Newspaper of Evening Star, December 22, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 22, 1860 Page 2
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lii? LVLMISU SI'AIL WASHINGTON CITY: ATCROAY Df>r*wker 33. 1?60. tpirtl el U? teraiat rreee The Cf*4ittmtioH a occupied with the "Clack Republican*'' and the in'tlhc*'^ with political and general newt Book Noticf* ? We are Indebted to French A RlcUiteifi, 27* Pa avenue, for the worki of Chaa *- * imiKKiKmI hv n*oabv naiiiU. in iuur iviuwiw) ?- ?j ? /j Nichols, L? e A Company, Boston. Anything iii?re hultl*? in style and execution than thla new <!Mt <*n of L*tnVs work* we have never seen; a ad the ? quaint ?by and sly humor'' of Chi a delightful author has an added grace wh?n tbna pMHOttd In Uit it- volume* we Lave the cbarming letter*, essays and f-c^n 4 of Lamb, and that touching narrative, by I Louts* Noon Tsifourd, which lota ua Into the Inner life of Lamb in its heroic aspect. Here tbe mystery Is explained why Lamb, cf so sweet and loving a nature, never married HI* stater Mary. In one of Vie fit* of Insanity to which she was subject, killed thel: mother, stabbing her to tbe heart From that moment Charles Umb, resoiuteiy sacrificing all other ties, devoted his life with cbeei/ul, unreptning generosity to tbe care of that dear sister His biographer asks with justice, " if the annals of self-sacrifice can show anything in human action and endurance more lovely than this self-devotion exhibits*" With tLia key to hia character before as, hi* graceful, piquant, eloquent utterances are read with renewed interest. Nothing can be more delightful than the narrative of Lamb's intercourse with the cotemporary English writers of hl? tluoe, as Ccleridge, Southey, Uazlitt, and so on. Indeed, it would be hard to find, In the whdl* range of Knglisb literature, four more readat.l? volumes than tbeae From the beauty of this edition, we pr nme it has been gotten up with a special rye to Christmas S*otJTH CaroMiia ? Effects of tkt " Aeeurstd Union'* upon htr ?The following Is an extract from a speech recently made by Chancellor Durkin In the South Carolina Convention, Tlx: " I learn that Secretary Cobb has aaid that tbe revenue of South Carolina from tbe custom-house would not near pay the expense of tbe customhouse for the last quarter I also learn from the tb? iviit oflrH of South Caro Una cost the Government from thirty to forty thousand dollar* per quarter, and that tbe receipt* have been lew than fsSO,<>0<J per annum." Hence it teem* that neither the cuatotn-houae nor the post offl-e In South Carolina pay expense* The post offi. es of tlie whole State yield less than 850,000 ptr annum, while the expenses are about $10,000 per quarter, or S160.001) per annum Tbe * spurted Uaion," therefore, pays f 110.000 per annum, or theraabouts, for tbe postal accommodation of the people of South Carolina more than It collects from them! How much the " accursed Union" pays more than it receives for keeping up South Carolina custom-houses, perhaps Mr. Cobb coulft tell Filchisg from " Vamitt Fai*."?The New York Tim**, not content with printing on the day before yesterday a forged letter purporting to have been written by ('resident Buchanan, yesterday rxrintol /iniup?ntlv nrrentltiouml v obtained nroof r. \-rr~ j 1? T ? * ? slips of Vanity Fair's budget of jokes per telegraph for its next issue,) the following : Oca was hi not ox Dispatch** Winii.isTox. Dee s*>?Orders hav* been Issued to Major Anderson to surrender Fort Moulin* if attacked 1 am reliably Informed thst Major Anderson teU e^raphs here that he ia<l surrendered a large number of arms which had been remored from the Arsenai to tart Moultrie, to the authorities of Charleston, on a demand being made for them This was done tN obtdience, as ke raft. to the spirit of ord'rs k* kad received from Wnshinilon We need hardly assure the public that there Is not a single word of truth in this characteristic ' exclusive intelligence per telegraph from Washington.*' SaxAToa Dat:? has reconsidered his intention of declining to serve upon the Senate's select Committee of Thirteen. His hesitation, we have every reason to believe, was simply the result of the txct that his State had undertaken to dispose of tbe whole question of her rights and datlea in the crisis for herself. AVe sincerely btlleve Uiat bo otner man In public ia more desirous of setfling ?H diffienltieg, in the Union. th*n Senator Da via, of Mississippi, and that be will be ready to counsel the acceptance by the South of any measures that may possibly result thus bap plly, If in his jddgmeut there be a hope that the extreme North may yet list#;. to reason. Tbstb Adjocbsmuxt Oveb ?Tbe adjournment of the Committee of Tbirty-three, yesterday, over until Thursday next, means, simply, that so far a majority of tbem have been unable to come to any definite conclusion upon their work in band?the resolution of Mr. it ust, of Arkansas, similar in purport to Mr. Crittenden's plan for tbe pacification of the Territorial alavery question. We now despair of any majority report ? ? ttikUrt nr?HI rnmmltt^ rnm? In nn. derstand that the country demands a settlement of all the trouble* in the Un<on without a resort to elTll war. MISSISSIPPI R FAVO* OP SKPAmATK STAT* S?cw?:os.?A dispatch from the editor of the Jfis*>ssi/>pi<** umJ Slate Irazettf. published at isckson?diiccied to the Mississippi delegaticn in Congress?states that the State of Mississippi has elected delega'es to the Convention In favor of separate State secession, by a very large majority?say seventy In a Convention of one hundred delegates, and a popular majority of 30,000 votes. Fan* Foar Mocltbis.?fcitraet from a letter written by a lady who is now In Fort Moultrie, received in Washington city this morning : '* There is qnlte a state of excitement here. Still the wives of the officers feci safe. The only United Statu flag la that waving over Fort Moultrie; and Gov Gift aays tbat must comedown before the '2SUi. But we feel quite safe, notwithlng." Tbi HbcimioN or tiot'TH Carolina -llrrtption of tht Nnr.i at tkt South ? Salutes of 44 on* hundred guns" were flr*d at Mobile, Pensacolr, Montgomery, New Orleans, end Wilmington, N. C , on reception of the news of the accession of Sonth Carolina. Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va , went it to the extent of "fifteen guns'' only. C7" Extract from a letter of a Northern ship master at Charleston, 8. C , dated December l?tb, Inst ; " 1 have cleared the ship this day for Liverpool. The Collector will keep the office open until M o'clock to n'.ftt for all vm?>U in ri?a? th?t uh?i> to, as he thinks it will be the la?t day in th* UnioQ.-' Lmcout's Umai q* Sbcsssios ?The Springfield (111 ) Journal of Thursday has a startling leader on secession, which, from the peculiar relations of the paper to the President elect, has great significance It says that South Carolina e*nnot dissolve the Lai on by the simple paaaage of resolutions or other passive dem?n?tr"ttr.r,? o?. federal oOcert may mi fa and the may close her courts and post ?*?res, bat the cannot get oat of this Union until the conquers this Government. While this Government endure* th< reTan be no disunion. If South Carolina doe* not obstruct the collection of thasvevenuea at her ports nor violate any other federal law, there will be no trouble, and ahe will not be out of the Union If she violates the law then come* the tug of war The President of the United States, in such an emergency, has a Dlain duty to perform Mr. Buchanan may shirk It. or the emergency may not exist durlug hi* administration If not, then the UnioB will last through his term of tflr* If the overt art on the part or South Carolina takes place on and after tue 4th of March, 1%?I, then the duty of exscuttng the laws will devolve on Mr. Lincoln The Uws of the United States must be executed. Tbe President has no discretionary power ob the subject. His duty l* emphatically pronounced in tne Constitution. Mr l.inroln will perform that duty. Disunion by armed force is treason, and treason must and will be put k down at all hazards. [H* For years, aye, from time immemorial, have housekeepers wanted a preparation wtitck anouia poaoeea tae power of reuniting the frag, menu or <-rockery. glaaatware, furnltnre, Ac , which will accumulate in tmt hruaehold Tbia dealderaium baa at laat been filed br Mr. H C. t*podding, of No 3b Piatt street New York, who baa Introduced to the public hia Prepared Glue, which ia defined to become as much of a reqnfalte in every family as the inciter match or m< ul11c pin. Tbia glue it engroaacd in acheioicui solution, the manufacture of which la of courae a aecret witb tbe proprietor Ita adhesive qaalittt* are truly attoaiafcivg. joining together, aa tt will, teavy p.ecrt of wood, aa well aa the ajoat delicate pieces if china or (!aa?B??tcn Lailp Kvrm??% TVaraWar, t " 1 i I OX.KfcsSIO VYL. Sisatb'?After we went to premi yesterday? Tbe Halt!more and Ohio Railroad bill ptased tbe Senate.with amendment* [See local ] Mr Mallory moved a reconsideration of tbe vote, on tbe previous day, by which Mr Davis, of Miss . wst excused from serving on the Committee of Thirteen. He desired the Senator to be with them on the committee. \ dk ' ' ^ iir vow? ub iuc mouon was veas vo, nayi?*no < < quorum voting. .. 1 Mr Doollttle did not know vitif Ibis notion ! should be made, since there had bean no MMbn i assigned on the other side of the CMj^ber. If the j Senator had changed his <purpo?e, he could have i no objection. A ** Several Senators havl ng entered ^Ifce Chamber, i th* motion was again put. and carried < Mr Davis said his reasons we:e not personal. 1 "It wss his conviction that as his State had taken | the subject to be under the consideration of that i committee late her own hands, he could not work advantageously in the committee, and therefore ] he declined the service. Anything that he coald 1 properly do to com pose the differences thst distract i tbecountry heshould do with the greatest pleasure, r^tfurainv 01 prrionni ncridcp, sou wucu ?euitori expreaaed regret at hla declining be told tbem | be bad only done ao from a sense of bia duty to j bla State. He waa alwava at tbe service of tbe Senate, and, bavin? no personal feellne In tbe | matter, if Senator* desired him to accept tbe poal- j tlon, he abould have no objection." ( Mr. Jobnaon, of Tenn . moved that all tbe mattera In relation to tbe subject under tbe consideration of tbe committee be referred to tbem; wbtcb waa agreed to. Tbe Senate then adjourned to Monday next. [Fom tbs Stak. , Line* Saggeated by m Reeeat RealgaatUa if the South abould secede, On all banda 'tla agreed Tbe nation baa reaaon to mourn; But no farmer will aob At the loss of a cob. When rata have devour'd the corn. Pip. 7^g="RKV. DR. SAVISON, Premdant of Colnm J_? bian College, will p each TO-MORROW IB the Firat Baptiat Church Thirteenth at, b?twMn G a-nl H, at u a. m. and i p in. The public ai:d atrangera particaarb invited. It rr5?NEW JERUSALEM CHURCH, fiortk L < Capittl, between B an* C ??.?1The fourtn lecture of tbe course ui tieneaia will be do ivered on SUNDAY MORNING next. Subjeot*-The Ou'ae of the Serpent, the Sorrowa of the Woman. andiheCnreo or rhe Ground, Seata free and all eameatljr iuvitad. It* Y*^6RANDTKMPKRANCK RAI.LY.?The Lf? W asluact -n Temperanon Aaauci&'i"" wi ! hoTt a regular meeting on SUNDAY AFTERNOON, at S o'clock, airhe old Trinity Churo i on >ifth H'r. et. ?4evera!^loquent speakers wi:I deliver adtlreaaea. ' 11^ nrg?OFFICE OF THE FIREMEN'S INSURLL5 ANcE COMPANY OF WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN, Deoeinber 21, lafiO.?In compliance with the third aectioo of the charter. Rotica la hereby fiv-n to the >tockholdera of aaid company that an ciecti >n will b> hell at thii office January 7, lflGI, for thirteen Directora For the enuauiag year. Folia open from 10a. ni. to2 p. m. d* ??-? 3t ABKI, G. DAVIS, S'O. rv^SilUVK IIP THV. M kTROPOl IW W .... I | t ? ?B V ? 1?? ?J < ?-? V L< | ' ? ?- n IL S{ ISotox. De?er;iter 21, !86??As this Hank trill nutlteo.onon Tuesday, th? 251h December, (Christmas Day.) nor on Tue'day, the let January, it ia requested that note* due at the Hank on those days be paid on the Mondays iir.mediat?ly p-coe?l ng. d* 21.22..# lYlr* UN1VKKSALISM.?'Thbopii!lv? Fijek I.? will deliver (by ?eque?t) a di-course upon the Paternity ol Ood and tne Final Hu.ine?s ?.nd Happine?s m th? Who e Human Race, on HUNDAY KVKNI NO, at 7 o'clock, at the First ConcreKationa 1st Churoh,(t/id Triiiitv.lon Fifth st. Inquirers aft?r trutii are respectfully invit?d to attend^ de21 3;* fp^CHARITY 8ER*OiN.-The Rev. F K. !l_5 Boyl* will preach a Charity S?rnion in St. Piter's Church, Opitol Hill, on SUNDAY, the 2Jd last, at the last mass, the p-ooetdn to be devoted to the wants of the indigent yourhs wro are under tlieoharje of the \oung Catholio Friend*' Society. de21 2t J. J. KANE. Cor 8?o. Hit MUTUAL FIRE IN^LRANCK COMJJ? FAN V -NOTICE -All Policies iaaued by tiiih oompany will expire on MON DA V, December SI, 1M0. and are required to be renewed at or before that time. de2?>-eot31 CHAS. WFL3QN.S?o. Y^=?OFFIOE IMSLIGHT COMPANY, Wabhixoto*. Deoember 2", I860.?Notice it hereby given, as required by the charter, that an election for five d.rectora to manar" the affairs of thia Company dunn* ihd j ear Uol will be hsld at the r>tfiee f-rrhe a*m?, No al* Eleventh at. weat, on MONDAY, January U61,fit i2o'c'ock m Attest: J. F. BROWN. dv 2*<-3 awtjan 1 Secretary. FAIR.-The iadiea *f Fleteher Chapel will t V _*f hold a Fair at No. 47 4, at reft, between L and M ata.. from 20ta to Slat December, inolumve. Ooine. enjoy youraeive* andprocurear ticlea for the holiday a Season ticket*, admitting a gentleman and lady, M oeuta; single admittance in cect>. de la 12t* iris3* ~~ "UNION." ll5 ladiev festival. Tne Iadiea of tiie Motbodist Protectant Churnh. Ninth street, intend having a Festival for tiio benefit of the parnuna?e connected with the church, to comiD'iot on MOIDAV KVKNI\fl next, the 17th mat.,and o-ntmue KVKRY NIGHT THIS W ELK. in ThoxVs Hall, Seventh street, between D and E int. Corne all tad euoouragd tne ladies, as they are determined tne mpuer pnpared by them shall suit the appetite of all. Alto, ra fresrnnents and useful articles of a! 1 ilescripti n* for sa.e for Christmas tim-?. at low prices to salt the tiroes. tie 16 7t COLLECTOR'S OFFICE. CITY II ALL, L9 WashisotiDecember 6 lPGn. ^TA\ES ON I'EKSONAL PROPERTY, SLA VfcS, fco.?Notice is hereby even that the tax bills lor Household Furniture,Stocks. Slave*, Ac., for the year l*f). and previous years, are now made ont m.nii rctuiv (nr JftliVfrv ?juI office, Tho-e who do nu{ anl settle their bills within twenty days from this d%te will be railed on by one of my assistants, and if the tails are not paid wtrliin sixty daya from this date I ahull proceed to enforce the collection in the manner required l?y law. JA9. F. HA LI DAY, dej?-20t Cjlleotor._ t^?the union prayer meetings L5 w?ll be holden every day thia week, in th? English Lutheran Charch, corner of lltii and H streeti. to commence at 4 o'clock, an<1 to continue one hoar. tie 17 (V-g^TO THE VOTERS OF WASHINGTON. 'L_2f The Assessors of eaan Ward will meet at tnefo'lowiuf plaoesfrom 9a. in. to 3 p. in , from the 14th to tue 36th of December inciunive, to oorrect and to register the names of those omitted from the poll list: First Ward?John A. Kheem, 17J Pa. avenul, between 17th and 18th sta. t*eoo*d Ward?George Thoinis Stewart, oorner Twellth and H sta. Third Ward?Henry Curtis, corner Eighth and 'Fo?rth Ward?Thomaa W. Buroh, Filth at., between G and H sta. Filth Ward?George T. Darret, oorner of south A and 3d streets eaat. a; i a. tm 1? i ?.* - - - - ijLku ^ fnu"~?i- n. ruoHi wiu C-Ignin IL 6&8lt W the raaidefcee of John C. Robey. Seventh Ward?P?*r Hepburn, No Hi south P street. bftween 8th and 9th atreeta aouth. dull t2Cth tr5?PHILADKLPH!A CONFECTIONERY. IL.3 Ioe CrtAm. Water Ioea, Wedding Cakes, Pound OtkN, Mince Piea.Paatry, Cruata f r Qj ater 1'im, Jrihea, uii a ( nersl assortment of nine thing* in the Confectionery line, at FUSSELL'd, corn- r Twelfth and F ata. no 84 1m* INTEREST! NO TO BANK NOTE *1 9 ijOl.DERS.?Virginia note* taken at par *nr nothing at the People*' Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh etraeL N B?[have on hand a vary large and opener atock of Mens' aau Mops' Clothing Farmahmg Goods, HaU and Capa, at priaea to suit the tiuiaa. J. H. SMITH, Clothier. ' co 24 1 m No. 460 7Ui at.oppo. Poat Office. rv-y DKMP9EY A O'TOOLE. Jj WEDDING AXV WITINQ Iiaportari of fine WEDDING WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moat l*autiful atylea. 3J6 Pa. A v., battracn 9tu aad 10th ata. au 77 sm WimiiWTOK, C'Al.VERT'S CELEBRATED HONEY, Made t ir the B e Pslaors. A cleat and delicious artia'e (Jag) KING A BURCHBLL. JOB PRINTING OFFICE FOR S*A LK?A small Job Office, in a <"Ol location, and having a fair run of custom, u offered for sale on rea*onahle term* Addrssii Hot fi Star Office. It Almond*, pecans, shellbarks.enGLISH walnuts, brazil nut;?,PILberts deg K'NB * BURCHRLL. BROWN SUGAR, ? cents i Sv?et Cider, Mtnoe Meat. Craober>iea, Currant*. Raisins Citron, Apples,Cream Nut*, Filberts, Walnuts, Almond*, Fig*. Dates, Buckwheat, oheap Cookinc Brandies and Wipm and superior Old R>? Whisky. Peach and Apyle BranJj. JOS. W. DAVIS, It* Corner Ninth sad D sts. Triffes, petl'hpois. CHAMPIGNONS, Ti im a rnro m - - 4k V U^| HRKEN COHjv, [JUTTER! BI'TTKK"! BI;TTeE" Jukt arrived, more of th*t dehoiouaBattar. j.>mii>K together and haying by the (H"" tity a&r ?areon? -third ??# thei* money. AIao,*?ew more t f timer cheap APPLES left, *nd for *%* CAN FiELlV* cheap Produce Depot, at 549 Ninth H , cppe?ite Centor Market. de 2Z-3t cultana raTsins, n LATER RAISINS, 9kkdl7k-? RaISinh. bordeaux pr u mrs, CANtON ginger. a* a Ming > burcbell. t-c m new restaurant. . . A he Sub<? it>?r 11 tX. - . ...? w?eiuie??oi ?trc*t. hefwpn C an.; lx>nui?n? avsiiue, JLfeJBX * inn ?|f>ih ?V 9T t?R8 ?*r??4 u> in ??J ?tjl* at i'lia't- r.a.Hon,\ -1 , ll-?. ,4 I *** ? 1""** Naval Ixtblmgcbci.?The Department bu iccepted tbe resignation of Lieutenant Win. G. Dwzler, of South Carolina. Lieut. Doxler waa atached to the Richmond In (he Mediterranean, Dut received permission to return to the Ualted *tate*ln anticipation of the acceptance of his reilgnatlon by the Department The Richmond ntf Genoa Dec 4. The If?- , -iiioM^aras at Soezla. amd would nroceed thenra ? O .Softies. The store-sbip Release arrived at ] Sptzift Dec. 3, from Beaton On the 15th 04 Nov 1 rem her. the spoke the steamer Susquehsana In | Latltode 33 tS north, Longitude 88 54 wot, en voute i a Spa ri? Madelm Atl well. - ' The brig Dolpblo,,Command- r Charles 8tee?> man, Is daily expected at Norfolk from thocooot >f Braiil. The Dolphin baa been abeent from Ibe L* ill ted States since October, 1858, and formed a part of the Paraguay expedition under FlagOAcer Sbubrick - The storeshlp Relief, which recently arrived at New York from the coast of Africa, is to be refltkd. for the purpose of returning to the coast with stores for the squadron.' Rcsvlt fr a Court Maktial ?Lieut Charles i H. Ogle, 1st dragoons, U 9. A , Laving been < fnnnH oiiiltv r\f 11 iipu 1 *r-1 rtf Hntv lr? t'na nr? i n/4 i of good order and military discipline, by a court i martial recently in lesion at Carlisle Barrack*," i baa been "sentenced to be suspended from rank and command for all months, and to forfeit bla pay proper, and be confined to the limit* of his post (Fort Crook, Cal.,) for tbe same period." Tab WntKix.-'Tbe following report of tbe weather for the morning la made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to tbe Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. Dees van ?,18fl0 Burlington, Vt cloudy, 29?. New York, N. Y rainy. Philadelphia, Pa. raining. Richmond, Va. cloudy, 50?. % Petersburg. Va. dear, pleasant Raleigh, N. C ...clear. 54?. Wilmington, N.C cloudy, mild. Augusta. Ga clear, cool. Savannah, 6a. clear, SO3. Macon. Ga. clear, cool. Columbus, Ga clear, cool. If AntifArMMV A 1m quu^viutiT ^ AJO* ? view j I/VIU . Jackson, Ala. clear, cold. Mobile, Ala clear, cold. New Orleans, La clear, 4d?. raoM TBI WI!T. Frederick, Md.....~. cloudy, cool, wind W Hagentown, Md cloudy, cool, wind W Cumberland, Md.........cloudy, cool. Grafton, Va cloudy, cool. Cincinnati, O cloudy, cool. Cleveland, O cloudy, cold. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) 29,512; at noon, 29.6b4. Thermometer at 7 a. m., 42?; at noon, 39?. Maximum during 21 houra, ending 9 a. m. today, 464'; minimum 34*. CHEESE.?English, Dutoh, Swiss, Ita'ian and American. d?a K1NU k. BURCBELL. C PISTOLS. OLT'S New Model Ponket sizj Revo.'ver, with improved large bore. Tr?n er'sDo -hie-tugger and Safety Revolver, Tie Kng l-li and American ? dams' do Smith A Weiion's Sevan Shooter, Sharp's Repeating, and the genuine Deringor Ptttol. A large asso.-tment of the ahnre at very low rates. M. w. ?;ALT A ftRO.. Jewellers. 3fl4 Fa av . de J3 3t 4 door* we*t of Orown'a Hotel. CLOAKS, BAfQTjK COATS. ARABS. SACUUES, fto., Ac. UssrrL Holiday P**?*xts at "Pasic P?ic*3." 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Patect Laws and Regulations, loo pages,S5 cents "oflioa-No. ST Park Row. Now York. Wash intton oflic*? comer F and Sev*nth sts., opposite Patent Office. de 22 eo2>t 1861 sl;B3f,",BK 1861 SHILLINGTON'9 NEWSPAPER aha MAGAZINE AQENCY. OdtoH Building, torntr 4S it. asd Pa. avenue. T)i? plaoe in thi*oit? to snburih* to any of th? folio vinz work* i? ?t the old, well-known, ami extensive Book, Newspaper, and Periodical Store, Odeon ?ui!d;ng,corner 4)4 at and Ph.. avenue. New York aud Philadelphia Dailjr Paper* deliv red immediately on the arrival of tho tram every evening. WEEKLY PAPERS. New York l<ed(-er, the great Family Paper . ,f2 00 Harper'e Weekly 2 50 WilloV* Spirit... .$3 oo; Home Journal 2 00 The Century * ?>l American Union 2 on New York Weekly 2 Oo; Wsverly Magazine 3 00 N York Meroury 2 W)|Noveletta Mag oi our Union... 2 00 True Fla* 2 00 Literary Companion. Irish American?... 1 50 Vanity Fair Ineh Newa too Lea ie'a Illustrate! 8 00 Alb on . 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Rev.3 00 * Ail five of thasa on* y?ar, ?10. Any of the above, or any Magazine or Xawspap*r published. will l>e sent r?gu arly by u.aii, or aeiiv red in any part of the city on day of fabrication. Now ia the time to subscribe. A new year acd new voluntas just commencing. bend your ordera. with the money, or call at SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore, CM eon BaiMing, Corner Four-and a half at and t'a. a *. jr^Any two of the above Magazines will bs furnttned one year for f5. ds23-3,W&83t fpO THE PU BL I C . Hsvinc a large amount of money to par prior to the 1st of Mareh, and owing to the general stagnation of business, we hare determined to offer an extra indsoement for purchasers to bay of ua for cash, and we now proposa to make a diaaount of in peroent on all oaali aa'ea du>ing the naxt SIXTY DAYS. in order to reduaa our verr largs atock of gooaa, and realize the money for tham, previoaa to opening our spring supplies Cash customers will readily see the arivant**** tnoy wui have in trading with us, on the t? ma proP 'Wd.lftu ?unuastion of our (took ?nd ircn will ?nc>w for tnemselvea whether or aot we are aincermn our proposition, and as the greater portion of our Faney 8took has already been marked down sinoe the ertti* began, we feel oonttdent that the extra induoemenU wo i ow onVr will he highly appreciated hy every one having goods to hay who are at all familiar with the prioea generally oaargad elSewber*. . We need hardly add that our stooki owing to the tiat< of the ia now very large, in matoy kinds of Staple. ae well a? Fancy Goods, and purchasers Will be able to anppl* themselves with almost every a-trcl* in our line of business, at v^ry low prteea, and many inatanoee, at Utt than the actual ooat. The lowest prion will ia variably be named at oooe. W. M. RHUSTKR * CO., No. S8 opposite Center Market, de 17- K>tdeo6t between 7th *nd 8th sU. T REMEMBER, ... ,?AT X *S "** ""J- on tb* -?' * "? ""?! * jw imi wwj'VB ?iBTorSj No. <hjia-|0t Jtofcf A?wu? Hon?. 1 KLB6ANT CLOf H CLOAKS. J UST Op?n?d lor U? Ciiriatim* m4 New YMri PrvMota, %lt n&rkrd down at Um lowMt prioM to

^^"^"Tw.ooujiv^ca, . N m > tf OV Gov fftCKS TO TW* C&WWISMO*** >? Miaaiaairpi?Hon A. H Haadv, Commtilioner of Mtaaiaalppt, In a letter to Got. flkka. of Maryland, Inquire* whether be (Governor Hlcka) nrlll convene the legislature for the purpoae of :o?3 Deration with Mlasiaalppl, In meaaurea to da'end the rlghta of the Soutb and to form a new Confederacy J The Povecaar* ?ap?f?*? ataanaidetablalangth, wya. that tboojrb .VUfjrlnnd la Identified with the Southern 3t*t.? In Coallnga, lastitvticni and tebta. ret aba !? alao eouwrvative. tod d-voted to :he Union of the Stales under tba Constitution; that her people will iw all honorable means to aresorve and perpetuate all fbeee. He declares hat fee people of Marvla ii^ almost unanimous n their determination to uphold and maintain their right* under the Constitution Thev believe that their rights will yet be admitted and secured, ind that until it is certain they will be respected 10 longer, not until every honorable, constitutional and lawful effort to secure them Is exhausted, will they consent to any effort fur lis dissolution They are anxious for adjustment, and thllk It Wirt be promptly made. He will not exercise iny power to aia in the dtswissnhaimsnt of the L'nlon. until every ray of hope is extinguished; uid even then, whatever powers be may have be urill only use after a full cousultatlon with other Border States, since we and them, In the event of any dismemberment.will suffer more than all the others combined. He is now in correspondence with the Governors of those States, and awaits with solicitude for Indication of the course to be pursued by tbem. When this Is made known, be will be better prepared to sav whether or when the Legislature will be called together. Pmom?((ulte a number of uotabillties left on the steamer this morning. Hon. J P. Benjamin, United States Senator from Louisiana, and Hon Reverdy Johnson, CniW-d States Senaator from Tennessee, counsel in the New Almaden case, bid good-by to the many friends they have made during their brief sojourn in California. The departure of Senators Baker and Gwin, and Mr. Farwell, we have elsewhere announced. Dr. Win. Rabe, the efficient Secretary if the Republican State Central Committee, was also among the passengers. He goes to Washington, a* be informs ut, on matters connected with the Pacific Railroad. May success crown his efforts. San Francisco Ev$ntng Gaztitt. jy^inoe meat, mide from eelsoted mateds22* '' RING t BURCHELLFresh fruits in cans, preserves. BRANDY FRUITS, JELLIES. d?22 KING A BIJKCHRLL. Holiday p r rs e n ts-k^s Krin*i?,s ftjent. I.AMMON D.7th St., ha? the lar#ettftnd cheep -st collection of Tots in the city, de FOR SALE?A yery huidsome saddle MARE, bright to-rel, 5 years old; hH Keen ex. worked in hirnesi. Owner is about t-> 'Wn leavo ttao oitjr Apply et Columbian Stable*, hmhth ?t? pear E. d? H CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. UTCHlNsON A MINKO Have received, and oiler at very luw puces. a fini a?H .rtinert of Work liozea, Catas, F.>rff< iio , Writing l)Nki Glov? Boxes. Ac., to which they invit* the attention of thop# in soaroa of presents f ?r the approaoking holidays. At HCTCllINSON A MUNRO'S, de 2i-3t a 10 Pa. av ,h??t 9tti and Huh sts Just 1'roni England! RODGER*' SUPERIOR CUTLERY. By the last Ste vner from England we art in reo lpt of another splendid stock of TABLE AND POCKET CUTLERY from the celebrated bouse of Jos. Rodgers ft Sons, Shetfisld, which we offer at pnoes to suit the times. Ivory-handled Game and Beef Carvers and 9teeis, A full supply of ivory- Horn, White and Black Hone. ?e:f-Tip3el, Coona, Kbony, and 9ta* Handled Knives and Forks, by the set or dtsen Silver t'lated rsMe aud Dossert Koike, Table and Tea Spoons Butcher and Shoe Knives * Pooket CutJery. {O*Persons wishing to make purchases for tha Holidays w.ll do w*ll to eaamina oar nook and pnoos be tore purchasing elsewhare. *?*? Remember the plaoe, 339 I'cnni; Irama Avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel. da21-3t J. E. SHIELDS. FURS! FUBS! FURS! 1 have just received from N?w York, a Large of FURS, on eontignmant, to ba sold at reduoed prices. The above invoice of Furs areoTa superior quality and workmanship, and ladie* in waul of a good arti Is will do well byial ir.son JAM ICS V. DAVIS, late Todd A. ? o . <Je 3M w under Brown's Hotel. Remember the children, and buy their Toys at LAM MONL'S, Kriss Krintla'a on y agent. d*81 3f D~ IHPATCHLINE FOR BOSTON?Thesplen did new clipper sohnorte-J. W. Beaver is now reoe vine fr?i*ht for the above sort.ZJgfcfr and will sail on SATL'RL>\Y, the 12J For freight or p&8Fa<* apply to HARTLEY * BROTHER, de2l 2t 99 and 101 Water st., Georgetown. THOSE IN SEARCH OF PRESENTS FOR the Holidays would do woll to make an early election whi'st our aseortmoct is complete. Our present stock is much larger tian at any former eeaaon, and marked down at prices far balow any heretofore named. m. \v. OALT & BRO., Jewelers, 344 Pa. avenue, de >1-3t 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel. ^ GOODS FOR CHRISTMAS! CHILDREN'S FANCV CAPS. OfVanous St'les. Hats and Caps of all kind*. Shoes of ?ll kinds. Gentlemen's 1- urnmhing Goods and Clothing. At HENN1NG*8, de?l-3t _ Seventh St.. I sand, CURRANTS AND POULTR Y.-Will receive bjr Exp ex* to-morrow morning? 4 obis. fresa killed Pv til try, 5 oasks prime new orop Curraits. For sale low to ar ive, by D. L. MORRISON* CO.. de 21-3t Coiner Twelfth and B ate. W CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. ATCH-STAND**, Glove boxes,Cigar s*ands. Shaving Cases, fine Raxori, and I'ooaet Knives, Motto Coffee Cups, I'ete-a-tote Tea Sets, Dressing Cases, Satchels, Uavkcainmon Boards. Chessmen,and other gamea. At HUTCtllNSON ft MUNRO'S, de 21-3t 310 Pa ar., bet.<uh and lruh sts. SPECIALNOTICE TOOl'R FRIENDS AND A CUSTOMERS. We have had their bills all made off, and those who prefer calling at oar desk 'or tktu will pleae* do so by the 3Bth mat. After thatd?te we aha!! render evry bill on oar books, and owing t< the great panie we mast a?k? urfri<?n<H to make prompt pa/menU,as wear* in wautofall moner dee ns at inn lime. J. W. UUbLGY * UU., de 21-2w 3<3 Seventh ?t., abo?e Pa,ar. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS V/ PCR LITTLE GIRLS. Wax Doll a, with moving eyea, Furniture for (loll'a houa^a, Tti Seta, Kalitde aeopaa, Rattledorea, Muaio Bnxea. parlor Bala, Water Colrra, Di*8??t?l Picture Block*, Alphabet Picture Blocka. Toy Pianua.Gamea, At. At HUTCHINSON A MONRO'S, oe?l at >10 Pa. av., bet 9Ch and )Oth a?a. / "HRIiTMAS PRESENTS FOR LITTLE BOYS. Ma?io Lanterns, Ciuneae Jugflera, Toy Stupe. Kat and Fo >t Balls, Humming 'Topa, Menhai.ical Toya. Toy Gnna, Faint a. Drawing Satea, Writing Caata, Magnetic Toga, Picture H ocka, Puzzlaa, Ao. Reoeired and for ?ale by HUTCHINSON A MUNRO. d?2l-3t 310 Pa. av.. botwren 9th and 10th aU. /CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! C 0 ALT IKK hai op-n^l a i?r,# van/tf of FRENCH FANCY BOXES fortt.e Holidavs, whioh be hat juat reoeived, selected b* his special agnnt in Paris. Partienlar attertion it invited to his new styles of SUPEKB CONFECTIONERY, which, for Burity and delioaoy of flavor, are unequated. For te accommodation of thoee who may favor him with a call, he will have hia Confrctionerv put up in pound and half found packages. deal Iw 482 CHRISTMAS PR ESENTA TOYS. FANCY AND USEFUL ARTICLES* The subscriber haa a selaot stoek of the ahnvt description of gooda. suitable for Cariatmaa Pre?entt. The LkVa or the Navy Yard and Capitol Hill are particularly invitad to sail in and examine liu Honk. Ail article* in kin lme are offared at cheap, if not oheaper, than aav other honee ta the oitjr. Call and tee. GEO. SAVaUK, de21 It No 4WU P* ? . nnr Third at. tokttPo*ALtf rOA BgEP. _ wmwikotow Alum, December?, 1MB. Scaled Ptor >uU to M indorsed ^iTofcanU for Furnistunr Freeh Bm/I" be raoeired by th? Acting Aasisiaat ''ornininwy ofgubsutnoe unt 1 satswit Freeh Beef for the year enying Deoeubir 31. Ml. The Beef to be foraiehen mns* be of a food and wholesome qaality. (neck and shanks t# be ex oluded,) in auob quantities as nay be from time to tiaae repaired by the trooM, an j on *no?lnii W may b? designated by the Assistant Com mif -ary of Bubateteno*. The contractor mil be reamed to (We bonds with good and ??fieient oeerrit for the faithful perlormaaoe of kia contract JOHN J. SAUNDERS. *?i at ?T*t|d Untord iZtxX ?.* % v I 1 * ' ' " f RkMAININU la U?Vo?t o?o, Wuk^u. City. O. C-, DtoMlwr a. 1W. (Ordered to be laeerted is the Ktikim ?tai, t( tm&C the aeveptper h?Tiaf the ?(Mt oireal&uor of seyd?Uy psyw yabll^*d in Ws?hin#toa ] ' |D*Allp?r?oa?affixt?fforl*tt?r?iBth?fo4io*- ] lag liet, will pletea a?r tho? ?re omtMi. UADl K9* LIST. Mb^lfcliii'AaiiW Oitrt.Mmflwifi lO Brno, Mrj T V , Aleuadtr, Matild* (imti. Mwlrp'n Plraumt Mrtl rm i 1 Mui iniaPcclua, Mrt Clara Ch???r*t H,N,Mn CluC Hur?l??,Mr. Mtrr 1 lut.Wi J?t 8 Hill,Iai<ak Rrtd, Mri Olnti II i ro??,Mr?l.-!1? W Hi I. Mf? A*d*r?o?i R?h, Mri Matilda lU, Mill M Htslp, Mri Marr <KRur?rt> Brtortl. Mr* Kat* Imm.Dr. m A IU*r<U-. Mm Ana. Brown, Mr* Irwin, Mr* J W Slrtcf, Mr* ltnu*l Bruror, MrtJao A lafria, Mih * !?. Mi? Htruti j Batilr, Mr* Jno ]< <*, abo FIwiki i Bennett, Mim Lilly Jackson, Mrt And* Smil*, Mr* Mary C 1 Backu|lun,M[iM Mr* Car'* Buuik, CaUatui H ; CtA'f. Mm Caik'a MawQtlrtirt'i Slant, Mr* Mary A Crjtf. Mn W Knot, Mr* M T Smack.MiaaStlli* A Cni(, M a* K?it Ki<l?r?ll, MniMai'n Sack, Mr* im |. Caiii*i> M*>; Luiu, Mra l>r Batktrw. Carry. Mi** Mary Lyon*, Mrt Mar* Hti?phtrd,Mr*M?T at Carroll, Mia* Mna Li*huirt>urg tr,MiM Strinour, Mia* M 1 C*My, Mra Am tt CtroHit* Ho'liraa, Mitt El!*n CoUII. Mi**B*tti<T L*Ua, Mr* C A Muddnik, Mra D M Durtll, Mra Julia A U*u, MiaaMaryH Tr*uf, Mr* Cltlta [>ar.nay. Mrt Millar, Mrt Mary TkMfte*. Calk EiiMia. Mica A Mofnih?n.MiaaSinaTorntt, Ml** L**ui Ebatl*. Mm W MimXinCar't L TiUitrK-n, K/k'W Kauo, Mr* Hart E Moliaf, Mr* Jaaa t.ilar, Mim M E Kr**, Mr* E Monro*, Mr* Boia'a Taylor, Mr* J M I tH, Mia* Aataaia Marriasa. Mr* C Tracty. Mary Kauckt, M.aa Morton.Mita Hartia War*, Mr* J Ckriclm C MucAcll, MtaAlUa H atirt, Mrt M Fr-*a Mr* iaar M Miller, Mr* L It Waltoo, Mrt B W Frttttr, Mr* laa'la Mtb*?, Mim Mary Willtaaa, Mra Mary Kumiaf, Mr* McPk*r*oa, Miat Waaa, Mrt TVxW T Sarak A Whulir, Mrt H Could,Mr* Mftth?il Norn*, M Ltttir Ya|?r, Mim M (' Ormtr.MneMar nC Norn*, Mr* M?ry OENTL.EMKN'S LIST. A jloo, Ji? Giddinri, S 8 O'Nid, in A?ht,WS Grime*, S J Fa > id A 8m., we* 4 Atrrrromtxe. R?* Grot, Richard Pkelpe.Taoe H Ant,j4i ) Gumt,J N P>rr<xt, Tkoe Adden, J Henry Gibmu, Jm f Pwmi?j'i T M Aihtarf, Ju Liodaiu, H L Porter, R A G Arnold, liuc Garneon, Geo H Pillow, M L A mold. J N lirrts, P A P.M.Mr Aehfeldt, H Van Gtlliiu, Purfai.L Ad.aa. U W Guit, E N P.rur. L Aofeler, P W Gray, Or Am Pally, Jae I Aeertll, C R brna t Bt? Punier, J A i Aodereon, Gtn A Gny, Alfi?d?2 Pike, PA Beckmore, W H 3 Hoary, W Piper, Delean Batl?r, WmA H?rt*o, V Paddock.A Btdi.oy % Iravui, Wn Hardy, Tko* Powell, A P Bueey, WO Hulae, 9 J Rickardaon. W A ? 3 Browo.SH Holdea. 8 P Randolph, Richd Braeeoll, Pat UaMtog*, D 8 Rtaeoaee, Mark Brooke, Bjyd H?tnnpi, Strain t Red Joo. Mr i Broeoekan, M Holttmiu, R f> Rred.JnoA?4 Bell, J Wood Marnaoc, Richd M Roche, Jae Bailey, Joo A Hifpioa. Pat, Jet A I Hauckett, L?3 Ryan, J C Brown Joo Heud.JaiR Rodrere, Gea J B Butte, JC Holland, J W Raymond. J W Brown, J R Hei.dley.JR Roberta, H M Bo;te, Jto M Hoinan, H A Rlcbarde, Pelts G Billno. Joaixk Hat, Ur Henry Raidy, Dan Bay let, Joo Houru.GeeK K'ynotda. C A Batter, Joo C Hiyden.PV Riddle, A G , Biker, Jmo A Home, Dr P 8chler, W 8 Brown, H B?8 Haaaiaiil, Dial HiirrU, % P Bnaheinf, Heary Heleey, Peter Sothorae, W B Bartholume w.Geo Hamlin, Chae Shepherd, W 8 Breyo, Gee W Hamilton, CI Buartou, Wm Bfainau, F C Hoa.ird.CR Htc?ena, Van Barer 1 Brown, P H H^lladay, Ben?2 Story, Tbee Buah, Praocie Hard.or, B P fcnir, Simeoa P1 1 ? m. ? Ft _a _ a . . * ~ . ?. t srfiuin, tmro nan^KUMir nn>,Ml r Bell, D J Hill, Aitdeoa 8cner.rk.KC B.I!, DC Heath, AW Kaan.Cspi Rotx-3 ' Barker, CkuT Holbiook, A J Itrnari, b<n P J Brown,Andraw J 2 Hill, A Huiith, M Brtn.ekle, A Jeffers, l.t W N-S !laiu,buc R Clark, Win J?iO, W E hmuh.JnoS I C.irroll, WS Johnsoa, Wm Saitk.Jaa | Carpenter, W B Joliosuu, Theo Shroh,J*eob I Cnlltr, W P JahnKKi. S .M Smtili, Jem H ( Caio.Thos Jones. 8 P Swartoa. Jao Cocks, TV Johaion, R M B >(?r4, JiCtk-l I Chase, 8 P?I JuHd, N B?3 HusUjr, J?? Coapcr, H ml Jnc(,J W Speransy, H Childera, Parts Udings, J?s V Starr, Henry Cildvdl.K J Jiflerjr, Juu M ItsUtrs, F O Campbell, N W* Jordan, J no H Stephcaa, Crack CUik, LC Johnston, L> 8 B 8-antoo, Edward Clark, Jus Jenifer, Abram Shaaah m. E?f Colt, J B Kinf. W B 8coU. O l oberu Cluk. Is*sr Knowlton. B P Smith, C B Clark, Jao Kotcl. Jao Smith, C B Cos, no B Stewart, Qea C B I I Chapman, J B Kropp, H * A Slo?,C ( (<*pbell, Jss M Kirk, Andrew Sutherland, C Chn.muud, J R Lriogf'llow. W t Shields, B i Curry, J I,tuao?, Walter gpillut, B ] Christopber.JP Lawrenas, Win Thonpaau. Wia Corridoa. Jno L*cey, W B Thorrtoo. RicHd Coitftr, H N Lynch, C?pi W F Trowbridre, R L < Crtif, H R Lear?, Paul O Tucker, J?o W Ca?p*r i, He rt L;i!l, Nuif Tho?.?,J?tf |, Cooke, Hturjr D Ltmbirt, luu-1 Turaley, P T Crudtll.O Uurnat, Jm T?bir, Htrh A Cobb, G T t. ipu.i.Juo Tilftunui, Heure Cti, Uh Lougdoa.Gca Tk?nu,Gco CrnM, E P U?tl, U?o?S Tkuau, Uee A Calian, C C?8 Lo Mounu, Ned Ttmri,D Collin, Cbimpan Uftrtf, Diuau Tulha.CP . DarauD. Wm Lewie, CC T;U, Ckti Durkein, Thoa Lamb, Chat Tuati.lT^ lJearm j,Lt St Clair Lour, B B ThoaM*, Q W Dsuaher, Pat Majdul, W A T?S l"ud?r? o'l. W J I Durrani, P P Madd?o,Tbo? Vau Vlaat. JnoC?3 i I)#uh*. N Mr.Aii u. ? Van Ria? irk 1 DonO'aq, JmA Morrow, Robi Verne k RobUna P?rtll,JuC Mackdaniel, O Wilco*, Wm Daniel, Ji.o L Millar, M M Wi.utma T J Darii, Jaa W Mack, Martin Wheeler, TO Dickiuaon, Jno P Marry, Lt Whrttella, SF Duty, Hafh Morrell. Lot M-? WilUtt, San V Deinuih, G Morriaon. J D Walter, 4Ua. Dougherty, Geo N Muctl, Ju W?|kin|i^i, |, K Donnelly, P P Moromore, J H Wr|(k(, Jt?i< O I>i?ii?Iio?, Dtiiiii* Malleae, Jua?4 While, J R D.lkea, CE etV.J Ward, 1 T Da'iJiofi.AT Mania, H W Wiila, Jaa Dala, Ur A A Milla, Henry Woodhary, iaa A EBt.ank.WU Morton, E H Wallace, J V. Ebbaa, Henry J Morriaon, D.jb Wallace, Jtu> f Krviu, Jte W Medford, Chaa Workman, Jna W E'ini, Chaa Murray, Chaa Waak.n^ J P Elkiarer, B Meyer, CO Waiierauu. Hai.ry 4 French, W 8 Mujerr.C Whuuif, Uao W riejreabtimer, W $ Mwr.-iff. A P Williaaw, Geo A'ren(i), W? ? ttlorehead, A H Wm4.PI frantum, Saml M.tcbeU, A H Winter, PI Feueorele, R A McDououfh, C 8 Ward, Elija Fennell, leham McRae, Or Worreater, T> I t'riabe, Jno B McGaven, E?I Woodman, CO Parrfll, Juo?2 McEvoy.juo White, C A Frienag, H McOarr?han, Wia WindaLr 4 laika Pridter.UcoT Ntbli. Wuth P A 8 0?rr?lt, W H Nttlf.P Wright, A P Oitl, W Ntphuih, f W?Koi, AH Oit? n Lt Win Mm, ImP Wy?tt, Htoty UiMfa^o, TM? N?obo4?, PL W tug*. Altx W OlatgDw, P O'Sulliru, J P Wiltta, AUi C MISCELLANEOUS?Stctjr W?.h Priaur'* IIum;TLI ITTLitiiu mc*i m all casss u Pkbpaid. 1>m 27 WM. JONES. P. M. HE CHEAPEST WIJfTE* CLOTHING ! The Best Winter CloUtlB? CAN ONLY BE POUND AT WIESENFELD & CO.'S ODXOK HALL CLOTHING ROOMS. Splendid OVERCOATS for a Few Dollar. ! At YVIESENFKLD A CO.S. E.agant DRESS SUITS at LovMt R?t*i! At WIESENFELD * CO.'?. BeantiAi! BUSINESS SUITS klTnOuiCMt! ' At WIBSEN FKLP A CO.S Splendid OVKRCflAW! Warm OVERCOATS! Durable OVERCOATS! Walt mad a OVERCOATS! . ?ood Fittlnc OVERCOATS! At WIESENFELD A CO.'S. BUSINESS SUITS f ?r Young Mm ! HU31NES* 8UITJ? Tor Middl# A??a' BUSINESS SUITS for all A|M At WIESENFELD A CO.'S, DRK88 Sl'ITS f<?r W*Hibm ! DRESS SUITS forpftrtiee DRESS SUITS for Bm! Waftr At WIESBNFKLD k. CO.'S. COATS l>yth? Thonratd ! * PANT8 by th? Thousand! VES'fS bT ThoBMmt! At W1ESENPELD * CO.*S. BOYS' CMJTBING lor ti?? Younieet! BOYS' CLwTH INU for All Sism ! BOYS'CLOTHING for lftrC?r Bays! At WIESBNPKLD k CO.'S. Cbttptr thin the Cheftpewt! Finer than the Finwt I Better than the B'rt ! Are the 6ins*i>ti at At WIESENKELD * CO.'S. SAVB YOUR MONEV-u A VERY FEW DOLLARS Will (ire you a SPLENDID OUTFIT FOR WINTER, It 70a eali ftt WIESENFELD A CO.**, SfcR Corner of ami Of at 1 CHRISTMAS NOTICE. ' HAVE Jaat reoetved, and a*v ogttr at redaeed rioee for OMh, a large aeaorunert of Skaten. Boya' Hleight, Hot>by Hornet, Swing*, and oltir arUciea liiUbl* for Cnnntmaa Pr<?#ent?. a large and ?l * elected aaeortroent of Table Cutlery, PlaW Ware. Fir* Iroaa aad standi; Folding, Nursery, Parlor and Office Fender*; Door Mate ; Patent Foot Corapere; Copper, Galvanised and Irrm Coal Mode; and the greateat var>e(t ot Housekeeping Article*. - Aleo, a large etaok rf Gnni and Pnw.lf, both kM*?K aiui muviUJAt^inff with A.) I t(i?< r aAMAm. i pant meat* Htaket*. Wood Ware Irea, Steal, ) CoppeK Tin. Lead; in abort, every thine that oaa : be loo d any whrre. and ro?ny thinga that oaa't be found iu any other like eUblutinmat. Pleaee o.\U and satisfy youraatTM of arieea, ?M> '? '- .r u. de?6t (gtat?a) betw. 10th and lUfc Am. WALL. STVFHEN8 k CO, 398 P?aaylv*Ui venue, hare jaet reeetred a un variety at MV Fall Gooda, to vhae* U?ey wit* the ittMrtiM lif Ultir frnil? mJ wwhWWa . . iblMf jyOTlCK TO ALL OPOUB CUSTOM KR8. i W& 5* l WNisni W1M iiHiiraH i?m u tovj viu 0*11 at mi Mrif dai aad MOW mm feSism Rliclam Fauoj Pofluta, ftl? IMmUc , %iT~ .ifeiHTisr I AUCTION' iALK-S. !' ~ ? - i i I ~ - - - a ?T CLLARV ft OAKEN. Aaatt;>aaara. cVow. 1 [N8. Dac3?t*r a k. ?t;H </a>o?>k. %i.. ** . at >abhe au?u?a. Ua eatir* tuMtU of tfca Apothri?ry ?tora, o?nw rt*h and Cfwu weuaa K Jaffa lot "fSa>?r v Madiama! Whukar and Oi. I oomp>ata #oda W aui Appa an* a' J S m| Bet :?eb*V Breehee, had Parfaracrr, I Laf kW* KitfurB iftd Coiflt ?r Sift.1*. kLow Wlntova, Countera. SU?va F.itvw. Ac. Tar mm at a*1 a. ?tO? d aUAIY * itHKEN. AMti^ By WAI.L * BARNARD. Aactiomreri TRIBTKK'8*A K OF FN IIHK STOCK OF Fine biocum, \V.k??, Li^i'au.CMUi, 1ND CoXDtMtMT*. Ac , AT A CTWW ?Oa TKl'MSDA\ MoRNlfttt, u?p?h?:> r vnk. commune n< kt lOu'c <>ok, voaili tr.l the enu a atixk of kno Srue?' im Ae.a' th*?'' >ro "f S. T Dmr|.r?rnt n( Wti atreot a* d Pennsylvania arena*. jnaiat it*f of? Ca< eta Imperial a dO 1 >r.c Tea*. C ffe*. Can lea, starch, *o?p. Bu.-kcU, "'ooaa, Hru?: ?, -pic ?e, 0 ! R?? U k Kt, 6ii, Bran >. Pino Win-o tM* Pickle* Pumia. a*d Coadiaaai ta. > ota, Pio. Im, Bottled Uo??i, Stor? Future-, Counter*. She!..u4, Blaa S:aa4 Ca>.kf, A o., W'lU An (At vandtv Of Oth*F mt%c*la fcAl Ka a ?? Uo.*d. Termat I'nder 99' over th?t u*nt it % rrodlt of 90 and < ?'A?a, for 11' U-a ilj to loi? d, betr.aj Mtorwr. T. umtY.T.-ia*. _de n wall * ma it N a hi;, a mh. THIS AFTERNOON * TO MOUKOW By A. GRfcF.N. AeetioA*or. COLLARS. 6LOVK*, HOSIFPY, 4c AT L Acctiox ?On SA l l RDAV KVK\IXG,a? liAif ?A?t b'cloek, I ?hA I Mil, At imy Aa?tK>? Kooma, a bne lot n| FAncy Good*, lor CIih.Maao ?r?a-tit?, ooaiiatiBf of? Co.ira, Glovea, Hosiery, Muam J*t?*a, Hieek Lao* Fa)>a. Swiaa Kmtn. Fmbroidored Ski'ta, CuraTorta, \\ oraUd Hood*. Wore tod CoAts. *>batrla. Hoaiery, *?.. And May other Gocaa, too aiiaottniato enamo I ran. The attention of faraota tutiu Met tooda 1<t ^r?i<iita ia Milled lo u.e aaie. a? thay mu.t ua notd withoat rmrw. daII d A. GRKKN. Aaet. By WAI.L k UAKMAMU. AaoUonajra f2?KAT AUCTION SALR, at No. 8%?, aorth (Ida P?&aaylrania intie, ImIwmb Ittfc feed 12th atreata (by I atalu/ue; of rich holiday presents. i t lagut Bronae Parian Buaart t- ignraa. Ckina and Bohemian b'a*? wara. ?e.. ta , I vjiea'-Purt.Shawia, Sca:fk,N?okl.aa^*d O WW. Kaocy Work Bosaa, O.ior B im. Brr.;is? CtMa Board* aod Mm, P*n?y Peaka, Ku<t'mar.i,aKtandC?Nu. Trav%lua? Baci, Card kso*ima, tiroupa of Kicaraa, Va?i. Cicar Holder*. Or?amen:ad Tnrrmo?aetarit Silt Bo batman Coionee. Motto Onpa. Superior Funuahed Draaainc Caaae. Piaaka, Jewel Boxea. With many otkar Kicli Fancy Good* aaitai.# [Sr Ho i lay Pre* <nta, a!I Praak Sew GooJa juat rejeivad from the importer, aod will ba *o'd try tataiocue an! without raaarve, at No. 8*H>, north ida Potmtyiracia av?r*?, h?twr?n llthaud UJi traeta, THLKSDA'S MORNING. ?>th December, at 10 o'aiook aod 7 o'eloek p. aod oonucaa laily until all ara diapoaad of. Tarma oaah in correct fnoda. dal? WALL A BARNARD, A acta. FUTURE DAYS. Br A. URF.KN, Auotoon??r. Hol'skhold and kitchen k'initdkk at apctios -oi FRIDAY, th* Hit infet&nt, at 10 o ciock. a. m i ahaji Mil uumniiianoa of ft I'lUMniu d?jii?inf haaaak**aiac, B MrKl, Mwmd MHh and llUi atroata. Island.? a nod lot of Furnitura, Tig? SI %h of an j ftofaa, Cki&ira, and Tablaa, cab*. Wood-aaatCbaira and Rookara. W batnuU, Va:??, aad otkar Ma*t?l OrnananU, Cot'ag* Bodataada, ys aaitaink. aad PrnaHi b?TinSafa,'Dnior Tak>i?a and Loans*, j f*aUi?r Bada, Fulowa aad Boiatara, Hoik, Cotton toa MattrmM Conforta,, (Jlaai. and Crook* w ?r# Patlir Radiator, Cook, aad other Stovaa, lazratn. u?tp %nd Mair Carpata, A Tot or KltcUaa *a? uiaitoa, And r^aaj otkar aruelaa u*> ?bir.nm? ? ?? Tar?aa: all tuna ol and ur.iir iniut-m- ?? I credit or thirty ?o4 *ixtj da?*. lor a?r.v*d *dorMd now*, boariac iufcrr**t. d?l?-d A. GREEN, A net. ETTBE ABOVE SALE ISUNA VOIDABLY postponed Uttli MOMDA\ , tb* 2<th IMtl i t. IMM boar. do81 A.GREEN. A?t. Br J. C. MoGliRE * CO., AaoUonMra. J Ai'ction sale of magnificent jarixfi Airicm.-On nondav mornING. D*o?"?6?r ?omm?Dcmt at 11 o'clock, W0 ah til ? :;at 8U>r# No. '.206 Pa ?rm?, atxler Wil.iartU' HoUl, the eabr* *took of BoaaUflat Japan*** Goods now oa axhibiuuu*. Aooai MMnihcent Inlaid and Embroidrrtd Cabinet*, tad* in M net, th* mo?t Arti*t c city m Japan, U*?* Cabinet* arc the fiaoet *v*r imported. ALSOFnralop* Doxe* Elaborately worked in Bambo, Finger Bowl*, new *tyloa. Wiokar Capa. Kn*.l Miace Trara, Miaoa Panel* Bnwl*. Hijnure ai,<i Round, Work, Card Box**. Jewel Box**, ft I ore Bi'xm. Handkaronief Box**. ToiMt fviM, Ivory CImm Men, Embroidered Srarfa, Fire Soraona. Caekct*. Porce'ain Oupv euotri, Goblet*, P Bowl*. Wiker Cap*. Bottle*.Ac Sale Po*iI:t*. Twin* oaah. d*21 d I. C. Mo^UIRE A CO.. A?t*. TWO LARGE LOTS OF PIG IRON FOB I Bui m OntaiTowR. D. C.? By rlrUt of an orJer of di*V%ia from William A. Br%oij a<l. Anwi Youaf. to dirt*led, for rent due arc in arrear*. I ha?* levied oa two lot* of tom ha* hi Iroa, ar J I hereby fir* not.oe that oa MONDAY. the Mth of Deoember. 189", at It o'clock a. m , oa the prem iaas, attaated oa Water atreet, adjoining tb? floar ini.i of Meaars. ix?joe. Tailor A Co , I will offer for *ale tea *ald iroa at pabuc aaetioa to the highJ.?Jt ' R. H. TRUNNELL. Bail if ITTTHE ABOVE BALE 18 POSTPONED iiulMONHAV.De* 31, *ame hoar aad p.aee. degt^grji Br CLEAR V A GREEN, Auctioneer*. 500 Nimth street. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE irk FPFPCTS 11 AT Arctic*!*.?CJ? THURSDAY MORNING, the 27111 inatant, we a hall Mil at tie renders* of a fWmiiy tonliainc hoaaakeeploc, on north H ?tr**i, kitten Mh and 7th itrMU (tkiflti villdNiiuw the hoaM.) at 10 o'aloofc a. m.. a pood lot of w?llkeit Hoaaieliold Farmture, conaiMiac ic Hit of? KuMVood J?ianu ii?rte ofbl fikiah ud U?na, Villi Corar tad Stool, Mahogany do ?, a^rnr-aait CHaira an! Rook*rJ Do Caator tuFacei Parlor Chair*. Do Marb!?-top Vireaii, B*d aboard iod Wukiial, Do do Cmmt ud 8i<J? TaWea, Wiilit BwlaUada, Loancaa. ILa* Raaka, Can? aoat Cuaira and R-ckera. Whatnots. E xtanaioa Dinitg and other Tables, V eau.wr bed*. Bj,?t?r, aod Pillowa, Hair. Cotton.and s*h?oh Matir*aaaa. WaniruMa. Blaakiu. RmIm? Chic*. Crockery, ud Oleeewsre. Together with ft leneral tmiUiut af Kitchen KHlilltN. Terms: All aana under |N o*ah;orer #40 ft credit of thirty d*ya, for notaa aftbafhotori.y eadoraed, beeritj ibUroaL The Houi? is for iwnt. Ie?aire of the Aicu. de H CLKAKY M. SWFF.N, A acta. MARPHA1/8 SALE.?In virtue of k writ of VfCCi iewd from the Clark OCo* of ir>? OirouitC?ftrtof the District of Cohmbin for tbe County of Wa?kiiiiU?B, mad to BM dirMtM. I will ex?<>?e to ?ab ic eaJe, for oftah. m front of tho Coart Hun* door of mm oounty, on THOUDAY. the leth day ui Jaaaary next, Wl, at 12 the north weet ooraorofaftld lot tad ra-wnj thonoe tr&sa&TCrs iswsrysfi aonthwett to the aoathwoet ?or nor of aatd lit; Ui?nc? north t>* XHU4utH tMt 3 inohN to Virginia ??mh, oonUiaing 1.673 Nitr* fMt. toc?thfr with nil tadliunf?i?r the iwonmu tlwnw, in o? Washington, U. C... mismI tad m ?*? j o??rtT of JoIib Mmibii, *nd will . o* sold to nuJf iWnMkli No. 14. to Jwmit torn, Bjtiiir a-vSB^EgBafr ALU SNOWED UP * ?* Wl TBI M if JAiiary, U?l< r ? * <>?? ' u C4WtT *??]?WAOT SUITS. Black Tr*?<rtC!o?, UUck Cloth-, for r*diM' Cloaks. )| ori<r hi oarart on sto?k let* aMk. w* M u-" ? * SM.latw. HtniWiHi tfpNilfeir ^bk *1 i. J> t? ? . ' ti > .