Newspaper of Evening Star, December 22, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 22, 1860 Page 1
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? * M H I A A "W" P yA Av I B H Pb / I H I I B I XI I V H Q HAT n H H B H H W ^9 M ? ? V2t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 22. 1860. N". 2.449. . _ _^r ; THE DAILY EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BU1LOM0I, C*rn" of Pennsylvania av*nu? and 11M St., IT W. D. WALLACB. F*p?r? Mr-rod in pook&cet by oarricn w ft i fit, or SI oenti pn month. To mail b*?rtb?ri t&a ?r;c? i? 93J0 irttr, w? ?4rmm, ft for rtx month*; 91 for thro* month*; and for 1?M th*a tk? ?* * ?- " mm ? ran ui i< o?QM TIM. HI|W aopiee, ohicevt; in wraw?", two cext*. C7* Ad VSKT'^UISMTC ?JOB.d b? MOt to the oflce Colore IS o'e.ook m.; otharwiaa thwy may nutif^tr ?atil aextdar. MOSESORA1; Or, "The Barglar'a !ttit " IT GEO. CLiRIXCI BLAS CHARD. CHAI'TF.R I This Nest o? the Tomtit. Near the elope of a cold day in October, a traveler dismounted from hia j<tded horse, and entered a little hostelry or tavern, situated in the then wildest region of Pennsylvania. The stranger, who was a large, stout-looking man. heavily bearded, paused before the door that led into the bar-room. a::d peeped inquisitively in; seeing a small srroun sittiac around the table, be walked very leisurely toward thein, introducing himself in a frank. easy style 44 A good evening, gentlemen, to jou all." The company, who were earnestly engaged In converging, hardly noticed his entrance, but when he S|x>ke, they instantly paused and greeted the uew-comer with a look plainly expressive of surprise, eurioeity, and anger. One of the party, who had a less sinister and surly face than the rest, gravely advanced toward him, eyeing him sharply, as he said : "You wish lodgings, my man?" 44Certainly I do, Mr. Beg. (who at the mention of bis own name visibly started,) what else should I stop here for? There's my pony wants the sime thmg; attend to him first, and in the meanwhile I will make myself at home " So saying, the stranger, scarcely heeding the general scowl which greeted him as he said this, coolly lit his cigar, and forthwith stretched himself in an easy posture in Tim Beg s favorite arm-chair, much to the a*toni-hment of that gentleman, who slowly moved towarq tno door, winking sliljr to bis companions aj be did so. Tbe stranger commenced to smoke, eyeing the company with a nonchalance and familiarity that took them completely by surprise. 44 Vot yer doing here for growled a dnrkvisaged ugly-looking scoundrel, whose poxmarked face wm half obscured by a dirty oap. He roae as he spoke and drew out a sharp knife. 44Oh, ho!" laughed the stranger, sending up a long ipiral column of smoke, and regarding the other with a half sneer. 44 Don't attempt to frigbteu me: aint your name Dick Hatton?" Scarcely had he asked the question, before the whole party apraug instantaneously to their feet, and confronted him with the rage of tigers?and a more precious crew of cuf-throaU could hardly bare been found. 44 Kill him ' kill him was the general cry. Pistols and bowie-knires were promiscuously drawn, and one eould see they longed to lap yK* KI.^I ~r ?w? ?f? ? - ... ?ivw wi >? buiu[luuAio also, u mey crowded round their victim. Dick Hatton, with an u?ly grin, interposed. " Stop, boys, the fellow ia safe. I rant to catechise un afore * he'a made mince-meet of. Come, now, who are ye?" During all the tumult occasioned by hie remark. the stranger had kept hi* easy, halfrecumbent position, regardless of the menacing group, continuing to smoke with the most astonishing coolness, and eying them ell with a sort of saucy t'uile that was ebsolutely provoking. " Come, now, who are ye ?" repeated Dick Hattoa, tightening his grasp on his bowieknife. The ruffians pressed nearer, a doten knives were raiaed. but still the stranger manifested not the sHghteat symptom of alarm. Carelessly divesting himself of his b?arl he proceeded in the suite qaiet way to displace a black curling wig In one second more, the gang had burst iato a wild halloo, which sent Tim Beg rushing back. " Blow my eyes!" exclaimed he, letting bis ttina fall ? ? ? aV- i? *- * ? r.K< wmmm nvia ull 1UUULU, IB ItlS tlllliamtlll. " Why, it's the Tomtit!" 4> Nobody else," replied that individual, vho had not changed hit position, bat was puffing vigorously at hi* cigar. " You're bright people all of joa, "pon my word: now, Beg. see if Jou can trot back to the stable and put my orse in bettar quarters than you at nrst intended; and hearken lad, tell that spoony of a wife of yours to fix up something hot; I'm blasted hungry. Now then, what are you all gaping at me for?" added the Tomtit, surveying the group with a derisive smiK. "Didn't know me, when I ve choated you so often ? Nice fellows The gang indeed looked very foolish, at the unexpected denouement; their weapons were once more returned to their hiding places, and tbey stood staring at their chief, scarcely believing their own eyes. " Ther devil 'imself would find it 'ard to tell ye," observed Dick. ?ulkily. "Yy. Beg, as knows everybody, with von eve. gets taken in; but, Tomtit, rot's the news? ' " Never you trouble your head for that, it will come m good time/' replied the Tomtit, draining g)**a of ale, officiously placed before him. 'Ererythiug just a* I suspected; the police were ou our track at Gamble a, but I find 'em ' With this brief synopsis of n??i, the Tomtit leaned l.aek in his chair, and continued to smoke in a thoughtful, meditating manner. In about fifteen minutca, Mrs. Beg, a portly. red-haired lady, announced that supper was ready, and the gang adjourned to a small apartment io the rear part of the building, where a rude meal was served up; a roast pig focming the principal feature of the entertainment, which was quickly washed down with a liberal supply of whisky. 4 Now, then," said the Tovatit, after hs had satisfied his hunger, and was stirring the oomTV^n?ntf i.f ??1 ** |?? - ?? ? ???* v* puuUD, UUW, then. boj<, I'm readr to tell the news. In the first t>lace, Crib has been cribbed.'* "Whit1" ejaculated the gang with one voice. "Crib nanbed ?" "Crib a cribbed, and that * the ahert and long of it," observed the Tomtit, gf?otn!ly ' Ouce was the time the trade could be carried on, and none of us rsa the least bit of a riak; en a Nm-.' wam't accessary; now the thing geu everyday more dangerous, and the prefita grow smaller." "But what about Crib?" inquired several of the gang, anxiously. "Crib," continued the Tomtit, "acted like a precious f^ol, I told bia all the boys had left but him; but he was so blasUd ooofident he kent legging, and, putting off, till he got * fribbed. lie would just oloeehis peepers and walk into the pit without any one helping him la, eonfound him, he nearly dragged me with f him " The company now pressed the Tomtit for more detailed information, irom which it appeared that that unlocky individual had indulged in a spree, and baring boasted pretty freely of his achievements in the burglary . line, was incontinently pounced upon by the Philadelphia notice, who had lon? h??n An f Ka I li.? k-.>at for htm "He Ton't peach I op?," observed Dick Hat ton ' It vould be a werry bad blow-up arter all the tronble of ou*e keeping, not laying nothing about afiag mo priraM <'Onwenjencee. and a place for to 'ide when ther rind blow igb He aint going to pea<?b," said Mr. Beg, ? authoritatively, "not he, I know him to be bolly men." So do I, *> 4oI,'' exclaimed several voioei at once. * As to I ho matter of that," remarked Tom tit, " he'll keep thing* dirk, and maybe set then on the wrong seent?let him alone for that But blaat me," eontinned the gentle- l man. " that in't the ?*?ing; we can't apare I Crib why the wbwle tH?tro of us are wanted I fur next week's Job and Crib wu such a lock- < smith thai hi? serrices were next to gold, bat it is jo it 6?r oonfmnded Inek " I The Tamtit, with this brief reference to the i alaable analiAenti 'ne of 14 r Crib, proceeded < to mix a third glass of whisky onneh. and to wallow the miu? with n look uf becoming sorf row and a 4% At h#'* gtm*,* joatianti tht Tomtit ma- 1 [~v*Vingij. I ?ep#?eo it s beet U try a different 1 I j>iao, 1 toil 7011 what bojj, I have great mind to postpone the visit to old Van Cleeker's for a fortnight at least, till I can get one of os in some way oonneoted with the house; I heard the other day that the old gentleman wanted a coachman, and if I had somebody to personate one, why it would be a very rum thing to get him in there, and then, don't you ee, there would be no need of a locksmith." 44 Vy don't yon go, Tomtit, yer vould inake a rum coachee, yer vould?" suggested Dick with a grin. "Why, as to that. I suppose I might suit the old gentleman to a hair," returned the Tomtit complacently; " but I have something more important to manage; no, I'll tell you what, boys, I've a good mind to send one of you." " Good.'' said several voiocs. " I know," continued the Tomtit, "all about the house, so far as that goes, for I have visited every nook and corner myself, but itill it would be very convenient to have somebody to let ua in; Crib oould have opened the back door easily, but teeing he's caged, we'll have to give up getting in that way. Hist!" suddenly exclaimed Mr. Reg, describing with his finger a rapid movement in the direction of the wibdow. The burglars started and pricked up their ears as they distinctly heard the Bound of an approaching vehicle; it was just wheeling up before the tavern, and Mr beg, who had oeen sent to reconnoitre, quickly returned to report to the anxious gang that it was only a traveler who had lost his ?lv and wiallmji in ? j ??? ' >vuwvt ww oi?7 uicr lilgUl. "" HO 8 a jolly looking un and hag a big carpet bag," whimpered Mr Beg. This intelligence caused a momentary excitement; the burglars started up, their tierce eyes sparkling with eager delight, but meeting the gaze of their chief they suddenly resumed their seats. " la it a wcrry comfortable looking bag ?" inquired Dick, rubbing his hands in expectation of plunder. 41 Very promising looking I should say," replied Mr Beg, " but what shall I do with the owner V* Four tallow candles were now brought into the room, and the burglars held a hurried conversation as to how they should dispose of their visitor; some were for dispatching hitu at once, others were for making away with him silently; but as a prolonged discussion seemed likely t.. u. u * v .use. .hi. Dog wm i-ommissionea 10 see to the personal comfort of thegentleman, provide him with a supper, and make ready his apartment, which last direction caused Mr. lieg to grin from ear to ear. " Mind," said Dick, "to put im in the room vot'e got the trap-door, vioh is ther werry model of conwenieaees, and the comfortablest room in ther 'on?e." Mr. Beg laughed approvingly at Mr. Hatton's humorous allusion to the trap-door, and left his friends to continue theif consultation. " My advice," said Diok, "is to run 'im down ven he's snoozing, and drop 'im in ther vat; dead men doesn't tell tales ' " Dead men does tell tales, thoHgh," interrupted one of the burglars, lowering his voice to an impressive whisper; " they couie up and peach, if its only to get a cove in trouble." ?i a _? * * * ininn so. too, cnimed in another, who was known by the soubriquet of Molecat; " they'll come up sometimes ven it* werry inconwenient and troublesome. Vonce, ven I wos doing business in the pad line,in York, we ootched a feller one night who wa.? werry lusky. It was a werry good haul, an? some one on us w?s for letting him go; but he kept such a hollerin' and threatening, thar. arter parleying a Ieoile, Bill Hedges gives him a Knock on the head, vich silenced him, veil afore we tossed him in the river, Bill ties a big rock to bis neck to prevent his coming up and breeding a lot 'o nasty questions, but the werry next morning the spiteful corpse comes ashore without the rock, and holding tight onto a piece of Bill Hedges' jacket, rice wos the means of conwioting hiin and sending him to the gallows." Mr. Moleoat's record of his personal experience seemed to make but little impression on his listeners, for the main subject under consideration was resumed, and a lively debate sprung up. which was, however, not participated in by the Tomtit. That gentleman Mt quietly listening to the various opinions, deigning no other comment than an occasional nod of his head. It was evident that the burglar* were unanimously in favor of instantly destroying the traveller; though they aMentfafly varied in their proposed plans of operation. Mr. Dick Ilatton watchod his leader's countenance during the progress of the conversation, but it looked stolidly indifforont " Vot's yer opinion, Tomtit?" he isauired, anxiously. "Aint yer going to say nothing?" j " Of coarse I am," replied Tomtit, planting his legs defiantly on the table; " my opinion is the opinion that's got to bs adopted, and no chattering. Now look here," continued he, fixing his restless eyes on the group, " you all want to make way wi'h this traveller?" ' That's so," exclaimcd. the burg'.ars. " And I," continued Tomtit, coolly, "am for letting him go." ( It would be impoasibl* to d*Miibe the effect produced by this decision. The burglars jumped tin anH 4??tha nnr) * f J _ y j ? i?? -"V4 iuu^icvauvua vi Cf Ol J UC* scriptioii were showered on their leader. " I say," repeated the chief, unmoved by the threatening attitude of hid men, " be shall go free?nut a hair of his head shall be touched; and who dares object?" His stern, gray eyes ( glanced from burglar to burglar, anu they involuntarily quailed before theirdeiantgleam. , ?' Now lj^ten, you fools, to my reasons," continued the Tomtit, angrily, as the overawed villains shrunk back into their seats. "You all know next week we do a heavy job in the wholesale line; after it's done we must keep dark; the ' Nest* is the only place we are safe in, and here we must remain till the matter blowa over; but if this man is miaeed, between that and the job there'll be such a hue and crf < raised that we won't dare to show our heads Now do you understand?" "Veil, s'pose we run the horse and wagon up the country, and hiteh his clothes by theside uv rivftr vioh vill Innk ? Ko ? . - - ? ?- .... WVMJJ H U? VUVUUl* weated himself"' suggested Mr. Moleeat. Toe Tomtit shook Ets head cjnteuiptuomiy "Now, then, what would you got for jour painstaking and ri?k ? Wbj, just u carpet-bag, and maybe a few trifloa; people aint ?uch fools a* 70a take them, to go lugging money round the country?there would be plenty of <|uentions asked about the oarpat-bag, and likely enough the hone might take it into his head to cofee beck?horses aint fooli either," observed the Tomtit, sarcastically. Mr. Moleeat scratched his bead, * an expressive indication that the argument was unanswerable, and a short pause ensued. 44 Vail," remarked Dick Hatton, breaking the silence, "then Tomtit's right, I s'pose, but it doea look sorter hardartar the bird's eotehed to perwent the picking of'im. It's mean, that' vot it i?!" The Tomtit vonehaafed no reply to this snllea speech, but lighting a fresh oigar. ha rose, 1 shook himself, and ealled Mr. Bag into an adjoining apartment. " V> here is the man ?'- aaid he. ? In the back room, eating his aupper." vi.' that worthy'* replyi 1'too can peep at him tuj j enough, for I left the door on the awing." The Tomtit accord**?!? crept atealthily into tho paaaage. and getting on hu hand* and knees, obtatued a very excellent view of the atranger, who ?m quietly proceeding with hia ; meal. Scarcely, however, had the Tomtit'a reatlaaa aye paired within, than he gar* a start ?f sorpri*c, and retreated immediately. "Here, Beg," he whiapered, in an excited ton*, aa thai individual followed him back again to tha private room, "here* a confoundHn. Who do yon anppoae that man UT" Mr Begg, of eouna, t alia a tad that he didn't know, whereupon tha Tomtit, looking around to satisfy himself they were alone, brought his hand it tha form of tram pot cloae to Mr Bag'* a^r, and whbperti;. ? " It'iDiiJy" f Mr Beg'. face turned deathly pale. M What," he whispered, "the Detective?" " The same," rejoined the Tomtit, with'an expression plainly denoting his agitation. "Whe or what should bring him here alone, I neither know nor ean guess?Beg, keep this from the bora, they are savage enough now, but if they should find out the truth. Ioouldn't control 'em. They would tear this man to Eieoes, but. Beg, that musn't be; they must e led off; for it would be the worst thing yet to kill him; he would bo misled as sure as preaching." ' Is this the one who has been trying so long to find our Nest?" inquired Beg. "The very same,' replied Tomtit. "You know the State government has offered a re?,rH nfnr?. J - * ' ??? ?. . u b iuuumuu uou*rs tor trie aucovery of our whereabouts, and this Duffy hu been sneaking around trying to tind as, not so much for the possession of the reward as some private aim; he ain't a regular Detective,or he might be led off; year* ago he wrs on our track. I have been watching him all along, designing to finish him when a good opportunity offered, but the wiry scoundrel managed to escape me; ha may diaguise himself as much as he likes, he can't cheat me." "He's disguised,then?" said Mr. Beg.amaied afresh. "Of course he is; that fatness isn't real. He thinks he's unknown to me, but I'll pay him off Vet." reioinnd thn Tnmtit - i' ? m r ? .vu<v4*1 n?vu ? OI1VUI IUi* Erecation "I'll get rid of him, but it musn't a done bera. Now then. Beg, listen: Fetcb me a lantern, and tbe key of tne You understand ine " Eeg nooded his head, and flew off with alacrity. N o one entertained a gronter admiration I of the Tomtit than that gentleman; he regarded him with the same deference a dog would show to bis master, and was contented a^ long a* he could testify his servile affection; be quickly returned with tho lantern and key, and to his great surprise found tho burglar chief absorbed in the contemplation of the miniature of a young girl, seemingly some seventeen years of age, and of surpassing loveliness, nud heard htm mutter: "lie certainly has good cause to hate me, but I mould have spared HIM had he kept away from the Nest Now. however, hehas rushed upon his doom." Then becoming aware of Beg s presence, the Tomtit hastily tbru/t the picture in his boaom, and, turning to the inn-keeper, whispered : "Let me out by tbe back door, Beg." "All right," was the quiet response. "Not a word to the boys, mind: if thev min* me, tell 'era I've gone to* bed." The Tomtit, with this parting caution, made his exit from the door, which Mr. Beg held open, and walked rapidly off. The faithful custodian of the Burglars' Nest stood for a few minutes listening, till the retreating footsteps of the burglar cnief had died away in the distance; then he carefully closed and relocked the door, and returned to the bar, there to muse over the surprising and startliug disclosures which the Tomtit had made to him. It was oneof those remarkable circumstances that sometimes happen in real life, that Mr. Detective Duffy should have unconsciously blundered into the very place he had beeu searching for vainly the past two years. As he sat quietly eating his supper he little dreamt that a tew yards off stood a figure which, tbo mere sight of. would have moved him to an absolute frenzy; and well it might,?for there was a story connected with that figure, a tale so heart-rending, ao terrible so revolting,?of faith broken, of hospitality abused, of wrongs perpetrated, of an idolised daughter consigned to wretchedness,?that it could not have been parsed over. It had left its impress on the care- worn features of that old man iiiar>orn;Kio in every lineament; his gray ey?3 seemed to flash with the same spirit,?of deep, absorbing revenge. And now those two men were about to meet ?the Detective known to the Burglar, the Burglar unknown to the Detective?to engage in a desperate game, the issue of whichwaa to be death to one or both. Intelligence and honeaty were to be pitted -against cunning and crime. What was to be the result of this fearful struggle and thirst for vengeance, we shall be able to see ia our next chapter. Tbe atVove ie all of this story that will be published in our eolumns. Tbe continuation of it from where it leaves off here can be found only in the New York Ledger, the great family paper, which is for sale at all the stores throughout tbe city and country, where papers are sold. Remember and ask for the New York Ledger of January 5, and in it you will find the continuation of the story from where it leaves off here. The Ledger is mailed to subscribers at $2 a year, or two copies for $3. The bills of all good, anund banks in any portion of the Union taken at par. Address your letters to Robert Bonner, publisher, 40 Park Row. New York It is the handsomest and best family paper in the oountry, elegantly illustrated, and characterized bv a bitfh moral tnn? ??>?! A Nxw 1'ha?x or Sxcbssioh.?A venerable and well-kuown citizen of Virginia, residing in the I county of Ritchie, hu written to apprize us of a movement which, he say*, is already set on foot in the northwestern part'of that State, for the pur- ' pose of calling a Convention of the people to take Into consideration the expediency of separating from Virginia in case of her withdrawing from the Union to join In the formation of a Southern Confederacy. Our Informant adds that the leaders t la tUU revolutionary scheme contemplate the erection of a new Suite, embracing that portion of Virginia lying west of the Blue Ridge, and destined to include as many counties east of said line, along the apper Potomac and near It, as may be induced by identity of interest to cooperate in the project Considerations of an economical character, determined partly by the arrangements of the present constitution of Virginia, (deemed by many in the western part of the State to be unequal la reapect to the rates and objects of tax- 1 ation,) are represented to be at the bottom of this < popular movement, which, in the opinion of our \ correspondent, awaits only the opportunity and the pretext to assume formidable proportions.? Intelligtnctr. . m.m . I Run the following letter from a highly respectable gent.emu: < Limkmt<>!?>, Montour Co., Pa., Oot. S3.185ft This is to oertify that I was pronouuoed by ??v- , eral physicians as consumptive, and had all the symptoms of the disease la its worst form, suoh as coughing. severe pain* in the ohest. shortuess of breath, night-sweats, and extreme weaknoaa and . lassitude in my whole system. My family nearly a I having died of the disease, 1 had given up a I hope of nothing gave me reli?T but through th?parsua?ion of a friend I was induced to tr* Dr. witfr'i Balaam of Wild Chtrrt). The | Sit bottle relieved me oonsiderably, and the third tt cured me entirely, 1 now feel aa well as ever 1 1 did <n my life, and am able to follow my oecupa- . Uon as farmer as fully aa any one. , [also had a sitter in a more advaneed state of j the diteathaving been oonfined to her bed for j over a year, and pronounced beyond hope by our b tat physicians. She also was entirely oirtid by the W ila Cherry, but it required aix or eight bottles, and ah<* still t%kes it oooasionaily as a preventative being natuai'y weak chested. I would aineerely urge all who are similarly afflicted to try ?r. Wt'tar's Balsam of Wtid Cherry, ] as 1 am iatufied that but for your own valuable 1 remedy my sister and myself would not now be ' living. I will eheerfully answer an* one who may addreas mean the aubjeot, and state our oases m<>re fully. Jacob Millxx. Prepared by Serb W. Powle * Co., Koetoo, and rr?H5e,tS5i?iaras fcethron, end br ireiile^ererywhere. deU-lw,r I CoceH* ?Thoanddenehanjee of oar olimate are l?<ir??i of Pulmonary, Drotukiml and Attkmatic | AftctioAi. Experience having proved that imp!* i remedies often eot epwedily and eerUteif when t tak*n in the earlj ata*es or the dieeaae, reeouree j toefd at onoe be had to " Srew?'i BrjmckuU j J>ee*M."or Lotengee, let the Cold, Coug k, or lr- i ritation of the Tnroat bs ever ao alight, aa by thia , preoanti^n a more eeriona attack may be effectually ; warded off. Pub lie SpuUurt aud St*ftrt will Fad them ?ff?ecoal for olearlag and etreogiheaiuc the voiee. See advert! aeraent- del-ly HoLLOWaT'l PlLLa A5D OlXTKXIfT. , ,, Sm**s, lH*toet*o?i. fe.?Neither opodeldoo liniment, nor any other embroeation can equal the rAoaey whifh ehar act* rise thaee eea-atial vegetable ext aatainth* cure* of* p aina, atraina, woauda, brtuaee. oontuaiena qi dUloeaUoaa, Ao. They are FOR THE HOLIDAYS. IF SfOUTH CAROLINA HAS Speeded, Krin Knng.e his not* he it at LAMMOND*9.7th at, With a large itock of Toy, aad very cheap lor oath. dc 21-31* J CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. KWKL CAsKs. 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R, or iny thing in theZ^^^ Hucksters' l in?, will do well to oall at R. Cl NMNUHAVi'S Stalls. Noi. ?I1 ' /f and 314 Center Market before purchasing e.sewhere. de 20 3t f| r?hntu1<1 pbml'm . ? - -- .m a XV t 1% UOW 1 O t IT ARTY FANS# Gold Penoiis, Gold and Silver Thimbles, Needle books. Fine Scissors, Ladies' ar.d Gentleman's Pocket Kaivas. P-e-ich P?'fnm?rT, Rachel*, Pomade*, Pufl-boxe*, Traveling Case*. Ac., at HUTCHINSON A Ml'NRO'S, rie 21-St 310 Pa. av^bet. 9:h and H>th ?ts._ /OR BOM DAY PR EBEN TS, 1- Kor Children's Books, For Children's Game*. For elegant Presentation Book*. For a>l the new Boo If*. For Newspapers from everywhere. For the cheapest P'aoe, Goto FRENCH A RIC?STEIN'S. de 2ii No. 27* Pa. avenue. A HO FOR THE HOLIDAYS: AT SCHAFFIELD'S BALTIMORE CONFECTIONERY, No, 3a6 Sirth ft., b?tw G and H its. 11,000 worth of Pound, Fruit and Fancy CAKFS now ready, mad<> of th* be*t materia!*. ver? hand somel) ornamental. Small Cakes of ail kinds. Kai^oy Boxes, Candy Horns, Sn^ar Toys, and Candies of All kinds and j-riees to nuit the times. Tf.e best of ice Cream and Waterless, only S1.J5 per gai'on. Ladies, no early and see lor yourselves, fin swe >our money and set the best, at SCHAFFIELD'S. Go leave your on'era early. de ai-Si* JOS. SCHaFFIELD. Presents for the Holidays. AN IMMENSE~ASSORTMENT. LARGER THAN at ANY FORMER SEASON. Every Article Markul at Panic Prices. M W. GALT k BRO., Jeweler*, 344 Pihs'a Av., 4 doors west of Brown'* Bote!. Ladies' and Gent*' el-eaut Gold Watcties, Cham*, Seals. Ac., FOR HOLIDAY PKESENTS. Rioli Jowelry of every deao-ipteon, in Grand, Full, and Ha fSes, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Solid Silvor Ware, embracing 'very article of iim . t nrra ? ? *? FOR HOLIUAY PRtSENTS. Plated T?a Sets, Cake Backets, Castors Ac , FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Paris Fancy Goods, m groat variety, ' FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Ladies'and Misses' CVain and Biaoelets, Necklaces, Ac., FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Gold Pencils and Pens, Gold Thinablee, Lockets, and Belt Buckles, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Ladies' and Genu' Sleeve Button*, Scud*, and Crosse*. FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Infants' Gold and Coral Neoklaoes and Amlsts, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Gold, ivory,and Fscoy Head Walking Canes, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Pearl, ivory, and Sandal Wood EvsLing Fan*, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Gold. Silver and Fanov Portemonnaies and Card FOR HOLIDA YVRESENTS. Shell, Ivory and Steel-moanted Combs, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Ladies' and Gents' Dressing Cases and Pookst Compamoi a FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Children's Silver Sets?Knife, Fork and Spoon? FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Silvsr Table, Dessert and Tsa Knives and Forks, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Silver Io? Cream **eta, Sugar* and Cream*, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Sliver Waiters, Pitchera, Goblet* and Cupe. FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Every article of Fanoy Stiver Ware, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Plata! Fruit Bowls. Liquor Frame* and Butter FOR HOLIUAY'f'RESENm. Plated Waiters, Card Basket* and N^M^oolera, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. , K. thousand and on* other artioie*, too tedioiu to enamera*#, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. ID-A'l of the al>ov? new and elegant good* , FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS \ ire marked down at *' Pa.ric Peicbs." i M. W. GALT A BRO., 1 Jeweller*, 334 Pa. av? d* SO St 4 door* went of Brown'a Hotel. a niomn vna urn imv * pbpvm 1 - ? i One, Two, Three and Four-Fated Shawls. VTn offer more than our oiuil assortment of U roc he ind Chsine aine Lone Shawls, in one, two, three and four faoed designs. Shawls of the mot* i slassea aurvive a I the ohangee in fashion, and [ornt nob. ityiian, and the roost durable winter wrapping extant Our stoek of all other kicda of Shtwls and Cloaks , will be found new, novel, and extensive ' Also all oux entire a'oak of Silk Robee, Dress I Silks, and other vaat a took of dreae fabrics. < All kinds of Dry Goods in general ass. . One prioa onlj; tli? value iqarked in diatinot bgnrea; therefor# no purchaser la deceived. 1 Carpau, Curtains, Ruga, Oiloiotha, As., upper . Honrs, > Houie Lines a, B&nksts, Comforts, Ao., basement and the -'vaults." An examination of atoreand a took solioited; it implies no obligation to purchase. FERRY A BROTHER, Pa. avenue and 9th at?et, de 17 lot "Perry Buildings." * T HOLIDAY PRESENTS. 1 HOSE Persons wishing to make purchases for J Holiday Presents, will fiud at the store of the subicnber a very large assortment of FANCY And STAPLE DRY DOODS, iaoh mtfandtorae Cloth Cloaks wd Raglans, i i Kmbroidsred Linen Cambria Handk*rohiefs, i Mui'in and Cambric*, Collars and Seta, i foarin Kid Gloves, Hosiery, Neck Ties. Bon net Ribbons, Merino Shirts ami Drawers, \nd a great man* other Goote en table for Holiday ( Presents, selling at reduced prices, at HENRY ROAN'S. de 19-10t *81 ?t? th st and 381 Pa. ar. | WT**"???OU , We have now our usnal large and magaiftoent I lesortment distantly bound and illn?tratsd Books 1 Tor Presents fur the Holidays. The new Books for i this year are Terr beaatifal. i Our J srenile Department comprises all the latest Books nut and aJ.the old dm aaitaMs far afcilir?n. Tut Dutolving Viaw putart Boak is a aov . thins fjr tha little oaaa. Our aaaorUoantof Writ f ill otker sty 1m Paaknivm, Paper Folders, Cutters. c k.c, fco., is lfcrrs apd mM Mi will be sold at t pn?M feo.smt bljJnqmUUJ * MOSUN, * * ocr. Pa. ?T. M>d BlsVwtk 1. 1 T BOOTS AND SHOES. Canba ogdguKWB>g, ?T,^ Al?o, % hA6d?oe:e^Bseertii?ent of TOH- ET I 1 SLIPPEftS. sal table for Ckriatan&aand New Year PrtMBU, lleUkOoe.j datthr | *? MISCELLANEOUS. /"OFFICIAL. Tiiaich DirtiTimiT, t UtMBiMf l?. LUO. \ NOTICB ib bbkiby oives that Belled propoaaie will be reoei ved at this Department until the Stth Deoeraber inatant, for the leane of any p irtun ft the whole of five mill oc of dollar* in Tmetry ootee, ib exchange for cold ooib of the United Statee, d*poaited with the Tretsarer of the Faited St*tee, the Trnmrer ef the Mint at Philadelphia, or tke Aseietaot Treaaerera at Boitna. New Yo k, or St LoBia, witbia five dare from the aoceptanoe oisuob proposal*, under the authority of the act of Congress entitled "An aot to an thorite the i??ue of Treasary note* and for other purpose*," ip December 17, ld60. Such Treasury note* will be iseaed upon the reoeipt hereof certificate* of the deposit with ihuee officer* to theoredit of the Treasurer of the ('cited Bta'.aa. They will be made payable to the order of snch bidder or bidder* aa shall offer to make saoh exchange at the loweet rate of interest, and the Treasury notes will carry such rate of latereet from the date of such deposit. The prupoeals mast state the rate of interest Without ooadition, and with oat referenoe to other bids, and ooataia no other fractional rates than one fourth, one half, or tfcree foarths of one per oentam. One per oent. upas the ?moant proposed to be ecohanted must be deposited with one ef the oCcers above enumerated, whose oertlioate of saoh deposit mast acoompany each proposal, a* s?carity for its fulfilment. wmmi - acoepted, immediate direction* will be given to re turn ?uoh deposit. Phould the proposal* nrj from the provi?ion? of tfce act of Congraaa, or of tfaia notice, they will not be oontidered. All propoiala nnder thi* notice innat be'ealed and inscribed on the outii la "Proposal* f?K Treasury Notes." Tliejr will be opened and awarded at thi* Department at 12 o'clock noon on said 28th oI Dto?inbar. PHILIP F. THOMAS, de 18-dt28ih Seor-tary of th? Treasury. g K C O N D VISIT 15 WASHINGTON CITT or DR. M. 8CHL089ER, thi n?l?Kra?a?< BURGEON CHIROPODIST, OF PARIS AND HAVANA. EFFICACIOUS AND PERMANENT CURE FOR CORNS, BUNiONS, SOFT CORNS. AilD ALL DUKA*M OF THE FEET. IV'irAcrwt Cutting or Camsi*t lit Ltast Pat*. Dr. SCHLOSSER would, in the mo?t reepeotful manner, announce U) the Ladies and tifntemen of Waahincton and iU environ*, that, at the argent solicitation of man? families, he has been iudaoeU to revisit their city, FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY. ana mar t>e consulted in every department of Pedal Snrgery ; especially la CORNS, BUNIONS, And Evut Duxa?i or the Pckt, all of whioh, however long itandinr or cures in a few minutes, without the slightest pa<n or icoinveaience, either daring their removal or aiter wards. Dr. SCHLOSSER'S great suooess anuoi the first families in Amenoa. as well as among several of the imperial royal fair.i.iss ?f Europe has gainad for him sev?ral thousand testimonials; of these he tegs to append the followikg to his presant announcement. AMERICAN TESTIMONIALS. r./v?. 11r? ? " n >n. inn, ?-r'?n??r w im liM Dr. Scbloeeer has extracted two corn* from my to*, whioh were extreinel* painful for mtii yetrs The ext-Kordtnarw eAse with whioh he operate* la ren.arkable ; And 1 oho?'fully recommend him to All who are troubled with o>>rna a* the only person I ha*e erer known to perform the opcAtion scientifically at d without a PArticle of pun ' Fliilade'phi*. Sept.a. 1?57. WM. KICK. From Hm. CKarUs C. Tan Zandt, R. I. Dr Schlosse%bAs to dar operated upon A very 1 ptiuful o ifn of mine with perfect auocesa, relieving All pAiA And rtmo?ini it without sufferi nc CHA8. C. VAN ZANDT. Providence. R.i.,Oct. 08,185#. Frcm J W. Gray, editor Plaindtalrr, CUnland, O. I Dr.Pahlosaer hAs extracted seven troublesome oorns for me without PAm Aud witt ere y p-o?pect of a permanent cure. I cAn oheerfulh recommend him to the public pAtronage, J. \V. GKAY. I From Dr. S. Vtrdi, M D. * /_ AI a V L. 1 *? -- i coruu iii?i i dsvb uvea t?tj auooes?iu ij operated np"ti by Dr. $ch|o???r without an? inn, WMhmtton, Jan. 7, IUH. 8. VKKDiTm D. ( From Pruftuor D. IHlbert, PkUadtlrkia. ( Dr. Sohloeeer removed four oorne for inc without pain, and aatielactoniy. D. GILBERT. M. D. < Dr. S.M. PkU&.Citt VfeuerCvrt Inn. I Dr. Pohloaier hae extracted eight painful oorna from my feet without the leaat pain, and the greatMt aatialaction to mjaelf. I would by ail mean* recommend him to every body who li tormented with these arils. B. M. LAND18. M. D. < From Rev. ffka>. W. Qmick. ( The operationaof Dr. Bohloeaef are eattended , ?IW p?u, SHU ivuiuva MS own WWIWlr. II* emowd several for uj? to KIT ad Lira *aUafaotion. ' PitUborg.May J7.1M8. CHAS. WTQUICK. , From W H. Tint try, M. D. Dr. Sehloaaar baa removed eaveral oorna from my 'eat to my entir* aatiafaetion. W. H. flNtf LEY, M. D. Ia addition to tba above taatimonia'.a, aavaral houaanda mora are ia Dr. Schloaeer'a poaaeaaion. imong them from memberaofthe Imperial Royal amilie* of Euro fa. and aleo fram lad tea of tha UK heat a landing both la the old and new world*, rhioh miT be aaan at hi? o#m. 1ST PENNSYLVANIA AVENUB,<Boath aid*,) ketvaea 12th aad 13th atre*U. CoBinltio? houra from ? ft. in. till 4 f. m. None*.?A'a prifottiamtU cmuucKm* with any mm. d? 17 ( REDUCTION IN THE PE1CE OP OAS. j Orncsor Washikstoii Gab Lioht^Co.,^ { Hotter it ktrtby fiw* that the charge' ior caa ooo lumed after the Stat day of D*OMnb*r next, will ha . kft* dollart and touta eontt per thouaaod eshto Wf Ia ?]I tkiu* avkjkaA Willa MA J * mt ?hvi? wuvw mii? wavpmu mm (vaoirvq OJ _ h* Mt oc Congr*fi. approved Jnne V. IttO, to wit: " 'At the ofioe of th? Company, wthin In dnya roD the rendition thnreoT provided nil arrears ihnll hare been (jrevlonily paid." i J. F. BROWN, ? no ? ?o4w Secretary in Charts. C.<OAUT1EK^FBJfiVCH REST! URA.NT. I DINNER. AND BUTPKR PART1JK*. a Jo aolioitiDff yoor patronats, won Id reapao?fn!ly I yonr attention to his el*not suits of PARmij to UKHMndaU Mraral parti?i ai any sonnnt Ml H- ?waw. wl ?tw * ""'RWflSWic, , a ml l< n>?< nt li > > m AL? * ? ' ? * [lately Tn"th? rw of tUT"Natio^TfoUl', vImti i iWMMIIVllI M?oatUMdU hmtoitnttlk* 1 [nol*4ml faaAC BKaZBERe. J OOD! w o o db stovb hi dndl1ns wo8d. m ?? ?wL j C?S??? W2T^ SjjKaSf* r" m, S&!~ % A j THE WEEKLY DOLLAR STAR. nil oauuruiiiw Nm J?a-W tatmn* a fit wit*y of taltrMbu readies tkaa eu kt fom?d ta My other?te Friday aonuu. Stag ieeofTi Hr *? .. <1 Fire ooftee ? Ji Tea ooftee ? Twaaty Ir*eoeiee i WW It lsTsnabij oontaina the MWaehtac*e? Ne*i'' UK' tea made Tk* DmUt E*mm$ S*mr otrtaMM o (eat at ally Uroagkoat Ue oouUy, Lr8)title ooyiea (tn wrapper* > ean bo weaaie* At U??OMHr, ly altar Um iniiof tk? Pnoo-THKKE CRNT* FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RKN'T?a thr?? story ?Ad tiiwiil FR AM F, HOl'^F., n?w P* it., on Tanth.b*tvm G tnd H rti., No 41) laqau* ?t M Bl ,K Y k GUY'S H>-ilTtrf?Ur*. Pa tv. do H if F~~ IRMSHKD RlHJMtt KOR RfcM'.at ??H? U 1 ct ?ri en tflh anJ 7th ?U d? ?-tf t^OR RENT?A PAKW>R on <M 6rat flour. *.nH th'<?o fin* B^irwow* o? ti r.oor a.t No 27 6 P&. aranoa, two doora Mat of the Krkwood Ifouaa. 4m *-tf LTOK RENT?A Ure*-atorr BRICK DWICLLr 1NG HoUsJK. with baok bundia*. oa t?th et.. No. 4 70. between P and G straeta. Apply te J. KIRKWOOl), 476 Twa fth ?t- wo )? 4tf CH>R RENT-The fin* BRICK HOl'ttE No. r 100 Wwtit , (jenrpetowa, at prtMit oom pied -jy the aulieonber. It ih it rout*, with iu aud wat??r throughout. * fin# ?*?d, Knb.e Ac , aid j?A?tVKK."'"'U>",~J- ""'"".'A' FOR RE.NT-A ttraa ?U>ry fen at HOL'HE. ooataining S room*, in good order, with (A* Lmtures eomideta, on n tuet. *th and 5th. Also, a two ttory kriok COTTAGK. with itm yard attached, oomer of F itroot north a? list. *t. ut To panotual and reliable tenant* the tern.* wi.l be nt )dermte. Apply at 440 Twt flh etreet, l?etw?W ?ad H. noiatf ^-Mory B|t)CK MlMUfl, (MR MM oot.tuniix ? roonu, nuj >UmU>1 OBktfi ?tr*?T no'th. tx l??ei M Mid N ?tr<w?u. rMt moaerkto. Appi? to K. LAZ|4\BY. oppoait*. or to JOHN T. LKNltfAN, Ohio itmu, wiviM 13th tiul 13th ?'rMU ae 4tf OE IKNT-Tlw FIRST FLOOR of thi bmUd mi irnm*<ii?t*iy oppo?t? tb? tn( witxof tiw* City H?:.,r.o?ntlr oec?pi?4 by CbM. ?. willaeh u m oftoe. A'ko th? front room it Um mooim LonittMiii*??cM. i* H Q EDUCATIONAL. TFEMALK EUIXATIV^HOSK P?r?nt< who wmh their J?u(ht?rs to r?oeive a thorough *ud ty'wKUc eduoaaon. wher* tueir p>o MoAi trMuiUK wi reoriTe* and MwnuoD, uoaer u>e moit approved itiUis of Cali?thenioe ?n<l G vmwtstic*. * respectfully in\f.eJ to vieit ihe l inon Female Academy, nirwr Poorteen'.li it. and New l'nrk ?v. MR. t MRS. Z. RICHARD*. ftu 90 tf Female boarding AND day school ALKIAXDhJi, TA. Mrs. 8. J. MeCORMlCR. P*t<f?rpAL. The thirteenth annual ???#ion of thia Inqutatioa will commence on Tuee<1*y. ^ptembe- l?n, 11 the house recntlr oooupied by Hylre?ter goott, Be*., No. 1^0 Kin* atreet. The eouree of atudr puraued will oomprieeai* the branohea requmite to a thorough Ec(lia)i Eds | oation, and Muaio, Prenoh, Latin and Drawlag, il deairwd. In addition to day scholar Mra. MoCormiok l> | ?rej?ered to receive a limited number of pupila a* [ boarders, who. ounaUtaUnc a part of her own family, will be under iter immediate care and eupervi ion. She writ endeavor, an (ar a* poeaible. to ear round them with the ccmforuand kindly iaflueaoM ?f U Jt<.ffro?f?.-R?T. Geo. H. Norton, Rtr Dr. Kliu Harnton. Rev. 1> F. ?prigg, William H Fowl#. Km)., Ktigar Snowden, lieq . Edmund F. Witnuer, Eeq., Hecrj Marburj, Eeq, LajriaMoKeiiaie. Em , Robert M. Hunton, Eaq . \V. D.MallwL, Editor Evtr.ri t<tar. Benjamin W*t?ri, Entwmle, Jr., Em..Col. John tv.Minor, Loadona Mesara. iilaofcloek k. Marshall, Nwn Cor Brothers. Tnv*. Board, with Tuition in ail the English R'UoMt, fan) for the annua; eeeaion?payable eatni -annuallj , id advanoe. Busie aad Languages at Profeaeora' pnooa. 7" No extra charges. aa M-ti dentistry! mm TEETH. ofthe MT?KRA1^VLAt"* V"K?TU,*af ^ tends peraoi a :y at bia oflio* in thia olty Mm# Man; person oan wear t ft pee teeth cannot wear othera, and no person oan wiar other a who cannot wear theae. n ? - - ? rnwiiawniMtwmr omw m M?HM with any atyie and price of Teeth they mar deeire; but to those who are particular and with the punpet, Oieaneet, atrongeat, and moat perfect den to re fnat art can produte, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. foorri in thia wty?No. Slf Paa venue, Set weon and 10th sU. Aleo, 907 Aroh atreot, Phi lad phia. oe U-tf ^CARRIAGEFACTORIffir" WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, "" D Strut, Bttw*** 3tk and 10tk SlrtMl. We hare juat ficiahad a number of ftrat oiaaa CARRIAGES, aueh aa Lmki Wat cms, Park PKtatom. h imUir (W-mK^Gr: nun, and Bvtttes, which we will aaiiatJL-BJ a ver? email profit. Emli practical mechanioa la difereat bruekM of the buainesa, we flatter oursolvee Uiat we know the at-yiea aad tuahty of work that will ri va aatref&cuoL, oombim&i Uthtceea, oomibrt au duraUn ty, Raaairtnc promptly and oarefully attended to vuwuiuon, UUVOHwn uw&T. Book* f gjjgr THE 8?boorib? addition* U hi M?^ri, cMiuj it now ono ol tfc? inUi* Distnot, wnera tu? faoumaa (>rU^^^MT *ax.o'.*ctrnnrCARRIAGE A L!6HT^HB& WAGONS of all kind* saasot ba nr>M?e<L aad from tua lone exp?nonoe 1a tit* biaipaaa. k* a?>aa Is riv? f?n?:? aatmfactior. AM kuUaofCarnacMaad LUkl Wai?u k?H? All RKPA1KSMatty ?aaa,aa4allorders proa* ? mar ? IM ? ) V aa HE THE TBK Bpurance company 8URANCR COMPANY LIFE insurance company r,EE OP mm MARINE of virginia . , t ^ locum muuI Iom or d*a>M* *7 ?r* tyot mm ssr"* '? -isxFeisisVuar.? )fce??Room 16 ormr Buk ? ffor stamping A PACRET OF FAF?K AND EN YELOPM TO MATCM, METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHI LP * BOLOMONR. 8- w?oL?uff! ^CTMuUwiM Cordial, SUrar So*#. kl?o, a ran ety of Coal Oi. Lm|M hi* fr~h ^ <U n tw U? K.IWH. Gai Flxturci, ' rHE BE8T AW$ VhI? Xty** om*u> ThoMvhodMit? to aalcot from now Mttaraa, nth th? advaataf* of roduetioa in priNt, vJI -xirio'X.'^a?i. m-a.t ^ trodaoinc (H iito tkeir i*Niu|? to oar jawsood faetliOee.SBd eoneo^Bont low prtoaa, for ki* branch of oar tr?d?. Inciting mil who d??ir? their work d?n? Ad fr^tirom cm UtkiuM, to Mil at ?**rkW "afta* ^ ivartaft-* oo. '>12^rlLr^'512 Sg3|^SsMt? My'S^VPS flJM*1' ? DOWN. ^ tl? % # ' #

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