Newspaper of Evening Star, December 21, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 21, 1860 Page 1
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? THE DAILY EVENING STAR IS PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON^ <SMJNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUlLDIlUit, Corn** of Pmnsylva+ia avtnut and llxA it., T W. D. WAKJLACH. Pa^ara aerrad ia ftoki|M by c&mera at 94 ft T?r. or 9? Mnta nr month. To Mil aabeoriben tie pn? is lift a year, im advmne*; $3 for eix n?ooth?; fl for thrM months; and for laea thafi tare* mootha at therate of ISoaota a week. Siacla oftaa, ofta c?5t; ia wrappere, two cina. UJ"Aoninii)iriT! laooid baaaat to the oflae before IS o'oioak m.; otherwise they may not appear antil the next day. What ia the Reiata. It u a melancholy fact that not one ladj in a hundred, in these United States, hu fine or laxuriaot hair. Everybody ia complaining of the lo?* of "woman's chief glory," and won daring why on earth pomatum* and hair waahefl, oil* and restorative*, fail to bring it back "a* per advertisement " We suspect there would be a general exclamation of in credulity among too gentlemen did they but a . _ ? *. .# it. ? a. -* - now vdiin iiumeose proportion t?i iu? iu? fully arranged treatbcj behold en fair heads grew od somebody else's pate. Almost every one wears a "roll" or 'braid," which cornea from the bairdrcaears, and coats from fire to twenty dollars. It U disposed with consummate skill?you cannot distinguish the sly hair-pins that iaaten on the falae decora tion, yet there it is, a tacit confe?si< u that na ture (fires way to art. ' My hair will keep coming oat, although I take the greataet pains with it," sighs the fashionable belle; "Idon't see what the trouble is!" There are several "troablea," flra*-amd fore moat among which la the expensive " roll" it self Any hair-dresser will tell yoo that the weLrht and Dressure of this heavy maas of false hair, with the heat it inducos around the head, is highly prejudicial to th?growth and welfare of the real hair. If 70a mast wear a roll, let it be as aeldora as possible. Whenever you can dispense with it, do eo. Let iU place be supplied as ofUn as practicable with a light bead-dress, secured with as few hair-pins as will support it. These last are fearfully de structive to the hair, cutting and wearing it to an incredible degree. Gutta percha bair fiins are the best, and even these should be imited in number. All sorta of pomatum.*, oils and preparations had better be let alone. There is no use in soaking the skin of the head in grease, as is oftaa done. If the hair is harsh and dry, cas tor-oil. perfumed, is the best application, but the scalp itself should not be saturated. Wash ing the bead thoroughly in fair water once a week will be found very beneficial.. Bodily health is aliaoat essential to the nata r&l growth of the hair. ><>tbiug indicates tbe {>rogressof sickness so plainly as the dry. dead ook of tbe hair; and if our American ladies want lovely, luxuriant tresses. they must avoid heated rooms, late hour*, and fashionable dis sipation. There is no help for it?nature will avenge any infringement on her laws, and the sooner we become thoroughly convinced of this fact, tbe better for us. There is no ornament half so becoming to a female head as thick, beautiful hair. It needs no decoration beyond a natural flower or two. Nets, diamond sprays, tiaras of pearl, are use less?it is like "painting the lily" to wear them. Remember this, girls, and take every preoaution to preserve this exquisite ornament of Nature's manufacture. Once gone, it is hard to eou back again. How Fre>ch Actrkssks Avoided tliviNQ Their Ac** it* Pcblic.?The Paris correspon dent of a Boston paper thus relates how two noted actresses of Puris avoided the public rev elation of their ages A servant robbed Mile Mars of her diamonds one evening while she was at the theatre. Ar _? a _ _ ? a *. resiea, ne was put upon inai ana witnesses were gammoned to boar testimony to hi* guilt. Among those was Mile Mars. She was greatly annoyed by this, as according te the rules of French practice, the witness, after being sworn, gives his age. Now the age of Mils. Mars was an impenetrable mystery; for it was a theme she never talked on. and she possessed the art ef arresting time's flight, or at least of repairing its ravages so effectually, her face never revealed acquaintance with more than twenty years. She was for some days evident ly depressed; then, all at once, her spirits rose as buayant as ever. This putzled her court? f*r people in her eminent position always have a court; parasites are plenty in Paris?they did not know whether she had determined frankly to aoafess her age, or whether she bad hit upon one means or eluding this thorny point of practice. The day of trill came, and she was at her place. The court-house waa filled chock full, and when she waa put in the witness box every ear was bent towards her to catch the age she'd give u her owq. "Yonr name?" aaid the pre siding judge. '-Anne Francoise Hippolyte Mar?" "What is yonr profession? "An actress of the French Comedy." '-What is your age'" " ty years." '-What'" in quired the presiding judge, leaning forward. 4,I have just told your honor!" replied the actress, giving one of those irresistible smiles, which won the most hostile pit. The judge smiled in turn, and when he asked, as he did immediately, -'Where do you live?" hearty applause long prevented Mile Mart from re pl7>nS Mile. Cico was summoned before a court the other day to bear witness in favor of some cos metic &ssaile-l for a poison by vietims and theii physicians All the youDgest actresses of Pari! were there, and they reckoned upon a good deal of merriment and profit when Mile Cicc came to disclose ber age. She was called U the stand?"worn?gave her name and profes ion W hen the judge said "How old aie you7' She quitted the atand. went up to the bench stood on tip-toe and urinperra in the judged oar the malicious ?ecrat! The bench smiled and kept her aecret. McaicifAL I.isratxcx Asaisst Fiat? In th< Common Council of Koatou. on Thursday last, ai order was Introduced for Ike appointment of i Joint Committee to consider the expediency o the city Insuring against losses by lire wltbln Iti borders and making the Cachituate water fre< to all persona living In Boston This subject ii aMd to bare received considerable attention li one or two private circles, and to be very favora Klv wiawsH hi* l#v?r* 1 n?rtiii trim hav? haW rw>/>a ion to 190k Into It, In a larjf?. wealthy and pop ulous pk.ce, like the capital of New Cngland, th< amouut oI moaev paid from month to rooatb to Insurance on konm, stores and merchandise, li very gr?a.; and wece^ possible for such ati trn portant branch of bmtnr-ti to be proprrlv under taken and controlled by tbe the municipal author ltiea, the receipts from web a source would o ceurse constitute a ro<iud and moot desirabl aggregate every year. Tbe order wai referred t? tbe now City Council wblcb assembles next year r Gov Pickens, of Soutb Carolina, In bi inaugural addrsas asaerts tbe right aad determl nation of Soutb. Carolina to aecede separately toil* tbe other Hoatbera States decisively that hi Slate dartres no coaptation wltb them unt) after they have asserted tbetr "inalienable power at sovereignty and Independence,"i says tbat tb interests of flootb Carolina will lead ber to "ope her porta free to the tonnage and trade of al nations,'' and Indicates tbst tbe governmei formed for tbe new Confederacy ' may, froi necessity, become stxougly military la its organl zation." Wast i* Alabama.?Tbe Mobile Register, < DceuiWr 13, publishes tbe following extrsc l froi a letter written by a subscriber in Choctaw count] "Yon Mobillmis have but a faint idea of tb mlmr that will b< likely to exist in the countr the earning year. I can assure you, from my ow obMrntion, that in leas than two months froi this time eight families out of ten will artuall be out of corn, and a ig'eat part of them will n< kivr mewy to buy It with. And a* yoor nte e bants will not All orders unleaa the caah aeeon ptalet such orders, where is it to come from? ICTThe Sons of Temperance of South Carolina it appear*, are also about to sveede from tt Naioosl Otetoioot Several of tha suhordiaa divls. ob* h?ve demanded a meeting of the Gran DlvlaWn of the State to adopt the mini?i measure#, and Utey call a poo the entire Order 1 the South*** States to follow salt, sad to form "Natlaaal Division ef a Southern Confederacy The reason assign"! for this movement is thattl Order ia Msss*rbusetts has admitted blacks oa fall equality with white member* Uy Oav Hicks, of Maryland, has Issued h proclamation, earnestly lavtttag the people i that State to comply with the recommendation i the President of the L'alted States, to obaer Friday, the 4th of January, as day of bumill tm. fastia^ aad prayer, la view of the perils h. + ttfcinfot of Ue couauy Wbkdell Phillip* at Bostow ? Speak* at AfitJic Hall on " .If061 and Educat? ?."?Last Sabbath forenoon was sadlv deaccratcd at Mualc Hall, Boston, while the Twenty eighth Congre gational Society was holding their usual Sunday meeting, It being the scene of immense excite ment, hooting, groaning, and threatentngs on the part of thirtv-flve hundred persons assembled it the hall to bear Wendell Phillips. It having been rumored for the past few days that Mr. Phillips waa likely to be mobbed and assaulted, a Urge detachment of police were sta tioned in two small rooms near the platform and in various parts of the hall and building. The regular religions exerrlses of the day were com menced In the usual manner, Mr. Phillipi an uuuHtiu^ a uyuia? Oppression (ball not alwavs reign, There comet a brighter day, When freedom, burst from every chain, Kball have triumphant away. At thla time the ball waadenaely turonged,and crowd* surrounding the door* Mr Phillips then commenced hia address on " Mob* and Education." Hia remark* were bit ter, aareaatic and vituperative. Notwithstanding be requested silence and decorum in the hall ap propriate to the day, during hia remarks Mr. Phillips was frequently biased bvaomeand loudly applauded by other* '1 be excitement was very great, and the speaker was only at times audible Heproee-ded to comment on the right of free speech, self-government, the formation of our Government, our past history, and aald " govern menta are not made?they grow; bearta are the best logicians " After making seme lengthy re marks relative to all men being eligible to public office, and commenting on tbe pre** in general in most unfavorable terms, be proceeded to examine of what material the mob was compoaed that in vaded the Tremont Temple 1 u*ta ntly there arose a tremendous shouting mingled with hisses and groan*. The speaker attempted to abow that Richard S. Fay was the ringleader of a mob. A voice ?" No." [Stnmpingandapplauding.] Philips ?Profound logician, Mr. Fay. At length h? prepared to leave the hall, but the crowd ao tightly wedded him In that he could make but slow progress After considerable de lay Mr. Phlllipa and bit friends who had con sented to act as bis body guard for the occasion, got clear of the platfwm. and were borne out of the hall into the passage-way. Here an attempt was tnade to get at him, but the police rushed in and prevented all aerioua conseouencea. Mr. Pliililps wis closely surrounded ny the police, Dr H. J Uowditcb. and many of his friends In this manner he waj conveyed bom* In the mid dle of the street, amid cheering, booting, yelling, threats, and all manner of noises. Some called blm a " white negro," others said " bite his head off," " down with the abolitionist*." and the like The scene was unprecedented in the an nals of Sunday proceedings in Boston. As Mr. Phlllipa entered the bouse and the door bad t>een safely closed behind bim. deputy Chief of Police, Ham, requested the crowd to disperse. Hereupon aroee crlea of??No, we wont go." Mr. Ham?You must go borne. [Ha! ba's ! and loud laughter J Mr. Ham?Any man who don't clear tbe street, If he geta in tbe lock-up tbe fault is not my owi n?v _ _ _ii __ _ ?_ i i _i _ it- ? * ?? i ue puuceaiteiiipifa mi clear me iveeii. uui toe crowd?or rather mob?refuted to more off. Mr Hain?Clear the street*, and all who will not move take them to the lock-up. After strenuoim efforts on the part of the police, the mob was finally dispersed. It was a moat boisterous and exciting scene. The Union men are desperate and determined Got. Wisk's Projtct ?Tim Richmond F.n ?uirer concludes an article on the subject of send' ng commissioners to the cotton States with tht following recommendation: Let the first convention, then, be held between Maryland and Virginia, and. these two State! agreeing, let them provide sufficient force I* seizt the ci ty of Washington, and if coercion Is to be at tempted. let it begin with subjugating the State* of Maryland aDd Virginia. Thus practical and efficient flsrbtiny In the Union will prevent th? powers of the Union from falling into the handi of our enemies. We hope Virginia will depute her commissioners to Marvland first, and, provid tng for the seizure of Washington and Old Point, Hirper's Ferry and Gosport navy yard, present these two States in the altitude of rebels, tnrttin? coercion. This wa* the way Patrick Hearv brought auoui me revolution, and this la tbe beat uae tha Virginia can make of commialons of any kind. fUT" A special dispatch from Washington to th< Commercial Advertlaer ?t?U* that reliable inteill tjence baa been received to tbe effect that, tb< Emperor of France decline* to pave tbe way foi negotiation* witb SoiAh Carolina Overturei have already Wn made to him and bla recogni tlon has been solicited He atatea that even If tbi Independence of South Carolina, and If aSoutheri Confederacy la recognized by the Northern Mtate and by tbe rest of the (,'nlon, France cannot tole rate the idea on which tbla se per ate existence It baaed, and the will not endorse tbe aytem o slavery or the revival of tbe slave trade. HIT* The Senate of Georgia, after a warm debate baa rejected tbe resolution from the House extend Ing aid and sympathy to any seceding State, li the event of tbe federal government attempting coercion. The vote stood aye* 51, nays &<. Read the following letter from a highly rospeot able gent.etnan: L.iMB?Tuxe, Montour Co , Pa., Oot. ?2.1B58 Tiiis is to eertify that I Va* pronounced fo? ??v ? jruj biuiki m mm utiiiBumpuvn. ?nn nM HI 1 LI 11 i ay mptoma ui'tho diaease iu its worst form, auoh ai cosghl(<<. severe paina in the eheat ahortness o breath. uigbt-awcats. and extreme weakneaa an< latitude in my whole ayatein. My family r earl] i all having died of ttio di?e**e. I had given up a1 , hope of recovery, aa nutiimr ??v? mo relief; bu ' thiouzh th? persuasion of a friend 1 waa induce* to try Dr. H i/lar'i Balsam of Wild Cherry. Th< , first bottla relieved me considerably, and the thin bott e cured me entirely. I now l?el aa w.'il a* eve ' 1 did in my life, and am able to follow iny oocupa lion aa farmer aa fully a? any one. 1 aluo had a auter in a iuom advanced atate o thediaeaa-, having been oonfined to her bid fo 1 over a year, and pronounced beyond hope by on * boat phyaicians. Sue alio wan entirely cured ! ; the Wild Cherry, but it required ais or eight bot tlea.abd ahe aUlI Ukea it oocaaionatly as a pre ventativo, being ratu ally wtiak cheated. I would aincerely urge all who are aimilarly af 1 dieted to try Dr. tfuwr'i Ba'.iam of Wild Cherry ' aa I ain ?ati>hed that but for your own valuabi f remedy my auter and myaelf would not now b i living. I will eheerfully anawer any one who ma , address me on the subject, and atate our caae more fully. Jacob Millik. Prepared by 8?/h W. Fowl* k. Co., UoaUui, an 1 for sale in Washington oity 6. rttott, S. B. Wait. - Z. D. Giiman. John Sohwarse. Nairn & Pa.ine - John Wiley, J B. Moore, acd H. H. MoPliersoi . in Georgetown by K . S I'. Ctss 11, and G. *>.&.. . S. uthron. and bi d. uzcicts mriwUra. .i?11_ l w Th* Vnn cT o* the Sick? Letter*lrcm Dji p*pt.oa, in every Mato, are continually reoa<ve<l b the proprietor* of etlebrat'd Stomal H>tteri, *xereating in the mo?t enthuaiactie term their ojrihaenoc in that oelebratad reatoiati ve. Th writera diiT^r la their m>d?? o:'?xpre??i n, but tb? breath* bat one Mntimeot. That lmiueaaurabi benefit haa been dernrnd bjr thousand* from thi Kgreeabie a- <1 potent ktomachie iaaf.ct eatat!i*h> b? elowU of vitne?*e?. D)*p-?paia and th* <o*ni leaa die***-* of th* atomaeh and bowel* to whioh rivMriM, tite>al)y vara ah before the *earching,brt ei- g and purify ing inga*nce of thi* gieat renovaU ol the phy??eai*y*tem whteh acta simultaneously c all the internal org am requiring regulation and 11 vi go ration. de 18-eoSt CoooHe ?Theeudden ohangea of oar olimateai eO'iroM of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asikmatt Aftettomt. Kxpert*uee fearing proved that *imp reinedi** often aot speedily and certainly wh? taken m the early ?ta?e* of th* diaeaee.reoouri at onee Ge had to " Brown'* Bronckn Trvdut."pr Losenge*. let th* Cold, Conch, or l< ri tat ion of the Tnroat b<* ever ao slight, a* bi th precaution a morn serious attaok maf be efleotaal wvrile<l oil'. Public Sptakrrt and Simftri will fit tn*m effectual for o!eann< and strenf ih?nib< tta oioa. Bee advertisement del-ly All o, B^WKiSS? it .".,nit. H myopathic Remedies pot n? expressly forfami im, m boxes, ?U JS aad so und euk Als in oases. containing ? rial*, from .$4 to ( hj with book of fall direction#. For sals 1 wholesale ai h Fstra< _ JantekiMttiiv nus aad Sixth street. Also, Pond's Krtratt of Wit Ii***ly for internal aud external inflamawione ill kinds. Sold aa above. na 9-lj each, witn boox 01 mil directions. For A kt^arSTSfa rMWi iftiU w. A. riWforwl. 3^3 north aleo by K. B. W inter, corner of Maasaeha* Hollowat*s Pills a*? Oiprrnwrr. U _ larai?o*?. kt. -Neither opodeU, liniment, nor ?n? other embrocation can e^aaJ t ert *< > wiueh etmractwixe these essential refit Me extracts i n the evres or ?p -ains, strains, wouwi bruises, eontasians. 01 dislocations. Ao. They a nna^na'ed for alleviating paio, radacing local I domination, and sromotiat a rapid oars. Sold 1 ail (Hnfftits, at sc., Oc. and 91 per box or pot. ? 1?1W Rucu, H? yoa mh Prof. Wood'a adr?rtii B?nt 10 oar papor. Read it; it will mtsrMt you. h ? *oly _______ xwsazi{w&H&xss. MISCELLANEOUS. OFFICIAL. V/ Tebaicky DiniTaiNT,( December 18, iMO. \ Notice it hkxkby oivin that sealed proposal* will be received at this Department _until the S8th December instant, for the iaane of any portion or tho vhole of fire million of dollara in Treaaary notes, m exchange for cold coin of the United States, deposited with the Treaanrer of tha Tailed States, the Treaanrer af tha Miut at Philadelphia, or im Assistant Treasurer! at Boston, We* York, or St. Louis, within lire days from the aooeptanoa of such proposal*, under the authority of the act ofConcreea entitled "An ant toanthoriia the iaaue of Treasury notee and for ather purposes," ap proved December 17.1><60. Suoh Treasury notea will be iaaoed upon the ra oaipt here of certificates of the depont with those officers to the oredit of the Treaaurer of tha United Sta'ea. They will be made payable to the order of such bidder or bidders ae shall offer to make aueh exohange at the lowest rate of intarest, and tha Treaaury notes will carry suoh rata of interest from ths date of suoh deposit. The propoeale mutt etate the rata of interest without oondition, and without referenoe to other bida, and oontain no other fraotional ratee than one fourth, one half, or three fourths of one par oentum. One per cent, upon the smount propoeed to be exohanead rauit he deposited with one of the officers above enumerated, whoae certificate of such deposit must aocompany each propoaal, aa AAliritw fftf itfl If fKa nvr.aAaa 1 1 ?? aooepted, immediate directions vill be given to r* turn auoh depoait. Phoald the propoaala vary from the provision* of the aot of Congre?a,or of thia notice, they will not be oonaidered. All propoaala under thia notice muat betealed ar.d inscribed on the outai Je"Proposals for Treaa u:y Notoa." They will be opened and awarded at thia Department at 12 o'elook nooa on aaid 28th of December. PHILIP F. THOMAS, del8-dt23ih Secretary of the Treaaury. ^BCOND VISIT ill WASHINGTON CITY or DR. M. SJHLOS8ER, the Celebrated SURGEON CHIROPODIST, of PARIS AND HAVANA. EFFICACIOUS AND PERMANENT [ CURE FOR CORNS, BUNIONS, SOFT CORNS. And all Diixasis OF THE FEET, Without Cutting or Causing tkt Lean Patn, Dr. SCULOSSER would, in the moit roepeotful i manner, announce to the LAdies and Oentleuien ol Washincton and ita environs, that, at tho urgwnt to'icftation of many families, he has been iiiduoed to revisit their city, j FOR A SHORT TIME OXLY, and may be oonsulted in every department of Pedal Surgery ; especially in CORNS, BUNIONS, Akd Evzrt Diskask or thi Fk*t, all of whioh, however long standing or bad, he cures in a few iniuutes, without the slightest pain or inoi nvenienoe, either during their removal <*r afterwards. Or. BCHLOSSER'S great success among the first families in America, as well as among several of the imperial royal families ef Europe, has gained for him several thousand testimonials; of these he kegs to append the followiLg to his pressnt announcement. AMERICAN TESTIMONIALS. From Wm. Rice, Ex-Prnrrxttor nf tke P run sy Ira nian Dr. Sohloeser has extraoted two corns from my to?, which were extremely painful for many years The oxt'aordinarv ease with whioh he operates ii remarkable ; ami I ohee-fully recommend him to all w no are irouitteu wun onrua m me onij por*on i have ever known to perform the opsiation aciou tihoallv ar.d without a partiole of pun Philadephia, Sept. i3JS57. WM, RICE. From Hon. Charles C. Van Zandt, R. I. Dr Bchloater hat to dar operated upon a very pmnful o<>rn of mine with parfcct aucoesa, reliev ing all pain and removing it without aufTerine CHA8. C. VAN ZANDT. Providence. R. I.Oct. 28,1859. Frcm J IT. Gray, editor PlaindtaUr, Cleveland, O. I)r. Pchloaaer haa extracted seven troubleaom? coma for me without pain and with ove-y proipeot of a permanent cure. 1 can oheerfully rec tnimend tain to the public patronage. J. W. GRAY. From Dr. S. Verdi, M D. I certify that 1 have been very auoceaafu'iy ope rated upon bjr Dr. Sohloa??r without an? pain. Washington, Jan.7,18M. 8. VERDI, M D. From Professor D. Gilbert, Philadelphia. Dr. Sohloaaer removed four corna for me withonl pain, and aatielactorily. D. GILBERT, M. D. From Dr. S. M. Landxt, Phila. City Water Cure Inst Dr. Pchloaaer haa extracted eight painful corni from my foet without the lea?t pa.n,and the great eat satisfaction to mynHf. I would by all m^ani recommend him to every body who la tormentei with theae evils. 8. M. LANDI8, M. D. From Rev. Chat. W. Quick. The operations of Dr. Sehlosser are nnattendo< with pain, mod remove the oorns nfleotually. H< removed several for me to my entire aatiafaotion. Pitta burg, May 37,1153. CH AS. W. QUICK. Fjom W H. Ting ley, M. D. Dr. Seliloaaer has removed several oorna from m feet to my entire satisfaction. W. H. flNOLEY. M. D. In addition to tha above testimonials, aevera thonaanda mora are in Dr. Sohloaser's possession among them from members of the Imperial Roys fami'ies of Europe, and also frea ladies of th tugboat standint both in the old and new worldi which may l>e seen at hia offioe, H7 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,(South aide, between ltth and ISth streets. Consulting hours from 10 a. m. til) 4 p. m. Notice.?iVo profutionnl connection with tin one. de 17 s u P P L I E 8 FOR CHRISTMAS. K rails a-.d Not* ot all kind*. Home-made Mince Meat, made by my direstio and urnier my supervision, warranted the bei over eft red for tale at 18 cent* per pound. Best Old Whisk j. Brandy and W iuoa, 2?<> dosea Kiosk K?KJ. l> oaken UutteJ artd CheMe. 75 bbls Flour, best brands, Family, Extra, an Superfine. A complete assortment of Grooenea of all kiadi TWitt. DUMINO. No 834 Seveath street, de 17-eoflw between Louisiana av. and D at. ^0 CENTRAL STORKS! ^ CLOTH CLOAKS ~~CLOTR CLOAKS!! Ns* Cloth CMoaJra. new moth n<v*Jr? w itj m, w ati 1m. <Motfca, for rioaka. Cloth*, for Cloaka. I?DRKHM GOODS-ORES GOODS! J?M. VktMoiM, Mannoa, Silka, Bilk Robot i nrioia utter stylaa of Draaa Gooda; I nurk'd dova to nHt Uo praaaat atnu of U arito ali in *Ht of Drjr Good* to fiv? M Mil. and wa 7m 1 confidant that thaj vill do repai for ao doing. WM. R. RILEY 4 BROTHER, No. 36 Central 8torea, th and Ml 7th and Sth atrMU. do 13 tw OMOaitP Contor Marhk. Cn^VWA,Bst?.af.5.RANTS' c,'r,'0' L. A. DELL WIG'S. Chd1^A0^e?.^o^^^.,E8- co" CLOTHING. &c. A GREAT ATTRACTION! GRAND RU^HFOR SEVENTHSTREET! All Stop at SMITH'S, No. 460 SEVENTH STREET. "G* tk<m and do liktteife " (duoh wm the lantu&fte used br a gentleman who v...< 4 ..r ??. ? > u.1 ?? ui?wm bviiio wu* kicat uar^ftiaa.; I have juat returned from the North with a r*rr lane took of CLoTUINO, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CAPS.tought for cash at two third* their net coat .and which 1 will aell at a small advance. Von oaa buy a good Overooat from S3 to ft7, a very fin* one from 91? to SIS, Cape Overooat from 9? to 915, Boy'a Overooat and Cape Coat from SSSn to ?5 Aieo, SHIRTS, UNDKR GAR M KNTS, UM fRELLAS, SCARFS SHAWLS, COLLARS. IES, GLOVES, and all kind* of Genu* Wearing Apparel, at a*toniahingly low pricee. CT" A word to thoae that want to purohaee: Having hoarht theee good* at verjr low prioea. I am

oonfident that you can aave 35 per cent, buying from me. N U SERVANTS' CLOTHING in abondanoe. l>on't forget to eall at tAe Pe?.p e'aCtothing Store, No. 460 Seventh atreet, before purohating elee where, and aatiafr yonr?#)ve* that we are (tfering bargain*. J. H SMITH. Clothier. de 14-lm No. 4 ftO Seventh at., opf. Poat Office. /GENTLEMEN'S ** REHDY MADE CLOTHING. Our preaent aaaortment of GENTLEMEN'S RE^DV-MADE CLOTHING ?.ffere to oitisana and atrangera wiahing an immediate out fit aupe rior inducement*, embracing, at thia time, all etylee and qaalitiee of Dree* and Buaineaa Gar ment* and Overc??aU ia all vari*tiee. Fine Shirte n<4 (Yn(4Al. .11 W..J. XT IA A ? wuu l uuoi-viumiuR ui ail Aiuua, r\iu auvwiurr Glovea of beat nu?.ity. Soarfa, Tin, c^rati, Sto?k?, Hosiery, ao., <ko. All of which we are otlerint at our uaual low prioee. IL7" clothiug mvl<i to ord?r in the moat superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS a CO.. no 16-t? ,122 f*. avenue. Great r a r g a i n s Offkrkd at thk PEOPLE'S CUtTHIfiU STORE. No. 460 Sbvkxth Sr&ker. clothing. FURNISHING goods, HATS A3D C A ps At 20 pn Cint. L*?? that* tit* ulnar. Rati*. At smith's, No. 460 Seventh Street. r ?all in want of clothing an.! FUR ishing GOODS wiu find it greatly to their ad vantage to give me a call. "'7 im J. H. SMITH. ttothint. W_ merchant TAILORING. E Invite our cuatomera.and citizen* general ly, to an inapec'ion of our present new, at a* tractive, and elegant ofnui CLOTHS, cassimkres. doeskins. Wk nis Vf.STINGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ac. JTC whioli we will niako to order in superior" " style at very low pnoes. WALL, STEPHENS & CO., oc 25 tf S33 Pa. av., betw. SUU and KHh eta. H O! FOR THK HOLIDAYS! SEVENTH STREET FOREVER! FUN FOR THE CHILDREN! PBKKKNTS SniTABLK FOR ALL AoKi ! CHRISTIAN RUPPERT, No. 322 Stctnth St., between D and E. We have enlarged, improved, remodeled, and renovated our establishment, eo that it now is, in fact, the largest aud best regulated Toy, Fancy and Variety Store in the oity. With personal care and attention we havecar?ful!y selected our great stock for the lloli la/ and Winter Trade, and promise to sellCIIEAP. We l>*g every lady to call aud see for themseives, as it is impossible to enumerate all of onr goods. Suffice it to say, ours embraces every kind to be four o in a well conducted Toy, Fancy, Chita, Woolen, and genotal variety and assortment Store. All kinds of the most tasteful EMBROIDERED WORK. KNITTING and DRAWINGS promptly exeouted to order by MRS RUPPERT. 532 Seventh st, Seventh st., >2~ Seventh at. de 14 2w OCERIES! GROCERIES!! GROCERIES !!! A T.arge Supply of Fine Freah GROCERIES, LIQUORS, FRUITS, ire., Juat received from .New York, and for kale at GR pricoa to suit the times. A leo, a !ot of FINE OLD IRISH WHISKY, Innported by myself. SWEET CIDER. ON DRAUGHT. M. GREEN, Grooer, de 12-eo5t* Corcer of L and Thirteen h sta. B RADY'S NATtONAL PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY. 358 Pisw Avi*ci. On exhibition, beautifull* finished Photographs of the President and Vioe President elect, Imperial Photofrapha of all the Presiusuta from Jacknon to Buchanan: of all tie Members of the Senate and House of Repreaentativea of the present Congress; of the Prince ofWaleaanda large nnmber of dia tingulabed foreign peraonagea; of nearly a>I our prominent Stueemen, Poeta, Artiats, Authors, Ed itors, Clergyman, Generals and Commodore*. The largest Plain Ph"tographa in the world. The Colored Photographs must be aeen to be ap Twenty'five full lenrth Portrait Yiatting Cards, elegantly finished for five dollars! IJNE HUNDRED PHOTOGRAPHS FOR FIVE DOLLARS!! Prioee for all other atylea equally moderate. de 10 lin NOTICE! NOTICE!! NOTICE!!! BIG. P. CALLIS. Import** or FOREIGN WINES. LIQUORS, AND PRE SERVES, Has received, per la?t immense quan tity of Liquors and Wines, iineau&led by any wholesale dealers 'u Waalimgton. Also, l,noiiboxe<i of Preserves, of different kinds, such as cannot be hoiif ht for Iarh th&n 20 dot rent, in &nv atore. (*iva m* a call and try my roods. No. 374 i) fit., between 8th and 9th ?t?., Washington. ue 5 eolm D A. HUBNER'S RESSMAKINti ESTABL1SHMENT, No. 50G Eianum St , Between Pa. avenue and E it. All kinds of Lathes Garment*, Dresses, Cloaks, Mantelets, Chesterfield Sacks, Zouave Jaoket*( Ac., Ac., oat and made to order by every fashion p at* in the latest Parti and London styles, at the shortest notice. de 1 8wi* Singer's Sewing Machines. 388 PENN. AVENUE, NATIONAL HOTEL BUILDING. We invite the tublio attention to oar new 850 FAMILY 8EW1NO MACHINE. Thi? Machine is unaurpaaaed in the honeehold. It runs smooth and swift; few5, hems, fells and gathtrt, will eew the fineat awias or cloth ten iayers thick, and any thin* between the two extremes, in a beautiful and aubatantia! aoanuer. Maohineain mahorany,wal nut and ro?ewood oases from $&n to #H?. Our larre vibraltig prttftr m*ckinex for ooaoli trimmer* and saddlers, la without a rival. Silk, Twiat, Thread, >?, Bobbins, Oil, Ao., alwaya on hand at New York prioea. lH^Send for aoopv of I. M Sinter A*Co.'s Ga xette. CHARLES A. SPONSLER, aoC6m Agent. * -H" pimui ?nn nvi ciu? i>ni a 0 i m 1 KMRICil. at the oorner of Penn.A.. A avenue and Eleventh street, hM bAenVcS^V greatly improved recently and now offer*jlUflBJL greater inducements for the patrona*e of citizens and strangers than any other public bonis in the oitf, his prices being let* than thoee of any otter hotel on Pens, avenue, and hie accommodations fur permanent or transient boarders unexception able. The bar and r?ataurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very popu lar, b?ing all that oan be desired by the most fas tidioae. Tne proprietor pledfes unremitted atten tion and continued liberal expenditures to give sat isfaction to a>', and thns renews his invita'ion to all to sive the K a re pea n Hotel a oall. dattf j^OTICE TO THB PUBLIC. The undersigned has Inst opened a wholesale PRODUCE and MARKETING STORE at 349 IMitth street, opposite Center Market, where he will be raoemag dally a general assortment of every thin* that grows on a farm, fresh from the anda of the fanners, sioh as Tnrkeva. Chickens, se*?.", Hiwjr oi all qualities, at iltiniore pnoes?Dried fruit. Apples, Flour, leans, Ao , Ac., whioh I will sell as aheap as caa _>e bMught in this oity, Alexandria, or Baltimore. Dealera and huulcetora are respectful y invited to oall and examine for themeelves. de6 tf J. H. CAN^1 ELD. fLOAKS! CLOAK BU t/ C L 0 A K BU! The Camilla, the Arab, theGaribaldi, The Romeo, the Zouave, the A Uuaa. The Richard, the English Ba?k, the freaeh Saok. TAYLOK fc HUTCHISON. FOR SALE AND RENT. POR RENT OR LEASE FOR A TERM OF r YEARS-Tbe HOUSE ud GROUNDS lately ocounedbj Postmaster General Brown, and T?ry recently held by Mrs. Smith a* a female institute. For further information apply to CHAS. A1IERT, Esq., or to the aabaoriber. THOMAS LAW SON. da4 antf HuriMn (>M>ni I .S. Arnt. FOR RENT, in the First Ward-thro* squads west of Ute War Depart ment-a small OF FICK, with back room, or the former may aniwer for a shop, and farlom and Chambers. separate, or suits o( Room*, furnished or unfurnished; c!om to the Aver <j*. Inuuird at this oflioe. de 3 Stawtf t^OK RENT?A dutiable and veil located first cl&aa RKM DENCE. No. 469 on Sixth street, betwean D and E at*. The houM it furnuhed with all the modern improvements. Apply to THOMAS PARKER. no tt-eotf FOR RENT-The line BRICK HOUKE No. 100 Wwtit, Georgetown, at prewnt ooou pied by the aubseritier. It haa IS rooms, with (as and water throughout, a fine rani, stable 4e , and la in acood neighborhood. Apply to J AS. A. MA GRUDEK. oo? tf FOR RENT?A three story briok HOUSE,ood tainint 8 ro<aiua. In food order, with gas fix tures o<>mplete, on H street, between 4th and 5th. Also, a two-story briek COTTAGE, with large yard attaohed, oorner of F street north am 14th st. east. To punctual and reliable tenant* the terma L. 4 . a .s J J f mm .1AL win w uiwuor?i?j. Appiy m tf o i woiuu between ?J H. no iS-tf FOR RENT.?Two new thrN-itorj BRICK HOUSES with back building*, each house oontainia* room*, with ias. p leanantly eituated on Ktfi street north, between M and N street*. rent moderate. Apply to E. LAZKNBY. opposite,or to JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio avenue, between Lgtly&nd lath straetw. op 9tf FOR RENT-The FIRST FLOOR ofthebuild^ mc immediately opposite the west winrof the City Ha!.,r-oently oeoup'.ed by Chan. t*. Wallaoh as an uttoe. Aleo the front room in the second story and the third floor of the tame lulldini. For temn apw/ to RICHARD WALLACH,No. W Lonisiaga aTonue. ia is tf DENTISTRY. M TEETH. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patentee oftheMlNKKAL FLATK TEETH. atv ga tend* personally at his offico in this city.J^JtepS Many persons can wear these teeth vnoNlllu cannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who cannot wear these. Persons sailing at my office oan be aeeommodated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire; but to those who are particular and wieh the pureet, oleanest, strongest, and most perfeot dentar? that ^ -J I 11 (.*11 1 I u( a *%" *> II l_ _ viusu pru'iLntj, iao m.1.1 r.fVAU rua 1 c. win iw more fatly warranted. Rooms 111 this oity?No. 33? Pa. avenue, ti?tTMB 9th and loth ?u. Also, 'JO7 Arch street, Philadel phia. oc 15-tf D DENTAL CARD. R. MUNSON Hm returna<1 and resvraed hie profession. Wff.on and house at 4S3 E st,.^-*c^ third door cast of Sixth. In addition t< M|iS every other approved style, Dr. M has aer**1' '71 teeth on vuloenite liaae for the laet three yeara and, from exoerienoe, knows it exoe.a all others, and ia ono-third less lu prioe than gold. His old patrons of Washington,^ Alexandria, and George town are respectfully soicited t i oa!l. ?.u 35 eoly CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. ? v U StrtM, Bt'.vtt* 9ik and lor* Struts. We have just finished a number of first c ms CARRIAGES, such as Litkt Fancy^jMaa. Wagons, Park Pktalonj. Fa.tnxly (Mr YSR&j&i riant, and Butties, w hica we will sal: al"? ~ ?-? a v?r? sinatl profit. Being practical mechanics in different branches of the Business, we flatter ourselves that we know the styles eiid quality of work th&t wi'l rive satis faction, ooiubiuiug tightness, oomfort and aurabili ty. Repairing promptly and carefully attended to the shortest notice aud roost reasonable charrea. WALTER, KARMANN k BOPK Coaohiuakers, successors to Wm. T. Hook. aptf-dly T CARRIAGES. HK 8?baohb*r having made addSuons to ki Wry. making it cow one of the largest, e District, wuore hi* facilities fori manufacturing CARRIAGE k. LIGHTJ WAGONS or all kinds cannot be surpassed, and from hit long experience in the bui&Mi, ho hopes l? give general satisfaction. h All kinds of Carriages m4 Light Wiftu kept m KP AIRS neatly Jeae.asdaii orders rr**M #VT BIO HOUSEKEEPERS WH WASHINGTON, 6KORG E-Cv TOWN AND yiCINITV. We invite the attention of Housekeepers to our Tfuj l&rce and beautiful stook of CHINA, Gl.A*-8 and EARTHEN WARE, which is now rendered complete in every department by oar reoent im portations We deem it unnecessary to enumerate artioles, as we have every thing that is utua'lv kept in the China Business, from riob decorated F renoh China Dinner and Tea Sets to the ordinary Earthen Ware, and as we import the majority of onr goods, we are prepared to furnish the beat aea'ity, either to the wholesale or retail trade, as low as any of the importing houses of Baltimore. English aal Ainerioan Cutlery of superior quahtv, Alio. Horn, Buck and Cucoa Uaadlo Cutlery from the same factories, Silver plated Ware on fine Alhatta, warranted, A large stock of Coal Oil Lamps, tumorous pat tarns. Paper Lamp Shadea and Chimnise, Cat Glaaa Globes, Hyacinth G. asses, Fanoy Articles, Tora, <ko , ko. C. J* FOWLER A CO., 604 Odd Fellows' Ball, no i6-eo6w Seventh street. JJMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 777... $300,000. QfUt torn r t street and Louisiana ar., over Bank if Washington. INSURE'HOtSES AND~OTHF.R PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. DiaacToma. Gao. Shoemaker, Samnel Redfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilaon, Richard Jonea, John D. Barclay. Jacob Gideon, Andrew Roth well, Thoa. Parker, R wfiard Barry, B. B. French. No charge for Polioiea. ? . a m ^ i v a a m m n l * ERS. V> all of wY jAiir.3 AiiAM?, rrBiiucou A??L G. Path,Secretary. oc 1" eo6m N winter MILLINERY. OW Opening, at our Fanoj Store,* r*ry lari and superior assortment of winter BON -^ NETS.oompnaini: the late?t and moat deaira blaatylee ofthe aeaann. AUo. a fine asaortment of FRENCH flo ?. - , Leathers, ruches, ribbons,*<>., ___ which we are enabled to Mil at greally re duced prio? a. HUTCHINSON k. munro. 310, no 2l-d2wfceo*w Between 9th and 0<h ?ta. OUGHS, COLDS. hoarseness, *0. TYLXR'S COMPOUND S YR UP OF O UM ARA B1C Thia pleaaunt and popular Cougu Remedy haa bean ao lone known and extensively used, that moat pawns have become familiar with lta oxtraardiaa rr efficacy. h aan be had at ail the ertuo pal drug atorwa at 8fi and 50 oenta a bottle, ae 28 <12ni a ee< * Gm Fixtures, . THE BEST ASSORTMENT ever offer ed in THIS city. Those who desire to aeleet from new pattprns. with the advantage of a reduction in prioee, Will oall early ana examine. We wonid aleo eall the attention of persona about introducing gas into their dwellings to onr in creased facilities, and consequent low prices, lor this branch of our trade. Inviting ail who desire their work done promptly, and free from ?a? leakages to cai) at sl?9 Pa. ave nue, between 10th and 11th sts., sooth aid*. nofl-tianl J. W. THOMPSON k. CO. CEPHALIC PILLS.fSpaldioc'a,) Scheuck's Panonio Sjrup and See W?sd Tonic, McLean's Strengthminr Cordial, Silver Soap, Also, a variety of Coal Oil Lamps ko. With fresh Medici lies Inst received at de IS-Sw M?OR^WMtECli^l^ /?\ Jl iMO^ L. O fl I have removed mi U fl PAWN OFFICE tJ?? butioMa wilt be eootixued M hereto okjitaad. [no lV6ai 1 IW ft AC Hi" WOOD! WOOD!! STOVE Ud KINDLING WO^D.rttle Iowm ? r. J. A W. M. 6ALT Pa. ?*., kMtVMB 11th Md mk It W* n4f XT: 1 , "WtK ?ui fJOOO LIGHT! . ' u OB RAP LIGHT! SAFE LIGHT! PA BAFFIN BOIL, from Co*l KINO * 8UBCBBLL, oo U Aftsto for rta ?.? THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. VUi aaMiriallrW Km Jnnal-M* Maine a greater wi?ty at iciw ?<im iwilag |kM mo f tommi U My ilto m itMMM ? Fndwatnuw. PtBflceofr. ? ^ * Fit* oofiM ? 4 TS m Tvwtr fr* It nvtnably i that' hM m1? Jiu Dmilt, o gMMrftlly throigkomt tk? wutrr. Casing!*ooyiM(it vr%pfn> ?il(| U UxwnHr.twinuiy iAk Ita mm?mt tiw Ptim-THIKI CENT?. WOOD AND COAL. TO THK PUBLIC t GO WHERE YOU~~CAN GET VOIR MONEY'S WORTH ptn T~ I nOAI^o ? ? -? fcy 11 i iw on: JLAUW IT tr y ~VTHA T f Tr^th* PlUNEfcK MILLS.tod b?T fc?r proveivua T f H7" Prove Unt job oan it el ?o?r AN 9O.D t)Mr? e* x?p*i than t wTh*ra in th? ??j ; ud th?n yo? wlil kwoir what* (ET iDowUatToviMGUOD MEiKIKud Uia r?ry b?tf of \VOOD for 1*m moiey, ClT 9flit, aitd DiLivnirrtnoi Ciiml Call at thi PIONKKR VILLI! SIQH OF THK BLUE FLAO-STAfF. 9octhws?t Co?m 8*?ijti cst. an? Canal (Soutfc of the Hrid*#. F BO U 8KOK<? K fAfilC, A??|iT WOOD AND DeliT?r*1 to all Hrti $ tue cityfat th? pouibl* ntH. T. 4. * W. M. ?ALT. OttM 989 P*. ? ., bMvtwi Iktk Ud lilo aU., mm 17 ff ?orth educational. Tfkmai.k EDICATION. HOSE Paranti who wiak tbair dao, htora to ra Wtvi ft thorough and ayatematie adaoatioa. whfr* their physical training wi'l reoeive daily and apeeial attention, under the moat appro vad avaieni of Call a thenio? and Gymnaatica. ar? re*p?oUuiiy laritad to iait the Union Fftrr.ale Aeademy, corner Four tee nib at. and New York a*. MR. k. MRS. Z. RICHARDS, ?n an tf l'ria^fal*. I FEMALE HOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. * A LEX Ay OH 14, T A. Mra. S. i. McCORMICK. PbtwctpaL. The thirteenth ai>nuai aeaaion of Una Institution will commence on Tueadar. September 18th, id the Uouae recently oeenpied by Sjlvealer Root I, Re*., No. 1*0 Kiif atreeu The courae of atudv pur*ned wMl ooaipria* all the br&nchea requiaite tu a thorough F.ndiah Kda oation, and Music, French, Latin aad Drawing. il desired. In addition to riavaeholar* Mr*. MaCormiok ia prepared to receive a limited number of pupils aa tMiarderv. who, oonatituting a part of her own faai i!y, will he order Iter immediate oar* aad auperv. aion. She will endeavor, aa tar aa po**ibt*. to aar round tliera with tiic comfort* and kindly I an ueuoea of Home. Ktf<r<acw.-Rty. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Kliaa Harrison. Rev. D. F. Spri?, Wiiliaa H. rowU,, Edgar Snowd'n. Es<|.. Edmund F. Witmer, Henry Marbtry. Fee., Lewia Mnlmii*. , Robert H. Hunion. Km, . \V. i) Waaaoh, D?.>or Evtoninc Star, Benjamin Watera, Kaq..Jaa. F.ntwiale, Jr_ ,Col. John W. Minor, Loadoua Meaara. Biacklock A Marahall, Maaara. Cor Brothera. Tnai. Board, with TuiUon ia all the Knc'.iah Braaahaa, $3nn for the annual aeaaion?payable eemi annual 1), ia advaaoe. Mnaic aad Lan* are* at Profeeeora' pnaaa. Cr No extra chart**. aa S-tl fiftONCM'AjL. &o CWf Co*tk, Cold, Fm'imui^ / ^ Jlwdtt. any imltfiM ee ~ rjk a r?i tf U< Threat. iiiJMri t/U Hnrltmi Coutk in C'Mramr ttM. BrtmcJutii, Athma. 4* Cmtarrk. Cl*f an4 lt?? Hrenglk (e tk* t>0*ct ?/ UBLIC 8 P K A K E R S A!fi> SINGERS. Few we aware of the nnp<>rtanee of eheerint or ' CumaHio Colu" in iU firgt iu<?,tut in the befnint would yield to a Or. if ncflaeted. eoou attack at he Lanti Brunch Ml TrotJus." oonUuainc derau.oert inyredi Couth or ''Common Cola which lr?t IUII to a m>i3 nti. -i? nu, alls; Pulmonary and Broaekial Irritation. "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN'S whioh the "TVockf" area specif*) havinc inade ate often a mere whia TROCHKS perer* N. P. WTLUS. BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TBiipni'a " I recommend their ue to Ptrauc Sps.aik*?." REV. B. H. CHAPIN. "Ureat aervioein anbdaing Hoiiti n*e?." REV/DANIEL WISE. " Almoet imuu relief > J' nwuoo BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES feMinc labor of breathing paouhar to Asthma." REV. A. C. EGGLKBTON. " Contain no Opinm or u;tkii| injuriou?." DR. A. A HAvES, CWul, Bmim. " A auntie and ilwit ombUm tion fjr Cocent, eo." DR. d. P. Bl?RLOW. " BenedctaJ in BftQMcptTU." DR. J. F. W. UANK, Mm. " I h*Tf prnrrd them excellent for WnorriN* Cocoa." KklV. H. W. WARREN. Bottom " Ben*ioial when oomynped to prat, euCe-iL* from Cold.'_ iEV. 3. J. P. ANDEjjspj|l^ " KmrTCU in removing Hoaree n?eean<l I rntation of the Throat, no common with BrSAEHe aad Siaa ,"*Frof. M.BTACY JOHNSO!^ La "Great lx>?cfct vkN taken befor* i>J afW preaching, aa they trmtt o%r??n*??. From their H>t effect. brown'S TROCHES "Great and _ brown'S Ho%re?ne??. From their . , 1 think they vi I be of perm?nrci m troches vulue to ot." rev. E. rowley, A. M. BROWN'S Preeident o( Athene Coliefe, Tw TROCHES de 1 1/ ITTSold by all Drvtciata M TWEN TY five cents A BOX.Jjj Dr. schenck's pulmonic syrup. Do. SEA weed tonic, Do. mandrake P1LLK For eaie by 8. B. WAi rK,eorn(r of Brraeth etreet ?ixl Loaieiana arenae. te "of ^ botti. Prioe of Maud rake Pule, U--.?. . Thoee afflicted with die#aeea of the Loan, J or Stomaah. aooerneanied with pain* in tkf 1 Breact or Side, ehoeid try Dr. Sehaaok'e j oinee. and are referred to th? foliowiaa eert one of the many testimonial* of ooaplate e Wakhiwotos, D. C.. Nov. Set. lMAt D*. Sc*Kic??D'?r Sir: I unffecad naeh wr evcal montie with Li??r oomp.aint, 1 wae par eaaded by a friend to try yoar Pulmonic By ray, an<l Mandrake Pule. I am ??* qaite van, mil Milt>? ynr midiefei im< tk* mums if retMriaf me te Aeati* a?<< rurer. Therefore I lake much pleaeare la rieoaaiW iu it to U? Pabiie. M. a ? no a la FOR STAMPING AND ENVELOPES *0 MATCH, ttto METROPOLITAN PM1LP A SOLOMONS, Artntt for Lmtmci'i ? * ** ? * Limm P?Mri, " Mttrwpoluan Mill*,*' #?., #e. ?X1> 338 F*.? .. b?.?U lUti?. 512 ?UTTA pkrp^/a,nt *"? 512 n a uit fvinsi / k a. m SUSi ? ? i? *a<1 ?fe o?i?t)r*tod GatU Parate ? K Md Fuji. AJ??, ? t*Uf?i MMTtMltof ^^5SSS?Swi? trsi'rva.'ir r,T?u' is'^wiT ?^w Hjrvrs M *c?vB hfrQftO rfr lT TtiVKUMflflUNM.