Newspaper of Evening Star, December 19, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 19, 1860 Page 1
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f I f ' ? ' % *?"*""* P*1--mtta^m mmm^mhmhmBMapaMi^M MMM na BMBHM vaa ><*"' ? i .. ?r / , ? . , I - |v?<^T?nV!*v ' " ".*r,"V* ' * .,.; V . * v '* """ <: -'i?| '' ' y -" ' ? ?. * *- .... - ? ? v?-t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 19. 1860 N?. 8.446 " THE DAILY EVEKUfG STIR ? PUBLISHED BY BUY AFTERNOON, OVNDAT9 EXCEPTED,) AT TH? STAR VCIUMMN, C?*n*r of fmn.iy immri* mm?? mmd lit A IT W.H. W4LLACH. rar*? mtv*4 la rMkM? by ^ii<? at #4 I tw. or St oenta per month. To Mil mlMrtb?ra n* wn? M *U? ft rnr, M? advmmtI, $2 for aix month* 91 for thraa month*; ui for Imi than tit r?e .iK>oth? at th? rata of U aaaU a waok. Sine ie owa ckst; in wrappart, two ctnn. l[rA5T?*Ti't!iiMii?ooiM baaaattoUa oIm b?t jre U oVook m , otharviM tfcay ati not appear until th? nextday. SPECIAL DISPATCHES. la lk? Style* of the Lead lag Dailies. I In tk* Style of the Herald. wasbwgtoh, da?. ? The excitement ragas terrifically. a financial crisii haa paralysed all business a private cession of the Cabinet waa held last night, ?b?a trouble aroee between Mr. Bachtnan and the Secretary of the Interior. High words were exchanged, hat they did not coma tc blows. i mi not permitted to dirulge the reasou why tboy did not. Thi? newt you maj rely upon.'as i have it from tkt highest authority. it haa been disclosed to no one alie. < lam. The absard rumor that appeared in soma ol the papers this morning, concerning a diffi culty in the Cabinet last night, is totally with ?ut loandatiwn. i hare this dasial from tbi very oesx sonree. n. In the Style of th? Tribune. Washington. Dee. ? There is no excitement whatever here. Mr Buchanan will probably resign in favor of Mr Liocoln, within n few days. Tha Sou then delegates are all enthusisstio Union men, and Mine of them hold strong Republioan princi plea. One bean nothing of Secession any where. Business was never more prosperous One of the Senators from South Carolina wil shortly introduce a bill for the better enforce jnent of the Personal Liberty bills in the North Latkr. The excitcment is rapidly decreasing. m. Iu the Style f/f the Times. Washington, Dec. ? Unless something happen? immediately. 1 will be some time before anything occurs The tone of the Sonth is not very favorable t'? abolitionism, and if Scuth Carolina succees fully seccdes. n<<?hiog oan prevent her goinj out of the Union. Trouble in the Cabinet wa sported last night, but unlets supported tr facts, the rumor caa have little foundation The excitement here, in political circles, i not so great as it was before it begna to sub side, bat it still greater than before it reaches its present height Later. If there is no difficulty, all will be well. | Vanity Fair. A Daring Lawtik ? Van Annan. the lead ing counsellor for Mr Burch in the divor* trial lately in progress in Illinois, is a tuai *>f rare ability. He is the gentleman who, i few years ago. cleared, at Detroit, a woman 01 trial f?r the murder of her husband. It wa charged that she administered poison in sinal <?akea. three of which he ate during his speecl before the jury. It is said that the jurors wer not fairly in their room before he rushed ou of the building, and threw from his stoinael the poiaon. He knew that while a small do* would kill, a large dose would act as an emctic Mr. Van Arrnan was counsel ia the ease c Jumpeati. for the murder of his mistress, a Chicago, a year or two ago. Though Jumpcrt was poor an! without friends, Van Arm&n d< Toted himself to the defence with antiring en erjjv ar.d at a co?t to himself of many bund re dollars. J u mparts vaa condemned. Van Arm* moved for a new trial, which was ordered aft* the gallows bad been constructed for the exc cation and in sight of the oondenned mat and on the new trial Arman succeeded i making the jarj believe he was innocent, an they accordingly acquitted him." Political Ritolctio* " Dow* East "?Tb rf marksble circumstance that Hon Isaac Davit an old and sterling democrat, has been electe imror of Worcester?the bot-bed of Massac hi; setts ultra republicanism?is thus alluded to b tbe Transrr'.pt (rep ) of that city: ' A city that on tbe Oth day of November cm 2.<M8 republican votes to 1 348 for all others?jot two to oil*?on tne ?inoi wcminer i res a uii joritv of 173 for the democratic condid te, undi the name of Citlz-ns' ticket! Some of the caiw< for this change are not far to leek; others are of more doubtful nature." Atfalu, It u>i: "It It certainly a lingular circumstance that I fcurteen cities of this Commonwealth?every on but glnng h republican plurality, all but tw giving a republican majority?the republicar can only elect their municipal officer* in three.' CTD?r!i{! nullification tlmea, Gen Scott wi at Fort Moultrie, with a command of MOD mei mid * full complement of oltl'-.era With a vie1 to allav worn* natural ?axlety in bia own mind I to th? fidelity of bis officer*, he sent for a jridge < the TnifKt State* court, and addressed him 1 their bearing, as follows: ' Judge, I have long ago taken my oath of all glance to the United States Government, but occurs to me that in this extraordinary emergen* 1 w II do It again. There Is ne impropriety In it ard geiitlej<i?u," sa d he. tnrniog to hie officer *'it will not bort any of us " Tb" oath was then administered to every offic present; and the occasion was manifestly felt to 1 one o( afausual solemnity IX./" A Mr 1'uaie haa receutiy died in Londi at tbe a<;e of #), who gained much notoriety yea a?;<> as the lncky winner of the great Mhakspeai Bcj deil Lottery. It is understood that the lotte tlcaet by which Mr Toasle become prseeeaed the BoydeU Gallery and plctir*-* waa obtained ibilwav A grntle<n*a called at Mr. Taaai< sbop. ai.ri i('.eiitiou*DK the matter to him, aak< b.ruifhe b&4 taken % ticket. Finding that] bad r??t doneao. thia geutiemaa offered Mr Ti air bis own. or one of1 bia own Mr. Taaate t<* It. a:?d paid bla goto ?. Tbia turned oat to the priie ticket, and brought it* owner plctm and a lease (or which he received upwards ASO.OUU In money. Asoiasa Kb a* Poat ?The Newport (R* ! Advertiser of Wadneeday. after fervently bopl be Union will not be diaaolved, attribute* t deciim of Kb ode Island maritime interna to t operation of a Union Into which (he so tard entered In cue of a dlaaolation, and the forn He* of a Confederacy from which New En* la ball be excluded, the Advertiser traiu that 1 Commoowt aith founded by Roger WUllama w prefer original sovereignty to a confederat! with Maesacbuaetla fmataclsni. The mayo! emmcm ol Newport harbor lead* tbe Advertiser refer to the history of Hamburg. Bremen, Ac., encouraging '*? separate political org am rati that would eoqnmand the reepect of tbe world Ijidicts* rot omtfttcttao tui Fvciti m.Ava Law ?Theu Rev."GeorgeGordon. Jan Hammond. Achbory Parker, Calvin Rowlai Jea T. Baldwin, E D Aahbury, and Jonath McLtrew hare bees indicted by the grand jt - -- - ? - * ?- A m a? tf . of lae I Qlu? circuu i>ourc 01 nonn* Ohio, foe otoairucllng th? U.S. Murtbil and J >i f rMtrift Mannwrauatir. uii the dUtlk % 8pt?*a>ber last, la their efforts to Meat* by i? process fae1tl?? slave The mm parties i atao Indicted for assaulting tbe ovrwri of fro and tUelr assistants, with a view to pre* the raeltmalioa of Ue slave uuder tbe Fu^U Bl*n Law. TatrLi Exicvtiow i? Uiliw***.?On frt( last, Uree ur^roes, viz : Levi Jenkins, ajjed under sentence of death for (ape upon a oe girl; John Cmnnn. ayed 18, uodar a similar a * n<-? 1m t> mnrr<? r?f a ItfMi white Vlrl of yean; and a colored woman of 18 yeart, for murder of an Innocent babe of 14 month*,* hung at Georgetowa, 0*1. Jenkins and tfce ' maa eshlblo-d meek concern la their fata. Cannon aeemed thoroughly lodifeeeot B Cannon aud Jonklaa. It will be remembered, caped from tbe jail at Dover a week or two a bat were eoon recnpCbred and aerurnly conflut 117" A terrific aqnnll, laatiag only ten mtaa blew down a new loum and a railway abed, t a'aed and drove aahore n number of 0oo4e, < parted three eeoaela from their moortngowr V mcoU, Fla , on tbe night of tbe tid nit Bwtobial C*a>e* ?Col. Smnlley kavtng tired from the editorial department of thef rods burg Preaa, V. ? CaW, Em , hen tn charge of fbnt paper, and It la now devoted to Union cane*. r There waa some evMrmeut In .Now 1 on Sunday voentng on aeconr.t of a threatened teek oo Heorv Ward Beeckert eburcU If bo ltvrrrd n dtoaato* termoo He, however. a*oi tr.- *atyae* atbrfetber, and M jrraeed of qbfr fry More than one thousand veara ago Cbtneee built auaponatop bridge* mort than feetepan. QEORQBTOWN CORPORATION AFFAIRS Gioianovii, Dec IP, 19M. Ai kll of tfca bust nan under consideration In Mr City Council*, on Friday evening laat, wai brleiy notlred In onr letter of Saturday, we have In the following report of proceeding* embraced oaly *neh matter* na *crm to require a mora ? teuard not lea than wa had time to prepare far that letter la the Board of Common Conacll all t&a memh#fl WiiM rfMant awaaw* il* ?? ? ? y v?\ Mij ittl ?? liuaui* Mr Dodse, from Ui? committee of wtpud i muni, made a report oa the bill* of the Georgetown Ou Light Company njraintt the Corporation. (two, ameuntlng to S3 AVI 55.) and the bill of W T 0nv*l, I9SS6 44 ) Said bills were correct. The annual gas tax amounts to S5.550, tha expense of lighting, fee , $4.4*>, leaving #1,130 ' balance. "Tbwe ta of uncollected taxes about HI .350. To pay these claims of *4,238 90 then, It will require the present gas-tax of 15 cents on the I 9U*) to be levied for three years In order to settle theai, he offered a raaolutloo directing the Issoe of notes of this Corporation to the parties, and that the Clerk be directed to curtailatl notes wuruori ur ou lurpiui 01 kwwi rccmpa Tbe resolution was re?d once,and lay* over under the rule Mr Fearson, chairman of the committee on j grlevaffcces, asked the discharge of said committee from further consideration of the petition of Frederick Pasco. and would remark that Mr. Pnseo items to have been treated roughly, but there was no relief we could give blm Mr King asked if the committee Lad found the olttr-era( Jno Drill and Jefferson Robertson) gulltv. Mr. t-earaon said the matter had been brought to the attention of the Grand J?ry Mr English asked wliat Mr Pasco was doing when be was arrested by the officer* Mr Faarson said he was stttlug on the sill of bis door Mr. Eogllah ?Was there no provocation* Mr. Ketrton said th?y nw the flacb of a pistol, t and thought Pasco fired it. He was sitting peacefull v at hi* door, and one of the officers ran hla hand between hla knees and took from him a pistol Ur had to prvtect bimself. The Captain of Police said aa he was mo old man and very drank i he wonld let him rO If be would promise to go * home, nnd the Captain (bonaldaon) took him j home. ' Paaco proved to my satisfaction he waa , not drunk lie waa treated very roughly, but we g cannot aid him." Mr. Hill, none of tb? committee, would like . to make a statement He had aaked the discharge of the coinudWtt:, but waa aititfled Paaco bad not been harahly dralt with, and the offlctra only did their duty, in taking bim to the watch-houae. The pti'ol waa fired; it waa found on Paaco, who, a< coiding to the teaMmony of the Chief of Police, waa intoxicated, and tbeofllcera would have been culpable if they bad not arr?ated him. Mr Fearwo argued that the officer* were too far off to *oe the tl tab of a pistol; that Paaco waa a 9 quirt and peaceable citizen: had said nothing; * that bit hoiiae bad bora atoned and piitolf fired s tbe t-vrning before; and would like to know how s ttie gentleman would take It, If he waa sitting on | h ? own door till, and waa grabbed and taken to a tiio wat- h-houae without why or wherefore^ Mr. Hill recapitulated the evidence before the . cammtttee. to abow that the officera were right. * and at thla point Mr. Tanney entered with tbe ? affidavit of the offlctrs, aworn to bvfore Justice ? White. it was read by#Tr. Dualop, one of tbe rominltif tee. and states that on tbe night in question, at 11 X o'clock, tbe officera were on Water at , and heard 2 two rejx.rta of a pistol on Jefferson at: and after getting on Jeff-rraon at saw a dash and heard another report Oolng up atre?t, Bey saw Mr Paaco a'tling on hla front Hoop, hla fret upon the paveJ meat, and bis wife with him. He Imd something Q cuucralcd betwi-en his kneea, and Officer Robertr a?.i ri'fw It out and found It to bean Allen rei volver. six barrels, four of which had been dls, charged, though tbe officers kad board only three q reports Mr Pasco was arrested for firing In tbe > street, and taken to tbe wateh-houae. 9 rdi * ? ?? * * ? ? ?- - i ne iiaiPDieni or roiiw jnn:rf wniie w?? read, exculpating the officer* from any blame la toe matter * Mr. Fearaon wanted to know why .Mr White '< gave aueh a aUtemrnt not In the line of hla duty, d and vby. if the officer* were blameless, J uatlce i- \V bite Uad diimlaaed the caaeagainst Paaco wlthy out fining bun .M r Teaary aaid tbear officer* bad l>een attacked ' for doing their duty, and tbe oaa- carried to court. rt It waa because there were certain persons trying ' to injure the character of the police, especially r thrse two, aa they were two of the beat officer* * In tbi* case they did their duty The power of * tbe w>liee force exceed* that of county constables, aa the Circuit Con rt baa decided they can arreat without a warrant. According to tbe evidence, n Paaco waa Intoxicated; and if hla pistol waa <r loaded with bill*, it was a dangerous amusement, ? tiriug In the street Mr. \%"ilte did not fine |? r?*"0. probably, because of bis ki nduee* of heart, wbleti ? metiiuet does not permit blm strictly to (1 > his d ty. ? Mr. t-earaon wanted to be aet right No man ?, wa* more quiet th*n Mr. Drill, in hi* private * capacity; and he had known Robertson since hf '* ? u a child, and had never known him to violate if a law. I!- brought no charge against either, bu' n thought Mr. l*ajco had been treated rather roughly. ?- Mr Uric lop said the law was sufflr-lently exit pllclt to justify the officers In taking Mr. Pasco to ' the watrL-hooae to have the matter investigated ? There was evidence before the committee thai \ he (Psko) was not, to say the least, In a very good o vu ' . m rr The committee was discharged. be Mr. Tt-nn^v wanted the regular order of busineas suspended to take up tbe resolution to borrow *5 000 of tbe Comiuisaionets of tbe sinking fund. Tbe ralea were impended, and tbe resolution ir* waa opposed by Mr. 1-earson, and advocated by r" Mr. Tenney, who, In tbe cour*e of bit remark*. rY laughingly observed that tbe Corporation had not ?* suspended, but redeemed her notes ia Virglata \n money, aa abe bad promised to do. e Mr Fearson called for the ayes and nays; and the reeolut-oii pawed by the following rote : Yeaa?Meaars Dodn, Ounlop, Kngilsh, 11111, * - King, McCobb, Plckrell, Stake, and I'enney?9. Nav?Mr. Fearton?1. Resolutions making appropriation tosnpply dere* C lencies for improvement of High and Fayette ?* ?trerta, were la>d over ona week. Mr Htll'a reaolution in relation to tbe tobacco warehouses, directing tbe Recorder to institute l?^ai proceedings against Gilbert Vanderwerkeo f r tbe recovery of S3,040 due thereon unlaw SO ;-r per cent a month of the debt vu paid, com ffltuclnj IfM- 1, 1861. betas under con?idriatlon. "y wa? advocated by Air Hill at aooie length, and opfoeed bf Mr Tenney and ether gentlemen, nd who thought 9040 a month rather heavy paymenla to make theae bard time* Mr. Hill thought that on account of the lively ,?n Uiaea In Waahlagton this winter, the approachlnK prveldeatlal inauguration, and the preaenl low price of bene feed, It wsa rather a harveti u for the omnibua line. ?n Mr Engllah agreed with him, bat wonld tug *e?t 10 per cent, or would vote for S per cent. II cnm# (7?n(lnm?n wauU naArwva^ it v* Mr 9Uk( tbovght gve per cent, on tbe claim JJ* ought to pay theae tight tliuea He found It dim cult to pay a dollar and a half. Mr. Bill would accept tUe amendaoent of tei pv ceut., but waa oppoaed to iva. 7" The queatkui be lag taken on the aubatttutlon ? per cent far tea par ceat., (accepted bf Mr . MIU.) be called for tbeayaa and aoea, and tb< R amendment paaaed aa follows: J/e Yeaa? Maaara. Dunlop. English, Fearaon, Stake , McCobb, Plekrell, andTeanev?7. , ?o* Nays?Hmra Hill and Kla^?a *w Tbe raaolutloa, aa amended, paaaed bv tbe M lowing vote: . Yeaa?Meaara. Dun lop, English, Fearaon, Hill "7 King. McCobb, Stake, and Tenaey?8. ?? .Nay?? Mr Plckrell?I f r? -f Ue Board then adjourned. *o- _ the lET A man oI family made an appointment I ere NortU Adam*, Maaa , to ride by moonlight wit 55. IBS mm i uut mw.M.n *MV mr QBIinci lll?U \u k.10 bug fry and rmre her a friendly bog and klai ??. A'ter recover fay from the embrace the lady thre> ivo, off hxr boun> t and the rogulah face of hla wil d cea/realed the huabaad. lit TH? LlQeoa Btraiitsaa?A few days i> etjfht barrel*of liquor were received at the frei*1 -*P- atatlof 1b Concord, N H., one add retard t? ?ac ed of tbe following named! poraeaa; Stephen A 'an* 1 KiKI*a Herahril V. Johnson, Abraham l.lacoli Hannibal Hamlin, John BnU, Edward Ereret re- JobA C Breckinridge, and Joeepb Lane 'ar- fry John Cathcnrt, tbe wife murderer, a* ken gtoddart bla cell male, prised off an iron bar, an the wilt on t!.-!r way o?t of Cloirfleid, Pa , iall, o alght, when they wete diaeoverea 'or^ \ ca**l boat captain haa ccnfataod In ba< 1 in* a?id durln* the aommar ln/ge qtvtnlitloa i d-? ti.^jr, *. . en mated to htm R I- Norton, i ?' r? ?y. waaoaeof tbe |*itoha?*?; end hea been * rea^d. " ClT'Franklin Smith, who ahot Owen Vanr* ?*> tor, *t Canton, Ala , haa been convicted of ahoe log wjth intent to kill. ? . . ... ., - . MISCELLANEOUS. O ! FOR T H E H OLIDAY8! SEVENTH STREET FOREVER! FUN FOR THE CHILDREN: Facssirrs Svitablk for All Aeii! 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It ia an article requiring waahlr.g before or after uaug, it ia applied in lire minute time, aod with aajiU'a trouble aa anj ordinary a. tide for (he toilet. "People who have naed thia preparation declare it ia mfracu!o*a in ita effrcta, and 'hat it will p?r f.?rm all that it preieint* to do Hallo*'s Pittnrial. "Ita aueoeaa wonderful, and we o?a only aay we i'doraeall the proprietor a&ya in regard to it."? Bolton Journal. "We observe, by a notioe in a Boston paper, that a premium waaawnrded b? the Ma?aachn**tta Me ohanics' Charita le A annotation, at their I t- Fair, Boiton, to Mr Joeeph Hoyt of thia city, for hia c*M>rated 'Hiawatha Hair Reetorati re,' an article ?l;. r. ? f,.- ... W IIIVII I IUDIJ Miri I ll'U llll 9 IBV Ul IV wi%s JW' IIB parlor merit# in thie reapeot th?t the Commute*, altar fuffioieot evidenoe pr**euted to tname?.vaa, a??H*<] to Mr Hayt thia flattering teatimonial Providence Evening Pott Sold in WAahmgtoirtoy J. W. Nairn, D. B Clark, Kidwell A Lawr?ooe 1). <*. 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A!s", 1 nonhin?? of Preserves, of different kind*, such a* cannot l>e bi'Udit for leas than 21 por en', in an> store. Give m* a rail and try my goods. No. 374 it at,, between 8th and 9:Ji at?., Washington. deSeolin A. HUBNER'S RESSMAKING ESTABLISHMENT, Na .'?rtK P.v vvvuvn At Between Pa. avuue and at. All kindaof Ladiea Garments, Dree?e?, Clonks, Manteleta, Cb?sterfcHa Sacka, Zouave Jackets, Ac., to .out an-1 made to order bjr every flwhior p ate in the latest P&na and Loodou styles, at the ahortest notioe. rie 1 3m* ksiGAR9 Alto TOBACCO FOR THfc MlI7 O LION! The noderaicned would respeotfuHy inform hu numeroua frienda and the ^ublio that the oopart nirahip heretofore exiatiua under the firm o: Bkukkns A Wi*nMANW,ha? been diaaol ved by ma tital cooaent, a. d that ?*e haa op?ne<l a >tore on th< corner of C aqd Heventh ?U. wwt, oppo#it? th< Baak of Wwhioflon. where may be fonnd a choie* i araoitment ofSKGARS and TOBACCO, of diraci importation, a^w^ll aa domeotio manufacture 't hankful for mm favor*, he kopoe by fair deal in* and Btriotattecuun to th? wanta and mterean or the enblio la Ma line, to merit aeonticnano* o the iMronafe ao liberkUy beatowed upon the laU firm _ , nog-lm* P. WIKGMANN. TJU8T OUT-NKW BOOKS. HP. Princa of Walee la Am?rioa, by Kinahai t Cornnallis, 12mo, o'.oth; prioa fl. Petty Annovansea. from the Prenoh of flonori de Baixao; priae 9\M. " Old Mackinaw, ka, by W. P. Strickland, 12roo. r cioth^i-ti^.RENCH ^ RICgBTKIN,g I de t 278 Peiin ayeniia. ROUGHS, coLD?yHOAR8ENKas, *0. > COMPOUlfD SYRUP of" GVM ARA BTC Thia pleaaant an id popilar Coagh Renwndy ha f been eo long known and *xtena<Te)y uaed, that moi tvrr'nt amww owomo wiuiiftr viiq iv? Mirsuruina ry Aoa^y. It ?M b? h*d at *11 th* prino??l drv s ?tor? ?aftandflnomuahottlo. ? a <l?nWfcptvim* Mr of Thirtwatii atrMt-A r?ry oompifto Maori bi*Bt of Brmtda, Curia, Frixottaa, B*nd?au?. ke * boy ob hs.nd; alao.nUuiato order at the ahortei notion Hair Work raptirod or taken laaxohanr tm %-ttm > n N P VI U (I N e V M M MONK Y* Notna of all baoki token M D\r for Qooda, and oompteta aupply of Fall and winter Wr?r on hat for oaah. WAUL. tJTKPHEN* A CO.. n Clothiera, h no g 8w Pa. a*WB?, hot tth an<1 lch ?ta e O A N K I N 0 HOUSK t. 8WBENY, miTTENHOUftE, FANT A CO. ir Will ohb for otntomara, apeoie, curraaey, ai 'a Virniuia'inonay aooonnto. Buy a?daall aoinandexekaag*dt tke loeat Havo fthie rftii. o Currency and Virtiaia money vantnd. no 24 1 s lagmym-. A i i .? n J^EW BOOIRy FRENCH AJJICHSTKIN' Latum*, % nov?l. kf ?. R?KAi.iaB*.,?tothi jrl 3 r lino., ?k*th; prion tl-? (Ul J OATOtHILOlrV ittftttABLK HAIFDYI r Dwia.ii fr?t-?|Mc Toil** ArtMlM, for mf *' OIBBSI Wig, I^El. Md Omrl Mmuf^otorr, 94 h. ITMH, MM mk ft. 04 Mr | CLOTHING, kc. AoRAND RUSH FOR^SK8THEKT' All stor at S M I T H ' S , No. 460 SEVEN TH STREET. "Op iktm and do liktttif " (9?ch vw ths language ?*<1 b? a intKmu who had r?n?iT?d ioim of oar erect bargains ) 1 have Just returned from Cm North with a v?rr lane took of CL "THING, FURNISHING GOOD"*, HATS a-.d CAFB. bo?gh? for cash attwo thirds their net oo?t,and whioh 1 will Mil at a small a<t v-Kcoe. You can bar a (ood Overooat from to Ml, a very Km ?d? from f 1? to $15, Cape Oveiooat from |i to #15. Bow's Ovarcoti kul LutCott from $S50 toj|5 Alao, SHIRTS. UNDERGARMENTS, UMBRELLAS, SCARFS SHAWLS, COLLARS, TIES. Gl.O VKS, and alt kind* of Grata' Wearing Appa-fi, at aUooiahimly low prioaa. In* A word to thuae that want to purohaae: Havtnc WBtnt th**#good? at wj low prire>?. I am ooufident that you oan tare 36 per oral. having NTS' CLOTHING ia ataateaM. Don't fomot u> oAlt at tk? pe"p clxthiitK Store, No. 4 60 Seventh atreet, before puronanng eleewhere. and *atiafj yoareelvea that we aro < lT>rin< harjraina. J. H SMITH. Clothier, de 14-1 m No- 4 M Seventh at., opp. Poet Offica. CLOTHING ! CLOTHING!! V/ CLOTHING 3: Harm* on band a very larce stock of the mmt ftwhionable atrlM of KKADV-MADK GaRMENTS, we offer the public the greatest induoem?nti with our low priees, in order to rnduoe oar soolr. Also, a fine assortment of OBNT*' FURNISHING GOODS. BAR A BRO., de 6 3w Corner K and Sevonth ata. (tEN^LKMErevdy-made clothing. Our present assortment of GENTLEMEN'S REaDY-MADE CLOTHING offers to oitisens and strangers wishing an immediate oat ^t superior inducements. emiirvutif, at this time, ail styles and qualities of Dress and Busine*s Garments and OvnrooaU la ail van?tiea. Fine Shirts and Under-clothing of ail kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best quaity. Soarfs, Ties, Cravats, Sto~k?., Hosiery, fee.. <Vo. All of which we are ' offering at ?ur usual low prices. try Clothing m*d? to ord^r in the most superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., no 16 tf J'-iS Pa. avenue. W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our onatomers.and oifizens general* ly, to an iaepeo'ion of our preeent new, at . mm tractive, and elerant aaeorUn'nt oPf| CLOTHS. CA9SIM fcRES, DOESKINS, V r-STI NGS, OVERCOATINGS, Aa. WT wliiohwe will make to order in anperior"-" stjle at very low pnoea. WALL, STEPHEN8 ft CO., oe2S-tf 333 Pa. av? hetw, 9th and H*h ?t?. Singer's Sewing Machine*. 388 PENN. AVENL'E, NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. We invito the pubic attention to oar new ?30 FAM1L.V SEWING MACHINE. Thi* Machine la uncurnaaaed in the hoaachold. It rvna araoolh and ?wif>; $evs, kems, JtlU and Katkert, will aew the finest awira or cloth ton ayera thick, and ant thine between the two extremaa, in a imui.fol and subatantial manner Maohioealn mahoianv, walnut and rosewood oaaoa from #60 to $inn. Our larae rifcr/tf t*? rrttttr tn*ekintx for ooaoh trimfn?ra and aaddlera, ia without a rival. S.Ik, Twist. Thread, Ne?dlea, Bobbin*. Oil, Ac., alwaya on hand at New Yoik pnoea. lT7"??ud for a cop? of I. M Singer ft Co.'a Ga irfto. CHARLES A. SPONSLKR, no?T 6m Agent. Gas Fixtures, THE BEST ASSORTME ?T EVER OFFERED IN THIS CITY. TboixwhodAMr* to mImi from new patterns, with tha advantar* of a reducti <n in pnoea, will can early and nxamioe. We would alao call th? attention of pereona al?ont introducing gaa th?*ir dwellinga to our irt? or<-a*ed faoiliuea,and oonacqurut low prioea, for thia branch of our t'ade. In* itiui all who demre their work done promptly, and frve from tan I ak%?ea, to cad at tft>9 Pa. avenue, between luth and llth at*., aouth aide. no21 tjanl J. W. THOMPSON A. CO. TIHHK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KKPT BY P. KMRICU. at tha eorner of yenn.^ .. . A avenne and Eleventh atreet, baa '"nftiftf greatlj improved recently acd now r<(Ter ? JUuBLL greater inducements for the patrnnase ot oitic-M.a atid atrangera than any other publio houar iu the cit?, hia pricia being leaa than those of any other ' hotvi: on Penn. avepue, and hia accommodations for permanent or tranaient b<?*raera unexceptionable. The bar and ree'aurant *rranr?m?nta of the European Dotal have alreadj bMoms rery popn t, Iwnf all tha^saa be deilreti by the mint fat tidsona. Tne ?r^ri<?tor ?ie?ic?a aiiremitted attention and oontiaurd liberal expenditure to gireaatiffnotioD t all,and thaa rrs?wa in* invitation to all to aire the Karopean Hotal a oall. de4-ti HOLIDAY PRESENTS?SUITABLE MEll HBNTOS! ^Ai , One 8 tK eal Sfahle, One fVt Royal Ermine, ? ^HEi. At half their uanal prioe. MINK SABLES. M/aaft mA-a m.t rrirtrta 1 t unit the tune*. *4Lwf9 FRENCH MINK. 1*^*! FRENCH h\ PLKS. B'-autifiv fcet?. from #10 to 915. OHIl.DRKN'S FllRS. Moffa, Viotornea, aid Cape*, in a 1 their v*rietiea, from 75 oen'a ??? M?> B. H. 8TTNEMETZ, 23fi Pa aw. (le 12 between 12th anrt 13th ate. NEWPAWMOmCE. 6 ?K. WAR dT~Dea'er in N?wO C and uaat Of! Clotmns, reapeotfullT inform* tin pih'ic f .at h? baa opened a, UCENBEl) PaW> OFFICE ft* No 7f? Louiaiar.a avenue. h?twosi : th and PHh ats . a f-w don'a e??t of the now Cen tral Guvr house, where h? will be at al! timei prs?pare<1 to wivi: on hia patrona with promptneaa attention a> d tno atrioteat instiae. N. iS? J>r?olr>, Ury Goods, Clothini. Meohan io?' To -la. Ao , al vara on hand at private aai<* de 7 lm* 5J2 6UTTA PERCIj/^PAlNT AND 5|g HAMILTON, BRO. A CO.T5, No al8 Sevkwth St.. i? the *!ao* to find the oelebiated Gntta Perohi 1 Rnofini and Paint Alao, a fanerai aaaortment o ? H"uae Paint;ng Mat*riala. Paintinc ui all Ua hrannbea ejTnted with dia Htnh imf?d rfaao able term*. Mfxed Pairta al vara on band and for aale, wi'h bucket and bmal a. ? ? ? a i II Ia# tli a alnn iu luin irr-o oubii.o a i i"i? p? ?' " ... 1 for Old 61?sin* or Job Work of anj kind will fo f jrompti, attend-cMo^ ^ ^qvyn. *11 | no 3" ? W TRAVELING TRUNKS. ? TV VC Ha** just reoeived the largest aaeortmen t and n?w ofler the mixt extensive nrietmiiii - VA i 1SES, CARPKT BAGS, SATCHELS, .Ve, i in this oitr, which we are eeil1 tig at Terr loi f pnoee. WALL, STEPHENS k. CO , ? OC2S tf 398 P*. avenue. VOT1CE TO THE PUBLIC. . ?. The ?nd?rsl*ned hM iust op?ned a wholeea! i PRODUCE ami Marketing STORK at-i4 stre-t. opposite Cent-tr Market, truer* b i wilt b? receiving daily a general assortment ? everr thine that grows on a farm. fresh from tb ? hands of the farmer*, auob m Tnrkefs. Chiekem Ducks, 0am, Egg*, Ratter?of all qoaiities. ? Haiti morn anoee?Pn?d fruit. Apples, Floui Beans, ko , iio , whteh 1 will se:] aa oheap aa ca - be beught in this oity, Alexandria, or Baltim or Dealers and huckster a are reeeeotfal j i anted t eel I and examine for themselves. de 6 t' J. H. CANF1BLP. * 1\IEW ILLUSTRATED BOOKS 1 Foa tu S*a??h o? l?6t. K Moral EuMemi; The Promises of Jesus; Tei nr son's way Queen; Wit and Hnjaor ol ii?ePo< t " The Poetry of Nature; The Poets' Gallery; Tl Byron Gallery ?l B*?auti??; Shakaeeara; t?hal [" seeare'sTsApeet; The Hamlet; Laeenahle A*v?i r tares, the Foreign Tour of Meesrs. Brown. Jon< and Kobtneon; Art Album, the Art Albam for 181 " The above are a lew of the oem. Booka t ultib * *" " "?"<""ifL,iVc!iA*tol!1KinL-N, de 15 Corner of Eleventh sC and Pa. av. a pEPHAI.r PILUMS*elding*a,> ?r l(1 Pchenok'a Pulmonis Syrap and Sea & vaiQ, MiUin't P t reorthermc Cordial.9tlr?r 9o?r, Alio.? mirtr of Co*] Oil l-*rjjp? Ao. ? With fr??h M?diein?? mi* nc#?H fit MOORF/S W#?t Br4 Dnr* ?to-?, ll?P>.?WWt ^ Ton notice. ' /o X^A , v IXMOfiL. i" r. V U I hay* T?mov?d b?j ? < r PAWN OFFICE = ^tycsrSyvsareftse tk*> bu?in??a will txtnntiDacdM lwnln#ti?ttC I- t?aU-4?l IS\AOaBKZBRHft awoo?.woo STOVE W KINDLINQ WOOD,at U. low. posaiMa price. ^ ? L O A 1 B? ^ A * Bin Cl?4|l Sfft* TAYLOR * HUTCHISON FOR SALE AND RENT. IT1 OR R ENT?A deeirable and veil lpoated I?*tr ciMs RESIDENCE, No. 469 on Sixth street, between 1) ud b ?U. The houae U furnished with ?< 11 the modern improvement*. Appij to TflOM AS parker. po it e<hy |?OR KEN T?The fine BRICK HOUSE No. E r 100 West ?t, Oeorcetown. at prevent oewi pied b? the aubeoriber. it Hf 12 with m and water throughout, a fine yard, etable Ac , and U in atood ueiRb'.^rhood. Apply to J AS. A. M A- \\ OR UlfER. "??tf I70R RENT-A three atory Hnok HOUSE,conr taming 8 roemi. In good order, with (* kx lares complete, on it si'eex, nu'wetn tin nna xn. ? Also, i two-story ori"]r COTTA6K. with tort* *1 yard attached, oorner of F street north an 14th st. east. To punctual and reliable teuar.ts the terms will be moderate. Apply at 446 Twelfth stroet, (h between ft H. no 13-tf l/OR RENT.?Two new three-story BRICK a HOUSES with back buildings, each aouss continuing 8 rooms, with (%?, pleasantly situated on *th street north. between M aod N streets, reat moderate. Appl* to E. LA7.KN HY. opposite, or I to JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio avenue, between lith and 13th streets oe <tf _J For rent-t*# fir?t floor era*byiki- ri ins lirimed lately opposite the vest win* <>f tks II City Qa^.reoeaUy oeouMad by Chas. #. Waliach u as an offkoe. Alio the front room ia we second story and the third floor of the same botMiaa. For tonus appiy to RICHARD WALLA CHTno. 8 Louisiana avenue. ia IS tf ai oi DENTISTRY. ?,< M teeth. 9 LOCVM IS, M. D . the mrentor aod patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at-^>^s=> pi tends personally at his offioe in this eity npaav Many persons can wear these teeth vimv** ^ eannot wear others, and in person oan wt ar othars a1 Who oannot wear these. Parsons oalling at my offtoeoan be aoeommodatixl With any style and pnoe of Teeth th?y may desire; out 10 tnose wnoare ana wian the purest, oleaneet, strongest, and moat perfect denture that art can pro<iu?e, the MINERAL PLATE will to more fully warranted. 1 Roomi in this city?No. 33* Pa. avenue, between 1 9th and 10th bu. Also, 90T Aroh street, Phtladet phia. oo 15 tl D DENTAL CARD. , . P R. Mt'NSON Ha? returned aid resumed his Knf??sion. < '(Bee and house at 463 E lrd door ea*t of Sixth. In addition t> mSsamf . very o'her approved style. Dr. M- lia? ger** '1'" teeth on vulcanite Uase for the last three years and. from experience, knows it exoe.s all othera. a*>d is one-third less ia price than gold. His old ^ pa?ro?s of Waahington.Alexanarta, end 9eorg?town are respectfully so lotted t? Mil. su tb eoly q CARRIAGE FACTOR IE8. S WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. u ? If Strte'., L' tw*tn 9tk and l?li Strutt. Wti h*re Mist finuthed a number of first eiaaa CAR RlAGKS, such m Lh*i Watonn, Park Funton*. Famlv n?r-g80Wl I rearm, BmriM, which Tt will ael!at-? * 1i l T?r? i:na! 1 profit. Being praot.c&I meohanios in different branches f the Easiness, in* flatter ourselves that we kno? J the styles and ao*nry of work that will give satis P fanUon, combiaiut Lightness, oonJort and darabill " Repairing promptly and oarefully atterded to Uia shortest nct.oo and most reasonable c'larrea. c WALTER, KARMANN 4. IIOPP, <* CoAcbmakers, raoossors to Win. T. Hook, ap X7-dly { 1 HE Ssb?orib*VAiia*ci ^%Se additions to kl tootorr. making it toT oce of the largest^ jggttM. r in the Distfiot, where h?a jaci.ttiea forU^DCaK 0 KUfkbU.aMtUI IIU V ?J ?? * T WA90.N9 or ill kinda c&nnot bo aurpuaed, tctf f ton iua loac uporieaM ia tba biatn?i, ke kop?a I ?ti?? c?nei?l aaOaffc ition. All kinda of C?rri*f ? ud U(kt Wtc*u kift n { Uod. All REPAIRS na?tlrd*M,MU*U?m?ra |??H I 4 ?M ung mi UM m4 Kaka. I Da. J. H McLEAN'S 11 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD Pl'filPIEK . : THE VMKATJiST Kh.Mt.UY t? IA* WUKL.Uy fand tke ramt DtLICIOIl AMD VN i DELIGHTFUL j, Ef ( CORDIAL \ EVER TAKEN.^Mh ft it atricU* t aei Mite u< tinubi? Oi?|w?n<. nr?eartd bj ih? dwi.U- J tion of rroll, ktrha, ? u>4 kuli. y.ljow HES J Dock. Blood Root, Blask Root, hmni- fib Jm nil*. Wild Oirrj > B*rk. and tjw tr.' n iota iu com- <| Tk? tnur* teilfi ! C t )P?5jL3 Rfe* . Mm dniillit./, prodaola* rfalioiooa. aihiMratin# apim, d4 Ua moat r.fSubla ramalyfor r?n??atiuf tb? iiHtwd arataot, and r*it*rinf lha ?i^?, a?farinj, ud dabi.uud la v alid I* bHlth tod MnafU. MCLEJUTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL | Will afactaally cmra Livar Complaint, Dnpipui, Jaan v aiea, Chronic or Nrr*o?a D.bilr 7, Pit?u?( of th? Kidnan, I tod ail diaiiMi anauif from a diaordarad U'lr or dUHuac*. 1 nr*P*P?'?. aanhmrn. lovart Pilta, Aeiditt or Bickntw of iba Bfmaek, Pallnaaa W Blood >? u.a Kaai, r>ali Pa? or 8viii.i.uof wtba Haad, Palpi-.uor af UaHmt. Kb1i..?.. ?t W.ijh' in Ui( 3.?r Eraeutiooa, Cbokinf or MMMhf Fa.luif whan larlnr dova, UrjuMa or TallaV ' -* - ? ? J - Wi.3.. 't CI w? ....?, _ Pain in thi Rmtll of tb? Back. Ch#i(, or Bid*. Bvd<S?n " r??.h? rf Km, l)ipf?MW? of Lpinu, PngfctfaJ Drum, languor, DNPmimer or u; 1 ?r?oe? diauii. Borti or J " fllotehaa an iba tkla, ud r?*?r ud tpi (6* Chill# aitd I ?j ' " OYER A MILLION BOTTLES ba?? ba?a aold during tha laat aia xaoutba, tad In a* In- 1 tenet baa k ItaWd la fiviaf aaura miMcXIm Who, that, 5 will alfirfaM W aunoaa or D?Wi|| w ban McLXill 1 * rntENOTWfcWlNC COEJ>lAL will Ctrl yo? 1 lh Uiifft m a adaqaau i4at af tha 1?*1- J lU aod alaaaat miraealoaa t.Wfa prod a cad by takuf Jiu Cordial tn tba <1't?a??1, dafvli ,ata4, and abaltarad >am? I vKaibar brakaa d*ara by iicm. wa&k by muri, t at iaftlrad by aicknaaa, Lb a ralaiad aa? aaatranf arpal- 1 B MtMe la raalorad ta Ma prtattaa baalth and ?ifar . MARRIED PERSONS m rtban, naniwi af liability from wtuuavar uan, will . tad McbKAHl aTKXNGTliKNING CORDIAL a tbo- ] ram# rtfanarater af tba ayataos; aad all trfca may ha?? la t farad ttanaalraa by Inpiaaai ladalgaaaaa vWJ Aad ia cfcta Cardial a laruia aad apaady ramady. J TV TtlM IsAUlUB. MebCAWV aTRXNara cnme CORDIAL* nm- , In and qitiir tin far lacipiaal CtMtqfttM, WKj:u, I Obatrtetad ar Diflcalt MtpitruUM, locootwanc* rf Criat ar lanlnui^ Dtwtefw ttwiif, F>1U?( ( Uia Vtak, tttddiaaaa, FaiaUaf, ud all Iihum mcidaai la fiailH. THE KB IS HO MISTAKE ABOUT IT hfit aa lanfar. Takt U according la dircc ban ft will ttlnalao, atranflbaa, uU tnvifanu rM aad eaaaa tka ? Maan af baaltb ta arm fwmr *ial aga/a. X?ary baula la 9 utuu4 U fi*a Mttihiim. ,f TOJl CHILDREN U>amr ekiMni ara aiekly, pan/ ar tBietad, McLEAIft COllnitL vlll ntli tkia katlilf.fu, u4 n(?it Dak; j oat a awa?M; Ixj it, aad jaa wiil b? taoriucad. U la daV UeiMiUUk*. 5 _ . CAVTTOIf. Bawara af dr^g-Uu ar dulan ?h? mar try ta pa)a spaa M rot aaraa bitur ar aaraapanlla traab, whtcb tfcay cat bat * U A?b fa*Hcltr^iVhneVt<nhLmiho cokbuu.. >< uh _ notbicf tli*. It II thi oat? raa.ody that vtU pmr*> tit* Blood inoroafhlr mduiki him tiai Kria|tlii> Ik* lyattra 0d? tMifwhl tak*? *?*ry meriting Unmg II > c irujr , pri**nti** (a* Ctolttt, CfciUa mm4 r???t, Tallow Fivir, or .. i? manlMt iiiiui. It ii p?t an In larjr* bottli*. fnct aalj 91 p*r botlli, or C booln for $5 J H McLEAN, [ lolt proprietor of till CorAtl; >Wo, McLiin'i Tolcinic Oil Uinnl Principal Dtfoi an tai urtiir af Tbld ud Hal (traata, ll. Uaia, Mo. u McLean Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BECT LIHIMEHT IN THE VOILO ) Tha oaly aa/i ud aarula car* for Caacaaa, Pilia, Tmraai?, wtUiafi am4 Bronchi 11 ar Caitra, Paralnu. Kaa ralfU, WuJru*aaaf U* Mntclaa, Orotic ar Ulutwut; . I ESaamitiaat, Buffo*** af tba Jaiata, Caniracr*^ Maacla* ar Liffam*i<u, Earaaa* arTaathaafca. Iraitw, Iprnia, fra*> Cot I, Wouda, Ulcara, Ftfii Ioth, Ultd Brtun. lor* rfippl*!, Binu, htldi, ftor* Tfcraal. or uiy ialtMiBaUoo at put, bo difiMitt ho* aarvr* or lone tit <lta*aaa mar ?> auaud, McLEAfTftLELEEaA-ntn k INiMEKT ia laruk ranady. Ttmniiii W krau Mtap tati mm MtH t lira ? ma arafHad* nd miaarf by tk? a** W ?Ma kmuat* nwdf. 1 MeLEAJfS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Q WUlx?U?Tt paia alaaat insUnuaaawir, *?d H vill cl?u, parity wd h?*l U? feairat aor** ta u latradibl* *k?rt tiiaa. fOR HOUSES AND OTHER ANIMALS T* Mol>KANVCKLBMC*TKr> LUflMXNT ia ik* act; aaf* lie m4 aaUaMa nmdr for iW? ear* af Mpavia, LtrW?, WiodfaUa, ftinu. Cnu?lar?J Camp*. Hodaa ar B* tlli?n It M?W hll?< W ear* Bif n*?d, Ntl*Hl, FtaaU, <TU aani'f ar Bwaamy, U pnfariy *ppU*d. Par ?fraina, Brtriaa*, Sarair k?a, 0*e?*d (*, uUt, feddl* ! or Cailar Uaiia, Uata. Bar**, at Wuaad*. it ii u infalhkW M r*ai*d?.\j it a* dirtciad wd * cava n imiia ia arary Tfcaa utfta a* iaagar vi* tka maa* warttlaa* Uatmaaw ffiTrVoVTmS'Sft.' VSli cC'1' ? >.H HauA.Mrnffww. 1!' Cyp?" T*it?^ <ad Plaa ate., t laaia. ?a. iTliULM BTorr. m P? ?.. *al* ana* ia --?W fl==sad ? 0 THE WEEILLV DOLLA& STAR. tkm mmUmI FteUy mmt !*w Hum! ?? istei ? grmtm wtaty ?f Inliffc? filM *c ma befceeila uj rtlw m yvMtafcr) m Tui9~Ou4i ti 84?4l?oopy. ye ? I ? FIT* M>flM __ ? f* Ten Mifnn ? TvMtr fntoym . i ? UWlHiT (DM1M CM "nmH|W l?? ? M ku !<> 7\? ? ?;? XMMU SMT eh?H? > imnUr throat boat U? MUlrf. th? counter, tnwwiiatety alter U* mmmmat tko ?*?r. Prioo?THREE OBNTB WOOD AND OPAL. TO TUB rLBLIC! 1) WHEBK YOU ~CA N GET TUVI MONEY** WORTH f-TRY IT! PBOVEIT * ENOW IT TR r WIlA T f I^Tr^lhe nONKK* .MILLS,Mi ktrmr provitwhatt (17 Frew ti%' yf?? mo i?t toir WOOD Uiir> ?Hr Ujm vktr* in Uk oily ; mm Umb m know what9 ID" Know that to* c* SOOD NEARUKKMd m vtrr )>M of WOOD K?f lew MMT~ CfT PUT, AND DELIVUBU FlUOl ClIUl CiU at til PION KKt MILLS! SlOy Of THE BLUE FLAG STAFF. Booth w**t Con*** Scrsjmi pt. arc Ctatt .Boat* of qM Br idee, t no w GfcOB*K>AftE, Iwn. I'llM FITO-WM4 Mills. PINE, OAK and HICKORY WOOD 8av?d ad ??lit at any l-nfth or use rtfiirM. aai Miredv.) uj part of tie City at rry low ^iom. fCr VVe oail the particular attention of oar mm >mer* and th? p?Qvi /eancalty to "ar eptMtf>d TUCK OF COAL., whjab w nan aar. *U#f?t tar of contradiction, > ??naJ U> any in ?h? City kTn gaa**?tae to girt aUefjotion to all vko at? stkir SaVkO aatf SPLIT WOOD m k?y? od?r oovar, jerfoctly dry. and COAL on ptaak mm, eiean and in good order. Large aalnn and wail ?rotUn~^Or<l#r? oheitod at UNION FIRK WOOD MILLS Cor. 8*?? nth st ?nd r?ca , ^^rKNEW A MARLOW;Pro*riator?. JU O O 1) ?? AND COAL Delivered to All part* ot t;,e the totut Duible ratm. T. 4. A W. M. SALT. OSee *98 Pi. )?tvm Utfc and Mth ?U., >ua IT-tT aortA n<?. EDUCATIONAL^ r FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Pwfnt. who wish their daochtara to raetve a thorough-vnd ysUmatio eduoauon. where leirphjwoal training will r^eiv* daily ana ??ocial t ten toon, under the moet Approved itiUri of C*4i?kenio* nud Gymnastic*. ars reepectfoliy urn tod to nit the Union Female Aoadomr. rvrnn Foar Moth at. fend New York ?t. ??.* M?. 4 KU. Z. FEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL f ALFXAynRJ4, TA. mr*. s. j. mocormicfc. pbihcifau The thirteenth ar.nuai session of this Institution rill commence on Tue*1ay, September lath, in the ou?e rsoently oocup.ed by Sylfofctar 9m*t, Baa., Jo. i'm) Kin? sy**t. The courae of study panned will comprise ail he branches requisite to a thorough English Ed^ation, and Music, Prenoh, Latin im Drawing. d esirwd. In addition to day eehoiar*. Mr*. MoCorwuok is irepared to receive a limited number of pnpii* as xva*4< rs, who. constituting a part of her ova ram ly, will he under her immediate care and supervv ion. She will endeavor. as far as possible, to aar ound them with the comforts ami Kindly influence* f Roma. R'Jrrcnte/.?Rer. Geo. h. .Norton, Err. dr, e.iaa larriaon, Rev. D. f. fcpngj, William h PowU, ?**.< Ed?ar Snowdea, Kaa.. Edmund f Witmer, *. L&lv Nntrscsi.** ?^v<r' Cmrt Cmi4, CoUL jhp?MM /? /nr?i? any 'friMliM ? S?rt ?m? ' i4? W'mi, IMim tin r*^* v^rsf p 0 b l*1 c Vpeakeks Alto sing ees. Few M* ?war? of the imt?*4ianoe of oh?ektni a South or ' Common Cold ' in iU iret Mur, tut rhidm in the b?g>mng woo id yieid loimul rem* y, if neglected. noon nttnok* t<)? Lenta. "Browm'i Irotttkmi Trot Ktt" oontaimng dwnul?ert ingreal QU, allay Pu.tnonary and U onohia. Irritation. "That trouble in ney Throat, if?' IROWN'8 which the "TVeehe." are ? er*~ifce < "roches " - "r*v*klw* JEOWN'S """ m~10 Prm,C -ROCHE* *?v- B. H. CHAPIN. "Great nervioe in ant>dnlas !H oaBMJEOWN*S EEV.PANIKL WISE. punrnyn " Almoet metebt re i*'in the di? ^ trMmni lab<>r of bteathtag recall*' ieown*8 10 a'tf&$\ a. C. eggle0ton. TROCHFS "Contain bo Qpinai or anything injnrioiu." DR A A HA ? EE. IEOWVS diniji, 3ou?m. "a limit and ilMatot ooabtni TEOCHES hod tor Coi^m. tc."^ JROWN'8 * rftOCHES - JT'JrCiNP.. JBOWN'8 ,tk _ rROCHEB BROWN'S K2ii r?OCHES a?.?*U5S3PI,,i 10 8ROWJC# j KE V. b. i. r. AN fROCHBS BROWN* ^r1 mitk tru*ni "* t)i?? r*OCHE8 M. STACY JQHWaow. BROWN'S TewlWof?niLeVl6b2ra iowni ss^2sJrv^^4i^iRK;, troche* liaS.'ttP ..own-, r2?I,5*KTi!5iwS&. troches wmemviigiar 4a 1 |y [)* ac^wcK'a ^ ~ b r^ry Vu^r>wj^ ?^!^Sttswi551 one of U? m%aI M?fe^oiu&i* o< o^mjioU WM la ^tSSfeWKA mmi?I months with Li?*f ^saaSwlir nssltsttcsif Wimwi' mliwwt ?u **? ?f ????? <. lolii ?u?r . no g lwi rtff A PACKET or FAPBA > TjT [ AND OfTILOrtl I NO I *0 MA Tea. BOOKBTORR. PSLLT R 8OLOV0TVB, M M IJ 999 ^ mw ' ^ ^ RCty JIM KWli) M fl ??. r<wa m uiy, yirt HoiiMtf 9||u ?M Jiwlw ?3m 011 In, m wian vvwi wm!t7mlii <WWW SlMi il^liliUc mf uTr? PI. B??Pooka mmmow inkiw* pW

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