Newspaper of Evening Star, December 15, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 15, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. , WASHINGTON CITY: SATURDAY Dttfkt U, IS?. pint el the nirilaf rrm. The InttlUgtnr'T refers to the "Drtjr?onlii|{" policy proposed toy South Carolina, and quotes from several lead lug journals of tfc?t>order Statea to shorn what litUe likelihood there la that the Insatttag snd domineering eourse recommended ' by Gssrenora Gist and Pettiw will produce x "unity" among the Southern State*, and ''rally" them to the cause of 9outh Carolina * The CoHttitution tees nothing auaplc'oua In the 1 result# of the meetings of the Committee on the < CrtsU. thaa far. ? Tn Cohhittkk or Thiitt thiii ? It bslng absolutely necessary, If hope may be Indulged that tbla committee will consummate aught tend- { lag to nve the I'nion, that Its members be free to ex pre* their respective views In their dally consultations without the contingency of newspaper and home demagogue misrepresentations of tbelr positions before their eyes, we hare refrained as far as possible from commenting upon what is said to have occurred In thetr deliberations from day to day. Nevertheless, we csn assure the public that there is every reason to believe that | the large majority of them will soon take position upon a common platform, embracing a plan for the settlement of the trouble, commanding, from the moment of lta promulgation, the contldence and hearty cooperation of a vast msjority of the people In every State, except, It may be, South Carolina, where tbe bum are oeuevea 10 pmtr any possible government to that of tbe existing Government of tbe United Statea. We beer It said, and bave confidence in tbe statement, that their deliberations yesterday made it apparent that they All to harmonize npon but a single question, that of tbe protection of the right o* tbe slaveholder In United States Territories; having already arrived at what may be regarded a common anderstanding with reference to the disabilities of the South In connection with tbe non-observance and nullification of the fugitive 1 slave law; and, indeed, as regards all other questions than that of the rights of the South In the Territories. We have further to add that matters are be llcwi to be tending rap.aiy in meir wninia, ? the adoption by an overwhelming majority, of a report that will initiate prompt movements in all ' the northern States for their acceptance of the I Supreme Court s rolings concerning that vexed and veiatious question Thus do we look for its eventual peaceful settlement. Two elaborate speeches are believed to have been made la the Committee room yesterday, where they sat from noon till near 5 p. m.?by Messrs Corwln and Kellogg ?and there was, doubtless, also much conversational debate upon many of the multitude of propositions before them. If we are not greatly mistaken, the end and aim of the two speeches above referred to was }lo aiUOUM u>? minai 01 uie souinern iseniwri vi the Committee of (he idea that the greet mas* of the people of the .North will not evince frank readiness to redress the grievances of the Sooth so I soon as they can be ascertained, and substantial, stales men-like remedies, based on the true principles of the Constitution, can be arranged for Cabisst Chamois?Sacattait Cass's RksioI ratios.?As briefly announced In yesterday's Sier, Secretary Cass has certainly resigned. We beliefs his letter of virtual resignation to have embraced an elaborate argument In favor of the gOTermental policy which, it baa long been kaown, President Buchanan will in no event reeort to. That la, in favor of the initiation of a civil war by the General Government to prevent the aeceaaion of Southern State# That, he doubtleae urged the better policy of ao strengthening 4 the troop* In Charleston harbor aa would enable 4 them to realat any poaa'.ble effort on the part of the Sooth Carolina aeceaaion lata to take poaatealon of y the fortiflcatiooa there We feel sure, too, that be A made the acceptance of that policy by the Preal Ident the ultimatum npon which he would remain la tha Government. Of course It was not sc. ctpUd hence hla resignation. Wa farther feel confidant that oa Monday next Attorney General Black will be nominated to the Senate for the Secretaryship of State, Hi his stead; aad regard It aa being highly probable tbat Mr. Edwla M Stanton, formerly of Ohio, well known of late years from his connection with the law business of the Government, in California particularly, will be tendered the Attorney General hlp la Judge Black's stead. It ia very certain that no two better appointment# c?uld be made? ao two more likely to command public confldence everywhere, or to accord to the President more substantial aaaistance la this hour of the country's * Tu ImiUTi SscassiaaisT*' At>saasv?In another colamn the reader will And a brief ad a f ana to Uwlr constituents from thirty-two Senators aad Representatives, who, with bat two exceptions, isprtoent la Congress what are termed the 'Cotton States " It ts apparently designed to Strengthen the project of Immediate and separate Stat* secession, and la of Importance Insomuch ss 1 It shows the actual strength of the party In Conp great la far or of such action on the part of Slates of the Coafederacy. The distant public may set it down as a Ixed fact that though half a dozen more Senators and Representatives are prepared to lead their countenance to the scheme whenever they may fancy that so doing will strengthen them at home, these thirty-two only are as yet fairly float upon the unknown sea of secession In pref.J 1 ere nee to guarantees In the Unloa. Thooghtfal men here attribute the publication 4 m una uuiiicno 10 im purpow or counteracting i la tbe ration States, if possible, the otherwise certain eflbct of the disposition the North Is now hewing to give the Sooth frankly snd promptly 'he constitutional guarantees for the future tbe latter asks. Or, la other words, to the belief thai that this now so evident disposition upon tbe pari af the North may strengthen the hands of thos? ' f . at the South who prefer the centi nuance of tbe J Union with those guarantees obtained, to the un certain fnture with the contingency of civil war ? which must he the result of placing the govern Meat aad future of the South In such hands ai those of Mssws. Wlgfali, Iversoa, Ksitt and theii co-la borers il. ; Not ao Past?Washington correspondents oi fha New York papers are again telegraphing that Maryiaad aad Virginia are surely going to leavi [ | { the Union with the States that propose to pursut the policy of Immediate and separate seceaaion Tba fact that not n Maryland or Vlry iaia Sen lor or Representative ||(U the manifesto, elsewhere published la the Star to-day, prom tb< L 1 n?er antratk of each prognoetlcatlona. The people ef Virginia and Maryland stand at tble moMeat tea to oae against the project of Investing Msears WlgffcJl, lverson,"*eitt k Co. with the dictatorship of the South. They sre oppoeed, aa overwhelmingly, to the project of reopening the African slave trado; and to making their own territory the laid -pon which a bloody civil war hall he fought oat, to the end of indulging the desire of the filibusters of the extreme South to try the experiment of destroying all the llb?rtie? f I I hliaiiinlh??iVI>oUI. J ? ? ^ \ -?i?_ ?- J \ - " ?7??/wjvj under the Government uf the United State?, that there may be a sew cot, shuffle, and deal of property, honor*, institution*. he. The people of Virginia and Maryland very saturally prefer that aa South Carolina inslata upon precipitating the country upon war and ruin, Qmaeat of war ahall be her territory and not theln; and, SanMy. they Intnitely prefer securing the right* of the South In the taioa, to placing thoee righto la the hands of any oligarchic reroI t lotion lata, whoever they may be. MiLiTAni ConaciTATiona ? For some dayrpaat the Secretary ef War, Governor Floyd, and the *| Coounander-ln-Chlef of the Amy have been la ietaM consultation at the quarter* or tbe Utter, ia this city, to wbicb Geaeral Scott Is understood u s coaftae himaelf for tbe time belag oa account ol Indisposition. TL~* tber sp*nt together tbe bust* aeas portion* of yesterday and tbe day before, wi bear. Tbe Washington public take It for granted that tba military aspect of tba seccsstoa queatloc is at the bottom of their coarctations. fT7*Tbo Baltimore paper* are bragging that _ a Baltlmorean bat been cbmea aa Aldtrataa o| ?h?u??? Secession No. IX. lexedies FOB ExiSTINo K vil? Pbopoiid bt soctm CaBOLIJIA? Theik a bsc b dl tt ? tii Avowbd Not thb Tecs Motive? or j tee aniciii Sun Teadb the Leadino Ob- i jbct?Its Effects on the Boedee Slate t State#?Thbt aee to be Use? to Effect i ' Peaceful Secession" and the* "Oobbcbd" 1 into TbEMS ok left as a BaEEIEE AOAINIT Abolituiiise. i To tkt Ptoplt of tkt South. Let as briefly consider the reoedlea which , loath Carolina propose* for the wreogs of which i be South complains. They complain that Northern men Intend to 1 delude slaveholders from tbe territories, which ire tbe common property of all tbe States, and, as i remedy for this prospective grievance, South Carolina proposes to gtre up tkt ttrritorits alto They complain that some of tbe Northern State* bave violated the Constitution by passing acta to impede the execution of tbe fugitive alave law, and as a remedy for thla violation on their part, !*outh Carolina proposes to abolish th* Constitution altogether ! They complain that the Constitution and laws of the United States are not sufficient to prevent tbe abduction of slaves or aecure tbe rendition of fugitives, and South Carolina'a remedy la to relieve Northern**gro-stealers from those restraints and ft re up all elaim to the rendition of fugitives Thev comnlain of the "nndereroond railroad" - * - - n - - - by which slaves are transported to Canada, and, aa a remedy, South Carolina proposes to sart tkt tost and trouble of tramporiation by virtually bringing Canada down to the Ohio river and tkt btrders of tkt slavtkolding State* Thefltateplain that there la a party in the Northern SlM which la seeking the overthrow of southern Institutions, snd South Carolina's remedy la to drivt all otktr northern men into that parly ! They complain of the sympathy expreased by a few madmen In the North for John Brown, and South Carolina's remedy Is to remove tvery barritr to tkt organization of powerful filibustering expeditions against slavery o? tkt very borders of tkt slavtkolding Statts f? ??? " a' r>aiA? fhn MmaHtf iho nfO* poses would aggravate tbe injury beyond calculation, though ia these particular! it would fall lightly upon her. Ensconced as ahe is upon the seacoast, surrounded by a double and triple clrcumv&llation of slareholding States, she does not lose one slave by abolition thieves where Marylsnd, Virginia. Kentucky and Missouri lose hundreds. If her remedies were adopted they would expose those States to a constant border war and the lost of ten slaves where they now lose one; while tbe statesmen of South Carolina might still sleep quietly In their beds, undisturbed by tbe increased perils and losses brought on other parties by their mad ambition. It i> inconceivable that the evils of which tbe Soath justly complains, inasmuch as they affect South Carolina very little if at all, constitute the real motive with her leading men for plunging into a revolution, the only effect of which, if peaceful and successful, would unquestionably be greatly to increase tbe losses and dangers of other States without the least benefit to their own State. There must be some other motive not openly avowed, which stimulate* them to take thii desperate plunge. What that motive la, I think 1 understand. Already the men who expect to lead In the Southern Confederacy have declared themselves In favor of reopening the African slave trade. They have no hope of the accomplishment of that object ao long aatheir respective State* constitute a portion ofthe preaent Confederacy. But should a new confederacy composed of tbe cotton States be established, undoubtedly one of their first acta would be to legalize the African slave trade, lta Immediate effect would be to depreciate the value of slaves more than fifty per cent, throughout all tbe slaveholdlng State*; for while tbe coat of a good hand from Virginia in the cotton State* ia not less than St,000, able hands brought direct from Africa under an unrestricted slave trade, can soon be purchased for f200 . And if the Southern Confederacy should then conquer Mexico and annex Cuba, what a magnificent empire it will become ' But in the meantime, what is to become of the border slaveholdlng States ? They have no desire to open the African slave trade, and no Interest ?s*KlrK ran Ka snV.sorm><\ kw It /In t! ? oAntrsrr such meuure would at one blow annihilate more than one-half the value of tbeir alave property, while tbe breaking up of the Union would expose the residue to Increased perils I venture to predict that Vlrglna and tbe other border slave States will never be allowed to join tbe Cotton Confederacy, should It be established, unleas it be with tba clear understanding that tbey will assent to tba reopening of the African slave trade Tbey are sow to be used for the purpose of effecting the " ptattfvl stce* tion" of the cotton States, and to ward off from them the perils of disunion , but when that object (ball have been effected, they will be required to ubmit to the terms of the auceders, and In any event remain a barrier between them and the abolitionism of ths North, relieved from the restraints of our present Constitution and laws. In another nnmber we will consider the Possibility of a practical remedy for the real evils endured by tb? Sooth. Amos Kehdall. C*rcrs o* SortHE*;* Mimbiis or Conoizss. At the request of Hon. Reuben Davis, of Miaa., member of the Committee of States, the Southern members of Congresa aaaembled at hla rooma on Thursday night, and adjourned at eleven o'clock, at which the following declaration waa made and signed by those present It bad already beeu presented to tho Committee of Thirty-three: Thi Socthkin MAKiriSTO. Washisgtoh, Dec. 13, 1880. To our Co?stitut*ti:?The argument la exhausted. All hope of relief In tha Union, through the agency of committees, Congressional legislation, or Constitutional amendments, is extinguished, and we trust that tho South will not be deceived by appearances or the pretense of new guarantees, i The republicans are resolute in the purpose U> . grant nothing that will or ought to satisfy the South. In our judgment tho honor, safety, and independence of tbe southern people sre to be i found ouly In a Southern Confederacy?tbe lnev uic I<rai> VI iv^wsie WK NCnilOD . TDK IDC , sole and primary aim of each alavebolding State ought to be lta apeedy and abeclute aeparation from an unnatural and noetlle Union. Signed by J. L. Pugh, David Clopton, Sydenham Moor#, J L. Curry, and J. A SUllworth, ol ' Alauama; Alfred Iveraon, J. W. H. Underwood : L J GarVell, and Jaa Jaokaon, (Senator Toomtx i la not here, but would algn,) John. J. J one# and Martin J. Crawford, of Oeorela; Geo. S. Hawklna, of Florida. It ia underetoodMr. Yulee will algn 4* T r U I A -I??? - n ? * 1*. 4 v uiuuuiau, vi ai? il?oa OUU1 OCI13VUn will alao sign !t. A. O Brown, Win. Barkadale, O. R. Singleton, and Ren ben Davit, of Mississippi; Burton Craige and Thoa. Ruffln. of Nortk Carolina: J. P. Benjamin and John M. Land rum of Louisiana. Mr . Slldell will also sign It Sen atora Wig fall and Hemphill, of Texas, will alas . alga It. Mr. Davis made the following statement to Um caucus: Being a member of the Committee of Thirty, three, I state that the above witnessed despatch i was communicated to tbeCoaamlttee this evening and a resolution passed proposing no specific re lief, eight .Northern HUtes dlasenttng, avowedl) Intended to counteract the effect of the above dee patch, and, as 1 believe, to mislead the people ol i the Sonth From information derived from ReKiblican members of tbe Committee and othei orthera representatives, 1 fuiiy concur in th? ; above despatch Racai* Davis The manifesto will be Immediately communicated to the several constituencies of the gentle men named by telegraph. (E7~The Fredericksburg (Va ) News haa a pel vale letter stating that there is no foundation foi the rumor that tbe Kplscopal clergy in South Car olina have omitted tbe prsyer In the liturgy foi the President of tbe United States. On the con trary they pray for him ' most heartily." C^Gev. Hleka telegraphed to the Union meet i lng at. Philadelphia that there was no truth la ttu i report that be Intended to convene the Legislator* 1 of Maryland, i ????????? r A Good Sio ?Among thecheertnu Indication) la these time* of politic*! excitement and gloon It Um circumstance thnta biriMMlrm ofthlseltj 1 received u order fr m a houa? la the little towr t of 1'ainiyra. N. C., for tk'M hundred Ualot , cck?d??, with directions to bare them nad< ii mm m possible The order was transferred U Mr. Moco. and In a few hours they wer< mad. aud forwarded by express Tbl*Utile lacl dmt shows that there are men In the old Nortt f Sntetrueto the Constitution and the Ualoa ? Amwu** ^" ' * "? \ t ' < Te the PNflc ( tk? taiu4 States. A Rkcommehdatios. NnmerouiUppeala have been made to me by I >ioua and patriotic aseociationa and citizena, in rlew of the present distracted and dangeroua con- j lition ef our country, to recommend that a day be t et apart for Humiliation, Fasting, and Prayer j throughout the Union. , la compliance with their request and ay own tens* of duty. 1 designate Friday, tkt fourth dm* , ?//s??arar, iftfl, for thla purpose, and recoaratead J that the people assemble on that day. according I to tbstr several forma of worship, to keep it sa a 1 The Union of the States Is at the present m*trHh sUrmintr tnit inunoHiit* danger; panic and distress of a fearful character prevail throughout the land; our laboring population are without employment, and consequently deprived of the mean* of earning their bread Indeed, hope teem* to have deserted the mlnda of men. All clataea are in a atate of confuaion and dismay, and the wisest coo rile la of oar best and purest men are wholly disregarded. In thii the hour ox oar calamity and peril, to whom shall we resort for relief bat to the God of oar fathers? Ills omnipotent arm only can ssve us from tbs awful eflkcts of oar own crimes snd follies?oar own Ingratitude and guilt towards our Heavenly Father Let us, then, with deep contrition and penitent sorrow, unite In bumbling ourselves before the Most High, In confessing our Individual and national sins, and In acknowledging the justice of our punishment Let as Implore Him to remove tre\m am* h*?srta that falM nrM? nf nniniAa wkirh would impel u? to persevere In wrong fortbesske of consistency, rather than yield a jnst submission to the unforeseen exigencies by which we are now surrounded. Let us with deep reverence beseech Him to restore the friendship and good will which prevailed in former dsvs among the people of the several States; and, above all, to save us from tke horrors of civil war and "blood-guiltiness " Let oar fervent prayers aacendjo Hia Throne that he would not desert us in this hour of extreme peril, but remember ua aa be did our fatbera in the darkest daya of the Revolution, and preserve our * > .11 a t? _ i A* a m At x _ lonMiiuuon ana our inion, me wort 01 vneir hands, for ages yet to come. An Omnipotent Providence may overrule existing evila for permanent good. He can make the wrath of man to praise Him, and the remaind>r of wrath be can restrain. Let m? Invoke every individual, In whatever sphere of life he may be placed, to feel a personal responsibility to God and hia country for keeping this day holy, and for contributing all in his power to remove our actual and impending calamities James Buchahax. Washington, Dec. 14,1360. Thx w sat nix.?The following report of the weather for the moi nlng is made from the Amer ican Consolidated Telegraph Line to the {Smithsonian institution. The lime of observation it about 7 o'clock. Dbckmbkx 15. IBM Burlington, Vt.... cloudy, 4? belowMro. New * or*, N. Y cloudy, cold. Philadelphia, Pa cloudy, cool. Washington. D. C mowing, wind NE Richmond, Va. mowing hard, cold. Petersburg. Va mowing very hard, 29? Raleigh, N. C mowing, 35J. Wilmington, N.C cloudy, damp. Augosta. Ga. ...cloudy, cool. Savannan, Ga cloudy, damp, 40*. Macon. Ga. cloudy, cool. Columbus, Ga ...cloudy. Montgomery, Ala. cloudy, damp. Jackson, An cloudy Mobile, Ala clear. 43*. New Orleans, La clear, 5<?. VKOM TUl win. Pittsburg. Pa cloudy, 81?. Cleveland, O clear. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (cor- j rected tor temperature,) 30,50f>; at noon, 30,418 Thermometer at 7 a. m., 16*; at noon, 19^. Maximum during 24 hours, ending ? a m. today, 27'; minimum 13#*. Correction.?Maximum yesterday 48?; minimum 17 XT*S?THE REV. G. VV. COOPER, of B?!tt 19 more, vi'J pr?a?h at the MoKendree M?iho'ut E. ?:hurcii TO MORROW (Sunday) MORNING at 11 o'clock. It rr^NKW york avenue presbyte1LS R1AN CHURCH.?Rev Dr Sjaiwo. of New York, will preach in Ihia church H>-MORROW MORNING, at 11 o'clock, on the Valne of HIP v?u?ppi w our AinuricM I munition*. It* fV^g^THE SECOND SKRMON TO YOUNG IIJ5 tuen, on the "Prodifsl Son," in E s reet Baptist Church, TO-MORROW EVENING, at7 o'clock, Strangers weloo-ne in any part of the house. It* (V^p-ATTENTION, INFANTRY '-All active LKJ3 and int*re?t?d member* of Company C aie rf quested to beprompt in their attendance on next MONDAY NIGH r, Decmber 17,at 8 o'olock. By order of the Captain. de 15 2t y-g-PUBLIC WORSHIP AT THE CAPI 'L_3 TOL.?By Divine permismoa the Rev. T. HTBtocktom will preach in the Representatives' Hsl! OB SaBBATH MORNING, at It o'olock. Huhjeet oontinned?The Lordship of Christ. Union Himn Hooka used. ' * rr-P^THK PUBLIC ARK INVJTED TO ATt ? tend the special Prayer Meeting of the Young Men's Christian Association on MONDAY, iiacimbtr 17th, oommeucing at h% f pa*t Dins o'o'ook a. m.. and at teven o'clock p. to The special ob jeet of this meeting is to invoke Divine bessing on our oouatrjr in its present condition. Let every one attend. By order of the Association. de 15 at ryyOUR COMMUNITY HAS PARTIALLY 1*!* vindicated its character for spaoial chaity to jthe orphan by the 1 no.reeted .attendance at Odi rtnows nan uurinf tmt *ni. But in view of lh? inolemeney of the first week, ion the quantity of cooda atiil on h*tid, the !adi?a will o^ntinne the fair on MONDAY and TUESDAY EVhNINQ*. Let all atten-l, irreap-otiva ot creed or opinion for the app< al la made to the holiast inatinou of natare. We may forfend threatecicg calamities by tncritiag a pron^nt bloaelnn dels rv-g? TNION." J3 LADIKH' FK8T1VAL. The ladiea of the Metbodiat Protectant Churoh, Ninth a:reat, intend bavin* aFe?tival for thebenafitofthe aaritoHace oaneoted with th? churoh. to cumni'noa on MONDAY fcVKNi>6 next, the 17th inat.. id Thox.n'b Hall, Seventh atre?t, bat twaan D and ? eta. Come all and entourage tha ladiea, aa they are detariuined the aupper prepared ?iy tlio?" aMll *uit IM appetite of all. AJao, re fraahiMota and aieful article# of All daacripti< na for a?le for Chrijtmaa titnaa. at low pricea to aait the timoa. da 15-4t rTS-POURTH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, L 9 Ninth ?treet, will be reopened for pnbiio worehipTO MORROW (8*bbatn,>?(.d ttaete will be three aervicaa?11? m.,3^ and p.m. R?t. John Ciambbbb. of Philadelphia, will preach in the morning and evening, aaa.ated by Rev. Wm. McLain, D. D . R. R. Gvrlby.THOmI* H. Stock ton, U. D , Chaplain to Houaa of Repreaentativaa, and the paator of the oharoh. In the afternoon <3V Rev Dr. Samson, Preaident of Columbian Collate, will praaoh, aaautad by Rev. Dr. Spbib*. of New York, Rev Mkor Noil*, Dra. Bcndbhland and Oublbt. Rav. V. D. Collin*. aad the paator of tha ohurch. If j COLLECTOR'S OFFICE. CITY HALL, ij- ? Wa8hi2iotun, Deoember 6, 1860. T A X R f* riN PlfaanNtl bdadi'dtv SLAVfcS, Ao.?Notioe it hereby given that tlie tax bills lor Hou?ehold Furniture,Stocks. 81aves, Ac., for th? year 1? >. and previous years, are now made out and ready lor delivery, and are payable at this i offiee, Tho?e whodo not cali and settle their bills i within twenty days from this data will be oalled on , by one of my assistants, and if the bills are not paid within sixty days from this date I shall procead to enforoe the aolleetion in the manner rejnired by ' law. ja8. fThALIDAY, i delS-aot Collector. 1 rv^^TO THE VOTERS OP WASHINGTON. < L3 The Assessors of aaah Ward will meet at thefbllowiof plao*s from 9a. m. to 3 p. m . from ' the uth to the 36th of Deoember inolusive, to oorreet aad to register the names of those omitted from I the poll list: First Ward?John A. Rheem, 1T3 Pa. avenue, between 17th and Uth sts. seoond ward?George Thoinas Stewart, corner 1 Twelfth and H sts. ? Third Ward?Henry Curtis, oorner Eighth aad ! kFourth Ward?Thomas W. Bnreh. Fifth ?t.. be1 tVf/tJ?Ward^-GeorgeT. Barret, oorner of south A and ad etreets east. Sixth Ward?L- A. Tuell, 640 Eighth it. east, at 1 the residence of John C. Robey. Sevonth Ward?Peter Hepburn, No. S3 south P , street, between 8th and 9th streets south. ?lell t36th PHILADELPHIA CONFECTIONERY. !L_5 loe Cream. Water Ioee, Wedding Cakes, t Pound Cakes, Miooe Piee,Pastry, Crusts f <r Ovster i>: ? w_i* - - eora^r Twelfth ?d y ?tt. nosM lm? QUI. No. ? .. ._ ... ? ?<>?* .tYl??. r a. ath gmm ?ui IMJQ ?u , r ? ?T-?m Wimwioi, tioM oa???r tl?Mir oUwr Imww In tlw dty <15 8* RMttKttra l at., b*t*?6D New York ? . ?n11 ?t. N. B.?CIDER TINEOAR. dU 3t INTERLACED INITIALS FOR STAMPING r de lyjfr, aa>p>.?T. J?w.'wh?S5Tii?S"i<. ' ?E.KNtje A box ofP*p4r?Ml K n velopea, tUmprd in ool?fl dc 1? 2t?o Card Engravora. . / Perataal. j~ Col. LaiAir, of Paclfle wa^ou road re10wd, li la Iowa. Hod. W. Appleton, of Maaa , member eloet 4 n place of Hob. Burllogama; Hon W Amorv, nember alect from Mawichu?ett?; Hob 8. B. af'N. Y ; and H Myeia, U. 8. N-, ar? , Oa Saturday after aeon. November 84tb. l?t. George Crolv, the wall-Mown writer and ( >resooer, wii waning ia one ?i me itmu 01 | London, sat tar from his own residence, wk*n bo , vu observed to stagger for a few momtali ud hea fell, after wklct ie Immediately explrtd A < itroke of apoplexy bad thus suddenly caused his leoth Naval.?Advices from tbs African squadron report the Constitution, San Jacinto, Mystic, Compter and Portsmouth, the whole feet. In feet, cruising between the Congo River and Ambrlz Its concentration .In that latitude arose from Its proximity to the four or Ave bsrracooas on the station. A large force of Portuguese men-of-war was assembled near Ambrlz, In consequence of ?ome boundary difficulty sxlatlng between Ambriz and Portugal. Considerable fighting bid been going on on ?bore. Matters at the Norfolk Nary Yard were seldom duller than tbey are at present. Handa are being discharged weekly, and the large number of persona who depend exclusively for work on Unci* 9am experience great difficulty In supporting th*ma*lvea Tb? Pensnr.ola fitMm rnrv?tti>l ia nearly ready to be aent to Washington for her machinery She la the only new ateamer that haa not been tn commtaaton. The Germantowa. late of the China fleet, and the Merrimae ateamer, recently flag ahlp of the Paciflc aqnadron, are "lying tip." The Brooklyn probably awalta fundi to pay off her crew previously to being refltted The invalid fleet of line-of-battle ahipa look aa formidable and are aa worthieaa aa oanal. The U. S. atoreship Relief, Capt. D M. Dove, arrived atNewVorkon Wedneaday. from Loaado, coaat of Africa, after a paaaave of 57 day*. She brlnga, aa paaaenger*. Lieut. H A. Crabb, Aaaiatant Surgeon A M Beddera, and 15 invalid aea m . a f-i a a u i -1 a i men irom iue nirtcin cquaarun . sof aiao Dringi, a* passengers, tbe crew of the brig Bonlta, Capt. Raymond (supposed.) which vessel was captured October 10, of Congo River, with 713 alavea on board, and Capt. I*atbam, of the bark Cora, previously arrived at New York The U. ? frigate Congress, from Goldsboro, and the U. 8. steamer Seminole, from Pernambuco, were at Montevideo, October 26. All well. Paymaster John S. Cunningham, baa been ordered to the aloop-of-war Macedonian. Mn. Liscoi.h's Cabixkt ?The following paragraph appeared at tbe bead of the Sprlngletd Journal, Mr Lincoln's organ. It ta known to hiiv? rl 1 r#rt from thu PrMldcnt "We bear auch frequent allusions toa supposed Eurpose on the part of Mr Lincoln to call Into ia Cabinet two or three southern gentlemen from the parties opposed to him politically, that we are prompted to ask a few question* : Is it known that any such gentleman of character would accept a place In the Cabinet* "Second If yea, on what terms does he surrender to Mr. Lincoln, or Mr. Lincoln to him, on the political differences between them, or do they enter upon the Administration In open opposition to each other?" IETA meeting in the 8partansburg district, South Carolina, a few daya previous to the election. adopted the following resolution: " Ktsolced, That according to our opinion South Carolina la now actlug rather hastily; that the Convention waa called prematurely; that the meeting of the Convention should not have taken place until the middle of January or the first of February, so that the courae the other Southern States will puraue might be known." Bvai5K*s Susrxnaioxa at New OtLiim.?A N*? Orleans (llinatrh to tb* rhirlMtun P.nurl** dated 11th Inst., say ST "There have been about thirty suspensions here in the past few weeks. They were not failures, however, as they are all solvent and are able to meet their indebtedness. The suspensions were principally cotton factors. lH7*The Chsrleston (8 C.) Merrury says: The Bank of Charleston, yesterday, resumed specie payment. We have no doubt that all at our Banks are fully prepared to do the same, the moment It Is deemed advisable for the interests of Charleston. CHINA ORNAMENTS. Dressing Cases, Portfolios. Hair Nets, Perfumery, 4c., oheap for cash at LAMMONl>'8, Seventh st de 15 SI* i BARGAINS.?Knss Kringle has ordered me to olose out Toys Slid China Ornaments at prioee cheaper than the cheapest, for uaah onJv. de U-St? LAMMOoU, Seventh St. VISITING CARDS > FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Examine our samples. DEMTSEY k O'TOOLE. d? 15 2.eo CwJ Bwrtwhu INITIAL STAMPING IN COLORS, Upon Note 1'aper and Knvelnpea. Beautifully executed at da 13 2too DEMPSKY k. O'TOOLK'S. I\] EW ILLUSTRATED BOOKS Fo* ini Seabak o? 1M1, Moral Emblems; The Promise of Jeana; Tennvaon'a May Queen; Wit and Humor of the Porta; Tne Poetry ol Nature; The Poeia* Gallery; The Byron GaJIsry oj Beantie*; Shakapeare; s'hakapeare'a Tempest; Twa Hainlet; Lanxnable A^venturea, the Foreign T >ur of Meaara. Brown, Jonea and Kobinaon; Art Album, the Art Album for 1* The a ho re are a lew of the new Booka kulL?l> ' for preaenta during the coming holiday?, BLANCHARD* MOHUN, de IS Corner of Eleventh at and Pa a . THIS WEEK'S WEEKLY (DOLLAR) STAR IS NOW ON OUR COUNTER. IT 19 THE MOST INTERESTING NUMBER EVER PUBLISHED! IT CONTAINS AMOS KENDALL'S TWO LAST POWERFUL ANTI-SECESSION LETTERS! ALSO, A COMPLETE DAGUERREOTYPE OF ALL THAT HASTRANSPIRED HERE IN THE COURSE OF THE WEEK ! ALSO, THE FINEST VARIETY OF GENERAL NEWS, LITERARY, AGRICULTURE. HORTICULTURE axd HOUSEHOLD READING AND RECIPES FOR THE WORKSHOPS EVER PKINTKD IN A SINGLE NUMBER OF A DOLLAR NEWSPAPER ! IT IS THE MOST INTERESTING PAPER THAT MONEY WILL BUY! SUBSCRIBE FOR IT WITHOUT DELAY TO BE MAILED TO YOUY FRIENDS AT A DISTANCE ! de 14-91 1'HB CHEAPEST WINTER CLOTHING ! The Best Winter Clothing CAN ONLY BE POUND AT WIE8ENFRLD & OO.'S ODEON HALL CLOTHDTG BOOMS. I Splaadid OVERCOATS for ft Few Dollar*! 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"ZtSiasmtmAVtab km at raa? and Gooda aoU at tka lovwt mark* trio^im oaah A enpwtor cloak of CLOTHING Bovoikui iim4*> whiok * wiih tojrop li ajlofnieBt dir log this paoio, we wtil offer axtra indueementa U ? Lkttkk rtom Ei^or. Wm.-Ei^?mHr I Jrary A Win that drfM the moaning of the ! _ ?hr*ee " fi?htlag In the I'oion." to a uentlemaa / ?f Columboa, Ua., who wrote hlnoa the subject. \ Kollutor, near Norfolk,Va., Ike 1, 1W). Dtmr Str: Yoen of the Ud alt w.e late comiof to bud I now tfcaak reu for It Ai to my doealoe of'-fighting la tbe Union,' it 1* oaa of Woe f Tit a eoTcrr lga State la jm If* of tha u/rutiM I ? u wall aa of the mod* mm4 vutmi of redreaa. aba d nay remain ia tha Ualea to raaaator reads! wooge I a wall aa to do ao out of the Union. S. If other State* have Infracted tha Ualoa, not V the. tb# State wna^ed la teud to deiaad the j uonauiouoa im i moo action iqu? wno un Infracted the one and threatened the other l.ogl- t eally tbe Union belong* to tboea who tart kept, not tboae who bare broken, Its covenant* 3. Tbe Union la not an abstraction It is a real, substantial thing, embracing many essential and < vital political rights and properties ft baa mm- | timuuttf, '.and), tremtmrf, orgamitmttnrn a/ mrmf, wit-jr. sktpt, dok frit, mritmmll, ft , ft., ft. because wrong-doera attempt to deprive ut of other righto* Is it sot cowardly to reaoaoro oao right to ore uother' Are those rights not as , precious as tho more right of property In negroes* But, 4. If you secede, yon not only renouoce tho Union and lta professions, but you f 11 to unite , your people, becanae you do not renounce these v rights Wake a man upto destroy theUntoo and i Constitution snd ho will stare at von aad turn i away. But tell him that the Coastltutloa Is Is- j fracted and the Union threatened hy black republicans. and call him to aid you la defending ooth . aiealatat tVi r>* ostKa ?a?Anlil an/1 k>a will act heartily with too 5. Then how la thla to be done? Tbe third clauae of tbe teatb aertion of tbe fiat article of I the Conatitutlon of tbe United State* permita a State to keep troopa and ah I pa of war in tine of peace, and to engage in war wben actually Invaded. or wben in auch Imminent danger aa will not admit of delay. Now, are we not actual.v I Invaded? la our danger aot imminent ? Does it admit nf driftv 7 Mav not i ftf?t?r?fmi fttit# bh decide' 6. And what It the difference * Wlllltaolb* revolution and war in either event? I ?ay. then, stick to all your rights, renoaaee none, fl,jbt for all and save ail! Yours truly, Ac , Hixit A Wise. THE CRISIS. Special and Extraordinary. a. o.~evans, ORIGINATOR OF THE GIFT BOOK SALES, tt Mb Branch Store, 476 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, WiniisoTos, D. C., WlAtMTW ilAtnrmitiA.1 in aohih!Arthnn g\f tka nrAAAftt Politic*! and Financial Crisis, to reduoe liia extensive and oomplsU stock of STANDARD AND MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS. Bv tkt Fourth of March m*it, Ofler gra&ter inducements to purchasers that ever bef i4 presented to a realms oommnnity. tie deaic&n giving away, without partiality or re serve, the following list of /*At T\ i v n tiTr if I'n it* a uuuu ai^u oiij?r.n ? Aivacs and other VALUABLE JEWELRY, in addition to the regalar distribution, upon the purchase of Books: Scmoclb or Extra Gifts: 10 GOLD WATCHES,Gents Hunting Case, 10 GOLD WATCHES, Ladies Hunting Case, lft Gents Hunting Case SILVER WATCHES, 85 SILVER WaTCHKS, Lepine MoTemsLts, 85 Gents GOLD VEST and FOB CHAINS. 35 Ladies and Miaeee GUARD ud NECK CHAINS, lft SILK DRESS PATTERNS. 3 Sets SILVER PLATED WARE. The aboee Schedule is in addition to oar recaiar arranged plaaof Distribution, and,as usual, with erery Book eold, will be preeenUd A GIFT ral ..-J (i *_ aias uvu ruuiw couii iu f iw, To aatiafy the increduloua, wo ahall keepaliat of thoae who reeeire the above Extra Qiflt, tod, with permiaaion, pubhah their namea and reutlenoe in the daily papera in order of f reaentatioa. Oar CHRISTMAS STOCK embraoea ONE THOUSAND DIFFERENT WORKS, tuitable to avary taate? Old and Younr. Orare and Giy. O. G. EVA**, de 14 476 Pennaylvania Avenue. Ta card. HE Subscriber would roler the many tnqnirera for lua daiioioua VIRGIN lloNKY, made ia hia See faiaoea a truly &ne article, to U?or<eand fhoma < Par er A Co., No. 334 Pa. nr., ainc A I-"*rcne'i. "orner vrrmoni a?. a.n?i i ax., un u. J. .eal~, 1 6) La. av., between 6lk ami 7th eta. GEO. CALVERT. fETThi? / ;ney hw no equal in par* and delictum fiavi j. Supply yourselves at ouos. de 14-1 w* ^ARD EXTRAORDINARY. t.V Ot tORTUNITY TO DO CHARITY AND SAVE MOSEY.' T1 Piano which 1 have loaned for the Coecert for t .o benefit of the Protectant Oipbmwy^a \h: a s. this evening. at u>e Sntithso-fVV*^W man. ia on.?of the Messrs. Cbiokeunc Boca best inatrnments. If it is said witkin eix dare 1 will p'eeent te th< Aijtum the entire net profit which amy be realised from the We A ci*"oait for cash. JOHN P. ELLIP, de 14 306 Pa. av., b*t 9th aad inth eta. JJO! FOR THE HOLIDAYS! 8EVENTH STREET FOREVER! FUN FOR THE CHILDREN ' PassiNT* Suitable roa All Agb?! CHRISTIAN RUPPERT, ATe. 833 Stunt k n., bt tie ten D and f. We have enlarcad, lrapfbved. reraodeloJ. and rerouted oar establishment, so that it now is. in fact, the iarfeet and best regulated Toy, Fancy and v ?i ioij civi w tu ?n? vi . tv ikn privuuii wrv MU attention we have carefully selected our (r?Ustock for the Holilay and Winter Trale, and eroniuo to Mil CHEAP. We beg every lady to call and see for themeeiTM, m it ia impossible to taiiMrato all of our gooda. 8u rice it to say, oura embraces evary kind to be fourd in a well conducted Toy, Fancy, China, Woolen, and gen?ral variety aad assortment Store executed to order by MRS. RUPPERT. ?xs ??Ttnin it, stmu u., mvMU it. do 14 ?W A GREAT ATTRACTION! GRAND RUSH FOR SEVENTH STREET! All Stop at S M I *r H ' s, No. 460 SEVENTH STREET. "? tkou and do libewitt " (Saoh was thsl&nguags nsod bv a gsntlomia who had roooirod wm< of oar treat bargains ) I hare just rotarnod from tho North with a vary tare* stock of CL ?TH1NG, FURNISHING GOODhTH ATS and CAPS, bouht for oaah at two third* thoir not ooct^nd whioh l|will Mil at a s?aU ad ratios. Von can bay a <ood Or*r*oat from #3 to f 7, a vorr fins on* from #10 to *15. Capo Omwal from #> to #15, Boy's Overouac and Ca*s Coal from #S 50 to #5 Aim, SHIRTS, UNDER GARMENTS, UM. BRKLLAS. SCARFS SHAWLS, COLLARS, TIES, GLOVES, and all kinds of (i?u> Wearing Asoarel. st astonishingly low prioos. 1CT A word to thoso that waat to parohaM: Having boacht thsso good* at Tory ow pnsos. I aai eunnuerii iu?i juu o*n M?e Z3 per 0#BI. DUyiBf N. tP*8ERV ANTS' CLOTHING iitbumUm. Don't forget to oa.ll At the Penp Clethin* Store, No. 460 Seveath atreet, before purohaung e!se*h?r?. ud iKiif; you'HirN that we are oferiag bargain*. J. H SMITH. Clothier. de 14-1 it No. 4 SO Seventh at., opp. Poet OflSoe. 250 BARRELS SUPERFINE and EXTRA FLOl H cbotoe braodi. auitable fur bakera, at wholesale prices. R. M JOHNSON A CO., isiooNwiri 10 no*. swrioar.j de 13 St* N inth at., Mr tiia Caul, > DAY Daxt.the Wth mat., and wiahaa ail paraoai uaing liis Madiciaaaor laboring under Lunf Dia iiwu to oall upon him on that daj. Dr. Sobonok baa a anit of mona at tha A vacua Home. sAM'L ' D. WAlTE, Dru((iat, >a hia a?ant, aoraar Savant* at. and La. avenue. da U-4t /CEPHALIC PILLS. (tpaMinc'a,) V/ Sohenok'a Pulmonic ttyrap and Baa Waad ' ^r80^ w.u ??k ft. ?... da 18 9w llSPa. avenue. ? I IOHT! LIGHTS Ll L I O B T!!! OIVM US BVT LJOHT! Lioht rom thi Kiituj Poarioa or rn Citt ! jssxgSn&x lmproraoienU Ail thoM wlio vm! alie tit to gaa, ud at a inuak lau ooat, arc in vitiw U> viat (allot. Ooa't torg?t tha ptaa*,No 4t?? Pa. araaa* Mr Third itrMC dalfr? QEO RAVAGE. CGAUTIEB'S n BHCH RE ST A V*ANT. , DINNER ANA SUPPER PART 1M. - ^ ln ?o!icitinx; your ^itroaa^e. AUCTION SALES. I JN Tl KSDAV NEXT. Dec 111, nnwmn, at ha f rut b o'eloafc p?*oi?oly. AUCTION?AUC ri ON?AUCTION. CLOttXG OUT BAA.* .SlSj o? umVi will bt poaithratf nM vttfcoat aay ra +tt*. m ?h? own#r Milt l?av? U* eit* la a tew Tk? artio m ramaiBiM oonaict of? li?h r C*??W lowwooTPar ?r ?mu. IoMWoi4 H?r?MI Ud CtNWW, )a**.?caot R<>??woo4 Caaai Pi*a<> Fort*, and I ax rain t'arprta and Wumw ht*o*? i tiw eb^Mo Of Paiiitiaca, by Maa oa4, i tmmmm. eswis Mititda, with Carvai Hti< nd oot V<?ni*. rbrM e>:ec?nt Ru??woo<1 Mi(i? R?IN, extra ft M l?ri? China V ?*m and FigarM. "??h rfciaa Pioaof and T?a R*u. Ml**r ?.at-4 Catfor*. Kor?r? and !*?ood?, wotj rtuaiM uiiMfy, ?.. tim hhw true m UX' ngn*rou> to mmim, whioh will b? diifOMd of it tkon. HI* to Uk? ?Iim u bofor*. M Woodvtrd'i Mt itore, UrM d? or? wm*t ?.f oor imUn mum, J. C Motil'IRk* CO.AMU " N B?Two T?ry fine Top Mium ki ^rittu * * t?-d Br C. MOWL IKK * UO , AiellOMMI. K7URNITUKC AND EFFECT* OF A FAM" ilt Hotmitri!i?.-Oi WED *F8.?AY MORNING. IMh. M to? .'clock, *t tbo rwiiNM M? 4??Uai*i tMMkwflBf OB e?TNU?aU it'Wt, btWHI | ir*i I ?t?., we > mTTaII kla Farnitar* tad Ef r<cU, oow?ri?>nr? 4?it of Potior Furr.itar*. eoMMbai of Mk t Arm and Chairs. tew ('VM. Gu FilKrM, Bmitwrti b?r??> t. MubiUW*!. B?:r Mi Hurt WrtiM. Uoi?Uk? it* rt.iow. I 'Mi* ?r.d Wood M?t Chairs. |lock*r?. Wardrobe, W???r Plntrt, L*o*m? fc.X tension InmrcTaM*, J?i?J*tK>*r<, *twaa. ?)aa?a'd5i:r?r p at*d \V?r?, w i?ww npm. j*mm r iiiun. Motm, Kit -km ( toaiuli, Ao. '111 mi: f?i and nadir oaak ; owr tkat m a rcdit of thirty ud ?ix'y daya. lor mtialaoi. n.y and- raao notm, bmrlav interm. da U d J.C MaUI IRFA CO.. Aitta. FUTURE DAYB By J C. MoO'JIRK A CO.. Aaattgawr*. NOTICE ?OmBAT Salb or Srrmoi Liovoat AMD WlMM it CAT?io.,r*.-On MOJUMY, DfMmtat ink, at 10 o'oloek a. m., wa akaii Mil. by Mtaiofia, atth* Hot*! ol J. Caayaru, Kt^., mat tk*Cartel, Ml kt? atock ofW ibm and LiMort. oompriaiBf A ekoioa ma art a?eni < f u eT*>?t Wiaaaiad Liaaora. tka Moat ofit of kiaown irportAUoa; aoaaofukubMi ib c? tar for tflMB ymra. OtBiaf aa wili ba iMaod tad yartteulan ib a fa"CAT*. ??cc?E 4 co??..? By A. 6KEEN. Aiat>OMar. HP RUSTEE'S BALE OP HOUSEHOLD AND 1 Kitciu Ft bnitcab at Acctioii.?By virtaa of a d latrfun for koaaa rent, and two daada of traat to tka aabaeriber. ??no btanai data oa dim tMBtk kU* of Norembor. 1MB. aad nn? otker laariB( dAUtk* iratday ojSaptertiMr, JIM, IM *Bly reooraet nun 01 in? .ana -winii ui ? uaiBfH>B county, in tb? blitrict of Colubit, I aba. mkI, at PaUio Auotioa, on TL" K8DAV, UrMtkof Mom>bar, at '0 o'clock a. m.. ail tfca He?bald a*d Kitoken Farnitarc in tkc four story briok ho??? aitcaUd oa north L ktrtct, front)ne on Macaaeka aatta areaa*. next to t?>a Mratr of 10th *tra?t vm. The following ooatpriatcg a pvt oi the Effeel* to be old. Tit ? Oi* nanleoroa W?lnl Parlor Bait*, eostnuu of 1 mil i*.>fae, S Castor* and 4 Sid* Chtlri.Vn r*4 with &ilk baraaak Ma'bla-top Roe* wood Center Tabic, Ottoman* Whatnot, aad Mahogany Table*, Koar U-ooataile aud Iam Cartaia*. witn Carat**, Wainat ttuukotM, Writing Dank, aad Oak Dining C?.a:r?. Wa'uot Extension Tal laa. ud Shade*, Oo Bodaad, WuhtUad. ud Ur?aMa| Baraaaa. Co'.tajteSata, oonaiatitg of Pad at aad a, Borate*, vvaahrtanJr, Table*. and Chair*, Damask L.ounge*and Kaay Chair*, Uatoa Ch*<ra, KWricarator, ftroana Car.dieetioka, Hair Mattraaea*, Pe&tber Pi iow? nod Fin? Linen Hheeta, Caaaa,and Damaik Napkin*, Damaak Tab.* Clotba. Cotton & beats aad Oases. L'O Spread*, Coaaforte, U nnketa, aod otbar |MCotton'+op aa1 Huak Mattraaaa*. Velvet, Brueaala. Infiaia. and other Ca-pets. Diair m. hi*, ut cioini, Ki|i, aaa L?oor *1 aia CkiuVun, Canaleattcts, and otfcar MaaUl Orurngti. Om Fin Gold bud Fraack China Dinar Bm, Ivory kMMitJiirn, PlttW Porta ?ad bf*u*?, ifltlMr Table CaUarr. On* P 4-m Castor, Coffer ami Tea 9*1, Oaiaa ?*aa.ard Croakert War*, A ;arfa tot of Kitobao Ke< aieitaa. Aud many otbar artiolM, too aaaaeroai to aaaKara t?. Tcrma: 4II an me of and aedar %2b oaah.orar 25 a eradit or *> aad A? iaja. far auroral eaaoraad cotra, t? anacintorrat from day of aaie. WM E.V'OODWARDTTrBaua daH d A. GRKE*. A act By \Y AI L. 6 BARNARD. Aaotioaaara. FOSlTtTK SALE OF f'HINA. CLT11 .Kit V, PLATED AND OTH ER CoaTtT Wall. PaiUMans Himjm Statc Tta, ?c.. at Avitioh.?On TL KSUa Y MORNING, the Ittk laitan , a. Ml o'oiook, aad eoabaaiac ?aob worm11 at li) o'eiook, au?l aram? a at 7 o'elk, till all la diap'-aeo of. are will eel I, at tic Store of Clia#. IS. Urrrn, 874 Ka. av. bat a ana lUb aad 1 <tb a r?K-ta, next door to U? Ki'kwuod boa-a, bta oomp lainr * large ana v?ri?a MtortMxPtri oh, Ht.Ni* ?-.hin?, tad ol>-mr Dinner, Braakfaat. and T?a of the lataat itrlM, "5 Bokaalan, Fraa?h, atli American GlM*??r?, Pintitnl ?'tM. Oraaaaatad Paaaii JfeTli, riottoM, S?Tre? Cop > ar<i <;ard Frail fttaad*. ki01^!?* ' Table and Wir-e Caatora. Plated Spoona and Porks and Cattery. And a large auortmem of other Silver \v are, *^l#fcESE5r3?^3Sj?*""? Thu ui? wi'l be f?>ao<l worthy the lyiui attention ofhoaeekeejere and tfua# wiahinc to nnktM houd&y prMMiU, u ikt guota are of ta? aneat aad lutMf ikiorUiiunf. Terme: 94" ouk;ov?r that aicoont. a credit of 10 ?ai SO daya, for approred aa<on?d oHi.wafinc intor^bi. d%? 13 wall A BARNARD. AmU. Br BARNARD A BL'ckky. Aaotioiaara, > U(?r|i(*va, D. C. C ALE OP THE BEST Oil) RYE WHISKY O ia Til DiaT?!CT.?Ob WEDNESDAY, U? ait Uaaawbr, at U o'oloafc m., wa will ofirlt >iUi? aa>a,at the warahoaae oi J.A. Mifraia, No. 61 Watar at., baorget >wa? 0" hbla of ?nr? onppar died lad Rye Wkiakr. Thia \V htaky kai bera ia the poeaeaeioa of the praa at owner for ft re yaara and ia warrantee para. Tke attention of hota. keeper* abd all pereeua nnt.n(trira Whiaky, ia leepeetfally oaUed to Ail iwaaaf|mta4 nnder eaeh, over that e? a cracit nftOdapa. for notea aatiafaetori./ aa<araai de lt d BARNARD A HUCREY. Aaata. By WALL A BARNARD, Aaottonowv. f OLRTSALE ?04LKor a CosrimnT Bvil?Jr. 'stfsr&*AW& KstsTctzssi E&wSyay ,u %?ssf?iA & ?ud Duuiot. 10 Cktawn utucc 1 *fc? 1 Mblic Mct,,Q, to th?JkifhMt bUQcr. oa TH I rI&.?CK?4t 'ire Pqaar* numbered ftfty-OM,(6t,)?f tko pna of tko oitr o( W utiitoB, oow?mim, (w tfcoaoid port, at th? southwoot oorwr of M Lot ud nuiM Swm north viUftiliM ofTvwtr bin inZ w#?i ioarvwn (14,i mi u?bn on* nuMjr?a ladtv-Mfty two(m>(mltv*-tadTW>?(i iasfcm to Um raw of atid Lot; Umm ?otU iomrtmm (U)C?*t; aaa tlMDoa VMion* handrwl Md tvaotT two TSntrt tvo-MM-t hair (3X> HUM to tfco I 'H/ssfthr iTSr: Ob? hi f oa?k^ the r??id?? i? tiy t^^roiorrS* ib^T U? w?ol? d* naaw*w*d? NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICES . in m nil i ia i??m . FORM ION TTlSSS^T^cdJsrA^D PREHu rao?iT*d, p#r Uut ti?y of Li?wn tad Wim. im?1m by Mr VbotMki* d??j v* ' Waahinntoc. A.?o. l^OObozM of Pi Whin, of dir?imt kindi, cook M cunol b* bought for u?k than ft) ?or cent, in Mr ator?. Oiv? nM m. e4ll bj>4 try my coud*. No. 114 tthMdKkata., W 4a *ol ' INTERIOR ADORNMENTS. ! VAPER HANOIN?6. tii gmdM Mi ?*mm . W&rraatod Gold Band Wiudcw h2h Baf, ttr*an, and ttlae MoUMd 8Cdee, ail J ?itm, mvOrtlo or4?r ^ ^ r.r.&?r'i&sr el.rJyio A., voik MIMIMMpnMM trimlp al m?o Who har? Mrrtd a muk i??niti ??hi? t t??*f Lrs4?. !gpgjs At Pa. at. N?w F?L*swK/^m. CLM* Wlltlftiiir.^f * ?Ksva >r ." V, ; FMiL^2^-"gc '1 mtun M^tJwT&STmJBr * .

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