Newspaper of Evening Star, December 17, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 17, 1860 Page 1
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# - A-*? *< - -< *?* rtm ? <fw _>' ?' * *'<. t " *. t-< ? j , ., v r t (gknittg Star, . *??? ? . i , * - ' ' , ? ? ??. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. DECEMBER 17. 1860. N?. 2.444. ????? THE DAILY EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED BYE &Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDI^CS, Cmrmm /PmnrflvtirU*ovum wtdWtk tt., ?T W. D. WALLACE. Mmd la puki(N by oarriere ?l 94 ? T?r, or ST o-nia Hf montk. To mall aabaortbm lb* prios :? 55-50 a y?v, m iidemnt*; St for aia orttiv, $1 for three montha; an4 tor Imm tkaa Ur?? moatfca at the rate of 13 Miti a weak. Sine < topte*. c** ccirr; in arr&ppart, two chit*. (I7"Ai?vnTISKMJt!ft?mobu bo MWt to UM oftoc botor* ! ' o'oiook m ; otharvosa they mi ?ot HK? ?nCt the next day. HOW BLY5ISK* WOJI THE WATERXKLOIII. Perhaps the beet watermelon pateh ii Bocka county ii that of Mr. . Wall, 44 for tn? ake of argument," and to ks?p from bnrting hi* feelinge, we'll call him Mr. Thingumbob Mr Thingumbob didn't embark in that brmnoh e u *t/v ivatarmalnni KaIatv# 1)1 QO.liiUii mc IV n uivu ?? uv^.i iu v.-'uw merely for the fan of the thing He went into it to make money, and he has done It. If Mr. Thingumbob has a weakness fur anything in the world it is for that specie of pocket furniture which the preachers piously denounce tu " the vile dross of earth,'" and the b'h)ys style '-spondulicks'' and ' spizserinctum." If J Mr. Thingumbob were to suffer a watermelon ! of the market value of fifteen cents to fall from his cart and wreck itself against the pavement, he wouldn't get done teeling bad about th* in** within the ensuioiE six weeks. In short, Mr. Thingumbob is tie stingiest man joa ever saw, and if he ever die* of a broken heart it will be over tit* loss of * shilling. I \ Yoa have often wen ineh man, bavon't yon 1 I \ On Saturday Mr. Thingumbob brought a load of watermelons to town, and as we gated into the ears where they reposed in sullen ? nnlUti nf atra* ?a rA. gninilCUI UJWI1 ?UW.I v. .. ? marked to i* considerable Dumber of spectators, and to the community at large, that "they are indeed very fine," a remark wbieh, we are proud to perceive, elicited the cordial thvagh ilent approbation of everybody within the sound of our roioe. We hadn t more than finished the observation when up came Blynnk*. and ?ays to Mr. ThingnmboS: '?Srrangcr. these melons rf yours are perI fw!t whales?I'd like to swindle you eut of one f At |? Ol iueui44 Well," said Mr. Thingumbob, "if yon oan awindle roe oat of one of tharn, you're weloome to it " " Ob, I was merely joking about that," said Blynnks, 44 but really I am very fond of watermelons, and probably oan eat more of them than any six men you erer saw; it's astonisning what a quantity it takes to do me. How many of them large ones there of yours do you suppose I could eat?" "Why,''said Mr. Tbingumbob, measuring the size of Blynnk's mouth with bis ?jes, and easting them down till they rested at a ^oint near the lower extremity ot Uis vest, x aon i tuppoM from your looks that you oould eat more than one." " One' whr. great goodness, stranger, what are you talking about? I'll tell you what I'll do?if you'll furnish me six of the best you've got, and if I don't eat everyone, I'll make you a present of the finest hat in town." Mr. Thingumbob looked at Blynnka with both eyes wide open; then took off hia hat and looked at that, and then clapping it on his head and prcaaiogit firmly, exolaimed : " If I don't do it. blow me !" " Ail right," s&id Blynnks; " hand oat half a dosen." Mr. Thingumbob began to hand out the "perfect whales," one by one; while Blynnks laid them down on the pavement with their enda against the curbstone. ' Hold on," exclaimed Mr. Thingumbob, as he rested the last one on theaideof the wagonbed, ready to be lifted off, "suppose you should at em all up. who's to pay for 'em ?" " Nobody, of coarse, answered BIynnka; '* in that ease yoa low; bat if I fail to eat them II lose, and am to give you a ten dollar hat." " Go ahead," Mid Mr. Thinguxnbeb, handing down the sixth and last melon. Blynnks drew forth his jack-knife, and saying to the bystanders, as he seated himself on the eurb-stone with his feet in the gutter. ' Gentlemen, I would like to invite you to join me. but circumstances over which I have nc control, force me to withhold the courtesy," he split the best looking melon in two, and taking one half of^con his lap, commenced leisurely to eat it. " Well," said he, after having finished it, rising and wiping the blade of his knife with the tail of his coat, " that will about do me fer thi; time; I'll lay that other half away till aftei \ dinner: I'll try another after supper, and J think by ah ml Monday night or Tuesday morn ing I'll wipe out the pile."' nino"' exclaimed Mr. Thingumbob springing to his feet in the oart, " that won't do?you've got to finish them now !" " Jt'iniih them not*.' What tho deuce do yoi meia by that? I hope you don't expect me t( e?t them all at once? ' "Of course I do," said Mr Thingumbob excitedly; "that's what you said you'a do, and you've got to do it." . " Look here, old man. I bet jou a new ha that I could eat six of your water melons, bu 1 diem t Ten you i wour J nn uown in me puum treat and m?kc a confounded bog of myself.' " Then *>ay ma for the one yoa'ye cat open,' said Mr. Thingumbob. " I (ball do uo such thing." said Blynks; "1 am still willing to cat the balauce of the pile but if I do. I am going to take my time for it.' " I see now what you've been after all th time?yoa jost wanted to swindle me out of i ' watermelon'' "And Too think I've done it too, don'tyou?' ^ 14 Ym. I'il be darned if I don't; bnt you'v cot to pay for it, or there'll be a Aght righ here " " Pay you for it, be hanged! Wh^r, didn' you teli me at the start, if 1 could iwindle yo out of one, I would be wcloome to it?" ' Well?yea?I beiiere i did," laid Mi Tningumbob, shoving hi* hat aside and aoratcb log his head, "bat you told me yoa were onl I Joking" .? 4_ j r i.ii .... T' k Uk!. **ADa 1 iCI I J '/U 9V uu w . A TV UCVU JVftlU all along, and if you can't the point of th joke by this time, you're a greater eight tiggc fool than I took you to be. Mr Thingumbob put hi* water melon* hue into the oart in eileaee, and almoet in tears b kieked the unfiaifhed half into the gutter, an mounting hie vehicle, drove alowly aoroea tii aquare. Half an hour aft?r, we iiw him drivin along, crying at the top of hia voiea? ' Her r-e * them water useless!" Bbootisu ox tbi Wise.?It if aatonishio how stubborn young tporumen are to beliei in the principle that it ia neoeaaarj to fir* i ad ran.** wf a distant flying object tor the pu poae of kilting it! They persist in the foolu notion that almost on thu instant of palliii * Ik a M?MVaa t k nK! m t aSma/1 ilt ig ?Ci mc aawi ? v?v ?ww wjwv uivu Man/ yan ago I waa among that Btabboi class, until oonvineed of arror in a simple as extraordinary manner, which I relate for U parpoM of endeavoring to impress upon it readera the importanoo of this fundament prineiple ~~ 1 waa out shooting one daj, in t] month of Ootober, in a large turnip field, wn my dogs and gun. when a brace or partridg r ?e at the distance of flfty-fire or aiztj yard they (lew rapidly to the right, in direot lin oae bah in J the other, at a apace of about t? * - * T * 1- J.1IW...I. {. a. Iicofc parv X wi acuwci?w aiiu awuv i> inches in advance of the leading bird tod ir? when to mjr surprise. tbe hindmost bird ft deaJ. and the lending one, which wu the o jeet of my *iiu, flew >wy untouched. At tJ iffloucui i ten mo ajiODlSDca ? 100 rovuii iu I c> nld not recover myself nod enough to di charge the other barrel at the bird which hi fl?*n away Ou picking op my bird, I foui that It* shots had struck it in the bead ai seek; ao that my aim, whieh was at leaat ti f*et six use h we in advance of the bird kille waa not any too much at the distanoe and ra at whioh they were flying. I f#|t ao foroib the erroneous principle upon which I h male my own error, that I felt as if a curta had risen before me and exposed the tr aecrets of the art of killing cross shot. And can tru'y assert that this simple bnt siagul discovery did more towards improring me the art of shooting, than all the advtea a Instruction I had received from practical a venerable sportsmen Soma of my sporti frien 1?. shortly afterwards on ooogratalati me on a ' Terr sudden and wonderful inaproi asant in my shooting In long rang**," Lnquii |o vhat suhool of laatruouou I had bee?. then related the circumstance above recorded; and, a* they said, "very much to their edifi- cation."?Th? Dead Shot. From the Africa* Ceaet We are favored witb the following tntereating 6 extracts from a letter received in thle city from the African coast: U S FLAO SHIP Co^sTKuLATiort, ) St Pauls de Luanda. Aug. 20,1880. L We are again at anchor off Luanda, after an j, absence of near #?e month*, during which time i we visited Madeira, Porto Praya, Porto Grande, , and Princes ItlanU. 1 A few days sine* we were not a little surprised. f to *ee the steamer Niagara come steaming briskly ( up the bay. Sne i* tn route for J span, and touched I here for coal and provision*?siucesailed. During I her aojuurn we made quite a respectable display, counting six American men-of-war?Constella- . tion, Niagara, Mohican,San Jacinto, Marlon and t Mystic. The steamer Mohican captured, a few days slnoe. atfalp having on board about nine hundf*d " and ninety alaves; the San Jacinto one with be- 1 tween five and six hundred; and the Mystic oue j without any ne<ro?s on board. So you see the steamers now do the work quite prettily. Our caances, i rear, save ramer "gone la," though we are a fast ahlp. and captured a brig last winter J during inysoiourn at Losnda, which fun of course ( I missed She waa not, however, condemned j after being aent to the United State*. Apatfrom ala*e catching, African cruising Is more than I tame. ] l.oanda looks much as when we left last winter. j The aqnadron went to sea and left me here, where , I S|>ent about a month superintending the build- t lug of a sea-wall, wharf, 4c., connected with the t Naval Depot. 1 loanda la a dilapidated old town, situated on J the margin, and at the head of a deep bar. bear- ? lng the same name. It has many large buildings, ' some cf them prettily situated; also several Cathedrals, one now entirely without roof The whole I place has a gloomy and dingy appearance. Some . of the large houses seem about In keeping with ' the old church of fallen roof, and I set them down as having nourished about the aair>e time On oue I noticed a date In a wall much defaced, yet I could make out 1053, (one of the officers informed me he saw one il:?t?? Ulfi 1 urlilrh fa nn Hnnht about the time this antique looking town was moat prosperous In thote days the slave trade being legal, the best buildings I presume were put up by slavers. Near the old custom-house, on I a pier, still may ix* u^n a large stone chair, elaborately chiseled, and in tolerable good state of preservation, which was occupied, it is said, , by a priest during the embarkation of slaves in days of yore, whose cfflce was t > bless each slave as he passed into tlis boat, receiving a certain fee < fot each one. Of course this was consistent in those early times; but would not much please Harper's Ferry Brown disciples I have an idea the trade is st 11 familiar to the Portuguese and Spaniards of Loanda Scirce any English is spoken here, except in the two American mercantile houses; scarce ajiytfelng but negroes to be seen, but no lack of thein I assure you. They can be bought for about $3U. Those whe can speak a little Spanish or Portuguese of court* command more money. I wish you could tee the interior people coming In, laden with beeswax, elephants' tusks, Ac Sometimes six or eight hundred may be s<*en making their way to the town, resembling so many anta, for certainly they are quite at black and nearly as naked; their burdens, too, hear about the same proportion to the carrier as thote or toe lUtls Insects They are, Indeed, rude specimens of the human f?rnily. "Soon u they reach town ths gre?dy trader* readily relieve them of their burdens Then they group about the streets, basking in the scorching sand, with 1 which the place seems filled, or crowd about a few burning embers, each one cooking or scorch' ing corn or cassanl, to suit their respective tastes, then filling up with the rough food, with eqnal lack of ceremony. 8uch crowds present not the most beiutiful picture to look upon, and I assure you their proximity Is objectionable, on account of a certain accompaniment which In this hot climate necessarily pervades such a crowd. You | must not, however, suppose that there is no other way of getting over Loanda sand besides passing 1 through so interesting a crowd. The Portuguese 1 um a novel little fixing which Is carried by two slaves, called a "Machilla." By this arrangement the motive Dower becomes int~lllvrut for your special comfort, or In otber words, tbe bor*e tieeomes als6 the driver All you have to do is ' to step lritoa "Machilla" and Intimate wbat point r you wl?b to make, tben draw your curtain* and i chooae tbe most comfortable posture till you arrive at your destination, for ao smoothly do these fellows walk, you scarce realize you are moving. The Portuguese bave also introduced a new ^ mode of riding at Madeira si nee I was there in 1647. A sled, on which a nice apring carriage is arranged, drawn by well fed and well cared for 1 oxen, and as thev jog along with their easy gait. > tbetr ^luuy hide* almost reflecting the tied, a kind ef lullaby feeling i* brought a?>out, bearing , no analogy to those break-limb apprehensions I which are ever in attendance when darting along behind a *2 40 horse We are daily expecting the sloop Portsmouth, * when I presume we will again make cruise, (1 ' mean on her arrival.) 5 _____ "Pomc* CtAKL. "?A mounted company for ' police purpoeea limited to twenty-flve In number has been or .ran'zed at Leonardtown, Md , [ under the title of "Police Ouard," for the purpose of affording protection to their immediate ' section ?nd the conntry at large. The company fnrniah thfriv nu/n urnia wK(/>h bva Ia 0 and revolver, but it is not their intention to uni form The officer* are 8* follow* : Captain, Dr A. Mtllt*m?: first-ilent Jaa T Blakiaton;second ' lieut, Jaa F Abeli; first sergeant, George A. e Sliums; second sergeant, B. R Ab*ll; corporal, t Dr. Henry C. Kiielon t Vale* or Nsokoks im thi 8octh-w*st ?The u Augusta (Ga ) Constitutionalist says: \V? have been shown a private dispatch to one of our citizens, dited New Orleans, Dec. bth, which reads as follows: "Commission house* here hart stopped making J advances on negroes There is an average decline of four hundred dollars In the value of nog K'oes. compared with last season, and the trade is Q uuu. ,r The Cost ?The Vlckeburg (MIm ) Whig my* *'At the lowest possible estimate It will coat * twfif-Jir' million dollar* to maintain the State * of MlutMlppl out of the Union. All of Mil* will d have to be raised by direct taxation on ber people. i? Are they rvady for any such emergency? Let the people remember that the reroluttoutsts are de? terialned to perpetrate thU great outrage on * them." Fitiimi Mtiiciti (lima!! ?Tin Oxtr. (la House of Representative* passed on Saturday ? last by a vote of 101 to 37 a resolution pled^ln^ 4 the aid of tbe State to aay Southern State tbat may ? secede, tn case tbe Oeneral Government should r- attr-n pt to coerce her back into tbe Union. A ih bill passed tbe Senate alio on the same day autboig riiinu tbe Governor to aroept 10,000 volunteer* to t. be uaed if, in hi* discretion, necessary. l?7" A City Passenger Railway is about to be commenced in Richmond. Contracts have al>e ready b?-n made for the timber and iron rails >7 The timber* are to be the very best Florida pine, al and tbe rail* are to be made ef the tnoet superior ie pattern. The road Is to extend from Rockett* to th Brooke avenue, passing up Main and Ninth and es Broad street*. ij; Distbi** tm Richmond, Va ?The Richmond e' Whig of Friday savs hundreds of industrious ' mechanics in that city have bean deprived of employment by the financialpreesure. and tbat at tbe Close of the veer there will be a renter nuir> d; oerofldle men' In that city than bu ever been >11 known tnere before b* |ET Peruvian advloea received at Sin Francisbe co state tbat Congress bad granted extraordinary at powers to the President for prosecuting the war [a. ou Bolivia, lien. Caatllla would raise 30,000 men ?d The general Impression, according to Lima lot. trrs. was tbat the Peruvians would be whipped ArroiKTMSMT ? Mr. Joseph H Chenowetb, a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, and at * present an asststint professor of mathematics in d tbat institution, has been annotated to fill the te cha!r of mathematics In the Maryland State Agly rlcultural CoUeg*. ad |rj> Another English Prince will shortly vialt in this country. It la Prlnco Alfred, the second son ne of Queen Victoria, who ha* left the ship Kuryalus, I T and will ioin the St. Qeorfc-e. a larirrr vmuI. M which will ? ? eorly next yoar for th? Waat Inia dies and North America. n4 trr An lmnwDM Union meeting ?n held In n(? Wilmington. N C.. on Tuondav evening, and n paaaed off with marked unanimity of aantinacat * and eotkuslMin. * LLT Wm. Small, a merchant at Harpenbnrg, committed auiclde on the 8th by blowing out hit t hralna with a gui. Pecuniary enabarraaamen'i * wm tt>? cauM. MISCELLANEOUS. ZA OREEN'S R> EXTENSIVE fcfk Furniture Emporium. My frisnds and the pnblio in central ar? respaet? a ir informed that ths subscriber hH oomsletsd itsst<*ok ol MAHOGANY and WALNUT FURdiTURL and HOUSEFURNISHING GOODS if evarr des iription, which hn will sell at the vsry jw*at prio\ Hs oun mantes in part? rt lU.U.if Par j t"i j urwjuvuuu vi ia?nvK?uj auvi *t muui ft mm lor and Ohambsr Furniture, ?ino Punted Cottare Chamber Sots. >r?e'?, Hues, Blankets, Comforts, c.'.her Beds, Hair and Sliuok Mattresses, Jhir.a, Q!a?s aad CrocVvrr Ware, Lei*** and Porks and 'Cable Ca?tor?, Juokeis, Tub?, Washb >ard?. Bitters, and srsry other deror.ptiou of Woud and Hardware, At No. ft'Jft,oornor of Seventh and U streets, at ke Bit Sign. The publi > la respectfully invited o 0*11 and ozanine lor themselves. A. GREEN, no y>-eo4w A not, and Commission Merchant. B 'JO HOUJJKKEEFKKS JQf) WASHIN8T0N, G BOKO E U> TOWN ANl) VICINITY. We invite the attention of IJou*?keep?r* to our r#?y large and beautiful stock of CHINA, GLAt'S tnJ KaRTHKN VV'ARfc, which i?now rendered omplete in every department Ly our recent imwrittiona We deem it unneoeaa*ry to enumerate nrtiolea, vs we havo ev?ry thine that ia usuvlr krpt m th? !?hina Bueinea*, front rioa deooratod h ranch China Dinner and Tea Seta to the ordinary Earthen Ware, and *a wa import the inajorit; ofour jooda, ro are prepared to furniah the beat quality .either 0 the vhofflaaia or ret*il trade, m for a? any ol ;hn importing houaea of Baltimoro. Kntiiah an i American Cutlery of auperinr quality, Mjo, Horn, Buck and Cuooa handle Cutlery from tha a* Tie faetoriea, 'ilver plat?tl Ware on fine Alhatta, warranted, 1 la-Ka atook of Coal O.l Lamp*, uuincroua patteroa, Caper Lamp Shadea and Chimniea, Cot Glaai Globe*. /lU..u C I TV.-. L ? L ? I* / CfrUIUfclX V* IttBIOli r BUUi I fc?? . o?j t uj i ivv ? u>ui C. ? FOAVLER 1 CO., 504 Odd FaI owd' IlaM, no 16-eoflw Sevunth rP BOOTS AND SHOES I O MEMBER* OF CONURhS?, STRAN(iKKS VISITING THE CITY, AND THE PUBLIC GENERALLY ! Tha undersigned bogs l*are to inform you thst b< IiAk in ?:orc on* of the beat a?sortmeiits II lOTsicil SHOES to he found in tity, for Ladies', Gentlemen'*, Milne*',* el l and Hots' Wear. Also. GUM SHOES, K, OVKR-GAITF.RS, LEGGINGS Ai? fti. Hi* entire stock is frenh?all made for this **? son's w?ar?in the l^st style?of the hent materia hud vorknuuuiiip. To whioh he invites your at' '.ention. H. BURN!4, 40* Pa. av.. (A few door* cast of National Hotel,) no 27-?o3vr (Intel.ACon ) Bat. 4H and 6tn WINTER MILLINERY. OW Opening, at our Fanor Store, a very larg< ind auperior assortment of WINTER N ETs.oompriaicg the lateatand moat demra-UAM bid ?ty lea of the season. AUo. a fine assortment of FRENCH FLOW F.RS, FEAU'IIERS, RUCHES, RIBBONS, fco. all of which we are enabled to aell at greatly re duced pno a. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, 310 Pa. ar., no S!-d2wAeo2w Between 9th and Oth ata. CIR EAT BARGAINS I Offered AT THS PEOPLE'S CLuTHIfiQ STORB, No. 460 S^TKNTH SlK&KT. CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS AHD CAPS. At 30 Pbr Cint. Lmi tha.i th* Usual Ratb? AT SMITH'S. So. 460 Seventh Strut. N. B-All in want of CLOTHING and PUR NISHING GOODS will find it greatly to their ad vantage to give me * call. de 7-lm J. H. SMITH. lLOTHiltt. T^HK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KfcPr BY I' KM RICH, at the corner of Fenn. A- i avanue and Klevenih etreet, kai tM?enypTMki greatly improved recently and now offer* JJmJBJ greater inducements for the patronace of uitixoi. and atrang?re than a"y other publio house in th oitf, hie pnoeet>#ing leea than those of any "the hotei on Fenn. aveeue, and hie aooominodatiou for parmanent or transient boardera nnexoeption able. The bar and raetaurant arrangement* ol th Kuropean Hotel bare already become very popu lar, bt inj ail that oan b? deeired by the mutt fa.* titliou*. Tne proprietor pledge* unremitted atten tioaaad oontiaued liberal expenditure* u> give sat ufaotion to all.and t.'ui* renews hi* invitation t all to five the tsaropean Hotel aoall. da 4 - tf HHOLIDAY PR EShNTS?SUITABLE Alii _ MENTOSl one ?*t K?ti s?at>ie, . One 3-*t Royal Erin'.o*. ^| At half their uanal price. MINK SABLES! Moat e e^ant ae'.a. at priosa to <^VKHI auit the tunes. A'?w W'W FKKNCH MINK, JJBSSSS FRENCH SABL.E9. Brautifu tSot*. from 910 to 915, CHIlURKN'8 FIJRS. MufTa, Victonnea, and Capea, in a:l their varii tie*. from 75 cents to *8 B. II. STINEMETZ. 9*6 Pa av.. de 12 betweon 12th and IS'h at*. /Q\ NEW PAWN OFFICE. 6 O E. WARD. Dealer in N??6 < &I .1 tut Off Clot>?inn, rsspeoifulty informs U pub'io h? Las opened a lICENSEIj HaW; OK KICK a' No TH Louisiana avenue, Lot^e. cth a"<i loth sts , a fj-jr doo-s east of tLe new C?i tral QuMd-h'>Ds?,wh?r? h* will Kb at all tint* prnpared to wait 01 his patrons with attention and the striotMt iuntics. N. B ?Jewelry, Dry Woods, Ulotliinj, Mfchai ios' To Is, 4c., always on band at private sa.o de 7 lm* J^OTICE TO THE PUBLIC. Tb* nnd^rslKced hat iust opened a whol?sa PRODUCE and MaUKKTING STORK at U .Xi'.th street. opposite Center Market, wb*r? i w;ll ba receiving daily a general assortment over* thing that grow* on a fitric, fresh from tl ha;.ds of ike farmsra, auoh as Turkejs. Chicken Ducks, 6m>8, Rutter?of all qualities. Baltimore ^rioaa? pried Krwit. Apples, Floo Beans, ito . 4o., whioh 1 will sell as oheap as 01 he Nought in this oity, Alexandria, or Baltimot Dealers and huokaters are respectful j in Tiled call and examine for themaeltm. de 6 tf J. H. CAVPIKLD. RE*$uS*1PAL. Z?' v Q 1 have rei.iov?d m j 9 I FAWN OFFICK to *51 C street, between 4K aud 6th ttreets, imnt dlately in the rear of the National Hotel, whe the business will ba ont.nued as heretofore at tl . S r 1 * It 1 I .1 a /-? If I > > mm il ' rt n oia mad. Ibouhhwi tir.n/.nruu TV'ffiift N ? T_i c KI Wv I with all gentlemen ? to b?af in mind that IfeS? the plan wliieh I ^LaSM^^aiopted, six r?ar* a<o, of eellii ^3^HFhaT8 and HOOTS at greatly t dnoed prieea lor cu.*h is in euooeaaf operation. J oat received a full aupply ol the lau Sew York afylea of DRESS I1A I S. The ve fineat Hat #SJ0; a ftrat rate Hat f?: and ve cood.faahionabie Hat jn 60. AllofthefaUietstjl ot aoh HATS and the very loareat prio< ?w* *w UiUW uur i/A poo BV/U JL O ? f O.IJ?W 111 UII 1 il? been calling for inanr jroara?a? wellaatiieva beatnualty of Patent LMther GAITERS at f3 Fine French Calfakm Gaiters from 93 to 92 50. Terms oaah; nn extra eliarre in order to otfi badaebts ANTHOrtV , Agent for the Manuft tureri, Serenth stroet, aeoond hat atore from t ooruer, opposite Arenue Houae, No. MO. ae 14-3m 11 CEMETK1Y NOTICE. . HE Vabeoriber offers for tale hiastock of MA, UI.E MONUMENTS, T O M B H. OBA\ 8T??NK8 and MACULE MANTELS at reduc ?**k Ava&C Marble Worka. S59 k ?t. north. oo 17 3m >+tw+*n 1*th itfl ISth Wood coal OFF1CK. 908 Pa. At., Bnw. 11th ufc ISth Bts., Mill and Whirf loot o?t?evoateenth et. <w? IV K "?l"w W|? pneeitTnew] WO A 8 FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are ilni. r reoMvtng, 9. FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and D??u , ana Finish. superior in atri* to anything herelofi offered in this market. We invite cuUSoos cneer It to oall and examine oar etook of Gas and We Fixtures, feeling oonfident that we have the b elected slock ia<toa. AH Work ia tke above Tine intrneied to mt m A HaGHAN. him g-tf STW D ?tree BONR PRICE ONLY! AVINO on hand a very hearr stook of DRE iu Uivnu i _;n -tf.. it.. - .W?.. ?? ?? ? .? I I* \M Ol I Will VB*1 Mt? IIW f WI J WUV?f Cut, and On* Prioo Oalr, _ *. C. STEVEN?, 339IV *t . nog tf b?tw?a9Uand 10th ?t Ho ! rrewved to latrodao* W?t?r tidOu a Urm'- ** ,BVMU- J : ^;.vViiB\:?a A'KEF.sM MISCELLANEOUS. #Cmi Gorngk, Cold, Hoarteiuts. Intu.nza my Irritation or Sortntst of tk* Throat, Rtlitvt tko Hacking Coutk in Contumrttom, Bronck'tii, Atkma, t Catarrh. CUar and rivt ttrmttk to tlu voi** of PUBLIC 8FKAIKR8 and SINGERS. Pew ?r? ivtr* of th# import&no* of ohMkint Coffh or '-Common Cold" in ita fir?t ataca; that wiuon in the berininr vonld vi?l(l 'x a mild rem? dy, if nogleotsd. eoonatiaokathe Lane*. "Brown's Brontkx+l Troekts." oontaintng demuloent ingr?di ecu, allay Puunouary and Bronchial Irritation. i "That trouble in my Throat. (Tor BROWN 8 vhion the "TrtJu ** ar*a apaofio) havina matla iqo often a mere whiaTROCHE8 perer." N. P. WILLI*. BROWN'S! " 1 recommend their nae to Public spkaxk&b." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Grearfaervioe in aoMntrg Hc*r?k BROWN'S mm." REV. DANIEL WISE. TonrnuH; "Almoat instant ralitfii lh? di< treating labor of breathing peoaliar BROWN'S t0 A. c. EG6LE9TON. TROCHES "Contain do Opiain or anything i n avu * a ri > . Da IQJUnUBB. ' ua. -> A HA r,3, 1 BROWN'S Ck mist, Bait on,. " A timple End pleaunt oorabintTROCHES uon for Coc?ii?. Jto." BROWN'S | UK. 4. P. BlSELgW^ | TROCHKS " 'j"1-"CW'L'AVK, BR0WN'? ts.m TROCHES WHornwo Cotoh." KEV. H w WARRENt > BROWN'S Bono*. 1 " Ben*6oi?l wh?n oomjailed to TROCHES, (B>ak. iuff4'ing from Cold." I r REV. I!. J. P. ANDERSON, BROWN* St. i.~u. 1 TROCHES " Effectual in remonnj Hnarae nea* and Irritation of the Throat. ?o BROWN'S oomjnoi with fereaxkb* and VinoTROCHES! Prof M. STACY JOHNSON. La. (rrante. (??. BROWN'S T<*oher of Muiio 8. uthern Female College. TROCIIKfr "Great benefit whsa taken before and after preaching. as the* prevent BROWN'S lloareenega. From their paateffVo?, > i think they will be of permanent adTROCHES vantage to me." KKV. E. ROWLKV, A. M. BROWN'S President oi Athena CohegL*, Tenn. TROCHES: irr*old hya'l DrncciaU atTWENTY FIVE CENTo A BOX .Ol j Cias Fixtures, TB E BEST ASSORTME M EVER OFFERED IN TIU8 CITY. Tho*e who desire to aelect from new pattern*. , with the advantage of a reducti on ia prioe?, will i cafl early and examine. 1 We would also oall the attontion of prrson* ab?et ' introducing r&i into their dwelling! to onr incr-med faotlitie*, and oousequont low prioe*, for this branch of our trade. ' ln? itinj all who desire their work donepromptly, and frt'B from ?as 1 aka?es, to ca l at 'Jfiff Pa. avenue, between loth and 1 Ith at*..aotith aide. no21 tjanl J. W. THOMPSON k. CO. PERFUMERY. It <n very difficult to Ret genuine SOAPi?. KXTRACTs*. OI I.S. AND POMADES. Onr on* experience in the business enable* na to ctfer every article of the GENUINE QUALITY. Soma c.f our owa importation and other* of wallknown standard "brand*;" many varieties not to ? - * - ? * .1 ? i. be I 'Ui'J in mi* 01:7. ana a . m me iow?? pnuw. 1, Buytng every artiole 'or cuh, vi cffor all oar large stuck at the loweet price* at 8TEVEN8' falae-Room, He4eo6t Bfwn'n H nt-l D~~R. SCHKNCK'S PULMONIC 8YKUP, l>o. SEA WEED TONIC, Do. MANDRAEE PILLS, For sale by 8. B. WAITE, oorner ol Seventh [street *nd Louisiana avenue. Price of Syrup. ?1 per bottle. Price of Bea Weed Tome ?1 per bottle. Price of Mandrake Pille, 25 ccti per box. e Those afflicted with diseases of the Lanes, Liver r or BtonUMih. aooorr panied with pain* in the Back, a Breast or Side, ehnoid try Dr. Sohenok's Medi oines, and are referred to th? followinc certificate, one of the in toy testiaioniale of oomplete ourea in Dr. Schenck's poaseea on. No. 407 Weat Fifth street, ( . WASH138T0N, D. C., Nov. Slat Dr. SCSXKCK?D^ar Sir: I Buffered muun lor o several montta with Liver complaint, I was per suadetl by a friend to try your Puimonlo Syrup, an1 Mandraka Pills. 1 am now quite well, anH <- belitve your ni'd~ci*t wot tk? means 0/ restoring I me to kealth and vigor. Therefore 1 take muoh pleasure in reoonnmend, in* it to the Public. M. 6. 8 k no 22 lrn L1 r K s FUK8! r FURS! j at and finest st >eks ever offered > Al?o, l?ri? atook CARRIAGE ROBES. V'nri and Altered a.t ahort notice. bv an old, uxperieneed hand, all oh?p. 1- As tnr atook ia v?ry large, all! aak ia a o*J. All Kuraaold at my eatabliahment warrantM aa represented. HOPKINS'. - Corner of Sixth at. and Pa. a*. 8t05 White B?a.x. no 21 2w ' 'T'RAVELS IN THE REGIONS OF THE * 1. Upper aod Lower A moor, by T. VV. i, > with a map and nnmeroua llluatrhtiana; pnoe $2.6*. ?? Lionellu, a ?<quel to the Jew nl Verona, by H. A. * Breaotana, 8. J. ? Haaaao AbdaKah, or the Enchanted Kera.and M othe* Ta oa, with an introd notion by Uiaa Pardoe, ir? Volam* one of Tom Brown at Oxford, a aeqael ln to Tom Brown at Rugby; oheap edition 31 eiaU. Oar Year, a ohild's book in prose and varae, by 10 the author of John Halifax: pnoe 75 c ?nta, BLANCHAR1> * MOHUN, da 3 oorner KUventh at. and \ A WM. T. DOVE * CO. A Are New prepared to exeente ur order* vltk "VuWlW. 8Ag?0|l IflSiM FITTIN9 ro n^r 8tor* on Hh street, a lew door* aorth of P*. f?o avenue, where may be found a ootiir ete a?sortnieaf l. 3 CtiANDKLIERSjtndoth?reAB,BTEAMaaJ WATER FIXTURES. ia*My A ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS MY One desirinr Freight?muahor little? Bar^ reli. Ba ?, Boxes, Bandies, or, in foot, any thing, e&felT tr Mi ported and delivered hetweea washing" tnn, Georgetown, and Alexandria, mar rely lm, plioitly epon the EXPRESS WAGONS of the u' andaratpned.whioh ran regn'arly ever? day between 1,1 those eitie*. Order* entered upon the slatee of hie r* express at the ?tarOAoe, at Baoea's G'ooery Store, rJ oratE Wh-r*ler'* Hardware tttore, will be prorapt** ly a ttended to, and at very moderate ehnrges. ? > T. H. STILL WELL. ?f no 14 In (Late Oaborn'* Express. ~~ 57 HALL von a i>tlIVn iO|\ A?ili u, >At Wholesale and Retail Dealers in fiBe FAMILY GROCERIES, TEAS, WINES, and ohoioe LIUUORS of all kuida. A freah atook joat opened, Gi>od Sugar 7 cents per pound. Ca'l at No. 434 7th atreet, between D and l^wiinaaa ar. oc Mf S MONEY! MONEY!! 1*1 MONEY!!! Notee of all bank* taken at p^r for Goods, and i complete supply of Fall and Winter Wear on hawi w foroash. WALL, STEPHENS CO.. Clothiers. no g-*w Pa. avenue, bet. Bth and 10'h sta ? n A N K I N O HOUSE IWKRNY, RITTEN?aO"8E, FANT k. CO. Will upon for oustomera, apeoie, currency, anc Virginia money aooounta. Buy and Mil ooin and exohan^e at the moat ffcror able ratee. t_ Currency and Virginia money wanted, no t4 la oian08.?One very in* RomwooO Ctnoker\pi r Ciuo for aale upon mouth It ??yments_^bs ktlUt, ilwie Meortment of Kt?nway|MMI B"* k, Bone* and 11 aven * Uaoon'a Pianoa bl**'" ?' * Jaet be?n reoeived. These Piaaoe are now oon*id Now is t(Tk WSb^'SC'baiioaiss!t Great ino joementa are now offarad to all personal! ? want of CLOTHING, FURNDiHlNG GOODS HATtfand CAPS.atthe People'a C othmg Ptow f? No. 460 Seventh it. Come one. oorae all. and bu w' am. a. QPEClAL CA*D.?A new lem ootave roee U. <1* f lU*. mam Mk>n/I llkti 5 1 9* |3F DENTISTRY. Mtbbth. LOW is, M. D., the lOTcntpraad patentee of the MINLiiAL PLATK TEETH, tend* persona. I y ?t bit offioe in th* oity.y FT Many person* can wear those tsetb wtio1*-LLLB cannot tov other*, and so person oan war others who oaanot wear theae. Person* oalUttf at raj oSae can be soeomiitodated with an? stjU and prio* of Teeth they may desire, bat to those who are particular and wish the purest, clear,est, strongest, as.U most perfect drntare that art ean srrxlBce, the MINERAL fLATE Vi!l be laore fo.1y warranted. nwiiia iu una WUT?IIM. ?iar? m- avvnuvi ITIWWB 4th and lOUl ?U. A. so, 907 Aroh stieet, rkttftdai phi*. oo 16 tf Ddkntal card. R. MUNSON Hu returned and reamed hi* profession. Olfioe &L(1 honsn it 463 K ?L / ? third door east of fulh. In addition t> ?rwj other fcpproTfni style, Ur. M. ua? set^* *'?P teeth on vulonmte base for the last Hum yearn Mil. from exponents, knows it exoe.s nil others, nod is on* thinf lees tii prioe than jolJ. His old patron* of WMhiagton. Alexandria, ar>d Georretown are reepeoUulIj so ho:t?d t-> cail. su 2* eoTf ""carriage factories. washington carriage factory, " It Str?*, B*tw4?* 9tk and Mk Struts. We have just hmshed a number ol ftrst class CARRIAGES, such as Light h'attrk,lUEH; Wat out, Park Pheatoni, Family Cur rt?M, ana tfuttut, wbiob we will?M? ? ver? email profit. fir,he pnkctia&l meeh\nioa in uifftrent branohee ofLhe butiDMi. we filter oartelraa that we know the atylea and of work that will ci*a ?ta notion, oombiniag hghtneea, oomfort uia durabiii ^kepcurlcg promptly aod oarefuily attended to tiie ahorteat notice and moat reaactuble ctiarce?. WALTER, KARMANN k. BOPP, Coaohmakara. auoooatora w Wm. T. Hook. ft; TT dlf ' T HE ncbMriber^ariDc ri?de addltionala hi f*otory, making it now one of th* Icrtfl^ inthn D.striot, vh?r? hie ftujilitiM f<HWCH4C m?nufcrttnnnc CAP RIAGL k. L16HT*?3?? WAGONS of *11 o&nsot b? ?urp*a*?.l, ?n< from tus lost ezf?r:en?? in th? buistd, Le fceyaa to cits general tali section. A , kind* ofCarnage* u4 Licit Wagena kept n kand. All REPAIRS n?ftt!rd*c?,axda;i t;<cni (3|! ly attended to. V?<M-kM< drill*' taker inexsfecr.rr far mam ? ?. AMDRKW J. JOYCE, _4 '?? .? mi 1 ?J>HE OEM OF THB SEASON. I have thia day reoei v?d, per F.xpreaa.the Lateat gtrjM of GENTS' FA^HIONABi'V nRV>-S BATS : alao, a larjeand foil aapply of FRV >CH SOFT HATS, of ail atjles, lor Men atd Boya. Aa my aaeortmeot of thcae gooda la lar*e,; acall Mil at ?zo?edinKly low prioea. A oaM whera you oan get cxaotly what you want ia ohoitat. HOPKINS. Corner of Sixth a', and Pa. _no87-*W Sign of tk$ White Bear. Dr J n Me LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL A*D BLOOD PLRIFIKK THE GREATEST REMEDY tn the WORLD, Je&b A EVER TAKEN.Oft' ivv tiuo of^oou, htrbt, \ ?rJ kirti. Y*..-v ! ,jp T5S2& nlU, Will Ch.rry \fcJT IwBf B?rk, aod l)?nd?Uoo . 0*\E pwium"1* IU tU<n Wiy F> Iff Th? sntir* ^ - W^M * iTPcr'jfc 2r r?m*Ui?l pnneifl# atuf?iCh ingr.dLnu. "*> *?? Before taidn**;^ ^^An" tikin*. dUtllliuf, prodacinf * d?Hciou?, eitiit r*un{ spirit, th? noil ir.fSliiM* r#m?<ly for r?uo?*lu,f th? 4i??t?3 I ..J ' ti.. airk. ll'lfU./. ftl.i 4, tau nawi >u| ?i ft? auv?*??a vm health anO eueng b. Mc LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL WU1 efeetaally eare Liear Coeipiauat, Dyepepeia, J*bbdice, Chronic orNer??o* Debility, Diaeiae* of the liduara, and all dteae*** ariau.g Itaat a dnord*r*d Lir*r ut Su>i?*cb, l);apipnt, Heartburn, Inward Pit**, Acidity or Niektieee ol lb* tumuli, Paiioee* *f Blood to the Heaa, Dali P*iu or wiuumng in th* llaad, Palpiuuati at U>* H*arit Kalia*** or Wllnt iu the Siifuacb, Kracuiwna, Chuktut, ot agocattng Peeling wl.en dowc.Drvneu or YalioWo*u of til Ikia ?d I;U, (liflit(**111,' lavirJ Pn-n, Pub in lb* ftmall of th* Baek, Cheat, or Bid*, Sitideii Plaehee of Hail, Depreeeion of Bp.rite, Prigbtfal l>rea.iua, Lunu, Deaptndeney or u; Mn?u dieeaae. Bur** or Bloieb** an th* itkUi, ajad Fa?*r and Apt (?r ChilU u< r* '> OYER A MILLION BOTTLES hare ba*o a*id daring the lax ?'i month*, and In aa tn Uoca hu U failed ia g> "ng enure e*u*fa:uon. Who, tb*n, will *af*r from W**ln?*? er l)*tiiliti when McLLAMf BTRXNOTHEK1HQ CORDIAL will ear* 70a 1 Ma lu.(?(* ecu convey an aiLaqaaia 11*a of th* imirediata and almaet miracalaaa change produced by taking tbia Cardial in lb* dlaaoad, debilitated, and abauartd mntia *7*'.*di, wb*th*r brokaa d?>w? by eieeae, weak by nai&r*, ar impaired bp-jickuaaa, th* ralaiad aad iittratf ar filiation ia reeiored u iu T>riatui? health and *igw MARRIED PERSONS or other*, eoaeeiooa of inahilitf from whatever eaaaa, will Ind MrkKAM* STRKNGTHCNlNvi CURDliL a tho **|b regenerator of Ik* ayatan: aad all who mar have ia tared themef tree by Improper icdalgetcea will fnd in Ukaa Cardial a oenain aad epeedj remedy. I m/t ?rif p r j n rr?? 1 \J inn isjiuijso. MckKAlft rratNOTHEMNU CORDIAL U a ao?.r In ui ipttdy ear* for bicipital OmaaapuM, Whuaa, OMntUl ?r DtScalt Maaairaatioc. Incoot'i.aoet of Vrix or lnvolaatary DiacL*rra tharaof, Failiuf of u>* Womb, Stddinoaa, Fainting, and all tixuu incidaal to Ftmal**. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar no loo j*r. Tak* It accordiaf Lo diracuona. it viU atimnlai*, atraojtban, aad ir.Tiforai* job aad caaaa tha bloom W haalth u> maaot year cbaak afaia. K*?ry baul* la tutuUd t? fi?a uiuheuuu. FOR CHILDREN If ?oa* childraa art aiekly, pan# or aflieud, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will n-ak* tkia haalth*, fat, aad rebaau Da lay not a nomaat; trj U, aad 70a will ba coo'iacal. k U ttaUciaw talaka. oirr/ojr. Ea vara of dnif fbU or taalar* wha may try U palm apoa yoa aoma bittar or aaraapanlla traab, which th*y caa bay boap, by aayuf it latw u mod. Avoid aach nan. Aak for McLKAH'8VTRENaTHKNiNti CORDIAL, aad u*a nothiur alaa. It u tb* oaly raraady thai will panfy tba Blood taoroafblv aad at tha aama Unua airanj lb*a iha aytttm. Ona laaapooafmi ubaa a*ary aaominf faaunf it a ccrtaia pra *ami*a Cor Ckoltra, Chill* aad Faaar, Tallow Patir, or jay pra?ai?nt diaoaaa. It ia pat aj) la lura baitlaa Friea aoly tl par bottla, or ( botUoa for ?S f. H Mi LKAN. Sola pronator of IkU Cardial; alao, McLoaa'a Toieaoio Oil Uaiaaul Pnaeipal Dapot au tha Cora a r of Thud aad Plaa auaata. St. Loaia. Mo. XcLean'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LDflMKKT IH THK WORLD ) Th? only ufl u4 ttruia tcr? for Cucin, Piln, Tm. I bui, twfllinfi u< BroqehiU w Court, PutiMu, N??r*Ifu., WtakoM* of Ut Mooclea, Chronic or lul?nn??iory pHMMkJBMbMi of U? Jonu, Oootne(*4 Mucin or niBU, E&ricb* or TooU.acht. IniMt, Ipnlai, Prttk C?U. Wound*, Clc?r?, F???r icru, C?ktd Brout, Bar* Nipplai, Borni, ; !??. fl .? TUrc&l, ..r u; uluwua m Cta, c? Cif*r*uc* how H>|ri or loaf ik? d?iw ut n ?akt*d, MCLEAN* CELEBRATED LINIMENT i t uttiu rmidT. 1 noutu4i of hccLD baiopa ba?a taaa aartd a Ufa ml ill Mpitmda mad miaary by tha H? af ihu tovilaabla raaady. McL EAWS 70LCA SIC OIL L IN I ME ST , Will r*li?t? pais aliaoai taat?aiaaaa?aly, ind it will cIma, heal lb* fa?ltat htm In u tocradibla ik?t um. I FOR NORSES ASD OTHER ASIMALS. I MtLCAN*g CELEBRATED LfKlHENT to lb a a?ly hA I aad tilkbli raraadr for tba ??rt af ftparto, RiuWt, WMnlli, SpUnu. XI on * taral Liapt, Kodaa or IvilUin It Mm hilad W tin Btf Hud, Mloil, PlMrit, uH t Uuiif loraa, or if preparly upUod. For - Mpruno. Braiioi,Beratebaa, Cracbad Haato, Cithi, Baddla or Collar Galla, Cato, Sorti, or Woudt, U to aa toltlllkto - ramady. Apply it aa diraatad ud a eara to HXtia to a?ary toalial I Tkaa trlia aa louar ?M tb? May vartblaaa Uafcaaato B firijtern. Obuta &Mtpplr of Dm. MCLEANV CILEI, WLATKD LINIMKNT It wifl ear* to?. Z J. H MCLEAN, Sol* Propn.lor, jr G??w Tiird u4 Pih iu^ k. Lmu, M*. CHARLES STOTT, Bit P*. ?., tola ?j??t k *?>biof IM, K. B. T. CWHL,Owmw??. m it-M WI y ISg?gg*?SK? BilvaniB, Mw?!?nd ?r.4 Virginia, **rraatad ??r?, Mhiis# 0 * * * ? THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STUT toluac trmm %n?#r ?f tatarwfcaf imilm lk*B ou b* *> ?* i? ?cy ?tt?r-t* peto*ei m Pntfty monu&i. ftivarUM?, to Umm. 8uui( oopy, par *xnm* ... 91 M Fit*ooptM __. ... . ? n Tl? WfiM I ? TTMt; (MMfMl m m It lawi*bly oontaina t&? ' WMkiagtoa N?w" that' ku ult TU DmtJt Vmmmi * o (Morally Urvu?hool lb* oooatry. (LTS>K1I toyiMdi vT%pporo > MB b? pmni kt Uo OMitor, lmeedisWy ?JW Uo iwat of lit* Mo*?TUB KB CKItTB. WOOD ANI) COAL. TO THE PUBLIC! GO WHERK mv~CA\ GET TOUI MONEYS WORTH Q^TEY IT' PROvFlT! KNOW IT ' TRY WHAT* JIT* Try tM PIO.NKKR MII.LH.mm1 K., r<mr WOOD ttMr*. PROVE WHAT* ILT Prow 11*1 T"i ?w ??t ?o?r WOOD tfcM c ?*p?r UiMl tor Oily i Ml J UiftC *? ** KNOW WHATf (IT* Know 1y??n ?*t MOOD V RAPl'R KmmI the r?ry beat of WOOD fur Im> mob*?. Cot SPLIT, A.*D JjaLlVKRtli FRKXor (. R4IM. ClLI. AT m P I O It K 1 R MILLS! STQH OF THK Bt.CK FLAti-STA TF, Bol'tHWUT CotXEft SuVKXTfl J*T. A ND C A *A<(South u' iu<- U;i?lce. t ?a i* * ?I A o - m o ? A ? BO 15 nr.m'in FAUT., A||yT. OCT " *?.*"" JJ\ rnlon Fire-Wood Mill*. PINE, OAK and HlFkoRY WOOD Sawad and Split at u) 1'iiitu w k.xe !<vinir<xl, u4 daiiT?re < t? any p?rt of the City at v?iy low pri??a. (1 _f We can tb? particular atsenti ?a of onr out toiwer* and in* puOuu iiutra lf to o?r spi?*d>d STOCK VP COAL, wLich we can nay, without fear ol oortrarfietion, <t ??na; to any i?> ?he O'.ty. We cua'antae to give ?at.?r.otit>n to all who mar pure a?? of nt. lf^Oiir SAWF.I) ani SPLIT WOOD le kept uiider cover, perfectly dry. aid COAI. o? pank oleau auii in good order. Large eaiee and ?:na'' profit!. ft fUrdere nohtn'ed at UNION F1RK WOOD MILLS Cor. *?r. ?itl> St nnrt ''aia., McKNLW k MtKI.OW, Proprietor*, no lS-tf \V o o 1) W * " Bc O A k Deliver*! to mil pmrta 01 tu? city. At the low*? ?OMIM? rmtM. T. J. ft W. M. ALT. Office 2?3 Pa. at., betwt ea HUt &uU Uth it*.. mA 17 tf north FORMATE AND~RENf. FtK RKVr OR LFA*E FOR A TKRM Op VI'.AKH-T'.e Hol'SL afc.i liKul, N l>e- ,ai?!jr occupied hy Po?rm%?t*r Qi-nrra! ftrowti, aud very renrnty field t>y Mri. & f??aal?? institute. For fu'th 'r information ?pp!y to OH AS. AltKKT, . Kiq , or to t!?e Mh3?n?>?' THOM AH LAWfJON. de i eotf Surgeon Qmw*1 U. ft. Ar?sy. Lj*OR RENT, in the Firat Ward?three ^u*r?? F w?st of the War l>p?rtl?M>t?t mitli ??FFICK, vith htek iwm orthe former may ai.?w?r for a k.iop, eaU failure and ?.h&iiit?*ra, a*|>arate. or mtii ct Kwnm. furiuaned vr uiiltirtiikMl; ?JoM to ths Av?i ue. In?|iiir;at tin* office. da 3 ttawti L^OR RENT?A dfwuah* ard w*I! located firatf claaa RtolOENCE. No.ltti on t*iath atrmt, b?t?f n D and R it(. Tl.c nouae is furnished viik all th? modern improvement*. AppW to THOMAS PARKKR. _no JT^n<f_ F'OR RENT-The lo?r-?torT HRICK HOl *K gk on Third etrest, botwten 1) ao?l E rtiwu, < Nu ' 3*" I.?adjoining the residence of W. A. Maury, Em. Poa*eaaion Jtivan immediate)*. A so, thn third at?ry of the 0 own intone Haimir.c So. <<>3 oa Pa. avoiiU'i.f aouth ?itl? (*t?*ta4% wJ CUi ate For terir.a, mo .apply to Wl I,LI AM H. PHILIP, Attune, at Law. *o. 4Q U.a>-mn>. r-< >-?otl f^iiK Kfc.M?Tho fire RKTCK HOI ?K No. 100 W#?t *u, Oo Tjetown. at present owi pied by t:.e ?ui-?orilK.r. It i.m 11 room, wiU and water throughout. a bne va-d. stable ftp. hoW- JA8 a.'MA .R< OKK. n? 16 tf K?m *- ^ ?torT BRICK ? with l^k cKildinii, tach Iiodm ,V;"'ir5_5 ro<^Ju*'- "" .tn ta?. pleat&u Ij sitaated on <aki xtroet iiO' . tx-tweeti M auJ N trxrti. real f .JSi?* _APfl* k> K- LAZRNBY. Ji-J iN T. LENMAN, Ohio avenn*, betwew 'tl i ant 13th utr^etK oc W For rent-tm first floor ?f u* tmiiaicf immediately opp?k!te the WMt rmcof the City Hai.,rooentij occup ?*! l-t Chaa. 8. Waltaolr aa an oifloe. ?. ?o the front rcx m iu Uio taoonO tory and the third floor .if the win* IciM.ui. For Krai app.T to RICHARD WALl.ACH.No. f Louisiana arenas. ia IS tt ~ EDUCATIONAL. Tfemale education. HOSE Parent* who wish their ?Hi.of htera to ra ! iiivn'u^n &nu i?ymviu&tic ecuenuon. wnwt taeir phrMoa'training wi l revived<ul> and si>?*cial attention, undur tlic riiont approve.) ?vst*m of Calisfienios Mid Gvniiifcfctic*. aro respectful!* invited to visit the Union Female Acadeui), corner Fourteenth ?t- and Now York a v. MK. * MKH. Z. RICHART*. au * ^ - Prir?oip?ie._ IT* EM ALL BOARDING AND DA V SCHOOL r ALBXlXnRlA, VA. Mri. 8. J. MoCORMICK. Pftict?*!The tnirU'entli ai.naa mmk uoI thi? In.Utation will commence on Tui ?da>. *< p">: . r Ibtu, in the house r?fo?ntly oecupiod tj SUvettoi Scott, ?*<(., No. 1^0 Kmt iuwi. The ocurit1 ot stud* punned will oomprt?eall the bracche" rr?ji..; :o t\> a ! :0'0ur li Lr *ii?ii fc.dueation, and Music, ficnch, Latin aud Ditwint, il desired. In addition to day rcholars. Mrs. McCnrmiek Is prepared toree?*iva ;tnr,tc.1 ntm.Uer of pupils as w?rm;r?, wnw. ionai:iuunf \ pari 01 ner own liwni!y. will i?e ui.<ier htr i:um<-Jr.te care an<l ?upartition. S*he will ??rdearor. a? tar a? po?mt>;# to ?nr round tl.em with Uic coniform and k.ntilr u nuencoe of Home. JtVerenc&s.?Rev. (Jeo. H. Norton, Rot. Dt. Eltae Harrison. Rev. I). F. tofricg, Wilnam H rc?U, Esq., Ed^ar Sunwdtsn, tif, Edmund F. W itmer , Esq.. Henry Marbury, Erq.. 1-^ww Mdlfceusie, Eaq.. Robert H. Hanton, K?q . \V. D VVallaoh, Editor Ewnitii S*ar, Btuj^iniD Waters, Em?.,Jas. Enfwisle, Jr., K*q.,Col. \V. Minor. LoudoHb Messrs. Biaoklock & Marshall, Messrs Cor Brothers. Tuvi. Board, with Tuition in all the Rn*hsh Branches, A JT?\ ft\r tk? ftnnna! o?ei.->w? ? v?' ^ '' - in advance. Mumc and Laajcaar** at pronators' prioM. C7" .No extra charges. au 9-U roR eTAMpiN? rfJir-^V A PACKET OF PAPER ^ AND ENVELOPS* NO TO MATCH, at the CHAtwbj METROPOLITAN ^ BOOK8TORB. PH1LP * SOLOMONS, ilMti for Lnurtrntt t e*!'Watmi Limm Pmpmt, uM*i rorduan Mill*." tt., *e. m 14 ly 333 P?. 17.. M.Vf and l"th rt?. 5J2 Gt "A PEBCfl^AINT AND 5^ HAW ILTPJS, H R <J. * CO.-S, ryo V SKVKMTH ST., U the plaae to tod the oelebravd tictta Peraha Roo&ni and Paint Ai?*>, a general aeeortwaat at Houte Pa ui ^ Materials. Pkinticc la all iu branabee executed witb diepatoh *n<fon reaeot able terms. Mixed Piueta ai*ayi ou hajtd aati for sale, wi'h bucket asd brack to iO\n free of ohar?a A 1 o.dere left at tka etora for Old Biasing or Job Work of at* klad will be romptly attended to SIS PLTTY 18 IK)WN. M o 30 W TRAVELING TRUNKS. F- Hare jast received the largest aaiorf eat VAi-ISKS, CAKpKT BAGS, SATCHELS. 4e.. In this oity, whioh we ere ae.i.?,g U var* ? ?? pnoes. WALL, STEPHENS 4 CO , _oo? tf pLOUR. BUCEW^AT. POTATOES. APMO bbia. aear Rjtahmond Family and F.xtra Ploar. M"? lba. FreJgGround Huek vbeat Mea, fiOO bushels White Meroer Po'etwee, M* do. Rlae do. do. GO VMIKIItl* . . \1W bOOKPar FRENCH * RICU8TBIN1* TL ,. Jii" mttSTb*. ** w % baira'a Crccta of Ua FmuIim of Or?tt Bnt 111 a?l I raUaid.lii Tola.. ?mo., cloUj ?nM tab. BtgNktiM^ of CoukiM, R*. ^o.lT8Pk.?nu*,WMLit|tM,DnC. N B^Booki sold mt o?r antl In* pn?M. A Tf W FINE PIANOS Foft MJ&jvj' >< Ar A ibiai Mrlr. Alao, a mr Jot or CluekartM R Boaa* ?anTml?i Piuot. JOHN F.KLL18, *06 Pv mw.. bat. #.k aad mMa. TvoMMifcrmtRlirtrwnU. M

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