Newspaper of Evening Star, December 20, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 20, 1860 Page 1
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ia':* /jjaa i *J* M ? ?r ir- < % T T?ki J ' *1 'n w? ** ? I - 1 Ves. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 20. 1860 N*. 2.447. THE DAILY EVENING STAR 7 ? / , ? ? TUbUMfBD BVBRT AFTERNOON, (aUNPAYS KXCEPTK94 AT TSk STAR IVILDIMM, Cor&r of Pmn rjonW 11/4 M., ?T W. D. W4LL4CH. I'M*" ?wn41*p?eki{M>r oarrten M < y w, nr J7 Mnti per mouth. To Mil iiImmAN) to- prioe is f3J0 a m'< m < ???; |l for aim moots*. Ml for three month*; and for Im* than thr"? mr>r th? at the rate of 12 cento a week. Single eopi-s, oki ciht; ia wrappers, two cist*. yj*lSvuTUDiC(Tii snoaid be Mat tn the oA?t before Ho'o.ook m; other vim they mfty o*t|ff?r until tw next day. The Pario Police. The street police of Paris furnishes a n\odel worthy of imitation. The Parisian policeman's drrw t? T^mHorly a; tractive. It coqusU of a humor and universal politeness win your no tice and your cordial admiration. A driver of a cabriolet, on the Boulevards, was apparently so much elevated by wio? as to make him an unsafe guide among the close ly crowded carriages on those finest thorough fares -f the world, though he wa? not what wo should call intoxicated. The vigilant poliee Hian quietly took the horses by the head. and beckoned the coachman to descend, which ho did without a word. lie was placed in custody of another officer, while the first one, after in otiirv nf fh* pnmruinv insiHft. tnountAil th? hnr and drove tbem to their de?tinatioti. There irad'no noise and no audible word spoken; nor were persons allowed to gather as .?]>ectators. A cabman, in making a turn into the Boule vards at the same time, had the misfortune to have hi* hor^e hurt by slipping on the smooth flat atones whieh formed the ending. A po liceman, as usual, was on the spot in an instant. He interrogated several bystanders, who certi fled that the thing was a casualty not charge able to the driver, but in a great measure to weak knees and over-worn horseshoes. After having aided to get matters right, he handed the coachman bis card, as a reference for his employer. This saves him from discharge. bo wheu a 'bus is belated by obstructions or excusable cause of any kind, the polioeman's card is always given, and this settles the mat ter with the owners. Kxcitemsst i x Mississippi. ? TAr?? Lyncktd.?The Nashville Gazette publishes a let ter from a merchant at Friar's Point, dated the 11th lust., giving the particulars of the recent hanging there of three men. The writer says: On yesu-rdsy evening two gins and a negro quarter were ilred simultaneously. doubtless by the pro curement of these wretches The night was lit up for miles around The vigilance committee were soon nnder arms, and proceeded to the room of three csrpenters. one by the name of Hamlin, the other* unknown, and took them and Lung them to a tree, and afterward cut them down and burned them. The town is now under arm*, the military are parading the streets, and all Is excite ment and alarm. Tils morning the remainder sf the northern men were sent up the river on the steamer Fey tons, some of them were branded with the letters G ?. (gin burners) before shipped Fourteen gins have been burned in this county during the last six weeks, and the people have de termined to stop It. An abolitionist was haug'd. harrelrd up, and rolled Into the river at this point la?t week, and it was probably to avenge his ilnth that th#> Ixit vim were itr- ii A nrarro lib nated the mm who were hung He said they told him all the negroes were to be free ne?t March, when Lincoln become* President, and that there will be a general riling of the negroes then. The vigilance committee have aworn to hang every northern man who come* here from this time until the tth of March, and all aueh had better be in h?1 than Friar's Point Thi Lost Stab Flab Captcekd ?Yesterday morning a larife portion of oar eitizens were some what surprised on sreing the -'Lone Star" fla*; auapended at the top of the Bell and Everett poll on Boll.ngbrook street. The fl*g wai made ol blue material, with an only star (whiU)in the centre, significant of the prevailing feeling down South, of which some few of ourcitlzena Heartily endorse. The flag was flung to the breeie some time during the night, and waved triumphantly U> the air of --still gently over me stealing," tiU bout eight o'clock, when a party formed them elves into a committee, repaired U> the spot and hatalt-d It down. W e learn that the nag will tx kept m a trophy captured from their enemy, a> i' ho"ld be, as that pole ia owned by a party euter taining the mmt distant opinion regarding tbii aecrnaion epidemic- While we are on the ?a^ question, we would suggest to the commitu* thi propriety of hoisting the noble banner which Cr? adorned Uie pule, and which ao Uiumphinti floated ip honor to bin who ia the pride of hi country, whodiscountenanceaaaytbinKappertain lng to a disunion movement Then "hoist th Union Hag" again, and ere to-morrowa'a sub 1* the Siara and Stripes be once more unfurled t the breeze, and the "Lone Star" will dwlndl down in bitter lnsignllcance ?Ptttrsburg, Va Jaul. 1UA CTOSSOLISI TO K*D IIA i KID rlUPLI.?A York Jvmd.iy poper uyi that red beads are tl. latest -a^onv" in the Fifth avenue, la that citi So obstinate baa the fancy become that a she time since a lady In Fifth iveoot ^ave a party,; which only eentlemen with balr the prevallln shade* were Invited As on* after another of tt male gueeta arriv*d. the effect produced becan *?v curious. The majority rejoiced in hrllltfci Aiming topknots, which fairly lllumfcaated tt room, but all the different Hats were exhlb)t?< from the bright auburn and "golden chegnat ahich some ladles particularly affect) to the pa .disb brown, and delicate flaxen. Some tjei len^n are becoming as ea^er for flame-color? locks as the ladies. A Utanas at a Bask ?A German, who hi 361) la geld deposited In one of the wrstei banks, stepped up to the counter the other da presented bis certificate, and demanded hla toli ii9 vni paid, when be aald to the \>aaker, ' V fmt glX for gelt low, eh "Flee per ceat,'' w the .eaponae "Oh, yaw. dat la goot. I Mil y< dew for good paper moniah " "All right," w the reply, and $315 In currency wu handed tl ex-depoai'or, who took SI5 from bia roil of not* and handed back tMJ, laying : "1 depoaita d nut you. Vm i? |(?i, 1 aeea " And taking t new certificate, h? departed with hla 915 pi mam. A:i EwToa #it? a Feb Rim or a Cow Catc b ?On W ed Dead ay night last tbe Mcaara Cat Ing, rd'tora of ihe Plalnfleld (N. J > Union, wi croaalng the track of tbe Central Railroad, that place. In a two-borae aleigb, when a locotr ti?* which waa coming alowly to ward the atrnrk the airlgh, breaking It into pterra O of them waa caught upon tbe cowcatcher a ranted aome d lata nee, when be alighted wltt aprained ankle and rooslderably brnlaed. ltv a mlraculooa earaoe Tbe boraea ware anlniun The I'tlca Telegraph mentloaa a pain mor. rr1otj?lr acting tne reputation of a g Uetnan reaidlag la Vieana, NY, who la pror nently k""wn la political circlet u a di?t Kalahe4 ? ? pen wire-puller. He haa b airmcd 0? * charge ai rape The alleged otfV waa perpetrated within the laat week or ao 1 victim ia an unmarried lady of th? moat reap table eofiooetioaa. j^ed x year*. IET Tfcaao 1? in* a church Ml la the rlty Livrrence, Mna The ringing of the factory fe at the regular neetlng houra haa beeri madr aoavor u< purpose of the church bella. HjTA pMalaeat citizen of Baltimore ia? pa?<1 to ki?? aberewdrd to Europe, leavtac dc to Ik* amount of o?? ?lU0jUW GT7" A young Udy deliberately banged ier )n an outhooee nMr her faUMr'a (Mr. Ifaweaj r deuce, Randolph, Wli , on Tne^iay. ^ ID- A wretehed 1?kin youa^ woomm i found de?d in ike street tn New OtImbi Tbvrvdav night. frea? want and Utemperanc* C7* ForttfyiiW* hia Mttatloa with a iu| tnaA|V P*Mf> Dundell foailtted suicide d pistol, oear Poughhoepaie, on Saturday ?&! cocked h*i without feathers, bat tastefaliy or namented; a dark blue cloth dress ooat, wi$ the prettiest cut swallow-tail imaginable; bine waats and a small sword. Thisoffice is entire ly filled by de?erving soldiers, as a reward of merit. The Parisian potioeznan is a gentle man, he is ufcrer officious, always pleased when ke can be useful in directing the inquirer or relieving the frequently entangled mass of car riages at th? crossings ef the vast thorough fare? One remarks how few polieeaaen there are. and yet how soraTj, when anything oeeurs there always seams to happen that oae is just at the ?pot on the oceamon. Oar Amerinan cities might profit by sending committees to get the hang of this variation from oar oharvc teri?tics. VflR'^rerer there is to bs a gathering of the people, a competent posse oT police is'provided r>y government. The racecourse, the theater, the public danoing saloons, the concert, find always, inside and outside, official vigilance, which never fails to preserve peace and -de corum. Troopers a*re seen, also, at the outgoing from the operas, keeping order among the carriage* In every direction one sees the good effects of this vigilance. Order raigns; no rude or bois tfrnuK Itnmtinns am heard, hnt a uniet irood Thb Exqlish in ftva?t*.?> An Englishman can carcely form an Idea at the petty annoyance to which a foreigner ia objected on bla arrival at St. Petersburg. He la Aral required to give in writing a long and circumstantial declaration on a variety of aubjeota He has then to undergo persona! examluation at the bureau of the secret police; ud woe be to blm If he falter or make a single ltlse step, or say anftkiag that seems In consistent with bi? written, and perhaps forgotten, declaration. If bla examination prove satisfac tory to the police he will receive a passport at the foreign ofllc?. This precious passport system, now happily abolished by the other Northern noUTftri ia r?tr t#\ ahdiirrf Unotha In R ntal Indeed, If you wished to invent a practical bur lesque on tbe principle of paasporto, you could not do better bio adopt the ft u is tan plan of tur vtiUmmt. Ym- cumX lepsUy enter a town, or sleep at an Inn, or even spend a night at a friend's house, without a passport Yon cannot cbnnge your residence, even ?f yon were going to live neit door, without first vending your passport to tkr police office?One* a Week O* Tbe correspondent of a New Orleans paper states that among the lucky stock speculators In New Y?nk ' !* Hurlbut, late an editorial writer in the Daily Times He is In with Harry 8teb bins, wbo, they say, has put Hurlbut up to good things; so he his made over 910,000 in three weeks. Ilurlbut is a curious cove. He was born in MMUrhnflptti ant\ Minrat^l In Annth linn, which may account for hta having been an Abolitlonlat la ls50, a supporter of Fremont in 1?56, a Douglas man in 1SS0, and naw a red-hot Secessionist All the beara eo in for secession. Hurl but wag educated for the church and waa ordained, but cut tbe gospel and took up with the world, the flesh, and tbe devil. He ia a pleasant writer, says nothing stall in very (rood language, hd? traveled a good deal, is a bald-headed bache lor of five-and-thirty or thereabouts, a favorite In society, and if he has been lucky In Wall street, will make the money fly up town. He left the Times, it is said, beoause he didn't approve of its 'principles '" Distress Amo*g thk Laboring Classks of Philadelphia.?Within the last six weeks, says a k nLii _? n. _ .a i ai . ?v.^. * we i~aiiaueipma rress, noi ie*? man, ana pt-rhaps 20,000, persons In this city have hwn un expet W-dly discharged from situation* where they enjoyed the privilege of earning th?ir bread by the sweat of their brow* Directly and indirectly, probably not lew than 50,000 persons depended npon these exertions of the operatives for sub sistence The small savings which those who have lost their situations had hoarded np will soon be spent, and as the season grows more and more inclement, and their necessities Increase day bv day, their scanty resources will rapidly diminish. If the present uncertainties are not wh ui?pcitoi man j m iuu?c wu" aic nuw ?/u?ii y at work will not long retain their situations, and the number of thi>se who will be unable to sup port themselves will rapidly increase. We are therefore drifting Into a position which demandi the thoughtful attention of all who are Interested In the welfare of our city. Expulsion <vr Paupers prom Richmosp ? Authority his been conferred upon the Mayor ol Richmond, by the Councils of that city, to expel all paupers arriving there from other cities, or U put them to work in the chain gang- The Dis patch approvingly says of the measure: aWi nave poor enough of our own to provide for without importing others, and no additions should be made at this season of the year M CHABLiiTori Testimonial to a N*w Yoti Colo!**i ?The citizens of Charleston, S. C . an about to present Colonel W. Corcoran, of ttM Suty-nhtth .New York Regiment, a gold beado*! Palmetto cane, In admiration of h'.a spirit In re fusing to partirlpate with hi* regiment In the re caption of the Prince of Wales at New York. Hennlngsen, of Nlearaguan memory la out in a long letter urging the South to stanc np for bar rights, and pledging himself and hii old companions in arms to come to her defense If there is any fighting to be done, he wants to b< "counted In." IEjT Otto Hesse. who hsd keen plundering Messrs Frankelthal 4 Co , hta employers, for i Hint >? ..... AI ?J <- ?v._ ""J "WV j ? vutvajv, " ao UI?V<'*CICU I u iuc av last vrcek; $400 worth of goods and 1100 in gol< were recovered. illegitimacy ii? Scotland?Among thre< millions of p>?ple. more than 7.000 illegitimate children have been born in the first three quarter of thia year. 117" Alex. Tayler, while attempting to ?** Mra. Nixon from her husband 'a furv. at New Or leans, on Thursday, was badly Stabbed for hi good-natured mediation. r |?7"Tillman Webster shot hla brother In th hand with a pistol, loaded with shot, at coving Aon, ky , on Thursday, on account of some lega j difficulties between them. ID-Two Cincinnati swindlers confidenced Virginian, on his w; y to Missouri, ?utof ffl5, ur i d?r the pie* that no free State money wai curreu r In that State. VOT Four ladles captured a burglar in the boua ' of Mr. Lattln, Chicago, last week, and kept bli I locked up till Mr l.attln rame, and recovered SC worth of money and jewelry. (IT* At the close of the opera season In Pblli delphia on Saturday night last, a purse of $500 wi made up and presented to the artists to Idemnll them for any losses that may have occurred. IUJ- Since the New York World has raised 1 the public considering it as two ctniimental ti these times. fr^The snow storm of Saturday last was ant cents, its circulation has fallen ol heavy la K astern Virginia, falllng'to such adVpl as to obstruct the passage of railway trains. 11 "7* Thalberg ia at Vienna, but for the las* tw years has quite neglected his business. It iad the following letter from a highly respec able gent.amaat I, Montour Co.. Pa.,Oot. 8. I860 This i? to eertify that I was prononnoed by se eral phT?ician< as consufnptire, and had all ti ?y inptoms of the disease in its v?r*t form, suoh i couching, severe pains in the el?*et shortness breath, mg&t-swtats. sad extrernA weakness m ia??itu'ln in my whole system. My family tear a I having died ?f the disease. I had given up s hope of reeovery. as nothing gave me relief, bi thiou^h the PTku&uon of a friend I was induot to trr Dt% W ittar't Balsam of Wild C Kerr v. TI ftmt bottle relieved me considerably, and the Ihi holt e cured me entirely. I now foeiae well As ev I did in rai lire, and am able to follow mi aoons tiTO u farmer m fully u any one. I alao had ft aiater in ft more advanced atftte U?(j!?oiu\ hftving bee* oortflneit to her bed f over a year, and pronounced beyond hope by o beet pfiyeieiana. She alao vm entirely cured the Wild Cherry, but it required an or eight be tlea, ar*d ahe still takea it oeefteionally fta ft pr rentativ, being naturally weak cheated. I would einoerely urge ail whe ftre aimilftrly ( flioted to try Or. Wiftar't Fahnm of Wild Chen aa I am tfttufied that but Tor yonr own vftle?t remedy my aiater and myself would not now living. I will oheerfully anawer any one who in ftddreae me oa the subject, and atftte our can morefblly. Jacob Milli* Prepftr**d by Berh W. Fowle ft Co., Boston, a for aale ia Washington oity G. Stott. 9. B \N ai Z. D. Giimftn. John Sehwarxe, Nairn ft Pft-m John Wuey, J. B. Moore, ftnd H H. MePher* in Georgetown by B. 8- T. Clsa-ll. and G M. ft Bontkron, and by druggist* everywhere, de 14-I1 Cocah? ?The Hidden ohaoc** of onr climate i aoeroe* of Pulmonary, Bronchial ud Astkm* Afecttont. tlxperieaoe ??viaj proved that aira remedies often aat ?p??ediiy ?nd oert&ioljr wl t*k-n in the early iU?i or the disease,recos s?>oeld at onee be had to ** Ifrov*'* Brimrk l>eeA?*," or Lozenges, let tha Cold, Cough, or ritation of the Taroat M erer eo slight, as by t precaution a more terinns attaok m?? beeflaotiif warded off Fmbtir Speakers and Simtrs will i them edsotual for qleario* and strengthenint 1 TO>ee, 6m advertisement de 1-1 fc v- wu S"j ?"x. r?* VMM Wftftie#*!* roUT! Men* W. rit**erW?. S4S ?orth Fitr by F. B. WuUr, oonior ofMautchuutti I nue anil *uth Aim, Fmmtj Extract *f W HK&lrtisXM*"** & Hollo way's Pill* a. an OiirrMnr* j ?J, LHlocotiotm. ^.?Neither opo4?i iwtami. nor ur othor ambr o*tion cm muI vfcioh thtnoUriM the** twitel v?? Mt?t acUiatiMearcaof'fMiu.atraiakvou brti*>?. ooatuiotu. 01 diil<>o*Uoa?, Ac. Th?y iM'id for ~~ ? * - MISCELLANEOUS. gKCOND VISIT i I \ \ ' r >>? WASHINGTON CITY DR. M. 8CHLOSSER, the CelsbraUd SU&QKON CHIROPODIST, "I ?? ! " ITT^ PARIS AM) 11AT AN A. w EFFICACIOUS AND PERMANENT CURE FOR CORNS. BUNIONS. SOFT CORNS. And all Diiiuii OF THE FEET, Witkout Cutting or CautinK Iki Least Paw, Dr. 9CHJAMMER would, in the mo?t rasp^otful manner, announce to the LAdiet and Gentlemen of Waahincton and ita ennron?, that, at the urgent folioit&tion of many f&miliea. he ha? been induced to revisit their city, FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY, and maj be oonaultad in every department of PeUal Surgery ; especially in CORNS, BUNIONS, Akd Rveby Dukauk of thk Fmt, all of whioh, however long atanding or had, he cures in a few minutes, without the slightest pvn or inc-nvenienoe, either during their removal or aitor wards. Dr. SOHLOSSKR'S great success among the first families in America, as well a* among several of the imp?rial royal families ef Knrope, has sained for hi in several thousand testimonial* : <>f these he fe?K* to append the followii.g to his prens>nt announcement. AMERICAN TESTIMONIALS. Fmm Wm. Rite, Ex-Proprietor of the Ftnnsylra nian Dr. Sohl~sser ha? extracted two corn* from my toe, which were extremely painful for many yearn The ext'nordina?-y cane with which he operate* in remarkable ; and 1 oheerfolJy rooommend him to all whoaro troubled with c"ins ai?tlie only person I have ever known to perform the operation scien tifioallv and without a particle of p*in Philade'phia, Sept. 23, I8.W. WM. RICE. I.'.._ I/_ . n tr?_ J K T mi vrr\ mm vh- V/n" r v? ? '??i t ? 4 Dr Sohln*?er htw to day operated upon a rr pMnful aofn o( mioe with p^rhe t auooMs, reliev ing all pain and reino?in* it without mfferinc CHA8. C. VAN ZANDT. Providence, R. i.,Oct. 25,18.50. From J ir. Gray, * fitter Platndtalrr, Cleveland, O. Dr.FohloMor ha* extracted seven troubleiome oorna f r me without pain and with ove-y proapect of a pcrmin?nt cure. I can oheerfully recommend him to the public patronage. J. \V. GRAY. From Dr. g. Verdi, M D. 1 certify that I have been verr aitcoeasfn'ly op? ;ated upon by Dr. Sc*lo?*?r without an* pam. WMUulgton, J&U.7, IH58 S. VEKDI.J1 D. from Profit'or D. G\lb*t, Philadelphia. Dr. f*cli!nsser removed four corns for in<9 without pftiu. iwl aaUslaotoriiy. D. GILBEJiT, M D. From Dr. S. M. Landi$. PAtfa. City Water Curt Inst. Dr. Pchlosser has extracted eight painful corns from my feet without tne least pain, and the great est satisfaction to myself. I would )>jr all mrans reoommend him to every tiodr who is tonneuted with these evila. 8. M. LANDLS, >\1. D. From Rev. CK*if. W. Quirk. The operations of Dr. Schlosssr are unattended with pain, and remove the corns effectually. He removed eeveral for m? to my entire satisfaction. 1'ittsburg, May *7, lftM. CH AS. W. QUICK. E> mr u f>.-_ / i# n AT V WW MM* M, ?? MW Dr. Rchlosser has removed several oorns from my feet to nsy entire satisfaction. W. H. fINGLEY. M. D. Tn aMitioo to the above testimonials, several thousands more are in Dr. Schlosser's possession, amour tliein from members of the Imperial Royal fumies of Europe, and also frein ladies of the highest standing both in (he old &&d new worlds, whioh may l>e seen at his office, 25T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,(South side,) fc*twe?a 12th and 18th streets. Consulting hours from 10 a. in. till 4 p. m. Notice.?No inofntionil connection teitk anv on*. ' de 17 FOR THE HOLIDAYS! H?! SEVENTH STREET FOREVER! FUN POIl THE CHILDREN ' PftKsKNTit SUITABI.S PO* ALL AgSS! CHRISTIAN KUPPERT, A'?. MS Seventh *(., between D and E. Wi have rnlarced, improved, rrmodeie-l. and renovated eur establishment, so that it ihiw it, in fact, the largest and best regulated Toy, Fanev and Variety Store in th? city. With personal oare and aiten'ion we have carefully selected our great stock fur the Holiday and Winter Trade, and promise to ell CHEAP. We beg every lady to call and ee? far themselves, an it is impossible to enurnerat* all of oar foods. Suffuse it to sayt ours embraces every kind to be fom d in a well conducted Toy, Pai.oy, China, Woolen, and central variety and assortment Store. All kinds of the most tasteful EMBROI D K R K11 WORK. KNITTING and DRAWINGS promptly erwouted to order by _ MRS. RUPPERT, 623 Seventh at ,422 Seventh at., 522 Seventh at de 14 tw _J GROCERIES! GROCERIES 2 ll GROCERIES !U A Large Supply of Fiae Freeh GROCMRiES, LIQUORS. FRUITS, Ire., Juat reoeived from New York, and for tale al prioea to auit the tunes. Also, a lot of FINE OLD iklSH WHISKY, Imported bjr myself. SWEET CIDER ON DRAUGHT. M. GREKN, Grocer, de 12-?oM* Corner of L and Thirteen r. at*. BRADY'S NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPI GALLERY. 392 Pmhh Avium. On exhibition, beautifully finiahed Photograph of the Preetdentaad Vioe President eleot; I in pons Photographs of all the Presidents from Jaok?<>n t Buohanan; of all the Member* of the Senate an House of Representatives of ttie present Oonrre*i of the Prinoe of Wales and a large number of riii tinguiihed foreign personages; <?f nsarlj *11 01 prominent Statesmen, Poets, Artists, Anthors, Ed ltora, Clergymen, Generals and ConiAodorss The largest Plain Photographs in the world. The Colored Pbotograpbs mast be seen to be ?( predated. Twenty-five full length Portrait Visiting Cafdi elegantly finished for five dollars! ONE HUNDRED PHOTOGRAPHS F01 FIVE DOLLARS!! Prioes far all other styles equally moderate. de 10 lm NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! PR 1 SEMES. Hu received, p?r !a?t steamer, an immense q ? tity of Liquors and Wines, nneausled h* m wholesale dealers 'n Washington. AW. l.iWtux of PrnsfTMi of different kinds, snoh as cannot I bought for les? than ? por c*u>, in ally storm Oi' mi a call and try ipr goods. No. 374 i) st., b?twc lU and Mk Ma., Washington. do 4 eolm Dressmaking h?St ab lihh m knt, and E st. ill kinds of Ladies GarnMti, Drsmss, Cloai - ,'sa: ,?, At t t not io?. d? 1 3m' NO TOBACCO FOR this Ml Att kiain of Ladies Garments, Drsotss, < Mantelets, ChMtanHH Sao**, Soavs J A?., Ao..out and mi* to order by every t'lti in t:?? latest Pans and London stylos, to Ust the an pa * disaohwtVy na h.? hw oonsenv, a*a m*t d? ui op?nM a iwn en i import&tioB, M V*il M tomttl BMIIHlMtU vk*l*ni< im rMtil, rfcankfhl tor ?&M tevav*. Im hopM to ftir dm mi ?"<3 ?trict ?tt?nUea to th? nM and total*) oftke >ublto m bit iaa,jo merit a oont?n?ano? CLOTHING, &c. A GREAT ATTRACTION! GRAND RUSH FOR SEVENTH STREET! All Sttp at ' a M I <T H ' S , No. 460 SEVENTH STREET. mCh> tkvm and Ho liken* se " (Vuoh vu the IsacnMA usM h? ft r?nt!emsn who hftd rfrtTinl some of our bftr?fti?? ) I hftr? just returns from tho North witu ft t+tj iftr?? itook of CL 'THING. PLRMSHINti

GOOD*, HATS and CAPS, boaght for oaahattwo third* their net contend which 1 will sell at a *mail advanoe. You oaa buy a good Ovrooat from #S to 7, a rtnrj fine one from #18 to #15, Cap* Overcoat from #1 to #15, Boy'a Overcoat arw Cape Coat from #390 to #5 Alto, 8H1KT8, UNDER GARMENTS, UM RB.W4fq T"1" SHAWL?, COLLARS, TlKS, OLOVhI, and all kinds of Genu' Wearing Apparel. at aatoniahingly low price*. iLT" A word to thoae that want to purchaae: Having bnnchttheae goodiatTery tow price*. I am oonfident that you oan tare 25 per oict. buying from me. N. B. SERVANTS' CLOTHING to abundance. Don't forget to oali at the Peop e'aClething Store, No. 4#0 Seventh atreet, before purchasing e!ae where, and aatiafy youraelre* that we are rfFering hargaina. J. H SMITH, Clothi*', de 14-lm No. 4 *?0 Seventh at., opp. Pout ( CLOTHING! CLOTHING!! V CLOTHING!!! Uarin* nn keiui m trav? >fn/<Ir nf tka ? ??? luk "M "n iiu < roi ? iBi ko "i niv im'Dt ftuhionable stylaa of READY-MADE GAR MENTS, we offer the public tho greatest induce ments with our low prices, in order to reduoe oar a'ock. Alan, a fine aaaortrcont of GENTS' FUR NISHING GOODS. BAR A BRO., de 6 2w Corner T. and Seventh wta. d GENTLEMEN'S \X HE iDV-MADE CLOTHING. Our present aaaortmont of GENTLEMEN'S READV-MADE CLOTHING offers to oitisena and atranrers wishing an immsdiate outfit ?upe rior inducements, embracing, at this time, all styles and qualities of Dress and Busine?? Gar ment* and Overooata in all vari'tiaa. Fid* Shirta and Under-olothinK of ail kind*. Kid and other Glovea of beat qui ity. Scarfs, TieB, Cravats, Sto'k*. Hociery. Ao., Ao. AH of whtoh we are offering at ?nr usual low prioea. irr Clothinr mv1?to ord?r in 'h* most anp*nor manner. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. nn lli-tf H'i'i Pa. avann*. (2 R E A T BARGAINS VI OJUMP AT thk PEOPLE'S CLdTHLUG STORE. No. 460 Seventh Sikebt. CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS AND CAPS, At UO Per C*wt. I-k?? thas tri Usual Rate-*. At SMITH'S. No. 460 Seventh Street. N. B-All in want of CLOTHING an! FUR NISHING GOODS wiM find it great!/ to their ad vantage to give me a call. Qg 7 1m J. H. SMITH. tlotwieh. MKRCHANT tailoking~ K Invito our cuetomorg, and citizen* general ly, to an inspeo'ion of oar present new, at tractive, and elegaat assortment of CLOTHS. CASSIMKRBS, DOKSKINS, V t STINGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ao. which we will make to order in superior *tjle at verjr low prioes. WALL, STKPHKNS A CO oo 25 tf 2JU Pa. av., hetw. 9th and Wth ats. 4 Singer's Sewing Marlilne*. 3*S PKNN. AVENUE. NATIONAL HOTEL BUILD IN'}. W> Invite the pub'io attention to onr new $ 50 FAMJLV SEW1N9 MACHINE. Thi? MaoMra is unsurpassed iu the Tiouseho'rt. It ruus smooth and swift; **ws, Sem*, fellt and fathers, will ?e? the finest ?*]?? or olotb ten ayers lluck, end an* thing between the two ettremoi, in a i>eaut fui and substantial manner- Machines in mahotan?, wai cut an<1 ro?ewood oases from #60 to $M0. Our large cibratmn rrafrr machine, for ooach trinnwi and saddlers, is without a nval. Silk, Twist. Thread, Seniles. Bobbins, Oil, 4.C., always on hand at New York prioet. !E7"^en<l for aoopr of 1. M Singer A Co.'e Ga xett- CHARLES A. SPONSLLR. no 27 6m Agent. Gas Fixtures, THE BEST ASSQRTME NT EVER OFFERED IN THIS CITY. Those who de?ire to select from new patterns, with the advantage of a reduction in price*, will oall early and examine. We would also oall Uie attention of persons abont introducing gas their dwellings to our id or> ased facilities, and consequent low prices, for this branch of our trade. Inciting all who desire their work done promptly, and fr<*e from can I akages, to cail at s*t>? Pa. ave nue, between 10th and 11th sts., south side. no21 tjanl J W. THOMPSON A CO. T'HK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KKPf BY P. X tJMRICH. at t?? oorner of recn.a . ? A avenue and Eleventh street, has greatly improved receutiy and now offer*1 JiLiB&A creator innuo'inents for the patrona.e o( (Jftiz l? and stranger* than any other public house in the oitf, his prioes being less than those of any other hotoi on Penn. avesue. and his aoooinmoriatiocs for permanent or transient hoarders unexaepuon ahls. The bar and restaurant arrangements of tho Ku-opevn Hotel have already become very popu ^rf being ail that oan be desired by the most fas tidious. Tnr proprietor alettes unremitted atton tionand oontieued literal expenditures to give Mt Ufaetion to all, and thus rsaewa his invita'ina to all to give the buropean Hotel a oail. de 4 tf 5J2 OUTTA PBRCHA^AINT AND ^ HAMILTON. HRO. & CO.'S, No ?12 Seventh St.. is the piaoe to find the oeleorated Gutta Peroha Roofing and Paint Also, l general asaortwent of House Painting Materials. Painting in awl us branches executed with dis patch aud on reaao< alile terms. Mixed Paint* a I ways ok hand and for a&le. wi'h bucket and brush to lo^n free of oharge A'I orders left at the store ? -W.J r. \ -k war 1 r u:?I 11 t.. lor Ula oinini iir J<m nunui mnj kiwi wui ua promptly attend*! tn 31'i PLTTY 18 DOWN. #1? ao an W TRAVELING TRUNKS. K Have jgat received the larjceat aaaortment and daw offer the moat uttniiv* variety* II of S??l,E LEATHER. LADIES' DRES?R?%H and PACKING TRl >lKs. H AT BOX * VAI ISEy, CAR PET LAGS, SATCHELS, Ao., in thia oity, which we are a?Hinc at very low prioaa. . WALL, STEPHENS A CO , ooas tf 3aa Pa. avenua. jyOTlCE TO THE PUBLIC. The undersigned haa mat opened a wbolaaalc PRODUCE and MARKETING STORE atftlfl atre?*t. opposite Center Market, wnere h? wilt be reoeiving daily a general aaaortment o| every thine that (rowa on a farm, frerh from the handa of the farmara, auoh aa Turkeja. Chiokeua ??? na.* ?- 11 ?< fuu&B) UPTTl D|||^? r?*V%OI VII (HI U?'innn, r? llttmore pnoea?|>ned Kru;t. Applet, Flonr eaaa, &o , Ac., which 1 wilt eell u oliMp u cat he Ixttifht m thia oity, Alexaudria, or Baltimore Dealers and hnekrtera are reiprctf u 1 y invited U sail and rxamiae for thamaeirea de6tf j H. canpiki.I). New illustrated books Fob th* seamix or 1*61. Moral Rmhteioe; The Promieea of Jeaua; Tan ny aon'a May c^ueen; Wit and Humor ol the po't* the Poetry of Natare; The Poe*a' Gallery; Thi byroa Gallery n| Beautiea; Phakaaeare; rhsk apeare'a tempest; The hamlot; Laueaahie a^van turea, the Poruin Tour of Meaara. Brown, jo * an<1 Kobinaon; Art Album. the Art Alhnm for lt6> The above are a lew of the ne or Booka aviUb* for p.eeenta dnrinc the o vnioe holidays. HLANCHAkd a MOHUN, da 15 Corner of Eleventh at and Pa. ar. CEHHALI : PILLS, (Spalding*,> Sohenok'a Pnlmonio Syr op and Sea Wee Toaio, MoLeaa'a Strengthening Cordial, Silver Soap, JLlao. a variety of Coal Oil l.n-rqpi a o. With freah Medioine* iva* received at MOORE'S Weat End Drug Store, 00 13 TW u>i r?. ?Tf?ue, /Ov NOTICE. sQr X*A Xw. W w ! har* rumored mr W ( RAWN OFFICE to 1 C etreet, bettreen 4K and 6th lUeot*. jmmt diately in the nu of the National Hotel, wtie th? hu?tne?? wiH be anntinued an her^tnfWre at tl old ?tand. [ao 15-6ml AO HKRZBFRG. WOOD! If WOOD!! W O O D !?! 8TOVK and KINDLING WOOD, at the lovt poaaible pnoa. T. J. ft W. M. GALT, 864 Pa. ? ., between 11th ud mh ata., ma tl-tf wirtk aid C*'oa,'8!oloak?Kol04K! W8SS5-JTCU asrSfSSSS' . I The Roaaeo, the Zouave, the Albania, I The Riohard, the Kn?lUn "af>k. th? Preaoh Pa? Ill rt of !? he ho We *t of With many other new Ma Do&auini siy e? Rept. Treoo and French Beaver Cloth, w j?ri? 5010 *a*' l? W*U0'1 WB Mk the *tt*r'"ao ^no n'*** TAVbOR A HUTCHISON J^E*V JfOOKt^T jfRENCH A RlCBteTElN' Lavinia,? domI, olotfl; pri Ffcirbtaj?^Creet^? of lh?^F*mhmo(Gr??^Br jOR'b inimitable hair ?v r?t-o'M? Toilet Artiolei. for Mi* ic> Brnd. and Curl Manul&fltor?, < MtrUUrt. OOS-SB FOR BALE AND RENT. n??wpi?(1 br Q?a?rml Brown. ami wrj r?o?ctlf h*idhj Mr*. 9rriiU> m a {mbaI* in?Utut*. For further information apply to CHAS- AUKRT, E?q , or to t*e tutnorib+r. THOMAS* LAW SOX, de 4 aotf Surgeon General F. S. Army. IT*OK RENT-Tb* fin* BRICK HOUSE No. I 1f>n \Va?t mt (]?nrr?(n*n *t nrftiAnt ru?nn pied by tti* aubeeriber. It h^e 1 mnw, -with ih ud wMm Umxicbout, ft in* Jftrd, Katua ko , and ^AVtfKR De'1 ?0<^ Afply to J AS. A^M^\ FOR RENT?A three ?tory brick HOUSE, oon taintrx rtMnta.m ?ood enter, with tu fix La rea txuaplete, on H atieet, between 4th aad Mil. Also. & iwo-?to.-y brick COTTAGE, with large yard attached, corner of K afreet north ft* t 14th at. ml. To purotufti and reliable teoaota the <W wii he moderat*. Apply at 446 Twelfth atreet, between a:id H. no l?-tf 170R RENT.?Two new three-etory BRICK F HOUSES with haek bniMmtca, each beeae oobUiuii>< 8 room*. with cm, pleaeantiy aitnated on 8U1 otreet north, between M and N atreeU, rent moderate. Appl* to E. LAZENBY. oppoalte.or to JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio avenue, between I?th and 13th streeta 00 "Mf L^OR REN T?The FIRST FLOOR of the tmild r ing immediately opposite the weat wing of the Cita HaJ..r' oocupied ha Chaa. S. W attach u ac ofiu*. A .so Ui? front room in Ute aecoud tory and the third floor ofthe nme bnildinr. Foi Urrtaa apply to RICHARD WALUCH.No. W boaiaiaaaavecne. rt M n DENTISTRY. M TEETH. LOONI8, M. D.. the inventoried patentee oftiie MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at-. teiidi at hia office inthiacitr* Many peraon* can wear theee teeth who oannot weai oUiera, and no peraon oan wear other* who cannot iroar theee. Pereona call irk at my of.oe oan he accommodated with any atjrle and prioe of Teeth they may deaire; bnt to tnoae who ar" particular and wuh the pureat. el ea neat, etron*e?t, and moat perfect der tare that aft can prod nee, the MJNKK AL PLATE will l>e more fii'ly warrauted. . Room* in thi? citr?No. Pa. avenne, between 9th and lit* aU. Alio, 90? Aroh street, Philadel p Ik a.. oo 15 tf D DENTAL CARD. R. M'JNSOni Haa returu?d and re=nra',d hia rofeaaioti. t'lfioe and honae at 463 E ?t... mira noor eaii 01 ruin. in aaaiuan I' wyijj' very o?h??i approved tyle, J>r. M. ha* aer***"" t?e?th on vuloanite Base for the la*t thre? year* an>I, from bipsiimm, know* it exoa.a ail other*, and ia one third ieaa in pnoe than gold. Hia old patron* of \Va*hingt<>n, A??xan<1ri%, and George town are respectfully ?o aoit?d to call. a? is noly CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARKlASK FACTORY, I) Strtri. K?n*<-a9;fc n-nA \0tk Strut*. We have mat finished a nnmtier ot firat claaa CARRIAGES, *uob aa Li*%? >V?<- v wavo**, Park Fkta:e?.?, Ftmiiv Car riaf.s, and Buttte*, which we win ae'.l at?-" ft very amall profit. Bfsnr Fr&of|Ci'' mechanioa in dtfforeat br?t.ohe? ofthe fmaineaa, we flatter onraelvea that we knot! tbe Ptyleaand qtMuity of work that will give tsttr fWr<t inn r? irr hi r i n * li vh triAbi /Wtin frtrt imi fiii rfthih ty. Kep&irinc ?rompOr *n<i carrfollf attended to the ?norU??t nct'.cenud most re&aoc&bie olisiee*. WALTER, KARMANN A BOIT\ aucaeaeora to Wm. T. Hook. If Ti-dlj T, CAKH1A8E3. HE Sibacriber M-Tinf m?ds tddiUosa to hi Uetorr. vxkivt it now one of the tarn***. in the friatnot, where hi* f&oiiitiea forUnj^WB znnpt&cturins CARRIAGE A LIGHT^^S^S WAwONSof ?Jl k;nde c*nrot be rnrpaated, f.n4 Iroin ?lii loaj experience :n the buutoaa, he cope* to fire i?ner*. stUefRoticc. Ail kinda of Carni(M aa4 Llfkt W?4.>ta >a?tei n? T H U.I.GiK'R STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AMD BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY t? tkt WORLD, and the moat DiLiciimi AND DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL 1E7ER TAKEN." It ta airictW a aci utilc ajid Vrf la bia Compound, pro c?r*a by ih? dtaulla uoo of root*, herb*, and bark*. Yaitow Dock, Blood Root, Black Row. Saraapa rllla, Wild Otrry Bark, and Dandtlm Litr* it* cots* pooiUos. Tli* anur* activ* rtmadial pnr.cifla; of each i:ig radtatit U ? j _? ihtrMfbi/aiuacudifter ukiuf. toy now rootbod of *'"8' dtatillinr, rrod?em< a daliciona, aihiWratinf apirtt. aj>d tfca moot infatuhi* rimi<7 for ranoaauug lha duaaaod ayaiair,, and rutoring tha aUk, aafannf, and dtkililaud invalid la health and Krufth. MeLEAIfS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will ccra Li?ar Coacl.lot. Diar> raia. Jaan die*, Chronic or Narroa* DaMlity, Lh**?aaa'</t).a li'dnaya, ud all dia*?**a >nilTi{ from a dianrdarad U?ar or U'.much, Dyapapaia, H**rtharn, Inward Ptl*a, AeiditT or Bickr*** of tha Sion.ach, I'allnaaa of Biood lo tka Iliad, I>eli F*m or vimminf la tha Haad, Palptuu-nuf tb*H*trt, or W ai{tit In th* Stomach, Soar tru>uou, hoktnf or afocatliif Faalinf wb*n Urinr J?wr, Dryn*?* or VaTcW. naaa of lh* Ski* and Eyaa, Ntpfct laaiu, luvard Fa??ra, fu? in lh* ttaail of tha Back, Chaat, or 8>d*, Bad Jan Flaahaa of Ra&u Dapraaaion of Spirit*, Prifhtfal Drtina Lanf-aor, D**pond*ncy or aay n^rroaa diaaxaa. Bora* or Blotchaa oo tha kin, uJ Ka?ar and Araa (or Chill* and | OYER A MILLIOX BOTTLES ha?a baan aold dart a* tha laat ail month*, and >c a* to atanea ha* It failed la firing *ntir* aattafaclioe Wb?. than, will a afar from Waakn*** or Debility wh*i. McLEABt | STR fcNGTSKNIHG CORDIAL anil car* r** T Ma luif a&(* eu conray aa adaqaat* idaa of tha imm(di al* ud almoat miracalaaa ehaaf* prodactd by taking thia Cordial m th* di****ad, dabilitatad, and ahaturad o*r**at *7*t*Di, wh*th*r brokan down by aicaaa, waak by natw*, or mpairod by atckuM*. th* ralitid aad anauvnf aifut latloo i* r**tor*d to to prtauft* baalth aad vigor JDAAftiAl/ ranOL'.'O r Nbtn, of inability Iran *k< ciih, will led McLUMI BTRKHGTMKNING COkDUL a tt>? tnfk ri[?: tricorrf tba aratin; ud all *tw ? btn In |arad Ihtmaalraa by improptr IndilfincM viU in J la ihii Cardial a cartain and paady ramady. TO THE LADIES. MrtlAHl rrREKGTHZWINU CORDIAL to a ?>ir Icq aad apaady cara for Uupiaai Contuiptm, Wbitta Obatraetad or DiRcalt Maoatrao.tiMi, lacnotisanct ot trim ar IciTalaaiatT Diatfaarfa tbaraof, Pailinf of tba Woait Giddmau, Paintinf, and all diaaaaaa incidant to Famalaa. THERE IS SO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar ? Ianjar. T.\ka it accordtnf ta diractioua. It ?fl atimalata, au-?-j-har, and inrtforata yoa and eaaaa tt>< blooci of baaltfc ta oaaut yo?r cbaak tfau;. (vary botUa u ararraniad U (in aatiafactioa. FOR CHILDREN If T?r cbildrar. ara aickly, pan* or aHietad, McLIANI CORDIAL will raakt tham htaltiy, fat, and ratati Data] uot a momant; try it, aad yoa will ba eaa?ir.ia<L It ta da ticiaaa tauka. CAUTION. Iivtri rf Irifftti or <Mlm who mi try t* palm ape 7 a* mm fcltttr or awMftnlU truk, which th*y u> ba Chtap, b? aana( it la Jut aa rood. A?oid auk nan Aa far YcLfcAJ*U STREJiiiTHKNlNo COEDIAL, mm* tak oothiiig l*a. It ia lb* oaly ramady that will parity th Blood tno-oafhW aad at tha aaaa tiaia atraugihaa tlta ayattn Dim taaapooufal ukaa nary aifu?| laatiaf ia a cartoi pftraotira tor Chotara, Cbilla and F*?*r, Vtll<-w F??tr,t ta* prarilaat dittata. It ta pal up la Urr* bottiaa. Put oofy 91 par bottla, or ? bottlat for #5. J H Mt LEAK. Sola proprietor of tbia Cordial; alto, MeLt aa't Volcanic. 0 Linm*nt- Principal Depot aa tba coruir af Third aa Pint atracu, k. Loaia, Ma. IfcLetn'a Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE 1BT LIH1MENT IK THE WORLD ) Tba ocly tafa aad eariain car* for Caacara, Piiaa, Ti nora, railing and Broocbila or Court. Paralraia, Xr ralfia, Wlikoiu of tN* Maael** Ch remit or Icf?at?<it?i RHaamtftem, Wfnaaa of Ut Jm AM, Contracted Mcaciaa < |,il*merte, Earache or Toodiacht, Breiaaa, ^n.^.t, Frti Cutl. Wipv, Uictn, r ?T?I own, w?*?? www, Wirpl??, Betid*, Sort Tkroat, or an* Ma?a?ti<w pain, bo difftranct Wow w??n or lawgtba^ia??*? m Ut* *?t*?*d, McLEAR"8 CELEBRATED LiNlMEVT KMiii r*m*d?. Tboa*aod. of Uu bMi|ikt?>t<nBn4tWt?r ? eripitidi and hnit by tki w at thu unlobli rinit; MrLKAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMEST Will rth?T? pain almgat IiiUsIukohI;, mi it will eiaa parity u< ktnl tki foal**t mm la aa iacrtdibla ?ho? tin FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS WcLEAJTB CELEBRATED LIKIMCWT ik* mIt h and rtiiabl*_ r?m?dj for th*_ car* of JBpavta, Riofbo* PJ id rtltabl* t?Mf M U>? cart of spina, KiaftM rindx*il?, Btlinu. Unantnrnl Latcpa, Nodu ar Bvtllinj ni??r fcllad to carl Bif Biad, Piataia, d fiaSf^rs.i'?5u;rfe^.5T.a. a* Gatlar (tall*. Cat*, Sara*, ar Woaada, fctaaa takUl j. Ifftlj li ii liritnl tat ran ii unali inn laf?t Tkaa tnia aa kaaf ir wttfc Dm ??a* varifelaaa Llaigji aC*rad?*yaa. Obtain a *appl* af DR. McLEAMV CEL BRATKD LUrnHEMT It ?t& car* aoa. 1- M McUtAB, Mp Nm C*nuThirdu4 Pmm w.Bum CHARLKaWOTT, ?* Pa.aali ia taa; R.8 T. CTBT1 ,Q?W|?(???. n U CBlCEERlSe 4 SONi* OlfHIVJMiEl^ P BO 8 ?0^Pb. >t? btw Wk mJ Wk ?<* THE Wtmv IWLU* STA*. m _ Bun* ?cw, par . ?1 Fin oopiM ? mm* ?? ??- ?? ? T?b oop im ? Tventt inaottM ? II faMBiftUr mcImm tu "WMkiacto* Hw." ttet hH Mil IV itoWv ti ! > Mr > ? ?? inUly Uroiikott Lb? touirr. IETBui i (it vnfftn> mm to pianrafl at tk? oonttr, hnnadiately altar U? mm W U? Hkr*r. Pn<*-THREE CENTS. WOOD AND COAL. TO THE PUBLIC! GO WHERE TOr"*CAN GET TOVt MONEY'S WORTH or TRY IT: PRO VK IX ! KKOW IT ! JQ tr t wha t 7 JgT Jr^th* PIONEK* MILLS,Mi bmj j?* prove~what* rrr Prove ?*>? yo? ?u (ft yo?r WOOD tttr* wptr than *?t vb*rc ib tfco ??ty , am ttM yw *" know whatf C7" Know that tou tfl GOOD MKA?(?ML?a tti? wy kM of WOOD for r*n ???. Cn ifruti AND D?uvb?bk Fiuoi Cumi. Call at m FIOHlia HI LLII Slay OF THE blckflao STAFF. 8orTH?iir CotKm frmtru *r. add Caral (South of tie Hndn.* do 19 . GKOKwKTaGK. A.e 1LT -"""..V ?L1] UbIoi F1t?-Wm4 Mills* PINE. OAK and HIcioRT WOOD Savod and Split at aav length o' aiae repaired. aod deiiv fjdtn auy p?r t of una City at vary law prieea. ILT We oat I the particular alter. M >a of oar < tomer* ami the pabito reoeraHy to ear aplm BToCK OF COAL, which wa cu aar. witJpoat fear of oontradiotion, n e?uai to any tathe City. \\f guarantee to five aatiafhetioa to all who ma? parohaae of ua. tETOar SAWED u* SPLIT WOOD ia kef un?lf r cover, perfectly dry, and COAL on piank flo.?r?, clean aod in good order. Large a*laa tad mall profits. UTOriitn bo! i cited at UNION FIRK WOOD MILLS Cor. Seventh at and Canftl, McKNEW A MAS LOW, Proprietor.. no 15-tf WOOD AND 0 O A fc Deliyerel to ftU p*rU M Uie out. at Uj? lowest T. J. A W. M. galt. Offioe 499 Pa. a*., bthrMB Uth tad lJth ate.. ina 17 tf aorth awe. EDUCATIONAL. T female education. HOJ*K Pitmu who viat their 4aafhU _ oeive a thorough and ayntematic education, where their phrMca! training will reoetre dai W aiw r?*e?ai attention, under the moat approve iritea of Calls thenio* aibl G> maaetic*. ate re?pceuullj invited to vi?it the i'tiion Female Aoademr, corner Four teenth ?L and New York ar. mr. A MRS. Z. RIC] an 3*_tf F'EMALE BOARDING ANL) day school ALEXAXt>RlA, VA. Mr?. ?. J. McCORMICE. Pbiwipal. Tlie thirteenth annual icmiud of this Institution will oommenoe on Tnefelav, September 18th, in the house re<u ntlv occupied by 5*yive?ler SeoCt, Em., No. IS? K.iU* HU-eet. n.l ___ ' - 'HARD#, Princip?U?. lue curse <>i biugt pursued will oompneeail the branches requnite to a thorongh Encliah K4o cation, aud Music, F.enoh. Latin Ud Drawiac. tl desired. lu Addition to da* scholars. Mr*. MeCormiek is repaiwl to rtwiTf a limited numWer of as buarttwrs, who, constituting a part of bar ovi fam ily, will be under her iiminiw care and superv. - ion. She wi'l ?ndfavor. as iar as possible, to snr round them wiUi tii*oorajfort*aad kindly inlueuoes of Howe. fi^r ntM.-RM.Ow. H. Nortti, Rev. IK Elia* Harrison, Kev. D F. fepricc, WiUiaot H Fowl*, Esq., Edgar Snowden, Leq. EJuiunu F Witmer. Esq., Henry Marbury, E"q., Lewi* M<*Ken*ie, Esq., Roliert H. Hunton. Esq , W D Wallanh. Euitor Kttuiu Star, Benjamin Waters. Eeq.,Jn*. Entwisle, Jr., Esq.,Col. John \\ .Minor, Loudonn Me**rR. Blaaklook k. Marshall, MMara Car Brothers. Tnui*. Board, with Tuition in all the Enghs^ Banehaa. 03Oiifor the annnal *e*sion?payable *omi annna?iy. in ad vance. Mnmo and Languages at Profranort' price*. No extra charge*. an B-f Cure Cough, Cold, H?rtmutt In Mnvf^ tut It a an b /mlsfua nm &r< men ?f tkt Throat, KWim lb ' Hit Jrimi Couth ia Com mm? tiim. ?rmwl<fii, iitmi, t Cmtmrrk. CUtr mmd rm it'fUgtk 10 th* VMM if PUBLIC 8PEAKK18 axv SINGERS. 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