Newspaper of Evening Star, December 17, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 17, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR/' IN THE OLD limT1* Wh?n th* aaren of day have sndad. And the shadow* of ni*ht Btaa upaa tho old ham* threshold. In their eileat^draary liijiit, 'Round hit chair in dim prcooasion, lath?od, famiMa- hall, Co-ne (?mi f? cm from th" br/roae. Like tne pietaraa on the wail. A rd tfr* >lr*anM of la -? an* baaaty Wkioh ara mm* aiaii no ar>r# Cora# with mi ci I inm eo often? Meat ma at tae dera*n*d door : id the wb iip?r?. low. aw*at wblapara, f hare haarJi'i daft before, r#?t me nent'y as the ahadowa? Greet me with the worde of jora. But the.whispari all are v?iofleaa. And tne ateps > ? i Tkat, like footatepa < f the *rentog, Ther arc h~ard uot in the hall; And the dream*. th<-*gh (one forever With thar bitaa of *k*r jt are, Still r?Tiut me in dwkoee*. And 1 welcome tnem with tear*. t- H. *. Waahi ogtun. Deo. IX 1K0. 1^7" The iprech of Mr UIxdu, I* 9 Senator from Coan*-t!cjt, la creating a revolution la that State The ffartford Time* aaya:?1'? It lacurioua to are the effect on the Hartford republican* of Senator Dixon *a speech. About half af them, apparently, are bitter aa wormwood, and the'r remark* are by no meana complimentary of the Senator; while the other half warmly auatali.a Mr D. The Irrepressible l-jht waxes warm; the supporter* or ?r unoi in gaining ?? pi mm. Rsvajikaslb Siost ? IJlMer, Iceland, was lately tbe scene of a moat remarkable mirage. Several ship* were Men tailing tb-ougb tbe air In a line apparently tome miles In extent; lame appeared to anch?r near a fortreM built on a rock; others teemed to approach x> near tbe coast tbat the spectators could see, through the clear atmosphere, the image* of sailors at work in the rlgCy The heir of the throne of Italr, tbe son of Victor Emmanuel, la Prince Humbert, now In his 17th rear?a bold and elegant rider, a flrst-rate marksman with tbe rifle, exhibiting skill and endurance In all manly exercises, endowed with a ftlr, open countenance, in wmcn tue soiaierllke.hon^t rosin of the father is blended with tbe aeI1c.iL> features and sweet expression of the mother. liy The cockade most used by the Carolinians, Just now. is a little larger than a Spanish dollar, made of light blue ribbon, with a small brass button in center, on which is a palmetto tree surround ed with an ln?.-iTf>tion signifying: '-PreT?r?l with p fAftnnp*. nn<i In nur mlndl We I pledge oar lives, oar fortunes and oar sacred Lonor." Bfbbch RiiTosrs -0*?r a year since a Mr Drink water of North Yarmouth. wai rendered peechlese oy belui; koock-d down by an ox Hli borne last week having taken fright, and running: way with him, in hi* efforts to cry "whoa," hit vocal powers returned, and his attempt to stop his horse loosened bis voice, and be now articulates distinctly Alabama Sends a Comxissioxbb to Noitb Cabolixa.?We find the following paragraph in th? Bal?1ah ^tiiMliril- * VV? l?trn that Knitrn W Garrett, Ktq., U at pr?-se*it tn this city, at a t'oiamisaluner from the State of Alsbuna, to consult with tbe Governor and L-glslattire ot this State on the condition of the oountry." A Pvzzlb ?The Romans have a caricature, In which tbe bead of Louis Napoleon is laid open; all Europe ta represented as staring at tbe Imperial brains with a bewildered expression, denoting tbe inability of the knowing ones to read the riddle which is new perplexing conservatives and revolutionists DtrrH or North*** Watebs.?Capt. M'Clin took, of tbe Royal Navy, who has just returned from a aurvev of tbe Northern Ocean, reports that outbwest of Ireland, wbere he expected to find the wator 4.00U fathoms, he only found 7S4 fath oioi, sod la t,WO fathoms be brought up a liviDg Ml. ITT* A mechanic expelled from South Carolina for not wearing a Palmetto eockade baa arrived at Rahway, X J. CUT" The trial ef one of the o-aspirators to born the Rock Island bridge commenced In Chicago on the 11th. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARD3' HOTEL -T McCloekey, DO; A shall, NY: B Colliaa, do; T B Monroe. Kv; P O Young, N\; J Klrkby, tug; V F Mobury, NYW *TBarral and ?*dy, Pa; A Pell, N Y; H Mel?a'. Oai C H Adsim. N it H R v*kr .* Bates, low#, S D Craae, Mm; Hon f W Lins'.u and lady do; J Holbrock and lady, do; C WlUia and lady, do; J Frederick and lad/, do; C A Carrol and lady, do; J Juaw, do; A T Turner, do; A 11 Spier, do; W Maddox, Pa; J Braduead, do: Col W D do; Mr* Herbert, HI; W Phlllipa, NY; P Weacot, USN; \V V Martin, NY, J \V ^pragne, doj J A Morris and lady, Va; T J Short, 8C; B Ettlng, U3N; Hon J McRae, Miss; J H Cock'-rlft, N\ ; D Loagn^cker, Pa, G P Ely, NY; E M Carpenter,?. NATIONAL. HOTEL.?T H Berry H Btirch, J F Middletoa. Md: F vV Farlaui. A Miller, D C; fl L.v.ry, ?; O L. SSe^art, J P Sangaton, \V D Ferry, T P SHallcross. Va: J A Hj?L-s O; O ? \llen. T B Monroe, Ky; H S Fitcii, 111 W C Wyiy, Tex; E V Edeliu, .Md; J Jameson,N J; D S vValbrid^e, Mich. D C Kriler. Ill; 1) K Baker and ly, S D Babcock, NY; A B Mn.tnoaj and iy, NC; Mm Turner. T \V Anderson andly, J P Poa?y, K Hopkins, Md; J F ttUke, V?; s Stevens, Pa; T S Cunsty, N V? H McCloskey, K McCloskey, La; (loa H Burnett, Kv, C H C^rU>r,C> Scot? K A SUiptey, Md; JosepU Jefferson, J Simmons, fSJ Vr f U-M ?.. IV O I a ?? I | # .qviicuiai J ?T U 1<UC? WUUU, V B| d VV 11" llama, DO. BROWN'S HOTEL.?E O Sykea. MIm; H C Moore, T Brown, Pa; A D Hunt, La; M A Howe, m,d ly, Mia? E Owinjja, Miaa S Jonea, H Lecou*, J J Reynold*, NY; J Jenkiua and son, K Thcmpiou and diopter, J Q IJuibert- K K Vnndiver, Md; O A Ball, Ga; T J .McVeigh, Gea G M?em?, J M Rati: if, Ya; J G McPtiuters, Mo; 8 Hueipta, Tex; A Jobuaton, Tenn; J Cooley, Ky; K Johnson. U s Jobnaon, A H Levier, Ark; R Wright, J W Rh-a. Ala; Gov M S Perry, H Archie, Fin; J W Lewi* and fam, NC. KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?E G Rudolph, W Cohen, R S Watkinaon, NY; W Wateraon, B Du all Tex; R Whitney, M Dameaon, Cal; T Love, J G Scott, J Cull man, Va; 8 Evana. M B Miller, Pa; Hon D Merriwether, Ky; W R Sherwood, Miaa Anderaon. J B Doraey, W G Webb, Md; E Waters, NC; T B Naile, Maae OLE A N 9 TEAMERS' SAILING DAYS i'*o* tub Cxrrm? Statu. .liMMiri. IW. 0eyi. ? -New York-. LivaryooL.. Deo l! ?'??i ?? . .isw ion Liverpool... Deo 3T New \'<*M ?,.><? D.eo? pit- /a rioouaa Port and Liverpool... l>eo Z \ if. ....... New York... Li verpool.. ?Deo 2i United KtscOoai. New York .. G ae?ow Deo U Kuro^e Moetoa.. Liverpool... Leo 31 At-aauo New York... Havr?. __ Deo 2! From Eckopb Donuta Boetk'pton ..New York...Deo < AtAent-o.. Soutu'pton ..New York...Deo I liJiafjersk Liverpool New York...Deo i pobMtian Liverpool....Kortiapi Ueo I rer?ii ? ? Llverpoo: lew York...n?o Jura............. Liverpool New York...Dm 1 ralk'L ?. .bouUi,ptoa._New York...Deo 1 North Amonoan.Liverpool....Portland. ...Deo I Cltauli Liverpool Boelon Deo I palatine ..Liverpool New York.. Deo i I ke Ca itorma mail steamer* leave on the ?tk JJUj. and 29ta of every montn. L"too. of- HAND COMPLET1 ?'<1 and Luuci Velvet Trimm?d9B9 Boots vVl LwW Kid icd LAUinc Buttonod Boot*. * W ' m wmm ?a4 ttosukia Buttoned Boon K?r Dx)t(. ?>** KH V?lT.t Uian?d BooU, ?:!!* ' ,io*ukln Boot*, M2?*f MRo>ib?r Loo( Boot*, .. .... . .in img ifum uuo. in VI flir !<>VC than tho iuh qaauty oaa be bou< hi elsewhere l tut city. Also, a foil aesortar.ent of Boots and Shoe* fo ImU'i boye'.and[youth*' wear. J. R08KNTHAL.No. 16 Ma-ket Spae>, d? 1 eotf Pa IT.. bet. 8th a<.d Ha eta. 1\T0TICE TO JQURNEYMEN TAILORS i> AT HOME AND ABROAD. The following i? a eorr?ot lint of the employer who pay Lhabtll prioee ot. and are reooj nixed bj the Society, to wit < \V. H, ttaniord. Matlock k. QriAth, ! a rail A Bro., Matlock A Herbert, i Win. Tu?ker, Jamee Lackey, O W. Hinton A Co., J. T. Melntoeh, London A Co., 'l hoe. K. Gray, E. M Drew Vatdorao. *e77 eo&a ft* ^oor??oqtJi of Fa. ar.f rsiTirr i o d itAn i Rir?t W?^^Wt??tn*jion. II! H\r ta e<nstaistljr hub " :i;fe ?stor.'iafiti' ?'s?sa* t^ CHILn*KN'? ROC>K?7kZ to 1*0 To FKENt H ? R?Ctt?TK?N* No Q7< ir^M.udMiaiM iheir extra ma! r l ar e ?ii ?f ChijJ:i-n * Rooki | Oat???, Ao.. th-? &n?l aaa?rtio?nt ever cffared ft* fore la Una oity. Oo aarlr, before th? rnah an a&ke yoar a^eationa. A lac, a aud"^ waoftBHt <>f Dwtim for (Ml. Wil *>? r^ceivad t>. next at#Mii?r a cump'ata uanrtauat of Eatlia! , Ainianaoa. . no 21 glRKAT BARliMSM IN H|aK(?.-Om Tar VI niog >?WB-<<? > aCMvt< I'laao Port having bMuin u?? a tho. t t nt? <>u]y. 'h r9BSS owner cavirii tt?a n?|, fc- avie for #3D? HI 1* Ona mr u a Roaaaood Cttiekerint Hmo fa fl? MiMMtoc 8to eof IV.*. %IK'f ZERoTT >-> A|?bcj trf gteAway k. overdraft Ptanoa. bo t GWWIfc Mr M1 A rWptii (iflt A r?ry compete aaaort ? nt of U'Axta, C? Ia, Pnaett^e, B&c.aaaa, A a. tow ?c ftawl: Jua... ro?4o to arfer at th ? ahortaa ?oa?* Htii W urk rc?*ir?4 ?r tu?i in azeOMfl i I _ ^ , .?! >' *?-W 1 * f * i \ 1 narammfluus. | lKh FIER, I". : JL AND MARINK INSURANCE! 6KATH * KNOWLB8, INSURANCE AGENTS. Oftice, Roox 16, Otm Bin o? Wa?hi5qt?k. CONNECTICUT Ml^rUAL, Acccmclatiom .H.fOO.OOO THE STATE Of D /< ? '. > *M? Mil ? NEPTUNB INSURANCE COMPANY. Pnumriii. Capital axsBnriw. 900,000 GOODHUE 1NSIJRANCK COMPANY, Ntw YOBK. Ca*? apiial . .9900,000 la tha latter, all tha adY?nt?|tea of a mutual art t Aired without incurring tkt liability. iMiruc* at m law r?ta? m in any othsr Maallr re?po >ubla oompaaiea, And pol 07 aolUara allowed to participate ia tue profit*. d? 1 piRKMEN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Caslial laAO.OflO QfLt* Mm r C ilrMt amd LwttttM ??., *?r Mb ?f Washington. INSURE HOj^EH AN^THF^l PROPERTY DrmscTOKfl. Geo. Shoemaker, Samur', RoHfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wileon, ILiohard Jonee, John D Barolay, aoob Gideon, Andrew Rothwell, Tboe. Parker, Riahard Barry, B. B. Frsnoh. No charge for Policiea. riiira An A iff a u.A.,,un? 4AITIDO AVAlUCf I IDVIUVUb. Abkl Q. Davis, gwwjwy. oc lo-cogm Singer's Sewing Machines. 3SS PENN. AVENUE. NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. We invite the pub'ie attention'to our new ?JO FAMILY SEWING MACHINE. TM? Machine is unsurpassed in the honseho'd. It rum smooth and swift: iiwi, hems, ftllt and gathtrt, will aew the finest swiss or clotn ten ayert thick, and anv thin: between the two extremes, in a neaut.fnl and ubatantial Banner Maahmes in mahorany, walnut and roaewood cases from ?t>0 to (100. Our large vihratimg prttstr mackim. for ooaeh trimmers and saddlers, is without a rival. Silk, Twist, Thread, Needles, Bobbin*, Oil, fto., always on UDdW New York prioea. IE7"Semd for a copy of 1. M Sinrur k. Co.'e Ga setto. CHARLES A. SPONSLKR, no T1 6m Agent. Furs t Furs! AT SEYMOUR'S IN GEORGETOWN, I have with etriot oare personally attended to the manufaotunne and selection of the following Fure. Mr long praotioal knowledge of the Far Business enables me with oertaintv to invite the :a4i?? toigoode made from fine ana fresaaaaght ^kias. Suoh *s Canada \ink Sable, Russia Fitch, Siberian Squirrel, W?ter Mink, Frenoh Sal>l*. Children*' Furs in rro&t varistv. For Trimming* of ail oolore. Prices ry moderate. W. F. SEYMOUR, no 19 lm Gfto'gctoirn. riKNTLEMENS i* RK\DV-MADE CLOTHING. U?r present assortment of uF.NTLEMKN'i REaDV-MaDE CLOTHING . irert to citixans and stranjers wnains an immediate outfit ?upa rior inducements, embracing, at this tune, all styles and qualities of Dress ant Bunin^** Garments and Overooats In all varieties. Fine Shirts and Under clothing of a I kinds. Kid and other GIovm of bast qaaity. Scarfs, 'ii?s, Cravats, StcW*, Hosiery. Ac.. A a. Ail of wluoh we are uiiurinzsi ur uius low piicos. 1C7" Clothing m\d"to order in *h? moat superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS * CO.. no 16-tf 338 P*. avenue. I TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take a.l kinds of Virginia money for idt book debts and for Boots, Shoes, and.Tranks. All persons indeb'od to me will pleas* ca 1 aad settle up, or I nha 1 be compiled to give their aooounta into the hands of a collector. S. P, HOOVER, Iron Hall, noil Pa sr., between 9th and 10th its. TJATB AND CAP S ! The lat??t New York stvi* of CE9B , GENTS' DRESS HATS, |f S ?" 0V"*MAZON H*T., 1 Mi^ JOCK'EV HATS, ?B F?U^?pjP 1 at2 Rsdccbb P*'cw?. a36 p*. ? ? ? * f?OJ!?^ d^1" Importers And ? HAVANA CIGARS, FORE ION WIN KS, BRANDIES, OITfS, ft., No. 40 Nornm Chaklv* Stxsit, Fire rfoorj odor* Ltxmtio* U., no 22-1 y Baltimore. j^CHOOL AND COL.LK9K OUTFITS. 1 'euths' and Hot'1 Clothing for School and Dress Wear. P&renti and guardian* wntiim to fnrmah their ohi >r?enand ward* Willi Soljool ard Collage Onihti fvr the oouuug iaujh, are invitod to examine out peseut i%rj9 and extensive aaaortment BOYS' CLoTHINtf, where thejr oan fit out their children jfall eixee in a few moment with over? deaoripUuii of R-ady .made liarrr.outa, of sur.atanlial a ad durable quality. at very moderate price*. wall,, stkphLns a co., aoSV-tf 3ia Pann. arena*. a1 WALTS' V^ITY STEAM FIRE-WOOD MILLS AND COAL DPPOT. Foot af Stvtnl'*%tk street, below War Department WOOD prepared, any length and aise, to sui the wanta of eaoh purohaeer COA?.?Kfc.PT IN COAL HOUSES, protec ted from the weather?de!iv*r?d fr?? from elate, dixt aud other unpuntiea. 3J240 iba. to the ton. T. J. 4. W. M. t* ALT, no 10-tf 292 Pa. a*., betw. 11th and 12th ata. FEVER AND AGUE is can by the miun or exhalation evolved fro a deo*red aad deoaying vegetation in moist sois When abe?>rt>rd is to the eiroulation, it beoomes ai lratatiag virus in the blood, wluoh deranges am destroys the bea'tn of the whole a;it*m. \\ o hav long sought, and nave at length found an antidote AVER'S AGUE CURE, whioh neutralises this malarious poison in tt blood, and stimulates the Liver to expel it from th I body, its aotinn upon the a; stem is invariably aur? an i its cure of Ftvtr nnd A gut, and kindred oom plaints oertain. If taken in season it exp?ls th virus from the system ae it i? absorbed, and thu , keeps th jee who use the " ctrai" free from its at , taeks, keess the system in health,although ex > posed to the disease. Consequently it not on) ! oures, but protects from the great variety of affeo tions whion are mdaeed by this malignant influ ; enoo.suchas Kemut?nt Fever. Chill Pever, Pumt ( or Masked Ayye, Periodical Headache, or Billion ; neaaaone, tfiiuona payere, Neorilgia, Rheoma t-am, Gout, Btindnnaa. Toothaoa, Ea^he, Ca tarrh. Aatnma, Palpitations, Gainful Affeotiune ( I the Sateen. Coiie, Par&ltna, and Pain i fill Affections of the Btomaoh and Hnwela, all t 5 which, when anting frwa this e&uae, will be foun I to aesame more or .eu the intermittent type. Tnl i "Aovb Cv>i jaaiofm the canee of tbeeo derange 1 menu, and oarea the di?eaei?. 2 Thia it feooompiiahee by stimulating the exoreto 3 riee to e*p*l the nrui from the ay item; and thee S o-jaaa by degrees bewme habituated to do thia the 5 offioe of thetr own aoojrd. Henoe arieea what w urn mtutmatatum. Tim* mir aoo">mp':ah th aarue end, bat often Uf*ie not Tone enough, or 1 _ aaonfioed 10 th* attempt, while thiaAau* Cuai - ooo?. ud with ufety. The extenan ; in of tail ib all raretiea ot eaaee, has ahown it 1 be ft aurer aa veil aa a aafnr remedy for the who elaaa of diaeaeea whioh are eauaftd by the miumi tie infection, than any other which haa been an k oorered; ana it ha? etill another important advai taf e to the p?bli?, whioh la that it la aheap aa wi 'Vrepairod by DR. J. C. AYER 4b CO . Lowal Mim. ao U eoim j T PROCLAMATION J lO THE t WASHINGTON,^^OBfiKTOWNt VImh, - CHOLBRA amMoa ? ?. DIARRHBA, ? DYSENTERY. ? CHOLIC r. DV8PE-PSIA. ' ... . , DKL11LITY, Ao., Ac ?r?r*ll to to ftlsnniBf extent: A a*, ji k* A ? a ""ll most be of '.up first conukquencb "" " "" " nvaedy j "?! f - or Puui offtoeh Jnracljlous pain killbr RBMB&?'HA' *THE AMCmf cSK^AINT p In order to e&tiafr THE PUBLIC that no imposition ia intended in themle ufthli i tub mone^j&^ll b##kefunded '? vhea the edloiue&ls to give entire mtiefeotio J J Ask,tfesaBtin DniiStoref<>r . MIRACULOUS PAH^KJuLBE, ttUi* m direoisd, end u eot pwieetiy eatislod - Return to otr Agent, . ? __ f IXlt. CLARK, ESQ* 4K 8treet fiMl Pounsjivuu* Arcane, | who will refuuti yoar mouey. i Prias-M ud 40 Genu per Bottle. r For sale it all Drag Stores sws?y wb?fc JAB. MoDONNKLL, " ftll-eotr * ^StfgyqrSj - mj ><xsr TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. ~ |?ALTIMO*KA^D OBipo IMULOXD. _ m-r V ? 4PMJ14T V/Ul CHANGE Or HOURS. Ob and alter SUNDAY, November 15th, 18*1, the txaiaa will ran aa follow*: LEAVE WASHINGTON: Pirat train at?Jta. m. S^oood Train at 7.40 a. a. Turd train at 3.10 p. ou, Bxpreea. OMlfc ItTIMOM M: Pirat train at 4.15 a. a., Kxpreaa. Seoond traia at IJ6 a. aa. Jhird Fourth at 4.*) p. m., Kxrr?a?. The feat, eeoond a d third traiaa from Waabifgton oonneot through to Philadelphia and New The aeoond and third eoaneot at Washington Junction with traina for th? Wort, South, and Northwest: alao, at Aonapolie Jnnotion, for An n&polia. Por Norfolk take the *40 a. n. traio. For the accommodation of the war travel between Washington and Laarel, a paaeenger ear will be attached to the tonnage train whioh leaves $.40 p. WL ?m Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goon to Philadela only. ' no rt-d T. H. f ARSONS, Agent. ^ ^ Nfc W UNLt A No CHOICE OFTHSSB ROUTES. L R O U TB, Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR0: Virginia and Tennessee. Ernst Tensesssts ana Virrinia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Ckattaneega, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, iin* vriean* an* jaesjen, TO SHW ORLEANS! Mmykia * JSHHBWRSI&. *.??. t? Nov Orison*. JUONTSOMEyRY AND MOBILE ROUTE: onUomory by Rail, tbenoo to Mobil* by Firrtclua 1'aoiattjMohOeto Nev Ox loans by TWA I1AII.V TRAINH-fltmiiTi Inrt.nn. 1 he Steamer GbSrOK PAGE loaree her wharf foot 0fS?T0BlJ? street at ?M ft. m. and t* p. m. and oonneota at Alexandria with the Oranc? and Alesana ris Trt^m for the Southwest Oftoe?Pennay 1rania arenas, oomer of Sixth Bt. liMiii oaaotaa meets to nv ouxui. mm Lynohbarc ? ' ? Memjhn ?SSI 00 Briatol-^. ... .Ai on Atlanta ? *09 KnoxTille to ?> M&ooa M 00 Cti%tt*nooc? M00 Oolambiu SI M Pal ton..... 24 no Montfomcrr Ji 00 Hnntyrille n 00 J naMeinpluMJ to Grand Junobon. ...10 00 N.C.) na G. Juno.-C to rtaenmie a* joi ^ via juodui ,_w uu THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL 00 MILE3 SnORTK^lud 34 HOURS LESS than any other Lis<??the Lrnchbnrc Eztenclos being now ouratleUxl, &a Mao the MiMiMip|)i Citntia.1. m&kin* it th? QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS I It U provided with First-oiaM Sleeping Can! (? 1! n^rm?fiyiD J Wftinwiii ?. t4 co? 1LMB ) Montfomsrr M do. I .. 2ft Jo. |E7*The U. S. Bl\IIi"?nd ADAMS' EXPRESS are uken over thu New LmeC Tickets c*n be obtain**! at the South "W cetera Oftce. oorner of Sixth street and fennejiTania avenue, to the foliowin< ?oint?: LynoUbnrf, Hnttol, Knoxnlle, Atlanta, ChMtanooza, HnnUnlle. Grand Jnnotioo, macoD, rutsnnuc, juaiton, uommout, u<*^bw*$&Rjtgr'htt' "d fTT THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. jr^OmnibaaM and Bacc&re Wacota leava tb? oSroeat a. m. and* p.m. JAMES A. EVANS, TioketArsnt, mag-tr Comer Slith at. and Pa. ar. THE STEAMER JA8. GUY Will renma hei trif on TUESDAY, jtiat of JT?w Pabruarr. 1?0. wiilloare WASH Bcnw INGTON rerr TUESDAY FRIDAY, ateo'oloo* a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA at^aaat 6 o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and th< intermediate .<a& ance. Oa aer return tn??, sh< will leave CUR RIO MAN erary WEDNESDAY aad BATURDA Y, at f o'olook a. m. KATH-L qFkIS gBALE. NOTICE IS frSR^BYHoT\*afr2? ably to th* provisioua of the oidinanoe of the Cor , porauon approved may 'u, iwo, tne cnderticced 11 now prepared, "whenever reenired in writing, ant on pre payment of the fa* of fifty oonta, to Inspect examine, te?t, prove, and aeoert&in the accuracy o i registration of any gas meter in use in this oity.' Every meter, if found incorrect, will be condemned ' and another, sealed and marked as true, will h i set in in p ivoe. If proved to be accurate in it measurement of gas,it will be Healed accordingly I and again pnt in positioa (or roe. OiSoe No, 810 Seventh street, (near Odd Fel owe' Haii > Open from 8 a. m., to 5 p. m. CHAKLKS W. CUNMNflHAM, Jy 13- tf Inspeotor and Scaler of flu Meters. W MERCHANT TA1LORIN6. E I onto oar ouatomeri, and citizens genera! ly, to an inapeo'ion of oar present new, at _ tractive, and eiecaat aeaortmmt of^HB OLQTHS. CAS?IM?StES, DOESKINS, W| t VfcSTINGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ac. tfg wbiob we will make to order in superior " i,rkl tyle at very low prices. , WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. octt tf 3Q3 P*. *v? Mtw. 9th and Wth ?ts. PURE OLD RYE WHISKY FOR M11D1 CINAL USE. Prie* $S per film or SO ctnti per bettU. i. The va?t borne and foreign demand we have f< ?1... a- 1 1 j Mituiv uiuvioiiki; (kiboarn ivs puiuj ABU 0101 1 lenoe Moreover it nifty be mentioned in this 001 s nexiftn th?t many invalids of delicateorcamsatioi i, unable to use whisky or other brands, have foun the above most eAoaoious and happy in its efleot A liberal disoount on the above prices made i the trade. EDWARD HALL. 8 Dea' er in fine Witos and Lisnorg, ' Family Groceries. Ac.,op?.(Neuter Market, oo n *o?t between 7th and 8th streets. r* L O A K 8! CLOAKS - \j CLOAKS!!! The Camilla, the Arab, the Garibaldi, 1 The Romeo, the Zouave, tho Albanas, k Tb?? RlflhAra. thu Knf lilh 9a^It tn?KrAimh With many other lev and beautiful aty i '? Rapt- Treoo and Preneh Beaver Cloth, in ?rio< * Tad 3 10 10 wh,ch w? *sk the attention bo I?1**" TAYLOR A HUTCHISON, if ... .} RJOWE'SIMPROVKD WEIGHING SCALE *} al TheeeBoales are offered to the tublio aa t! * moat up?I*, durable, and reliable eoaTea erer eat " aae. Firatolaaa premtama have been awarded the by thajj ni fed Staiea Fair and Acioultar Society; Virginia State Agrwulturai Pair: Fraukl 1 Inatltute Fair, Peanai 1 vania; N?w *o rk State Pa " Vermont State Pair, A a-, Ac. In every oaee whe ' axhibited they aare r com Ted first olass premian j " *' " ? 3? IHt B* C. PATTISON. Ac?mt 3 wood: ' r ?? n u u u:: _ _ I* W O O D !J STOVE and KINDLING WOOD. at the low? >- poeaible pnoo. V, T. J. St W. M. GALT, >11 0Sil Pa. ? .. UtTMi llth and l2tii aU., mA aid ' TPR1GHT OR BUUDOTR PIANO!4 ?A ma ? U aifioent artiole ju?t recoived of ?*;?br*t d Chiokenn* ft Moris' mak?; furlB* aala low. Ca.l aid aoe it at the ngenor. ? ? JOHN P. ELLIS. S06 Pa. a*., bat. Mb and lOtb eta Old Piano* grnat bargain*. no 34 " 12.000 AS the attention of the aiblio to onr l?r*e a.nH j Isoted etook of Ohaniparne &uu Crao Apple Cid< ' which we iiutDtM to be par* ioice, and will old oa reasonable term* fn order to make roc , for oar priuc atook. wre ua a oall at the ?. n, .Tu^^"n,^. v.?.?. lama*. . . xon. i, i. ami 1 AKAJL, MOT* * AUTRY, Li> i ? fOOD LIGHT! 1 U CHEAP LIGHT! SAFE LIGHT PARAFFIN KOlL.f.^^ BO li ArwU for Ma mmJ* t AKI BbbWb. by Lj.w?lit tranalat JLi from the Qermu by Nathanial GrNot. i to 76 MOU. K*oreationa of a Country Parson, 1 vol.; art m. tiueaaaa at Truth, by Two Brothara. 1 toLj ari (160. BLANCHARD A MO HUN, nM <wbw nth at. and P*nu. ar WNEW CLOAKS. E Hare thia day r<wtnTOd from Nav York beaaUiai aa*ort<aant of aav atyla Pall ana wint CLOAKS, aa?*h aa tha Arab. Zouara and oth ? u"*~ mUgjL BuTaN, DATCHELOR*S INIMITABLE HAI* 0Y1 KJ and *1' int o m? Touet ArtioiM, for atia i _ QIBBS'sNVlc, Braid. and Carl Muifiteton, 94 !- W?r 1<f>> rt Of j-twi A ^C|VNV H?i5P ?OOD CHICK ERIN d?I JOHN F. SLI.JS, I ?? ??? ??1 MI3CJLLAN ECUS. Til aiusuutws or Lamvaobs.?Thar* i*? jrowin* teadacoy ?? thia w< to approfimta tha oat *pr*aaive word* of other l&ncaaf ea,aad a flat a while to inoorparata than into our own, Urn* the wo i d Cop hallo, which fa from tha Greek, aiguift inc "for tha heed," ia now heaoaatac foaalanzod in oon?eotion w*fc Mr. Smtfiaf'a ir*t Haadaohe remedy ;bat it will miM aeed in ft nmrt general way, and tha word Ceehalie will b?ooB? m oonunoa aa Kleotrotype and many other* whoee di?tinotion m foreign Word* haa been worn away 1111 to<7 MM> a*d 19 'arOr RmUIinI. Hi 'ad 'n 'orrible 'eadaehe thia afterneoa, hand i atep??d into tha hapotuecariea han<1 ?aya Ui to Ua man. jCan ron hau? ma of aa 'aad*oh*r' " oom it hftcho *ard." aaya'a. "Haxoeedincly." aaya hi, and upon that 'a rave na a Cephalio Fill, hand 'eon me ouor it cured ma to a met Lka.t I 'ardkr raaliMd I 'ad 'ad aa 'eadaoha. ftTBuiucui la the fhvonte sign by which nature makes known any deviation whatever from the natural state ml the brain, and viewed in tnia light it may be looked on aa a aaferuard intended to live notioe of diaeaae whieh might otherwiee aeoape attention, till too late to be remedied: and ita indioationi ahould never be necleeted. Headaehea may be olaa?ified under two naaei, via : Symptomatic and Idiopathic. SymptoMfco Beadaohc ie exoeedingly eommon and la the preoaraor' of a great variety of diaeaaea, among which are Apoplexy. Gout, Eheumatiew* and all f?bHle diaeaaea. In ita rervoua form it ia a< ni pathetic ii?eaee of the atomaoh oouatitntinc sick koadmcMt, of hepatic diaeaae oonatituting bilious ktadnkt, of WMrm>.constipation and other di*ord?ra of tne oowel/ aa well aa renal and atericeaffVouona. Pieeeaaa of the heart are very frequently attended with Headaohea; Anaamia a d plethora are aleo affectiona wbioh frequently oocaaion headache. Idiopathic Hcadaohe ia alao very oornmox, being uanally diatingiHahed hy the name of ntrrou* htadntkt, aontetimee oomiug on ?nddenly in a state of apparaatfv aound health and proatrating at onoe the maatal ana pnyticai enercio*, ana in other instauoet it oomei on tlowly. he-aided br depression of JhiriU or aaerhity of temper. Ia noit lutannoi the pain it in front of the head, otw on* or both cyan, aad sometimes provoking vomiting, under this class mar alto be named AetnUha. For the treatment of either olatt of Headaah* tha Ceph&Uo Kills have been found a sure ana s&fe remedy, relieving tha most acute paint In a few minute#, anJ by itt tnbtle power eradicating the diteaae of whieh headache it the unerring index. Bbiooct.?Missus tiiti you to Mud her ? box of Cephalio Glue, do. a bottle of Prepared Pills,? but I'm ihiiikincthat's lot just it nai ther; tat p?r hapt ye'll b? afther knowing what it is Ye sea he's nich dead and gone with the Siok Headache, and wanta tone more of that same u relaived her before. Druttiit.?You must mean Spalding's Cephalic Pill*. Bridget ?Ooh ' care now and you've ted it,here's the quarther and giv me the Pule and don't be nil day about it aithar. Cen*tlpatien ar CMtlrnen. No one of the "many ilia flsih i? heir to" is so prevalent, to little nnd9T*tood. and so BM n?fleoteJ u Coiiiv?n?ii Ofrcn originating in oareInasnM". or sedentary habits; it 11 regarded ai a flight disorder of too ittle ooni<^ucnoe to excite anxiety, While in reality it la the proon-sor and oorr.panion of man? of the m"it Mai arfl! danjer >ua diseases. and unless earl? eradicated it will hrin* the sufferer to an untimely *rave. Amoni the lighter evila of whioh C?ativenesa ia the uauu attendant are Headache, Colic, Rheumati?rn, Pool Bream Piles. and others of li Ice natnre.wbil" a lone train offrnthtrui diseases suoh as Maliguaut Fevera, Abceases, Dysaatery. Dyspep?>a, Diarrhea, Apoplexy, Kpiiepsy, Para'ysia, Hysteria. Hypochondriasis, Melanoholy and Incanity, first indioate their Drrnennri in th? ivitAm ht thi? alufmin* nmntnm Not unfrequantl-r the dis?ws ramed originate in Const<patiun, but take on an independent exist enc? unless the cause is eradicated in an earl; state. From all these considerations it foliws that the ditorrfer should receive immediate attention whenever it occurs, and no person should neglect to get a box of Cephalio Pills on the first appearance of the complaint, as their timely no* will exp*l the icsiduou*~?pproaches of disease and destroy this dangerous foe to bcinan life. A Real Blsstlng. i Well, Mrs. Jones, how la that headMrs. Jotus.?Gone! Doctor, al! gone! the pill you sent oiired me in just twenty minutes, and I wish you would send more so that I can have then han4y PkvsiciaH.?Yon can cot them at any Druggists. Call for Cephalic Pills, 1 find ther never nil, and I , recommend them in al. oases oi Headache. Mrs. Jonts ?I shall send fbr a box dirootlr, and shall tell all my suffering friends, for they are areai fE7?OvEK nxciTKVKfT. and the mental oar* and anxiety incident to oloee attection to bna neaa or ataJr, are imonr the numAroo* cause* of Nerrona Headache. The diaordered atate of mind and body I Inaident to thia diatreeetn* oonplaint ia % fatal blov to a 1 eneray and ambition, sufferer* by thia diaorder oan alwa?a obtain upeedy relief f-om th?*e ditt eaur t attack* by oafnc one of the Ce. phalio Pill* whenever the aymptoma appear. It aulet* the overtanked bnun ??.<) aoothea the strainI ed amd jarring neryea.ard relaxes the tenaion of the a to mac h which alwsya aeootnpaoiee and a?r gravatea the diaordered oondition or tti? brain. t * * * I 1 o Doli^kb_ PATf?.?Mr. I ova iiminH IU1U IWU miiuuus OI ooiuea ol nil 061I ebrated Prepared 0iu?aa4 ttia eati mated th&t e&oki - I bottj* ?avoa at ietat tan dollar* worth of broken I furniture, thua makinc an azcrafate of twenty milI Imni nf <4nl!ftra ra/iltimaif Tram t/>tai Ia>? l.? #k m , "f uviu M'm IV?? I); mu* yaJiable invention. Having made his Glue a household word, he now propocea to dp the world till greater enrlaa all the aching head* with " bn< pphalio Villa, and irth?y ar*aa good &a hia Ulue, Headaohea will soon vanish away like now in J uly. facts wouth isowiii?.?Rpnlding'a Cephalic Pil a are a certain ou-e for Siok Haadaohe, Billand G*enera?'Debility*^? Co*u?enexa, I* | m -t Gszit I>iacoT*bt.?Among the mo*t Important ofa>l the rreat nn*uoal diteoverlea of this age uiay >r bo oontiiderod the aystem of vaccination fur croteo V,OB Small Pox, tie Cephalio Pill for reliaf ol i- Headache, and t^e us* of Oul' ine for tfce preven*1 tion of Pevera, either of wnioh ia a aure ntfcifia iu wtune benefits will be experienced by cutTonuc humanity long after their diecovereri are fort.>tten 10 C^I>in?on erer have tjie Riek Headache? Do _ you remeuober tlie throbbing temnlea, the fevaret 11 i row, the loathing and dug u?t at In* eight of food Hov totally unit you were for ytftaaare, cor.van.a tion or study. One of the Cepha'io Pll!e voulii have relieved too from all the ?uffering whioh t<h w then experienood. Por thu and other purpocei ln you should alwaje have a box of theja on bund t< H ate aa oooaainu require*. of i . I . NervousHeadache E " Headache. D m * By the ut of theee Pills the penodie attacks < b? Utrvtm* or Si*k Htmdatht may bo prevented; an >m If taken at tho oommenoement of an att?ek imm< diate relief from pain and siokness will be obtain? They seldom tail m removing the Nanttm aa ? Htadatk* to whioh females are eo snhjeot. 1 They act gently upon the bawels,?remoTini Coi mm tiVtnitt. For Liurmry Mm, BtudmUt, Drhoate Femalei f and *11 rwMuof t*dm$am ,kabitt, they art a gj valuable an a Lmxativ, improving the pi siring totu and vigor to the digestive organ*, an r reetoiiag the natural elasticity and strength of tfa ? whole rystem. Th? CEPHALIC PILLS ara tba ranit of Ion I investigation and carefully oonduotad experiments ha? ing been m im many year*, during which tin they have prevented and relieved a vast amount < 22 pnin aad suffering frees Headache, whatker ongl || ; in tki BifVMtl alam *\r f>Aim ittU of tl>? itomoiX. M They ax* murel; r*f etabl* la their aompoaitiai M and may be taken at all time* with perfect mM arithoat nakinc any akaag* of diet, mmd tks al mki ?/ mmt dismgrumkU MiN rmUtri it *a*v I ? liawuDr (A*** te tkildrm. % BEWARE OP COUNTERFEITS! er The faaalae karefirt aic&ataraeof Beary C J B pal din( on eaeh Bos. * Bold by Dritiitti aad aU other Dealer* la M*dJ oinaa. K. a Box will to mi kr Mil pr*pa*d aa m^fh ' U* PRICE, M CENTS, 5 All order* ahoold to addraaaad to V HENRY C. fPALDINe, MlMtvl# 49 Odar im N*v York. ;? M&DifllKEa. 1 L -* 1 i oil lotriru, . " "rsssxizn&tsi-'-* \ FOR ALL DISEA9K8 OF IHFRUDBNCK. jj -LJfT yO FALSA DELICACY P ARTE NT. APPLY UUrKD ATELY. A Ctmt WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE U1 r*UM URM TO TWO OA IS. tw i*f???%? J MNf. ?""* " . D^apa*. kwnM.W Satrfe C*? | IIwmi mi Umi, Moulin ?lttil<m,T'rt kT,TwMl% [ D?u.?m W hgkl ar irftwm, Um..h fit<llM(t.TknM, a Rmi ?r Bkta, ?.' U? Lmi. Iwtt at ftavaia? a Omm Ttrnk t Dtaartora anatef fraia SaiHiry labil* ? ] Taatk?Utaaa Draadtal *mi DmumUvi Praeticat vhia* MB- I Mut?|i ?pw*U, u< ?uwr Mil Mr ul TOIMHU VMhliT vk* ktri ktuai it! >dtlM af Cad ary TIM, I tin draadfal u< daairouva UMt ?kut wwllt avaaya a aaUifnly fnTi ttiiiinii /Tua| Ifaa af tta aaat * tili4 ultc'J a>4 krtlUat lalallaat, rtc enrfci aUvrvn* i??? mm?? ua>m?|i?MtM ?? U? <?ww ?f tii?inn at . valid M Mail; U< If^af ly*a, Mf Mil ?U fcU tMt ( MM*. . ( rlt|>, ?? nr itmrf MiiimI arjMil't&'l'lT ItfiMttiN, *?., imt k< *U iluti umIiuIm U* ??M W Dr. 4. mar ?ak*i I wilt WttHi >a Hi >mtu *iMtliti uU iwHiiiltwb } apaa k? tktll t* pkytiaita. 1 urnci t aom ruoiucimiR, Ml ti4tr?*f hM KWmh imu, t f?? 4a*n Im Ik* tann. MMnlww? ?i u< iiaMi. kcttar ( MLJOlMTCa, ] *ftk? >?y*t Gallty* afaiytaa?, V? rtaa. frtdaat* (m aot af tki mm (Kintal CaUaf * ta U* Baited to*!**, j tad tb* ffaatcr ntttfv^m tif* Wk?*a ipitt in lfc? kw ' /fit MUmdm. r*m. mi?4*l?k>a ta4 toobirt, kw #Ntt*d mb* af ik* aaai UWMMf (uu tktl vm 1 kaawa; nu; toaakltd with rtnfuif la tb* ktid tad taa . ktfculu*; grmt a?r??"?ii***, katof tltratd tl *addM taand*, ktthfabatt vitk frtaatut tu*ad*4 hw Mbm *nk l*M(iaw af alad, ? ? (nil iaa*Ou?lt. TUB HMOmk nones. TNaf Km aad athaw vka k??? ia)ar*4 i>?iiItm ky a aacuta prttutt ladalftd la wkta a I?* a kaku kmwdy l lttrntd bam #?il ettapaataaa, w at takaat, tk* Nttn at J wkick tr* iflktl; fait ttta vkta taittt, tt 4 tf aai taitd, taadar* marmfi Uspamklt, u>4 4aattayt Wa?k aia4 taa TnM? u? **ic< cm ms Ma ssi wuhmj vssiH wwwmmmmm ky ??rW bhu tfinU ?i? i Wuknui aftk? hil u< UmWt, Puna in Um lui, Dinnut ?f tiyhc, I m af If?lift , hwir, Pilptutiaa af tfe? Itu^Diipiui.llKtMi IrrlUblDty, Dwu|<imiii af tki Dlf ??u?t PiaeWM, l?ml DttoUly, yaMMi of Cot-rajnpcati. fte. t MXWTALL Y.?T?? htih) ?f ku an U? *tad in aw> M ( ki draadad?Uu af Maaary, C?af?Maa af Uau, OnnHla I af pirtta, B?i! Farbadiafa, Avatataa afBaciatr, Satf-Dtaaw^ 1 uu af BaUtkda, Ttaudity, iu.,an mm af Ui trtla y?? j IUTOU OUUrT.-TkMMdiui MVlldM ?tal I it is* (> ? ai man Miuuuf tuw, mw> iaau ?iga?. aatMitf *iik.rtli,cirTHiud iw(ku4,ltfte|iHplH iffMJtMl tWlk< i;m, -?i*- ?r~P if itmrpUi DI4BAIU Of 1MPRBDBMCK. Viutki w;?jpnd?d tad impntdant Tatar? af plaaaar* ta* \ U ka mbibad tb? nidi ml taw ftliftl duaaaa, it m WWi kappa: a that in ill-tlraad inn ?' ibani ac draad af iitcmn liun him (Mm apphriof la thaaa wb?, fraca adaaaiaa lal raapactabiir.jr, can alena kafnaud htia. la falla lata lia haada af lfoaratl and daairauif prattbdara, ?ha, 1 oca pa VI* 1 af caring. flch hu paeartarf aabat.nct, kaap hia unttaa milb afTar manih.araa laof aalha iMtlaat laa tu h aV < Ulead, aad la daapair laaaa tlm with raiaad kaalth ta ata-k I *?r bit railing dlaappaiataant; ar ky tha aaa af that daacK ' pauan, Hartirr, baataa tha eaaadU!taeil ajmpuoa af Ufa I lamkla iliaaaaa, aaeli aa AfacuaaaafWia Inn. Thraat, Kaaa, I km .Ac., prarraaatcf anih tr.ghifal rapidity, till daalk pan ( I triad la bu draadfai aafanan b; landing hia ta that w < M? JOUdOHItKMEDT TOR OU4UC WKAUIBM AMD IMFOTXJIGT. If (Ui nut u4 iMNtui riBt4; vhIumi if Ua irnia at* cuii aafi Mi vif?r rutxad TkNHuili irttl Ml Q#r?aat aud dafcllltatad, vka kU last ail k?f?, kin ton ltiiaadiMtiy raliartd. AU tnpadimacta ta Miinifi. Pkyalaal at Maata' DlaaraJfc I tutiwi, U*M af PiMHUifi Pmi, lirtita Irr.uiUltt ( TraccUtof aad W?Omh?i lllwwlw a/U* MMfHrfi < klad tpaaadOj cat*4. , KHDOKIXMEMT OF TU PUM. TK MART nOtliin)ltan4 uUh uu'JIMlii Ikt last iifutiM ?i?n. u>d U? ininu Iaytnut karat- I aal aparauana ptrfarmad by D?. Jahnaan, ?itnaaaa4 ky tat i?p?u*n ? w? yifm ua wiiy kiiv pmioi, iwin m vtrch h??? ?fM>?4 tfuc ia4 ifiia fcafe** Ut nMU, U IdllUtltlktM Ul (Ulltut 0t UUUMItM IMMMt' htUty, U ? l?ltt ?Al?uA. t?ta-ly a. J. BOVEF, 1KJDT3 ~ IMPERIAL WIITE BITTERS, Are now bain* used from Maine to the Brm* Bait Like. til iuo uniraraal Tordiot of all who bm theio attner aa ? wriiiim or u a 6rc?ra??. is tABt tr.ey u< auniiMM '.c the word. Dr. Dod? ur*i them ?aow?ffcir la hi* yrtouos lor * ytvi be for* we purshased fhlm Ike sole ncht to mannifcotBre Bad pmeent tbgc to r aal? to tke ?obi.c. Forth* omre of Ineipicrt ConsBmetion, IcdifeeUot.. l>y*peMia, PIMM. Nerrou !' *? ex, Female Com plaint*, Bad all aaaan re*mrriac a tome, they are baTond dotSt & noil iiiT? fthie remedy. Aside from taeir nr,'*..oirBi ?ro??:t{e* they are a par*,whol*lotae aad deUclttm Heroraa*. eroducint sa tha aiMMurt ezAtlaraniix mT?>cu of Brandy or Wine without their inJmitnn* ranJta. Let ail friend* of Dcianityand all advocate* of temp*nu>ce Mats* us tc eubeUtainc these tbJbbU* Vegetahie R tun for toe mimrml y*iieu w.i /.ifnori with wlach tiie ooantrr U flooded, and thereby affeo* aid in ImmHh Diseaae aad Drmatiaaa <W'-y.grepgqnj?*.ga.^ Pr"r,^SoE W AHi?*?BSt?" Ywfc Washington, D. C. njb&SMrtim* For Dlaeaaei of the Kidney i,B.adder and Uruwr Organ*, ami eapeoiaJly for Female Obatrsotiona, never flul to oin, and are warranted to (Ira Mtu^CHAkLM WIDDfFIELD 4k CO, iropnelora, T8 Willuun )eT lyj1 Agent. Washington. D.C. jov miffm istsfam9APPLY rM hSMBDT RBJOIQK HEALTH. Friend, do roa sailer.' Are ron the ricttm of any ofthcae nnmeroaa atjner.u which arvaa trom 1b aritr of the b.^Kxl?What are ther, de roa au.' Rather ask. what are they not? The bWiithe eoaroe of liie and health, aad it i? the ftrat eieroect of oar beinc to respond to aay oanee whioh affeeta tn* system, as the paiee luitubir attaata The erer prfviuliai lieuralfia, thelrntaooi Krrai?lea.the ?ut-tle Sorpmia, tit? seonimcf El>?latfim, Nervoua D<*M:ty. l>ysp*psia. LiverComplaint with its terror ax J dnjoc.ion, tr;l the number loss i!!s tb&t fleeh la huir to, derive their hideousor lain frum tha I Mood. D*(C kiD'ftr the* anci en ily witti tha blood. Use the vitalizing reeouroos of nature for its aid. and suffer us to aeuimond to your aocfidenoe and sse that truly TaluUe medicament known aa t INDIAN TWO STAB L$ DECOCTION. TVitn retard to this almost inia.lible iMtda am ular eentitnent has spoken in decided tsrsu, the evider.ooe of this groat cT.cacy are sustained by constant avowal* of eurafive effects and the happiest remits from its uao are after aJ other remedies and the beet meuioaTskili have failed. Let as ear, in ooneiasion, that certificates onfes-are not eoncht from the illiterate and supertibial, but they ara ToluaUcred from the most re speotabJe souroes and justify the hifheet tonne is , which it ie possible to eomwend ao valnal.e a i spool ho to public assroraJ. We rafy add also that Da eurative properties of the medieiae ar??* nailed only by its restorative efleots. the eyston reooverI inf ftomdisaaae with reaewed constitutional visor. For sale br ail respectable Drufiiata in this i alty. and by tfce proprietor, hiRfc. M. COX. > Aiine teouice uuiaaa her name is blown on the bottie and her seal on the oork frr-Pnoe tl per bottle, six bnttleefor M, .Wifcshtg ET- Ti opKI* CwH asnijm1 ?n i u naoiiaii A(W lor lit mi trio?, and will eupply the trade at mj prioea. W l?-tr - ? pLUMBERS AND GAB MTTBRS. J. W. THOMPSON k. OO. Would oall the attention ol *at? taker* to their fell aaeortment of Fixteree DWMian to it* introBOILERS. KITCHEN SIN*?. PCMP8. Caat fr<u>. Wroniht Iron, ana GaJvamecd WATER PIPES, HYDRANT* aad PAVK WASHERS, RUB?ER hu6k, fcoUiTint superior adv&ntacM, with practical krawlwige, we are prepared tointrocuae Water iato dwelliace with all the latest inproreir eqta, eronptiy. ana at puoee that cannot fail u eatiefr. 969 Peoa. avenue, ao 34 dtMar 1 bet 9th and loth eta., eoath eide. QLD RICH, ^OWfcND JURE MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Ooneotentioaelr distilled by Mr. Jamee Hurneide. of Allegany Comity, Penna., in the old-fuhioned hoaeet way, Won tlieehoi^eet and moet Mtrera!ly mmoua *ye, mm in do omm ?var offer ad for eale til atlapud to wholeaoma ?m by M* It ie ?i odm the moat palatable,aa it la aeaphatioaHy ?. of the pureet beveraf ee in tba rraeh of the pabl. To tli* Invalid .aa wall aa to those ia health, u ocn;mondi itaelf for lU aarivalled taalitiae aa a >1 *ti m aiaut of tha e&feat. au/eat, and moat bane ('tact d deaonpOon. and many of U>e moat dietincniahaH ahyeiaiaaaarv aemg it in their praotloa with the L 8TOCKDA.LB, Proanatora. L _ A?a?t lor fm. *?.. wm ^ itimmm- WHti. ,, gALTlMORBBUTTRa HOU?E. u Daily roo#!TiiyE frwh ud in ?o?b?i paofe# If W CO Rioi.Mft p:*-^ K* tiraoMb 275 ALl" 275 ? JACKSON, r L Jp4JT * If WotwJoTOi aafr lltb ?tr?f. )?M d FLOUE?AN^GF^KR^ 88lMIMIOM ? o Avfflhmss^ 0 fC7* Cmh md for ?11 ki?d? of Gmia. m imm i. forK&rasi wSr-vE ssrwwa^v^^H-ist - sue, M?ot? for the cWlaatoa Daily Marowy. PO Tf ! QgSUWolMkRSlSSfi * rRUNKti, BOOTri AND SHOES. ^ootu and mo|^ to svr? tu Wt Iff bow BMitMUnu til ki?Oi or BOOTS Vli SHOKJ*, Mid oorttacVT !"< ?*yim npfij of Mctorn m4? ork ?*# wwk? Ml RMr.aiMwrmr toordT, mW wilif old at amor h .?w*r > nc* itiM .jl? ML NMan cbargad Is tkia ?tr for ?aok iclWlof P*r*>oa IB vact of Boot* Mi^oN of <MUn or Ity Mil work, wlli fcuc ?jood mi Jir?? wSj^?J5P H?-r 114 ?M>w. 171VK limptKO TRATKUN9 TftONU ana >r?? ud Ptctttag Traaks o%sr tnrak^^Hl %*? roo? ttkiUta at LbittttM t tnvwiaf rMamlM. at ynto. * fc? WA^T^jK^ JOVfUKN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. q*p*$iii Oil Hmu' lf?.'>>?n?. D. C. Ml Mln i*J tfc? avkM af <v <j* ud fwpUn'BD k? b?st voriauM. 1 ?t Mtfek aUf rwcow ii< ay pork to W rayanvr IB Mtrmmtk a*>4 Dm PrukitktV* fuada IB oiiar nlb?? Mi MM k?r*. I IMf OOnatBAtip OB UbJ, tbJ Mk? tb ordor tM ?? VM^I DOOMU *X*T7mSg*i?ffgiJf' *lLMS ISil Tnjtfs, Ac .E f.a -ri m4 Cuvwfd, In i v?rkMjJik* "' f*' at abort boum. Trankt datiwmJ to u; part ?f U.0 city. 6m(? 5Sra6SlE?kp,e familt 4?U-lw J AM KB 1. TOPHAM [MFORTANT TO HOV*KAKKPKIlfl. ~~ K. R. PURREE A CO.'g Svar&ntaad cot oaty ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURE. Ml SIMM TO* rrw* vpn?, mimM fcuj r.M.u?4 )rMd|NMlrwUi P*1?"** without r?}tnrM io m?l TW aia b?et;fta.iy panic *>i m er-fUl, 5rtHBfa& sgvsuftaS mm an almum imr+riAblj mam. Wa nnui ^RBagtASfa. WATCH BBfi*.RING ?jjjra wi.i I h*r# ob# of the host MtaLhahmenU, Md faruikM wiOi_a?omp!?t# ?ft of |ool? for r*p?tr Iv ac ?twj aaaoripuon "i cm tn< partiealar attention kit* to Um mh, by [ftoroocji oom patent vorkiuftAad a work (uiritn3ed Al?o, every deeerip ion of i'mkUi d 811,V KR WARE. pilau and ornarn^ntai, man ofcrtu ?*;] ur<iar ny own evparvision, arhioh my cast.xnera viU find to eupenor in fuaiUv and finish to northern vtr? old by dealert in leoerai and repr*eanted a* Uioir nrn manufacture. H. O. HOOD, ea 3S* Pa. aynue. mf th at. CKANCI8 H A RPE*. FAMILY OR^K^?A*\ftDrS^JSn STORE. Cmmer of >'rw i ork ?roiM and TmtK sir tel. Respectfully eo.ioitathe aptromfot thoir w may be in want or any artioH in tbeaooreTina. Hu andeavcra ahail be to p!<?aa?>, and by a atriet attention to the want a of the public, he tiopee to merit a iKftrf of th*ir MirODtfA H11 leak MnatiU of every artio> aaaaiir tab* fnond in a fitat-oiaaa Faauly Urooery and Feed ? ft pitEMAN ? S!MPS0|| J I Th? ?bore PURE W RISKY, Corrn Dxitilleb noi MiLTirG xi'ii. beioc superior * - - i n r;rrc? redonujaendod by the beat pby?ioimi? jjnd Th? 8ch>i?.kil Water <*! } :.; i ui' fM*. iiMd ta 5: ^ S'r^,'jwsir&ssa. On the Sffhtylhlinw, raSHttk OSom?96 w?.l Arnt, M?? York; ToiSocU Front atrcot, Phidkdaiplua. mtV-Ii y<TVr e i (> * 4 ( yiw^/?r ? |^((t? J<1 h*H? ?? J tr0?y. J"t A"&tyjt^^SZI > ?1 y V ?r*""Vtm*m*-hm. m XT \M Mamsmlt 1 ,(0^r?iTe I it inMmi mil* kyrm. mm 4m msli-ratmlMd famUUs, It la rmrj Aoalrobia to tor* turn* ek?t ad ooBToaiMt *n for rotoirlac PoruUtro, To?a. Oi|itoif,*? iriLOlNfi'l Fh SPARED GLGft mtato oil cook oaMrc aooiaa. ood bo hocmoOoK cos afforvl to be withoatlt. It ia aJwoia raody tU ay to U>Q ifawitf poiat. There ia to lomw oeaaaaitar for amy. at c halra, sp'iutfr^d *-?nfxra. h?fuU*ae oolla. any nrtken mdiM. It ia tk? rGaaiv ootto. tkfll, u4 oU? orBin?slal work, mo pope lor with loalaa of ntannt and twu. Tfcia odrcirohlo preparation la uaod cold, t#taf o&? ui.d lb aplnOon, otu: mwoim li. the T?lnob!e,uo.;^.??k?.' aloe. It moy be ored in tbe pi&oe of ontia*ry iruoiJ*?, WB| TUtiy more 44 VSKFUL IN EVERY HOUSE," eooi bottl*. WTuUstl* D^m*, No. 48 Codor street. New York. EMrmm KKNRY cTsi'ALDIN* ft COBox No. 1,MI, Nov Y ork. ia ftow Oxd m?fnym atoli poekt?e. .0714 botti# of SPA?.B1NWS PEEPARED Blue will o?i t? fimw iu ooot mopSjysE wasi fflgSr ?5vl F SiU * W ll< fi*'< ( /?. A u ? T f%ftO TJk j ? id ikttit frm rtn?w?? fcy O CAUTION. jrmnsERs should be careful ^PURCHASING THE VALLEY wmcKFY m err that it is MKmOWB ; WITH THE SIGNATURE OF i; ^ r/fy r JDRTHE LABEL ALL OTHL&S ARE AM jfcHTATlON AND A COUNTERFEIT OFnTHE ABOVE WHISKEY. WJLHDAIY, SOLE PROPRIETOR ttSMTIVIUUMS: HEWTBRL to* uu or WASHimrorr my Tm wnm* ?**"

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