Newspaper of Evening Star, December 14, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 14, 1860 Page 4
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?????? THE EVENING STAR. A3 APPEAL. ?* ?e the poor that wait. At th? f%\'j oity's gate. Huoiri for hrwii ? Fear jre the waning or* rom tr.o?? wht ??*rv.> and die Wh? hop? has tied ' Know jt the th???afH h?*rt? That tr^akt. when itf* depart* Freigtuod with cri?(. TtmMalioLi.friiii lrd f wt^iuman ai7f*islt teaia, With nor*hfT? The ohildraa! who o?-t tell YVher* little onudrea <1 well Who h?v* no hum?* ? Who teache? th m to pr?y At ere. end d?*n of d?r? Baneftth th* dome. This be our work to do, A* life we journev thrcugh, Al braird reedi To bind ; *1! h??rrs to cheer; Ue to the mourner D? a'. Plant flower* for weed*. Tu* )iuK?*ao? Ms* Smwn.raXtwTojj A young mail by ?be nauie of Alfred Buchanan. carpenter By traae. uas oeen arresiea in nrw 1 or* on *u*picion of being the murderer of Mr* Sarah Sbancks. at >io 5fcl ?a*t Twelfth itreet, on Friday morn!ntf last When taken into custody the prisoner seemed greatly agitated and trembled violently Hs was asked if be was not the person who killed Mr*. Sbancks, when he replied that he did ?<>t know auch a person Subsequently, however, be admitted that he knew the deceased, but denied any knowledge of the murd-r. Alfred B .chanan Is a native of New York cltv, and is abont twenty years ef age He Is tall, aiim bu It and light complex toned, with a sinister and rather bad expression of countenance For years past he bis teen subject to tits, and wa much reduced in tfesh in consequence His parents reside at 137 Ktst Tenth street, and have always maintained an excellent character for Industry and honesty Buchanan was in the habit of attending lecture* on psychology when he was a mere lad, and the eflVct upon him was extraordi* ? ??- - ? a i*i_ a ? naiv li? was mvariaoiy imciea wnu gn on h'.s return home after attending these lecturta. flU manner, too. was strauge and bordered on luaan ty Thing* weut ou in this way for a year or more, wbea the milady seeming to Increase, his parents determined to seiul h'.m to the Lunatic Asvuim on UUckwall s Island. There he remained about four mouths. wh?n he Was discharged cured On being taken home, however, s.mptomsof innnity exhibited themselves again, and th? father and mother were obliged to keep a strict watch upon his movements. About this time it wnj discovered that the prisoner had a p-nchaut for sUsaiiag, and on ooe occasion be got hlmseir Into trouble in conaeqnence or a peiiy theft which be (ommilt.'d at a billtard ?<loou. At an-itnrr liin? he wis suspected of setting fire to a c-trpei-.tet ? tUop. and afi?rw th? police looked upon bioi as tlic author cf another incendiary iir?, Involving the partial destruction of a public s~liool in ttie Ninth Ward. A grana matrimonial r>nr??au wmea bu be-'n tn successful operation !n London has just exploded through th? u"ifcrton*tfr marriage. by iU agency, of a yoan;* lady of high fa'ni'y to a returned * convk t of ?;entlen-anlv exterior. Tlie lady's morality revolted, and she applied for relets-? to the Divorce Ju tge, whin- decision 1s not known The abominable bureau, however, was broken up. ID^The Hon. Lansing Stout. Congressman elect from Oregon, is now about to visit Uuca. N Y , his nstive place A few years ago he was a stage driv r He went to California, studied lsw some time, emigrated to Oregon, ran for Congress stomped a district equal in size to New York, and < omes east to take his place among the lawgivers of the nation The congregation was dreadfully alarmed t the Cbarch of the Redemption, Philadelphia, , on the id lost., during the concluding prayer, by a terr.tlc crash on the vestry stairs. Tl?? tin.lister left off praying, and started for tb* door, follovred by bis pait'.c-strickeu congregation Tue high wled kid loaaetied a board from the roof, and tumbled It down the vestry stairs. AliRtVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL ?F I> White, M?us, G ' T Hubbard, Conn: F L Nichols, NY; L Boot( wright. JSC; D M Osborne, NY; Mr Dalton, do; F F Patterson. NJ; J M Crometein and lady, Ky; ' fs _? ii - a k j itu ?_ ?s_: ? ? i voi nuycr ana liar, VOAi iHSJor UCIgST, UOJ 1 Cbalmsr at.d lady, NY; J R Ely, Pa; 1> ra^gart do; D P Williams, do; G W Hyat, Md; E C Jii on.?; E Bl?ts?m. NY; D Lonzmeake, Pa; J \V Garret. Md; J W Gsrret. Md; J S Nicholas, dn; li NV Molby. do; B J Bartjour. Va: H s* Osborn and lad/, Pa; \V VYeUb. Id, \V ft CUrandon and lady, NJ, I>r G H whltmnra, Oregon; A Albtrl Ml A J Albert, do; J H I<ew1s, Engj- M G Hart , NT; F Torre*. Hair; M Be-ich. NY; D Lane. do t T M Fortran and daughter. Ga; N \V R iterse i and lady ?; A toltebell and ladv, Pa; G Thompson, N \ :S M Felton, Pa; M!m Alexander. NJ; C B Alexander. do; T Barnard. Md; W B Barnard do, G K Tbotiias and lady, do; K M Turner a'K I ledv. d j NATIONAL HOTEL?? W nilion.J Tovrn l<>ad, \V P Dtrmeat, F li Oreen, H R H.ivrks. I Gorman, V.' II While at;d ly, T H K~inp. ? Bui *orn. (i W Van Le^r, J STboaij?, J W Hujf'/.M Hug:*. .Vi'.M tlurpjy. Mill i)f Hidim*.. . > \V Hntcbtns, C Vv'ortiii^glou, *lr Hi^glns. Md J H U .rrt-H, j K Brown. ?J *ir.ith ly O; M >2 11 Fowk, 0 N IlsunuiaNd, F ? !?-uiiU. Dr Marst 1 Va; G L Hut' Uiu*, NI?; VV .'?! sassy. V? Sitlier, , Ca*sin. J JamUoi, H L> FobUci. A W Raymond J K \\ ?-b?ter, pa; U;i ^iiopaoo, S M Johnson. J B Uradv, F A P^Vo-i, T D Hurtm and lv, H 1 ' Stoaoodi. J S Tamwortli, G F l> L) *ld Y; G J Rataa, USA: V William* aud lv. La; > j P Grai.t. C Parker. Mom: "C PL iiioa ao.l lv <5?n 4 Hon J V Far.v.vcrth, Hi; B Douglln aud ly, C I 1 Smith. CI. BROWN'S HOTEL ?W J Llnvd. T Pl?ol t M J Fowler, U UcKeoztt, E 3 All.iatt. J Heck m art, R K Viadinr, \V Hr jwh.O Mile*, K J L*v der, Md. \V ?e,.i?art E Somes W GU?, A Lcl fer. C L? Whitman, P Harrison, K Peudeletou, J B Hege. R O Hanki, i) J Ayre?, i Carter, Va; W Clark,; J W iobenfield, Kan: C Neall c n (\ ? ? ?- * * c? i/aiirM, i.a, i> ii nrigDini, ua; A #irt?re_;o U; C J Parkhurst a d ly. Mm; .Mrs M WfcltneM >1 Cohn, NV; Dr W Scbl sser and ly, France; J | Braaklnrldge, FVV; \V Wiley, Tm. KIRK WOO J) HOUSE ?T L Settle, ?; DA 4 Ptigfr, J O Bradford. W O Hay, NY; J Haynrt J II St-li'inan, G W Slagle and ly, G Eaatcrdaj Sarah, ft L Rota. Md; O F Johnston, G: C E Sla^lalr, Va; A McGregor, O. WASHINGTON HOUSE ?O Griswold, Car 4, M lob; H Blair. P ?h?.rp, J Parker, 1 Yf J Bowser, C J Waod?, Ind; \V G Finney. C H, n J Onadwlo, Me; J W Williams Va; D Pal H ker, Miss. OC K i V .S TEA KXta> SAILING DAY* tBOM THE UJIXTX? bTATSJ. L?ar?. Pn? !Ai v M<rw York... Liverpool... Dec fcM%r k?New Yrrk Liverpool.. . U*c : New V?rt New York... B.-e:aea D eo ; N?rt ronOM Port!?o<!..'.. Liverpool . Dtc: Vijo.... ?. New Vork... l.ivcrpoo... ,^>ec : * L cited Kia*a?>arNew York. .Gimjiow?l>e<v Kuop*..^. Hottar?? Livereooi....pee Atlantic.77. New York. ..Havre Deo From Edrupe Bornesia. SJoaik'ptoa...N?w York...Pea ?;.&nt e~ ..Suutk'pt^u. New York ..Deo -w?wifuwL..H.i?W I un... i/fO x /.ulifiukn ?.Liver poo!. ...Port!*n<l?_ Jj?o Liverpool. ....New Ytuk... <>ec Jur?..... Liw?<Xl...pfw \ork..P? Falk>e S<??tli'?toB...Ne^r York.. .Dec |f north Ani*rieaa. Liverpool Kc-rtiaod. Vo Cir.-ni* Liverpool j&octon Oee >*aleeUu? Liverpool New York... LKo | 1 be California mail ?teauiera leave an Uie ?i lHh, ?uJ Aj of ovary month. I&.V5SJ NOTICE! V^L 4 I jri?h all gentleman fcrJta to bear ta wad that ETqH the plaa whieh I *ix I**r* mgo, of Mtlin ft) andHOOTS at greatly r daced oriMt for i.*.h ; i* * UI iUtUOi'l ? ^^^^^^osoraUoa. J??t reo*?vsd a full aupplv of Uie late %wY?k ?"*? ofDKKS* HA ItV The ve fiscal Hat ? fir?t raM hat as; and vo coot), fas bio- abls Hat %2fc. Allot the laVatstjl of eofi HATS* an.1 ?:AF*,at the very lowest jnc? 1 4 I am oo&staotir ?upp i??u vrith a very large s'-ovfc I 1 tuo?? fins DRKSS dOOlS at #S.7i-wh"ch 1 ha' b?t'a aelijoa for many year#?aa voilasthsvs . ) beatsual tv of fal"Ltl.??tharGAITKR5 at 4S. J-'me r i enoh Calfokin Gaiters frt m 92 to 92 Si. Tsrms oaah:no extra chart in order to off I I haddobU A>rHo?V, A tint lor the Maaulk turera, Seventh atroet, eedbiiti bat store iron tl 1 corner, op?o?tte A venae llouas. No. 440. U im } -pi;Kk..*>W>.R*?f.whisky ,?( )Q hfipH ^*' 1 - * x 11&cti' ot r*rs uiu Kj? Win ij.CosMf hi | | >uMt bf tk0 momt rotii:, ? V.r, .4, wan.. .'M Mr A.*?. :ro?j.rt*J t{r?i*li?a, B? wiij, Ourd. Dnpi J * Co.. J*! * RoMiu, k?. Aiao. P?aotj vu/ A?p Jlrandy. pare Holland flin, Ja..A:c* ar.Js '? Lr&i* ,. jm. mad Wl?l of 'Vi-r* Vlf.aty.jji , cru,t??fi.te?* P% * .. hwt-ar.?tl| ,U. ]|? OEHKTtfBV NOTICE. . 1 Hr,? j' ?cr. *r offersf?r *!?iu??t'ick o?MM Bl.K MONUMKNTf, TOMBS, URAV 6T"\'s?i^ <MBuE .\UNTKiJ&?t r?d?? #. ?SBST AVSfo"1' MtrM* fforti, 233 K ?t qc-*B, M| oc 17 Sm bet ?raa? Uth in IStk. JrV \\J 4JAI/T? n" Vt O O D i a D r. n a f. ' + * OFPicH [|J 3S3 r*.AT.?B?-TW Ilia AX? Uth ST?., Kill ra-I WSmrf at., y w K p-i??W ? ^ DUitJKH, MTKUJI " F a kmuj atfcur'mntt if 1)!AUH |i #?r Rbl.aJi (ism * ? 1 pi M 7n?U?lfcMAlD* MffllTW. p? Fa, av. auu fci.wuUi *c I IP MISCELLANEOUS. Lirb rIRE' AND MARINE INSURANCE? HKATH * KNOYVLES, / S S V R A NC B AO EXT 8. Office, Room It, Ovn Biif of Wiimmtm. rnvMHnTin.fT yiHiur. ACOVX CLATIOH S>. 400,000 FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY OF J HE STATE OP TIRO INI A. Richmond. Cask Capital.. -.S300.000 NEPTUNU INSURANCE COMPANY. Pit.LAUii.PHiA. Capital A5D?UEPLw? f400,000 GOODHUE INSURANCE COMPANY, Niw You. Cash .'aimtai $200,000 In the latter, all the advau'agca of a mutMi are tau.eJ without incurring the liability. biaaranoe at a? low rate' aa in any ?th?r ectially re*po.-?piVe oompa;:iee,and pol ay Holders allowed to participate in tue profile. de I Singer's Sewing Machine*. 3*8 PKNN. AVENUE. NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. We invito the pnb'io attention to oar new $i0 FAM1L.V 9KW1.N0 MACHINE. ThiaMamine ii uu surpassed in the household. It rune smooth and ?wift: j#ws, Ami. fills n*d gathers, will hi th? 6oeats*i*s or eloiti ten sjtr* thick, and anv thing between the two extreme*, in a h??utifal and substantial nanner Machine* in raaho*any, walnut aa<J ro-ewood ease* from 380 to #100. Our '.ario i-tbratxnf yruter mackhu. for ooaoh trimmers and saddlers. fs withont a rival. Silk, Twist, Thread, Needles, Bobbin*, Oil, ko., always on hand at New York prioea. IT7"S?nd for a copy of I. M Ringer k. Co.'a Ga xotte. CHARGES A. SPON0LKR, ao 27 8m Agent. * Fan ! Fan ! AT SKYMOUR'S IN GEORGETOWN. I I have with itriot ears personally attended to the aianttfMJkurin* and selection of the following ( 'art. Mr lone practical kqow.adge of the Par Business enables me with oertaiatv to invite the 'adise to goods made from Sne and fresh eaaght <kins. as ? Canada Mink Sable, M Russia Filch, Siberian Squirrel, Wfter Mink, French Sable. Cbildrens' Furs in craat variety. Fur rrimmin^s of all colors. vao iiwwlnrtf ? " W. F. SEYMOUR, no 19 im Georgetown. T BOOTS ASP S NOttS! OMEMBER* OF CO\.iK>-SkS, STRANGERS VISITING THE CITY, AND THE PUBLIC GENERALLY ! The inriersigned he** leave to inform you th%t ha haa la score one of the b?st a?nortmenti BOOTS and SHOES t?? be found in thu*fl(l eity, for Ludiee*. Gentlemen**, Mnio'T Em and Bo*?' \V*ar Al*n. UITM SHOES,* Ate OVKR-GA1TERS. LEG jlNliS A to. Hi* entire au>ck ) fr**h?all made for tine ?ea? ?m ?l>a ctvla r?f tka 1.tnataria I ?*?Il w W vai 111 kilo vi mo uwok uiixv. and workmanship. To wiiioh ha invite* your attention. H. Bl RNi*. 40** I'a. nr.. (A few doors fast of National Hotel,) no ?7-eo1w (Intel.AOon ) llet. 4K and 6th nt?. Nwintkk MILt.INERV. OW Opening, at our Faiiov Store, a verr large an'f ?upeilor assortment of WIN I'KR HOV-^JK N KTS.oompriairg the latostand moat d>'*ira-Qjhy bl? ?ty las of the season. A l-o, a fine assortment of FRF.NCH FI,OWKKS. FKATHKR5, RUCHKS. RIHBONM, fto., all of whioti wo aro enabled to sail at greatly reduce! ?ria m HUTCHINSON & WUNRO, 310 Pa ar., no 3i-d?w&eo2w Between 9th and Oth ate. lO HOUSKKKEPKRS X2f) W WASHINGTON, G RORGG-tV TOWN AN1) VICINITY. l?# We invite the attention of Housekeepers to our rwj lares and Seautiful stook of CHINA, GI?Ai*8 aud K.vRTHtN WARE, wlnoh is bow rendered complete in every department by our reount impjrtMtm Wede??mit unneoesa*'y to enumerate artiales, us we have every thins ia uaua W kept in the China Businea*, from riou deoorated Frenoh China Dinner and Tea Seta to the ordinary Earthen Ware, and a* we import the majority or our gooda, we are prepared to fjrniah the beat quality, either to the whn'waAle or retail trade, aa low aa any of the importing houses of Baltimore. r.n< 1 ri ani American ?;ut ery 01 superior quvuv, Also, Horn, Rook and Cucoa handle Cutler; from tht? tame factories. Silver Stated Ware on fine Albatta, warranted, A lar?o too It of Coal Oil Lamps, numerous pattnrus, Paper Limp Shades and Chimatee, Cut Glass > Globes, Hyacinth Glasses, Fanov Articles, Toys, A n , Ae. C. * FOWL fell ft CO., 1 304 Odd Fel ows'Ball, co 16 eo6w Seventh ftreet. 1 g~2 ENTLEMBM'S VI RE tDY-MADE CLOTHING. . Our present assortment of ttKN'TLEMKN'8 SEaDY-MADE CLOTHING ?.ffers to oitiseus , and st^an rers wisnnu'mi i iiin-nliate out fit superior iuduoen>e<its, emhra?i.>K, at this time, all . a ?t. *. . r it.... n.. , ni; <?IIU ?|uniiiir4* ? ! r r?i nn<i i?u?iucr?? <]?i menu and OY?rooaU In all van?tie?. Fine Shirti a^d I'nder-olothiru of kinds. Kid aad other I ilovns of t?e*t qct itjr. Scarf*, Tim, Cravata, Ho?isry. ?o.. A-i. All of wliioti we are offering at ar usua: low p-ice?. IL7" Clothing m\d* 11 or<1?r in th? most superior mivnner. WALL. 8TBPHKN8 A. CtK, no 13-tf _ :i'Z'2 P*. av<mi. i I TAKli NOTICK! ' 1 WILL Take a 1 kir.ti of Virginia money for mi > l*jok <!el.ts nrtd for Boole, Hio -e, and Trunk*. Ar pireorm ia.lfb^ed to wi ! p i-a * o ca 1 and ?*tt!? up. or I s-na 1 be> oonip l'-d to give tneir account* i into the baud* of t? collector. ?. P. HOOVKR, Iron nail, j n" 21 l*a ar.. between 9th and tOth ?t?. * H A ra AND CAPS: The !a*e?t New York ttyle of |Sft3r OENT* BIIESS IiATo. i now on hand. UuMq 1 The AMAZON HAT, jgk&fl New St vie. iu-tt uveue<l. _ gE. aPK ~ Mi?w?' JOCKF.Y llAT^.iaFeltMMm At rxsrcko Price*. : B. ft. bTInEMETZ, 236 Pa. ?v., " no 34 wr oorner Thirteenth 1'reet. J rB* ROYAL. HAVANA LOTTERY. Jl BE Sext Dnvwirt of tbe Roy&l Hava.cs Lot ' Uvy, ooudacioO by the S9*r.'sh Government, nude > the ?upe.vicion of tha C&pt&iu General of Cuba ' will t*-? place s.t il&v?jia oa a SATURDAY, Dicnm 16, 1M0. SOKTEO NUMJitiO 647 0RDIHA&10. I CAPITAL PRIZE 100,000. !? n* BIMnMl ? -? ?? . r. .?-j vi . .i . -?n"r" ? fI lit" Wk.?? .?1|W 1 do *yw no do ? i; I do *M?o us do M 1 do *3,000 aoapprox. MB lt I do ?10,000 i /if all usa prizes. s WuoI? Tioteeti. 0', ?10?Qaartsra, 81 ?i Prize* cwhtd at niht at i per cnnt. a i count, r- Bill* on ail solvent Banktt&ken at par. A drawing will Mforwarasu u boob m the ronJ _ bec^mei known. li order* lor uiieaei or tiekntn to be addre?e 3 to PON RODRIGUEZ. no 28-tr Cam at Citr Pont. OnariMton. 8.0. f G. O. DIMUTH k CO., >9 IMPORTERS And Wholeaalaand Ratail Deal ? in g HAVANA CIGARS, ? FOREIGN WINES. BRANBIBS, BINS, f *J No. 40 NoKTH CafKLK* #T*K*T, fSr doort atMi Lexington it., ^ _nojO-Jiy Baltimore. j^CHOOL AMD COLLEGE OUTFITS. i Youth,s' and Boy*' Clothing for School am ~Dr$$$ Wear. 6 Parent* and gnardiani wiahinc to Airmail thai child ran aud warda with Bobool and Co!! ege Outfit 11 for tho coining aeaeoa, era invited to examine ot 12 praaent arte and extensive aaaortmant BOY) IS CLOTHING, where t.'iejr ean it oat their okildr? 13 of a!! ii isea in a tow numenti with evert deaorij i5 Hon of R^ady-maJe Garir.enta, of asbatantial an h. oo^ ? an 3ft-tl 343 Penn. aveaaa. P OALT8' V>ITY STEAM FIREWOOD MILLS AID COAL DEPOT. ? Foot 9/ Stvmiunik itritt, btioto War Difortrum '* WOOD prepared, anr lanjth and tic*, to m *, the vuu of ?Mh pnrohaaer _ ult COA' ?KKHT IN COAI- HOUSES, proU"ta al from the wither?delivered fr*e fmiu il*u, da ,i and otwr linparitlea. 2MU ;b?. to the ton. II TTj. k. W. M. MALT. * no 10-tr 5iS2 Pa. av., brtw. llth and 13th eta. ?i W GAS FIX TURKS. 1-0 if E Have in atore. and are dai.y rtMivtc/, OA rJ PlXTUKKSottatirily Now PattornaandDeriai *- and Fimah, auperior in evjle to anything heretofbi offered in tlua mark*. We inviteoitiiSna fenera 01 li U> oall aad fuww oar atook or Oaa and Wat rlxtareo, feelinc ounfidont that wo uave the bm 119 aelocted atook m Waahiniton. All Work in the above lino intrnatad tooaroai _ will bo promptly attended to. - MYKRS A MoGHAN. war 5-tf 37W Qrtraat ?- A WM. T. DOVK A OO. * ARE Now prepared to axooaca anj ordora wit 1J wL ion u. 3j inaj be favored ijp the j* PLUAlfillTC, FITTINB JIT" Store on Wb atrfet, a ftw door* north of Pi ; raggjBggggigg t- ROUGHS, COLD**. HO AK SEN Ed#, Ae. 5 COMPOUND SYAUP^OFQVMJRABIV 7; Thia ploaa?.nt and popular Couch RuiimxIt ha ' baea ao lone known and .'xLenairaiy aaad, thumoi person* kavabaabM* familiar with iU axtraordini rr efioany. It oaa b? had at all thn prino.pal dra _ atorea at 26 and ao e*Bta a ? M fimkeoin' DL ** t i.~L OrJara oaa aiao balafta?th?o?aeof Adam - Kik*m Companr. WaahinttoD. D. P.. tot-lawli no 5 COO Pa. av.. b?Hwe?c aad loth ata. *? * ? TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. BALTIW^D^l^mROAD- < On and after SUNDAY, November tMfc, IS*,U? t Uaioa will ma a* foliowi: | l.f, a r ft ir^oitixfuivir; Plrattraia rt*.2ta. m. < Seoond Trwa at *.40 a m. I Third train at a.10 p. m., Kxprean. 1 Poarth train at Ip m LfAYK BALTIMORE: | Firat train at 4.15 a. id., Kxpraaa. < goooEd wwn at ?.3? a. m. ; Third at 3.10b. m. ( Fourth at 4J0 ?. in., Bxaracf. j Tba firat, a*oond and third tnuna from Wank- 1 infton ooDDMt through to Philadelphia *"4 Naw Yo?k. Tha aeeoad and third annaeat at Waahinftoa t Junction with traina for th? Weat, Sooth. and I Northweat.; alao, .at Annapolia J unotiou, lor An napoiia. For IMortolk ta*e the ' 40 a. m. trai-, tor the aooommodation of the war travel between Washington and Lanrel, a tanaencer oar will bp attached to Um tonnage train whioh leaves at 140 p. m. Oa Saturday the 3.10 p. ra. train goea to Philadelphia only. _ i no ?-d T. H. PARSONS, Agent. j NEW ORLEANS | tut TJULH.BIB DATS CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. 192 1W QMHH? ] HHHQ ATI n a f r n rvfTWD . AlAlrf HAlb RUU lb, IU Orange and Alexandria Railroad fO LYNCHBUR?: Ptr^nM ?nrf Trmnsssee. Bos* Tonnsssee and 7*r^?nui, JSui Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanoog*, Mevtfhis and Charleston, Mississippi Control, New Orleans and Jaekson, WO NBW OKUSANBt Memphis br Puksti to MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Mont* omsry T>y Riul, tberos to Mobile by FiritcuMa r<u)ket?. Motive to Now Orleans by TWO DAILY TRAIN9*.S*II?ATS I.iclvdid. Lwti Wat&lifUH at S a. m. amd tip*. The Btoamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wharf foot or 8orer.ti! airest tt 6M i. m. &nd 6^ p. m. uid oonneota at Aiexocuri* with tne Orange ud Alex*Dur.A Trains for tne Southwest Oftoo?Penns/lTaaia ence, corner of Sixth it UMUI1 CUfini) TSB0C8K TO n? ORUUU. Lynohbtrz ..?#7 tt Meroyhia . .?9SI SO Bnetol AIM Atlanta ? ? !? KnoxriUe >000 Maoon ,. .MOO Otiivttanoo.'a St no Oolnaibus II SO Dalton? ... 34 00 Montgomery a 00 HuntsTille? *700 J na Memphis^) SO Brand Jun?tK>n.__S000 N.O.} fu6, Juno.-4S CO Naahrttle IS SO S na Mobile._<S 00 THIB ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL 800 MILES SHORTEK/%nd 94 HOURS LESS IN TIME ihan any of her Mae?the Lynchburg Extenaton being now oom^loted, as also the Musiaciyji vonu&:? iiwktni u uio QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTS FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It U provided with Firat-olua SiMpm* Can! (1* Neur Orleuu ra Hoars. SSrEE^ia z. IHTThe U. S. JIAJIi *n<i AT)ASI8* EXPRESS aro u.'tta over tins N?v Line. Iloknts ou be ottfclned t*. tKe Soith WMtorn o?. ?ors0f orftLrtk str^t *u<i ??nc;jiraai* ? enus, to tha loliov:c? pout* : I^TiiahtMirc. Bristol. Kloitius. *""** Ch&ttanooca. Haniavillo, Grand Junction, Macon, Nxthvxi! i, Daltor., Celambu, Montcomerj, Mobil*, Memphis, and NEW uALBANa. trr THROUGH rJcKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. fr^OmnlbtiMfl and Baccfcce Wacom leara the offlo* at a. m. and < p. in. JAMBS A. EVANS, Ticket Arnt, reag-tr Comer 81?th at. and Pa. ay. 'I'UK HTEAMER J A3. GUY Will renni? har I tripa on TUESDAY, Slat U _J February, 1SS0. Will leave WASn{_&*4nnEfr INGTON vtarr TUESDAY FRIDAY, at < o'clock n.m..and ALEXANDRIA at half-paatt o'clock, for CUttlUoMAN and tha iti'.<r?iodia.te L&adinfa. On her return tripe, aha NATH'L BO fr?n.lA$u\lexa^a '" Ql'FICK OF?^APs:.\iK'1 r ktND 8KALEE Waihtkbtoh, July 11,1860. NOTICE 18 ffEREBY tHTFN, That, agreeably to tho provisions of the ord: nanoe of tne Corporation approved May 12,18flo. the undersigned if now prepared, "whenever resnlred in writing, and on pre payment of the fo? of fifty cents, to inspeot, ez?:uin?, Ust, prova, a:.d aaoertain th.j aoooraey of registration of any r&s meter in use in thu oily." F.verr ;auter, if found ir.oorTaot, will be condemned, and apothor, sealed and marked as true, will be ' wt ini'< plaoe. if proved to be aoourate in its mcasnrcraent of gas. it wilt be seaiod accordingly, ' and again put in posltioa for uao. 1 Offio? .< o. 610 Seventh street,(near Odd Fet?* kian^ .<)^?lfrom 8 fc.1fc.JpJJJB... unAMir>3 n. i/unmnuiiAA, Jr U-tf Inspector and Sealer ofGaa MtUn. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our ouatnmera.aQd oitliena fenerailr. to an luapeo'ion of our presort new, at _ _ a? tractive. and n'eaact fiaaorUn?-nt of^BB CLOTHS CASSIMKRES, DOESKINS, fTK VbSTINGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ao. W ? whioh we will make to order in anpanor"-" ' ?t?le at %ery low prioee. --WALL, STEPHENS ft CO., o? 25 ti i'JU I'a. av.. hetw. 9th and PURE OLD RYE WHISKY FOR MEDICINAL USE. P'Ut 32 per gallon or 50 cm It per bo:tU. r ? 1 Tlie va?t hum? and foroign demand w have Tot thin arliole sulfioiently attests 1U purity and oxcelleno* Moreover it may be mentioned in this oon!? ?*i"n that many invalida of dehoate organisation, unable to use whi?ky of other brands, have found the above most effioaoioas and happy in its efleots. t A liberal disoount on the above prices mads to 6 the trade. EDWARD HALL. 0 Dealer in fine wines and Lienors, 0 Family tirooerles,4tfl.,opp. Center Market. 00 27-?o2?>t between 7th and 8th streets. I. pLOAKS! CLOAKS!! CLOAK 8!!! ?be Camilla, the Arab, the Garibaldi, he Romeo, the Zouave, the Albanas, Tlji/R lohard, the Enrlish Pank. theFrenoh Saek. 0 who many otner now and beautifnl sty ? in Rept. Treoo and French Denver Cloth, ia prioei Trim *3 6<i to $3, to whioh we uk the attention ol - tti? ladies. no 17 TAVLOE k, HUTCHISON. HOWtHlMl'EOVKD WElGHlN&SCALHfi Tfcwe Scales are ottered to UM Mblio M tin H moit liratle.durable, and reliable Males ever ;itu IM. Pimtolaea premiuine have been awarded the* h the United State* Fair and Virjina Arnonltara Society; Virginia State A* ruultural Fair: Firankiii - Inztitute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fair Vermont State Fair, Ac., Ac. In every case when , exhi?tt?4 tliey oave reoeived first class fiymifnu C?ri"ed* ro k Ba' I>?Jot of Siiler'i it foU-l*0* K' O. PATT1SON. Agent n WOOD: K f* WO O-IM! 9 WOOD!!! ? STOVE and KINDLING WOOD.atth* lowm >- pOMibl* prioe. * T. J. ft W. M. 6 ALT, 999 Pk nr., batwoan 11th and 12th iU., ? . T7 tf will aid - lTpRIGHT OR BOUDOIR PlANOH-A rn&i *J Liioent artiole ju?t raoeived of the_ oeiebratad Chiokertnc k. Hons' make; forBSBVp aJa lov. Ca l aid ??a itat th? trenoy. JOHN P. ELLIS. >1. 300 Pa. ar., bat. ?th an<i 10th at*.

Old Piano* a? great barcatn*. no 24 d 12,000 am t, the attention of tue p*> I . 10 to onrkflMM wall m of Cmmpaciie aud Crab ApptoCi lor whioh wd (BvaatM to be pan mice, ud will b joi.lon re^*on*bl* Urmi fn order to maicereoH r _te? Wo. ?T rt.G^rV^w't). re * ?. X. not*. I. k. IfTXT, 1 I AMAt.MOT* A AUTTRY, 2 *-* " ? a II Will pnurtioa la toe riis?i?urt of^rrori aad A) Lst? - GooU l.o SAFK LIGHT 1 PA"r KO'4f5'?Cfll C,ELL L eo 15 Ayr, to fur \*m ?J#. * Ltei mi^'axarafc.'r^r 79 cento. KnerftUou of a Country Paraoa, 1 toL; jri<x 141. Uimw at Tr^tli. by Two Bro(k*ri. 1 vol.; prio< 2 ^ BLANCHARD * MOHUN, * *?*ti e?rn<rlUhat. and Pmi. mr. N.. tr'Mt in 6'*ck and Cloth*. Ai?o.; ifian and BvipaU C.otki, *21 oi whteh w* pffd low. r, oa\i TAYI OH ft BI'TCHI?OV. L GIBBS SwU. Braid. aadCuri lfta<i?flMtorf,S41 Pa a?*?>"?. ?<Mir 1?h at nnS^m A *?01> chickhb^ d?J . i JOHN P. ELL 19, m MISCELLAKSOUS. \ ZA . OKIE If *8 R\ I EXTENSIVE tips - Furniture Emporium. T1 ' ?; H ? Mr ud tha public ?n are rwpaot? u!!jr icfonn?<d that the cabaonher baa ooareted UiVBiD ??** nuiPBjrtRrtwaMU vuui/o if every dM*i?tion, wh.oh lie will Mil at tha very uw?et ?rioe. He ranmeratM in part? ivery deMriptton of Mahogany and Walnut Parlor and Chamber Furmlore, ?lne Paiiite<l Cottage Chamber Sets, a?lxKa,!.a'Mrai,-?. Jhina, Glaaa and Crooknnr Ware, inirM &ad Fork a and Table Oaators, inoketa. Tabs, WMhb >arda, dtftera, and every otaer deaonption of Wood aid Hardware, At No. iiA.oornar of Seventh ud 1> atr*ete, at he Big Sign. The Pnb.i ? ta reapectfnllT invited O Mil ftQU eiftmiBe ior wtmwirti. no ?-?o<w Anot and ComalaauxPMerehant. 17AttLE IRON WORKS, Cj OomnxB Ohio At. and Tbiktitatii St. KRICSSOWS CALORIC EXGINKS. The uaderugned u?i beon appointed role areata n thisoity for the manufacture and sale of the above Engine*, and are fro pared to supply all outers with Kmp'neae and dispatch. These engines hare n satisfactorily introduood, Mid are now practically employed in btkeries; by bookbinders; for exwood cutting; by ombinet makers; for drawing a blower* to ventilate buildings; for pumping: for domett 10 purpose*; elevating graie; glass cutticr: tinning ottoa; grinding quartz; grinding mibU; rrindaig sugar mm on plantations m Cuba; for hoisting; for knitting maohines; br manufacturers ef plated ware; of printers' material, of silrer war*, of acrionltufal implements; of raatehes; of hooped kirU; for pumping at railroad tat.on. and <;n board ships; for eewing masbines. for iob printing and printing daily newspapers; for various plantation uses; F>r uvinf and planing lumber; for piokintf hair; for polishingoombs; for siiosiuaWsrs' us-s; for and silling; lurains; iodioco euiunc ami paiverlzmg; in tann?ri?s acd wire making est&biiiiiineuts; for soda water manufaoture; for bun* crashing; malt raaAing; towing; grinding outlery, &e. They are inexplosiTO; eoonotnioal; easily man aged; they require no engineors; uu ao vatvr; and Mniumi little fuel. Auy persondeeirous of aaing the*# Engines, oaa by application to undersigned b? ahown & l&rge nnmUr of testimonial* from parsons who have them in duly iim, exprassmf tkeir an tire satisfaction La tlieir operation and use Prices of the Kcgiuea as established by the Patentee : i?c in. ujrr maau in idiiiii oiiuutr. i?' Double 24 'T t,?? a " 1,360 " 32 " 2.800 40 " 2.3.0 ? 40 M 4300 48 M 3J00 ** 48 " 6,800 60 " " <000 " 60 * 9,500 24 M " 760. We are are also prepared to furnish, at short notice, Architectural Castings, f-cn any designs that may be furnished, as cheap ax can l>e obtaiued elsewhere. Also, Steam Entities, portable and station ary; high or luw p.essure; saw and gritt mills; hydrostatic, or othor presses ; hollers f?r heating bnildings, wrought iron water tanks;rhaftiag. gear ins, <to.. iur nourmg or utnor mini,ana lurgmg <>i all kind*. a 13 2&w3m WM.M FLL1S 4 BRO. T PROCLAMATION'O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, Ac. WKit MS, At the prM?nt muob o tL? year CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA. CHOLIC, DYSENTERY. DY8PE/P3IA, "0004 , oRr.kl, ? I'iii. ' vKKTAIni AHU Krr?UTU&L REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS la order to mtufy THE PUBUg that no imposition is intended id tha aaie of this G re&t Medicine. THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED in all eattt whan tfce madioina laila to give entire aatiafaotio kt then at any Drue Store for Dlt MONTARDE'9 MIBACI'lJira PAIM IT 11 I o>p take fcf di reoted, a ad if not periaiotir aatiafied Return to our Agent, D. B. CLARK, ESQ., 4H Street and Pennsylvania A venae, who will refund yoar money. price?99 and SO C?nU per Bottle. For tale at all Dreg Store* everywhore. J AS. Mo DON NELL, Oecer&i Agent, fvll.OAfr U?lfitnnr* FEVER AND AGUE is caused by the miasm or exhalation evolved from deoaved and decaying vegetation in moist sous. When abitirb'd mto the circulation, it beoonea an irritating virus in the blood, whith deranxes and destroy a the health of the whal* ay item. W o have lone sought, and liave at length found an antidote, AYER'8 AGUE CURE, whieh neutralizes tin a malarious poiaoti in tta blood, and atiranlatea the Liver to expel it from the body. Its action upon the ;? t *m ia invanaMy aure, ani itaoureof Fever and Ague, and kindred oomp.aiut< ceitain. If taken in season it expels the virus f'Om the ayaUm t* it i? a< eorbed, and thus k.jepa those who uso tae "cuaa" fiee from its at tacks. keeue the system lu health, ath.nnh ex poa-d to tne diae?>--e. C< n?>^a<?ntiy it not ourea, bat aruUota f.oro tlia groat vautty of afleotiona viiioh ar? r^Uuoed bjr tfeu ri a'leoAut mfla noe.auabaa Rami t?nt Fever. Chili Favor, l>umb, or Maaked A<u?, Pariodioal H?adach',or III:ll< ua deaoaoha. Hi'liona F?ver?. Neor^izia. HtKomaUain, Goat, Bliodu?aa, Toothaoo, Earv>ha, Ua tarrh, Aatbini, PatpiUiiou, ^ainfai A<T*otmna of tha Mo'ttca. Hvatdnoa, Otia, Pa*aif aia, and fainf? \flee ion of tbe Stoiraob ana ttowej*, all of whtob, when arising fr?ni tbia cause, will befoniuJ to acat'ia * ra'^r* or .eaathe intermittent tjpe. Thia ' Aoca Guru",removes tb?cauae of tbeaa deraut emeuM, and ourea the ditto*-*. This it acooiup^abaa hj atnnuiating the excreto riea to eip?l tb* virus from tba ay atom: and there or?ana bj degree* become babituiu-d to do tbi* t'noir ofiio-? of their owa aco >rd. Henoe anaea what we temi aetlitnntn'iim. Time iuar aoc >nip lab the am* end, but oiten ill* la not Iodc enougn. or 11 sacrificed in the attempt, while this "Aac* Ou??" does h at onoe, and vr.ih saf^tr. Tho ext?uEtv< one of this in ail va> otie? ol cases, has shown it U b*> a aurar as well as a aafer remedy for the whol< elasa of diseases whioh are oausnd by the m:aama tio infection, than any other whioh has been dis oorered: and it has still another important advan tage to the puUlio, whioh is that it ia aheap as vel 1 uiood Prepared by DR. J. 0. AVER A CO., Lowell Maaa. no li eolm THE OHLY PBEPAEATIO* WORTHT Or UNIVEBSAL CONFIDENCE A PATBONAGI FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, i CLERGYMEN. LADIES, and GENTLEMEN ?_ i * ? sl. .a.. r i IU WI pibiM vi uicwuiKi wcpiu y vu iiyr> ruiofvoy ui r PROP. 0. J WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIV* and gentlemen of the Pr?aa are unammoai la iti praiae. A few taetimoniala only can be here given ee oi ?nr for more, and it wul be iinpotaiMe foi I jrou to doubt. I fi WallSnizT, Niw Yon. !>o. #. 1851 | Gentleman: Your note of the 16th inatant h&< I been rwirad. raying that t?? ku heard that 1 i had bean benefited by the nee of Wuod'a Ha r lie ; atoraure, an < reeueatint ray oertidoate of UielMi I if I had ao objection to * ire it. i I award it to jroa oheeifol jr, beoaaas f think il I due. Mi a<i ia about-<? Tears; the oolef of mj niLir AHIinm And lB4k{r,*uf f e\ /?url A. in a f. va ni iz run amoe it began to turn gray. and the mm i or theorpwa of my need to lose its sensiOt ity an" dandmff to form upon it. Eaoh of these disagree abilities incrjat?e<l with time. aad aboot A month: moo a fourth vat added t<? tWm. by hair fal'.ini off the top of my head and threatening to make m bald. In thisnnpl*aeant predicament I *h in-laced t try Wood's Hair Restorative, uiaiaiy to arrest th . foiling off of iot hair, for 1 had really no expeot* tion that gray nair ooutd ever be restored to it original eolor except from dvo*. I was, howover Ig-eatly sarprieed to find, after the use of two hot ilea only, that not only wae the falling off arrestod but the o"lor was esturt-d to the gray hairi an sensibility to the soelp. and dandruff c ased to fbrr on my hnad, very much to the gratifioatioB or ^ . Wife, at whose solicitation I w%s induced to try i > For this, among the raary obligations I oWe t e her aex, I strongly reoommead all nusl-ands wh va:u? tho admiration of their wives to profit bj m trxanipio, ami uimuii |[u?jn( (r?T or(?iun! Da C t Verr reapeotfully, Bbk A. Lavisdsb. To O. Jf. VVood * Co.. 444 Broad way, pi. V . My family ar? aliment from tho oity, and 1 am n longer at No. IX Carrol Piaoe. ? ~ . fiiAsi.TON, Ala., Jaly 20, U53. To Psor. O J. Woods D*ar Sir? Your "Hai f?storauv e" haa dora uij liai r to u.uoh good aino ooininenojcl ta? u?? of it, that I ?iah to mak ' known to tha public of ita efeota onthehair, whio are great. A man or w*man mat benaarly dapri ve of ha*, and by a reaort to yoor "Hiir Kfatorame k the hair will return more beantifu than erer;i - le&atttia la tct experience. Believe it a'l' i Yvuratroiv. Wh.H.Kixut. P. 8.?Vou oan publiah the above if yon like. B pabliahing in oar Houthera paper a jou will m m;>re ?atroa*c? Sonth. I aoe aeveral oi jouroai tileafee in the Mobile Meroury, a atronc Souther taper. TV. It. Mmpj. WOOD'S HAIR RE8TORAT1VK. Bow.O J. Wood: l>?ar Sir; Having had tk >rtuoe to lose the b?-t portion of mj our,froi 1 the tlTanU of the yeLow fever, m New Ori?ui i : 1*51,1 was i*duo?tl to nutkta tmi el your prepays tion. a.t.d fouud. it to anawor a* the very Win I needed. My hair is now thiok and glossy, and n words aaa ex*rasa ay obligation* U you In rlrtn i to tks afflioted saah a tftsmi Jouhsoi The Restorative is ant up In bottles of throe sisei is: lars#. median and small; th? small hold Kv a piat, &n? retails for oae dollar per bottle; the mm d(mn uolds st least M per seat, more is prosortio k thao the small, retails for two dollars per oottie ' the large ho<ds a eaart, 40 per oeat.more io proprw WntM in this o ty br C. STOTT, 3T4 Pvatnai [ eolT^Iw , SuggiH r Tto Piuoslkr t?tat I^htmA iI HKD* INK& ; look oemi&i Bki 1HM0mtrm tkt Mil CkrtMt, 9m?4*, mmd ?% , Kffpi fii I Jtmi f| in tii world, FOR ALL DISEASE^ OF IMPRUDENCE. .. - - _ _ . . - - - - ? - ? a LMT nu /IMS MIMM.MVAUT MM TMFT. APPLY IMMBP ATKLY. ( A CVRB WARRANTED. OR NO CJiAJLOM, 1 IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wnbm ? U< htt.luiMWii lliillMtttMlllnn u< BuMm, ttnlMur DMk4>|n, lapnix;, lnjgl iiWrt/i ??' im Ml, Dy?w?r, Utyr.te?wh. OP | tmmm ' U?M, MyMDw WtS* ?nn.T>Biinr.rr?akiM^ lhac?H rftifht *r im, Dimui ifiti T>l??l_ ( m? w Ski a, A fivtMM W Lb* Lmrnn, IwuM m ?? >ti Umi Ttrrifclt Dmrim ariaimg fraca Mwij likM tl T(dk-<taH Drudhi ui DiKncina Prtctitn vfeitk nmi*l Mtrrnfi lapMUIi. uJ <Mnr Mu M; ul >M romu ? 1- .i- ktva bMaai ill vicbaa tl laU aiv TUft. ( Uil irttihl tnd d**U??U** k*kit tbtlk uiMilf iwupt M a au*"(<7 in'i tb*a?and? ! T?U| Mm at UM Mil alttd i*l*n-ji i>4 briUtut iataUcci, wb* kl*ki adtarviM U/l wiruc<4 liiMila;l?utM ml iUUbAii rftlMiMM m vakad m csiur Ik* Urlaf I?t?, h; hII nl Ml H?t I tMM. _ MAUI!U PUIOH, m Twmmg HMmiMftattu Mu ?Uti, kuif twin?f akff.?U Mfitit dakUty d?f?rranr??, Ac., ?p??di!T tut*. ki wh? piitti biaMifuiti u* UN w Dt. j. mt NM' Mil; aactd* i* kmmm m * g??U?? u4 UaH?Hy w<| Iftu ha Mill u t f office m*. t aomi ruouuciirtUT, left kuMi ??d?mmnf Km ?*Iii?m wni, fav 4mm tna tkt ctnu. riilM HttMtti mmu4 iwkw. Imm mm k? piid Lad Maul* iMuti. njoumi, M*ak?n ?fik* ftajal Caiitf? fSmrfMat, iwlw, B?*?I fvam ?? *f Ik* Mt *nia*nl O'JtfM la tk* l?h*2 luui, ui id* mu*i Mn aa *mi in* n*a ???B ipwi ia hi Mr Cite \m4?, hm,IklUhlikti u4 aiaawkar*, haa attad Mm* of tb? maat aaiar kahinf cim Iktl vara tra knave; many traat^ad with nafta( la ua *a?d u4 MM voan a(l*?p; mat DcrrtuaMi, kau( alars*4 a: hMm Mull, kaaMkUiaaa ?nt> fra-aani fclmib'.r j. auaodad nm > 11 ?tit 4wui?mm afauBd, win car*d tMa*dl*l?IV> TAKE PAKTlCVkAK. BOTIC*. Twn| Man u4 ackara vka ha?a uufmrn uanaaivoa kf UiUiu f racUca iodal(ad la vk*a alaoa?a kaktt traqwMlf laaraad frarn aril eactpaniatii, at at acbaal, Ik a afaata at Vticb at* ni* htiy fait a?ao *ku aalaap, a*4 if aat lint, randara aurtlif* lapaaikla, ul iaaUap tMk ala( M kad*, akaaUd apply imaadtataly. Tfeaaa ua aaua af Ik* aad ui malaackaly affaeta prodaaad ky ittl? kaktt* af vaath ?u t W*akn*** aflka Back aad llmk*. rfiini 10 tba Haad. Dcnntaa af t:jkt, Laaa af Waaaaiu Pavar, P?lptiat;*u af tka Main, Dyapapav. Kar*aaa lrrlUkillty,Daraiif aratBtaftka D if a aura rw>ct.*ea, *a*ral DaktiHy, ay rvptaca of 'JonaamBUati, ac. MT.HTALLV ?Tr a (anfal afatuaa tfe* aMan aaaakM ka* of Maroary, Cocfaatan oftdaaa, Dapraaaiaa af flr.'Pifa. l!f l! V* *ri Alt 1 u ?-a Atari an Mkruit lalf. niatvut W'i ! Selllide.T-.reidily, iu.,iti uai if Ui aTlia paatuil K kin TO VI PUiUTT-TWMtxIi lu H*|idn wfeal U th cut* ol 'J)*i? daaliainf haaUk, ikair ?igar,bataming ?ank, p&ia, ntrrMu ud araaaiatad, kartef aaiagiiu tffatiuii aaatliha CH|bw*inipi?Mt(a?Mia|tlM DUtAStl or IMPRUDENCE. Whan Ua miagaadad u>0 in:pradtot ?*ury *f pi ****** Ilia k* kaa irauibad lit* aaaila af U.u pun fa I diaaaat, it la* aflaa kappana tfial an ill-umad **D*a af ahana ar draad af diatararp daiarahim frat. appijiug la ihaaa ?fr*ia adacanae aad raapaaubmtr, eu a:ana kafnacd hun. Ma falla lata tka b*ada af ignsru.i aad daaiymaf pratandara, wka, itcapakla af einar, liab hta paeanutrj aakatacca kaap kia tnilaf raantk aftar wauih, or aa Ian* a* itaa aac-llaat faa aaa ka abtaiuad. *nd in daapa-r laaaa klna with ramad kaaJik la aifk *?ar bia falling dJa.ppataunat.1; ar ky tba ka* af ibat datdN pataati, Marc Br 7, huian tka cariatttatiaaal ayisptaaaa af IhM iambi a diaaaaa, aach aa Afacuanaa'tha Iaart. Tbraai, Eaaa, Skin.he., prograaaar.g with fr.gbtfB! irpaditp, Ull da*lk p*u a aanad labia cratdfsJ aafarmga kp aandu f hia la that a?4ikt9*?t?^ rMnlr* fr*m hm ktarn m av a iM?alk> aa 1BM* ml jouooiiikemedt rinn nnn i wir wt ? AMD IMPOTKHCT. >r tkia ['"I aad imMrtom remedy vukclHrfUl itrui in eyeedny tared and fail vigar raaiarad. Tkmudi af Ik a mi narraae and dakiUuud, vka kid laat Ul k*pe,ha*t keta imratdieiely relieved. All irapedinieate la Marriage. Pkyaleal er MmhlI DImhI^ Imumi. Lmi ef rmnttlM Paver, IutMi Irrlukln Treakiiaf and WiUiM n lUiutla alike MMlwi ktad ftiiltlj eared. KKDouumr or tm run. m MA* Y THOUlANDI eared axtkie meUwUaa vHkto ill taat aavaotaan ???n, aad Ue nauaraae iaopartaat knt' Ml aparaiiane ptrUrtoad kj Dr. Jafcoaao, vimeaaed hj Ua "MM" ef ike p?f?n and bu; athar Mima, aMaai e* fkitk k??i intitii iftk ui t|tli kalwa tta tatllt, ka Idea kia eiaaaicf aa a (ailliau af akeraater aad ?pad ?!IHf, ta a eafltieat (atraaiae ta ike aflteiad. |aa M-ly R. J. BO VISE DOD'S IMPERIAL WINS BITTERS, Are now belnj need from Maine to the 6 real Salt sn! nairereal verdict of all who see u?m either zj a mU^cim or ae a Isytrati, ia that thoy are sczarfued m th? world. Dr. Doda need them auae^atlt-.j ia Hu >.-*ctioe for M years before wp BurohAaAi! aiklm tko uli rifht in mftnnfkiihiM tad jrristi tkca for nI* to tae rublic PortEa cure of la?h?U-t Cci.ivmpiit/L, l&dieeation, J>r?Piles, N?nrau 1/iMUM, rtnilt Coin f !*iaU ftnd ftii owi rftf ftinnf ft to nio, taey ftre bftrcnJ doftbt ft moat !at*riftbie ren;edy. And* rvn their KO-.uelrfcl ?r&f?rtir<? tbey ftr? ft pur*, Trholftlama ftnd da'.iiLtfjl Sr?e;\ts, irodioiif ftll th* pleoaft^t exhiie.-fttiut ef<v-ta of Brftiidy or Win* withont tho:r itu i?i-wa recaics. Let aJl frienda of ftnmftttit.r ftc* ?T!ftd<o3*te? of temper&nc* ftaalat as ic .-ubelitni.if thai.: Tvmhle Vegetable Hitter* for the kum* ftad mmUirMd Lifuort with wluch the Oo?ntrr la flooded, ftnd thereby afft*u* fci'J ia bft&tc&icc UiiMu ftad Drankeoeea in the itnd. GHAKLE9 WIDDIFIELD t CO., Pr?>rlMora, 78 Wil!i? j atreet, N*w York. 4. WKW AJtZE. AcecU Wftahiiiftoa, D. C. J. BOVEE Dons' RIAL OIS BITTERS, For Diaeaaea of the Kidney a^B'.ftdder ftad Urmry Org&na, and espeoinliy for Fem&le Obetraotiona, never fail to ours, and are warranted to ft*# afttiata-r-11 - l!hahlt.n WIUUlf lEL-D * CO., Propnstora, TS Wiliiaas g Je7 Itj Aceat. W?M?hni?toD. D.b. JOY FOR THE SICK ANJL) SUFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED APPLY T1IE REMEDY REJOICE n?HEALTH. Fri?rv<i. do yon saner. Are too the rlotim of any of those j-.vmeroaa aibnoots whiok arise tron up |urltr of the blood.' What are thej, ao yof asf.' niuuor wusinrs cavy nair i no 0100a la u( aoaroe of til* and hea:ih. and It is the ftrat element of our helm to respond to any cause which afieou tli? ayctein, aa the pulac inlal.iblv attnsta The ever prevailing N?ur&!fla, tb? irritating i'.ryaipela*,the auUleBercfula. the agonising Hhenwatiaro. Nervoua J>xbiiitr, Drrpcpaia, Li ver Complaint withita torpor and dejoctioc, and ti.o numberleaa 111m that reiih U h?ir to,derive their hidwuta origin fr >a. th" blood, Deal ktpdiy the* anil gently wiUi the blood. I'ae the vitalising res.urae* of nature forltaaid. and auSer na to ooiiiiuend to your conftdenoe aud iim that truly valuable ra?wiicam?mt known aa i MHS if COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. ' With retard to thla sx>io;t infallible apaaiio | pogalar wpuwoit ha^apotoa Jn Jieoidodterma, oitu v.o vTiiouwn ui iuii o^ioaoy mi a hi tamed by oonalart &vr>vri!t of curative ?ff>cu ud th? happiest result* from i(s dm tre after all other j remedies and the beet medioa! skill hare foiled. 1 Let ns say,in ??c ueiot, th*t certificates enjea are not eoof ht from the illiterate anamper? fioial, bat they are volunteered from the aoet re. poetable aoarcM and justify the hifheet terms La whioh it ia possible to eomwena so Talnab.e a specific to pablio approval. We jnay add also that me ou rati re properties of the ir.-,d;cine are equalled oniy or iu r?HoruT*?BMU, in* ?y?UMn reoover! inr from dleeaee with renewed eomtrtufional riror. For tale by ?11 retpeetable PrureiiU in this oily, and by tjie proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None ttLjuie an 1ms h?r name U blow* on the bottle &nd ii?r Heal on the cork Inr Price 31 por bottle, w* bottle* for &. , WktUsaU At*nt. k. H. T. 0188KL. Dro?i?t. i Georgetown, D C., Wholeeale Agent for the DiMtrie*, and will apply Um trade at my prtMa. r %a ?-tr . pLUMBERB AND GAB FITTERS. J. W. THOMPSON * CO. Woold call the attention ot water taken to their t fall aeeortm^nt of Fixture* n?~e*?ary U? iu lutroaucuon^aa fotiewes?ElTCH KM R ANUEK.B ATI! r frPB. wrought iron, and balraiueed WKi TER PIPES. BYDKANT^ and PAVli WISHJ ERS. RIB'ER HOSE, Ao. Havin* ?up^rior advantages, with pr*oUeaJ I we ?ro prepureo u> introauos Water [ into dveiiinc* with all Ilia latest in sruvon eota, a trow ftij, ana at prioes Uiat cannot fail to aUify. 300 Penn. avenue, d no U dtMar 1 bet. 9th ard W>tfa iti . south nds\ | QLD RICH, J.(WW AND JWRK M0N0NGA11ELA RYE WHISKEY, Conscientiouiiy distilled by Mr. James Burnside. of Allegany County, Penna., in the eidfaanioced d honest war, frou the choicest and most oarefuliy n selected Rye, and in no ease ever offered lor sals 1 onti! adapted to wholesome nss by age U Mil I ogee tim roo?t palatable. a? it i* emphatically oae u qi me ?uwi mvitijn la the r?uh of U* M*>uo 0 To the inTftiH.&a veil a.? to thoto u k?*lUt it J oomm?cds f <r it* Qr-.v&.'.txl (taJiUM u a 1. atimn!&q( of the Bureat. &ad most l>?nr6ce:.l deaanptron. *ml many of the moat dutic(ai?b*>4 ph??ioi&ns &ra nsioiitin tour frutiM vittUt CL^RY** STOCKDAT/E, Proprietory 388 W'tiQUt Btre. l. FhtjjU?lehi*. ir U M. C. CON OVER, : m Ai"'"" s&s1 Balt,mo?kbutte? HOW y UK 8Q KT^ianr* Pltum ftVltiSowi f 275 ALLEN 275 a JACKSON, _ . ^PkJWA* AviNrif * PAtw?#c )nt)i and lltb itj% If t Flou# o And wholr>?&i?~daftIWin '? (D* Cn*h pud fr.r iJI k?ad? of Praia. aj ? k 1WRW8 FROM UOMK.-?UMrri tui txm, 11 Washington wiM Rod at our atore Duty Ptp?ri : BSa^iS&lWSfc MCTlS rrwi^rs^&nSA"W5 l* iWi hU ?( sou far tk? CbarlMton Daily Mareary. ?u? w W*5NKVISR ?M) BARGAIN! tW r iT * s>wywc,?" * k da I *M>P* r " I raUNKS. BOOTS AND SHOES. 0OOT9 AMD TO tUIT TU ?2Sr2? A RiMh in>7 IriM Ijk&n'waa Mratofor* ohargtd id una eitj for bmIi iiNnor kSm in ?lat of Boota in4 fkm* Tuatin ?r Hty bmi v-urk. wiii h*vi fend ?jooti mmtm ..???- ? 4. *.?< Itl-r 114 PwMf'.mU ?r?Mfc CMYK HUNMLKD TRAVELING TRUNKS H-ais:?-.* wImroMioxbibtta attaiiatta* tKf c rmtMt wwtr of tmvalia* NumiIm. M iaiMi pr>r?a. to to WILL, STEPHENS * OO. ira-tf ' COVTHEBN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, w Of T TB STUB, Orr?*iti Odd MImn' H*u7w+*k**rle*. D. C. Tntum will mtmai ttotr irt?rwt? t? iiwmii mr TRUNKS. VALiCKf Ac ,bAr? Mr ?? , jfcj?Ss??i th? Mvork?<-&, 1 mii conftdooUy rttun Mod utj work to b* lor in Sireitlk M K'lMlO to Tra&ka that irt ntur is oth?r etti?* *xjj tuld har*. I keop toutaaby or. and mfck t o~d?r ion ou VMkl* notiooj vtr? d?aor;?U*f of SOLE LEATHM&, IAON FJEAMM FKESCit Drifts si. I MMWBiBAPPtMS; WHIPS, tr., fr. Tnuki, m.i *cd Comrtl Is a vork Mlika mhbmt. M hort noOf? ~JTniUB?inr*ar?M ia any Hrt of tte ?ty, *?U-1* JAMEt ?. TOFBAM. |HfORTANT TO HOUMEEEEPERB. E. R. PURKLK X CQ. 8 Gurutttd not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE, but irouuc frvit &|ue?k, c.?au?4 fcj as MMiitT for the po-potj viUtoat rafrrwM to ooati^Tber are beaeufc'.!/ packed id tinfoil, (I;nec wiU paper.) to pre>v?nt injury t?y *L,d are tad weight, while the ordinary rrr??oil ?p.oes are almost lorariat/W short. We warrant M a sitfle trial will abundantly prove. M at u lac to * od on if by _ K. R. DURREK ft CO., U 1? 1 *1 Pearl at. Nt v York. I hare one of the beet establishments. and furnished with a complete net of tool* for iepa<rUK every description of fine Watches, and f|Tj particular attention fire to the earn*, by *AtH thorough competent workman .aad a. work tuarantied I Wo. every deecrip ion of *??<isrd ml, V KR WARE, pia and ornamenUu, mar ufsctu-od ar.dsr my own supervision. which my oust^mers will tad far superior in quality aud fetiish to laortAera vw? sold by dealers in general and represented a* their uwu II ! II ?I1JWIV. n. V ' II\/1 ' l W, W ? S3?* Pa.. ivnw ?wr 9th et. Francis harper, UTTW om? A family grocery and feed { tour, Crvt 9/ Am York ar?mw <uui Tmtk Reepeotfullj eoiieita the p*i'"ni|f of th??*>w mar be in va*t of an* article in Lke u>or? hue. Hi* uduvori >u*U be to pieaeortnd bj a strict attention to the rati of tiie put.iie, be hoj>e? U> merit? hftri of thftir Htroniff. i? tock eonauU of every fcruc.e craallT to be found in a Family Orooery Feat Store. w. tT-tf FREEMAN ISiPSOH't WjjYRYy The above PCREWRI8KY, Corr u Dtitillm noh MutuOkiin, bcinc sapericr a?d uniform locality, and hi*My in proved .7 ace. ia p referred &oot.eiiui<-r? to All other Wkuk.M. and partieuly recommended by the beat phyaiotajia y^d imiateaa toeeaaainc all the reeuirenncta of a TVim Tsmic In tii m At or mmd Romtdxai Armt. TheSaharlkill water oi need la .the d.s-i .at.oi. jf Lbia Whiaky, ia proved br acaJr ni to be the aonaat and pnrea. valor ia the L' mtad For M.?bT FtEKMANfc SIMMON. oe^vwssM^w^k,. Front etreet, Philadelphia. mar m-1* / ^ ?-0 ?***' ' . **? \ '[ /m DISPATCH I V? yl xIa* iafe tke_Pieces! -v^ At itaiimtz wul t?p;w. mm in wtll-rtg*!*t*d fmmiiiu. It la wr <?tmbie to have nae ek?M Mi eoaveciant war far repairing K am: tar*.To>a, Oraaaary, * . IPiLOine'S fRXfAKKD (ILI'I mMh all aaeh Mncrrencie*. at J to hoaaekoid oaa afford to b? without It. It fa alwayt ra&dj ap to the aUckiat point. There ii lo lor.*or a Ef>o?a aitr for ampin* ekaira.aphntoied ~ra. h*ad:n?a tlolla,aodDrokac oraJ.e?. Itia l??tti?ofor oom,imu, au<j other orr.*mcut&. work, ao pop a mr with ladUa or r?fta<n;iaat a?il t&ate. Tki? adr.^r*bJ? proparati jd la uaad cald. tolaf ohemioiC!? L*id ta eolation and *oaaMa:T)( a- tka valuable tcalitlae of the lx>it e*nr.?t makore' r've. 11 maybwyod ^ta tke^.acc of i-ncuajc, M VSKFCL IN XYMRT H0VS3L" O'-A"crcai aooompaiiiM each bottle WUUmU* Dara*. No. 48~Oadar ativt. New Taafc. "4~ fcSV-fc Uhov-Oim *?omyjBT-r.f aacL ptck&to. ITT- A jingle bottle of BPALDIN&'S tLBPlkED OLuB will ?* tu dM lU ooflt m auly to erwy e??h?LL^j| fcMbr Hoaupeat Btetimera. Drr.f*i?U. Bard m4 Fanutare L?ai??m. firoeara. aad BwtrlMt. It witl elaad aar cllmat* tc mm* V1 m ,fff* m? W (<i? M~i i>UuJi? ? 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