Newspaper of Evening Star, December 15, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 15, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. NEVER ! NEVER NEVER ! BT W. OTTTXft. "I may be ukxl, I her* been wkH. when I am for a diaso'iitioa of the l nlou i 1 answer, never, never, aer.r ?//r*r? C.i+t. You a*k me when I'd read the ?cr?!l Our f*th?re' names ar# written o'er. When I wou'd :ee onr f!ig unroll Its mini ed stars an-l stride to mere t V* hen ? _th a wore<* than f.?lon*s hand, _Or felon's oo imoI. I aroutd aever Tk* He inn of th<? *<onw?? I tu*er-sir?r, acwr, MTsr! Thing to that I could brook to ?ee The banner I h%v? iovtKl en long Borne pieo* me*' o er th? dietaLt m?Torn, trampled hy fresn^d throng? Div.del, measured paroi? ed out ? Tamely ?urren<ler??d up forever. To (ratify a aw aaa root Of traitoia! never. Lever, never! Give up thie lend to lawies* might. To e?ifiih fraud, a v Uain'e ?w? y, Oi-curi those ho]>?e with end esi night. Tut n >? are rieing like tt?? day? Writ. o;ie more p&g* of ourain* tham*. To pr vs th? u* less, vain eaceavor. uar nr? irwi um ?v And close the volume ? aever, never I On i oadt r lone and lovely ?t?ep, Tli* aculptor'a art, the bvildi>r power, A landmark o>r ?he to di-r'* deep, Ear* reared alofts <nn?ral tower. ire it will stand uu'U ths river That rolls bene'th shili riaw to flow; A' e, till tin hilt iUr'll eh?.U quiver With natare'a est ooitvu.tive tiroe. L'pon that column's m?rbie base. 'I hat shaft afcioi. soars into the sky, There still is room enough to trace The countiees u llions yet to ilie? And I would coyer ail its ha.ght And breadth beSo.e the honr of fhanre, "* * * ~ ' I /? ?ti n till ip*oe bao'iiu ibm ?uciwu wkltw Even tha lnitiaia if ft ume * Dtsao've thi* Union ! war, remora Tha laat a??ium lhat la known, Where patriots bad a brotiiar'a I ova. And tru'h may aheltar from a throne? Give up tr.a ro^a of u^h reuovo, Tbalegaor our fathfra will'd ; Tr %r our viatorioua ragl* down fiaforaour imaaion ia fulfilled i DiMolva tha Union ! whila tha earth Has jet a t? ant to be elair.; Dectr r our freedom in ita birth. And give the world to bond* again! Diaswlva tae Union! God of He* an! We kuuv too wall how inyc i it coat; A rail ion b.aoma aha!' be riven ? - -??i._\, <_ i?_? i ifdiore OH a gv.dea num. im iv?i. Nay apread a oft ov r banter fuldt, Hi<h a# the heaven they retemble. That eror> race thin pfaoet holds Bengalm ?iiado% may assemble, A rd with the aiai'ut'i d&iz.iog pride. Or a euda that burn along the skies, Inscribe alone tt> martin vide. Hopa, Freedom, Union, Compromise ! Mr. Clay't preciee worda at he p intel to the monument that staoda on the Mjht* Frankfort, above the slam of iiueaa Vista. inoiuding the remains of hie own eon. Philadelphia Otstkr Trad*.?The capital *? - ?>-- <n PKIIflrlw! rtHia 111 VniCU in 111** I'TWCI M QUT/ 1 m HI?W\SV*|'UI? amount* to S5u0,000, yelding returns of about a million and a balf or dollar* annually. Over 1J200 vessela areen?ag?d in tbe trade, ench making about two trips ? month to Maurice River Cove and b*k. Owing to disputes with Maryland, however, some of the boats never return, and tb* captain and crew are luckv If they escape Imprisonment? both the Marylanders and Virginians claiming a monopoly of the business along their own aherea. In Baltimore, tbe annual returns are estimated atfour millions of dollar* Tha trade in these two cities is principally to the west, to which tha introduction of tbe canning system has given a new Impetus; experience Lav log proved that the biralvos are best. when put up la ram for shipment. Though A uteri an oyster* are not equal In size to those found in the Indian ocean, yet tbeyare believed tosurpass them in nutritiousnes nnd delicacy, and are far superior to aay found on the European coasts. IT^A young lady has discovered the reason why married men. from the age of thirty and upwards, are more or leas bald. They scratch the hair off In dismay at their wive's long milliner a bills! Yes, It is certain. You hav? all observed K?t urKon nantUman < Avamlnino lHtli account" be always scratches bla head, and tb< longer the bill tbe harder be scratches. rrr David J ones was m.tswd for several week? from home In St. Louis. Advertisements fetched bim up at New Orleans, bis letters having mis carried; and returning home last week.wben with in a few miles of borne, be fell overboard and wai drowned. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. wit i a d nai untri ? l'mu..^n w... a r V* lii UA IV1/W7 MM M li 7 IJIIICJ ?"11 | rv y , XX I I Wright, NY; W G Otto, Ind; T C Ban, NY; I D Lincoln, O; A B Van Lnka. NY; J B ??ndy do; O Ornn-aby, Ind; J G Valt, ?; l>r J Fowkn Taun; Dr J I?i?r, do; H Mve?*. U9N; G A Griffla and U?lv, Ky; B P A:aop and ladv, do; G L) Bat low and lady. O; V. ;*g A Barlow, dc; D K Wil llama. Pa; AGrayioa, Va; T A Sharpleaaand lady Pa; ? A Hopkint, .NY; F Osgood. do;S II Car KLiter. Pa; il F PttW-raon; Iowa; J Hindi mi ly, Vr; W BO Durgue aad lady. NY; W h Ccg?w*?li, Ct, VY Appieton, Ma*?; VV Appletnn do; \V Arnory, ?; J Patl?>**on; Caua, 3 K LiOatt .. u. II a u O M..i^ v v. tf n v u ? vuuc, it .'ii c n .1 x j .uri ' i & jnyrjf, ? C J Gould. NJ; MiMCorbon. fa; Q Watting a:i< lady. do; W A Watting and d*j?iiter, do; >1 Bartat.'w and lidy. M<?; .Mim B*ratowr, du; J Whitney and iosi, do. BRitW.N ? HOTEL ?E Cumpton, J Ketth well, Md; M Leigh. H Drown, J u Cuur und E Moonnap, i) R jckmau. U Hlnu. C F Garnet' Va; A Defaxna A L.nkro,:M, E L>?f?an, P A Bea at. La; A J Siivpaun, K lluginj Ind; A Grt^ Kanj 8 Bradley. Ky; Gen S'caillf, J Sadgrn'.cl j Kwuyf. J Kfjrnoia?, >'Y; A 9 > Hedditig, Pa: A H Uandv, si B McM.eaen, J V Lea. M\m: J W Mitcbell aad dajguier, Al ,a* 1 BlrcL. AU NATiOM \L HOTEL?L Woodruff, Poland V Holmx. Wm 8 Krue, Peter 'jotunu, Md; v' Motif Kn^; J R Powrell, C Stoae, AU; W I Cooasba, Ind A C >iH; A T Pieraoi Minu; J ? iVlikttt. Cai; Mi* MoUieCook, K) G A Hall, G* C N Car ipbill. NY: J Davenport Va; C BU-oiu'ngdale and l'tdy, M:u A Shorn mon, J C Walah, .\ld, D Poole, C Tiffany, J J *V1 lard, NY. KIRKWOOi) HOUSE.?W C TempleicD, O; T J Crothers. G Chorporiair, Pa, T L 3rU.?, ?vr ** *? tr-- ? *?. ? - n ruiu, <>; >i n Aiten. it L>urn*r, s Uiiber G Taylor, Md; Cart Kingtbjrg, TS.N; O Parcba Te*; ? Bell.Cal: Hon W S Aabe, NC; J Troxt and fa*-, la; J Emeraon, Ky. OCEANSTEAMEKS' SAILING DAY Jfao* raa Uhiybb States S'tamer t. Leave. For. Days. ti.v ? New York-. Liverpool.,. Dec uar New York Livei pool... uec New York.?? .New Yorfc...bre;r.?u .. .D m Nov* Boottan Portland Liverpool... D*o Vijo New Ycrk...Liverpool.. *L?eo : Vnited Klojdom New York...Uiuiow Dec Knrop*Boeton.. 4^1 verpool, .peo ?or*...tia\rr? Doo From Etmora Bom??ui Soutk>lon.?New York. .Dm Atlantic 0oath>iun...New York ,.im?o felinbargh Liverpool .New York ..Deo ??uho?i?u. .Li verpool Portend Dee Ferei* Liverpool New York...Deo ju/4 __ _ 1 jtarb mll n*?r vnek Bolton .. .South ptoa...New York. .Ceo (North A t&?noau. Liverpool....Portland. .Dec 0?uada Liverpool ...U ?ton Dec nplini........Liverpool New York.. Deo Tli* California mail lUuin 1mm on the Dt ltU, and 2?tu of every month. t? aulk iron works, JCj Cob.ikji 0*10 Aw. m Taimrrami 9t KftlCflSOTS CALORIC ENGINES. The uader?*ned have been appointed sole a<en in thia Ait; for the manufacture and sale of the abtf fcn?iaee. ?nd are prepare*] to eupplj all ofdera wi eruinp cnes and diapatoti. Theee engines ha been satisfactorily introduced, and are now prad cally employed m bakeries; by bookbinder*; t boxwood oattist: by ?*hn?t mukprt- f?> ? Ha blowers to venfflate buildinga; for pumping; i domestic purposes; eleratinr ?ram; gla*s cuttir ginning oottoa; grinding au&rtz; grinding Mini grinding augsr cace on plantation* in Cuba; f homing; f >r knitting ui*vchinea; bj manufacture ef plated ware: of printer*' material, of *ilrer war of agricultural implement*; of match**; of hoop aktria;tor puiupingatrai!ruad?tatioaaandon boa afepe; for aeving muhiDet; for Job printing printing dai.r newspaper*; for various plantain ttaea; fZr *aw;ng and planing lumber; for piclui hair: fur poliaiung com > ; fur shoemaker*' use*; t sand aiding; turning; tobtooo outtinc and palve L*.ng; ; n tanneriea and wire making eatablishmeni lor soda water manufacture; for bone oruahic IDft't D&fhlHf: tDVlB*' f*'1 _ vwnwl / .on. A II mre laexjloilw, eoou?m:c?l;???ily managed; th require no engineera; uae bo ??ter; and oouaur X*rj little fuel. An; peiyoadaairoua oi uainf th? ?iisin?a. C*11 by appaoatiou to tne aa'Uraifiwd I aLoVn ? lW number of teatimoaiftla from j>er?o who n?v? Ui?B in daily use, expreaaing their antl Atia&oCion IB their operation and uae Priaea of the fc.a?iaee aa eetaUiahed by th? Pi *"*' j ? g >n??>?.? > ' ?? & *> MOB 40 " W .. 2 44 4?wn a 44 aj ~ jf ? 6JW * 44 6.C ?. ? * i^Ui) J4 44 ? -X Wt ar<? ftr* ala? pr?-paf?*l to funu.h, at short n tioo, ArcUiUoturai C??t?ft?a, f oai any d?*iCne tit ni?T bo furmah?u. u ch?p M can he obtained el* who*. Also, Hteam Ijninf, porUbi* au<i statro a/j;hicu or low ;> ?a*ur?, oaw ?c<t crist tnil a: r, droatatie, or otfer ; I-oiler* for h-aui txu!ain?e, wriwuUt iroa wat-f tan?e.>haftinr.gc-a iu.le., Tor ilouiuix or other aania, and lotting o IS 2awtai WM M ELLW * PRO. Cl~ .*'* UUOK?. * 40. fO To FKFN :H * RlOMs TKl * * No. SI Peon xamino U? ir <r*?re-t.eiji l*/i aad aeo. rta^ut ot . hi!-'r n'a Rooi ( I. 4fc?u Ue tft^t orun^nt orsr ctfjrtsl t> for# (a ai?y 0<? oarlt, t? f,-? ifa^ ak? fomt a*?ouone. Alao, a .a/ie and van< aao'iilaifnt of Plana fog H61. vV?b* r-o. l*od i aoxt iirtimr a eo*p?e*? a??-?rt.a at vi *.bc<m A so 71 . r--40 - . jp^' ? i ' 0 % MISCELLANEOtFS. I Ft. FIRE, AND MARINE INSURANCE! HUATH A KNOWLRS, INSURANCE A (* B XTS. Omcm, Room 16, Ovn Base ov Waibisctos. CONNECTICUT MIVHJAL, Accumulation $11100,040 pi d p iifauraiicm goxpahy'op the state or viKoikia. Richmond. Cash Capital?8300,000 NEPTUNK INSURANCE COMPANY. Philadelphia. Capital and scaplia 3400,000 GOODHUE INSURANCE COMPANY, Niw Yon. Cash apital?? . $200,000 In the latter, all the advantages of a mutual are earned without iuoarring tht liability. Inauranoe at aa law rata - a* in ftny other equally re<poi*i*le eompaiiee.and pohoy holder# allowed to participate in t.'.o profits. de 1 Singer's Sewing Machines. 399 PENN. AVENUE, natiosal hotel building. We invite the pnb'ic attention to our new ?30 FAMIl.t KRWIVO U?rU!\F. Thii Wuthir* in uaaurpaeaed ia the honarho.d, It run* smooth aid BWifi, sttei, Aims. /tils and gatntrt, will lew the fiueat swim or clotn ten ayera thiek, and an? Uiiat; between the t wo extreme*, it a beautiful and au'>*taniial ?i*n:ier Viuh'.nenn mahoiaoy, walBut and ro??wood e&??* from S60 to filOO. Our large rilrating prt*$rT nine/iin*xfor ooaoh trimmeri and aaddlers, la witiiom a rival. Silk, Twiat, Thread, Ne?d!oa, Bobbin*, Oil, &o., alwaya on hand at New York prioea. ID"S?ad for a oo?> of 1, M Sinrer & Co.'a Oa xetta. CHARLES A. SPONSL.KR, no ft 6m Agent. Furs! Furs! AT SEYMOl'R'S IN GKOKGETOWN. I hare with auiot o?re personally attended to the manuf*oturiug and selection of the following Kara. My long praotioal knowledge of the Fur Buaineaa enable* me with cortaint? to invite the <adi<M to goods made from Une and Itesh caught *kia?. Such m Canada Mink Sable, Suss:& Fftoh. iberian Squirrel, Witar Mink, French ?abl?\ Childrens* Fure in ?reat variety. Fur rrimmiage vf nil colore. Pncae ver jr moderate. _ W. F. SEYMOUR, no 19 lm Gfo'uftoini. GENTLEMAN'S REVDV-MADE CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S REaDVXADE CLOTHING iflers to oitiaens and strangers wishin* lu immsdian outfit superior inducements, embraoiiif, at this time, all styles a:.d qualities of Dress ami Business Garments and OverooaU in all varieties. Fine Shirts and Uuder-o!othin< of all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best qua ity. Soarfs, Ti?s, Cravats, _ a_ _ ? 'a an L. m ?lO^K9, nopiflry, ao.. an, aii ui wo uro offering *t our u*uft! low prices. inr Ciotmne m\de to o'd^r in the most superior WAI.I- STEPHKVS & CO.. no 1*6 tf * a'i'i Pa. aveuue. I TAKE NOTfCB! WILL Take a 1 kind* of Virginia monw for mi book debts *ud for Boots, SliO i, and Trunks. Ail parsons indeb'od to mo wt 1 ca I and settle up, or I sh&'l he compelled to give their account* tfito the hkuds o( a collector. S. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall. no 21 Pa av.. l>etwe*n 9th and loth sts. II ATS AND CAP S ! The latent N*w York style of GENTS' DRESS HATS, |S LS now on hand. 3 fkjl A VT A *7/1X1 II AT ili New Sttia. just opened. ? Eat M Misses' JOCKEY liATri. in FeitfM^Sa# AT R kbccke PBICSS. B. H. fcTlNEiMETZ, S36 Pa. av., no 54 pear corner Thirteenth street. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. RE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, oondnoted by the Spanish Government, ondei tae supervision of the Captain General of Cuba, will tu? plaoe at Havana on SATURDAY. Dkcembk* 15, 1W0. SORTED NUMERO 647 ORDMARIO. CAPITAL FRiZK ?100,000. 1 prize of f 100,000 *> pnsee of fl,?* i do fiD/WG ?o uo *or 1 do *v*? 153 do ?o< 1 co ?,ftO in appro*. - ?,*X 1 do 10,000 IN ALL PRIZES. Whole Ticket*. ?ao?Ha.TM, 810? <Jnart?re, $i Prixee ca?hed at sijht at fc per ?ant. 'Haoouiit. * Bill* on all eolrent Bank* taken at par. A drawing will ho forwarded as soon u the renl becomes known. All orders for scheme* or tickets to he addresae< to pox RODRIGUEZ, [ no 28-tr CareofCitr Port. ChAr>?ton. S. C. " f G. O. PK.MUTH * CO., , Importers And wiioie^ia anu kouui DMI , era in HAVANA CIQARS. I foreiox wryes, braxdies, a 1x3. t* I No. 40 NoSIK STRmtT, , Fit* doors mbov* L*xtngt<m st., ho M-ly Baltimore. \ j^CHGOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. Youths' a>id Bays' Cioth\*,g for School ant Dt?m$ Wear. : Parents ar.d gus.Hiiir.s wishing to famish thoi 1 ohi.dren axi.l wards with SoLoo. and College Outtit . for the aomiuc season, ?m iuvr.wi ' > examine ob ai>J exi4:. ivn a?( >ri.ridi]l BD1? ^ iNcr, w ?r# I' oau fit out their ohildr* ail <izm in ? lov looioeata witU ev^ry o?<wrip y Hon o r E -ady mvi.' <J?rir.*nt?, of ?ub?t*:;ual an '?? port *u 10-tf 3*3 Pft tti. iyy?i;u?. I" GALTS' ' l-'ITY STEAil HBK-WOOD MILLS ,1 ?ND '}. COAL D"POT. ^ >061 uf Srx>*nietntk strut, btloic War Dtpnrtmem WOOD pr-parad, any lMjtn and size, to >u I 'iie war.t? of tvjh puioiiaier V CO A -KK??T iX COAL HOU *E^, p-uta t* [L fry? tti? weather?delivered !>? fr< m siata, dir 4 ami other lirbJntiei. UM :bs. t? th* Ua. i, T. 1. A W. M. '.ALT, no 10-tf ad-2 Pa. av.. betw. 11th and13th ata. i- R l>?? ?B9.1 li dy the PRESIDENT 6f the unite STATES In pursuano* of law, I. Jamii Bern****, Pr? ^ id-ntof the Ur;ilt4 Si*te? of America, oo ner?t J <trciarea..d mace known that pubiio ralM will k t, heid at tii9 DDUer-mantionod 'and oOioea, in tl I Stat* of A iiiNin, at ths period* hereinafter d? ,y legated, to wit: At the land office a? littlk Rock, oomraenoi? on MondiT. th? 17th nf I ?or*rtrr? Kar rift* * ?] ~ disposal of the pubi.o 1auii? heretofore anofTer* S eituated within the following township*. Tlx : Sisutk of tut Oat* lint and west of tk*Aftk princip mtridmn. Q Townships 18 and 19, of ranee 4. ^ Township* 18 and 19, of range 5. a At the land office at Fayittkvills, oommenoii a on Thursday the 2)th dar "f i>eoerob?r next, f 22 the disposal of the putilio land* heretofore ono IS fer?d situated within the following townships, vi: i?j Sorik if Ik4 bat* lim* ami te*tt of tktAfik rwcv m'ridia*. ?ovnaUi? 19, of ruti 20. owuahip 17, of range 21. * At the lan J office at CuunriLii, eommtnon 2 on Monday, the 17th d*y of December next, for ti ? disposal of the public laud* heretofore unoffer situate* within ill* following townships, vis: 12 North of tk* bat* l\n* and tvett of tk* Aftk prituxp IS ntsriduiH. 13 Fractional townships 1 acd 2, of range 33. J5 At the Land Offioe at WAsaixaTox, commend ?* on Wednesday, the 19th da* of Dtoember next. 1 the dispo?ai of the publio lauds heretofore nnotfar situated within the following townships, tiz : South of tk4 bast line and tottt t>f tk* trtk ??? _ ? f wtorxdxan. The fraotione south of the old bmmdarv line, township 30, of range* 21,2J, 23,24,29, and M. 7S At the Land Ofiiea at Champaosou, oommt th oiagon Mondar&hel7th day oi Ducemtwr next. 1 v e the disposal of the pahho lands lieretofore unoffer ;j_ situated witiun the following tewnahips and pai or of township*, v? : ag South of tk* ban Unt and vest of tktAflk print it or meridian. ig; Township 19, of range 6. Township IS, of range?, or Xownshlp 18. of ranges. rs to wnehio 19, of rac<e 9. e, Townahip 2u, of ra> ?e IS. i d The rarts south of the old boundary 11ns, of tow rii ship 80, of rangea 19 and 3u. Lands appropriated I<y law for th? use of schoo military su<l otner purposes, together with t ' * "swam* aud everflowed," will be excluded frc the sale*. The offering of the above landa will oommen on the days appointed, and will prooeed in thee *' der in whioh they are advertised nntil the whe V, shail have been offsred aod the salsa olosed; but "i sale* shall be kept open longer than two weeks, a "v no private entry ol any of the lands will be admitt until afUr the expiration of the two w?eka " Given under my hand, at the aitjr of Washingtc in.* i en uat ui wntwwr, anao Domini on* tho and eight hundred and aixty . JAMbS BUCHANAN. *" By the President: . JOS. 8. WILSON. pp Commisaionaer of the General Laud Offioe rn NOTICE TQ^PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANT OQ Every person entitled to the right of pre-emptic >. to sny ofthe lands withnitlietnwn*hipaand part* - township* above mentio*t*d is rpaired to oeta at lish the saui? to the satisfaction of the rag later ai e- reoeiver ef the proper Land Office, and wake pa n Bent the'efor aa ?>kjq aa praotioabie aft?r mm 1- this notioe, and More the day appointed for t ?g coraaieuoement of the pnbiio salaor the landa ei r- kraeiag the tract claimed; nthttwiae, aooh elai of Wul be forfeited. JOS. S. WILSON, Comnaaionf of the Uaneral Land Office, ? Not*.?Under the regulations of the departmet M heretofore and now existing, no payment can I ? w'adTertiaing proclamation* except to aui a ae l?witwi c'iSXSi msss TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. D wASHINOTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS^"^^ On and aftar SUNDAY, Novamfcr t5tb, I860, the train* wilt ron m follow*: LB ATE 1TASHINQTON First tr*?n at *J30 a. ra. gfoond Train at 1.V> a m. J bird train at 3.10 p. n., Kxpreti. ro,n"^ViiTr/MOJur First train at 4.15 a. n., Eiprtx, Seoond train at IJfe a. m. Jhtrd atS-lrt ?. m. ourth at 4J0 p. m., Express. The first, seoond and third traisa from Washington oouiMt through to Philadelphia and New Y'rk. The seoond and third oonneot at Washington Junotioa with trains for the West, South, and Nortnweet; also, at Annapolis Junotion, for An napolis. For Norfolk take the T 40 a. m. trai i. l-or the aocoinmoOation of the wat travel between Washington and Laurel, a passenger oar will be attaohea to tha tonnsge train whioh leaves at 3.40 p. m. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train toes to Philadelphia only. no 36-a T. H. PARSONg, Agent. NEW ORLEANS ZUr TKR1US SJLTS with m CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE. V14 Orangt and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURC: Virginia and Tennosste. East Ttnnexste and Virginia, East Tenmssoo and (rovrgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Mtmfkit and Charleston, Misrissivp% Central, N<*0 Orleans and JaeJksen, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS ROUTE: Mem*tua by Rail, thcnce b^Firet olaaa Paoketa ta MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTJ5: Moutfonery by Rail, tbenca to Mobile by Piratolass PackoU. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRA1N8?STNDATS Inclvdis. LMti wa?uiaft?a at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. The Steamer GtOIlQE PAGE leaves her wharf foot of Seranth street at a. m. and 6.K p. m. and oonneota at Alexandria witu the Oranee and Aiasanaria Trains for the Sonthwest. Oflee?Pennsylvania avenae, oornsr of Sixth at. umui osaoxas wntouaa to mny ouun. Lmohbarr ?87 JD Memphis ?RSI 00 Bristol .. -...1>W) Atlanta?.??..-S>00 '"""ill* Macon S3 00, Chattaaoosa 14 00 Oolumbns II 90 Dalton ? 34 00 Montroroerr *00 HnntfTillo noo J via 00 Srand Junction. . JO N.O.) naG. Juno.-G ? Naahrttle UK \ tk. Mobile, 00 THIS ROUTS IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL And is tOO MILE'S SHORTEN,^! 24 HOURS LESS than any other LIeo-uie'Lynchbure F.xtension beins now oompieted, m &;so tlie tfissiMippi Central, makinr it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It la provided with Fir?t-c!a*? Sleeping Cart! ( To New Oyleaaj T'i Hour*. TIME < f! 4?' I aiuat<u.iiof t no. V MaJnrlla i> Jo. HT'Tha U.S. MAIband ADAMS' EXPRESS aretakon over this New Line. Ticket! can bo obtained at the Hocth Western Oftoe, oorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania arenas, to the following points: Linchburi, Bristol, KnoxviUe, Atlanta, Chattanooga. liqnUv.lle, Grand Janotion, Maoon, Nashville. Dalton, Col umbos, , Mootcomerj^wMot^la,p ^ j^emyhis, and rrr through tickets to the ta riovb tiro in i a sfritw8. ) (T^OmnibaaM and Baggage Wagoni leave the omoeuei.m. and p.m. > JAMES A. EVANS, Ticket Acent, mHI-t' Cornor Sixth at. &i?d Pa. ay. THK 81KAMER JA8. GUY Will resume hw * I tri*? on TUESDAY, ttst of Jf?k February. 13tD. Win leave WASH , INtfTON trrery TUESDAY amfCHfcuHBfc 1 FRIDAY, at>o'clock a. m.,snrt ALEXANDRIA < at half-nMtS o'clook, lor CUKKIO.MAN and the intermediate l<aniinia. On her return tripe, me will leave CURRIOMAN overy WEDNLSDAV . and SATURDAY, at 5 o'clook a. ra. . NATH'L BOtyy.lAA.S\le?^nfr'iLr0>rlfo0aD' QFFlcK OFo^NSAPgKCtORRAND SKALKI tfoticb is ffsr?by*gyv$%j - ab.y to the provision* of the ouhmc* of the Cortoration approva.! Ma; 12. >30", the undersigned 11 proparaa, - wriTaver re?u.rea in wriun<,anc , r.n pre pit in en t of the ft* of fifty owc.ta, to inapeot * exlmine, tent, prove, and aeoert&m the *ocaraoy o: registration ofany gaa meter m as* in tma city.' r Every meter, i/foani inoorreot, will be condemned a and another, ae&ied and marked u true, vilt tx r aot m plao*. If proved t-> be aooorate in lti ^ facMurt-ment of gas, it vrtl be sealed aooording ly n ami M&in put in poaiiioa ior ate. Onoe No 610 ?aventn atraet,(near Odd Fel d owe'Hall.) Open from k. ra.. to5p.m. CHiKL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy 13 tf Inapeotor and Sotier of Uaa M?tan. - %V~ MERCHANT TAlLORIN?~ vv E Iavite oar enatomera.and citliena tenem! ly, to an inapea'mD of oar present new, at ^ tractive, and elegant aav>rUn?nt CLOTfiS. CASSIMKREff, DOESKINS, Jffc t. VfcSTINGS, OVERCOATINGS. Ac. J* whioh we will make to order in superior ** it ttyle at very low prioea. WALL, STEPHENS & CO., oo 25-tf 322 Pa. av., hetw. <?tb and Wth ata. PURE OLD RYK WHISKY FOR MEDI CiNAL USE. _ Priti 12 per talloa or 90 ttnlt r?r bottle. n Tbe rut home and foreign klem&nd wo have fa u this article sufficiently attests it* purity and ezoei ler.o*. Moreover it may be mentioned in this 001 n?xioo tnat many irva ida of delicate orcanimatioi >y unable to use whieky of other bran-la, have foun >e the above molt efloactons and happy in its cffecfc ie A liberal diaoount on tlie above erioee inade t I- the trade. HOWARD BALL. Dealer in fine Winee and Lieuors, ,_ Family Groceries,4o.,op>?.Ceuter Market. oo37-eo30t between 7th and Uh street*. d? P L (TA_K 8! C L O A K~8 , CLOAK8IK The Camilla, the Arab, the Garibaldi, The Romeo, the Zouave, tiieAlbanas, Tbe Riohard, the Indian ?aek. the French Saol With many oUier new and beautiful sty es i Rept. Treoo and French Beaver Cloth, in prim 0* from jp 80 to fat, to whioh we ask the attention i ?: bo IT TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. ? al OOWK'tflMPROV&DWElGHlNGSCALE! li. Th*M Soaiea are offered to fte rablto u tt moat aipaple, dmrable, and reliable mum ever pat I M. Firatolaaa preminma have bMn a warded tfa? .. by the United Statea Fair and Virginia Agnonltfr M Vermont State Fair, ko., Ao. In every mm whe axxabiUd they nave received flrat claaa prenuun al For m Ml if Louisiana avenue, Depot of Buler Chll.ed Iron Mm. doll-lv B* C. PATTTBOW. Aient nt w7 o o d: S II WOOD!! ed WOOD!!! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD, at the love poeaible price, ** [" _ T. J. A W. M. GALT, of SS9 Pa. av., between 11th and 12th ata., OI tna 17-tf north aid O. 1 TPRIOHT OR BOUDOIR PIANO*-A ma 'or nifioent article Jaat received of the? J oelebrattd Chlak*rinv Jtr ta ?Je low. Ca 1 aid in it at the areno'r. Ml 11 jpHWF. KliUS, ?" Old i&r 12,000 c?RAAL4-2pLi^fifft?NwK. wl?ioh we r?araptee tobe on re fn:o?, and will 1 n- Bold on reasonable terma In order to make roo for our aprmc "took. Give us a call at the la, 4m. ? --Union Bottlinc Depot, ,m *. t. . lakIju e. i. hovt. j. x. iTnil a 4 m 4 mi\?? a. a iiibb v ? ? ?? ?v awmii J Ll ^ rroiiTJI YS-AT-LA1 no Will prftAtlM in tRWh (5onrt o^Krror tad A u- f^OOl) LIGHT! U CHEAP LIGHT! PARAFFIN BOiU^; ' do 11 Aimti for Ikm am* B I HOUSE, bj fiwinT Lewald, tnmmlm* Bf L iron ik? (knu bf NwumI OmM. I n on 78 Msti. of R^oreatloni of ? Coutrr Parson, 1 Tol.jjri << Gtiiiw at Tritk, by Two Brotktri.l vol.; pri y- tiso. n* BLANCHARD A MOHUN, bo mM aoraor!lu> rt.and P?nn. >t, m W new cloaks. CLOAjtt*, snob u the Arab. Zouar* ana a?k s " DATCBELOR'9 IN1MITA BI.K HAIR DYI I P*. *??? *. iMur lach ft (MI 1>WI \fsuvm k ? * w 1*~ - ' I gg MI3CELLAN B0P3. Tn AmMixino!) or Limcaaca.?'There i? a growing tendency 1" this age to appropriate the moat uirmiTi word* ofother ioiuiMMd ?A?r a whUe to moorparate them into oar own; tana the word Op halio. whieh la from the Greek, aignifying "for the head," ia aow beeofniag popalanaed ia oonaeotioa wrth Mr. bpairiiag'a (real Headache remedy; bat it willeoonoe aaH in a more general way. aad the word Cephalic will beoome aa oomnoa M Kfaotrotype and many "then whoae dictinotioa aa foreign words haa been wora away by oomnoa nsare antil they aaa? "native and te the aoanor born." 'ardly Realized. Hi 'ad 'a 'orrible 'eadaehe thia afternoon, hand 1 stepped into the hapotheoariee hand ?aya hi to the ">an, uan you neM? me <>i an 'sauaoner' "i>o#s it haohe'ard," says'e. "Hexoeedingly," say hi, and upon that 'e gave me a Cephalio Pill, hand *pon me 'onor it cured me so salok that 1 'ard?r realized 1 'ad 'ad an 'sadaohe. n^BiASACHi is the fkvorite sign by which nature makes known any deviation whatever f/otn the natural state of the brain, and viewed n thia light It may be looked on aa a safeguard intended to give notioe of disease whioh might otherwiae escap? attention, till too late to be remedied: and its indications should never be neclected. Head aches may be olaseified under two names, vii: Srmptomatio and ldiopa*hio. Symptomatic Beadache is exceedingly common and la the preoursor of a great variety of diseases, among which are Apoplexy, Gout, Rheumatism and all f?brile diseases. In its rervona form it ia a*nipathetic disease of the stomach constituting tick ktadackt, of hepatio disease constituting biliovi h'odncks, of wurm?,constipation s nd other disorders of the iowel?.as well as renal and uterineaff?otions. Diseases of the heart are very frequently attended with Headaches; Anaemia ar' d plethora are also affections which frequently oooasion headache. Idiopathic ne&u&soe ia aiao very oor.iinoB, Dei rig usually aietingiuahed by the naine of utrveus Ktadatkt, aoroetimee oomiuk on auddenly io ft ttate of apparently sound health fttid prostrating ftt onoe the mental and phyaioal enemies, ftDd in other kostanoea it oomea on slowly. heralded by depression of spirits or acerbity of temper. In moat instanoee the pain ia in front of the head, over one or both eyes, and eometimea provokicc vomiting, sutler Uua olaea may also be named Nturaltia. For the treatment of either o!aaa of Headaohe the Ophalio Pills have been found a sore and safe remedy, relieving the moat acnte paina in a few minutes, and by ita aubtle power eradicating the diaeaae of which headache ia the unerring ma ex. Bridoxt.? Miaaua wants yon to eend her a box of Cephalio Glue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pillarbut I'm thinking that's not just it naither; but per uap* ye'll be afther knowing what itia. Ye see ane a men aeaa ana coda witn me sio* ueauaone, and w&nta some more of that eame &i related her , before. Druntist.?You muat raran Spalding'a Cephalic Pi! la. Bridget.?Ooh ! sore now and you've aed it, here's the quartherand giv me the Pilla and don't be all day about it aither. (enitlpatlon or I'wtlTrncM. No one of the "many ilia fleah ia heir to" ta so f>re\alent, ao !ittle uudrratood, and so much negeoted a* Cost i vert e?? Of en originating in o?r?eeanea*. or acdei;tary habita; it ia regarded aa a lliclil diflnrHur nf (.in itf!? nnma*n^nnft tn anxiety. while in reality it la the precursor ami companion of man? of the most f\tai ai.d dangerous iii?easea. and unions rarlv eradicated it will brine the auflcrer to an untimely grave. Among the lighter evils of which Costtveness ie the usual attendant are Headaohe, Colio, Rheumatism. Foul Breath Pilea. and others of like natnre.while a long train offrightru! diseases such as Malignant Fevers, Aboesses, Dysentery, Dyspepsia. Diarrhea, Apoplexy, Fpiiepsv, Paralysis, Hysteria. Hypochondriasis,Melanonoly and Insanity, first indicate their presence in the system hy this alarirmg symptrvm. Not unfrequenUp the diseases ramed originate in Coust pation. but take on an independent exiet enoe unless the oause is eradicated in an ?arly stag*. From all these considerations it follows that the disorder should reoeive immediate attention when1 avar 11 aaaup* a v>/4 v?*-? ? >U/>nU vtwi fvvai ai ?uu M'> ?*-? BVIJ UVHIU Ur?iCU? Mi |Uk ft box of Cephftlio Kills on the fir?t appearanoe of the oomplaist, a.* their timely in will expel the lnsiduons approaches of diseftse ftnd destroy th.ia dangerous foe to humfta life. A Real Blmiif. PkyticUn.?Well, Mri. Jones, how U thftt heftdftche ' Mm. Jonu*.?Gone! Doctor, ftll gone! the pill to? sect cured me in just twenty minutes, ftnd I wish job would send mote so thftt i o?a havs them uauiy. Fkytician.?Yon can cet them at any Druuiati. Call for t'ephaho Pill*, I lu the/ neveriaU, and 1 recommend them in all omn of Headaobe. Mm. J ones? I a hall send for a box diraotlr, and hall tail all my Buffering u:ends, for they aro artal | blttti* f. HjTOvkr kxcitvhint. and the mental oare and anxiety incident to clone attention to boa real or rtntly. ar.> among the nameroua oanaee of NerTbna Headache. The dieordered atate of mtitf and body incident to thia diatreealnc c>>m?!auit ia a fatal blow to a 1 eaercT and a<nbttion. PufTerera by thia disorder can alwa?a obtain aeeedy relief from theae di?t eaainK attacks by nafng one of the Cephalic Pilla whenever the aympfoma appear. It quiets the overtasked brain ar.d aoothea the atram[ ed and jarring nerrea.ard relaxes the tenaion ol . the atomach which alwaya acoomoaniea and a<! gravatea the disordered oocdiUon of the braio. I I 5 1 TwjHfrr Million* ? Dollies Bim.-Mr. Spa.din* bu ao.U two millions of bottieaoi hi* delegated Prepared Ga?aa? it is estimated that eaoh bottj# n?N at leaat Us dollars worth or broken Cr- itaro. Lb a a makitc an accragate of twenty milona of dullara reoi&ime'l from total loaa by thii v*l^%bla invention. Having made biaGluea hosaehold word, he paw proposes to do the world till reaUr sernoe by curiae all the aahiag heads wit I uia Ceshaiio Pilla, and if they ara aa food as his Glaa. Headaobos will aooa vac lab away like noi in Jaiy. Pacts worth isowisa.?<W,diDg's CephalU Pii!a(>are a certa^ ou't for^SioV ?leajaajga* Bill "u? nnoHM, nervous OHOMDI. UOCUvcue?s and General DeMIltv. Gkkat Dtscovmt.?Apiong the mott importan of a.l the jreat mertioal aisoorerles uf this sire aaai 'r bo considered the a^etem of vaooination for pro loo 1- tion from Small Fox, the Capjuilio Pill fyt relief o >- Headache, and the use of U^iLine for the preven h tion of Pevera, either of wnie)i ia a aura apeoifia *> whose benofita will be experienced bp eujenn, i. humanity Loui alter their diaouvorera are forgot tee o fn^I>TD yon ever haTe the Sick Headaohe! D< VAi: rAntAMn)iar ika #ki>^kktn? *? " '*1^1 t _ iwiuviuuvi MIV tilMM/UIU| WUIMJOil 'IIB IDTUI^ it tow, the loathing and diaguat at tin* aicht of food How totally uaSt von were lor p>a?ure, aonversa tion or atodv Oneoftfca Cepba'io Pilla wouii have relieved yoa from all ti)? *ulTarinj which toi y then experienced For thia and other purpose q yon ahonid alwaya have a box of them on hand l M uaa aa oooaaioo requires. ! NAPUmicUflaWachA , iivi v vivuvmvi iw I , He ad aelie. D - It By tli? mo of th?M Pilla th? ponodio attacks < t* Ntriout or SUk HtadtuJu may b? prevented; at ? ii hum 11 in* oommenoement ol an attvsk imin< diate relief from pain and aiohneaa will b? obtain* They seldom fail in removing the tiamie* ai ~ Head at ks to whioh female* are eo eabjeot Titer aot gently upon the bowela,?reoonni Co | HVflUtl. For Litirmry Mm, Students, Drlieat* Female p- and all pereona of fdmtttn \abitt, they are a vaJaable aa a Lmxmtiv, Improving the ?nntu pS giving ton* and ?t?er to the digeetive organa, ai T reetoriog the natural elaatieit) and strength of tl ~ whole ayateaa. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the remit of loi 1 inwAati?lmn aaaA ? J?-4-J * * ><.v*?R??vu ??u wivihu/ ouiMiioiva xpenwvnv having btn ia aee but Ttrt, during whioh tin they have prevented ud relleved a nit amoaat i Q pain as* Buffering from Headache, whether ong 1.; sating ia theaereetu system or from a deraag< itat? of the ftomack. M Thar are entirelr vegetable in their eorapoeit'ai M aed mar he taken at all ban with perfect t*f* without making aar ohange of diet, mmd tk? a imti of any 4i*agr?eaA/? lailt rmdtrt it ?uy 1 tdminiitrr them to childnm. t BEWARE op COUNTEAPBITtl! er The genuine have five lgo&inrts of Heurr < r Spalding en Moh Box. IB Bold by Draggidi ud *11 other ZkMlen la Mai ? A Box will be Mat by audi prepaid om HMtjH * PRICE, ? CENTS. r All ordan ekenld ? eddrMwd to ' G tULHKY C. BPALDINO, r aolMJkvlr *? (Mir atreec, NtrTarl. MJBDI01WB3. 'aWRBMI LOCK HOKTITU, ?? r^yry.'te*?' ?? FOE ALL DI8BA9B8 OP IMPRUDIOIC& Uf SO FJLLBB DELICACY PRRTM2fT. APPLY 1MMKD ATBLT. A OWRM WARRANTED, OR 1WO OH ARUM. IN FROM OJfM TO TWO DAYS. U4 IH44l?, tarttlMMJ nmlMfM. UnUMJ, fnj?| MUiT' H?r*< ???. D^i*t?.Uip?ln hiWWCEl (Mm ifUiu, P>lfH?lmi Mtli?lmn^aiMltt,fnank|^ iU^mtu, Dh?<m tf tk? Ih4, Mm* at Ikio, # iki Lkp, IimicI u ImitIfcak* T?rnH? IhMrdtn imisf Itwi Itiiur; .Mm af TmiIi?Lkm DtuMI uJ DMtractlti PntfltM wktafe m <w Muw|i ib^mMIi. u4 txtnr k*u M; ui MM TOfMMBM kpakUllv vtaktri mmcii M Swl ?ry tim, Ifctl druafai aad dmicuM k?kit wkicb mnlli iwttji w a BtiUrr.t.f fr??? ihMatadi T??r j Htn if<>! mi ii tlw4 Itliiu u4 krUlui muiikci, wka mirki MkirviN ktti huuiM Iwiuij Imm vuk Ui UMIm W iImmmi m wmktd w itmi; ik? U?i?f lf??. m; ull with fall M*l 4m a*. until. MAUUU PIUOM1, m Th>|Mka*?ataapMttaf Ma* rltft, kkiaf tvukkf kkjwaai h|ui? diWttT d?fe*miu?>, *c., apt?dil? mid. M? v*m eUe*( kiauilfaadtf tk? sat* tf Pt I. raUf Mr m?H( ia ki? kMti u k riiOiMi u< MiHutl) id< lyM k? *kiU u * pkrutiu. nrpu'.E i knm raucau<ii*i?iv. lafl fcand Ilit |?li| (lM lalltMri linu, tiv <??? Im Ik a IWI1II riilM utkunt ua?ui lUkii. Uutp Ml jj M ?* WHlHIBf. BK. JOUMTOB, H?k?n af lk? Itfti Callaft Utta, rnlMM fraa ana af ika maat aminabt C*U?f aa in Ika Vahad SUtM, tad tka (TttlK part af whaaa lift ku km ifMt li tti k? ptui* af Laodar., h?n?, t*c>lada!?h:a ud ilMTkirt, ku tf factad mia* af ih? bni utnakii( citii kktt vara i'm knavn; nui; ^raafciad w:tk ru.fiag in tka kaad ud tut whan ajlaap; fraat nar'aaaaaaa. aax.r alarnad u avddca aaaoda, fcaahfalnaaa wtth fraqaaol fclaahii.f. aaat kaai vttk daracramao; af mind, vara carad imaadlataiv. m pa*tic?iuji notice, Tna| Maa ud athara vha km ui)arad uanaalraa ky arum pnetiea inda f ad in w^aa alatia?a kaklt fraqaaUlf Iitmtd frato ?tiI campnuiaua. ar ?t accaal, Ua llhu ? which art nightly lilt itm whau ulup, u< if im tUli randart nurufi Ib^muMi, ua daatraya iMt adad u4 had T, ahaald apply iax?adl*Mly. ThM? art aaiut ! it>t ud ud nilutM; lOiumlMtl b; tui; batiu af yaath vis I Wailnu Wife* l>?t ud lira ha. Pioa in tt-t lf??d, Dir-.nt** af af h*?r, Palpitalian af tba Main, Uyapapay, nir'Ni IrrtlaMJIIT, Dmo|tmmiaf tha Digaativa raneu*o?, antral DthUUy TlnptBIO* of CoolUlMMi, 4c MENTALLY ? Tli fttrfaJ aftcUan ibl Blad ui Maktl hi drtudtd ?Lett of Slainary, Caoftaian af Idtaa. UiatHMa f 4piriu, K*il farbadioga, iTinitc?f cltlf, lalfDialraat kattaf aaluadt, Timidity, hbi ar Ut aaila pa* lUTOVI DN1LITT ?TtoiuiiU ua mi)adva ?M la tka aaa?* af tkali daetiahif kaalik, Iwbi tka it 'i(?, ka?mii>f *uk, pal*. oarratt and amaaUtad, hariaf a autfvlu appaaraaaa abaltha ayaa, taafh actymptama ?f aaaaaaaptlaa DISHAIIM Or IMPKNDKMCm. Wkae tka miafwdad icd iicpradani <tur; af plaaamva ladj k? bi? IrnNkad lb* atada af itia pclc'vl dlaaata, It taa aflaa kappar.a '-hat an ill-titatd aanaa tf attaint ar draad af diaaarary dataraktia frara apf Iriaf ta tkaaa wka, fram adaeai-ac tad raapaciabWUy, can aiaat kafraad him. fella lata tka fcaiida af iftiar^at and daaifataf prattadart, wka, taaapakla af canug, fleb hit pacar.Ury laotiar-ca, knp kua triltof aciLh aft?r month, ar >a Imip r.i th* iiaallaat fa* aaa ka aktainad. and la daaocir ! ?? ol? with raiead baalth la aiak I'lt l? railing diaappalr.umanl; ar by tbi aaa af thai 4m JN pmon, Martary, haatau ifca ctntuu'iMiI i^ntiwra W tfe(a tarribla diaaiaa, aach u Af action a la&rt. Thraat, Itaaa, kin.*c.. profraaalrf with frightful rapidity, till daalfa pat* ? ariad U hi* draadfal aafarinj-a by aandlng kin ta that alita>atad caulry frani vbaaa kaaraa aa tri'ilo Html ML JOBMIOM'B E.KMEOT FOR OUAIIC WtAUM A.MD IMPOTMCT. tj ik!a mat aad Imaariar.i ranad; waafcaaaa ?f tka HfUl ua apaadilT carad an J Ml ?n*? rtatatrad. Uawudi W tk? hi u?rv?? am d?*iiww?, vi? uq i?*i au itpi, uti k?(B IroaadliUly r?ll???d. All iRip?dim?i)U i* MtrrUft. Ptjat**! n Maatal DlaaaaJV Iwumi, Lui af Pmnui'i fivii, Itniu intuUlt; Vltnkluif u< WiitiiH ? Ilhuttw af Ik* mmhuft' kiad cartd. HDOUIMUT Or TU UH. TIC MAIfY THOVIAMOI caitd auhu inuiaUaa vttkta lb* iMHiniiti raara, acd tk? Dtnirtu lirpartaul tatrtHi ifirtilMi parfannad kt Dr. iiUni, ?>m??aad bj U? liNiwn ?f iht ptytn ua oaay atktr utmi, cattaaa 4 warck k>i tutiiid Lftla tad a(ala libtl Ik* aakUa, kalldti hUataaouif aa ? faailtsuaf llimimal unM aUhy. ta ? wlalial puulM la tka tlliwl Ka ?ly DIC. J. BOVEE VOD't IMPERIAL WllfX BITTERS, AIV BVw VOIBI mwu la'a uvno w 100 vrtw cwi Lake, anl (he ?iur ereal verdict of ail who in them either u k itirii or as a ?. is tut they are nn??r?ft?od In the word. Dr. Dod? uir^ them mvx?nfHii is hi* fraoiice for IB yean before we nironaaoc of *lmtheeole ri?ht to m& ud preaent is ta for ale to the rab,;o. For the eure of ioolpUv* OiMinucpt.or.. ' id'.tettor., I>yeF sj, Ncrrouliieeaaee, Fernaie Comrplaints, and a.l utu reeminn * tonio, they are boor,<1 docbt ft most iaralub ^ remedy. Aside from ijoir mMioiuai properties they are a jure, who'eiome aal delitntni Der*raee, rro-lnMn* the pleasant exhUortiiu* otfoota of BracJy or Win* witiiout t'le.r 11J in )as rata.U. Let all friMtds of namanity and alladrooatcs of temperance M*is1 as In rabetitainc thM3 valuable VegeUble Hitters for the **in<rdl phrnu and c4m(Itr*fd Lifumi with which tl.o nointn la fliuulM. Mid th*r*bw ?f. Warning ton, Dio. For DImmm of the Kidney a, Bladder and Unnan Organa, aud especially for Female ObetruoUoae, never mil to cure, a&d are warranted to give aatia ' ^C^BAkLES WID0IF1KLD * CO.. Froprietoro, T* Willi am jL.^nr^crt, je7 ly.r Agent. Washington,pTb. jov wispm mzwm?JLFPLY TM REMEDY REJOICE HEALTH. Friend, do yo? suffer? Are yo? the riotim ofanj of thoas nnmerou ailment* whiek anee trom lapurity of the blood.' What are they, do job ae?i Rather ask, what are they not? Tm blood i? th? aocree or lite aod health, and it ia the bret el emeu ' of our being to reepoad to any oa?j?e which aflecti U* TFtem. ae the pnlee tafaTiib r Mteeta Tfeeevw prevailing Neuralgia, the imt&unc Eryatpolaa, th< ubt'e Sorofua, the Moaii.r.t K^euru&tiam, Ner voua Debility, Drapopaia, Liver Complaint with it > torpor and dejection, a?u the numbarjeu ills tha - fleah ia heir to, derive their niaeuua on gin from th< > blood, l>c&: kindly tue* and gently with the blood Ua* tho viUL.ung reaourcea of nature for tta aid and bo^hr ua to ooipmend \o your oonftdeooe a em iim ui?i irmj ttiudid laeaioamani kbotts as ? INDIAN rfoirAiLi^cocrioN. t With rof&rd to this aluioat infallible ?Mii< - porular outiment has poken in decided Urma I and the evideooee of thia great efieacy are nt tamed by oo aslant avowals of curative affect* an< th? nappieet remits from its use are after ail othe r remedies and the bast medloal ?kii have failed. ' Let iu ear, in cone.u?.on, that oertiioatee oarea are not toujht from tne ii,iterate and iint Goiat, but they are vohinUg/ad from the moat re peoiAb.e source* and justify tl.i hirhest Unni ii } whioh it i? possible to oouijrend so valuable i I specific to publlo approval. We may arid also ths the curative properties or the m*dioine are^tualle only by its reatorafi ve efleota, the lyiUm reoover ,1 lax oromdiMaMViUi raitavM oorjiUtutioca. vicoi ii "For ?.? by all re|p*ot*ble Druggiats in thi a oity, and by tfo proprietor, M R s?. M. COX, u Nona t annina nnle?s her una ia blcrva on tb bottle and har aaal on tb? oork . ^ Rear iir vvs ss&t ft , Oanrcetown.D Cv Wwleti.s Acantfor tha Dm tnot, and viQ aapplj tha trad a at my pnoaa. an IS-tr pLUMBERS AND GAB FITTERS. J. W. THOMPSON * CO. Would o*ll the attention of water takers to Xhm fall assortment of Fixtures dmnwt| to ita infer* ducoon^a follows:?KITCHKN RANGKX.BAT BofLfcR8,AKTtCH ?n PUMP*C Cai (ron. Wrought Iron, l.*ad wd Galvanised Wl TER PIPES. HYDRANT* aoU PAVE WA8B ERS. RUBBER HOSE, ko Having superior advantages, with pneUai k'owledge. we are prepared to introaooe Wa?< into dwellings with all the latest in.prov?n est prompLy, aaa at prioas that can sot fail t* satisfy 960 Penn. avenue, o >4 dtMa*-1 bet 9th acd n th su . soptfa aide. Sll.n r1hh. MKI.1.iiw AMn PI BK \j ~ ~ 'fimiijnptfw MONONGAHBLA RYB WHISKEY, Oonaaientinaslydnhlled by Mr Jainea B a maid of llacaay Oouatv, Pann*., ia tha old faakiotx bonaat war, hom tha ohoHieat ud moat ca.-efu: aalaotod Rye, and in uo oas% ever offered for a& I until ati&plrd U> whoi*aoma aae by ace 1* la I onco the mo?t p*la??t>.n, m it i? inptjatiaattr 01 of tha pureat bavarajaa n the reach of tha publi To tha Invalid,aa we i a.* to thoae ia health, oommenda itaaif for Ha nnrivalied qaa'.itiae aa M atirnulant of tha aafoat. anmai, aad moat beccftoa: id doaoriptron, and many of tha moat di?t njr*uh( I- pnysioiana luiagilia tueir pnouw wiOi It a oa&pi?*t rt*ulU. _ s , Agent for th? Propdotor*. 994 Pi. &\ H tMw oppo?iw WH-oW';. - O ALTiMORE I 1) BUTTRR HOU^K, Dally re?e!rityr fre?h and nn?t, id Oothou pae! S A'-iOta. ^ iv*c a* RTxtianr* It&lttvMkr*. 275 allen 27 x JACKSON, "* * L *-s T * R B R 8% ? Pimii. Anirtri, of nmtwim loth %aA 11th rtrwta. H V - ^ ^aiHsw: gatMM*? _ And wlwiewla daaier* ia ? cJ2%kiZS0?Z?Vii?t&kw to wy Caali ?a+d fr?r >11 Irindaof Grata. MXi 1\JKW9 FROM UOIfF..-8tr&nr?rS riaitti 61, i* Waihinrtoo will find at oar tore Daily Fa<H> ore ail *m-1< f>t th? OOBBtry, #??t f<> r next WaM ?rouryt l.adgar and otQ*r W'efkliea By la *- nn?, BO.e'af enti for tha Charleston Da:.) Merour no tl at WE JTCVEE fAD BUCH BAEOAIN# I . TK* ** TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. I 0OOT8 1ND WfiOKfy TO ?/!"? fit nwlT ol MMtfD mdt ?orl of wn a* 1 acoettor, wort I eureealy to ori?r, iM ?i f HI MWd Mft ?ohV'?(?r arieetbaa hw feeea* Hk heretofore tter|*d ta Qua ?ty for m?1i lafcnw rrioiii ta nut of Rocta ao4 ftfcoee of euUn or ?Mr mU? f?ft Will a> vara ftn4 a rod mmm umhIS^Ui ^SYSAffT CMYK IUMURKD TRAVKLUm IIUNEK ttoa?3 ?wa or"& Dr?a? ?JtC Traofca. Ov a%.#a roua xbiuta a.t thia Una tt rmriaty of *r*T?*li?t rnaoiaitoa ?t inodoraU pncoa. to ha |oui,?l this aidaoTNaw York. A'ao, ? ?? daaarii rAVmfrrQ[d JTrunt? roy&trw or taAoc tm axehfcaga ""*** WALL. tTgfHE.S?> JO. ?r?-tf MTC.tww, gOlTTHKR> -^lUNEMAm FACTORY. QWwiM Odd H?... Wm'kinttea, D. C TrtTMri wii, Mia; tMr nfwu tm tiMunii m TRI .NK8, V AU(? Ac . IwHn pur 0Li/.r.( d.m-wm a* 1 ? ? dob* but u'wm boat tin1 mfc kfi morGansd the b?at vortn?c, 1 ate raoonwitd n - ' - .. O. A . ' .1 n 17 , ! vurs w ur ivprrivi in o?Tfi?|t??uu LSV'a- uil> VO Trauki th?t tr< m??le id other oitina *mJ *>.d bor*. 1 k-p oocataatlT on hand, mm! mat* lo troor in ob? notice errr* dewwni>u*n or SOLE LKATJifH, 7*0S rjkjMM FiCEKCH DkKSi Tr^nk?, mc., R*ni-rd Covered, is ft ml aii[>.tr mnuuer, M ehort coMoe Tmnki >Vei leered m my put of tit eitj, ft?or|? *?U-U JAMR8 9. TOPHA.H. IMPORTANT TO UUUMKKEKHEK& E. E. DCEEEEA CM V not only absolutely and fkefectly fi re. ut groaau from fro*! SpR??. el*et#d tod il?w4 fH ? for r*rP']f* rtiff uom to eoat. Tmt *r? l>??a?:fc:ly ^?ok?u ;l tiafoil. (UaM WtB ?*p?r J *> frev?Bt injury by k?t>y:u?. ttui ir? nil w*'?L(, whi.? Utf urdtcArj ir?>utJ SpioM *r? almost nitr?ri*t?iy hurt. Wy vtrrurt 'yWWrtf M % t lel# tn* wtii AhniMi&LLy prov*. iMMafcwd only hj ?U-?.D*W.? 'if, Cyt.'.'fc. W1TC"8C?,IK{?VE' I hare one of tha boat eataMiahmenta. and formahed with aoompiato *et of kx>]? lor repair- K isf every deeo'ipuon of 6r.? Watche*, and particular attention give to the earn*, by thomoph competent work mar.and a work gunmr tied. Al?o. every de*erip R>n of etandard Ifl.VEI WARr,. p. am and ornamental, manafnrtu *d oMer my own *uperri*ion, winch my ou?t<>mere will 6e<t far auperior in fna^ii) nod fiiaah to northern war* old by dealer* in general and rapreeeitteJ a* Uiair own macnlaoture. H. O. HOOD, *e< !H? Pa. area?, pear9th *t. CRANCI8 HARPER, family GROCKRv?aVBVeedstork. iWimt 0.f \e*f> Yo*-k uremr ft*4 T*ntk ttrtrt. Reapaotffeily eolteiU the *airoi??e<>f tb<>*ew mar be in any artiaM in theaiM>T?Tina Hi* endeavor* ahai! be to pi?n*e. and by a at not attention to the want* of the pabiin, he ftope* to merit a ahare of their patronace. Hi* toek eonaiata of every ame'.e nana.!; to ba found in a Int-clau Faraiiy Grocery mm Feed Store. malt tf ^^UTRY^FAt?P^Yp The above PURE WHISKY,Corrs-z DitTiLLSD nom MiLTiS ?a*IN, bein* anterior nod nniforta ! IB quality, and Ll* * . rr,proved by a*e. ia preferred by oonenmera to nil nuirr Wkik'.M, acd rvrtieu larly rwonMdwl by tha beat phyatetaua and CdHuitiwioiMuiu 111 the reeniTOBeaaa of a The ftoJ.cylk;.. Wnter ol Ph^?C? f -i*. ueed IB the diaullauas cf tsia Whiaky, ia fr?v*d by aoaly 2a to t>e the eonaet and pnreet waiter in the United Piatee ; md to tt ? May. in a treat decree, be at tilbutec ifce axoeiienee oftfcia Wn aky. Per aaieby FKi.KMAN * ?1 Mj*SON. Pberlx I>iUi)iC~T. Frost *i?t. PhilnWpMt. <n*r > 1* / ew30*ti \ v\ ([^/& OICrATCHI %\^<? \ ^y*r 8st? tlie_ Pieces! [ At *?M4mtt ?Ku kt.yr*? imk to rifijUt^ i It is f?T ?Mi ?i>;? to ksvs eoasepos# r u4 Mmuitl Vst Cm reasmnr Kiruttrc. Ti?i?. ! Or oakery. As. iriLDiNO'l rtvS?*R?D UX.UK t meets ail iioh CXCriCLC C'.k.a ua kou^hoid ott . Mora to be witfaoet it. It U i vtM rcfeiv and ay . to the atckint point. Ttero ic no .ob<fcr t ne-ea I titgr for IuBpint chairs, tpkj.uvod ~*ca>>ie, a?fui:r*a done, and broken eraaiee. It la iuct tlie artieie (or wm, Bell, ud other omwnMit*! work, so por ular witt >** of raftnorao; t ar-d taste. I Thia adrciral. e prepsrat.or la nead o-d.botrt ,, ohemioally bald in epUton, and ^teeeaaiBf tU tae - VBMMV fUUlIM CM IM DM! CUKM MUMf' Cine. 1 It may be nud in the piace of ordinary aaailace* r betas vastly more adhesive. " USEFUL IN EVERY II0V5JR." ftfcMSk, aeaotcya^Iea aaab bctCe. - i n WktUtm.It J?n, Ne. 49 Cedar ?trset, N<* Te/t. 4 AMim IENKY cTaPALOlN* * OO.. ? Bo* No. ?,?*, Nov te Babw-Cafd aoootnpanyint eaeti paokaft. C3T 4 etaci* bottle of SlULB.Ifl'&'S PRMPAR EL glum will eave tea limes Its ooet aaL aaeily to ovorr boaeohutd.^J t%JL ?SS2i SSKn.J5e'? try mere ban ta ehoald make a note of SPAL 8PREPARED GLUE, vaen ma*ini %p <. n wfll etand am olimate fa 16% <* a . - i - i m ^ i/jwg +CfJ( W>ini%/?r wV (tk.tdmi l**.lUr m \f ffV U.. i^l .) ." ?? S - f?flc . ^*?jf yn<> v vw -T slM iBM^Ilii It Im.< ?<?. ,i i??,y M J 111 HnH^O*J uft 0 'fj V* ?1* Twee e* ?# tM JUiwee. jb s* SrC J - J *' ?5 ft ^oprtetor. ^ I " |??j * i% CAUTION. _ IfWCNASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL 5 BL PURCHASING THE VAUET WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS jj A ^ Y' S : iminrviiicvwuiQftv " fUllMAIiy V/1ULI vviinmu ? ON THE LABEL. AL1 OTHERS ARC ? AM IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT *" nr TUF ABAur UIUIPVCV e- wr-t i m* hdvvk frnwnwi. : WM.HDALY, SO LEI. PROPRIETOR s ! lamvuuuisTiiEwnRL ft KW BALM IX WASHINGTON BT nf'lMj BAKPWfl * SEJKKSt iL "

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