Newspaper of Evening Star, December 18, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 18, 1860 Page 3
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4 * 'r LOCAL MEWS. ; t7* Ttrniti Tvx <*tab Is printed on Ik* kitnl itna prraa l? use south of Baltimore, Its edition It m inrfr u to rrqnire It to W pot to pre* nt an pjt!t v*r, a 4ti moments, therefore, should be ?*nt In before Ui o'clock m ; etberwise they may not appear until the next day. None*.?Dlatrlet of Columbia Advertisements le be Inserted in tbe Baltisoki Sun are received at and forwardr<l from Tn Kt41 Office. Citt CoenciL*. Dec. 17 ? Board of AUltrmt* Tf? board niet at the uaml hour. Tbe monthly report of tbe Intendaat of the A?ylnm was r'oeivfd and referred. The petitions of W. H. Dice far remlaaion of a floe; of John Walsh for a similar purpose, of Oto Parage for same; of Geo McNaoghton for refunding of monererroneously paid to the Corporation, w m referred Mr Dvaaington aaked the unanimous consent of the board to make a statement It would be r?>n>eniuer*d that at tbe last meeting of tbe board be had got a bill paaaed for a Are plug hydrant on Capitol HU1. AfVr it passed the board, tb? speaker went down to the lower board to attend to it* passage through that board, aad there ascertained that a bill p?id the boards some time age for the same purpose, but had not for aorae rnaenn been executed The speaker went to the Mayor It, and was informed that he bad ordered thfwork to be done by the contractor; that If the business was neglected it was through no fault of the executive He stated that be woifld willingly hare the act carried into effect, and authorised the speaker to write to the Water Registrar in relation to It. He had done so, and had received the following reply, which he asked might be read : W ATVB Rvr.TiTVii'a Hrvirt ) Waahtagtoa" W 14,isfe \ C. W. Dunningtcm, Efq ,?Dear Sir: I have your note of this date relative to the erection of a lire plug at Second street east and Pennsylvania avenue July 13th, 1WS0. is the date of the approval by the Mayor of an act to provide for tbe erection of flrr plugs, by vrhicb it Is enacted " that tbe Waler Purveyor be and be Is hereby directed to cause a flre plug, of tbe Ayera patent, to be ereclrd at each of the following points along tbe twelve-inch water-mains laid by the I'nited States, vii: Tbe aonthweat corner of square seven hundred and twenty-nine; northeast corner of square seven hundred and thirty-two, etc , etc " t \ 1C ? ( IL. J.4 ? % * - u wit la, icw, i? iue uaie ui a coninct Of* twrrn Thomas \V Miller, of the first part, and tbe Mavor of therity of Washington,of the second port, whereby the party of the first pnrt covenants and agrees " to erect all the side-walk fire pings which, by the party of the first part, bar*; been ordered, or from time to time may be ordered during the current ynr, I860, in conformity to the printed proposals and specifications marked A, tMftetn annexed; which are to be deemed and taken as a part of thi* contract " Of those sfiecifications ' marked A," one provision inserted in conformity with the requirements of the set approved I ? ) Ifi'ii ??* tU<l U -? -O* - -At ? uu<: * -j.', t ??? an av?* I UiaklllU H1C (UStrii utloa of Potomac water throughout the city of Washington," Is in tbeae v ords: "All tbe fire pluus will be erected und? tbe supervision and inspection of tbe Water Purveyor, who will require tbe beat and most accurate workmanship, etc . etc." October !?, lfefio, tbe Mayor dim led Tbonia* W. Miller, Ksq , contractor, as follcws . " Please proceed at once under v?>ur contract and erect combined lire pings and serv;re hydrants of the Melcs' pattern, similar to that in front of the fMtv Hall .it thr> fnllnwin? ? S diMgnaU-d point*, vix,"etc ,c*c. 'You will also l'lt-4?c fifcl Ayti' lire-ping* *' the following rl-*ii;r?at#>d point*, viz : sonthwt-M corner o/ square northeast corntr of square 732; etc , rtc " fit tin" out tbi; list of localities as prescribed by existing law* at tbe date of the order, snd con eluding thus : "The above work will he done, as pe*'d in your contract, under tbe superintendence ind direction of the Water Purveyor, who will in every case designate the precise locality < { tbe plug " You will perceive from tbe above statement that everything in tbe power of tLii office to do to aet ure tbe accommodation and pro lection requested in your note baa already been done. Tbe public advertisement, tbe specifications, tbe contract, the order for the work undti tbe contract, all emanated, aa they ahould, from this office; tbe latter being prepared aa a mattei vi vTQiiiatj ii/uni>c in hui> uui':r iur IUC Bpprnvai and signature of the Mayor Of tbec-iuses wbicto have prevented the contractor's compliance witfc the Mayor a order. I cannot apeak from my owe personal knowledge except to this extent?tbai tbe contractor. Mr. Miller, from the period of his rrrelpt of the order up to the time when the win trr art In, was frequently in thla office expressing always bis anxiety to get to work and finish bj tbe first of December, aud bis inability to proruri from the V\ aU-r Purveyor the designation of th< localities of tbe plugs which tbe Mayor bad or dered him to erect according to and In pursuanc< of that officer's designation Very respectfully, your obedieut servant, Rajsih>LI H CoiLit The communication was read by the secretary and Mr Punnington went on to say that it was plaii there wo* no use in passing acts here, if tbe offi < era charge with their execution were remiss li their duty Mere. It was evident the work wa ordered to be dene, the order was issued In du form, the contractor wii required to go on witl I ? work; and yet itwoulaseem that the Fur vvyor, for some reason or other, tuid not complied If tbe Forveyor it to blame, let us find It out; i any one elar is. let it appear; but, for one, he cooli not l<e*r the idea of our citizens suffering the Ins of their property (as he had seen very recently, b reason of the gross neglect of somebody to have fire plug erected on Capitol Hill, at a rert&i point.) witfcout redress of some sort Had th! Are pln^ been erected, as required bylaw, a goo< hmiae, which wu destroyed bv Are a few nt^hl ago. near the place designated for ?t, would Lav been saved Mr McN*rhany moved that tbe communici tton be laid on the table, and that the followtn resolution be named: hrsolt-d. That the Mayor be, and he is herebj respectfully requested to Inform this board at li next meeting, why tbe contract with Tbouias \V Miller, dated October 18, 1?60, for the erection < fire-plug hydrants, has not been executed * Mr. Fisher offered the following amendment: "And also to inform this board wbethes-tt r.eressarv outlets fur the erection of sidewalk fin plugs bate been left in the city mains, at or net the 1*2-Inch main, along Pennsylvania avt-am and aiso lo inform tbis board whv the sldewal fire-plug at the corner of Third street and Mi sourt avrnae was erected by other parties than U IVg?? WUM W1 Mr. F. said that be had gir?n up all 5d?"a i remedying the existing eviia iu reapect to the di tributton of the Fotomar water by legislation fj would do everything In hia power. If legiaiatin ahould be attempted, to throw all the light t could upon the auhject. Mr rfove thought that the only way to reac the evil wm by legtalation. For one he was wil iag to go into the matter, and use hla beat effor to put a atop to the pre**nt difficulties. He w care that if the geaUainan from the Second VVai would have a little patience the thing coald 1 done, and properly daoe After forthtr discussion the resolution w adapted aa amended. COM MITT EC REPORTS Joint resolution relative to protecting the In if eats of this Corporation in Uie Washington at Alexandria Railroad Compaay; passed. . Reaoi tton aa follows was passed : Jittiirtd, That the Mavor be respectfully r qacated to communicate to this hoard whatamon if any of the 14 (balance of the old ioa ibk debt of the city unpaid on the 2d of Apr! 1S0O) still remains unliquidated. Hill to ptece a wooden trunk at tbe Intersect to of Tbird alreet east and Maryland avenue; paasei Bill for partially grading a portion of Half atre west; passed. Bill to drain Fourth street en near vWtala aveaoe; pssssd BUI t? repair ti 1 atari or aiU ihm ?! ?> vmmI ?nH MittK m# ft! Center Markethouse; passed. Bill to repair grav fnotwalh in tbe Sixth Ward; pmaard Bill autbc lxing the Mayor to offer a reward of #500 for t] arrest of incendiaries; referred. Concurrent r? olution requiring that when the two boards a journ to-night it be to Monday, Doc. 31, 18t paaard. Bill for the relief of John 11. McCute he passed Adjourned. Common Cutncti.?Tbt Mayor, by recuest, i turned tbe bill relating to market regulations; i ferred Tbe Intendant'a report of the Asylum waa i Jbrred. Mr Emerson introduced Pbill authorizing t Mayor to offer a reward of S600 for tha arrest ai conviction of incendiaries; passed. aim, prunyii vi uw^uvi* in vuc n uiuicrn ini ket; referred Mr. Jour* offered a Joint reaolutTon adtournli the two boards from this evening till Doe em t 31; ptiHd Mr Mobuo from drainage committee, report Aidermea's hiU making appropriation* for 4 poMta attradiag tbe distribution of Potoai water; riwrtl Mr. Van Rcewick, frost lmprovomonU co lalttee, reported bilk for rem in of Center Mark tease; for relief of G W. Ealia Aldermen's b for aettiag curb u4 pnvlng sidewalk on the w front of iqnrt 3ae^ pwasa d Mr Malloy, from r lata* eomaitter, report WUi far relief of John Pilbnnid. f>r relief War Mr Beth Jotui Wade To ha H McCufcbi paaaad, aad asked tobadlscbar^d froui conald tas Alder inaai bill for relief of Kugeae Sweei A id rich Young, B B Chever and Albert Can ball, aad the petition of Daniel Ctutar dlaobai graatrd Mr. Enaby, by leara, offered a Joint raaolutl authorising an altaratioa of ire-plugs now band to tba Lnwry patrat; referred to dralai Mr Morgan oflbrad a Jalnt reoohsttaa dirartl tk* drainage ramintuoe to laquln into the m dieacy ef making arraagesaeala iter keeping plugs bow laid dosn, ta order for nan; adofrte< fflUsiroaa fee Aldermen to plana ? fo?-n Art plug at Bacund (tract aaat and Paaosylva , ? ,, _ _ Mint; for paring and curbing eut frrmta of q'rtrr* l? and 1?3, were taken from the table tad referred. . The military bill eame up aa unftnl?hed bnaiaess, on the motion to lay on the table the motion to reconsider the vote by whlrta the bill paaaed at the tart meeting Under the operation of the previoua question the bill waa reject?d, and effectuallr killed by a motion to recomtder, which waa laid on the table. We have never seen in the Councils a warmer contest for the paaaage of any bill, however Important. Mr. Mnn?sn e?n?l nntk* Intnt HwlnHm Aldermen Tor the protection of tbe interest of Ikli corporation In t?? Alexandria and Waihlagtoo Railroad; adopted Mr. Bryan offered a resolution reqnesting the commissioner of the Northern Market to tic a a transfer of a market stall from R. Butt to Was. Bell, pending which the Board adjourned. Ckstial GcAKDiiors* Casks. ? Mary Ann Johnson was srrrsted for larceny; hut upon heariug this morning the larceny case was dismissed, and Mary Ann was sent to the workhouse for 90 days, under the vagrancy act. Daa'l Koefy and John Drank were drunk and disorderly In the street; sent down for 00 days, to work out the fln^ and casta,which they bad not provided for. Jos. Sayroke was brought In. bleedlu and wounded. by Mr V\'m. Jones and a Seventh-ward policeman. Thi? morning be was brought out fort hearing on a charge of burglary. Upon opening the cell toe floor was a pool of blood, from the wounds la bis head. It appeared opon trial that last night the prisoner made an attempt to force an entrance Into the dwelling of Mr. Jones, near Four-and-a-half st , In the Seventh Ward, and bad succeeded In hoisting a window, wben he was discovered. Mr. Jones seised a gun, but It being unloaded be took a cudgel, and overtaking the prisoner, grasped him. The prisoner tried to escspe, and Mr. Jones struck him with the stick. inflicting several severe wounds upon his bead. Dr Toner was sent for, and administered all the relief be was able; but soon after the trial, and before be conld be taken to Jail, to which be was sentenced by Justice Donn, Sayroke died, and was laid oat in tbe guard-house. He is the same individual who attempted salclde Id the old guard-bouse a year or two ago, by cutting bis throat with a butcber knife, nearly severing the windpipe. He is a German, formerly a professional cook. Criminal Court.?Yesterday, Julia Newton, (colored.) charged with grand larceny, was convicted or petit larceny, ana sent to jail six months. Charles Cassldy was tried and acquitted on a charge of assault on Michael A>h. Abraham Johnson, (colored,) charged with stealing tome poU of plants, was convicted and sentenced te six months In jail Anna Bogle was tried and convicted on a charge of stealing two cloaks, a shirt, wrapper, bedspread, tablecloth, and China vases. In all wortn about *56, from Mr. Charles McNamee. Sentenced to on* year In the penitentiary. Wesley Mahoney was tried and found guilty on a charge of stealing chickens, a pot. basket, Ac , from Emily Staples. Sentenced to six months In iail To-day, Ellen Lewi* wan tried on a charge of stealing a shawl ralued at ?5, and three flat-Trons valued at 25 cents each, from Mary Ann Barns. The case was pending when our reporter left. What Company C Timn-Company C, Washington Light Infantry, assembled at their armory on Monday evening, the 17th Inst The endorsement of certain resolutions previously adopted by companies A and B, of the battalion, expressive of their determination "to stand by the stars and stripes so long as a shred remained," was proposed, upon which a discussion arose, when they were laid on the table by an overwhelming vote, because a clause in the constitution of the company prohibits any political discussion. and, also, because the true Interests and prosperity of the company d? mand that Mid rlanse of the constitution should he observed, and for further and more potent reason that said resolutions were inappropriate under the existing af IdJTB 1<1 IUC ll?WUU. Y. M C. A Thr prayer meeting held last evei nine at the assembly rooms of the Young Men'* Christian Association was much better attended ! than in the morning ?the rooms being full. The k.. n ? rv. c ? i?u ? uivtm*?" vjk n^u uy iuc ivct i/i oiiiiiuf oiiu continued by Rev. Dr Noble. Much interest on behalf of tbe nation and ita difficulties wai manifested, and many fervent prayers and exhortation* [ w^rc cflVred, Invoking peace and concord among , tbe brethren throughout the land; of the church, t us well a* political t We understand that there ia to be a Fair at their t rooms, commencing this evening, for the benetft i of tbe Mission Sabbath Schools connected with, and sustained by the Association, gotten up by r the young ladies of the schools. They should be f encouraged by a handsome donation. j ?????? "Thi Union Foekve*."?This morning a beautiful flag, " the Stars and Stripes," was t hoisted upon the staff over the Perseverance encine house, in Center Market Snare, anrf with it a streamer, upon which was imprinted, In legible characters, The Union forever." The market being fall, wltb representatives of nearly every ' State In the Union attending it, the flag and streamer attracted mucb attention, and drew forth the commendation of hundreds. The flag was el< v.iU d by order of the company, which paased a resolution to this effect at a recent meeting. The Franklin Fire Company, which yesterday a had their flag bnlf masted In respect to the memory of a venerable and respected member and esteemed citizen, to-day at noon ran It up to the f masth?ad?the flag of the Union. Geamd Cokceet?The Society of St Vincent y of Paul will give a fine vocal and lnntrumental ' concert at Willard's Hall, on Thursday evening. n December 37 The services of the best musical a talent of our city and Georgetown have been sort cured; and the entire concert will be under the direction of Mr. Thomas N. Caulfteld, whose ability as a musical director It duly recognised ai?d appredatre The entire proceeds of the con( cert will be applied to tbe relief of the po?r of ' this city. Worn we consider Um gTent misery now existing, and which, on account of tbe present r state of things, will beyond doubt increase, our jl ciMters, we are sure, will willingly aid an undertaking which has so laudable an object in view. We would call particular attention of out readers to the sale at auction, this evening, of elcgant household furniture, works of art. paintings. *- fancy ornaments. Ac., to take place at Wood lr ward's new store, under the supervision of oui r> f lends J C. McGoire & Co. The assortment em k braces a fine collection of rosewood and walnut - parlor suits, covered In the richest satin brocittelle; r><sewood bureaus, parlor ete^eres. and one magnificent walnut marble-lop sideboard, and i pearl-keyed piano forte of superior tone aud work' *- manship Many other articles worthy of notici I" can be seen by calling at the store as above W? " unarriuna tarn me is peremptory, ana la causec it by the fluuelal criaia in New York city. ?? h Dt. M. Schlossee, the celebrated Surgeor 11- Chiropodist, of Parla and Havana, is n#w oa hli ts second visit to Washington, (see advertiaemen as in another column ) The Doctor'i system o rd treating corna, buniona, and all diseaate of thi je fe?K, without cutting or causing the least pain baa been acquired by many yeara of atudy anc as experience. We judge from the certi flea tea showi that tboae who are in need of hla treatment coulc not do better than conault him. Hla ?tay li r- Washington will be abort. Many ladles anc ,d gentlemen have already conaulted him, and beei a- succesafully treated. The Ladies Festival asd Faie, of the Meth Q( odist Protectant Church, now holding at Thorn'i t. Hall, Seventh street, between D and E, waa ver il largely attended laat night. There waa a sump ' tuoua supper, prepared oy the ladiea, and muaii ,n by the band, and many good things, and a moa j delightful time. It waa really good to be there?varv on* km-tA >w? tmA It la *ahI(hiim ,t to-night, ind a crowd roay\* expected. Let al ^ go and enjoy themselves, and encourage the ladle se to pay for their parsonage. ~ Theatss Last Nioht ? Mr. E. Kddy mad his first appearance before a Washington aadlenc - last night. In his celebrated character of Jac] d" Cade, which was received by an appreciative au ly. dience with hearty indications of satisfaction n! To-night our citizens have an opportunity of see ing Mr baay la what la rrnraro u one of hi bnt character*?that of Cardinal Richelieu. Tb re- performance to conclude with Dutch Actor," ii re- which Mr. Glenn, the popular manager, wlllaj pear in hia great Dutch pvt. re MAGiaTiATK'a Daemon.?In the caae of th he United Statea agt. Kelly, reported In the Star ad day or two aince, In which the defendant wi aoruaed of felonleoaly entering the ahop of Mi ir- Davie, and extracting a " quantity of pipe, ga ttxtnga." etc., the magistrate S Thorn peon) d< ig elded that no felony waa committed, (It being 1 ter proof that a partnership exlated between Davfi J Kelly;) and the defendant waa therefore diachargo ed from cuatody. x- ? i,c W11011 is it Detective officer Allen la hi researches last week came upon a colored Ind m. vldual who had in poaaeaaion a amall leplne watc -t. of the oldeat pattern, gold, enamelled back, pro! ,111 ably a family relic. It la supposed that it wi nt stolen. Allen has It to be Identified. a rarrlb. Rirrit. Raftlb ?The organ, wit , the monkey show attached, will peeltively com off this evening Immediately after the sale < ' furniture, Ae., Ac , at Woodward's new ator< *[' Parties deMrous of obtaining -banceecau do i ipI any time daring the day or evening at fa each. *c Paor. Dailbt's singing school (at Re*. 1) Gurleyt church) will meet hereafter evei \\ ednesday evening, at 7 o'clock, instead at 8a ? Two Pbbsbkts at the cent of one 1s what tw "K person reeet vss when they buy their books at ( CO fc vans' Gift Bookstore. All the new books i soon aa Issued are tot sale at regular prices, f nj saa advbbtisbmbkt elsewhere of terrier d< Qla loat. a liberal reward la offered for Its recover Lasiu. the best ptece to (<t yew Chrtstanas pttuttm Is it Mm. i. 6 Ktehtsoa'a, N* W P? avenue, who has just retaraed ftt?m the Nerth . with a complete assortment of Fancy Gooda, all of which ahe haa aelccted herself eapeciallv for the approaehlag holidays Her alack ?f real Laee s Collar*, Seta, Hand kerchieft, Velia, embroidered and plain 1.inen Ma, French werk^t Ml and Collars, Head Dresaes, net Mceves, Fane, Port monalea, Linen Collars and Handkerrhielb, and a large atock of Fancy Articles, (*?y of which will make a very handsome present,) will he sold very * cheap. Weadvlaeyou to go at once to No. t'l Pa avenue, and get your presents before they are picked over. t k rad the advertisement of Mr*. Crult, in another eolnmn, and if yon want anything la the Jewelry line, give ber a call. She baa an assortment suitable for holiday presents. (l Ton" at ths Asskxsly Rooms To-wjobt ? ! No more need be said, we Imagine. Matinee t performances on Wednesday and Thursday after- ' noona. Th? VimntcT or thi 8ick.?Lat?ers from Dys- 1 peptic*, in every Mate, are oootinuaily reoeived br the proprietor* of ctltbrafd Stommch Bittert, expressing in the moat enthusiaatio terms their oonfidenoe in that celebrated restorative. The writers differ in their modes of *xpre*cr a, hat they 1 breathe bat one sentiment. That immeaearaala benefit has b*en derived by thoasaada from this agreeable ard potent stomachic isaftct eatabliahcd by oioud* of witnesses. Dyspepsia aod the counties* diseases of the stomach aad bowel* to whioa it i give* rise, literally vanish before the searching,bra01 rig and purify lag influmoe of this great renov&tor of the phyaicalaystem. which acts simultanecur ly on all the internaj oraana raanirina regulation and ia. t vigoratlun. " de l3eo3t Psititm. . . Persons desiring pennies will always find them 1 or exouance at the Star Offioe oeunter. U c To thk AmiCTiB!? B? tore to read the ndver- ] tisement of MoLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. tf Riassa, have you teen Prof. Wood's advertise ment in oar paper. Read it; it will interest yon. au au-eoly Rito the fallowing letter from & highly rospectable gent.eman: Limkatons, Montour Co., Pa., Oot. 22. 1853 This is to certify that 1 was prououuocU by mv- ! oral physicians a? consumptive, and had all the ?y inptoius of the disease in its worst form, auoh as j coughing. severe pains in the ohest shortness of ' breath. night-sweats, and extreme weakness and lassitude In my whole system. My family nearly all having died of the disease, I hau given up ail hope of reoovery. as nothing kave me relief; hut through th"persua*ion of a friend I was icduoed to try Dr. Wiitar's Balsam of Wild Cherry. The first bottle relieved me considerably, and the third bott e cured me entirely. I now feel as well as ever 1 did in my life, and am able to follow my occupation as farmer as fully as any one. 1 also had a sister in a more advanced state of thedi<ieaa\ having been confined to her bed for over a year, and pronounced beyoad hope by our best physicians. l?iic also was entirely cimd by the Wild Cherry, but it required sis or eight l?ot- i fla* *a <1 aka aflll f s Irna it >wi no ? ?\ r-1 n 1 I? ? m nr? n?n, (i<iu o?u 0 vi 11 v^m'n iv wvonnMifiij am n jm i ventativ*, being latu'al'r weak chested I would sincarely urge all who are similarly afflict ed to try Llr. Wi.'tar's Bnltnm of Wtltl ('Kerry, a* I am ratified that but for your own valuable remedy my sUter end myself would not now t?n 1 living. I will eheerfnllv answer any one who mav i address me on the subject, and state our cases more fully. Jacob Millm. Prepared hv S*fh W. Fowl* ft Co., Boston, and for BAlf in Washington oit? O. Stott, *. B- Waite Z. D. Oilman. John Sehvarze. Nairn ft Pa.mer, John Wiley, J- B. Moore, and H. (1. MoPharson; in Georgetown by R. 8 T. Clss 11. and G. M. ft J. Southron, and by drugf i*U everywhere, de 14-tw,r CotTGHs ?The srdden changes of oar olimate are son roe i of Pulmonary, Bronchial and A*'hmatic .TJ/ ' um." . ICUUO pi'JTCU llir?V BlllipiV remedies ofien act speedily and certainly when taken in the earlj stasesof the dm^ase, reooume should at onco M) had to " Brown's Bronchial Trockft." or Lozenges, let tho Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat f>? ever so alight, as by this precaution a more serious attask ma* be effectually warded off. Public Speakers and Singers will find them effeotual for olearing and streiigihenioc the voice. See advertisement. del-ly Homeopathic Rbmxdixs All of Dr. Humphreys & Co.'s spocifio Homeopathic Remedies put up expressly for family u?), IU Winn, m. u anu ovum men. aibu, in oaxea, containing 20 vials, from $4 to 96 each, vith book of fnll direction!. For sale by Z. 1). Gilman, 330 Pa. avenop, wholesale and retail asent; W. A. Pitzjjeraltl, 353 north F street; al*o by V. H. Winter, corner ot Massachusetts avenue and S*ixth street. Also, Pond'? Extract <\f Witch Sazel, f??r internal and external inflammations of 1 kinds. Sold as above. ma9-ly THE CRISIS. Special and Extraordinary. o. g."evans, ORIGINATOR OF TUE QIFT BOOK SALES, at hia Branch Store, 476 PEx\N*YLVANTA AVENUE, Washixotox, D. C., Having determined, in consideration oftke present Political and Kmanoiai Crisis, to reduce his extensive and complete * too It of STANDARD AND MISCELLANEOUS BOOlCS. By tli? Fourth of March turf, Offer greater inducements to purchassrs than ever before presented to a reading otinn,unity. He designs givinr away, withon* partiality or re serve, the following list of GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES and other VALUABLE JEWELRY, in addition to the rpgnlar distribution, upon the purchase of Books: Schkscls or Extra Gifts: 10 GOLD WATCHES, Gents Hunting Cm#, If) UU1.U WA1XMIV8, Uadtea limiting t,a*?, 15 Genu Hanting Cats SILVER WATCHES, 25 SILVER \N ATCHES, Lepin^ Movement*, 25 Gent. GOLD VEST aid FOB CHAINS, 25 Ladies and Muses GUARD and NECK chains, 1? SILK DRESS PATTERNS, 2 Sets SILVER PLATED ware. r The above Schedule is in addit on to oaArecnlar arranged p1a* of Distribution, end, aa usual, with t every Book eold, wi.I he presented A GIFTval ued f' om 5) cents to ?1W. To aatiafy the inereduloua, we eh'll keep a hat 1 of those who reoeive the above Extra Gifts, and, ' with permission, publish their names and reaidenoe . in the daily papera in order of preaentaticn. 1 Our CHRISTMAS STOCK eiubraoaa ONE thousand different works, smubie , to every taste?Old and Voting, Grave and Gay. i o. 6. evans, t jjaii iYK PonnavlvlLnm A cMnilM r :?: : t INITIAL STAMPING , 1 * IN COLORS, Upon Not? Pap??r and Envelopes. Beautifnlly executed at j <le 13 2teo DEMPBhY A O'TOOLB'3. i CBCES^ION OR NO SECESSION -LAMi O MOND,7th st. will sell Toy* and Fanoy Notions oheapT than any other home in the oity d!5 3* VISITING CARDS FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Examine our samples , DEMPSEY & O'TOOLE. j da 15-2too Card En?rtt?r?. - DAROAINS.?Kriaa Kringle hai ordered me to c O olose out Toy* and China Ornaments at pneee it oheaper than the oheapost. for cash only. _ de 15-3t* LAMMOND. tyrrentli st. 1 OEAUTIFUL PRESENTS 1 O FOR CHRISTMAS m A hnr nf Psn^r a; d KnvalnnAa. kttmnrd in nn!nn with lutorlaoad initials, to got only at DEMi?8EY Jt O'TOOLE'S, t de 13 nmo Card Engraven P. r\Tfa nnwwra u a tu ci a f?u .r fl BVR DVfllllDlOi OA!D| ?liu riiAlO Ut Ill? i w very lateat aty!??,and in all caaea made^^tk of the Mat matkrml. Call at onoe and getC^w ohoiee. At STEVENS*!*. . nog-tf 336, betw. 9th and 10th ate. IV KW ILLUSTRATED BOOKS* e 1^1 Fojt tri 8?*??x or 1S61. a Moral Embleme; The Proiniaee of Jeaue; Tennjaon'a May Uumd; Wit and Humor ol the Port*; The Poetry ofNature; The Poeta? Gallery; The Byron Gallery of Beantiee; Shakapeare; r-hak apeare'e Tmpeet; The Hamlet; LMghahle Arivenc turee, the Foreign Tour of Meeers. Brown, Jones a and Kobinaon; Art Album, the Art Album for 1860. ta The above are a lew of the new Booka cuitaMe r. for ereeenta during the coming holidaya. a , ULANCHARO fc MUHL'N, y delA Corner of Eleventh at. and Pa. av. gg CENTRAL STORESI gg d CLOTH CLOAKS'. CLOTH CLOAKS'! New Cloth Cloaks, new Cloth Cloaks, . |S Cloth Cloaka ot new etyies, . Cloth Cloftka of new styles. ^ Black and Colored Cloths, for rioaks. Black mid Colored Cloths, for Clbaks. >- DRESS GOODS-DR ESS GOODS?DR ESS Reps< Valencia*, Mennos. Silka, Silk Robea, and variona other styles of Dreee Good a: all jj marked down to meet the present atate of the

? "^S'lwSaSi in want of Dry Goods to ?ive ua a oaJl. and weleel oon?dont that thev will T.e rena.d 2 KltttfSaP'a?.* 7 ?' JqEScBgh. m ? WASHINGTON THEATER! THIS EVENING, econd night of the ami ent AinM'ican Tragedian. MR. E. EDOY Who will appear as th*t great S(pt??man, CARDINAL R1C11EL1EU. 'Beneath the rale of mm rreiil the Pan it mif hUer titan the Sword.'* To eoBctade with THE DLTCtl ACTOR. DooraofeaatT, to oommenoe at 8 o'clock. Orobecter chairs SI;dress circle and p?rq??t*Sf> its.; prtv&ts boxes f 5 Grand concert For the Benefit of THE POOR OF THE CITY. ME SOCIETY OF 8T VINCKNT OF PAUL Hare the pleasure of annoaooinf that a o r a n n Vocal and Instrumental Concert "or the Benefit of the Poor of the City will be ! *?**??* WILLARDST HALL On THURSDAY EVENING. Deoember *7. Jnder the' direotion of Mr. T. N. CavlwiMLV. The eervisea of the beet musical talent of Wash ngton and Georgetown have been kindly voluaeered for the ocoeeion. Admission Fifty Cents. Tickets can be procured at the Muaie and Book < Stores, and at the Hotels, Waahinrtoa; at Kidrell's Drag Store. Georgetown; and frem memb-rs if the Society. de 18 3n,ia.24.a6.?T J POSITIVELY LAST CONCERTS L or i TOM, THE BLIND NEGRO BOY PIANIST! THE WONDER OF THE WORD! THE MARVEL OF THE AGE ! A Living Miracle! Blind from birth, without one nnment'i instruction, not even knowinc th? n?m? >fa single kev on the finger board, or the shape of i piano, incompetent to answer the simplest qu*e in-i in ra?a il Ia mnein D<a vn Mi a 'a w\m muoau 1 laaraitvi vi ttin i inu<? ? >1 tying from the opera* of Norma, Linda. Luoretia Borgia, Daughter of the Regiment, Trovatore, I'ra?nta. and other*, with a master Hand an't naster touch. Here i? a study for learned men. A ohild, only ten rears aid,.raised upon a plantation, nmple minded, a ahild in all his wishes and rants?vet master of one of the greatest sciences ; > a?ing two pieoes of musio at onoe and conversing it the same time? ra producing the m?st difficult rieeea after onoe h*a ing them?playing the aeoondo m any piece without even hearing itonc% then ihangmg seats and re producing the prirao cor eotly?performs with hie I tack to the instrument? ings in German and Preneh, without under stand ng ?itber language. All of which will be done on ihe stage. Concerts a* Assembly Rooms, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS, 13th, 19th ?nd 2 th inst. D ?r? open at S& o'clock, nncert commencing at 7'?. Admission 50 cents ; children 25 cents Matinees Wednesday and Thursday at 1 o'clock p. m. This being the only week in the city, this i? the last opportunity of seeing this great Musical Pht> nomenon. de 17 4t? C. &. ATWELL, Agent. _ WANTS. " \\TANTED-ByaFrenchlady, a SITUATION " as seamstress and chambermaid. B<**t refer once Riven. app y iu iiwvaicer? mo. lt>'? IWfiity?T?nd st do Itt-l w* WANTED?Thirty Rood LABORER*. Liberal wn? and stea-ly work will Ih* Riven to koih) men. For further ii.formation apply thit day and to-morrow at the Intelligence Office-No. 1U f<onnnna avenue, nearly opposite City Hall. If WANTED TO RENT?A conveniently arranged small HOUSB. with seven or eight rooms, and water in ta d. situated anywhere between H and L and Fourth ar.d Seventh streets. Address E. M. '/. .through City Post Office, statins locality and prioe. de 18-3t* UTABI.K WANTED?A gentleman desires a C? private stable or stable-room (must be olose and comfortable,) with fn<*4 and fnitkful attendance for his ridin* horse. Prefers to find his own feed. A n.wr. ..... .l.kl. -? ^ pi*" |?? I vv IVI P' wuiv Will WU'I tendance only, or they will not be noticed. add-pis "l'aul." City Post Office. do 17-21' WANTKI>? A smart, active, sober and honest YOUNG M AN, to drive a milk wagon. Also two Men, to work in a dairy, and a good Firm Hand. Intemperate men need not a?p!y,at Locust Mill Farm, Seventh street road, n^ar the Firm* Toil Gate. da 15 3t* f\RUGG1ST.?An experienced druggist desires a ' re-engagement as clerk in a drag store. References of the highest character wiU o? given. Address "Pharmecien." Star Oftoe. de 12 6t WANTED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Persons dec inuig housekeeping, or hiving a surplus of Furniture on hand, can obtain the cash and lair prices by applying at 369 Seventh ?t. no 17 BONTZ tc. GRIFFITH. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From ?5 to Auuwn worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TL'RE of all kinds, for which 1 will guaranty to pay the highest prices, and, as usual, at the shortest notice. R. bOchly, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ao., oc 9 403 7th nt., bet. G and H. east side. ~~ PERSONAL. MILTON GARRETT, S04 G street, returns thanks t-> the Fianklin Fire lnsuranoe Company for pn mpt payment of damages by the recent (ire, and to our friends, neighbors and firemen for thei r kindness in qjt mis fortune. delBSt* THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE existing under the firm of D.J. Bi*Hor A Co., expired by limitation on the 1st in?t, Mr. Hishop ?sr i t hrt p? m* r ir t Kift r A fr/"km Mr I P M /.ran iar i 11 ii?n I ttmie trie huRinets at the old pUce. and is a!oa-< authorized to settle the affairs ol the late fijin. D J. BISHOP. J. C. MOHAN. Having purchased the entire intercut of Mr D J. Bmhop. in the late firm of Biahnp A Co., I b g to inform the public that I am prepared to supply their demands, for Bo oka, Stationery and Perivriioal Literature, in all their varittic, with the ?aiu? promptuea* as heretofore. Having an rxtenaive experience in the hu*ineaa, 1 feel justified in promising en'ire satisfaction to all who mar favor iue with their patrorago. J C. MORAN. D. J. BISHOP will oontinne the Book, Stationery and Periodinal Businraa at hia old established ?tore, No. 210 Penn. avenue, under VVillarda' Hotel. de T7-3t BOARDING. SUPERIOR HOARD-A gentleman ami wife and two young men can obtain fine rooms, good labia, awd alt homeoom'orta in a central lotation. To pertona desiring auch. tbia ta an opportunity aeldom offered. Apply at this office for further partioula a. de 18-3t? BOARD1 N(i.?A family, or two or thrao geatlamen, can be accommodated with Hoard at No. 453 Niuth atreet, one door south of F at. Terma moderate One of the largeat and moat dearahla Room* in the house, furnished with water and g aa, la now unoooupied. Tabie Boarders aooominodatod. no a 19t? LOST AND FOUND. | 08T?On Friday night, a small tan TERRIER Li SLUT, lame id ngnt leg; had on reen and white ool:ar,- with buckle. A liberal reward will b? given it1 1 " returned to J. D. HOOVER de 18 St* LOST?A young black Newfoundland DOG, marked with white streek in the fae-,?^_j white breaat. four white feet, and whites^^^^"' on the end of the tail, ^ny j?*raon 'hat will rarurn him will be liberal y rewarded. da 18-2T L. H. VOUNG, A38 12th at. C REWARD.?Strayed or atolen f om Center Market, on Siunday evening laat, a rv Barrel MARK, about Id hands high,7 or STZTJI years old. Mind in the left eya, and corn the left front foot. The a bo re reward will he paid for her return < or for information that may lead to tne same) to B. UAHNfiS'M L.i very stable, on Bridge street, opposite the Market, Georgetown, de 18-St* ________ CGAUTIER'B FR ENCH REST A URA NT. DINNER AND SUPPER PARTIES. In soliciting your patronage, would respectfully call your attention to his elegant suits of PARl.ORS, RKCKPTION and DINING ROO ?8, furnished in the most fashionable sty le, and always rMT to aoooinnodate several parties at any moment tfaa Pa avenue. d?5 fo6w REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF GAS. Offici or Washington Gas Lisht Co..I November SB, 1*90. ( Notice is hereby tirtn that the charge for gas ooa sumed after the 81st day of Deaembar next, will be tk'te dollar* and Aftten rents par thousand cubic feat, to all those wtioae bills are paid as r*quired-hy the act of Congress, approved June 35, lDtfi, to wit: "At the offiae of the Company, w thin hve days from the rendit on thereof^ provided all arrears .h.u *?*. p..a;'p ,lowN no an eo4w Secretary in Charge. AT FRKNCHAVlC H8T f.f* 8. 978 Pa. av, Agentt for the whole World. Folks Songs, elegantly bound, printed on toned paser, full Tarkey Gi t; pric* #10 if sent by mail a$of Marion Hirtud'i Book*. NttMsia. Mmi Bid*, Hidden Patk ud Al?us; pnoe e*oh 81.28 bj *U mo tl fJEKAT BARGAINS IN i?iANQ&-Oi? ?*r] u nw? wvn-ootav* Cimd Pubo foru^a^ d#i-U No. 3*3 C b*w. ?U u! 7tk?U. ? " 'I OS* QBOBQETOWN. cwwywuiww e/ TA* 5<?r. fiioMtrovi. Dec?tnber Is. IW Mr Henry Cratg. teacher of the night school, has furnished ttr w th a list of tbe agei of the Ciplls now tn attendance There ere ?, ith an average attendance of about or * There la one boy aged W, one 14, and the other* range from |j to 40, making an average of 17 years Hesa\sroine of the older pupils are advancing rapidly, and tbe school Is in a most prasteron* condition. Most of the pupils attend voluntarily, and from a desire to acquire the rtidi mepta i f education, of which they begin to feel the want, an<" an that ?t count they are easily mam aged and learn rapidly, Indeed, if only one recti youth should be tau^Lt the elementary*, It would be worth the whole coat of the acbool. The object of th!? notice, as of the first, is to advance th? interests of the school and the cause of education in our city. The Potomac Light lafantrr run uptbe Mttoual flag on their armory flagstaff this morning, and will leave It there as a token of their attachment to the Union and raspact for the laws of the land We were aroused last night by delicious strains of mualc, which led as to Infer that some "(aire Ladye"' neighbor was being serenaded, and tbat Ike serenadera were probably our young frlanda of the Amaton Musical Association. At any rata, we got the full benaflt of the performance. GEORGETOWN ADVKRT'MTS R APPLES. KPKlVPn n> k. CU?M I V ? ? ? --- ?'? V ? w i m ij Niv H fc , *?J ' V Mil li ONS, fifty barrela APPLES. For aale low. de 18 3t 'JCA APPLF.8. (WU BBL*>. No. 1 aeleoted Btldviu, 8v?rt Ureeninxa, RuucU, Romui. Moodira, Pippina. to., in prim* order, just arrivrd per achoouer J. W. Bearer. For aa.etipon accommodating terras by WNO. W. hi'MHOOM, de l8-2t* No. 7 5 Water it., Georgeto wn._ E W DRY G OOP 8 ST OR E ' The underaigned, having taken the Dry Goods Store on the co ner of High and Gay atreets, * formerly W K Hurdle's, i will keep at all nines on hand a treat v?-iety of the neve t and mart faah 1- l ? rv ^ V* i'/t/irui o * ai/^ir /-i ' - . i <? iuu?i'ir UI\ I U vv/L'#, r All'' I TRIMMINGS, te, Ac , which will be aold a* cheap aa the ohe&peat. Jt> lHlw Mrs FRANCES DE.MAR. I ARGH AND DK?1RABLE FIRST CLASS La HOUSE FOR KKNT ?>K LKAS>K. ait.iaUKl on linage atrnet, Georgetown, a abort diitaro* from Oninibu* Stand, and, haviag been built for th? owner'* pm itf reaidence, otter* ma i t ad ran uvkh ??u ?>uitiiii?iioh hi uiois wiamng to rem: oontaining four itoriea. with laundrv, furnace,ar:d extensiveoellara, servanta' ronm.A'o. Next floor contain* kitchen, butler'a pantr*, with every tppurtenanc <; dining room* ap^ciona The floor above contains spacious drawing-room and library, or reoectoa room, halt and hay windows; the windowa have inside shutter* and Freneh plate claas; fire places occupied by beautiful marble inantela j ceilings high and emoelliahod by exaaiaitely made cornice and center-pieoe ; jib windows open upon the rear porticos, which extend the eatire width and afford delightful promenade*. The floor of yeatihnle ia laid in warble tiles and eolid mahogany, highly pohahed ; con'inuous hand rails lead from thia hall to paasagea above. Second floor oontaina l>ed chamber,cloaets, bath-rooms, dress m* room, and convenient arrangement* for Potomac water and gas-light*; the mantels and hand bfcsiua are of poltafaed marble, with ailver-pated ornaments. Third floor, tke arrangement* are somewhat rimi ar, with the addition of c otheeroom, #r linea-rocm. Handsome stable, carriagehouae, eachtnaa's room ; garden planted ia frmt of every kind, and terraced. The rent will be mod eraie.and possession civ-en immediately. Inquiro 011 premise*, 2:<7 Iind :e at., Georgetown. de 18 iaw.iw Mr*. VINCKN T TAYLOR. APPLES. OlHl BBLS. Prime No. 1 BALDWIN APPLES, per sohoounr J. and N. Baker. Will be sold on reasonable terina by J. G. WATERS, de 17 No. 109 Water at , Georgetown. CLArT NEW HAMPSHIRE APPLES*. Ol'w BBLS. Prune No. 1 Baldwin's Noneaoch Greenings and Pipper.a. J uat arrived per schooner J. W. Seaver, and for Mile in lota to auit customers. HARTLEY ? RRO., do 15-4t 9ft and 101 Wat-r at, OYSTERS! OYSTERS" OYSTERS"! The undersigned ha* opened an OYSTER DEPOT on High sireet. near the corner of^^v Say, and can furr.inh. atall tiniec. R?w,Kfi !? A Stewed, Fried. Roasted, or Soaided OYSTERS. Parties can be served in ^gJ^OT private room. Families supp ied with Oysters or FISH, by leaving their order* aa above, de 11-ltn J. V. OOLL'NS. JUST R EG El V ED? 10 hhd?. prime Porto Rioo SUGAR?, 130 bbls. Uid Rye WHISKY, 2W> bf?ls. HERRING and ALE WIVES, fift bbis. Crushed and Refined SUGARS, 3f i-a* * Rio and Java COFFEE, 1" hmU.flow pr oedl MOLASSES. For sale by J OH N J. BOGUE. ?e 10 J 100 BBLS. OF FRIME CIDER, UST Arrived and for aale oheis lor cash. no 13 aha y * fftiimr*. \f AS8EY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHI LA DELHI PHIA DRAUSHT ALE.?We are constantly receiving frwh supplies of the above de'.ightftil beveraee, and invite ail persons who wan. a pure unadulterated Ale, to rive it a trial. ARNY * SlilNN.Affnta, He fcT fireen at.. Georgetown. FOfTSALE^TlTRENTr " [for otktr "For SaU and Rtnt" adr$tturmtnts, sit&rst pngt ] ROOMS FOR R FN T?Good Room*, comfortably furnished. with or without Boa d, in house* Non. 47 5 ant 4 77 Thirteenth st., three doors from Pa. avenue. de l?-2t* FOR KENT?In a private family, two laree h root Kuorn*. lighted with kmc, convenient to Capitol. Tjrina moderate, inquire 4*4 7'h a', d'5 3* ACFRS OF CHOICE LAND IN Minnesota Iowa'.ad Miksouh ail! be ex changed for unproved \Va*h>n<tou city property at fair prioea Address ''Trader," Box 30" City Po t /~k?c. . i ?r tc i * UUIO *, k,l> 1UK KK'SlillU |y| p UB IJ-I? I^OR RENT?A three-atory aod bawnnnnt r FRAMK HOUSE, n.?ar Pa a?.,o Tenth, between G and H ata.. No 413. Inquire at SI Hi.EY A GUV'S Hardware Store, Pa av. de li tf RENT rTTihjCED?That pleajant COTTAGE KrXDKNCK, containing 7 room*, witn frutt baloony large ?ard in froutand rear, f tit.e H at, in Printing Oifii>e Square, between Norm Capit"! and Firat ata. will (> rented for #16 per month to a punctual tenant. Addroas, bjr letter or in j??r*oo, WM, STIC K.N KV. de 11 tf I^OR RENT-Two fane PARLORS on firat floor, and tiirce CHAMBERS on the aec nd floor above, at No. 7 5 Miaaouri avenue, between 4S and SI era , near the onruer of 3J St. de Id-awlw* fBURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 40b U atreet, between 6th and 7th atg. de 4 tf FOR RENT-A PARLOR on the firat floor, and three fine Bedrooma on the floor above, al No U76 Pa. avenue, two doora eaat of the Kirkwood House. de 8-tf FOR RENT.-A thn?e.?tory RRICK DWELLIN? HOUSE, with baok buildup, on Uth at. No. 4T0. between F aod G a tret La. Applv to J, KIRK WOOD. 476 Two fth at. no 19-ritf l?OR RENT?A four atnry brown front DWELr I ING. aitnated on Thirteenth at. between I and MaeenchuaetU av.,oneol tue mo*t dw?irahi? location! in the city. The hone* ia furnianed witi inarhle mantles; a'ho, ra> and water fixtures. witk bathroom Inquire at WM P. SUEDD'S Fanoj Store, No. 50*2 Eleventh at. oc 27 ??t* GREAT AUCTION SALE OF Japanese Goods, No. 206 PsxruYLvam* Avmcx, Under Milliards' HoUl 1 will offer ths entire ooiieotion of MAGNIFICENT JAPANESE GOOD?, now on exhibition, at auction some da? this ver k, if not previously dirpaaed ofat private sale. Parties wishing to avail themselves of the irotta.-m(ilete assortment i ow ii theoountiy can ?lo so al eta than th ir coat ia Japan, on a-*aoun' o: (be depressing state of business, ureal bargains can be had for oash. Japanese Lae*aered Trays. $i.?6 Toi'et Bottiea. 8* Work ll>xes, Card Boxes, Jewel Moxea Glovt Boxes, Handkerchief Boxes, Toilet Boxes. Ivory Chess Men, Scarfs Embroidered, Firs Screens. Caskets, Porcelain Cups, Satioers.Go lets Plates, Bowii, Wiokar C?ps. Bo rls, Bottles, Ac,, Ae. Tlu. d? M .?=?? ">? V?S?C1>UFF. Remember, No. 90C Pennsylvania avenue. as 13 5t /CLOTHING! * CLOTHING V. CLOTHING!:! tiavmg on wnu a Y?rj i?ri? ?joi ui mo nn'? (ulituuLlt atviaa of RKAUV-M \ UK G ? R MKST?, we offer tbo public the cruatnat )minc?> mooU with our low prioaa, in ordar to r due* oa Koolr Mao, a f do aaaortment of GENT-' FUR ISIIIN6 GOODS. BAR A BRO.. da S Sw Corner R and Seventh ata. - . ? kiPKCIAL NOTICE TO EVERV BOPY -G< O to FRENCH A RICHSTEIN'rf. No. STS Pa anaa, and grt your card en?ra?inr dona, hiam ire their aamp eaand yoa wifl not fail to ha aatia fiad with priaea and Bttiee l> c't fiwet tha ?t*o? FRENCH * BlOHbTEIN, no 27 No. 478 Pa avenue. WarhimcUtn. YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UN ION Call at H A R VEY'S, , 1 W ho haa iuat reo?ivea a !ar*a anonl* atfreah I.'?H 1 SrERS, FISH, and fine **\ aI'KRS^fc which he wiil i?f?e lo c?*tor.:ert at the^C^Sb shortest aot o? at?d on liberal Wm?. P 8 ?O.Titer* ?rved tofemthea and hoteli a not icalded; they are only aofttded for pereona eol : iB? the to at the saloon. ' _dc? T. M. HARVKY. 1 DEST FANCY GOODS, i TO SUIT THE TIMES, ** PRICE8 At STEVENS'S ?"LT' ; 9oO-tf MS. b?l?. Hk and \mk ?a. i fx MBKCHAVT Tmii omyv. . IXeW FALL^srYLES or CLOTHS, CAiHU t WALL, 8TJCFHE.V8 4 CO., M* Fe?a?yln nia Avenoe, havejnat reeeired a Une rar,?t* < THJB LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. Th? &ootb < Ctuiiii, Dec 17.?Tbe 9nvtbC?Nll*i Vwflgn Convention MMiUr4 In the llaptitt Cburcb, at U o'clock, noon. PnjMwmtlM, and then on motion of cx-(iorern<^ 1. H Aduni, Gen D F J ami ton wm colled to tbe cbatr Col T Y SI moot ww wade temporary itecre t*ry. Tbe Chairman addn awd tbe t'oo?onUo?, u<ri witiia tarj [vocccaM K1 otiioi wr rrwi??t" lien. Jutlioa wu rUtltd mi the ifth ball.a. Mf*?m <?rr. Cbrraut and Gts< were theopfiwt?t*H Mr. Gist withdrew tflrr tbe third ballot The President nitdr a brief aprerh. exj'l?aa(r* of hit srnae of tb? b?mr conferred rpon birr ile alao aatd we are ?ngaged la a great subject and a moat important matter God only knows wh t the reault may be That It may turu out to the boa or and glory of South Carolina, ta my f?rwt wish and laat prayer. May Gad help the State I fori uaa< cuatooted to the sutlea of presiding orer a body like thia. 1 have long alnc* Uft deliberative bodies ?nd I muat aik your indulgence for what I may be wanting 1 aatd I had nothing to aay. 1 can't aay anything. I can't eapresa my feelings. A resolution waa offered that when the Convention adjourns It adjourn to meet in Charleston tomorrow at 4 ocioc* p. m. Thia resolution cauted much debate Mr. Mi lea appealed to the C oa vent ioa not to ad J"UIU ivviwrinwn. mi wrruuia oert. rr^wdltH of the epidemic or any other physical or moral cauae. auddiacharge Um dutiaa required by South Carolina. Up urged that the other Sutea would jfor at their timidity la auch a crlala, and th? uioral power of tte inovrm^it would ba aHerUd la oth<-r ii ftDnkthiiiu laB if n?? ' > Charleston Mr. Cochran*, of AbbtflUt. Mid be would never consent to leave Columbia until the ordinance of ?ecMlou bad been passed. He urged tbe n?ftuber* to stand up tokli tbe responsibilities of their position, and remain and perfect their work. Mr. Kent said that he was as ardently devoted to secession aa sry man, and vraa determined to be with tbe Convention until its acttoa waa complete ; but he urged tbe adjournment of tbe Convention to C bar lea ton. and aaid be would aever remwat to hurry through tbe proceedings of the Convention. He gave notice that no ordinance should be passed with his consent until every point was dulv considered in all ita hearings after a full and fair investigation aad dlaruaaioa. He said they were mga^ed la a high and patriotic A --J W- J " l-A 1 -I u bp in a locality where tbeir minds could fairly grapple with tbe Important iaaoes Involved. and not be agitated by a intl -some aad fearful pestilence wbea there was no preaalng necessity requiring it. Others encaged In tbe d.acuaaioa pes and can, and tbe motion to adjourn to Charleston was Anally carried by a large majority. A resolution was ofl-red to supply tbe vacancy In St. Michael's District. Adopted. Kx-Governor Adams offered s resolution inviting Mr. Cobb, of (jenrrii. s-?d Messrs Elmore, of Alabama, and Hooker, of Mls>lmiss1ppl. to sddress the Convention at 7 o'clock tLls evening. Carried A recess was then tiken from half-past Ivt to even p an. Tbe Legislature has also adjourned to meet at Charleston on Thursday. Evbkixg Session. The Convention re Assembled at 7 p on Mr Inglis introduced s resolution in effect tbst n cpiuninset: or i?ianaj meinwn dc appoint**? to drift an ordinance proper to be adonU-d by the Convrntlon, in order to accomplish toe purpow of the Convention, and that individual iDexiber* desirous of submitting for tbe-eons!deration of the Convention any flVafl or scheme, be requested to hand the aamc In without delay; also, that the art* of tbe General Amenably of this State providing for the assembling of the Conventtoa be referred to tbe same committee, with Instructions to report thereon Tbe Chair appointed a clerk, messenger, and doorkeeper Ex-Gov Adam* introduced the Commissioner* from Alabama and Mlsaisstppi, who ware received with much applause by the galleries Tbe Commissioner from Alabama spoke Crat, and tbe Mississippi Commissioner followed; both making moderate addresses, principally showing that they were present by tbe suthorlty of tbe Governors of their respective States, la nccordaace with tbe desires of a majority of their people. i df dm resolution tor lue apno.nunem 01 a committer on tbe ordinance report wu then adopted. 159 yeas, no nays. Ob tbe second resolution Mr. Gadsburv bmted to fill tbe blank with "Ul Mr RbeU moved to amend tbe resolution by inserting otber matters for consideration of tbe Committee which may be presented to tbem. The amendment was discussed at length, and rejected, and tbe original proposition, with the blank filled with "'13. was adopted Mr. Manteault offered a resolution earnestly requesting the Commissioners from Mississippi ana Alabama to meet with the Convention at Charleston, which was adopted. Mr. fope moved a vote of tbankato the Bafrtist denomination for the use of tbe church: which w*? nnsnlmo'inly carried The credentials of tb? Commissioners were ordered to be apread upon the minutes of the Convention. At 10 20 p. m . on motion of Mr Keitt, the Convention adjourned to nartln Charleston at 4 p. m to morrow. (Tueaday ) Beakchvillk, Dec. 18?10 a m?The train, consisting of eight large paaaengrr coaches, containing about loo members of the Convention, Legislature and vialtera, has arrived here on its way to Charlestou. The Stsnailpoi, if. Coi.tMBiA, Dec. 17?Fourteen cases of smallpox were reported on Sunday and seven to-day Cases are reported only were the symptoms and development* clearly ihdlcate the disease The inauguration of the Governor took place at 2 o'clock The nailery of the Hall of Representatives waa crowded by many lad es Governor Pickens read his ina-jgural. iu which he expressed sentiment* decidedly firm for aeceaaion. He waa warmly applauded. In the rear of Governor Piekena. at the ^p-aker's stand, waa Hon Howell Cobb, and also Messrs fclmore and Hooker, the Commissioners from Alahama and M laaiaalppi Southern Sltaaiklp Karat at New York. Nbw You. Dec. 18 ?The steamship John A. King took II c at her dock thin morning. J*he vrxi h .?uied into the sir nam. where ahe now lien burning front stem to a tern ' New Yob*. Dec It.?The J. A King la still burning below decks, and la almost completely destroyed. She waa valued at ffHIU.IM), and was Klally insured and owned In Charleston and . PnllUral Reactlna la Masnac ha setts Homos, Dec It ?A strong address to tbe peo pie of Massa< husetts has been published de nouncin? tbe unconstitutionality of the Personal Liberty Bill, and recommending lta repeal. It la , algned by thirty-live gentlemen, Including Ei> Chief Justice Shaw. R K Curtis. late Judge ?f ' the U.S Supreme Court, K* Governors Lincoln, 1 Clifford. Washburn. Gardner, nnd other eminent citizens, representing nearly every county In the State. North CarnUaa Legi?lntare. Ralbish, Dec. 17?In tbe State Senate to-day a bill to arm tbe State waa in trod need It appro prlatea *3U0,<?) Some eicitlng debate tcok place, when it w-s made the order for to-morrow at noon A resolution declaring the right of wcewioa wu offered and reserred. kltaaikip slUaiea. New Yobe, Ore. lb.?The rtwutilp Junes i Adger and UwR R. Cuyler, from Charleston and Savannah, came In collialoa this morning. Tbe former's stern sad rodder was carried away, and , tbe latter waa hadljr damaged la hsr bow. ilsalstbssa af the Alakaaa Coa real lea. Mobile. Dec lb.?Aa Immeaae bs aparattoa meeting was beld bere last night, anilaatlag. with great unanimity, Messrs. Oarlasd. < Wm I) Daan, John A. Wlnstoa, ai.d Robert H. Smith. for delegates to tbe Stale Con re alloc Alfiu4rti Markets t Aliitigiit, D? 18 ?Flour?Faintly H OM - S? UU, ezt^a S6 50n5 75; sup** ?4 50*5 ? W b~i -white ?1 U5a?t SU, r*l ?i lO >?l ,1* Cora? r vrhttr55a65c ; fellow55-HKte.; miiedSOaftic Rve " 65*65 Oktt 28a31c Corn Meal (NaT*- per buatx-l tc-eds?1 imocby 93*93 50 ; Clow . Flaxseed ?1 40*1 45 Frov.sioas?Matter, roll, j luaAtc.; Hacon lis 13c.; Fork ?7 (As?T 50 Lard ? 13*14c. Eggs 14aIfc W bisky Ma30e. HslUacit .ttarttis > Kaivmofta, Dee 18. Floor dolL Howard ?. and Obia bald at City Mil's 9* h7, with do _ sales. Wbeat dull,r<-d ?l lUslle, wblte ?l *it 1 40 Corn steady; new white aad yellow jp 5.1, old do SMlic. Provisions dall and nominal. Coffer heavy snd lower at 1'2aI3<~ W bisky strady '* at Ifctfe. ' ^?w W* **arv?n a N*w Yoas, Dec- lti ?Floor 3c ki*b?* witb t- fair business W baot lc higher with as of e*p<?t Inquiry. Carn bwoyauL Provisions duU. _ Whisky dall at lfe)^al?c . W?w Voaa. Poyber W -Msary aackaaged. 5tor* Mil* . oMHujt wmi WLmrm iiU*4 46*, oil" 0?<r*l ?b?r? MM; 4*. b*e4* p"W: MIctiiAa Southern ; M?? Tort 0??r*l ~ ',01 I'm Ouil Ct 73J|: Hr. dtu* MYt i. KiT?f a B 4iom v? r?7flj|,i? ? ?:* fMJINA. 0*NAM|^ r? Drawide CMM, P*rt > V loiio* Hur Nil f*rt?awrjj * "*? k* cMiiUUMMO.NU^SvmUlL a?k>V ? # %