Newspaper of Evening Star, December 26, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 26, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY Dtc?ak*r 2?, 1MO. *pint ( th? Mtrilai Pr?M. Tb* restitution of yesterday morning nrgea that the Sontb Carolina Com ml at on* ra are enti tled to a fr', e&adid and Intelligent hear ing." Th? Imit'.iigttunr of yesterday waa devoted to news Batten. Yesterday Wing Christmas, these papen do not appear to day. T?i P;TT??rn?B Di?ttb?awc*s ?Tbe dls fteto from Pittsburgh. Pa., of mobIMrtUM there, added to the huzx of excitement yeeterday about tbe hotel*. the mora especially aa It coald not be gathered from tbe Delphic nature of tbe telegraphic reports on what ground tbe Pitts burgher* were In e?n??u more than that U. S Quartermaster Tallsfero was arranging for tbe shipment of seventy-eight heavy guns to Newport, Tans, and forty-six more to Ship Island, near the Bailie. from the Alleghany Arsenal Subse quent dispatches however state that the excite ment *m because the people of Pittsburgh appre hended that the object of the movement was to place the guns In a position where they conld be salted by the secessionists. It appears that tbe forts at the points designated are new, and have never bad any gnns. and that those In question were originally designed for tbem. In tbe present condition of affilrs, however, the cltiiena of Ptttaburgh insisted that the guns should remain Where they are Tri Cahaids or thi Horn.?Consequent upon tbe disrovrrv of tbe fraud upon tbe Interior De partment, there are endless rumors afloat of other defalcations coming to light. Thus in tbe New York papers of yesterday we And the following ; "It baa been discovered within a few daya, that two million of dollars are miaaing from the United States Treaanry that la not accounted for on tbe books Tbe clerks have been busy ever sine* the discovery searching the books to ascer tain whether an actual robberv has been com raltled to the sbov* named amount or not The matter la not yet known to the public, but the oSeera of the Government are In the secret, and vary much exercised. fearing the report may prove true right upon the excitement coiiaequent upon the robbety fn the Interior Department." Ia order to separata the trns from the false in these limes of excitement, it la proper to aay that there Is not a word of truth in the paragraph quoted?not one word. Am IxrosTA5T Fait.? In all disc uaaloiis touch ing the present troubles of the country, It should be rememv ered that South Carolina baa long con templated Ler present movement, and rcfHdintt? tkt idta that any ndrt?? of gritvances will or can induct k'f trtr ugutn to recognitt the authority of 'ht United Statu. This rizBD fact should be oorne in mm a oy au inose wno with to preserve the I'nloa ia its Integrity. lr7-To lav or k Maury we are indebted for imm U'e and valuable publication! of the Har per* Studies from Life,*' a s-ries of tales ard essay* by the author of John Halifax; Harper'* Graak text of Herodotus (a beautiful iiaue Indeed); and a pleasant book of "Fablea" for children. Personal The Augusta (Oa ) Chronicle sav* that Col. John A. F.rwla, President of the Richmond Sp eeders' Convention, which nominated Messrs Braekihridge and Lane, last June, was found dead la bis bed, at his residence in Greensboro', Ala., on the morning of the 19th Inst Cause, paralysis. The New York Poet siys that our conntrr jnan Haory Stevens ha* bought Humboldt's 11 brary In Berllu Just as he left it It was shipped Xroan Hamburg to him in l.onaon the last week in r v - (?. f-.-l? -.1-1-* * ifv mh . iu ivi.j'c^ui caarv. ioe raiaiOgQ6 confer* of twelve thousand t tin?about tlx thou sand betjfd volumes, and the rut small book* and pampUitJa M any of the booka are very bulky and coatljr. Tbi W*athb*.?-The following report of th? weather for the rcornlng la made from the Amer lean CoasoUd&:<4 Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The time of obterr&Uoa >s about 7 o'clock. Dec Kit bib W,13A0. BurliD^tofij Vt. .overcast, 20^ New * ork. S. Y cloudy, cold. y ^.Adeiphla, yt..,. clear, cool Wasnimtton. D. C clear, wind \ W Richmond, V*. firar. 39? Prtenborg, Va clear, S*jc. Norfolk, va clear, cold Raleigh, N. C cleer, 45*. VVUmin^toa, NC..? ci?ar.roId Columbia, 8. C clear, cool Augiuta. 6a. ...foggy, cool Maeoa. ?a..* clear. Colomoaa, Qa.............clear, cold. Montgomery, Ala. clear, cold Jackaoa, An clear. raoit tbb wm Pittsburg, Pa clear, Barometer at ibe SmltbaonJan at 7 a. m , (cor rected Cm temperature.) 30.16#: at noon, an ?2?7 Thevmwneter at 7 a m., 09'; at norn, 344. Maximum daring 4b Lour*, ending 9 a. m. to day. 3*~; minimubd <26*. n^rBAMK OF THE M KTR0POLI8, Wash* 11 5 i.Noro.t, l). u., Dec Mi IMW.?The board of Tru?t#*e rav? declared a dividend <>f3 per o?ct out ei proiti for t?-e current ?ix n?on:i?*. The came ViilM i fed.on and after the 2j r f January Lest. da ? m R H. SMITH. la?hier. rrflBji ANOXIC.?The Installation Comir.onica |L_5 tin of tM ii, VV.Grand Lode# of Free and AcoepteU Maiou of tne district of Co! u-tibia. will b- held oa iHl'RSUAY. Ufa u.b?r *7. 186), at Maaocie Hal at 4 o'clock p.m. Tne ortcer* and of the Grard i odge a-e re^u**tej to be uactu*-, aa<1 aii brother* in jood stac>>ing are oorrial!} iavitsd. By o.der of the M. W. Grand Master. It G. A. S?r.HW?B'/\liM ?? rr5?THK l.ADIfcS' FAIR FOK ThK BKN 11 51 efit of the F.n*t Washington Mimivd M'th odTat Prote??ar? Church, will common"? THIS (Monday) EVP.NtNG, in the ba?em*nt of the oturcn, oorner Virginia avanne and Fifth at eaat, at 6 o'c oek. Season ticket* 25 cnli; aintle miwion 10 cer-U; children ha f price. de 34 3t ? rr^*MUTUAL FIRE INBURANCE COM IL3 PANY -N'O'l ICE -Ail Policies isaued by Cn* oona^any will expire on MONDAY. Decemt>er si. 1M0. asd are required to L>e renewed at or before mat time. ?ie CH At*. W'l L8Q\. IMe. rr=?OCPICK GASLIGHT COMPANY, k" Washijiotoh. December au, J86?.?Notior u h-ret/ ?iv?e. as required by the eh'.rier, that an electioc for five ui rot tors to iumm* the affaire oi mil uouuany dunnc the rear 1881 will b? h?!d at the cftce ffthm ?aiiie, So tli Eleventh it. veit, on MOM Bay, January T, 1M1, at 12 o'clock in Att?st: J. P. BROWN, da wtjm T Secretary. ry^-OFFICE OF THE FIREMEN'S INPUR" 1L g 1NCB TOMPA.N Y UF WASHINGTON X\T) GEORGETOWN, Dtonilwr 31, 1380,-ln oomaiiaoee wita the third section of the charter, aotire la h#r?bf giv*n to the itoeiholdera of aaiii oonipujr that an aiecti-jii will h< held at thia office Jaoaarr t, 1M1. for thirteen i/irectora to s#i*i for tfie miuaaiaf it%r. Pol!. uf?Q from 10 a. m. to 2 ?. u>. d-g e AKKL G. DAV|tf.8??. r^g-FAIR.-Th. iadieu ?f Fletoher Chapel will Uj ho.da Pair at No. 274, t???v?iHh atteet. be tveen L and M ata.,from 2TKh to Slat itooaoibcr, iaclnaiT* Ohm. Mjoy youraclvea and pruouiaar uolea for the buiKtaya ??a*on tiikeU, admitting a gentleman and laiiy, ? cents; aingie admittance 1ft OIlU. ne IS I2t? rrVCULLKCTOK'S OFFIVK. CITY HALL, [J. 3 n'tiHiMTOii, Dtwmb?r 6, lafio. I AXE* ON PERSONAL PROPERTY, 8I.AVKS, ho.?Notice is hereby given that the tax Fii.sfor Honaabcid Farnitnre.Stoots. Slaves, Jke., for U*/Mr i?\ and previ .u? roar?, are now mad* oat and ready for iWiwt, and are payable at thi? oir. Tko vhodo nutoail and n?tile their bills vitMA twenty days from this dtU will b? ea led on by one of ipy u?ii'uiu, and if the bills are not paid withia sixty day* from this date I shall proceed to afore*Lao ocLecUon in the rrannur required by JAa F. HALIDAY. da 15- < CoTlr * iv-5?THE UMION PRAYER MEETINGS I L j wilt ba hidden every day this week. in th* Rocliali Latne^an Church, oncer of lliti and il atreets. to comruence at 4 o'clock, and to coutirue one ksst. de 17 (or. TO THE VOTERS OF WASHINGTON. The Assessors of aaeh Ward will meet at m io.iuvidi v nf'i irub * - m. 10 i p. in , f.-om tya ]4th to the m-fa of d?mbr*, to oor rMt to r?ciat?r &?m?a of thoaa omitted fiom ^iru'wtrd?Joha a. rh*?m. 17*2 ra. avonua, uiwmi 17ikud Itth lu heclrd wah?Gaori# Thomia Stewar, ejrwr t** till and h ats ? ... Third Wmrd-h?*rf Cartia, eoraar Eighth ar.d l|^irth Ward?Thorn** w. Burah, fifth at.. t? ofofm t. Barret, corner of ?oo?h a fttd m ?tr?eu *a*t. Biitr Ward-i, A. Tim*. *40 Eighth ?. eaat, at tha r"aid?n?* of Joht C kotoy ? rtevnth ward? pet^r Hepburn, No 95 aonth V atr??'. b-ttw tth and 9th atre?U aoutn d^ll cgth .jntkrkhtino to bank notk p". t j HOI.dkk*.?Virfi-i*rot^a taken at ?%r ot(?'i>thic| at rfe ci Urn-z t>lore. i*o. 490 itr?*C. N U-I a ST* OB ] toek ?J Ou?dl. I sot* Iv No.460 7tVtt~ jl.4 -- W ? "u?/'lriS3/'rn,^4-'? I Pa tra at ?U( sbcbsatop No. XI. Souths*.* uhioji Mbr mcst be Satisfied?re rtal or Libebtt Laws ? Ahehdmebt* or froittrs Slave Law ? The Tbrbitobial armion, How Settled ? Bbeciixeidob, ell axd DoroLAB called uroil to t'sit*? A Democbatic Uniok fabtt? No wab on pofth CaBOLIXA. bpt tub mvbt ? I aiv?.iu lit rumi VP.VI^UIV- 1 MB rOLIVT or THE F.XIC'TIVI ? THF PntlAL Umos MUST II P>I?I1VID " To tk* Ptoplt of thi North and South. Obviously the first thing necessary to a peaceful solution of our present dlHrultiea la to satisfy the conservative men of the Booth thst there Is no fixed determination In the North to deprive their property of the protection which la guaranteed by the Constitution. liW Is this to be donef The first step towards It la a concerted effort of all the conservative elements of the North to repeal the so-called "liberty laws*' wherever they have been enacted. The repubUcaas themselves admit them to be unconstitutional, and under ordinary cir cumstances It might be aafely left to the Judiciary to declare them void. But their passage sod un repealed existence are an evidence of hostility to the South which nothing but their repeal can effectually rebut. As to the rendition of fugitives from labor, the following la the provlaion of the Constitution, vis: ' No Derson held to service or lahor in one State under the laws thereof, escaping into another, shall. In conaequence of any law or regulation discharged from each aervlceor labor; but shall be delivered up on claim of the party to wLom such service or labor may be due.7' It seems to me Impoaalble to provide for the rendition of fugitives more effectually than la done in this provision aa It now stands The power of Congress to pass all laws necessary to effect the object la absolute; and while the attempta of States to embarrass the execntion of those laws are In a degree analogous to the aecesaionism of South Carolina, they leave all the citizens of such States subject to the laws and authorltiea of the l"nited States In the full plentltude of their power. If, therefore, the existing laws are not adequate to the object, let them be amended. Let fine and Imprisonment be Imposed npon those who shall resist their execution, and If It be done with arms, let the guilty wretches be banged as traitors. The territorial question Is of little practical Importance. The Constitution was made for a country in wblch the slave question was al ready settled. By the ordinance of 1787, siave ry had be?n excluded from all the territory north of the Ohio, while the country south of that river was left open to that institution. No serloua question on that subject could ever have been raised but for the acquisition of territory out side of the original limits of the L'nlted States and outside of the provisions of the Constitution. It would have seemed but fair that tbe precedent already set should have been followed and the new territory divided in like manner; and so far as related to Louisiana, It was attempted by the Missouri compromise. The objection to that mode Is, that to maintain the principle the line miZht have to be mndlllMi nnnn ..? ..I sition of territory There i* another principle more general and just In Its application, and more congenial with the philosophy of the case, which, if carried Into a constitutional provision, would settle the question forever in all past and future acquisitions. What reaat nable objection can there l>e to an amend ment of the Constitution somewhat in the follow ing form ? " It shall b? lawful for all citizens and residents of the United States migrating into any of the Territories thereof, to carry with them all proper ty and all persons held to service or labor under the laws of the States from which they emigrate, and said laws shall govern their rights of nrnn*rtv and claims to service or labor aforesaid In sali Territories until the same shall b? admitted Into the Union, any thing in the legislation of Congresa or the Territorial I.eglalaturea to the contrary not withstanding." Such a proviaion would be In harmony with the general plan of the Conatitutlon, and would leave the people of each territory free to settle the ques tion permanently for themselves in framing their State constitution Theae three points seem to rne ail that is neces sary to settle for the purpose of satisfying the con servative men of the South, and remove every plausible pretext for a disruption of the I'nion : 1st. The repeal of the liberty lawa, so called, of some of the northern Bute*. 2d Such modifications of the fugitive-slave law as may be required to give It more efficiency, and at the same time render It, if possible, less ob uvaivui ?u uvnurrn i DXimenV 3d A final settlement of the territorial alave question by an amendment of the Constitution. But by what mean* aball these ends be brought about? Tbere are three men wnoae enviable po sition enables them to give a tarn to public opin ion and political action which will reacue their country from the perlla which aurround it. Let Messrs Bell, Breckinridge, and Douglas, throw ing behind them all antipathies and all personal ambition, meet together on ths platform of the Union, and by an united effort save their country. It is madness toquarrel about the future command of a sinking ship. Let their only emulation be which shall do most to save it, and ths crew will hereafter know how to vu ? ? ? ..?? ?> tu ww uu iuay bave been most active and devoted. It require* but an effort of these men to organize a Demo cratic Usio* Pa*tt which sha'i sweep over the :oantry like an avalanche, burying abolitionism ind disunlonlsm beyond the hope of reaurrection. It was the insidious arta of the disunlonlata, 11 Tiding and distracting the conservative vote of he country, driving multltudea Into the Repub lean ranks and keeping other multltudea from be polla, which secured victory to the Republi cans in the late Presidential election. There la he best evidence of which the nature of the case s susceptible, that a Urge proportion of the Re >ublican party ia thoroughly conservative, and la wepared, in concert with the conservatives of tther parties, to concede to the South all that the Jnlon men of that section really desire. What an resist a combination composed of these ele ments, uulted in a cause aa holy as that which ctuated Washington and hla csmpatriots In 1?&>? I do not speculate upon the course which may ? pursued by the new admlnlatratlon after the th of March next, because it is still a matter of louot. it teem* to me that, u a matter of neces i ty and I hope of choice, tt must be conservative; ut if it be not, it will be more powerleaa than ny which ha* preceded It. The courae which any President of the United tates who regards hi? oath muat pursue in two mportant particulars, is pointed out by Mr. luchanan in his laat annual message. He moat collect the Federal revenues. He a?u*t defend the forts and other property of le United State* These duties he must perform, any ordinamtes f ttcestion to the contrary notieitkttandimg. But is not neceaury for him to be the aggressor In ay acta of violence. If a State chooses to withdraw *- ' ? ?- ? ~ mv? v|^i tM.llUUUU i Congress, let them go. If the Federal judicial officer* within a State *ign, and none can be found to fill their placet, cannot be helped. If the postmasters within a State resign, and ?ne can be found to supply their places, or If *y refuse to pay over their quarterly revenues, t the post offices be discontinued. But let not a ship enter her port* without paying * lawful duties to the United States nor leave ew% without a clearance from the Federal author MS. the white population of South Carolina, lout equal to one-third of thatof the city of New ork, enjoy for a while the luxury of a direct tax support an Independent government with all i paraphernalia of an army and navy. It may bo at a short experience would satisfy her people at the Union Is not such as " accursed" thing i has been represented, and they may deem it at for themselves to resume their relations with e federal government. But should ahe become stive under this state of things and attempt by uleuce to " coerce" the United Stales Into a sur* on ui mnr ions ?r tbelr ships, tb? Issue mutt i met and 41 God protect the right." 141*4 ftderjl Unitm mutt be jntitmtd A*o? Kk.hull. P. M. Another number on the subject generally 111 close the Mr in lyT A sharper cik is now pending before the preme Court, O One smart rogue traded off a et of land upon another, for gold chains, put in 3o eech. Tne land was three feet under wafer, 1 the gold chslssare scldat 99 a dosea. CONGRESSIONAL. S?5ate ?After w went to press on Monday? The special order Mng called up. after a abort dlaeuaalon a* to It* priority o *er unfinished bust noaa, w waa deeidea to take up the Kansas bill. Mr. Collamer was about to speak on the subject, when be constated to yield the floor to Mr. N tcboleoo, of Teen , who wished to speok on tbe resolutions aubmltU<d for amendments to the Cooetltutlon. He (Mr. Nicholson) com* meoeed by quoting certain extracts from tbe U. MT.J- ?# AWU a icuwi* vucvtu ui mi. ?? "ur, vi vuiu, WOO eland bis Inability to discover what ware the complaints made by Senators from the Seuth ss justifying the threats made of a dissolution of the Union. He then described the terrible condition into which the country has been thrown and In which It jet exists; the great derangement of fl naseial and monetary affairs, and the depreciation of property to the extent In some placea of from twenty-flve to fitly per cent. Tbe South look* upon tbe whole Republican party as their "mortal enemies." and upon Mr. Wa<1e?whom they con sider to be a bold, brave, and blunt man?as a rep resentative of tbe Repnbllean party, and especial ly In bis averment that the only salvation of the country Is to remove every taint of alavery bom it. W hat. then, does the South demand T It de mands full, explicit, and unalterable guaranties guaranties in tne Constitution. Mr Doolittle said he would not now discuss the question, but believed It was the duty of the Senate to admit Kansas Mr. Collamer addressed himself to the subject, claiming that there was no Just reason why the Territory should not be admitted. The further consideration of the Kansas bill was made tbe speclsl order of M ondsy next at 1 o'clock, when the Senate adjourned to Thursday. Horsa ?After our report closed Several relief bills were reported and referred. Mr. Kllgore. of Ind , from the Committee on tbe District of Columbia, asked leave to Introduce a bill for tbe organization of a metropolitan police for the city of Washington. Referred. Th< Hrw?*k?r l?l?l ?V-- u .? - m ?VIVIC tuc I1UUK IOC IOIIQW lng communication from the Secretary of the In terior : Dbpaktmikt or thb Isthios, ) Oecnubn 24, i860 ( Sim : On Saturday night last 1 was Informed, by the voluntary confession of an officer of the De partment that State bonds, held in trust by the United States Government for certain Indian tribes, to the amount of *870,000, had been ab stracted from Its custody and converted to private use. The enormity of this fraud demands a full In vestigation by a committee of Congress Into all the facts and circumstances which have attended ltsjperpetratlon. To vindicate my own honor and Integrity, and to expose tbe guilty and the derelict, I desire to sppeal through yon to the House of Representa tives, over which you preside, for the appoint ment of a committee by that body, with full power to send for persons and pspers, and to re port upon tbe subject. I ask ar Investigation in order that full iustioe may m done in the premises. 1 am, with much respect, your ob't servant, Jacob Thomson. Secretary of the lnteri?r. To the Hon. W*. Pkxkisgtos, Speaker Home of Representatives. Mr. Sherman, In view of the above communi cation. offered the following resolution: Rmolrtd, That a select committee be appoint ed, consisting of live members of this House, who shall proceed to inaulre Into and report to the House the facts tn relation to said funds, and that aid committee hare full power to send for per sons and papers This resolution was passed, and the following members were appointed the special committee therein provided for, viz: Messrs Morris of 111., Bocock, Conkling. Harris of Md , and Case. Mr. Cochrane, of X Y., Introduced a series of resolutions providing for the prohibition of sla very in the Territories lying north of 36 30 north latitude; provided, always, that the said territory, or any part of the same, wLen admitted as a bhk, snail dp received Into the Union with or without slavery, as It* conatltutlon may preacrlbe at the time of admission. Mr. Cochrane moved that the rule* be ana pended, ao aa to get an immediate vote upon bla resolutions. Mr. Haakin moved a substitute. Mr. Cochrane objected to it. Mr Harris, of Md., moved that the resolutions be withdrawn for the present, or at least till Mon day next Mr Brigga moved to refer the matter to the Select Committee of Thirty-three Mr. Cochrane then withdrew his resolutions. The House then went into Committee of the Whole (Mr. Cochrane, of N. Y , in tbe chair,) and took up tbe consular and diplomatic appro Klatlon bill for the fiscal year ending June 30, Si. The bill passed Tbe House also pan^d the West Point Academy appropriation, proviaing for the payment of tbe late investigation commission The House then adjourned till Thursday next PHI LA DK LPHIA CONFKCTIONKBV Ifcs. io<* cretin. Water Io*s, Wedding Cakes, ,'oui.d Calces. Mi nee Pies,Pantry, Crust* f- r Oyster lies, Jellies, ana a genera! assortment of nice thing* in the Confectioner* line, at FUSSELLM, corner 1'weifth and F ?ts. no 24 1m* <Y*?DEMPSEY ft otool.E. 1)3 WEDDING AND VISITING CARD FNGHAV1 Importers of fine WEDDING hT ati ONI wedding ENVELOPES, the most beautiful sty las. 326 Pa. A v., bat ween 9th and 10th sts , antf-frn Washinotom. JOB PRINTING OFFICE for SALE-A small Job Office, in a goo 1 location, and baring a fair ran of caotnm, is offered for sale on reasonable terms Address Bo? 6 Star Office. It Notice-for HALE?The STOCK and FIX TURES of a Merchant Tailoring Estab'ish ir.ent. 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Roekvill* and Frederick Un*. JOHN U. KELCHNKRi Fro*. Arlington stage Lin*. JAMES OgBORN, Pro*. Marlboro' and Chopiioo Lino*. Waahing ton, Dec. 24, I860. ft. U.?The ataceef r< hnptiooand Leonard town II lea** the Office on Tuesday*, Thursday a, and 8atnrdaya, commanding on the Ut January, 1861. de34 l w J AS. OSUORN.Vrop. DARE ANTIQUE.?A Seoretary former'y b> IV longing to Madame Jerome Bonapart*-a rare ouriotity. The ladiee are invited to oail and a** it. Price #50. A a?t of Nil*'* Regiotsr. (SO vo umea, j 100; and a large lot of Rare Book* at redoo*d price*, by VLFREDHUNTER. de84 St* Pa. ar., abo?* Wi lard*' Hotel. TfflfS'ro,,. CHAMPIGNONS. TyMATOJES,.. unr.E..^ UOKNi ASPARAGUS, Ac. ? de 22 KINO A BURCHRLL. i E O THE PUBLIC Having a large amount of money to pa? prior to I ha 1st or Maroh.aod owing to the general a tag nil- 1 ion of business, we have determined to offer an , ixtra luducement for purehaaars to bay of us for ? iash, ami we now propose to make a ducount of 10 >ero*nt oa all aaah sa'es duung the next flXTY DAYS, ia order to rednoe our very large stock of ;oods, and realise the money for them, predion* to ipening our spring auppliee Cash customers wilt readily ? ? the advantages hay will have in trading with us,oa the pro an examination of our stook and cr oea rill ea<>w for theraselraa whether or not we ara itiioarein oar proportion, and aa tha greiterpor lon of oar Paaov Stock haa already been marked own since th? crisis began, we feel confident that he extm indaoementa we i <>w offer will be highly ppracisted by every one having goods to bay who f at all familiar with the prisaa generally charged 1 wT'naed hardly add that onr atook, owing to the tmuaftkt timss. is now wry Imrg*. in many kinds f Staple as well a* Paaey G ods.aod purchasers nil b? able to supply tn-roselves with almost a vary oat. 'I ha lo lowest prioe will aHBWBS'rar" w 0 t ii. i i i? QIEAT SUCCESS! ure . - * r AND m tL \Jk w A PERMANENT CURB FOR CORNS, _ m r+rf. ?? ?jbi Vi,r %'-J? ' % *.# BUNIONS, SOFT OORNS. A?d all Diss*?u WHICH AFFECT THE FEET. iStlM ?T DR. M. 8CHLOS9ER. ? SURGEON CHIROPODIST. READ READ the following WASHINGTON TESTIMONIALS: From H. S Davis. Dr. Sohloaaar baa thia day rtmortd from mjr f< at twelve ooru, whioh vu dona without pain, and to my entire aatiafaotion. I ohrerfu'ly recommend to all peraona, and MpeoJaliy my frienda who a offer with oorna, to call oa the Dootor aoon. H. S. DAVIS. Washington, D. C., Deo. 2lth, 1860. From Hun. Burton Craig*. M. C ,cf N. C. It Kir** me pleasure to oertify that Dr. Sohlosser has this day extraoted several oorns from my feet without pain. BURTON CRAIOK. Washington, D. C., Deo. 30th, 136\ From Tkot. P. Lewis, War Department. I oertify that Dr. Sohlosser has skillfully extract ed several corns from my feet, and without fain. THOS. |?. LEWIS. Washincton. D. C., Deo. 19ih, i860. From Dr. T. S. Vtnii, M. D. I testi/y that I have been very scooesa'uliy ope rand upon by Dr. Sohlosser, vithort pain of any sort. T. 8. VERDI, M. D. Washington, January 7th, 1858. In addition to the abora, several thousands more ars in the Doctor's possession. CAN RE CONSULTED HERE, ONL Y FOR A SHOR T TIME, At Hi* Off lei, 3ST PENNA. AVENUE, (Sooth aid*,) between 18th and 13th ttreeta. Offioe hoara from 10 a. re. till 4 p. m. None*.?Dr. Sobloaaar can only be oonaulW at hia offioa, and baa no profeaaional oonneotion with any ona. ue 84 REA L>. ALL BOOKS ARE SOLD AT THE PUBLISHERS' PRICES. amd A SPLENDID GIFT, worth fkom AO CENTS TO ?100, IS OIVEN WITH EACH BOOK. Yon can aaloot fiom a large and magnificent atook of Booka, among whiob mar be found ALMOST EVERY THIM0 inthaahapaof reading matter, carefully aeieoted and aoid at reinlar adrertiaed prices. _Booka?f Fact. Hooka of Flotion. Books of Devotion. Book* of AmuienMDt. Book* for the Old Folks. Books for the Young Polks. Book* for Hots, Books about Sailors. Hooks for Girls. Books about Soldiers. Bocks for J-overs. Books about Indians. Books for Sweethearts. Books about Banters. Books for Wires, Hooks about Heroes. Books for Husbands. Books about Patriots. Books for Farmers. Books fir Meohanion, Books Booki Booki Books ooks ?f Humor. Books of History. _ook? of Poetry. Books of Biography, Books of Travel. Books of Adventure. A handsome assortment of PRESENTATION 'BOOKS, In every s.yle of binding. ALBUMS, ANNUALS, BIBLES, PRAYER BOOKS, HYMN BOOKS, SCHOOL BOOKS. SINGING BOOKS. JUVENILE BOOKS MUSIC. SCIENCE. MEDICIME. BOTANY. VOEiiqiO I K I a GEOGRAPHY, MECHANICS, NAVIGATION. MANUFACTURES. AGRICULTURE, ARCHITECTURE, NATURAL HISTORY, THEOLOGY, FREE MASONRY, ODD FELLOWSHIP. All th? writing* of*nr jrtaadard author in arary . O. G. EYA*S, del? 4T6 Pennaylvania Avtnuo. NOTICE. HOSE Who are indebted to na for aooounta rendered ft few dftya ainoe and for no tee paat da* will greatly ublige na bjr calling and paying the i a me with aa little delay at poaatble. CLAGETT * MAY, 384 Pa a*., between 9th and 10ih ate. N. B.?We have got on hand a large a look of eaaonable Dry Gooda, which we will offer from ihia date at about half prioe for oaah. de24-3t _ C. A M. ^OLIDAY,nPEE8ENT8-9LITABLE ME One S't Keal Sable, 11 * One Set Royal Ermine, At half their uanal prioe. M I 5 K SABLES! 11 oat elegant aeta, at prioea to auit the limM ilm. children's fijrs! *10 to tl5. Muffs, vietorinea, and cape*, in *1 their rarie id, from 75 oeati to B. H. 8tinemetz. 8*6 p? *t.. do 21 between 12th and 13th eta. n A l-VERT'8 celebrated HONEY, made u in the Bee Palaoea. a clear and delioione ar lola. (de?) KING a burchkix. \ y?.?miesfc?s: SBimmt ifrt8 de22 ' k'ng a burchell. [1 utter! . butter!! tl butter!? jun arrived, nor* of that delioioua Batter, ami'tea joining together aad baying by the scan ty aan ?ave one-third ol thair money. Aleo, a few tore of thoae aheap APPLES left, and for aa!e at AN FIELD'S oheap Produoa D^pot, at 449 Ninth t.. opeoeite Canter Market. dog-at ^QLT'8 New MoJelPookat vise RerolYtr, with ?d MM, Revolver, ha Kagii-h and Amancan *mmr do miu k. Weifon s tteven Shooter, aa^'a Reyaatiag, aad the geaoine Deringer Pia Jewel lerf,*44 Pa ar., da B 9t 4 doora weat of Browa'a Hotel !85,000,000.-,??BJiH6. fSft SP5: ?? and lh*ir pay in tha gift of tha Praaideat of e United 6ffttea.37H oaata. 6oT*inaaant Booke n? kind aoppl ed Many rare B oka for aaie; a talo/ue ntraiahad. To editor a who wiii prist tfcia I AMUSEMENTS. ^RAND UNION BANQUET. Tb? ladiM ?oaa?oted vttb the K ft m< ui uv n?i vK 1 ? 11 mil inn, tajwiiii firown'a Hotel. Tkcdoot mf the banqmttni kail will be thrown opM on THL'RHpAY ud FRIDAY MGHT8, At thia u for* h-nero eat object, ud ae tfceea ladies think what worth doibf at all ?hi??ld be wtll done, protmaing a fall r tuiralcrt for all the moo*j iNat.ud aomrtbinc dnid dl; rfktrrk* la pn mieed. it la hoped the poblio Wl 1 oonantt tfceir own interatt ud extend a liberal patrooa?e to the enteiprita Strawbern*e and orearrt are amocf the del>oa?ie? to ba aerred np on thia oooaaion A hard of annate will be in ittendue* and a plendid piano forte for aar who itay feal iceiinad to wee it. An United ?tate? flat, with lAt'r** ikrtt >Ur?. ex tended from the window, will daeigaate the Mae*. Admimoc 30 r*nt* ?k *t ^ILLAKD'9 HALL. iBoon^uaaoa of tha treat booms of tb? Opera Dob Pm.*qoa,o ia?t MonJtr evening, the Com M*T of tk? A*tociatad Artiatea baa con MBted to ftvc, by general reqneat, ONE eRA?D OPERATIC CONCERT On WEDNESDA Y EVENING. Dtumbrr 26. Ot which oooaaion the following 9tar Catt will M<?d r0L90N. Sicnor. HNIONOLI. FEBR1 8U3INI! and Si(. rBANClA, who hu oonwtod to play oa tha Piano with fci*. p,.?o?rt. JSf.?,ohF"ME , _ ?ig. Franoia, Sig. Mucio Arij-Lucrw* Bor*ia , 1(| Soaiat Duetto?Behtario Sigaori Britnol, and Farri Ar a?Trarj*ta? ?_... Madame Colaoa Serenade?Shuhert Slg. pri*n?lt II Baeo (aria?Trovatore) Sijt. Farri Taraetto?Lnorezia Borgia __ _ ? .. . Col?on, Brig-o'i. Farri Piano Overtare?Maaaame'lo.Sig. Franoia, Musio Madaicnaa( Aria?Don Uioranm > ?*i? Hnuai Daetuno t La ei dtrtm La mano?Don Giovanni. Colsr n. Kerrt Spirit* k60til* ( Farorit\> Brunei i The celebrated French Laughing Song. composed by Auberfor and aun? by..... Madame Colson A ?ia?Traviata (Di Proven s?) Ferri The oelebated Quartf tte from Lucia Colaon, Brignoli, Ferri, Susini The vhole under the direetion of Big. Mi l o. The price of admission to aliparts of the hall $1: reserved teats 5" cents extra, seats oan be secured at Metxerott's Music Store on Wednesday. Doors open at 7; Opera oommence at? It Grand conokrt For the Benefit of THE POOR OF THS CTTY. THE society of 8T~VIVCKNT OF paul Have the plea?u>e of announcing that a a ii * n ii Vocal and Instrumental Concert For the Benefit of the Poor of the City will be ?i?en at WILLARDSr HALL On THURSDAY EVENING. Deeeml*r ?. PROGRAMME. Pa*t I. Chorus?And the g'ory of the l.ord Handel With full orchestral accou, pammei.t. So'o Quartette?Come where mjr Love lies Dreaming - Foster Solo? Lo! Hear the Gentle Lark,(fluti aooompamir.ent) Pishop Duet?A* it fell npon a Day Chorus?O: hail us ye Free........._......Hernani Paet II. Solo? Piano?Chau*on Creole. .Xeterrer 8iuet? I Peooatore Gabuasi olo?Oh! the Bay of Dublin lriah Melody Chorus?Halleluiah,(fall orchestral. Handel Solo--Were I a Soldier Sti(?ilt Solo and Chorua?The Star Sptnuled Banner...... ? ..Key Comluntnr Mr T V P.. ..... - Concert -will commenoe at half-past 7 o'clock. AdtniMion Fifty Cent#. Tickets for Mle at the Mimic and Book Store*, and at the Hotels. The Piano used on this occas on is from the mtn ufaotory rf Chtekering A Sons, Boston, and is kind .y loaned I>y John P. Ellis, Esq. di 24-3t BALLS, PARTIES, &c. ?pHE SECOND GRAND BALrL ASSOCIATED" BARBERS Or TBi pisTStCT or Colombia WM1 be girrn at FRANKLIN HALL- cor 9th and D in. On WKDNKSDAY EVENINtf. Deo. ?h. i860. Withers* Band fcai been engaged. The Washington ^aengerbund will be Si presert, and some fine music may be ex-JIB pelted. (fl? Tickets Fifty Cent?, admitting a gentleman and ladies. de 84-2t* T JUSTICE TO AT>L! HE MEMBERS OF THE WESTERN HOSE COMPANY take gr?at pleasure in g\ announcing to their friends and the pe'.lic in SB eec ral that they intend giving a grand CO-#fM TU.l.ON PARTY atSroTT's Hall, oorarrttA !Mh st. and Pa. av , on Tlil'KADA \ , Dee. ST. Tickets 5> ets., ad (fitting a gent'eman and ladies. CrmmittM of ArraHr'mentt Wm.ttibhs, J. T\ Hopkins, J. E. Pore, J. M. P&rkvr, M. Holtim&n, J. B. G ay. de a 4t? WANTS. A YOUNU I.ADY FROM PARIS WISHES f\. to find a home in a family to teach musio ar.1 French Peat references Address Mm t, A. VOW, City Poet Office. de? at* WANTED-A irit nti COOK, one that ihor *" ourhly understands ber business : none other need apply. Also, a WAITER capable of takinc ful; oharge of a dining-room. White or onloreJ. Apply at 309 F tt. de? ?f ll/ANTRP- By a lady, immediately oomfo'tabla BOARD, io-a family where there are but few boarders (or nene preferred.) Address, stating term a. (which muat be moderate,) etc . 'Inquirer, at thie office. __ tie *6 3t* WANTED-TWO WHITE ?IRLS-one ae nu-se : the other for general hou-ework. Ap ply at 49S E street, opposite Post Ofioe Depa-t ment. it* IK/ANTED IMMEDIATELY?At No.SFotr Y^d^ajial/.st., a good COOK. WASBEk anu muix ck, lor a private family. Goo J wages givn, and none but a competent person need apply. de SB-It* M/ANTED-A WOMAN, oapal.le of oookin*, "" washing and ironin? for a small family. Nnn? hat a good oook need apply. 3*26 G tt., between lith and 18 h ?f. de?4 9X WAN I ED-A SITUATION, b? agardener wbo is com pet on t to mau{? a k tot. en garden, flower garden, an orchard, green house, and hot beds. Best referenoes given. Addrees L. W? Star Office. de 22 8-* WANTED?A MAN and a HOY, to wo-k on a isrm in an adjoining oountr, in Maryland.for the n*zt year. For suitable hands good wacee will be given. Addreea W. \V., through the Washing ton Post Office. de 23-3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From fS to worth ?./ SECOND-HAND FURNI TL'RE of ail kiuds, for whioh 1 will guaranty to pay the highest prioea, aad, as usual, at the abertest no tice. r r. bCchly, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, to, oc 9 408 7th tt., bet. O and H. east side. %*7ANTED-SECOND HAND FURNITURE, ww Per?oii? deeming honaekeeping, or havinp a eurplua of Furniture on hand,nan obtain theoaan ana (air prioea by applying at 369 Seventh at. no 17 BONTZ * GRIFFITH. LOST AND JjOUND. f 08T?By a lady, on the 21?t inatant, in one ol Ij the Seventh atre?t omaiba* ea, a anal, green bac PORTEMONNAIE, containi- g 915 in gold, aome pleaea of ?i!ver, and two poataga ataupa The find* er will be suitably rewarded by baring it with J AMI-8 A. EVANS, oorner of Sixth at. and Pa. tivenne. de I^OUND?Yeatardaw, cor-ir Pa. avenne and 17th r at, a a mall paokaca of JEWELRY. The uwner can have it by calling at <*39 17th atraet be tween F and M ?'! J??i-;-- -l - between 5 and 6 p. m. PERSONAL. ^BTROLOGIST! R ! ' A TV? M V A I k E1CUEMENT NOT OYER YET! MADAME DEVISE induoad to remain a little oona*<juence of the great demand from lUbdred* of ladiea acd gentleman of Washington. >ut those who vuh to oonaalt thia great and aaton ahing lady matt oome this week and next only. Madame will bring any one to yon and canes them o lore you. All who are in troab'.e or any kind go it onoe to her. LawaaiU, Bueineea I oeaee, ftnm leri, all explained^ Prioee Tory iroderate. R**i leneo? Riohmonrf Home,corner Eighth ai>d D ate.; trivate entrance on 1) at. Gentlemen aleo oan. de 26 St* n> H K I 8 T M A 8 P RK8INT8! FURS?PVR8! arg* and freeh atook thta day repaired from New York. CAN+ON GINGER d?a i %! ? KING ft BURCHBM* GREAT SEDUCTION IN PRICKS! Vater Mink * ??, #10, worth ?17, renoh H?ble $7, w??Mh 9 IS. ud? Mink.^utrrel md Flick 8?ta If irof/rtira. An 4?dl?M vtrirtr Jn*t openml for MiMM. TImm ro ia hu, ud booatiful. P., U? 4?2?lW Q ortetowft. SBrrbffVtwt lioto<r?fh?; tor ? ?( M4RK-1TER.g No. 4M Err?tb SSt* U !??* 0C4 FtUov*' 1UL AUCTION SALES Br marnard. A?etin A KICUHOUDAV Pir.SKNO /\T ?99, ucf.ii U..0 r-au ? ?tac, Ulw-w-B Iith HOLIDAY PKKJKNTfL*'"rix>eIN?i OlfT BALK W Am*m m W'??n.v . A ______. r"i ^? v ov I mi UA V (Mf^AURl'AY .MN.N *?><1 KVKN NtiS. of Faioi ??<xJa, i'?r ta aaJ Ui.??Us d c t?.o* Vv *ro Sk o o* Firrf*. WoOLKX GOODS, SCARF*. Ac.. ?* F(i?*'d WAL1. ft BARNARD, A act*. THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-Noli ROW Bj CLkARY * ??KKKN. AMdoBMrt. 306 Ninth Uriel. t ha nt mataat, wa aHai! ?etl at tba raaii**** of t fantly i?M!iaii>K hoo?<k?^pin?, oe aorta H icnh, betvaanfttii an i 7U> atr?*u < Uta tit* w?l? d**>*a&u tha kosM.i at W ?o.ook a. m. a ?ooj lot ?>f Wa<! k?ft Hoaxkold Fnrnitor#, oor.ti*nug ir. pat Roaavood Kiano fort* of lea Keith asi torn, wrb CoTar an<l tUool, Maikpcanr 5ofa. a?r n.-^vt C?\vr? a?l Rock sr.) Do Castor and rancT P<u U?r Ceaira. Do Marbi* t> f b'utatui. ^tJab^arti an J Waakaiak. Do do Oiitr ltd Ttbiat, Walaat Bcdataada, Lotr.*as. Hat Maaka. Caoa aaat Chaira and Roa?ar*. Wbat?ou, ? ztanaioo Dibibc anJ otHrr fiU*. Feather bfdi, Boiater.ard Piliowe, Hur, Cotton, and Bhuek MattraeaM, C a'pete, Oi'ioioth, and Matti nc a, CookiM, Radiator, and Chamr<er ?t.-v*a \S ardrobea. r\<?nforta. aotl l}eliU, Ckin*.Crockery,and OlaNvtrc, Together with a (Marti aatortmt ct of fcitoiiea R^uintfi. Terau: Alt Mini under fttfl <uk; over *' a creditof thirty daya, for notea aaueiactort'y en uorKVi, b?%riD| intereet. The Bcue< la lor rent. Inquire of the Auota. d?l? CLKARV ft UKKKN. Ane'i. Br WALL ft BARNARD. AasUoaeare. TMRU8TKE?8?A E OF KN1 IKK STOCK OF Fms ubotirik*< \Viwi?, Lhwm. Ciaat*. AJ?I> Cos Dl MKXl*i At".I AT APCTIOW -Ol TRIMS DAV MORNiNti. D*oemb r 7?tt, o< r?imrncing at 10 o'c'ook, we will eati the entre etock of hue Qrocenea Ao , at the etore of !*. T IWery. e?n er oflUh atreet aod Peanajirania areone, oonaiat i nc of? Ch?eta invperial ard 0<1ouk Ttai. Cofea, Caodlea, Starch. Soap. U?. ? * "wuii. nruipfli v*PiOM| O'd R?a W kiakf, 6i?, tfrudf, Pia* Winea.aad Chirn**rnae. Pioklo* Pnnryti. and OndiawU, N ut?, Pia. lea, Bottled Liaanra. Store Putarae, Coaatara. Saeiviaf, Bins. dtaaj Cwki. A o., Wita a treat >aria?y of othar food a aot tiara ma:: tioaaii. Term*: l'Dd#r f?> cut; oror that amoint a credit ofand 6'^ayt.fjr noUa aattafaotonly an dora&d, bearing inters*'. T. DHl'R Y, Traft??. da 23 WALL A UaKNaRD. Aaota. FUTURE DAY-B By WALL k. DARN A R 0, AooUonaer*. /^OURTSALE ?H?LLor a CosvK.ittsr Bitl:? V/ IW Lot.?By virtaeof an order and d-creeof tlia Orfhaci' Coart of tha I)i?'Mot of Columbia, b arins data on tha ISth day of A. D. It#* , and daiy oonfi'mad br the Oiramt C.nnn ..r DlBtriOt, IB Cb?"0?f? r I !.? I eell. at public iuoMuq, to the hit beet bidder, on THCRS PAV, the 27ih day "i LW;em)?er A D. lMn, te front ol tn? pramta<a. at 4 o*cl >ck p m.,all tM richt, U t>, interact, Bud *arat* of Parah Elisat?t)i, abh Amelia, ana John William, Fev-fi*on, of, ia ar.d tothesou'u part of Lot buii.bered aeren. (7 ) ia Pquare numbered ft tj ose. (St.) of the piau ?.f the City o; WaeMr.ftin, oomin' uciri*. for tk^uid part, at the eoathwest corner of aatd L??t and rmnnin< thence north with the !in) of Twenty thud ?tr>et west foarteeti (14) feet; thenoe eaa! oue hu'-dieu and twenty twc (123) feet two-and a h?!f (2S) inch M to the rear of aaid Lot; thence eocta l?irt>M (14) feet; aou thenoe wni oue hundred and twenty - two (122) fe t twoanc-a hall i2X) icoace to tJia plaoaof baftncicz. Thi property front* on Twenty third iL wwt, between north L a-d M ate. Terms : Oue ha I cash; the reeldae in two equal inatalmeata, of 6 and It month*, aeoured by th* Km of the parohaeer. aatiafactoril* nwraei, and ritj inter eat from the day of aale. Title deed to be reserved artil the whole of the parot>a?* mot.ey ia paid, All oonveyanoing at the co*t of tha puroLaeer _ MARY ANN FKHGUBON, Guardian. WALL*. BARNARD, Auota. _de ll-4taw2w&d* MH AR^HAL't* 8ALK.?In virtue of a writ of fien ffcoiiv* ia*urd from the Clerh'a Office of the Cireait Court of the Diatrtct of Colombia for the Cocnty oi W*shin{toL, and to me direotad, I will ezaoae to onhlir u a . frtr >> - * ?* ~ j ?? ? ii vm VI UW Sourt Houae Boor of Mid ooucty, on THIRS AY, the l th day of January next, ia*i, %t i* o'oiuok m.. the following doacrit>od property, to wit Part of I*>t No. C, 10 Soua No. MS. beginning at the northweat oorner orsaid lot and raining tKenoe east oq Virginia avenue 10 feet I moh: thenoe aoutii by eouthweat the depth of said ot; thenoe waet ty aonthweet to the aouthweet oorner of eatd k't, thenoe nor*h by northeast 16 feet 3 inohee to Vir ginia avenue, ?octal ning 1 672 square feat, together with all aqd s<ucu ar the improvements thereon. 10 the o.ty of Waanington. 1). C... eeiaed aod levied upon aa t*e prop?rty of Joan Meanekeia. and will n aa t*?e property of Jottn Meutiekem. aod via mid to aatiaiv judioiala No. l?. tn January term, 19*1, in favor of j. F. Wo;iwd, uae of John Purdt. da 18-dta W SELDEN, U.S. Maraud. TN?\V RESTAURANT. HE Sabao. iher inf >rtna the ciuz^na of Waat incton and the pob'io in n'ro-s "at he*-. X t.aa oimtd th* Rf ataurar.t V>. ? ?' Suth ycj^Y atreoc, be'ween C aud Louisiana avenue. formerly k??t i j JaoobSmith I A new and ohniua iaaortirer.t <.f OOU<?RS,CI?iARS, Ac .on hatd. Kine freah 0\STEKS senad up la every atyleaT 11 h??rs. de g-'m* F G ROHR. MI NCR MEAT, made from e*lected mate rials. de22 KING & BURC1ELL PKPHH Ptl'ITH IM r?*ia Feeservk^ BRANDY FRUITS. JKUI-Ik*. .Ua KING ? D1HCHKLL. CLOAKS, BASUtJK COATS. ARABS. SAUCES. *o..*c. L'?mi Holtuat at "Paxic P*ir*i." Ft Kiou Mi CktUbem. A 0104 AAfertm. nt of Ladi??'. Mi tnd Chlt |r?n'? Clotk C!o*k?, Stc^u#?. Ant*. Ra q?? 3o?t?, fte., 4o.. Jo?t received expretr'.y tor th? ioiiiAiA. a:?o, Embroiiierift. Ra, l?o? Goods, ind niADjr other good* ?u.tAi.? |.-r Pr?Mut?, &&d rUl b*> Aold At pnoM to suit th? tim??. At MAXWELL'S. de2?-St*o SJ* P? i-onne. FURS! FURS! FURS! 1 h?v?jnt r*o?ived from Netr Yor*, a L*rg? Invoioe of FURS. oc const* nmect. Ia Ka #?'<! "?J 1 ?.? w rwoSM fflMk T)i? above inroiee of Fare are of & ?apc nor 4 u*. ty u4 workmanship,ityt ladie^in *t..I ofa t?o<l WT111 *> ..11 l, late Todd * ? 0., de?-lw under Brown'iHotel SPECIAL NOTICE TO OUR FRIENDS AND 5 CUHTOMKRS. We hava Uad their billa all made off, aad thofc.. 'ho prefer oal'inc at oar desk 'or thnu will ?lea? o so by the ?th in?t After thatd>t? ve eb?-l soderevry bill oa oar book a, aad owmi f> the re*t panic we ma?t a?k ' nr frienci to ir.ake prompt it menu, a< we are in want of all mooev d?e at at na time J W. COLLEY A Co., de 81 -tw aas Seventh at., abore Pa, a*. CHRISTMAS PR fcS C. G. REN hioh rent ti PaHa! oy tu i|Ma! stce ? / itvur tin ith a call. be will tor* his Confectionery Mt ?j? i pound and half pound parkigee. doll 1 w CHRISTMAS* NOTICE. HAVE Just reoeivtvl, Md dov vftr ?t r?di?*d nce? for ouk, s larse aeeortmert of ftkatee, Boys* lwgh?, Hobby Horses, swings. and oUsr articiee uUble for Christinas Preset, ts. A l&rce and we ! i elected assortment oi Tablo utlcry, Plafd Wars, Fire Irou and Stands , oldinc. Nursery. Parlor and Office Fenders ; t?oor laU ; Patent Foot p-orapera ; Copper, Gai vanned id Iron Coal Hods; and lbs ir?tMt ranet> of msekeepm* Articles. Also, a la>R? siook of Gen* and Pistole, bott. oh and mmsle-laadinic with a11 their acoom tmroents Basket*, Wwd Ware iron. t?tee . rppor, Tin, Load ; in short, every thine that ea* > foucd M> where, and many tbicjrs that can t bo and in any other like eetahliehmest. Pleas* eall and satisfy > ourselves of pneee, ?aa - r,and variety. J. L. tJAVAGK, Pirn of Ike tiilt Saw, Pa ar.. i* XV 6t <Stat*s> betw. Ifttc and tlth et*. JOTICETO ALL OF OU* CUSTOMERS. V,Y* all of oar aooonnta mads of" to fcsi il.'S: 'UtzsrtJrssP ^ ?" i ? *,"*W7T" xw! Mh it a '* 17 ** Op?OMU Caatf Mark* >ICH BILK KOBK*4 >pa apd all nok Drtaa Goo3.,m anoMto MMtXa j W. cbLLKYAcS.. ! _ *. #> Sovaatk bC. ab r> pa a*. 'R5 8ea8?N ?p gjpt-* i * at HAND.ao4 o d Va?* c * ?<*k' ittwrrMu BaLLANTYNE'* 4?9S AV??? Odd Hail.

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