Newspaper of Evening Star, December 19, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 19, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. AomTMBMsaTa in Tax Lor Don Ti*u.?TU Timet of the J-ltb of May contained 2,575 adeertlaementa?138 eh I pa, 498 Mifuli. of *11 gradea, 13? auctioneer*, 196 new volumes, "without which no gaail?mtn'i library 1a romplete," 378 bouaea, hops and eaUbllabaaeata, 144 lodging honee keep*n or - lad Ira having bouaea larger than thcv re autre," 145 preceptora were repreaented. while the hair, the akin, the feet, the teeth, and the Inward nan were offered the kind atteatloa of 36 * ? * inftllaM* remedlea for all the'ill* Unit fleah la heir to Tb? remainder vm made up of miacellantoua cries of tradesmen. whoee voice* roaa from every portion of the page like the aboutingof chapmen from a fair, and In the midst of this competition, the column devoted to the domcatie affections and afflictions contained lte uaual enigmatical announcements Fatal Strut Pioht Bitwiu Califokxia Epito???On Wednesday, the 14th nit ,a deadly S;ht took plare at Viaaiia, Cal . between Wm 0. orrla and Mr Shanooa. editor of the Viaalla Delta. Tim latter attacked Morria in aa office th?re, and beat bin over the bead with a heavy revolver, knocking him aenaeleaa to the floor. Oa Morria' recovering be armed blmeetf and atarled out aft?r Shannon, wh?n they met, aad each fired two abnt*, one of which, horn Morris' pistol, 'nick Shannon la I be abdomen, from the effecta 0f which bodied fb half an bour Morria surrendered himself to the authorities, and was ac qulttea t>y a j uauce 01 toe roocc. RtirruiA.ici ur turn Cattlk Uiiiaii is MtiMCHC-KiTs ?Four or tbe animal* in Mr. Cbenerv'a herd were slaughtered yesterday Three were found to have tbe plenro-pneumnnia In a chronic form; the other wu bealtbv Alt bat 10 of this he d have be*-a slaughtered. These will be kspt Isolated till tbe Legislature meeta. Tbe Comnifsai oners bare leaned a circular In which th-y express tbe belief that the disease la exterminated. and recommend tbe passage of a law by *"* n" imnnrUlInn nf rattlf VOU^iBW I UIOHUH "MV wpnwn.vH ? . Bottom Tramtcript, 15th Klkci.os or a Shoxxakkr ro* Matos?Mr Brwd, the newly elected Mayor of Lynn. Is a working shoemaker, and ^uletlv occupied his bench ior the greater pan 01 me uay ? ikvuvn Oa Tuesday errning about three hundred of the workiaxwen met to congratulate htm on hlselectlon Mr Dillon, who was prominent In the late strike, addressed the assemblage upon the success of the worklngmen, u'^ine then: toaUnd flrtu for the accomplishment of further trlnmpha. A n?w system of sbtptoti tiding baa lately been Introduc-d In England, by M. Tovell. The bow la copied from the heed of a r^lmon. the tern from the afUr ody of a swan. Several vtsaela have heen built upon this principle, and they have all proved to be fast sailer*, with great stowage caparltT The keelson in these vessels Is curved, not straight, as in many otb? r ships. Evacuation Day?Friday, the 14th inst . was the 78th anniversary of the evacuation by the British of Charleston. S. C., which city they had occupied two years, seven months, ana twodaya. The day was celebrated on Friday with various demonstrations of honor, sinking of chorus, Ac. JL3" The coroner's jury in thee use of Mrs. Baer. burned to death at R Chester, last week, have passed a series cf resolutions, calling on the leg's - 11 so hil?itin<T flnlii Id 11 r ?w p? vui vi? *uv u ?v w? JET A scoundrel named Mike O'Ragen waylaid Mrs Ursdt, In a dark place at Albany on Saturday, her crlts brought the police, who arreted him. H7"Enoa Shraicer died In great agony, at Delta!, N.J , on Thursday week, under circumstances wbl--h indicated poisoning George Mcintosh, being suspected, has been arrested. JIT"Two rowdy canallers went into a Mr-room at Albany on Sunday night, demanded to be treated, broke tbe window, stabbed tbe barkeeper lit the hand, and were arrested by the police. irrThe New York Tribune thinks that sundry secret meetings have been held In that city to contrive the destruction of that establishment, and YMrkaM its Militnr ITT" A Boston thief, pretending to be a collector, baa been arretted at Bangor, Me., charged with various robber:** amounting to ?600. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARD3' HOTEL.?J H Wilaon, NY; T Webster. I*a; J E Reynolds NY; 9 Oratz, Pa; Capt F Jones, USA; Hon S Clemens. Ya; P Mc Call, Pa; W K Beleker, NY; 9 Shephard. do; J Goldman, do; J Co*, Mich; J W Goodwin, N Y; Capt Kingsburg, L'9A; W A Northrop and lady Mo, T C Ware, O; T T Woodruff, Pa; J W Hintoo, NC; A Piper, USA; R Paschal, Texas; A Baring, feng; C B Campbell, Pa; Mias V Camp bell, do; Miss E B Fuller, do; F White and lady. NY: !tft? C Smith, Pa; Miss E R Smith, do: J R Pmlth, do; F N Smith, do; L Belrase and ladv do; Miss Doten. Mass; T W Bradbury, Pa; R Randolph, do; R D Minor; W Q Putnam. Mass W E Lehman, Pa; H B Perkins and lady, 0;Uisi Baldwin, do; M sa Taylor, do: M B Taylor, do M Hitcbcoeh, NY; C T Jones, l?a; G Read, Butter aud ladv. NY: Col R Radcllff. Pa; H 1 Vtko, do; H Hoc? and ladv. NY: Hlu W Wbll flntfton, dj, Capt Luiuby, III; Mlsa Lumby. do Mt? Butter, do: Rer J K. Le^li, Md; J McL?ji a ad ladf, Del: J H Avoy. Wis; H Scone aud lady Conn; 8 9 Walklejr and Udjr, Ala: C F Brown RI; O 8 Harrey au-1 lady, La; Mra 6 N Morrison do: C Brumai, P<t, Hon C C Cochran, NV; D B J Jones, Pa; % A Leaver, NY. NATIONAL HOTEL?H N Gambrlll, C Kop perl, Mia; 6 L Stewart, Va; L W Houaton, MI* Honaton, J G P>-nn, ?; E Benedict, J T WU llama, NY, L R Pre* ott, F K Fowle. Mas; \1 \V CotnptoD, Fla; L. Bevan, Pa; A A Vance, NJ W A Seaver, \V U Wilder, NY; L P Petlingill O; A A Little, Va: \V S Moou, Tern, W Kellog; Maaa; F Boeder, O Wilkiua, A Boyd, J Butir and ly, I* Bayley, H \Vil?>n, C Hoyden. NV* 1 rerguaos, n rrr^uaoa. J K skwvi. u w u sin K Griswold Col Mercer, Mej Hall, J H Weedor E L Low?, J C Luiitsden, Md; 8 Haydeu and I) O, R Howeli. C P Dewey, T W Row*, NC; J 1 bagtr, ?; W II Purymr and ly, Mlas Puryear, ? Blackbjrn. Mn Woodward, <i T Wilson and 1) Va; E Heacock, Ala; W I,nmbson, Del; J C Tj to, L?C; d Tyler, A Ferry, B J Taylor, A Tayl< Pa; Capt Toroley and ly, Teas; Him H utter, IL R Curt s. C BROWN* HOTEL ?M Carroll L Freemai L Parsun?, W P Cuny, Dr 8 A Casper, J K Lei F Marbary, Md, M Fast, J tireeoataff, C Lewi J Stralber. A Ferguson, Misses FervuM*. Miaa 1 Marshall. M Bird and f .m. C W Kuaaeil. F Cu&pbrll, Va, A T Davidson, H R Burgwyn, 1 C; W HaIlooqui?t, Ala; 11 Howell, E Peret, E Elk, Pa. VV H Duraud. NJ; \V M 6arrabam. F Fisher, D Deloov. 8 M Kirbr. Mrs Harris. M Df W Vwidpj.wit t Weils,'B 8 Brown, Mi Hon M CoOiae, L toman, J Williamson, Mi* Hailuot, Mia L Nelson, .Miss >1 E Wllliainsoi E H Lewto. A D Lindsay, J Mon^ncke and fan Tena, J K Mark*, La Washington house ?a Breckinridge, Marry, 1 Jenkloson, I..d M B Mumv, S W>ian Pa, Hoa J* G Uallv, A Paddock, N?braska; S Woodford, NY: George A Bates, Man; Wulla Barton, NV, MnC F Jenkln, fe.ia, AS.? Bu ton, NYi O U Hinckley, Uhlo; Judge L Evans, Texas ft Ptttcnoa, Pens, J Jenklnwi Isdliiu KIRK WOO!> HOUSE ?E W Sebon, Tenu. G Hayne, Md; G B Leek wood, Eng; W R Pol Va; s A Halloa, Cai; E McGowan, Arizona, Laakamp. NY. Oc JSAX1 STEAMERS' SAILING DAY PROM red Ubitis STATU. SMimiri. /.-.**?. Ar. 0n< KaOvr New York . Liraruiol t>au New York.? . V.?rH.. tfrooieu Ueo Nova Bcotiaa ..Portland Liverpool... l>eo Vno... ,N?*w Yoik... Liverpool . o Kingdom N'?w York ..?:a?fow Dec V.?ri>pa. . Wo?to?..?__ Liverpool... l)oo Atlantic _.. New York. ..h&vre Deo F?o? K < *?* Fmt Liverpool New York.^eo J nra. ......... Ljvereooi New York ...Dm faltou SouthfpUui._New York...Dec f* ortk American. Liverpool .... Portland. l'ec OiMil ??. Liverpool... Boe'on i**e P?.*?ciEie Li verpool. ...Now York ..L>w ilw California mail at-sainere leave oa the ?i ltth. and EKji vtevorj mouth. J2HP a" O R K E n 'B ^ ,*f EXTENSIVE Wd Mb Furniture Emporium. 1" Mr fn*nd? au<1 the pabue m ge-eral are reep*< p ij imktrmfi Uat the inbeeriher oooielet mitTakT1 ano Hot1*KFURN is HI 'p?G 00& # ?*? dee-iriptioa, wkioh be will eell at ths v? low?*et eraoe. He ee? ate i alee ia part? fcv-rr d?*?orip?..r, ?.f MakoAa* and Waiaet Pi gliinft, uift-amd ? rookfn wftr*. |ai*m to4l korti ndt?t,? cm tor*. B??k*u. tabs, w**kb *r?.. ?uur? *ml it. at no. 4a?,kwmf ?f aotwiui ftuo d tf*?ca mo a lot. and rsmalnu>?^?^| 'i'hk stka-j -iH J AS. ttuv ww romma i a oc il i .r?L?AY, JJft ofu>Vtr Lu KaM. On Dor trtlll tdlk* Hfi"? et?rr WEDNjSlDi Mdf * ATU Jti>A V MlftlMk * JL ItATH'L BOW1L A?'U i;???wL T??UE' -^EWHgAT^POTATOM. 1 M? Mlmt Riofcsoadrsmrty mU Cxtn Flo M"?l5Tf>*h Uround BMwhMiMw, DO bttaJMl* WMt? Mlli>tfl?um. (Jn. OTM do. * ' s Jo. CkMtaili. ~ MISCELLANEOUS. ~ SSSjgS hkatlk* knowlbs, INSURANCE iOSiVTI. Orvtct, Room 16, Om Bake or Wutmrn. CONNECTICUT KWRL. I A LCUMTLATI OK |3,Mlt0M rvfi rm i vrv rnir HTATM nr I W v MJK4? VMM WM ? ?? jl ~ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? yiS&fifiA. richmohd. cash cafitil.? NEPTUNE INSURANCE COMPANY. Philadelphia.. capital ahd Surplus . 9300,000 GOODHUE INSURANCE COMPANY, Niw You. Cam amiu 200,000 la tit* latter, all tW? idvuttfN of a mutual an earned without incurring Uu liability, lr,?urano*at aa low rat*' aa in any other equally r**pon?ibl* oonapani**,*nd policy holdsra allowed to ycrtioipaU tn tna prwfita. de 1 Fun I Furs t AT SEYMOUR'S IN GEORGETOWN. 1 bar* with atriot oar* ?er*onally attended to th? manufaatunng and *?l*otion of th* following Para Mr long praotioal knowledge of th* Far Buaineaa *nabT*a m* with oertainty to inrite th* tadiM to gooda mad* from fin* and frtah caught akina. Suoh aa Canada Mink Sable, Rua*ia Fitcn, preoo)> sable. Children?* F"nr? in great variety. Per rrlraraiofa of all oolors. PrioM rory moderate. W. F. BBYMOUR, no 19-lm Qro-g^tuw n. piREMEN'9 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND OEOROBTOWN. Capital ".717... ?800,000. Q*c* cam r C street ?n4 Louttum* ?., tver Bank of Waikintttm. Ditictoii. O0O Shoemaker, Sarnuel Rediera, Samuel Cropley, William wi'mn. Rionard Jouea, John D Barclay, Jaoob tiideon, Andrew Kothweil, Taos. Parker, Richard Barry, B. B. French. No charge for Polioiea. JAMES ADAMS. Preeldeot A IP. Q. Da na, Secretary, o? in?o6m WINTER MILLINERY. OW Opening, at our Fanov Store, a Tert large ami stipenor assortment of WINTER BON-^ah NETS.ooinpnaing the latest and moat deaira-CKM bis stylee of the season. Al*o, a fine a?*ortment of FRENCH FLOWERS, FEATHERS, RUCHES. RIBBONS, fcc., all of which we are enabled to sell at greatly reduced pno a pi rrniNsn\ /t. miinro. 110 n<i sT-dJwfteoJw B>-tweor> 9th and Oth >'ts. BOOTS AND SHOES': 0 MEMBERS OF CONURKSJB. STRANGERS VI BITING THE CITY, AND THE PUIJLIC GENERALLY ! The undersigned beg* leave to inform yon that he has 11 .ore of the best assortments of m UOOTSaud SHOI-Sto bo fonnd in theKOl #ity, for Ladies', Gentlemen's, Miihi'.FW an.l Bo?s' \\>ar Alto. GUM SHOES. Ma OVER-GAITERS, LEG'ilNGB 4o.. *0. Hi* stock ie freah?all made for thia seaton's wear? in the lieat style?of the beet material and workmanship. To whioh he invitee your attention. H. BURNS, 4OB Pa. av., (A few doors tast of National Hotel,) nog7-eo3w (Intel.ACon) Bet. 4H *"d 6th sta. 9 10 HOUSEKEEPERS y?n WA8HIN9TON, G E O R 6 E-Cw TOWN AND VICINITY. W We incite the attention of Hoaaekeepers to out vmj large and beautiful stock of CHIN A, ttl.ah* and EaRTHEN ware, whioh is now rendered complete in every department by our recent importations . , We deem it unnecessary to enumerate artioles, as we have every thing that i* usnaly kept in th< China Business, from rioo decora'ed h renoh China Dinner and l>a Seta to the ordinary Earthen Ware, and as we import the majority of out gooda wo are prepared to furnish the beat quality, eithei t<> the wholesale or retail trade, as low as any ol the importing houses of Baltimore English an 1 Arrf*noan Cutlery of snporior qoalitv, I Also, Horn, Buok and Cuooa handle Cutlsry iron the aarne factonea. Silver plated Ware on fine Alhatta, warranted, 1 A large a took of Coal Oil Lamps, numerous pat terns. Paw Lamp Shades and Chimnies, Cut Glaai Glohea, H jacinth G aaaes, Fancy Articles, Toys, he , fco. C. 8 FOWLER A CO., 504 Odd F?l'ow?' He, I, DO 'S-eo4w Hcverth ?trgg>. JJ A T 8 AND CAPS! The lateat New York gyle of fCSB OKNTS' DRESS HATS. M-lfl now on head. The AMAZON HAT, PS New St>le. iaet opened. ^ H3HL? J|1mj?\I6CKEY HATS, m Felt^MB^ At Riducid Pkioxs. ' B. IL bTINEMETZ. 836 P*.?*, i bo X lw eorner Thirteenth afreet. i ? 0. O. DEMUTH A CO.. IMPORTERS And Wholesale end Retail Deei era ia HAVANA CIGARS. FOREIGN WIVES, BRANDIES, OINS. ft No. 40 NoXTH CHtlLII 9TEKIT, j Fxvt doers Above L^rxngton nt.% ao g-ly ^ Bait*mora. gCHOOL AND COLLJSttii OUTFITS. r Youths' and Boyt' Clothing for School an* I Drr,s? Wear. i, ParenU and guardians wishing to tarnish thei . ohitdren and ward* with School and College Ontfct . for tho ccuning ie^eon, are invited to examine on p present large and extensive assortment BOVt CLoTHlNti, wtere they oao fit oat their ohildrs n it ali sizes la a few moment* with evert desoru fion of R-auy mads Garrconta, of nubetautial an r- durable quality, at very moderate arioea. >r WALL, bTEPHK.VS * CO.. j. an 30-tf 393 Peon. avenue. FEVER AND AGUE i! is oanand by the miasm or exhalation evolved froi i deo*te<l aiitl decayinc ve?etaliou in raoiat ?ot . Wb?n absorb d into the oirnulatioa. it bsoomea a irritating Tirgt m the blond, which deranges an , destroy* the health of the wh ile W ? ha< J lone might, and have at lenrth fnand an anUdot AVKR'3 AGl'ECORE, 7 vh'.nh n^cirft]ic*i( thia m&lariniii in tl A blind. and eti nu atoe th? Li ?er Vo expel it from O <i bo3y Ita action uponthaaj'tua i? invariably air 0, au> ita our* of P' -r and Atm. utf kindred ctm A pair t? certain. if taften t*t U axpale tt ii viruefrom the sjttrnaa it i? absorbed, and thi ' keeps those who uae *h? "coks" free from ita a tack s, keeps tha system in health, althcngh e: posed to the disease Consequently u nM on C cures, but aroteota from tha great ??'i?t> of affei ? tiona which are induced !<y this maJignaat infli i aaae.auoliM R*mi<t?nt Fever. Chi.i Fever, Duni ,, or Ma?cad Aeu?, Periodical Headach-, ur BiUioi Headache. Uiilicua Pevers, Neur?lrta. Rneami r" V am. Gout. Blindness, Tooth sot. t?'*ohe, Ci D t*rm. Aatnma, Palpitations, Hauifui AfTW>tion? 1, tha Spleen. H?st?ncs. Catta, Paralysis, and Pai; fa* Afleo ions of the tttomnoh and Uowela.aH whion, when arisiug from this sum, will be Ioni J to a*s?m? m^re or essthe intermittent type. Th k. ' Aon Cca?" removes the oansa of theea derang <! mania, and avraa the disease. this Uaooomp'iahes by stimulating tha sxcret _ rier t > expel the virus from the system; and thai ? o-?ans by degrees become habitaated to do this th( '8 office of their own aooord. Henoa anaee what i term ateiimmtntimn.. Time mar aoooapltsh ti same end, but often U(* is not tone cooesh. or MouioeU m tae attempt, wiul* tbia11 Aoo* Ccai jo aowitat oooe, sud with t*frtr. The ?xtenai <2 uao of una in all var etie? 01 min, hw il'iwn it ti be a eurer a* welt a* a safer r?mM? for the wht Zi el*?a of diaeaaet which are oauaed by the naiaam V5 tio infeotion, than aar other whioh baa beea di oovered;aod it haa atiIt another uaportaat mvi 29 tai? to the publio, whioh u that it la aheap aa w *Vrepared bj DR. J. C. AVER 4. OO . Lowe Mata no lfl eoin 12 HP _ ? PROCLAMATION is 1 o THE WARRINnT^N'^ISl^TilWN a* Wkmuu, - CUOLERA Muiutt,'"""1'? "* " DU*?aEAbHOLl M DYSKNTKR Y, prevail to an alarming ox toot: >*T And Wkmtat, . , , K- PI R8*T ?,0,NfcE'(i^1f NCK 5 """ ? WEUsdy ~~ ~ MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLS* ? ?KM?gfWV9rfffl?gSSffcA.N1 la ordMr lo ^gj(ypUBL,c ** tbat ao ia?o?ition i* intended uthoMto of thL THE MONE^"WILl^&E'kEPTNDBD te nil mum ~ when the eHdietnebulelo give ?ettre*tleeielk I E to <mrArtot. L Prioa?M and ?<Tc#nU Mr Bottla. f- Po? 11! e ?t aU Drif Mtore* erery where. " ? 'tSfl*L. GAS PITTING, kc. pLUMBBM AMD OAS PITTBRS. J. W. THOMPSON * CO. Woald <*11 the pttenrioe oi water taker* to their Harfng superior adr?iit*?e?, with pr*ottoal knowledge, w* arc prepared to tatrodeoe Water late dwelllnft with all the latest iirpruvewente, promptly, and at prioee that oenoot fail to eatiefy. 116!) Peaa. avenue, ao 34 dtMar 1 bet 9th and leth ete.. ?outh aide. ~A WM. T. DOVE * Co. Are Nov prepared to exeeete aar order* with #*i n*z ?* ?y?^'?"? riiUMUintt. fiuairlM n?rin? fpr Btore on ttk itmt,a Sw door* aorthof hk ituw, where mar bo found ioomilete assortment WG AS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai j reoemnf, OAS rrXTURSSnf entir^ly Now Pattern* aivl Deaicna and Finish. inferior in strleto anythir\g heretofore offered in this market. We invito oitisens general tj to nail aad examine oar atook of Gaa and Water Fixture*, feeling oonfideut that wo have the boat seiocted atook in Waahinston. All Work in the above line intrusted to oar oars Will be promptly attended to, MYEkS to MoGHAN. marS-tf ?T? D street. I SNYDER, a PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Has removed to theoorner of Twelfth ai d F sts. Ho to prepared to introdaoe Water aod Gaa upon tho mot favorable terms, and RuaranUes entire aattsfaotion fiehaa on band a lot of COOKING and other OVK8, which he will aoil lesa th. a ooat. aa ho Wiehee to % ft rid of t hem. po 17 QFFICK ?^^\P8K]?^|r|NI) SKJU*K* Wis him ton, July 18, W60. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIT EN. That.acroeablr to the provieions of the oidinanoe of the Corporation approved Max '2, I860, the undersigned is Dow prepared, "whenever required in writing.and on pre payment of the fen of fiAy oenU, to inapeot. examine, test,prove, and aaoertain the aoouraoy of ref iatration of any gas meter la uae in tlua oity." Every meter, iffoimd inoorreot, will be condemned, and another, sealed and marked aa true, will be eetini** piace. If proved to be aoonrato in iU measurement of gas, it will be sealed aooordinjly, and again put in position for use. Omoe No. 810 seventh atreet,(near Odd Fel ows' tiali ) Open from ? a. m., tp 5 ?. m. OHAKcKS W. CUNNINGHAM. It M- tf Inspector and Sealer of (Ma Maters. fOY FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING. J LET ALL WHO A kg AFFLICTED APFf^Y THE REMEDY REJOICE AUi HEALTH. Friend, do jon euiToif Are yoo thf* Tiotim of any of tho?? nnm?ron? ailmenta which ari?e trom imparity of the blood.* What era Ui?j, do jt"i aski Rather a*ic, *hat ire they not.' Tho blood la tin aourr- of lilo and iiaalth, and it >a the first oiement of our being to respond to any cans? whioh "fleoti th* MtbMn, \z the ?alae iiifaliibly at'eats The evei prevai'ir>| Neurai;ta. th* irritating Kryaipeftg.fh* sabtle Sorpfolv the agonising II heuma'Uam, Nervous Dy^pepeia, Livei Complaint with iti S>i ?or Bud dejeotion, ami the numberless iili thai w? U heir t>>, iierive tbmr hidonua origin from th< hjnod. Deal kindiy thea and i?r.tlr rr ith the blood Ua? the vitaliau.c rea.iureea of nature for ita aid Mid suffer ua to oomiuocd to 7oar ooafidenoe and uee that truly valuable medicament known as MliS. M. C3rs INDIAN VEOKTABLF I)ECQCTTON. With regard to tbia almost infallible speoihi popular sentiment baa spoken in decided terms ar,3 the evbienoea of tine *ro?t efRca^y are ana tained by constant avowal* of curative effect ap? th* happiest result* from ita use are after all otlie remedies and th* heat medical skill have failed. 1 L?et ua aar, in oooolnaion, th*t certificates uaroa are not eonfht from the til iterate atid super noial, but they are volunteered from the in>at re apectable sources and justify the hit heat tarma 11 trhmh if ! nnaail.U tn aut ralnfthlA 1 aptyjifio to public approval. We ?nay add a)?o tha 1 the ourative prnpertieeof theirMioine are^qualln 1 only by ita reatorativo rfieoU, tha syaUm reoover ing f'om -liiixaee with renewed oonntitHt'onal vigoi Por aal? br all reapactable Druxgiata in thi > oity, and by tne proprietor, MRS. M. COX, 1 Nona rename nfileaa her name ia biown on th k b<>ttla and her seal on the cork i fr^ Pnoe #1 per bottle, at* bottle* for & WknUsaU Agent, ft. f?. T. CI8SKL. Druggist ' 0?.?rgetown, D C.j Wholesale Agent for the Dii ' triot, and will anpply the trade at my pnoea. aoKtr 1 City steam FiVk^wood mills AND COAL DKPOT. Feet of Stvtniemtk itrift, below Wmr Derartmtn WO<>D prepared, any length and aise, to au tha want* of eaoh puroteaaer COA* ?Kl-.PT IN COAL HOUSES, protect? from tha weatfier?delirer<?d fr*e from ilate, dir ana other impurities. 2-24" ita. to the ton. T. J. * W. .M. HALT, no 10-tf 9*9 Pa. ? .. b?tw. llth and Igth aU. I TAKE .NOTICE! WILL Take a i kir.da of Virginia inoney for it book debta and for Boota, Sqo-?, and Trunk*. A peraona indebed to me wi'l pi^axe cat and a^tt up. or I aha'l be pompn.led to give thoir acroun I into the hands of a oolieotor. S P. HOOVF.R, Iron Hall. pozi P* ay.. I?etwaen tftn and 10th ?t?. QLD RICH,f W flfD^RE MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Coaaci?oUoo?!y dmilled by Mr Jamea Bnrutui of Allegany County, Penna., la the oldln.?hton< honest war, fronr. the ohoineat and rnoet careful! ? s? eoted Rye, and in no case ev#?r offered for ea until adapt* d to wholesome use hy &<? It m onoe the rao?t palatable, a* it i? emp^atioatly 01 _ of the purest beverages in the reach of the pnhli To the Invalid as wail at to those In health, ootrmends iteelf for ita unrivall.-d qun'itie* as j stimaiaut of the safeit. surest, aud inosi banefioei description, and many of the moat dietinguish< thyaloiana are using it In their praotio* with tl aspiest resulta. ? . CL.ERY * STOCKDALE, Protrietora. [t 3ilS Walnut street. Phtladelpb: y WM. 0. CONOVllK, n Agent for the Proprietora. *22# Pa. >, ?e 24-# 11 opposite Willards' Hotel, DALTiMORE IJ BUTTKR HOf'SE. Daily receiving Irrsh and *w?et, in<io?hen pac m It* KfMi*rif# Plw H?IMmnr* \ 275 ALkEN 27 ? JACKSON, ?, PLASTERERS. e Betwe^n'linifan^ lHbs'reets. )c H ie C* D. L. MORKIftON fc CO.. a, T LOU* AND GKNKRAI, COMMISBIO i- MERCHANTS, ie And wholesaledealers in is MILL FEED. CORN MEAL. #*., #f,, Corner of 12th and B streets, Washington city ly Oaah paid ftw all fciads of Omm. an ft* J \TBWB FROM HOME.-8trarg?rs vj?iti h Washington will find at o?ir store Pail) Hsp' u from all pa-ts of the ooaat/y, Oot I*r next weel Merrorj. l/?dger and ot>?e* Weeklies By li . steamer we have a ia?ze supply of Fnslish Aln; of naes. FRENCH k. RIOHVTKIN, 878 Pa. ai ane. sole agents fer the Charleston Daily Meicu I pu*e old Vi8^mY Fc"'M" Frits VI nr fullon #* 8ft caaiJ per L * Tin nM home and foreign demand we hare j 3r this artioie HltiMtl; attea-a lta parity Mid exo re lenoa. Moroorer |t may be pt?ntioned in this o< ue nnioi thfct many mvaida of delioate orf anu&tii ,a ihm to ut witiik; ?(kw branda, h*ve jfoi the snore most effloaotona and happy in lU effe< v0 A liberal diaoomat on the above prioea made to thetrade. EDWARD HALL. Dealer in fine Winee and Lifaora, - Family Orooeiiea. Ae-,opp.Center M*riet, ? oc n-frtn between 7th and 8th atreeti 3] UOWK'SIMPROVtCI) W?I8HIN?80ALI CI Theae Soalee are onrod to the public aa ill most aiinple. durable, and relikble unalea evar rai Sooieti; Viriinja State A*ritnltnraTPair; PraiJ Faatitute VaTr. PennaylTanta; New York Sto*teFi Vermont State Pair, ho., Ao. In every oaae wb axhibitex! they nrre mwiTwl fliet elaeepr*ptw, For ea e at la Looieiana avenue, Depot of Stilt CnJLLed Iron daiea. tl dalS-la K? C. PATTIBOW. Ax*? IO ft/fcA GALljOgg CHAMPA6SK A! n l?iW\n/ UK AH ArPLE CIDKR.?'W? in% u* the attention of the pcbiui to our jtaf<4and vail (noted (took of CHia-inpuue and Crab Apple Old . wbwh we c?araat?e to be para Juioe, and will cola oa rtMonabln term* fry order to make ro lit Na. >T Rrxui ?t.. Q??r?Mn^i 77?.?. LAMA*. C.K.VOTT. t. X. AWTX 1 AMAIUKOTTA AUHJL _ _ ; Go . . P011A ?T?q?e. ud xwnioe their c*tr?m?lf la 1 and beutiful Msortmnnt or Children'* Boo O&nM*, A.O.. thr tneit *?aortm*nt ever offered for* in this oity. G*> Mm, b?ror? the rnah.i itofcrLa xt itmnwr m eom*M? UMrtarnt of Hacj T1AVBLS1N TBB EEOIONS O* T? BH?TmT'AjLi)ah. pr tl* Rnchaat'd Iijt, 1 uuivr i?n, who an iuir?oucuon r,y miu hut! Volmmg oh U To* brown at q*fi>r JTa t;< n v Wl ?h**? WtiOl. Si OMtl *r a few fink pianos for rent by j 1- ?l alTtac aari*. Alao, a n?w lot of Chiokwinj Boe." aunvalad huoy. JOHN f. KLLIf, MO?. ?t.. bat. 9ik and loth st ? Two Fltaoa for rntM 01 par month. d? I F7 I MISCELLANEOUS. ______________________________ * T*> AK41AUUTMH or UmuKr-Tkm Ht growing MndHC) in tnia Ml to* th? moft ?* areaaira word a of otter luiut|M4M after a while to incorj?r?Lte them mto oar m; thaa th?? woM Cephauo. wkieh la from the Greek, aw mfy>n? forth* heed, is now \*?oowumg popu eriaed in ooa?Mtooa vrfh Mr. SpikWiaf'e great Headaohe nwdr: bat it win aoon M aae?i ia % mora general Mi. a-nd the wurtf Cepb%iic will become m Qommca M Elaetrotypa and many oUin whoaa I <3;?tinotioa aa formgm word* baa baa* wora away | bv aonHnoa aaaca aatil thay urn "native and to tfca manor born." ' _ 'ardly Keaitxfni. Hi 'ad 'n 'orribia 'aadaoha thia afWnooc, hand 1 atappad into tha ?pothao*rtaa hanT?aya hi ta tha ?n "f aa Ttrn htta?- ait ?r'narli Jjjr? Mf>o?a it haoheraic." aaya'a. "Hexo^adirily," aaya hi, and upon that *a tava ma a Caahaie Pi:; l and Sr. .is tryHeapachm is tha bront* aiia by whioh nature makes known any deviation whatever f-pm tha natural state of tha brain, and viewed ia this light It may be looked on as a safetnard intended to give notioe of diaea*a whioh might otharwiaa aaoapf attention, Uil loo lata to ba remedied: aa4 itaiadioatlona should n^rer ba nadeoted Umaohes may ne oiaaaifi'd nndar two naanas.vis: Symptomatio a ltd idiopaUuo. Symptomatic Head aoka a eio*edict. j onmnon and Is tha precareor I of a great variety of dieaaaea, anwnf whion ara Apoplexy, Gout, Rheymaitiam and all f-bnla diseases. In ita rervous form itia a mp*th?tio disease of tha stomach eonatitutine nek k**H*tK?, of ht-piv'io disease oonstitatiag Niovi kiadarht, of wurra?,ovmaiipauoii ana inner aieorner* 01 tne . of?l?,u weii M renal and uterine aff- otiona. Dimum of the heart are very frequently attended with Hoed aohea; Anemia a?a plethora are alao alectioea which freqaently oooaatoa bAadaoh*. Idiopathic Headaohe iaaleo very oommoK, bfinc nau all; diatingirtahed by the Dame of nervoat keadaekt, eomo?mea coming on auddenly in a ?tate of apparent** Mad health and proatrating at onoe the menial phyaioal energiea. and in other inatanoee it omee on alowly. he'aJded by depreaaion of apirita or aoerbity of temper, la moat inatanoe* the earn ia in front ef the head, over one or both eye*. and aometloaea provoking vomiting, ander thia olaaa mar alao be named Nfmrulsi*. For the treatment of either olaaa of Headaohe the Cephalic Pilia have been found a aare and aafe remedy, relieving the moat aonte pain* in a few minute*, and by ita aubtle power eradicating the diaeaae of which headaohe ia the unerring index. Bxidoxt.?Miaeua waata yoa to aend her a box of Cepha'iio Glue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pillt,? but I'm thinking that'a aot jaat it caither; but p?r hap* ye'll be atlhar knowing what itu Ye nee a Km'i ni#K Haa/4 a *>/4 vnna wit K tKa Sialr HaaHanKa and want* tome mure of that same aa relaived her before. Drug fist.?Yon meat mean Braiding's Ophalio Pill.. Br licet ? Och ' sure now and you've sed it, here' the quarther and civ ioe the Pills And don't be all day about it aither. ? enatlpatien ar CestUeneaa No rne of the "many ilia flesh is heir to" ia ao prevalent, ao little understood, and so much neglasted as Coaiivenes* Ofen originating in carelessness. or sedentary habita; it is regarded as a > slight disorder of too'ittle consequcnoe to excite . anxiety, while in reality itia the precu'aor and . companion of many of the most fatal and dangerI ons disease*. and nnteaa early eradicated it will bung the sufferer to an uniimelv grave. Among the lighter evils of which Costivenees is the ueual attendant are Headache, Colic, R hen mat 1 in, Foal : Breath Piles, and otheraof like nature,while a long , trainoffrightrnl diueaa?ssuch as Malignant Fevers, o i?vwwww?f j wviiwi j * vj*pvKnia? ViMinoAf rt|?vi plexy, Epuepst, Para tsis, Hysteria, Htpoohonr driasis.Melanonoly and Insanity, first indicate their Krsence in the system by this alarmin* symptom, ot unfrequentLy the diseases named originate in Constipation, but take on an independent exist mo* unless the cause is eradicated in an early state. d Prom all these considerations it fo lows that the i disorder should receive immediate attention whenI ever it ooours, and no person should neglect to get d a box of Cephalio Pills on the first apse&ranee of the eomplaiat, as their timely use will expel the ir.siduoas Approaches of disease and destroy this a dangerous foe to Human life. e I r L A Real Blstslmf. i Fkyiititn.?Wall, Mrs. J ones, how is that iieadMn. Jtmti.?OoM! Doctor, all |om ! the pill yoi sent onred me in just twenty minutes, and I wist] tob woald send more so that I can havs thou !,3.nfiT fhittcian.?Yon oaa get th#m at any Dreg* iota . Call fjr f'ephaho PiT'.ii, J find thor never fail, and 1 ' rt commend them in all oaaea of Headache. ,, Mrs. Jon** ?1 shall Bend for a box direotir, anc '* (hall toll all my auflering friends, for they are a rta j klttting. irrovit* sxciTEMR^T.and the mental oare and anxiety moment to oloee attention to bua neaa ci - itaJi.tra among the tuntrooa oaaaee of Nervoai Headache. The disordered elate of miud aud bod] >7 incident to tkia distressing eoanpjaiut ia a fata bo* to a'l energy and ambition, ra/Terere by thii la disorder can alwaya obtain eyeedy relief fion ta th?ee dlat-eaaing attaoks by usiag one of the Ce phalio Pllla whenever the aymptoma appear |1 quiets the overtasked brain ai d aoothea the atrain nd aad jarring nerve*. and relaxea the tenaion o the etomach which always aooompar.iea and ag gravatea the disordered condition of the brain. f Twistt Mr mows ? Dollar* Savkd.?Mr [J Haaiding lias eotd two millions of bottles of his oel enrnted Prepared 0<o?and it is estimated that eaol 11 bvttl* ravee at leaat ten tiollara worth of brukei ,e furniture, thaa making an aggregate of twenty mil c lions of dollar a reclaimed from total toaa by thii It ... i ? V.I.. ! U.-l -X. LI- *t? g fWI*VWUITVB>tVHi nttTU^ ?MV M? VII1V ft HUU9V * hold word, he now propoeee lo do the world stil nj greater earvioe l>y cnrinr all the aohing bends wit! * hi? Cephalio PllU, and If Uk?T areae iood a* hu " Give. He&daohoa will toon vaniab away like ?no* in July. m a. ' * 1 . Ka.ct* wo*m mowiM.-JP?a!dinr'? Ophaiv Pi. a air a cerU if on re for Hicik peaV-aohe.. Bill ? out Headaohe, NerTone Headache, CoaUveceea and General Debility. Orbit 1)i?cot*bt.?Anoac the most imported of ftii the (re?t ineHiotl diaooreriM ol tin* i|e m* 5? bo oonaidered the aratein of vftcoyiajinnjor protoc lion from BmiUI Pox, Ue OepbMicPill fur relief c Moadiehe. ft no tbe nee of ODir.iae for the preven tn>r? o? fVwci, fitter of whioh ia a enfe whim l>enofilj wi'l be e&p*;i?nfk?<1 by Buffer in fcu;n*ntty lone after their diaooverera are forg^ttei | |U ha/? t)?e Sick Headache? I> Ton remember the thr>bbing temples, the ferere rov. the joathing ana ^y?-t *t the eight of rexx MWW WWII RUM* J VH wr*p IVI *WUi?. WUUTCIOfl tion or ctuuT On? of the CephVio rilla Tool n .i*v? r?wevnd roa from ali the mift'drioc which to ? then experienced Por tni* aod other purpoo* n* *oq ihould h&re 4 box of them on hand t >r? a*9 m oooaefon re^ilrea. [~t i?.1?-? LJgI iS^m, i? u it i _ nervousneaaacne I Headache. !*.? Br tto bm of Umm Pril? tto pariodio attaoka ? Nervotu or Suk Headcck* Mf to pnrMted; m t?r, 1/ taken It tto oommenoomeut ot an att*ok inn diata rahal iiotn p*iQ uduokoMa will to obt?io< Thar Mldpw tell is remorinf tto Nrnmt** ? HradacKt to whiob female* are ?o *ut>jeot, * TJmt Ml gently apon Ike howete, i?n lit C* t, tiven*.<s. . ? Pot Literary Mm, Student/. D?lio*t* Pwnali IV ud all fWHU of KmUti, they are < . valuable u a Laxatirt, iaproriac mrptti JT fixing aad ?t#er to the digaetire organe, ai [la- reetoiing W?e natural elaatioitj aod etrength ot t wboia eyetaca. ?, The CEPHALIC PILLS are the revolt of lo inveatiiattoa^aai oarefeilreeadneted experin>?n 7 ha?ujL' b#M la n?e macv Tear*, durinr whinh tii ki, thmr Wv? ^rtrtalid and relieved a n* WW> b? pala ud faring fran Meertw ehe, whether onj "J*{ natlitf I* the ***** ereten or froee ? 4er*a? I m, state of the ttommtk. They w? eatire}# vegetable in their eoapoeitfc n tad My betateast alltimee vtth perfhet aa* S ssHnBsfi&srsac !* Hum le ciMMk ] -' a * ImwAEli Of aouN?f|t??n: 5 *? ^ .UK. ItA Boa wiH to MB* far mall prepaid on reoeift 1?"!^ i'?v 1PK1C^? CKNT& a 5*1 All orders shosld he iiHrwii to _ .. I UNKY & BFALIHNe. 1 aelMftvlv ?9 Cedar etreot, Nev York x MgDiuants. H? WMiwrf *m m?*C+tmJFa?n4w,mmdm?% JtfKiMU itiwrfy m tk* WmU. rot ALL DIKRABR9 OP IMNCMNOl LET NO FAL9E DELICACY TBETEMT. APPLY IMMED ATBLY. A CURB WARRANTED. OR MO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO BAYM. ul bUll, iKHMun PtMliifn. laMtMi;, Sw2 Mm?, W?hm mil, LMrarrU* apiitU <? ? ?f Idau, Ptlpiuina rftti 1 MH.T'KhTj Wtom, I*.!? If Ikl ImIj Tkrav Mm* m Ckia, iliuiM W ia? Lmgt, Iiwii> * ikHi TwrUli DimHik u?ib( IVm Mhu; lUtu ?S Tint?Mta Dr**4fal u4 Putmu'i fmlim vkuk nt111 Miiikp MMwrtli. u4 IMMf k*U Mr * MM TOIMHI l?p?liliy tM tai Mm tk? ntUi wt Ml U7 TH*, du 1mm uid 4miiwu?i fc*?u ?mu uwlii iwiy w u MUMlf fr??? ib?Mig<a if Tmb| Mm 111 mi > kM U'imi u4 kriUuit lnuli??t, iW BU|-kt KkirvKi un MIUlM BMHiHi|l???lii ?W mmnH m m vital w Mnw| U< * ?* It**, atr Ml ?M M Ml ln" A.BBICT fHIQW,aa Tw?|Mi?mt>fl?ltn Mm rl?{?, >?mf mNif MjMlal tkHw. irfiitt (iMBl) iafariattiaa. Ma?M?4tlT HHi It *to aUcaa kHMifuto* U* ?n af K. i. m; nM Mly a?oM* la Mm u t (imImu hI ihHwJ; ral) IfN hi* aktU u a pfcyitCM. urric* w? r aoara raxsB&icm?tuxt. I?K Mod xdiJM( fM MMM MM, a h? Mm tM lha Knit rill aM H*Mar*a uat as4 a?H? liaw MwWnrfUt Kiftl Ctliifi riluiHw, Iwlw, ntlM frao an* af tka mi wititi OU?(M la tka fckil ?Mi aad tka nNW( aa rt af wImm llfi im* Im? if?M In tka baa iuh af Uta, Ptm, nttitaMli u4 ihtvkwi, tai al Pa clad wu >( th? mmi u(mium| aara* Utl vm ara iMVn; naiif imUl4 witk IhfkU M tka ktU u< MS vban ultit: fr*a*. ?ar?aaar>aaa, kaiof iIum4 at ?*4d? wate, UiVMtiiii wW- fraaaant MMht, attaadad na? Han *l|l ItnuiartMi af bM, vara carad lamAUatv. takb ntnuaua none*. TMif Mai ?nd MKm ?aa baaa ia)araa iltaaalraa kf i aaiun praatita tadalfad la vkaa aMaa?a habw fraqaaati; laarnaU fram a?U aaaapajiiaaa, at at aakaai, tka afaaia ? which ua oifhtly fait i'N arhao aalaap, ud If aat aaaad raodara marnaf tmyaaeWe. ?d daairayi Walk aakad a* Mr, ataald tpfl; laaadhlMT. YVaaa in aaaa af tka aad tad aahatkaiy affaata aradaaa ky a?rl? hakiu a/raaik ??a i Wttkaaaa Wika laakaa Itmka, run* la tka Htti, pimnaaa af ifht.Laaa *f Maaaata Paaar, Palpitatian af in* Baart,Dy*j>?par. Mar?aaa IrrftakU ? Daranaawaat af tka Piraattfa rmmaBaaa. Caaaral DaMMM Tiapivmi of IJonMiaMM, *C. MTtWTALLT.?Ti<? Uirfil tfitua lk< bM in I W intdtd-LMi rf Mtmtrt,CwfMna W|nrt? f tpinta, BtiI Farbodtofi, i<ini?i ( ciata, kU-DwiM ktiif Ml?4?,Tiw4iir, mm* M IN i?ik pa toaad. IUTOII DEIIUTT -Tteauilj tu m|i4n vfc la ilia hmi ?f ikau daclinlsf kaalik, iMiof ifeair *ia?f, k< mdid( waak. pala, narrtai and araaaiatid, ha*iAf aatafidi ppairaota >mi lha ayaa, t?fh w aympwa tl iaaa??m< PH1CA8M or IMPRUOBIfCK. Wkac tka miaf *<dad aod imprsJant **urj af plauwa la I ka kaa Imbiiad lha aaada ?f tn:a painffcl <umh, it Vm adU iMfpaui taai u ill-ue>ad aanaa af akaoa ar draAd af diat***f Hill uni< irm Fry"1! lv w 9 * i*s irwo; laKauvn ?i rttpaetnbUriy, can afona bafrtaod hua. fall* law U kuili ( ifiiarnM and datifning praiasdara, ?ha, tntapab f emu, tlcb bia piiuutf itbtitrci, ttty bin Inlia alb anat man'h, K ? lacf u lb* arailiaat fa* CIA ba ! tainad, atd in daapa ir laaaa >:m *itb rmnad baaltbuatj ?ar hii r*;ltnf dia? jp^furaart; ar by tba ?f that daatf paiaar, Mtrcar?, baaiaa tha eanautatlmtl a^atuaa m4 U tambla diaaaaa, aacb aa Alicli(iaa('y? (nr.. Threat, Hat mitaat; ( with frifb.fal rapidity,till daatb pau Bi*d la kia draadfa! iifirinn by aaodinf hire ta ibM iaMrad cwiiry fran ?bna aaama lra*alar tatmi ?a. iuiiMioRiutiinv for onoAjnc WUUH amd imttltebct. By till mil tad imMtut fund; VMtnHtrfttl lift iri eared tM ftiU *if at rwuni Tkawudi af 1/ Ml DtrTaa* aad daUliuud, wfca htd laa? all haft, ha' Mta imratdttMly r*ll?Ttd. All napadiiaaou ta MtrrUfa Pkfalaal a* Maalii Ptaaaa. Itauaiia, km af PraaraatlTa Pnn, Mtrriaa IniuMll Ttaaiklinf tnd Waakaaaaa* KzJkaaatlaa afUl saatfaarl ki>d aMaadtl* ! > < EMDOMJEM KWT OF TIB mm. T? MART TIOUBAHOa tint atUu t hIWMm Witk Uka UN hi hum T?-n, ud tli* Dtnirau In Mlaparatiaca f*r1f ,i I>r. Jabaaao, vttnaaaat ky ? ?in af tk? ptfin u< ma; alkar Itiwna, iad?w k??a aMaanl tfala aa< apla kalata Ika aaMta, k Mm ku aiula| aa a faillaaaa af atanaiar tad raiaaa klllly, la a aaStlaat (atnaiaa M Lka ?ai?ia4. |u S-lj Dr. j. bovke i>od 3 imperial wink bittbk3, Are now betas uad from Maine to the Great Si JL*ie, Ml thfl aaiTersal verdict of all who a them either u a trudttfu or ai a brMrut. la th they are asm-peaed ia the world. Dr. XVda a* them euocceafnily in hi* yraottoe for V yeara b?fe we earcaac^ ex aim the cole right to rr-.a ufacta ani frwmt ;k?a far aa!e to tii* aubiio. Fort! oareof Cvnaamatioa, liidif miOoc. 1)7 l'ilea, Nenroita Pieeaeea. Female C01 1 p'.aiata, and ail easai repairing a toaia, they are b Sonu Uuabt a aon LuraiUble remedy. Aaide frq ne:r ma-ucii*: s.o^trtiea they are a pare, whol lom? fUl.1 f^lirb f?l nW-WarrJnrine All t . fleaiart ?hli?r?*nr ef?ou or Brandy or wl [ without their tnJarlnat reaalU, Let ail fneade tomaruty and all Mjroo?tM of UrnHnoM ?a* I as ia aU:;tuitc IIihi Tiliftli'.t Vt|aublt BitU I for the nmfli. ytiinu icd ?d**irr*ltd Lvrtu with which the ooactry U and thereby < fce'uv.y In banufc'ni 01mm* and PruHM I _ CHARLES WIDDIFIELD * OOU For Diaaaeea of the Kidney *,8 ladder and Drtai t Or gam, acd especially for Female Obetmotlo nerw foil to our*, and are warraated to *ire m f faction, CHARLE8 WIDDIFIELD k. CO.. Protnetora, T8 William at., JeT \jj Aiwt, WaaKinton. B.fc TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY Baltimore, and obio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF hour&. (3cand after SUNDAY, NoT?mk?r JHk, WHO, trains will run M follows: LEA VK WASHINGTON: Ftrat tram at *.20 m. o ?oo<;d Train at 7.?# a r*. Tk . _J a ta ? ? ? mm vi mi it mw p. ni*| &xpnw. i. Fourth train at tip m. I. RATH BALTIMORE: Ffat tiaii: at 4 15 a. ro.. txfr?<i. 8eouc<l traiu at 8.36 a. w. , Third at Xiu p. tn. t Fourth at 4 So p. m., Kureti, ? The fir?t, ?*con1 and third train* frotn W? " ^*2" ?on>>00' t,uou*n *? PbilKleljhia aod N t- Th? Moond and third rntaoMt at Waahin* i, Junction with train* for th? \Ve?t, ftoitii. i x NortbVMt; also, at Annapolis Jcaotioa, for J i. napoH*. For Norfolk take the * 49 a. m. trai . or th? accommodation of th? wat trarel tw?en Wa^tnstoo and Laurel, % pa>a*Dfer will be attaohea to th* U<nn*ge traia whisk Ira' ? at tAO p. m. * d On t&wniay the XJO p. m. train com to Philao i phiaonl*. Jj a* ?d T. H. PARSON*, Ai?d a NEW ORLEANS * _ o JJW -X- in RJUxJ XJiazI wm tii CHOICE VP TH&EB ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE. Via Or-Mf# mnd AUsramdria Rmlr?d TO LVNGHBURVi Virgin** mnd TmtusjM. Nmtkville mmd Ckmttmmt* JlifMi mmd Charleston, MisrUtijfwi Central, rum Orlemns mmd Jmmk* TO NSW ORLEANS! *?? UAMVAAUVDV AMT\ UADTI niTTl '^SsttS^^OSSi! TWO DAILY TILAlN8?Swoat* JacLvm Lmti wtulifimat ?. m. tall 9. a I Th?8ti*nier SKORRB TASb le?T?? hor vi foot of Sorenth at tj^a^nuand HQ^nv Jjj THIS ROUTE IB ENT1EBLT BY KAI b* ?ftO Ml LBS Baoiyr^jjgl M KOVRS k U? QWlMST^SW^fliSSurT MO\ 71 . - A?H SOUTHERN TRAVELERS t s^=sl " Ifi&WSSSS?!! .tawsjksaai" - TRUNKS. BOOTS AND SHOES. BOOT* AND *BOKB TO K'lT TU uiiiMnai all kln4a of ROOT! ^"^EmsSSS ^rrv'ygi Mngbn ?kir|M ia tkia wtf for imm?k tafcrnr oltjTmfcd? woTk^w- ^*^11 "??aMorS?a la itor?Md ( um Urvwt prtoM ?' ** w a aaJT. ^ElVriN * MRU.. I> M H? PnB?| PTE HUNDRED TRAVELING TE0NR9 ar^^casnas?| Dtms udPMkui Trukt. Oar I MlM room ?x?iSiU at tkit C m? tho ii>at?< nrwh of trav^hac r*?at?it*a at Bicwi-rat# n"t?o?- w> h* tr.'r L,A-,^'s?v#v,^soitiaB. CiEfl-f BaA*. satchki.s. a*. Q^Old Tranka rapakrod or UkN 1b ?mHm* **"OMk WALL* 8T V H QOPTKEEN 551 JIANUFACTOEtT' Orp**H* Odd Atywt' D. G. TaiWH wil] ?t?T u??r mtereete tn MMUtir BtT TKUNllS, VALiCfcS 4f .before par enuring eierwere A* I us* dom kt t.'mvvfl f?eet n?t?ria} the market afU>ru*acde?ipio?^^^M the b?at v>fin^r., 1 ot: coni<>;.U| rtcunwDd pr? vork to l>e ?up??nor in St*m*ih acd ih-rmSiltrt te Trmaka tLat are made it. other oltiee aa<] sold here. IIMI noiiitut'f OB hard. and make to order 10a ZiAxSkW' ZFfovWfifeIM Trunk*. 4c., ? **?and *CorirrA, ta a Tofl anlik* Mnptr, at ib*rt notiaa Trank? daliwMl in any part or tta ait?. t?wi? SISHQEkr ?? JAMBS S. TOPRAM. i . :? : I IMPORTANT TV HOl'SKKKbPhltg * GitrutMd not only J ABSOLUTELY AND PERPECTL V FUR K, I. Nt cromnd frow fre?h Spioee, eoieoted aad o ?wi<4 I, W ? eSfrMuy for tb* MrM* Vitkott r?4rr?>no? to ooeC They mx? beaatifk. y pMkcd in fiafuu. (lined with mpar.) to frnml injur* by k?*pir?. and are flu. wetc^t, won# the ordinary trojrwl i npioee are a>no?t nrariatvy short Wi warrant them, inpoint of ftr*n(tb ?n<l nchreae nf flavor. 9 K Y ON D A f L COM r A R1 SO N. M M ft sine irift; win ftuuBovmy purs, Mannmotur*d only by lb MfOSElMrSB^ I u WATCHRBPAIRINO ANDMLVER WARE * M ANIKACTOB Y". J I hara one of the hest aataMtalimente. and far [i Biahed with aoompleta eel of t.?oj* for rep%<r IC in* ever; d?*eription of fcne Wairbaa. and | a) particular attentive (1re to the mid*, l>? *MHa " {Soroush oo in patent workmaajfeatf a work cuarti rk tied Aho,a\ary deaonp ion of ctai.'i%<d hllA'I.R It WARE, p am arid ornamental. mniiuffcotued under b my own supervision, which my onat<?niera will imJ a, far superior in quality an<! fimvh to nortnera war* a sold hy dealers in renerai and represented *? their ? MnatuiM H O HOOD. M 6 Pt. >yw ue. ne*ir 9U *U " rRANCI S HARPER. ? r P?TTM oriKtTI i S FAMILY GROCERY AND FEEDSTORE. ,, Corner *f >'t*p V?rr4 arewu ?U Tm'k <rrwf. Reeprctfill* solicit* the uetroniue of thuMV O- mat be in want of mi? *rtiof? in tiieatwre line. Hi* Sendeevor* shall be to j eaee, ?nd hy a *tnot at ten tinn to the v?nt* of the pshlie, he hoye* to merit | bare of their petmi.Me. Hi* toek oenaiets or ever; article u*u*tlr to * found in a hret-oieee Family grocery m>4 Feed j*. Store. _ ??H-tf ? mmn k !! <n..k?..pi'BPniHiirT n.~m? * H? pi/" ? V i V U ?? | Wl ? IH?B > of noil M altbd Siini, b?ing UM'ior and nifonn let ib quality. and hl?n y iniprow^ by a*e. ? preferred ir? by wMimm to ill other WkutiM. uid paroqawi larly reoomnatkled by the boot gjiMp did ti- umUu m lOHMMti all U>e rMiu*?Mhi of a W JV?w Tcmtc Imitoritor ami Ktmm'.tl Artnt. TM Sehny Hail Water ol Piuladeiphi*. Bead is ttodu'iiiaUut of thi? Wuietry. it ?ir>Tedby aaaly as to he the aofteet and purnet water in the I ortad Btatas: an4 to t?a may. in a rreal decree, be at sTitew Ffcetia DiitiTlerV. pi. Front Mraet, Philadelphia. ?^?-w ff / *>0*0*1! V\ DltPATOHl ^ | ts0^vItTe U_i_Pimi! * *ad oonTeciant mrfor Finu* .!***. CrHklTT,*!. ITALOIKO'I rRKPiKCD OLC* MM til aooh nnarctwtiM, ta<! so hoaaoboid m ??<>H to be without ft. It la rtnAj ? to the ?vo*irc foiat. Thar* la n<> * ?oooa Wtr lor [>ny(H CU41 t. apiilltafM "Men, MMMB doTu, aco broken cuie*. Itla < uat the arfioW for ooa*. ahell, a^i?J other orouiMtt] work, mo pop?l?r . with lui? of rainctrTt t&ate. valuable (U iLea of the boat eaMnet maker*' lae. s EgSSnE:suRr **?-" in ? m vpvv r %s v unifrsf) *usr?L J i* Jl r it n J nv.' rn? w. Mm, tt M>cti. ??r N. S.?A Snub MwmfUl? Wh re* WUUfU Dtrn, Tic. 49"o?l?! itraat, R?? YrrV _Pfl M .f? M?n la C+*** mMm F??*. aaally to aTery eomseboId.^B Bold by all armnlneot BtattonarL PrMf'0, L j??r*iw^re and Knnntara Daalira, wroawa, as' fca|r Uat. It wfllataad aay altwata f? If-ty la ?f y ni>/? ?i>(*?f><iii?? ?y '*^7 il If <k rWitMm mftki* J/? Jf 97'0C' jT itai'i ?<fci /? >. jjp ? Wt&T* Jf? *.**?H, j,* fw? ??H *' J l u? r??c*>?i m i! Ify^S^t ss \* Zggg ^ I ' <1 CAUTION. "" .PUSOUSEtS SHOULD BE CAREFUL r M PURCHASING THE VA'-lfr rr? WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS r raui^fYMim ? rvivmnuv viuui ninviw* km Wj^THE 8jCMTUWE^Qf ^ OMTNC iABCL AU. OTrti^S ARC 2- AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERrtlT OF THC ABOVE WKISKCr ? TO.HDAIY, i ? SOiC PROPRIETOR KMt BALM Of WAMMUfTOK Wt k ?mi loiovi* wir?

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