Newspaper of Evening Star, December 15, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 15, 1860 Page 3
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m LOTKL NEWS. U^Tm 8tae publlabea the List of Letter* remaining tn the Wnnhlngtoo City Peat OSm under the prerUtone of the law directing them to ho printed In the oownpaper ha ring the largeat elreolatioa within the delivery of tho oAca. Its M4 dally elreolatioa la more thaa deuhla that of nay ether Dolly printed la tho Dlatrlet et Columbia. _ E^T Though Tai 8raa In printed en tho MhI ateom pre* In one nouth of Baltimore, lh odllea It eo bug* ne to require It to he pot to preen at no early hoar; Advertisements, therefore, nhoald he rot In before IS o'clock m ; etherwlae they may aot appear on til the next day. J ?lUdftnlodallVlnMlUo * * ^ livl iv? *vn vi wiu via AUfvniKiuruM to be laaerwd in the Baltimokb SMm tn received at and-forwarded from T>? Ira Oflce. * AuMts Foaotar Cm ?Ob the 13th la eta at, tbe pay tetter at the Bank of the Metropoha received a aote purporting to come from a buaiaea? firm down town, requesting to know if the name of T. WcLain ?? good in that bank for three or five hundred dollar*. Anawer waa returned that the bank never anawered auch question*, but that when chorka were received there they were either n?li at r?iwtj>d It f?ll out that on the came dar Jiff. T. McLain, who keeps an account with the Bauk of the Metropolis, came In and drew the sum of ?173 on bis own check. lie was Informed by the teller of the receipt of the note abovementioned. and, suspecting something wroo/, barged tbe teller to pay no checks hearing bis name unless presented by himself. The teller promised, and Mr. McLain went out. He bad been gone bat a few minutes when a colored boy entered the bank and pr??<*nted at tbe counter a check tot fttfo, bearing the signature of T. McLain. Tbe teller, Instead of paying, kept the check, and told the negro to go back and tell the man wbo sent it to come ana receive the money blms*-!f The negro departed, and officer Henry Ward was sent for. and arrived in time to witness the arrival of the boy with tbe following note : [Copy.] WiuuM' Hotsl. Bank of Metropolis will please send (be amount of check by the boy 1 am very moch engaged at present It ia aU right. K?sp'j, , Dec 13th, 1960. T. McLlaIW. The teller took a copy of tbe note, and banded the original back to tbe bov, with directions to uire A to the man who lent It Tbe bov went back to the hotel, followed by officer Ward, who aaw him band it to a man, whom he Instantly arrested, and conveyed across the svenue to tbe office of Justice Hasard. In going across tbe street be contrived to tear up the note which had been tbe eanse of b!s arrest, and threw It away. Tbe pieces, however, were diacovered, and picked up and preserved He gave his nsme as Dr J. W. Dowcinx, of Georgia. The officer and tbe bank teller* were exnmfned. and tbe prisoner waa required to give bill in 6I,0U0. He sent for Hon. A. C. Brown and Hon Mr Barkadale, of Mississippi. Mr Brown stated that the man's father w*s well known to him, he having been a citizen of Miisissiupi formerly, and that he was a man of excellent character. About tbe aon (the prisoner) Lj did not know. Would go his bail in a moment, but believed tbe Union would be dissolved In 3D davs, snd he, aa a Mltsisslpptan, be - ? ?* - J 1 A A A t ?I A. a ioreikjner ue uiu d?i ueaire u> cnnir?ci >nv obligations which, by any possibility, be might leave behind blm la retiring from the Mat of the preheat Federal Government. Dr. l)owcing was committed to jail. That night Mr* Richardson, who keeps a boarding house near the National Hotel, and with whom the prisoner baa been boarding, came to Justice Hazard ia company with counsel (Col M. Thompson) and dealred to go his ball, saving she was willing to swear that she was worth Sl,(JUU above her lust debts The magistrate Laving an opinion of his own about the matter, refused to permit the lady toawear.and Dr Dowel ng remained In jail Yesterday, at the solicitation of Col Thompson, n i ? 1 si Wrnnoh I intn t Km Criminal (All rt and a motion made to admit htm to ball, Mrs Richardeoa being azain offered. The Court refi'?ed to accept the offer ot bail under the cireum tucd, and Dr. Dowclng went back to jail, where be remains to await further actio*, either by his friends or hjr the authorities 9muii Coc*t?Yesterday, A. W. Arrlngtoe. Esq , of Illinois, Wm. Otto, Esq , of Indiaun, ??? Mlf<? ft?Ph. Ran . of New York. were ad. mitted attorneys and counsellor* of this Court. No 277. Henry Addlaon, Mayor of Georgetown plaintiff in error, agt. the United States at the re iati~n of Richard R.Crawford In error to th< circuit court of the Unite** State* for the District of Columbia On motion of Mr. Carliale, of counsel for the defendant in error, this writ of erroi was docketed and dismissed, with costs. No *27s John Doe Houghton ei al , plaintiff, in srror, agt. Lucy R Jones In error to the cir cult court of the United State* for the northen district of California. On motion of Mr. Benja uiin. of counsel for the defendant in error, tbit writ of error was docketed and dismissed, will No 8 Original docket ex parte. In the matte of Allen T. Gooch et al., coMiplainaats, sgt. W ? ? - * 0 - _ _ _ J H Browne n ?. I ur pruuuu lUf lumuaiuu w<i> argued by Mr Ph'llipa in aupport thereof. Mo ? SalathielT Payue,plaiutifflnerror,agt Charlea E Butler, truate*, Ac lu error to th clrc*!teourt of the L" n: led States for the the easte* i district of Pennsylvania. No ~ ioun Ualbraith, plaintiff in error, agt I Peter Flah?-r. In error to the aupreme court c Pennsylvania. Theae ca iaea having been cnlla and neltb?*r party appearing to argue the aam? tUeaa writa of error were alainiaacd, with coati under the 19th rale. No. 1(>7 Benjamin Ruffuer, eta), appellant &*t Nathaniel B Hogg The motion of .Mi Hunter (of counsel for the appelieea) to dlamii ibis cause was argued Of nr. mini pa la oppos tlon thereto No M Robert D Sllliman complainant, ag thf Hudson River Bridge Company at Albany l and No 97. Frederick W Coleman, complains! agt. tbe Uudaon River Bridge Company at A banj. Tbe argument of tbeae causes was coi eluded by Mr Reverdy Johnson for tbe coa pla.naut Adjinmed until Monday. Cestui Maiiit?Tbe market wis largely a tended tbia morning by dealers from distant se< tloaa of Maryland and Virginia, aa well as froi ttie near counties, and tbe licensed dealers wei all at tbeir standi. Tbe occupants of tbe interi< stands were toUrably comfortable, but tbe connti people,who stood at their wagons around tbe ma net apace, wire In a pitiable coudltion. Tt now oex&n falling rapidly at an early hour, an oon UKi r opponuaiij WI utiy.apu^ Mini pivvi loo* to advantage vanished, their poultry an vegetables were soon covered with saow, an themselves stood shivering and slapping the hand* In the endeavor to keep warns. Poulti waa plentiful, and sold at very moderate price Country pork was also ssUisg at 00 50aS7 per II lbs. Hay was plentiful, at prices ranging trot 65 to M cts , according to the site of the load an tbo quality of the article The prices general were about as quoted in the Star of Thursday. Ax Oviariow ?This morning, at the openii of tht Jewelry and watch establishment ef tl Messrs. Unit, the whole place was found to 1 del aged with water.and tb? water still ckoppli frsvm tk^s miIUiic in tHa rear of iktilare 111 *?nil width, aid near oh Uaif the length The dai ige moil bt coHld?ral>l? Tk?nuM of throve ft u?v was that for some purpose the water had bei hut off from the black ta which this and otfa extensive establishments are located. Thaocc pants of the upper rooms, lading the water ?h of left the tplggots turned open, sad daring t night the water was let on; and thoa the ape floor* being flooded, the water altered throai the celling Into the store. A New wiiitili ?About the newest wrlnl we have seen la the way of carinas photograpfa Invention, Is that just pat Into ooerstloa at ti Whitehorst gallery la tals cltjr. Bv this proc* a style of 11 femes* variously designated as " Ca Pirturse," " Alb iui Pieturaa," and "Vlsltl . ? _ _ ? a a neiam. ' ire pvauoea u* iri^unu, bob men produced from the nejfstivr at the mast Vifll uptw PbotourspUic album* made op of tb< picture* are coming luto fashion, aad bid fair entirely d splace the presentcharacterieasalbuo Tb?r art also oaed aa visiting cards ? not a tg idea, eli' lu aa ingenious proceaa, anyhow. Ill'ms Thbbs is sriinth.-But as tben considerable Ulk of a dissolution of the Union becomes us to inquire Into tbo boat means of p ervinv oar strength, shook! that unfortuustecv [take place TUe fallow! eg proposition is p rated to the oouii?nUM of all Gwvernm oliclals and eitlxeos wbt (eel their strength clialng:?(Jo to It .C. Major. 444 Seventh str< apposite Post O Aire, and purchases bottle o/elt Hooflsnd s, Borrhsw's, Msfltt's, Hibbsrd's, I ker's, Ossgt-uated, M Hos tetter's Bitters, for core of drspepsts, Indigestion, sad Impart general strength to the syalaaa. J **** is asorasm coldmm the advertisement the cau.-rrt and exhlblttoa to ba gtvca by Ssbhath >ch*ai of St Paul s Latharaa Charafe their church, uader the management at Mr. Ji H Setttert, assisted by the Par (alio children I the Ansphiaa Quartette C ub Airst-rste en bunt will preatde at tW piano L>h>?i??id ?Vfatarday, 1>. R. WkMler, * wu urntrd a few da*? aye upe? a charge of tl a?d MJalatt counterfeit coin, ud committed jail for further hearing, was brought oat for t before Jaetlee Dwa, aad ha waa dtamlaaed. ofleacea charged were not committed la the 1 trlct of Columbia, and tha drcouMtencaa or ft caaa do aot juatiffthe commitment of Mr Whe r for uart mT?mt&,'Xo!#?V??walfc atreet. lUofVrej WrgalM CiiMirn ClAKOl ?Btfttrt Justin Tkompivn. Mr Win. Duels swore out a warrant amine! bnn'l Krllf, charring him with feloniously entering his shop ana taking therefrom a lacge quantity of galvanized water pipe (I,feet), a quantity of gaa pipe, an& gaa kxtures of considerable value. Mr. J one* appeared for the prosecution, and Mr. Webb foe defendant It aiiiai that Da Tie and Kelly had carried on business together, under the nam of War Davla A Co , as wss shown by the sign of the Iran bee ring that nsaoe, and also by iroo pistes such aa are uaed by plumbers In laying down water pipes, with the name of the Arm cast thereon. The defense sot on was that no felony i n ? I an 1 I - ' - * ?? - - , n n_ a? mv _n w?. tvuiiui?KUi ( *irw ?i iae pirirunoip. A Bii Kelly, finding Darts not disposed to make 4 fair settlement, bad entered tbe shop and removed tbe things alleged to have been stolen, In order to ecure blmaelf from loea. The question of pert nershlp was srgued with ability on both sides, and several witnesses were sworn to prove there * a partnership between the two. After an Investigation lasting about tbree hours the case was clo?d the magistrate reserving his decision. Tbs Taxidkbhist's Room.?Since the return of Mr. C. Drexier, tbe skilful taxidermist at tbe Smithsonian, from a recent expedition, he baa been busily engaged in tbe preparation of fine specimens designed for tbe museum, some of which are now nMrlv rndv to h? nlarpd In the caaea Among the tineat or those completed are a beautiful reindeer from the Lake Superior re8ion. Thia apeclmen baa been placod in tta poaion in the eaae on the north aide of the west wing of the muaeum. nmr the main entry, and attracta much attention The apeclmen la one of unuaual aixe, and it la only to be regretted that it wa? taken when the horna had been abed A very large full grown aeal and two voting onea are now nearly r?idy for the caaes Thrae are eateemed aa being tine apeclmena. and were obtained from Nova Scotia. In addition to these, a number of amaller anlmala and beautiful rare blrdt are in preparation. Cbimihal Court 'Yesterday, the Jury In tbe caae of Henry Wilson alias T M Marsh, charged with stealing two boraea and a buggy from Tbos Williams, returned a verdict of acquittal. James Doyce was tried for stealing tbrae prayer books from St Matthew'scburcb. Ine jury found him guilty, and be was sent to jail for six montba. George Kawlinga was tried for stealing horse shoes from John DuvaU, and acquitted. Michael Leu had y was tried in connection with Rawllngs for tbe same offence, and found guilty. He waa aent to jail for ten month*. To-day the Court sentenced Charles Bond, (free negro) to pay a line of si" and costs, for an assault on another free negro, namrd Jennlfe . The Court then took up the case of tbe United States r j Francis Miller, (sailor,) for an assault and battery with Intent to kill policeman NVm. F. Thomas, of Georgetown. This case was pending when our report closed Ladies, tbe best place to get your Christmas nresents Is at Mrs H ! Kt^hiami'a N?? ! > l'? avenue, who baa just returned from the North with a complete assortment of Fancy Goods, all of which she lias selected herself especially for the approaching holidays Her stock of real Lace Collars, Seta. Handkerchiefs, Veils, embroidered and plain Linen Sets, French worked Svts and Collars, Head Dress-*, net SUeves, Fana, Fort mouales, Linen Collars and Handkerchiefs, and a large itock of Fancy Article*, (any of which will make a very handsome present,) will be sold very cheap. We advise you to go at once to No. 12 Pa avenue, and get your presents before they are picked over. f CxntraL Gca.rdhoc?r CasJustiei Thompson ? Daniel Kurtz and Ueorge Shadd \.era arrested and brought in charged with stealing loaves of bread from bakers in the Center Market. They were committed for a further examination. Geo Hughes was arrested on suspicion of having stolen a large grey shawl, a pair of red flannel drawers, and a flue cotton shirt, which articles were found upon his person The shirt aud drawers were wet, as if recently taken from a wash tub or clothes line. The shawl is ver> large, measuring 3 If yards in length, and IK yards in width. Tbe prisoner was committed for a further examination, and tbe articles left at the guard bouse for Identification by the owners Thiatbk.?Manager Glenn, deferring to tb? wishes of many to have an opportunity of witnessing the of " Fashions and Follies of Washington Life'?which has received such approbation?has determined to present It once more aud for the last time to the public, to-night. The entertainment will conclude witb John Brougham's great burlesque of " Pocahontas " On Mond-iy, tbe celebrated American tragedy ( ef " Jack C*ae" will be produced, in which Mr. t E Eddy will appear On Tuesday " Richelieu'1 will be presented. f UI IB> >?i a III iiiuuy pa|wr> in mr i country, to wit. Th? Weekly Star, full as usual of Metropolitan newa and gossip, r.nd choice llteri ary reading, la now on our countar ready for de livery to the public, it la juat the paper above i all others for cltizena and strangers sojourning in i the National Metropolis to read on Sunday or to send to their fri?nds at a distance. Price only r tbrff centa per copy, or SI per annum; pontage . prepaid by stamp* when so arranged. s "Tom The Interest In the performances of this extraordinary colored boy Increases nightly, e Among the spectators we notice scientific men n and leading musicians, who have been present each night trying to study the characteristics of this singular development of musical genius and 'f musical execution in a quarter ao unlikely We i Lave not space to-day to more than call attention I a. ?U. U la ...? nUWllt. " HI IBC KK.1 tu?? a VUI ! yc? ^IIUIIHIIW HIMIUJ. ?, and should by all means be beard. ? 0*pha*^' Co?*t -To-day, the petition ol DeKrafft for the Court to appoint guardians foi the children of the late Mrs Samnel Chase Butncy. and to prohibit Samuel Chase Barney, busbind of the above. from administering upon th? 1 property. was pending. Mr Magruder, for the > respondent, was making his closing argument ir toe case at 1 o'clock p. m it THX GEOROITOWM COMTB9TKD KLICTIOX Ctll ?- in cue branch at leaat. was yesterday determined '* In the Supreme Court, adveraedlv, aa it appear* to the appeal of Mr. Addiaon. He holds his tea at preaent under an election by the Council* mad< f under the preaamptiooxf a tie vote between him ?* self an<i Mr. Crawford. 11 . r? Election or Orricm ?At the annual com >r munleatlon of St. John's Lodge No II, F. A. M 7 held laat night, the following otficert were electee for the ensuing year: C F. Stauaburv, W. M.j J ? R. Ashbv, ? W.j C B Baker, J VV.; W. M d Smith, Sec ; C. Cam mack, sr., Treaa ; and T * Cwaaer.T id d D?b:c*tio!? or thb Fourth Pkkbytkbiai lr Chubcm ?To-morrow (Sabbath) morning th 'Y Fourth Presbyterian Church, Ninth street, will b< reopened for public worship, on which occasioi the Rev. Dr. Chambers, of Philadelphia, wll ? occupy the pulpit in the morning sad at night. ly Rosiest ok Capitol Hjll ?Some scamp o scamps entered the yard of Mr. George Oyster * ?-? I * ? tA.l ritll 1 A uuixer mercoani, dipnoi mu, im nigui, mi< 'K swept tb? clotbra-llnes of every article upon tb?m ** Ge?rK? sayt they did not even leave htm a cleai ahirt to so to cburcb with W>-aiorrow ! >R re Scoot* Death?On Wednesday night, Mn n- Hamilton, in auierir wiaow nay, raiding o sr- Capitol Hill, north of 9? Peter's church, retire sn to her room In ueunl health, and waa found dea< ?r In bed the next morning ?- ~ nt Good Niwi.? We understand that arrangt be menu are being made by which the workme er who ware discharged from the Capitol extenaio jh a week ago can rnume their work during th coming week, and continue without luterruptloi tie Pvblishbd In pamphlet form, at Shllllngton tie Bookstore, the Rev. Henry 1 Van Dyke'* Kre; he sermon.preachedlaUieFirttPreabyterlaaCburcl m, Brooklyn, on the Character and Influence* < rd Abolitionism. Read and circulate. ng re- whitkiicbst, 434 Pa. avenue, is furnlshln ag Albnm cards In beautiful style, with full lengl rae likeness. His prices are reduced to suit tli to 50 per cent. See photographs < as Prince of Wales and suite. It* iad Tub attention of residents of the Northern Li! erttes la called to the Peopled market house, < la Ninth st , between M and N, where all kinds , It Meats, Poultry, Vegetables, Jcc , can be bad re- the lowaat market prices. Call! f ent re- Dbaj>?Mr Charles L Coltman, a well-know ant citizen, and proprietor of the Metropolitan Flou de- Mills, died at ten o'clock this morning, aft a lIsiwrlBff illna?*a ga. Spicial Notice ? ttpaldlng'a Cephalic Pll the trxe sovereign remedy for headarhe, are told by inj, C. Major, apothecary, opposite Puat Office. * it ? Pinna. o* Pe-sona dexirmK penmea will tlwaya had the tlj, or oxoh*o(e at tbe Star Oltce oaunlor. t ?hn DIED, in on !"nuiriia?. voceniDer i*n. at i? o'oiock a. i Ur Mr. CHARLES L. COL.TM AN, in th? faOth 74 . to ?f . .. ^ ' k. His fnaod. aod Win atanoM ara ro?p?otfu invited to attend hi* Tunaral, from kia tat* rm at No. 4'JO M St., b?tw?en lata ai,d Uth ?i n Monday aaxt, at? p r?. rbo ?n th? 14th instant, JANE ELIZA MAI SH VNK, danjhter of the tate Miohaai rial *l*kafHand?of tt?? fawily ara in viiad to atiaad I north, bttVMi ?ih auu ^ ^ 0* HW.NnJiTC St KTSE. City, D. C., Peeeiber 1ft, 1*0. (Ordered to be inserted in U? Kfniin twit ft* MWi|>fW toTtng the larfeet ctroalatior of any daily paper published i? Washington.] JOT All persons applying for letters in the followlac list, will pleaee ear they are iDruTiio. LADIES' LIST. lirtk,Mr* }m?C firi,Mii>Jl?wii P*rk?r,Mw? Utlu Brawn, Mn Htr'i Parley, Bfau Pnriil, h?(fM E BriVa, Mra fttb'u Faitj, Mr, Ra?n? u,Wi.H?p'i? Beard, Mia* Hatua Orata, Mia* Inmi Rm, Mma<rit It'aJlMl GMdi. Mri J1) W IU>. Miai Jalu Burnt, Mr* Jalia Milliard. Mr* Kili Scott, Mi** U?nni* Bark*. Mi** Mary Htnrr MiwEIlMO Smith, Mr* Jut L Briff*,Mt*EiniltP (Am* Yonnf) Shrphtrd.MiaaMary Bow#*, Mi** Back? Hiliurd, Mr* Hall S?*th*H, Mr* W O B*I?mi, Mi** a'4a Joe**, Mr* CLar'a Budftrtf. Mr* Mary Bail*?, Mi** Iwiaa Jon**, Mr* E P. Thorp, Mr* Jul Bn*co, Mr* Clur'i Lao*, Mi**R*b*eca Thai?pi*p, Mr* A a** C*o *df*, Sophia M?*r, Mr* F S Tkmu, Mn Jan* (col a) Moras, Mm Vir'ia Timl*U,Mi** El*nor Cl*a>*a'.,Mi**Bar'a McDonald,Mr*A*B Wriffct, Mr. W S CoUm*, Mi** Eat* McInto*h,Mr*Loa'a Wil*oo, Mi*a Ncltia Crirhn,Mr*MarjE McCoy, Elitabath Wat*ra, Mi** Rabac Carroll, Mia* Norri*. Mi** Litti* W?lk*r, Mr* C C Carroll, Mr* M*m?f7i*Mr*F*itl Waahburne, Mi** Dimitr7,Mi**Ma'*F Oli?*r, Mr* Sotan Oetanna Emuiick MriEU aJ Paarc* Mr* Aaa J WtUea. Mi** R?a? nwiktut bernftfia i tom a LA Em HI EiilO uiat. Arty, WfK OailHrd, Rit W H Norria, J Appletoo, Win Gilm.n, W Nichale, G?e W AdiM, W H OloTtr, Towneend Kmi, E B Archer, TM Godwin * C? O'Rur, W A Aikineaa, T 8 Garnett, M?J R 9 O'Coaotr, D Aluuiir, L O Oifti;, M O'Rourke, Chae?3 AfmaMT, Prof L Uu**t, J no?J Plant, H L Arley, Jaa M Oordon.Jaa Pilled, Wm Arnold, ) N?3 Oupver, ) D Pomroy, T M Aoeltld, iP G>Uin{s, Jeddy Pimeruj, Uen S C Anfier, QM Gallium., Jiiiki Pickeu, Jae C Adamaon * Dnrtll Goodrich, P C Patton, Joo Aaltinan, C ^ Gut, E N?i Porter, Ju? Anjell.C P Gilford, B Phillip*, J W Anaell, Aaron?> Graham, O G?4 Pickeu, i F Bradley, W H Hutching*. W E Palmer, Jo* W Boiler, Wm Hunij, ffu Pa*cha),G*oW Branaon, Wu Harnaoo, Wm H Phelpa, E L Baach, Hemmck, W H Parker, E A Baird, LH Hunoii.K Prentice, C S Brown, Richard Ha*. Thoe W Hare. CO Brown, R*> M Hataard, R R Ptrtoai, Ckii Bulk, Pat H Hun, R Rodmau, T J-? Bonhuj, Rot* H Haetlnrt, Riebd Robin too, Then H Bacon, M I HeM, P??l Rof era, L ? Bnkoubnae, L Heudrieke, Lewie Roy, J P Beck,JaeP?* Hanchet, Luther Raynor, ) T Boa will, Jaa Hard, J no Raymond, J W Banrhair, Jne M Hartley, J W Roberta, J?o Brady, laaac Hewell, Joo Robert, H M?S Bailey, Jno A Harria, J no Rumley, G Billuifa, Jooiah? 3 Heimerdmrcy, P Ruffles, J H Bliah,Heary Hecke idoui, U M 8te?ene, W R Brown, Ota W Hufreue, P B Shank, W P Invts I. (I Hurh#a Htnl S.ifltnr.Mi W R Bjjdta, CD Hurhee, Danl W Slocumb, W H Bradley, Cyra* Howell, DidI Stewart, W E BarnUain, 0 P Hardiur. iir C H Sieaeeue, W K Ball, B B Hoatreee, Cbae Staff, Ph Bradford, A Hancock, A M Snajr.Thoe Clark, W B Karroo, Ch*a Scheuck, R C?2 Clark, Rev W F Irioiog, Thoe Hcioim, J W Cor?ill,VW Irveo, J W Swglecon. Meaere Creifhtoa, T H Wee, A B?3 Sbauke, J no P C-I Craig, Lt P C Jad j, N B Siititk, J W Chibleck, Jackeoa,Mr Steten?, JW Callyhan, M Jewell, L R Snyder, Juo dancer, Mick Julias, Ueo W Btncklaud, J II Clark, M M Johueon, B Sitxu, J R / V.I U V I J... I I.. U,4. I vauipucil, tf| w #viuih| al*l ojiiiuuui, j Croat, J A Keeaban, Win Snyder, H W Collins, M J Hel*ey, W H SlIIivj,,, (tea W Collma, J H?J Kiuilirrtu, M Hmjtr, f H Cortan, Jo* Kojel, Jno Htewart, TA CUndg;, Jo* Kerrigan, Ja? Tobiaa, hiln Cannon, Jain** Kmp.UeoR Tow ell, R Conovtr iuo Kearu, Dr Geo Trenurc, Ju Cac*y,Jaa Kibby, I) B Talburt, Uso N Clymir, Jo* LouidlBtoi I'tlitr, Uia Craven*, Ja? A Lee, Win Veroua,Joai Connelly, Jo* T Legrett, Wm Varney, Juo C?l?ert, Jno Larnter!. T A Victor, U B?i Cockrell, Jno H Lo*r;,Uen8B We*t,WH Conway, E I Lomat. 8 L Webb, W H Crm.ER Law, Jno Wirt, W W Collin*. Danl Lackey, J** O Wtimore.TC l>OWg?ll, %MWrn bffVB, J no a TH nee??, oirun Cf*ry, A C Liehmatm, A Wheeic*, O K Duvall, Z Minni, W H Waypeek, M-dsiue Diioo, Wm Mullen, Wrn Welzelm, M ich Dorse 7, W H Meter, W Wethersd,Mr Do?e, W?F Moses, Sun! D W?rd, Mtt Dtttttfan, Dr T M Moore, Richd H Wilie, JnoA Part, P C Morchaud, 0 Way, Ira DouehooA Eckea Moor, L T Wejrick, Jot Dovuinf, C M Miller, Jacob Westcott, J Dyer, Caf i A B Milatead. J W Wilson, J L Eubank, W 0 MurpkvjJio Wlurton, Jn K j Ed wards, Thon?-3 Miles, Harry Wetrel, Jno Eliot, Pane M Mott,C B Wallace, J \V Elhcott, Jaa P Morehea4, A H Wilkina, J k' Eldred, Henry Merrill, A Wood bur/, J A Ettingcr- B McCormack,CH? 2 Willia, H <m ltoo Edahn, Alfred R McPowe.l, J C Wintera, F B Port, WilberP Mo Com be, J M Wateretou, D H Kowlet 4 Son, 8 K McPiasters, J G Wi iswo, th, C E Fanel, Roger McDonald. Jaa Warden, R J ??- ?Q v w.ii.<n.. a A Kotttr, Mowi McPbetum, Mr Yum, E L Fogg, Geo O?9 MeOaker, M D Voauf, W W Fitarartld, P Niblat, K H Yoa*fUv?, W C P iwler, D Norn*, M Y?rljr, Mr F?wi*r, R? ' C & MISCELLANEOUS-Bri(ft Bankuir Hon**; E! Sort ft B<notr; lovallifeucablait; German B?o*??rt?ot Hoci*ty; Bouudary Cororaiaaiotttr; The Direction of tha National Bank dTLlTTllI H0IT III ALL CASK* BX PR BP A ID. Dm 18 WM. JONES. P. M. PERSONAL. ONE CENT REWARD, AND NO THANKS. Ran away from the eubecnber, on Friday, Djcember A, I860. Sl*?AN I.OCKBR.aced ab >ut M years, a bound and indentured apprentice. Ail per* tons are forewarned against harboring said girl, under penalty of the law. U* G. W. HLfOMES. MASTROLOGI8T. ADAMR DKVISF. Will remain od? week longer; and all who are in trouble of any km J, on I on her at once. Madame will bring any one to you and cause th-m to love you; will cau*e speedy marriait's and great good luok ; will alvise in rwa'il to lawsuits, losses,numbers, Ac. Rekidenoe, Richmond oorner fcighth and l> st?.,t entrance on D st i Remember, positively, her| last week in \lf>?kin?tnn Prinisa varw mrtildrntM I ' ft! I ftp nniUI de 12. bt* BOARDING. BOARDING ?Two auita of neatly furnished Rooms, on the first and second floors,or,, if de, sired. will be rented separately, with or without Hoard. Appy at 4 At tifthth st., between 6 and H r streets, north of the Patent Ofioe. Terma moder ate. de 14-tt* j HOARDING.?A family, or two or three fontle If men, can be accommodated with Hoard at No. - 493 Ninth street, one door sooth of P st. Terms > moderate One of the largeat and moat deairable Rooms in the house, furnished with water and gaa, la now unoccupied. Table Boardora accommodated. no 38 IK* ra REMOVAL. t Lilt. J. P. Gil.ROY Has removed to Marsaohu; setts avenue, between 8th and 7th ata., aonth aide. de l?-3t* r^dau u/\uthm tka na<?ka? saliaatiap i (tan r'lVMiU DVC I MV PUVB?? vuwirvi * ?.M Rioh, Captain Berry, has arrived and a,?^ will be discharging her froigbt to-morrow. Apply to i hartley & brother, de 13-3C 99 and 101 Watar *t, Georgetown. The union cannot be dissolved while christmas is revered. f GIFTS~QIFTS~Q IFT&?GIFTS e If you want to make Present*, e . GotoSHEDD'S. arinnrvia a ii 10 i.uiie ro:ii, uu w ^nr.wu s. II to Old p-olk., Goto SHEDD S. If tn Y'ung I.adiea. f>o to BHEDD'tl. If to nioe Young Men, Go to SHEDD'S. . ' "If you want something Useful, Beaatiful.or Com T ital, Go to HHHDD'S. i DIE^ BOxVJj)M^aVIBISSANT* and FRE.\OH *>Y. m^^EDD'8. de l^?t (Int.) a02 Elevsnth it. Seasonable b.r y goods n Clocks, Shawla, Flannel* i Msnnos, Ottomass, . l Blanket*. Fall Cloth*. Linssys Fanoy Silk*. Silk Robss, Poplins, Valencia*. Rsps Yarns, Hooped Bkirta, * - Irish Linens, , Sheetinse. "Napkias n Beaver Cloth, Sack Flsansl, n White Good*. . Linen Seta, Embroideries U/iraliAfinAl Aln&Afi&l. Coqnterp&nes, 'Coroforta. ' Towe'linga. All orwhioh we offer St prices to anit the time*. ,# del? TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. ** f EFT, ON THE MORNING OF THUKSDAI 3; Li lut, (luring the fire at rujr ahop, ft b?y MARK >< Any one returning the e?me to the Livery BUb of l.akMncyer, na G itreet, between 17th ftcd 18th Wiil be euitably rewarded. W. H. PARKER. TUB SUBSCRIBER Deatrea to return hie ain eere thftnka to hie friemie who eo kindly taaiated t , e&ve hie effVota On the above oooaaion. ot do 13 Steo* W. H. PARKER. MADAME DELARUE . nA. b- CHI Has just revived from Pa is a nand-Bg(| >n Z^_buiu? and ohoioe assortment of PaillHI of DRES? BONNKTa. mt * lao, Fl oWBRS in SeU.Bunches antl Sprays, *l HEAD DRESSES, FEATHERS, RIBANDS, Cbantillr, Brussels and Aleneon I.ACKf, Embroidered and l.ace COLLARS, SLEEVE r? aud HANDKERCHIEF#. ir- VEIL3. BAR BES and COIFFURES of variot er Lae??. LAItt KS' CR AVATS.rhaniillr Lnco BERTHA! CAPES aud POINTS. >a Leather Silk and Gold BELTS, i!' FANS of entirely new ?tyle?,

B- Bhell and Gold, also. other FANCY ORNi MEN TS. sua* aa Combe, Bracelets, Ear-nag Hair-pioi, Sleave Buttons, Bait Clajtpa. Ac. Freeh Perfumery. Jonvm'e 6loves, ho. >m All ?>f wtuoh, being of diraot importation, arc f the very newest styles. The attention ofthe Iftdiea i a therefore eepeoial MO rHWHiiij niisivw, Ml Pwn.tmm Mr CBNrRAl^STOgWI! Q If cloth cloaks r clotA cloaks r . N?w Cloth Cloaki, uw Cloth Clotka, Cloth C|o?k? o? new it; 1m, i* ?l?th Clo?kt of new ttrlM. i !J R*p?, VaUaeiM, Merino*. Silks, Silk Rob Hid y?rioo? other atyloa of l)rsu tiooda: i mirkt.d down to m?t th* present at&te of t ?f W^.-Tu ]( in tHt or Dry Goode to tire m eft * * ..."agSgSSi* t AJfPSKMKMTHl yy A8HINGTON THEATER! THIS EVENING, Benefit of (he Author of . FASHIONS AND FOLLIES OF WASHINGTON LIFE. Which Comedy will bo presented this ereniui for the lost time. To oonolndo with John Brougham'* Berlesque of Dnr> a nnvvia A WAU\/t? > MW>? The oelebrated American Tragedian, MR. E. EDDY Will appear on MONDAY, Deoember 17, Aa JACK CADE. On Tueidaf a* RICHELIEU. Doora open at 7, to oommenes at 8 o'clock. #a L. >_a* k :' A* J. .i j ?A ?A irrcnvaior cnuri si; area* oircie ana parquet ot?.; private boxea #5 rpHESABBATH SCHOOL ATTACHED TO 1 1ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH, CoftSXX Kl?V*XT1I a.5S H Sts., wiH iiti % CONCERT AND EXHIBITION They will be tui'tod on tha occasion by tha Choir and distinguished Volur taar Talent, mcludirr tha juatiy celebrated " Vartello Children," and tha Amphion Quartette Club. Mr John H. swrratt Conductor. nr. w. w. rmiviir naaiec. Ticket* 2S wnU; children 10 cents; for sale by the members of the school and by Mr. NOERK,corner Eleventh and E ?t* Door* open at 6 o'e ock, exero to commence at 7 o'clock. IE7"The Piano i* kindly loaned by Mr F.Richenbaoh, and ia ol the oelebtated Wm. Knabe Jfc Co.** make de 14 3t BALLS,"PARTIES, AC. 8.Kf?H!$8C!LKIA&f | ?^/*.IMJ. ,<N#W *"? ^rJjDi'MI 4?n?ray thtwt they will give their S*oventh JH GRAND ASSEMBLY at the Washington/Mi AsseKbly RtH?m?. on FRIDAY, D?o. 2'tt.yflB 186 . The members pledged themselves that it will be one of the mo?t pleasant an-1 agreeab'e of the season. Tiokets SO cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Committee of Armntrmmtr. J. Flanetan, J. Harruan, J. Hojan, A. **leasen, M. Harrisan. deU-tt* |^OOK OUT FOR THE BASHFUL BOYS! The third grand COTILLON PARTY of the RASHFUl CLUB will be given at Potomtc afc llall, oorner Mar*land av. and 11th it , on is MONDAY, 17. The Committee pledge /KB tnenseives that no pain* ior expanse win muni pared to msko this the party "f the i?uon. TickeU 5>> ceuta, adm ttsn* a gentloinan and ladies. d* l>-4t* The members of the western HOSE COMPANY respectfully au- ML nonnce to their friends and the public iu Jez geneial that, the* intend giving a twa GRAND COTI1.LON PARTY UlS At Stott's Hki-t. december 27,1*60 do IS Sf THK committee. T AN N< ?UNOF.M KNT. HE Member* of the PERSEVERANCE FIRE COMPANY. No 5, havetiie pUatore to an H roniic t ? their many irquirirg friends, and Hi the publio in K-noral, that their thir* grand JSB annual COTILLON IMRTV wi.l take p aseUSflfc at Framclim Hai.l, cor. 9th and d sts , on TliESDA Y. January 8th, 13*51. Particulars in future advertisement. Hy order of the Executive Committee. de 12- St WANTS. WT ANTE D?An sxnerienood INFANT'S ? Nl'RSE. Apply, between U a. m. and 2 p m , at 403 C at.. near 3d. It* WANTEIV? A smart. active, sober and lionett YOUNG M AN, to drive a milk wagon. Alao two Men, to work in a dairy, and a good Farm Hand Intemperate men need not apply, at Loonet Will Farm, Seventh street road, n*ar the Hirst Toll Gat*. ) d? 15 3t* WANTED?Two or three persons, of either sex, to canvaa the oity for a popular Washington work. Good wages guarantied, and permanent emp oymant afforded those who auit. Address, immediately, giving real namo and stating where an interview can be had, M. A., Box No. 2, Star Office; It* %J|7 ANTED? By a young lady, w;ho haa entinly T W < ?1?| cfa sr rafarAtlAAa A n r\tl ihrtll onm nft _ ? ? I 'Miaiauvvi T I WIWI ouwai ? ? VVIM|'? ion of some lady. She is competent to ami t in any literary labors, and her desire is to obtain a eomlortable home with some lady who Will appreciate on* who writ et'iveto make her happy at all times. Compensation is no object. P ease add rees a note to E. I'. C.. Star Offi<-e. de 15-waw' ANTKD?A steady, middle axed WOMAN, (American pr-?f<"rred?to oook and wash for a * all family. l'e?t wa<es will be paid. Inquire of Mrs. JOHN B. K1BBKY, corner Twenty-first and Bum ''ary els. de 13 3t DRUGGIST.?An experienced druggist desires a re-engagement as clerk in a drug store. References of the highest character will be given. Address "Pjarmacien," Star Office. de 12 6t VLTANTF.D-A WET NURSK, to so to South " America with the faun It of the 1st? Peruvian Minuter. It la understood that all the 'xpenaca to co and to come back will he paid. Addreaa to 6th ?tr*et No. 44S, or to DR. OARNETT. de tt-4t* WANTED?8ECON1) HAND FURNITURE. Persona deo'iiunj housekeeping, or havini a aurpua of Furniture on ltand,oan obtain thioati and (air frioea by applying at 369 Seventh at. no 17 HONTZ & GRIFFITH. WANTED IMMKDIATELY?From $3 to v aio,non worm 01 SEt;u^u-HAnu r unni TIRE of ail kinds, fur which I will guaranty to pay the highest prioes, and, as usual, at the shortest notion r. bOchly, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, to., oo 9 4M* 7th it., bet. G and H. east tide. LOST"AND FOUND. STRAYED TO MY HOUSE, on the H:ghts of O Georgetown, threi MULES, one black, one i forrel, and theoth?r a dun. I he owour <an have them by oa'.liog at Mr?. BARBER'S and paying charges. de H-3t* E*TRAY-A small dark brindle BUFFALO COW. A suitable reward will be paid for her return to No. 369 Eighth street, be ween M and N streets north. 1 de 13 3t* *2 ? REWARD.?Lost,a young, ?ery small biack <?*> and tan terrior DOG.caled 'Yap."^^?) He hid on a leather oollar, and the i.a'ne^j^ *'Mabe* Bayard" oo a brae* plate. Who ** ever retu n? him to No. 1^4 F street will r?oeiv? thalabove reward. de 18-3t* IOST?On Monday laat, at or near the Capitol, -j DRAFT for ft2u?i. at 10 days ?uht. drawn bj Kither Banal, on fclijah Mendenhall, of Flamfieta Indiana, to my order. The fiador will be rawatded by leaving the draft at 424 11 ?t. I de 18-8t W. H. HOOPER. CJTOLEN FROM A HALL, on G utreet. be^ a. iniL A..1 1UL .a. A. i t 1 La IWBen iiaii ??u uin ?w., un mo dtouihr ui hi* 13th D*o?nb?r.a n?w olive-colorod OVEKCOA'I ! and some CHI LURE N'S FURS, for the return o whioh to thu office a liberal reward will b? paid, de 13-3t* SPALI"N0,SELEBKATED '? PBEPARED GLUE! Uaeftil in every family only U oaoti a bottle, a BONTZ A GRIFFITH'S, No. 369 Seveati at between I and IC ?t?. de U-Steo ?^B1>UCT1QN IN THE PRICE OF GAS. Orrici of Waihi.i?ton On Lioht Co., i . November 30,1M0. < ' Kitictii kertbv ti'tn that the charge for |M eon iu??il aftor the 3i at day ofDeoember next, will b o tk'ti dollar* and kfitt* ctntt per thouaand oabi >t feet, to all tboae whoie Inila are aaid a? required b the act of Cougreita. approved June 26.180?, to wit "At the office of the Company, wthin five day i- from the rendit'on thereof, prtuied all arrear 0 shall have been previously paid." J. F. BROWN, no 30 eo4w Secretary in Charge. B??T FANCY eOODS, 1 TO 8UIT THE TIMES, Ahd Ont Ptici Ositi At 8TEVEN8'6 FANCY STORE. t noM-tf 336. betvr. Kh a?d 10th ete. ? URADY'S NATtONAL PHOTOORAPl 11 AAV ? L D V ? Ma Pirni Arnnrx. . On exhibition, beautifully finished Photograph ' of the President and Vioe President eleot; Imperii Photograph* of ail the Precmanta from Jackson t Buohauaiii of all the Members of the Senate as Home of Repre??otativea of the preeant Contra* . of th* Pnnoe of Walea and a large cumber < ? du tmguished foreiga personagee; "f nearly all on prominent Statesmen, PoaU. Artiett, Aatbors, K< itors.Olergyin^n.eeneralaand Commodores. The largest Plaie Ph >tographa In the world. . The Colored Photograpka mmmt be aaen to be ai " preoiated. .Twenty five Ml lensth Portrait V inttnc Card _ egantiy finished for five dollars ! 6?0*JSHUNDRED PHOTOGRAPHS PO PIVK DOLLARS'.! Prieea far all oUar atylea Msally moderate, HA 111 1M ^K(iAR? AND TOBACCO FOR Tfllt Nil Tk? Bn<l?rtlcn?d woiM'wWOtfaUJ inform k iMtrau friend* and the pubno that tha oopai *8 Boiui 4 "w flea* A*>a*ke?ndlw^Vl^brm tu! Muint, a; d tint k? ui op*n?d a ator* on t 'iS Vn?3hfii{Ml 'favon. Iw ko?? by fair d? asssfessssaK L no* ln?* P. WIK9MANN -m ??????? GEORGETOWN. (Jorrufondrnc* of Tks Star. MumwR. December 15. I8?. Both bowdi of our City Council were In NNlnn last evening. The following is u abetract of the proceeding*, which will be reported at leafth la oar next letter : Tbe Board at Aldermen received a meeaage from the Mayor eaHeeine an account of the Levy P.Atlft anf) 1W* fmm El* fikAk?iU * * collector, wbtcb were both rtfwi?< to tbe Board ?>f Common Council. Tbs following resolutions from tbe other board ware tben considered nod passed ?A resolution to pay for tbe construction of sa web on Hl?h street, near Mr. Adler'a; a resolution la firor of Henry King; a reaolatlon In relation to tbe towpatb of tbe Chesapeake and Oblo canal; a resolution to borrow S5.(RJ0 from tbe commlaaloners of tbe alnktag fund: a resolution la relation to tbe London and Hampshire railroad; and a resolution In ftnror of John and Elisabeth Booth. They also passed an ordinance la relation to tbe polios, which we understand provides for s reduction of the force to s chief and ix men, instead of eight m at present In the Board of Common Council, i letter from the Chief of Police was read, stating the amount of flnea collected In the five month* ending Not. 30 to be SHU 95. Referred, with hi* report, to Board of Aldermen. I Mr. Fearson. from grievances committee, asked the discharge of said committee from th* farther consideration of the petition of venders of literary papers and matfaxtnes, because the law already , protects them; also, the petitions of Sam'l Russell and of Frederick fasco, granted, and committee discharged in each caae [On tbe last petition explanation* were made by members of the committee and other gentlemen, which, in justice to all concerned, we shall notice in our report ] The following resolutions were reported, r?ad , once, and lay over under the rule: , By Mr Dodge. from ways and means committee, a reeolution to give the notes of this Corporation to the Georgetown Gas Light Company, end to W. T. Duval, for the amounts due them Also, a resolution in relation to the salaries of the officers of the Corporation, and providing mean* 1 fr*9 navlncr th?m It Ktm tK? if *?1 ? ? - I S50II; Purveyor and Commissioner of Streets. *30"; Clerk. Sl.'AJO; Clerk of Common Council, flSU; one Trustee of tbe Poor, SIUU, Ac . kr. Br Mr. King, from streets committee, several resolution* in relation to termination of certain -? a ? iirrtu uuaer reni. By Mr. McCobb, from claims committer, reaoluttona In favor of J. F. Birch and of Jus. Llbbey A Son. Tflae following resolutions were paaaed A reaolution from tbe Board of Aldermen tendering the tbauka of tbia Corporation to tbe Trustees of tbe Corcoran Charity Fund; appointing Mr W. S. Coxe truatee, In place of Mr. Win. Kedtn. resigned, and providing for tbe safe keeping of tbe coupou bonds. Ac ; a resolution In relati.*a to tbe tow path of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, (at the intersection of Bridge and l.ltiuan streets.) forbidding persons to land wood tbereon or to otherwise obstrust It, under a penalty of *3 tint-; a resolution lu relation to l,oudouu and Hampshire Railroad; a resolution to borrow ft. U00 of the Commissioners of the Sinking Fuud; a rdilution In favor of John and Klicabeth Oootfc; ai.d a resolution in relation to the tobacco This last resolution was debated and amended, and, as passsd, direct* the Recorder to Institute legal proceedings against Mr. Gilbert Vauderl werksu for the purchase money of the to'tacco warehouses unless he pays five per cent. a month on (the whole amount) f."?.040 until the debt and interest is paid, commeucing on the 1st of January next, Interest to be paid quarterly. A'oit ? The Corporation has a mortgage on the premises for the purchase money. An inouest was held yesterday over the body of August Kbert, and the evidence was mainly corroborative of the statements in our letter of Thursday last. The jury returned a verdict in accord auee wun me incis. Cork front wagons it selling at from fC 25 to 86 50 per 100 lbs Retail price ffl 75. GEORGETOWN ADVKJTT MTS c;nn NEW HAMPER IRE APPLE"*. ?UU BBLS. Prune No. 1 B&idwiu'* Nonesuch Greening* and Pippens. Just arrived per schooner J. W. Soaver. and for ale in lots to suit customers. nan n v n t? a nn a nAniLLi ? nnw., da 15-4t 99 and 101 Witint. Great INDUCEMENTS! A Urge and vaned assortment of Cold and Sil v*r WATCHES, of all aixea aad prioes. fit Rich JbWKLR V and SILVER-VVARf, is dov selling at greatly reduced price*, to a uit the time*, at J.S. BLACKFORD * SON'S. G^orgetowa. opposite Bank of Commeroo. ID* *ow ia the time a< d thia the place to g?t a bountiful Christmas Present cheap. Come at once, bofote the t>e?t are chosen. do 13,>5 17 Oysters! oysters:: OYSTERS!!! The undersigned has open?d an OYSTER DErOT on High creel, uear the corner uf^, *?. Gay, and can furnish atalltimes. Raw,/_ J Ste<red. Fried, Roasted, or' Scald?J^^\^B# OY?TERS. Parties can be aarved in private rooms. Families supp led with Oysters or FISH, by leaving th?ir orders as above. dell-Lin J V. COLLINS. IT*ARM HANDS FOR HIRK-Twoable-bodied I1 n ?rv .11 ? CIIIU vwtj U?JJ a, iv ?ti kind* of fanning. Theae negroe* to t>e hi'?d for th? Miacinf year. Apply to HENRY C. MATTHEWg, Georgetown. da 7 e?2w* JUST RECEIVED-' 10 hbd?. prime Porto Rico SUGARS, 1S? bids. ir.d Rye \VHlJ?K V, 890 bola. H ERRING and ALEWIVES, ?0 bbla. Cruahed and Refined ??UGAKr?, ? bag* Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 lihd?.< low priced) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. as 10 J 100 BBLS. OF FRIME CIDER. U*T Arrived and lor Bale cheap ior oaah. no 13 ARMY A BHfHN. \IA88KY, COLLINS * CO.*8 PHILADELl?l PHI A DRA TGHT ALE?W? aro constantly reotivitu fr^li supplies nftho above deh(fitful 6?vetu?, and .aviie ail |?rioai who watt a jure anadulUratad Ala, to ?i*e it a trial. AKNY A SiilNN. A(?nti, h? *T firMD it.. eftorcrtovfe FOR SALETAlND RENT. [For otktr ">br Sali and Kent" mdwrtittmuHs, IM first ] FOR KENT?In a private family, two iarre front Rooms, lighted with ess. convenient to Capito!. Terms n.odsrate. Inquire 4*4 7*h st. dl5 3* 2 AftO ACFRS OF CHOICE LAND IN jUUVl Minnesota .Iowa ?nd Missouri will oees nltLnfAd fnr imarnvt^i W&ahiii^tnn c-itv Dr<iD#rtv t.t fur puoei Address "Trader," Box SO*" City 1*0.4 Office. mving location of property. de lS-lw* FOR RK.NT?a thrie story ud lasemsnt FK.VAIK HOUSE, n?*r r? 4v.,o 1 Tmttt, Iw1 tWKfii (j kiJ H at?.,No 4K<, Inquire at M BLKV A QliY'8 Hardware Store, Pa ar. de 12 ' [ OENT B KDL'CED.?Tnat ple*?aut COTTA 'K XV RelHDENCK, coutainmg 7 reoms. with front balcony large ?ard in froataoU rear, fionticc H st., [ in Pristine OAs* Square, between North Capitol and Firat sU.. will l>e rented for 916 per month to a punotual tenant. Address, by letter or in person, WM. STICKNKV. de ll tf ; |?OR SALE OR RENT?A fine DWELL1NG' r HOUSE, containing 11 mom*, ard fine jarO, f situated UOtf I at, between 20th and Slat sta. Koi terms pleas* inquire next door, of Mr. UUCHI6NAM. da H IW Furnished rooms for rent.?t406d street, hatween Ma and Ttk sts. de 4-tf FOR RENT-A PARLOR, on the firat floor, and three fine Bed room a on the floor ?.1><>v?. it , No 976 Pa. avenue, two doors east of lie Kirkw?M>d Hoaae. de S-tf FOR RENT.-A t^ree-story BRICK DWELL, lN*i HOUSE, with back bunding, IJth el. No. 470. between F and G street*. Am|tlo J KIRK WOOD, 476 Twe fth at. &>U-dtf 1r?OR RENT?Afoar start Irown front DWELLING, situated oa Thirteenth st .between L e and Massachusetts av., one of the most de?i.-ah'? o locations in ifie oity. '1 he hoase is furnished wiU * marble ipautles; a'so, gas and water fizteree. witk j bathroom Inquire at WlTl\ SHEDD'8 Paeuj Store, No i0'2 Eiftven'h at. oe 8T 44t* COK RENT?a three atorr brick HOUSE.ood r taming I room*. to good order, villi (U fixture# complete, on H itreet, between 4th and 5th - Also, a two-?tory brick COTTAGK, with larg< j?rdattaeiii*J, oorner of F street north an < 14th at tut. To punotual and reliable ten?nt> the termt wul be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth ttreet between tt aid H. ao lS-tf * WM. H. CAMPBELL k. CO., soeeaiwo a ti JohnH Butrunan.No. 3?3, south aide Pa. aven bee. 4H andCh ?ts., have just -eQ<*<ved a very oiioie 3s?lecu?n of WINES and i.H|l'OKS fr .ni theirs importing houses of the couutrj, all f which tna; ? be implicitly relied oa as geauiae ; arnung wine I W* offlleserve Madeira. TiataJPllM, Old L. P. do. *ery Bite, ,r Sherrv Wines of every grade, ' Catawba Wine, pare W>r* Wine, eamtShaMRua. * CBAUPAGKE; WsmSL* Onrr*i aa-.ajlla UlAvAnAWaasa Punch KssetiM. Kirr'hen Wmmt/AitM, V|?l* Brandy .Peaoh Brandy, ? " Wild Cherry Br aady, Blaehbwry Brandy, Catawba Braady. Superior rira'ids Clears, OI * a^ntl ?? an WWiaW* .??>>?? ?L jj - !^k?t of wkioh' wUfW riMuioj S DEEBSIIAKJNGUE "rAEMLWBMKNT. r?, N?. So? EiiTnTim. J* BMvMahktTMWMd^ Ik skortoit Mtio*. Mt }?' m*? 9 I THE LATEST NE l'KLEQBAPHIO. onltr T?*?k? Pr^MiUM. Averin, Dtc U -It U ui4?nM Ikit Relator Toombs is sbout lot WuUh?m H? bss just published a IrUm referring tS tfca flfth artfcto of the Co??Umt1o?, iW sari If tt? Const; tutlon bt *wm4r4. tb? ? wdawan sbo?U be sucb ss could Mm hi mM ?r rHi I by abolition Mtataa, and ahould ftoa fan and ample atjaritv to StNlkiri Rigw Then, If the Rrpobli'-aa party Will ??* far iDfodnnfe, or rvn a maj?rlty ?"< la food faith, tbey canf-aally W earrird through Ctur?i, and tben tblaka It woald b* rr?aooabi? aodfatr fa poatpmir the Baal artloa until tba I^artriataraa of northern 8btr? could W coaoaoiaotty collod together for acttoa m the aiaadmaofa If the Northern sutca rofuar, to urgea Georgia to accede at tto iataat day, aar March 4lk The Arties ef Letliltaa Niw Ouum, Dec. 13 ?The oanlaoM of the Coimtioe hill taee the peltry of Lou i nana for i turned late separation and Shte Md on After woe eel on. i general Contention of the Uve-boldtng SteWowtU be held nad Mather* rights forrrrr eerured on the formetlon ef the Southern Confederacy Fie# hundrMl IhonuriH I ted for inning the State The bill* giving preference to foreign countries over the North In the purchane of arma, and coolacattng Northern good* arriving after January were defeated Public opinion la overwhelming for at r tanion The duty of the Conaalanioaer appointed by the Governor la altnply to devtne and anrure nepnrate Independence and aecenalna. K?HrU from lUrlMlta. Charleston, Dec. 13 ?The rumor that prevailed festeiday that the buka had riwui U eootrs dieted It expected that within a month after if TBion matter* will aettle down aad baal new brlgh'en. * The Mercury of this morning publishes an account of the operations going oa at tbe harbor forta Tbe garrlaona are evidently la dread of a* attack, and are preparing night and day for a de*p? rate resistance In soch event But ibere la ao disposition here to molest the forts. unUas tbs State orders it The people feel friendly towards tbe Federal olkrers commanding them, but tbry rc'ard the peasess'on of tbe foria as essential to independence, and would consider aay reinforce ment a threat of coercion. CasTirrias Ur ?? Boston, Dec 13 -Dtnlfl Harkttt, charged with tbe killing of Henry OlUon, at Lowell, Mm* , has been convicted of maoalaagbter. The C harleston line of ateauiera hu been dlscootinued for the present. Grarral Hartr)'i MerranaU Lxavbswobth. Dee. 12 ?General Harney, with troops from Fort Leavenworth, will arrive at Fort Scott to-morrow It la thought that a portion of tbe force from Fort Riley will remain in tbe vl vtui?j vt run sxnvk. Fhlladelf hln Mailctl Academy. Puiladklphu , Dec 14.?" Mom In ligypt" was performed (or tbe ftrat time la Philadelphia, this evening, and the house wurrowded to excess w.tb a iuuiI faihionibl* tudltM* The opna created tbe greatest enthusiasm, Hanging hy a Yigtlaace I'sMlttM Mbhpmis, TVnn, Dec 13 ?A letter from Pain* Point. Mississippi s*ys that tbe Vigilance Cocnmltt'-e have hanged three carpenters for Inciting the slave* to rebellion. Other Northerners were shipped. Georgia Legislatore. Mu.LBMCvti.LB. Dec 11?The Leg l sis tare of this Stats will sdjoura itx d%* on w edasedsy next Nothing of general Interest Is transpiring Marias. Bavamkaji Dec 15?Tbe hip Monterey tr rived from Liverpool to-day. A?ii MvlMti. H axt'mo&i. Dae 15.-Fl?ar if<T; Howard It. and Ohio aad City Mllla ?4 75 Wbnt-wd tl lOal 80: while St 25*1 45 Cora firmer; aid white and yellow SI 45a I 3? Prortalon* duU and nominal Coffee quiet at 13al4c Will iky Ann at 17fcal3e Kltw York n?r>?u. New Yoek, Dec. 15 ?Floor Armor, bustooaa limited \Vbrtt auiot and flm Com flrotor Previa, ona dull. w hiak v Inner it l?c New Voee, Doc IS ?Stocksopened lowor, bot a(w>r tb? Board were better Chicago End Rock laiand 40, Illinois Central shares SB V . do boodo ; M ir-Mgan Southern 25 X ; Now York Ceotrol 71*; Hudson KtwR R.37)[; Va.?,s?4; Mo 61M GREAT AUCTION BALK OP lapaim Good**, No. 206 Pi*?mv4!ni Avimi, Umdtr Wnltardi' Hoitl I nill offer the entire ooll',oUon of MAGNIFICENT JAPANESE GOODS, now onexbibitoti, at auction tome d?* Una Week, if not nrevionelf dianoeed of at private earn. PwUm wiiMbi to atau ;b*m?e)t?a of tfce roit e iv fleUtMortiDMttov In theeonatrr ou do no it ms than thf ir ooet in Japan, on aeeoaat of tbe de nreeain* etalu of kHiMM. Great bargaiaa eaa t?e bar; Tor carh. Japan*** La?v lered Traya. lx>il?t BoMm 2S Work Boiea, Car J Boxee, Jewel (tuxea, Glova Roxee, Handkercr ief Boxee, Toilet Bozee. Iron Ckni Mm, Soar la Embroidered, Fire Mmsi, Catketa, Porcelain Copa, Sftuc?r<,Oo . i?U. PlUM, Wiolcer Cape. Bo via. Bjttlee, Ac., ko. T??ie day at ??U aiahint low p- .oja. MACDLFF. JLemember, No. 20C I'ecnij, vama awa??, _el? ? H O Y T * Hlawatka Hair Be?t?ratlre la warranted in ?TW7 inataoea to Rutoii Gkat Hain to it? Oiiamu Color. It has b*ea applied IN THOUSANDS OF CABFS In the arm->i pal oitiea of Nov K&giand, aad HAS NOT KAllED m a aria icaiaaoe to acooinpli'h all that ta c'a".,n>d for it. No Hair ia eo Gray or Red b^l the HIAWATHA will ofcanc* it to a oeanlJul life like grcVQ and Black. It is not an in?tautaneoaa dye vhiofc erooka, amuia acd girea a dead Itiaak eolor to the hair; tho niLtipnt In auhnit Ia oraiu ""V aponftac ?f n?? hair everj time 1la appuad. uor la it preparation of auifbar, aiiar of lead, 4*.,aar of an* mrredieiiU delelerioaa to the Mir of akin, it ia an article requiring do preparation, bo waahint before or aft*' aaitg. it ia aaphad la ire aaiaut->? time, and with aa litt'a trouble aa any ordinary aitiete for tha toil at. ' Peop.e who have aaad thia yrayaraciai daaiaro It ia Rnraeulo?? ia ita electa, and that it will peru mi. all t !iat it pretend* to Uo "?BmiUm't Pwierte.. "lu eacoaaa woaderful. and we eaa on t aey we i-dore* all the propriety r a*;a ia regard to it**? Bottom Journal. We ohaarve. by a notice ia a Boatoa pe>ar, that a preuuum wee awarded b? the Maxar'.twtti Mtokacioa' Charitable aeir lit* Fair, Boatoa, to Mr. Joeeph Hart o* thia aity, for hie i e.Ubrated 'Hiawatha Hair P eetoratire.' aa artiaia which riohly merited th'^jtror. It waa for ita aaperior menu ia thia:MMec that the t#r 'rtr*?: rrwntMi to tkMMtTM, > awarded to ^r. Uo?t Uia flattering MWmuI "Preiul^stff ?r?ai?| P?? JBvii in Weahiugton Ojr 4. W. Nairn. D. B Clark. KidwHI A Lawreoc* 1). G. Ii4;? it. Id GeorgoU'wo bj J, l? Kaiweil, w< by Druggists gaaarally. da 12 Ire . CLOTHING! CLOTHING:: V/ CLOTHING 5! Having on hai.d a vert large stock of tto Boat 1 menu with oar low prices, in order to r duo# oar r ' ok.. Alao.afaa assortment of GKNTi*' Ft'E INISHIINti (iOOUS. BAR M. BKO., de< 8w Corner E and Savanth at*. TJU8T OUT-NEW BOOU. HE Prinoe of Walaa in Aroorwa, by Ki ?haa s Cornaalua, ISmo., cloth; pnoe ). Pat'y AnBo?*rc >?. from tk* Frtuk of lour* d? Riina; (tin |IA _ _ Old MMkintv.Ao., by W. P. Btriaklaad, 12m*., cloth; trio* #1.25 da 8 FRENCH * jy^^STEINJB. HT'? 1,1 nKN KA?LE Nonpanal Paaarod 1*yi?C CanU; pno* 15 caaU a fMk. Da f.a 1m*i English Wkiitud hi?Wr Ptaytaf B Ctrfi. t Cotton Plant Ptayina Cards r Btaa* boat, Mi|hiaLd aad all otk?r aorta of aoak luon Playing Cart*. , BLANCHAED ft MOHVN. d?'* oor. Pa. a*, and ltta at, arenap, and K?t jn?reardaacra?iaf ooa*. K*aamathoir u?r *iand toi win M*t nul to fa natis *,u "B?Ti5*frpo? No. IT* Pa aaaaaa. Waahiagtaa. |F YOU WANT TO^A VE THE UNION abortaat not aa aad we UMai t?t 6 I Vl T. * HARTgV. L (^L^BONNBT8, HATR, T? tl; VIROIN1A TJ5^*^Sf5.V.--? <U? tf N?.hKaL,Mi.Ul> U US #