Newspaper of Evening Star, December 20, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 20, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL* NEWS trr Tbnuprh Til 9ta? to printed on tbe tMlwt tteani i rrta In uae aouth of Baltimore, !to edition la m> Urye u to require It to to pot to preaa at as early boar; Advertisement, therefore, should be ut to tofore IS o'clock at.; "therwtoe they may iwt appear ontll the next day. ? ??? ? Noticb.?Dtatrlct of Columbia Adrertltementa to be Inserted In the Baltimokk Hon are received ?ion fo?wanted from Thi *tar OCcc. Gone Brwmnio* m th* Coocils.?On Mon day night, Mr. Knemin introduced a resolution in thr lower board, authorizing a reward of fttoo for tbe arrest and conviction of Incendiaries. The resolution wm debated, the naceaalty for its pas sage being doubted, aa there la a law tn existence at present, authorizing such a reward. Mr. E argned that the resolution, then, would b&ve the rood effect of raiting tbe attention of tbe Mayor t* that law Tb^ resolution was adopted. Mr Morgan offered a resolution directing tbe drainage committee to inquire Into tbe expe diency of maktag an arrangement for keeping the flre-plugs In a serviceable condition. He stated that at a recent fire tbe snow had concealed the pl?k' within half square of the burning building, SO that It Was lmDOSalble to 4nd it ?n?t nothing but the snow and ire prevented a very destructive conflagration. This brought forth a remark from a member from the eastern section relative to the use of enacting laws, if the? are not executed The law providing for tire-plugs in the eastern section has never Seen enforced, sud the conse quence is that property In that section is particu larly exposed. This resolution was also adopted, tvihsequentiy, the Aldermen's bill for erecting a four-way Ire-plug at <*ec?nd street east and Penn sylvania avenue wee referred to the drainage com mittee This gives the citizens there, at least, a hone of a supply of water in cases of Are. The attendants st the Center Market, who have to endure the Inconvenience of mud in the gang ways, and the drippings from a broken and worn nnt roof. In damp weather, have also the satis faction of knowing that an attempt to remedy their condition is promised by the passage of a bill to repair the old roof of the sheds. This will give temporary relief, if approved by the Mayor. CB1XISAX Cocbt ?Yesterday, John W. Lee, colored, convicted of stealing two pigs and a sack from Joseph Polettl.was sentenced to 9 months in tti** county jail, and a fine of fS Tbomaa Fletcher, colored, convicted of stealing ?Q nonnH? nf hM>f fpnm f/An A UiisUu uraa -??> enced to 12 month* in the Penitentiary. Samuel Barnes. colored, convicted of stealing a Jacket from Romidi Stanton, wua sent to fall for <> months, and made to pav a fine of 91 and costs Michael Keln was tried for stealing* cost, a v?*t, a pair of pants, snd a pistol, from Jacob I'aes He was found ruilty. snd sentenced to 15 months in the Penitentiary The sam?- party was then tried snd convicted of stealing a pistol from Frederick Ftnk; for which he was sentenced one year to the Penitentiary. ^rank Banle, colored, wis tried snd convicted of stealing poultry from Henry W. Haskell. He was sentenced to one year la the county jail, and a Ine of 81 On motion bv District Attorney Ould, G. S. Minor. Esq . of Virginia, wss admitted as sn attorney of this court. To-day ?Klizabeth Hamilton (colored) was tried for str-alln? an overcoat and a handkerchief from Mr John Pntti FnnnH crniltu The court then took np the case of Wm. Dent, (colored,) accused of stealing a bat worth 9'J ">0 from Ttar* H. Maddox Hewai also charged la the Indictment with having been convicted at three several prevlons terms of this court, of simi lar offenses, the effect of which, under the peni tentiary act of 1S3I, Is to constitute the lastoffense grand larceny, notwithstanding that the value of the arti*les stolen was only laid at |2 50. The case was pending when our report clcsed. Examinations?On Tuesday the committee on examinations of the Board of Trustee of the Public Schools met at the Aldermen's Chamber, City Hall, for the purpose of examining candi dates for places as teachers in the Public Schools No less than thirty-three candidates presented themselves, and the examination was very con siderably prolonged. No oral questions were propounded, the committee having prepared prinvea inu 01 questions, one or which *r?? placed before each applicant. A lar^'e proportion of the ladies were or bad been pupils in our Public Schools, and in order to facilitate operations they were allowed to retire without examination, with the understanding that they were to assemble at the Fourth District School on Friday next for examination Tbe result of the examination will be communicated to the Board of Trustees at tbelr next regular meeting. As Christmas appioschks. the "Gift Book Store'* of Etuis. 47? Pennsylvania avenue, be comes a center of attraction, and from early morn until late In the evening the establishment is thronged with eager purchasers This does not arprise us, woeo weuie into consideration the nteoiiw stock at fresh and desirable works to be found therein?to say nothing of the really novel and superb assortment of holfday books, which is one of the most complete and varied of any ever offered to our metropolitan public. Our readers should Mt overlook the importance of ralllne on G G. Evans, should they design mak! ng Christ mas prrs?nts to their friends and relatives, for it must be borne In mind that two ijiftsare obtained with the tame money neceaaary to purchase one elsewhere. Tbi Fai* a*d Festival of the ladles of the Me'hodlst Protectant Church (Ninth street) held in Thorn's Building, Seventh street, will be coo tiniis?r) avavv n<i? K? ?KU t* ?< '' v. ? ? *-? ?. .v* i %uia ?? ct m. ik win ur ?rru uy the notice #W?-hw. This delightful affair ha* >w?n to successful that the managers feel justified In continuing It longer. Go everybody, and en courage the ladle* to pay for their parsonage! The (upper la excellent, ditto the ice-cream and confectionery, and there are thousands of useful and cheap article* on tale l.ast. but not least. Phil Fisher's capital band furnishes exquisite mvcic nightly. Tbiatbk.?Mr. Eddy made a decided hit last lght in biafivorlte character of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark To-night he Is to appear as Ingomar, in Lovell's great play of that name, a character In which It Is said he Is no unworthy rival of Edwin Forrest This play has been put upon the stage at considerable t xpena* and no little trouble by Manager Glenn, such as new wardrobe, new scenes, etc An unusually fine performance may be anticipated The opportunity of seeing an actor of such power as Mr Eddy, supported by so excellent a comnsni as thit of should not be lost. Asothee Death ?? a Watch-hovsb Cask.? Monday night, a man in a atupld condition from intemperance waa admitted to lodgings in the new guard-house Being too stupia to give bia own name, hs was. registered on tbe docket as John Drnnk. In the morning when tbe trials were In progress be entered tbe trial room, still In a stupid condition, and the officer on duty went to conduct him out: tbe poor fellow apruug away from him and fell on the stone floor. He was eat to tbe work-bou?e, that he might there have medical attendance, but we hear that be expired last night Ta* Torso ladies' faie at the Young Men's Christian Association rooms laat evening was a vert pleasant aflsir, indeed We are glad to aee their efforts for the benefit of tbe poor so highly appreciated In addition to all the good things provided by the ladles, who have made a com plete success In perfecting their arrangements for tue reception of tbe friends of the poor, they hs?a engaged Prosper!'s brass band to discourse their cbarmlag notes daring the fair. This Is a val uable acquisition. The fair contiaoesduring tbe remainder of tbe week. Iscimdiabt Fin ?Last night about If o'clock a larga barn on the fsrm of Dr J ease B Haw bordering on Boundary at and tbe Seventh-streoi road, waa consumed by fire? tbe work of an In cendiary In tbe barn were some thirty cows and two horses all of which were fortonately saved bat one cow,which waa burnt. Tbe entire low la covered by Insurance. Tbla la the second Incen diary Ire by which property upon Dr. Haw's farm has been destroyed recently. fUva Yosa Mosit .?>V leaeofleld k Co.,at the iMUss Hall clothing rooma, offers new iadace meuU to the ecouomlser who would parrhaae his winter clothing at the cheapest place, and yet re ceive tbe best of garments Splendla overcoats, dress suits, business and wedding suits, coats, pan la, veats. boy's c lathing of all sixes a ad la any style deal red. can be got at Wteaeoteld * Co's for a very few dollars Give him a call. Cbstsk JlaaasT.?Tbe approacbea to the mar ket this morning were very disagreeable, tbe streets were covered with mud In many places to the drpih of six or eight inches Tbe gangways, of course, were a little mora comfortable The supply rf provisions was ample and of superior quality, and a brisk demand gave a cheerful appearance to the Interior market Although the morning Is ao inclement, the attendance wn large. Li Boa Ton for January, 1981, at Shllllngtou i bookstore containing the latest style* of fashion for ladles'snd children s dreaea. A full-sized pattern of a boy's overcoat accompanies the Jan uarr number. "Tom" gives the last ot his reaiarftable per formances In this city to night. The tact should b? borne la mind, as a failure to see him might bo regretted hereafter. Oca CUitTSii DibsctoEt.?Advertisers whe wish to Igure la oar forthcoming Christmas D1 laruirt ?L. u.l tend in the it advertisements * rMti mluut *mn oi Pwry 4 Br?U? : 8? >l lA 11 It. I't "tt S :?1 i tmm UriTti Jvttiee Drmn On Tueedny. Charles Heise, who tuarretted by policeman ftsnaldson en the rharpe Of highway robbery a few days ago nenr Spring Tteern. ap peared for trial. The charge *u made by Saml. Scott, of BUdenstotrg, who swore positively to tbe prisoner as tbe person who knocked him down and robbed him of f I 85. Eight or ten'wltnesses for tbe defense were ivwrn to prove an alibi for Scott, to the effect that he at the time of the rob bery waa In an entirely different place, two miles off He w*s dismissed. Mefrll Munrom i- * ?.?N. VII BUSUi^lUH Ul breaking open a shoe box belonging to r. Prott, and stealing eleven pairs of gallera. The suspi cion waa baaed on the fact that the auipected man workt-d In a stove manufactory, and the Imple ment uaed to pry the box open waa a atove leg No stronger testimony being offered, the caaewaa dismissed. Corporatlon caae.?Cbarlea Pautlello waa ar rested for telling liquor without a license. Snb aequently complying with the law, the caae was dismliaed, the coats, ftl.27, being paid by the de fendant. B'fort Jusitrt Thompson ?The large dark grev shawl found In poaaeaslon of George Hughea, who waa committed from th? r*nlnl rrttmrAViamm last Saturday for further examIntion, vru on Monday laat Identified by Mr. O. W. Day as bis property. The ahawl was stolen on Friday night from the passage of Mr. Day's boarding-house The prisoner has been fnlly committed for trial. The shirt and flannel drawers found upon the prisoner being also yesterday Identified before Justice Thompson, the thief was then fully com mitted to answer on the charge of petit larceny. The shirt and drawers were stolen from a clothes line on the waaher wo man's premises, on Thir teenth street, between C and D. Yesterday, Dan'l Kuril and George Shadd were also fully com mitted for court by the same magistrate, on the charge of stealing loaves of bread from Henry Keyser and John Ewald, on the 15th Instant, In the Center Market. Askest or Suspicion?This morning, John Banks and Catbsrine Banks, colored, were ar rested by oBcer D A. Harrover, upon a warrant issued oy Justice Johnson, on the oath of Jesse B Haw. who charges that he suspects them of a frulltv knowledge of the hnrnlnir nf hla nrnn*t? , _ - ? * ? r*"r*' last night. There baa been a difficulty existing between Mr. Haw and the accused for a long time, and circumstances which Mr. Haw desires to bring the proof of ia the ground of auapicloa. The accused were held to bail for a farther hear ing in tbe sum of 91,(KiO each We are glad to hear from Haw that his loaa la not ao extensive as was at flrat supposed. By the perseverance of Messrs \V. R Plowman, Brown, andO'Dwyer, his cows, near fifteen In number, were saved with a single exception; also his horses. Two or three carriages in the upper part of the barn were de stroyed. He Is partially Insured. The fire broke out about one 'clock, and continued till a late hour in the morning. " Usios 9hikld?" asd thk Faik.?We noticed last evening, ?t_tbe fair of the Methodist Protest am ?^D<ircD, ax rnorn s Man, a number of gentle men wiih these beautiful shield* on the lapels of their roats; they are made by the ladies of the church, who are unanimously in favor of union and the Union. 80 trreat was the demand for them last night, that they could not supply it; but will try and supply the demand, however great it may be, every evening hereafter durlug the cob - ti nuance of the fair. All in favor of the undivided Unieti of the States should attend the fair and buy one The ladies have also a large assortment of fincy goods for the holidays, and correct like nesses of Rev Thomas H Stockton, Chaplain of Congress. J Ladiks, place to get your Christmas presents is at Mrs. R. G. Etc hi son's, No. 1*2 l'a. avenue, who has just returned from the North with a comDlete assortment of F?nr? (JnnHi *11 of which the hu selected herself especially for tbe approaching holiday* Her stock of real Lace Collars. Seta, Handkerchiefs, Veils, embroidered and plain Linen Seta, French worked Seta and Collars, Head Dresses, net iMeeves, Fans, Fort monaies, Linen Collars and Handkerchiefs, and a large stork of Faney Articles, (any of which will make & very handsome present,) will be sold very cheap. We advise you te go at once to No. 122 Pa avenue, and get your presenta before they are picked over. f ChksarKAKE and Ohio Casal ? VV> are in formed that Ijock si, near tbe Great Falls, which caved in a short time since, was visited lately by the Superintendent and some of the Directors, and that it was decided not to repair the damage temporarily to allow the paaaage of the loaded boats detained there as wan first suggested, but that the permanent and thorough repair of the work shall be commenced immediately. It will take a month or six weeks to do this, and. of munc, we lut'i 01 a resumption 01 navigation this sexton Is preposterous Ckntral Gcakd Horsi Casks.?A. H Young, drunk and disorderly; line snd costs, 50 Jas Miller, do. do ; S3 15, workhouse 90 days Mary Bruce, (col'd,) stealing coal and vagrancy, do ; (2 15, workhouse 90 days David Barry and Jas Grady, who were committed to jail a few days ago for larceny. having escaped a conviction by the court, got on a spree last night, and this morn ing were sent to the farm for 90 days each for be ing drunk and disorderly. ' Commence the Via* with a Diabt."?See Sbllltnjjton's advertisement under the above bead His assortment of these tasteful and convenient little pocket companions is the moat complete and beautiful we have ever seen, either In this city or elsewhere, and we believe it to be quite unrivaled in variety, cheapness, and beauty. Call ana see mem. Chiktxai is ArpftOACHtKG. and those who want pleasant malt liquor* or the b*-st cider, can be supplied at Amy A Shlnn's, In Georgetown. They keep the best Israel Df.mijo, 534 Seventh street, announces some very Inviting supplies for Christmas MARRIED. Oi Tuesday, 18th lost., at Si Patrick's Cnuroh, by Rev. F?tlmr Walter, JAMES HICK*. Jr., of M"iitRiifnery o^unty, Md , to Mus DuRCAS V. WALKER, of this city. _ HIED, In Georgetown, on the *Hh instant, at 2 o'c'ook a. m., in the 56th year of her ace, Mrs. FRANCES H. P., wi< nw of the late Col. William Robinson. Her funeral will take p ac? from her late resi dence on the Hights of Georgetown, on Saturday, u "* uivva y. Ill* OntheSH h ultimo, at the re?idenae of hi* atep father.Col. Hunter, Seoluaaville, Halifax couuty, North Carolina, of dyptberia, CHAKLES M W heat, mn of the late I riuuel C. Wheat, of this city, in the 12th year of his ate. Spanish merino sheep. The aubacriber ia breeding the beat of SPANISH MERINO SHEEP, and sella a? low aa any firat olaaa breeder in Vermont. Send for a printed prioe lift. AddreM GKORGK OAMPRELL, d?19-DlwWly Weat W?atminiiter, Vermont. ? H R 1 8tm A 8 CAKES. C. G \UTIER Will have in hia Saloon en Mondar, the J4th. the fio<Mit a sortnient of CAKE both pound and Frait, made of the beat material, and which, for their b?*auty and auality, oannot b* eaoeled. if equaled. Peraona wiahinK to purohasea NICE CAKE would do well to givw hire a oall. de 19-1 w DEAl'ilftl PRESENTS U FOR CHRISTMAS. Kioh Muilin and Cambric Embroidered Collars, Ri want Collars and aimvn in ?>U to matoh, Pocket Handkerchiefs in treat varieties, 5) dozen Jouvin's best Kin Gloves, J. W. COLLEY * CO.. de 19 ?t 933 Seventh st.. above fa. av. A PICTURES. FEW Choioe COLORED ENGRAVINGS, LITHOGRAPH* and OIL PAINTINGS, hand somely Framed, appropriate for Presents: also, handsome variety ol GILT OVAL frames foi Photofiaahs; for saie at J. M ARKRITER'S, v No. 4S6 Seventh at .a doors above da l!V6t* Odd Fellows' Hall. Mrs JOHN CRuiT would respeotfnlljr infnrrr the patrons or h?r late husband that she dB - ill co tinue th? fousineaa at tha old ttand, So. fid Seventh ttre*t. Having Mosttd ryl the asrvieet of a competeni Wa,tohmaker?MOT and a Jeweler, the it prepared to do all work in th? Watchmaking and Jewelry line m the beet mannei and at pricee to tait the timet. Rfpairin* proinetl j attended to. On band, an aatnrtrient of JK W El. RV, WATCHES, CLOCKS. *o.. euitab e (o\ Holiday Present*. A call it solicited. de l?-3f ANNA A. CRU1T. CGAUTIER'S FRENCH RESTA URANT. DINNER AND SUPPER PARTIES. In eolioiting^oar patronage, would retpeotfa II] sail your attention to hit elegant tuita of PAR LORS. RECEPTION and DINING-ROOMS faraitMd in the noet fothionable ttyle, and alwayi rmdy to aeoommodate tereral partiet at any mo meat tl^sl Pa av??u?. de 5 *o4w T BOOTS AND SHOES. HF. Best assortment of j HOOTS. SHOES and G A ITKRN.I _ So i t*hie for Seuiic, f W| Can be foand at * W II BUINSI, No 409 near National Hotel. , v between *H and 6th itreet*. Alio, a hand ao me asairtment of TOI'.El 1 SLIPPERS, tollable for Ckriatmaaand Nnr V? ^ Preetnta. [lnt.ACon.1 <te W-tw T HOLIDAY PRESENTS HOSE Persona vnkni to make virskara fo Holiday Preeeota, will ftna at the atore of the sub ecriber a verr laijre aaaortoeat of FANCY an I STAPLE DRY DOODS, auota aa t Handiome Cloth Cloak* and Raglana, Shawn, Black and Fancy Silk Robaa, B'aek and Paper Drew Silka, > Fixaradaad P.*in French Merinoee, Detain*, Caahmera ajjd Plaida. i Kmbroid-red Linen Cambric Handkerchief*, 1 Una'iH mmA iHinhrim. Pnlliri uid Heta Mtnao Shirt* and Dmv?n. grwi Mif other G"odi autlabie for Hohda B*sa?saSS-ss. dt 19-m Ml Srr*nth at m4 Ml Pi. * . **M i! 1 t.lM 1*1?T 4 REA p. 4 M, ROOKS ARE BOLD AT THE PUBLISHERS' PRICKS, ill A SPLENDID GIFT, WOKTB ! SO CENTS TO #100, IS OIYBN WITH EACH BOOK. Yoa oa? select from a 1?rf? and magniSoent etook of Books, among vhioh may be foand ALMOST EVERY THIWO in the shape of reading matter, oarefully selected and sold at regular advertised prioes. Books of Paot Books of Fietioa. Books of Devotion. Books of Amusement. Books for the Old Folks. Books for tk* Young Folks. Books a boat Sailors. Rook* about Soldier*. Books about Indians. pooKi ior ??wm?*rli Hooka about Hunter*. Booka for Wivea, Booka about Heroaa. Book* for Huabanda. Books about Patriot#. Kka for Farm era. ka for Meohaaioa. ka for Merohanta. Books for Physicians. Book a for Lawyer*. Book a for Statesmen. Books af Humor. Booka of Hiatory. Books of Poetry. Book* of Biography Booka of Travel. Books of Advantnra. A handsome aaaortmant of PRESENTATION BOOKS, In every style of binding. ALBUM8, AnnuALB, BIBLES, PRAYER BOOKS, HYMN BOOKS, SCHOOL BOOKS, SINGING BOOKS, JUVENILE BOOKS M U8IC, SCIENCE, MEDICINE. BOTANY. CHEMISTRY. GEOGRAPHY, MECHANICS, NAVIGATION, MANUFACTURES. AGRICULTURE, ARCHITECTURE NATURAL HISTORY, THEOLOGY. rniiC. nABunKl t ODD FELLOWSHIP. All the writinra of any atandard author iu every department of literature. O. O. EVANS, HE THIRD WEDNESDAY OF EVERY Dr. SCHENCK. of Philadelphia, finds it impoa ibie to visit Washington every week, and naa made Arrangementa to positively he in the city the third Wednesday of every month. He haa a suit of rooms at the Avenue House, where patients can obtain advioe free. He on!v ohargea when it la neoeaaary to make a thorough examination of the Lunga with the Reapirometor. W. H. Waite la aceet for Sohenck'a Pulmonic Syrup, pnee $1 per bottle, for the cure of Coughs, '.olds and Consumption ; Sohenok'a Sea Werd Tonic, pnoe SI per bott'e, for Dyapepsia; Sohenck'a U II 01 - ti. I ? - ' de 19 4 76 Pennaylvanin Avenue MONTH mauuiMO i *II?9 puuo ? DOHH nor W)4. IOT liivcr Bilious Complunti and Constipation of the Bow e's. Dr. Sohenck would be rrat?fu to those who have been oared by hit remedies if they woo d leave their certificates ot enre with S. B. WAITK, corner Seventh st. and La. av. de 19-Sm rORPEDOES, Toy Wax Candles, Ao , whole sale and retaii. cheap for cash at da 18 St* LAM MO ND'S, Seventh st. I OTSJ OF PIANOS fOR RENT OR FOR Li sale upon easy terms, by J. F. ELLIS, 306 I'a. av., bet. 9th acd 10th sts. de 19 MU?1C BOOKS BOUND UP IN FINB Style; alto, new Ml SIC. at ELLIS'S, 306 Pa. av., bet 9th and inth ?ts. 10 rJ",HE BEST KIND OF PRESENTS!?New or 1 sooond-ha-d Pianos, pncea from 9^5 to $&*); Guitars, Violins, Flutes, Banios, Acoordeons, Tan bonnes, Mumc, Ac. JOHN F. ELLIS, de H 306 Pa. av- bet 9th and loth sts. T REMEMBER, HAT Yon save more than 10 per cent, on the dollar hjr buying your DRV GOODS at Store No, 321 Seventh st.. as the? are selling off to move. HENRV EGAN. 421 Seventh St., de 19-10t Near Avenue House. THE SEASON OF GIFT* I * AT HAND, and the place to get a ohoioe Book, either for young or old, is at BALLANTYNF.**, 49* S-renth st., Al>ove Odd Fellows' Hall, Where you will a *o find Writing Desks, Ladies' Trave in* Bag s, Stereoscopes, Ac., Ac. Uf iO CHAMPAGNE, WINES. AND BRANDIES. 25b(iaket? HEIDSICK CHAMPAGNKS. 25 t>a*ket? of the' elebratsd Ct.ICiUOT WINE, 12 dozen fine old CH A.MPAGNETbRANDY, 12 doaen tine old LONDON DOCK BRANDY, 8 quarter-casks verj fine delicate PALE SHER RY, imported ilirect by us. In store and for wile by E E WHITE A CO.. No. 63 Louisiana av., bet 6t!i and 7th *ta.. de 18 3t?o Opposite BaakojTJVYa?1iin*ton. FINE OI.D WHI*KY. IU BARRHl,# PINK Ol,D RYE WHISKY, 10 barrels superior Old Bonrl)on do 5 do. Gin?on'c XXXX Old Rye do. 10 d-t. do. XXX do. do. 20 do. do. XX do. do. w uu. no a no. ao. 50 do Med mm Rye *nd Bourbon do. l<?dosen Old Cabinet, R> e and Bourbon do. 25 five gal. demiiohns very superior old do. In store and for sale by K. K WHITE A CO.. No. f>3 Lonsiana av.. I>et 6th and 7th sts., de 18 Steo Opposite Hank of Washington. REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF OAS. Officio* Wash:n<jto* Gas L'qht Co.,I November 30, I860. s Notic* ? ? K?rtby ni< >n that tUe charge for gas con timed after the 3'st day of Deoeinlxir next, will ho three dollars and hfite? tents per thousand oubio feet, to all tho?e whose Itills are paid as required t>y the act of Congress, approved J uue 25. 186<s to wit: "At the office of the Company, w thin five daya from the rendit.on thereof. rrorid?d all arrears hall have been previously paid." J. F. BROWN, no 30 eo4w Secretary in Charge. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lot tery, oondnoted by the Spanish Government, under the anpervmion of the Captain General of Cnba. will tue plaoe at Havana on FRIDAY, Jascart 4, 1861. snR TVn vrrafBNn ius na m * a n m CAPITAL PRIZE 9100,000. ptlMOf $105,000 To 40,000 do ?>,ooo do Jn,oon do 10,000 11V ALL 498 PRIZES. ao priaee of??.fl,ooe M do Mfl in do ? ?no ?ia>prox. Whole Tioketa, ft'JO?Hvtci, 10?Unartera, 00. Priiea cuhM at ai?hi atS aer oent. discount. Bill* on all aolvcut B^nks taken at par. A drawinc will beforwaraod m booq aj the roe ail beocmea knows. AH ofdeca lor eohemea or tieket* to be addreoaed to DON RODUieUEZ, de r?-tT Pare of Citr P(*t rhwlwtnn. 8. c. TA card. HE Subacnber would re'er the many inquirers for lu* delioioua VIRGl X HONKY, made in hii Ua? I'llimii ft. Ivult fin* artmla *a a rohell. corner Vermont av. and I st.. and B. J, a, No. 61 L*. ft v., between 6th and 7th eta. GEO. calvert. [O*"Thie Honey hM no equal in pure and deli oioue flavor. Supply jrouraeivee at onoe. de 14-1 w* Flour, n. o. FTolasses, apples beans, POULTRY, VENISON, mill feed, Ac.-1? barrele auperior brands Family and Kxtra flour. 16 harrela new crop N. O molasses, very fine, 150 do Grerainf and Pippin apples, 50 do priiae Wi.iie navv BEANS, 3 do fresh kil ed POULTRY". 4 saddles prime venison, 4,000 bushels SHORTS and BROWN STUFF. Reoeired thie day and for sale low in lots to suil by D. L. morrison k CO., de 17-45t _ oorner Twelfth and B ats. A AUCTION-auction. CARD.?We would respectfu iy call the atten tion of housekeepers and those in starch of Hnlidaj Presents to the large and elegant utock of China Glass and Plated Ware at the store of Ckahlks E Gkkkn, 97 4 Penn. avenue, ooneistin( of the fines' and latest styles of every thin* useful and orna mental in that line, and which we will offer at pub lie auction TH IS morning and evening,an< will a?ll without reserve daily until all are diapoMC of fee advertisement in another column. de IS WALL A BARNARD, AucU. RANKING O U 8 E SWEENY. RITTENHO?t?$, FANT fc CO. Will open for customers, specie, currency, ant Viriiaif money account*. Bur and tell eoin and exchange at the moat favor able rate*. Currency and Virtinia money wanted, bo 84 In BRAID AND CURL MANU Vf FACTORY, 34a Penn. avenue, near the oor aer of Thirteenth street?A vary ootnplete assort ist of Braids, Curia, Priaettee, Bandeaaa, ?e. now ob hand; also. ntade to order at the aiiortee notioe Hair work repaired or taken in axohaagc m * i v ? VII JH ?IVH vil Ma * _ 1,1,1 u'^0m>.?s.0#&vkns. no 22 tf bttvms 9th and lot ut ?? ?? J i very oh*ap fo 338 *nt.u.

bk?t FANCY GOODS, ^ pRICK9 TO SUIT the TIMES. ? Ji,7kvb'"n h.! c'rench flowers op the very be?' r aub aoatt " iii, wd'imh ?, rxm *" *t- *1 0 c i AJfOSEMENttf " ~ WASHINGTON THEATLR! th night of the odebrated *mwiaM Truc^iaa, At orifiMlly flajid by him in this country. ^ THIS EVENING, . Will be performid tha bean'ifnt %j by Mr. Lovml, in firfi aaU. INCOM AR, TH L* BAR BARIAN lOKomar ...... Jtt- K.JF Parthema Mis? Alios PUoide 51 conclude with the rnaaictl barleMue of JENNY LIND. Jenny Lindfwith ?onj)_ MimM. flhaw To morrow (Friday) Benefit of Mr. K. EDDY. CZT" Will shortly he producrd'*The Dead BeaiV' *B<T"The Cormcan Brother*." Doore open at 7, to commence at o'oloek. Orchegter chain 11; drew circle and parquet 50 ot?.; private boxee 85 ITALIAN OPERA, I TOR ONE JV lOHT ONL Y MONDAY. Deoeraber >4. Bt the oelebrated ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY of the ASSOCIATED ARTISTES! Mut PA ITT Mil* u W^CVil ? The celebrated Prim* Donna; Miss ADELAIDE PHILLIPP8. The> distinguished Contralto ; Sir. BKIGNOLI, Sig. SBR10LIA, Mf. FERRI, Si(. iuStNIT Pu- COLKTTL Dikscto* ahp Conductob?? 8>g. MLZIO. The following extraordinary perlormanoe will be civen MONDAY. Deo?n?l?er 24: The entire opera of Donizetti's celebrated Connie Opera, DON PA8QUALE. With the following Star Caat: Madame PAULI n* her celebrated character aa Norma. Signor BKIGNOLI aa Ernesto. Signor FERRI as Dootor Malatesta. Signor 8USIN1, in hia world-renowned character as Don Fa.sqca.lx. The Derformanne will oon?!n<1? with ?S? 1 ??? of Don zetti'a Dramatic Opera, La. favorita Mil* adelaide PHILLirPS* u Leonora Signor SBRIGJ.lA aa Fernando Signor COI.etti aa Baldaaar DlKXCTOR ARB COSDOCTOR SiK. McztO. Thf price of admlaaion to all parta of the ball #1: rea?rved erata 5n cent* extra. Seata can be aeon rod at Aletzerott'a Mtiitio Store. Ooora open at 7; Opera oommence at 8. de tO-tf Grand concert For the Benefit of THE POOR OF THE CITY. the SOCIETY OF 8T\~VINO?nt OF PAUL Hare the pleasure of announcing that a GRAND Vocal and Instrumental Concert For the Benefit of the Poor of the Cit? will be given at WILLARDS7 HALL On THURSDAY evening, December ?7, Under the direction of Mr. T. N. Caclf.elo. The lerntta of the best musical talent of Wash ington and Georgetown have been kindly volun teered for the occasion. Admission Fifty Cents. Tickets can be procured at the Music and Book Stores, and at the Hotels, Washington; at Kid well's Drug Store, Georgetown; and frem members of the Society. de 18.3n,22,24.S6,g7 POSITIVELY LAST CONCERTS OF TOM, THE BLIND NEGRO BOY PIANIST THE WONDER OF THE WORD! THE MARVEL OF THE AGE ! A Living Miracle ! Blind from birth, without one moment's instruction, not even knowing the name vi > iii|io ntsT mi urn iiiiior Dojrn, or me inipv 01 a piano, inoompetent to anawer the aimpleat quea tioa in r?gard to mueio?yet maater of the Piano; playing from the operaa of Norma, Linda. Lucrctia Borgia, Daughter of the Regiment, Trovatore. Traaiata, and other*, with a master hand and maater touch. Here la a atud* for learned men. A negro child, only ten yeara old, rained upon a plan tation, ainiple minded, a child in all hia wiahea and wanta? yet maater of one of the grrateat aoiencea ; p aving two pieoea of music at once and oonveraing at the aaine time?re producing the moat difficult pieces afW onoe hra'ing them?playing the aeoondo to any piece without even hearing it once, then changing aeata and re producing the pruno cor rectly? performa with hia liack to the inatrumect? ptnga in German and French, without underatar.d ing either language. All of which will b) done on the atage. Concert* at Aa??mt>ljr Rooma, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS. 18th, 19th ?nd 2 th mat. D'ora open at 6S o'clock, concert commencing at 7?*. Admiaaion SO oenta ; children 25 oenta. Matinees Wednesday and Thursday at 1 o'clock p. m. This being the only week in the ci'/, this is the last opportunity of seeing this great Musical Ph*. nomenon. d? >7 4t? C G. ATWEI.I,, Afnt. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. JJURRAH FOR. THE SHIELDS BOYS! The Shields Brystike treat pleasure in announc ing to their many friends, ana the in Q4 *en?>ral, that the* will gtve their Seventh * GRAND ASSEMBLY at the Wasbingtocim Assembly Rooms, on FRIDAY, D<*c. 2'st.ulliA 198-. The members" pledge themselves that it will be one of the most pleasant and agreeab'e of the season. Tickets an cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Committee <J Arrangemtnts. J Vlanegan, J. Harngan, J. Hogan, A. Gleaeon. M. Harrixan. del9 3t* WANTS WANTED?A BOY, to attend a dootor's office. App y this dayonlj at 257 (south side)pein ?ylvania avenue. Reference reguir?-<l. It WANTED TO EXCHANGE-?ome Paper, du? in twelve month*, well spoured by trust deed. bear*)* interest; also, some Property, which can ea*ily turned into oaRh. for a small stock < ( goods, or improved or unimproved propertr in Washington. Address J. (i. S , through the Wash ington Post Office. de 20 3t* ANTKD TO PURCHASE-A comfortable DWEl.LING-HOL'SK, containing 8 or 1(1 raoms, in a centra! part of the city. For p\rticu iars apply to THOS E. BADEN, Real Estate Agent, No. 446 Eighth *t. de 19 3t? WANTED-A SITUATION as dressmaker in a private fami'y, by a young person who un derstands every branch o| tier business perfectly, b*ing ai competent to cut and lit any fashionable style of dress as a y other dressin*k er in Wash ington. rie&ee aanrMi a now 10 box iv, s?r Di ke. de 19 St \TL7 ANTED? By a young lady, who has entirely i *? satisfactory references, a position as compan ion of tome lady. She is oompetent to ai>?irt in any literary labors, and her deatre is to obtain a oomlortable home with some lady who will appre ciate one wno will et'ive to make her happy at all times. Compensation is no object Piease ad<lr*st a note to E. f. C.. Star Offire. de l!Mt* VVANTED-ByaFrenohlady, a SITUATION '? as seamstress and ohambermaid. B??t refer ence given. App'y at the bakery No. 169 Twenty eoond st. de 18-lw* WJANTED TO RENT?A conveniently ar ranged small HOUSE, with seven or eight rooms, and vater in *ard. situated anywhere be twAAn 14 AnH I . anH PnnrtK RnM tranth traata Address E. 8. Z , through City Poat Office, statmi locality and prieo. de 18 3t* IE/ANTED?BEQOND HAND FURNITURE ? Per?os? declining housekeeping, or litvint & iurp'u? of Purnitnre on hand,can obtain the cut and fair prices by applying at 3fi9 Seventh't. PERSONAL. ASTROLOG18T. READ! READ.'.' Grkat Excitbxxkt ! FAKbWEbLWEEK or THB GRKAT PLANET READER, MADAME DEVICE, Who ii viMted dai'y bjr hundrtda?all noinr awaj rejoiced and aitoniahed. This lady, though ven young in y?ar?, has the moat wonderful powen imaginable. All who are m trouble of any kind, g< at once to her. She will brine any one to you nnt oau?e them to love you ; will break the habit 01 drinking ; also, advise in regard to taw?nits, num hers, loasea, travel*. Ac To aooommndate, thii la?t week price* will be, for ladiea,2S, So. and .fl Residence, Richmond Houae, corner Eighth anc P ata.; entranoeon Pat. de 19 2t* MILTON GARRETT, 204 U street, taturm thanka to tha Franklin Fir* Iuauraane Ooiopa rt for prompt payment of damages by the reoenl fire, and to our fnenda. neighbors and firemen foi their kindy>?e in our miafortune. de U 8t* LOST AND FOUND. AN ESTRAY.?Came to the prem<a?a of the aub seriber, liring on the oorner of 8-ooa street east and E strert south, on Wednia rfnv nMAmkar 19 & rMi Anii vliitA HKIFFKR, about three years old, with shor horns. The owner is req?* ted to oome forward 'ryfff"''w?jgtm. LOST?On Prid?) Dipht.?ihmIItMTKRHiF.f SLUT, lame in right leg; Had on trMo and white ollsr, ..with silver-J^t rookie. A liberal reward will be given i( ~ ' returned to J. D. HOOVER. de 18 3t* C REWARD? Strayed or stolen f om Cente years old, blind in the left eye, and oom on the left front foot. The above reward ?ill be pan for her return (or for information that may lead t the tain*) tc fL DARNES'9 Livery stable, o Bridge street, opposite the Market, Ueorgetown s de 18-St* <U?-tf N*. StfS C I , MONEY rum U f*r, WL b*v. Mi and Hk #?. d Jwf,.??.#*1 oi'? I , .Af> et 1=4 It te MWi V*! ? f t ? THE LATEST NEWS TELEGBAPHJC. MltH CUULIM in IDStUIIOH. opened, at 11 o'clock a m, with mi oaoouracing praver by the Rev Mr Curtis Peveni additional inrmbe * took tkelr mti One hundred ud sixty member* were preaent A Proportion to sit with closed doors wu de bated and withdrawn The communicotlea ?f a portion of the Georgia Legislature was taken op Mr Wardlaw moved that It be referred to the Committee on the Address Mr. Middle ton said that, as thla waa act aa official paper, its aooeptaeoe aa such woald opeo a wide door. i*e If-appointed committees from every State. North and South, would claim the same conalderation. He wished It understood that this body would not receive unofficial docu ments. The subject was further considered, but no action taken. The special order for one o'clock was the reeo lution proposing to appoint four standing com mittees for the Coev#nt1na- Mrh to r-tmm< * nf even members, u follows: 1st. A Committee on Relations with the Plavs boldlng State* of .North America. 2d. A Committee on Foreign Relations 3d. A Committee on Commercial Relations 4th. A Committee on the Constitution of the State Mr. Smith proposed an amendment providing for a Committee of Commerce and a Committee on Postal Arrangements. A debate took place about the power of the le gislature in this matter. The Committee on Commerce and Postal Ar rangements were increased to thirteen, and the amendment adopted The resolution authorising a committee in re iatlon to tbealaveboldlng States was ad opted, and a vsommniee oa I- orelgn Relations wu alao au thorised. The third resolution, on commercial relation* and postal arrangements, was then taken np. Mr. McCready said v*e are only proposing to make a change for the people while la a traoaltlon state, and we must take especial care of our poatal arrangementa. Our Legislature new has no power. We are the power, and may pass It, aub j?"ct to their revlaion and alteration We are ob ligated to take particular nolle* of It in lte relation to the United Statn Your faith la pledged, and you are not to break in upon arrangements which are necessary to the convenience of our citizena and the other Southern States What will w? do without Information? It will breed Ill-will 1 think the Convention la bound to make auitable arrangements in relation to these matters. The Poat Office Department can be carried right on, ana we snau cave me contractor* to pay. Mr Gregg said we can dissolve our union with the United states and make arrangements for con tinuing the mail service with Adams's eipreas The debate la out of order The minister to the United states will have the matWr in charge. Theamendment adding the postal arrangementa to the duties of the Committee on Commerce was adopted. The fourth resolution was adopted. The second special order, being the secession portion of the .Message of the President of the United State*, came up. Mr Magrath made a strong speech on the sub ject of the property of the United State* in South Carolina. Mr Mile* bad no idea that the President of the United States mw any necessity for reinforcing the fortifications in the harbor. He would say frankly that there should be no concealment among us. In a conversation, and subsequently in a written communication, I know this to have been said : "If you send a solitary xoldier to these parts, the instant the intelligence reaches our people (and we will take care that it does reach u? before it can reach the forta) the forts will be taken, because such a course ia necessary to our afi-ty and self-preservation " Mr Miles spoke about the repays at Fort Sum ter, and meutioned the cause of the resignation of Secretary Cass At Fort Moultrie there "were onlv sixty-five men, with Hve or six musician!. Maj Anderson is needful of troops He felt the neces sity when the excitement first broke out of beiug watchful, lest a few persons from Charleston should surprise him in the night Alltherepa rs now being made will be to our advantage. The resolution for a committee of safety was postponed and made a special order for to-mor row Mr. Memminger moved the appointment of a committee of seven to draft a summary statement of the causes which justify South Carolina in withdrawing from the l~nlon. Hesaid at another time we can present these causes to the whole world This he desired, so that It would dispel the idea that South Carolina is In a state of revo lution. We sre a State already recognised by the world, and, in order to set ourselves right before the world, it is expedient to show our true posi tion The motion was adopted. m? _ n i_i _ -mr j * * mi. Duuiiu uunru a resolution mat a commit tee be appointed to Inquire into and report what measures, temporary or permanent, can be adopt ed In reference to custom-houses and postal ar rangements, necessary In conaequence of a with drawal of South Carolina from the Union Mr. Hayne submitted a preamble and resolu tions substantially aa follows: W hereas the cauaes which have produced a aep aratlon of South Carolina from the Federal Union have emanated from the Vtates north oS Mason aud Dixon's line which use hireling labor only; and whereas it Is not against the Constitution of the United States that South Carolina haa opposed her sovereignty, but the usurpation of the (govern ment In violation of this Instrument: Therefore, be it Hrtolrtd, That a commissioner be sent to each of the slaveholding States, bearlug a cop* of the ordinance of secession, and proffer each State, or any one or mors of them, the existing Constitu tion of the United States as the basis of a Provis ional Government, to be adopted on th<! part of South Carolina and any other slaveholding State or States which, after seceding from the present Federal Union, ihall be willlmr tn nnibur ih Soutb Carolina In forming a new Confederacy; and we do hereby ratify and confirm, from the date hereof, any action taken by such rommli lioner or commissioners. with the consent of the Governor of South Carolina, in the formation of uch Provisional Union. And we do further earnestly recommend that In ? day* after two or more States. in addition to South Carolina, shall have acceded to the said Provisional Union, an election shall beheld for Senators aud Members of the House of Representatives of the new Con gress, and also a President and Vice President of the new Confederacy Rciolrrd, That three commissioners be ap pointed to cmy an authenticated copy of the ordinance of secession to Waahingt n to be Laid before the President of the United States, with a request that the same ahali be communicated to Congress, now In session; and that the said com missioners are hereb/ authorized sod empowered to treat for the delivery of the forta, magazines, light-houses, and other real estate, aud all appur tenances thereto within the geographical limits of South Carolina?tbe authority to treat upon these objects to be extended to tbe day of Feb ruary. In tbe rear of our Lord l?*Jt: Provided, That in the mean time tbe said forts, magazines, etc., are allowed to remain In the condition In which they may be at the adoption of this ordi nance. And they shall be further empowered to treat upon the subject of the public debt, and for a proper division of all other property now beld by the Government of tbe United States as an ayeat of the States now embraced in the said Cou federacy, until such time as a new Confederacy of States shall be formed of whi?h South Carolina hall be one. Theae resolutions elicited a long debate, In which Messrs. Rhett. Keitt, and Middleton parti cipated. The tirst resolution was referred to the Com mittee on Foreign Relations, and ordered to be printed. Mr. Memmlnger submitted a resolution that a commission, consisting of three persons, be elected by ballot to proceed to Washington to negotiate with the United States, through tbelr General Government, as to proper measures and arrange ments to be adopted for tbe continuance of peace ana amuv; ana aiso lum a commuter- 01 n?r |>er >on? be electret to confer with deputies from tbe otb?r slaveboldinn States with a view of forming a Southern Confederacy, fcc ; and alao to arrange for n general meeting of such deputies. Tbeae resolution! were appropriated referred Another resolution vrai Introduced to inquire wbat legislation by Congress la necessary in tbe premise*. Tbe act of secession was made tbe special order for to-morrow. Tbe Convention tuen adjourned at 3 40. Later frem Karepe. Nkw Yoax. Dec. M.?The stems hip Persia, from Liverpool on the 8th, has arrived here, with telegraph dates via Queenstown to the *th. Cotton ruled doll, with estimated sales on Sat urdayof about <,(1(10 balea. Tee market closed irregular. BreadstuA ruled active and firm at full prices as last reported Previsions were doll, and renerallr unchanged. Consols closed Saturday at93J{ au3fc for account, ex-dlvidcnd From Celamhia Columbia, 8. C , Dec.*) ? Eleven new eaam <4 HB?irp 1 \ WCK iruuiKU iW? | ur?u?j. The?outh Carolina Methodist Conlaraoee no* In x***lon here passed resolutions tipwln o! their (kror ot secession bj the State RtiifMtin ( H?> It. Kettt Colvksia, Dec L M Kdtthaw signed hit ant in the U.S. Home off Repreasata ______ Death af u tsUHvtrtar. AMian, Do*. 30.?Ex-Govww McDonald off. Gcargla, dtod at his raaldoore la Marietta w Monday nl^ht - Irta'j.".k,r~ih ,ltVT,Ckl UTA*'. hi ' C?^ita L'lHlttm. < Ac\t^4n Um <*aM|ta DwM fm 1?mmr ? ? JlrMioi on MpnrfU t>uk Mtk>a t* ffporlrt to ha** br?n th? abtntf of ?W * >? Mr HIU.?rTrOTp?*?Btv.taaMn*?rrl?qiM?r?, cbararUritard ?p*?iU Stato actios M* JUgH ? cMptMiu Its awn drfrat. Liberty fovglag I* Mm efcaia. Hip^Ma paiaantag Mi owl cap. and Ffwapfrttr com?i?ttt?? satet?? " A resolution w&a adopted m ? M?that, aa therr ti a roatonon 1 nteraaU a? Ikirr ahwM bo ro-oprration among w Mile* A re consideration wae moved and W Mr Delaney's bill for protecting the rttiteas of Georgia from tbe pm mm of tbe Federal Crorto was loat bv id majority. W. L. Harris, tbe CoonMaMT from Missis sippi. waa courteously received bf tbe LaclsU ture. and made aa addreaa. aaa t bow ad copies d which were ordered to be priatad _ On Ssturday, in tbe Senate. a r^anluttan ?ff?wlng tbe services of tbe member* of tbe Lsgtstaffar* la caae of coercion br tbe Federal ?evernmeat at any Southern State, and rrqa?"at!ng the Osrmwf to order out all the members first for tbe field, was loat. Later from HaraM. New Okliams. Dee. If" ?Tbe steamships War of the Weat and Babana hare arrived from Ha vans with dates to tbe 1Mb Instaut Thev bring aiOT.iwi in Spanish cold Tbe Spanish Bank has been author J ted to lasoe WOW1 in new bo ads. to relieve tbe mosey mar ket The Captain General baa gone to visit tbe weat ern rtepartmenta of tbe laland Sus;ara were unchanged ; tke new crop *m rominjj In. The stock in port ta forty tboneind boxes. Mom tor I'alo* MooMag. WiLUttviroiT. Pn , Dec. IB ?A aioonlcr Union mooting ) uow io pro^rtoa at i>oebler'a Hill?tbe Hon F Campbell pr?adlng A aeries of resolu tions of a conciliatory character bare born pre mtrd and unanimously adopted Eloquent and f 1 ? - -J J *- * " ? ikiipif i >r ftuurnan iiare oeen aeillffO Oy IM Hon. M. C. Marnard.Wm. H Arnittoa| ud Grorpe White, Kaq*. K. (ireenoogh Scott. K?q., I* J art clatinc in *a linpam.oned and patriotic appeal la behalf ot the Union and the equality of the States Terrible Htrambcit KiplMlM Nmw Vobk. De>' 1? -The magnificent Commonwealth, of tit* Stoning ton line, bad aa accident off Tl'roj'a Meek thla morning. Bb* bn?t her atarbonrd ?te*?n-otj1mn*T, scalding mrtm of the paaaengrrt, fr>ur of whom were lerarely injnred Rmtlread AcrUeat Boili?cg SrKixoa, N J , Der 10?Aa eacla* on \or MWH'iiMrk Ra'Irrad ru over hand aar containing twentv-two laborer*, killing one and aerioualy injuring two H*lUa*rt ntrkM. Baltimoki, Dec. SO ?Flour dalL Howard at S5; Ohio #1 n7. Wbeetduil, red fl, wfclt* 91 iO?l 40 Cora active and 1 rente higher, ?ew white and yellow Mia53c Proelalooa active. meea pork *16 Lard 10c. Coffee doll at 12){al3e VVhiaky dull at lt?. N*w York narktu New Yon, Dec. 'JO ?Floor and wheat are a ahade firmer and quiet Corn firmer. ProviaiM* doll. Whisky nominal at l&jfc. ORnRnRTftWW A n\7TTi>T?wr^ H O: FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Ri Attention i? inTited to the large and ent rel? i took < f BOOKS. TOVSmiI various Fine ArUolea, te.ecL?<J wtii great care by the aubacriber id peraoc. penal t for th* ho:i<1%v? de an-St No. 12* Bridge at. ftiw>r??tow'ii. APPLES. iKCEIVKD, on conairnmsnt, br EVAN LY ONS. fcfrj barrel. APPLES. For a?le lov. de 18 3t or,ft APPLFS. ?WU iiBLS. No. 1 ?elected Btidvini. 8*Mt lireeninga, Ru*seu, Romaaa. Moodiea, Pipp re, Ac., io prime order, just arrived per achoowar J. \V. Seaver. For *a e up.j^^co^mmodat^n^grraa by de 18-7t* No T& Water at.. G?ort?toT?. 1 ^ E W DRY G OOP S~T TORE. Th< underpinned, having taken the Dry Gooda Su>?e ?n the corner of High and Git atrMfti, (for . U' u u... <ii _.u _? -ii ?? ? hania ?rrat vi'ietr of the newest and n??t luii lonabie 1)m V t.OOD*, FANCY goods.DBbM TB i M MINUS*. A o., ic . which will b* eoid u ohcap as the ohfapcet. d?!n? Mr*. FR ANCES DKVAR. <inn apples. t)UU BBLS. Prim- No. 1 BALDWIN apples, per sch?.-ener J. and N. Baker. Will be add on leasonable terms by j. G. WATERS, de 17 Ni?. 109 Water St., G?ort?low?. OYSTERS! OY8TERS ?. oysters" The undersirned has opened an oyster de POT on High street. near the corner ofA Hajr, and can furnish, ateli times. F Stewed. Fried, Roasted, or Sou. OY?ter8. Parties oan be served . n ri rftta rm t ma E*iami!i. "?* w>?W r ? ? VV IHVI wim . I - W DU|f IVM w i vai Oratera or FI8H. bj leaving their orders aa tboTt. de U-lm i. V. COLLINS. BOARDING. ^UPKRIOR BOARD?A |rnii?mu ud wife io And two joui)it men can obtain fine roomi,good table, a il all home cumlorU. in a central location To perron*desiring auoh. thia la an oppoitnmtv *e!d?m offered. Apply at thia office for fnrtber jar tieula a. <1e lag.* BOARDING.?A fami.?. or two or three ceatla meu, can be acc jmmoi1at?d with Hoard atNo. 433 Ninth street, one door aonth of F at. Terms moderate One of the larceat and moat dMirabla Rooms in the house, furnialixd with water and km, s now unoccepted. Table Boacders aoeornmo dated. no A i*' ruii JSAJL.K ANU KENT. [For otkir 'For Sal* and Rent" adrortittwtmUi, fe first V*ft ] |?OR K KMT-A two-story BRICK HOU8K. r No. 4 4 4 D treet, between 3d and 3d at*., oon tffciniuc * room*. It it one ?<j u*r?> >ut of the City Hi! . and o >nvoment to the Capitol and A'Nie, ft-id deeirahle neifht>?r!i<x-d Ap?j to W K. W . BfcRTH,corner of Third it.a-hi Indiana av. VriRQIN'IA UNO. *c . POR 8ALK-4 BAR GAIMs FOR CASH.-Bern* pa t W rear* of U<>,an>i wiihinc to retire, 1 will Mil ay FARM, Ot!.?d BUoHV RIUUK. tr*v?r?*l br the OrU|g and Alexandua Hat read at Si iohm Iron Aiexar dna, in Pnnoe William C- nt*. a< joining tan enter Virginia. oontair inj 107 0 aC|E$. or tnerealMtuu, b? the aane wore or 1m*. of wnioh ?l<1 two thud* 10 various oultivat on, and havn upon it throe tarm h?meatead?; with hit farming LIVE STOCK. oontttctir.t of 4 work hor??e,3 ooita; a joke 01 oxen, a eboioe ball, 10 milktnc ?rd in calf o<?wa,aau heifer*, 9 ya*r*i*ra and calve* 25 in arnh ewes, and a food baeg.jn or more seiue, 1**> more head* ?f pouiirr, ine'iMicg turkeya. geeee.ducka ben* Ac ;aieo mv GROW - INti ChoPA, coneietiug of wheat, and tiaothy, winter barley and winter horac heana; alao nr CHOP ON HAN Dot laat harvest, eonaiating of hay.etraw. odder, aonthern oow peai, sore < the produce of aboal 30 acre*, a fair orop,) wiaacw* i ?at?, (aowtinug laat than J-C bat a* a. cared lor ?ring eeediug aa?l horee teed.) winnowed wh-at. bu*h* la pr.aie.aa raj for a winter supply of Boar for faaul* u?e. au<i many b-iahela of tail wheat tavtd for p few bwahela of tardea or ling - lis1) p aa.acd a liberal atore of garner, eeoul*nta. including tumipa. Iriah potatoes, aweet potatooe. Chneeejaua, be?ta, oarrota, par am pa, aaiaaiy. , and ino uding ai.o oae third of the grain jn ?? ??, ui m ifv nunirfa aorrs. rented off to an indnatucuatenant,on shares, uru ? AOK|Oi,j;n HAL JMn.K MKNTS on band, including nur Piovt, hurovt. r jllrrn, emtivalors. ?t 1| hsnisaa b bin. and a first rata 1)AIR Y, oorai letc vitb fittmss ap. and many eWUr+$?in abort thore art a. things neoossary to e nab to a pure biter to start. Mh^luh at oooe, id a fair way, with yumtir eeoege lor live stook, and provisions mo?i h for servants and a tao lerate fam ly, till another bar Test, aohr u snob are nanauy obtainable torn a term. Bat ttie purebaae is not to 1 no lads tba boaaMold and aosas ?tnar dam m kitchen fnrmtur*. library, an^ tio articles and personal property?fo* the roand sura oi THIRTEEN THOUSAND LX^LARh# oash, or eitv proport*. .booses) ?ooh aa I aball naosa desirable and of o^aal valaa. Tba titla is unaiooptioaabla. Tba aatata aiooa, wmm the value of the uasbar atkudini oa it. is NSSiniM to be vortA from 15 to U th uaiid a if ?. d u hi eat to paymant by iMAbMtU. Am p astioal i?'ra?r woe id find tfciaa real bu(iu For uMiUontl particc vi. or to ii>pMt tbe >ff ?rty, iinn apply to, of Mjr* i in*, u follove : UK. KUWARD UNf. Ctiittt'i Station P. O., Fm^i ar C?. V? da?-jt* O ACER8 OF CHUICB WA,N1> IN 6.IAFU Minnaauta.Iowa - nd !*1' ??oun will bee* chanced for impro red WukiutM eitr proper tr at fair ?ri?ea. Addraaa "1 radar,' Box JO"* City Poet Offic-. giving location of p-oparty. da IH?* CH)R RENT-A tbr.e etory ud hMWWiit r FRAME HOUSE, near Pa ?*.,on be tween G aud H ata., No 4 13. In*ur?M SCILEY <t GOVS Hardware Store, H w. da l1 tf UKNT RKDICED.-That plaaaant COTTAGE JR. R n-tlDENCE. oaoUiumi 7 ranap. VttA froat taloaay iara* ?ardin f. oot a?a raar.1ToaUnji H at.. la Pr?atin?%?*aS?aara. bj?*?a?Nof*A "???*?? and First ate. willTa raatad tor $ M per month to ?ii<-<i(aitwu. aihvbi * ? ? WM,8T1CKNBV. 4*11 tf pi k n i ?hNTu?5fD not R E?fT?A PARLOR oa ikt trM floor, r OMflr ^ n? on Um floof thor*, tt No ?76P*. ?TMM, two 4oora aut ml th? Kirk F%Hig3fK*^3US'LBS!Sf[<iT^Lir. gf?V&%S.T, /?? ?. .r r&xrr.riVVfiwJS ra? ? S55rttSy??T*u^a ? N. .orKUrt-. V.

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