Newspaper of Evening Star, December 20, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 20, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. VFIION AND LIBERTY. C An ode tunc K the oelebrttion-of Aawie?n I"<i? Mifrfftn** t?r the I'dton and State*' Ruht? Party. ( Charleston. !*. 6., m the 4th of Iuiy , 1831, aad pohliahwi at their request, with theungiaa. mu 1:0 by an amateur.] Hail! onr ewitry'e aat*l mor?. Hail! our prea'tinc kiodred bora. Hail! onr banner, jrt untora, Wavinc o'er the free. While thirds*, in te?ta: tnrong, Millions swell t.le patriot wont, . bliall not we their notes pro Ion* Hallowed jubilee! Who would sever Freedom's shrine ? Who wnnM d'?w the inndions Mm ? Tfiooih by btrth one spot be mice, Dear is all the rest. Dear to ne the Boat&'s fair laad. Dear thsoectrai mountain band, Dear New England's rooky strani, Dear the framed West! By onr Altars, pure and iree. By our U*i' deep-rooted tree. By the Past's dread memory, By our* ; By our common parent-tonne* ft our hopes, bright, brilliant, ycunf. y the ties of country, strong? WB WILL STILL Bl OX1 ! Fathera: have ?eblad in vain ' A?' mut ve droop a;ain ? Maker! nhai, we rashly *t?in Blessings sent from Thv? j No !? Receive oar solemn vow. Whiia before Tht throne walor, Lver to maintain as now Ukioji?Libssty ! CT The Waahlngtoa correspondent of tho New York Evtmng Pest writes as follows: " The foreign conaula at Charleston have writ ten to their .Ministers here, Inquiring aa to their duty in esse the federal Custom-house shall be abolished, and the Ministers have requested, with one exception, instructions from their govern ments. In that Instance the Minister haa advised tbe consul to write on the ship's pa per a, In the contingency suggested, a certificate of the cir cumstances nnder which she sailed, stating that at iuq wine iur irurrai jjuTcrnracni wns noi in pos mn:on of tbc Cu?tom-houae, and that another government w?* exercialne authority there." Shockiho Scrriatso - On Friday morning a wracked schooner wu discovered lying near The ahore of the Hudson river, with four men on It Tbey w-re rescued and found to be in a frozen state. Two recovered, but the others are 111 a desperate condition I'pon their rearue some time elapsed before Moore was brought to bis enaea Bath bis legs were frozen, and his re covery ia doubtful. A young man who was washed overboard was frozen througo and cannot live He wsa in a shocking condition, both legs irozen perfectly black Soon after beinif rescued be commenced foaming at tne mouth, aud could utter nothing but groans. Beverly Tucker, U 9. Consul In Liv erpool. baa published a letter in the Liverpool Post, defending the State of Virginia, and the city of Richmond In particular, from the imputa tions which th?* treatment of the Prince of Wales t Richmond Lave given rise to. Mr. Tucksr addressed bis communication In the tirst instance to the London Times, but that journal refused to Insert tt. C7" Tkero must b- something wrong in the administration of the pos' London. The ordinary of Newgate report* tbat more than a hundred of its servants are to be found In that prison. IHT" At a turkay shoot at Coltoo, N. Y., last week, a little boy. supposed to be out of the reacb of barm, was fatally hit. ARRTVA LS AT THE HOTELS. W1LLARDS' HOTKL?Mrs Averrell, NY; G Atwater and ladv.?; Mia* Atwater, do; H \V Dolson, N V; C U Uage, Mass, J Baxter, Tenn; W Knowlea, RI. f, \V bltney, Ct; A de Radegwiat, Farls^Hon J Bail, NJ; Dr J Ball, NY; M 9 i uumpson. ,<j; woi Andrew*, 1 !*A; P S* ForbfS and ?on. N V; J G Marshall, do; J K Mlchey. Pa; D A Wright, Conn; 8 P Brown. Me; W J Garret, MdL R C Davis. Pa; J Hart, do; H A Garret,Miss; "W H Savoton and lady, N Y; E C Smith and lady. Me; Mm M W Dwight. do; F H Gaston and lady, Eng; P Gritfin and lady, do; A C Bristol and lady. Va, Miss N Bristol, do; I Corgell, NJ; Mr and Mrs Carpenter, Pa; L C Stauvhton. NY; J B Pudney. NJ; F Maekroi. do; D Solomon. Pa; J A Otto and lady, NY; J P Taylor and lady, Eng; G 8 Rice and lady, NY; Mrs Pchiermans, Brussels; Mr Schiermans, do; C Wllllch, NY; R H Hare. Md NATIONAL HOTEL?J C Dickey, Pa; G O Demutb. Md; J*A Woodbury, Mass; W H Grace, w r* u??<i> t tir *?vi ?? * ? * w w w iinnuT^ A A Ik lltWIIt, I iS Y; W S Long, NC; D BauttLower, Kng; J West cott, Mass, G B Fuller, t? D Wright, R A Doug law. L P Noble, F Corbln, H Tanner, J Noble, NY; W R Kinney. C R Breckinridge, J K tea man, Ky; J Watrout, J C Martin, W J Cnllen, Mian, J B Moyt, Cal; M P Stacay, 9C; Mr* G Ghamberlaln, NH; T M Taylor, H C Langhlin, Pa; G Martin. J E Smith, A VI Thomas. L Bow en, O Bowie. \V Bowie, G VV Crain. H E \Vood on. J Bowling. J H Thomas. Md; VV Hunter,\V Laigh, Va. OK Leamaid, K T, J H Hobbs, Ark; 8 F Mellter, Iowa; E VV Huntington, La; VV S Smith \V L. Perrin, Can; A Richardson, Mass; R Duckett and fam. ?. s mui kl?J Townwnd, G Dnnf gan, Ala; H Meyer*. J Penkerton, G McClelland, J F Gray acd ly, Miaa E llusb, R Pompey, C Cla gett, W Cooke, Md: A Henegan, T J Black, W Vanwyrk, SC; G \V Yerby. C Bnwwav, A Grav son. T Grayaon and slater. NY; \V Gaines, Ark; T 9 Alexander, Tex; G W RotW, R Jones, Mr Brown, T Hammond and fam, T A Boteler, Pa; J 1) Thompson, Lt; R Crandle. A Dudley. W H W'aesche, l)r M J Holt, J M Kincheloe, Va; W C Smedaa J B Lack and ly, J E Eckrldge, Mlas; T J Mum/o-d, Va. KIRKWOOJ) HOL'SE ?LSavage, J Burbrige, M Y; E L Badin and ly, H Lyons, G W Grrv, C M Smith, Pa; P Johnson, B F Flcklln, Va, \V H Smith f " <1 ? -- - v uiauic;, r, l, ueue, mo; Hon J C | Brickinridv and ton,?; T Artu??rong. 8 Adam*, Mil, J Havdrn. A A Stoddard, Alaaa. WASHINGTON HOUSE?\Y Ayer, J Cono "ver, NY. J Connell, T Whitehouae, Fa; P John aon and ly, Mam; V James, O. OCEANS TEAMERS' SAILING DA YS FRjM TBS U sit SB StATMB. ?iM?r?r?, Lear?. For. Dayt. New Y"rk ? .N*w York... Bremen ... Dec 23 Nova reouau i'ortltud Liverpool... Dec 22 Vijo New York...Liverpool.. Ajee 22 Jmted Kingdom New York ,.G:miuw J)oc *J6 rop* Bostoa Liverpool...Dec A Ati&alio ...New York...U?vro. __D?c 29 From Strop* Iersia. ... Liverpool New York...Deo 8 ura. v?v?u IUH..,1^(J II Fulton ?.. .St>uth'ptna ..New York...Deo 12 i North Amerioan. Liverpool Portland Deo IS ! Canvla Liverpool. ...Boston.. .?.Doc IS I Palestine Liverpool New Vork...Dec z5 i The Ca :f<>ima mail steamers leave on the 9ih, 18th. and /uu of over i month. HO Y T* ft Hiawatha Hair Restorative la warranted in every instate* to Restore tirat Hair to ira Oriqi.ial Color. It ha* tMMn applied IN THOUSANDS OK CASES la tha arin'ipai oitiea of New England. and HAS NOT FAILED id a unite lustano* to ao oompli*h all that is oiaimed for it. No Hair isao Gray or Red but the HIAWATHA will onance it to a beautiful life like Brown and Black. It is n?t an instantaneous die whioh crook*, 1 imuii and fives a At ad Mask color to the hair; the yatient having U? auMnitto soaring. washing and aaoaging of tne hair every time I is applied; nor is ' it a preparation of su.paur. eugar of lead. A?., nor , of aiT Mi'Kl.f.'iU deleterious to the heir of skio. It la aa article repairing no preparaUon, no wash- | ing before or after asus. it is ayplied in ftre mm vtoa time, and with aaUtt-e tronbleasany ordraarv i article lor the toilet. > i wuftm vno nave gud this preparation declare It is nuracaloss in it* d?u, and that it will p?r form all that it pretends ti> do ballcn's Pie'orial. "Its nmmi wonderful, and we oaa onlr ia; we tsderse all the proprietor um in regard to it.**? 3~>t*n Journal. We oo?erve. by a nutios m a Boston paper, that a prern. urn was awarded br the Ma*saehusetts Me ajfaaiea' Chantag e their 1st* Pair, B?ston,to Mr Joseph Hoyt of tbis oity, for hia ' eeiet/ated'Hiawstha Hair Restorative.'in artio e , wbiofc nobly merited this favor. It wai for its su- I peri of merits in tin* reepeot that the Committee, nf- j ter aaftoieDt endenee preeeoted to themeeives, awarded to Mr. Hoyt this flattering testimonial > JVttUtvi Srenmt Pot. 1 I Bo.d in Washington by J. W. Nairn. D. B Cla'k, Kid well 4 lawrooc*. n is - ~ - V M1U|*I(7J 1U uour nrj town hj J. L*Kid well, and by Drnxcuta generally, de 12 lm ^EAUONAB LJE DRY GOODS:.! CMki. StaAwla, Fl?nn?l?, Man Ottaaw*, I BUnkota. FailCIoUa. Linaej., .] F??J Bilka, dilk Robaa. 1 PoyllM. VaianaiM. Rape, Ynraa, Hoopad Skirta, Jriafe Napkfea, 1 Banver Cloth. R^sk Flnanai, Wfcita Gooda. Linen Seta, Kmbroida'.aa, BomMnMa, Alpaeona, Con n terpnnee. Gomforte. Towaiinga. *Bpv>i?? - <>|';yiKr*'V8liaiS3^: Jl'UT OUT-NBW BOOKS. , i HE frinoaof Walaa in Amaru**, by Kinnhnn < ^^^o^fcTSaVr^of Honor. | d Mnok!in*c?%y W. P. BtriokUad. 12nao.. iock;^ao tl^EwCH ^ S1CH8TRIM>? J - m mm 378 Phi. LURKN'* BOO Its, to.. Jta. RENCH * RiCHrfrKlNH No. 9TS HiImhuum tMir utrtntn ltr(( rXmch r m +( CkiflrwiTft>ok?. Go To Phi iin 1 * V I ? wva?f btwN, fc^., tkt liyt, MaortaMDt *t? o#?r*d t>? for* la tku aity. fata Nrlf, mmti Um rut uii Mkk* IOOJ mutiom. Alio, a -*/( ftnd rmned ortiooBtofmhIm(or-lMl. Mxt twowr ft compi?t? fc?oitM?I oTKacliafc jl'?? MA ! MISCELLANEOUS. H0L,?tftN Mo?te!?uairt at prioei pi nit tiw timet. FRENCH MINK. FRENCH & BL'ITAB MuffV Viotonnet, >?b, in all their varie ties, from 75 oen'? to fg B. H. STINBMKTZ, 9*? Pa ar. as iz mtimi 12th and 13th ?t?. /%f\ NEW PAWN OFFICE. XK 9 UK WAR d7~in NnrO 6 and Cut Off Clothing, respectfully informs the smhiio that he baa opened a lJCENBED PaW.N OFFICE at No. 7n Louisiana avenue, between tth and loth iti., a few docs eaat of the new Cea tral Gn*rd-hou??, wh?ro be will be at all time* prepared to wait on his patrons with promptness, attention and the strictest ivstiee. N. B?Jewelry. Dry Goods, Ciothing, Meohan ioe' Tools, &o., a.ways on band at private sale, de 7 lm* Furs S Furs! AT SEYMOUR'S IN GEORGETOWN. I have with striot oar a personally attended to the manufaituruu and selection of the following Furs. Mr lone practical knowledge of the Fur Business enables me with oertainty to invite the 'adiea to goods mad* from fine and fresh caught siuns. guoh as <-ana<ia Mink Sable, Ruisia Fitoh, Siberian Squirrel, Wvter Mink, French babl*. Children*' Fura in great variety. Fur Trimminga of ail oolore. Prioea very moderate. W. F. SEYMOUR, no 19-Ira Georgetown. 1HAVE NOW ON HAND A COMPLETE Stoolc of? , Ladies' Kid and Lasting Velvet Trimmed] LJSP Kid and La?ting Buttoned BooU, Laiie*' Worfiooo and 6?at?kln Buttoned BooU I>adiea' Thick and Fnr Boots, Mi??e?' Kid Voivet trimmed Boor*, Misses' Kid Muroooo an<1 lioaUkin But'd BooU, Ladies' and Misses' Rubber Long Boots, Which I am seHng from 50a. to f I pair lover than the aaine quality can be bought elaewhere in this oity. Also, a full Minrtnnfint r?f flnnt* anH RKn?s m ecu', boy*', and youth*' wear. J. ROSENTHAL.. No. 16 Market 8paoe, de 1 eotf Pa av.. bet. 8th and 3th sta. N~ OTICK TO JOURNEYMEN TAILORS. AT HOME AND ABROAD. The following it a correct list of the employer* who pay the bill pnoea ot. and are reoo<si>t*u by, th? Society, to wft: Matlock A Griffith, Matlock A Herbert, James i.aokey, J. T. Mcintosh, Thos. K. Gray. Vatdoran. se27-eo3ra W. H. Stanford, mail A Bro.. Wm. Tucker, G W. Hint"n A Co., Loudon A Co., E. M. Drew ;<t?Q .UNION RESTAURANT,, ) By JACOB HI Pl'Ll, d Corner of 19fh and H sts., a doors souti of I'a. ar., Kavier'a o<d staud. First Ward, Washiuiton. His Har is constantly n.p plie?l with the choicest Liquors and Cigars. Tii# nest Fried Ovsters in Washington can boohraiuM at his Diace. Families supplied with Oysters in eve ry sty le. and at reasonable prioea. se 28 eo6m H ATS AND CAPS! l(i? ia?e?t ."Mew York style of GENTS' DRESS HATS, now on hand. The AMAZON HAT, New St?le, J list opened. . ' liuei' JOCKEY HATS, in Felt' and bearer. At RxDrctD Pricks. - B. H. KNNKMKTZ, !I36 Pa. av., no 24 rear oorner Thirteenth street. I G. 0. DBMUTH A CO., MPORTERS And Wholesale and Retail Deal ers in ?I1AVANA CIGARS, TVI FOREIGN WINES, BRANDIES, GINS, # ?., No. 4 0 North Charles Strkbt, Five door* above Lexington it., no g-ly ; Baltimore. gCHOOL AND COLLEtfU OUTFITS. Youths' and Boys' Clothing for School and Drtss Wear. Parents and guardians wishing to furnish their children and wards with School and College Outfits for the ooming seaaon, are invited to examine our present large and extensive assortment BOYS' T*| i tH U I IkJ. i -?? - ? \juu i ninv, wnwre vney can ni oui tneir ohildren of all sisee in a few moments with evert descrip tion of Ready-made Garments, of substantial and durable ?uaiity, at very moderate prices. WALL, STEFHVNS 4 CO., au 30-tf 3)12 Peon, avenue. PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL A5D BLOOD KEXOVATE& Is precisely what its name indioates, for, while pleasact to tne taste, it is revivifying, exiil*rating, invigorating and trenrtheriiDg to the vita powers, and at tae *ame time revivifies, reinstates, and re new* the Blood in a 1 its original puity.and thus at onoe restores and renders the system invulnerable toattark* of disease. It is th? only preparation ever offered to the world, so chemically and skill fully ? mbined astobetne most powerful tonic, and at Uie same time so perfectly adapt**! to. as to act in perfect acoordanoe with tne laws of nature, anu hsnoe will sootke the weakest stomach, ana ton*%p the digestive organs, and thns allay at! ner vous a'.U other irritation. It is perfectly exhilara ting and at tfie same time it is oomposed entirely of vegetables, vet so combined as to produoe the most thorough tonic effeot. without Drodamn* ?.n? in. iunous oonsequenoes. Snoii a remedy hu lore been felt to b? & d?aideratun> in the medioai w>> In, for it needa no medical ?k II to see that debility f l.bvi all attack* of disease. and pr.*ne?d' aid in deed lay* th* ay stem open to th* >uaidious attaoka ot tiany of the moat fatal, such, for example, aa the following: Conaumption, Indication, iiyepepaia, oaa of Appetite, f<aintneita, Nervous Irritability, Neu'a *:a, Palpitation oftUo heart, Melanohoiv, Night sweat*. Langor, Giddiness, Retention ol. aa well aa Painful ohatruoted. too profuse, or too so*nt Menstruation. and Fallinc of the VVonib These all depend upon general debilitv. This purr, healthy tonio Cordiai and U'ocmI Renovator m a* sure to oure aa the aun ia to rise and aft. There ia no mutaka aN'ut it . But this ia not all If the ayatem la weakened we ara open to bilieus at tack#. the liver beoome* torpid, or worse diseased, the kidney a refuse to perforin their fa notions, and we are troubled with scalding and incontinence of uriue, or invo.untary diacuarge oftne same, pain ii the baok, side and between the shoulders, ex ooediucly liable to slight oo'ds, coughs, nod if an ohAckea, soon emaciation follows, and tiia patient gr>A? down to a premature crave. Hut spa^e will not allow us to enumerate the inanv ills to whieh we are liable iu a wnnkunn,!>?k-- ? ? w-'U'<iiiiuu U| UIO BJ BlOIIIi Hut we will say in this Cordial and Blood Renova tor yor have a perfect, ?a>*??, pieasant and effeotna remedy for Iom of Appetite. Biliousness. Fiatu leuee, weak and siok Momaoh. Langour, Liver Complaint, Chills and Fever ,?r any Bifiou? attack Cot tivena**, Acidity of the >mach. Nervousness, Nesraigia, Palpitation of th? Heart, Depression offctpi'iU.Soree. Pimple* on the Faoe, or any dis ease arising from impure blood, suoh as Morofola, Erysipelas. Bronohitis, Couch, diffiouity of Breath inc. and all that class of diseases oal ed female weakness, and enumerated aho/e. We will also sat the traveler exposed to epidemics, change of cunato and water, will tind it a pleasant, safe *nd sure remedy, and no one should ever travel with out. f'esd-r, try it. for we assure you you will find in it a friend indeed, as well as a friend in need. AU persons of sedeLtary habits will find it a per fect Preventive of, as well as a oure for those ail ments which they are particularly exposed Hence miuiaters, students, attorneys, literar* gentlemen, aud ladies who are not acornst med to muciv out door exeicise, wiU find it to their advautage to keep a bottle constantly on hand; and above a'l mothers or (nose becoming suoh, will go through that most dangerous period not only with all their aeonstomed strength, hat safe and free from the thousand aiimenU eo prevalent among the female portion ofthe world. In short, is indead a. ?n<ith?r ooraiAi. Try it old and young; no lo'gwr ran the risk of daisy: it will relieve and prove itself em phstioaliy a Rtstoratirt Cordial and Blood Renova 6. J. WOOD, proprietor. 444 Broad ?a?. New York, and 114 Market Street. SL Louis, Mo., and soid by *11 good Druggists. Trice One Dollar per Bottle. PROF. WOOD'S ?RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BLOOD RENOVATOR Bold in this city by C. 8TOTT.373 Pa. avenue. an 20-eoly.aiw Da. J. BOVEE DOD'8 IMPERIAL WINE BITTfRB, Are now being need from Maine to the Great Bait Lake, anl the universal verdict of all who use them either m a muHtini or aa a bgvirar*. is that tiny are unsarpaeed in the worid^ Dr. Dods mod v* yarnhmf iiVlin the cole ncbt uTpBHRBV aad rrptnt than for aal? to u? tabue. Forth* care of lDoi?l?t Cenramrtioa, lndicoation, Djr KHiii Pu?k If rro*? 01MUM, Kern*i# Com ?lalata, Md all mm rtninni m tonio, teMlM tom doaM a Mit la'vaiaabU iwwt. i Uioir mxlioiaa. iroMiUN Luej ai*6 a j a hum aaa delfgatnl Ber?rac?H giasaat eahneratoug l?a?aa ViuioinHH tuuib udV ! In BMUtvlncB for the mmtril mumu ith whioh the ooufrr la Mtaa,ly aid la nannkkii mi ,or 5 GAS FITTING, kc. p LUMBERS AND GAS PITT EES. J. W. THOMPSON fc og. Would oftll th? fttootion of water Uxors to Uimi c;?i Sfei'LUssj ytS *1 IO MM r A V W %Y ADD' ?p/iC&r^v?oS?*v Qtrim superior advantimM. vitb pr"otioa k-owlenf*. wo are prepared to mtrodnos Watei into dwellinsa with all the latest improvements, promptly, and at prioea that aannot fail to satisfy. 469 Fenn. avenue, no 2t dtMar 1 bet9th and loth sta.. south aide. A WM. T. DOVE & CO. ~~ A.RE Nov prepared to exeonte ur orders wltk whioh thaj mar be favored in the PLUMBING, 6AS OR^STLAM FITTl5? irr 8tora on 9th street, aXew doors north of Pi, avenue, where mar ho found a eomalete asaortmeij femfe ^aA W^m GAS FIXTURES. K Have in store, and are dai.y reoemnc, OAS PIXTURKS of entirely New Patterns and Designs and Finish, auperior in stjle to anything heretofore offered in thia market. We invite oitiiena general ly to oall asd examine our stock of Gaa ana Watei Fixtures, feeling confident that we hare the ha?i meow (took in Washington. All Work- in the above Tine intrusted to our o*r< will be promptly attended fr>. MYERS * McGHAN. mar 5-tf 3T? I) wlreet. I. SNYDER. PLUMBER AND UAL Has removed to the ootner of Tireif He ia prepared to introduce Water and Gaa upon the mo?t favorable terras, and guarantiee entiri satisfaction He has on hand a lot of COOKING and othei STOVES, whioh he will sell less Uim oost. as h? wishes to get rid of them. no 17 FF1CE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF OAS METERS. ,1*0. acree o Washington, Jnb 18, JfOTICE IS HEREBY OIVBff, TEat.i ?uiy 10 me provisions oi ttie ordinance of the Cor poration approved Mar >3, I860, th& cudersunod 11 now prepared, "whenever required in writing. and on pre payment of the foft of fifty conta, to irspeot. examine, test, prove, and ascertain the aoouracy oi registration of any (ran meter in use in tnia city." Every miter, tf found moorreot, will beoondemned, and another, scaled and marked as true, viil tw et in i?? place. If proved to be accurate in ita measurement of can, it wfll be sealed aooordinfly, and a*aip put in position for ?se. Office No. 610 Seventh ?treet,(near Odd Fel .owi' Hail ) Open from8 a. m., to5?. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 13 ti Inepsotor and Sealer of Gas Meters. JOY FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED READ! iWiT THE REMMBY ARD RVmrnv i v i/rjruu ?jjvyjvci l^V i m. Xi /% *-j i 7 Friend, do you suifer? Are you the victim of any of those numerous wlmr?ut? whioh arise from im purity of the blood? What are ther, do you ask? Rather aak, vbat are they not.' The blood is the source ct life an>l health, and it is the first element of our being to respond to any cause whioli affects th- system, as the pulse mfallib'v atteita The evor prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating Erysipelas, the subtle Scrofula, the agonising Rheumatism, Ner vo>is DeNllty, Dyspepsia, Live.- Complaint with iU torpor and dejection, and the numberless ills that flesh is heir to, derive their hMieoon origin from the blood. Deal kindly then and gently with the blood. (Js? the vitalising ros-.urce* of nature for it* aid. and suffer us to commend to your ?<>nf?d?noe and use that truly valuable mndioeiner.t knows as mrs. m. cors INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this almost infallible specific popular contiment has s?okeu in decided terms, ana the evidences of hit great cflicao^are sus tained by oonstaut avowals of curative effeots and i th? happiest results from its use are after ail other I remedies and the best medioal skill have failed. i<et us say. in conclusion, that certificate* cures are not sought from the illiterate and super ficial, but they are volunteered from tn? mosf r? speotalue sources and justify the highest tar ins in which it is possible to commend so valuable a specific to publio approval. We may add also that the curative properties of the medioine are?* nailed only by its reslorativo effects, the system rocover ing from disease with renewed constitutional visor. For sale by all respectable DriurtsU in this oity.and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, I\one cennine aflless her name is biown on the bottle and her sea! on the cork K- Price 01 per bottle, six bottles for f 6. oli/al* Arent. R. T. C1SSKL. Druggist. Georgetown, 1) C.. Wholesale Agent for the Dia triot, and will supply the trade at my price*, aa 13- tr (j ALTS' ITY STEAM FIRK-WOOD MILLS Foot of Seventeenth street, belcnc War Department. A5D COAL DEPOT WOOD prepared, any length and size, to suit the vanta of each purohaaer COA' -KKPT IN COAL HOUSES, protected from the weather?delivered fr?e from slate, dirt, and other impuritTfea. 2.240 iba. to the ton. T. J. * W. M. HALT, no 10-tF 2m2 Pa. av.. betw. 11 th and 12th ate. I TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take ail kioda of Virginia money for itit book det/tw and for Boots, Shoes, and Trnn?s. Ail persona indebted to ?ie will pin^e oa 1 and settle up, or I aha'l be compelled to give their aooounts into thohacda of a collector. 8. P. HOOVKR, Iron Hall, no 21 Pa av., between 9th and 10th sta. OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE BURN SIDE'8 MONONQAHKLA RYK WHISKEY, Conacientionaly diattlled bj Mr James Barnaide. of Allegan? County, Penoa., in the old-faahioned honest way, froii the choicest and most carefully selected Rye, and in no our ?v?r until adapted to wholesome n*e by age It is at once the most palafaMe, an it is empt atioaMy one of the pnrjft beverages in the reach of the publio. To the invalid. as well as to those in health, it commends itself for its nnrivalled qualities m a timu!ai)t of the safest, sorest, and most beneficent description, and many of the most distinguished physicians are using it lu their practloe with the happiest results. CLERY A STOt'KDALK, Proprietory 3i1 Walnut street. Philadelphia. WM. C. CONOVKK, Agent for the Proprietors, 22S Pa. av., se 24-flm opposite Willard*' Hotel. Baltimore i BUTTER HOUSE. Daily receiving fresh and sweet, in Goahen pack ages. Also, Ohio Batter, at loKaud US cents. ELI.ICOTT A HF.WK9, It W M Rtnh*nr? Pliux. Kaltimor*. 275 rrk*" 275 J A C K 8 O N , PLASTERERS, r An.lAi AVKSCI, Brtwwn 10th and 11th etreet*. Je l> Fl). L. MORRISON aTcf?.. LOUR AND UENF.RAL CoAM!*BION MERCHANTS, And wholesale dealers in MILL FEED, CORN MEAL, fe., ft., Corner of 12th ana B street*, Washington oity. ITT Cash paid for all kind* of Grain, au 25 ?m PURE OLD RYE WHISKY rOR MEDI C1NAL USE. Prite 92 per taliou or 50 unit per bottl*. The vast home and foreign demand we have for this artioje euffioiently attest* its parity and eioel lenoe. Moreover it may be mentioned in this eoa nezioo that man]; invalid* of delicato organisation nable to nee whisk; of other brands, have f"und the ahpve most efficacious awd happy in its enacts A liberal disoount on the above puces made to the trade. F. 1) WARD HALL. Dealer in fine Wines and Llauora, Family Grooenea. Ac.,opp.Center Market, oo 27-eoSbt between 7th and 8th streets. HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES These Scales are ottered to the ??hlio KB ti e moat simple, dr.rable, and ralifcble scales ever ?ut n Me. Firstolass premiums tiave l>een awarded the? t.y tne United States Fair and Virginia Af'ionltaraJ Society; Virgiaia State Agruuliuial rair; Franklin Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fair, Vernioni State Fair, ?c.t &o. In every Rase whare aiiiibited they nave received first class premiams For sa e at ? Louisiana a von 110, Depot of Siller's Cliil.ed Iron Safes. deM-lv E* C. PATTISON. Agent. 19 fUMl gallons CHAMPAGNE and CRAB APPLE CIDER.?We invite the attention of the pgblio to our larse and well se lected stook of Ohampaxne and Crab Apple Cider, which we guarantee to be sure juioe, and will be K>la on reasonable terms in order to iuake room r oar spring stock. Give sb a oall at tbe Union Bottling Depot, let No. IT OrMt;?L. AnnrrMow. !,?.aliJUl. ?. 1. MOT*. (.LilTlT. Will praetlee In th?kigh*<?ourt o^'iirrori and A? tealsat Jackson, the Federal Coart at PontotM, me Co arts of the Seventh J adioial District of Mia pLOUR, BUCKWHMT, POTATOES, AP MO bbls. new RiehmoodP^mii- --J p-' - j muu uaum r iuut,

i,noo lb?. Freah Ground Baok wheat U?ti, ano bmhela Whit* Meroer Potatoea, ion do. Blue do. do. 9 d<>. Cheetnnta. Rmmtn to-day and for Ml* low in lota to ant by Bjt no inta. ixl for aalelow y.L. MORRIS OnnnrofTr 'RRY NOTICE. # ft v rnKKrUlillt orka, 338 K at. nortV oo IT Sm hetweoa 12th aJB 13th. TRAVELS IN THE REGIONS OF THE J. Upper and Lower Amnor, by T. W. Atkiaaon, nth a nu and nnmeroaa rllaatratoaaa; prioe $8 ft. Lionello, a a^uai to the Jaw ot Verona, by R. A. 11 rstotinit 8 J Haaaen A Wallah, or the Eaehaat*d Keya, and >the? Talea, with an introdnotion by Miaa Pardoe. Volume oae of Toia Brown at pxJbnTa ae^aal Tom Brawn at Rn?byi ohea* edition 31 eenta. Oar Year, a ohild'a book in proea and verae, by * "A" MISCELLANEOUS. Tn iKlMiliTIOK O* LiMtKlf.?Tb*r? t?a frowmf tendency in thU a* e to appropriate tfce moat *xir?MiT? woHi of Mwr tanc*a?e?,and after a while to toooryarate them into oar own; thus the wo?d Cepha:ie. vbMh to from the Greok, ignifyinn "for the head." Uaow t^coroinj popaaris"! in oon?eotion wiu Mr. ?Dal<Ma('t treat Headache remedy; but it will soon M mm in a mora general war. ?nd the word Cephalio will beoome aa oomntoD aa KlettrotrM and nui oU?r? distinction u foreign words hu tiwn worn mr by flomiDon mti until they seem "native and to the manor born." 'ardly Realized. Hi 'ad 'n 'orrible 'eadaohe thia afternoon, hand I stepped into the hapotbaoariee han'1 ?ay? hi to the n>an, "Can yoa heaee me of an'eadaohe.'" "Does it haehe'ard." says'a. "Hexe*e<iintly," says hi, and upon that 'e rare me a Cephalic Pill, band 'fon me 'osor it oured me no quioft that I 'araly realised 1 'ad 'ad an 'eadache. IJITHiamchi is the favonte sicn br trhieh nature m?N known an * deviation whatever from the natnral state of the Vain, and viewed in tnia light it may w looked on aaa aafeguard intended to give noboe of diMi? whioh might otherwiae eaoapf attention, till too lata to be remedied; and itaindioationa ahonid never be necleoted. Head ache* may be olaeaified u~der two aaroea, vis: Srmptou.ano and Idiopathic. t*ymptomatio Head ache U axoeedingly onmnuiu and ie the preonraor of & great variety of diaeaae*, among whioh are Apoplexy, Bout, Rheomatum and all f-brile di?eft???. In lta rervouaform it is a>mp%tbetic dia eaee of the otnmaoh constituting sick Kttulatkt. of hepatio djaeane constituting bilious KtadncM, of worm?,oonatipation and other disorderaorthe loW eit.aa well aa renal and uterine affe?tiona. Diaeaaea of the heart are very frequently attended with Head aohea; Anaemia ai d plethoxa are alao affection* which frequently oooaaion headache. Idiopathic Headaohe ia alao very oommo*. being nsnafiy dia tmgv.ahed by the name of mrtom htndnrkt. a??me timea oominr on auddenly in a ?tate of apparendv sound health and proatrating at onoe the mental ana pn> si cm energies, and in other uistanoes it oomei on slowly. hn'alded by depression of spirits or acerbity of temper. In moat instances the tain | ia in front of the head, over one or both eyes, and > aometiinee provoking vomiting, under this otaaa I may also be r.vned NturaUia. For the treatment of either class of Head%ohe the Cephalic Pills have been found a aare an<t safe I remedy, relieving the moat acute pains in a few 1 minutes, and by it* aabtle power eradication the l diaeaae of whioh headache ia the unerring index. BttooKT.?Misans wants yon to send her a box of Cephalio Glue, no, a bottle of Prepared Pills,? but I'm thinking that's not just it naither; but p?r haps ye'tl be aither knowing what it is. Ye fee she's ui|h dead aud gope with the Siok Headache, and wants some more of that same as relaived her before. Druttti?.?Yob mut in*an Spalding's Cephalio Pills. Bridttt.?Och ! auie now ind rou'vesed it, here's the quarther and giv me the Pills and don't ha ?.u aay ?Dout it aither. '('(nitipotUi 9T CNllngrN No one of the "many ill* flesh m heir to" is no prevalent, so little understood. and <> much neg Iacted u Cu?tivMi?n Of'en originating in carr or sedentary hal>iU;tt is retarded a? a light disorder of too "ittla eon sequence to excite anxiety, while in reality it la the precursor and companion of many of the moat fatal and danger ous diseases, and unless earlv eradicated it will bnog the sufferer to an untimely grave. Among the lighter evils of whieh Costiveness is th* usual at tendant are Headaohe, Colic, Rheumatism, Foul Mrea'h. Piles, and othera of like n?tare,whilea long train of frtghtrai diseases such aa Malic oaut Fevera, Aboeaaes, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Diarrhea, Apo plexy, Kpiiopav, l'ara>ysis, Hya'eria. Hypochon dri.isLR.Mflanoholy and Insanity, first Indicate tk*ir Dresenoe in the system by this alarming symptom. Not vnfrequentLy the diaca??a imn? > Constipation, but U.k? on an independent exist enon unless the cause is eradicated m an early *ta*e. From all these considerations it fo lows that the disorder should receive immediate attention when ever it ooours, and no person should neglect to get a box of Cephaho Pills on the first appearaaoe of the ooinp-aint. as their timely ose will expel the insiduoas approaches of disease and destroy this dangerous foe to human life. A Real Bl?aslm?. Pkvsician.?Wall, Mrs. Jones,how is tiiat head ache' Mrs. Jo**t?Bone! Dootor, all gone! the pill you sent onred me in just twenty minutes, and I wish von would send more eo that 1 can hava tiiom han^y P\tsictan.?You ean get them at any Druggists. Call for Cephaho Pills, i find the* never f?.i! recommend them tn all caa^s of Headache. Mr>. ? I shall send for a b?x directly, and shall toil all my suturing friends, for they are \r*al bltssing. fI7"OvKR KxciTXMBNT.and the mental care and anxiety incident to elose attention to has nest or ?ta<lr, are among the numerous causes of Nervoas Hoadache. The disordered state of mind and body incident to this distreesing complaint is a ratal blow to a'! enersy and ambition. Sufferers by this disorder oan always obtain speedy relief from these distressing attncks by using one of the Ce phalic Pills whenever the symptoms appear. It qniets the overtasked brain and soothes the strain ed and jarnac nerves, ard relaxes the tension of the stomach which always accompanies and ag gravates the disordered oondttion of the brain. Twenty Millions or* Savxd.?Mr. Spalding has sold two millions of bottles of nis cel ebrated Prepared Glue and it is estimated that each bottle saves at least ten dollars worth of broken furniture, thns making an aggregate of twenty mil lions of dollars rrciainxvl from total loss by this v?inab!e invention. Having made his Glue a house hold word, he now proposes to do the world still greater service by onring all the aching heads with hisCephaiio Pills, and if they areas good as his Glue, Headaohcs will soon vanish away like snow in July. K4CTs woith MOWIW.-Spalding'a Cephalic Pilia are a certain cu-e for Hick Haadach*. Uili ops Headache, Norvoua Headache, Coatireuoea, and Genera; Debility. Obkat DiBconmj.?Among the most important of a!) th? rr?!vt medical diaoo?oriea of th:a a*e n?r l>e O'MiaidoreU the aratem of vaooination for protec tion from Small Pox, the Cephalic Pill f?r relief < t Headache. and the uae of O limine for the preven tion oi Pevera, either of wfcioh la a aure creeifio, whose benefits will be experienced t>y ufering hum&niij loo* after their diaooverera aie forgotten. Hy Did ion ever have the 8iok Headache? Do yoo rfmemMr the tnrobbing temalea. the fevered row. the loathing and diaguat at the aignt of foo?l. How totally unfit too were fer pleasure, oonveraa tion or atndv Oneoftije Cepha'io Pill* would have relieved yon from al Mhe auiTericg wnioh rod then vn. fo. .houid k nTx'-ofu^ssvsaSPto ns? a.o ooomIod re^fcirea. NervousHeadache ^i, RE, - & jailor . Headaclie. By the use of these PHI? the periodio attack* 01 Nervoui or Silk Headatht irmj be prevented; and if taken at the oonmenoemeit of an att?ok imme diate reliel from pain and siekneea will be obtained. They seldom (ail in removing the jVavjea and Ht+datk* to whieh female* are eo subjeot. They aot gently npoa the bowels,?remonof Cot IITiMK. For Literary Me*, SlttdiMts. Dclioate Females, and ell persona of t*drnfrv habits, they are all valuable as a Laxative, improving the awrotite, g ivjng tons and vigor to the d if eat ire organa, &n4 restoring the natural elasticity and strength of the The CEPHALIC pills are the remit of long inveatigation and oarefnlly oonduoted experiment*, having been in nee many yeac*. during whioh time they bare preheated md relieved a vast amount of paii aad isffering from Headaehe, whether origt Dating in the ntrrtmt ay stem or from a deranged state of the uomack. They are entirely vegetable in their oompaeition, aad may be taken at all time* with perfect safety wilhoet making any change of diet, and *a? mb tmet -of any diimgrttmbU ta?t* rtndrt it taiy te mdwimiittr i htm to tkildrtm. BEWARE op counterfeits; The geanine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Oraggiete aad ail othar Dealer* in Medi eiaea. A Box will be eeatby mail prepaid ea reeeipt of bols-dAwly ^6 Cedar atreet. New York. til# ? PRICE, 94 cents. All orders ghoalthaaddreeeed to taaddreeeadto ,, ^ . ; HENRY C. 8paldin0, MOOHiLUnOUS. J 11 ? . IN*. ?T1.J gv THE PRflMD^nrRaOF THE UNITED d?Oi*J-? M(J m*k? kiovn tMt ?uDiic ???? will M held at tjie odsrmoatiOBM Land OflKi to th* n*? or Cali*o**ia st th? MricK1* heraiafcftor rtMl rl ? - . At th* Laj?d Oftoe at M AETtviLi.*, couiirepojaf on , th*9d day of June next, for the dupo-: afe: of the pubtio (and* heretofore nofored, eitoiated la the foUoving townahipt ud parta ol totrnauipa, is: t North of the bust lim* *nH ran of tk* Mownt Diablo moridttM Tnwnahipa 8 and 9; the N W X of Motion 3; tha N S auri tha MV V. ol eectu d 9; aeotioae 4, ft. and 6, ol to voihip 3C-; Uie 8 W W of aeotion th? 8 K kl of aeotian 19; Ute PW V of Motion 17; aeotiooa 18 Ut SS.inolnaiY* oftoirr.'hii 31, of ranre 1. Townahipa 9. 1*. and 16, of ranee 8. The N H of the NK the 8E * of NE *. the NKMol ike 8E V, aua tw W )? "f aeouon *: ?"o Uone 5.6 7, and A; the SE U of the NE A*, tha SE V aod WKof amotion 9; the W K of the N'V M. th* \V or S W M. an* tne 8E >? of the SWkoi a?c tion I ft: aeot o*k '7 to 2t ioe^umve; the N W V. tho N X of the 8W and the 8W K of?\V *.el tee t on 22; the W fc oftne N W * aad ?W * of aeon no *7; MoUonfU to 39 lueluaire: the 8W M of ?he NE %, the NW 3a, aad the 8 X of Motion M. of tova suip 9. of racc* 3. Section* 1 to 19 inclusive, oftovnship 10, of range 5< North of lJu bast line and wt*t of tki Mou?: Diablo nuriihAn. Township* 8,9 and 94; t e 8W f of setotioa 0; the W % of aeotion 7; the ?K i( ol hcuod IS: the r? W % ot aeotiiin 18; tho S X of aeotion >9; the 8 fc of Motion 2U; the 8 S of e? ouea 91; ihe 8 H ?1 Motion 22; the N E 3? of u? 8 % of section 99; eeotioa* 94 to S. ino'utive. oftovnatup 91:eectiona 1 to 3D uutla ai**j the N W of aeotion 31; the MEM tin ction S3; aeettoaa 94 and 9ft, of tovnahip 39. of range I. 8ecMt>na 1,2,3, and 4; the N h * of aaotioa 9: eeo tion* m to 15, mutative; the N E '? of aeotion 31; a*o - tiont 23 to as, ineiaaire; E H of .action 95. otrown . >. >, i UI l. inclusive; UN NKItOl sec tion*; the Sfc \ of section *; Motion t to 15, molu uv?; the E S of section 17; the K % of Motion *>; sections 21 to 23, inclusive: the NK \ of seotion S3; sectinni S3, 34, and 35. of township 9; sections I to 6, inolasive; the rt W )< of Motion 7: the K X of Motion 9;Motion* 1", II,and 12; the NK Vol sec tior 13; the N W % or sootion U; the N H of sr otion 15; toe 8 X of section 26; the 8fc of sectioc X; the E >? ofseotion 34; s<H)Uon35. of townrhip 31; the 8K \ of section 9; the E >* arc the b\V k of Motiei 10; the 8K \ oi section U; the K X snd of sec tion 13; tne 9 S of section 14; fction 15; the HK \ of eeotton 17; the 9\V ^ of eection sections It to 35,100 nsive. of township 32, of r?D(e 2. Townships 24 nud 32; sections J5 to 35. inclusive; of township 33, of ran*"* 3 The SW V ?f section 7; seotions 13 to 35, inclu five, of township 23; seotions 1 to 5, loslusivs; sec tions 8 to 15 iuole?ire; svetmns 17 and 20 to 9, in clusive; sec110 n 9 to 35, inciasive. of township 32; sections 25,26,27,34, and 35, laolasivw, of township 33. of ranee 4 Township 29, of range & At the LaadOfioeat Blmboldt. oommeMiiit on Monday, the loth da? of June next, for the dis posal of the public lands heretofore anofTfial, sit nated in the following townships and parts of townships, via: Nortk of tki bate lin' ond w*t of tki Mount D'Oblo tv meridian. The WXol section 7: the8>? ofee-Mion 13; the W % of Bootion 1*; the N H of se tion 19; the N W Af and tne S H of section the S* At of section 21; tbe HH?f irnuon ki; the S S ot section 2-1; section* 24 to t6, mc.un ve; tbe E As of seotion 2); th.' K J? of section 33; ?eotions 34 ttiid 33, of townsfiip a, of ranges. The feW V of section I: the ?E A* and the W H of section v; tne R H of section 3; Mictions 9, in, n, and 12; the N Atf of section i3; the N A? of section 14; the N S. the ? W '4. and the \V S of the SK. \ of section 15; the NR\ of section 21; the NW If and the W H of the Nh J? of section *2, of township Hi. of ran.:* 4. Sections 1,2,3 4. an J 5: the NE A* of section C; the 8E *-? of seclien7; sections t auO 9; the N W W of section IP; section 17; the NF- \ of sec ion IS, of township Ifi; the S W of section 5 tne s A* of section 6; section* 7, 8, 9, and i?; the WW V of section 14: sections 15 and 17 to S5, iuoissive, ol townshii? 17, of ranee 11. The SE As of section I; sections 11,12.15. and 14; the N E At of st>otion 23; sootiou 24; the N E As of seo tion 25 of township 17; sections 3 to in, inolHsiTe: theSNV A< of section 14; secti >ns IS and 17; the N E ? of section 18; sections 3", 21, 22,and 23; sections to 2t, inclusive; sections 32 &1, and 34: the NW >>, of section 3i, of township 20; the NWkol sec tion 3; section* 4 to9, incinsive; sections 17 to Ji. lr.o' Qflve; sections 2S to 33, mo nsire: the 9 W % of section 34, of township 21: theNWA* ofseotionl; sections 2 and 11; the N w At of sect: oa 14; sections 27, 23,31, 32. 33, aad 34, of township 22; sections 1 to 18, inclusive^ sections 20 to 27, inolasire; section 3*. of township 23, of ranee 12. Hection* 3 and 4; tiie N E X of section f; section 9. the M W l^of seouoc 10; section 13; the 8h At of pfloimo i?; lotrn % 01 eootion 16; Motion* 21 to 2R, inoluaive; aeotiona 33. 34, ana 36. of tovotlii* 17; the \V fc of aectmn 5; aeclioua 6,7.8, 9.17, It, 19, 2", ar.d 21; t^eSW of aeotion 22; aecticna 2? to 34, inolmire, of townahip 18; ?e?tiona 3 H', 15, 22, a, 2b 27.34, and Si. <>f t?wnahip32; the SE \ of reotion 12; aeotion* 13 and 14; the \ of aeotion 22; aeo ttona 23, 27, and 34, of to wnnhip 23, of range 13. !*eetiona 1 and 2. the SK if of Motion 3; tie N h of aeotion 10j Motioni II. 12,13.14, 23 24, 25, ai d 36; the SKJk of aeotion 34; aeotion 35, of uvdimi 18; tne N W \ aedtion S; aeotiona 4,5. and 6; the Xt V oj amotion 7; aeotiona 8 and 9; the S W % of aeotion in; the W X of aeotion 15; the K X of erotien 17: the N K J? of aeotion ??; aeotiona 21 and 22; the H W \ of a*etion 23; the W K of aaotion 26; Moti< na 27, 24. 33, 34. and 36. of townahip 19; the 8 W j* of aeo tion 7; the ?\V hi of aeotion 17; aaoUona II to 36, ia oluaive, of townahi p 21. of ranee 14. auction* 1 t" 6, inela?ive; the N K % of aeoti'n 6; aeotiona 8 to 15 ino.uai ve; the N E of aeotion 17; aeotiona 21 to 27,; the N K \ ol aeotion 26; the ME K of aeotion 34; aeotion 35, of tovnahip V, aeotiona 1 t > 4, moiueive; the NE V of aeotion 6; the E K of aeotion 9; aeotiona la to 15. ino uaive; aeotiona 2" to 29, laclnaive; the ?K H of aeotion 3>; aectiona 92 to 35, moiaai ve, of tovnatiip 21: aeotion 3; th''* E % of aeotion 4; aeotion* 8, 9, and 10; Ue S\V 3% ?f aeotion II; aactioua 14,15, and 17; the NE of aeotion A>: Mclinm 9i oo J"' " ?* aeotion 34; aeciiona 25. 26. 27. and 28; the 8E fc of aeotion 32; sections 33,34, and 36, of township 22. of ran*e 15. North of th* bate hne and r-ast of tht Humboldt mt The W % of Motion 3; aeotiooa 4.5,6,7, 8,?, 10. 16,17,18,19, J". 21, and 22; the N % of section 27: sections 24 to 33, ilc u?i ve, the S X of section 34, of township 4, of tacge 2. North of th* bate lint and terst of th* Humboldt mt rtdxan. The 8W % of section 7; the SW \ of aeotion 17; notion 18; the K X of aection 19; sections 3D, 21,22. and 23; the W % of aeotion 2?; the W X of aection 25, K-ctiona 2t and 77, the N L Af of aeotion 28; Uie > K3? of aeotion 34; aeotion &i, ol township 1, of range I. ^ ctiona 1 to 23, inolusi ve; the N X of aeotion 14; the S X of aeotiou 25; aeotiona 28,27, a, and 29; the N K ot ?e ition 30, f township 1; aeotion* 1.2, and 3; theNW \ of the NW X. the 8 X of the \W X, and the ol aection 4; the NEK of th*NEX, he 8 X or tb* NIL X, the SK X of the N W X, ard the 8 X of section 5; tiie 8 X < !the SEX. of aection 6; tbe ft E X the 3 X of the N VV X, and the 8 X of aeotion 7; a*ctioiia 8,9,10. and 11; tfce N X of pac tion 12; the N W Jig of ?eoti?>n 17; aertion 18; the N X and the SE X of aeotion 19; the 8 W X of eectmn 29; the EX of ?ectiou 91; aeotion* 31,33, and 33; til* S W W of accticn 34, "1 townahip 2, of rante2. ruk. CL' ? f ?: - * - * *' * iio CCi X U] IOOUUU J f BWiUUUi I'l, II. CVii?l 14. Wl" N >? of eeouoa 13, MQou 14,15,22, ud S3; the 9 H cleeoti >n24; the N X of amotion iS; tactions 96.27, 2* and 34: the N W jk of Miction 36, of tovnehip 1; fraouonal to wuahip I, of range 3. At the I.and OrBoe at 8tocktoh, oommenQinc on .Monday, the 3d da* ot Jane next, for the diapoeal of the pahlio laoae, heretofore unoffarrd. eituated in tfeo following toamhipa and part* of tovaahtps, tiz : North of tk4 6m I me and ??.<! of tkt Mount Dxabls Seotiona 4.5,?. 7,8,9,17.18. and 19; the N fc of the NE M, the N H of the N Vv k, and taeSW k of the H W 6 of eeetion 90; auctionw, eze*pt the bE k of th?SEk, oft"?wnanip? of range X T^wnanipa 4,5, and 7, of ranee 7. Xot tk of tkt bast lime omd wtti of tlu Mount Diablo ffit rtrfiflfi Townahipe6 and 7, erf naif 1. Section 2; tne N K k of aection 3; the W fc of wo tion \ aeotion 6; eaouoo 7, except the * H of the HW the N W ^ - - - ? ~-r- .? w ? V. ^ ? MIW o 71 Wl Ui? '? k, toe K K "f th? 8W lie. Md the K * of mbnn MOI <-na 8S and 28, the VV S of eeeOoa *, the SE 3% of aeetion 33; aeotiona 34 ft d V>, of tovaakl 6; aeotiona 1 and 2; th< Nfc. of aeoUon f M of aeoiion 10: aeotiona 11, to 15, inolui X of the NE it of eection 21; the N X c X. and the E * of amotion 22. aectiona 23 #4 25 and 2; the F. S of the 9W and the E H of aeetion T; the WXof seoUoo 35; of tovnahip 7, of range 2. South ?f the bate line mmd tatt tj tke Mmmt Dimblt meridian. Beotiona 1 to 27. inoiaaire; tk* N fc. the N X of the SW k, and N % "i th? Sh 3* of aecuon ?; the BX.theN * of theSW if, ana the ft S or the If M of aeoiion T*i the N e. \ *J>d the N or the SE ? of aeotioL 30; the N K ,V of aeotion 34; the N S ol aeetion 35 ol tovnahie 3, ef ranee 5. Stotlou ft, A, 7,1, and 17 to 21, in'laaiae; h#NW 3a and the 8 H of action 27; aeotiona ?to 34. mele aiTe; the W X of Motion St, of tovaehip S, of ranges fractional a*otiona 1 and 2, aeotiona a. 4. ft, and the NE Kor aeotion T; aeotiona?,?, le.and librae tionat aeotion 12; aeotiona 13,14 and 16, the ft K jfc of aeetion 17; the N K K of action >1; eeetioaa 9 to 27. inoluafre; the NE V of aeetion 34; mtioi 35, of townahip 5; aaotiona 1,2,11,13. M, 14, B. 24, 24, 38. and 35, of towttahip 6; eoobon 1; the NG k ol eee lion 9- aAAhitni 19 9A *?/ * - * WKaadtiwWXof tJ?SKK of Motto* 18; aeotion 19; the W * of M?tlo? Z* Motions JO, Vltol Mtuoos, of to weakly 5; 7; Mctiona 1 to S, iDoiuivo; tk* o wnahipa 6 and I, of r%D?a 10 ovnakita?,7. and ?, of tuft 11. _ o wnakiaa 6 a.nd 7;towaakip , UMf< mMoh 31 ud ?, of rwura 1*. Tovnakipa , 1, Mad 9, of ru|t IS. SSSSS: id the foliowini toaraakipa tad parti of tonakipa, Ti*: South 9/ tk$ kM hmt mmd mui ?f tk? Mmmt DimbU izasXMk' inoloaiv*; a?otioaa? to M, iaataa?t*i , , 8 'i*eu?na>rto,9^incVua^?MVotiola 17'toll,'?!*? Townakip* 1,9.10.11, and 13. of rug* 17, j^fssrcs ??? ssftas: eriewrfhip ?. tovgitiiN 1* tvd it; ooouom i to a it>oiBaiTOl,oftovT?kip1S,of iftaco IS Bwttoaa 7 *a4 1J U 3k. iu?immlT*.i( LoVr*kip It, Metiesa 1 loll, lnca?Tr?; Motion* IS IM 17 to a. lnoluairo: Motion* 27 to St, tnoiaair*, ?l SoVTia^t* 11; acotiona ft. ft, 7. lJ. lft, u. It. *?d a, ?o V, U*;? iro; Mctiona S, St. tod T>, of tovnakip 13. of nai*V. At tho Land CHiso at Viialia, coiwuoaicg <hs IowUt. tko l?th te> of Jn* orxt, f?rtlM4ii^? or Ui? pofci 0 tMfto b?rotofero otfara*. ait??i? ib tfto follovinx tovnaiupa &cd p*ru of V im flmi Otmble SoeUoa* 1 and fc tfce MK fc of iMiai): Motion* 11. I*. and IS; U?? NK At of mum 14; ncIiom U ?..d J5, nf fc.wii.tii# 17; otiooa I h'iur unrr; Lho N S of i?ctioi ?; IMU?DI * to li, ik uit<; U? NK k of ?rctioo 17. tho NF t of M?ti?n Jt, Me tionsB.M nod *V tWo NK % ?f MetionW. of kov* hip It; aootion* I to , ine!?MV?; tM N K If of mo tioa 7; imUobi to It, motMlv*; tlM t\?J If of Motit.o 14; UtXliJt o! Motion M, of lowiwtoi* a, of (M(? IV Town?hip? 17,II,an. 19; ?ocUona 1 to 27. in<? ivp; the NK. ^ of,Motion 28; th^E If of arction ?; Motion* 94 ?nd 38. of lovmhii SI; chow I tad *; th? NK ^ of Motioo *. Motion 11, **. it, %o?l 14. tho NK Ifm{ MOIH a. MotMB th? N fc * of OCtlOO 15, of tOWDSfclf a, Ol >HI? 14. boouom 1 to SI. i?c.iu??; the NE V of nootioo S; sAoUoBa St *0" tt, of tovnahtf 21; mcIiom 7, and I; the?W \ <1 Motion ; the ?\\ \of aeo tioa IS? MctiotJ*. T7 to a. icc'hit*; >bo J*w % ?f action tS: KflUom BUi SV latlartw.aflnvMMt 22; ?otionB l.tudJ; the NK \ of Motioa4:tto NS h of aeet'on 10; i?Unr? 11, IX. IS. mud U. tM N K V or Melton 33. Motiona 84 and *5. He 8fc of ooUua 32. Motion? SI, S4. ?od ?. ot tavuku a. ?Ttion? I to 5. lncionre; U ' Nh fr?c:>"r* of Motion ?; Mi* N F \ of aeotion ?. aoetioM t?? IS. i no in**; th* N K \ of Mtiol J2; (MtloK B. M. 0. SC. ??>d K, of towo*nif *; wotioua I. *. Md S. Ue NEhof Motion 4; th* NSkoi MOtiu* IP; aMtiona 11, IS, ?ad IS, the > L V* of Motion 14; auction St, of townahip Si. of ranee 17. T6wnahi>21; iwimi 1.2,3, and 4; the NE % of Motion 5; th* NK W of Metion : aootioM 1*lo It. iDelaaire; th* NK j) of ototion t A th* N K )f of ?y t?on St; th* ?W MafMtboa ?; rauon SI; Um * W M of section U, of toWMfei* a, awt.ona | Md 4 to 9. lad'U'ive; MOlMM It, IS, 17 to 21, lnoloaiv*. Ua SW j* of aMtiun 22, the 0|C of Motion 25. Me UonaK,to3V meagre, *f towi.ahiptv townihip h; re,hir.? 1 to 15,inclmiw, koU?i TT; th* > t. \ of saotiaii U; the N F. V of iMt oc S, mi na? e, 24. and 25. tb? N * ' \ of ?mUob X. of towrahip 2s. hoUoi l;U>e9^ V Motion J; lhet*W of Motion 3; aoouona 4 to J*. inolaaira. the > \V v <?f eetion ly; the N K \ or ???tion S); iwioni 21 to s inola ire; the NE X of action ST, of turniiii^X. of ranee 18. Fractional tovnahiaaSt. 22. and ts. townahipa M. 25, and 26;ae?tiona I ? 6. inaiaai ve; ?*ction* I tor. inolaaire; aeotioaa 21 to J?, inolaaira; imI odiM and 35, of township 27, aecliooa 1,2, ana 12, of town hip 2*, of range 19. Fractional town?hip?23 and 24-tnwaaVipa tS. 9*. and 27; a-otion* I u? S? mcJaei ve, the N K S ?>( a* tion 9?; the N K V of suct ion JM, aeouon 96, of UiWB ahtp 28, of raoca 2". At the l.and Oltca at Vi?aLt&, e?<Hm*nei?c on Monday, the ?4th nnj of Jane next, for the tittc aal of the public tarda. haref*lore unoffered, aita ated in the following townahip* and part* of town IMP', Via: c ,i ,1. *i w I1M? Wi Ml * I H' lit MniW 1/F?WP MTliM*. T>>VD?hip? 21 and 2ft; aeetione 1 to 6 inolaaiv*. th? NE Wof eetiofi 7: ?Ktlnni ft In IT, the S J* of amotion I*; aeotiona i? to M, moiaai** the SK l4 of amotion i9. tk?NK of anrtion S3, auction 34. the N W % < ! ae?tir>n *>, <>f tnwnafcip f. of rane* 21. Townahipa 21 and 22, fra tinnal townahipa 23 and 24; tow nil hi pa iS W. %nd S7. of mnt# 74 Townahipa 21. ?, 28 2*. V>. #, XI, ?, 29, wd *. of ra<-r* 2%. Tovi ah:pa 2S. ?. 24.2ft, *. 27, I?,2?.ai><l 9<. of ranr* 2b. Tuwuahipa 22,23.24,25, 26. 27, and 78. of rang* 27. ai inn iaoa i;-noe ai wi ritK^'ico, ton meucin* on Monda?,the l":h day of June mt, for the nisposa of the public luoi. heretofore an offered, situated wrthtu ?he folk'Wicc townships and parte of towuampa, via. ffrwtk 4f tkt bat* lin* atul wtst of Ikt Me? *? D**tlo wurHtmm Township 6; sectione 1, 2, and 9; the N K of eec lion 4. the W S ?f aeotion 6, section 7, tb ?w it of section ; the ?E Jt of section *; sections 10 to fc>, incasire; the K H. the N W V and the K H of Lhe 9W \ of MotidD 98; eeotioaa 99, 30, SI, Mid 32, of to wnehip 7, of 3. South nf Ik* bat* Jt?? and 'art of tke Afesasr Dial It wutidima. Township 3ft ot ranee 9. Townshif 91; sections 1. > and 3; the E X of eeo Uon 4; the t X of section 10; sections 11, 12 aod 13; the K H of eeotioa 14; aeotioa 34; the N E % of eeo Lion 23; seoUou 25; the SE U of eeoti ?n 3d, the f> E W of aeotion 34; eection ?5. <>r town* hip 24; the 8 W la of section ?4; aeotions 15. f. 2' ana 22; the W X and the J*E \ of section 23; the 8 H ol aeotion ecliona 25,-<f, 97 a>-d 28; theNE l? of eection the N E % of aeotion 94; aeetioa 35, of tovaahip 25. of ranee 10. Township 24; aeotions 1 to It, inclusive, th? N S of section 1'; sections 3d to 38, inc.naive. the Ms ^ of section 9B; the ?*E V of sootion K; sections 33, 34 ar<t 35 if townthip *5, . wnship9fi. of range 11. Townaftia 27; fractional i-otioni 2 and 3: sections I to 10, inc.usive; jractiona aeetioaa 11 13 and 14; icctioaa <&, 17 ?nd 18; tke MW k of section the NE H of section 22; aeotioa 23; fractional sections II and 25; tbe NE J* of eection X, of township B, ot ranee 13 Townataipa 25. 2f and T< aecti?>na ' and J; frac Lioaa Motions 3. 4,1 and I*; wotioaa |i to IS, imIi ii??; fractional a-ctiona 17, 19 ?ud *>; eecUosi <1 lo 18. mo u?T?,ih? N K Jk ><f a.ction 27; U?e N YV At of lection of townahip ?, of rang* 14 The Nw V of ap?ii<mS. aectiona 4 U?S, mcluaive; the 9\V V ?'eection Iff: sections lr. and 17 to a. i.i 9leai ve; aectiona to M, inc u?l ve; Hf fW Ik of lection 35. of township S; town* hi pa S*aai St; ??c Uona 1 to 12, moiesive; the K !? ol auction IX of tow nab p XI of range .9 The sW *of a echo a *1; the 8E fc and the ? sf eection 17: ae.jt. and#'. th? **W 3* of lection 21: the!*W ^ of aection 27; aectiona ! > ??> M. ino naive; the tf W of eeotion 35, of townahip m; townthip 31; section* I to II, toc.uaive; the N w u of lectio l!?; the S K of eection H; aertmiia Bt, 33, 94 and 35; the N H or eection SB; the N E V of leoion T>. of townahip S2,of range SO The SE of aaetmn 17; the 8w % of Motion 1*: leotiona 1" and Su; tlie W fc of aeoUou 21; the C*** % of eeotii n ?7; aeotmna SS to 34. iao'eeiv; the H h if section 36, of towuahip 31; townahip 32, of rang e A. V#rU Qf tki bate lint end tr?ff of lk* Sam Kmmr dtmn mtnJim. Saotiona S and 4; the N KM of Motion % the N K { of a?*ctio i 9, aecth.L i", of towr.?lup ?>, tk? NW \ >f Motion 5; mkiUoiii (, T, II. and H; tue J* W V% of leotioti 2"; MOUona 29. 3", 31. at <1 St. ih? i?W ^ "f >eotion 33, ol l>ivcitii 9; amotion I: the S H of are ion 2; tba H H o. Motion 3, the SK % of ction 0; xotion 10 to 36, inclaaira, of township Us of range 4 rteotiona 1 to U, moina: ve, of townah'p 9; tkeSW t cf Motion 7, sections IS to 36, luc.ativa, ol tovn inip 10, of range ?5. Tm J*K If and the W % of Moron 4; section* S 0 11. iDcloatve; aeotion 12. except the N H of the Mottooa 13to36, iuo.uaive, ot towaship 1", if rauge M. rootiona I to 24, inclusive the Nb of Motion 6. of township lw, of range 57. Sectiooa 1 to 11. inc'.aaive, of towp?hip7; the fW 1 ??f seotion 19; the H S <*f Motion fc, the l*E la of action 26; eeotions 39 to 35. ine'.naive, of township , of ranee 30. Ksnsnip 11, of range SI. tiona 1 to XI. mOiuaive, tba NKkaf aaation 1 tk* N W U nf ? ! * " ? eotioa Si. ofiownehip 10; township 11. of ru<? SB. LMdi appropriated by l?w for the in of eehools. unitary and other NrMm, or Uiom eovorac hr or,firmed private laud c anna, together viU th* vamp or overtired land*, will bo excluded from be sales. No mumral 1+mAi * or tracts containing rain nv. de^oaita, are to tw? ciTereu at the pa Idle aaiea. oh niinerai land* being no, eby cx?r?Mij excepted Ad rxaleded from aaie or other di-poea . parakeet o the requiremerts of theaetof Coigresa approve fa rota S, 1853. entitled " An act to provide Tbr the arvey of tke pubic .and* in California, Ue cant ac of pre eoipUon rights tkereia, ai.d for etnor u-Pose* " The offering of the a bo re land* will be coin tenoed on tke day* appointed, aad will proeeed in be order ia which they are tiir*. tieed aettl the rholeahaJi hav been offered, and the eaiee ihua loeed; bat no eale shall be kept opes longer than m weeks, and no private entry of anr of the ianda ill ba admitted an til after tke expiiatioa of tke ro weeks. Given ender hit hand,at tke City of Washington, lie twenty seonnd day of October, anno Doouai netkoasaad eight hundred aad sixty JAMbS BUCHANAN. ly tke Preetdeat: Jos. 8. Wilsos. . Cora mi mi oner of tke Geaeral Laad Oftoe. tOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every eereon entitled to the right of pre-emption < any of the landa within the townahips ud part* r t "Wn?hipe above ?nua>erat*d. i* required toe* thlitii the nnit to the eatiifaction or tne re* i*uw nd reoeiver of the proper laud ofiee, a bo maA* tkeriftr ?> IMI ?i prmrtwaf U after ?m?? im nolttt, Mid K?#ere the da* appointed for the >rameaoemeat of the pahhe ea.e of the ted* em raoi?g the traot aiaiined: othervi*e aaeh ?>aia ill be forfeited. JO? ft. WILSON.^ Comma eeioner of the GeneraJ Laad Olee NoU.?V nder the regu laUon* of the Depai taiei t, t heretofore and mow meting. ao pej taeut ean lie ade for advertising imeli?l ote exeept to each ibliahera a* ire U> habltah by le Commiaaioner of the General Land Oft*. oo SI ltvlSv.T MPOETANT TO MOUSEEEKPEU. E. R. DUREEE ft CO.*8

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