Newspaper of Evening Star, 21 Aralık 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 21 Aralık 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. BILL. PAID. Bill mat Katr is tie lane>? A wink. Or bliak, 1 think winked again: He put hn arm* around h#r want? A pout' iNu doubt. Pa* mi, At each gojd t??t?. Har little han.1 eaught kit eo quick A eoratch I H?'U eaten Hi* irttok, AnJ ioee th# trick. ThM, with > * other fan J, ah* gave? A cuff! That's rough Kuoufh, AnJ showed her brave. ~~" Sfce ?aid r "I won't!" th-sn I.elJ so still? A kin! Ah! mi* Sweet bli*a Pail every 1.1-paid Bill {.Knickerbocker. fpr The Journal of Con m?*rce, informs us that there la a great falling off in the receipts of the several religious and philanthropic societies which have their head quarters in New York. These institution! receive altogether about four millions of dollars perannum A number of them have already suffered severely through the intro duction of the irrepressible African into their - - . _ A - -?< meeting*, oilier* Dave Men spin imo nurmrru and Southern lections. and now that the seed -which some of tbetn have sown i* bringing forth It* legitimate fruit, we abould not be at all sor prisedto bear nextspring that the anniversary coa trlbution* for the fear bad fallen off one-half. _IET A man calling himself Lieut Henry IV. Paul, U. S. A , <savs the Mobile NewiJ was warned out of Oxford,' Mississippi. laat TBurs day Paul 1* a stalwart fellow, six feet five Inches high, and very military In appearance. He ad vertised to give fencing lessons, but would accept but two pupils, and claimed to a be native of Wheeling. vlrgiiila. Suspicion being excited, he wss taken la band by a committee, who ascer tained that he was from Vermont, and it a cousin of Cook, one of John Brown'* men. ?17" A blacksmith at Montreull. France, bought some time ago. a quantity of old iron to work up. Having Selected from the heap a musket barrel, be put It Into his forge to make It red hot In order to cut It Into pieces As be was polling It from the lire a lond explosion was heard, and, at the same moment, he uttrrrd a piercing cry and fell dead The barrel had been left loaded, and tbe 1*11 iiriklnff him above the abdomen. Dissed through his longs, came out ju?t below the shoul der, and lodged In ft wall at some distance. fE^u F." writes to the Baltimore American : 41 There Is a movement on foot here, among some leading Baltimoreans, to have a grand Union de monstration in our city?that ia to sav a meeting In favor cf fighting the battles of the South in the Union. The purpose is to have speeches from iM-uator Critter.den, ex-President Fillmore, Vice President Breckinridge, and other distinguished national men." IP" strange to say, Union men are now re gretting that Senator Seward in lieu of Mr Lin coln, had not received the Chicago nomination, and thus been elected President,?Inasmuch as he aeems to be a man who can see the drift of things, and can sail on the current. Lincoln's dumbness, Lincoln's paralysis, are put in contrast with Seward's vivacity and perception.?iV. Y. JSzprtss. CD-The Charleston papers note the arrival there of eighteen >>oxes of firearms for the State, from Baltimore, and two hundred boxes from New York The papers of the same city announce that H 8 Farley, James Hamilton and Geo. N. Reynolds, of Sooth Carolina, have '-seceded" from West Point and returned home. IH^Tbe pilot of the steamboat Goody Friends, being overheard making improper advances to an ugly old nvgress at Merrlpbis, Tenn . on Tueedav, wu arresvd. and lln*d #S0, for contorting with lava. He was afterward*conducted to the boat, and requested not to return to that city. \rr The ladle* of Chicago are so enraged at Mr. Burch. on account of the late divorce ease, that the police hare been called ont on one occa aion to prevent a threatened feminine mob from lvncluag him. ITT By the official canvass of New Hampshire, the Bell and Everett electors are found to have pre?isely the same nuc.ber of votes that werecaat for Fillmore in IS56,viz: four hundred and eleven {J^Barylars entered Mr J Si pea' house, at Baltimore, on Monday, while the family were from home, and after breaking open and ransack ing the whole place, stole every portable valuable (XT'The Dutch government baa at last matured the plana which Vt has been long forming for effecting the emancipation of the slaves In her fleiontca The roast-r* are to be sompensated. |ETMany of the citizens of Texas are putting off everything of wearing apparel that is manu factured at the iNorth. and coming out in full uits of bomecpun. ix^r r pin;n:n? Q?aaacn?? A fictitious disea?p. by which womeq seek to conceal their heartache. P~7-T^ie celebrated Cheraller Bunsen has lately d'*d at Bonn. If? Mn Nelton Harris cut her throat, near Port Leydeo, N.V.,laat week, ina fitof d'jection. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. WILLARDS' HOTEL?D De Vlro, NT; Dr R H Jonea, Pa; R W \\ Bowie, Va; D F Thorn klna, NJ: J B Moore, Maaa; N 5*ea?or. do; J B Crooin. NY; W H Mussleman, Mo; R J Dobblna. Pa; D Bontdader, Eng; B Donnelly, XV; H G Ruaaell, do; C Moore and ladv. do; W Beattr, Cana; MaJ Hunt, USA; T 8 Witherow. Va: S M "WUr, Ct; R Taylor, XV, C N Fauntleroy, CSA; Dr Sloaa. do: H Amn; Conn; J W Htak?. N J; O T Hl obard, do; M S Smith, do; DTowni*nd, NJ; S B Jtwett, do; W F Wnter, Del; E Carleton, NH; B J Loralng and aiater. NY; VV A Ivea, Coon; J Graham, USN, J M Van Aradaie, Pa; A Cartwrlght and lady, Maaa, Miaa Cartwrlght, do; Col Huger, USA. BROWN'S HOTEL ?M Lake, E P Welch, D J Ayres, J R Fuller. S Kelley, 1) B l.adwlck, TJWatts and ly. Va; F Conrad, J Beehaiu, NG; Gen L Blake, II Carliale. J C Goodlo? and ly, M Bynurr. M Croaa, Ala; i) Hamilton, SC; J McHen ry, O; T Moorhines. Cal; Capt G W Hoover, A Langly. W Tabutt, F Valdeuer, B G Fltzhugh, Md; F Hill. Ga: T Hucrh? I u v d_. ?< Cooke, \V E Maddox, Kv; T N Claiborne and ly, So, P Jackson, Mtw LWhiUker, 111; XV Whal ling and daughter, Wli. NATIONAL MOTEL.?J Lancaster, Pa; C R Bedlnger, H Page, Va. C P Sea brook. J M Mc Boyd, SC; P Elliot, Ga; W G McCabe, R Mu te.J W French. W P Taylor, Va; 8 M Weir, G P rlster, C?; J W N V; R A Manly.Ala; H LHarrington. S T Harris. G H Harris, Miss tarter J D Pugb. W W McKalg. !Kd; D t*mall, I) MeCargo and ly. J M Darrah and ly, P*; C R <i randy, E L Sorrille, J Deyerly,Va; W Whaling and daughter. Wis KIRK WOOD BOUSE ?J Street, Pa, Dr J 8 Piorets and iy. Mrs L P Hatcbkiss and fam, J T Walker. SC; 8 Green. Miss; A M Smith. Md; J Woodward. R Kayraon and son, NY; 0 Whalon and ly. O; J Showers. T Smith, B Crampton, A C Page, E B Mautez, Va. WASHINGTON HOUSE.?i Groreabeck, Pa; K Hollenbeck. KT; H Balch, Min, J Achs, Wis; J Van Boren, P Van Vleck and ly, NV. OCEA N8 TEA MERS1 SAILING DA Y8 Fao* Tim Umitm Statbi. Lea r?. For. Day*. New York.?? .New York... Bremen L?<hj U Not* Muoaa Portland Liverpool... Deca Vigo .....New Y?rk...Liverpool.. *Ueo 22 United Kingdom.Now York ..Glasgow i>?o 25 ?uropa.__ ..._. Hoatou.. Liverpool... Dec 38 AbttUc ...New York... Uavr?.__Doo 39 From Euuora Jar*..?. Liverpool....New York ...Dec 11 Riltoc .8outu'ptoa...New York...Deo 12 orth Amsrie&n.Liverpool P^rtlaud..?ileo 13 Outdft ? Liverpool Beaton.? Deo 13 J'aleetme ... Liverpool New York- Dec *5 i tic California man a learners leave on tiie ytU, into, and ?tu <>f every month. fllRW ANN R. O'NKIL, WIDOW, ANN K. if A a art tf ugh B.Hweocy, Kxecutora. and JMMa H?d?r O'Neif, Agatiiy O'Xeil and Julia O'.Neil ehi dr?o and fceira at law of Timot> O'Neil. Late ol V aafeingtoa county, D C.,d> c?aaed, and a ! otaer pervaa interested. You ar* hereby notified that the Hon. William M. Merrick, Aamated Judge of the Circuit Court of the Dut iitot Columbia, hath thia day. on the proper app i.aiioa on the part ol the United 5*tat?a. leevedhia warrant, directed to the Maraaalof toe aid Diatrief ,eo.'.' . v.<1:n ^ him to summon a lurv of wiwi'ii io?n tr> luoet on your lend, ?ai!eJ Dti?osrn*y>r by wti?t??r nimo or utiuoit the arne tuay be cv ed l)iD? ia ?ai4 oounty of Wuh in Mid Diatriet of Columbia, njrth of the Ci.?apeake *-d OMo Caiiai. ?v# n,* LiUie Fall* oftbe Poiomao rirer.oa FRIDAY, the 28th da, of December inrtaut, at aooa of Mid .lay, for the p?r poe# of ra >iin< ai-<l condemn'.ii* the pirpelua. and free rif bt t<? erect and hoild a cam aeroaa tea I- ail* Bracirn withis the lim.U of Da.ecarlia, aa b?id by Wil iam B 9or>t', at or ntaj the .it* of the former dam, wi'tim tit* limit*. *o an effectually to eoavey Uii tiirow aii lb* water of sftt i branch into tbe aforeeaid irn! I r?oe. * o., ae of aa abeoiute estate in aerpctu'tt ' ?b*Mid I.'nitrd State* for theute.?| tbe ' VVa?lun?tcn Aquedeot, %rxt aa*e atn( ail dam??*a WLieh the UVMII therouf auaii imUIi, by reaaon of the aa.-l L'niteJ Slaieaetittmc %nd oonatrMUbg ttie and VVaaJuii?toa Avu-dact over, epon aid tnrouch said hranon. wh*n and wrier* yon will at tend if 10 you it ahail Mem fit JOHN BRKWBR. Attorney for Waehia?toa Aqueduot. _d*14Jtawtfflth C~ 'ittA f BARUAIN9 IN FIANO^.-On* W| W a?oeaevei?-oeta\eC*rvrd Piaao Foru-,?* karui bteu ia at* % ah?>rt r no u, owaer eavicc t >e city, lor Me |.t; $2>k>.*1V If* One very m Koaewood CSnckerii i Kim n Cnr 913S, *t the >1 uaio o< W. G. ?i I i / i- tTiiV of Stci.v%/ 4 MISCELLANEOUS. HtTT'l Hiawatha Hair Restorative la virrul?l in every inaUK>? to Rb*tokb G*at Hai? to it* 0*tot??al Color. IN THO^ANDS y>F<CA?K^ In the pnn?ipai omea of Now Kncianrf. and HAS NOT FAILED in a atnde innuoe to ao _ oompli*h all that 1a c aimed for it. No Hair iaao Gray or Red bat the HIAWATHA will ohance it to a beautiful liio lika Brown and Klaok. It is not an inatantaneona dre which orooka, amuti and five* a dead biaok oolor to the hair; the pauent having to aubmit to aoapinf. waahtag and yougmj " ? nvir very une .111 appiieu; Her ia it a preparation ol aulphar, augar of lead, * ., nor of any wgredienta dele>noua to the heir of uia. It ia an article requiring no preparation, no wash ing before or after naug. it ia applied in fir* min utes time, and with aalittte troable aa any ordinary article for the toilet. "People who have uaed thia preparation declare it ia miraculoea in ita efTecta, and that it will per form all that it preienda to do y?Ballou't Pictorial. "Ita anooeaa wonderful, and we can only aay we mdorae all the proprietor aaya in regard to it."? Bottom Journal. We obaerve, by a notiae ia a Boaton paper, that a premium waaawarded by the Ma*aaohuattta Me ohanios' Chartta'>.e their lat? Fair, Boaton, to Mr. Joeeph Hoyt of thia city, for hia celebrated 'Hiawatha Hair ReetoraOTe,' an artioie which riohly merited thia favor. It waa for ita au perior merita in t^iereepeot that the Committee, af ter autfioiant evidence preaented to tfieinaetvee, awarded to Mr. Hoyt thia flattering teetimonial "? Providente Ertnmt Post. Sold in Waahmgion by J. W. Nairn. D. B. Clark, Kid well & Lawrenoe. D. O- Ridgeley. In George town by J. L. Kidwell.and by Draggiata generally. de 12 Im Holiday prksents-suitable mk MENTOS! One S*t Keal Sable, One Bet Koyal Ermine, At half their usual price, i MINK SABLES! Moat elegant seta, at prioea to auit the timee. FRRNDI MlV'lf FRENCli'&A BL E9. Beautiful 8et# from 010 to $15. chil.drkn'8 kIirs. Muffs. Viotorineg, and Caps*, in all their varie ties, from 75 oents to S8. B. H. 9T7NE.V1FTZ.aS6 Pa ar.. de 12 between l?h and 13th its. AK NEW PAWN OFFICE. /%t\ O O E. WARD. Oaaler in New? O and uait Off riothinr, respectfully informs the robho that hs has opened a LICENSED H\WN tFFlCE at No T? Louisiana avenue, between tth and 10th eta., a fow doo-a eaat of the new Cen tral Gu\rd-houae, where he will be at all timea prepare'! In wait on his patrons with promptness, attention and the atriotest justice. N. B ? J-welry, Dry 6oods, Clothing, Mechan ics' ToMs. to.,always on hand at private sale. de 7 lm* SEGARS AND TOBACCO FOR THK MIL LION ! The nndersicoed would respectfully inform his numerous friends and the pubho that the oopart narship heretofore existinc under the firm of Bkrbkxs A WiMVis.t, has been dissolved by mu tual consent, a: d that he has opened a hture uu the corner of C and Seventh *ta. west, opposite the Bank of VVashinftnn^where may be frond a ch'doo aiiuiiiub'ji ui obu ^ us ana ru haul'u, oi direct importation, as well aa domeatio in&nuiaotnre, wholesale and retail. Thftnkfu' for past favor*, he hopes by fair deal ing and atrict attenticn to tna wanta and intereata of tho pubiio in hi* line, to merit a oontinn*r.oe of the patroua<e ao liberally beatowed npon the late &no29-lin? P. WIKBMANt. JJ A T 8 AND CAPS! The latest New York style of WESSB GK.NTrt' DRKSW HATS, now on hand. The AMAZON HAT, KH| New Style, iu*t opened. _ ? Mia.e?' JOCKEY HATS, in Felt and beaver. At Reduced Pbicks. B. H. eTINKMKTZ, 436 Pa. av., no 24 coaroorner Thirteenth atreet IG. O. DEMUTH~lt CO., MPORTERS And Wholeaale and Retail Deal era in HAVANA CIGARS, FOREIGN IVINES, BRANDIES, GINS. fc., No. 40 Nobth Charlis Strut. Ftce doors abort Ltxin*ton St., no g-ly Baltimore. ^CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. Youths' and Boys' Clothing for School and Dress Wear. Parents and guardians wiahinf to fnrniah their ohiMren and wards with School and Collide Outfits for the ooining leuon, are invited to examine our reaent large and extensive assortment BOYS' CLOTH I N*?, witero they can ht out their children of all aisea in a few momenta with ever? descrip tion of Ready-made tiarir.enta, of substantial and durable quality, at very moderate arioea. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., an #V-M 3aa Penn. avenue. To PROCLAMATION THE CITIZENS OF KORf WASHINGTON, BEOR0ETO WN, Ao. WKtftas, At the preaent ?aason o the year CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, CHOLIC, DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA. DEBILITY, Ao., Ac.. . :l a. prevail to ?n manning ex '.enr: And tp kerias. It mu?t be of the FIRST CoNSKQUENCE to OTery fanuLj to know of A REMEDY at once Saf$, Sjtedy, and EAcucwus, DR. MONTARDL, or Pakis, offer* his MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER m the most CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL _ REMEDY FOR THE^BOVE COMPLAINTS In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that no imposition is intended in the sale ol this Great Medicine, THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED tn all catet when the medioine fails to c>ve entire satisfaotio Ask, thee at any Drug Store for DR. MONTARDE'S MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER. take as directed, suJ if not perlectlj satisfied Rstnrn u> our A*?nt. Dr"B7(&LARK, ESQ., 4H Street find P?:in?yl vnnia Avenue, who will refund yoor money. Price?24 and 60 Cent* per Bottle. Por c&ie at all Drug Storet everywhere. JA8. MoDONNELL, General A rent, Jyll -eotr Baltimore. Francis harper, HAVI.fO OPBlfBD A FAMILY GROCERY AND FKKD STORE, Corner New York i venue and Tenth street, Respectfully solicits the oairoiaue of th'>*?w mar he in wiinf of any article in the above line. Hia enaeavora ahafi be to pleaae, and by a striot atten tion to the wanta of the public, tie hopes to merit a hare of their patronage. Hia took oonaiata of every article uanally to ba found in a hret oiaaa Pamiiy Grooery and Feed Store. ma 17-tf IV tHJUSHSKtSEftJlS. E. R. DURREE & CO.'S Onaranteed not only A'SS^^lJS^SSISarStWu s astasia? ssa'i ."te?s - 3 wllhP*W.> to prevent injury by keeping aud are nul weiciit, while the ordinary croauii r^i0**; r* >!???J"**Jiablyj ?hort. We varrairt M a tinrlo trial will abundantly provJ. Manufactured only br fe ift REASONABLE DRY GOODS! Cloaka, Shawle, Klanneia, . Mennoe, Ottomans. BlankeU, Full Clotha, Lineay., Fano, Silk,. ?llk Robe., ' ' Popuna, Valencia,. Repe. , , .. Varna, looped Skirts, Irish Linen a, flheetmaa. Napkina. . Beaver Cloth, Sauk Flannel, W lute G?Kxi?. Linen Set*. Embroidenea, tioml>aziae?. Alcana.. Counterpanes, Comforts. Toweling*. All ol which we otfer at price* to auit the tune*. d? U TAYLOR A HI'TCHimiN. Tjusr out-new books. H K Pnno?? of \V*!ee in America, br Kinah&n Co'nuaiita, 12mo .cloth; prioe $i. Petty Aonoianoee. from the i'renohof Honor* ?lo Bvz%c; prioe SI.2>. Old Macki?aw, Ac., br W. P. Strickland, 12au>., cloth; price $1.25. At french 4b RfCHSTEIN'S, do 6 97H rerin avenne. di CHILDREN'S BOOKS, A - As. To FKE.NCH 4 RICH STEIN ** No. 378 Penn averrae. and examine their extremely large an>1 beautiful a*aortmf>nt of Children'* Bonk*, J>am??, Ac., the hneat a*ortin?Tit ever offered be or* in thu city. Go early, before the rnah.and make yo?r e?f*Ations. Also, a larre and varied assortment of Diaries for IM1. W til be reoeired Ui sxt itMmor a complete assortment of Enclisa Iinanara. no >1 J AS. ?UY Will mam* bar m? w"sHJ KSDAY and? a. m..and 1LETANMU n c*n rut( o'elock, l>t CITRRIoIIaN *ttd"*t}>? lulerfU'viiftie Lar-linn. On h?r r^rpUtig. ?h? w\H CLRRIOMAN rrery WEDNESDAY si1 NATH'L BOUftH. Act. Alnrnndri*. f*? At FRENCH 4EkTcH??8?!>I'9. 2T8 Pa. av. Auentt fur tkr wkolf Torld. Folk* e'.ef&ntly bound, p?mied on toBM paper, f?ll T?r?e? (ji t; pric* 81ft if ?*nt by mnl. The History of Woihii, fro?n the French of F.rneit i.egore, ir?n?!ute<l t>y j. W. Palmei; m. *r'"-Tr1on,H?ur'an<,? Book*, Neamii. Mom P?? an* AiOMi pno* mk ftl J# by - GAS FITTING, 4c. pLUMBERS and G_AB fitters. j. W. THOMPSON ft CO. Would e?ll th? *?t?ntion ot water takers to then tali ???orunout of Fixture* ii?oeic*ri to iU lutro diactoon,m rol!ojr?:-K}TCHEN RANQE8,BATH ti bs. water closet*, hot water BOILERS. kitchen 8lNKf, PU^PS, Cm! fron. Wroufht Iron. I.?*d and Gi!rtnn.,l w A. biwimwics *1 Bavin* ?u peri or advantages, with pr*ctioa knowledge. we are prepared to intrudooe Watei into dvellinge with all the latest improvenrent* promptly, and at prioea that oannot fail to eatiaiy. 969 Fenn. avenue. ioS4itMarl bet. 9th and l?*h ata . anuth aide. WM. T. DOVE * OO. RE Now prepared to execute up ordem will which they may befkvored inUie PLUMBING, ?AS Ojl^rKAM FITT1N? JET Store on 9th street, a few' doora north of Pa, avenue, where may tM found a complete asaortmenl of CH aNDKLIKRS ud other OAS. ST LA M an4 WATER FIXTURES. iagT-lv We AS F1XTURE8. K Have in atore, and are dai.y reoaiving, BA& F/XTPRESof entirely New Pattern*ai><! Dosigna and Finish, superior in atvle to anything heretofort offered in thia market. We invite mtia"?n? nn>ni It to ca.11 and lamiM our stock of Gaa anj Watoi Fixtures, fool in* oonfiileut tnat we have the bail selected (took in Washington. Work la the above line latnuted to Mr etn promptly attended ?o. MYERS * MoGHAN. mar S-tf 37B D afreet. I SNYDER, . PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Has removed to the oorner of TwelPh and Pate Heie prepared to inrroduoe Water and Gaa npor the mo"t favorable term*, and guarantiee entin aatlafaotieB ?[e haa on hand a lot of COOKIiNQ and othei OVES, whioh he will sell leaa than ooat, aa hi wiehee to get rid of them. no 17 FFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS METERS. O W ABHIHSTPS. July 1?, 1800. JIEREBY OIVEN. That.agree . , 'taiona of the ordinanoe of the Cor poration approved May 12, I860, the nnderaigned ii now prepared, "whenever roe Hired in writing, ana on pre payment of the fee of fifty oents, to inspeot. NOTICE IS , ably to the proviaiona and another, sealed and marked as trne, will be at in place. If proved to be aooarate in iti meaearvtaent of gas, it wtil be sealed aooordingly, and again put in position (or use. OAoe No. #10 Seventh street, (near Odd Pel .ows' Hall.) (Jpenfrom 8 a. in., Wil.m. CHAITl.r.a W. CIINNiNhH a M J| OY FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED READ! APPLY THE REMEDY REJOICE Yn HEALTH. Friend, do yon sufler? Are yon the victim of any of those numerous ailments irhioh arise irom im purity of the blood? What are ther, do you ask \ Rather ask. what are they not? The blood is the sou roe of liie and health, and it is the first element of our being to respond to uiy cause which alfecU th? system, as the pulse infallibly attests. The evei prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating Krysijelas, the subtle Sorofula, the agoni*ing RheumMflm, Ner vous Debiiity, Dyspepsia, Li rer Complaint with itc torpor and dejection, ana the numberless ills thai flesh is heir to. derive their hideous origin from th? blood, Doal kindly then and gently wi'.n the blood, Us? the vitalising resourooe of nature for its aid, and suffer ua to ooinmend to your confidence ana use that truly u!mv;: medicament koowa as INDIAN VEOET Mnicoarwy. With regard to tills almost infallible specific popular sentiment hits spoken in deoided terms, and the evideuoos oi this great elftoaoT are *us tained by constant avowals of curative etfeots an?J th? happiest results from its use are after all othei remedies and t^e best niedioal skill have failed. Let us say, in conclusion, th*t oertiiioates cures are not sought from the illiterate and super ficial, but they are volunteered from th.? mast re speotable soui oes and justify the highest terms ii whioh it is possible to commend so valuable i -.g - ? 1 - ? npraiBo w fuvnD njjiruvn1, vy 0 may Md ftldO thai the ourative propertieaof the medicine are?*ualie<i on! j by 1U restorative eflaota, the ayat?m recover ing from disease with renewed constitutional vigor For sale by all reapeotable Druggists in thu oity, and by toe proprietor, MRS. M COX. None cenaine unless bar name la blown on thi bottle and her aeat on the oork Irr Prioe 91 per bottle, aix bottlea for wXoletal$ Attn:. R. T. C1SSEL, Drugriat Georgetown, 0 C.. Whole*i\le Agent for the Die triot. and will anpply the trade at my pnoea. an 18-tr CGALTS' 1TY STEAM FIRE WOOD MILLS AND COAL DEPOT. Foot of Seventeenth street, bciou> IFar Department WOOD prepared, any length anl aize.toami the wanta of each purebaaer COA'.-KEHT IN COAI. HOUSES, protected from the weather?delivered fr?e front elate, dirt and other impurities. 2.24" be. to the ton. T. J. It W. M. WALT, r.o 'O-tf aS2 Pa. av., betw. 11th and 12th at*. 1TAKE NOTICE! WILL Take a>l kinds of Virginia monoy for mi book debta an?l for Boots, Shoss, and Trunks. Al persona indebted to me wi:l please eail and aettl< up, or I aha11 be oom pel led to give their account! into the handa of a collector. 8. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, no 21 Pa av., between 9th and 10th at*. QLD RICH, MELLOW AND J?URK MONONGAHELA RYE WHTS1TEV Conscientiously distil>d bj Mr. James Burnnide, of Allerany County, Penoa., in the old-fashioned honest way, from theolioioest and most careful!j selected Rye, and in ao case ever offered lor sale until adapUd to vholMono use by ace. It is ai once the most palatable, as it is emphatically one of the parest beverages m the reaoh of the public. To the Invalid.&s veil as to those in health, U oommends lUelf for its unrivalltid qualities as a stimuiant of the safest, surest, and most benefioent description, and many of the most distinguished physicians are using it in their praotico with tin *CLERY k. 8TOCKDALE, Proprietors, 3#6 Walnut street. Philadelphia, VVM. C. CONOVEK, Agsnt for tua Proprietors, 398 Pa. av., se 24-gTi opposite Willards' Hotel. Baltimore BUTTER HOUSE. Daily reoeivinr fresh andswoet, in Uoehen pack ages. Also, Ohio Butter, at low and \2% oenta. KLLICOTT A HEWE9, t?M SO RvoKanre Pliuw. haltimor#. 275 A ' k * N 275 JACKSON, P L A?S T E K E R S. I'LISA. AVIN01, B?t??n lnth and llth atreeta. )a 1? in r<Rvn Ail I And wholesale dealera in MILL FEED, COKS MEAL, fe., # ?., Corner of 12th and U atreeta, Waahiiig too city. \1ZT" Caah paid Tor all kinda of Grain, an 25-Cra JURIi OLD RYE WHISKY FOR MEDI Pritt $2 per taUon or SO cents per bottlt. The va?t home and foreign demand we have foi thia irtioie auSioiently atteaH ita purity and excel leno? Moreover it may be mentioned in thie con nexion that many invaiida of delicate organization unable to nae whiaky of other branda, have found the ahpve moat eftoaoioua and happy in ita effeota A liberal diaoount on the above prices made tc the trade. EDWARD HALL, Dealer in fine Winea aad Llauora, Family Groceries.&e.,opp. Center Market. oo 27 fo*H between 7th and 8th atreeta. HOWE'S IMPROVED WEIGHINGSCALES Theee Soalea are offered to the public a* thi moat simple, durable, and relfeble soalea ever pu 11] ae. Firatelaas premiums have been awardedthm by the United States Fair and Virginia Afioultnra feucuet/; Virginia State Agricultural Fair; Franklu Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York StateFair Vermont State Fair, &o., Ao. In erery oaae when exhibited they nave reoeivedfirat olass preminmi For aa at At Louisiana avaaue, Depot of Siller'i Ciul.ed IroaSaZes. de lS-ly E* C. PATTI80N. A*enL CINAL USE, IPA6NE AN? ER.?We invito tun Munuun ui me pueno u> our large and veil ce iected tto?k of Ott&nipaaue and Crab Apple Cider whtoh we gaarantee to d? pure inioe, and will b< old on re^eonable term* in order to make roon for our aprict etook. Wive aa a o*ll at the Union Bottling Depot, In No. ?T Brw# at.. tt?nr**f<-.wn. I. ?. e. L*lf At. ?. a. MOTT. r. %. iTTlT, L*ma?,mot* ? Hout Brmnw, Miul. Will eraetiee in tiie High Coort or Errors and Ap Kalaat Jaok*on,the Federal Court at Pontotoc e Coarta of the Seventh J ndioial Dlatriot of Mia tppi, and will attend to the Collaatiea { Ciaimi ikrairUaltk* Bonk Miaciiiinf. Mla-af J^LOUR, BUCKWHKAT^ POTATOE8, AP 160 bbia. new Riolimond Wimly and Extra Flour 5,if* fba. Freah Ground Buckwheat Meal, 5?m buahela White Meroer Poiatoaa, lOu ?Jo. Rlue do. do. 5 do.. Chestnut*. Reoeived to-day and for aa!e low in lota to auit bj

D. L. MORRISON k. CO., ?o Corner of Twelfth iuxI B eta. T CEMETERY NOTICE. H E Sub?ori ber ofTera for aaie hi a a took of M A R BLR MONUMENT^ TO M BS, ORAVV tfT^NKS and MARBLE MANTELS at redaoiji prioea for oaah or approved notea. A" ?arlyoali l? aolioited. WM. RUrHERFORD. Marble W'orka, 3S'i b at. noru? rui\i - TRAVELS in the regions of the J. Upper and Lowor Anioor, by T. \V. Atkinson, with a map and nnmeroua ll'u strati uaa; pi ioe f 2-Sa Lionello.a sequel to the Jew r.{ Verona, by R. A, Ureso^na, S. J. Uaemn AbdaJiah, or th-*nt?d Keys, ami other Ta ee, with an iiitnxlaotwn t,y Mis* Parrioe, Volome one of Tom Brown at Oxford, a e??uei to Tom Orovu at Racby; obeap edition si eeote. Our Tear, a child'* h<v>k in prone and verse, by the author of John Haltfsx; pr?o?75 o?nts. BLANCHARM k. MOHUN, deS oonrter Klevanth tt and Pa. av. A few FINE PIANOS FOR RFNT ttY AP pljin*ean*. Ateo.a new |o* ofChiokerinc A bona' unn vaied Pianoe john F. KU.IS, m _ *06 Pa. ? ., bet Ji end h?h eia. Two Pi&aot for real at ft 1 per moatfe. 4* S MISCELLANEOUS. ' (No. ?7S.] * OTICK OF tHK REhTORATION TO MARKET OF CERTAIN LAN DM IN r THE STATE OF WISCONSIN, Amounting in the Agrrtfit to Fifty tkre* Thoui* and Act**. | Tki (rant of land to Wisoonun bv let of Com I *r??i.wrflrid lM6, "to ua in Utm proTement of the Fox m4 W laoonun n vera ud to onaneet the ftitt bT * eutl in ITincmm," ud the Mt? supplemental thereto, bavin* been eo fa.r *dju?ted aa to aetbonse the krfcet of the land* hereualter de rea to ration to cribed? Notict is ktrtby gictm that all the followiac ra cant and unappropriated land* wluoh vara aabiect to private entry at the data of withdrawal, will bo restored to private entry on the day* and at the plaoee hereinafter apeeified. at the ordinary mim mum prioe oi 51 2o per acre, or at the prieea to which the* may hare graduated at the date of withdrawal At the Land Offioe at MniaHA, oa Monday, the 21et day of Janaary next. North of the base line and east the fourth princi pal meridian. NE fraction N Fox Kiver, ofaeetion 10, town ahipU.oi range 1. NWJtf NKJl.NEJjNW X, and N vV \ N W X of aeou>>n 4, to wnahip <8.range 9. N W * i*J K U f*? X N K JW, N W ^.W \ j<W 'i and F. H 8K >4, of eetioo 2; the N ?V \ !*\V \ otneouon 4, the i.aoUon on the east bank of Foa river of aeotion 8, th? NE !t? 8W it ff section 1", the HHftK w oi ?ection 12, the WKNW^rd NW i?SW J<of?ectionl4,theNE NEK. tVH NE \ ard NW^of aeotiou 94; the t*K. V s?W U and '? f*E V "f aection a, and the NW V ?\V ?-4 and St V b*V'4 oi >001100 Si. toWbahip 14. of rente i. The SK8E \i ofaeetion 2" ths 9W * NE \i;the SE )?NW V (kud tbe NE ?4 ?W ^ of aeotlje ?; tne a w '? a w >A <>i tootion 8, the b W ,l? N\V y, and N W >4 9W\ of aeotion V: the NE '* N wl? of section 18; the ?v Si N K l4 and the W )? N W )u of section 8u; and N t >? N t, Si 01 otion 30, town hip 14, of range in. T ne K K N W V of aeotion 12, and iota 6.7, and 8, eection IB, towramp 18, of range 15. The S W Si N K of aeotion 18. and the N W \ SE M oj aoouon 22. township 19, of range 15. The N K ^ NWl(ol seotiun 4. the 8E Si, and the W H SE % of aeotion 6, township 20. of range 15. The 8E >?' NE \ of seotion 30, township 19, of range IS. The E Si NE Si of seotion 8, township 30, of rang* 16. *f ha N W Si of fraction west of Fox rirer, of seo tion 10, township 2*'. of range 17. The .NE ? ?E Si of aeotion 6,township 22, of range 17. The NE Si NW Si of section 54, township 15,of range 18. The N HNW Si of section 12, towuhip 16. cf range 18. Lot No. 1 of srotion 14.oftownship2',of range 18. The 8E XNW Si, and the E Si 8 W * of Motion 14,townahip 22. of range li. The 8E 3* SW Si of se tion 14, township 16, of range 19. Tne W Si 8W a of seotion 2J, township 17, of range 19. L.ots No.2 and 6 of amotion 13. and lots No. 4 and fl nf iMtinn II. tnwn?hi? 1Q The HE >4 SE *4 of ae?(io? 22, towuehip 30. cf range 19. TT e E X NW J4', and the SE ^ SE \ of section i 12, townsnip 21, oi raugo 10. Lota No. l,?, and 3, and the RW NE *4 of *eo tiou 10. the Sir*, ki 8W }? of aeotion 14, VV >? N W V : a- d the W ii S vv ^ of aeotion 18, and the ? X N E . ai?it the SE >?' ol aootion3b. townahip 22, ol range 1 The XV )i NW V of aeotion 18, townahip 21, of , range 20. The whole of ?ertion 90, towpahip 22, of ranre 20. j The VV X 3W \ ot amotion M, townahip 23, of range 2u. At the Land Office at Falls or St. Croix on Monday, the 28th day of January next. North of tht base line and ipest of the fourth princi pal meridian. . The W }, SEhi, tie SE * SE >?. and the SW * , of aeotion 2; the N S of aeoimn 4; ihe S an, N W }?. and S lt ol NK >4 ol aectiou 6; the whole of I *ootion 8; t oHXof neot.oa 1^ the wno'e of sec ' 11011 12; Ihe E ol aeotion 14; the SK li of auction 18; the whole 01 tectum *<; in? W S and NE >4 of *ection22 th? S tt of aeotion 24; th* E H ol ae 1.011 26, Ihe N hi ofaeoiiou 28; the E >? audSW >4 ofaec tion 3"; the K >? and N VV '4 of aeotion 31; ihe E 1 and Nw l4'of aeotion 3*5 tnam^hio 57, of range 12. 1 The E % N W \ a"d N Whi NW( and lot? 1 2 and S ofaectionB; the whole of auction 18; the N W l4 and I the SK \ ol aeotion22; tli* W H of aection 26; the S >? of aeotion 28: the SE Aa of aeotion 3 ; the whole ol aeotion 32; and the wh^io af aeotion ?4, towuahip 1 28,of rangft 12. Thi W ff and SK \ of section 2; the whnleof seo * tion 4; the whole of ?eotion 6; the N H, the HK >4, a,U*i the NK W SW W nfiiatmBfi* th? Via* L' ??' E S SE \, tne NW\ ?E M.and lot* 1, 4 5,?S. and 7 ol seotion 10; the wuu.e oI ?eotion 12; the whole of section 14, the NE V the E > ?E and lota 1. 2 5, 6,7 ard 8 of section 22; the W S and the N E of section 24; the S >? and th" W \ S vV >4' of section 2f>; and th* Sol section 15,towi?htp27.of ranrelS. 1 tie whole oi section 3; tne E H and NW \ ol" unction 4, thd whole ol section 6; l''? W Si ol ?ao tion 8; the whole ol ?<?ction In; the w hi le ol amotion 14, tne whole of seotion 18; the E V? of section 2??; tne N K, the N Si oi SK Si, ai?d tin N of NW Si of seotion *2; the E Si Nfc. 3a, the N Si HE \?. ?nj the EH ?W Si of seotion W4: ths W Si and tne !N E >4 of section .8; the whole of section 30 the wlul* of>eo!i?a3?; theSW ^NWX and iota No 6, 7, and 3 of section 34: and iheN >* ol seotion 3?. town ah p 28, of ra-ge 13. The M W U <*' seotion $}; the NEK NE Si ol sea tion the Si N K of section Si;; the ,N tne N >* or BE W, and the iM 4 8VV % of section ?4; and the whol-oi Stction *>, township 28, of iangel4. The S>? ??E l4. the e Si ?W Si, and the NW \ BW Si ol seotion 28: the wholo ol section 3J; the whole of seotmn 32; anl the NW Nh^.theSH N E Si, the NW^. and the S S of seelion 34, town ship 'Jo of range 15. The N H, tne yE if, the N Si 8W 3^, and theSE HVV V?, of sectior Z, towi.siup 28 cl range '5 The wnols of amotion 14; the whole of seotion 18; the whole of section 22; tlte whole of section 24; Ui? whole of station 26, the whole of seotion 24; the N Si SK Si of S'C'ion 32; the whole of s?cU?n 34; nnn th? VV ML in<i ML1 i.f aAAriAnV . ' U ? ? ? ?w? ?rv w urn my of range <5. Tfe whole of aeotion 2; ho NE hi Mil the N >* 1 Sfc 3* of '"tion 12; the K >?, the K S *W and the fc S N W 34 of atouon 14; the N t ii of aeotion 24; the N X of eotTon 36; the who1* of amotion 32; the W hi oi aeotion 34; and the F. hi *nd N \V X of eotion 36, townauip 36, of raoge 17. ; At tho Laud Oflioe at Eau Claieb, on Monday, [ the 2>a: dar ol January next. > North of the bate line and west of the fourth princi pal mtndian. The whole of emotion 32; awl the NEJ* NW\ , and WS NW ^ of aeotion Ju, towuahip S7, of radge 11, At the LanJ Oflioe at Stevens Poimt. on Mon day. the 38th day of January next. North <tf iht bast line and tatt af the fourth princi pal meridian. Th* W hi 8F hi of amotion 4; th#N*NE*. the HE >* N fc the W fl X N W *, tli. ?K V Si W M, and the JfK SB ol afium 6; the K >? NE ' hi N hi N W V- and th? B W hi N W 3* of action 8; lue HK hi *K I? of aeotion 34; the K hw f* W hi, and Si W \V i.f a cotton 36. t >wralnp 15,of range 2. The Shi sW hi of aootion 32, township 18, of range 2. The NW 3? NE X of aeotion 36, township 18, of range 2 The W hi N W fl. hi of aeotion C; and the 8E % SK hi of auction 34. township 19, of ranee 2. 1'hrt N hi S W 3?, and the W hi HE 3% of aeotion 2; the N hi of section 4; and NE Si SE >? of aeotion 24, townaliip 17, of range 3. o<u? %^V i/ ai i a i? ?*t ?/ ? 1 ?* * * no t? 7% ii r< 4, fciit? >V 71 IWJIIOII^ H13 11)0 W M SE U of Motion i, the E % SW ^ and N W J4 8K X of aection 4; the VV fl. * of taotiuu 6; the K W ?E >4 cf af ction 8: the N W iNWV and the S W '? svv >4 ol aeotion '2; the K >? NE >4 of aeotion 14; aiid tne SW * SW of aection 36, township 18, or ranre 3. The E H 8 VV }i and the SE of aection 36; the S >i N E 'i, the E ? VV , and me ?K of auction 34; and trie N W l4 N E j%. the N W hi. and the N E Ja S W li of aeotion 36, tovnahl p 19, of ranee S. The NWJi IMW V, and the VV* SW l4 of aeo tion lo; and me SVV SE * of aeotion 14, of town anip 16. ??f r*rg"4. The SW J* NW 5* and the SWii of aeotion 4; the MEJ( N E *4, aud the N E SE \ of aeotion 6; the SX SE 3* of aeotion 8, the vV % SE >4 of aeo tion 1"; lot ?o. 3, and SVV J* N VV * of aectiou 12; the W i, of apo'ion. and the fc >?8fe. >4 ol aeotion 18; the W X NW and the NE >4 few of aeo tion 2">; lot Wo 3,o aeotion 24; lot AO. 3, ol aection 2b; auH the NW M NE V the t*E X NKfc. and. tne SW )* SW * of aeotion 28,towuahij> IT, of ra?ot No 3. the W X NW and the W X 8W|* of aeotion 4; 'he SW V anu the S % SE of amo tion 6; the E J* NW \ and the E fa 8W % of e*o tion 8; the SW N E m. the K H N W iota Noa 1 ana 3. and the *W Ji NWVof aeotion 10; th?* N >, NW 3,, the 8W\ NW<, and ihe SVV V SVV >4 of amotion 14; th? aK 3% N E X? an-i the K >* NW L of aeotion 2?; th? whole ol ?eoti?n 22; the N X NE hi, the SE ii N W "4. and ihe NW *8W M of aeotion 24; the N E '4 i> VV and loU Noa. 1. 2,3, and 4 of aeotion aft; the N E Aa of aeotion 28; the 8 g N W fr. V ?n'l ^e N X SE 2 of aeotion 30: the Nv/Ji N W%, the 8 S N W fc, the E >? 8W * and the N VV B SE V of aeotion s^: *.?il t.? N *- >? too 11 on 34 townahip 18. of rante 4. The 8 of asotioa 32. townaliip 19. of ranee 4. The who e ofrractional auction 4; thoS S 8W X, and the 8 >? SE X of aeotion *0; the N E *u hi of aeotion iv; the NE \ Nil*, the 8 W 'f N \V K.and th? W >i SW V of action 14: the WJ, NK jj. and the N K s W \ of auction 22; the N K V N ? . X of eolion 24; and the N N W l4, the PCE 4? SW^.t** SW v N I'". S|, and th- N W >, SE W ot aeotiou 26, toviismp 16, ofra")i? 6. . The N K NW V of action 4; th* NXNW ?i.the 8 SW )?. anl the 8 W J4' Hh \ or Motion ?; the N vV N vV \i of ?e?tion 10; th? W S SE M. and lot No Sofa*rMon 18; th? NE 8 K ?f aeotion 20; the W Ji N W V. and the N VV Xi ?vV % of aeo tion 22; th? K % 8 W V ana SW ^,s W oTamotion 24; *h?* E S Nhfc.'huSW >4 N K *. the N W !, N W >4, and the ?E M of aeotion 28, ma N H SE l? o? >-eouon sn; the 8K V ?*E )% of aeotion 32; and the W M E VI. N W >4rN H . N H Hft W. and the bW J* SE U of a. otluuS6, to*n*hip 17, of range 5 The NK >4 aid the BW Ai 8E * of aeotion 30;and the N M N W \ and the b W * of section 3;, towi'ahip 1h. of range 5. . , 'rha ei w >4 N E >4. tie N W * the 8E U SW k, and th- E K SE H of auction 2. the NMN" Jf,the 8E JW NE ?, ?T>d the ME \ 8 W * of t.?otioii4: the 8E % ?W of aeotiou *2i ?h? a>?4t>on24' and tho NEj^NTV V and iheaW H 8E X i<f aeotion 26; tr>wnanip 19 of range 6. Th? whole of fractional aaetion 2; traeMonal ?#o Hon 4 the W ^oIUiaNWM and tM W \ of the ?W \ ?f "eouon 6; N f.*N EM of amotion 8; the tAv \ a:,* the 8K \ HE U.-J ,0.i th" tit* 1' M U? W " '* - "* " ** pu >4 T? Wl l?; tu? > w M HI1, \ OI ?*0 tlo-lfc th*8W >4 N\V * orasMinn vj; th? K >6 oi seotioi , th* K ? .XIW V?nd 8W \ -?vV JW of ??e tiou 84; th? N ), NEH,' and the o'?*otinn an; Stlu N!* Jig NW *. th. jttNK*. aod the E \ SK X of auction 32; ih? 8V! \ Nk V. tn? K HE * of i>l; and ilia W H N K W. the S fc > W . the N1.8W *, ti? 8W M 8W\, ?-d tn? 8 * t ^ of amotion oto, lowrnahia 16, of i? /? 6. Ti.b Sit SK V ofa<?oUun 28; th? NiV k; NW M 5P? ,th?rHK * M?U ,D ^ ?"d f"? W * I\ h of aroti?n 34. tuwnrhla 17, ofr&nrof. " W"*'JLMV sxrvof^ tt hip & of rauf* T. The W X NW X s?d tb? W^, 8W K of eeetion ' It; tii? N \ the N S S\T*, t*o?W V SW V. and the N W \ UK * of Motion ?*; ma* Um SW 5 N K W. th? K * N \\ JW. tb? 8W N W and tue Nh\ i*E >4 ol Motion XI. towctbip K.ot ru? Th? N H SW ?. th? 8W SW '4. mad U>? N W V St. >4 of Motion M; t ho E S N K '< th? ft w '? Nb ud th? BK '? or^cUM?.?n4 the NW V. 8K ^ of Motion 34- towT?ihiptS,of ranc? t TIm NK '? SK l? m4 iota Not. I and t of Molioa 24 , township Ikcf range 9. Tin K H WW oiaootioa *>, ttwiiki^ 14, of At the Land ()&<> at La Closai. on Monday, the Slat day of Jucar; next. North %f tk bus* itm* a*4 ?a ?< tkt Jmmrtk prmtt juxl wifi^uw Tha N S of NE \ of moUod * tha SW \ SW \? of aootina 10; to?n?hi? ljc tha NKkul tae NE \ of eection 6; the N W V of tha N W')( of potion a: tha NK'? ..f ma N W C of aevtion 14; aad tha SE of tha Sb l? ?I acetioa JB. township 14. of rMf a ?. Given under my hand, at tha oity of ton, thia 11th day of l>??*rah?r 18?>. JoS S. WILSON, Commissioner of tha General Land Office da 14-atwP TRUNKS, BOOTS and SHOES. JJOOTS AND TO SUIT TU Wa are now raanofactonn* all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, aad oonstaallV receiving igAi scpply ol tMt*rn made work of averr n fBI aor??tioi>, made expressly to order, and will W ! be ??>:U at a muoh luwar arioethan haa been* OTk haratofore oharcad in thia city for aaeh laierior artiolea. Peracna in want of Boots and yfci.cs of eastern or city made work, will alwaya find a food aaaortman in store acd at the loweat prions. <*iTe us a call. griffin * URO.f ayh-r S14 Pennsylvania avenaa. Five hundred traveling trunks arrived thia da?, embracmi ai! * ja:i Sand usee of Sola Leather, Ladies aa and Packing Tranks. Oar trunk ^es room axhibita at this time the freaieit variety traveling WALL, STEPHENS ft frank baiaa irar B-tf SMn. av SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. O 499 7th 8nm, OwwtiU Odd VtUm?s' Hmii, Weuhtngten, D. C. Ttaveiera *'11 atudy tLeir intereata by uuuui my TRUNKS, VAillCES Ao , before par mm ohaainr elaewere. A? I oa* not* bat ttifMHP beat material the market alforda aod employ the boat workmen, 1 can confidently reoommend my work to be superior in Strength and Dvhtlitt to Trunka that are made in other ciuea aod aoM here work to be aaeenor in Strength and Trunka that are made in other oitiee 1 k?ep ounatantiy on Land, and ma one week'a notice) every desariatien of SOLE one week'a notice; evtry LEATHER, ItiOtf FRAi mnd WOOD BOX TRPfi other VALICES;TRATE?.M,? NESS; SA DDLKS; WHIPS, t(~, 41. Trunks, Ac.. Repaired and Covered, in a work mauiike manner, at ahort uotioe Trunk* delivered in any part of the oity, Oeorge town. or Alexandria. Aleo?Agent for ILowe'a oeiebrated FAMILY 8EW1N6 MACHINES. de l*-lv JAMKS 8. TOPHAM. WATCH REPAIRING ANl)SILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of *Jie tieat e*tah]iahmentx. and fnr niah?d with a complete aet of tooli for repair ing evrry d"?oription of fine Watchea, and particular attention *ive to the aame, by a thoiooch competent workman .auH a. work ftinnii tied Al>o, everv deaorip ion of atsndard }*t I.VER a'lDl- - : ? - ? " ,na inr . - nnr<. pioih n.iHi i>rii?meuuu, manuiacui'ed tiixler my own supervision, winch my cu?u>meri will find far ruperior in qualify and finish to northern wm? Hold by doa'ers in reneral and represented as their own manufacture. M. O. HOOD, sa t> 33* l'?. avenue. neCr !Kh at. f REEMAN | SIMPSOK'3 EXTRA^ OLD 'FAM11Y EXTRA OLD FAMIDTRYI LWHIS] The above I'URK W W IPK V,Coppbb TKom MaLTKD Giaih. be'.i.? superior and niforni m quality, aud nsth:? improved by a*e, is preferred b? oonaumerm ?Jl ?ith?r W ?1 ?- - ? ?. ? h.?biv?i bum pai wub * iarly rooummemled by Uio U?.n physicians and atem its m fuVMfcmi ftll the tMiiircmeiiii oi a Trut Tonic Inn for tit or and Ktmedial Aftnt. The Soiiuy:kill Water of Philadelphia, used in the dis'illation of thia Whiaky, la proved by analy la to be the sefta't and purest waU-r in the Uuted States ; aud to tias may, in a <r*at de?ree, Lj at tri footed the exoaJlenoe of thi* WLiaty. For sale by FREKMAN 4. SIMPSON, On Use Schnylkili river, Philadelphia Offioea-96 Wall street, New York ; 10? Sccth Front street, Philadelphia. mar ?-lr At mteidmtt wiU kmppm, ma in mU +tgmUttd ftunilus, it is vary desirable to have tone cheap and oolv?e .snt way far repainm Panutar*, Toya, Oreekary, as. SPALDING'S PKXPARED 8LDI meets all nail Hrr?rf*r.AiM. anil ?? a? afford to b? wit?(7o'tlt."it t's alwa7s~ 7a3ya?fap tothesuckinf point. There ia no Ioikkiinm iitv for uispiac ekairs, ephcterod ?^BMr*, h?MloM doRa, ?M<t broken oradiea. It ia just the article for oone, shell, and other ornamental work, ao popular it): lad 1*1 of refinement and taste. This admirable preparation ia used oold, beiuc ehemiaaily held in solution, and fosseaaxac all tie valaal.ln tualiUM of the boat CJiNnet leakers' elue. it m&j used in the pl&oe of ordinary nuoUMe, bein< vastly more adhesive, " USEFUL IN EVERY H09SM." gritty U cents. . B,?A Brash aooompaniea each bottle. VTkt'.ts+I* B*t*U No. 49 Cedar street, New Y?ft Addraea HENRY cTsPALOIN? tc CO., Box No. S.604, New York. Pat up for Deal era in Gum oontaintn* Foar, fclirht.and Twelve Doaen?abeaut-fu; Lauoirapk ic Show Card aeooinpacyinc each paokaga. K- A ainfle bottle of SPAIDIN&B PRB KD BLUE will aave ten times its ooat an nually to every household. .^21 U.I4 - II 3 ? *- ? ? - - oviu ify ui prominent scaEonerv* i>ri|(iit4| Hardware and Furniture Dealers, Sroeert, ud Kuot Stores. CountrT merchants hooTd nake a not* of 5PAL DiyG'S PRBPAHKD OLVS, *l?a mak<o< i| their list. It wi31 stand aru olimate f? 10-lr / & v Ji W* W& ZT/illJ |5t . U'kuk' 11 n. .??'?. IH'T-1 Jii'Wr fnr m ky (lit ?<?< 7?wt>.7*r i?u tf lit tariff / lit frtm Ml J* U? *?. J ef *??, .-rwr W tyjV Mt.'y in> >. ? tK icin fW to. fJU r?//c* V Jill U M>.? iff li< Bolt it tm'tt. /|M? jV W iA? (wei ? to ?ti ilMmaai ^ 41 CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS inmiYwu WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE UBELALL&THERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEV. WM.EDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WiLUAM SINEW YORK. I OR SALE lM WASHINGTON SY y Mf uiiovi * uumik MEinCU.NUSv L?" itAMTON, ALTlNUlf tOtk rioiriTik, Wu iki mni Csrfm. &}??df, Mi ak Htmtif m th* Wfid, rot ALL DISEASES OP IMPKUDLHCB. LET NO FALSK OJCL1CACT FHKfMNT. APPLY 1MMED ATBLY. A CWKK WlRMAJrrTb.OR NO CHAM9M, IN FROM ONS TO TWO DAYS M a# Utu, T'aiiiu.ftmMM, ?f?\gt tar MteM. Diaaaaa af ik? Im4, VWmmi, Umi. > 11? M !<? > Ttnikli DutrJin inwi| fr?m Mmt) litaa al i-Uwm Diu4M u4 DtwwiiH Pnivim ?kiak na il tmpMMMkla. U< tMMf MU Ml f roiM i ptaltiW ?H bi>i k*tan>* ik* iNdM af ?aS tn Ttaa, fit <ihMM m4 ? Ifc* I imm > < Immun k*ku aaaa* Mir i*Mfi a U UUMif fT???th? att ?ITmi>| Uutllll Mil u aiwo talaii* u4 knllaat utiiliu, wW atf kt KkmiH kt'i MUUII4 uum?( Iwiua Via UiUulin *f Iwwtim Wakti M ItMUJ Ik* lf?.Mf Ifll, Mr Mil VMk fill IW> <M?I. mum puioii.n T>ik|iii^iM,aBpiui| Hif OrriCK W. T ioiti PtIDBKlCI it* i it, l*fl ku? aid*ifw&C (w? lilcawi wmi, i fi? lk? Mftir ni: aM m ak#?r?? ui I*ak< MWN HM lk< WMI >MB| ML JUMMTOa, M*ak*ta ?rik? >?rt! Uli*{i Ilii|*ml Lwlw ni<h? Im m* af Ik* mm *nu??i Cailafaa la U* Iiuii, and tk* (mui p>rt W ltm Itf* ku k**a apati u* kw MUliW U*<a, i*UH, rkUtlilfkit ac4 imiktit kuW r*?M4 mm* *r it* mm nam>n| nm tai *? *>a bm; mu; u?*kl*? auk ri^.ng la Ui a*** mm -in *k*m ullii; (iwt o*r*?mm*i*m. k?k:f nwa*4 m iMta *, kaVfkhMi watt fr*dM?Ml klMMiaag. iuu 4*J ?M <**MMf *a*bt W mm4, tin nti< laaatta uu ruricikAi none*. m4 ack*n *t? k??? im|m< itiMi'fH Vj % jiuM* i*4iifi4 la *kM Mlai * ktku fi i . *iaHf laaraad Irani *?tl taMyaiMa*. at at nk**t, ik* atkaa al vkkktn Mifkllf hit *?*m vhaa iiiaip, aallfai ib?(. raa4*r* aarrut* la Ma. it! 4aum> k-" ?* Ml, An14 ?f>pW laai?4UMif Tmh in MtWUi m4 ui y >f?u k( Miiy tekw W_??*Ui *i?i *m?m? Wife* liil Uu.bc, hM ta llx lui, Dunnw ?T lifM, Um ( Mm hvw, Mftwum rfUi lwrt,Pnpif?t. >* InaitU lf,Diiu|?N(a(Ut rkitm, diiin DvbUlw, |.MU? ?f fct 4LLT.-T?? furiil tliiti m U* mi i k? 4tm4*4?Lam W MiMri.CwhM W 14* ripnii. B*il Fartoadlnn, Self DiMMMi b>?<r *ttn4?,Ttai4ny, ?u.,?? mi ?r tb? th*~ IUTOII DUIUTT -TteMXiiu tnliifi *M It U? tta?? *f ibt.i itclunnf Uilit, Iwm Um W>J ?wt. M|fcmwn ui MMMrf.HNm IffMIUM IMIt 1M ty. Ml|t wympuniili DiatASKa or iMpaOncvcK. WbM tbi nurj ?f pi b* bn> irt>ib?4 lb* *? < ihM p*inf?l <Mut, UM tfut b*p|>*"a lilAl lil-UMftd mm ( *|y !* M dlM< ' 4*un bia hw tpp Iriug u il-? <u. fran ilKMHiii) j?p?cu t-nty, tu b?fn?u4 him. hlli ibu iki tu4> af ift.Nu< and daaifnirg pnnnln, <k?, taaapakla af cuu.f, tick kit pctniMf kmmu, kitf Lua inMkg >nU aftar owib, ar * lat.g ? ma aaaiiaai faa cu ka ? laiutd, and is daapait laa?a km with ramad haalih la aigh atar kufalling diaappatnuaaail; ar k? tka uiWiMiwfi yamn. Mtrcary, lawia tka mnuwunfl i;MUMiln umbli 4imui, aac'j u ifcuau^'Ai Hurt. 1 kraal. Km, km.fee.. prarraaau.g arith fr.g+ufal rapdr.y, ull daalh pau a Hrwd la hi* draadfal ( rmn kf aaadiug hua U that jUM'ind (Hilly traiu ?ummhtm m travaiar himm ML lOUWOB'ftajCMEDY FOR OMUB ?UUM amd imrorun:r. My UU (TMI u< iaMUii. itiutjf citktMt afUa tutu IN paadtly carad u< fail >i|m raatarad TkMwuli af tka uti nar?aa? tad dakilitatau, w?a Ui laat ail kapa, k*?a kaaa Iwndtaialf raltaaad AII uapadttmaala ta Matrip. Pkfa.aaI M utt Haai?. MUM), kaaa ml FiMtai'jfi P???i, Kirviai iMultUll Traakliog aad Waakaaaa at tiktuuM a.' ua aai> ItuM ktad ajaaadtly carad KRDOIIUIUT Or TMM fllll rmK MANY TMOMAKO* carad altbia tiMtttsttaa vtthto Ika Um utituai rati*, aad tka m?anw ih^mui iaiil Ml ?f<riuwi parfarnad ky U? .Irhaaan, aaaad hf fta NMruti ad tka papan aad naay auti aaraau, MlMa a( wtiah kara iiatuad again aad agaia hateta tka Nilu, ka aidaa kU atabdWg aa a gaailaaaa af akaraaiar aad iium* Mlttr, k a laialaat |?uuim la tka attaiad. )aa Wty K. J. BOVtK DUU'C IMPERIAL VTINB ETTTKR8, jirr DO* D9WX UN irom Mutt to the ti reat MftJt LUi, ul kie iLiTirik vetdiot of at) vu pee than elfher u a wtsdum* or aa a tiwa? n tul they sre nneeryssej .n the wor.d. l>r. IWt Mod U?d eaooMsfiliT is hit praotire lor U revs bafora ?? ?irchae*4 the eole ucht to n? to ud yrteeu then fer n e to tae pat. ic For the care cr !t?et>ier( C?Li> ^>tion, lutuceetioa. I>ye pe?tia, rilee, Nerreu P'mmw, Female Com plamti, and a*. um rMnnnrttoue, tiiey are ba onJ <U>*Mft?ioet itva^eahle remedy. A tide fro i? their an-vlioia* ?io?ertiee they are a para, whole aoiae a*d dKifhtfeJ Dererage, yrodno:n( ?i! the pioa?&ut axatlarabiig eteoi* of tliudr or W ite without their utitriois reaalU. Lit all frieade of numanit? and all advooalse of tamperaaue aeeut ne in ent>?tilui'.c tlioe? ralaahle Vegetable Bitt<ua (or the Mineral ant l.xirmmt with wlitch the aoantry la flooded, and thereto* ?f ?eo? aid ra bauakkif liieeaee and Drankeeeee Irom the land. CHZIlES WI DDI FIELD It O0? Freprtetore^T^Wuhai^etraat, NitVri Waahiactua, DC. DR. J. BOVKK DOD8' IMPERIAL Ojy BIJTERS. For D.eeaeee of the Ridcey , Bladder atd l:nnary Organs, and-oepaoialiy for Femai* Oba(raot:.>ba. never fell to oere, and are warranted to (ire eatia ^^IARLEB WIDD1FIELD * CO.. Proprietor*, 79 Wuliam eC. New Vara. J. SCHVN AffZK, A{?ct. Washington. D. O. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. DALT1MORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOl'RS. Onud afUr SUNDAY, November iith, I960.U>? trtiu will ran u folioyru: lea*k washington: Firat tram at *.?' a. m. Second Train at 7.46 a ta. Third train a* S.IO p. tn., Expruc. Fourth trajn at 6 p m. lfavk Baltimore. Firat train at 4 16 a. an., hxpieac. Second train at 83b a u. Third at 3.10a. m. Fourth at 4 20 p. in., Ezprest. Tha irat, aeoonJ and third train* from Wash ington mum tarou*h to Philadelphia a.?d .New York. Tba aeoond and third oonneot at Wa?hin?tnn Junction with traina for th? West, South, and Nortnweat; aiao, at Anna?<>lia Janobou, for Aa naaolia. For Norfolk ??lr? ll.? ? - ? ?? s ? ? - v niv ' nrr m. hi. vrii . I-or th? MMAimxMtttion of th? ?t? travel b# twen Wuhrtton ami Laurel, a pa*aenc?>r oar Will bo attachad to th? tonuig* tram whioli leave* at 3.40 b. m. On Saturday thaSJO p. m. train ion to Philadel phia only. no *-d T. H. PARSON*. Ar?t. NEW ORLEANS TBLRHI3 JDA.TJl WITH rsa CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE. Via Orangs mi Alexandria Rauroad TO LYNCHBURR: Vtrgxnta ana Tentiejtn, Bo* Tmnsssm c. id Virginia, East Ttnntstet and Georgia, NaskwlU and Ckattatt?fa, Munpkis and CharUston, MunMiMN o enirsu, Tftm Of /owu and /?umn, . YO NKW ORLliA.NS: TWO DAILY TEAIN!4-8?sdat? Imcwmi. Lmti WuklHiratt e * jm uJ 6 p m. T.1eS:?wner SEOkSE PAG Elo?ve? t?r *Ur| foot of ftrrer (U atreM it kW t. m. &n?l Utf p. ul, i^J oqneoU U > leTuarik vitl: i.he Urmcaacd A.ti iMria Ttuli ferUM ttooluvML OHo* P?imiylniut areuue, ooroar of StiU M. BiMiM OCBOKU U*OU?a M ?* CftLKAM. hkdutin* n aoi )rtm Nmmftn+M W Brand J motion ? >*> N.O.S ti* ?. Juoo-a to N>jh?nn> U ?*" \ Ti?Mo!ui?._-U? THIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY BY RAIL MO MILES PUOBTER,^4 94 ZOLE8 UT otn?r u.? Lruahbnrjr KiUaitoc mg bow uoin>i*t*<1. w aiao the Ctiittti, ui&kiof it QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT HO DTE VOK SOVTHERN TRAVELERS II i* frovuUd with Fini oiw 81m?i&c Cftral HTBEgi=ST Ttokato oan be obUin?d U 2SL*t27x!S5? Uin?d it til* Bottt WerttrD tfc Blnat mnd PonutylTBBU ?r r Buirti LiweVbtrf, BTifltnl, KaoryiUe, AMMt, ?"ti?*efJfcw u!h . HANftT'^ rrr thkovbh ticsstb to thm ta iMra riroiifia srxjjwa inrOmBibse* 9-tf Htjtv W!?? U? JAMES A. fcVANp. u*a-tr ck*m tixlk U. ndf*. ?*.