Newspaper of Evening Star, 19 Aralık 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 19 Aralık 1860 Page 2
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K. _ THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: ^IDIPDAY.. December ! , 1?? *ptn? *r tii* n?r?tu mm. Th? Constitmtirn w?iri coMidmblj MtUedby tbe thrusts of lbe jnnlUgmur of yesterday, and iu reply showers tbe latter paper with ?uch expletives ss " malignant," " unscrupulous, " 'stupid,*' Ac., Ac. In a recenUr published letter Senator Hunter, contemplating the possible formation of ft Southern Confederacy,'* argued In favor cf Virginia's accession to It, ss she woold soon derive ail tbe advantages which tbe non-slaveholding and particularly tbe New England Stales now derive from tbe markets of the cotton gtatra Tne lion. v? uiongnoy ;iewwu cos announced similar expectation*. This, the ImitlUg'nctr thinks, la based upon the supposition that South Carolina, after oppwsing n policy contrary to sonnd political economy, won Id forego her convictions for the sake of conciliating and enriching at her own expense the border States A.i Impoktakt Cokkxctiok.?We find that there are graoc mistakes la the account of the of th? New York delfpatloa of the House of Representatives on Tuesday evening last, at the chambers of the Hon John Cochrane, published la yesterday's Star snd Baltimore Sun, from the gossip of correspondents of other papers. Of tbe meeting, we have to say that It was simply one for consultation; to sea whether common action oa the pert of all the New York Representatives could possibly be obtained with reference to tbe distracting questions of tbe times It was understood oa coming together that no resolution whatever should be proposed and voted on and that determination was carried oat in good foith. Mr. Cochrane stated generally his views of tbe grievances of the South, and their proper redress. From that subject the meeting passed to an informal conversation on tbe pro prety ol coercing inc?atig suit. am. itevnoiat embodied bis views in favor of coercion in writing, which were discussed. developing thus an opposition to coercion on the part of Messrs Cochrane, brlggs, Sickle*, Clark, Mac'.ay, and fiarr. It waa supposed that roiDf of the Republicans were hardly prepared to take such extreme ground as Mr RmrnAMt nil vnrntMl Mr SirkUlcomfflittMl to writing and discuued the expediency of Inviting the Virginia delegation to a consultation He and Mr. Cochrane strongly urged this course; which eeroed to meet but little favor from the Republicans The meeting then adjourned until this < Wednesday) evening, having discloeed the fact that the points at issue in the House and before the country were the same points which divided the Mew York delegation by uearly strictly party lines Wkikiin Libs tub Dahsbb.?If anything will defeat the prospect of some action by the Committee of Tblrty-three likely to have a powerful effect in prevent! og the border slaveholdlng States from following the cotton States out of the Union, It la the current disposition of Southern members of the committee to <^aert their brethren and tboea from the North in it who are earnestly laboring to obtain satisfactory action by the committee If all from the South upon it will but remain at their posts, we rannot doubt but that otne harmonious and satisfactory report will be rasde. Otherwise, Massachusetts, Maine, Wisconsin, ti mt., stand a fair chance of being able in the report to defeat the hope of the speedy action on the part of tbe people of tbe INortb necessary to prevent the border slaveholdiog State* from following tbe cotton States out of tbe Union. Tai Sl'b-CoMMlTT*? oh tbi FcOJTlv?-StAv? Law, la a very conservative. and (for tbe country in lta precent strait) fortunate one. Ita members (the members of tbe General Committee of Thirtythree from the border States) are one and all exceedingly anxious for ibe settlement of all the distractlne questions within tbe Union, rather tua* oat *f it Air Campbell, of Pennsylvania, is the only gentleman mi it whose sentiments in this eotuxction we do not positively know to be aa explained above They will doubtlesa apeedily report aocie plan to cure tbe present fugitive-clave law trouble that will be sstlafactory to those Immediately concerned?the people of tbe border States Til COMMITTIC or Thirty-thiii?A's have every reason to believe that yesterday, after fnrtbei nsii'isn il lansMiAn a# Ik* nMlMt.i/1* ? ? - ? IU?V<1 J ??I?V ? ? VM w? ?uc niuintuviv Vi Jf V|l oeitioaa hearing upon the fugitive slave law before them. the Committee referred them all by as nnanimoua vote to a tub-committee, composed ol the members (of the Committee) re presenting tki border states North and South. The territorial slavery question was then taken up, sad Mr. Keisoo, of Thi., obtained the floor; whea the Gpmmittee adjourned until to-day. Mr N elson, therefore, opens the debste on that mbject this fore aoon Asotbkk Psoposkd Stats Coi?v*wtio!I.?Wt learn privately tbat It 1* highly probable that ttov Megan, of New York, will uree ui>on the L*2i* lature of that Stat* (to meet on tbe let of January proximo) the propriety of calling a general Stat* convention to consult upon the duty of their Stat* in the crlaia wbich*la upon the whole Confe& eracy. The weight of the groat commercial in terests of New York city ia certainly being brougal to bear on Gov. M to induce the proposed action on kis part. Tub Hocsb Fbintiso ? By direction of Mr hord, Printer to tbe House, the Super'nt^nden ?f the Public Printing h^a delivered all tbe worl so far ordered by tbe House thisssesion, to Messrs larconbe snd English, who will at once proceec to itsexeoatioa. So this vexatious trouble b& been cured (or the time btln?. Th Misctm' Sr?icM?? ?TLe Committee o Tbirty-tbreohave limited tbe ipuktnla tkelrrit iiugt to too-miauVs' apeeches Thia ia a gcxx move, showing as It doe* that they seek to tranaac bust seas, rather than to afford opportunities fo um nu|? 01 vrworicai gas la weir midst. CT'Tbere ?mi rumor in Columbia, 8 C.,thi F W p|cWoe, Governor of Sooth Carolina, vri eonflced to his too rot by the d: tease (sinail-pox now raging in that Ticialtf. He baa made public ataft nan* contradicting it; tbat his trot b!? are merer? of lndigestt** character. * miii Ma Coaa not Tuu at Hii own ??iuiat i* tim Bona ?The Washington tom-sponden of tfca Columbia ? C.) Carollalaa says ' Cobb has resigned 11 Is administration af tfc Ttrmmmry is *ot cooaidered very fortunate. Be 1 a mors astute politiclati than financier." A N?w Attmhit Gixsbal ?Ths Presldsr Ibla morning nominated Mr Edwla M Steato to be Ik* Attorney General of tbe Called ftatn He ?tn doobtleaa be confirmed la tbe coarte t to-4ey'? mmIob of tbe Seaate. BDT Ptmb Taylor k Maury ve bave tbe Norl Brtrah Review for November, having ten art - .w, m wm wucg in upon miiUTi oi current It Veirvt American Humor" la the ttUs of an ^? T n* Aoskt of rum Amociatbd Paaaa d(dn m to My that ha arm traaamlttad ar.y rich dli Vlihimtha?a< which complaint wm md thta morntBf la th? Senate, by Mttm Slide! a4 9wti. TutiMTi'iirieuicoxMiTTnMtaniTii M tbo Mate of tha Ualaa had not boon appoints by their Pra??dlag OAcer, whan tha Star went t preM to-day^ _ t. B^Tbe Charlaeton (S C ) pa pert aaem ner Tom at avary tadlcatloo that dfcaaoiou wkU a<}>raaper. ftoC'avrMr oaliathagitat PhUadolBki Hir?ting ? Tht fktladtlpk** Union Humbug C7" Bj thealahing of the achoooer Rlchmon la lha Qpf Ire Bay, aboat 90 mli<* beloi B*ltlmort, eo Toaaday mora lag, eight or tc l>mt? ww? last. ffy Smuagl? m4i ua the Holiday Brotbi Jeaetbea," aad ->Fraak Ladle's Magaxiaa" U Jiamrr, Mk abounding with pictures, tea, aa fry The Mobile Trikaac aaya that Canaeia I S Taylor baa rigged e?t a achooaar, mouakd tw heavy gaw, erflrtia mm heard ifty herdy, ec b. t. .?)ln'f?|W,??ar? J" tTV.oZ ?eRf ar??- .?p?? t#? J# hlea a. h,8 ? .h ./ % St Omn to m Rwctr*!?Mr. Ex-Seeeetary Cobb'a aewapaper, the W aahlagton C?*nitutim. rallied to hia rcocue ia lta lane of Saturday ^ earning last, we perceive In ao doing, It takes re occasion to strikes back-handed blowattbe Star; A tbla journal being the only one In tbe Federal Metropolia that baa apoken of Mr. 0?bb* conduct c to terma reflecting tbe opinion of all bere but tb? q dlaunioniatap?r st, wbo, however they May rrjole? that be. among otbera. ia laboring to?dcstror the Government of the United States, bang their J* beads fcn very abame on heartng th? circainstances H of hla betrayal of hia truat diacuaaed. Tbe pan- al graph to which we refer la aa follows: ' The black-republican jonrnala and their allied ? cotemporanea of every atrlpe, ktrt and elaewhere, *J aeem to have drawn witn more than ordinary !, reckleaaneas oa their atock of a lander. Tltnpera < a?<l far in ArdnV trt ftlftflil thfl Ut# " HWU , IIU IIILIIUUV j ? ? ? ? ? ? Q Secretary of the Treasury. Hon. flowell Cobb ? There Is not a day that some one of the pack may Q not be heard yelping at tbe heels of the ex-Secre- " tary, and the noise st of them art those was, having j* got all they tan from th* democratic party, art ~ note hoping, by their disgusting r'.adin-ss to bite ~ tJu hand that fed tket.n, to earn a few crumbs ? from the parly that will toon have some loaves to ? divide " .(The Italics are oars.) ? We my that this courteous paragraph la leveled ^ at the Star, because on a former occasion, when J smarting under iti (the Star's) rebuke of the reckless mendacity with which it sought to I strengthen the bands of those who would destroy * tbe Government of the United States for the sake ( of its destruction, it threw out similar false in- \ slnuations: First, tUat tbe Stmr bad received I pecuniary favors from tbe Democratic party; and, | next, that its aim is to obtain similar favors from tbe Republican party. I With reference to the first we bave*to say that, knowing as well as the Cnstitutiom does, thit it, Itself, has enjoyed all tbe favors which tbe present and last Democratic administration have bad I to bestow lawfully, its Intimation that the Star ' ha* received a ?hare of them, amounts simply to ao aspersion upon their honor. Upon the integrity with which they have administered their trust. Those who conduct the Comiittuiiom know well that the Star hss never received siipence on account of any public prlating, and has published the public advertisements only la pursuance of tbe lsw obliging the Government here to have them printed in the two papers of largest permsnent luuBcnpuua, wmcu nw uo> rvcci?ea no oiaer Interpretation since tbe Star bu been la existence, than that given to it by the previous administrations of Harrison, Tyler, Taylor, Hllm*re, and Polk That is to say, no new interpretation (or the S.'ar'* benefit Its second insinuation, tliat the Star, in seeking to preserve the Government and the Interests of tbe people of thla Immediate aection of country from tbe wanton destruction It (tbe OoHstUmtivn) ia now aUlving to bring on botb, U endeavoring to obtain patronage from tbe Incoming Republican Administration, (wblcb has literally none to give, as It well knowa,) la simply worthy of lta own history. Thus, It haa notoriously lived, moved, and had lta being, rrom iu ointj, wnouy upon uovernment patronage?which in its case has be*n little more than plunder; for the record of the legislation of Congress and of the frequent outaide and inside bargains concerning the public-printing patronage made for Its benetlt. as developed by the late Investigating committee*, have, happily, so disgusted all npri<;bt men of til parties in public life, as to bring about tbe obliteration from tb? statute-book, by joint action of tbe Executive and Congress, of any opportunity by which money in tbe Treasury of tbe United States may hereafter be so used for the utterly shameless demoralization of American public affairs. Knowing no other menus ui ciincucc in iu own case iusn Dy me enjoyment of Government patronage, its perception* of influence* by which a journal's position may be laduced or regulated, induce It, In this insinuation, simply to measure our corn in its own bushel. 9o much for its attack upon the Star. Now, a brief word further, in its ear. Does it still Call to realize that its open labors to destroy uvitciuiuviikuu wuusc uvuuij it uas at Yru, arr f&sf bringing ail to believe in tbe truth ?f the following paragraph from tbe letter of Secretary ' Floyd, which we find published in ita iaaue embracing lta attack upon us?' 44 it is a fatal error to auppoae that th? interest of England would prompt her to foster tbe planting interests of the South From the Prince consort. who aat silently by and witnessed tbe deliberate lnault of an American mlniater by a Oritlah peer before the congregated Intelligence of all Christendom, simply because slavery existed In the United States, down to tbe torticKtd co(k\>y, himself forty times tbe slave to Buffering and cirKavaiiH what ?n? natr pa la I* Im? ? | VUIIIOMIU^W Wf vuw ? ?MJ V ! IV IBTT ? | I there It not an Kngltaliman who doe* not In hl? I Heart abhor slavery, iJ me don mot alto abhor the ' teuntrf toktrc tt t?i*t?." (Italics again ours.) Though said to hsv? been aaturallzed a rear ' or two since, that the conductor of the Comstitmtimm Is by no means nationalized? Amerlca a I zed?Is evident In the intensity with which bis journal seeks to foment a division of th? I nion and ooniequeat civil war s'nnn^ us. Long >i n? A it all tViA nriMn r? "? ^ lata . *1 _ Hive i aii ?*i? pi ouiliiliiVliaNUII i bad to accord in the way of money during tbe b&Janr* of ita existence, in tbe bargain under which lta conduct was relinquished by its late r owner, on tbe pledge that tbe departmental > printing, &c., abooid be appropriated for lta sup) port. Having no possible opportunity to wring 'another red" out of tbe present administration, and no hope of making its salt out of tbe Demot cratlc mosses, wbtcb have steadily refused it aid and i succor, It turned upon President Buchanan in this matter of DISUNION, tbe moment it fancied tbe disunlonista seemed likely to grow mad enough to attempt to m?ke, by largesses, in ltscase, a silk ' purse out of a sow's ear?a journal commanding ' some share of popular conlldence and respect; t > often and always so unsuccessfully tried, with 1 large expenditures of the public funds, by those 1 managing Democratic-party affiirs. We repeat; there being no more plunder for it here, lta inhere f have of late been directed to the task of securing patronage from those who bold this Union of ours * to be "an accursed thing." It now unmistakably t scents. In the far-oil South, tbe oerr>on on which r it bit axon* red Hence the readiness with which it* column* have of lete been pratliutcd to do Mr. Ex-Secretary Cobb's work. That is; the work it of defeating the honeat exertioaa of President t Buchanan and hi* administration to secure t? the ) couutry at large the continuance of the blessing* of a peace, progress and Individual prosperity, while h at the same time striving no leas earnestly to renove all Just causa of future sectleoal strife, by obtaining for the South, la the L'aion, the I new constitutional guarantees her exigencies renII der a Mine jmm mon. * nr*?8MITH30NIAN L E C T U R E 8?-On 11 9 tar LT\Mt.'ui\* it ?k?- ?? - ? " nuncpu* i, uwgnwr IJU, ftl T)| I u?., Prof. Faikmaji ftMiM.of PbilMrlpki*. wi.l oi miuMoo*oourMof LeoturMoq"Citi] KnciaMri5L . 8u,hJ Bridft, ?a4 tb? Prina ft? Inyo)yd im ttvir Comtf ?ot;oo. d? 18 St i fY^r* UNIVERSALIST PRKACHiNtf,-Th? # . 1 * Pint oiv#r ft>mt K*wu?tv .?f VH/fttki> ??. * wut ooia'aenoa tuair meetmga for pufc io rahgioue worship at the Fir?t ConjuvgationaJift Chsrch (old Tniiitt > on bli MDA * mtm h o'oiook. Mr. Fists kasbaaa iavitsd to deliver ths opening diaoourse. Tu publio are respectfully ?a1 vited to attend. . l h? Ctiuroh will be rented say svemsg during the week for pubue meetings, imvm, k?. * del? ?' nr-y?FAiK.-Th*ladie?af Fletoher Chapel will 1L?' hold a Fair at fro. 374, gavsuth atraat, be * tvern L and M ?U.,irom 3Ktu to Slat Daoanilwr, iiio'nmve Come enji y joara*lvea arid procure ar tiolM far tha holiday a tteaaon tickets, admitting a1 * geatlsmaa and lady. M oenta; single admittance lu II cetta. da U 1 jt* (r-g?THE ONION PRAYER MEETINGS ;L2 will be holies aver* day this week, in th* 2V EsgUsh Lutheran Church, coiner of 11th and H 4 atreeta, to ootnmaaoa al 4 o'clock, and to continue one hour. ds ft ? ^rT>* ladies of lthe Methodist Protectant Churoh, Niatli street, intend kiYimc a Fiiti vel for the benet fit of the pvx)U(? cMitMlM Wllk lh? oburoh, to ?o?un'Me on MONDAY' KVKNInG Mit, the * 17ib inat ,aad o >ntiaue Tvudat ud Wxomibdav fcv/sisas, in Thor>'( HeLL, Seventh street, between u an J K si*. Coml ail and encourage the (, lv)ie?, as they ere determined the * a peer prepared by the? ibell suit tee appetite of all. >.l*o, re * frtehments and utefel artiolee of Ml (Jeeoripti?aa _! w 'ale for Chriatraaa timea. atlwv prices to ant tb? ti.i.ea. de l*-it rnP*COLLECTOK?S OFFICE. CITY HALL * AXES ON'VKKPONA tV l*" tOPKIW, r BLAVk^ Ac.?Notice ia bereb* given that the tax ?. b<IU f'tr Hou etmlu Furniture, tttooks Blavea, to., ? for t' * year l?\ and previous years, are now made oat a?4r?adj for delivsrr, a<.<f are payable at tbia o?e-, Tbo who do not ojl.1 and settie tbeir bills I wiUie twenty dan from this date will be oailed on j sass* tosrsk "turn I .MK 'I ?*. '? ; v11"* *" ?*** ' I m m t?- A %'*?? K jj <XJ ~ ? I Riimmii ?Brevet Lieut. Colonel Win II. T. 'alker. Major of the 10th inftntry, U ?. A , baa al^nrd. He la nmm la command of the U. 8. reenat in Georgia, of whIM> Stat* ha la a native. NavaI RxaioiUtTiOifa -Aft. Surgeon Thaa J. f," barium (Af Georgia) baa reigned; also Lieut w eorge K Law, (<g|a?tona.) ? T*? W T%* fcUowl n* report of %e ? feather for the ?flng la made from the Atner M an ronao;: dated Telegraph Line to the f*nnithelan Institution. Tm ttfeM of oheenrati* ta M *oa?7?'OtOCK Dicmbk 10, ltoo J' urlington, Vt ovarc&at, 11?. ^ ewVork, N.Y ntinr hiladelph'.a, Pa cloudy, cold. ITaahlngtoa. O. C. cloudy, wind NE g. Richmond, Vs. cloudjr, 30? a, eteraborg, Va. raining, 30*. lorfolk, Va cloudy, 38*. ? aMrh, N. C .cloudy, 4fl">. Vlimlo?ton, N.C cloudy, cold. olumbla, 8. C cloddy, cold. w harleaton, 8. C cloudy, 54?. Luguita. Oa cloudy. g avr.nnah, &a cloudy, damp, so*. . , I aeon, Ga. cloudy. JJ lalumbua, Ga ....raining. kl lontif ornery. Ala. raining hard. ackaon, Ala. thunder atorm. g, UOMTHI WI?T ei Frederick, Md raining, cold, aleety. pi lagentown, Md cloudy, mild. Cumberland, Md cloudy, mild. m irafton, Va... cloudy, warm. 8 Vheeling, Va cloudy, 40?. H Mttaburg, Pa.. cloudy, 4*1?. b Parkeraburg, Va. cloudy, warm. Cincinnati, O raining, col4. t< Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (eorated for temperature,) 3U,329; at noon, 30,181. Thermometer at 7 a. m., 30'; at noon, 35?. Maximum during 21 hours, eudlag 9 a. m. to- . lay 37* minimum W. I d v^?COLUMHIA R A. CHAPTER, No. If) 7 A atated communication of thia Chapter r will Se held at Central Maaoaio Hail THIS EVE- r NINO, at 7 o'olook. Sojourning oompaniona lit i regular standing are oordial y invited t It I K. I. Meni.P.AK V. Pm: -Vy*SEVENTH WARD REPUBLICAN A8 _L3 80C1ATION.?A meetiiik of the above Asseciation wil be held at Island Hall, (third ?tory,l orner of Maryland avenue and 6th street, THIS (Wednesday) K VKNI (sjG, Deo. 19. All Repnblicans ia the ward are invited to attend. E. LYCETT. President. WM. J. MURTAGH, Secretary. It* fr? TO THE VOTERS OF WASHINGTON. 'L_3 'I'lie Assessors of eaoh Ward will meet at thefollowinf plao*s from 9a. m. to 3 p. m , from the Hth to the 26th of December tnolntive. to oorrect and to register the name* of those omitted from the poll list: First Ward?John A. Rheem, IT# Pa. aveooe, between 17th and lBth *ts >?eoond Ward?George Tiiomvi Stewart, oarner Twe'Mh and H sts Third Ward?Henry Curtis, corner Eighth and L sts. Pnnrth Ward?Thomas W. Bur oh. Fifth St.. h? tw*?n tt and H ?t?. , Fifth VV ard?George T. Barret, o?rcer of *outk A and Sd streets east. 1 Sixth Ward?L- A. Tnell, 440 Eighth at. east, at th<J residence of John C. Rohey. ? Seventh Ward?Peter Hepburn, No 85 sonth F street. If tween Btli and 9th streets south, dell tafith PHILADELPHIA CONFECTIONERY. , 1L3 Ice Cream. Water loeii, Weld in* Cake*, 1 P?nnd Cakes, Mince Piea,Pa*try,CrnstafTOyater Mea, Jellies, anu a general assortment of nice < things in the Confectionery line, at FUSSELL'S, < corn- r Twelfth and F it*. no 24 lm* | INTERESTING TO BAN KNOT K \L? HOLDERS.?'Virginia note* taken at ?*r ' ^Wclothirg at the Peopiea' Clothing Store, no. I 460 Seventh street N B?I have on hand a ver/ large and superior , took of Mena' and Boys' Clothing Furnishing , Goods, Hats and Capa, at prioea to anit the time*. 1 J. H. SMITH, Clothier. 1 noK lw No. 460 Tth at .oppo. Po^tOfloe |Y^?DEMPHEY A O'TOOLE, 1 tJJj WEDDIN& AND VISITING CARD FNORAVSRM. Importer* of fine WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the raoat beautiful styles. 396 Pa. Av., between 9th and loth at* , an 27-6m im to*. J ELEGANT CLOTH CLOAKS. UST Opened for the Chriatmaa and New Years Presenta, ail marked down at the loweat prioea to auit the times, for caah. _de 19 J. W COLLEY A CO.. Spanish merino P 9HKKP. The becriher i? breeding the beet of SPANISH MERINO SHEF.P, and sells as low ae aay firstclass breeder in Vermont. Send for a printed price list. Address GEORGK CAMPKKI.I.. d? 19-Pl wWly W?t Weatminater. Vermont. ?<HR1BTMAS CAKES. C. O AUTIER Will have in bit J?a!->oo en Monday, th? 24tb, the fineat a<aortment of CAKR. both Ponndand Fruit, made of the b<"?t material, and which, for their beauty and anility, cannot Its exoeled. if egaaied. Ierrona wiahina to parchaaea NICE CAKE would o wall to giv? him a oall. da l*Mw DEAU1IFTL PRESENTS FOR CHRISTMAS. Kich Muslin and Cambrio Embroidered Collars, K.eaant Collars and wieeves in acts to matoh, Poolcet Haodke-ohiafs in rreat varieties, S > dozen Jouvln'a heat Kid ftlovna. J W. COlVtEY * ro.. da 19 6t <23 Seren^ r,,inirt Pa. iy. Rich silk robe* for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Marked down thi* day at abant half ?ri?e neh Rlvsk and Kaney Silk*. Potlina, Pranob Marino, epi ar d all ii"h Df?i prion* to unit the t:me?, for oath J. W. COLLE/ k. CO.. (IMHt 32 3 Seventh at.. ah re Pa av. SIGNORA ADELAIDE RATMONDI, (SOPRAKO ASSOLUTO,) Popil of the eelat>ratod o->mpoaer. Maraaii Mnti Tapasnrri. propose* tMohinc Mu*io and Singina to aUm numbar of young ladiea. Sh? baa 'au*ht tlie Prineeaa Clothilda, canchter of Kin* Viator Emanuel; alao, a numl>er of diatincniahed faniili?a in the I'mted ?tate?. Signoia Raimondi will lie S leaned to r-nwiva call a for inatruotioa at har reaionce, or by addreaain* a note, left at ftielzarott'a moaio *tnre. Refarenoea?Chevalier Bartinath, Miniater of Sardinia, and the Hon. Mr. Morn*. M. c from Pennaylvama. It* T BOOTS ANp SHOES. he Meat assortment or ma* BOOTS. SHOES ami GAITERS, I Suitable far the ^eiaou, f hi Can be found at * Ha H BURNB'S. No 408 Pi. av., near National Hotel, between 4K and 6th tt-eet', Alan, a hand an ma a*a itmant of TOI'ET SLIPPERS, cullab'a for Chrirtmaaand Naw A ?ar Pf cnta. 1 Int-ACon.] da 19 lw T HOLIDAY PRESENTS POSF. PurKiltit Wlakirv lA maiffl fa w. -- mm? - ??-? ? H ?V Iitanv fU! iui:?own |V| Holiday Protects, will findat the atoreof the auHartber a vrrr large a?eortm*nt of FANCY and HTAPLE DRY DOODS, aueh aa? Har.dtom* Cioth Cloak* and Raglana, 8 haw I a, Black and Fanor Silk Kobe*. Back and Fancy Dreaa Silka, Figured and Plain French Mermoea, Delaine. Caehmera and Piaida. Kmbroid red l.intn Cam brio Handk*rohieia, Mna'in and Cambric*, Collaraand Beta, Jouvin Krl Glovea. Hosiery, 8eok Tie*. Bonnet Ribbons, enno Shirta and Drawere, ad % great many other G ode at i'able for Holiday Presents, selling at redueed ?no?i, at HENRY AgaN'R, de l>lPt Seventh at aad 301 Pa. ay. r*HEAP CARPETINGS, assess ? ?Sr"' " Km do. teoMiu. ?*t do. 31 'i oeota, ?ta,r do; 123% oenta, ? Paf!W. . do' ?oenta. 4-4 Oilcloth at 44and 00 oonta. Alio. ?4 Certain Dtmuki at eo oenta, Cnrtain Muelina *t al' trioM. Buff Hol'anda, all idtna a id pncea. ??? ?f U >|?HE THIRD W^DNE8D?Y OP aVMT Dr. RCHENCKi of Philadelphia, find a it intpoa aibia to vmt Washington ??nj week. and naa made arra; a omenta to positively be in tha ait* th? third Wednesday of every month. He has a anitof room a at the A venae House, where patients can obtain advice free. He oah charge* whea J? i? neoeesary to make a thorr a?h examination of the Langs with the Rerairometor. 87 B. W*it# u ncent for 8ob?nek*a Pnlmooio Syrup, price f i per bottle, for the core of Concha, <v?lds and ron?nmption: Sohenok's Sea Wwd Tonic, price SI per bottle, for UyapepaitjSohenck'e Mandrake P.Tle, price SSoenta ber box. for Liver Bilious Complaints and Constipation of the Bowp. was leave their certificate" or cure with 8. B. WAITS, oorner seventh at. and La. av. As lt-Sm rr* O T HE PUBLIC. M Havins alarge amount of moaaj to par prior to the lit or March, aad ovine to the general tag nation of business, we hare determined to offer an extra inrtaoesnent for pnrehaeers to bay of us tor oash, and we now propose to make a disoouat ofio per o?nt on all eash sa ee dunag Ike next HIXTY PAYS, in order to redooe o?r verr large iMB of gooda, aad realise tke money far them, predicts to ^S^aSBSNgSHfm. the advantages they will have in trailing with ne, on the ta< aw pros; aiooer" in oar proposition, aad ae the greater portion of oar Fanoy Stock kaa already bean marked down siaoe tke eruu began, we feel oonideflt that tke extra iaduaemente we irow offer wilfbe kighly ? 1 w li#r** s We neod hardly add that our stoak, owiag to the ?(?'? if tk* limit iswow osry terr*. in asany kinds of Maple ae well M Fancy G. oda.Md pnrehaeers will be able to sappl* th-mselres with almost every article ta oar line oTbaeiaeee. at T*ry low prioaa, T I .ee.fcal *ti J ' .KOMH3T JIl Jt JKK1TA1 Ti ? After we went to press yesterday? Mr Hale nM that vhaterrr may be tbe thought expediency, practicability, or wisdom of the > positions of the Senator from KentnckT, bo- ' dv oould doubt the excellency of his pcrpoee ' d the fervency of his patriotism. Bat hiring 1 >, 11 Ailitlto be Mr IUM1,) and alao the j nator Horn Trxa?. he deaired to kiow which Id ] t South, alaot tbey were ao dIffeMbt.'iK/fl. ?d not filter tboea 4<atingatahedfrenatora br ng that attfcer of flNir propaatUaft* would be 1 cepted by tba people of hta Sav, bat depended 1 ry much on whicn of the two of tbeae propoal>ne the people of tbe Sooth ahould adopt aa el fa. Mr ftaulahury profeaaed blmaelf a Union man, id waa willing to accept the propoaltlona of tha nator from Kentnehn and deelred to aak the >nator from New Hampahlre if he would rpremend them to hi* people if they would be likely aava the L' nlan? ? Mr. Hale would, In reaponae. aay plainly that ent, he would not. He had no good opinion of ographical lines, aad thought, la tbe event of ie cbangea oT policy, the mutation* of partlee, or aew Consti tutlon, the Seoatora wouId net "atlc k'' i It. He would aak the Senator*, "Will your anor* atick ?" Mr. Johnaon, of Tean., then addreaaed the tnateon hia propoattlon. He demanded obadiace to the Constitution, and aaked for no comrnmlin hut ifnnnlv what wm rlsht ind lawful Mr Collamer ukra the Indulgence of Mr John- | >n to make a few remarka In reference to that enator's alluaioos to the personal liberty bllla. le aald the subject waa much misunderstood, o h in and out of the Senate. Mr. Johnson resumed bis speech, but consented ? give way for an adjournment. The Senate then adjourned. Uoosb.? After our report closed? The motion of Mr. Sherman was dselded la Ite ffirmative?yeas 88, nsya 81 By this rote Mr Crawford's resolution waa orlered to be laid on the table. Mr. Curtla moved to postpone the consideration ?f a bill providing for th- transportation by ratloads of munitions of war, military and naval tores, Ac , between the Atlantic and Pacific toasts, and for other purposes. Mr. Braoch objected on the ground thst tbe bill ihould be first considered by the Committee of < he Whole House. An informal discussion then ensued The Speaker aald it must be referred to a Comnlttee ef the Whole On motion of Mr. Cnrtls, tbe bill was so re lerrea; ana IM House then went into a Committee, (Mr. Grow In the chair ) A t>IU granting land to aid In the conatroctlon ?f railroads In the Territory of Nebraaka was first taken up for const deration. Some amendments were proposed, but it was still pending when the Committee rose and reported p ogrtss. A letter from Mr. Ford. House Printer, was then read, to the effect that at tb?? reduced ratee tie could not without great sacrifice continue to io the work. Mr. Smith suggested that Mr. John C. RWes pas willing to do the public printing at existing ratee The House then, on motion of Mr. Sherman, idjourned at fifteen minutes past four o'clock. Wkdwxsdat, December 19. Skkati?Hon. R. Toombs, of Ga., appeared in the Senate, and took his seat. Mr. Foot, of VI., moved tbe printing of 5.000 sxirs copies 01 me report 01 toe uoara 01 visitors [>f West Point; referred to.the Committee on Printing. Oa motion of Mr. Green an order was made directing tbe preservation of one copy of each of tbe Territorial laws submitted to Congress Mr Clark moved to take up bU raaolutiona asking the President to communicate certain information In relation to Fort Moultrie, ita defense, and instruetiona relative thereto, agreed to. Mr. Slldell alluded to a certain erroneous report ent by tbe Associated Press which bad appeared In the New Orleans papers, and gave notice that if no explanation waa made he would, oa to-morrow , move that the Aaaoclated Presa reporter be excluded from the gallery of the Senate. Mr. Gwin alio said that the telegraph had sent forth fabrications in regard to his relations with the President. Mr. HuLter reported the Invalid pension bill; which was passed. Horn*.?Mr Washburn, of III , offered a resolution "that the Senate concurlng. when the two Housea of Congress adjourn to-morrow It be to meet on the 8th of January " Several gentlemen objected to tbe introduction of tbe resolution; but it was decided to be in order. Mr. Etberege moved to lay it on tbe table. Tbe yens and nay* were demanded; laid on the table?veas 77, nay* 74. Mr. Otero introduced a bill providing for tbe completion of military road* in the Territory of New Mexico; referred to Committee on Military Affairs Mr. Sberman reported, from the Way* and Meana Committee, a bill making appropriations for legislative, executive and judicial expenditures for tbe year 1002 # Also, a resolution instructing the Committee on Public !>andsto Inquire whether any officers connected with Surveyor General's offices can be dispensed with. Referred t<> tbe Committee of tbe Whole on the state of the Union. Tbe Howsa then went Into Committee of tbe Whole on the state of the Union, (Mr. Bocock, of Va., In the chair.) when tbe deficiency bill being taken up our report closed. r OT? OP PIANOS fOR RENT OK POB Li tale upon 'a?y term*, by J. P. 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Bach Treaanry notea will be taaaed apoa the re oeipt her* of oertiftoatea of th* depoeit with thoaa oftoera to the oredit of the Traaeurer of lk? I aitad 9ta oa. They will bi mad* payahle to tk* order of each bidder or bsddera aa ahall offer to Make aaek zehange at the loweat rat* of iatereet, and Ue Treamry aotea will oarry a?k rat* af lataiart from the date of auoh Jepoait. The propoaa'i mitt ttata the rate of lataiaat w it ho at ooaditioa, aad withoat raferaaa* to atkar Ma, and oontaia no other fraotinttl rate* thaa one foarth, one half, or three foerthe of oae per ?atnum. unc per conu upon in? pmumi prupow to be axohanted mast be deposited with om of the oftoers above enumerated, whose eertliaate of took deposit mnat eooompany each propoeal, M security for it* fuliliaent. If the ft?I U not aooepted, immediate directions will be |i*et to re torn such deposit, Phould the propoeals nry from tbe provisions of tbe act of Cost reee, or of this notioe, they will not be ooneidered. All proposals under this nntiee most be rea ed aad {ascribed on the ouui Je "Proposals far Treasury Notes." They will be opened aad awarded at Uni Department at 13 o'olook nooa on said Btk of Dceember. PHILIP P. THOMAS, dell-dWth Beorrtary of tbe Treasery. AUCTION SALES. Ut T. powi.in6. A,otto? V. * r^ROOKRIES. I.IQUOMfi AND WINfcB AT VI Acctwji.?Iii WbUNESD vY a**t, the IMh ia?L,at 10 w'jJoolr, in front of the AaeUpa Aooma, lor account of whom it may o*>noorn, 1 aha.l Mil without reeerre? Har'e a Hro?n 8ucar, eheeta ^ea Boxes Mould Can<l>??, bolca Brows Soap Do Chewing and (booking I'okaaao, Snnff ?o Starch, Hie*, P*fper, KaiMM of CoCee Do Tarker Cofftfi, Table8*11, Gun Cap* Barre'a Old Rye, Uibaon, and Monnanental Whiakiee Barrel* Brandy, Malaga Win* Do Tar. Axl? Greaae in oan?, fco. Sana Beaua. Matohe*. Fancy hoapa, 10/wn Begat*, ilio. 2 quarter oaaka very aupetior Po t Wi? 6 uamiiohna o d Cocaao Brand? 69 bottle* fine old Whiskey- Tori"* oeah, de 17 ? T. DOWLINB, Aaet. fI7"THE ABOVK SALE IS POSTPONED on aeoonnt of the rain, natil FRIDAY, the Sat icat., aame hoar da 19 By THOB. DOWMNG. Auctioneer. ' - -- it n ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE.-Will he sold at auction on SATURDAY, the Sid PiKwI^t, at 1 o'clock p. m., on tla* promises. No. S4 Bridge street, Georgetown, ?Ji t?e goods and chattel? of the late Augast Kbert, deceased, consisting of Bakers' To Is and a large amount of f ne Confection err and Household Fnrnitnre. Terms oash in hankah e money. HENRY RACKAWXy. AdministV da!?-?' THOS DO W LI NO. A?t-t By CLEAR V tc GREEN, Auctioneers. SOS Nmtk itreet. Household furniture a*n effects at Arr-Tioji.-on THURSDAY MORNING, the 27th instant, we shall sell at the resideaoe of a ffcmity declining housekeeping, on north H street, Stween6th and 7th streets < the flag will desigLat* e house,) at 10 o'oiook a. m.. a good lot o| weilkept Household Fnrnitur*, consisting in part of? Rosewood f iaco lorte of fine finish and tone, with Cover aa<l Stool, Mahoganr rioft, s?r n;-se\t Cwrs anl Rocter,| Do Castor and Fancy Parlor Chairs. Do Marble-top Bureaus, Sideboard and Washsiak, Do do Center and Side Tables, Wainnt Bedsteads, Loances, Hat Ranks, Cim sent Chairs and Rookers. Whatuots, K xtension Dining and other Tables, Feather Beds, Bolster, and Pillows, Hair, Cotton.aad Shuck Mattresses, Carsets. Ol'-cloth. and Mattinrn. Cooking, Radiator, and ChareT>er JJtovee. WardrnVa. Blanket*. Com for fa, Rid Qnitta, China. Crockery, and Glaaewar*, Torether with a general aatortment at Kitchen RHiiiitN. T?rm?: Alt inmi under #40 oaah; ovor %?> a credit of thirty <!&* , for notea tatiaJTaotorily endorsed. bearing intJr*at. The House la for rent. Inqui*e rf the Aoota. de M OLKARV * GREEN, Anota. FINK WATCH ES. in Gol ' and Silver Hunting Caaea, dorab * and aoenrar* Timekrea- *v e'?, for ?ale. AI?o. FINE WATCH Rfi-#9fi PAlRINtf.hyC.WARRINER.No.34 Foar-itfj and a-ha'l at, three doors n' rth of Pa. ?tmm, aicn of tat Show Watoke*. Washington, 0. C. del7-3t* J^OTICE TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS. We are havinr all of oar accounts made off tr data, and vill tak? it a? a g'eat faror if they wil call at an earl] da* and eettle the same. WM R. RILEY * BRO.. No. 36 "Central Storoa.** Between 7th awl *?h eta . C~ HARACTER AND INFLUENCE OF ABC LiTlONISM: A Swmon preached in the Fir* Preatyteriai Churoh, lironkiTD. N V? on 9vMltT n~?ui|, Do inher 9 IBfin, by tb? Rev. He .ry Yen Dyke. At ; edition of this sermon is issued by H. rOLKIV HORN, Printer, D st.. near th? oftoe of the tional Intelligenoer. P ioe? MS per 100 oore-ri ; with 6ne p*per; 93 per 1(*>. v!tho?a oovors. dn j ' f*ADKT BLUE CLOTH, - FOR MILITARY SUITS, r Rluk Trecot Cloth, Blaok Clothe, for Indies' Cloak* , In order to oonvert oerttook into rash, we ar on ox I OS o*r entire stoc K at imMj r?<1u~ed pice?. VV JIR. 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DEMING, No 3*4 8-reath street, I, de 17-roSw Vtwe<sn l^onisiaca av. an4 D et. ^daptedpor holiday presents. One, Two, Tkre4 mud Four-Fared Shawls We offer Bore than par asaal assortment < SireMkadTbsr'SS2Zla'attK"abo* wrapping ?itul 8ar atoak of all oU*r kiodaof sJhavka and Claak I be found M*,noT?l,Md nMuivt " Also ail oar entire a'ocfc of Bilk Robaa, Dtm 8ilka,au> other rut atoak of dreaa febnaa. All kiada of Dry Uooda is iHtnl aee. Om pries onlj; U* value warfced ia diitiw ft I area, therefor* ao Hnkaur iiawnwl _ oarytto. Cartaiaa, Ruga, OilaioUw, A*., a^< flonra. Hoaaa JUaaaa, Baofcata, ComforU, Aa^ baa -afsaiK^srsrv^d.?.? " obl,"n pTKVT^?OT?E?. MBfcBm* ANN R. O'NEIL, WIDOW. ANN I O'NctI aa6 Hufh B.Swmbt. Kx??utor*.aj Juw I I* O'Nftt, Affttkr OjWfi lid Ju; O'Notl ikiUiMtad tnri it la* trTiaot; O'Nw lata of * lahmtow ??nty. D C.,dic?Mii,aadi other person* interacted. , r of the iot ot Columbia, hath tkii day. on tl ?' proper application mi tbo part of ihe Cum Stat* ' bmd hi* warrant, dirootoi to Um Marafcal ofU aid Diatnot.00mmend 1 n g him to eunuaoa ajary < eighteen food aad lawful aw to moot oa roar laa called Dueoartia.or br whatever name or Man tl name may bo called lying is aaid oounty ofWul ingtoe, in aaid Diatriot of Colombia. noftk o?t] V WU V/BW VHWMt ?IWT* Vttf lillUV FU of the lvtvmnc river, on FRIDAY. wM da? l>ec?ii.i-er 1 u-Unt, at noon of mid day,for thane iim of valaiBf nod eoadnauitiif the perpetaai ai free right to erect and build a 4aan utom the Fnl Bran on within the kmite of Uateaariia, aa held I William R. Sootr, at or near the eite of tha for? * ? 3ft?,fiST t aforeeaid mill raoa, ?o., aa of an afa?olnte oetate i perpetuity in the aaid United Btataefortheneeoftl Wuhisiton Aqueduct, and aaaaeatag alliiair w/iah the afnati t her oof ahali anetain. by rea?< of the eatU United Stateaoattiac and ooantraeU; the ?auTWwhinrtna Avatdaot over, npon ai d?14??W?g ' 6, |F TOO WANT TOSAV*THEUWION "J.!*"^"l00* T. *. HA.RVKY. i Til. . t , mh4< H? M4 4 * / >li *' i.?t< t" dy A i ? I ?1 ?? AUOfHW SALHK? *tr**noq?* jv&jjuow BJMARBIIALLft PA?E, AMttoMm A?. 409 TU MtmI. under Odd FM?w*' H+1L THIS RVKNIN6.AND KVEt V E*KNIN?. I at Half pa*t ?>x O clock, Vrtu. W?w YSak'p, w* ball ?ll a H**rrtrrt Amit? v, ir^fesss? vrxz-iz*., _ iS:,5T^.^ KAirra MM rori?f l^orr, unci norm, puw. ??., Lmrg* lot of FMiy 0o#dt* Bolwwise Glaeswsrf, ntLi iftfSiST^Tffirf ,4<" A ttail a'wiit* il of J*w*irw, Tor PrMMta Uri* ufortuMl of CkiM, Croekwj, ?4 OIm W?rt, BcototM.NMM, Clocksac. Cr?T?u, Handierahief*, ?od Olovaa, A InA&flMrtnMtnl Hnii kufBIlf Artl<?]*?. ClT n5rtUU mry T?nli>, Ttorate?. aod Ratal day woMiiBfi at Nc'cInI la 6tor*. badiaa partionlfcr y inTit?d. dalfs-d MAKMHL t Pi6E, AmO. By WAI L * BARNARD. AieUoMtra. CPOSTTITK SALS OF KIN A. CUTi.KIt V, CLATKD aNDOTBER Cmtlt Wtu, Pttui us BMvjrrr hrmITU, AC-, AT Acctio*.?Oa TL KBUAV MORN lXJ.the lttfc in* tan , a W o'cUx*. aad nrtnai eaoh mom n( ftt l* o'aloaa, ud a?aai?-a at t o'ata. till all la 4 lapoaad of. wa wul aall, at tfa Rtan of CkM. K. U rr#u, 27 4 Pa. ar. bfw?e lit* awl I U> a retti, n^xt door to tba Ki kwood Boa a, kia aaook. Mw*niiB( a lar*?? aad rartad aaiiitu I? Kraooh. ?t->oa t iuaa, aad ol' ac Dicaar, Braaklaat. aod To* IVU of th* iatoat atrlm, Parian Ni^oM. un,P?rr?, Boha?ataa, Pm*k, and An?ne*r elaaavara, ^tad^ftntti *B^wi a">l otux*. ttavraa Cop* and < erd U eomaraaad Fratt Staada. Cordial Acta. Table and W?aa Cwu-rt. PlaUd Spoob* aod Fork* and Cutlery. And a large aaaortmeat of other Mm War*. Aac aconara! MHirta?at of American. Baigiaa, and Ki.?. ?n Wara of crary deaaripuoa. Tkia tale will b* found worthy the ?p*?ta attraction of hoa*aka*p*r* and tn^ea wiabiitx toparehaae holiday pr*e*nt?. aa the r< oda are of tha faaat and laateet importation*. Tertna : fan auk; ?m that amount, a aradit of 3? and 60 <laya, for approred endorsed >otaa, baar lat lafroaC d??? WALL A BA?NA?n. AeeU. By WALLA HAENAKU, AueU.neaia. /JBEAT AUCTION SALE, at No. SIM. north V* ud? PHuirivMiia *v? nre, b*tarean 11th and 12th at oefa. < by Latalor *> *>t RICH HlILl Da \ HRKSF.NTS. Slejact Uronse Parian Bi'^nrt t l?ure? hina tad B> ii"a>iAB ti ?> ?vare, Ac., A a., Lvum' Kar",f b?wa Sea ft.Neekt.ef.aodQ orm. Fancy Work Dun. 03or H? im. U'oui*1 Ckoa HmiM im Men, P*??t Omki, Port-mon.iaieg anU Cataa. Trav.llinc Ba|i, Caid K^cMvera, Groapaof Firaraa, Vi???. Cicar Ho!d?r?. Ornamented T*~rm<>njeter?, Gilt Bohemias CoImom, Motto Cap*, Superior Furnished DrOMing Cmm. Fiaaka. Jewe Boxea. With mar* other Rich fmcj Gooda aaitabia for Ho i la; Pre* >nt>, at! Freeh <4av Goods jut rooeived lion tt>? unpoitrr, and *ili be ioi4 t>? oataloauo and withoat reaerve, at No * >. anrtk aide Pennsylvania av*ra>, heiweti IIU and IT'fa streets. THURSDAY MORNING, ?tk Paeaw ber, at 10 o'clock &i<d i o'clock p. W-, and ooaUaaa da ly until all are dirpoaei of. Term* oasit in current fends 0? II WAl.Li ? ??W*. Br A. tiKKICN. A??tioD?w. EXCei.I.ENT ?ALR OF HOUSEHOLD a.wd Kiicher Fn.imu At Arctioa.?Ob THLKSDA \ , the 20th instant. I shall ee.l.atl" o'olnok a. m . at the rt sidenoe of a gentleiaan de sltniBK h?u?e??*ping on P?nn. av?4i?, between 19th and i'tti ats., at No. 129. a good auurtnnt of Hnua?hold Furniture, Ac., vit: One Walnut Pailor Suit. contistmg of Solas, bur and Side Chairs. WaUwt Marble top Center Table and Whatnot, Ooe fa:a? Oiit frame Fienoh fisted t> a?s, It inches long by S1 inches wid , with bracket. Mahogany Bedsteads, Dressing Bureaus, Wash OttoM*ai.s'. liatraok. Va?e< asd Maatai Ornaments, TaMes, Lonaxes and Cha rs, Maiio(aa* Wardrobes and Cottage Bedsteads, h eather Pillows, ttolste's and Hair Mattreeaee, Coaajorto. ulanket*. Sheets aid Cases, V.lvet B uss Is, Ingrain sod other ? ar?f te, Sllelotk, Stair Rods, Ruga, Mats aad Shades, aksgaay Sideboard, aad one ease of fcae Staffed Birds, Extension Tables, Refrigerator aad Gas Ckaa dalier, Cook, Air tigkt aad otber Stoves, Eleven vole Uieasoa's Piotortal. wall bound, (!hin&. fwiAAA Rnd (Vi.AkAr? Large lotof Kitohen Raqniaitaa, And m*nj other ftrtiolaa too bibntmi to aaaraartlA Terms: All tarn* of and under S?^o*?h; nm ft oredit of&iftndtn for &ppror*? todorM cotM, kwiDi iitomt daU-4 A. ORKEN.AaaC FUTURE DAYS. By A. green. Aftotionmr. Household and kitchen urni TOM AT Arcno* ? om FRIDAY, tfaa flat i iutut, at la aai"o4.a. m 1 a^alt a*li ftttfcaraM tlauoo of a c<-nli*a*:j de aaiof 01 it atraar, ktvwn 10tk and 11th ilraata, (laiaad.) ft rood lot of Farnitar*. via? M*koiuj Mm, Ckwr*, a?d T*b>es. Cut. Wood wMCuirtMlitMkcn, . . Whftlix u, TkMi, and other Mantel Oroametfts. Cot-age Bedsteads, Wasusiak, and Drawing Bun*u?, Ti? D nine Tablet and !,?sng?, Feather Bade. n1ow< and Bolster?, Husk, Cotton toe % aitrneeas ami Comforts, Caina. iila**, aad Cr?ekary W are Pa I >r Kad.aUr, Cook, and other Storea, Ingram. Hemp aid Stair I ajpets, A Tot of Kitchen Re?Qi*jt?e, i And manj other articles t nnmeroas to eaemerate. i Ter?i: Alirnmsolas4ind?r|l>essh;eTsr|9 a cred .t of thirty a id sixty da?*. i?>r approved .ado reed notts, bearing lutnraet _ l jo a. u n f.a,i, Aici. Br BARNARD* BUCKET. AMtioMm, (rntfrlptm. I). C. tfALE OF THE BEST OuD KYE WHISKV o m tub Diirurr-Oi KRiDAV, um iiat of Deo^mtfr, at li o'olock m., wf will ?ftr U 9 rub.'C sa r. at th? wa-i bouse oi J. A. Mac ruder, No. 61 Water st. tieorcet ww? y> bl ls of pare o"ep*r distilled Rfe Whiakr. This Whisky ha* hern id U??? pcmMiot of Ik* pro* at owner for fire years and is warranted ear*. The attention of hot* 1 keeper* and All pereoM wan tin j a pur* Whisky, is iMpeciruily oaJed to . - Us saie. J Al sums of 100 and under ?*a?h; over that sam a ; credit o{0) daj s, for ootM Mtisfaotoril* endoreed. . <t#u-< BARNARD A Bl CKEY, Aeeta. By J. C. MottLtKE A CO, AsotMMera. r f^REAT 8SI.K OF 4,000 BOTTLES RARE v? WiSK* ?SD l.I^cors at avctiom. of tib accimtutu psi tat s stocks of J as. Ca*pa?m. Wiii ne sold witbout reserve, in the large sties rnuni nVM !t>hl?f A (in* i. te.i Himri vmI nf (h> A??t on Fnoir*. where they have been rtnoxd lor oont-eisiroM of ?ai?, n OaBtTUKOAY M'?RNING. Dm.M, >t Uimmmii at II o'adoe*. In lfc?^ cboioacid Wimfcud i iquora ir? to bt found il&dt old Madaua , snerriae, Bhiatahand Cha pa?ue Wiuei. nr?ch Cognac 8r*udi*a.ftae OJd R?e. *, K urbon, Scotch Whiakiea, and d a va ietj of fancy Lienor* '1 Mr. ra*paria'a on preparation, ??i?h w Mraad* and Wfc.ofcj Cooki. tai's. Mint Jalepa and Ram Pariah. Moat of Ul 8h*rrioa. Maooriaa and Braady la of Mr. C.'a own difo importation, ? ad waay o I that have Maa in oellar twenty yeara The above aale is peremptory, and p eaaata aa - ofpottnnity rarely offered for eonnoiaeoara and e >n?utners to obtain a pure and unadalwatad atUc e of L>a?oia.aa tueae are ol Mr. r? patM'l private stoos a, fiom which he aapplnd hia man? patrons, aad to whom fee r-is:m for a jastiaoaUon s Sjmnur ? - ? * da*!?^ J. C. MO?<T|RK ? OO- AaOa By WALL * BAftNAJLO. AMUoMna. P?HIT84LK ?ituwi Goarmmnrr Bcild h v 1M Lot.?By virtaeol an oraat aad d-craa uf tha Orphans' Court or the Dm-iot ofColaatbia. i tKftoag ut on th* 13vh dij of NovMbw, A.. D. it intr?.M'l dily ronfcrm*4 bj the ?Jjroni! Conn of mi4 DulritU m uttinc I iMl m1J, ft IT Ml k fcoo?H>B, to Ik kt?h*wt l>i<M?r,oii TRC?* it Awlit, ih /oba Wijiiu, P? (V?ob, utTi and Sthe*oath ?*rt of Lot nnmhorod Km, (7 ) la are numb-rod t t? -ooo, rW,)of U>o*lM?f Um f. * Uh<ii?t9a, oomw^Bamc. for UoMidptri, M IM outliwral onrn?r OI MM L** MO riul>| ? tktrt* north with Uo Iim of Twenty tbiid ?Ut? I, VMt (14) foot: ib?no* aaot on* hawtl id U4tVMt? tWOIiailMttWO UdTWlf(Wll(?k' Ik M to tb? r?u of Mid Lot: thoooo mtt twr?? II, iM;fb?t; im thoto* woat ?m haadrad u4 twaatrJi two ,!?,-*-? tWO-U4-? Mr |8M) ioohas U tOO piaoa of aa* mil g. *: ia Tba property .rowta aa Twaaty Uird at. wool, to not* of the perelieeer.*eti?fs<iV>rfl? wforoed. oeil >? b?*riB< iLtomt from the do? of ao>o. flUMw d, to b* mowfi antii tbo wbolo of tbo parahaaa M rnmmf ia paid, All aaaaayftaatac at tbo oaataf tbo T. of d? tt-aua?wbd* s M cm .'og a K Si-rczr eSfSfcss. tf?i ;?? *01**+* fc^y^at? tm VirfiiiAo*>i lAioirkf i tr ub' ^ r U? ?-ty fv^2?iMlo(L jT ^ NKW GAamII ?H iidt iif?.i! # ^fc!n? % '.? A ^t. c iiitfd 9i?? *> . y*+\

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