texaa. Bnrch of C&l , Wmdoin of Minn , and Stout of Oregon?23. Tbe original proposition of Mr Ruit, a? modifled by tbe amendment of Mr Dunn, accepted by Mr. R , was then adopted by the following vote : i y*a??Messrs. Cor win of Ohio. Millson of Va , t Winslow of N. C.. Campbell of I'a , Love of Ga., Davis of Md , W tilteley of Del , Stratton of N J , 1 Brlstow of Ky., Nelson of Tenn . Dunn of lnd , Taylor of La , Kellogg of 111.. Houston of Ala., Phelps of Mo , Rust of Ark , Howard of Mich.. Hamilton of Tex., Curtis of Iowa, Burcb of Cal., AVindom of Minn , and Stout of Oregon?22 j\ayi?Messrs Adams of Mass . Humphrey of i N. V ., Ferry of Ot., Robtnsan of R I., Tappan of i N H , Morrill of Vt , Morse of Me , and \Vasht burn of Wis ? 8. Ur Boyce, of South Carolina, who bas pre- J I J ?U-. si -# ? ? Iivuai) mriiuru lur uirriiu^l uJ loe cammilUf, i was not present yesterdiy i Mr. Reuben LUvts, of Mississippi, wai present but declined to rote. The ImttU-gtnetr of to-day. nrtlelng the proceedings. m vi: '"The seven Keutlemen whose votes s are recorded agalnsttbat lesolutioo, will be perceived, In favor of either the proposition of Mr Morrill or of Mr Ferry, both of which con1 templated an adjustment It is, therefore, fair to presume that they are not averse to tbe purpose of piclflcation contemplated by the House in the appointment of tbe Committee ! "Y^ip* COLLECTOR'8 OFFICE. CITY HALL, JJ5 >Va<h;5otvm. Decsmli rti. iMjn. 1 TAXES ON PERSONAL fROPHRTV, at itri'j ? -* ? oua ? r.s>, a.a.?i^oiiOT ia norer.T riven tint lfe? tlx , bills for Household Furniture,Stocka. Sl*ve?. Ac-, Jur tiajear i S6>. and previous yearn, are n >w mad? <>uc and ready for dt? i very, at.d arn payable at tbia o*r.', 'I ho e who do not oai! and i-etrle heir biiia within twenty da?s fro<n (his date will be o*.hd on > b> on? of my a?aiatant<, and if the ?nll? ar ' not paid wi'tkia ?ixt> day* fn ni thin date I atha.ll proceed to nnforoittno col.ecticn ia the rr.anner required Uj ! law. J AS. F. HAM DAY, de 13 Collector. i 'V%?-TO THK VOTERS OF WASHINGTON. I " | ue Aaaeaaora o( oaoa Ward will meet at the following plac-a from 0 a. m. to 3 p. m , pom the 14th t<> tii? 2tt:h of December inalu;ive, to eorPO/?t a n<i n ronutar Wa *? ?- ~ ,4A 1 * 1 .w. j iv^iawi vn? uaiuci ui muse OHIIU9U irom tbe poll list: First Ward?John A. Hh??rn, 172 Pa. avenue, tei ween 17th and 18th sts. Second Ward?Ueorne Thonim Stewart, corner Tweiiih and 11 sta. Third VVafd?Henry Cartii, corner Eighth and Fuurtii Ward?Thomas W. Bnroh. Fi/lh st.. between W and H sts. Fifth W ard?George T. Barret, corner of south A and 3d streets east. Sixth Ward?I,. A. Tuell, 44 0 Eighth at. east, at the residence of John C. Robey. Seventh Ward?P?Ur ?- ? " . ? ?. aa?v?u U| i*V C7# uuin f* street, between 8th and 9th street* south, dell -t26th r>^? PHILADELPHIA CONFECTIONERY. IL? lee Cream. Water Icee, Weddm* Calces, Pound Cakes. Mince Pies,Pastry, Crusts f -r Oyster Hee, Jellies, ana a general assortment of uioe thtnss in the Confectionery line, at FUSSELL'S, oorner Twelfth and F sU. no 24 lm* NIBEW CURRANTS, CITRON, RAISINS. Fira, A1iikm??1s, Prunes. Pecans. Walnuu, Palm Nats, Filberts, pur*and fresh (round Spices, and cheap Cookinf Wines and Brandies. All the above |'iod< at inoss to suit the times Also, SwmCs lufaiiibie Liniment and Spal?hn|'s Prepared tilaa. JOS. WTDAVj?*, It* __ Corner Ninth at.d L sts. rt% - " * ? fA 1AKU. HE 3ub?orib*r would re'or the many mquirera for hi? delioioua VIRGIN lloNKV, rriade in hia beo Pa.'acta, a truiy fin* article, to Ueorceand Tboma* Parker * Co., No. 336 Pa. a*., Kmc Jfc Burche l, corner Vermont av. and 1 at.. and If. J. Naaia, No. bl La. av., betareat. 6.h and 7th ?ta. GEO. CALVERT. r~T Thi? Honer ha* no equal in pura anddeiieiou* Havr r. gupply your?*lvea at oaoe. de 14-1 w* ^ ARD EXTRAORDINARY. AX OPPORTUXITY ~TO DO CHARITh' AND NAVe U/l VP V f 11>? Piano *h ch 1 hate loaned for th* Concert for the berefit of the Protestant Orehai ^aCESSfci Avum, this evoRing. at the Smithso-PrS^^W man, is?>n? of the Messrs. Chickeiiag *? ?? 8 >i ? b*st l'.stramenu. If it is sold within six dare 1 will pesent te th Ait um tfaj entire net profit wmch may be realised from the sale A (fisoonnt for cash. JOHN P. RLLiB. de 14 3 06 Pa. ay., txt 'Jth aad 10th *u. Ml RH. ANN K. O'NEIL, WIDOW. ANN * O'Neil and H igh 0. Svoeny. Kxecutors, and James R idrr O'Neil, Agathy O'Neil and Julia O'Neil children and heirs at lav of Timoty O'Neil, late of washingtoa county, D. C., deooa?ed, and all other persons interested. Y?u are hereby notified that the Hon. William M. Merruk, Assisted Judge of tha Circuit Court of the UteUiet oi Columbia, hath this ttay. on th* proper app i ration on the part of the united States, fiiosd his warrant, dirooted to the Marshal of th* said District,comma idiag him to summon ajary of tghteen rood and lawful men to meet on your land, callol Daleoarlia.orby whatorer name or names the same may be called ly it.* ia said coantjr of Washington. lii saul District of Columbia, north of the Che*areake acd Ohio Canal, above th* Litti* Fall* of the Putumao river, on FK1DAY. the 2Kth da? of December noon of said day, for the purr"?e of vainiag and condemning the porpetnai and ree right to erect and build a dam aerou th* Falls Branch within the limits of Daleearlia. as held h? William U " !: t arririi c '.&?? as perp?>tujty in the said V nit?d StatM fbr the 0** oflh* I \V&?!wnfton Aqoaduot.aad as*e?lnj. 411iOMU|M wbioh tins owner* tberoof shall in stain, by r*io# ' of the Mid United atAtcs eattinc and oflDRtraoltnc ' the B&lii WukNVw A vat dec t orer, tpon ?r,d 1 throuth said branoh.wb?n and wfcere yon will at wod if to you it S i *? ?? BREW1IE. A'torney for Washington Aquednet, j i*# 14 3Uwt2?t!i CONGRESSIONAL. TllIlTT-StXTH COROBBSS?:8lt<t*0 Simios. Sbimtb ? vestwdbf. after tot report rjomd? Mr. Irerion moved to take up Senate bill 11, to 'urtfaer carrv out the p o visions of the Ifteenth lection of the treaty between the I'ni'ed State* ind Mexico concluded on tbe 3d of February, 194*. and desired to amend by having a com mi siloner appointed. After a slight dlarnsaion on the bill, ita further program waa Interrupted by message from the House, announcing that the House baa concurred la tbe amend meets to tbe Treasury note bill, bat bad amended the nmendoiant 01 tbe Senate relative to the amount to be Issued, making It SIO,OQO,UQO, Inwbich amendment tbe Senate concurred, and lue 0111 as cn my nmenaea was |?bpu Mr. Hale moved when the St-nat- adjourn, It adjour?over to Monday, the 17tb Instant, carried. Mr Davit presented a /eport relative to tb? appropriation for the Military Academy. Mr. W igfall, having the floor, went on to argue that the people <if the territory bounded by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. theGnif and the lakes, were not one political community, but thirty-three leparate and independent communities. In support of this view, the Senator read those article* of the Constitution which severally declare that the citiaens of emch State shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of citizens in every other State; that one State shall deliver up fugitives guilty of treason against their State, and other provisions, which, he contended, the States wererecognised aa sovereignties He then went on to say. that before thia day next week one of these AvaMtWrn Stat*a? will hv? irtlpmn nnlinann? solve her connection with the others Sfntton might sneer, but that event would certainly happen, and if, unfortunately, evil counsels should ao far prevail that coercion should be attempted, be would aav for her. a* she had no representatives preaent, that South Carolina might be made tbe grave-yard of freemen, but. before God, she would never be made tbe habitation of slaves. When her ambassador shall make bis appearance at this court and her right to aeeede be aenli-d, then the federal troops shall be removed from tbe forta within ber borders. She reded the land upon which tbe forta have been erected to the 1-ederal Government, for federal purposes, on two conditions alone?that they should be garrisoned and kept in repair by the United Stntes government. When she withdraws from the Union the purposes for which she ceded these lands will ceas? to exist, and the land will revert. The Federal troops may be allowed to remain a week or a mouth in these forts; but if an attempt be made to reinforce these garrisona, or they be kept there to Intiml,.,11! ?.Uon (# \1 A It*- r.f <.?? *> uaic, iur> win uc wkcii 11 11 iuc 11 ir i?i r?ri j roan Id the State Some might think that the Sonfb Carolinian* would not fulfil all they had vowed, and it was quite the fashion to sneer at the chivalry; but those who did so knew Utile of the spirit of these men. Adjourned. Hoitsf ?The Kansas railroad-grant bill, which was under consideration as we Wfnt to press.was, after debate, referred to the Committee on Public Lands Mr Haskin. from the Committee on Printing, caused to be read a letter from the Super! n Undent of Public Printing, and also one frotri Messrs. knglish k l,arcombe. showing that Mr. Ford, the printer, is absent, and that English St Larcombe decline executing the work?tne House having last session reduced the prices Mr Uaskin offered ti resolution authorizing the Superintendent of I'ublic Printing to contract with competent ?nd responsible parties for the execution of the House print)lit; ordered and to b? ordered during the present sessiou, at the prices now authorized by law. Mr. McClernand could see no necewity for paaslng the resolution. He understood Mr. Ford would he here by Saturday, and prepared to perform his duty. Mr Burnett was surprised that the resolution Was offered without first declaring the office vacant, when the gentleman from New York ( Mr. IJaskin) must know that, in the absence cf doing this. Mr. Ford would be entitled to compensation, provided he could show he was prepared to do the work He (Mr Burnett) stated be had heard that Wendell's printing offlre had been offered for SsU.OOO, wben it wu not wortb flOJKX). though a contract had been made for its transfer to the Government for #135,000 Mr. Haakin explained as to the purchase of the Wendell othi p. saying that It had been bought for #50.000 less tbsnltcost He was as willing for him to investigate this subject as he (Mr. Haskin) was the Dsgroot claim Mr. Burnett said it was always well for members cf Congress to understand one another, and profounded to Mr. Haskin this question: He (Mr. turnett) offered a resolution last session to refer tbe l>groot claim to the War Department for settlement The gentleman csnnot deal in any Insinuation or inuendo. I ask him what be means. Mr. Haskin ?1 am well satisfied you shall in vesugav me suojeci 01 lue purcDaae 01 tLe uovernraent printing cfllce aa you will the Degroot contract. Mr. Burnett.?I ask whether by your remark, you Intend, either directly, or indirectly, or remotely. to reflect on me in any manner whatever* Mr. Haskiu ?I do not, ?ir. After further debate, the resolution was laid upon the table. Mr. tillmrr moved to reconsider the vole by which, at a previous stage of the proceed! n gs, the House agreed to adjourn over to Monday. A motion to lay that motion on the table was agreed to Mr. Anderson, of Mo., Introduced a propoait ion relati ve to the present condition of political affairs; which was referred to the aelect committee of thir^ The House adjourned until Monday. THIS WEEK'S WEEKLY (DOLLAR) STAR IS NOW ON OUR COUNTER. IT IS THE MOST INTERESTING NUMBER , EVER PUBLISHED: IT CONTAINS AMOS KENDALL'3 TWO LAST POWERFUL ANTI-SECESSION LETTERS! ALSO, A COMPLETE DAGUERREOTYPE OF ALLTHAT HASTR ANSPIR El) HERE IN THE COURSE OF THE WEEK ! ALSO, THE FINEST VARIETY OF GENERAL NEWS, LITERARY, AGRICULTURE. HORTICULTURE axd HOUSEHOLD READING AND RECIPES FOR THE WORKSHOPS EVER PRINTED IN A SINGLE NUMBER OF A DOLLAR NEWSPAPER ! IT IS THE MOST INTERESTING PAPER THAT MONEY WILL BUY! SUBSCRIBE FOR IT WITHOUT DELAY TO BE MAILED TO VOL*Y FRIENDS AT A DISTANCE ! del4-9t A Tn m * v us lp i v iu v A V iUA A ?* ClLlli 0f II FOR BARGAINS IN GOODS! SUITABLE FOK PEBSENT* ! CLOAKS. CLOAKS, AND FANCY GOODS. Ao. To <uir i?t Crisis. Starcitv *f Monty, fe.' We have just received 50 more elegant CI.OTII CLOAKS, at reduoed price*, to suit the time*. Our aaeortment it now oomprued of the various new styles of Frenoh and English Saoques, Chestxr&elJs, Arabs, Coat Basques with Oapee, nrw styles of Flowing hleevea, with Crochet Trimmings. Also, Cloaks wnh Laoed and Stitohcd Uotidi ai d Borthes. Ac , Ac. la addition to tha above, we have received a full aupply of Fancy Goods for the Holidays, suoh as Laoed Sat* o| Co.larsaud Sleeves, Embroideries, Real Lacs Collars, Head Neti, Haad Dresses, Preach Hair Pins, Lao* and Embroider?^ U rochet Fringes, t?? Ao. Reinomber,the plaoe is MAXWELL'S Original Clonk and Fancy Store. N B.?Cloak Department Id story. do 14-Steo JJO! FOR THE HOLIDAYS! SEVENTH STREET FORKVER: PUN POR THE CHILDREN ! Pbesknt* Suitable for All Auk! CHRISTIAN RUPPERT, No. 6WU Seventh */., between D and E. We have enlaced, improved, remodeled. and renovated our establishment, eo that it now it, jq fact, the largest and beat regulated Toy, Faney ana Variety Store in the oitr. With personal care and attention we hare oarefnlly selected our for the Holiday and Winter Trad*, and proratte to ell CHEAP. We beg every lady to oall and see for themselrea, as it is impossible to enumerate all of our gocvls. Suffice it t? say, ours embraces every kind to be foara in a well ooi.duot*d Toy, Fanoy, China, Woolen, and genwral variety and assortment ate re. Ml kinds of the most tasteful EMBROIDERED WORK. EMITTING and DRAWINGS promptly ~.cuU*toerdVb, Sa-J Seventh at, SU'2 Seventh st, S2Q Seventh it. AGRAND R USH FQR SKVENTH STREET! All Stop at a M I T H s, No. 460 SEVENTH STREET. "G? thou mmd da liktwitt " (Sash was th* language used by a gentleman who had received some of our great bargains.) 1 have just returned from the North with a very larae stook of CL iTHING, FURNISHING GOOD?*, HATS and CAPtLbough* for caxhattwo ! thirds their nat co#t,and which Ijwill sail at a small advaaaa. You can buy a good Overcoat from #3 to #7, a very fin* on* from #10 to # IS, Cap* Overcoat from #? to $15, Boy's Overcoat and Cay* Coat from #460 to fit 5 Also. SHIRTS. UNDER GARMENTS, UM^astonishingly low prieaa. _ .. .... w inn w*ni UI pure but: Having boaiht tbM? food, at very low >ric?*. I mi ouftdeot that you can ut? 28 pw ceot bayio< foEBVANW C LOTH ING ia ahnnAki*. Don't forget to?a)l*t tii? Peop ' ClaUiinj Store, No. 4*0 Sev-rnth street, before ?uroh*?ia? assir* -* * Jf?4-lw No. 4CO Seventh ?L, off. Po??OSiee, I I %CH- .f * > / DEPARTMENT NEW*. Ni*h Orririi! Detached a*d ? Commander B F Sand* baa been detached from the Bureau of Construction. Lieut. J. S. Kennard baa been ordered to the Observatory at Washington. Lasd Office?Directions hare been issued to the Surveyor General of Kanaaa-Nebraska relative to an appraisement of the lands of the Sac a aad Poxes in Kan?a. > .? -* ?f Item Telegraphed froaa WashUjtea. W ashihotoh, Dec. IS.?Col Taylor, a lead lag Bell man tn Alabama, baa published a letter strongly favor I n|( co-operation. If. however, an ordinance of aeeeaaion he passed, the conservatives Will insist that It be submitted to the people for mtifl cation Private accounts from Georgia state that the conservatives, under the lead of Hod. Messrs. Stephen, Johnson, Jenkins, and others, are In strong hopes of carrying a majority of the members of the State Convention; and that the conciliatory tone of the republicans wHl do much to strengthen th? southern conservative*. A circular baa been prepared bv the southern extremists, addressed to their constituents, and is being privaU-ly presented to Congressmen of that class for their signatures. The South Ca-oilita delegation are unanimous against any attempt to interfere either with the collection of the revenue or with Federal property fat that ^t*ti> until ev*ipv m tt > > I at n?nnHatl*n Ill 'MW" UUMI *. u? vn1B**"u with the General Government sbaH have been exhausted . ' Thi W?4th?*.?'The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of o bee* rati on la about 7 o'clock Dtcnm 14,1900 New York, N. Y clear, cold Philadelphia, Pa clear, cold. Richmond, va. clear, 27?. Petersburg, Va. 29J, wind N Norfolk, Va clear, 20?. Raleigh, N. C clear 47?. Wilniincrtnn N f! rlnnHv rftlH Charleston, C clear, 41? Augusta. Ga. cloudy, cool. Savannah, Ga. clear. 6i>J Macon. Ga cloudy, pleasant. Columbus, Ga cloudy. Montgomery, Ala. cloudy. Jackson, Ala cloudy. Mobile, Ala cloudy, 60? New Orleans, ^ stormy, 63? VROM TBI WKBT Frederle.k, Md clear, cold. liagerstown. Md clear, cold. Cumberland, Md ..clear, cold. Grafton, Va clear, cold. Wheeling, Va cl??ar, cold. Parkersburg, Va clear, cold. Cincinnati, O clear, cold. Cleveland, O overcast, wind NF. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 8 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) at noon, 30.4a0. Thermometer at 9 a. m , 20?; at noon, 21?. Maximum during 21 hours, ending 9 a. m. today, 46* ; minimum 29s. THE CRISIS. Special and Extraordinary. O. 0.~EVANS, OUIUIXA TOR OF THE GIFT BOOK SALES, at his Branch Store, 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. N WA>HI!*OTO!I, D. CM Hanng determined, in consideration of the present Politoal and Finanoial Cniia, to reduoe bis extensive and oomplete stock of STANDARD AND MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS. By th? Fourth of March nert, Ortdr greater induoeu.snU to purchase than 6ver before presented tja reading oonununitjr. He designs tirtiu au ay. vitbout partiality or re serve, the following lut of GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES and other VALUABLE JEWELRY, in addition to the regular distribution, upon the purchase of Books: Sciixdulk of Extka Gifts: 10 GOLD WATCHES, Gents Hunting Csio, 10 GOLD WATCHES, Ladies Hunting Case. 15 Ger.ts Hunting Case SILVER WATCHES, fl5 SILVER WATCHES, Lepins Movements, 35 Gents GOLD VEST and FOB CHAINS, 25 Ladies and Muses GUARD and NECK CH AIN S 1? SILK DRESS PATTERNS, 'J Sets SILVER PLATED WARE. The fthov-4 HaKtH ??1^ i ? in fcHHi ? ftw ?n A?f ro?ul mr arranged p'a.i oi Distribution, and, as u?ual, with ever) Bork sold, wilt- !>e presented A GIFT vil ued f'om 5) cents to ?100. To satisfy the incredulous, we sli* 11 ke.-paiist of those who receive the above Extra. Gifts, and, with permission, publish their names and residence in tbe daily papers in order ?f presentation. Our CHRISTMAS STOCK embraoea ONE THOUSAND D EFERENT WORKS, suiUble to every taste?Old and Yonne, Grave aod Gay. O. G. EVANS, de 14 476 Pennsylvania Avenue. r|*HE CHEAPEST WINTER CLOTHING! The licit Winter Clothing C.CN ONLY BE FOUND AT WIERKNFKLD CO.'S ODEOH HALL CLOTHING EOOMS. Splendid OVERCOATS for a Fmt Dollars ! At xyE^ENFKLD A CO.'S. E e*ant DRFSS SUITS At L?w???t Rates ! At WIE3ENFELD A CO.'S. Beautiful BUSINESS SL ITS at Trifling Coat! At WIESENFELD * CO.'S Splendid OVERCOATS! Ware* OVERCOAT? ! Durable OVERCOATS! Well mit? OVERCOATS! Good Fitting OVERCOATS: Afr WIESENFELD A CO.'S. BUSINESS SPITS for Y&ung Men ! HU81NES-* SUITS for Middla Ag*e! BUSINESS SUITS for all Agea! At WIESENFELD A CO.'S. DRESS SUITS for Wed"tng? ! DRESS SUITS for Parti*.! DRESS SUITS for Boat War! At WIESENFELD A CO.'S. COATS t?T th? Thousand! PANTS by the Thousand! VESTS by the Thoaaand ! At WIE&ENFRLD A CO.'S. BOYS' CLOTHING for the Youngoat! BOYS' CLOTHING for A'.!Sitae BOYS' CLOTHING for larger Boja! At WIESENFELD A CO.'S. Cheaper than the Chrapent! Finer than the Fineet! Better than the Beet! Are the Garments at At WIE3ENFELD * CO.'S. SAVE YOUR MONEY?aa A VERY PEW DOLLARS Wi!l give yon a Splendid Outfit for Winter, It you call at WIESENFELDJt CO.'S. _de_U_2t Corner of Fa. av. and ?t. D REMOVAL. R. J. P. Gil.ROY Has removed to Massaohusetti avenue, between 6th and 7th its., south side. Ue 13 3t* PtOM BOSTON ?The packet schooner lsaao Rioh, Captain Berry, >as arrived and will be discharging her freight to-morrow.^*** Apply to HARTLEY A BROTHER, de 13-St 99 and 101 Water st, Georgetown. QCA FI.OUR. ?*H) BARRELS SUPERFINE and EXTRA FLOUR, choioe brands, suitable for bakers, at wholesale prices. R. M. JOHNSON A CO., (Successors to Thos. Striker.) dels St* \inbi tt nur rkR.BCHKNCK.OF PHI r.A DELPHI A. VTILL mJ ?u?tiv?lt be in Washington on WEDNhS DAY n?xt, th? ltth mat., and viahaa all paraona naing 111* Medioiaoa or laboring undar L>ung Diaeaaa* to call upon him oa that da*. Dr. ?ot<?nok haa a auitof r?oau at tha Avenua Hoaa?. SAM'L B. WAITE, Druggiat. ia hiaagent, aorner Sarentk at. and La. arennc- da IS-4t f Bj?BALjC PJLL^'a,). _ _ . v ruaouo syrup and Bm Weod MoLmTi Strengthen me Cordial, Silver Soap, tfASs?) d.,.? ?00?f? w? Erd PpMfBtor^ LIGHT! L I O H T ! LIGHT!;! OlYM US BUT L1QHT! Lioht tor t<a Kutiui Poitio* or tub Citt ! Just reoeivfd at the Ne* Hardware and Variety Store, No 490 Pa aveaae, near Third at!**, a frMh snppiy or COAL OIL LAMPS, of t?? latM| improvement* AH those who vast a iifbt Maal t.>c*a,aadatameeh toeeeoit, are invitwt to riiit V?w-al *re* GEO SAVAGE, , . * C ? . ? .*4b- Jfl i J\T | No. 67 3.1 _ ' V w mw, >/n., Hrrr#ww* .1 THE STATE OF WiSCOfcfllN, 7 in tkt Artrttmte to Ft fit fhrrt Thcut ? and Arrt*. \ The irftnt of lMd to Wutouii b? tet of Cob- i" trM*. aMrOT?d Aw?(tMM,"to no iatk?i?- * froTtnM of th? Fi>iu4 Wuooitiu river* Mi to % enaneot ll* itn* by ?l' id tb* Ttrnfrt ?? ' ?-?* *k?? mi m B L tl L? 1 i h Matn n r-nm.'in, ?uu <ii? aufiwiouiai 'PI kariac bMn M Ut MdivFt^d K to aitfconse tto restoration to market of the taadt hereinafter de?nb-d t Matt nil thatall the fo owinc va i oaataud aftappropuated laudf Whioh were aubieot to private entry at the date of Withdrawal, will be restored to pnvate eutrjr oa ?b? day* *r.d at the 0 peeea keretuafW the onnuirt mini- 0 mum ?rro? At ?1A? per aerr.or at tho prion to t| whioh the* may hare rraduated at the date of a withdrawal At the Lard Office at Manama, on Monday, the t 21 et day of January u?xt. florIk nf t*< tMisi lint ami ran of thr frmrth pr.aripal m'TidMH. NE fraction N hive., of cotton it, town hiplS. of range i N \\ < ? \ E V N B % \ W " aM SI W\NW Vi of ?*oti ?n 4, t i<rn?h;p it rtnu L ?*2L*A& V NK S., NW JW. W *?Tv M and K * ?K of .*etto. 2; the > ?N \sW)| . ot section 4. the traction <>i the eaat bank of Fo? ' river of aeotiun 8, th-? NESf 8W if rTaeution 1", the S }* 8K K of eotion 12, the W \ N W )* a d NW of eection 14.the.NK fc At! *, A' K , NE \ and N \V % of Motion >4; the i** k -\V V < and ? vV ;4 SE V ' eaotion ?, and the NV\ V ?W 1 ? and ?E * ? btV^oI Motion 32, tovnabi* 14. ??f * 1 jftjl H 8E ?? of Motion 2' the 9W * NK W, the ? SK \i NW >? end the NE \ ?W % of oil ?; 5 the >W V Bw i? of teotion a thes?vV V > v\ and N W Si SW\ of .eoli-.n 10: the N K ? N W *. I ofaeotton i>;tfa? ?? H NK l? and the W H N W At of aeouon 30; ai?d N K \ N b * or Mction Si. town ] hip U. of ranee 10. 1 Tne KXNW Vt of aection 12. and lot* 6.7, and 3, ?#ct!on 18, to wren id It, of range 15. * JneSW J* NE ?of aeoUon II.and the N / * M of teonon td, towuahip 19, c t raage IS. The SK ViNWMol eeetiun 4. the i*E 9E V. , and the W H SE * of aeotiou 6, t-wnehip 30, of ranee IS. Tn? ?E V4' NE <? of Motion at, towmahip 19, of N E 34 of section 8 tow&ahlp ?0, of rang* I | Mi, rtie N W it of fraction woet of Pox rlTor, of eeoti< n l?, townehip 2". ol range 17. The NK)( SE of aootion 6,townahip 33, of . range 17. . l- a.iv i/ %!11T ty _ r ...i. _ _ o< * ' tr I no nc, M " J* vi eoiioo m. uivsuif w, wi . ranee 18. ? The N ?NW % of reotica 12, tomhip 16, of range 18 I Lot Mo. 1 of aeotion H.oftuvnahipS'.of ranc* 18. The 8K * N\V M, aim the E X a W * of moUob ; ]4, town*hip 22, of r&nreli. The SK % sW \ of tion 14. townahif 16. of , range 19. The W 8W V of section 2J, township of tin#* 19. < I ota No. 2 and 6 of section 13. atd lota No. 4 and 8 of aeotion i4, township i? vf i niiae 19. Ttie SK >4 SE \ of seotion -U, township 20. of i ranee 19. T eNW *, and the SE <* SK X of aeotion j 12, t >wnistnp 21, oi range 19. Lota No 1, ?. ami 3. and tlieSW l4 NE ^ <>f Motion 10. thes*R '* SVN M ofatction if, W ?? NVV }? * d tho \V J* J* > of .'eotion 18, and th? *? >? t. | l?. and the &? * ol .eotion *? townamp 22, ol tange la The WXNW \ of amotion 18, towntkip 21, of r&i>K*2u. ] Tue w&o'e of?ertion 30. townahip fl. of ran re 2\ The \V S S W ': % of ?;cbuB 3>, towaahip li, of rauge 2o. | At the f.acd Off ce at Falls op St. Caoix on MotiU?y, tli4 28 th day of January next. I Korth of tkt ban hn? and rcut a/ tkt fourth prute*- s pal meridian. The W 8E t-e 8E ^ SE V. and tha SW >? 1 of aeotion 2; the N '* of aection 4; the 9 >* ana N \N 3*. and 9 ?s of NE '4 of fc^ctioa 6; the whole of aation 8; t e S % of aeotion 1' ; the wtio!? of aeotion 12; the E K of aeotion 14; th?SK Af of aoction 18; tha wtioleot aeotiou ? ; th* W 3, auil NE U if 1 aection 21 th ? S * of aeotion 24; tha E H of aeotiou 1 26, i be ,\ 'a of aeouou 28: the E S and S vv of ae?- 1 uon 3'. the E >4 and Mw of aection 31; the E 3* and NW '4 of t>ootiou 9> t->#n*hip ??, ?>f ranee l? ' The E S rt W J* and N W* N W '?.and lot 1 S and ? 3 of aeciionB; the wh >le t.f section 18, the N XV V ad , thA mK W nf aAAtinn ^3- Mia \A/ L nf Banti/>? JC* 8 :section a. the HK >? of Motion 3 ~rhewYw5 of acption XI; and the whuje af imUod 34. to wrshi 38, of range 12 "p '1 he \V H and SK H of section 2; tit* whole of inUon 4; th? whole of .acuon h, the N W the SK < and the_ Mi)ij8W A* of section 8; the N K the 1 k. H 8K >?, the N\V ? aE and ,ot? 1, 4 3.^, and ' 7 ol aeotion 10; the whoe of a*oii.>n 12; the w It vie oT ^ section 14, the the E tt ?K \ and kts i. 2 J 5, 6,7 and 8 of section ^2; the VV kaud the N E < f , Motion 24; the 8>, and the Wj?Nw * of seol.oa $F; and the K of aeotion 33,tow. *hipV7.ol'rau<o IS. 4 1 he whole ot section 2 the E H and NW V of aeotion 4; the whole of tecUon 6i the \\ , ol aec tion 8; the whole of section 10; the whrle u( ction 14, the whole of ecticn 18; the K X ??( seouon ? ; tneN K.the N Soi ?*h >4. and th? S H of of iectiou ?2: the K S N l, the N )? fK em the bH few \ ofaeooou*4. tue W J, and the NE V of eection it); the whole of aeotion 30 th s wit ih oneciio . &?; tnelSW \ N W \ and lute No ti, 7, , anil 8 of eectim 34; ami the N of eccuon Si, town sh P 28. of ra ge IS N I I*ht> sW '? 01 section 23; the N K H N E r( ee3lion 3": the <1 X .N K. S? or section 32, th? S- me N y? of !<E '4, and the > SW of seotit>uS4; *nd < the whol oi section 36, township 28, of >a ige 14. ( The V the t S ? W auO the N W \ 8W)i of section 28: the whol-> ?t ?eotioa?; 'ti* whole of seetioi; 32; and the N\V jig N ig, the 8 S NE the N W V and the 8 S of section 94, town hip it! of range 15. TheN tne >K Vg the N % SW fc,aud theSE \ 3W Sg, ol eeebon *, township 2a ot range >5 The wuole of ot on 14; the whole of ?<M>tiOb 18; the whole of section ?i, toe whoie of section 24; Um whole of srotio'i 2h th* whole nt aMlviu>ii> N >? 81 of Wion *; the whni* of section Si; ai<j the VV ami SE Ji of aecttea'Si, township ?>. ! of range '5The whole of e^c'lon 2\ he NC ami the N S 8E V <>f e-otion 12; tho E S. the t. }t **W V, auU the b X NW % of aeeiinn 14; the Nc. % of erotioa 34; the ft W ol aeotion 36; the whole ol a<gtion 32the W X ol otion 34; ami the F. i, and NW )( of ection 36, townahip 26, of ranfe If. At the L*nd Offcoe at Ear Claikb, oa Monday, the Slat da* ot January next. XorIk ofth< bate li?e ?*<f west tkt ftmrtk man* I mrr iuium The whole nf Motion 32; and tHe NE NW V and W H NW J* of Motion 3b, township S7. or range 11, At i he Lend O&ceat Btkvkn? Foint. on Mon d%y, the 'J4t!i day of January next. Ninth of the ba?f Itn- and east uf tkt fomrtk prt?'?pal mtnJutn. Thi W ? 8F % of section 4; the N S NF V. the RE 3% NEK, the W ft H N <V X, th? 8E V M w \i, and the NH. % 8E ol Motion6; the IS x NE \,N?NW V. aiui t?.e 8 VV x N W J* of section ; tlrt 8E \ HE * or section 34; the K >* N W \, and N W V DvV ^ <>f neotio.i 36. t<?wr-?hip IS,of ran?r 2. The 8S feW V of Motion 32, towujhip 13, of ' tKnW ?4NE !? of Motion 3G, township It, c f ' Til* W S N W i. K of eeotionft: and th* SE V SE M ot neolion 36. township 19, of range 2 iho N >s 8 W >4, aud the %V >4 J?E A* of MoUon 2; the N X of mo11 o 11 4; and N E '? 8E '? oi eeotion >4, township 17, of range 3 The \V X NK >4. the W X eeotion,and the W X 8E of eeotion 2, the E XsW S? and N W * 8K *4 ot eectioa 4; the VV ti X of section 6i the E H ?E * of section t: the N W % N W \ and the 6 W \ aw I, of section 12; the K H NE % of sMtiou 1?: and tne 8 W '? WW K of eeoUon 36. townshia tt- -r ffnco S. The E H 8W m<1 the 8E x of Motion 36; the 8 > NE U, the ?" H sW Ai.nnd Kio Sh H of action M;nnd M NWM NE ?, the N W fc.aad U..NE V SW k of wetioB *. tovnahi p 19, of]rouge S. The XW i* W *. ud ttoe WH SW jJ ot Motion 10; nnd tue 8W\ 8E fc of Motion U, of UnmA( ntd the 8WV of eeetion 4; the WE * NE*.oJu theNE * "faction?; the HKBE * ofMoton i. theJvV X ?K J, of .notion 10; lot Mo. S.nnd SWX N W * of HCtioi 11; the W k of sec<ion. and the ni >? Stv M of eeotoon It; the W H NW \?. nod the N& * 8W * of Motion lot Wo 3, o eection 24; lot i-*o. 3, oi section ?; nn?i the NW K NEM. the SE * NE\? nod tee 8w X SW * of MOOon X.tovosblp 17, of fot rio S. the WkNWJ^lod the W H BW^i of Mcuoa 4; 'he SW \ nua the ? X SE \ of Motion ; the KSNWUnd the E fc 8 W 2 of Motion ?; the BW N E SC. the K * * W ^ tou Moo 1 ntd 3. nod i he *w\ NWS, of section 10; the N\ N W M. tae 8W\ NW end the 8 vV M aw V 0119CUOD 14; U'MS * NK^ioo tht K C N\V >4 of Motions); th? wfeoio ol ?e?tior 25 nl N X N 8 >4. th? SEii N\V jg. and it. ?\v V ! Motion 24; the .> K A* ? W \ a*d tots V a, a. ?d<i 4 of jteotion .6;lli?NK ?4 of ??oUu*^ ?ho S^NWfr.k Mi 1 to* N X 8K got Z *' Ito! N W Si N W J*, the S> N W fc, tVot*J? s W J? tMU-NVHilj^MKO^ Mdt?NSH section 34. t?w?nup M. of rant* 4. The 8 H of otion S3, tovnahi* 1% of r%nt? 4. SSVV V. ?UU kU? o 7% OCi * VI tenon HI mo TH ti u M W Ml sootion Is; Uw Nl; M Nl'k,tk??W t nVI 1^1 town Ai? lsTV.f I* f e 5. ^ ?tt * Th? Pf M N W W of Motion 4; tho NkNW \c ?k. 8 K 8 W ?. w?4 u?e 8 W\ ?e- cJ Jt?u7n ?'&! NWX NW i ol Motion 10; th? W X f'. ? *i?} lot No Softeclion Ibj tke NK K 8K v .? 9i); Uio VV H N W hiMw Nww Wv/l^TSST tion ?: th? K X 8VV K *?o 8W f*T 24: th?? E X N fc. Jtf , t he a VV hV; V im N vv? N \V *i . and ths e>k kk at uoun-. <m .1- *S Ji>v? :* veoiion 9*; th?js h ^ K Vi ufeeotioa aVIad'the W * NKWNW Ji, N H ^VV V. M X *E *. ud the ?>W >? BE J* ?f stolen 96, to aruilup 17, ig'^n'WffgiKSBa "jtSJS w'5.^1 iyK NW *, lb. SEX SW K, mo11on 24* &nfd itw NK \ NW k. and the B\V k B&* sfts&Msar** ?r??.r * The whereof fractional section *, naoMonai im tloa 4. tne W >, ul the * \V V and the W Sol the 8VV W ?f r.ctiont; the Nk\ N* W ol eitooi i: the wjf \ aud the UK W Hh w ?.f ?eou<>n 10; uw BE N \V Jt of seotion A- ,ki2 w i5"2"' ' " ??NL H St '? ?l Mrtiou SI. Intuki| M.?l rU|* n?NitMv *?** an *, wi^yw; E '? of action m. tno K S N fc '? 'k* N? , Mb ; ?n<l th? J*h \ of . u, ti.u tt? >\V \ ?h rf^SrT2^I?ta? I .%ovmk\9 IS.** rtmiil TM fk K W ^ of MAlinu ftAWAflkiA li mf Il(?ti At um ludotmm Li Ci?mi,m Momtmif, h* II(t day of iu?r; nut. r>U tf tk* .'? * and nul 9/ d* /mmitk pitmttp*i tnwidiml. Tm N S of N F S. of aoctioa X. Lh* 8W \ N \\ V f Moti <B 10; towu-hi IS: th? NFJW o- U? NK W f Motion C; Um N W >4 of U? ft W\ uf 7 he N K \ ..f th? ft W . vt I'; m*<4 tk* *F. V t th? Sb o! nd >u 2S tovuiiu# i*. of <U|t ?. Given uiider bit hied,*' Uirt) al W'Mfciagon. thia 11th day of D?o mh?r Tfe^. J .* 6 W|f,?OW, Cofnn.iaaincer of tto 4???M Lul OiM d?Ww4*F AUCTION SALES. rillS A FTE RffQQ+i ? TO- MOMKU W Br BAKNaKD * BUCKEV. A?o?i Grartetwn. P.C. 2ALE OF THE BE*T ?? D l\E WHISKY 3 it tni Dhhbi'-t ?On \VEl?NKP1JAY. tk* let of Dv?omh?r, at IS o'?l?ck m.. w* will uAr u >nb.'c ?a*, at the warthou?? <>i J. A. Magmtfar, Ho. 61 n *tw H. ? ?? ? wn? i Kb la <>? >gr? oof p-4l?U i?i K ? Wllkl. Tkn \V . .k. ti?. hM, in tn<i d aiMiiun >re? at owner lor firareara and ia warrajt u iur?. Th" attention f?f fcotfl k?wp?ra anil ?U ^trmii raotii ( a pure Wauky, ia i>fwtf?lly wiM to Jio aaio. A1 aumn of ? loo and ander <?Mh: orrr that arm a iredit < f day a. for not-a aatiafactoni* eed?ra?d. deWd BARNARD a RICKEY. AaoU. Bt BJM 7. * GRIFFITH. Am loerara | AR?K 8TOCK OF TOTS. FANCY GOODS. la Cvuui. China *i*r> Cbockiet w at. *c iuctioh ? On SaTURDA V EV'hNING, Uroxai?er *tk. eommennr f at6H o'clock, laad cootiaaiM irary araaUf antil th# who * atoek ia dtapoeed m7) re trill Mli at oar Stor# No. *69 7tfe atreet, br ;vnb I and K etretta a larje aaaortnaer.t of Ftaacjr 3<>uda. T?*a, ac . compuaiac ia p\rt? wto.tea urderatirta and Drawer*. Hosierv ol ail kinds. Jiuaa Cape Mic1 Muoer?, Bum veewiTCo'of tie Hot lea, Crockery ar.d lMi*ar)>, Draaeuu Ko*ea, Work Boxes, laHlaMiuM)rMrn t CUM. s Pocket and Table ?'?tl-r?. Superior Doobe Bart'>d Gum, Portmoniee, ftc., fte., ro?ether wit!) a tare* ai?ortin?nt of arti?aa too oumrroui to n.entioa. Terras oash. BONTZ ft GRIFFITH. A acta. E, By J. C. McGt'lKK * CO, A actio Mara i*XtKN*IVK, 8ALI5 AT M < TION *' J RICH HOViEUOLD FI KMTVRK KLKUANT BRoNZK, Pa Hi AN amu BIBQ* *T FIO R KS AM) VASi-s ?mv?s k few vfr? ln? OIL. PAINTING*. hlon F<>rt?, fu.l ?**en Octavra, K< i?vood Cm*) KlaliorateiT Carved L?(?, witn Pearl Keye,an4 a rery *u**rior instrument in every way. Imiwio! pArlo Su.U, oarreo iram*?. c iveiful with rich Satin Brooaieiie a**l Veiret Pt%ah. Roeewod Buroa.0". BetVtdade, Efcac*roe. tideboard .C*ul-r and Sofa UuLjei and Easy Chain, LAoeanJ Brooatelle Cnrtama, Miadee and Corcioee, Uraeee.t aai ln*r*in Ca<-**ta. IVlib a variety t.f rich Fatcy "num-" and Boheuitan Glaaa War* e.<!om act with, too aameroua to Mention, and niuit be i*m to ba appreciated. Paitteci in wart of good Farcitare, Ac., or artietae itillable for Holiday Preeenta. will d? wrll to oa 1 ind 'x* the i?. xj? preTi >ua to t?ia aale, wktoh aid etaee ?T^VSSLAYM0RXIS9 lllA Dtctmk*. tomatenciac at 10 o'o1 rk uiH iv*n;ag thereafter unti the who ar? du* TM article* will L* read for exbiMtooa on r?urr4% anortnnc OtU .nsiut. CtUUOtBM It M f d.? 4 J C. MoGFIRK ft CO . Aootibj J. C. MoGL'IRE ft CO.. AitUoMtn. KALE HY ORDER OF THE ORPHANS' 3 Covet.?Ou ?A I I RDaY MORNING. Dec. ,sth, it It o'clock, in front of tko Auction Rnoini, wf (bail Mil a lot of Fnrmtare, Ac., oompneinc ? KlaU^a, Bedding, Hureaub. blea Chair*. Look ilk G mim, Wa?hatanria, C.rockerj and <>!i? Ware, Sold Watch. Cart and Harccc*. fto., Ao. ftKv i. WILSON. Adrai&ittra'rix. Qlltlt J. C McOL'IKK A CO.. A note By A. GREEN. Auctioneer F^XTENslVK SALK OF HOU*?- HOLD AND i KiTCHIS FrtKiTCii. Hoiiit.C'iiusi, Ki-c.c\, a!?D Ha**?m it Arrnox-On SATIH L>AY, the 15th inataut, 1 anall ee.Mat 10 c'oiook ? wo' Horace and ?.?h n. ? l?i.e Bu(|7 and HimMi, K large and ceneral ??' rtnaent of new and sec nd hand Maaogas' Walnut.and Maple Furniture. Glass. Cn*)ke'-. tfnrd, and Wooden War*. CnrpetB. *t.ree doien Looking O twM, Be*>, Wedding. Hur, Miuok, and Cotton Mtt? tr'UM, fttovee, to. Term* o*ah de 13 d 1 A. ORBEN. Aeet. FUTURE~DAYS. NBr J C. MeUUIRK A CO., Auctioneers. OTICK ?Gbbat Bale or Snuioi Liovok* and W?t? bt Cat a loo ie.?On MOBt_U*V. Deoember 17th. at 10o'clock a. a., we shall sail, bj oataiogue, at tha Hotel of J. caAparis, fcs<|., near the Capitol, all his a lock of? Wines and Lauora, oumpriaiu a ohoiee aeeort sseat of the Vat Wines and Li?aora, the bknI of it of his own Importation; bo me of it has la en in eel .a/ for fifteen jears. Catajap bb wili be taaued and particular a m ? Rita re advertisement. de 7 d J. C. MoGUlRK A COw A note. By A. OR KEN, Auctioneer. TMRl'STEE'S HALE OP HOl'SEBOLD AJID K itch km Fnmrtii at Arcnoi.?By virtue of ft distrain for huuM rent, ud two deada of treat to tit* abhcrtbor. one baerinr date on iimteenth day of Noveanher.iasB, and on* other bear itie date tlH> first day of September. IWsO, ana duly reourded in one of u* land record* ??f Weshintton conuty, in the Dtstnet of Columbia, 1 ikall eeil, at Auction, on TUESDAY, tbe lsih of Deoeai?r, at <0 o'clock a. m.. ail the House bold aad K itohen Kami to re in the foer story briok house aiteated on north L strret, frouticif oa Maaaaoha setts areoee. next to the comer orlOUi at'** wet. The oooiprismg a part ol tbe Efeota ha be sold. Tit? One naniaome Walnut Parlor Suite, eeaeastiar of 2 amali Sofas. * Caatora and 4 Side Chaira uo?. ered with Silk Damask Marble-top Roeewuod Center Table, Ottomaas. Whatnot, and Mahotany Tf .i.. four U'itoateile and Lao# Certain*, w lh ( ofnw# WaJnot Bookeaae, Wntinj Deek. a*<jak Dmlnc Ol Mr*, Wa nat El final on Ta' lea, aaJ ahadea Do^ BeJrtaad. WiSQa^.fcrJ Ba""V&XZiHSST^ ga.?/' Da mas 1 Lounxesa^ J: *.n^v.. M ' iterator. Rronae ra>ill*Ci<ha. Feather Pillove and Boietera, Fitt^ Ljnea *h* ms, Cum, ud Nukin, Kfr.i2fe: jSstyiPsiarsrtsSE Ou^MOaUkhad Prrcrak China Diaaer Bat. iTorr handle R'uivee, Piated Fork* tad b?o?Mi and other Table CuUerj, OaePiatod Coetor, Coffee and Tea Bet, Ohiaa, iar,,J?nd Crookerr W%r?. large ic. of Kitchen R<*aiaUee, And me ay other artioiea, tot aniaerr ua U etirnae rVa. JTr.M: AH ismi of aaJ nader fa. oath , orer T> a eredtt of ft* and da>a. for approrad easryis:. deltd AeeA. by WAI L A BARNARD. AaoUoaeere. POS/T/TK SALE Or fMNA.CUTt.KKY, PlaTED ANDOTBER Coitly wtii, Pabia.ii a*i> tiiaqurr Statc*tk?, ?c.. at acctiom.-oa i i kduny moknINw, the lttk iu?Va:r, a* \t\ o'oi./ak. and ooatinainc "%cr. ??< at la o'r'.ook, And eraairc at 1 o'elk, tiil all ia d i ay need we wili eeli, at the Mure of Chaa. K. Ureeo, 114 fa. a*. between,11th and lzth e'reeta, next r.oor to the Kirk wood Hoe -e, hie took. oornD'?- -* _ r hiui m w|f mhl * *I 1wj IMOrUM I" Franch.?? ?7?jna, and ct^or Dil nor, Brwttut, _ ?r-<? .(4H?tiofU? aleot at?i??. rM? ., -i.quet. Lsv?,6ovre?,Bvl^eusn, Proeeh,. _ and Ain?noan Gli?i**r*. f inuttd Statu Im. iltuaMiad Punch Bovia, Motto*. bovroa Cups and ('vd Reotiraraaaa FnitMu?. Cordial Seta, Table and Wiao Cm tors. I Spuoaa asd Forka and Cutlery. AbM? fire* MaorUDBCt of other Stlror War*. Aao a?a?ra- uaortioept of Amerca*. Uelfia;. um Knfli*b Ware of r very de>ciptl?. Tkii Mi* will bo found v-ortay ttf aftota attention of boaaakaeMra and uwoe wtakinc to WNM -* T.rm. :V?|ub:?? U ? ">?',? ??U o? *i and ? daj?, for approved oadoraod Aotoo, baar*. '"dV?3 r WALT, * BARNARD. A?U. Br J. C. MdGt: 1 K * ni a? rr?kU8TB?t*~ SaL'K*k""mO^ '** * i?Ut w tiiPiiit wiup' ? MONDAY*. ^EiSsrfvjti ??raTJr iri?h^^?^aisasssssi E^lfejSSdl S&jjE ;?Snr?S?tt12 All ?wurir^ ">t j^TihM rr*i jfjt J. c^a^uftK'rdjrss. ??$KHfcr U* k?T? just r*e*ir?d a >arf* nrwtr Of rari G<o<><:^^ which they UTit* to stteeti^e X?< % IM. Jn-3rr?SP * -j I. *9 ** ^

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